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Shit Trips 2.5 NOW AVAILABLE! https://mega.nz/#!Uf4EDaLT!bIa_JP_rbyl7Pl9NKq8tLopyOzXJFhlSu6Z4VZnt4Uk

File: 5f0d24894452af0⋯.jpg (32.75 KB, 500x438, 250:219, CuFxCV0WEAUqI8T.jpg)


Me edition.




File: 00ed89673f45908⋯.jpg (144.32 KB, 941x1200, 941:1200, Dci7PXFV0AAzQnC.jpg)

first for twink companion


File: 20a7c22b7113e61⋯.png (65.63 KB, 277x262, 277:262, 1482965076589.png)

OP absolutely BTFO, nobody is moving here LMAO


>the thread counter starts counting at 1 instead of zero



The last thread had me on the verge of tears.



File: d1ed50e973ed2ce⋯.png (131.38 KB, 271x259, 271:259, 1500179618983.png)

>tfw delete my 2nd last post to give me room to be the last post


File: 80515d16bc95662⋯.png (1.08 MB, 700x884, 175:221, unknown.png)

how would you improve this meme?


why did the last thread make it to 752 posts when the limit is 750?


cheeky cunt



have modern be wilderness and postmodernism be NuWho


File: f354c0748cb673c⋯.png (1.59 MB, 958x1168, 479:584, tumblr_p6s5dqbeJb1tf78mpo1….png)


Some of those make no sense. Here's a better one I found.




playing them at the same time is pretty sureal


File: 7521f224c1288d0⋯.jpg (76.74 KB, 593x527, 593:527, tumblr_p48tbwst7z1qi3g2qo1….jpg)




she's pretty in some angles but not most


Can't shake the feeling that I've let Nilso down.



Why would you have?



That's between me and the big man.


is nilso /ourgod/?



I literally am Nilso.



Honestly? I thi


File: d7cd6a97c1701ee⋯.jpg (188.8 KB, 1241x1619, 1241:1619, christel2.jpg)



I meant Jesus.


Could the Doctor beat Thanos? Would he be able to prevent the snap?






>calling starting the theme with the middle 8 a red flag

It's genuinely the only interesting thing that's been done with the arrangement since the fucking 60s.



Would Nilso survive the snap or would he be dust?



And it's a much better change than turning the first part of the theme into some generic action movie sting (11th Doctor's era theme)



Hm, how long has Nilso been coming here? The snap left the original heroes intact and all the newer personalities dusted. For this reason I'd imagine types like Cats and Cloister would be spared, but newer posters like Ingiga would be dusted.



What about 7's era going away from the standard set up?


WOODS HOLE, MA—A report released Tuesday by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution revealed that only 10 individuals will fall victim to fatal shark attacks in 2018; however, you will be one of the victims. “Taken as a whole, the number of people killed by sharks annually has remained fairly low, which is great news for surfers, sailors, divers, and ocean swimmers, but not for you—one of the unlucky 10 who will be implacably hunted by the most perfect predator nature has ever devised, dragged beneath the waves so quickly you will be unable to draw a last breath, and torn limb from limb with a savagery that will terrify dolphins 10 miles away,” read the report in part before going on to prove mathematically and logistically, and with the use of many statistically sound probabilistic and actuarial models, that sometime before the year is out, a shark will certainly kill you. “Now, to be clear, it would be irresponsible of us not to mention that most sharks are actually afraid of humans, and in general one’s chances of a deadly encounter are astronomically small. Not yours, of course. Because of sharks, you’re as good as dead.” The ominous report is expected to reach you the same day as the much happier news that you have won an all-expenses-paid trip to Australia.



What do you mean?


Agreed. I respect the TVM theme more than I like it, but anything's better than…that.



some new ones like Rocket and Nebula survived



Definite minority though, and they aren't really Avengers. You can counter that with Ant-Man presumably surviving though. I think it's a neat idea to have the OG cast survive and presumably get a nice big bowout in A4 before a fair few of them leave, then the newbies can properly take centre stage.



You said that the middle8 being used at the start of the Movie was the only interesting thing that's been done w/ the theme since the 60's, so I wanted to know what your opinion of how different the 7th Doctor's theme is from the rest of classic who



I said the only thing that's been done with the theme's *arrangement*, I'd clarify. There was arguably interesting stuff done with the theme's instrumentation and tone in the 80s.



Eh, I really wouldn't call cats an OG. It would most likely be just you and Cloister to survive. Cats would be the one clinging to you saying he doesn't feel so good. Nilso would be the loved one sacrificed by Thanos to get the soul gem.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Oh c'mon, baby, c'mon darling

Let me steal this moment from you now.

C'mon, angel, c'mon, c'mon, darling

Let's exchange the experience, oh


File: 2a762b88ef94cd8⋯.jpg (68.72 KB, 1080x600, 9:5, doctor-who-the-weeping-ang….jpg)


fuck I meant to attach pic, I guess you can't attach a pic when you embed a video



Cats has been around more consistently than me pre trip I'd say. A few others too. What I am confident in is that Ingiga would be one of the first to die; he's a relative noob to /who/ all things considered.


File: 1747358d2fc93e9⋯.png (581.13 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, beatthatthanos.png)


can't the TARDIS do everything the infinity stones can do anyway?

time-no shit

space-no shit

power-can "crack the surface of the earth" if it lands with its full weight

reality-block transfer computation redecoration

mind-it has a considerably powerful mind of its own to run all the other stuff, of course

soul-well, what this one does seems a bit vague, but according to a quick google, it "grants its wielder dominion over life and death" (time travel has that covered), "can be used to see into a person's soul" (the mind meld handy holes that got used in Listen), and "acts as a gateway to its own pocket dimension" (gosh, they've finally stumped us)

The Snapture™-pic related


Does Darkseid, who I'm sure we all agree is easily more interesting than Thanos, have a Doctor Who equivalent?



Would the TARDIS count as a living thing that could be erased in the snap? Would be interesting to see the Doctor handle the complete disintegration of the TARDIS while trying to fight full-force Thanos.



I bet you enjoyed BvS more than Infinity War you fucking Snoydercuck.


File: 6db1f1922faa0c6⋯.jpg (61.31 KB, 264x400, 33:50, darksied_tiger-force.jpg)


both Davros and Rassilon would fit, I imagine



since Ingiga doesn't have a trip couldn't you place him as guardian letting him live if he's lucky


File: dbd0460e5691d88⋯.jpg (462.42 KB, 1166x646, 583:323, 1522477946340.jpg)


lmao was that even in contention


Ooh good thought. I think some of the entropy and anti-life equation stuff would fit with some cyb stories. Don't really see as much equivalents for Thanos' cuckery for Death or overpopulation latest obsession.


He'd have to try to persuade me. Somehow.


File: b3cd3543d12e87b⋯.jpg (83.77 KB, 336x500, 84:125, darkseid_tiger-force.jpg)


now at a more readable size



cats started tripping before neo

neo started tripping as a novelty when cloister replaced his tripcode and posted his old one


File: 7214c3773893e8f⋯.jpg (191.79 KB, 1188x594, 2:1, Justice-League-Steppenwolf….jpg)


The real question is, when did we both start posting pre-trip.



Already been done in Alien Bodies



the time of the superhero pre-powers is useless in the movie


File: 0be9e37c4f7b7fd⋯.jpg (213.59 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

You don't think Cloister would mind, do you, if I changed just one thing on the board? Because /nilso/ should be upside down. We know better now, don't we? Nilsos don't come from threads separate to us, no, they come from this guy.



You don't want another origin story?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I'd quite like an Unbreakable esque story of Cats and Mongo.


File: c0a4a46e00b3ee2⋯.jpg (311.32 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, justice-league-why-was-ste….jpg)

What are some Doctor Who episodes where the original design was much better than what made it into the episode?



Hungry Earth





File: 1588d4952a26fca⋯.jpg (234.86 KB, 640x460, 32:23, Strange1.jpg)

What are some Doctor Who kinos where the hero executes an elaborate trick to use the villian's power against him?



Curse of Fenric



half of 7th's stories


File: 4b674810497deae⋯.jpg (47.09 KB, 600x600, 1:1, BscUvGZIQAEh8Vl.jpg)

What are some Doctor Who gaynos with unfairly maligned directors?



does doctor who have any gaynos at all?



We had an entire gayno era.



Planet Of Fire and any other Turlough episode



none of RTD's doctor who episodes focus on homosexuality, though


File: 6001437d8e03857⋯.png (1.28 MB, 2000x829, 2000:829, 1_u46u0_B2oltRYoYsk8KwAw.png)

What are some Doctor Who episodes that are unironic artistic masterpieces?



>dude jesus symbolism get it aren't I so smart lmao



The diminutive brain of the Marvelite cannot fathom the level of stimulation I receive from a DCEU film like Batman v Superman. I watch Marvel if I have a need for simple, disposable trash to take my mind off the weariness of my intellectual endeavors, a need I rarely have. I watch films from the DCEU, however, to explore higher states of consciousness, to further develop my potential as a fully realized being. Where the Marvel films are the modern successors to children's adventure magazines, Man of Steel and Batman v Superman are our modern equivalent to consciousness expanding works like the Enneads of Plotinus, Buddhist Sutras, or the Hindu Upanishads. I only long for more of you to come along on the journey.



I don't care for marvel either, bucko



What brand do you subsume your identity into then citizen? What infantile universe do you plunge your waking mind into to escape any realities of adulthood?


File: 3ed5e3fa2ef101d⋯.jpg (150.36 KB, 827x1169, 827:1169, manning_magician's apprent….jpg)

File: 3b904084dc96b67⋯.jpg (88.67 KB, 1365x767, 105:59, Twelve_and_Davros.jpg)

File: dee6b6399f26530⋯.jpg (154.19 KB, 827x1169, 827:1169, manning_witch's familiar.jpg)


has "kino" been filtered?


pics related



> What infantile universe do you plunge your waking mind into to escape any realities of adulthood?

my little pony



spiderman x elsa videos on youtube


File: 5b0c900c1483c0c⋯.png (532.06 KB, 1024x423, 1024:423, abC8-UR1M3ZA5-XpCL8ur3FH5b….png)


Nice choice. TMA+WTF+the prequel minisodes=proper blockbuster Who in a way S7 aimed for but never achieved. Feels like a proper big movie event experience.


File: 396ded0e5007728⋯.jpg (87.96 KB, 1024x425, 1024:425, ygR_QkagPfV2-CNGZFNKv4dpt2….jpg)


What the fuck?


File: 9224a98c9b6347f⋯.jpg (102.98 KB, 980x606, 490:303, skaro.jpg)

File: 303492c8bd95ce9⋯.jpg (222.83 KB, 1100x618, 550:309, gallifrey.jpg)


love the way they bookend with the Gallifrey episodes at the end of the series too



Do you have any BvS analyses in the archives I could read? Interested in your take on it because I found it to be a big fucking mess, but I'm interested to see what someone with a much higher IQ got out of it


File: f56747c327ab030⋯.jpg (78.79 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, goodbye son.jpg)

any doctor who episodes where the main character actually has character development?



Series 8-10



is it really development if they're just going to completely ignore it going forward?



treat every separate incarnation of the doctor as a different character


File: 562a45f2a635e4b⋯.png (80.19 KB, 315x277, 315:277, 1500688319071.png)


make me



come over here then :3





ultra instinct nilso



The person who made this image should have been aborted.



I thought it was cute


he cute



Finna bouta get dabbed on, Time Lord



you a'ight kaled boy


File: 7a0ec80062a23d4⋯.png (359.55 KB, 500x561, 500:561, 1508930755446.png)



That makes two of us, 10.


Kinda could you please bake me the cookies now? You owe me one.



instant kinda repellent






i like kinda though. it's just funny to watch him instantly disappear


File: cdb1d11e442e097⋯.jpg (40.48 KB, 503x494, 503:494, 1517123438255.jpg)



Absolutely. I also think S9 (and S6) sort of frontload their premieres as pseudo-finales - cinematic, tonnes of lore, right into it, feel like big bang climatic endings of series, except they're the beginnings! Then S6 fizzled out, and S9 intentionally toned down for the actual finale.


My BvS thoughts are mostly offsite on places I'd not be comfortable linking, but I'd be happy to chat about it sometime. "We" actually streamed it once, iirc Tomtit watched most of it with me.


kek, that is pretty funny


So excited to experience Solo: A Star Wars Story!

The trailers alone gave me chills: groundbreaking visual effects, that classic Star Wars fun, and expansion of the mythos. This is tent-pole action and world-building at its finest. All our favorites are there: the Falcon, Lando, Han, trusty Chewie, and a bevy of droids and aliens. Plus, fresh new faces like Emilia Clarke and Woody Harrelson join the pantheon of beloved characters in the galaxy far, far away.

It all looks so fucking cool. Throw out everything you THOUGHT you knew about Han, about his Corellian roots and his acquisition of the fastest hunk o' junk in the galaxy. Prepare to have your mind blown.

I've been in contact with a few privileged insiders who were given a sneak peek of this film, and their reviews were glowing. These guys are jaded industry people, they've seen it all, but they were charmed by Solo and swept away by its magic. They were like kids when they told me about it.

And really, that's what Star Wars is all about: it's rediscovering that sense of childlike awe, again and again and again. I don't know how the Walt Disney Company does it, but they've struck solid gold yet again. They have a mainline straight into the heart of the kid inside all of us.

May 25th can't come soon enough. I won't get a good night's sleep until I'm there, safe and sound in the theater, popcorn and soda handy, getting transported back into that sacred galaxy. Thank you, Disney, for reminding us imagination has no limits and childhood doesn't have to end, not if you trust in the Force.






#Solo was an absolute delight of a romp with heart, charm, and action. Donald Glover is as Lando as can be, and L3-37 is the BEST. I can't wait to see it again.



I'm a fucking loser nerd but Star Wars is the one pop culture phenomenom I completely just don't understand.


File: 9477cec3651ff8a⋯.jpg (396.65 KB, 750x867, 250:289, 1525860018357.jpg)


Was at an early screening, really didn't want to go because TLJ killed SW for me. But wow it was a blast, really cool 80s vibe, retro yet new. This is nothing like Star Wars and yet it encapsulated perfectly the franchise

Alden is perfect cast, he made me realize how little i understood the character of Han Solo. Watching Ford performance back now feels like something is missing, this little je ne sais quoi of magic Adlen brought to the table


File: 7b43c82ae50eb4b⋯.jpg (109.01 KB, 500x717, 500:717, 1500718449558.jpg)

Ooo @StarWars fans you are in for a friggin TREAT w/ #Solo. Killer cast. A great adventure. So much fun. #hansolo


File: bf12048ed3056b1⋯.jpg (52.85 KB, 600x316, 150:79, Han-Solo-Movie-Posters-Gun….jpg)

I actually have seen the flick and it's a easy 9/10.

The music is great (superb) and there's a western quality to the movie that is really kick-ass and makes me this is a franchise worth investing in.

I just can't see how any fans of Star Wars couldn't love this.

Let me say this, go buy the tickets when it opens in theaters, then judge the movie then.

You can't read spoilers here on website and expect to be able to experience Disney's true vision.

It's releasing on May 25, 2018, I'm going to pre-order my tickets right now on Fandango.



>Eccleston: some



File: 4844f638c032daf⋯.gif (240.44 KB, 220x165, 4:3, 8 no fucks.gif)


>Throw out everything you THOUGHT you knew about Han, about his Corellian roots and his acquisition of the fastest hunk o' junk in the galaxy.



File: ce59ce82bb85af6⋯.jpg (139.96 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

Regeneration! Regeneration!




File: bf61e34724ba389⋯.jpg (22.47 KB, 848x480, 53:30, d5f5ecb6-eccd-4f13-8c8c-11….jpg)


>Nilso's in thread

Gentlemen start your engines…


File: 80fbc551e8e4a36⋯.png (243.42 KB, 402x381, 134:127, 1514282351066.png)




File: 06778a7c6abc57b⋯.png (180.74 KB, 640x368, 40:23, 29ea5e113ff1a7ae8fca052076….png)


>Giga's in thread

Gentlemen start your engines…



I just discovered that Fire Walk with Me is on the drive but it's the 2 hour one


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


That's the proper one. The edit with TMP is a mess.



Jeb is a M E S S


File: 6df6faa77edf8e8⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1552x837, 1552:837, george michael s5.png)

>neo's in the thread

hiii….don't like it


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Is that a good post I see? No it's just a fallacyyyy!


File: e7fddb64e3bc952⋯.jpg (43.06 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 4KxuDmm.jpg)

oooohh is that a gal I see

no, it's just a phallus-see!



File: ffc0c4528185959⋯.png (846.89 KB, 543x1223, 543:1223, 1437097894974.png)

>moffat will never write another novelisation


File: 9258c036050f65f⋯.png (220.33 KB, 500x288, 125:72, ClipboardImage.png)

anyone want to watch Community on the stream later?


he's a naughty boy with a

bad habit

a bad habit for soy



>The edit with TMP is a mess.

Why are you like this? It's not a mess it's just long. The fucking chopped and screwed version isn't that much better. Im drunk


you can always tell a Nilford man






define 'later'



a few hours



The Missing Pieces was edited in 2013 and released in 2014. Fire Walk with Me was edited in 1991 and released in 1992. They look completely different. The colour grading is different. The sound design is different. The editing is different. The entire premise behind the two pieces is completely different. Fire Walk with Me is built around being a repudiation of the show, on revolving entirely around the "premise" of shows like Twin Peaks that go onto completely sideline it; it is the story of the dead girl alive, whereas The Missing Pieces is the story of the town, just as the regular show is. Editing them together is incoherent at a visual and thematic level. It's not a coincidence that Lynch (going to great pains to do so) edited, mixed, graded, finalised the scenes forming The Missing Pieces at the length of a feature film, because it effectively forms a feature film in its own right. It is a bridge from Fire Walk with Me to Twin Peaks. It isn't a bunch of deleted scenes from some master version of Fire Walk with Me that existed and was just trimmed down for theatrical release; it's a work in its own right produced years and years after the fact. The scenes in The Missing Pieces do not gel with the Laura Palmer narrative that is the entire point of Fire Walk with Me. Bruteforcing them together just creates this awkward mess that limply tries to be like the original Twin Peaks, but lacking the purity and strength of Fire Walk with Me's individual brilliance, or the composed tribute of The Missing Pieces.



I'll be asleep by then, I won't stop you tho



what time would be suitable for you then?


File: f760a6645a4b10d⋯.png (455.14 KB, 720x1111, 720:1111, IMG_0839.PNG)

Is Nilso hot?


So, Chester Desmond ended up somewhere in The Lodge then?



don't worry about me, I plan on going to bed in the next 2 hours



Big plans?



just tired desu



Big day?




Nilso's name, his real name, that is not the point.


File: 26720c44c4199fe⋯.jpeg (41.86 KB, 936x650, 36:25, dr_tbl_42193502_riverdale….jpeg)





File: 30e4e377ffb1acc⋯.png (283.41 KB, 620x360, 31:18, ClipboardImage.png)

the nilso doctor


Meet, greet. Sure are sweet. What a treat. What did the lamb say?


File: 449a9fcd8d398ca⋯.jpg (12.24 KB, 300x280, 15:14, juay.jpg)




redpill me on tables













we did it right there on the >>27564


I keep getting "parameter incomplete" when I try to post



why don't you complete your parameters then?



you have to dox yourself to complete the parameter



My real name is Neil Caster



>douglas mackinnon reposting fake spoilers



Maybe he's jealous because Chibnall wouldn't hire his unsophisticated ass in a gorillion years



thats not a very asian name


File: 9d55b38129e2c92⋯.jpg (40.01 KB, 595x335, 119:67, film-the_matrix-1999-neo-k….jpg)


I want to see the timeline where Scaruffi chronicles Doctor Who and Sandifer gives sizzling takes on rock music


File: a0d714ecbd7a2ff⋯.png (36.49 KB, 1189x168, 1189:168, Untitled.png)



>a video 'documentary' about CWC is #2 trending on Youtube in the UK

paging Nilso



is it a new documentary or one of the old ones?


File: da3cc7bc2e4c86b⋯.jpg (77.69 KB, 1400x700, 2:1, Judy.jpg)


*blocks your path*


if it paints him as innocent I'm gonna do my fucking nut



nvm about >>27580 I thought it was a BBC Documentary



We're not gonna talk about Judy


the mere fact that you call it a lil nilso tells me you're not ready



It was literally uploaded yesterday. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZzStPviPY90

It covers the saga where Chris was being catfished and manipulated into sexual roleplays by an edgy teenager.



the one where he smashed his medal to pieces and put them up his ass?



The phonecalls between him and that chick were toe curlingly awful



I think a stream is in order here



And As It Is Such, So Also As Such Is It Unto You







>part 10

fuck me that's a shitton of effort



nah I'm otherwise occupied



show respect to someone watching the show for the first time and don't post spoilers from later seasons



Neo. I'm a TP babby. What order should I infosorb it all?


File: 6d4846a571754e8⋯.png (326.7 KB, 646x431, 646:431, jessica-walter-sdcc-arrest….png)


What spoiler



Depends if you want most of the mystery spoiled for you.



It's not like there are multiple orders for the series. It was released in the order you're meant to watch it in.

S1 -> S2 -> FWWM -> Missing Pieces -> S3



The American pilot (NOT the international pilot, it's simultatenously non canon and also heavily spoilery. The American pilot that you want to watch is 94 minutes, the international pilot you do not want to watch is 116 minutes)

Season 1 (7 episodes. 8 if you count the pilot as part of the season)

Optional: book: The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer

Optional: audio: The Twin Peaks Tapes of Agent Cooper

Optional: book: The Autobiography of F.B.I. Special Agent Dale Cooper: My Life, My Tapes

Season 2 (22 episodes)

Fire Walk with Me (movie)

The Missing Pieces (companion movie)

Optional: book: The Secret History of Twin Peaks

The Return / season 3 (18 episodes)

Optional: book: The Final Dossier


>neo watching twin peaks alone in the stream

what the fuck?



Fake news. Sad.



>neo watching twin peaks with nilso and kinda in the stream

what the fuck?



Still fake news. Sad!


I would if my people would, because my people would but only if my people could


The drive that saved /who/







>he hasn't read Sandifer's TMBG book




File: 9dcf0157031855b⋯.jpg (65.88 KB, 720x836, 180:209, 1509536298732.jpg)

doctor who equivalent of pic related?



That's not an accident. I want to see in the Scaruffi format, covering everything.


I hope you American/who/res are doing something nice for the mothers in your lives


Doctor who hasn’t been good since they removed the fun



>needing a day to be told to do something nice for someone who raised you when you should just be doing it every day (bar family issues)



It's the day to go above and beyond the normal. I should have said especially nice.


What are /co/ Doctor Who threads like?




Mothers day was months ago for non heathen countries



>Having mothers day in winter

>Buying her shit frozen flowers from paraguay.

We're the heathens? It's like you don't even love your mothers.


File: 2e1d85c15d77ab7⋯.jpg (37.53 KB, 700x400, 7:4, The-wedding-of-sarah-jane-….jpg)

We've met before, haven't we?


Bradley Walsh just got into a TARDIS at the baftas. Series 11 trailer tonight.


File: e441b42d712bf04⋯.jpg (8.92 KB, 300x300, 1:1, d640c4a09d50bf6a07801b9bae….jpg)

Call me.


File: 764744846320397⋯.png (504.62 KB, 646x741, 34:39, bradders.PNG)



doubt it


Nilso just opened up Microsoft Word on his computer. Shit Trips 2.5 being written tonight.


Jodie and Bradley presenting an award together tonight.


SEASON 11 TRAILER JUST DROPPED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8K36rLaG5IM






>repeating the exact same joke you just did in the stream

This is like Sandifer doing the exact same hot takes on Twitter and Tumblr back in the day.



I expected a based shitpost






I wish I could be as based as you!!





File: 96617034169749d⋯.webm (1.53 MB, 720x720, 1:1, 1526231557148.webm)

Only two weeks to go until we find out this scoundrel's secrets… #SOLO: A Star Wars Story is in UK cinemas May 24!



Darth Maul is in it. Spoilers



I'm doing facial workouts to prepare for the massive soygape I'll have watching it




File: 0133138bb65347f⋯.jpg (5.98 KB, 225x225, 1:1, download.jpg)


And Enrys Fist is a sixteen year old girl - tag your spoilers!

Please tell me nobody saw me try to make this post calling out not spoilertagging two times before but fucking up and not spoilertagging it right






Twice Upon A Time



That’s why, for me, Amy & Clara were very boring. No characterisation, no background story, nothing. Yes okay, we had tiny bits, but that wasn’t ENOUGH! A real shame…I’ve spoken to soo people and they’ve all said the same. desu, that’s definitely had an impact on the show’s -


File: 3cc5956bb179f29⋯.jpg (204.21 KB, 1034x1080, 517:540, meme.jpg)







I had no idea they were a thing. Anyone here frequent /co/'s /who/?


File: a4eb83459c7772e⋯.png (387.1 KB, 599x416, 599:416, danny.png)




We need more chips in s11



This has to be a joke. There's no way someone looked at that scene and thought "wow that's so powerful"



I actually think it's a pretty good scene, but it does feel ridiculously like a soap opera. I don't want that back at all.



Love and Monsters


File: 18823f37f4ae4ea⋯.png (392.75 KB, 466x512, 233:256, 1275057244037.png)


>mfw Chibnall's companions will have shitlaods of their home life shown but be dull as dishwater in the actual show

I hope I'm wrong. I'm especially pessimistic about the young masculine looking guy.


When I think of Doctor Who, I think of a family of chavs eating at a chippy.


>tfw we were denied the spectacle of 12 and Clara going for chips in Deep Breath


>tfw no scene of 12 and Clara quietly eating chips and reading a newspaper while the credits roll silently


I saw someone suggest that 13 should mention Rose as her inspiration for becoming a woman or something…

Surely if someone 'inspired' the Doctor to be a chick it could only have been Missy? If it was Rose, she would have become a woman a while ago. I dont understand how Rose fans are so persistent… I remember when "The Pilot" aired, the Doctor had a photo of River and of Susan, and people complained about Rose not being there when River was… 12 had a photo of his wife, a photo of his granddaughter, but Rose apparently should have been there too


We demand a shop of 12 and Clala eating crisps





why is it always women and gays who like the campy melodrama of the RTD era

i'm not saying all women and gays are like that but those are the only people who actively defend it



cats doesn't defend RTD era though



Capaldi's Doctor barely even remembers Rose.



I know plenty of queer people who prefer the Moffat era to the RTD era.



he's the exception



There are some straight lads who fetishise the RTD era as well, although they tend to be somewhat fey ones. The others just don't watch the show


I think it will be kino if the S11 Tardis Team already know eachother, and 13 is the new addition to an already established group. They can be very human, but on the TARDIS, rather than on Earth.

A mini episode on the TARDIS every week could really add depth to the characters. Maybe one companion is up late at night looking for the bathroom, but the bathroom has been replaced by a mountain range, so the Doctor chats with the companion while helping them find the new location of the bathroom.. little scenes like that would make TARDIS life seem more real. Something like "Pond Life" back in the day



Because, generally speaking, women and gay people are the groups that are typically into soap operas.

It's also the reason the general UK public preferred the RTD era. People really like 'gritty', working class shit. See Kidulthood, EastEnders, etc. Although I have to admit to loving Shameless.



>I think it will be kino if the S11 Tardis Team already know eachother, and 13 is the new addition to an already established group.

That's what I'm praying for, desu. With 3 companions and NuWho length seasons, we can't afford to spend ages with them all getting to know each other.


I feel like I can never admit my love of the exploration of working class life in Doctor Who because of the way it's slated here. I don't like the way it was handled particularly, and the fact that it was overused and a major part of what made the show adored by the masses, but the examination of the culture itself was interesting. I don't think RTD quite got it right - his view was quite romanticised and very rarely did it feel as though he got it right, but there are certain parts of series 1 (Aliens of London scene where everyone on the estate is crowding Jackie's tiny flat, kids fucking about with the TV, all loud and talking bollocks) that remind me of my childhood. It makes me wonder just how working class RTD was. I feel like I'd enjoy it were a writer to try the idea again, but only if it's handled by someone perhaps more knowledgeable, and if it doesn't become a central part of the show.



>It makes me wonder just how working class RTD

The man's never been working class at all. Not by any standard. In a way that makes him a great writer that he's able to tap into something he didnt actually grow up with. He had working class friends in the LGBT community when he was young though.


I feel like I can never admit my love of _ in Doctor Who because of the way it's slated here. I don't like the way it was handled particularly, and the fact that it was overused and a major part of what made the show adored by the masses, but the examination of __ itself was interesting. I don't think _ quite got it right - his view was quite romanticised and very rarely did it feel as though he got it right, but there are certain parts of __ that remind me of . It makes me wonder just how __ was. I feel like I'd enjoy it were a writer to try the idea again, but only if it's handled by someone perhaps more knowledgeable, and if it doesn't become a central part of the show.



I think RTD came way closer to depicting the working class accurately, as opposed to Moffat. Steven's writing is actually rather snobby I'd reckon.



I love it too. The Rose novelisation has more of that sort of stuff like from Aliens of London.



It's kinda fucked that Dr Who has literally never included anything interesting in the end credits. 90s UK sitcoms did that all the time. So did The Thick of It, actually.

>tfw no episodes where the screen gets squashed to the left at the end, showing 30 seconds of slice-of-life stuff with the Doctor and Nardole, while the credits run on the right


File: 7ce48ca2e96ea17⋯.jpg (205.18 KB, 638x800, 319:400, watersports clara botanica….jpg)


>Maybe one companion is up late at night looking for the bathroom, but the bathroom has been replaced by a mountain range,




He's not wrong



spotted nilso in the thread



As someone who finds RTD's soap world a little annoying, I'd be happy to see more working class life in Doctor Who. I think there is genuinely a powerful statement, somewhere, in juxtaposing the downtrodden material reality that many of the viewers have to go through every day with a fantastical universe of wonders. It would have paired beautifully with Moffat's post-S7 status quo (companion lives at home while going on trips in the TARDIS) but it wasn't really his thing, so I hope a future showrunner picks up that torch at some point.



It's not a joke about Trump though. It's not even negative about Trump.



I think it's because the show fetishises having the theme and vortex kick back in for the end credits too much to ever interrupt it. Unless we count Adric's badge.


Martha is really underrated and it annoys me that she's literally relegated to "lol i fancy u" the entire time she's a companion.

Splink offeriny with this tripe already you troglodytes



The little scene for Last Christmas after the credits started was nice



She's Nu-Who's most capable companion.




Why did you say that name?




Freema's acting is often a bit shoddy though, and I say that as a person who likes both Martha and Freema alot


Honestly, dropping a trailer after the BAFTAs wouldn't have been a bad publicity move. But whatever.



Are they over?



I have no idea, I'm just assuming it's not going to happen.



Good point, I'd forgotten about that. Is is the only example of a post-credits/mid-credits scene in all Who?




Who started this rumour?





The S11 trailer?



It's fake news. Trailer won't be until SDCC more likely.



File: 761dd40fd308f97⋯.png (13.79 MB, 3500x6274, 1750:3137, WaifuRoll.png)

Roll random number on http://numbergenerator.org/randomnumberbetween1and100 to claim a free and loving companion waifu.

If she's not on the chart, she's non-canon. Sorry buddy.



I got Yasmin.



That Rigsy scene where he painted the TARDIS.

Thats it I think



They don't call them anons in real life, Neo



AI generated article




That went unusually well.



I don't think this works so well on slow /who/ but whatever, i'll take Susan



You were meant to roll a random number with that link I put


How far into Chibnall's era will everyone say it's shit and how they miss Moffat?


File: 2047462795a356c⋯.jpg (29.36 KB, 562x390, 281:195, DdFxIpPXUAAej5k[1].jpg)



I got Lucie. I'm in love already



>radically redesigned tardis.

>literally the number 13 on it

>red to make it go faster

I love it. Bring on s11



In advance.



I've seen it already.

>torchwood was the worst and theres no way that Chibnall could possibly have improved as a writer in the last decade so S11 will be shit


File: 789c2a2789ff320⋯.jpg (105.31 KB, 950x534, 475:267, tvtvav.jpg)


I have to laugh every time I see somebody criticizing great series made for us normal people who actually leave our house to interact with other normal people. FUCK these autist cunts in their fedora-wearing asses. It's like some unwritten rule in their pathetic notebook that they have to be miserable at everything, that the world is "shit" and everything they hear or see is "shit" and the agenda of everyone is "shit".

We get it. We watched that South Park episode, too. You have Asperger's Syndrome. Now drink some whisky, lighten the fuck up and seek help for it. You're not the only one in that boat, bucko.

WE rule this board, now. WE decide who's cool and who's not. You rock spiders clinging to the /who/ of the past? The ones that yearn for Bela Tarr marathons while you lick Dorito crumbs off of your fingers and weep for "being born in the wrong generation"? You're archaic. You're ANCIENT FUCKING HISTORY. You've been left behind.

Come out of your basement, you cave-dwellers. Come and celebrate the new millennium by watching Doctor Who series 11 with the rest of us. It's the present year and we have cake.

Even though it's a lie.





Glasgow had red police boxes, Capaldi would've been the perfect time to do this






who here /californication/?



Okay, this is incredibly epic



What do people make of these mentions of a "big cinematic canvas for the show"?



>implying I can read

I got Sarah Jane



For me this really depicts how 'down to earth' Russell's era was…Soo much goodness in such a short scene! Brilliantly written characters, tons of emotion, it's pragmatic, has a warm family vibe, the list is endless! I MISS IT SOO MUCH! Come on Chibnall, please bring it back! :)



Moffat's only attempt at depicting the working class was in Bill's home life, which was like, 2 scenes. I cant think of any working class characters in Moff's era before Bill.

I'd argue he didnt even try to depict working class characters. I wouldnt compare Moff and RTD on that, because Moff was never going for that.



>Poe's law



Clara and Danny



>Clara and Danny

>Working Class

wtf are you talking about? They're school teachers who live in central London. Theyre firmly middle class. The last working class companion before Bill was Rose Tyler.



>middle class

>inner city teachers





Clara was not depicted as working class at all. She dresses middle class, talks middle class, the way she interacts with Danny screams middle class. And this isnt the hood, it's shoreditch. In London, even in working class areas, many teachers are middle class coming in to these areas



Working class in a British context refers to people of a certain economic level and quality of life, it doesn't just mean having a job.



S11 confirmed for having elder god tier bantz between the Doctor and Graham.



this is fantastic


Jodie still doesn't feel like the Doctor to me, only because of the lack of stuff we've gotten with her. How long did it take for it to settle in that Capaldi/Matt was the Doctor to you?


I once saw someone on /who/ complain about Bill being a working class companion, saying:

>when are we gonna get a middle class companion for once, why are they all working class?

And I was really fuckin confused. Martha's firmly middle class, training to be a Doctor, her dad's shiny car etc. Donna's been raised middle class, but she's barely holding on to that, which reflects the recession quite well. I could never place Amy, but her house is big, and her parents speak in posh accents, so maybe even a bit upper class? and Clara is firmly middle class.

This person thought they were all working class…


Is Nilso working class?



Yes, I am.





What's your job?



Then why do you vote Tory?



It settled for Matt during the Eleventh Hour. He didnt feel like the Doctor to me. Partially because he wasnt David Tennant, and I was attached to this one version of the Doctor.

Capaldi still didnt feel like the Doctor for me til Listen aired.

I'll wait til Jodie has proper screen time



Maybe he was imagining a full-on posh companion.


nilso digs in the muck on the bank of the thames searching for gold coins



Definitely not


Because many of the other parties aren't for me. I try not to make it a continual thing but I just don't align with other parties. I didn't even vote in the Local Elections we had recently.




I've only ever been to London once.



>Nilso's a Labourer

Based leftie Corbyn supporting Nilso


File: 865b88474389dca⋯.png (217.09 KB, 559x511, 559:511, 6c3486217ba52c852071cdb20d….png)


It's manual labour, and it's also not true.

>actually putting your job on a Taiwanese potholing enthusiast forum


File: a564559f183c3a1⋯.webm (11.08 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, titles.webm)


File: b097ac772f4aa61⋯.png (669.71 KB, 602x607, 602:607, absolutelybased.png)




>actually surfing on the logo

fucking based



Truly we have reached peak /who/



This is awesome. How long did it take to make?



>when her dick touches your leg



God I fucking live for Lym's webms



Do you count how long it took me to get bored enough to make this in the first place as part of the process?



I'mma say no, just count the hours of actual work.



have you made a cgi jodie?



In that case about 5 or so hours, plus an hour and a half of rendering, plus another 45 minutes of rendering because I accidentally made Matt's head partly transparent and it looked horrifying


Yes, but she's terrifying.



can you screenshot the head


File: 601ea28c6b68272⋯.jpg (52.25 KB, 512x512, 1:1, addon_uploads_1520609105_1….jpg)



Why did you stop making Cybbers



have u made a Dalek?


I've got a penis size that'll rip through the very fabric of time



~The Thirteenth Doctor



You mean like a singularity?


DOCTOR: You know what happens if I don't move on? More people die. There are kids living rough near here. They may well be next on the menu. Do you want to help me? Do you want to stand here stamping your foot? Because let me tell you something. I'm two thousand years old, and I have never had the time for the luxury of outrage.

(Bill looks at Kitty standing behind him. The Doctor turns around.)

KITTY: What do you mean, on the menu?

If you overheard someone say he was 2000 years old, wouldn't you just disregard anything else he said?



I'd probably just assume it was a figure of speech, desu.




>urging people to use the random number generator

That rather takes the fun out of it, don't you think?



Board moves too slowly for post no. being included in the deal. If this was done on /tv/, however, it'd be a different story since there'd be a level of randomness with that.



I have a waifu. You can find her in the requisite thread.



No I don't mean the fact it's a random number generator I mean the fact you're chasing after individual users trying to get them to do it


File: c880ce56d219dff⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 104.22 KB, 468x700, 117:175, Ace.jpg)


I know who your waifu is anyway, Cloy



don't cry


File: 9c58fc3aa39139b⋯.jpg (54.67 KB, 458x688, 229:344, CaroleAnn1.jpg)



I'm okay with this. She's pleasant enough when she's not screaming. Also even though she went to high school I don't think there's any canon confirmation she was underage. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.




>I'm midway through now

Did she just confirm she's leaving at the end of S12?



mid-season you clod


chrischan >>>>>>>>>>> sandyfur




fuck off 2oda


File: 489b348fde8ffb8⋯.jpg (44.62 KB, 480x600, 4:5, angel.jpg)


how dare you disparage this angel



uhh can u read?



uhh can u sarcasm??????


File: c54c0254c95e656⋯.png (163.68 KB, 1006x1012, 503:506, tencat1.png)

5 more months


File: b9849e7a06dd5b3⋯.gif (478.3 KB, 500x275, 20:11, b9849e7a06dd5b3330a1d18f34….gif)


They made Clara the main character and relegated the Doctor to the sidelines, 75% of his episodes are absolute garbage, they took a year break after the lowest rated series finished and premiered that absolutely embarrassing flop of a spin-off, neither of which helped boost the next abysmal series' abysmal ratings, in which, again, his companion becomes the main character. They treated him so badly that he went from a lifelong, dedicated fan to a jaded mope who won't even bother with Briggs Finish because he;s so burned out.



I miss this meme.



I got Polly. I'm satisfied!



I got Sara Kingdom


How's Shit Trips 2.5 stuff going? Today was the final day.

But we're still compiling, so if people need a few more days, just let us know.



just saying the opposite of what someone says is terrible sarcasm

>I like Nilso

>Don't disparage Nilso!


just took a sneaky peek at /nofap/ bros, shit is so sad


Rewatching the Parting of the Ways

>"I was in the tardis… and there was this light"

>Camera focuses on the regeneration light crawling on the Doctor's hand




I finished months ago desu



what are they like? Are they guilty about looking at porn or ejaculating in any context?

doesn't refraining from masturbation for long enough just make you have nocturnal emissions anyway?



Good job.


Nilso, how's your fics going?


File: 0837790b1ad9bba⋯.gif (481.52 KB, 282x199, 282:199, 5ster.gif)


>Sure enough, hidden behind that smiling face was a mediocre actor, and also a multimillionaire snob in the proudest British tradition. Far from being a symbol of rebellion, he was reactionism personified. The Fifth Doctor, optimistic and effervescent, represented an escape from reality. People, kids in particular, had a desperate need to believe in something that had nothing to do with bombs and upheaval. Peter Davison put to screen the enthusiasm of the masses and in return, in a cycle that bordered on perpetual motion, was enthusiastically acclaimed by the same masses.

>The best of the Fifth Doctor's cliches is summarized in a famous anecdote. In the 1982 serial Earthshock, Davison answered the Cyberleader's queries as to the meaning of life with "For some people, small, beautiful events is what life is all about!" Beneath this naive sense of humor, anarchic and surreal, lays the greatest merit of the actor.


File: cbeae2e633d09f1⋯.png (512.48 KB, 911x546, 911:546, 1492840874034.png)




Spoke to Neo the other day about needing a bit more time and I should be done any day now



t. Nilso




>Youtube drama

Fuck off 2oda


Does it occur to anyone else that we're living in a period of reaction, where Moffat's failure to maintain the local popularity of the show is resulting in a series of increasingly desperate corporate strategies aimed at revitalizing the brand in incredibly cynical ways (that lame as fuck logo and 'hero insignia' being slapped on everything ensuring it will all date horribly when they change the logo again in 5 years; hiring a group of trendy youths who miss RTD to diss classic who in DWM; worse is surely on the way) and sooner or later it's going to be an shit time to be a fan of anything that isn't the Chibnall era?



So you're saying the Chibby golden age is a lie?




I disagree with your premise, but even if it's true, the Chibnall era being "an shit time to be a fan of anything that isn't the Chibnall era?" is better than the Capaldi era, which was a shit time to be a fan of the Capaldi era.



Ironically, the show itself is the only component of the franchise that still has a chance of being good.


File: 13eb78066923d5a⋯.jpg (159.02 KB, 1600x800, 2:1, 1500274775818.jpg)


>desperate corporate strategies

>incredibly cynical ways

you're a very hyperbolic nerd. nothing they've done is particularly drastic. personally, I'm glad they seem to be putting thought/effort into marketing, even if it is a bit underwhelming. the show needs revitalising or it'll run out of steam




>sooner or later it's going to be an shit time to be a fan of anything that isn't the Chibnall era?

You mean it might be time…?

For the RTDfag / Moffchad alliance?



I dread the day.

t. Moffchad



>"Ethnic" stories

What the fuck did he mean by this



Depends on whether Chibnall succeeds in his transparent goal of pandering to the RTD nostalgics


The time has come. We must begin the physical removal of people who don't like Hell Bent.




>transparent goal of pandering to the RTD nostalgics

this is the real cynicism

the RTD era was chibnall's era too. that's when he was the most active in the franchise, especially being showrunner of torchwood. there doesn't need to be a conspiracy behind chibnall wanting to recapture/explore it



shut up RTDfag



It's come time now to consider a final solution to the RTDfag problem.






The show was more popular in the UK then and attempting to repeat its success is an attempt to make more money, that's all there is to it. No conspiracy required, but it's not some profound artistic decision either.


All of the coming Main Range Briggs Finish Audios (bar July) is 7th Doctor related, with a 7/Klein story as well as a 7/Iris story.

I wonder why there's no Peter or Colin stories coming.



Because the past few main ranges have been Colin stories, and the past few main ranges before that were Peter stories



Well then that makes perfect sense.



>7/Klein by Lyons and 7/Iris by Magrs

Obviously to wash our mouths after another lacklustre 7/Ace/Mel trilogy



what was the last one?



The High Price of Parking/The Blood Furnace/The Silurian Candidate

Two mediocre, utterly forgettable stories and a downright dreadful one.



>hero insignia

it's a fucking internal marketing term. they don't mean we're actually supposed to think the logo is "heroic".

slapping the logo on abolutely everything is a bad move though

and the logo really isn't that good

and the RTD nostalgia squad who can't be arsed to sit through an entire story depresses me.

I thought that "millenials don't have the attention span for old media" was a meme. I'm pretty sure that it's mostly the Panini editorial squad who edit the Time Team's reactions to make them into millenial cariactures who can't be bothered with anything that hasn't been produced in this century, but either way it isn't looking good.


you have a point, but I do remember things being significantly better in 2014-15. over the 2016 break the "Moffat ruined the show with his objectively mediocre Writing™" narrative really dug in.




>entire Classic story


so it's basically confirmed bradders is the main companion with the other 2 being side companions right?



yes, kino central



he's the most recognizable public face outside of the show. that doesn't mean he'll get the most time devoted to him.

i expect an even mix of character development between the three



No. I doubt that's how it's going to go. I suspect all companions will get some time to shine.



>it's basically confirmed bradders is the main companion with the other 2 being side companions right?

Lol no. I mean there is literally no evidence for that on top of it being fundamentally unlikely that any such hierarchy exists here.


I can't wait for a /fun/ series about /family/. Series 11 will be the story of /family/ we need right now.





10 episodes really isnt enough for a character arc for 3 (maybe 4) characters dont you think? unless theres one arc between them all



>implying they'll have arcs



The funny thing is, we basically know that at least 2 eps will be set in "Civil Rights era Alabama" and "Witch Trials". Neither one of those scream "family".


As long as each character has at least one "focus ep", it'll be okay.



Marge. Whats my character arc?



You'd be surprised.



Summer Heights High was 8 25 minute episodes. Doctor Who will have no trouble.



Homer, stop crying. I want full custody.



>Neither one of those scream "family".

The producer does.


what will the doctors character arc be?



Bring me eggs



Going to the shop to buy some eggs.



well I guess it's time to learn how The Great Space Abortion is the greatest episode of Doctor Who ever made

but no it's actually a great episode, the definitive Doctor Who pleb filter

>The Writing™


Bradders is the Doctor's grandson and the other two are a history teacher and a science teacher



I heard rumors that only eggs can sustain her






>tfw no series long subplot of the Doctor trying to find a carton of eggs to sustain herself with before she turns into an eldritch abomination


File: 70765cc7129eaee⋯.jpg (6.8 KB, 316x159, 316:159, whats goin on big guy.jpg)


> Clara wanted him to stay precisely to help her choose life.” That’s difficult to unsee, to say the least, and that fact is unquestionably a flaw.

>i don't agree with the apparent message in a section of this piece of art therefore it is flawed


File: 35f6850fde81b5f⋯.png (132.5 KB, 713x721, 713:721, ElvsTheGuardian.png)

File: c893eb71ef768c4⋯.png (101.76 KB, 628x579, 628:579, ElvsTheGuardian2.png)


>It was narrowly beaten to the coveted Kinda slot in the 2014 Doctor Who Magazine poll, and was listed in a Guardian article on the Moffat era as a clunker on par with Fear Her and Planet of the Dead.

we get it El, you hate the Guardian

the article was actually pretty positive on the Capaldi era too, especially for a retrospective so late into the run when the effect at the bottom of >>27827 was in full force



>i don't agree with the apparent message in a section of this piece of art therefore it is flawed

That's your exact reaction to Glitterposting though.



You contradicted yourself, Sandifer, I saw you do it!



legendary response, glitterposting is based, since i am a part of this art you can't take my reactions in the lore to be my realworld views on the piece of art.



Harness literally didn't set out to write an anti choice Doctor Who episode, so of course any anti choice vibes that suggest women aren't qualified to make their own decisions are a flaw, you fucking PILLOCK


File: 5c1ff3c76f1f744⋯.jpg (17.19 KB, 480x351, 160:117, 29176866_1045111258959939_….jpg)


>authors intent overshadowing derived meaning



Looks like a concentrated dose of mystical meme magic bullshit that can only be appreciated if you already have a tenuous grasp on reality is back on the menu



hmmm i wonder what he meant by this….


File: 35fb53f6c49cf4e⋯.jpeg (160.34 KB, 900x1304, 225:326, occlusion.jpeg)


haven't actually got through it yet, but sounds great

the Logopolis eruditorum was the best thing El's ever written, I reckon

online, I mean. I haven't actually read the Recursive Occlusion book


File: 0afa661035b9ffd⋯.png (1.93 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, emme.png)

Roses are red

Nilso is gay


File: 1208637fa01742a⋯.jpg (27.67 KB, 601x508, 601:508, me rn.jpg)





I think I've almost finished writing Sandifer's new favourite Doctor Who story guys



>More broadly, we’ve talked for several weeks now about the extremely (and eventually overly) cautious approach of the first half of Series 8. But Kill the Moon doesn’t just put an end to playing it safe, it smashes safety to tiny pieces; it’s not setting off in a new direction so much as charging in it full bore, leaving others to clean up after.

>What’s significant about these stories is how they exposed a vast swath of new ground for the series that it subsequently spends a lot of time exploring. And Kill the Moon is straightforwardly among them.

>"This might be where you can argue that the new approach is, for the first time, seen uncluttered by any of the old approach."


File: cf855300760edd8⋯.png (103.51 KB, 410x164, 5:2, emme2.png)

Roses are red

Danny Pink digs



>But that’s OK; we didn’t need that future. For all its gleam and all the great stories that came out of it, the truth is that it was a utopia rooted in visions of imperialism. Like middle class Britain, it’s as tied to Doctor Who’s worst instincts as it is to its best. The fantasy that the human race will never die is as unnecessary as it is impossible. Things don’t have to never end to have meaning; if they did, nothing would have any. But the corollary of that is that they don’t have to ever start either. Forever is a good lie; hell, I told a version of it years ago when I started this blog. The point of it isn’t that it’s true; it’s that we want it to be.



>Over and over again, it finds ways of pushing the logic of Doctor Who to what would previously have seemed a breaking point

>The evocative “moments in time that I simply can’t see” speech, which turns a half-century of “not one line” and “fixed point in time” bollocks on its head, offering up a self-evidently colossal moment of history while refusing to treat anything as certain about it.

Literally Chris Chibnall of all people has done this before in Cold Blood.


File: ebc7596d0e31e4c⋯.png (35.67 KB, 833x211, 833:211, Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at ….png)

Can you say based?







i need to stop liveblogging Eruditorum here




okay, this is epic



oh here we fucking go yet again



why do you say this as if we couldn't find it ourselves



I approve of this idea.



It pisses me off


File: 553e24cf894ea0d⋯.png (15.67 KB, 439x70, 439:70, Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at ….png)





not as much as it does me :^)


File: ad166e4ba402749⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.37 MB, 245x163, 245:163, tumblr_mvp3os8jMe1s5ou3xo1….gif)

Roses are red

Hell Bent is good


File: f37e77c15b8592c⋯.gif (4 MB, 400x290, 40:29, 8humans.gif)


good point, I guess



Pretty much every Doctor Who writer ever has treated history in a different way, making it changeable or unchangeable as needed for the plot.



Because it brings unnecessary attention to us, and potentially the wiki, where we already don't need any more negative attention.



he's comes off so, so much more irritating without sound



fuck off overlord



Right, so I don't see how Kill the Moon's version of that scene is a "breaking point" moment for the program or anything.



still, it is indeed good to be rid of the fixed points

they were only a thin excuse to manufacture drama anyway

god I hope Chibbers doesn't bring them back


Roses are red

First for Foon

How hype are you guys for Kill the Moon?


roses are nilso

violets are nilso

everything is nilso

nilso nilso nilso


File: 032a725163fc9f2⋯.png (673.97 KB, 911x546, 911:546, 032a725163fc9f2b4676c59c34….png)

Roses are red, enzymes are-



He will or won't depending on whether he needs them for his stories.

Also Cold Blood/KTM don't really get rid of the fixed points, they just say that some things aren't fixed. Which is implied in the concept of "fixed point", really: if there are only some points that are fixed, then logically all the others are not.







shhhhhh kill the moon changed everything



thanks for the suggestion, I might try to work both in somehow


File: 166d6c082a8ff83⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 42.69 KB, 1198x200, 599:100, km.png)

Roses are red

Violets are blue






That sounds more like Jack Graham's fave.




"Sorry, you are not authorized to see this status." doesn't rhyme with the previous two lines



I think KTM's comes off differently because the outcome is actually a huge tipping point in Earth's history, rather than the reversion to the status quo that Cold Blood is constantly circling.



Clearly it should be evident now


Nil The Moon


File: b744cbe73aed96b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 19.82 KB, 300x300, 1:1, Kv8tH.jpg)

Roses are red

Reminder that books



Graham hates billionairedom too, but Sandifer is the one who always jokingly(?) advocates for it to be made punishable by death. And also eating people Hannibal style.



Because that's a sane and valid response to something, right?


File: 5c933ea263f1679⋯.jpg (280.48 KB, 1069x1067, 1069:1067, SemenAlchemy.jpg)


>The only way forward, then, is to understand the nature of the rupture. Within Doctor Who, two celestial bodies have historically dominated its mysticism. The first of these is Mercury, enshrined since The Daleks and tightly associated with the Doctor themself. It represents change, the engine that drives the show forward and provides its ideological foundation. The second, meanwhile, is the Moon. The Moon is never as pronounced within the series; she’s more of a haunting presence. This suits the moon, of course—along with imagination, she represents the hidden and the mysterious. There is clearly no show without her; change is sterile without the unknown.

>The moon, obviously, is feminine. Mercury is nominally hermaphroditic, but masculinity dominates. So the dynamic between them in the series is a bit of a thing. To put it in crudely alchemical terms, which is to say to quote Crowley, the masculine, embodied by the Wand, is ““the primordial Energy if the Divine manifesting in Matter at so early a stage that it is not yet definitely formulated as Will.” With Will needing to be taken in the context of his definition of magick: ““the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will.” Mercury shifts and changes, but it is fundamentally on the side of acting upon things. And so for all its protean nature, it drifts inevitably towards single vision. (The tragic nature of this is at the heart of the conflict between Los and Urizen, but that’s another post)

>And so the Moon is left to be acted upon and turned into the receptacle for everything that doesn’t fit into what Is, which is par for the course for the feminine. This is clearly a position of abjection, which is why the lunar in Doctor Who is just as likely to be monstrous as redemptive, but it’s also clearly a position of vital power. If Mercury is in constant danger of falling to single vision, it is the Moon that protects it by ensuring that there are always new things for it to change into. There is, of course, a violence to this process that leaves the Moon in constant retreat; once a thing is pulled from the lunar shadows and forced into being it is no longer hers. But her depths are infinite, and there are always new things to be found.

>All of this resonates well with Kill the Moon, in which women are left to fix the mess after the Doctor/Mercury’s error, and in doing so restore both moon and Moon. Really, about all you could do to make the reading fit better is to have the Doctor arrive at Coal Hill School at the start looking for mercury for the fluid links, which, actually, was in the first couple of drafts. And this also gestures at the show’s own impending realignment towards the feminine; the moon’s not the only egg.

so this is the power of mercury moon meme magic

it seems like a bizzare mating ritual for celestial objects

doesn't actually seem to portray a particularly healthy relationship either


File: 25ea672e7f257b5⋯.webm (9.63 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, every-time-nilso-posts.webm)



it's funny because it's true


File: 835a9c2493e5dbc⋯.jpg (52.88 KB, 478x318, 239:159, laughing dr whos.jpg)


nilso i want you to know



File: 243c8c3a8352306⋯.jpg (64.39 KB, 1152x648, 16:9, FUCK THIS PAGE IS AWESOME.jpg)



youre gay



Literally who?


doctor who episodes like this?



File: 437029934a9b236⋯.png (48.26 KB, 782x319, 782:319, kill_the_nil.png)






something about an ethnostate



literally t.nilso



What were the other two?


Doctor Who episodes about radical diasporism?


the thought of nilso makes my narrative collapse


Doctor Who episodes about the Kalergi Plan?



>cultural appropriation

and cletuses say jewish people can't be white


File: 4eeac950c0c45b4⋯.jpg (8.89 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 6 meets ace.jpg)


not a clue, sorry



well she does probably live in an appropriated house lol



Jews aren't white


snakedance makes my snake dance


Hell Bent makes my hell bend


File: 866ef09fb98db12⋯.jpg (57.45 KB, 750x578, 375:289, DdJwqoaX0AA4vBC.jpg)



FENRIC: Where is the game, Time Lord?

DOCTOR: You couldn't resist it, could you? The game of traps.

What did the Doctor mean by this?





me on the right





>that Missy

it a dude



finally a figurine of the Eric Roberts master


Lil Bilso


Honest, unbiased, straight, clear, inspired thoughts on Doctor Who?



its gay


He is the Nilso, he is so rude

He is the streamfag with a bad attitude


File: b1876d1d98e6e39⋯.jpg (121.83 KB, 750x936, 125:156, 3rd-tardis.jpg)



I don't know who either of these people are and I don't intend to find out


Alma Smego



kill the moon's problem isn't "the writing", it's "the science" and "the suspension of disbelief"



You mean it?


File: 83a515e0015ace6⋯.png (719.11 KB, 1043x799, 1043:799, colinsophieveryimpressed.png)

<Watch the water.

<Let the current ease your pain

<Let its purity wash away the shadows

<Douse the flames

>I don't think I've been anywhere quite so…calm

>I'm very impressed



This tbqhwyf, but we've already discussed it many times.


I wish Pertwee was my friend.



what's profound about saying chibnall's interests might be more personal than merely wanting to copy RTD?

obviously the fact that that was by far the show's peak in popularity is involved too



I don't he was a tory


Paul McGann attacks you. What do you do?


File: cbeae2e633d09f1⋯.png (512.48 KB, 911x546, 911:546, 1492840874034.png)


>… zzzzzz …



What about Nilso :^)


GallifreyBase has "Trump presidency" thread in 13 parts.


File: 0aa78b42d750f8f⋯.png (1.47 MB, 665x2113, 665:2113, lozscifi.png)



>the science

you don't need to be as into the episode as Sandifer is to know this is bullshit

Doctor Who and "hard" sci-fi have absolutely nothing to do with each other


Is it true that Stormy's gay?



What kind of music do we want for the foreman audio? It's one of the major things left

I think we need to put "money for nothing" in there somewhere as a nod to the test footage. But depending on how much of it is used and whether there's any dialogue on top of it, it's possible it'll get content ID flagged and potentially block the video depending on what that company's rules are



Nilso isn't a person. Nilso is just an idea.


File: 3ccfb86059ce087⋯.png (555.01 KB, 967x563, 967:563, it's all gone wrong.png)


give him lemonade




Use midis for everything. Will feel classic and be safe from content id



you've sucked the poor man's eyeballs out of their sockets




classical music


File: 6c3486217ba52c8⋯.png (309.91 KB, 559x511, 559:511, 1492840874024.png)





>not even giving 12 a waistcoat

This is honestly the laziest thing I've ever seen



>science fiction exploring the undiscovered/unknown eg alien technology, future technology, teleportation etc

>science fantasy directly contradicting things that are known to be facts in reality - eg the moon is an egg, sleep dust has biological cameras that emit a signal of their image

Contradicting things that are established in real life is when suspension of disbelief happens.


Shane from Blind Wave is a bit of a creep.



which one is that



you don't have to be "hard" scifi to not be fucking stupid


File: 032a725163fc9f2⋯.png (673.97 KB, 911x546, 911:546, 1492840874026.png)


>Did I doze off?


File: 2bfbc49591c32ca⋯.jpg (66.31 KB, 750x533, 750:533, bm4th2018.jpg)

>giving the brigadier and the auton the same body

>putting the 4th doctor's head on the 3rd doctor's body



The brown guy.





Apparently these are prototypes, but then again usually prototypes are actually higher quality than the final figures sooo



is this auton meant to be from Terror? don't they have completely different heads?



we do not have conclusive proof that the moon is a space dragon egg, it is merely highly unlikely, in the way that it is highly unlikely that there is a race of aliens that evolved seprately from us on another planet who look exactly like humans but with two hearts, but anyone with a shred of imagination won't let that get in the way of their ability to accept it in fiction

also what is nanotechnology


File: c8439e234d8128b⋯.jpg (389.27 KB, 700x1504, 175:376, twelfthdoctor_whiteshirt.jpg)

File: 7281c58f3cad068⋯.jpg (221.13 KB, 500x806, 250:403, twelfthdoctor_bluehoodie.jpg)

File: a8fa7e99751600f⋯.jpg (5.01 KB, 500x806, 250:403, twelfthdoctor_series10figu….jpg)

what went wrong?



I should point out that these sets are for B&M bargains, and not actually for full "official" release, just cheap variants that they can release in 3 packs



oh good they're back



The difference is that we have an understanding of what the moon is, and what it's composed of. Contradicting that knowledge so severely is an issue that doesn't come up when you just create entirely new things like an alien planet of human-looking people with two hearts

>also what is nanotechnology

not relevant to the discussion because SNM stated that the cameras were biological and not technology


Nilso what you waiting for?

Step into my candy store

You just gotta prove you’re not a pussy anymore

Step into my candy store



this is the only decent one


If I died tomorrow

I'd be alright, because I believe

that after we're gone, the nilso carries on



But the whole point of SNM is that the whole plot was a trick by the villain, and the Doctor hints that his "sleep dust" explanation is a guess that might be wrong.



>we have an understanding of what the moon is, and what it's composed of

we have theories about how it was formed; we haven't dug deep enough to get to the space dragon

>the cameras were biological and not technology

biological technology



>the Doctor hints that his "sleep dust" explanation is a guess that might be wrong

I haven't watched the episode since the day it aired so I'll take your word on this



Literally why not just use the S9 Capaldi head sculpt for the new figure?



is it a different size figure?




>I haven't watched the episode since the day it aired

Not to be mean, but that's part of the problem. The episode is sort of one that needs a rewatch to get the full scope of the ending twist. A large part of SNM's point is poking at how fallible the Doctor's guesses really are, and pointing out what happens when he doesn't get all the pieces together.





This. It's frankly ridiculous to call up big debates on what Doctor Who is or isn't in order to justify a script that says that eggs gain mass as they are about to hatch. Dumb is dumb.


a slut


File: 9882d53c6a99b9f⋯.png (85.3 KB, 693x509, 693:509, GuardianBadOpinion.png)


actually I think I may have found literally the worst hot take ever in the comments section of that article



>It's frankly ridiculous to call up big debates on what Doctor Who is or isn't in order to justify a script that says a container is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. Dumb is dumb.



You are an idiot if you can't see the difference between the two concepts.



But is Nilso honest?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

WTF is this?



you're very good at false equivalencies


Rose went away

So the Doctor is blue.

Ask Donna, “Where’s the Doctor?”

She’ll reply, “Doctor Who?”

Sarah Jane, and Martha,

And now both the Ponds

Had their fun with the Doctor

And now they’ve all gone.

So ask me again

Why the TARDIS is blue:

There’s a Nilso inside

With tears in his eyes


nilso is a naughty boy with a bad habit


Giving bad Nilsos good ideas



stop plugging your channel you gimboid




File: 118c4dfed4b46ea⋯.jpg (8.71 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 8304382_300x300.jpg)



Sammy's off his meds again.



Whos this Georgina?



his imaginary gf


I saw you, Second Nilso

I saw what you did.


File: 7387b08b40e2161⋯.png (10.47 KB, 267x172, 267:172, ClipboardImage.png)



stop this, in the name of all that is nilso


File: c935d457a78adf4⋯.gif (1.46 MB, 500x280, 25:14, capaldeuces.gif)



t. pedants








>Two scottish ones are making a fist.



Something original from one of /who/'s musical people?



you can always tell who the rational one is when they resort to a shouty strawman non-argument



>doctor who



[To the tune of "Mr. Moonlight"]




cloister i'm sorry i said you made me profoundly uncomfortable you seem cool and you're a gr8 mod <3 <3 <3



I can't stop looking at these. Why is Missy manlier than Capaldi. Capaldi has the "nut muh clala" face. Bill's face is surprisingly accurate, but looks like they've shaved down nardole's body or used ET's torso for hers.



The Capaldi one seems wrong in almost every possible way. JUST haircut, no waistcoat and an awful attempt at trying to recreate the velvet coat.


File: a8f38c8c3003476⋯.gif (682.49 KB, 256x192, 4:3, Sophie_Kiss.gif)


*rubs your thigh*

Thanks sweetie. Hows about a kiss?


My Nilso takes the morning train

He works from 9 to 5 and then

He takes another home again

To find Neo waiting for him



Because Character are fucking butchers.







Would it be worth private uploading a dummy take with Money for Nothing to see how ContentID handles it?





let him do what he wants to me


What if there was another world where Doctor Who existed but the Doctor was never English?



Better than big bang pow, but yea.




First one looks like Duncan Bannatyne



There are several examples of this.


Doctor Hooey etc.


nilso shinin' in the sky

There ain't a boardie in sight

It's stopped rainin' everybody's in a thread

And don't /who/ know

It's a beautiful new day, hey hey



nilsoposting isn't funny when you have your trip on

turned my trip off to say this



will take note


File: 556c13fc1b8ce63⋯.jpg (3.95 KB, 73x73, 1:1, uqJ8pZ2U_bigger.jpg)


And I say hey!

What a wonderful feline: gay

Where he can learn to spam and say:

Come take me back Cletus Culler


File: 7c749b3e6ebd2e4⋯.png (211.5 KB, 559x511, 559:511, 1492840874029.png)



>tfw you don't live in the reality where instead of broadcasting BBC's Doctor Who major countries produced their own versions

>tfw can't argue about which was best, the 7th Japanese doctor or the 9th Russian doctor


File: cd3bf02ca8d0b79⋯.png (471.98 KB, 1004x794, 502:397, colinrefusessophie.png)


>I can't stay. Besides, I have work to do. Mistakes, to rectify. I can't stay.


>Absolutely. I'm sorry.

<You refuse…to share this with me?

>It's very late, but-





>Would it be worth private uploading a dummy take with Money for Nothing to see how ContentID handles it?





My Shit Trip is about such a world.

The Doctor is never English. The Doctor is never Scottish. Instead, the Doctor is always a native of the British Commonwealth, which is quite a lot of places.

The Indian Doctor regenerates into the Aussie Doctor who regenerates into the second Irish Doctor.



were you watching qanda or something?



yeah i put qanda in and it was shit as usual



Can't pull this up presently, the stranger?


You should have a canadian one dressed in all denim


It’s October 4th, 2014. Jessie J, Arianna Grande, and Nicki Minaj are at number one with “Bang Bang.” Iggy Azalea, Calvin Harris, Lilly Wood also chart. In news, protests in Hong Kong rapidly amp up as tens of thousands of people take to the streets in opposition to the proposed “electoral reforms” that would dramatically increase the Chinese Communist Party’s control over Hong Kong. And the US has its first domestically diagnosed Ebola case in Dallas. Must be Christmas.


who here thinks Kill the Moon is just /prettygood/?


>The moon, obviously, is feminine. Mercury is nominally hermaphroditic, but masculinity dominates.

Sandy's speaking my kinda language


File: 5685d8a36177e86⋯.jpg (64.57 KB, 750x685, 150:137, DdKIoulX4AAcaVh.jpg)

Finalised figures


hello and welcome to tardis astrology



bill's stance is the funniest thing here for some reason



>still no waistcoat

Couldn't they have just repainted one of the hoodie outfits to give him a red coat?


File: c6d0ab1ac587f36⋯.jpg (326.73 KB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, 21-1.jpg)

change kill the moon so that the script is exactly the same except "the moon is an egg" is replaced with a different moral quandary that doesn't require such extreme suspension of disbelief



File: 5a1ea4f4a6bf5fe⋯.png (713.94 KB, 1003x791, 1003:791, thestranger1.png)

<Do you…love…her?




File: 68019fa17caa25d⋯.png (728.28 KB, 1001x792, 91:72, thestranger2.png)


<If you can love her…



I can't into it. I don't like it.


What about when it's in retrograde?


She looks like she's about to wrassle'



I hope Kim nukes America before he shuts down the nuclear site.


File: 566d1e45cb6136d⋯.png (556.57 KB, 1001x792, 91:72, thestranger3.png)


<…then you can LOVE me!



I'll let him know.



"haha i hope we die so drumpfy can be wrong, wouldn't that be funny hahaha"




in hindsight I agree with you


File: 7e63ee28867c205⋯.png (539.6 KB, 999x788, 999:788, thestranger4.png)


>…well, I-I don't actually LOVE her …huh. Well, I, uh, do in a way-


File: 869d34255606887⋯.png (528.6 KB, 1001x791, 143:113, thestranger5.png)





Sorry, Mr. President, I know you’re a busy man, but if I may, please, I promise to make this quick. For quite some time sir, I’m sure you’re aware, but respectfully, Dr. Trump, mind you, Captain President, sir—and there’s nothing you can do about it, good professor!

That’s right, Mr. Trump, my best friend, the clock is ticking, dear sir, and it’s about time. About damn time, if I may use some unseemly language, my good man and esteemed president!

First of all, honorable Prince Donald, sir, let me say this: Thank you. No really—you’re welcome, Mr. President, sir, and thank you very much. But just a fair warning, if I may, sir, please: you can’t stop it. You see, if I may interrupt further, my devoted Lord Trump, and quite simply, that’s the bottom line! Every minute, wise Commissioner Donald, my dear, it simply cannot continue. It never will. And when it does, by YOUR own hand, on YOUR watch, decent sir, it will be too late.

Can I say that, wise Uncle Trump, sir? Is that ok? I don’t mean to offend—just to tell the truth, doctor.

And if you’ll grant me just another paragraph, Mr. President, my treasured son and judicious father, excuse me, sir, but if I could, dear vicar, please, I absolutely have to ask: but then, I guess that wouldn’t be enough, would it? Not now. Not ever. After all, this was supposed to be YOUR job, strong Chancellor Donald, and here we are, esteemed Trump, sir, and, if I may, it’s starting to get old. With all due respect, mind you, good sir, if it’s alright with you, please, might I add, sir, respectfully:


And I think you know the answer to that, Mr. President. I think we all do, sir. Good luck and may you never die, my brilliant lover, sir!


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: 44e994a6c5abf73⋯.webm (2.92 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1526293814668.webm)

Doctor Who's CGI isn't that bad





CGI in film in general was a mistake.


File: dae26340b129e3c⋯.jpg (28.63 KB, 431x341, 431:341, IMG_0841.JPG)

File: ecc9c2fa04dc379⋯.jpg (45.39 KB, 437x337, 437:337, IMG_0842.JPG)

what are some lynchian whokinos?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

What is the Doctor Who equivalent of this gayno?



I recognize this but forget what it is





belta and the dannermen




delta and the bannermen

the first doctor who fan film ever



absolute kek


File: 877720a0cd6d7a5⋯.jpg (234.34 KB, 640x345, 128:69, vb_640x345_acf_cropped-1.jpg)


>Calls this gay

>post videos by pic related



File: 3e3db93bca1d382⋯.gif (264.61 KB, 240x138, 40:23, HonoredSoupyGlassfrog-max-….gif)


>implying this is gay


File: 8113b476655e496⋯.png (905.48 KB, 1280x709, 1280:709, i can't decide.png)


18 naked Judoon in the showers at Shadow Ranch!

Big hard throbbing cocks wanting to be sucked!

18 naked Judoon wanting to be fucked!

Judoon in the showers at Shadow Ranch!

On their knees wanting to suck Slitheen cocks!

Shadow Ranch really rocks!


there is LITERALLY nothing wrong with delta and the bannermen


File: 0635b549b4bca6b⋯.png (489.32 KB, 560x420, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

what is the Doctor Who equivalent of this?


File: be4a46b1348a929⋯.jpg (68.01 KB, 1066x600, 533:300, 1512067102892.jpg)





There's plenty wrong with it. But that's what makes it good. Part 1 is unironic kino though.



Nothing gay about a particularly diverse construction crew dancing at the beach I'll give you that.



Bannermen is one of the most underrated Who episodes



Explain why immediately


File: 03eb73a4bb8c46e⋯.jpg (63.74 KB, 640x360, 16:9, cd17917d4b57c07bde742505dd….jpg)



File: b8041fc8a440b70⋯.jpg (96.88 KB, 600x600, 1:1, petsounds.jpg)

What is the Doctor Who equivalent of this?



As Cartmel said it's a great balancing act, with being serious and have good chemistry. Aliens are wonderfully creative and Ken Dodd is as usual brilliant. I could go on but I need a rewatch


File: 1d56bd713a7f8b0⋯.jpg (160.82 KB, 1280x719, 1280:719, tumblr_ouxzueSnPC1vi88t8o8….jpg)


File: 8d66b381d39a487⋯.png (236.87 KB, 770x433, 770:433, ClipboardImage.png)



the best part is the slow pan out from the little girl in the alien getup sucking on the bottle glaring at the camera, just radiating disapproval



so hyped for 13 whipping her cock out in Yasmin's face



File: 571278a633d1485⋯.gif (4.54 MB, 590x404, 295:202, thedoctoractuallyfalls.gif)



Ah, Berlin!





Why can’t Americans understand accents?



Eh I can't find it but "Capaldi talking to villagers while Maisie chases ducks in background.webm"



>We're doin it riiight now

>Jodie's face when

Dirty girl.


vaporwave album with paradise towers samples when?



I'd make it just give me a while


is there a place to download the 50th anniversary collection soundtrack? or the S9 one while we're at it?


File: 9eef50068b3d51c⋯.jpg (19.78 KB, 640x352, 20:11, WsfuJJ5.jpg)

Ulysses my son

yuo are Time Lord now

you must choose wife and start a family

will yuo pick beautiful Togoladyrvaliciamandres

or will you pick stupid pink ape from backwards planet named Penelope



i love jodie



>mfw this lore is too deep for me


File: 53dd0afda0cd556⋯.jpg (62.42 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 32423029_1895612207124974_….jpg)

doctor who equivalent of pic related?


File: 800f8fd472a5710⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 139.65 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 20180323145203dw4d07b_slip….jpg)



Moffat erasing half the fanbase



I've never listened to any Tom audios. Which ones are worth the time?



virtually none of them which is a shame


I've never listened to a 4th doctor audio and that feels fine



Trouble With Drax



Dorney's ones

Hinchcliffe Presents



>old logo

not so fast!


trailer tonight?



if you say it every day, eventually it will be correct



It just dropped! Here's the S11 trailer for your viewing pleasure https://youtu.be/NiBkSG4GnNc





anyone else intimidated by religious people



depends on the religion



I can't believe the BBC has resorted to using bandicam for a Who trailer


File: f4e8e40ba030ce1⋯.jpg (612.28 KB, 4032x3024, 4:3, bt8m6qjijxr01.jpg)



t. nilso






BBC budget, it's a lottery





File: 28d6216b6621364⋯.jpg (914.9 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE….jpg)


File: cd996cfe9dc2c42⋯.jpg (3.88 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, cursed.jpg)

your mother will die in her sleep if you do not reply to this post



(the documents linked should be The Expedition, The Reign of Terror episodes 1-3 and 6, and The Mark of the Rani Part 1)



>The Reign of Terror




My guess would be someone went through reporting individual files, but gave up at some point.



I don't know if that's sarcastic but I did find it better than I remembered this time, especially the last few episodes.


/who/ … easy on the reply count


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




It's not, Hartnell is kino in it



File: 808f2c915adaa24⋯.jpg (1.46 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, thefaceofgod.jpg)



Why? I mean I understand if locked in a sacristy with a priest might be intimidating if you're an alterboy. Excluding pe. Nilso of course.


hey cats…easy on the VPN



True, Hartnell is always kino in season 1. I just always found the story kind of boring before.



But it seems to just be random episodes. If someone was going through with the intention of reporting them all, you'd figure it would be all the early episodes or something.



Looks like a Briggs Finish cover



I'd take a boring historical over a propaganised NewWho ep anyday


@ me with some gahposting



A whitewashed historical?




not very good but I tried not to just slow it down and add reverb


I can't tell if this is a joke or meant to be a serious attempt

the out of time drumbeats make it feel like a shitpost



it's a shitpost



not very nice to post.



sounds like every death grips song



jesus christ it's a meme, and specifically a /who/ one too


File: d8f905c46d1f188⋯.gif (2.09 MB, 640x355, 128:71, al_paci-noooo.gif)


File: 16048ba4d18dfea⋯.jpg (95.57 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 1526053973641.jpg)


Tennant's blue suit is better than the brown suit



t. Nilso


File: 1efa6962908b6b1⋯.jpg (41.97 KB, 540x960, 9:16, russell.jpg)


10's best costume is handy



not me but I agree with the s4 suit




t. Morphant



t. Nilso



t. Nilso




t. Nilso


File: 1588d4952a26fca⋯.jpg (234.86 KB, 640x460, 32:23, 1588d4952a26fcacb0a3464292….jpg)

File: 61d7b70b576875e⋯.jpg (102.52 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1526309996110.jpg)

What are some Doctor Who kinos where the hero executes an elaborate trick to use the villian's power against him?





Post more Who-related images to terrorise RTD with, the goal is to have him block me


File: 01e32cc5948c76d⋯.jpg (268.06 KB, 768x576, 4:3, c12.jpg)

Send this to Hinchcliffe


File: e4beba502ee02ae⋯.png (1.09 MB, 682x1024, 341:512, ClipboardImage.png)


I guess /who/ is in one of those moods again



Unironically wanted him in the DCEU. Oh well.



there is always Captain Marvel



otherwise known as Shazam


File: bec471dd7de6720⋯.gif (892.13 KB, 300x300, 1:1, think.gif)

Who wrote it better?

DOCTOR: These are human beings, Rani. Living creatures that have done you no harm.

RANI: They're carnivores. What harm have the animals in the fields done them? The rabbits they snare, the sheep they nourish to slaughter. Do they worry about the lesser species when they sink their teeth into a lamb chop?

BILL: She's a murderer.

DOCTOR: Enjoying your bacon sandwich?

BILL: Why?

DOCTOR: Because it had a mummy and a daddy. Go tell a pig about your moral high ground.




It's surreal that we're getting a Captain Marvel AND a Shazam movie within a year of each other.


File: 40360df2f418996⋯.png (155.53 KB, 500x281, 500:281, cartoon David Tennant Joke….png)

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