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File: 57e2e76e66076e0⋯.jpg (119.46 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, zarb.jpg)


Tonight We Zarb edition

last thread: >>39437


First for Zombo


Lawrence Miles is a homosexual child.

>waits to see what smugdavisonanon will do


File: 4ed946015e61c89⋯.png (49.9 KB, 733x340, 733:340, 1482534330289.png)

was paul based all this time and nobody told me?

also I regret calling him a bitch in chat now that I know he reads it



Address all your future comments to Shagger



The Wilderness years guys know the score when it comes to fan bitchiness.


File: dc0afb4e470a371⋯.png (14.19 KB, 335x331, 335:331, matt.png)


File: 79a40ebc4167817⋯.jpg (662.67 KB, 1110x1080, 37:36, 1383354771158.jpg)


Nilsos See Ghosts



and that's a good thing!


Just tried the steam link beta for android, and it's extremely interesting. I'll have to do some reading and some testing to be sure, but I think I can stream things directly from my PC to my phone, like a big wireless HDMI cable.



what's the latency like? and where do you get the beta?


File: d2d1c43472a6271⋯.jpg (123.45 KB, 1200x864, 25:18, Dei-aU5WAAAJ-8I.jpg)


>a tweet comparing Snyder to Neo

I can die happy now.


Do you think any moral consideration is worth it, like these stories might not earn their authors a dime unless they're attached to some IP, and it may as well be FP (for various reasons)?


As always I agree with him completely regarding the concept of canon, but me personally I don't get much out of the big super active streams. Much prefer a more relaxed stream like CWS.


He literally wrote "the" essay when it comes to Doctor Who canonicity; this is nothing new for him.




>and it may as well be FP (for various reasons)?

Not really. If anything, self-publishing your book would probably be the better scenario because then you could put it on Amazon, something Obverse does not do for some reason.


File: 2e229669b164fac⋯.jpg (91.04 KB, 315x437, 315:437, Smug_matt_2.jpg)



>"the" essay when it comes to Doctor Who canonicity

>implying it isn't http://teatimebrutality.blogspot.com/2009/07/canon-and-sheep-shit-why-we-fight.html



>not just liking Snyder, but liking the Matrix movies




You think these books would do better self-published and entirely unattached to an IP, rather than attached to an IP with a dedicated set of - however small - actual fans who will without doubt read it? I don't think that's in line with the realities of the fiction market anymore to be honest.



So far my testing is limited because I don't have a bluetooth controller, so the only games I can actually work are ones where you can just about make them work as touchscreen games (The fact Osmos has never came out on smartphones is frankly intolerable, it's perfect for the platform), and on those tests I've found no detectable latency. The article I read says that Rocket League was playable but "noncompetitive" on their home network.

Anyways, the beta app is on the google play store. Apple has rejected the iOS version because they see it as a rival app store, and I get that. The app is free, it only works over wifi, can't take this on the bus with you, and you need your PC on and awake to run it because what it does is set up the Steam Big Picture mode and then streams your monitor to your phone.

So far it doesn't seem like it picks up other monitors, and I'm not sure yet if you can minimize the Steam window and just use this as a remote link for your PC, but if you can, that would be awesome.



You laugh but I bet you don't have the social skills to flirt with someone and advertise Class at the same time.



But that's the thing. The Faction Paradox IP is ludicrously small. Only a couple dozen people reading these books, and some of them pirate them anyway. And if anything, releasing your book without the trappings of the FP IP would mean you can introduce it to readers without explaining to them what Faction Paradox is.


File: 32489a86e00db70⋯.gif (424.64 KB, 400x228, 100:57, capalmatrix.gif)


>not liking the matrix




>social skills



I liked it better when it was called The Invisibles.



A worse, but much longer and more repetitive way of restating the earlier work? That's like preferring Series 5 over The Girl in the Fireplace.


That's a good point. I still think there's value in having your work eternally attached to an IP that will always, always have fans, but perhaps given the handling of the range there are roadblocks it presents too. It's a hard field in any case.



Hi Immigrant.


nilsos sensual belly dancing lessons



what about them?


File: 49f7ae2267699b3⋯.jpg (27.18 KB, 600x563, 600:563, capaldrunk.jpg)



who the fuck gets abducted by aliens and unconditionally believes that they must mean well?



How do I get an invite


I'm not a FP fan, which books do I need to read to learn enough about the universe to exploit its fans for money?



you have to do certain favours for nilso



meet by his church at midnight


File: 2d032a0ce932d8e⋯.jpg (22.22 KB, 582x188, 291:94, unnamed.jpg)


Cornell's doesn't have this illustration, though.



You're not gonna get much money. Obverse ain't exactly rolling in dough. But if you want to, read Book of the War.


Listen up, and listen up carefully. I've been to one of their meetings. It was above a Polynesian knitting forum. I found something at Nilso's in Seoul, and then there they were. They sat quietly for hours. I followed…

Nilso. t.nilso…




I think it's time to tone down the nilso posts again



I agree. I'm not gonna talk about Nilso; in fact, we're not gonna talk about Nilso at all, we're gonna keep her out of this.



t. Nilso


Nilso rhymes with Dildo.



You want us to talk about le epic twitch sleem instead?


How does it feel to be a fan of Faction Paradox and not published a story for the series yet?



Ask Hunter.



Indifferent. I guess I could have used an extra ten dollars, but whatever.



>being this butthurt that you failed to take over the twitch with nilsoposting

You could try talking about Doctor Who, in general.



I have Nilsoposted about 3 times non-consecutively in the Twitch stream. I couldn't care less about what goes on in there as long as it stays there.








t nolsi


oslin .t








I legit work for BBC,. I will be proved right within a few months, main plot of series 11 involves a subgroup of unit led by Anton Lesser of game of thrones fame. This group of UNIT capture, imprison and study dangerous aliens and supernatural earth native creatures, sort of like torchwood, but on a much wider scale. There is a weeping angel that claims to be the archangel Michael who is imprisoned in a top security cell in their HQ who is voiced by Aidan Turner, he is not evil or good but amoral, he plays a role similar to hannibal lector in silence of the lambs and communicates with the 13th Doctor when his cell lights are turned off. He cryptically aids the Doctor and grows fond of her, why is 13 asking the help of an imprisoned weeping angel? well because the big bad is a three faced entity that UNIT uncovers slumbering in an ancient temple near Jerusalem in Israel/palestine who claims to be god and who can manipulate reality and people with a single stare each face is the father, son and the holy spirit and has a different personality. Other plots involve companion side stories that take place in India and South Africa. Series 11 will be good. Best way I can describe it is, silence of the lambs, meets the davinci code, meets the omen.



nilsos gay




>earth native







Yes, that will be confirmed in episode 1 of Series 11.


I have some news for you. In the end scene for episode 10 of series 11, Jodie runs into the 9th Doctor just before the credits roll. Eccleston will rejoin for a special episode that will air in March 2019, this episode will air instead of any Christmas special. Eccleston was shockingly the one to approach Chibnall could he come back for an episode and obviously chibnall said yes in a heartbeat. Bros /who/ is gonna explode when they see this is legit.


Some series 11 spoilers for you to digest.

1.) The Daleks are indeed in episode 1 and were brought here to Earth thanks to Tardis explosion which cause a hole in time and space continuum allowing a small number of them to escape from Timelord Prison that is located somewhere inside time vortex itself. This episode centres on Jodie building a gadget trying to find her missing Tardis. In one action packed sequence her and Bradley Walsh (as Graham) will be driving get around and running Daleks over with his police car similar to Doctorin' Tardis music video of 1980s. It is later on revealed at end of episode that his police car was Tardis all along with Chameleon circuit fixed.

2.) The civil rights movement episodes though centred on actions of Rosa Parks will really focus on actions of racist white county judge and local black sheriff. After trying to solve the issues in this episode amicably, trying to prove just how stupid racism really is, The Doctor decides take nuclear option and takes them into future to meet their great, great, great, grandchild, (future president of United States) who happens to be descendant of them both, the racist white judge and local black sheriff.

3.) It these actions of someone meeting their future descendants early in in series that cause companions to want to meet their early ancestors, hence episodes set in Africa, India, China, Ireland and Medieval England.

4.) The penultimate episode will be set on Sontar and will show Sontaran and Rutan war for first time and will also revelled that Rutans are people Sontaran clone themselves from in first place. It literally whole episode of group of people fighting themselves serves an analogy of current Middle East crisis in.Syria and Yemen.


Heaven Sent takes place in a castle called the Genesis Orbit, which is the promised land/garden from Series 8. It's a Gallifreyan space vessel. Because of time distortions, there are three twelfth Doctor's present. One in his velvet, one in his hoodie costume, and one in his series 8 costume. Gallifrey is found at the end of episode 11, and the Time Lords intend to sentence the Doctor to the chronolock chamber, which is the death sentence on Gallifrey, a device capable of erasing the accused from existence. He gets out of the punishment by revealing what the hybrid is, and it was him who created it when he was trying to break the regeneration cycle on Trenzalore. The "no sir, all 13" scene is also in episode 12. Clara does die in Episode 10, but she's in Ep12 as one of the doctors hallucinations, pretending she's still there. Ep12 ends with Gallifrey being restored, and the doctor being made president. But he runs away again. The final shot is the doctor in the tardis remembering Clara as he hears her voice. She says "run you clever boy, and remember" in relation to The Doctor running from Gallifrey once more. He smiles to himself tearfully before saying "oh, Clara, my Clara. How could I possibly forget?". The credits play with Clara's theme over them


A few details about the production of S11:

> No more cold opens, goes straight into the titles (which the logo reveal was based on).

> There will be several composers on the series, not just one. They’ll change up and do a few episodes similar to the old show.

> Tardis scenes will be minimal. We only see inside a few times in the whole series, unless those are being added later in production.

> Outside of the first ep, there’s only one or two references to the previous history of the show. It’s basically being treated as a reboot internally and in marketing.

> Episode 1 being a dalek episode is true, it’s meant to help viewers feel familiar because the rest of the series is a huge change up (most of the episodes being set in the past without monsters).

> More female writers, Catherine Tregenna and Sophie Petzal are part of the team.

> Chris is writing half of the episodes.


wow chibnall is a hack


Chris O'Dowd is going to BTFO you all.


File: 66eb7747ff023c4⋯.png (1.28 MB, 640x960, 2:3, IMG_1864.PNG)


yfw literally all these rumours turn out to be true, even where there are contradictions


File: 382ab3913b1ae4e⋯.jpg (25.96 KB, 434x414, 217:207, basedreviews.JPG)


File: 24af6adc818dd4b⋯.png (36.89 KB, 107x141, 107:141, ClipboardImage.png)

>tfw Nilso is in s11


File: 1ef9d0cf6d06051⋯.gif (2.43 MB, 540x250, 54:25, brilliant.gif)

tfw Ramon Salamander gets a subtle mention in Series 11, as a current news event.


File: 13eb78066923d5a⋯.jpg (159.02 KB, 1600x800, 2:1, 1500274775818.jpg)


>The Daleks are indeed in episode 1


>and were brought here to Earth thanks to Tardis explosion which cause a hole in time and space continuum allowing a small number of them to escape from Timelord Prison that is located somewhere inside time vortex itself

Kinda neat I guess, but utterly pointless. There doesn't need to be any conceit to why there are daleks, there's millions of them now. Plus, surely we're past TimeWar-esque stuff by now.

>This episode centres on Jodie building a gadget trying to find her missing Tardis


>In one action packed sequence her and Bradley Walsh (as Graham) will be driving get around and running Daleks over with his police car

Might be fun.

>It is later on revealed at end of episode that his police car was Tardis all along with Chameleon circuit fixed.

Utterly ridiculous. Would annoy fans and confuse new watchers.


Dumb anon. Come up with something more believable.

>will also revelled that Rutans are people

Watch the classic series.

>It literally whole episode of group of people fighting themselves serves an analogy of current Middle East crisis in.Syria and Yemen.

Shut the fuck up lmao



This is the same spoilerposter that we had before the ban. You can tell by his broken English and refusal to use the word 'the'.


Can't wait for the trailer to reveal that it's just same old same old and that there's no historicals



I'd be perfectly happy with most of these desu.


File: 781120c93765241⋯.png (608.6 KB, 580x750, 58:75, 1527724526424.png)




Oh same old, same old, just NeoCloister and Nilso in /doctorwho/!



Same old same old, just the Doctor and Bradley Walsh in the TARDIS



I literally copied and pasted these from the archive. It is a copy and paste of that spoilerposter yes


File: 34f853fc2977d39⋯.jpg (389.21 KB, 981x1076, 981:1076, 1514831430172.jpg)

>tfw the trailer ends with a shot of Moffat saying "You miss me?"


File: 5ffd010346ebef5⋯.png (222.93 KB, 600x337, 600:337, ClipboardImage.png)

>a disguise comes useful when you're someone's former showrunner




The real shock return will be when Chibnall takes off his mask to reveal RTD beneath.


are there any doctor who episodes about proving wrong the myth that MSG is bad for you?


File: 2646f741e973688⋯.jpg (118.24 KB, 553x650, 553:650, salamander comic.JPG)

File: 8e839b33059dc1e⋯.jpg (109.54 KB, 500x665, 100:133, salamander.jpg)

File: 1223b6db7a86340⋯.jpg (228.12 KB, 1160x615, 232:123, enemy of the world.jpg)

Post yfw Salamander makes a full return in Series 11 as the big villain. The time vortex opens up, and this Bond villain with a dodgy accent falls out and says he will get revenge on the Doctor….


File: 3c3c79250b9e372⋯.jpg (48.24 KB, 719x746, 719:746, 34065416_1946431402094022_….jpg)



Okay, this is epic.



t. neo



add filter -> Post+



If he falls out after having experienced that much exposure to the Vortex, and somehow not just died, he'd have to have been extremely changed.




wasn't there some stupid comic where he returned but looked like another doctor which made absolutely no sense



Fuck off Nilso.



Wasn't me



nobody asked



Someone doesn't understand what calling out privilege means, Cletus.



Maybe it would age him. Exposure to time equals grey hair and wrinkles maybe?


I think he still looks like Troughton in the recent comic, thats where the first image I used of him in the vortex was from. (unless youre talking about a comic I havent heard about)


File: 91d13345891456d⋯.png (9.06 KB, 395x224, 395:224, 533edd10952548b5da7f07cc59….png)


Big Autist Reward for you, anon.



Give one example of people being persecuted for walking up stairs



>using a dark theme

big autist reward for you, nilso


File: 1968febf7a25250⋯.gif (829.81 KB, 178x178, 1:1, sheldon.gif)


Gotta have something better than that, surely.



where in the screenshot did someone ask you anything?


wow Nilso wow



>accused of being nilso

>nilso says it wasn't him

>anon says nobody asked [nilso to confirm if it was him or not]


File: 3b1e4428ac46de2⋯.jpg (24.5 KB, 406x348, 7:6, japes.jpg)


>make direct statement

>respond to direct statement




>CONFIRMED: The trailer for #DoctorWho season 11 will premiere June 18 after England's first world cup match!!


File: 5fb78a2f1a23bba⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 46.23 KB, 593x473, 593:473, 1376457501813.jpg)


>Exposure to time equals grey hair and wrinkles maybe?

And who do we know with grey hair and wrinkles…



t. nilso



confirmed by who exactly?


File: 5bde66e5678371c⋯.jpg (8.05 KB, 259x194, 259:194, dickhead.jpg)


that's still too far away



at 3pm gmt



Call me when there is anything resembling an actual source.


File: 6c8112616fd8251⋯.gif (1.24 MB, 220x182, 110:91, applause.gif)






someone's not been thinking before posting again



Actually what if Rámon is played by Sean Pertwee? People are always saying how he resembles his dad, John Pertwee

Sean Pertwee slightly blacked up doing a dodgy mexican accent



whose decision is it to do these things at big sporting games? Do they think normies are going to be interested in doctor who if they promote it at a thing they like?



It's done to get as many people as possible to see something.



Damn. Just checked, and kickoff is at 7pm, meaning the trailer will be between 8.30 and 9. No 3pm GMT trailer this year



*That's if the rumour is true, of course



>John Pertwee




File: 2b6cb031c760487⋯.jpg (200.5 KB, 1644x1212, 137:101, sad nyssa.jpg)


If it's not at 3pm gmt, then I dont care, Im not watching



It's almost like their marketing strategy is to get as much exposure as possible.





YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

reminder that vid related are the types of people who watch football


File: cd67a177e3e21b2⋯.jpg (107.25 KB, 417x319, 417:319, capalgun.jpg)


File: 7ffe21b2f2f21da⋯.jpg (17.01 KB, 350x325, 14:13, 10-1.jpg)

Go wish the Laddoc guy a happy birthday https://twitch.tv/alexxgames_



t. mrsinxist


File: 8aa1cad1f8a6128⋯.jpg (33.26 KB, 600x370, 60:37, sexyeccsy.jpg)

File: 3373e7562775103⋯.jpg (96.31 KB, 640x469, 640:469, ten_grin.jpg)

File: c7dbebd9e290536⋯.png (819.61 KB, 1280x738, 640:369, smithsco.png)

File: 209c9428722d3b0⋯.jpg (45.43 KB, 500x669, 500:669, capadi SEX.jpg)



whats the connection between these images?



ambiguously sexual


File: 1a86f001b2f1ecc⋯.jpg (41.1 KB, 489x562, 489:562, pure sex.jpg)


ahhh, I see it. What about this one?


File: f05aa8f95ca790a⋯.png (412.19 KB, 5000x5000, 1:1, f05.png)

>nero tries to bonk Barbara

>"What an amusing chap, hmm?"

What did 1 mean by this?


Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy Nilsoy


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

he's a cuck and he knows it

he wants to drink all the soy

he can't help playing the switch on a saturday night

he can't help being a cuck on a saturday night


File: a817dd2629deda3⋯.jpg (101.14 KB, 685x960, 137:192, nilsos story.jpg)

nilsos story



Good take – though the same could easily be said about Erasing Sherlock, Warlords of Utopia, and even Head of State. That's one of the great strengths of the range, in my opinion: the FP series could have turned out much more like the far-less-successful Time Hunter range had it decided to focus on one set of characters. But by cracking open the entire universe, they gave new writers the flexibility and openness they needed to write the stories they wanted to write.

Even past that, I see "This Town" as extremely central to the FP series. If you read tBotW in the recommended order, it directly culmimates in the entries that would be vital to "This Town", eg "ghost point" and "younger world story". And the way the novel explores the FP aesthetic without the Faction themselves actually appearing paved the way for all the books that have followed. What I wouldn't give for the FP series to go back to that "War. Culture. Ritual" tagline.


Yup. Cf Random Static's rather desperate attempts to remove FP branding from Newtons Sleep. I think it's safe to say, though, that attaching yourself to a franchise like FP is the best bet for your book to have any lasting power. Besides, all the really almost-standalone books in the range came back during the MNP years, before Amazon self-publishing was a thing; the Obverse novels have been far more tie-in-heavy.



But honestly reading the Tardis Wiki would get you most of the way. Their page for the War in Heaven is one of the longest pages on the wiki.



It’d be interesting if someone made a wiki by copy pasting everything from BotW and that was all that was in the wiki.








Some series 11 spoilers for you to digest.

There is indeed an Indian episode set Indian Rebellion of 1857. Yasmins great grandfather is like an indian hero to her blah blah blah, she gets the shock of her life when she finds out instead of being a noble rebel, he stayed loyal to the British Empire.

Daleks are redesigned and blue-grey with bits of white, and resemble a mix of classical daleks and the 2005 era ones, the bronze daleks are gone for good. Daleks are not in the first episode like others have stated here. They are in episode 5.

Mud Witches look like bog bodies, they were Celtic women who were thrown into bogs by the Romans. Chibnall isn't the most scientifically minded writer, so the explanation as to how they are alive is particles in the bogs.

Multiple time lord characters, most new. Including a noir styled one, who is a mercenary for the Shadow Proclamation (one of the very few recurring Moffat/rtd elements). He looks like dirty harry mixed with booker dewitt from Bioshock infinite. Thick irish accent.

The South African episode filming a while ago in the desert, is set in a post apocalyptic desert covered Britain. Children of men, meets Mad Max meets Doctor of Who. Literally.

Yasmin is Grahams daughter, she is half Indian, half English.









nilsos a black woman though



>Daleks are redesigned and blue-grey with bits of white, and resemble a mix of classical daleks and the 2005 era ones, the bronze daleks are gone for good



Here are some of the current plans for series 11. Take it or leave it

Chibs has had series 11-13 planned out since last year. I am told he has written the arc for series 11 and completed it two months ago. The arcs for 12 and 13 are summarized but he has not yet written them and they could be due to change of course.

The rumour about chibs bringing in a new writing team is correct. All the old writers are gone. That does not mean they might not come back in the future as guest writers. For example I am told that Neil Gaiman is writing episode 4 of series 11.

It introduces an incarnation of the Corsair the Time Lord which House killed in the Doctor's Wife. It may be an earlier incarnation or the Corsair may have survived somehow. All i'm told is this particular incarnation of the corsair is like an 80's singer and has bright orange hair and wears sunglasses reminiscent of a young David Bowie.

The Shadow Proclamation plays a large part in series 11.

Besides the Corsair chibnall is reintroducing many old beloved Time Lord Characters such as the Monk, Drax, the Rani, and Romana. And there will be a plethora of new Time Lord characters to balance the new and old out. I am told one Time Lord character who plays a significant role in series 11 is called The Prophet and he is a major antagonist.

Series 11 will see the 13th Doctor (who is male) gathering Time Lord allies even those considered enemies in the past to go up against the The Prophet and his followers.

The Master (yes new actor and male) spends most of series 11 locked up by the Shadow Proclamation. There is a great breakout episode in episode 9 of series 11 written by Chibnall where the Doctor, Drax, the Monk and Corsair break into the prison to break the Master out.

Most of the series is filled with one parters. The tone I am told will be dark and fun and echoing a mix of Tennant's and Capaldi's eras.



Ooh, or even just an interlinked eBook of the War! Imagine that …


Lads I heard there might be a female doctor in series 11


>every single one of these spoilers is true at the same time

Would it be kino



The fake spoilers are always fanwank shite. I hope none of them are true.


Masculinity should be dead

And I say that as a man!



You're pretty fun, anon.



I like Nilso because he's secure in his femininity, unlike me.


I think it's more fun to engage in an actual conversation, by prefacing these posts as what they are - ideas, hopes, expectations, flights of fancy - instead of jutting them into the thread with some misguided sense of faux-authority. Tossing around ideas for S11 vis-à-vis conceptions of the series you've thought up is one thing, posting post after thought-terminating post as if they're actually true is quite another.


Teatime Brutality > Paul Cornell



There's a stark difference in entertaining obviously fake spoilers with a slight bit of ridicule and saying "PAH! THERE'S NO VALIDITY TO THESE FUCKING THINGS, THEY'RE A LOAD OF FUCKING WANK"



I can see your point of view and you've expressed it well here, but I'm afraid I align more with the other poster. They're such a tiresome way of expressing things that could be discussed in such a more level, communal, give-and-take way.



You dig in places 'til your fingers bleed.


File: d04daa7725c86ca⋯.png (14.01 KB, 478x523, 478:523, d04.png)


The whole "btw guys im intern at bbc so its legit" thing is a drag, I'll agree. I like fakespoilers though so, whatever.



Ever write up any into fics of your own or anything? Not really a fake spoiler but I love Nilso's alternate timeline of Doctors so much.



>13th Doctor (who is male)

So you're saying they got female to play a character that is a male?

wew boy, the tumblr land whales are gonna fucking flip



>tumblr land whales

hola 2013


hi i from twitch, i saw people spamming nilso and someone said it was a channer meme so i googled nilso and it lead me to a weird wiki which led me to here.

what does nilso mean????



t. nilso





Scott Handcock says his Class audio is the most complicated thing he's ever written production-wise. I'm taking that to mean it includes more than three characters.



this particular post was pre Series 10 actually.



Big if true. Could be a bit of PR speak (BF overstated how much input RTD had with Aliens Among Us), but certainly not an outright lie, so PNess did have some connection to the Class audios insofar as at least checking over them. If it was more than that then I'm positive BF would have tried to wrangle him into the press release.


File: 04e743d7be7180d⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 329.7 KB, 1024x748, 256:187, _MTUQc5cyssVD_jSV7M6_lkuOl….png)

Found a post Nilso made on reddit



Alternatively, the press release might have wanted to intentionally downplay any Ness involvement, considering how badly he cocked up the show itself.



nobody would be able to find 8chan from reading nilso related articles of the wiki, and 8chan does not get indexed by google

nice larp tho




holy shit it feels like years since I've heard anyone use that



I did ponder that, but I don't think BF of all people would be the sort to do that. Maybe though.



That word you like is going to come back in style.



is this /r/incel or something? who would use femoid unironically like that?



I saw it linked somewhere else but yeah afaik incels are more or less exclusively the ones who say "femoid". Some actually go further and say "FHO" (female humanoid organism, an attempt at a more dehumanising term than femoid).



>who would use femoid unironically like that?

Nilso would


And then I go and spoil it all, by saying something stupid like t. nilso…



r/incel got banned if i remember correctly



they came back like a week later as r/braincel or something. They're like cockroaches



Subs getting banned on reddit is rarely truly the end; they usually spring up under a new name and abide by the rules slightly better. If not that, there's always a couple of subs that share more or less the same userbase that people will keep using terminology originating in the banned sub in.






You know a lot about Reddit.



I wanted to do something with the Epoch Doctor but I felt that since it wasn't really my idea to begin with it wouldn't exactly be fair. That was a few months ago, however, and I've changed my position on that. I still didn't write one but if an alt-doc ST comes around again I'll certainly do one for that.

It's not just an alternate timeline of Doctors, it's an alternate reality entirely. The way I'd envisioned it was that you wouldn't be seeing 6/Cleese going through Trial, nor would you be seeing 7/Pearce go through Ghost Light or Survival - their entire universe is different with certain events like the Time War happening somewhat earlier. They may have some similarities in their adventures and they may face the same enemies but there'd be some differences; Kaleds maintain their humanoid forms from Genesis for the most part but some are changed into Daleks as frontline troops, Cybermen aren't fully converted and spend their lives as transhuman expansionists etc.



Braincell singular because they say dumb shit like femoid



I wrote a few papers about it in university. I find online communities, particularly Reddit and 4chan, extremely interesting.


ETA on ST2.5?



Nilso Humanoid Organism



3pm gmt




kino opinion


>meaty paragraphs, not at all digestible for "books aren't canon"-level fans

>comes across as a salty writer trying to defend his books

>tries to explain away contradictions via the Time War instead of just asking fans to accept them

>ends in cringey announcements

>written by someone who once chastised n8 and then never replied to his DM



>shorter paragraphs with engaging formatting

>easily-digestible list of good reasons, some of which weren't touched upon in Cornell's essay

>instead of just "what if"ing about what RTD might do, cites actual quotes from RTD, Moffat, Magrs, books, and Cornell himself

>ends in a funny graphic and a cute story that poignantly summarizes Dr Who's endless potential as a storytelling mechanism

>written by one of n8's friends


File: fa8193fb7681174⋯.png (304.5 KB, 496x440, 62:55, trump kim.png)

write an "x, and y" article headline about something doctor who related, without using "and that's a x thing"


File: a7386f9bb0204e5⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 12.38 KB, 210x239, 210:239, download.jpg)


Wait, was I talking with you the whole time? lmao

I'll have a lot more questions for you when ST1.5 rolls around, I've got an idea for how to 'prequel' my Winstone fic on one end, but will need more lore from your end to assist!


Very close. Just waiting on one fic and then have a bit of housekeeping to do.


tfw disagree with n8 for once



huge fucking brainlet



Class is getting a set of Briggs Finish audios, and literally nobody is excited for it


The thirteenth doctor is finally a woman and fragile white men are not coping



What did Cornell chastise you for?

tfw no Doctor Who novels by Richard so we have to settle for Magrs



nilso and nilso


chris chibnall is the new showrunner and you should be concerned



tfw Neo wrong for once

nice pic tho


Just tried to find the link on Tumblr but I couldn't; he might have deleted it. Basically I posted something along the lines of "I miss Benny prose; I think Briggs Finish owns the rights to her character; could Obverse please make anthologies for her?" And then Cornell very curtly corrected me. And then he ignored my DM. Ahh well.


File: 07e48672fd1dc0b⋯.png (34.23 KB, 600x602, 300:301, 1526935723202.png)

Nilso Just Posted This and It's Everything



he asked Mark Gattiss back but not based Mathieson


File: 4c80fd9e13e1e0e⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 37.36 KB, 523x244, 523:244, neo btfo.png)


neo btfo?



Congratulations, seriously, it's a super cool feeling when Who people you know like/retweet you.


File: fd3fde61caa74b3⋯.jpg (415.2 KB, 662x842, 331:421, 1527861771342.jpg)


File: d2f4f0888d62fc5⋯.jpg (41.6 KB, 838x217, 838:217, what the fuck.jpg)

This Gallifrey_Immigrant Gaffe Will Leave You in Tears - And That's A Bad Thing



Where's the gaffe? Amy DOES have the L I P P



There’s nothing wrong with what he said here, he didn’t mean it in. sexual way



>he asked Mark Gattiss

prove it



the only reasons for pointing out full lips are sexual


File: 5013a8ea6d8a7d2⋯.png (1.75 MB, 1014x1521, 2:3, 1526464485386.png)

8chan Has Worked Out Nilso's Future and People Are Freaking Out



It's surprisingly common to have people like you on Twitter, I've found. I barely even post on it but I've had my replies liked by such A-listers as Jenny and Rove.



The cool thing about Twitter is how much of an equaliser it's meant to be like that, at least in theory. Still blows my mind you can ask filmmakers direct questions and have them answer you, specifically you, back the very same day.


I imagine Twitter and the way its easier to communicate with content creators now might have had an impact on why director's commentaries and stuff like that are so much rarer. Obviously streaming had a bigger impact but I think that was probably a factor too.





>"Chris Chibnall very sweetly emailed me and said he'd love me to continue because I'm a big part of the Doctor Who family, which I was very touched by," Gatiss told Entertainment Weekly.



>Still blows my mind you can ask filmmakers direct questions and have them answer you, specifically you, back the very same day.

That reminds me that the first time I watched Face the Raven, I hopped on Tumblr and messaged Dollard about it and she responded.


File: e04182575c79586⋯.jpeg (41.61 KB, 527x307, 527:307, 1500273194125.jpeg)





I asked Talalay how she managed a certain shot and she replied back quickly, it was awesome. The BF guys are super talkative too.



Based Talaylay. I genuinely hope she keeps covering the show in blue. Yeah I had a fairly lengthy conversation with Shearman a few years ago where he gave me writing advice.


Immigrant wants Amy to lick the cream off his Oreo with her full lips.



I think her particular brand of day-for-night actually works very well to her ends but I don't get into that much here.

That's awesome about Shearman, he's such a good guy. Even Loz likes him.


all of talalay's episodes would look better if they were actually shot at night time, and darkness was strong blacks rather than daylight tinted blue



I disagree. Literally every single usage of day-for-night in her episodes has reasons for being stylistic instead of realistic.



Death in Heaven would not look better if it was set at night time. The entire plot revolves around a massive cloud in the sky which is blotting out the sun and has to be visible.


>tfw Mackinnon inexplicably follows me on twitter

>tfw I don't even think he's a particularly good director



The Doctor Falls is set in a room which is supposed to have an artificial sky, there's lights on the ceiling








well that answers that question

carry on


What does Neo think of Kanye's new album?



Shearman's an incredibly approachable dude. Love "Everyone's Just So So Special".


I even think the purple shot in Death in Heaven contributes to the overall sense of wrongness and unnatural existence Talalay's mounting for the entire episode. The lighting is working to the same end the prosthetics people for Danny's face were. One of the reasons Talalay is great is because she really keys into the joint vision for an episode instead of working to her own, different (worse) ends like some directors (remember what Stephen Woolfenden did with Nightmare in Silver?). From interviews it seemed Moff (and Capaldi for that matter) really relished a director that was so cooperative and team-based about everything.

I think the hating her day-for-night meme, while always a totally valid opinion of course and sometimes born of well-articulated arguments, sometimes falls under a general preference for (apparent) realism over stylism, which really has no basis beyond just personal taste. Yes, it doesn't look right. That doesn't mean it was a bad choice. In fact, for those episodes, I think that means it was a great choice.


I haven't heard it yet. I really liked Yeezus. Haven't listened to any of his music since then.


I once tweeted a director. He was pretty sensitive about camera his camera work. Tbf I was a tad trolly.


What does Neo think of the Drake and Pusha T beef?


people insulting capaldi's acting in the twitch stream



Ooh what director?

Aren't most AAA hip-hop beefs coordinated by PR teams?



>Drake and Pusha T beef

okay, this is epic



J.W., a porn producer/director/star.

Probably maybe, but I don't see how Drake didn't get his feelings hurt with Pusha T's last volley.


@Cats, what do you think of the Twitch stream?



He's the one who's been posting all the "twitchfags out" stuff



pusha revealed that Drake has a secret son with a pornstar who he abandoned along with digging up old pictures of him in blackface. there's no way Drake's PR team agreed to it.


you know what i think :^)


File: 7b3d403634e3a4d⋯.png (34.17 KB, 592x142, 296:71, Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at ….png)



Oh shit!

Oh shit ;)



i may be responsible for *some* of the divisive anti twitch rhetoric that's split the thread, yes



and people wonder why


File: 3bb95e84a719423⋯.jpg (188.54 KB, 749x904, 749:904, ian.jpg)


File: c9be4d3faa3291c⋯.png (34.1 KB, 616x138, 308:69, Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at ….png)



>not Hurt


File: 809f8980fc973a1⋯.png (827.52 KB, 2322x260, 1161:130, romana timeline.png)



File: fbd5bf61bd4f0f4⋯.png (36.75 KB, 608x188, 152:47, Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at ….png)

File: 0e7600d4b9cf8d8⋯.png (30.73 KB, 616x132, 14:3, Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at ….png)


File: e79bdb51bdf8068⋯.jpg (20.54 KB, 355x355, 1:1, 1527639404_412c176d1b1bb48….jpg)

t. Nilso


File: dbe58df6df33f83⋯.png (43.45 KB, 648x230, 324:115, Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at ….png)



Even the subtext was scathing. Doing it over the story of oj and what not.






There's nothing even streaming right now. These are just the losers who stick around between episodes to share their bad opinions, they're not indicative of the chat.



How dare you.


Wait, I agree now.



this one is accurate






That shit moves too fast for me to read let alone infosorb enough to have the desire to capture.


Sesskino when


>Shakespeare is stylized. The whole point is that it's obviously acting. Doctor Who is supposed to feel real. Not like a performance.



Is this from the Twitch? What an absurd thing to say.


File: 1fbd115d1df7cd4⋯.jpg (206.3 KB, 1150x2048, 575:1024, drake.jpg)




Not to mention that Drake was planning a line with Adidas called Adidon that would be about his son, but now when you google "Adidon" you get >>40425 , so yeah, I can't imagine that his team knew about + approved of this.

He's already been doing damage control on Instagram, and reportedly he's put a $100k reward out for dirt on Push. Personally I'm hoping Push will go back to back.



>The Zygon Invasion

Who fucking cares?



rumour has it pusha's "surgical summer" line was a reference to drake's alleged plastic surgery, where he got ab implants to impress rihanna. which would a good thing to discuss in his next diss


File: 71016a5a126a8d2⋯.jpg (160.84 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, doctor_who_2005.8x12.death….jpg)


>I even think the purple shot in Death in Heaven contributes to the overall sense of wrongness and unnatural existence Talalay's mounting for the entire episode.

You could say "it contributes to the sense of wrongness" about any production fuckup in any vaguely horror-themed story, and that may make it more interesting (in theory), but reveals virtually nothing about the director's craft - especially considering there is no equivalent "technique" elsewhere in her filmography, unless I'm mistaken. It still looks for all the world like the result of a compromise or mistake, particularly given its brief duration and orphaned nature. Unless there is a convincing case for why the visual grammar of the episode should break down for 5 seconds at that exact moment, and nowhere else in the scene.


File: 041b66b7768bde2⋯.png (54.53 KB, 142x188, 71:94, 8reddit.png)

Anyone else think Eight is SOOOOO GOAT and kino? He's easily the most kino, most canon Doctor. I spend the whole year waiting in anticipation for the next GOAT Eight box set to come out because I know it will be amazingly canon and kino. Nick Briggs is a GOAT writer and kino showrunner and it's honestly so annoying that he's never been asked to write for the revived show, maybe they're just scared his episodes will be so GOAT that he'll outshine them all with how kino his ideas are. 90% of the time, Briggs Finish is far more kino than NuWho anyway, since all of it is so canon and GOAT. I only have faith in Briggs to bring me GOAT kino now and I eagerly await the next GOAT box set he brings, filled with memorable, kino stories. Meet me on the Discord.



Where the fuck is that from, that's absolutely hilarious.


what a surprise, capaldi hater is moaning about political correctness






> he's put a $100k reward out for dirt on Push

Short of video of Push being a "strawberry" I really don't see how Drake could come back from that. I don't think drake has it in him, a canadian rapper, former star of degrassi jr high.


I fucking hate the Doctor Who fandom and I'm embarrassed to be a part of it.



Matt has really full lips in this pic.



That's a sign you've finally become a true fan.

Nice trips btw.



Is there any "fandom" one would be proud to be in? They're all pretty awful in their own way.


I fucking love the Nilso fandom and I'm aroused to be a part of it.



This excluded of course.






The Faction Paradox fandom is good



>Random Static's rather desperate attempts to remove FP branding from Newtons Sleep

That's funny, because Newtons Sleep is very FP-lore realated.


>4:52 thedoctorismale: Missy should have been either Romanna escaped from E-Space or the Rani. Not the master - that was garbage



The only FP I care about is Fat Penis.






>tfw no one reads your shit posts so you have to force yourself into conversation



Are you implying that GlitterGun is Immigrant? >>40452



File: 5f7deeb5085e5ae⋯.png (15.3 KB, 606x65, 606:65, Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at ….png)




His conversation coincided constructively. GG's didn't.












it's funny because discrimination



40449 was a misclick



>Nilsoposting is discrimination



The trip OCs were all named by Cats and are aspects of his own id.




het breeder meatflap spelunker garbage




Whites once again scapegoat POCs for their own problems.



The fact that you need to point this out means your original post isn't a joke. Which is all kinds of sad.



So… they're headmates?



hoodie showing his nice guy side again



>I've never used this word before and I don't plan on using it ever again but the Twelfth Doctor is a big ol' CUCK.

>He literally said "we can only hope" that the future was going to be "all girl" in The Doctor Falls. And he let Clara boss and slap him around like a little bitch.





I will never get over the fact that people believe Clara was a better companion when she was with Eleven.


Wat if the 13 doctor Falls out of the tardis gets hurt badly and has to regenerate. Than we won’t have to deal with her



Nah, set pics reveal that she's alive.



>he got ab implants to impress rihanna

Jesussssssss I didn't know this

My theory's that Push wrote "Story of Adidon" in album mode in response to "Two Birds One Stone" but realized it was too harsh, so he made "Infrared" as bait in the hopes that Drake would give him an excuse

Hoping for an extended "What Would Meek Do?" remix feat Meek coming soon. He probably doesn't want to steal the spotlight from Ye's album, though.


Not that his fans will care at all. But yeah I think you're right. Here's hoping this whole thing inspires him to make his upcoming album really great.


Like all the best FP books, you can appreciate it best if you understand the Lore, but it also works just as well without it: the one chapter of Eff's dreams about Larissa is really the only Lore-related part, and since it's all from Larissa's perspective (who doesn't know the full history of Thessalia and the Imperator, so the introduction of "the housekeeper" doesn't presuppose any knowledge of tBotW).


Third Romana best Romana

Really wish BF hadn't unwritten Juliet Landau from time


>neo is following hoodie


Do you have any selfish fan fantasies for wanky things you wish would happen in the show, but would never seriously propose?

I often imagined Omega getting brought back as a reformed good guy, or at least an ambiguously helpful mentor, having been revived amid the horrors of the Time War and ultimately overcome his various issues. He always seemed like a tragic character whom the Doctor might have actually been intellectual colleagues with had the circumstances been different, and who also had a curiously symbiotic relationship with the Doctor, constantly needing to use him or steal his form in order to return to life.

Having a Time Lord elder on par with Rassilon who's perhaps retired to some nowhere-planet would be Shada tier comfy.



t. giga



That would be a great story, actually.


Regardless of how much he whines, do you think Hoodie will watch series 11 anyway?



He will watch it so he can provide Twitter commentary.


>4 months to S11

>still no names of writers

I'm starting to think Chibnall is writing all of it himself.



Sophie Petzal



Fake insider info is sooo 2017.


So RTD and Moffat both grew up with 70s Who, and Chibnall grew up with 80s Who. Do you think we will see substantial differences in stuff? the 3 companions is already reminiscent of 5, Nyssa, and Tegan… And Jodie's outfit would not be out of place with JNT's time on the show imo



Nah fake insider info is soooo 2019 trust me, my sister's friend's friend knows a guy at the BBC. Chibnall is bringing back fake insider info big time



Increasingly bleak stories with an incredibly high body count just because? Fine by me.



>they started playing the wrong episode



I honestly didn't think there was a way it could realistically get worse. But they did it somehow.


File: fe398a88fefbac1⋯.gif (750.5 KB, 268x160, 67:40, tumblr_ov6nhxu4qX1wndslbo1….gif)


its almost impressive


File: f1642c8c77b0590⋯.png (330.99 KB, 1920x930, 64:31, 6b6f505260948b918d06e1a4fe….png)

Someone at the other end of Twitch is going to look at the screen/chat and shit themselves in a minute



George Romero fans and the people involved in his movies are some of the comfiest and nicest people I've ever met, that fandom gets a pass.

most cult horror films have great fandoms teebeeaich


File: afd571940788220⋯.png (992.15 KB, 1219x1045, 1219:1045, samreally.png)

Hey, Twitch. What's going on there, big guy?


File: 53f3afaa00fc3fb⋯.png (121.36 KB, 500x323, 500:323, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.png)



The Twitch stream is the 2018 equivalent of the 50th anniversary afterparty. You know it to be true.


File: 52014341a91f857⋯.gif (1.02 MB, 498x278, 249:139, tenor (1).gif)


File: b04b152596552ee⋯.jpg (5.72 KB, 250x240, 25:24, rape.jpg)






>they put on Planet of Giants instead

I am deceased.



Film/TV is a two-way street, author's intent is just one of the tools in the toolbox. The shot works for me because it plays into the tone and thematics of the story. Whether it was an unintentional fuckup is immaterial; I'm assessing it from a formalist perspective, not an auteur one, or even an authorial one.


Fandoms for things like this are too big to really belong to OR not belong to, if you know what I mean. I'm enormously happy being part of /who/ at any rate, and proud of the community here. But there are plenty of DW subfandoms I dislike and wouldn't be overly pleased at being identified as a part of, for sure.


I've referenced his replies to me before here. He's hilarious.


The TUAT alt regens.


Of course.


It'll be staff writers from a writer's room I'd say. Not sure of the UK rules but I don't believe they actually need to be credited as "writer writers" of the episodes if that's the case. Could be plenty wrong though.


Has there literally ever been a fuckup like this on a past Twitch marathon? I've certainly never witnessed one.


>inb4 it's An Unearthly Child again


Why are there 2 anonymous lurkers in CasualWhoStream with nothing playing?






I'm sure they repeated episodes a few times on the Bob Ross stream, and I think there was no sound at some point, but that's not really a narrative experience and not as big of a deal


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Anon that's asked a few times if I've seen Deadpool 2, I have as of now.


Since Twitch isn't streaming some Dalek episodes, do people want to watch them in /cws/ when the stream is dead for the day?



sounds like a master plan

full disclosure i've forgotten how to do spoilers so that might not work


this is absolutely going to mess up the schedule, they won't have enough time to do two repeats before 7pm tomorrow



I did mean just the later ones like Resurrection onwards but I suppose we could fit some of the earlier ones in there.



>they won't have enough time to do two repeats before 7pm tomorrow

Are the three stories that long?


Are there any good/great Bowie concert films?



Yes, the first run was supposed to end at about 2:30am, the second run would end at 10am, and the third run would end at 5:30pm.



Well I assumed that's what you meant. Power would maybe make sense too, and perhaps The Five Doctors just to be completionist



>the first run was supposed to end at about 2:30am

The times given on the website aren't actually accurate to the lengths of the block, by my count they've finished early more than once.



Fuck off then, the twitch stream is glorious, 6-12000 people who wouldn't otherwise watch Doctor Who, are



cats being a deliberately disruptive effort for a "joke" yet again




He clearly actually believes it. He's sharing his opinions.



>trying to deliberately fracture and split is ok

huh, so this is the power of /doctorwho/…



Are you actually interested in a conversation here? I am. If you want to just durr hurr strawman me, go ahead, but if I were I'd ask myself who's really the one being disruptive in a conversation where one party is willing to earnestly have a dialogue, and the other is just throwing out derisive memespeak - believe me, I understand how that's enjoyable, but it's not a good look for making your case.



Just an Australian sense of humour.



How can we have a conversation about Cats admitting to trying to split the thread because some anons want to talk about something he doesn't like? Sort yourself out.



You could start by engaging with the actual points the other party in the conversation is making, instead of throwing out your take as if it's self-evident. If your take really was that self-evident, surely it'd be open to a bit of probing.



There's no point to discuss at all. The entire post is "i may be responsible for *some* of the divisive anti twitch rhetoric that's split the thread, yes". There's nothing to read into there, nor is there an 'actual point' to discuss. It's just Cats being Cats.



and ironically no-one would particularly mind if he kept his trip on to do it rather than going on anon to samefag it to death



>There's no point to discuss

>There's nothing to read into there

>nor is there an 'actual point' to discuss

>It's just

You don't sound very confident. You sound very keen to shut down any possible probing of your conclusions, and to keep insisting they're inarguable. If these points really were unassailable, they'd stand up to actual assailing. You do you though.



Neo stop you're being really embarassing right now. Take a breather, my friend.



If there's ever shitposting or spamming it's always revealed at a later date that it's Cats. Every single time. He started the nilso spam, and now he's starting the "twitchfags out" spam. It wouldn't surprise me if he was Rutherford this whole time.


What are you fucking talking about you idiot? Cats stated that he did it. Cats admitted to trying to split people for a joke. Why do you always defend Cats? Is he your autistic stepson or something?



Stop responding



He's defending him because he agrees with him. If you read back, he's quite clearly very anti-twitch himself.



Neo, please stop the meming.



I wonder if there's a term for zeroing in on the tone people make their points in, rather than the points themselves.


I'd be correct in assuming you're familiar with this tweet right? https://twitter.com/OldRoberts953/status/805789358360031233

What exactly do you see "it" as being?


Nothing about my post you're replying to is memeing.


Thoughts on the Zarbi?


hurr durr i hate twitch

reminder to stop responding



Neo, let it go please.



They/The Web Planet is honestly pretty fucking shit and no amount of "they've never been this experimental!!!" will ever change my mind


Reminder that Neo pisses himself laughing reading his own posts



You know you can just ask me my opinions on Twitch flatout rather than rumourmonger about them.


I am having a conversation with other /who/res on /doctorwho/, a board you are not an admin of. I will do what I like.



Doesn't stop him using the chat, does it? You can't exactly be anti-platform and then use it in the same breath, can you?


Good job going off topic you retard.



Bit of a fucking power trip there, Neo.



I don't think it's a power trip to do what literally any person on this site is here to do - post, and read other's posts. Unencumbered.


I honestly think this chance to let the newer audience see One's era firsthand basically makes up for TUAT.

They should play TUAT after The Tenth Planet, for a laugh.



>It'll be staff writers from a writer's room I'd say. Not sure of the UK rules but I don't believe they actually need to be credited as "writer writers" of the episodes if that's the case. Could be plenty wrong though.

That depends on the show. Breaking Bad, for example, had a writers' room where everyone worked on a treatment together and then one person would write the script and get the credit. Other shows have half a dozen people credited for writing an episode, I remember TBBT did that back when I still watched it.

Anyway, I haven't come across any UK shows that are written that way, and isn't the whole idea based on an unconfirmed rumor from a year ago about something Chibnall was considering?




They're not playing The Tenth Planet. How many times have we said this?



Then at least play it after the Chase, or something.



It'd be nicer if it was complete, but it's a marvellous thing they've done either way. I forget who made the tweet (maybe Cornell or Goss), but someone put it as people actually experiencing the Hartnell era as what it is/was - a television show - rather than a historical artefact, or forebear for a TV show of the same name but a different conception. Which is just fantastic. The early years was so strong in their own right.


Yeah, it rolls in different ways in the US and unions of course are a big factor in how it all works. It's not really the done thing in the UK so if Chibnall is doing it (which is unconfirmed) he can break some new ground with just how exactly he goes about it.



If we can ask questions I'll ask one.

Why do you defend everything Cats does, even when he's being deliberately divisive and trying to stir up a shitstorm?

Why is it that whenever Cats tries to split or divide you find it so hilarious?

Why does Cats get a pass for being snarky, rude and offensive when you criticise other trips/posters for doing the same?

Why are your posts so varying in quality?



>Series 11 begins


>by Chris Chibnall, Steve McGowan, Susannah Smith, William Jones, Alex Fantano, Patrick Baker, Steven Stevenson, Joey Pablo, Barbara Barbarino, Brett McAllister and Toby Arnold






The answer to all those questions is "Australia"


It was someone here who said this a few threads back, but I'll point that comment to the effect of "the stream is such a fantastic idea but held back by being done in such a shoddy day, which is so completely Doctor Who" as another bang-on-the-money description of the event.


I don't defend everything Cats does.

Are you the poster I linked the Gareth tweet to before?

I reply to comments as they come.

Because they are all different.



*shoddy Way, rather. Today seems to be the only shoddy "day" for it, given the mess-up.



Fantastic answers, there. You really answered everything I asked and didn't vaguepost in order to avoid some awkward answers.



I answered your questions, more than you can say for mine.


Everyone forget about Cats pushing his luck again. It's all fine, it's just Cats being Cats. Cats can't do anything wrong and even if he does how fucking dare you for pointing it out.


I haven't been participating much in this latest slapfight over Cats, but I feel compelled to point out that Kanye's album dropped and his silence speaks fucking libraries.



Still more interested in passive-aggressive strawmans than actually having a conversation consisting of answering other people's questions and having a legitimate dialogue?


I can't believe this bullshit has followed me from website to website. Please stop being so childish. If you don't like a post(er), ignore it (them)







Good advice. Filtered.






How is it, have you listened to it?



I've already told you that there's no conversation to have because Cats has, yet again, proven himself to be a deliberate divider. You say that you don't defend cats for everything but you're defending him a lot more than you're criticising him.



Cats has legitimately brought massive stresses and grievances into my life before, which you can rest assured I had very direct conversations with him about. I don't feel the need to warp that into some huge blight on his character because we had an actual conversation and dialogue about it, listened to each other, came to an understanding and a path forward, and moved on.

You explicitly say - and I hear you - that there's no conversation to be had here. Obviously your view, and you know my opposing one. But I'll ask again, you are aware of that Gareth tweet I linked earlier right?


If somebody acts like a total fucker all the time they should be treated like a total fucking all the time until they change their behaviour or go away. Do not enable negative behaviour



>they won't have enough time to do two repeats before 7pm tomorrow

There's no Who stream at the weekend, so hopefully they can just overrun and get away with it. (Unless something else is meant to stream Saturday, but I haven't heard of it.)



treated like a total fucker*




I don't give a fuck about whatever random tweet you're linking me to. Enabling Cats to continue his fuckery is absolutely ridiculous and you should be embarrassed.



Cats has continually proven himself to be a fucker yet everyone always makes excuses for him.


File: 888b751f960cb73⋯.jpg (65.39 KB, 535x453, 535:453, ford.jpg)


>by Chris Chibnall, Steve McGowan, Susannah Smith, William Jones, Alex Fantano, Patrick Baker, Steven Stevenson, Joey Pablo, Barbara Barbarino, Brett McAllister and Toby Arnold

Fun fact: if they wrote it together, it should be "by Chris Chibnall & Steve McGowan & Susannah Smith, William Jones & Alex Fantano & Patrick Baker & Steven Stevenson & Joey Pablo & Barbara Barbarino & Brett McAllister & Toby Arnold"

The "&" symbol means that the writers worked on the script concurrently, the commas and "and" mean that the script was rewritten by each writer in succession.




Is that Gwylock1 or am I mixing up names?



Honestly, "twitchfag out" seemed more of a jokey thing than anything. I don't necessarily think he was serious, especially since several /who/res were also in the stream.

Let it go, please.



Oh, there's a difference between "&" and "and"?



No, he was being serious.




What am i about to listen to?



Do you think the tweet that Cats was literally directly referencing with his tweet is truly "random"? Really?


>i may be responsible for *some* of the divisive anti twitch rhetoric that's split the thread


>I'm appalled by the divisive rhetoric that's split the nation. Surely it's time for everyone to come together to do exactly what I say.

You think this is random? You think Cats deploying a meme frequently reappropriated by people here is entirely relevant, and his comment should be judged in isolation of that?

If you criticise his inconsistent usage of his trip, I completely understand that viewpoint. If you take umbrage with his specific views regarding the Twitch stream, of course I understand that (I'm positive towards it, unlike my reading of how he feels about it). If you just don't enjoy his sense of humour, or style of posting, or just his character in general, that makes all the sense in the world.

But to act like his tweet literally parodying a tweet parodied all the damn time here is "random"? I think that says a lot more about you than it does him.



Indeed, it's pathetic. If you act like a dick you will be treated like a dick.



Those posts are utterly incomparable. Stop embarrassing yourself already and suck his dick some more.



Yup, at least for scripts there is.

>If there are two or more writers and they worked together and contributed equally, use an ampersand instead of the word and. For example:



>Bart Snarf & Buffy Bucksaw

>When the word and is used, it means a writer was brought in later to rewrite the first writer’s script. In other words, they didn’t work together.



Oh, now that is interesting. I love all the stuff like how there are differences between "guest starring", "and [name]", "with [name]" etc.



I compared them and made actual points. You just told me to stop. I feel entirely comfortable with my position in this dialogue.



fuck off back to rationalwiki and go try to win some arguments in youtube comments sections instead


File: 8fe62fc51859b67⋯.jpg (114.36 KB, 600x600, 1:1, twspbel_slipcase_1417sq_co….jpg)

>twitch delayed the chase until tomorrow because James Goss wanted to see "london 1965" reaction but he doesn't have access to internet today

absolutely based



>If you criticise his inconsistent usage of his trip, I completely understand that viewpoint

I absolutely do, Cats has never posted on-topic.

>If you take umbrage with his specific views regarding the Twitch stream, of course I understand that (I'm positive towards it, unlike my reading of how he feels about it)

My point isn't about twitch in of itself, it's about the fact that Cats continually posts shit like this in order to cause drama (like he has with this whole "conversation"). He'll continue to do this for as long as you give him handwaves like you have been this entire thread.

>If you just don't enjoy his sense of humour, or style of posting, or just his character in general, that makes all the sense in the world.

I enjoy nothing about Cats and his posts. Literally nothing, zilch. Nada.



Neo, if you explained that Cats was referencing a meme straight out, this convo could have been avoided. You do admit throwing a reference to Gareth randomly seems odd, unless one knows the connection?


I'm on anon's side, Neo's just being a pompous prick


So, how's Shit Trips 2.5 progress?



I'm that anon, and I disagree with this post. Neo's not being pompous at all, he's just not seeing this the same way I am.



I've made some relatively good progress after a draught the last two or so days. I'll be dropping some stuff off in the next day or so.


File: 7c9e345845e124a⋯.jpg (161.24 KB, 896x1008, 8:9, ext.jpg)


>and I disagree with this post


You both make interesting points, but the real issue is my balls, they itch.





So, opinions on the Third Doctor, and whether or not he's problematic in the modern age?


Looking forward to it….Nilso?



I'm much more interested in conversations and open dialogues, which I've repeatedly tried to have with you, rather than arguments or slinging of insults. Still more than happy to have an actual conversation with you if/whenever you're game. Assuming you're the anon I'm thinking of (not like I can actually tell).


If you're referring to the way he toggles on and off trip and whatever manner he might deploy that in for conversations, I see that viewpoint, but I'm hostile to this idea that his expressing of opinions that go against the grain here should be viewed as inherently an attempt to cause drama. In my view one of the greatest things about this community is that (both for the actual structure of 4chan and 8chan, and for the vibe of the people who come here in general), uncommon Doctor Who opinions get a fairer shake than elsewhere. I'm not handwaving him disliking the Twitch stream. I disagree with his opinions on it, but I embrace him making them. Maybe not in the manner he has been, since I don't know exactly what that is, but I think the idea that uncommon opinions should be shunned here is anathemic to what makes this community great.


I appreciate that. For what it's worth (not that anybody's suggested it) I don't think you're being pompous either. Fuck, does it sound pompous to say that? Just please take this reply as a grateful acknowledgement to this post of yours.


I literally linked to the tweet the very first time I brought it up. >>40537


Conquer the Earth? You poor, pathetic creatures, don't you realise? Before you attempt to conquer the Earth you will have to destroy ALL LIVING MATTER!



>and whether or not he's problematic in the modern age?

He absolutely isn't and retoconning problematicism/judging old material with modern eyes is problematic in and of itself



enough of this open dialogue shite



Someone found the old Loz interview where he defined 3's era in really interesting terms a few threads back, you might've even tracked it down iirc.

Personally I 100% think what was done to Liz was "problematic". Despicable even, not just from a social sense, but for what that whole era of the show was trying to do structurally. But I don't find what some might describe as hypermasculine about 3's era problematic, and think that's more a memey overstated opinion about his era after-the-fact than an actual conception of it rooted in the episodes itself.

But after-the-fact conceptions of Doctor Who eras are marvellously interesting things for better or worse. William Hartnell didn't play a Time Lord, remember? :^)



If you look for "problematic" things hard enough you'll find them anywhere. Three is fine. He doesn't smack people on the bottom, nor is he a womaniser. He doesn't drink, he doesn't call people n*gros, and he doesn't think women are inferior. >>40605 is completely right.


That post wasn't me at all, and I disagree with its content. I'm all for allowing people to post what they wish but if anything I would love to see people accountable for the content of their posts if they're deliberately done to cause controversy (and there's a difference between saying "___ is worst/redditest doctor" and saying "I am here to be a disruptive influence and derail everything because I don't like X, Y or Z"). If at least half or just over half of all posts made by Cats were positive and contributed to a dialogue of whatever caught the thread's attention I'd be a bit more permissive but almost all of his posts are either done without his trip on, using another tripcode or done as a "joke". All I want is accountability for Cats and his literal shit posts, but no one ever complains about him being deliberately divisive and playing people against each other because he's bored/underage/stupid.


File: bdaee21b083d0b7⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 189.16 KB, 279x282, 93:94, 3Jb7Gxr.png)




cats mean dont like waa


>two hours


File: 7c57d431901db85⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 54.9 KB, 576x768, 3:4, cats1.jpg)

File: 50196d573d0299e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 126.23 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, cats2.jpg)

File: e2b969ba9284455⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 67.62 KB, 607x615, 607:615, cats3.jpg)

File: 80352127b1e03b3⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 157.99 KB, 875x1199, 875:1199, cats4.jpg)


Hi Cats.



I thought you'd fucked off for good, plog


File: f38109743b7c777⋯.jpg (231.42 KB, 837x1288, 837:1288, Deeu-QZU8AETHY9.jpg large.jpg)



>implying the one who's always going after cats for communism isn't probably Nilso


I like Warriors of the Deep. Do I have autism, Aspergers or am I just an idiot?



The first comment I replied to? Yeah I realised that while replying to the second comment (yours?) but forgot to go back and erase it afterwards because the chatbox is so small here.

I get what you mean regarding accountability, at least insofar as trips. I personally like having that accountability and consistency for myself (back on 4chan the 'first IP in this thread' marker was useful), but I'm sure other trips have different opinions.

I understand your views on controversy-causing statements but I'm sure you're aware I have different ones. I think there's arguably a line when it comes to meta shitflinging (sameposting to pile on a trip, influence community decisions, etc.) and posting opinions facetiously, especially because I know for a fact the latter can produce great-quality dialogues. A few threads back I made some posts about Heaven Sent, some were suspicious about how earnest I was making them. Regardless, they were part of the kindling that lit a fantastic, robust discussion of the episode, and specific things about the episode very rarely discussed elsewhere. In a fan community for a series as old as this, with conversations and arguments as repetitive, I do genuinely think there's some value in "disruptiveness". I don't think it's a coincidence some of the most important voices in DW criticism (like Sandifer) weaponise facetiousness for the (ostensible, at least) purposes of creating dialogues. You haven't brought up my posting style apart from how it relates to my opinions on Cats yet, so I'm unsure if you view these kind of posts as born of a different kind of disruption, but I do earnestly think there's value in controversy when it comes to fandoms as entrenched as this.

However, I am not trying to endorse shitflinging or making a specific comment regarding the Twitch discourse when I say this, just trying to demonstrate to you my frame of mind when it comes to "disruptive" material on /who/.

Back to the matter of Twitch, if you are the poster I linked the Gareth tweet to, do you see why I'm a bit more flippant with the idea that he's literally trying to "split" /doctorwho/, given it's a reference to a frequently-referenced meme tweet? I'm not saying that sort of action is entirely outside the realm of his behaviour, particularly in the past, but…the context matters.



That depends on why you like it.


File: 2bfe28d5f484e76⋯.jpg (14.16 KB, 1070x123, 1070:123, DeOo_L2WsAAQkZM.jpg)

I love this so much.



We know



I like seeing the Doctor not in control of the situation. I think the sets look quite sterile and squeaky clean, which is something else I quite like.



I know how ridiculous and pompous this sounds to ask, but are you the poster that has posted the same things to things I've posted in the past like willingness to trade the entirety of someone's era for Marco Polo back?



no? You seem paranoid



That would have been the more appropriate word starting with 'p' to use, come to think of it.



>I like seeing the Doctor not in control of the situation.

That's probably the only possible good reason for liking it.


Ingiga, I'm curious as to whether you're currently around.



You're correct


That's fascinating. Thanks for sharing!



My posts can essentially be boiled down into a few sentences - We should be calling a spade a spade because calling it a telescope would be silly. We should stop handwaving Cats and his disruptiveness instead of allowing him to be like this. We don't afford that behaviour with anyone else so why should Cats be any different?

>I do genuinely think there's some value in "disruptiveness". I don't think it's a coincidence some of the most important voices in DW criticism (like Sandifer) weaponise facetiousness for the (ostensible, at least) purposes of creating dialogues.

I'm not talking about weaponised facetiousness pertaining to discussion of Who, I'm talking about someone deliberately fouling things up "for teh lulz"


Because I want to be the Catterson to your Sesska and learn your thoughts about AD S3 and S4.



I understand. I suppose my similarly boiled dish would be - I don't think it's clear-cut that Cats is such an apparent disruptive influence, and certainly don't think that he's poisoning the well in any meaningful way, so to speak. I come back to that the post we are revolving around was literally referencing a memed tweet, rather than something using the words "split" and "divisive" for original purposes. I'm all for accountability if one decides to use a tripcode, but am leery about some sort of communal dismissal of someone based on how some personally perceive them. The way we've always done things is the natural order - if someone pisses one off, they're certainly welcome to let them know it (here moreso than 4chan probably, given we're not acting like freaks like the encourage-lym-to-kill-himself anon). I think going any more popularity-content or aggregate-based than that is a bad idea and not in the spirit of /who/ in any form. I'm also leery of the idea that whatever Cats is or isn't doing is "fouling things up". Spoofing votes on a strawpoll is fouling things up. Doxxing someone is fouling things up. Posting controversial things here, Who-related or otherwise, I don't view as fouling things up. It's just posting and everyone's as free to ignore it (even filter it) or engage with it as ever. Sameposting to that end is a greyer area but essentially I think it's part and parcel of these websites and ultimately individual opinions and discussion wins out in all but the most ridiculous of cases (like happened on /got/ years and years ago).



Still no word on the Catterson side of things?



You'll all be the first to know, trust me. Er, the only to know too, I suppose.

Fwiw a couple of you guys have convinced me I am still in with a chance. He's doing a lot more reaction stuff than normal lately, hasn't entered S3 production yet, and still has more cast members to announce for S3 eventually. I'm cautiously optimistic.

Casting aside, I do miss the Catterson Chronicles in general. Such mad fun, and great times streaming them. That Big Boss stuff in series 1…wow.



I never quite ascertained if you legitimately enjoyed them or if you were watching them out of some form of cringe requirement


What is your favourite post/article about Doctor Who on the internet, or at least one you come back to a lot?

Mine is this http://www.eruditorumpress.com/blog/guest-post-david-bowie-and-doctor-who/


I don't want to sound like a fanwanker but I feel like if this marathon had been managed by fans, fewer of these fuckups would have happened.

The sense of neglect was already coming through in the little details, like when the Time Meddler quiz question came up several days in advance of us even watching it, and then mistakenly labelled it a Second Doctor story. Or ads being played for people in the middle of episodes, as opposed to during those nice long breaks where they kept looping the trailer.

And now we get big things like nobody noticing 15 minutes before the stream kicked in that something was wrong when it began playing the pre-Unearthly Child chat show with Cornell (assuming it would have even gotten to the point of the wrong playlist being queued if run by someone who gave a shit).


File: ec6d687799c4a18⋯.gif (788.64 KB, 230x196, 115:98, idli.gif)

File: e680f514bed6d8d⋯.gif (691 KB, 220x220, 1:1, 11accept.gif)

>this thread



Last thread someone posted this, from Jack Graham of Eruditorum, and I don't know about other folks here, but it captures a lot of my mindset on questions like yours here quite well:

>I think it depicts something very true about life: that sincerity and insincerity are by no means polar opposites and mutually exclusive, and that people can be both sincere and insincere all at once. It is perfectly possible to create false impressions through telling the truth, or vice versa. Moreover, sincerity is not something we flick on and off like a switch, with us always in perfect control and perfectly cognisant of perfectly consistent motives or feelings.



We listened to them because they were amusingly bad and bizarre. Just like most fan content we consume.


I'll be very amused if at some point in the future a showrunner's big rejig of Doctor Who marketing-wise is to rename the show "Doctor Who?" complete with the question mark. Imagine if Moff had done that for S7 after the big ending of S6 with Dorium asking that question. Then imagine S7 had actually delved into it…sigh.


Something Doctor Who hasn't done yet that I'd really like it to one day: properly have two Doctors as co-leads for a series. Matt and David shot around the idea a bit (which Moff firmly shut down) and sure there are issues with it, but it'd be new ground and something potentially very interesting with tonnes of story potential.



forgot to ask you this earlier but when you mentioned the alt-timeline in >>40336, which of the incarnations did you like the most and why?


File: d3d60128f93ed8a⋯.png (562.55 KB, 1024x820, 256:205, alignment.png)


Remind me, had you settled on a Bowie inclusion in the end or not?

It goes Cleese6>Pearce7>Bean8>Winstone9>Kingsley10 right? I have no clue the order of the other ones. I'm definitely the most interested in Winstone because that casting just screams out to me so fully-formed in my head. Pearce interests me because you've described her more than the other ones iirc and she's also a super compelling casting, especially for that (alternative) era of the show. Bean is an obvious great pick and the idea of him as an alt 8(~War?) is interesting since it's not at all like the character of Doctors we got at that point in the "real" timeline.

Also super interested in Kingsley as a darker, older Doctor.



I'm doing a small presentation as a final task of one of my minor courses at uni:

I have to pick three big newspapers (one american, one british, one aus or nz) and examine narrative and language differences in their articles on the same event.

I picked Jodie's casting announcement as an event (of course).

What are some good major aus newspapers? I'm struggling with understanding which are quality press and which are not.



I was going to rattle something off quickly but I'm going to write it down in some more detail for you instead of just fobbing it off.



The quality of press thing is an akward one because people have different understandings/appraisals of what they think "quality reporting" is. I've been in this position before (not with the specifics you've stated) but what I did was I took three examples from across the board - I used The Guardian, The Daily Mail/Mirror and BBC News; that way I got the perspectives of a left-wing rag, a right-wing rag and a centrist-whichever-way-the-wind-blows rag. That way, no one can complain that you're biased for X, Y or Z.






If you do make major changes to the Shatterpoint Doctor set, let me know so I can update my fic.



Cheers m8.


Most Australian newspapers are shit. The (Sunday/Daily) Telegraph is the big one. Not sure if the actual content of the article is useful for you though https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/entertainment/television/the-13th-doctor-who-to-be-unveiled-after-the-mens-wimbledon-final-on-sunday/news-story/c0da0db87036ba8b0efbd7b1c9bebac4?nk=14710c3b8280573c8adf620a281e6ece-1527886865

The Australian is more formal and wordy but has a lot of the same flaws as the Telegraph


Oh it's paywalled too so probably not helpful.

The Sydney Morning Herald seems to have the most clickbaity article on Jodie https://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/tv-and-radio/doctor-who-jodie-whittaker-becomes-the-first-female-doctor-20170717-gxcfv1.html



Why not just pick the paper that sells the most in each country?



I've not seen or heard of a non trade publication in the states covering jodie's casting. Certainly nothing regional. Variety or the like would be the places I'd look.



Because The Sun sells the most in UK and it's irredeemably shit




I do feel a bit cornered with this event choice because everything seems same-ish and there's not much to analyze.



IIRC you only used 5 to 12. The only ones that aren't set in stone (at this moment) are 1, 2, 3, 4, 13, 14, 15 and 16, which I will be addressing in a minute or ten.


Sometimes there just isn't another way.



>13, 14, 15 and 16

Had I known those existed, I might have incorporated them.



You could probably spin something out of that (globalised media, conflated opinions, 'local' newspapers = 'global village' newspapers in content, lack of diversity in opinion, lack of diversity in media ownership), but at least one more incendiary newspaper might be fun. Aus doesn't really look to have one, at least newspaper-wise.



They're practically inconsequential and I'd rather not force you to accommodate 4 more characters because I've only just mentioned that they exist.





How is getting rid of a character because you find them difficult to write for despicable? I feel Terry's"we want a damsel in distress" thing was exaggerated banter



I'm not bothered. Whatever thoughts you can share on those extra characters would be nice (I probably wouldn't add them to the fic, but it'd be nice to know.)



Sure thing.


File: 0d52b60cd7ca52d⋯.gif (1.41 MB, 268x280, 67:70, dwsr.gif)

The story so far: **We know Yasmin's last name: Khan.

We know Sharon D. Clarke is playing Graham's wife, Mary.

We know the names of all the directors.

We know the Doctor spends a lot of time in Sheffield and some time at the Sheffield Police Station.

We know there's a funeral in Episode 1.

We know there was some Episode 1 filming on Garth Hill which has a trig point.

We know Episode 3 is about the Montgomery Alabama bus boycott.

We know there are aliens with guns in a desolate landscape, likely Episode 2.

We know Alan Cumming is playing Kings James 1 in an episode about 17th Century witches.

We know the names of some of the characters and who is portraying them.

We know the Doctor loves apple bobbing



I feel like Ray Winstone Doctor is a major part of my life.



You copied this from Gallifrey Base.

But everyone else copies from GB (and it's all accurate), so it works out.


He shows up in a fic of mine in ST2.5.



I do my best to keep Nilso's shit as far away from my life as possible.




Twitch stream starts in 4 minutes.


How does it take so long to load up the correct mp4?




File: 24ce67c1267294e⋯.png (8.69 KB, 236x65, 236:65, uh oh.png)

uh oh



love you too babe


File: 3ed4d22c5f7251d⋯.gif (927.76 KB, 200x200, 1:1, bakersmile.gif)


Just realised I'm going to have to stay up ridiculously late to catch the end of The Chase now. Oh well, it's Friday night.



It will be repeated on Challenge tomorrow.



Challenge is such a patrician channel.


>We know there's a funeral in Episode 1.

Yeah, a funeral for Doctor Who because it's been irretrievably ruined by third wave feminism


>We know there's a funeral in Episode 1.

Yeah, a funeral for masculinity


>We know there's a funeral in Episode 1.

Yeah, a funeral for all the little boys around the world who no longer have a positive role model to look up to


>We know there's a funeral in Episode 1.

Yeah, a funeral for men everywhere


>We know there's a funeral in Episode 1.

Yeah, a funeral for alt-right man babies


>We know there's a funeral in Episode 1.

Yeah, a funeral for nilso


>We know there's a funeral in Episode 1.

Yeah, a funeral for this general


The frist ep of Web Planet is so goddamn kino


>We know there's a funeral in episode 1.

Yeah, a funeral for a funeral for a funeral for a funeral for a funeral for a funeral for a funeral for a funeral for a funeral for a funeral for a funeral for a funeral for a funeral for a funeral for a funeral for a funeral for a funeral for a funeral for a funeral for a funeral for a funeral for a…


>We know there's a funeral in episode 1.

yeah a funeral for Nilso


>The Web Planet trending on UK Twitter

in fucking credible

that long ass delay, despite haemhorraging the viewer count, may have served to boost the amount of focus on Web Planet specifically.


File: a40f9bcf71c1372⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 151.96 KB, 1024x664, 128:83, modeltardis.jpg)


We know practical effects are back on the menu



Imagine someone telling you at any point since twitter was a thing, that one day The Web Planet would fucking trend. Amazing


File: ba3154d1ca9794f⋯.png (38.97 KB, 314x450, 157:225, itsreal.png)



>It's real


It's a testament to how good an idea this was that, even when they fuck it up completely, it still ends up being legendarily comfy



Oh this is the best singular moment in the Doctor Who fanbase since the 50th year



my sides





What makes this work so well is that a tiny event like a Zarbi bumping the camera will generate at least one whole screen's worth of reactions, because the chat is so primed to react to every last detail.

Sandifer has a hot take: https://twitter.com/ElSandifer/status/1002681592714801153

>I think there's also something to the Twitch aesthetic. It's a game streaming site. So forgiving of tedium (which there's a lot of in watching video games) and encouraging of surrealism.




top of the pops is still relevant?



It's an interesting look into mob mentality


I have no idea lmao, I think they still do specials or something, a few a year


Friendship ended with BarbarIan

Now VrestIan is my friend


File: c784dd5fa3690ce⋯.jpg (421.25 KB, 1425x2048, 1425:2048, DeeoYZdX0AAwLk8.jpg)



>Kazymandias: This is still First Doctor, right?

of course the anti capaldi pleb from earlier is fucking illiterate


File: 7222211dc714df7⋯.jpg (42.54 KB, 330x500, 33:50, fd0d3a8460b3107b7bb90064f5….jpg)




You still here?



I am!


File: 22f4b579c259af0⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.51 MB, 2153x1394, 2153:1394, listing.png)


I sorted out the listings, and I'm just going to do a bit of "lore" on them to fill in some blanks.


File: 4edbb58b5c4b107⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 29.47 KB, 315x391, 315:391, 1526425897899.jpg)


Does the 16th have a thicc companion?


File: 94346fa61f61e89⋯.jpg (7.22 KB, 288x67, 288:67, baseddd.jpg)



You'd better believe it



Outstanding. I trust there are feeding scenes as well?


>12:29 DarkElektro: Modern Dr Who is just social engineering probably. Never watched it. Never watched this either, but its good

lol wut



Typical right winger; "I've never actually experienced this firsthand but it's probably social engineering"



>Web Planet hemorrhaging viewers



>Accidentally replying to a post



He means using nuWho references to get open/free access to goods, information or services. Meme-ing your way into pants, comic con after parties, what have you. Or maybe using that NSA "sonic screwdriver" program.



Almost one o'clock for UK viewers at this point. Started so late, basically 8 episodes behind


It's literally going to be the early hours of the morning (in the UK) when we get to London 1965. I'm going to spend all of tomorrow in bed.


File: 37d273bead21a3d⋯.png (2.16 MB, 1417x1417, 1:1, london65.png)


good god we've got to make it through The Space Museum after this.




File: d60972b12e1a4d7⋯.png (251.27 KB, 400x400, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)















Are they not reairing it again later now for the other timezones?




They are still repeating it, I assume. I just want to catch the first run because there's always something a bit more special about it.






Did you do this? This is fucking based. If you did this you should honestly share it with the world.




Welcome to Zombo com. You can do anything at Zombo com. The only limit is yourself at zombo com. The infinite is attainable at zombo com.




Showing your age there, Cloi



Which series 11 writer is this?



She fucking wishes.


hot fuzz is on






Ikr, that's gotta be as old as you. ;)



spoilers sweetie



Cloister, will you be reading ST2.5 when it comes out?



Sorry bb


Probably. It makes for good bathroom reading. Keeping up with a book club can be difficult though, other little obligations can take precedence.


File: 32f1088d181c7ea⋯.webm (964.05 KB, 960x540, 16:9, placetime.webm)

Did someone say…



edited in Windows Movie Maker


I genuinely don't think I can keep myself up for The Chase




>Kazymandias: While it does slow down the telling of it, there is MORE story here than in the modern Doctor Who.




Everything's been pushed back yeah


>1:08 scriptscribbles: guys let's not scare the new fans with convoluted Lovecraft mythology inserted in 90s books along with looms and bottle universes

wilderness years fans keeping up the cringe as ever


zombo best girl



I know Scriptscribbles. He's a great dude–leave him alone.


This is one of the worst stories I have ever seen


File: d64ea0af8a4c161⋯.png (2.6 KB, 289x54, 289:54, rtdstory.png)


What would the NuWho equivalent of Web Planet be? Are there any episodes with no human characters outside the TARDIS team?




File: 21f06cacf8bf02f⋯.png (1.12 KB, 209x24, 209:24, HAHASGHFSAV.png)

claudia is on the verge of tears.


Why is watching Hartnell so comfy? Why do I do it so rarely?





read this post in Simm's 'SPEC-TAC-ULAR' line delivery



Read or read?



File: e19354b16dcb6dc⋯.gif (1.77 MB, 500x277, 500:277, giphy.gif)

Vicki's looking mighty fine this episode lads


stroke mid sentence


File: 426320645f329df⋯.jpg (76.93 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, f.jpg)



File: b496246d4fb4be6⋯.png (607.76 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, f.png)


What is going on with the left side of the screen?


Who was it that said that The Space Museum is boring? This is comfy as fuck so far





Royally pissed I'm gonna have to miss witnessing the chase live but I'm so tired


File: a96a19456a97e4c⋯.png (10.5 KB, 238x83, 238:83, dev.png)


File: c2c558d8f118573⋯.jpg (85.99 KB, 876x960, 73:80, 27072619_197539024316446_8….jpg)

This still cracks me up but also really makes me want to see a Shad DW lewd. I actually don't like his work, but it'd be an interesting sight.


File: 0aa80c1bf5b7948⋯.png (168.37 KB, 368x396, 92:99, eBiStOu.png)

File: 0aa80c1bf5b7948⋯.png (168.37 KB, 368x396, 92:99, eBiStOu.png)

File: 0aa80c1bf5b7948⋯.png (168.37 KB, 368x396, 92:99, eBiStOu.png)

File: 0aa80c1bf5b7948⋯.png (168.37 KB, 368x396, 92:99, eBiStOu.png)

File: 0aa80c1bf5b7948⋯.png (168.37 KB, 368x396, 92:99, eBiStOu.png)



…I really don't want to see a Shad DW lewd.

(Although /who/ once floated around getting a Shad non-lewd Who photo in Shit Trips 1.)


wew a lot of discussion about me this morning


File: 877200c727a3fb8⋯.jpg (31.11 KB, 500x400, 5:4, f0df99f.jpg)


File: b54d555a27e45a1⋯.jpg (16.46 KB, 178x269, 178:269, b54.jpg)

>tfw just realized if series 11 is hype enough shad will make 13th doctor art



it's no longer morning so we need not talk about you



11:47 is still the morning. you have 3 more minutes


File: c281dcf839f316a⋯.png (122.99 KB, 595x549, 595:549, claudiawebday.png)




I'd rather talk about Nilso


Nilsos gay



pleb opinion on both counts, she continues to be shit tier


what does claudia think about twitch chat?


I'm more interested to see how people react to Ian and Barbara's actual departure and that montage of them having fun in London 1965 than the London 1965 moment itself.


File: 48932afcd64a396⋯.png (39.26 KB, 575x224, 575:224, eliswrong.png)

File: c85e5bc7025b16c⋯.png (44.33 KB, 591x234, 197:78, elisstillwrong.png)

File: 9c3d0efc3bc895b⋯.png (41.46 KB, 589x230, 589:230, elforfuckssake.png)

El's Bells



penis, left testicle and right testicle






People are enjoying themselves. So she hates it



every single one of those are correct though


Nilsos truscum



You're wrong.


>not that awful noise, the other noise

based based based


The twitch stream skipped the Beatles scene in the Chase but the subtitles they’re using didn’t. What a shitshow





Am now.


lmao, he's so positively glowing in every pic with her


Oh god


Are these really that controversial? I'd agree with the story ranking insofar as quality. Flip it around for influence though.





I love you





File: bb149b8cf6b2edb⋯.png (304.71 KB, 1263x726, 421:242, wiki1965pt1.png)

File: 6dd36cfc1994008⋯.png (334.05 KB, 1267x725, 1267:725, wiki1965pt2.png)




Who are you talking to?


Has the Zarbi bumping the screen moment happened yet? How'd people react?




I love you too.



Everyone fucking loved it. Redirecting you to >>40705



Day of the Doctor is peak comfy, and I dont understand why some hate it so much.


Nilso's alternate Doctors are peak soy

And I say that as a fan!



Fwiw I'm not a huge fan of the episode but think the novelisation is utterly, utterly brilliant. I've seen at least one other person express that opinion too.



nice rebuttal


File: 9e08f07caed8b0c⋯.jpg (6.24 KB, 225x225, 1:1, download (8).jpg)



What am I meant to be rebutting exactly?


Hell Bent > Doctor Falls > Death in Heaven

Heaven Sent > Dark Water > World Enough and Time


File: e6d0ae049e7e4fb⋯.png (360.61 KB, 449x640, 449:640, tfw episodes deleted.png)


I've been awake for almost 2 days stop nitpicking things



Nice pick for 1. Very glad to see 5 (never thought I'd say that).

How's the Doctor get more regenerations in this, have you thought up?


File: 720f87156973ea5⋯.jpg (23.52 KB, 587x218, 587:218, sandifer.JPG)



im very jealous of nilso

i can't even name 16 actors outside of doctor who




Who else has taste this backwards?



Only reason anyone hates DotD is MUH TIME WAR!!!! MUH CANON



If inverting the entire premise the revival of the show was founded on isn't a cause to get worked up about those things, I don't know what is. I think showrunners are well within their remit to do retcons, even thematic retcons, of that magnitude, but it's hardly a strange thing people react strongly to it.


Fan theory: El Sandifer got thinks > means "less than"



I'll admit that John Hurt's role seems a bit odd. We're told that the Doctor pretends this version never exists, and tries to forget, but at the same time, Clara says "He's always talking about the day they did it". So does Eleven supress this? or does he talk about it openly to Clara?


Where do we rank the trips and streamfags on the Cats-Immigrant/Nilso-Edge compass



>being this ravaged that someone didn't suck off Loz


>New York 1966

so close



A very, very good take of Sandifer's. I fucking hate the extremely common narrative that essentially boils down to "people in the past were stupider than people in the present". Societal accumulation of knowledge and technology is one thing, but people have always been people. And that goddamn realism/stylism argument again…


Hurt embodies the fact he was a rushed hire/rewrite based on production issues and Eccleston turning the gig down. The fact he and Moff managed to (almost) make the character work is a testament to their abilities.



More puzzled about the "Dark Water > World Enough and Time" and "Gatiss > Saward > Raynor" (and "Target > EDAs") but sure

something something "TV > books"



Who puts WEAT above Dark Water???



Eedjits and maybe Clara haters (subcategory of eedjits).


Gunfags will never appreciate Morton Dill


File: 414aa85154260ef⋯.jpg (6.21 KB, 275x183, 275:183, images.jpg)

File: a3faad487364234⋯.jpg (79.56 KB, 450x450, 1:1, World_Enough_and_Time_(aud….jpg)

>The virgin World Enough and Time

>The chad World Enough and Time



>a single scene that was so un-gun, the Dalek couldn't even fire its gun



I meant to say "Heaven Sent" instead of WEAT but I'll still defend this opinion because why not

The Master reveal was too obvious to be epic, killing Danny was GOAT but everyone knew he was gonna come back (not just in a "writers are pussies" way but in a "oh hey a resurrection mechanism has been teased all season" way), and it lead into the mehdiocre DiH

in contrast WEAT has fun time schenanigans, great worldbuilding, great Cyberman body horror, Missy trying to be good, and leads into TDF. And watching my unspoiled family react to the Cyberman + Simm reveals was fantastic



Related thought: is S8 the closest Moffat ever got to a RTD-era-style season "arc"?


File: bd870568d012aaf⋯.webm (3.65 MB, 720x404, 180:101, sweetmotherofgallifrey.webm)


>putting worldbuilding and twists above characterkino



The way I envisioned it was that there would be a separation of mind and body following the path of enlightened spiritualism.

A long-standing tradition dictates that Time Lords willingly relinquish life at the culmination of their thirteenth body and pass into the Matrix to begin their next stage of evolution and ascension, just as Rassilon the Conquerer did (think of the natural process of the butterfly) following a war known as The Skirmish with a long since forgotten enemy. While the consciousness passes on into the Matrix/Nethersphere, the body is refashioned into another Time Lord and given a new set of regenerations. During the Skirmish the Time Lords became more and more willing to win by any means necessary and in the process of winning (or losing depending on how you read it) render themselves infertile and unable to conceive naturally as humans do. Since there are a fixed number of Time Lords left in existence at any time, it is viewed as something tantamount to high treason to not go through the separation process. The emphasis on relinquishing life during their thirteenth life is done as a tribute to Rassilon who died in his thirteenth body; despite having more than thirteen regenerations, it is done as a message of eternal and undying gratitude for Rassilon sacrificing himself so the Time Lords could live.

If I've copied anything from anywhere I'm not that well versed in EDA's so it's not been done on purpose.


I'm good in a pub quiz. I have a good memory for faces.



anyone with sanity



if you consider the S9 arc to be the hybrid, that's the closest to the RTD type "repeated word that's given meaning in the finale" arc



I forgot to add that the Doctor refused to go through with the traditional relinquishing and was banished from Gallifrey and treated like a pariah.



If you take the Missy/Heaven interludes as the "arc" then yeah, but I resist treating them as the "series arc" when that's clearly "am I a good man?" and Clara's shifting relationship with the Doctor. In RTD's series (well, the Tennant ones) the character arcs were more incidental where the plot arcs had greater airplay, but in Capaldi's series (well, s8 and s9, not s10 I'd say) it's the other way around. The fact people call the Hybrid the 'arc' of S9 is just nuts to me, when there's a thumping great arc screaming out in every episode and it has nothing to do with that. RTD's years conditioned people to treat repeating memes as "arcs" but I think that's misguided semantically.


Pure, pure kino. Love it. You've read Lungbarrow yeah?



Not gotten around to it yet. The PDF copy has a broken format and

every sentence is spread out

haphazardly making it

hard to





Uploaded this for you when interested https://mega.nz/#!VCgiVBiS!wsbSbghDGMYYSra9lHoBCAqo_pH5kBAcanTn9EBn8Uc

You'd definitely be interested in it. Can make an epub/mobi/whatever if you'd prefer.


File: c77c309378de1e8⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 137.09 KB, 1028x565, 1028:565, devil's advocate.JPG)


>considering only a single dimension when comparing two stories


This is pretty neat. Some good echoes of the VNA/FP "Time Lords became sterile in conjunction with the Vampire Wars" idea. And I've always really wanted the series to do more with the post-death Matrix life of Time Lords: the closest I think we've really gotten is Rassilon and the Matrix Lords in the DWM comics, something that I think was bizarrely and unfairly forgotten during the Wilderness. Althrace return when?



N8 and Nilso got married in Vegas



If any line would delve into forceful self-sterilization in order to kill a bunch of enemies, the VNA and FP ranges would be the most likely to. I bookmarked your earlier post about getting into FP and I'll give it a read tomorrow morning (looked at the clock while writing this and seen that it's almost 4:40am, so I'll read it later today I guess).


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

How would Doctor Who deal with this situation?



Ice Poseidon is a prime example of why Twitch "culture" sucks.



IRL streaming like this is the bane of my existence. Ice Poseidon and his crew especially Baked Alaska need to get reacquainted with the pavement from at least six stories up.



yeah it's awful. and it's the only culture white people can claim for themselves



Aren't you white, cats? Why are you insulting your culture like that?








YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

How would Doctor Who deal with this situation?



WEAT is just Moffat doing his slow path gimmick yet again but with a different excuse for it, and something horrible happening to the girl this time, plus some decent horror scenes he could probably have turned out in his sleep. It's pure mechanical setup for the real thematic content in the second episode. I'm not saying it's not great but it's just a working execution of an established Moffat formula, by his standards it's unchallenging.

From its opening minutes Dark Water is a blazing assault on everything that was thought possible in NuWho. It's a bleak and perverse piece of writing infused with existential despair, anchored around deliciously long and complicated dialogues, where the question is not something so banal as "will the Doctor will save his companion from being made inhuman", but "will his ruthlessness actually be what drives her to the point of inhumanity?" There's no hope or escape to be found even in death. It is far more than just a finale setup episode, it is a remarkable work of art unto itself.



he's banned on twitch



Nope, this is how you do it:




The posting style and constant defence of S8's conception of Capaldi tells you this is definitely a certain someone who loves being identified as hoodie.






>>40847 is my only post in this conversation and it didn't bring up S8's conception of Capaldi at all.



If you're not who I think you are then I profusely apologise


Discussion of Nilso's breasts in the /tv/ thread


I like Nilso because he's secure in his femininity, unlike me.



Waiting for Sesska to discover Heaven Sent is similar to what 12 went through in Heaven Sent



explain to me who that is and why I should care



Because you won't see this coming.


File: af1a4351b8a72d3⋯.png (16.01 KB, 582x81, 194:27, oppression.png)

What are some Doctor Who episodes where the villian reports the good guys to a higher authority?



Ah fuck, me too.



I knew it was you spamming my thread.



>pretending to accidentally reveal your tripcode once again

smug matt smith image


File: f450640ee4e3376⋯.jpg (7 KB, 231x218, 231:218, download (2).jpg)


You got me! Pretending!


If you haven't mined a tripcode that says "idiot" or something this was a waste of time.


File: 2e229669b164fac⋯.jpg (91.04 KB, 315x437, 315:437, Smug_matt_2.jpg)


You now realise that there will come a time in your life when not only have you fallen behind on current cultural trends, but you have fallen behind on Doctor Who specifically. You might still watch it when you find the time, but you won't quite get it like you used to.






I don't think I'm alone in already having had a time like that. I didn't watch the show from 2008-2013.


You now realise that there will come a time in your life when not only have you fallen behind on current /doctorwho/ trends, but you have fallen behind on Nilsoposting specifically. You might still do it when you find the time, but you won't quite get it like you used to.



That sounds pretty sad. I want Nilsoposting to be with me all my life.



Yeah but you got back into it. There will be a time when that's just not feasible. There will be whole swaths of fandom, or even official Doctor Who content, that you are not aware of/do not understand, and you will likely even have too many real-life responsibilities (family, work, etc.) that will prevent you from even keeping up with the episodes themselves.

You're going to get old, Neo. You're going to one day become an irl boardie.


God, having more than 1 companion must be fucking annoying as shit.

>"Now, Barbera, if you study this dial here, it shows that– SUSAN, STOP FUCKING AROUND WITH THAT TRAPDOOR REVEAL"

>"Zoe, have you read this book on Quantum Dynamics in Motion? It's most interesting– JAMIE, TAKE YOUR FUCKING HAND OUT OF THE BLENDER"

>"Please don't be difficult, Tegan, I'm trying my hardest to take you home– ADRIC, STOP PEEKING ON NYSSA WHILE SHE'S CHANGING, I'VE TOLD YOU TO STAY IN YOUR FUCKING CAGE WHEN WE'RE IN FLIGHT"




>get a life outside Doctor Who


my block just expired, yours is probably almost up too Neo


>chat thinks Steven is dead

Thank fuck we have The Time Meddler.



>implying you won't just get banned when the mod wakes up and sees the janny's report



yes, i know, plenty of time to nilsopost in the meantime though. my ban is set in stone so i have nothing to lose.



You are more sociopathic than Rutherford.


File: 3b1e4428ac46de2⋯.jpg (24.5 KB, 406x348, 7:6, japes.jpg)

>end up as a cinder floating around spain

based tbqh



what did he mean by this


File: ae7e07c118b7722⋯.png (9.78 KB, 286x54, 143:27, ClipboardImage.png)

What's the Doctor Who equivalent of this opinion?



why do you post this stupid picture, nilso



it makes me laugh



t. Nilso



didn't ask


File: 7ce5fa7f4e2b3be⋯.png (752.87 KB, 1412x938, 706:469, 79000db6ad6cc80ccb4515ed68….png)



File: c77a64f539160c9⋯.png (578.88 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, 00000000.png)

That was beautiful. I was going to record chat's reaction to LONDON 1965, but realised I don't have any recording software installed on my computer.


File: fd72cd5b41e050e⋯.png (565.55 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, 000000001.png)




>profile pic

You and your brother?



oh fuck, I missed it?



Yes. Somehow.


Do you know what beats being awake for two days on the trot?

Being awake for three days on the trot



>on the trot

Okay, this is Nilso



I find an incredibly obvious and now encompassing aura of concentration and understanding radiating throughout my being



was it everything we dreamed it to be?



I'm afraid so. How did you manage to miss it?! You have two other chances coming up.



It was beautiful. I choked up.



I don't keep track of the schedule. I just pop in every now and then when I feel like it to see what's playing.



If you mean a shitload of people spamming LONDON 1965, followed by a shitload of people spamming BibleThump, then yes.


it's just hilarious to watch gamers spam memes and tiny images over and over again



It was pretty emotional. Honestly the whole lead-up to the scene is what made it.



I'm already apparently older than most here apart from the two obvious exceptions and the two less obvious ones. I already have too many real-life responsibilities to keep up with a tenth as much media as I'd like to as well. Also, I think you are much more optimistic about the longevity of Doctor Who media we'd like engaging with in the decades to come. However, my biggest disagreement with you is the tone of your post, because what you're describing sounds awesome to me. Doctor Who should eclipse me. It should keep on being brilliant and evolve beyond me. The fact there's more Doctor Who content than I'll ever experience (let alone media in general) excites and astounds me, it fills me with awe, rather than depresses me. The fact there's so much creativity in the world I'll never be able to get my fill is a wonderful thing. Doctor Who shouldn't be stuck with my wants and tastes and generation, it should absolutely move past me.





jon blum



t. Bunk Bed Ben


File: 861e507c0be892e⋯.jpg (10.32 KB, 249x249, 1:1, 1496474395545.jpg)

>Season 4 didn't work because it was out of sequence with too many character taking place over too long a span of time. Sure there were jokes, but the majority of time is spent trying to figure out what is even happening. It requires multiple views just to get a lot of the jokes.

>The recut basically does what your mind had to do, piecing together multiple episodes to form a coherent narrative. It's not perfect, but it did make the season able to be enjoyed.






t. Anonymous



regarding arrested development



>Doctor Who shouldn't be stuck with my wants and tastes and generation, it should absolutely move past me.

I agree with the nerdy shit you're saying in this post. Although, the feeling I was initially trying to get across was less "Doctor Who will become too big for you" and more "You'll outgrow your favourite franchise, and no matter how hard you try to re-engage with it, it just won't be the same"

Also, I assume most people here are in their twenties. Are you old?


File: 1eb28ece1e36f47⋯.webm (1.75 MB, 1128x558, 188:93, 1527915510845.webm)

4chan anon's hilarious failed attempt at recording the chat for Ian's infamous line



I'm 23 and have been watching Doctor Who genuinely for as long as I can remember, and regularly since The End of the World. I feel I enjoy the actual episodes and audios now more than I ever have, because I'm old enough to appreciate them more critically, however I am past the "autistically scouring the TARDIS Wiki" stage of my life, and am less interested in obscure lore and the like. I hope I will continue to appreciate the program well into the future, although now that I have seen almost all of it with only a few missing episodes left on my list, perhaps some of the wonder has worn off. We'll see how Series 11 goes, if a female Doctor (slash Chibnall's take on the show) works for me, but I hope it will.



I've never heard such brainlet shit in my life. The structure of the episodes literally helps you understand it by focusing on one character's personal journey at a time!


Also someone should consider getting a new thread soon and linking it here



I prefer reaching post limit and wondering why no ones posting for the next few hours


File: 38b11332b84de9e⋯.gif (38.23 KB, 302x200, 151:100, 200_s.gif)



I'm 25/23. Last year that was a subject of some light-hearted mockery (since ceased) in the stream.

Outgrowing things is good. Too many people these days don't, stuck in arrested development. Though I don't think Doctor Who slots into the franchise space you're positioning it in here.



>I'm 25/23




Good lord! What is happening in there?





File: 9ffdbf3a7e1a655⋯.jpg (27.08 KB, 201x376, 201:376, 13th doctor.JPG)

trailer in 2.5 weeks



You can't be both. In which year of the Gregorian calendar did you exit your mother's vaginal canal and take your first breath?


File: 1968febf7a25250⋯.gif (829.81 KB, 178x178, 1:1, 6dd83c3b9d561262a1a0d4fdd0….gif)


I absolutely can be, and am, both.





File: cd0286c52c06a88⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.38 KB, 153x62, 153:62, DTXbD97WAAAMRsF.jpg)





You cannot, don't dodge the question




oh my god, I forgot about the rego. seeing that "65" is such a perfect build-up.



Yes, I can, and yes, I am.



Good to know I can disregard any opinion you have going forward because I know you're some freak who thinks he can be two separate ages, therby not having the mental capacity to be critical of anything in any meaningful way



this sounds like the sort of dumb shit nilso would say



Let me know when you work it out.


Neo missed his birthday on two occasions because of time zone shenanigans. It's written in the Ancient Books of Neo.


Haven't been here in a while. What does /who/ make of the live stream and it's memes so far?



You can't do that, you still physically go around the sun a certain number of times


I fucking love it. It's an excuse to watch Who and it's incredible to experience it for the first time again, vicariously through chat. The memes are supreme.



Nearly everyone is supportive, plenty of folks thing many aspects of it have been bungled though. The London 1965 meme seemed to be liked; Lym made a cool BF esque cover for it. Haven't heard much play of the other ones.



t. Nilso



>literally don't exist for the date of your birth

>still somehow experience a birthday





I only found out about the London 1965 meme because Hickman was selling merch of it. I don't get the meme but whatever. The chat goes to fast to even read anything.



Yeah I'm not a fan of these types of hyperactive chats personally but people are definitely having fun.

The London 1965 meme comes from a clip of 1 era stuff being shown between serials being repeated very many times, and having the clip of Ian exclaiming "London 1965" in it.



Thanks for clearing that up. I just thought people found it amusing the way Ian says it. (Not that theres anything really funny/odd about it)



That too, it's just compounded by how many times people have heard the clip.

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