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Shit Trips 2.5 NOW AVAILABLE! https://mega.nz/#!Uf4EDaLT!bIa_JP_rbyl7Pl9NKq8tLopyOzXJFhlSu6Z4VZnt4Uk

File: 990387d475a7b4e⋯.png (2.68 MB, 2000x1125, 16:9, dr (((who))).png)


Thin Ice edition.

Fell through a crack:



Nilso genuinely has a beautiful voice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BN-Wg_HOEmU



brings me to tears



I know right? Nilso's got me on the verge of tears.


File: cdca8dcdc4339b5⋯.jpg (89.62 KB, 331x676, 331:676, foreman2.jpg)

Reminder that /who/'s Foreman Part 1 is close to completion and you can hear a non-final version of it here:



- SOUNDTRACK. - I want suggestions for music choices to use throughout the episode. Doesn't necessarily have to be from Who, but probably nothing so ostentatious it distracts from the audio itself. This is the biggest next step IMO.

- I need to add more sound effects and environment sounds to help clarify what's going on.

- Cleanup of voice recordings and mixing.



Lucky SOB. All the tongue depressor neckwear, communion wafers and wine he can handle. Genuflecting is probably pretty hard on the knees, but I bet confession time: can be entertaining.


File: 9fb0b9cec6c3bf5⋯.png (724.4 KB, 730x1095, 2:3, unknown-3.png)

File: 1a83fc1f434cd7c⋯.png (2.22 MB, 2027x2048, 2027:2048, unknown-2.png)

File: 7521f224c1288d0⋯.jpg (76.74 KB, 593x527, 593:527, tumblr_p48tbwst7z1qi3g2qo1….jpg)




I like the third pic because the blur of the pavement in the foreground makes it look like they're walking away from water or flooding which makes the doctor's trousers actually look appropriate.



backgroundi'm very tired and very stupid



I can wait til 13 and Yasmin fuck

If not in the show then in Shit Trips 3


Man run in and funny scream



This boy is not correct


Remember. Splink before you drink.














Everyfink is loss.



I'd recommend just using some Briggs Finish music as the default soundtrack. Maybe the EDA music, to reflect /who/'s fixation on the wilderness years.


There's plenty of good low-key electronic music in here that sounds distinctly Doctor Who-ish but isn't strongly melodic enough to become distracting. Mysterious, exciting, ominous - pretty much all you'd need.

It'd definitely be worth breaking from this if anyone can think of a specific piece of music (Doctor Who or elsewhere) that would match a given scene really well, or be funny when juxtaposed with Miles's writing, but I think this is broadly the way to go.



What kinds of sounds are you after?



If you're looking for relatively easily sourced SFX this is a fantastic channel to use. It's got a lot of general Doctor Who ambience pieces alongside console room ambience, lasers and general 60's to 80's sound effects.




This is pure kino, it actually sounds somewhat decent for a bunch of autists speaking softly into their mics



I have no idea where, but I am the Doctor absolutely has to play at some point. Also the Shepherd's Boy for pure kinography



I agree with >>26676 in regards to the music


I'm in the middle of watching Halo Legends, and by god was the episode about the generic anime girl #23 pretending to be a spartan a load of shite.

Is there any case where some extended-universe media completely missed the concept of Doctor Who is supposed to be? Like turning an eccentric grandfatherly figure into a young romantic who fancies a chav?




Fuck, RIP Gareth :(



I know many people don't agree with his personal views, but he was an incredible writer and truly "got" what Doctor Who should be.



File: 2431cc9bc42131b⋯.png (32.81 KB, 899x547, 899:547, 243.png)

File: d432204ff2ee2ce⋯.jpg (33.93 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 747.jpg)

File: 24ad65a93c28ca2⋯.png (26.09 KB, 1187x846, 1187:846, l6JjHps.png)



Literally questioning the validity of people mourning? What the fuck is wrong with you?


He was truly /ourguy/.



I'm asking where's proof that he's dead you fucking mongrel



lol stop taking the bait you idiot.



>A beloved writer passes away


There's a special place in hell reserved for people like you.


Lads turn on BBC 1

poor gareth




You know that when cats finds out he's going to passive-agressive post about how good this is, right



he's also not dead you utter spanner


Twitter is shaken forever. Who will all the unsuccessful right-wing middle-aged opinion-regurgitating Moffat-hating spinoff writers who weren't good enough to write for the actual show look up to now?



waiting for >>26692 and >>26688 to say something about >>26696


I'm pretty sure Gareth isn't the writer being mentioned



He died a consomme man.



I'm seeing double here - eight (You)s!



doesn't seem to be Phil Ford or Rupert Leight


They're probably talking about this guy?




No? Could this be Laight? https://www.memorygiving.com/rupertthomasfelixlaight (page is expired but name's still there, it's recent too)



Eh, maybe.




Notice how TARDIS Wiki says "WAS a writer"



Bit rude of them to make pages on deceased people "expire", no?



TARDIS Wiki uses past tense for every article, even out-of-universe ones for some autistic reason.



TARDIS wiki puts everything in past tense though, it's part of their autism.


>Gareth Roberts (born Gareth John Pritchard Roberts) WROTE for Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures on television




he retweeted something about 40 minutes ago

it must've been quick


>Gareth is alive

>Phil Ford is alive

>Clayton is alive

>Joe Lidster is alive

>Phil Gladwin only wrote for S1

It's got to be Laight.



Ah, I see you found my hit list.


Trevor "Okay, this is epic" Baxendale


Rip Gereth.

He was an hero


Nilsokay, this is epic


What's Cats' opinion on jews?


File: 49ef47731a85f66⋯.png (100.38 KB, 590x573, 590:573, Screenshot-2018-5-11 ruper….png)

confirmed dead


File: 446fb35da3517eb⋯.png (40.03 KB, 590x396, 295:198, Screenshot-2018-5-11 Twitt….png)


also kek


I literally remember nothing about either of those two episodes





The Gift is the one where the orange Slitheen smuggle weed



not ringing any bells, unfortunately


File: d76efb5ffeedcf1⋯.png (23.35 KB, 308x90, 154:45, SKEKSKA.png)




I wanna see sesska strumming to the Doctor's strumming.



Putting it on in the stream in 5 minutes, regardless of who is in attendance.


when is the next /who/nger games?



when was the last one



We go on and on and on and on and on and on






set up another thread and do it there, I guess - don't do it right now, do it tomorrow






I won't let Nilso tell me what to do.



Im so fuckin hype for her reaction to Heaven Sent and World Enough and Time.

Does she know about Jodie? She must know about Jodie right? She didnt know Tennant was gonna turn up in Day of he Doctor til it happened, ao maybe she really is unspoiled on a lot of shit



Yeah she knows - she also knows about one of the Doctors being in SJA in a few eps



I think she heard about Jodie (and 12's regen) just because it was literally everywhere.


File: d5b750e3b879006⋯.jpg (16.1 KB, 400x300, 4:3, 1Nilso.jpg)


Damn I wish I was Nilso


File: c07d5ec72c25b73⋯.gif (3.32 MB, 326x250, 163:125, received_1798756266853046.gif)

File: 6db5f247ce2f9e6⋯.gif (1.27 MB, 245x180, 49:36, received_1798756220186384.gif)


Reaction videos are just let's plays of linear entertainment.



And Why That's A Good Thing.


I used to think reaction vids were the worst thing ever, and then I found out sesskasays wasnt spoiled about anything at all in the 50th. Seeing someone react to David Tennant turning up seemingly out of nowhere in a Matt Smith episode was satisfying to watch desu. I dont watch many, but sometimes I skip through to see a reaction to a big moment or reveal.




File: d63bb98f2314571⋯.png (367.09 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 7cbc228.png)

What's the Doctor who equivalent of this image?



The scene in the DOTD novelisation where 10 puts 11 in a headlock


File: 9f9a1531be254c9⋯.jpg (193.27 KB, 980x972, 245:243, Master_Missy-980x972.jpg)



I think those videos are faked a little, but when she reviews the episode at the end that's some unironic kino.


File: 2b11769beecb3e9⋯.png (3.42 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, console.png)


File: 6958c6bd7b9dbee⋯.jpg (75.91 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 678caf3ded68ff875b6c9e6118….jpg)




it's fun being a Brazilian juggling a triple life of being a padre, a musician and a poster on a Cantonese Feng-shui improvement board


Nilso Kart when?



i support of a playable baby nilso


File: 546a1cd2872a363⋯.png (36.32 KB, 620x329, 620:329, sandifer-kun.png)

the 5th most proud moment in my life so far



Why is normie Sandifer on the wiki?







Ah, my mistake, the implication would be that they're not fucking nuts.


File: 032a725163fc9f2⋯.png (673.97 KB, 911x546, 911:546, 1492840874026.png)

>Something's inhibiting my enzymes…


File: 6c3486217ba52c8⋯.png (309.91 KB, 559x511, 559:511, 1492840874024.png)


File: c47806271922e44⋯.png (386.52 KB, 489x526, 489:526, 1492840874030.png)




File: 815e0f594dc9992⋯.png (515.48 KB, 508x548, 127:137, 1492840874031.png)


File: 161629c14c0982e⋯.png (858.87 KB, 810x594, 15:11, 1492840874032.png)





When did Sandifer go nuts?



when she unironically got into alchemy & magic




she didnt even transition, she just cast a spell


File: d4ba1f36ddf5987⋯.gif (4.62 MB, 600x450, 4:3, 43132d38f564cec6f88e42f36c….gif)





Sandi's always being a pretentious fuckwit, but dissing Heaven Sent because it was "generic" was such a madlad thing to do.



Why did they stop giving mannequins wigs?



needless expenses



do you still want old synth ambience?


Nilso, you around?


What happened to Daniel O'Mahony? What's he been doing lately?


Every room resets…

Must be Christmas.


File: 86c0396e5c9d14f⋯.png (46.32 KB, 1164x194, 6:1, Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at ….png)

What are some Doctor Who episodes about rejecting new information while you stay in your traditionalist comfort zone?



The entire show post 3.



I'm not sure. He's probably writing for Briggs Finish.


The equipment in that room is consistent with an augmented, ultra long range teleport.

Must be Christmas.


I used to know a trick, back when I was young and telepathic. Clearly, you can't make an actual psychic link with a door, for one very obvious reason. They're notoriously cross. I mean, imagine life as a door. People keep pushing past you. All of that knocking, but it's never for you. And you get locked up every night, so if you're just a little bit nice. See, Clara? Still got it. Must be Christmas.


Rule one of dying, don't.


Bird? What's bird got to do with it?


Argh! The Brothers Grimm, lovely fellas. They're on my darts team. Ahgr!


Every room resets. Remember I told you that? Every room reverts to its original condition. Logically, the teleporter should do the same. Teleporter. Fancy word. Just like 3D printers



It would be very amusing if Gareth died now, so soon after Sandifer's essay.



Was Hoodie secretly based the whole time?



He did, didn't you hear? He died a consomme man.



I love /who/







"It must be–"

"Why do you always say that 'it must be Christmas'?" asked Bill. They were in a cell, and she could smell the stink of unwashed walls around her.

The Doctor pulled out a sonic screwdriver from her pocket (wait, how'd he get that THERE?), and used it on the lock.

"It's always Christmas somewhere. It's always someone's last Christmas."

The Doctor stared off in the distance, as if lost in thought. Sometimes he did that, and he would whistle a tone underneath his breath. Then, he snapped out of it, and unlocked the door.

"Finally!" said Bill, and she quickly sneaked out.

Several soldiers with spears surrounded her. Raising her hands, she noted that all the soldiers were women.

"The Empereor's Furies. Their society believes that the warrior goddess blessed 12 women in every cycle with the power to defend the society. It's really just an odd genetic quirk in their body that gives them strength."

"So, like the Amazons in the Wonder Woman comics?" said Bill.

"Wonder Woman was a comic? I met her in my eighth life," said the Doctor.

Bill surveyed the soldiers. Seven toned, athletic women who could kick ass? And they would be tying her up and taking her prisoner?

"Must be Christm–"

"Steal my catchphrase again, and I'll fail you for plagiarism!" hissed the Doctor.




>"Wonder Woman was a comic? I met her once. Lovely girl, hell of a backhand. Always loved a good tennis match" said the Doctor.



Yeah, that's better dialogue.



If only my granddad had known this, he’d still be with us



Rule two, slow down.



I proudly created http://tardis.wikia.com/wiki/2018_(people) in the knowledge that it'll consist solely of deaths for at least a decade.


Cf >>26359 and also https://www.gwct.org.uk/


File: ab9f80e0975aa1f⋯.png (149.16 KB, 970x545, 194:109, masters.png)


>… several of the writers in this book, e.g. Jacob Black and Nate Bumber, were recruited directly from Tumblr …

>… the fact that Obverse were open enough to include the narratives and the point of views of the Tumblr crowd …

<mfw I'm "the Tumblr crowd"



I mean, you are, as you post on tumblr.



What are your thoughts on using a pseudonym



I would love a pen name. I'd go with something ambiguous but spicy, one of those "two initials and a surname" names.. B. B. De Lay, or T. R. Masterby.

"The new anthology features short stories and novellas from a number of up and coming authors, including Alice Karnes, Jeffrey Mayhew, and E. Z. Ryder."


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Yeah, I'm thinking kino's back



… yeah, you right. And to be clear, I definitely don't fault that perception. I guess I just identify with Tumblr about as strongly as I identify with Facebook, in the end. There's a reason "Shit Trips" is listed on my Tardis Wiki page but doctornolonger isn't.


What are your thoughts on anonymity?



What are your thoughts on using a pseudonym anonymously?



What are your thoughts on using anonymity pseudonymously?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You're not curious who's under the hood?



Oh, you don't have to be real to be the Doctor.


File: 1f816129bf0bf5e⋯.png (389.88 KB, 637x569, 637:569, Suicide.png)


>n8 is tumblr

Fuck man, its like the writer is trying to insult you.


N8 is Tumblr and Nilso is Reddit



Nah, it's all good, I love Niki. She and Jake have my full vote of confidence for the future of Faction Paradox series.


I wonder if there’s a bunch of faction paradox plebs on /lit/ that will expose themselves like the doctor who plebs on /tv/ do if I made a faction thread


I've watched the show since 2005 and I will admit I was not happy with a woman doctor. I feel it is a despite attempt to gain viewers and leaving older fans behind. However, In recent months I am really rooting for her. As long as we don't get into to driven story lines like rights and shiz. I don't mind really, but I watch Doctor Who for fun not to be a propaganda machine. Im fine with story's that fit as long as they don't try and push a narrative the entire season I'm willing to give it a chance. Personally my favorite doctor is Capaldi. Im hoping she gets a new outfit though. Dont, really like the one she is shown wearing now.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

What the fuck?



I think your mistake is the assumption that Faction Paradox has an audience outside of its writers


>Im fine with story's

This is actually impressive




I hate it when a story has a narrative


I'm kind of against the idea having the next Doctor be a female…and I wanna explain why. Before I trigger anyone and get called sexist by the title I want to explain why I am against the idea of having the next doctor be a female, first off is Missy, Missy's character was one I just didn't like and it was very annoying that Moffat decided to make her the Master's name only next incarnation and if this female doctor is written anything like Missy ? Then she would become my least favourite incarnation of the Doctor. Secondly I'm just worried about the direction of the show will take if the next Doctor is female, if the whole Chibnall wants to begin from scratch is true and if that includes the writing team as well, then I fear that the show would just devolve into pro feminist trash full of obvious unfunny jokes they can make about the Doctor being female…



"He" for Niki.

But yes, Niki is best person and deserves all the accolades.


Does anyone else miss the RTD era?

I miss the Russel T Davies Era so much! It was just fantastic. I loved Christopher Eccleston as a darker edgier Doctor and my favourite Doctor is David Tennant. He was so fun and easily lovable!

The RTD era gave us some of the most relatable companions. Rose, Martha & Donna were all brilliant and had families. I think it's really weird how all of Moffat's companions are orphans.

Not to mention during the RTD era Moffat was able to focus all his creativity on 1 good episode a year.

I just miss the entire feel of the RTD era. I wish he stayed on for longer. We could've had an extra series of Donna who's the best companion!


Does anyone else think Doctor Who is going downhill?

Don't get me wrong, I'm a Whovian, but more of a has-been. (possible spoilers if you're really behind) I loved the show when it returned in 2006. But when 11 took over, well, I'll summarise my problem - Every episode leaves questions unanswered, the tone makes it seem like it's always the finale, and there don't seem realistic consequences. An example of the finale thing - In the first episode of series 6, The Doctor dies. An example of the consequences thing - 'The Doctor's death is a fixed point, he must always die', except when he finds a way out of it. I much preferred 9 and 10's style - Each episode (or 2-part episode) is independant with very subtle hints towards the series finale. Please let me know your opinion.



Don’t get me wrong, I say this as a fan


First things first: I should establish that I am what you might call a "female Doctor skeptic." I am a bit uncomfortable with the Doctor changing genders, and I'm not going to go into the details why here (but if you want to know I can tell you in the comments), but at the same time I'm the type of fan who is going to continue watching and supporting the show no matter what, even if I have some criticisms. And so I really hope I can be convinced that this was the right time for a female Doctor, that this was the right choice, that my worries and concerns will go unfounded.

Of course, you can't expect all this to be resolved in a minute at the end of a regeneration episode. I never expected, and still don't expect, that I have a chance of being won over fully until Series 11 begins airing. But what disappoints me is that I was expecting to get something out of Jodie Whittaker's first scene. But I just. . .didn't.

Besides the fact that I hate the ridiculous New Who tradition of the TARDIS crashing after practically every single regeneration (I mean, really? Even though it was established in Classic Who the TARDIS aided regeneration?), with every other Doctor at least we still got to spend some time with them. Even though post-regeneration scenes are hardly anything accurate to go by character-wise, they're still great for getting a sense of the actor in the role itself and, in the past, have always served as a hook to see how this upcoming Doctor will be.

And that's what I really don't like about Whittaker's first scene. She says 2 words (which, I will concede, was probably the best response Chibnall could have chosen, so kudos for that) but then immediately the TARDIS is sent haywire and the Doctor is thrown out nearly immediately, giving us with no sense whatsoever of Jodie as the Doctor. I know it probably didn't feel this way to most people, but speaking as someone who is skeptical of the change, this felt like a distraction as opposed to owning this bold decision.

I don't expect her to directly reference the change - but what I did expect was for some sort of reassurance that this is the same person, this is still the Doctor, not the female Doctor. And I wasn't just hoping this for myself, but all the other skeptics too. Like I said, I'm still going to stick by the show no matter what, and it didn't do anything to put me off of her Doctor.

But, at it's core, this is what bothers me so much: if I wasn't this kind of fan, if I was considering leaving the show after Twice Upon a Time, this scene would do nothing to convince me to stay on. Which I think is really, really sad. After making such a bold move, it feels like Chibnall wimped out at the last moment and threw in the, quite forced I might add, action of the TARDIS exploding to distract viewers from the change, rather than owning it and showing the skeptics that there's nothing for them to worry about. Which I think is just a shame.

I know the vast majority of you here are quite excited to have a female Doctor, so this doesn't present an issue for you, but I felt like I had to share my thoughts and concerns, because I love this show and I want to see it do well. I don't by any means think it will get cancelled or anything, I'm just disappointed that now it seems less likely other skeptics will be convinced.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. If anyone has something they'd like to add, or rebuttle something I had to say, that'd be great. I'd love to discuss it.

TL;DR: I was incredibly disappointed by Jodie Whittaker's first scene because it does nothing to convince the skeptics that they should keep watching. Instead of proving that Jodie Whittaker is still the same character we all know and love, Chibnall seemed to distract from it with the TARDIS exploding, which seemed a very timid move after such a bold casting choice.


Im sure this has been asked a hundred times but…what happened to Doctor Who?

The Matt Smith years were so great.

Rewatching it for the probably fifth time now after re-watching the newest doctor's seasons.

I really like Capaldi and really wanted to love him. But the episodes and stories just dont compare. :(

IM sure others feel this way so before someone says "oh great another one"

but i still want to hear someone else agree xD or disagree!


Goddammit. Mea maxima culpa.[/spoiler]



[insert general complaint about formatting]


Small Announcement - Downvoting has been removed.

So yeah, we decided to remove the downvoting option as putting the pop up on the downvote arrow didn't appear to be making too much of a difference.

If there are any posts or comments that you don't feel are appropriate, being spoilers without tags or warnings, off topic posts that don't fall into to goal of this subreddit, personal insults, or such; please use the Message the Moderators button in the side bar or the report button.

Thank you.

[edit] - Just to make it clear, the downvoting isn't completely removed, it's a css code that causes the downvote arrow to not show. There are ways around this, so posts will still get some downvotes by the people determined to but hopefully, as a whole, there will be less.

[EDIT 2] - We got a better css code so that only posts have the downvote option gone, comment voting is the same as before. Please still follow reddiquette in regards to downvoting opinions. It should not be used to express a dislike of someones opinion. An open place for talking is what we want here. :)


i have seen all of the pewtree and tom baker stores of doctor who and im not a femmenist or anything but damn the show was so progressive for its time especially for a show in the 70 and 80's what do you think id like to hear from you guys.


Why does Moffat explain things rather than show them

Throughout moffats era big things have happened and in particular things such as the Tardis explosion by the silence,the brainwashing of river song,the master escaping Gallifrey in the pocket universe and the timelords retuning to the universe.

Now as I recall none of these were shown however just explained in a few words,why does Moffat have this habit of explaining events rather than actually showing us them particularly the silence blowing the Tardis up??


File: 77557cf944dc674⋯.png (96.17 KB, 610x537, 610:537, elthemoon.png)

>The Writing


After the last 2 disappointing seasons of sherlock, 3-4. and this terrible tenth season of doctor who(thank god its his last season on doctor who), I think I'm finally done with him. Moffat is such an uneven writer, he can produce some great work, but most of his writing is trash. I mean I love the first 2 seasons of sherlock and seasons 5,8,9 of doctor who. But other than those two it seems like no matter how good he starts out on a show, his writing suffers as the show goes on. He ruined two globally popular tv shows this year, Im not looking forward to that tin tin movie or sherlock ever again.



All I can picture is a non sequitur scene of the Silence with a cartoonish TNT detonator and now I'm laffin


I hate Steven Moffat (and Clara). there I've said it.

I've been watching Dr Who for several years now (started watching the last season of Tennant in real time) and I've done my homework and watched most of the classic who that I can get my hands on. I'm a fairly large whovian, but not obsessed. All this to try and establish where I'm coming from and my "credibility."

Ever since Moffat took over, that tongue and cheek deus ex machina drives me nuts. I just have lost emotional connection to the series. The first few seasons with Matt and his relationship with Amy and Rory held my attention, and honestly I wasn't ready to let go of Dr who yet. But i have to admit that Clara has driven me away from the franchise. I just don't care about her, or how smart she is. I love capaldi dearly, but feel like the gravitas he could actually bring to the part is being completely overlooked.

I was excited when Clara was supposed to leave and now that she's not, i've just stopped watching. Hopefully it can reclaim the magic at somepoint, but I have to voice the minority opinion that Dr who just has lost that special something. I'm writing all of this because my wife and I finally deleted the christmas special without watching it and I felt like mourning Dr who a bit. Apologies for rambling. You don't need to agree with me, and I'm not looking to be convinced, but just had to get it off my chest.

For those of you who are enjoying the current dr who, continue to do so. But for those of you who aren't anymore, know that you're not alone.

Too much attention on the companions in general.

The purpose of the companions - other than the traditional "something for the dads" - is to stand in for the audience - the Doctor is an alien, god-like super-being, if he didn't have to explain everything to his human companions his motives might be a bit hard to understand. Human companions also give him a good reason to hang around Earth more.

If there's a criticism of New Who it's that the companions for some reason have to be ultra special in some way - think of the "Bad Wolf" arc of Rose Tyler. She was interesting enough as a working-class girl who lives in a council flat with a sense of adventure; there was no need to make her savior of the universe. Ditto Amy Pond, and Clara.

I started getting bored the second season of Smith. Not the whole season, but parts of it just started to become…uninspired. It's not just Clara, even though her character is utterly insufferable. It's the writing in general. Moffat is great at the 1-2 episodes per season. But a world-builder he is not.

I haven't like Clara or Any because they are so perfect and pretty and smart and ugh, but I don't hate them, I just wouldn't want to be their friend if they were real people and will be happy to see an new companion more like Donna or Martha.

Couldn't agree more. I've been watching since 1984 from the PBS days on KCET, it's my favorite show of all time, and I absolutely and totally loathe what it's become. I loved Matt and Karen. I loved Blink. I was so excited for the show when Moffat became the show runner and the direction he was taking it. But then it became a confusing incomprehensible mess with River's timeline. After that - the worst blow for me - Moffat shoehorned his own "Doctor" into the mythos. What an incredible cheat that was. And, oh yeah, Tenant regenerated twice. Then Smith - is he number 11 or 12 now? I'm honestly not even sure how to refer to him now - well, he got really old but thankfully a bunch more lives came through a crack in the sky, so he's okay now. Then he regenerated into a supporting character in his own show. I think Capaldi could have been a great Doctor, but I'm so biased by how shitty the show has become from what it was when Smith started. Lazy writing from a show runner who wants to piss all over the material to make his mark instead of serve the characters and the show itself. I will always watch it, I will always support it - but it just makes me sad now.


File: 20a7c22b7113e61⋯.png (65.63 KB, 277x262, 277:262, nTdU56c.png)



>yfw facebook added an upvote system to comments



>After Moffat has finished working on the only shows of his I'll ever watch, I'm done with him

Is this the Doctor Who equivalent of doing a 360 and walking out of the theatre after something happens at the end?


File: 20a7c22b7113e61⋯.png (65.63 KB, 277x262, 277:262, nTdU56c.png)




티. 닐소


File: 2700e1c9c2d7061⋯.jpg (30.24 KB, 341x512, 341:512, laughing tennant davies.jpg)

>Thanks, Russell. That's one CREEPY episode! It scared the crap out of me. What's it going to do to the kids? Hey, I just thought - the monster knocking on the outside of the Space Bus has no name. Yes, that makes it creepier, but mightn't Gary Russell's head explode? How is he going to enter it into his Great Big Encyclopedia Of Everything In

Doctor Who Ever? Won't somebody think of Gary Russell's mind?!


nilsos not in this thread. i am shocked and disgusted and full of hate for everyone who isnt him


File: 0d52b60cd7ca52d⋯.gif (1.41 MB, 268x280, 67:70, dwsr.gif)

I cant fucking wait. Bring me Series 11.

Okay, I want to rewatch The Enemy of the World again (I dont remember much of it apart from loving it to bits) and Ive got every Derek Jacobi appearance in Briggs Finish to listen to… But it's not the same. Series 11 seems so fresh. New Doctor, new showrunner. I have no idea what's coming next season, and that's exciting



Did you know Gary Russell played an extra in the movie "Octopussy"?




I know there's at least four people (including me) posting on /lit/ who know about Faction Paradox, because somebody once made a post about it in /sffg/ and a couple of people replied.


Everything surrounding Faction Paradox - the books, the comics, the fans, etc. - fills me with a mixture of boredom and second hand embarassment.


File: 90f2ef4a4798f79⋯.jpg (7.19 KB, 320x180, 16:9, mqdefault.jpg)




It sort of feels like those sci fi/fantasy book series for teens with names like "Mythical Quest", "Star Adventure", and so on, only superficially more "mature".


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>faction paradox fans


File: b13c96368542c35⋯.jpg (27.78 KB, 540x720, 3:4, Russel T Chair.jpg)

>I'm talking about sex a lot. That means I'll start writing soon.





>It sort of feels like those sci fi/fantasy book series for teens with names like "Mythical Quest", "Star Adventure", and so on, only superficially more "mature".

Looks like someone can't appreciate visceral, dynamic art.


I'm appalled by the divisive rhetoric that's split /who/. Surely it's time for everyone to come together to do exactly what I say.






That was me



>So… okay, really, honestly, why don't you start writing now?

>I don't know. Honestly. I'm just sitting here like an idiot. Like a bloody idiot. All day. I'm eating badly, smoking heavily… but that seems to be part of the getting-ready- to-write crap. I worked my way through about 50 cigarettes with the Sarah Jane rewrite earlier this week. That's just absurd, even for me. I'm killing myself. I'm looking scruffy, because I'm not bothering to iron shirts. (The Number One Gay!) My VAT needs doing, but I'm ignoring it. I missed my nieces' birthdays last week. I haven't even sent a card. I still haven't sent a card. And I'm as horny as hell. Like a stupid teenager. That's more like it, though. That's a better description of what this process actually feels like.


The Writer's Tale is better than RTD Who.



This but unironically



>implying irony



>Rewriting? I write the final draft of almost all scripts - except Steven Moffat's,

Matthew Graham's, Chris Chibnall's and Stephen Greenhorn's - and that draft becomes the Shooting Script. I might change at least 30 per cent of the material, often 60 per cent, sometimes almost 100 per cent. I go over every line of dialogue, either adding new stuff or refining what's there; sometimes that means enhancing a line that the original writer hasn't realised is good. I'll bring out themes, punch up moments, add signature dialogue, clarify stage directions and make cuts. To every single scene, if need be. Usually, the basic shape remains intact, but sometimes I'll invent brand new characters and subplots… while at the same time remaining faithful to the original writer. I'll even impersonate them.

Sometimes, yes, this does mean treading on other writers' toes. I'm sure some of them think of it as vandalism. Equally, to be fair, others are very grateful. But my job is to get the Best Possible Script on screen, even if that means stampeding over someone. The viewer at home doesn't care who wrote it; they just want it to be good. My job is to make

it as good as it can be. Take no prisoners! And it's got to be done fast, so I haven't time to pussyfoot around, transplanting lines of dialogue, delicately. Even interesting stuff has to go sometimes, because I can only find room for myself by shifting back all the furniture, making it my own. This is a multi-million quid show that has to be the absolute best it can be.


I wish I could just SCREAM "Nilso!" at the top of my lungs.



Is this why Shearman never returned? Too fragile to let others touch his writing



To be honest, this sounds like a great job. Even though it's not ideal, I'd love to go over someone's scripts like that. Once I rewrote practically everything someone had done for a group assignment and, while I did feel bad about it, it was also deeply satisfying.

Russel "The Chad" Davies



Anon…do it! You only live once!



Yeah I too find rewriting/editing fun and fulfilling, but writing itself is draining and frustrating.



Pretty sure Shearman explicitly stated in the past that they simply just never asked him back.



>That's what rewriting is: discovering the point of a scene. If it has no point, cut it.

>Unless it's got a great gag. Or a naked man.



He actually said they asked him back but he doesn't like the process of writing for television.



Oh that's disappointing. Does he like the process of writing for anything? Feels like it was years ago that they announced he was working on a new BF audio.



He likes scriptwriting I imagine, which is his main job.



Do you mean playwriting? Audios and TV are both scripts


>Dream sequences. I hate dream sequences. I hate them in novels, too. If I come to a dream sequence, I turn the pages until it's over. Nothing ever happens in a dream. It's all symbolic. Pathetically symbolic. Why get symbolic when you can show me what's really happening? Also, have you ever read or seen a dream sequence that actually feels like a dream? Really? I think it's impossible. Dreams are so odd and dislocated. I've never seen one captured properly.

>Matt Jones fell foul of this on The Impossible Planet. The cliffhanger ended with Rose being possessed by the Devil - her eyes went black and she said, 'I am the Beast Incarnate!' or something. It was wonderful - but then

the next episode opened on the Tylers' estate. Back home with Jackie and Mickey, but a strangely different Jackie and Mickey, doing mysterious things, speaking with the wrong voices, being generally spooky, because, well, it was a dream. Inside Rose's head. I simply couldn't bear it. I was convinced - I'm still convinced - that nothing of any dramatic merit can happen in a dream sequence. So out it went.



You wanna go?


File: 45e7f9a4fee9193⋯.png (256.34 KB, 727x448, 727:448, 1492840874036.png)



>Dream sequences. I hate dream sequences. I hate them in novels, too. If I come to a dream sequence, I turn the pages until it's over. Nothing ever happens in a dream. It's all symbolic. Pathetically symbolic. Why get symbolic when you can show me what's really happening? Also, have you ever read or seen a dream sequence that actually feels like a dream? Really? I think it's impossible. Dreams are so odd and dislocated. I've never seen one captured properly.

This is well said and the reason I'm not all that keen on Timewyrm: Revelation.



>Also, have you ever read or seen a dream sequence that actually feels like a dream? Really? I think it's impossible. Dreams are so odd and dislocated. I've never seen one captured properly.

>who is Lynch



Neo, how's editing going?

Also, I added a folder for Framing Story stuff to the Drive, if you need a space to save stuff.


File: 72f07c969814786⋯.gif (1.14 MB, 320x240, 4:3, spinnydalek.gif)

>I would describe to you the fear and bile that's rising up with the approach of writing the series finale, but I can't bear to. Oh, that cold clutch of fear. Steven wrote to me today, saying, 'Don't you feel like sticking your head out of the window and yelling, "I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M DOING!!!'" Yes, absolutely.



>It's not all fear and bile, no. Like, I've worked out the end to 4.13 - well, not the very end, that's Donna, but the climax to the plot and all the Dalek stuff. I went into a frenzy, playing Murray's Series Three soundtrack CD full-blast. I actually stood up and walked around the room. For ages, just striding. And hitting things. I was sort of banging work surfaces and stuff. Sometimes that happens. After about 20 minutes of frenzy, I was actually crying. In a good way. With relief. With happiness, actually. Because it works. I really think it works and will be magnificent. Right now, I believe in it with all my heart. So that's good. That's not fear and bile.


>The Doctor is about to arrive at the Shadow Proclamation, but warning bells are ringing. He's meant to stride in with Donna, into some great hall, and, in a The Mill/Neill Gorton extravaganza, walk past every creature we've ever had. Krillitanes swooping. Judoon stomping. Slitheen farting.



would have been unironically kino. I'd like more stuff like that. Particularly aliens that arent 100% evil, like Silurians, Ood, Zygons, Judoon, (even Sontarans who are obsessed with war could be depicted as otherwise not completely evil)


Thats weird to me. Donna's ending works really well to me, but the plot of Journey's End is not it's forte at all imo. That's something he was confident about? that element? really???



There was a moment of truth. A moment.

>Tonight, this feels like a space-opera runaround. I don't like it much. It's too big, it's daft, the Doctor arrives too late and does nothing all episode. It's lame shit. It feels like

we're going to spend millions of licence-fee-payers' money on silly rubbish. That's not the right mood to write in.

>Sorry about last night's outpouring. I lost control of it. I woke up this morning, telling myself the thing that I have to tell myself a million times: I'm in control of it, it's not in control of me. I'm in a better mood now. I should finish tonight, but this cold is streeeeeaming…







>I've started to write rubbish now. Always a sign. A sign saying: 'STOP'.

>You wouldn't believe the stuff that I'm cutting as I go along. Stuff that I'd planned in my head, but then, no, too expensive or too long or just rubbish, so I never write a word of it. Even though it was alive and possible until… ooh, yesterday. Like, Doctor #2 and Donna were going to go back to the Shadow Proclamation and enlist a fleet of Judoon ships! And attack the Medusa Cascade! Blimey! Madness, I know. It would have been good, though. Roughly ten FX shots of Judoon ships flying and attacking Dalek saucers, etc.



>Judoon vs. Daleks


post the part where he mentions telling gareth that he was writing rubbish


File: 075c0953ec6b38e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 4 KB, 274x184, 137:92, download.jpg)


A productive weekend is on the cards




>Normally, I love writing series finales. I get a real buzz. I'm not getting a buzz this time. It's laughable to think that I ever imagined fitting all this into 45 minutes. That's not helping. I feel stupid. I'm not sure I should continue, feeling like this, with big and lovely scenes to come. I feel like I might spoil them.

>In 40 minutes, Tesco opens for more cigarettes.

>Bloody hell. I must be five pages from the end. Just five. This is a long haul. Next, I have to write out Donna, but I can't bear it. I LOVE HER! Right, off to Tesco now, then I'll finish.

>If I fell into the Bay, no one would know what happens to Donna! I won't fall into the Bay.

>I didn't fall into the Bay. Mmm, croissant. Still warm. I love a little shop.



How'd you find a coke dealer in Korea?



Cool. I Discord PM'd you the order that Nacho wants his "Multi-Universe extravaganza" stories to go.

I'm still waiting on Nilso's stories.



>The day ended with having to look at Sarah Jane costumes ('Yes, that waistcoat's lovely'), by which time my brain was crawling out of my ears. At one point, I was so rude to Gareth with Sarah Jane script notes (I sort of lose my filter when I'm knackered), I was saying, "This scene's shit, you're writing shit, I'm reading shit.' Julie had to say, 'Russell, you're too tired. I think you should stop now.'


File: 20a7c22b7113e61⋯.png (65.63 KB, 277x262, 277:262, 1482965076589.png)


>At one point, I was so rude to Gareth with Sarah Jane script notes (I sort of lose my filter when I'm knackered), I was saying, "This scene's shit, you're writing shit, I'm reading shit.'



File: 844938900ed9698⋯.jpg (147.25 KB, 1080x720, 3:2, joker.jpg)


nilsos neos coke dealer



nislo would never he's a highly respected priest






He's literally describing Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead here.



>Mind you, isn't Steven planning a dream sequence for 4.10, with Donna trapped in a fake reality? But he'll write it so well, it'll prove me wrong. I think the point there is that the Doctor is trying to get Donna out, so that injects drama into the whole set-up.



>>Dream sequences. I hate dream sequences. I hate them in novels, too. If I come to a dream sequence, I turn the pages until it's over. Nothing ever happens in a dream. It's all symbolic. Pathetically symbolic. Why get symbolic when you can show me what's really happening?

this is such a disgustingly plebeian thing to say. what the fuck rtd



Not really. Dream Sequences are kind of am amateur screenwriter's crutch, and does defy the "keep the story going" rule. It can be done well, but it can often backfire.



I know right, I had a laugh at the insanity it. What the fuck quality of media has RTD been following to say shit like that? Acting like there's a sacred distinction between the waking and sleeping world in fiction, which already does constitute dreaming from the actual material world, is plebian enough, but then ignoring the literal thousands of years of art that's tapped into dream states and dream consciousnesses for storytelling is just blatantly ridiculous. Unless literally all the man has read and seen is the most mainstream of mainstream film/TV and lit, where you get high school tier symbolism in shitty dream sequences where writers bang out their themes, it's a ridiculously dumb fucking thing to say. I mean he's gotta have seen fucking Trainspotting if nothing else right? Or The Wizard of Oz?



He's very well read but he's also a savant for the mainstream. His interest in the mainstream is so powerful it wraps around and becomes esoteric again. He objects in particular that dreams don't move the plot forward in the general sense, and he's extremely invested in the sanctity and primacy of plot, here defined as "events that happen in the work of fiction you're infosorbing".



I'm reminded, as I often am, of this scene:


The actual writer/teacher Brian Cox is playing said he doesn't mind voice over, so long as you're not just having characters describe everything the viewer can already see on the screen. To me, that can still be of value, because the divide between what the viewer sees and how the character describes it can illuminate a great deal about the character, their thought process, and what they value. I feel the same way about dream sequences, for that matter.



If I may say, I'm pretty certain RTD recognizes that certain films do use dream sequences well. But he's not working with Lynch, he's working with Matt Jones and others. And dream sequences is often a way to add fake peril, or pad a screenplay.

I'm not even saying he's fully correct. But it's not as dumb as you make it seem. *

*this coming from someone who loves surreality and dream sequences that show metaphoric truths



Also, in RTD's view, everything happening in Oz is the plot, that's reality. It's kansas that might as well be a dream, nothing there genuinely impacts the proper story or has any particular resolution.



>He's very well read but he's also a savant for the mainstream.

I think that ability to tap into the mainstream is both the source of all his weaknesses in writing, as well as why he was able to keep the show so popular for so long. Moffat doesn't have that same instinct, I think, even though I love his work. Not sure about Chibnall.

>The actual writer/teacher Brian Cox is playing said he doesn't mind voice over, so long as you're not just having characters describe everything the viewer can already see on the screen. To me, that can still be of value, because the divide between what the viewer sees and how the character describes it can illuminate a great deal about the character, their thought process, and what they value.

I think you and Brian Cox agree with each other. The problem is that V.O. can be used to literally dump exposition.



For sure. I have massive respect for the man and think he's a terrific writer, but his absurdly sweeping statement there would have made much more sensed couched in the field he was dealing with - scripts he edited - instead of a generalisation like that.


Eughrhrhr I don't even enormously disagree with that in a sense, I just deride the hateful privileging over some stupid sense of tangibility and plot as the "real story" in something instead of accepting all stories are as valid as they are dreams.


RTD isn't dumb, but dismissing dream sequences out of hand like that is absolutely dumb. The fucking Epic of Gilgamesh has dream sequences. If he said "the dream sequences I get across my desk are dumb an pathetically symbolic" I'd be all for it, but he didn't say that, so me ribbing him about it is perfectly justified I say my good sir.



it almost seems like he thinks the plot can only be advanced by action or exposition, and dreams, not being "real life", don't count. which is such an infantile way of looking at it


i'm more concerned about him slagging off symbolism, one of the most interesting and 'malleable' techniques available to a writer



>I just deride the hateful privileging over some stupid sense of tangibility and plot as the "real story" in something instead of accepting all stories are as valid as they are dreams.

Some stories are better put together than others, and although plot isn't the end-all of story production, it's the part where failings are most easily felt. I think that a lot of people are more attuned to plot deficiencies than style deficiencies, and if you go with a story that's "style over plot", a lot of people will get lost if they're not used to it.


File: cd186ddfde14c3d⋯.jpg (76.27 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, AM_b_sle_what-do-I-do-if-b….jpg)





>slagging off symbolism, one of the most interesting and 'malleable' techniques available to a writer

I rather like symbolism, but not everyone does, and a dream sequence, when done like an amateur, can be rather crap that ALSO doesn't advance the plot.

Nevertheless, I agree with you about symbolism's place in writing.

Is there symbolism in Lil B's songs, by the way?



Let's not slag on the plot-likers, eh?

Can we just go with both of them being balanced, as all things should be?


File: 03cdd2ae78e723b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 79.13 KB, 972x731, 972:731, JESUS_IN_SPAAAACE.jpg)


He loves symbolism, just not in dreams. I think his point might be that with something fantastical like Doctor Who, there's no need for that sort of thing to show up in dreams.

Not that I necessarily agree with him, of course.




oh my god stop being annoying



Anon, I'm having a conversation, and arguing my point calmly with Neo and Cats.

I like style. I watch Legion, after all. And I love symbolism–I read TARDIS Eruditorium and really like the whole blog, despite it being 75% symbols.

I'm just saying my point, anon.


Immigrant - Britta

Cloister - Pierce

Neo - Jeff

Cats - Troy

Lym - Abed

N8 - Annie

Nilso - Shirley

Prove me wrong or come up with better comparisons



that's different because the people that are in the "dream" sequence are actually real and the events impact on reality


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


We are the only species on Earth that observe "Shark Week". Sharks don't even observe "Shark Week", but we do. For the same reason I can pick this anon, tell you his name is Nilso and go like this (spams t. Nilso) and part of you dies just a little bit on the inside, because people can connect with anything. We can sympathise with a pencil, we can forgive a shark, and we can give Steven Moffat a BAFTAfor Screenwriting.

People can find the good in just about anything but themselves. Look at me, it's clear to all of you that I am awesome but I could never admit that because that would make me an ass but what I can do is see what makes Ingiga awesome. He's driven, we need driven people or the lights go out and the ice cream melts. And Cats, we need guys like Cats, this guy has wisdom to offer…We should listen to him sometime, we wouldn't regret it.

And Cloister, Cloister has earned our respect, not as a mod, not as a centenarian, but as a person. And don't test him on that because that thing about the coke was way too specific to be improvised. And N8 who cares if N8 thinks he's all that. Maybe he is, do you think astronauts go to the moon because they hate oxygen? No. They're trying to impress their fanfiction writer king. And Kinda, Kinda's a shaman. You ask him to post on topic and he gives you a video of Trump, because you know what? Trump is better, Kinda is better, you are all better than you think you are, you are just designed not to believe it when you hear it from yourself.

I want you to look at the person to your left… Sorry look at the post sitting above you. I want you to extend to that person the same compassion that you extend for sharks, pencils, and Steven Moffat. I want you to say to that person I forgive you.

You've just stopped being a general. You've now become something unstoppable. I hereby pronounce you a COMMUNITY.



I'd say I'm not the Britta, but I suppose that's a Britta thing to say.



holy fucking based



what the fuck i actually laughed irl at that clip, why did i stop watching community



that clip is from S2, before it started getting shit





A lot of the things RTD says in the writers tale are written at 2am and he acknowledges that a lot of what he says to Ben about writing is just complete shit he didn’t put any thought into



Which is probably part of why Moffat hasn't made a Writer's Tale–he's afraid of being judged for some random thing he said while tired.



I'm not even sure what the last season I watched is. What was the one that had puppets? S5? I don't think I finished that.

Is ranking S3 as the top one of your ironic shitposts? Chang taking over the school is when the show jumped the shark.



The one with the puppets was the gas leak year



S4, which I don't even count at all because it's abominable and wasn't made by the people who made Community great.

No not at all, S3 is easily my favourite, it was the most ambitious and creative season imo. I couldn't care less about shark jumping moments because I'm not invested in how realistic the show is.




Oh well I did finish S4 I think, and probably started S5.

I don't care about the show becoming "unrealistic" if it's still entertaining. I just don't find Chang that funny, and giving him a huge role was such a drag. He works best in small doses


File: eea65dccb947fa4⋯.jpg (81.56 KB, 1920x1078, 960:539, Alliance_Pandorica_Opens.jpg)


>I think that ability to tap into the mainstream is both the source of all his weaknesses in writing, as well as why he was able to keep the show so popular for so long. Moffat doesn't have that same instinct, I think, even though I love his work.

Looking back after the Capaldi years, the whole "intricate unfolding super-plot" vibe of the Smith era feels so hollow in comparison. The Russel series were so much tighter in theme and execution than the Smith series. But I still think of the Smith years as a definite step up from the Russel years (even Series 1, when Russel was still hungry).

I think it has to do with this:

>I’ve just got a gut feeling about this, but I think that if the moment the opening titles are over, you go into a Scene One that’s set on a purple planet with three moons, and some man in a cloak is making a villainous death threat … then the audience would just switch off in their millions. That’s just an instinct, but I think you should set all that high flown end-of-the-world stuff in a very real world of pubs and mortgages and people.

But know that doesn't necessarily result in something bad. (It does if it's written as shit as he's making it out to sound, but he's generalizing to mean everything that isn't "grounded"). This "instinct" only matters for making television that's digestably populist. The Smith years were a step up then, because they were the point at which the revived Doctor Who was allowed to finally be it's old weird self again, instead of the carefully managed populist brand of weirdness it was under Russel. It didn't mattter if it took the form of superficial self-celebratory nostalgiac showboating, as long as it just moved on from contemporary reality. It restored a sort of timelessness the classic show had developed from transforming itself so many times.

It isn't so much that the Smith era cut ties with reality as that it cut ties with a certain (re)starting point grounded in a particular time. It's relieving, like without that sort of grounded beginning it seems like it won't have a particular ending, and that seems like the "natural" state for the show.


I can't wait for you to read my autisticly shit story in ST.



>because they were the point at which the revived Doctor Who was allowed to finally be it's old weird self again

I sort of see your point, although it gets perilously close to "RTD Who wasn't real Who", which I would disagree with. What's interesting is that the Seven + Ace era, which is often lauded, also tried to go "domestic", though that was still weirder than RTD's Who.

>It isn't so much that the Smith era cut ties with reality as that it cut ties with a certain (re)starting point grounded in a particular time.

That's good–it does make Who timeless, but I worry if that also makes Who harder for the casual audiences to relate too. RTD probably went too far with his populism at times, but I wonder if a "timeless Who" could also be too far the other way.



Give us some hints of what it's about, anon.

I'm excited to see what reviews I'll get on my fics.



Well said. I think S7 was when the show properly oriented itself as perfectly one with the Classic run.



>but I think that if the moment the opening titles are over, you go into a Scene One that’s set on a purple planet with three moons, and some man in a cloak is making a villainous death threat … then the audience would just switch off in their millions.

That's pretty much exactly what Magician's Apprentice does, isn't it?



I've never thought of RTD who as "populist" before but that's actually a pretty accurate and useful label for it



>I sort of see your point, although it gets perilously close to "RTD Who wasn't real Who", which I would disagree with.

It certainly was "Real Who" - but the trouble with reviving something that's been down for so long is that it may not be able or allowed to do the same sort of things as the original run; there's a sense of "that was then, this is now". Moffat Who did a lot to make "then" possible "now".

>RTD probably went too far with his populism at times, but I wonder if a "timeless Who" could also be too far the other way.

It's "timeless" now. If Chibnall goes full RTD 2.0 and places the same limitations on the show again it will still be "timeless", because it's carrying on directly from the Moffat years. It's more to do with accomplishing a certain variety of things in a span which has thorough narrative continuity. "New Who" and "Classic Who" may technically be part of the same show/media universe, but there's still a definite gap there that has to be acknowleged. When it gets cancelled again it will almost certainly have to work it's way back to "full potential".


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

What is the most triumphant "character returning" moment in Doctor Who?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


What is the most triumphant "group of characters returning" moment in Doctor Who?



And I think Magician's Apprentice is one of the least accessible openings for newbies ever, in part because of that reason. I love how zany it is, but it's definitely not "populist."


>If Chibnall goes full RTD 2.0 and places the same limitations on the show again it will still be "timeless", because it's carrying on directly from the Moffat years. It's more to do with accomplishing a certain variety of things in a span which has thorough narrative continuity.

That's interesting.


Series 4's finale with all the characters of RTD's era coming together in the TARDIS.



If the plebs can't remember Davros, the enormous weight the scene puts on the importance of his name really tells them all they need to know right away.



File: e75e41d049b2e02⋯.png (176.86 KB, 600x278, 300:139, handmines.png)


Yes, and it was brilliantly executed. People (especially kids, who are supposedly who the show is for first) don't have any inherent problem with that sort of thing. It's a show about a time-and-space-travelling alien, why not travel in time and space? Isn't that why people watch it?

It's a demographics thing, that's supposed to maximise the potential audience. It's supposed to get in the people who think this sort of thing is shit to also watch.

Of course, given the sorry state of Star Trek and other sorts of televised science fiction at the time (which inevitably revolved around it in some way), the "sci-fi tv is shit" crowd wasn't necessarily composed of people with no imagination.



Very well said. People don't give kids enough credit. They have a natural intuition and openness to storytelling in a way adults with their heads stuffed full of nonsense don't.



>Noah Mesheck

>1 week ago

>When cap arrived our people in theater gone crazy in south India..

And you had us Americans thinking it was just us.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I don't really think that anyone in the UK didn't know who Davros was. If he's got his own band, hes embedded far enough into UK popular culture for general audiences to recognize him.



>If the plebs can't remember Davros

I was talking more for a person who started at Series 8.

> the enormous weight the scene puts on the importance of his name really tells them all they need to know right away.

You know, you're probably right. But I still feel maybe they threw too much here too fast.



>If the plebs can't remember Davros

this is the sort of mentality that kills the show


File: 641f4f95b7b363a⋯.jpg (365.01 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20180512-010533.jpg)


Who /eurovision/ tonight?


TMA would be perfect if the snake servant guy wasn't there

it was just a moffat gimmick creature with no relevance to daleks



explain the ogrons and the robomen



at least they aren't "literally just earth snakes but they combine to make a humanoid"


S11 is exciting because I'll have a way to introduce my friends to the show that isn't embarrassing



it's a bit too early to bank on that, anon



>tfw chibnallwho is more cheesy than RTDwho



why wont it be embarrassing?


File: 30515097f42d2ee⋯.gif (1.83 MB, 500x245, 100:49, giphy.gif)



is this the beast below?



/who/ is dying. We have a terrible decision to make. Move to McGann-chan, or to a /who/ discord.

/who/ votes for the discord but based Jenna presses the button to go to McGann Chan. On that day we knew she was right. And that abortion is a terrible terrible thing… or I thats what the episode seemed like it was saying til Peter Harness said it wasnt that.



what did harness end up saying it was meant to be?



I fuckin hope so. Why so confident though?



I cant remember but not abortion apparently


File: 29fb01add8e219b⋯.gif (1.59 MB, 400x222, 200:111, capalsoused.gif)


literally everything about TMA/TWF is pure unadultured kino and you will never be able to convince me otherwise

GOAT in a fucking BOAT


colony sarff is moff's creature ideas at his worst



*puffs weed*

hey guys. what if a man was a snake dood


davros and the doctor sit in a room and talk while the master and the doctor's companion walk around outside




shut up rtdfag


>tfw half the rtdfags left us for the discord

Feels good man.


File: 6913fbc76b5e917⋯.jpg (87.64 KB, 1280x718, 640:359, snakes in pants.jpg)



what's better, yet another fucking "don't do the thing" gimmick, or snakes having a munch on the doctor's time testes



Cuban Missile crisis has been the sort of thing that's a closer comparison.



Would you a snakebound time teamer /who/?


colony sarff is my husbando


guide to the races of dr who

>colonoscopy sharks


File: 716558555e217ea⋯.gif (1.21 MB, 268x172, 67:43, tumblr_nuwjtaGsEA1qijoeyo2….gif)


>dude everyones a humanoid but theres a lore reason so its okay



>we are corronation street







I am now



nilso wanted to watch it in the stream but everyone laughed at him and drove him to the verge of tears


>we are cannoli starch



daleks are mutants mate


Hi, the name's Colin E. Sarff. :)



I have something for you, in the Discord PMs.



mutated into non-humanoids


also handmines


File: 35ca0cb5765f4f1⋯.jpg (10.8 KB, 210x240, 7:8, 1524977227843.jpg)

>we are korin with staff


File: 641f4f95b7b363a⋯.jpg (365.01 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20180512-010533.jpg)

Tom Baker kino







give me a few



Nilso is invited to mine to watch it if he wants. I'll have snacks




will he sing for you?



File: b9849e7a06dd5b3⋯.gif (478.3 KB, 500x275, 20:11, verge of tears.gif)

>tfw sesska will literally never know who you are


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Whats the Doctor Who equivilant of this?


File: 2c29b51a7e2ceb6⋯.jpeg (489.66 KB, 720x2293, 720:2293, download.jpeg)

What do you guys think of this reddit thing from a while back? regardless of whether it's fake or not, would you be interested in this episode?



Android Invasion ep2



Tweet her some fanart.


hey moot, take 4chan offline for a few hours. The spammer is here again


File: 8b0a3280d7a6b14⋯.jpeg (22.74 KB, 369x408, 123:136, image.jpeg)

>tfw I will literally never know who sesska is



Only if he wants to.

Eurovision is not consent



me likey





File: a7461e0c48dca26⋯.gif (985.75 KB, 432x293, 432:293, image.gif)






My greatest disappointment with TMA/TWF is that Sarff actually wasn't more thematically integrated. Remember when the Missy announcement had her eating an apple and making allusions to the Garden of Eden? I thought we were going to get some absolute Biblical kino with Sarff representing the serpent.


>TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER!!!!! I've always wanted to say that XD

>That’s something else I’ve always wanted to say!!! ALLONSY ALONSO XD

Why was he such a mincing cunt?



i think he's finally done for…


File: e2c76816eb21be2⋯.webm (1.72 MB, 1920x800, 12:5, 1526115910896.webm)


Just wait for the novelisation fam. It'll have all that and more. It'll be so kino you'll be on the verge of tears.



This got posted a week or two ago and we ripped the piss out of it for sounding like fanwank, mainly for the "the CLASSIC-STYLE sontarans talk about how much better they are than the NuWho ones!"



Symbolic meaning is interesting as a layer under literal meaning. Symbolic meaning as the only meaning, as it too often is in dream sequences, is not that interesting. Honestly, there's nothing so uninteresting to me as something that is trying too hard at being obviously symbolic. "Pathetically symbolic" covers it pretty well, honestly.



A hivemind of snakes (well, a democracy) that walks around in the shape of a human being is exactly the sort of unusual and fascinating creature idea that should be commonplace in this fucking show.


>there's no point in being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes! :OOOOO

A mincing cunt methinks he was!



A walking, talking serpentine democracy? Must be Christmas.




this is the most perfect description of 10 I have ever seen


File: 19643e130d49d17⋯.jpeg (22.03 KB, 485x303, 485:303, image.jpeg)

>It's a thing, it's like a plan but with more epicness!!!

He minced, cuntishly.



One of those is a Four quote, but thank you


>im sorry, im so so sorry

>uses the same expression and manerism every time like he's rehearsed it



That could actually be a kino character detail if you read it like that



10 was a sociopath


File: bc920a64e2c7f4f⋯.png (432.79 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, muh_lonely_god.png)


that's what makes him so good

integrate me the fuck up


File: 100840fc31fd690⋯.jpg (87.19 KB, 508x754, 254:377, i love doctor who.JPG)

what are you guys gonna drink while watching the s11 premiere?


File: 733901e00e6f2bc⋯.jpg (486.71 KB, 1930x850, 193:85, 733901e00e6f2bce1160615d67….jpg)


can we get a visual representation of a mincing cunt, please?



I love this, is it from the Cartmel comic? Is that out yet?


File: 7edca01fce7d4c1⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)



its a teeny bit from free comic book day


The reason you nerds haven’t gotten a new Lawrence Miles novel in so long is because I’ve been supplying him with lego LMAO


What does /who/ think of brooklyn nine nine and can anyone tell me why the fuck people like it?


File: 795e9817ad45964⋯.png (56.18 KB, 652x922, 326:461, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c9213844bfddec9⋯.png (45.09 KB, 652x876, 163:219, ClipboardImage.png)

>mfw this cut dialogue from The Witch's Familiar would have effectively ruined the entire story if it had been left in, not just for badly retconning Davros' motivation but for fucking up the genuinely brilliant detail that Davros expects the Doctor to feel shame for having rescued him (while the Doctor thinks it's for abandoning him)

What are some other dodged bullets in Doctor Who?



>tfw Lawrence Miles is actually Christine Chandler in disguise



I like it. It's fun. I'd watch Joe Lo Truglio in anything as in with anyone from "The State". Same with Terry Crews. Captain Holt is a refreshing take on a homosexual man. Glad NBC picked it up.



i fail to see how this dialogue does either of those things



It's consistently okay. Never really bad. Sometimes goes as far as being good.



>What the fuck quality of media has RTD been following to say shit like that? Acting like there's a sacred distinction between the waking and sleeping world in fiction, which already does constitute dreaming from the actual material world, is plebian enough, but then ignoring the literal thousands of years of art that's tapped into dream states and dream consciousnesses for storytelling is just blatantly ridiculous. Unless literally all the man has read and seen is the most mainstream of mainstream film/TV and lit, where you get high school tier symbolism in shitty dream sequences where writers bang out their themes, it's a ridiculously dumb fucking thing to say.

Well, he's got a lit degree from Oxford so I figure he knows a little bit about all that.



but it's just a snake

an earth creature

if they were space worms it would be okay

but regular earth snakes ruins it and makes it a dumb gimmick



it's one of those light hearted laugh track-less comedies with enough character interactions to be entertaining



>the scenes of Simms Master going HUNGRY SKELETOR and flying away with lightning powers was written by a man who has a degree from Oxford



- Does exactly the one thing people didn't want the story to do, by making 12 the explicit cause of all Davros' later activities: "you taught me the most valuable lesson of all. We are alone […] So I filled the world with me!"

- Erases all of the lore about Davros' actual motivations and origins in favour of stuff about Moffat's retcon: "The universe turned on a helpless child…and found itself outnumbered" and other stuff that generally downplays the idea of him as having an ideology ("Look what they made me do")

- Clarifies that in the current version of events, the Doctor did, in fact, leave the young Davros alone on the battlefield (meaning the ending where he saves Davros constitutes rewriting time…even though the Doctor only goes and does it because he realises the Daleks have mercy in their DNA so he has to go back and put it there, so it makes no fucking sense for it to be rewriting time really)


Nilso, will you be in the stream tonight?


>reddit's "weekly companion thread", this week on Anji, literally has 0 posts




Only been open 20 hours.



davros is trying to rationalize all of this after the fact

and "I filled the world with me!" is an absolutely fantastic sort of psychoanalysis of the character, it really gets at the whole idea of the daleks



>if they were space worms it would be okay

>but regular earth snakes ruins it

They talk and are sentient. They're space snakes. The fact they have similar appearances to Earth snakes (apart from the one with eyes and a mouth embedded in its flesh) is immaterial, unless you genuinely think that all symbolism from Earth is off limits because recognisability makes it "a gimmick" which is just fucking dumb






Thoughts on the Mara?



it's [thing you recognize] but [something different] is literally a gimmick


File: 8f598fb2016e45e⋯.jpg (314.14 KB, 1385x1075, 277:215, tardis vortex titles.jpg)


this may not be your kind of show


re the "do americans/white people really drink milk every meal" discussion from earlier

my mum just got diagnosed with osteoporosis so perhaps the fact she has always been super conscientious of my calcium intake and made me drink milk every meal all throughout adolescence is justified, even though it gets annoying



the blue box IS a gimmick, though



To be fair, the Mara's not really a snake, just a creature that happens to look like a snake in corporeal form, and more importantly, it lworks with the "forbidden fruit/unconscious drive" symbolism.



Is Doctor Who a gimmick?


Looks good? Leave a like.


File: 9df63f3102b65b9⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1368x1080, 19:15, 5 glasses.png)



If you like it, please feel free to review!



>THE DOCTOR clicks something on the exterminator gun.







>he looks like a human but he's actually a fantastical time travelling alien




When did the gimmick stop being fun, then?


File: 3f50cc11ef04562⋯.png (162.59 KB, 350x432, 175:216, H5G_Render_Mgalekgolo.png)

colony sarff would have been cool if he were made out of space worms

earth snakes that talk is dumb



>[thing you recognize] but [something different]

You just described not only all fantasy and sci-fi, but all fiction ever made.


File: 4c3449ceec3e079⋯.png (617.34 KB, 1235x1104, 1235:1104, 6df8551fab1deae8283aae7fc5….png)

Sometimes there just isn't another way.


File: bd7f5d79067ecf9⋯.png (362.22 KB, 617x742, 617:742, 5 glasses2.png)



I don't think that description applies to, say, "When Harry Met Sally."


Aren't you writing something with that Doctor, Neo?


File: ee6eee474058dea⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 179.59 KB, 775x280, 155:56, 6df8551fab1deae8283aae7fc5….png)






> It was the depression and disgust surrounding Donald Trump’s election that sent me into a YA fantasy endurance run

Here we go



>One of the 20-something ride managers walked over and asked us all to step off because of a “safety” issue. We were ushered through a door to what looked like a backstage area where another 20-something employee rattled off a spiel about “safety”

What's with the ageism?



I saw this on /pol/ but couldn't be fucked opening it, like 99% of threads there

glad to know someone's got the decency to post it her



these people are literal jokes



>When I walked outside with my friends, I exclaimed, “Hogwarts would never condone this!” But upon further investigation, the books and movies have only a few big characters and most of them are antagonistic. The Fat Lady painting is obnoxious and bossy. The Dursleys are lazy and entitled. Crabbe and Goyle are both fat dunces who follow the orders of the lithe, vampire-looking Draco Malfoy. So I think I’m wrong! Hogwarts absolutely condones this and so does the general public.

JK blown the fuck out for hating fat people. I guess Neo has to like this article now.


File: bc27ccd9b2d8db6⋯.png (183.29 KB, 294x294, 1:1, butt_butts.png)


>outer /lit/



>At Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, the locking mechanisms on the Hogwarts ride were adjusted in 2010 to safely accommodate bigger bodies, but not before this man was “inspired” to lose weight so he could be allowed on board. That’s wrong.

and that's a bad thing!



I do actually like Harry Potter (within reason)), just not JK, and certainly not this article.


tfw shitposted on /lit/ this very day



so what does she expect? Isn't the point of safety harnesses like that to make sure that people are held in place? If they made the harnesses larger to accomodate her, wouldn't that make it too loose for majority of the general population and therefore dangerous for them?



this is the worse one

like its one thing to be a fat cunt and think you're fine, its another thing to think other people are bad for motivating themselves to stop being fat cunts


I can get my fat people hate on /fit/, why do we need to do this here?



>If they made the harnesses larger to accomodate her, wouldn't that make it too loose for majority of the general population

One or two dedicated "fat seats" would probably suffice, I'm surprised that hasn't already been implemented given how fat people in America are.









> given how fat people in America are

And That's A Good Thing!



La Criatura de la Obesidad…



that would require sectioning off fat people into their own line and/or singling them out, and/or forcing them to sit in a particular section of the ride which they may not like. All possible options involve making them feel like they're different which feeds into their insecurities and would still cause this exact type of article but for something slightly different



uno farto @ 3:17


Hey Neo do you have a favourite solo Beatles album?



Solo Beatles as in a solo album from one of the members?



nobody is hating on fat cunts, just the fat cunts like the one that wrote the article



nobody under the age of 60 listens to the beatles unironically unless they have no personality and are clinging onto something they've heard people like in an attempt to look less soulless



Sup reddit



>nobody under the age of 60 listens to the beatles unironically

Nobody above the age of 14 listens to any music ironically. So where does that leave us?



redditors fit into the category of clinging onto popular things to look less soulless



Jesus, I bet that you're the life of the party aren't you?



Hola Bebo!


Childhood is idolising The Beatles. Adulthood is realising The Beach Boys make more sense.



ya ya



since when do you ever hear a 20-something who functions in society talk about which beatles album they like the most?


Childhood is idolising the Winstone Doctor. Adulthood is realising that the Pearce-Doctor makes more sense.


what did he mean by this


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


All Things Must Pass I suppose! Yourself?


I know multiple 20-somethings irl that nerd out about Beatles albums



Pretty much once a week, you?



Old age is realising they only made one good album

Transcendence of mortality is realising they're still better than The Beatles regardless



best beatle prove me wrong protip you fucking can't


I was born in the right generation. Old music is gay.



>posts on /who/

>functions in society

pick one



>clinging onto something they've heard people like

Isn't that a totally normal way of finding music you also like?

It's just fundamentally so dumb to hear someone say they like something and assuming "no you don't really like it!" with some elaborate rationale. Like no, they just like the music. Not that complicated.



When did I say anything about /who/?



I'll concede to that.


George is based



I thought everyone knew the Pearce Doctor made more sense.


dadrock in the stream


beatles are overhyped shit

death grips are appropriately non-hyped shit

the only objectively good music genre is eurobeat





Same. I was just curious what you'd pick. The other day I realised how much I hate most of Plastic Ono Band.

I'd also accept RAM as an answer, I think it's pretty kino.

What are the Doctor Who equivalents of Beatles solo albums?



Probably / kino but they're a bit of a meme / GOAT




hola! reddit!



The fact that so many books still name Doctor Who as "the greatest or most significant or most influential" science fiction television programme ever only tells you how far science fiction still is from becoming serious television programming. Book critics have long recognized that the greatest science fiction authors of all times are Olaf Stapledon and Stanisław Lem, who were not the most famous or richest or best sellers of their times, let alone of all times. Film critics rank the highly controversial Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice over science fiction films which were highly popular in courts around Europe. Television critics are still blinded by commercial success. Doctor Who achieved higher viewing figues than anyone else (not true, by the way), therefore it must have been the greatest. Book critics grow up reading a lot of books music of the past, film critics grow up watching a lot of films of the past. Television critics are often totally ignorant of the television of the past, they barely know the top ratings. No wonder they will think that Doctor Who did anything worthy of being saved.


I exclusively listen to prog operas and you should to



Honestly think a lot of John's solo stuff is overrated.

I like Band on the Run a lot too.

Have you heard Everyday Chemistry? Mashup of stuff from all their solo careers to make a "new Beatles album" (there's some lore conceit that it's from an alternate universe, yadda yadda…).



>not posting the robert holmes version


Nilso's favourite soundtrack in stream


There hasn't been a post in the "Discord vent" thread for over a month.



>Honestly think a lot of John's solo stuff is overrated.

This. His most acclaimed is r/atheism: the album.

>I like Band on the Run a lot too.

Good shit

>Have you heard Everyday Chemistry?

No but I have a friend who's really amused by Beatles conspiracy theories so I'm all up on it, should give it a listen though



there wasn't much to vent about once everyone moved here and the discord became a containment space for the undesirables



because nobody ever read it and it's much more entertaining to complain in the main thread


Walls and Bridges is the best Lennon solo album desu



he's singin about regeneration, bros


guardians of the gaylaxy



High School Essay, You Mean.


Sometimes I think a Time Lord lives too long…


Yeah, Nilso used to watch his eyes

When he told his Shit Trips stories

He could feel the ocean fall and rise

When he saw his ragin' glory

But he had always told the truth, lord, he was an honest man

And Nilso does his best to understand

At night when the threads die down

Nilso lurks through a silent town

And loves a man who's not around

He still can hear him say…


Definitely check out Everyday Chemistry, you'll enjoy.



Why isn't anyone complaining?


File: 625d5faf2a3c254⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 740.03 KB, 365x274, 365:274, ELOgo.gif)

File: c43b51d3c21c991⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 51.84 KB, 768x432, 16:9, electric_light_orchestra_b….jpg)



there can be only one true GOAT


File: c6e2f99351e2f6f⋯.jpg (60.58 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1467203565657.jpg)


File: 183ce98b9c2d15a⋯.png (199.25 KB, 1344x738, 224:123, Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at ….png)



I thought whities did it because they're alt. right?


I'm getting a cozy 80s vibe from all of this Series 11 buzz. Reminds me of when we were all surprised by Stranger Things. I want to like it obviously. WTH, I'll check it out. It will be kino if someone on YT loops the Guardians 2 soundtrack over the running scenes. What would Thirteen put on a mixtape?



He said, on 8chan.



"alt right" didn't exist before 2016, at least not in the public consciousness



Every glance I get at that place makes me happier I don't go there



Twiliiiiight I only meant to stay a while



Whoever wins…we lose.



I turn to stone every time I hear it



I thought it was late 2015?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

this is the worst reaction video I have ever seen



It's actually rather sedate, besides discussion of Shit Trips.



Post in the discord vent.



They were worse in S8. And Heaven Sent will be even worse.

>Talking over Capaldis speech tho :(



At least they're not breaking thread rules.




what authority do you have


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Jeff Lynne and his Electric Light Orchestra inventing 90's eurobeat about 15 years early



File: 10151f5ff9a25d5⋯.jpg (95.68 KB, 960x640, 3:2, doctor flu.jpg)



Elton is majorly autistic - prove me wrong



it's a good concept it just isn't executed in a particularly fitting or interesting way. should've been acted very differently and in a different context



>Heaven Sent

they aren't going to understand what is going on and will spend the entire second half of the episode complaining loudly about how confused they are

and then they will wrap it up by coming to all of the wrong conclusions

will probably cut the entire montage from the end, except for the part where one of them confidently explains to the other about how it's a time loop and that the Doctor keeps going back in time to replay the episode or something wrong like that

I'm getting super annoyed just thinking about it help


Found the REAL only objectively good genre





what is the doctor who equivalent of link related?



you're at least 200 posts early



WEAT will be just as fun

>Why is The Doctor taking so long to get to Bill?



? I thought we agreed the thread end was around 500?



Yeah we did. I think we should go even further and max out every thread personally.



If it ain't over 1000 posts I don't care



the thread auto-locks after 750 replies


miss me with that under 750 posts shit



i just assumed we'd do it whenever we get close to the limit



You were the one who decided the 500 post end in the first place



What the fuck?



>they talk over the end of the episode, miss the Master reveal and that Bill was converted, somehow



>Why is there a cyberman in Bills mirror? So random



>Who is that person that Missy is hanging out with? Don't recognize him lol!




>Whos that old guy? Why did he says he's the Doctor?



to be honest, that's not an unreasonable reaction to have



What if they were saying it about 12



omg that would be funny LOL



>Holy cow, Twelve's gonna meet old man Tenth Doctor!



Based Neo yet again!





nilsos satanic maypole dancing



Briana said she recognized all the Doctors


Brianna is based. The reactions were kino when it was just her. At the start of S8 her friend joined in, started "accidentally" spoiling things and all around ruining it.






Oh god yes I fucking HATE the friend. She is the definition of kino tax going so far it just becomes kino bankruptcy.



Her friend constantly talks over everything. At least they stopped watching the trailers


File: 032a725163fc9f2⋯.png (673.97 KB, 911x546, 911:546, image.png)

>The Ambassadors


File: 6c3486217ba52c8⋯.png (309.91 KB, 559x511, 559:511, image.png)





>kino bankruptcy



kino inflation



having war flashbacks to the friend spending like half of Deep Breath/Into the Dalek saying: "did I watch this? I don't remember this. I DO remember this! oh I watched this. wait, DID I watch this? I don't remember this. wait, I DO remember this! did I watch this?"


the kino bubble



That's when the bar for what qualifies as kino becomes higher, right? Like… Heaven Sent and The Caves of Androzani are basically equal… adjusted for kino inflation.


whats our gross kino per capita



considering the general quality of who fandom, probably no more than 3 kino each


who will be the first showrunner to adopt a keynesian approach to the kino economy



The First Female Showrunner.


mysterio exists in a canon bubble all on its own

it is not in the same canon bubble as mainline capaldi



verity lambert?



This is a complete myth

Narcolepsy and the Doctor are allowed to save the world—they have a duty to, in fact—it's just going offworld he gets anal about.

Nardole corrected to narcolepsy but there's no way I'm changing that




jewish female erasure is alive and well on /who/, I see



nardole had a strict 'no trips' rule

even going to australia made him mad


Nilsostein Alba


Ingiga supports Israel

Kinda supports Kurdistan

Cats supports Chechnya



Oh did it? Okay I retract my statement, it's non-canon. Just not as non-canon as people think. (Protecting the vault definitely covers saving the entire planet.)



How does it hold up to the old two way canon rule?



What about Nilso



Nazi Germany



it references 12 and river's 24 year night on darillium so technically it gets in



who does dilbert support?




Just say that Mysterio happens before Missy's trial.



Donald Duck*





but at missy's trial, 12 is surprised to see nardole and nardole says river told him to go

if they had already started travelling together that wouldn't make sense


Is Mysterio the UNIT dating controversy of NewWho?



>keynesian approach




>Supporting Germans


The entirety of Germany's history has been fucking up Europe



of capaldi who specifically

I still think it's stupid that a superhero is on the news and open public knowledge but it has zero impact on greater society and is never mentioned again



Shut up Nilso you Brexitfag



>a superhero is on the news and open public knowledge but it has zero impact on greater society and is never mentioned again

Right, as opposed to all those alien invasions and every corpse on Earth climbing out of the ground as a cyberman. Or the trees. Or the planes stopping.



revealed: nilso's secret plan to infiltrate the UK government and force britain to stay in the european union, as is his desire



I'll discuss this with you right now in the stream if you want



people acknowledge aliens though



I don't have an account.


keep the stream going for another hour lads

I need to have a shower



Maybe it was less "12 was surprised to see Nardole" and more "12 was surprised to see that Nardole found him"

Or, Twelve and Nardole traveled together for some time, then split ways, and then crossed paths again later at the trial (that would tie into the fact that the repairs that Nardole mentions 12 having done to put Nardole together in Mysterio have clearly happenned before the Missy trial, and are hinted to be canon.)


File: fa19318145b93a3⋯.jpg (27.33 KB, 389x450, 389:450, 1506621031255.jpg)


Yeah, sure thing. Of course you don't.



Unironically based canon-destroying scene



Right, and in a world where aliens fucking exist and constantly attack Earth, one dude who can fly sort of pales in comparison.



I'm as sure as you are gay.



just make an account with a burner email, call it "faglord69" and then you can discuss it in the stream



so not at all

fucking basted


I can't fucking WAIT for Chris Chibnall to make Doctor Who more like Star Wars!



Any episodes about good places to find a noose?






Did you know Chibnall was unironically slated to write for George Lucas's aborted Star Wars show?



You mean more like Marvel.







Monsieur Gayno



Hi Neo,

I'm Monsieur Gayno




Wow that's unironically interesting. I hear they got tonnes of scripts actually finished for that



wow, why


What are some Gayno episodes of Doctor Who?



Planet Of Fire


Lym why'd you stop doing Cybbies


File: a34e0801a7111d8⋯.png (56.64 KB, 260x260, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)



File: e843a0ece71af0b⋯.png (428.19 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, elnilsodedolde.png)



t. Nilso



>Nilso "most anglos are too far gone to revert" Nilso and Cats "mayocide now" Twelve united in one thing: hating women

no surprises there


the unusually good font choice was what clued me in



e thots aren't women


What about male e-thots?



they're not men or women



You wish I wasn't a man.


Brian Nilson


File: 3ea983ca1debedb⋯.png (17.54 KB, 138x125, 138:125, ClipboardImage.png)






That is a good lyri…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..OREO OREO OREO OREO GIMME THE COOKIES AHHH………………………………………….


kinda being a footfag in the stream


My right eyelid has been twitching all day, what gives



I love it when that happens



I sneezed myself awake today



Must be Christmas



that's cute



Been drinking alot of caffeine? Lots of long nights grading papers, doing laundry?




Get some rest, hydrate and or at least go look at something far away for awhile, dim your devices.


I would cut my legs and tits off when I think of Boris Karloff and Kinski

In the dark of the moon







Immigrant if you're about I read what you sent me and I'm just writing some stuff down about it






I'm in the same boat. I stopped watching when the plot kept seeming more and more like some weird ponzi scheme asspull.

I may be remembering wrong, but it seemed like the earlier doctors seemed to succeed with cunning and luck, but didn't have too many deus ex machinas. It's supposed to be a lighthearted show, but it seems like the hitchkikers guide is more structured at this point. If you continually don't play by the rules you set up, no one is going to give a fuck when the next setup appears, because we know it's all going to go out the window in a few episodes anyway.


Look at QI, where they now require at least one of the panelists to be female. Even if it isn't overtly feminist, the problem is not going to be that the doctor is female, but that she's female and in the hands of NuBritish writers.




>I may be remembering wrong, but it seemed like the earlier doctors seemed to succeed with cunning and luck, but didn't have too many deus ex machinas.

No no, I totally agree. Let's be real - the writing has basically gone to shit. Some bland speech and a wave of the sonic screwdriver counts for a climax and ending now I guess, but I remember when Doctor Who episodes had actual plots and actual follow through.

>If you continually don't play by the rules you set up, no one is going to give a fuck when the next setup appears, because we know it's all going to go out the window in a few episodes anyway.

Yup, and I think the show would do well to take a few pointers from some American sci-fi shows with focused worldbuilding because of this - I'm thinking Battlestar Galactica, Babylon 5, Star Trek Enterprise, that sort of thing.

>Even if it isn't overtly feminist

Come on. We both know it will be. The days of the BBC supporting role models for boys are effectively over.


I wasn't the huge fan of Doctor Who. I watched but had issues with it. Roses repeated bad luck rubbed me as unbelievable for example. The Time War had no point. Tons of things happened because people didn't talk which is a huge cliché

But, overall, it was fun to watch and seemed to make internal sense. That is until Season 5.

I actually lost interest around season 3. I skimmed season 4 and then stopped watching. But, after all the hype about season 5 from a couple of my friends I decided to go back and watch all of seasons 3 and 4 without skimming and then watch season 5.

Warning: SPOILERS!!!

In season 5 suddenly, out of the blue, The TARDIS has 9 people we've never heard of that she has to pay off. That's a BS made up reason that never existed in the previous 4 seasons just to give her a reason to stay.

The starwhale caper is, at least as far as I can remember, the first thing in the entire series that's completely impossible. Meaning all the stuff previous was believable science but now suddenly there's they're pulling crap out of their asses.

Next they fly planes in space. The most over the top thing they've done the entire series and totally outside anything that's happened so far. It's like they channeled the spirit of Michael Bay.



The whole sub story with the girl who waited and all that seemed contrived and ridiculous.

I didn't buy The Doctors guilt. He's been a bad kid most of his life. Being guilt ridden over that kind of stuff is a Hollywood cliché and doesn't match real life at all as far as I can tell. At worst it's like the movie, "Crimes and Misdemeanors". You feel a little guilt, you're worried you'll get caught, and then after a few months you go back to normal. It's no different than losing a loved one.



GlitterGun ADMITS it.



Sorry, I didn't catch that, what was your name?



>In season 5 suddenly, out of the blue, The TARDIS has 9 people we've never heard of that she has to pay off.

I'm having trouble thinking of what this is a reference to.




I'm 99% sure its a copypasta for another series that has been edited to Doctor Who.



The last bit ended up being unchanged enough to locate it:



What are some episodes about some delusion that being here is "worth it"?


File: b401ef3ab940dc1⋯.jpg (34.28 KB, 540x226, 270:113, tumblr_inline_p2kinuSbA41q….jpg)

>giving 12 a catchphrase

>giving 12 a catchphrase that isnt even associated with him specifically

>why not something he actually said more than once maybe twice?

I cant really argue with 13 saying brilliant though. Based on what we've seen of her, she does say that.



I'd have used "shut up" for 12.



I would have gone with "Do as you are told"


>Would that this desk were a time-desk…



>if that this hoodie were a time hoodie…..






I'd like to do a Twin Peaks rewatch in the stream now that we've got a googledoc with all the episodes inside it.

Am I alone with this or is there a general interest for it?



If we took it at a gentle pace, i.e. not massive 5+-hours-a-day marathons, I would be interested.



Is it future or is it past?


I also found that since all of Classic Who is on there now, there's a video of all the deleted scenes of Ghost Light which is about 18 minutes long and it's kino as fuck


Obviously on first watch the place to watch Fire Walk With Me is after S2 and before The Return, but I highly recommend watching Fire Walk With Me and The Missing Pieces first on a rewatch - they open up into the pilot really nicely, and it's a fun way to shake up a rewatch a bit.



Fire Walk with Me isn't on the drive which is a shame


God of Wortnite



It is, in the S1 folder. The Missing Pieces isn't though.




if you ever feel like watching the fan edit with the Missing Pieces spliced back into the film, I have that version



I've seen that and am not a big fan of it desu. I really like FWMM and TMP being separate.




File: 441bd2cc1d7b5d8⋯.jpg (93.63 KB, 1000x607, 1000:607, 158_24_james.jpg)

Nilso was always cool.


File: 0e39ff866ed7f78⋯.png (520.98 KB, 800x350, 16:7, sarah-palmer.png)

I love the placement of the NIN song in the Return ep8 so much. It's such a great moodsetter between the doppelganger stuff in the first 10min of the ep, and the nightmare of the rest of the ep. Iirc it's the first Roadhouse song not at the end of an ep too; everything is unsettling and wrong about it.

>A little mouth opened up inside

>Yeah, I was watching on the day she died

>We keep licking while the skin turns black

>Cut along the length, but you can't get the feeling back



Based. [spoiler]Could you post the link?


File: bd69f5cbbe67937⋯.jpg (67.55 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, a.jpg)

I honestly reckon Doctor Who could pull off a bit of a "WHITE SANDS, NEW MEXICO" moment. Not gonna happen under Chibnall though.



I always viewed it as representing Mr C's brief stint being dead, hence him waking up right as it ends.



What is Doctor Who's closest equivalent to that moment? The anchoring of the thread?



Narratively or visually?


Who's ready for 5 years of pure neo salt because of what doctor who isn't, rather than what doctor who is



I'll be joining in.



Either, or both. "What is the Doctor Who equivalent of X?" is always more fun as an open-ended question.


Are there any albums you fucking hate from bands/artists you love?



Sudden jump to a random time and place which turns out to be an origin story: barn scene in Listen

Lingering on an unusually high-quality effects shot: Vincent's starry night sky, or the opening of Trial

Stylistically atypical use of montage: some parts of The God Complex

Abstract episode at odds with the style of the series: The Mind Robber Part 1



I like that a lot.


>implying I'd have the slightest objection to Chibnall taking the show and running with it doing whatever the fuck he wants

He cast a woman, he's done his duty doing something healthy for Who in the longrun. I hope his run is good but I'm not particularly invested in what and how he does either way. I assure you, Chibnall is not going to make a series I'll have a strong negative reaction to. I got a good few years of Who being very tailored kino to me, I'm more than happy for it to be that for other people now, and have no real interest in prolonged whinging about that. I'm much more taken to whinging now since there's nothing even here yet and I'm just bemoaning some dumb things I'll miss since we haven't gotten anything to fill the hole yet.


That's a good question. I think the key things with the moment are how seismic what it's showing is and that it's completely, utterly out of the blue. What's a Doctor Who moment with an abrupt, sustained big loredrop/visual setpiece disconnected with the main narrative out of the blue? Hmm…the Davros flashback in the original Journey's End script, a bit? Not really out of the blue but it would have been a big setpiece of a loredrop we didn't "need" but would have coloured the themes of the episode.

Ooh, actually, the "and that man was me" moment in the 50th kind of. At that point in the ep nothing really in episode had signified the Time War would become relevant, and then the ep sojourns off into a big setpiece about hidden incarnations and Time War battles and whatnot. If you didn't have the context of the episode being a 50th special, it kinda is similar.

If the Laika stuff in Alien Bodies came in the middle instead of the beginning, that would be similar.

Here's a fun similar thing: the ending of the Return ep17 is extraordinarily similar to how 8 meets 1 in The Eight Doctors, right down to coming to him like a ghost out of the woods and having a vague conversation with him about the future.



I wouldn't say I "fucking hate" Octahedron but it bored the shit out of me and I've never revisited it.



White sands is gorgeous and disconcerting. I visited when it was hot as hell. The dunes look like snow banks and they use plows to clear the roads.



There for business or pleasure?


Out on the wiley, windy moors

We'd roll and fall in green

You had a temper like my jealousy

Too hot, too greedy

How could you leave me

When I needed to possess you?

I hated you, I loved you, too


I'm a Time Lord. I'm from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation of Kasterborous. I'm nine hundred and three years old and my name is Tabrenilsoduevitas. You got a problem with that?






For educational/vocational purposes.



turns out that archive also has movies



sure thing, anon - do you mind popping in sleem?




File: 1d47a63ed3feabd⋯.jpg (66.1 KB, 1777x518, 1777:518, 32563481_1800619996671437_….jpg)



it's funny because I watch her videos at 2x speed



>watching her videos at all




I have only seen a few, but of the few I've seen I've watched them sped up


File: be07a1ea0da0f7f⋯.png (1.56 KB, 299x117, 23:9, ClipboardImage.png)

uno satano


Which Briggs Finish should I listen to on my run?



How long is the run?


Nilso, did you read the thing?



Yeah, I have. I forgot to post about it, give me a bit





I'm trying to give as much feedback as possible so I apologise for being a bit slow on the response.



No problem. Overall, did you like it?



Yeah, I did enjoy it quite a bit. I'll have the feedback along in about 20 minutes or so, I have a few things left to add to it.


13th doctor asmr when



There's a recording of Jodie saying a short story somewhere online. Was posted to /who/ at some point.





I've finished, check.





does nilso experience constipation or other bowel issues



Is this a sly way of asking if Nilso is full of shit?



no i was just concerned for him



No but I've had the two bob bits for a day now



Good, because I'd hate to have to ban you for disparaging a man of the cloth.


nilsos loincloth





Doctor Who episode where they're aware they're in a TV show when?






Really, Eleven was particularly bad about it. Moffat has said he writes the Doctor as though he's under the delusion he's the start of a series of stories called Doctor Who, and it's never more clear than when Matt Smith is running around the Tardis chanting "Doctor Who!"


Is there a worse ending used in more than one episode than a character shouting “doctor who”?



>There should have been another way.

>A man who never would.



How is 5 saying "There should have been another way" a worse ending



I mean that an ending where everybody dies is worse.






File: 9aaaee9e4465651⋯.jpg (54.25 KB, 640x371, 640:371, xqiX4FMKvypRYGfEbATyNjazig….jpg)



I genuinely do not understand what message this is trying to convey


Sandifer's fighting on Twitter with someone claiming Iron Man is a Marxist environmentalist



I think it's trying to say that not trying to get with a girl on the Discord is harder than giving birth.

I think it's another of Neo's ironic shitposts.


We live in a society


maybe the society lived inside of us all along


Series 11 airs in a few months (I can't wait for a trailer to drop so we can finally get a sense of who the characters will be and what the cinematography looks like), and I was actually thinking about this for a while. We don't know how much promotion there will be for the series, and I'm not too confident that the BBC and BBCA will promote the series well enough, but even if they do I think it would be cool if we started something like a fan campaign and as website to raise awareness/hype up the series. I think it would be cool if someone made a cool looking poster that just said "THIRTEEN" on it so that people would see it and eventually get curious, google it, and end up on some fan website promoting series 11. This is a really unfeasible idea, but I just thought it would be cool to share in case anyone thought something similar.

Side note: This is a personal opinion, but I will become extremely excited for Chibnall's version of the show if we don't see the TARDIS interior in the trailer. Restraint is a good sign.

What do you guys think? Thanks a lot for reading and God bless!


People are way too harsh on this episode. It's actually pretty good. The Doctor Falls is way worst, and yet this is considered the worst episode of New Who.



didn't chibbers hire a new marketing company for S11, compared to S9/10 which had marketing done in-house (hence why it was shit)?



"this episode" refers to hell bent



I bet you enjoy the works of Steven Moffat.





So…is no one gonna say it?


File: 56b0793176f35ef⋯.jpg (41.61 KB, 500x500, 1:1, med_1473936498_image.jpg)












>he’s “proud” to be only one of two men at his production company — something he’d like to see replicated elsewhere.


what about cases like robert downey jr where he as an individual earns millions more than every other actor, male or female? Acting contracts largely seem so subjective and individually negotiated, treating it like an office job salary situation feels misguided

how would they quantify "equal work" in terms of actor roles?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Have you ever listened to the Rob Shearman audio drama "Punchline"? It has that exact premise. It's pretty trippy in a very Rob Shearman kind of way.


File: fc6f011826cd850⋯.jpg (185.07 KB, 885x720, 59:48, 1436113235484.jpg)


I've seen the anime "Punchline"

it's about the protagonist reliving the same week over and over again to try and stop the end of the world

if he ever gets aroused he blows up and destroys the world


Congratulations, /r/gallifrey! You are subreddit of the day for November 24, 2013!



Maybe. /who/ am I to judge?


Ok this is my ideal series that chibnall could possibly write and yes I may have taken some ideas from others but basically I have come up with 12 episodes which will Tie together somehow

1:the risen hero

Having regenerated and discover that she now has qualities and advantages she never had before the new doctor heads to Modern day Transylvania where she meets a new companion and together they must solve the mystery of Count Dracula

2:the corpse of Transylvania

The doctor and draculas adopted daughter have now been faced with the truth of the ancient vampire legend for it is a curse which is spreading and turning people into soulless energy vampires ,but just who is behind the corpses and is the adopted daughter safe?

3:too late

Having saved the adopted daughter the female doctor takes her to the future,however arriving on the planet they discover human life and the planet is about to self destruct!!

4:egypts ego

The doctor and her companion arrive in ancient Egypt where they tour around the town for a bit however reptilian creature lurk beneath the surface and there's something in the river Nile!!

5: the owners of earth

The sea Devils have risen from the river Nile and the silurians have awoken from the pyramids,has the truth of ancient Egypt finally been revealed or does the mysterious illuminati mean something else

6:the doctor,the queen of England

The queen has been kidnapped and UNIT are called into investigate however the doctor soon finds competition with Kate Stewart herself and realises that this could be a test on her

7:the insanity workshop

in a distant world, people are trapped and alone on a crashed ship with no food and water,the only way to survive is through canabalism because people believe and see themselves as giant animals!! but even the doctor knows that can't be right unless they're in a great game

8:beyond the horizon

People throughout history has always wondered what is beyond the horizon well now they are about To discover why as ten planes and more than 50 boats have gone missing and it's time to find the truth of why the sky is blue

9:dreams of the devil

It's back to World War Two as something tiny has changed,adolf hitler has been rescurected and time has changed,the trickster has returned and this time has the help of the worlds most evil man

10:the floodgates open

The entire history has changed as adolf hitler declares the death of winston Churchill,with the trickster now in control , England would never exist and none of the doctors companions would ever exist leaving a world and universe of blood and evil,only a lone woman from Transylvania can save them all

11:healers of beauty

The doctor takes her injured companion in her arms as she must now learn the truth of the mysterious illuminati,arriving in a underwater hospital in the year 3470 ,the time lady is in the company of healing squids with great technology but a deadly truth is about to come true as the squids resemble a very familiar menace

12:illuminati confirmed

The doctors never ending stalkers known as the daleks have Returned and this time the doctor has an advantage more so than ever over them,arriving on skaro,she discovers the daleks created the energy vampire creatures in Transylvania and this time must stop the daleks using the energy to rebuild there empire


oooooooooh is that a gal i know

no, it's just a ni-l-sooooo






About an hour


File: 9d481ee23e6c7d2⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 91.86 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 1500715568872.jpg)

Anyone interested in watching this Doctor Who porn parody sometime?


File: 7f3fd34fa2e6a1b⋯.jpg (132.67 KB, 498x717, 166:239, 1500718268917.jpg)

>It's the proudest moment of my career

Memoriiiieees, I want to give them to youuuuu


File: 4d3fe7d84507308⋯.png (1.87 MB, 800x1214, 400:607, jodieFCBD.png)

>Although the page is textless, it still manages to speak volumes about the direction this new iteration of the time-travelling Gallifreyan will take. The three panels are bathed in a warm and bright light, and every single one of them features beautiful and lush colors. As evidenced by the big grin on this new Doctor’s face, it appears that this version of the Time Lord will once again be filled with a sense of pure wonder.

>Strange new lifeforms, from colorful animals to plants, are hers to discover — an entire universe is at her fingertips. This is the fresh start the series has been in need of, especially after the last dark few years that starred Peter Capaldi’s 12th iteration of the Doctor. Capaldi was brilliant in the role, but the series also veered into much darker and serious territory. If the 13th Doctor’s live-action and comic book debuts are any indication, she will bring joy and fun back through all of space and time.

>She’s the Doctor. That’s it. Because what could possibly be more Doctor-ish than a lush alien world, the TARDIS materialising into view, and the Doctor stepping out of that blue box, a smile on her face, ready for an adventure? It’s simple, it’s beautiful, and it thoroughly strikes at the heart of who the Doctor is, regardless of the face they’re wearing. Endless wanderlust, onward to the next beautiful vista or the next evil to defeat.

>To understand just who the 13th incarnation of everyone’s favourite Time Lord is, we don’t need to learn what mannerisms or catchphrases she’ll have, or if she’ll be an angry Doctor, or a silly Doctor, or an anything Doctor. We need to see that smile on her face, as she races off into time and space for the next story just waiting to unfold. THAT is who the Doctor really is, deep down, and in a single page, Houser and Stott encapsulate that brilliantly.



nilso wrote this

what a creative soul



>she will bring joy and fun back

hmu when the show stops being fun again


File: 527377070c20b6b⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 34.95 KB, 640x274, 320:137, largemoff.jpeg)


based Shagger Moffat


File: 433d7105d7c8d58⋯.png (412.66 KB, 537x438, 179:146, 1526186011800.png)



whats the doctor who equivalent of this?


File: e729f3f6abc7bd4⋯.jpg (40.05 KB, 420x560, 3:4, 1526189481111.jpg)


or this?


File: 168ad4f695fc7c6⋯.jpg (12.47 KB, 262x301, 262:301, 10&11MeetWarDoc.jpg)


george lucas and ron howard are friends

george lucas was on the set of solo and recommended a joke to ron howard that got put in the movie


File: be98497c13fe002⋯.jpg (371.74 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, 1526184645654.jpg)


Them and Spielberg and others are all from the same New Hollywood cabal


>The very real internet obsession with George Lucas‘ neck is kind of saddening really when you realize just how much worth is given to a person based on their personal appearance. While Lucas isn’t the thinnest guy in the world he’s also not the youngest or the most active which means that at one point or another fat deposits are going to develop and settle in. When one begins to age the jaw line is unfortunately one of those areas that begins to collect some of the most fatty tissue in the body, especially if the muscles in that region are not used as often so as to keep the contour of the jaw line prominent and well-defined. So yes, George Lucas’ chin does seem to be in the process of being taken over by his neck, but it still seems quite rude to go on and on about it no matter what kind of man he might be.

>Plus the obsession with it is simply disturbing. In some cases it almost seems as though some people see his neck like a car wreck, they want to look away but they can’t. His physical condition has been parodied many a time throughout the years since he started getting older and showing signs of increased weight gain. It doesn’t even matter how well-groomed and hygienic he is, Lucas is still the subject of ridicule a lot of times simply because of his looks. In public it doesn’t seem like he cares about such opinions, which is a positive thing since otherwise he might be too embarrassed to ever make his way outside. But in private it’s not really known how he feels and that’s probably for the best. It’s simply sad that people feel the need to talk about something like this in such a way in an attempt to drag him and his reputation down. Obviously people are always going to talk about something they find strange or out of the ordinary, but talking about a person’s appearance in a negative manner usually says more about the person talking than the individual being talked about. Yes, Lucas has a very big, thick, fatty neck, but as it was already mentioned age tends to do this to people.

>If people were to look around they might see that a lot of people moving into their later years in life have this same issue. The wattle that forms under the chin and makes the neck look grotesque in some ways is quite natural since as people age they’re not always as active and aren’t likely to stretch the same muscles the way they used to. For George Lucas however this has become something of a trademark look since his neck is quite big. It just seems rude to point that out in so many different ways online since it’s pretty obvious the guy knows about it. It’s been something he’s had to live with as it’s developed and still has to live with as of now.

>People obsess over the strangest things.



Yeah, because the "Capaldi for series 11" campaign worked so well.


File: c782ba11cf87871⋯.png (67.31 KB, 367x306, 367:306, 1526182913859.png)

doctor who equivalent of pic related?



Nilso: I don't like this

Also Nilso: Jacob Rees-Mogg for PM



Porn's blocked over here. People live.



do people there use VPNs or proxies to see things anyway?



Some do, and there's workarounds like just looking at porn gifs on Reddit or whatever. I get the impression people here masturbate to Kpop more than anything else though.



I hadn't thought of that

maybe that's why idol culture is so big in korea and japan




isn't nilson literally where nilso got his name from?


3 posts until the thread is locked

use them wisely

but remember to migrate here





File: 1a43dbcbbdbb2da⋯.jpg (8.83 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

Remember Nilso? This is him now. Feel old yet?


File: 3b0169d0a67de81⋯.png (74.92 KB, 249x250, 249:250, ClipboardImage.png)



goodbye nilso



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