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File: 346b416ddfdfb58⋯.jpg (32.15 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, doctor_who_2005.8x01.deep_….jpg)

File: 7a4d1a3c38ef8a3⋯.jpg (59.67 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, doctor_who_2005.8x01.deep_….jpg)

File: ec1409020826be7⋯.jpg (42.6 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, doctor_who_2005.8x01.deep_….jpg)


This Is A Good Episode Edition

eviscerated: >>35711



>This Is A Good Episode

no it's not






t. assblasted Tomtit/Nilso/Ingiga/Kinda



It's weird seeing this in color. I still remember the black-and-white better.


File: 761dd40fd308f97⋯.png (13.79 MB, 3500x6274, 1750:3137, WaifuRoll.png)

Roll random number on http://numbergenerator.org/randomnumberbetween1and100 to claim a free and loving Doctor Who waifu.

If she's not on the chart, she's non-canon.



>My number is 69


Wow, I get Lucie Bleedin' Miller as a waifu. Not a bad pick at all.


reminder classic who streams in 3 days


File: bd870568d012aaf⋯.webm (3.65 MB, 720x404, 180:101, sweet mother.webm)


File: 40dc5c84e4f3bc5⋯.jpg (25.94 KB, 466x700, 233:350, Peter Capaldi.jpg)

File: a31d01214ad4803⋯.jpg (236.51 KB, 999x1540, 999:1540, mephisto(1).jpg)

File: 144488652644d34⋯.jpg (57.51 KB, 738x369, 2:1, Mephisto-Sympathy.jpg)

Reminder that Peter should play Mephisto in the next Doctor Strange movie


File: 5f01fed718950d4⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1280x738, 640:369, 1492338229597.png)

>yfw capaldi plays the master for the entirety of chibnall's era


File: 0608f39c04f7c7c⋯.png (21.95 KB, 882x58, 441:29, sigh.png)



Doctor a Who will reach a golden age with the twitch streams



>that tiny screencap

>no link



File: 5aa28e7ecf4ac7d⋯.jpg (150.83 KB, 599x521, 599:521, neo's latest obsession.jpg)



Is this who's replacing marigold?



File: 317fe6a4e8903cf⋯.jpg (43.54 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 1498988642234.jpg)


At what point did immigrant say Amy had full lips, asking for a friend



More importantly, at what point is he rightfully going to be punished for saying that?



Oh yeah, definitely. What scene was it though, just for the sake of knowing, y'know?



Literally never



>at what point is he rightfully going to be punished for saying that?

Never. I'm legitimately proud of the boy.


File: d2f4f0888d62fc5⋯.jpg (41.6 KB, 838x217, 838:217, what the fuck.jpg)



Which ep were we streaming at that moment? I feel like it was either Angels Take Manhattan or Vincent and the Doctor.




Angels Take Manhattan. The scene with Amy and Rory on the rooftop.





got Bill


Immigrant and Catterson have something in common





who is Catterson?


File: f6f71e0cb9650ca⋯.png (2.49 KB, 28x28, 1:1, feelscomfyman.png)


>being this new



I need to see these full lips. For my records






I miss a lot of threads ever few months so I probably missed the one where /who/ found him



We both like Amy?



That's a way you could put it.



Neo, stop meming and talk straight.


File: 59479226a85c21e⋯.jpg (36.1 KB, 340x549, 340:549, 1467722153224.jpg)






Anytime! I'm glad you're capable of objectifying women. ;^)

I saw Jumanji last night. Karen was actually really good in it.



Catterson is a (self-described Bisexual Autistic Youtuber) guy who we found after someone uploaded his fan audio series on audiobookbay.

The Catterson Chronicles is a series of audios about Liam Catterson, his self-insert and a rip off of the Doctor, but they cross over Doctor Who ideas with other series such as Metal Gear Solid. The results are deliriously bizarre and unintentionally hilarious.



> talk straight.

on /who/? C'mon.



I didn't even mean it to sound so lewd, kek.



He does some OC donut steel audios and Neo tried to do some voices for it but someone from when we were back on 4chan told Catterson about /who/ so Catterson literally ignored everything that followed.



That's what makes it so genuine.



It was Judy, and Ingiga reassures me it probably didn't change much one way or the other, he hasn't announced anything about s3 for ages.



> someone from when we were back on 4chan told Catterson about /who/ so Catterson literally ignored everything that followed.

Wait, what? That happened?



Catterson hasn't provided any updates on the series for ages so it's more likely he's just put it on hold, I honestly still doubt he's canned Neo just because Judy tried to send him some garbled mess of an email.



I knew it was Judy but since the anon didn't seem too acquainted I made it a bit simpler for them




probably this, sucks if true



oh I know Judy but must have missed the Catterson discussion



Neo, I follow your implication. But how would you know what Catterson is, you know, into?


should the opportunity arise

vomit me flies





Neo's silence speaks volumes.


I wish I had a screenshot of that time neo BTFO GI for absolutely no reason. I'm glad I lived long enough to see GI get revenge though.



He says so in the Cheating video.


File: cc3c069b2dbeafa⋯.jpg (73.2 KB, 814x759, 74:69, 1494065173931.jpg)


>Neo's silence speaks volumes.

GI is an underrated jokester.



File: 21ea8d819c8b717⋯.gif (1.99 MB, 245x250, 49:50, 1494132814915.gif)



too late to screenshot now though, because it'll be a shitty green pic



>implying there is anything wrong with archive screencaps



I built the whole Twinkanon article off them~



they're tacky and the signs of a failure. I'll never stoop so low


What's a good example of Classic Who Plebfilter?






The Edge of Destruction.



Unearthly Child parts 2-4



if someone says "the Chase" isnt kino, theyre a pleb



Season 24



Tomb of the Cybermen, if they say it’s the best Troughton then they’re a pleb



>implying it's worse than The Bore Games


File: 8227de68fbabfc9⋯.jpg (140.77 KB, 404x392, 101:98, 1492756748926.jpg)





Kinda. Ambassadors of Death. The Face of Evil. The Sun Makers. Season 16.




So, I hear we learn how Nilso got his name in NILSO: A STAR WARS STORY. Thoughts?



Half of season 5 is better than Tomb, as well as the Faceless Ones, the Dalek serials, the Mind Robber and the War Games.



Sorry would you prefer The Snore Games?


File: 4a67fc546191e03⋯.jpg (78.54 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1498474358924.jpg)


that does sound more witty actually



Happiness Patrol. State of Decay. Planet of the Spiders.


The Nilso Games




Reminder that the twitch stream is doing the Krotons, the Seeds of Death and the War Games in one day


nilso wants 1/10th of earth's children sacrificed





File: 7521f224c1288d0⋯.jpg (76.74 KB, 593x527, 593:527, tumblr_p48tbwst7z1qi3g2qo1….jpg)

/who/'s excited for interstellar lesbians?


File: cdd4a32be7e7dac⋯.gif (984.98 KB, 288x218, 144:109, 1443737522511.gif)


is it even possible to endure so much kino in such a short amount of time?


>twitch is skipping The Space Pirates

even they recognise its irredeemability


File: 4b617469e13b1c1⋯.jpg (85.34 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 12543334_1126455494034024_….jpg)

for anon that wanted larger



File: 6fffa5f5deeb920⋯.png (113.13 KB, 365x334, 365:334, 1499082095095.png)


Thank you, but the weird thing is that they're not actually the same picture. Capaldi is in the exact same position in both but in one he is out-of-focus and partially obscured by Talaylay, and in the other he is in focus and you can clearly see his whole arm.

There must've been a second photo taken immediately after your one.


File: af52d90a7c2d0bf⋯.jpg (75.39 KB, 976x549, 16:9, d14-13f-019.jpg)




Mystery solved


File: 3297332faba1fb6⋯.jpg (371.36 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, d14-13f-007.jpg)

File: e8038b4b3fca92c⋯.jpg (112.6 KB, 976x549, 16:9, d14-13f-032.jpg)

File: 23abb4f15185a63⋯.jpg (104.48 KB, 976x549, 16:9, d14-13f-056.jpg)

File: d95df436b4f04aa⋯.jpg (37.02 KB, 535x400, 107:80, d14-13f-063.jpg)




>still slightly smaller than the png



There's no higher res version of it.



you can make an image larger than the original size



I really wish you hadn't told me that



>There's no higher res version of it.

There must be, because they're right, >>36541 is higher res.


File: 0f31e1a9a8d60a4⋯.png (593.08 KB, 626x599, 626:599, F1yQpvR.png)

>tfw /who/ didn't live to see the 2AM stream special


What would you choose in these categories?

>Classic Stories that would have worked better as audios

>New Who stories that would have worked better as Classic Who stories

>Audios that would have worked better as Classic or New Who stories



1. Horns Of Nimon would benefit from not actually seeing how the Nimon look

2. the Monk trilogy

3. We Are The Daleks


What was that website with the behind the scenes pictures?

The Master File? Something similar.





This is my fav 12 line



hey friend hey pal do you want to bmaybe clam down their pal buddy


>the absolute state of plebs who don't know a good trialpost when they see it




Toys in the attic I am crazy

Truly gone fishin


File: e59c0ba2ab2a924⋯.jpg (106.38 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 18582169_2280814652143627_….jpg)

>World Autism Awareness Week

>the most normie Doctor/companion pairing ever



Nice edit.



Might be Tragical History Tour but I find their site loads slow for me


File: 6d82612d429cde1⋯.jpg (1.33 MB, 2560x1064, 320:133, image.jpg)



1. The Celestial Toymaker

2. Under The Lake/Before The Flood

3. The Foe From The Future


Claira and Davroce.



That's the one. Thanks, anon.


File: 18f249d211ed5e4⋯.png (2.64 KB, 619x20, 619:20, Screenshot-2018-5-26 casua….png)

Nilso btfo


I've noticed a lot of criticism of Doctor Who comes from plot points, which isnt the most interesting thing to me, but people seemingly want to be spoonfed even the most uninteresting of details. I remember a criticism of Day of the Doctor that we dont see a scene of 11 contacting the past Doctors and telling them to come help with Gallifrey. The other Doctors just turn up…. but really, is that a scene we needed in the 50th? Matt Smith with a telephone, ringing his past selves?

And people seem averse to mystery as well. I've seen people complain about not knowing the exact origins of for instance the weeping angels… If anything the angels are better to have a mysterious origin like that. It works for them


File: 3fcc1fc536ff784⋯.jpg (75.63 KB, 500x376, 125:94, 1377343660318.jpg)

>neo lives in korea but can't even play at more than 50 APM





plot points are "tangible details", most people are too media illiterate to discuss other aspects of what they like or dislike. or to appreciate thematics or aesthetics. treating writing like a puzzle to map out is an easier way to engage with a show.






I dont think not seeing them made the nimon any more interesting in Season of Fear.


1.The Twin Dilemma-underneath the crappy effects and the choking controversy, theres a solid plot.

2.the rebel flesh/the almost people-breathing room and a bigger stress on the tragedy of the situation would have made this work

3.blood of the daleks. Everything about that story feels like it was written for tv, and having 2 indistinguishable looking sets of daleks shooting at eachother would have driven the themes home



seeing the Nimon detracts from the fear you're supposed to feel towards them


What are your most controversial Doctor Who opinions?



S5 isn't the best new series season.



Nimon is good



Most of Tom Baker's era is forgettable.

Davison's era is pretty different and not as bad as everyone says.

Almost every Dalek story written by Nation is average, if not downright bland.

I don't understand Sarah Jane Smith's popularity. She's definitely good, but I just don't get it.

Modern Who has only had two good companions.

River Dong was used too much, and we shouldn't have found out who she was.

A lot of missing episodes are quite boring.

I'll think of some more.



Tegan and Nyssa are definitely lesbian girlfriends.



>Modern Who has only had two good companions.

which two?



Donna and Clara (maybe Martha if she wasn't so hung up on fugging 10)



>Donna and Clara

Surprisingly based choices, not what I expected.




File: c7cffa26846436d⋯.jpg (362.51 KB, 1110x1280, 111:128, d11-9q-195.jpg)


It's hip to fuck bees.


File: 907bed0b1e12dc9⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1110x1280, 111:128, 1443615645156.png)


>it's a neo vagueposts episode



I find most Who lore, discourse about it, analysis of and theories surrounding it, plus a significant amount of what we have extended genuine conversations in /who/ threads on, to be total vacuous, unenlightening, spiritually empty shite that could be deleted in one fell swoop with little or no loss to the world of storytelling and a hell of a lot of spared effort. And I say this as someone who occasionally participates.



Wow, you must have a very high IQ!






Somewhere… nah, doesn't matter.




>/who/nger games

>Cards Against /who/manity





It's true, in this topsy-turvy day and age.


anyone else bored with Neo being fucking weird?



it's fun



it's like he's got fucking Alzheimers



The vna are continuity heavy slogs. The pacing mixed with the tone makes me super apathetic to entire novels.

As an extension of that: I don't get the appeal of Rags. Its a goddamned bore. "Oh look! We can deconstruct the third doctor! Isnt that so edgy" please. As if Inferno wasn't already doing that 20 years earlier in the third doctor's first season.



Do you think there's a reason 3 gets so many futile attempts at deconstruction?



People who insist upon IQ as a universal method of quantifying the capacities of the human brain tend to also be "race realism" enthusiasts.


File: 6799cee575c6367⋯.png (4.25 KB, 350x104, 175:52, 1467375765113.png)


Thanks to GI, we now have the perfect reaction image for those situations.



>perfect image




The Daleks have 7 total good serials and the rest should be junked. The Daleks, The Dalek Invasion of Earth, Power of the Daleks, Genesis of the Daleks, Remembrance of the Daleks, Dalek and Parting of the Ways


File: 9bcf973074606ee⋯.png (10.97 KB, 811x202, 811:202, ClipboardImage.png)


I'm sorry, but no matter how much you force this, it's always going to pale in comparison to the original.




bit OTT isn't it?


File: 60cc76ae5c673a9⋯.gif (1008.96 KB, 245x200, 49:40, Fuck is going on.gif)


Fuck this was so savage it actually hurts to read



>no Evil

What the FUCK



I wish all of classic went missing.


File: 9eef50068b3d51c⋯.jpg (19.78 KB, 640x352, 20:11, WsfuJJ5.jpg)


>he thinks that PotW is better than Evil of the Daleks

genuine disgust


File: a1461e6a294e185⋯.gif (2.73 MB, 268x180, 67:45, oh_no_no_no.gif)

What's the Doctor Who equivy of this gif?



Evil of the Daleks is boring as fuck and it’s got racism as well. Who wants to watch an episode of Doctor Who about a guy walking around a house? Then they get to Skaro and it goes full frockshit with train daleks




>"Oh look! We can deconstruct the third doctor! Isnt that so edgy"

I think you're not giving it enough credit. Taking the 70s UNIT, and mashing it with the fervor of 70s punk, and throwing the Third Doctor into the angry counter-culture, is a great choice. There's a logic to it, at least.

(Combat Rock, on the other hand, is just being edgy to be edgy.)



Consistency. Completely it. Pertwee had Dicks and Letts making sure you had a consistent quality show for 5 whole years. Roles were set, tone was similar story to story and you knew what you were getting for the most part for 5 whole years. They had 3 years of the same companion and a recurring villain. What?!? How? Its ripe for deconstruction because from the outside looking in you can picture a new pertwee story that would fit within 3 seconds.

Compare 4. People love T. Baker because his tone could be anything you wanted it to be between the 4 or so showrunners that worked under him and it was always glued together as Doctor Who by a few set pieces and Baker's sheer charisma.

Other doctors werent around long enough for that kind of stuff to crystalize as a consistent idea.

And thats fine, but deconstructions of pertwee post-pertwee make extreme mistakes because they come off as venomous and lacking the depth that Pertwee, Dicks and Letts infused the character with in favor of a stereotype that is easy to pick at. Its arguably harder to do that with any character sans 10 and the brigadier.


File: 21c3f301bdc766e⋯.jpg (36.7 KB, 251x242, 251:242, disgruntled frog.jpg)

File: 21c3f301bdc766e⋯.jpg (36.7 KB, 251x242, 251:242, disgruntled frog.jpg)

File: 21c3f301bdc766e⋯.jpg (36.7 KB, 251x242, 251:242, disgruntled frog.jpg)

File: 21c3f301bdc766e⋯.jpg (36.7 KB, 251x242, 251:242, disgruntled frog.jpg)

File: 5c275eb209c3170⋯.png (8.13 KB, 250x202, 125:101, disgusted frog.png)


>it goes full frockshit with train daleks



nice to see you have an understanding of different types of plot

do you have subtitles on when you watch or does your minder have to pause every five minutes to explain what's going on while you pick the cereal out of your belly button?



I hate star wars so much.



What's your beef, cloisteen?



Oh wow that's a real interesting take, I was thinking more of 3's personality, but that's a really good point.

Have you heard Loz's explanation for why he uses 3 and his era as a counterpoint in his writing?


the son the father and the holy nilso



Ah, no I havent. Although i could picture it based off his style.



I can't even. It's so personally offensive I can't articulate everything that's awful about it. It's indefensible nonsense. Any defense of the "films" boils down to muh childhood and I like glowy swords.



I'm not allowed to go find the link for you but yeah it's interesting.



Why can't you find it?



Some /who/res barred me from researching any Loz stuff cause of potential spoilers since I haven't read some of his major works yet.



would you enjoy it if both sides were less cartoonish/one-dimensional and both were fleshed out, with both sides being given time to explain why their belief cycle is the appropriate one as well as a chance to empathise with both the personal lives of people on both sides and the choices they've made?



But that's The Last Jedi.






I mean, maybe, but you might as well make a completely different franchise or IP at that point. Spaceballs is the best starwars film to date.



Is there a proper search term or blog i should be looking foe?



LoGH is better at being Star Wars than Star Wars is at being Star Wars. It even has its own Death Star.



It was definitely text in an interview, not a podcast or anything. Loz talked about 3's era as like the ideal of Who and had a really interesting take on it; iirc the interviewer had brought up the Laika stuff from Alien Bodies and he went into detail about why he used 3 in AB. He may have delved into Intereference stuff at which point I stopped reading, can't remember.



I sympathise.

>mfw I see people call SW "a timeless story" when there are people throughout the history of the world to whom it would be ethically incomprehensible



I think it's interesting to see 3 in other forms of media, especially in that space of time where most of the material available was about 7/8. I love Three's stories, but they are very formulaic and you can easily tell the tone/idea of the story very quickly so having a Third Doctor story with a tone/style different to what we're used to should in concept be a nice idea; the only problem that occurs is that people might go a bit OTT with making it so comparably different.

I'd love to see a more adult 3 book, but filling it with VNA-tier stuff might be a bit too much; then again, that juxtaposition might be quite applicable but it'd probably depend on who was writing it.




I've been recommended this before. The person described it as dune crossed with starwars would that be accurate? Dune the movie was kinda shit but iirc the books were pretty damned great. Would that description be accurate? And would it be safe to watch in a family settting?


I don't even know about all that it's just like why is this a thing at all.


File: bfcb3108b31fd0f⋯.jpg (115.35 KB, 712x947, 712:947, C66GPdFWkAIvch_.jpg large.jpg)



Dune mixed with Star Wars would be quite a good example, but I'd sooner mix it as a historical epic combining European wars such as the Napoleonic Wars, Star Wars and a sense of european history fetishism in relation to architecture and visual cues. The books are incredibly in depth and read as if you're actually reading a book about events which happened hundreds of years ago. Another thing about the books is that with most adaptations, the creators tend to take some creative liberties but both adaptations are incredibly faithful to both the tone and plot of the books. It's entirely in moonrunes but the newer adaptation (which is even more loyal to the books) has an english dub.

Safe to watch in a family setting? There's virtually no swearing in the entire show, but there are moments where people get killed in explosions onboard spaceships, get carved in two with axes in CQC and there are some scenes where people get the backs of their heads blown off but these moments are few and far between.



*moonspeak - it has subtitles




You know, that's actually fascinating because apparently I have THE EXACT SAME view as LoZ and came to THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE conclusion somehow.

Putting this character on paper means that you conjure an idea, a scene, a relateable idea from which is a solid foundation for a story. Loz seems to believe that its a weakness to a story used outside of direct moments, but for me understanding characters, writing and direction was a wonderful way to relate a stronger context and convey my points more effectively, especially in 2.5, where things could have easily been in generic doctor territory if I didnt take the time to understand the characters




Cool, thanks. Good to know. If I can find it on hulu/amazon/netflix i'll probably check it out. Scifi and anime can be sketchy sometimes for mixed company, like dune is definitely not ok for all audiences.



Would you rephrase that? Your point sounds interesting, but I'm too dense to get it.



You're not going to find it on Amazon/Netflix or Hulu at all. There's a limited run of the series at the moment on DVD with all 110 episodes of the main series, 52 of the side series and all three movies but have fun spending $799.98 on it.

They all used to be on dailymotion but I think they got scrubbed. If you've ever used KissAnime they're there.



Well there goes my plans. I've never heard of kissanime, but I'm sure, I know a little weeb that has, and he can surely find it.



Well, here loz seems convinced that the PDAs and MAs are written to their detriment by being too tied to TV and specifically their actors performances. He seems convinced that great literature cannot come from that; despite using it to great emotional resonance at the beginning of Alien Bodies(which he readily admits he did). To me, great stories can invoke the ghosts and set pieces to create context, which was inherent to the importance of the scene and can be used to tell an emotionally resonant doctor who story. To him, if doctor who stories don't invoke an actor or era, they can be anything! They can be freeing and tell different types of stories unbound by the conventions of an era.


The stream has discovered a new show to love, and boy will it surprise you what it is.



What he means is he can't write people in character and wants a pretentious excuse for it.



But he can though. His three is clearly intelligently written and comes from a place of deeply knowing and respecting the character. But somehow he claims to hate it.

Fuck Loz is weird.



Hmm. When I write a story, I kinda go for the "Character can do anything" thinking. (For example, I once thought of a spy caper with Canton Delaware and the First Doctor, or a story where Romana I saves refugees from aliens.)But you've often said that my writing still evokes the old stuff, so whatever.



>Well, here loz seems convinced that the PDAs and MAs are written to their detriment by being too tied to TV and specifically their actors performances. He seems convinced that great literature cannot come from that

He doesn't say that. In question 33, he just says that he isn't interested in what the actors did outside the video performance, like Pertwee footage between takes.

His complaint about MAs/PDAs (in question 31) is that they're too traditional and bound to the style of the classic show, and when he mentions "Managra", he specifically praises it for recapturing TB's performance.

>As far as I'm concerned, the only truly great Missing Adventure is MANAGRA, which works by being first and foremost a genuinely great modern fantasy novel. The fact that it's a DOCTOR WHO novel as well would be almost irrelevent, if it didn't have such a perfect depiction of the Fourth Doctor that you can almost hear Tom Baker doing the lines.


File: 0f31e1a9a8d60a4⋯.png (593.08 KB, 626x599, 626:599, F1yQpvR.png)

>everyone's reactions when they come into the stream and see what's going on



>You won't BELIEVE what we're streaming today! #2 will shock you.


File: f91aaf6babd9bb8⋯.jpg (96.6 KB, 1024x503, 1024:503, clara_s_sticky_end_11_by_i….jpg)

I forgot about this, then remembered. Please end my life



someone's a big fan of Roald Dahl



File: 7dbc711454dfcfd⋯.jpg (105.7 KB, 1024x558, 512:279, clara_s_sticky_end_13_by_i….jpg)


It's so fucking grotesquely worded that I feel like I have to subject you all to it.





nilsos a blueberry


File: 745ef4e5a754703⋯.jpg (17.06 KB, 550x308, 25:14, punch2.jpg)

>when someone comes into the stream and witnesses what we've become



>nilsos a blueberry

Better than a "Strawberry", I suppose.






You guys are watching rick and morty aren't you?



If only.





Would a Young Doctor show work?



Even RTD recognised it was a terrible idea.




Is it this >>36658 ? If so, just be aware you're watching a minstrel show; portraying aspies in behavioral blackface as opposed to those of african decent.



It's worse than TBBT if that's what you mean.






Is someone gonna tell him



you do it



It's the origins of Big Bang Theory.





I'm leaving before I ban you all. Good day.








Young Neo



Noung Yeo


Wife. My son, he bazincks no more


Hi Neo,

I'm Sheldon xx



I saw an episode of young sheldon and I was really surprised to see that the show actually has a soul. It focuses purely on character interactions of a small town family and how they deal with having a special boy, and they act in ways that are genuine and likeable. There's no laugh track or 3-wall studio locations, it's like a soft heartwarming drama with some light comic relief


File: ee4bab060052d99⋯.jpg (78.8 KB, 750x917, 750:917, pn5ohx4yd9011.jpg)

What's the Doctor Who equivalent of pic related?



fuck off kinda


File: d6521c5cd79a4c2⋯.jpg (28.66 KB, 400x385, 80:77, 6c6f837f35740dc2b107fcf2ab….jpg)

kino age incoming



>burning waste material for energy

Thin Ice?



this probably works because both things are things that no one asked for


God, I love watching Hartnell stories. It's so nice to see someone actually enjoying themselves and losing themselves in the technobabble



>tfw /who/ is the only place I'd even consider having a conversation about Doctor Who

Not to circlejerk too much but what makes us so different?



Do you have a repository of interesting articles about character study? You seem like someone who would know about something like that.


Cheetah, get back in the stream




Morphant ERPing with Cheetah in the stream





Okay, this is

This is




A cause I can get behind.

t. Morphant


someone get in the damn stream


trailer today ?



3pm GMT


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Because to a young, edgy writer who doesn't know better, the Pertwee era looks weird. To them, it's the Doctor becoming part of the military and condescending to Jo. And even though Letts was a hardcore Buddhist, Hulke was a commie, and Dicks was good friends with both, an edgy writer can see it as Doctor Who selling out to the man. So they want to push back and say "Fuck this, this isn't what Doctor Who's about!"

That said, I'm surprised by how few UNIT deconstructions I've seen in books and ear stories. The most prominent one I can think of is that Torchwood episode where they have their own Guantanamo Bay, and arrest otherwise innocent people like Tosh and treat them lke animals because they have knowledge of alien technology.



There's 2 views of 3rd Doctor–that he's a staid agent of the mainstream, or that he's a wry force of energy, forced in confines, and rolling his eyes at the military.


Nilsos a stain agent



Are there any other stories that paint UNIT in an extremely negative light?


File: b59c2a62cd5080c⋯.jpg (202.72 KB, 1024x1519, 1024:1519, hot.jpg)


Nilsos a stain on society


Nilso gave me stains on my pants



Soy milk stains?



Some kind of milk



Children of Earth.

Zygon Invasion / Inversion paints them in a slightly negative light with the dronestrikes, and eagerness to commit genocide of the zygons near the end.


Nilso has a choice to make





nah I chose my waifu ages ago


File: 2470b1f253916ba⋯.jpg (60.99 KB, 481x750, 481:750, s11 spoilers.jpg)



File: d9b17ca2410c523⋯.jpg (40.29 KB, 590x350, 59:35, Sylvester-McCoy-1015288.jpg)



Human Nature in the stream


Human Nature in the stream




Clayton Hickman called “BOOM” a shit quote on twitter. What’s the Doctor Who equivalent of this?


File: 2b7eb610f8fd9fe⋯.png (15.58 KB, 599x114, 599:114, ClipboardImage.png)

any doctor who episodes about absolutely braindead opinions?



lie of the land



>absolutely braindead opinions?

You mean like Kanye's?


File: 498ef4e66f2677e⋯.jpg (86.02 KB, 594x435, 198:145, 1510246769713.jpg)


File: 6700bd6fddffe66⋯.png (331.31 KB, 1000x666, 500:333, 249480900001211.png)

>Lord President, with respect, get off his planet.


File: 541f652645f53b9⋯.jpg (28.83 KB, 657x527, 657:527, 29595468_382985468843229_7….jpg)





File: 8fc8124e7374ea9⋯.jpg (25 KB, 669x514, 669:514, 33425630_1407217236091626_….jpg)











File: c1773cde54a915f⋯.webm (1.67 MB, 626x360, 313:180, missing books.webm)


File: 65e3f1399886b11⋯.webm (2.93 MB, 960x540, 16:9, lindsay put up this wall.webm)

doctor who equivalent?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Quick rundown?



arrested development, watch it now



Oh, I don’t watch tv shows that aren’t Doctor Who



you're missing out big time desu



legit kino


File: 0e3650ae1730d6e⋯.png (13.41 KB, 774x209, 774:209, 1467375765110.png)


>pale in comparison to the original

I agree. Unfortunately, you don't have the original, just an ugly green simulacrum of it.


File: 5172aafe6df4c9c⋯.jpg (48.34 KB, 500x507, 500:507, meglostom.jpg)


File: af4ca327c3d614d⋯.png (30.69 KB, 522x157, 522:157, elmara.png)


I have a rash where my left buttock meets my thigh. It's a bunch of dark red spots. Is that bad?


File: 8d2b33170c3d013⋯.jpg (45.73 KB, 433x641, 433:641, 33312912_1850054011750450_….jpg)

okay, this is epic



>I have a rash where my left buttock meets my thigh. It's a bunch of dark red spots.

And that's a good thing!



were you fucked recently? didn't dry yourself after a shower properly?



No and I don't think so, respectively. It's not itchy or painful, even when I touch it.



did you shave your legs?



File: 6a69f3e1c246401⋯.jpg (87.72 KB, 640x469, 640:469, 1500273194123.jpg)


het much?



forgot to wipe?




I'm out of ideas

post a picture?



Heat rash? Take a cool bath and powder your ass.



please dont post a fucking picture.. draw it at most




have you been wearing tight trousers? jeans? sweating in tight clothes? exercising?


I'll have a better description later when I have time to examine my own arse.


File: 50a2458b00f89d7⋯.png (529.51 KB, 708x526, 354:263, doctor prank.png)


haha just pranking


what's the doctor who equivalent of becoming overly invested in a stranger's very mild ass condition



the impossible girl arc. 11 is obsessed with Clara's condition


File: 697ddfb984202e5⋯.jpg (401.57 KB, 1600x1387, 1600:1387, time_goddess_23_by_richvil….jpg)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

What are some Doctor Who kinos like this?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Fuck John Seavey.


File: 686187690cee938⋯.png (518.09 KB, 911x546, 911:546, 1492840874038.png)



it's not kino you r*tard





File: 6a69f3e1c246401⋯.jpg (87.72 KB, 640x469, 640:469, 6a69f3e1c24640124916df2a26….jpg)






I think it's just a bit too aggressively cutesy, especially given the rest of the film very unironically embraces what this opening parodies. That said, I do kinda like it.


I'm so used to rendering of this standard being associated with weird inflation or incest porn that seeing a passable action scene executed with it is really alien.



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I'd call this one too cutesy, but quite liked the scale of the first one. The actual opening TFA got was a neat enough visual though, perfectly happy with it.



Spit your lager out and try typing that again, Neo.



File: d858a7358ced977⋯.jpg (13.95 KB, 807x49, 807:49, stroke.jpg)

What are some Doctor Who kinos about betrayal?



>Those two "mostly"'s are not a typo



I'm not gonna lie, I love Nilso. And Nilso loves me.



You are lying though. Nilso loves nothing but gargling soy milk.



he's a naughty boy with a

bad habit

a bad habit for soy



Nilso went to shops and they were all out of soy pretzel pieces. He was brought to the verge of tears and his terrified screams caused thunder to fall from the skies.



Mawdryn Undead


File: aeb80e34ead8e51⋯.png (370.63 KB, 324x445, 324:445, soy.png)

This pleases the Nilso.


Yeah Doctor Who's cool, but what about Young Sheldon


Young Sheldon (stylized as young Sheldon) is an American television comedy on CBS created by Chuck Lorre and Steven Molaro. The series is a spin-off prequel to The Big Bang Theory and follows the character Sheldon Cooper at the age of nine, living with his family in East Texas and going to high school. Iain Armitage stars as young Sheldon, alongside Zoe Perry, Lance Barber, Montana Jordan, Raegan Revord, and Annie Potts. Jim Parsons, who portrays the adult Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory, narrates the series and serves as an executive producer.

Development of the prequel series began in November 2016, from an initial idea that Parsons passed along to The Big Bang Theory producers. The following March, Armitage and Perry were cast, and the series was ordered by CBS. The series premiered as a special preview on September 25, 2017, and two days later, CBS picked up the series for a full season of 22 episodes. On November 2, 2017, new episodes began airing weekly. In January 2018, CBS renewed the series for a second season.


I don't dislike young sheldon

it's unironically better than big bang theory


Young Sheldon's appealing cast and relatable themes bring a fresh—and overall enjoyable—perspective to its central character's familiar story.


Neo is the Sheldon of /who/


hey neo. left you a little something in the stream.

beef up on your lore with it.


Which /who/res would make a good sitcom cast?





Have you guys come across discrepancies in tbbt sheldon's childhood stories and young Sheldon's plot? I have been rewatching tbbt these days and came across some contradictions to Sheldon's childhood stories. Grown-up Sheldon kps saying that his parents constantly fought and that his dad was a drunkard. But there's nothing like it in young sheldon! I actually like George's character in young sheldon. I hope they won't change his character later!



i think sheldon exaggerated because he was bitter and upset


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Jim Parsons' cameo in The Muppets was unironically SHEEP. I still remember my cinema's reaction to the scene.



can you link the scene and describe your experience?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Sheldon: Oh, that seems overly harsh. I mean, you gave in to a human weakness, you didn’t kill a man. You know, it’s a tad old-school, but my father was not one to spare the rod when my brother would sneak into his truck and drink his driving whiskey.

Amy: Are you saying you want to spank me?

Sheldon: I don’t want to. But it looks like you left me no choice.

(TBBT S06E10)

Leonard: I hate to tell you, but the only warm memories I have of my childhood are of my Uncle Floyd.

Sheldon: You’re clearly misremembering. Your mother is brilliant, analytical, insightful, and I’m betting she never hit you with a Bible because you wouldn’t eat your Brussels sprouts.

(TBBT S02E15)

^When will Young Sheldon start hitting these darker tones?



I'm sure the hitting with the Bible was more of a less than mild smack that he's blowing out of proportion

as for his dad.. well young sheldon is still young so give it a few years. technically hasnt broken continuity yet.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


pleasantly surprised, jubilant.


I hate this video. I remember after seeing the movie years ago I wanted to listen to the song, and the only version I could find on youtube was this one where it's just constantly interrupted by random snippets of dialogue and generally butchered.

Here's one that actually seems to be show the scene straight:


In tbbt he said he's been carrying the Justice League of America membership card in every wallet he's owned since he was five. However in Young Sheldon we learn that he readed his first comic book at age nine. Why would he carry the membership card of something comic book related for four years while not reading comic books? The little things like this bother me more than they should.



there's an episode where sheldon's mom forces him to go to sunday school because she catches him playing DnD and thinks it's of the devil


Meemaw takes Sheldon to meet Irah. He asks him what it's like to be Jewish. Irah says it's terrible jokingly. Irah names off some famous Jews like the actors that play Kirk and Spock. Sheldon says he wants to be Jewish. Sheldon asks Mary if she'd be angry at him if he didn't pick her religion. She says no that she'd never be angry at him. But if he ends up picking Satan, she will do battle against him. Sheldon has a dream about the numbers 1 and 0 who explain to Sheldon that the universe is a binary sequence. They are about to give him the secret to understanding the universe when Sheldon's brother interrupts his dream and wakes him up.



There are other ways to consume super hero stories than just comics. Think monkey, think.



>Amy: Are you saying you want to spank me?

>Sheldon: I don’t want to. But it looks like you left me no choice.

what the fuck

is this from the porn parody


In the latest episode there was a glaring story error - his taking up acting. It completely discredits the BBT episode where he got acting lessons from Penny.

In response to earlier comments, I don’t find Sheldon’s home and school life to be ‘inaccurate’ we are seeing a first hand account of Sheldon’s childhood. We the audience are getting to watch it and make our own judgements. Anything Sheldon has said over 10 years on BBT is an adult remembering his childhood and his feelings and perceptions at that time. We all remember our childhoods differently to everyone else who was there at the time.



Amy has really full lips here


In the comic episode, young Sheldon says that writers shouldn’t make up words. But he says bazinga


reminder that sheldon had sex and got married before you


Young Sheldon is unironically the Better Call Saul to The Big Bang Theory's Breaking Bad; kino about character regression instead of progression.


Your marriage is over Nilso. All you have to do is admit it. Then you can come home with me.


File: 8faf763d181711d⋯.jpg (34.12 KB, 256x453, 256:453, Badger.jpg)

If I could make one (1) significant change to the production of Doctor Who it would be arranging a partnership between BBC and Jim Henson's Creature Shop.

It would be the golden era.



If I could make one (1) signification change to the production of Doctor Who I would have Nilso cast as one of 13's companions.


HAHAHAHAHAHAA He said it again. HAHAH BAZINGA. What a riot


HAHAHAHAHAHAA He said it again. HAHAH NILSO. What a riot



Bazinga has not been uttered once in the entirety of Young Sheldon. Think monkey, think.



Bazinga will be a big deal in Young Sheldon


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The video that saved /who/



t. assblasted Nilso


nilso blasted his own ass in a botched enema procedure


File: 6799cee575c6367⋯.png (4.25 KB, 350x104, 175:52, 1467375765113.png)


How would you feel if Doctor Who significantly increased its use practical effects and what's your favourite example of practical effects in Doctor Who?

My favourite effect is the split head in Husbands, and I also enjoyed the occasional puppet in McCoy's era.





and "bazinga" isn't even said in season 1 of TBBT.


>Neo unironically watches The Big Bang Theory

What a fucking normie


"Save Bazinga"

"Why did you say that?? Bazinga! WHy did you say that meme?"

Leaked from the script for the series finale Sheldon V Little Sheldon: Dawn of Bazinga


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


HAHAHAHAHAHAA He said it again. HAHAH FUCK OFF KINDA. What a riot



t. Kinda


The Orville and Young Sheldon's pilot were both directed by Jon Favreau.


the same types of people who complain about the big bang theory being "nerd blackface" also dismiss actual blackface as being just le joak lol


File: 13b0cd5e5ac08d8⋯.png (1.19 MB, 778x786, 389:393, close RTD.png)


I would feel as unimpressed as always, because the shiny new fuck-off-high-definition cameras that they'll be using for Series 11 and which will certainly never go away would let us see all the seams in everything, along with everyone's fucking pores.



What about Cloister?



>implying he isn't just copy/pasting comments he found on reddit by searching


File: 09227c549cd81e2⋯.jpg (75.3 KB, 852x1136, 3:4, 1524255320473.jpg)

I support of a twink companion


File: 2a79f406e205128⋯.jpeg (35.82 KB, 519x307, 519:307, 1500273194123.jpeg)






Young Nilso


Nilsdon Coopilso


The Nilso Bang Theory


the big neo theory





the lil nilso hypothesis



t. Nilso


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I hypothesise that it only becomes erect in the presence of men.



So what you're saying is…

nilsos gay?


File: 1ec77316aa73d34⋯.gif (2.84 MB, 540x275, 108:55, 1520499337785.gif)

If S11 isn't my favourite season I'm going to be disappointed.



>that gif

This kills the show.


File: 5335d23a702e979⋯.jpg (142.01 KB, 959x482, 959:482, 1467375765109.jpg)


Fuck off, Meme-O. Bring back Discussion-Neo.


File: 3eeae05f5967ba0⋯.jpg (16.91 KB, 620x368, 155:92, doctor_who_dorium_moldovar.jpg)


Jodie WhitaKKKer doesn't care about blue people.


Let's just spam inane shit about Nilso for DAYS ON END guys IT'LL BE SO FUNNY



t. Nilso




You mean almost a year.


File: be54756d25b20e4⋯.jpg (26.42 KB, 720x720, 1:1, thinking.jpg)

>Neo is now opposed to Jodie's casting

What the hell happened?


File: fbdfce12d3ee4ba⋯.png (204.95 KB, 451x371, 451:371, Untitled.png)



He cute


File: 5b6281928a760ab⋯.jpg (1.73 MB, 2690x1141, 2690:1141, moffkino.jpg)

File: 86122c27874f116⋯.jpg (9.83 KB, 832x468, 16:9, 12_into_dalek.jpg)

File: 3a6716aae50ef9f⋯.jpg (112.06 KB, 960x452, 240:113, manning_series 9.jpg)




The Capaldi era was peak aesthetic. Cinematic, but not too HD, lots of nice deep dark shadows everywhere, as opposed to the Smith era, which tried too hard to be shiny and "fresh", Talaylay, tastefully minimalist Stuart Manning advertising, and so on. It comes off as a modern counterpart to 60s Who, which is interesting because the era kind of works as a thematic counterpart too, with the Doctor in the 60s being relatively inexperienced, and the Doctor under Moffat having experienced practically everything there is and wondering where to go from there.


File: fddc1821f90ede2⋯.jpg (58.5 KB, 461x615, 461:615, TjtrY_X8gGWU1EHjW3NvpsoIBU….jpg)


File: 59b33fde35f9bba⋯.jpg (266.17 KB, 626x742, 313:371, 1491703554865.jpg)

Who directed Husbands?









what is your point in posting this?


File: bf009e027d90e76⋯.png (148.56 KB, 637x647, 637:647, 1527408794007.png)


Whats the Doctor Who equivilant of this? https://twitter.com/reigncarlin/status/999629130780979200


File: 533f49eccfa1955⋯.png (954.83 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, THE CONFUSION IN MY MIND.png)





What are some Doctor Who kinos about posts putting you in a good mood?


File: 00606ac932b18e6⋯.png (180.04 KB, 1508x1122, 754:561, TheRatings.png)


File: 389b3f12b57cfec⋯.png (237.42 KB, 640x605, 128:121, ClipboardImage.png)


Based Mackinnon. Can you imagine watching Husbands with Talaylay's blue filter?


It applies especially well to Doctor Who, considering how long its history is.




Sandifer despises Mackinnon's direction of Listen.






he's saying the press is owned by powerful people, refuting the point the journalist attempted to make about the press's purpose to be keeping watch on powerful people


File: 9f48dd117cdb6b5⋯.gif (889.01 KB, 352x264, 4:3, I CAN'T STAND THE CONFUSIO….gif)





Battlefield episode 1 for classic

The Eaters of Light for new


Will Chibnall give us a musical episode or save that for his second series?



He daren't give us as undistilled a kino as that.


the musical episode of Doctor Who will be written by Nilso












Why? I have no strong feelings about Listen whatsoever but I'd be interested to know what's wrong with the direction.



The day Doctor Who gets a musical episode is the day the show jumps the shark. Not because a musical episode is bad, but because it cannot possibly get any better than that.



then the final episode of dr who should be a musical



What are some doctor who episodes about things that didn't happen?


File: dd41089121693b3⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 785.22 KB, 600x600, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

if only there was a musical episode of Doctor Who



>Put in that context, where this story falters is its direction. Three of those six stories are directed by Rachel Talalay, who will turn out to be Moffat’s definitive directorial pairing, and it’s hard not to wonder what she could have done with this. Instead it gets the ultimate in workmanlike directors, Douglas Mackinnon. And he’s just not up to the job. Listen is in part about the jarring tonal shifts between its horror bits and the relationship farce. But Mackinnon does’t seem to get that. He underlights the restaurant scenes to maintain a tonal consistency that doesn’t belong there, and completely misunderstands the cold open, which is supposed to be the Doctor going stir-crazy without Clara, but which he shoots as a horror movie. This isn’t disastrous, but it does sell the episode short, and is part of why, for all it was an insta-classic, it was surprisingly easy to depose as king of the season.

Commenters…were not pleased. Enraged would be the word actually. Here are some excerpts:

>I actually think Mackinnon does a really good job directing this episode. Listen depends upon flitting in and out of different genres and emotional registers, and Mackinnon threads all of this together extremely well. One of the best moments in the episode is Orson Pink walking into the restaurant and beckoning Clara – the fact that everybody just continues about their business as if he wasn't there contributes significantly to the almost dreamlike feel of this episode, and I think the opening sequence is staged extremely well. I don't know if this is down to Mackinnon or not, but Listen also has maybe the best sound design in an episode of Doctor Who. I can't remember if there's any Murray Gold in it at all. Instead, what sticks out to me is how much room the performers have to breathe and take time, particularly in Orson's time capsule. Those scenes are some of my favorite in all of Doctor Who. For me, Listen is the closest the show ever got post-1989 to recapturing the feel of something like Ghost Light or Greatest Show, where it seems to be operating on a logic that you don't totally understand but that makes sense anyway. I think it's Moffat's best piece of writing for Doctor Who by quite a bit.

>Yeah, the idea that this episode is poorly directed is pretty close to flat-out wrong. Heck, half the reason this episode holds together is because of its direction. The opening, on first watch, should feel like a horror movie. That's the whole narrative momentum of the episode. There is enough there that you can piece together that the Doctor is isolated and fraying, but if the story led with the 'the Doctor's going craaaaazy', a lot of the dramatic heft of the story would have been robbed, as there would be no structured reveals, no tension between what is real and imagined, nothing. The Doctor's portion of the episode would be waiting for Clara to catch up with the audience. I also disagree with the idea that the date should have been shot to juxtapose the horror. That would make it seem like the difficulties Clara is having on the date are her whacky adventures with the Doctor, whereas the point is that Clara and Danny are having problems because they are scared, nervous, and have personalities that can clash in uncomfortable ways. Clara's story isn't distinct from the Doctor's, it's parallel to it.

>I'm always up for dragging Mackinnon (god I hate that neon lighting in Orson's ship), and feel this episode would have sung even more in the hands of someone like Toby Haynes, but I have to agree he gets the opening sequence more or less spot on - Moffat hasn't actually given away yet, ~1 minute into the episode, that the horror movie is just a feint. So straightforwardly staging the horror movie the Doctor believes himself to be inside is the right choice, and the scene is electric anyway.



t. assblasted Rick and Morty fan


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Doctor who equivalent of pic related?


File: da7f4723594ea0b⋯.png (466.87 KB, 584x460, 146:115, Elhorsemen.png)






The Last of the Time Lords

The Wedding of River Song

Journey to the Centre of the Tardis




not canon



>The Pyramid at the End of the World

>The Doctor Falls

What do these episodes have in common?



moff was involved in writing them



>an insta-classic

sandifer's such a pleb sometimes

what's your hot take, neo?



They were all in Series 10.



12th Doctor






wait sorry I thought the last one was Lie Of The Land






Nope. But you'll get there.



they're all shit



Nilso loves them


I'm starting to dislike Neo more and more every day.



several disgusted frogs



Actually, Neo, you're the one who is wrong.





>The Doctor Falls


You're lucky bad opinions isn't a bannable offense.


File: ad7f9680b802b99⋯.jpg (179.25 KB, 800x872, 100:109, 1505419303619.jpg)


I have no issues with the direction I can recall, and most certainly agree with the commenters on the staging of the first scene. Actually baffling how Sandifer misses a case of narrative substitution in action. I wish the candlelight scene was left in though.




Would you like a hint


File: afe8ff63000560b⋯.gif (978.58 KB, 322x243, 322:243, 1380702237465.gif)


>Actually, Neo, you're the one who is wrong.



File: 91f1f7272d31cd9⋯.gif (880.34 KB, 245x160, 49:32, 1376041415413.gif)

>tfw too much of a brainlet to say phrases like "a case of narrative substitution in action"



Guess what?


Hint: Extremis, Pyramid, and TDF's link has proven previously controversial on /who/.


The Husbands of River Song | The Return of Doctor Mysterio - 2parter

Friend From the Future | The Pilot | Smile | Thin Ice - 4parter

Knock Knock - 1parter

Oxgeyn | Extremis - 2parter

The Pyramid at the End of the World | The Lie of the Land - 2parter

Empress of Mars - 1parter

The Eaters of Light - 1parter

World Enough and Time | The Doctor Falls | Twice Upon a Time - 3parter


When will we get an official 13th Doctor butt mousepad?




The Gunfighters and Doctor Who and the Pirates are both musicals


File: 03c4ad6006f04ea⋯.jpg (77.85 KB, 342x426, 57:71, 1498474358927.jpg)





The Gunfighters isn't a musical and Doctor Who and the Pirates isn't an episode. Cute try though


File: 0a65bb16228e868⋯.jpg (40.47 KB, 500x334, 250:167, the_Baked_One.jpg)


it's ok

none of the shite sandifer comes up with actuallly means anything



what a fucking stupid connection

hurr they are connected because some people like them and some people don't like them.



…that isn't the connection, it's the hint. Hence why I said "hint:", after bringing up that I might give a hint as to their connection.





if doctor who is good, wheres doctor who 2?



neo said that

nice rare tom tho


File: a7386f9bb0204e5⋯.jpg (12.38 KB, 210x239, 210:239, download.jpg)





File: a9370fa9680f02d⋯.png (294.48 KB, 467x480, 467:480, Happy_pat.png)

>when ur listening to the s9 soundtrack and a second shadow comes on



So they got Bill Oddie in this and Graham Gardner as the monk, has Tim Brooke-Taylor done Brig Finish?




what's the answer then?



okay, this is epic



I'll give you another hint: it's a character.


Nilso Bros

Super Nilso Bros

Super Nilso Bros 2

Super Nilso Bros 3

Super Nilso Land

Super Nilso World

Super Nilso Land 2

Super Nilso All-Stars

Super Nilso 64

Super Nilso Sunshine

New Super Nilso Bros

Super Nilso Galaxy

New Super Nilso Bros Wii

Super Nilso Galaxy 2

Super Nilso 3D Land

New Super Nilso Bros 2

New Super Nilso Bros U

Super Nilso 3D World

Super Nilso Odyssey






t. Nilso


Mardole is my favourite character



They are the only episodes in which Bill doesn't mention she's gay



The connection doesn't relate to Bill.



Eliminate yourself, het



Bill mentions that she's only interested in girls during The Doctor Falls


The connection is definitely known to many of you here, probably most. It has been discussed on /who/ quite a few times before.


something to do with missy or the vault



Nothing to do with Missy or the Vault.



Is this Faction Paradox or some other spinoff for edgelords that hate Moffat?


something to do with nardole


Anyone else love Mardole


What is good software for recording the Twitch streams?





Not to do with Nardole. Or the Doctor really, for that matter.



Donald Trump is mentioned in them all






oh wow that was pretty fucking obvious



Ding ding ding!


I want to make a connection with Neo that has been discussed on /who/ quite a few times before.



donald trump is not mentioned in extremis, the president shown is explicitly different


Is Series 1 the most complex structure Doctor Who has ever seen? It features an interrupted 3-parter and an interrupted 5-parter, which share a mutual episode.

Rose / The End of the World - 2 parter

The Unquiet Dead - 1 Parter

Aliens of London / World War Three / Boom Town - 3 parter (interrupted)

Father's Day - 1 parter

The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances - 2 parter

Dalek / The Long Game / Boom Town / Bad Wolf / The Parting of the Ways - 5 parter (interrupted)


I know Nilso. He lived in a richer area of New York at one point. I bumped into him in a sandwich shop. He was shooting the shit with the sandwich maker when I came up to give my order. I got a standard turkey on wheat with mayo and pepper jack. It was something very simple. All the while Nilso was laughing to himself and pointing at me occasionally mumbling, "Is this guy serious?"

I wasn't sure why I guess he was displeased about me ordering or what I ordered. After I got my sandwich I sat down and ate while he just leaved back into the windowed meat display and watched me. When I got up to throw the trash away he stopped me and offered his hand. I was shy because I knew who he was but he introduced himself anyways. When I shook his hand the other hand came out of his pocket holding a tazer which he used on my neck. When I fell to the ground tense I soiled myself. He laughed, "This guy." And started kicking me in the face quoting /who/ over and over, "NILSOS GAY NILSOS GAY."

I woke up in the hospital next to a vase of broccoli labeled, "From Nilso."

Now every year he shows up to my families Thanksgiving dinner, uninvited, unannounced, and just eats, laughs to himself, and then leaves. Last year he murdered my mother. I fear what hurricane Nilso will bring this year…


File: e8650dbeb62af2f⋯.jpg (163.29 KB, 1200x1067, 1200:1067, e8650dbeb62af2f9f400b0b474….jpg)

doctor who episodes with a similar theme?



You're my kinda guy



Someone Photoshop Padre Nilso's face on this image.


/who/ has stopped being fun



However what you did miss is that the interrupted 5 parter is actually an interrupted 7 parter if you go beyond the realm of Series 1

Dalek / The Long Game / Boom Town / Bad Wolf / The Parting of the Ways / Born Again / The Christmas Invasion



Series 10



t. Nilso lmao



And New Earth follows directly from Christmas Invasion



Does it?



You forgot the novelisation of Rose



/who/ doesn't exist anymore



Alternate post-50th timeline


doctor who general is ___




Series 1 / Series 2 - 2 parter


File: 3f1fe4f6d59b341⋯.jpg (132.65 KB, 662x1003, 662:1003, Jodie-Whittaker-in-Bikini-….jpg)


Print it out.





the same thing nilso is



Fucking amazing? Thanks!


File: 8a6cbdbac215386⋯.png (1.88 MB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 36b5aeff7caee3353041593955….png)





Okay, this is gayno


File: 5013a8ea6d8a7d2⋯.png (1.75 MB, 1014x1521, 2:3, 1526464485386.png)


File: 92296bf6327899a⋯.jpg (204.05 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, snap.jpg)



We live in a society


File: c6d7526512466bd⋯.png (307.67 KB, 492x419, 492:419, 1490870971688.png)


File: ccacc57c9ad943a⋯.jpg (243.71 KB, 1742x978, 871:489, tee.jpg)



fuck off 2oda


Yeah Nilso's cool but what about Doctor Who?


File: ef997ec6148d1ff⋯.gif (1.99 MB, 500x297, 500:297, 1498534119602.gif)

Is Utopia / Sound of Drums / Last of the Time Lords / The End of Time / World Enough and Time / The Doctor Falls (8 parter) the interrupted multi-episode story that features the most frequent and longest interruptions of any interrupted multi-episode story in history?



Please keep this thread on topic. k thnx


can you just tell us what the fucking link between those shit episodes is already



t. assblasted nilcel



I already did



>not The Girl in the Fireplace / Deep Breath



Surely TUAT too since it continues on directly?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Doctor Who equivalent?



increasingly incestuous, vain and lazy


Meredith = Neo

Cristina = Cats

Izzy = Immigrant

Alex = Kinda

George = Lym

Derek = Ingiga



Okay, this is Giga



There was already a three part serial, it was called Planet of Giants. And there are multiple five part serials like the Daemons and the Mind Robber



Giga wants candy




is candy code for dick



Your candy in particular.


If Giga's here then when does the Glitterposting start



there are at minimum 3 yaoiposters on /who/



Giga would never glitterpost lmao



t. one of the other yaoiposters


File: 6b4173e800b7de4⋯.png (41 KB, 598x545, 598:545, 1527221366843.png)



You aren't satisfying him in bed. He's turned to porn to get the sexual stimulation he needs.



stay eternally mad, it'll happen again in 2 years



You know nothing of how we treat another.



I know everything. Giga's been having an affair with me - Nilso!





File: ee6eee474058dea⋯.png (179.59 KB, 775x280, 155:56, 6df8551fab1deae8283aae7fc5….png)


What the fuck?



But Giga was in my house last night?


Clara was a rip off of Nilso's splinters



Fantastic rebuttal. Trump will surely lose now because of that.



Just because they all feature John Simm doesn't make them an 8 part episode




It's hip to fuck bees.


Neo's gone fucking barmy






Planet Mondas


File: 0171ceab1364013⋯.png (7.92 KB, 403x378, 403:378, 1515388100553.png)


I heard a rumor that Neo has big full blowjob lips



tell me about bane


For shame, /who/





He's a big guy


What is the best song released from YOTS and why is it Flies?










Nilso Who




? Who's that?


What the fuck is a Nilso?


Nilso sleeps inside your head




File: 4d4e56b08a229e6⋯.jpg (131.45 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, 1527419038493.jpg)

moff reading alien bodies be like




You assume Moffat has ever heard of Mad Larry



shut up












The first question. The question that should never be answered. Hidden in plain sight. Nilso Who?


>tfw we never got kinoisseur and plogicol bios



Sometimes I remember the Capaldi titles and I piss myself laughing




This, but also the 2013 titles






I honestly think Moffat has a fucked up ego complex when it comes to Who. It doesn't just extend to never inviting writers back who were better than him (like Simon Nye with Amy's Choice) but actively doing all he can to retcon, mock, downplay, and twist past episodes better than his. RTD left Classic Who alone apart for the most part, whereas Moffat Who constantly goes back to it not just to reference it but to actively change it and pervert it (inserting Clara into all this clips was a jawdropping display of arrogance, I still can't believe Moffat actively retconned 1 to have chosen the TARDIS because of a fanfic companion of his own, that's not even touching Listen). Look at the 50th, built entirely around retconning RTD's premise for NewWho. Look at how he greedily snatched up the opportunity to address the regeneration limit before it was even time. Inserting new Doctors where they don't belong. Making a mockery of 1 in TUAT. I truly believe it's pathological.



I can guarantee this person thinks looms and the other are a good addition to the series



I didn't see the point of the ravenously eating scenes


eatins scenes are fun kino and if you disagree you're anti-fun



I wrote that.




I have argued here before that Moff intentionally didn't get Simon Nye back in because he didn't want Nye to be to him what Moffat was to RTD (consistently writing the better, and often more award-winning, episodes of the series, despite not being showrunner).


Redpill me on the Season 12 blu-ray. Just an upscale?

I kind of want to own it desu, new sound mix of Genesis and other stuff sounds neat



Google it then.


It's no coincidence types like Steve Thompson were rehired so much where Nye was left in the dust. I would extend this train of thought to Briggs Finish and Steven Hall as well, incidentally.


Is the next Doctor Who Magazine episode poll this year or next year?





Yet he kept inviting Mathieson back.



How are they at all comparable to Series 1's complexity?



Case in point.



I genuinely don't know if you're memeing, but hard agree. I love Moff, but he made damn well sure that no one else produced better stories than him in his era. Amy's Choice slipped through the net and he didn't let it happen again.



Mathieson is fantastic and Moff knows it, but his stories were definitely not the best of the series' he wrote for. Moff's were.



Mathieson never wrote a better episode than all of Moffs in each season he wrote episodes for. Moffat wrote the best episodes of series 1 and 4



>It doesn't just extend to never inviting writers back who were better than him (like Simon Nye with Amy's Choice)


I said this a few weeks ago, I didn't realise it had been subsumed into the Neo collective.



>I genuinely don't know if you're memeing,

Good man.

>I love Moff, but he made damn well sure that no one else produced better stories than him in his era.

The fact Whithouse someone was STILL getting hired by series 10 says it all doesn't it. Or that of all the classic writers to rehire, it's munro.

Would it be too far to suggest there was some level of sabotage of Nightmare in Silver? Gaiman is a better writer than Moffat, but something went dreadfully wrong there.



he wouldn't have invited gaiman back if this were the case

inb4 moffat intentionally sabotaged nightmare in silver



He forced the children into Gaimans script so that could be seen as sabotage


neil gaiman has not written a good doctor who episode



Correct, he's written a great one and a mediocre one.


Oh yeah. Plus Gaiman originally wrote for Beryl and only got word of the character change to Clara at the eleventh hour.




I adore this take.



You weren't fast enough, my friend.



The Doctors Wife is commonly agreed upon as the best of series 6 which must really annoy Moffat





>inb4 moffat intentionally sabotaged nightmare in silver

guess i wasn't inb4, lmao





I really do not think it's too controversial to claim Moffat essentially does not care about Doctor Who (or Sherlock, for that matter). He cares about how he is perceived. He cares about awards. He cares about hiring his friends and spending time with them. He cares about breaking records, he cares about feeling important, he cares about provoking reactions out of people. He KNOWS Doctor Who, yes - but he doesn't care about it.



>Would it be too far to suggest there was some level of sabotage of Nightmare in Silver?

Definitely imo. I'd forgotten about The Doctor's Wife, and I think Moffat would gladly accept the opinion of those who call it the best episode of s6. Nightmare in Silver went wonky in production and never redeemed itself, but that wouldn't have been Moffat's fault.

I also find it interesting that he's said Vincent and the Doctor "might be some of the best Doctor Who ever", or words to that effect. Bit of a counterargument in that, if you wanted it?


Just imagine Moffat seething that Gaiman had the best episode of series 6 and when the BBC forces Moffat to agree to having him come back for series 7 he decides to handicap him with child actors


I really do not think it's too controversial to claim Neo essentially does not care about Nilso (or /who/, for that matter). He cares about how he is perceived. He cares about getting (You)s. He cares about impressing his dabros and spending time with them. He cares about ruining threads, he cares about feeling important, he cares about provoking reactions out of people. He KNOWS Nilso, yes - but he doesn't care about him.


I really do not think it's too controversial to claim Neo essentially does not care about /who/ (or the stream, for that matter). He cares about how he is perceived. He cares about shitposts. He cares about t nilsoing his friends and spending time with them. He cares about getting banned, he cares about feeling important, he cares about provoking reactions out of people. He KNOWS /who/, yes - but he doesn't care about it




Redpill: It isn't even the best of series 6. The best episode still isn't Moffat though.


The stories and information…




Is this fucking real life?



I know you're memeing but I eat shit like this UP. It's the reason I've read through Larry's entire blog twice.

>He cares about breaking records

Did he ever accomplish this though?



The way Gaiman wrote the children is far far worse than their acting ever could be. It still baffles me how an acclaimed children's author could misunderstand children on such a fundamental level.


Isn't this argument undermined by Jamie Mathieson's existence? Mummy on the Orient was considered the best of S8, and Moff kept hiring him.



Stop interrupting the circlejerk we have going.



While Neo is trolling, I do think that in the first two Moffat seasons, arguably the best episode were written by guest writers (Amy's Choice, Vincent and the Doctor, The Doctor's Wife,The Girl Who Waited, The God Complex), but since then there have been hardly any remarkable non-Moffat episodes, aside from some Mathieson. What went wrong? Why can't Doctor Who get any good writers?


liberate me from the /who/vemind nexus



The 50th broke a slew of records. It's in the Guiness book and everything.

Also reminder that as a non showrunner, Gaiman was completely open to Moff rewriting however much of his episodes as he pleased.



>Moffat essentially does not care about Doctor Who

No, I've agreed with you totally so far but I can't see that at all. Moff genuinely loves Doctor Who and always has done. Of course he cares about the way his episodes are received to an extent, but that could be debated when considering the - dare I say it - audience hostile TV he began to produce by the end of his era.



sure he might not, but when the sort of writer we get who cares about doctor who is Gary Fucking Russel, it's hard to say The Moff went about it wrong.



He's trolling


hey guys lets pretend to hate something we actually don't because its funny! occams razor XD



why aren't you reacting to this





[spoiler]Inane ego conspiracy stuff is always hilarious, even just for the self projection alone. It's like a hidden narrative buried in a fake narrative.[/spoiler[


>Moff genuinely loves Doctor Who




t. Steven Moffat







Those posts are what Ingiga would critique about the alternate ending of Get Out.



Because guest writers are always a gamble. Nobody really expected the writer of Men Behaving Badly to write Doctorkino, but he somehow did. While people were expecting the Doctor Foster writer to write something spooky, and ended up getting a mediocre story.



You can't just respond to everything with obscure ingiga lore

when did Neo's communication skills stop being fun



He may well be trolling, but it's done in such a way that we're still getting good discussion out of it and a lot of decent takes on the way Moffat ran the show. Neo may be exaggerating, but he's not entirely wrong. He's just taking wild points that may be true and plugging them harder than he typically would



thanks for reminding me how shit knock knock is, I always forget



You could argue that at the point of S8, Moffat knew that his position could no longer be threatened. Bringing a regular writer onboard that would outshadow him (Like Simon Nye) at the start of his era would have undermined him, but at the tailend of his work it hardly mattered.

It worked out well for him also, because Mathieson never reached the quality of his debut episodes again. If he had only written for S8, he would be considered one of the best and an underutilized talent, but Girl Who Died and Oxygen muddied his image a bit.


Do you think that was due to Moffat specifically though, or because it was the 50th?


Moffat got cocky and let Chris Chibnall come back after his knockout debut the Hungry Earth but got jealous when Chibnall wrote the two best episodes in series 7 so he never invited Chris back


File: 0837790b1ad9bba⋯.gif (481.52 KB, 282x199, 282:199, 5ster.gif)


>Peter Davison is a better actor than all the other ones. That’s the simple reason why it works better. There’s no complicated reason why Peter Davison carried on working and all the others disappeared into a retirement home. I recently watched a very good Doctor Who story, one I couldn’t really fault. It was Snakedance. Sure, it was cheap, but it was beautifully acted, well-written. There was a scene where Peter Davison has to explain what’s going on. The Doctor always has to. Now, some old actor like Tom Baker would come to a shuddering halt in the middle of the set and stare at the camera, because he can’t bear the idea that someone else is in the show. But Peter Davison is such a good actor, he manages to panic on the screen for a good two minutes, which has you sitting on the edge of your seat because you’re thinking ‘God, this must be really bad’. He’s got the most awful lines to say, but he’s doing it brilliantly.


File: c3a0549bc5ae8d2⋯.gif (1.07 MB, 382x215, 382:215, 1380040490926.gif)



Moffat's real take literally sounds like a Neo shitpost


more like chinballs lol



>Mathieson never reached the quality of his debut episodes again

TGWD > Flatline


>Moffat thinks Snakedance is kino

>Miles thinks Revelation of the Daleks is kino

Which opinion is sillier?



10/10 hilarious and original



thanks haha :)



They're both correct.



Ingiga's critique of the alternate ending of Get Out is that it is so self-evidently suggested in the moments preceding the ending in either cut that it is effectively already packed within the film. Actually seeing it is unnecessary. Extrapolating that to my post would be saying the joke those posts made was already implied in the original post, particularly in the part about provoking reactions.


My raison d'etre


100& Moffat specifically. He was the man to finally crack America. The scale of the simulcasts was his and Minchin's idea. The success of the 50th I honestly think is undervalued to Moff is anything; it was entirely on him (and Minchin and Skinner to a degree). He performed magnificently.

I think Mathieson gets a tad overpraised, he's excellent and executes his stories perfectly but he's as trad as they come. He would never push Doctor Who to anywhere new.


Highest indirect compliment I could ever receive.



You're not going to get anybody here agreeing with your anti-Snakedance opinion, bud.



Miles's. But I don't understand what Moffat and Cornell's attraction to Snakedance is either.



>ywn cosplay as Pip and Jane Baker (with a mannequin dressed up as Jane taped to you), go to a con where Chibnall is a guest, and go "Mr. Chinballs, has your opinion on Trial of a Time Lord changed in any way since we last spokie?"



Shearman loves Snakedance too.



Snakedance is visually brilliant


File: dc2263edc80e939⋯.png (250.87 KB, 318x503, 318:503, doctor who and the sentien….png)


>Okay, I agree. Shakespeare is not as good as Doctor Who.



Mathieson gets praised by people who dislike Moffat



Snakedance never gets shilled on /who/, not sure where you're getting that from.

I'm the biggest Kinda shill there is, and I never understand why anyone would praise Snakedance over it.



Snakedance has a twink



Moffat unironically saved Doctor Who by pushing simulcasts in BBC America. Because even when the ratings sink to under 2 million in Britain, BBC America will prove to be a safety net. They let 5 seasons of Orphan Black run after all.


File: 58808a6a3b99616⋯.gif (2.71 MB, 284x208, 71:52, 1384254673722.gif)


I've never seen anybody talk negatively about Snakedance here. It's a solid serial. Of course putting it above Kinda is silly though, nobody's doing that.

Gif related, it's me standing up against your anti-Snakedance tyranny.



>Martin Jarvis


He's always been uncomfortable to look at even in his youth.


File: 6fa8c0478c67ae6⋯.gif (2.57 MB, 296x219, 296:219, 1384254389720.gif)

FUCK I love 5. I really gotta do a rewatch of the classic series. I get so horny for Doctor Who sometimes (not in a sexual way).


I think the natural next place to take some of these talking points is the Moffat/Cornell relationship.

Do you know what Steven Moffat's very first writing for Doctor Who was?

It wasn't The Empty Child in 2005.

It wasn't The Curse of Fatal Death in 1999.

It wasn't Continuity Errors in 1996.

It was the Doctor's journal segments in Paul Cornell's 1995 acclaimed VNA "Human Nature".

Yes, Moffat's entry into Doctor Who was his long-suffering friend Paul "Shagger" Cornell giving him a leg up and a chance.

It's easy to forget these days (well, here less than possibly anywhere else, but still), but Shagger was the rockstar of that era. The women wanted to be with him, the men wanted to be him. He was taking Doctor Who to new places, and with such style. So powerful was his force of influential gravity that it could blot out technically just-as-if-not-more-influential forces like Lawrence Miles with nary a thought.

So, Moff was inferior to Cornell in every sense, but that was the natural order of things. Let's skip ahead a few years. RTD brings Doctor Who back (that, and what everyone though of it, is whole story in itself). Moffat gets 2 eps. Cornell gets 1.

That feels good to Moffat. Really, really good.

Next year. Moff gets 1 ep. That's not so good. But wait, what's that - Cornell gets…*none*. Oh, that does feel rather good indeed.

The next year, Cornell gets 2 eps, Moffat 1. Infuriating for Moff. So he channels all his frustrations and feelings of emasculation into a script that would become Who's most acclaimed - Blink.

Cornell is not invited back to Doctor Who after that. When Moff came into power, that was very, *very* intentional.

Do you think the way Cornell's massive influence on Who has been forgotten over the years was a coincidence?


File: 3c4a00067a27428⋯.jpg (94.71 KB, 640x488, 80:61, doctor-who-snakedance-2011….jpg)


I sincerely hope you're not calling this actual child a twink

he has a chubby babyface



>I've never seen anybody talk negatively about Snakedance here.

I've never seen anybody talk positively about it here.

>Of course putting it above Kinda is silly though, nobody's doing that.

Moffat definitely is, Cornell is, Shearman considers it his all-time favourite story.



t. Beeper


80s Who is a lot better than it's reputation a lot of people just forget the good serials and have unreasonable hate for JNT



>implying Beeper doesn't exclusively watch classic who



Okay, name 10 good serials from Davison's era.



It's impossible to name 10 good serials from the JNT era, period.



>Curse of Fenric

>Ghost Light


>Remembrance of the Daleks

>Greatest Show in the Galaxy


>Caves of Androzani



>Paradise Towers




I'll give you 12



The Visitation



Mawdryn Undead


The Five Doctors

The Awakening


Resurrection of the Daleks

The Caves of Androzani



I'm not sure who's writing style you're trying to emulate here but I love it. At first I thought it was meant to read like a Larry blog but not so.

I can't wait for the Wilderness Years 2.0 where a handful of us get to reshape what Doctor Who is for future generations.



stayed off the ones people generally say are more Cartmel

Paradise Towers

Delta and the Bannermen

Revelation of the Daleks




Vengance On Varos

Black Orchid

Mawdryn Undead

Caves Of Androzani




>Paradise Towers



You missed 6's best story too.


I honestly wasn't trying to emulate anyone lmao



He said the JNT era, remove those Cartmel episodes



6's best story isn't good. It's just his least bad one.



>State of Decay



>The Caves of Androzani

>Vengeance on Varos

>Paradise Towers

>Remembrance of the Daleks

>The Happiness Patrol

>The Greatest Show in the Galaxy

>Ghost Light

>The Curse of Fenric



The only good JNT stories


The Trial of a Time Lord

The Caves of Androzani if I'm feeling generous



>Delta and the Bannermen


>Black Orchid

>of all things


I completely unironically believe The Trial of a Time Lord is more rad than the entirety of NewWho.




>Not good

So many Hot Takes coming out tonight


Would Trial have been better if Holmes was healthy enough to write all of it?



It's not good. It only looks good because it's in the same season as Attack of the Cybermen and Timelash.



It’s better than all of newwho too


Who in their right mind is putting Varos above Trial





That's not controversial, it's basically just empirically true. Doesn't mean its not mind-bogglingly misconceived though.


Since Doctor Who's inception, the only fundamentally meaningful story structure iterations have occurred in Spearhead in Space and The Trial of a Time Lord.



more rad than love and monsters?



Delta and Black Orchid are some of the most and Meglos is is actually pretty good but is more of a selective taste



Vengeance on Varos

The Two Doctors

Revelation of the Daleks (best)

The Mysterious Planet



File: 144f0bfc0cf3c74⋯.jpg (79.06 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, landscape-1485245129-easte….jpg)

All aboard the Vengabus


>Chibnall doesn't like Trial of a Time Lord

>Broadchurch S2 is a season-long trial that features an actor who plays the Doctor between their twelfth and final incarnations



some of the most comfy stories*



>Who in their right mind is putting Varos above Trial

People who enjoy quality television, probably.


File: 046bee3a35bff08⋯.png (328.92 KB, 640x480, 4:3, vlcsnap-2018-05-27-21h38m5….png)

>le Varos is bad meme

Say something nice about Classic Who's best cliffhanger, /who/.



Who in their right mind still considers Trial to be one story?

Although, I will admit, I quite like The Ultimate Foe. If I could justify viewing that as a standalone story, I'd put it above Varos.


how hype are you guys for dying?



>I can't wait for the Wilderness Years 2.0 where a handful of us get to reshape what Doctor Who is for future generations.

It might be more difficult in future, not sure, but in terms of fandom narratives I think pushing revisionist histories will be critically important. We're one of the few fandom areas woke to how these have already happened.


L&M was always couched as an odd episode, the Doctor-lite, an experiment, not an earnest reimagining of the show.


What are they doing here then?


There's a fair argument in there. I do consider it one story though.



That’s not Vicki and Steven finding the Monk’s tardis


File: 2ed2d3f94b9ad2c⋯.gif (888.31 KB, 301x212, 301:212, 1382425816415.gif)


Anyone else want friends but wonder if they're too caught up in their idiosyncrasies to maintain a friendship?



>tfw you'll never get to revist this cliffhanger with a companion stumbling across [spoiler[Braxiatel's TARDIS[/spoiler]



It's better to try and fail than to just think about possibilities for ages.




I neo'd my spoiler tags


File: 5397098f1107612⋯.jpg (295.8 KB, 786x800, 393:400, the future you chose.jpg)


>I can't wait for the Wilderness Years 2.0

I too am ready for the flood of RTD and Matt Smith nostalgia wankery vetted by heavy-handed BBC editors to make sure that nothing remotely rad spoils the media by daring not to resemble a pastiche of its era.



Thanks for the spoiler you worm.



What if you fail and think about how you could have succeeded for ages?



I'm comfortable with the ~3 friends I actively maintain contact with. any more would take too much time to maintain



I don't have the courage or energy to try. But I do have the energy to mull over it for ages. Funny how that works.



Don't worry, you don't actually find out it's Brax in the cliffhanger. In the cliffhanger the companion, and audience, wrongly assume they're the Master.


File: ddc998d2051f298⋯.png (367.57 KB, 640x480, 4:3, vlcsnap-2018-05-27-21h44m4….png)

File: 59ae95106873bc3⋯.png (354.62 KB, 704x528, 4:3, vlcsnap-2018-05-27-21h45m1….png)

why are Colin Who visuals so sporadically kino?



If it comes to that then I wouldn't be surprised to see some of us care more about charity anthologise and fanfic then whatever NSA equivalents appear once in a blue moon.


Action still trumps inaction


You have the potential and you have excuses.




Who is Braxiatel?


File: 626545bd5ba587b⋯.jpg (12.12 KB, 299x38, 299:38, spoiler.jpg)

You know that on 8ch you can just use a pair of asterisks rather than spoiler tags, right?


Wilderness Era 2.0 will be led by people like Jillian Miles and El Sandifer.


nilsos gay



My name is Neo. Are there any recent spoiler tags with this test in them?



sporadically though. For every kino shot, there's a 10 minute scene looking like something from Full House.



Sandifer will never write any licensed Doctor Who, ever. Neither will Miles.



Why not?



I just use the pair of asterisks since it's faster



not true

Wilderness Era 2.0 is just wishful thinking. BF has too much of a tight grip on the EU now that we'll never seen book ranges flourish ever again.



Not everyone is a chad like you Neo. Social interaction mentally exhausts me.


i hoe this doesn’t make me look like an idiot



irrelevant off-screen character invented by Douglas Adams



Doctor's brother he's in the Gallifrey audio series



WRONG. "The Braxiatel Collection" was created by Adams, the interpretation that "Braxiatel" referred to an individual came later.



I assume Miles' case is self-evident, as for Sandifer she's tried (more than once) and is consistently rebuked. She is not the type.


I am an introvert as well.



And because BBC doesn't give a shit about books. They've been gutting the amount of new books each year.




Why exactly does nobody really react when N8 or me or whoever brings up charity anthologies and fanfic and the like as equivalents to get invested in in such a time? The AVs and The Stranger etc all had their peaks.



Doctor Who book ranges can't existent in a meaningful way alongside the show, because they're too limited. Only a War Doctor range could do anything daring or interesting outside of a Wilderness Years era.


File: 6335d2c86336ee6⋯.png (280.83 KB, 582x818, 291:409, AAAAAAAAAH.png)


>Wilderness Era 2.0 will be led by El Sandifer



Her constant talking shit about Briggs probably didn't help. His writing might be shit, but he's friends with almost everybody involved in Doctor Who's EU. And people aren't gonna hire someone who talks down to their friend like that.



Because I don't really know anything about them and don't know what you're talking about.



I'm an introvert and I have social anxiety which only exacerbates the problem. I was introducing myself to someone a few days ago, the conversation lasted about 10 minutes and by the end I just wanted to hole myself up in my bed and go to sleep.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.





Because you never link to any of the really good ones.



what's wrong with sandifer? she's a moffchad with great knowledge and respect for the show. jillian miles will be nowhere



Didn't her pitch for Titan books have her saying that more people visit Eruditorum than buy DW comics? That probably pissed them off.



I’m still behind on the main book ranges and from what I’ve heard the charity anthologies are hard to get copies of after the event unlike the main book ranges which have PDFs and epubs everywhere


File: f2aa616ea802206⋯.jpg (77.76 KB, 600x600, 1:1, biggestfinish.jpg)



Absolutely. Look at Loz's so-called begging to write a BF audio.


Charity anthologies are semi-officially-endorsed collections of Doctor Who short stories and novellas done by writers of varying degrees of professionalism (and sometimes fans too) where all the proceeds go to charity, which helps grease the wheels a lot and also does a sight for motivation as they're good causes. Seasons of War is the big notable one in recent years, featuring gritty stories for the War Doctor.

Fanfic is just stories fans write, like Shit Trips.


Ah I see. Ever go to a therapist for the anxiety?


What, fanfic? Read The Hybrid in Shit Trips 1. Charity anthologies, Seasons of War.


Declan's yeah but I'm more pointing towards that our salvation in future doesn't just have to be whatever the BBC 100% officially releases and endorses. It's worth noting N8 organised a charity anthology of his own for a time; a not insignificant amount of actual published writers potentially get on board for charity work if the time is right.


Also I know there's baggage to this but stuff like The Catterson Chronicles does exist. If official non BF material in the second wilderness really is terrible and terribly scarce, I think more interest will be fairly paid to any fanseries (audio or video) with consistent release-schedules and any degree of effort even approaching a shred of professionalism.


/who/ will be BBV in wilderness 2.0


File: a01ab94be9f782a⋯.png (190.21 KB, 637x286, 49:22, jimbothree.png)

it's still at three



>Look at Loz's so-called begging to write a BF audio.

>spends years slagging off Briggs Finish and referring to actors as has-beens

>crawls to Briggs and asks to write an audio

It's a George Constanza level of not reading the room.


Thinking very long term, like potentially past the 100th anniversary if that comes to pass, I do think the most fitting ending for "official" Doctor Who will be for it to completely splinter and become entirely the domain of everyone - fans and published creators alike. A more or less public domain Doctor Who would position the Doctor amongst Robin Hood and the like, where he arguably belongs. Everyone writing the futures that get to the Curator sounds like a happy ending to me.


Well' that's a happy ending.

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