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Shit Trips 2.5 NOW AVAILABLE! https://mega.nz/#!Uf4EDaLT!bIa_JP_rbyl7Pl9NKq8tLopyOzXJFhlSu6Z4VZnt4Uk

File: 06595a4dacd6a63⋯.jpg (250.4 KB, 960x1440, 2:3, jon-pertwee-gq-21nov13-wen….jpg)


This is the Dawning of the Age of Pertwee edition

Last: >>43195



i don't no but i can't be bothered trying to find it






>8:13 ShyamalanisEdWood: Doctor Who number two looked like some hideous shaved ape, yet somehow his replacement is uglier.

This guy was bitching constantly throughout Enemy of the World and The War Games, what IS his problem?


>the number of typos in these quiz questions


Why is everything related to Who so badly done?



>gallifrey came back but the episode was about clara




Just wait until we get to Tom Baker



Nothing in the world would ever make me want to get rid of the restauraunt scene in Hell Bent, the beautiful dramatic irony of The Doctor talking about Clara to Clara is just too good. I would re-write the ending to avoid her getting her own TARDIS, maybe she willingly goes to her death after realising that she can never be with the Doctor again, the one person left in the universe whom she cares for.

Perhaps she could stay behind on some planet, to help out with its development after a terrible war and at the end she could make a speech about how some day, she shall come back….


File: 1144f5e7b7ecbc7⋯.jpg (34.95 KB, 447x503, 447:503, 1308290520882.jpg)

>everyone notices the room full of "lookalike" plastic models are blatantly moving because they're just actors trying to stand really still


Thorne_in_my_side: Spoilers … he dies!


God that fucking scene is top kino


God, it's even filmed like a porno.


>Smith. Doctor John Smith.

GOAT ending


How is it spearhead managed to tell an epic on the level of quality of The War Games(is war games better? Sure but theyre on the same tier) with half the episodes?


The quality drop from film to video/Spearhead to Silurians is stark lmao



I was about to say this, it's almost quite disgusting (disgusting is too far but it gets the point across). If only they'd left it as film, Pertwee's era could be fucking gorgeous



Spearhead doesn't have nearly as much of the sense of doom or weight as War Games.



Spearman doesn't tell an 'epic', imo. It's great but it's totally different tonally and structurally.


Get hype for chat to meme on THE AMBASSADORS *TWAAAAANG* OF DEATH



Honestly, the colour-videotape epoch (so Pertwee to McCoy) consistently looks worse than the black-and-white era.



>Pertwee's era could be fucking gorgeous

A lot of it features awful sets, costumes and special effects, sometimes worse than the previous eras.

So wouldn't they look even worse in better quality ?



The Seeds of Death, visually, is the peak of Classic Who. Prove me wrong.


>Because Terry Nation had not written for the show since 1965, he initially believed individual episode titles were still being used — a practice which had actually been dropped after The Gunfighters. His scripts were thus titled "Destinus" (Nation's original name for Spiridon), "Mission Survival", "Pursued", "Escape or Die", "The Day Before Eternity" and "Victory". (INFO: Planet of the Daleks)



That is the most Terry Nation anecdote ever.


Is it true that Westworld was inspired by The War Games? I saw a few people saying so in chat yesterday but I can't find anything on this on Google


helpimazombie: FIRST appearance of the Doctor wearing a mining helmet while descending a makeshift ladder




I would say that's probably bullshit and conjecture stemming from the fact Westworld happens to be airing right now.



I think it has its naturally moving highs and lows. Every era has some shoddy set designs while the same era could have some really nice design work.


File: aa343fbd819e10d⋯.png (4.48 MB, 1536x1536, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)



god this shit is fucking disgusting, delet this immediately


File: 7726cd82ed89302⋯.png (189.75 KB, 298x311, 298:311, ClipboardImage.png)


>I listen to the soundtracks!!!



What's the point of these? Who is the target market? People who need something to fall asleep to?


I can't tell what parts of the caves are CSO and what parts of the caves just look like CSO because of the shit cameras and colour fringing



What the fuck was going on with Pert's hair?


It still fucks me up to think that Spearhead from Space is the very next story after The War Games, and they were filmed within the same year. They feel years and years apart.


>irungrond: first confirmed recoloured test-tube shaking in tv history



I want to see these episodes which have been recoloured restored, but in black and white. Probably looks better.



There's Chrome extensions for that.



Definitely. They still look half black and white.



Stylistically Spearhead is so advanced as well, there's a sheer confidence in its direction and editing (like those smash cuts) that we simply haven't seen anywhere in the series before that point.



Just like EoT and Eleventh Hour.



It won't be the same quality due to the colourisation/fringing etc. I want to see the source material, the film transfers from the 70s (tidied up in a computer, as they would be before the colourisation process)




They look like they were actually B&W and someone's done a fan edit turning them into colour.





>They look like they were actually B&W and someone's done a fan edit turning them into colour.

That's basically what it is



They were colourised using the colour from a lower quality tape, so it looks a bit weird and shit.




if that's true then we can't really complain about it looking a bit shit



The fact that you can literally take colour info from one recording and overlay it onto a black and white recording is mindblowing to me.



The thing I'm most excited for with regards to artificial intelligence is film/video restoration, honestly


Yeah it's bonkers


There are DVD extras on the Who DVDs that take you through the process


Some colour episodes genuinely look better in black and white.


Oh I just remembered, the film footage is also VIDfired as well, isn't it? Given that that's basically interpolation of half the frames, isn't that just another way to make it look like shit?


If the BBC were to commission a remake of a missing classic story featuring different actors (eg Marco Polo with the AAISAT cast), would you rather have it filmed as a feature length HD reimagining, or have them record it using the exact methods the original was recorded with?


File: c4eeb3b7d1c9866⋯.jpg (1.13 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 1411467190740.jpg)

Are there any more S8 posters in landscape?



Time Heist and Listen, for example :^)


HD reimagining, i'd say.


Which version is the superior recon of Marco Polo?



16mm film. So it could be HD but still kinda look like Classic Who.



Can I say a compromise? I'd like it to mimic the directorial and visual techniques of the era, but recreated with present-day technology. I wouldn't want it shot like NuWho or anything.


4:3 footage zoomed in to be 16:9 like in these trailers makes me really uncomfortable. It makes my neck hurt. I don't know why.



The 30 minutes long one on the DVD because I don't have to play that one at 1.5x speed.


>attack keyboard with a 4x4

hey guys I made a Pertwee era score






cursed knowledge


/who/ re-scores The Sea Devils when?


Silurian costume looks quite good in the film segments. Was it a different makeup?


My memory of Silurians is that they spent a lot more time down in the caves with the 'Lurians. We're onto episode what, four? And haven't even seen a Silurian properly yet





The score for the Silurians is complete shite except that cliffhanger. Prove me wrong.



It might be the worst soundtrack for a Doctor Who ep I've ever heard.



What about some of the Hartnell/Troughton scores?



Are there any particular Hartnell/Troughton serials you would single out as having shit music? I remember more GOAT soundtracks from that era than bad ones, with lots of awesome ambience and well-chosen orchestral pieces.



Fucking hell lmao best cliffhanger resolution ever



There was a Troughton one the other day which was comparable to farts.



Unironically this


Every single McCoy era score is at least 8/10. Please post outliers to this.



t. Mark Ayres



Any track that has synth orchestral hits in th– oh wait, that's every McCoy era track.



Post which ones you're referring to or you're wrong. You're still wrong anyway, but you can narrow it down for yourself.



t. Nilso


Silurians sound goofy af



The second, angrier Silurian's accent is really strange. And he's so touchy. It's hilarious


Fuck me that Silurian who ree's I DISAGREE always gets me


Hey guys. What if the 3rd Doctor went to Twin Peaks?


File: edc7eee9765d698⋯.jpg (270.16 KB, 969x824, 969:824, silurians_next_door_by_tim….jpg)

I google silurian to find a reference picture for the ears and found this instead



Lym's G-Mod models have gone too far.


>The Brigadier is immune to the virus, seemingly for no reason



because he's secure in his masculinity



or Twice Upon a Time and Jodie's first episode



unlike me


File: 2c29b51a7e2ceb6⋯.jpeg (489.66 KB, 720x2293, 720:2293, download.jpeg)



t. Nilso


>Lordveneral: The Brigs pure stubbornness prevents the disease.


File: c090e5201caff2f⋯.jpg (13.37 KB, 214x317, 214:317, peterr.jpg)

Who is the Peter Capaldi of Doctor Who?



Yeah, in reverse


Do you guys think Series 11 will look good?


I'd love for someone to draw a Silurian ree'ing like Pepe the Frog


Who's excited for Shit Trips 2.5? What are people hoping for?





I think if we hype ourselves up for it to look like some gorgeously shot European crime drama, we'll be setting ourselves up for disappointment.



Interesting takes.



that's fair. I want it to look more expensive to make up for the fewer episodes. But me wanting something doesnt make it true



be the change you want to see in the world



Interesting takes? Elaborate.

Also, is Nilso around?


File: 4582607fffc51ab⋯.gif (1.93 MB, 500x281, 500:281, 1528282930164.gif)


>is Nilso around?


The Silurians should have ended with The Doctor saying "it's murder", putting on some sunglasses, saying "cold-blooded murder", stomping on the gas and screaming YYYYYEEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHHH!!1



I have less than no artistic skill




Wait, was this post t.Nilso?



This TARDIS always looked 10x better in Talalay episodes.


File: 506e75c6a1437c6⋯.jpg (74.1 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, many thumbs, many coops.jpg)


Yeah I'm here, and if you're going to ask what I think you're going to ask you needn't worry, it'll be settled.



Alternate Doctors is a fun idea but sometimes it can turn into a "what if I made actor A/B/C/D into a Doctor" and from that point on it becomes more about the alternate casting/face instead being focused on a story.



>Those GoPro shots in TUaT



as we know, only plebeian cletuses find the Doctor to be ugly in any incarnation, while hooting and grunting at short-lived, primitive females as if they are somehow superior

that said, fuckability rankings of classic(+ McGann) Doctors, go go go

8 > 5 > 6 > 3 > 4 > 2 > 7 > 1



>Alternate Doctors is a fun idea but sometimes it can turn into a "what if I made actor A/B/C/D into a Doctor" and from that point on it becomes more about the alternate casting/face instead being focused on a story

That's a good point. I definitely enjoyed being able to "cast" people in my stories, but I made sure to do more than that. I used the actor's persona as a starting point, but made sure the stories weren't just about that.


Good to hear. Did u do the magician photo I asked for? (if you were too busy, no problem.) And may I show off your pic of my Doctor?



Oh fug I forgot about that magician one, I thought you'd said that you didn't want that one done in the end. Yeah, of course - which one, the PNG one or the full composite image? It's really nothing that hard at all so I didn't want it to seem like I spent hours and hours on it



That list sums it up pretty well from a hypothetical standpoint.



Oh, you're gonna hate my shit trip.



lack of talent never stopped Mark Gattiss



You misunderstand my post, anon - I think it's ok to do that, but I feel that the whole point of it (or at least it appeared to be the point for me) was to provide alternate takes on original Doctors instead of going "hey look I put Hayley Atwell as the Milktruck Incarnation" and writing a smutfic that you'd thought of, written and sent in about 4 minutes


File: 379c81dd62466c5⋯.png (4.69 MB, 1750x2237, 1750:2237, winstead_blue_hair_doctor.png)


>the PNG one or the full composite image?

What are you referring to here?


Which one is yours?



> "hey look I put Hayley Atwell as the Milktruck Incarnation" and writing a smutfic that you'd thought of, written and sent in about 4 minutes

To be fair, that fic could be comedy gold if written the right way.



I'd sent a png cutout of the photo we were discussing and I didn't do a stellar job with the removal from the actual image. The image you posted was the full image, so there's no worry.



Okay. Again, thanks for your work.

You know, I'm starting to regret not writing an Atwell Doctor fic.


I am slightly disappointed no one wrote a Kris Marshall Doctor fic in ST2.5 .



My point is that once it goes past the realms of wanting to tell a story and instead wanting to do a story with someone like based Clive Swift LARPing as the Doctor, my interest may wane or bend somewhat. For me, the whole idea of choosing an actor to represent a certain incarnation was never done to say "It's _ but the Doctor", it was always done to provide a mental image as to what the capabilities of certain Doctors/Incarnations would be able to do - when I chose to model an incarnation on John Cleese it allowed me to be able to visualise his character as one that would be physically bouncy, long-legged, incredibly snobby and incredibly upper-class. When I modeled another on Jacqueline Pearce I'd been basing it off her physical prowess, steely gaze, and, despite her small height, her imposing presence. The face was always meant to be visually linkable to certain traits instead of this sense of LARPing.


If I'd have done Shatterpoint for 2.5 like I'd originally planned he'd have been the likeness for my 13 instead of Bonnar.



I guess. Of course, including the nuWhos 12 wins or comes second to 8. Part is the actor's faces/appearances, but also tfw no manipulative alien bf.



If I actually get around to writing my idea for a War Doctor version of a Multi-Doctor story (where the Could Have Been King summons up evil doctors to complicate the situation) one of them will have to be Kris Marshall.



>I'd been basing it off her physical prowess, steely gaze, and, despite her small height, her imposing presence. The face was always meant to be visually linkable to certain traits instead of this sense of LARPing.

I mean, I agree, and the fics in the anthology aren't really LARPY. For my Winstead Doctor story, I focused on the actresses' ability to play characters that show emotional strength, but with a hint of vulnerability; for my Gainsbourg Doctor, I focused on her sense of sophistication, and air of no-nonsense. Even with Atwell, I'd focus on her cheeriness and stubborn decision-making.

For my alt-Doctors, I focused on the "spirit" or energy that each actor generally gives off.


That would be hilarious.


File: e149669906991d5⋯.jpg (183.34 KB, 667x808, 667:808, 20180608_193030.jpg)



Yeah, that the one thing I'm genuinly 100% optimistic about















>that 12 analysis

That's a very big misreading of Series 8 Twelve, though I can't fully fault someone for thinking that if they only saw the first half of Series 8. It's still very bad analysis, which Mummy on the Orient disproved in 12's ending conversation with Clara.



>Capaldi's Doctor literally said that death has happened so much that he doesnt care to save people or even attempt to ave them.

Remind me which episode he said this in?



Deep Breath, I wanna say.



Literally the only place you could get that from is "Under the Lake", but it's the other guy who accuses 12 of not saving a person.


But Deep Breath is literally the ep where 12 tells the villain that 12 will do anything and everything to save innocent lives. It's not even subtle!


the abbott of amboilso






With Won't Get Fooled Again in the background



I think the commentor might be referring to "Say a few words to the top layer" in Into the Dalek. It's true that 12 has a "don't waste time mourning the dead" vibe, but that's because he thinks mourning the dead while danger is afoot wastes time and risks lives. Saying "he doesn't care to save people or even attempt to save them" ignores most of the trouble that the Twelfth Doctor goes through.



When he first regenerates, he does still have a strong case of caregiver burnout. When Clara asks if anyone survived on the Orient Express, that question doesn't come out of nowhere.



>"Say a few words to the top layer"

I absolutely fucking love that line. It's hilarious but totally chilling. Such a fucking enormous difference from the Doctor we had just two episodes ago.



Philip Morris confirmed to watch the Twitch stream


I thought Count Dankula was put in prison for that Nazi dog thing but I saw a Tweet of his today and apparently he was only given a fine. Imagine my disappointment.


Why didn't GUS kill Perkins? He chose for his passengers to be academics and killed the kitchen staff when he didn't need them anymore (and wanted leverage against the Doctor), so why was Perkins, an engineer with no qualifications, spared? Surely it can't be simply because he was helping the Doctor.


File: 6c8112616fd8251⋯.gif (1.24 MB, 220x182, 110:91, applause.gif)


"Fuck, people are discussing things, quickly, derail the thread!"



I don't fucking know you stupid prick



t. assblasted Count Dankula fan



Stop fucking shitting up the threads cats, get bitten by a black widow already



Presumably the same reason he didn't just randomly kill Clara or any of the other people in the lab? It's not like he had a fucking sniper rifle, he was able to kill the kitchen staff by emptying the entire kitchen into space.


File: 9df6001aff537fc⋯.jpg (27.86 KB, 600x668, 150:167, what the fuck.jpg)



Would that I were Cats…



True. The comment's still too far, though.


It really is the ultimate "Series 8 Twelve" line.


Pertwee's first series could have really done with a bit of episode reallocation.

>Spearhead from Space - 4 episodes

>The Silurians - 4 episodes

>Ambassadors of Death - 6 episodes

>Inferno - 6 episodes

>New story (something from http://www.shannonsullivan.com/doctorwho/lost/lost3.html, The Spare-Part People sounds like genuine Pertkino) - 5 episodes

4/4/6/6 = 20

4/7/7/7 = 25



5 parters are ugly and wrong.



The Mind Robber is 5 parts, thus proving that it is in fact you who is ugly and wrong.




5 parts feels just right to me. 4 sometimes feels too short, and 6 often feels like too much.



It should have been 4 or 6 parts.



It's the result of having three 7 part stories and a 4 parter. Basic math dictates that the end result is going to be really fucking wonky.


Not the same anon but I personally view the Mind Robber to be a 4 parter with ep1 acting as a single story ala Mission to the Unknown



I bet you watch Classic Who at 1.5x speed.



No, 5 was perfect for it. I agree with >>44111, it's a nice happy medium between the drudgery of 6 parters and the terseness of 4-parters.


File: aa240633335513e⋯.gif (2.17 MB, 400x242, 200:121, serioustom.gif)


The Invasion deserves all eight of its episodes.



There have been what, three 5-parters in Doctor Who history? It feels wrong.


Some of these scripts sound really decent, it's a shame that we've got some mediocre Tom episodes instead of other ideas that may have been genuine kino.


File: 0739dde025c6dcf⋯.png (108.96 KB, 1195x585, 239:117, 56bd3599cff58b3b1f294059c4….png)


forgot to attach image



There are few genuinely great Tom kinos. It's such a bloody shame. (Same can be said for Davison, really, but it's less of a shame because he's not held in such high regard.)


File: ce67708c0eef061⋯.jpg (37.1 KB, 600x450, 4:3, warrior's gate.jpg)


>replacing Warrior's Gate with another sodding Gallifrey episode

for shame



Interesting fact - because this individual author was a bit prickly and rude to Bidmead and whoever was running Who at the time, it apparently fucked them off to the degree that they stopped asking well-known authors to submit episode scripts.



That's purely a quirk of scheduling. 5 parts creates a nice even structure of rise, peak and fall.


Anyone up for streaming Vengeance on Varos?




>Not the same anon but I personally view the Mind Robber to be a 4 parter with ep1 acting as a single story ala Mission to the Unknown

Yeah but that's like, your autistic headcanon though






t. Cheetah



Morphant, actually

I'm sticking it on in ~10 minutes if anyone's interested.



Can't be, he didn't post in all caps, talk like a fucking lunatic or mention how he boned Sesska repeatedly (but before she was on YouTube)


File: 6696bfea4debc6d⋯.jpg (6.98 KB, 220x363, 20:33, InvertedWorld.jpg)

File: 49c484dcf7c1964⋯.jpg (40.1 KB, 466x496, 233:248, InvertedWorldFoss?.jpg)


I think that was JNT who he pissed off

he was a weird hard-sci-fi writer who was right up Bidmead's alley

and Douglas hired him first



sounds kino, missed opportunity






Shed some light on this situation for those not involved?


File: cd3d79b9877da9f⋯.png (511.12 KB, 625x716, 625:716, ClassicBidmead.png)


Cheetah x Sesska x Nilso

Cheetah takes the front and Nilso takes the back



Cheetah went on for a fair amount of time about how he fucked Sesska before she became famous on YouTube. When pressed for details he talked about how she hated blowjobs and always used a vibrating buttplug (or something similar)



Lym muted Cheetah for a minute once because he was being his usual dick self. When the mute was lifted he moaned for a bit in an amusingly indignant way about how it was like being gagged, and announced his departure from the stream (he came back shortly on a different handle)




I fucking love Cheetah.



But nilsos gay



Neo was panicking about almost being doxxed by stuart douglas and cheetah kept saying stupid shit in the stream about it and got muted, then complained about "being gagged" and apparently left forever, then the next day returned with a different name and pretended to be clueless about the stream, when in fact everyone knew it was him making an idiot of himself.



Wasn't Cheetah the name he came back with?



No, it was Perpugilliam.



That's why he takes the back. So he can fuck her in the ass and pretend she's a guy.



That was an odd day.



No it was like Perpugilliam or something.



The Mind Robber has really short episodes, some of them being 18 minutes instead of 23-24. The total runtime of it is about the same as other serials that are 4 parts



It wasn't just for a day, he kept the Perpugilliam RP up for like a month.


Nilso wishes Sesska was his beard



Cut out the middlewoman and go straight to Cheetilso please



Now I think about it, was that before or after we got banned? I feel like it was on here for some reason but I may be misremembering.






if I was offered front or back I'd say back anyway so it's all incidental



well before


Nilsos eating pretzel pieces off Cheetahs pecs



Definitely before. Obverse can't find us here, google doesn't index 8chan.

Speaking of Google indexing, does anyone have the Phillip-Purser Mallard image?



Wow Nilso Wow






I'm actually eating some right now


Nilso and Cheetah getting twisted like pretzels



Off Cheetah's pecs?




You wish you were though right


File: aeb80e34ead8e51⋯.png (370.63 KB, 324x445, 324:445, t. nilso.png)



I approve of Cheeto

t. Cheetah


File: 37a9c3e449c2efc⋯.jpg (83.03 KB, 336x448, 3:4, soy nugget bag.jpg)



It's Pride Month Nilso. Show your gay pride to us all.



Bullshit, Cheetah would never say this







You don't know me. Only Nilso knows me.


File: cfa6841727d3c65⋯.jpg (203.23 KB, 1000x1473, 1000:1473, lucy.jpg)


>mfw the framing story is the only Torchwood story in ST2.5



Let him come out when he wants to. Don't rush him.




Also Cheetah would be in the stream if he was here


lads, can we get a new nilso meme? "nilsos gay" and shipping him with other men is getting a bit weird desu


I'm actually quite annoyed that we're not going to see Day/Resurrection/Revelation/Remembrance of the Daleks on the Twitch stream.




Confirmed for t. Nilso


Varos has literally just started


File: a995170d7c1c384⋯.jpg (15.48 KB, 200x162, 100:81, SensiblePortions-SoyCrunch.jpg)





File: 66aa23d202c755b⋯.jpg (7.01 KB, 246x205, 6:5, robert_herjavec.jpg)


>mfw there's an Erimem fic, and a Time Hunter fic, but no Torchwood fic in the main body of the anthology


>tripfags' faggotry still isn't on fucking topic and outnumbers doctorfags

Fuck's sake, do you really want to peg each other's neckbeard asses instead of fictional characters and the actors who play them?



t. not nilso but someone false flagging as nilso in order to get people to make fun of nilso more




Immigrant's the only trip here, and he's the only one on topic.



We don't want to peg anyone, we just want to watch two /who/res peg each other, maybe more than two depending on the ship.



Your point is valid, but the other shitposters are still doing it about tripfags. I don't give a single shit about you fucks, I want to discuss superior 2d/pseudo3d characters and not what autist i ship with what autist. I tried earlier in the thread but you faggots won't shut up about Nilso and Sesska.



He's only staying on topic to distract himself from the Cheetoposting which is putting him on the verge of tears because he and Nilso used to be an item.



Jesus, don't cry


>tfw unironically have a 2d waifu

feels good man



Then discuss the characters. Like Amy, for example.


Immigrant, did Nilso ever eat pretzel pieces off *your* pecs?


Sesska is my favourite trip



Nope. I've never been with any trip or anon.



Who is it?



Take a look at my profile image on the Discord.


File: a4a13e45a71f387⋯.jpg (1008.71 KB, 2000x1311, 2000:1311, 1515169747551.jpg)


>superior 2d characters

I have just the thing!



t. Raxim



t. AAAlex


I always find myself mindlessly staring at Peri's tits.



t. Dilbert


This thread is why we will never have a femoidi trip ever again.



t. Edge



t. Lym






A lot of femoids really like gay shipping though.



t. Oglach Miller



We have femoid users. They've not revealed themselves to be because some people here are genuinely fucking retarded and can't control themselves.



t. evoken-king



t. Iris



You know it! (^ω~)



t. shamalongadingdong



t. a femoid anon



t. Davison


It's still rather shameful that /who/res managed to chase McGanon off. She was very nice.

I think Neo should have told the anons jeering at McGanon in "his name" to stop, although I understand he was trying not to get involved.





Nilsoposting Humanoid Organism (NHO)



Nobody chased McGanon off, she went insane after Neo left her.



redpill me, I missed all of this



>/who/res managed to chase McGanon off

It was very much down to personal relationship issues, as well as anons jeering.



She was chased off for her Reylo shipping more than anything


Reylo was a coping mechanism for McGanon. She was Rey and Neo was her Kylo.



Let's not revise history, she even gave her reason for not tripping as something along the lines of "/who/ doesn't like me very much at the moment" which was directly caused by people stalking her Twitter and mocking her for being a Reylo fangirl etc. (and of course factoring in their inherent bitterness towards the woman in the Neganon split-up)


Interesting that the trip shipping always starts when Immigrant turns up…




t. neo


so mcganon had a tantrum and walked off?


did she post her personal twitter or a monikered one


Het relationships are doomed from the start and McGanon is proof



t. Nilso


the real blackpill is that she literally left because she stopped caring about doctor who, atleast enough to not post about it on a Vietnamese potato boiling forum when star wars came out, it happens



This anon has got it >>44225. People were revealing her personal Twitter and getting angry on Neo's "behalf." It was legitimately sad, and I feel sad I didn't do more to get those anons to shut up.


She didn't post either. /Who/res did detective work to reveal it, and then revealed her other profiles, and then psychoanalyzed her based on what she put out there that wasn't meant for /who/. It was basically a doxxing.

McGanon was actually a good source of discussion. It's sad she got pushed out.



wait i dont mean literally, this is just speculation



Good. Let the hets fall into division and self-hatred. Then the biscum. Then it's the gaychads turn to rule.



>gay nationalism

We post t. Giga

We post, we post t. Giga



She probably had less interest, but the reason she hasn't come back is probably due to her treatment.


I don't think it's morally right to discuss McGanon regarding her relationship. Whether you like/d Neo and/or McGanon or not, we should all have that level of respect of Neo's privacy, considering he's still on /who/ and will read through these threads tomorrow.


>"/who/ doesn't like me much at the moment"

>can't take a bit of criticism

Doesn't deserve to be doxxed though



The only reason why Giga didn't like McGanon was because she was an obstacle. Giga wanted Neo and as long as he was with McGanon that couldn't happen.



Do you think Giga pulled some Seventh Doctor tier manipulation to engineer the Neganon breakup?


McGanon's acephobia was the problem.



that'd be gayno



I was more discussing how /who/ treated McGanon, not about the relationship itself, which I have no thoughts on.


>can't take a bit of criticism

It went a bit far, desu. And yeah, the doxxing was way too much.



/who/ loves psychoanalysing women like McGanon, Claudia and Sesska because whether positive or negative it's the closest thing they have to a real relationship with a woman



I appreciate that, which is why I said 'regarding her relationship'



if he were here* conditional clause



Thanks, Cheetah



Unironically I feel partly responsible for everything that happened, since I recognised her posts as an anon, invented the name McGanon, and convinced her to adopt a trip



What does this say about Nilsoposting?



I think we all know the answer to that






You're not responsible. I'm sure she appreciated the time here, for the most part.



I don't think you could really predict the Neganon fiasco, or even know that she was a woman. It's fine.



>/Who/res did detective work to reveal it,

That was probably twitter desu, as it recommended me to add her for a good 4 months before I dismissed it. One person followers her, and then everyone one in that little chain does. One of the very rare times I've ever taken off my trip in /who/ was to chastise someone for being over zealous in neo's defense. It was ugly and unnecessary. Her star wars affliction isn't her fault, surely.



I still don't understand. Why would people be getting angry on Neo's "behalf"?


All this soap operatic trip discussion and people still have the nerve to say that trip OCs weren't a stroke of genius on Cats' parts.



Stop jerking yourself off Cats



>stroke […] on Cats' parts.

t. Nilso



Would that I were Cats…



>Why would people be getting angry on Neo's "behalf"?

Because /who/ sucks his dick, this has been a continual factor of our relationship with him.



Why? They’re all shit, apart from Remembrance


Then again, maybe I am Cats.

Who knows?

Who… nose?



this is a based post, even more so if it is cats.



I want to see the chat react to the stories.


I am eternally sad that we will never get more mcganon shit trips. She was very talented.



Good job not answering my fucking question you crayon eating retard



Never seen a break up before? People always take sides. Most fell on Neo's because well Neo's a big personality for you. I think there's some hero worship there. The ladies want Neo, and the boys want to be him sort of thing.


you guys ever think that maybe neo wouldnae wanna read any of this and youre just causing bad feelins for him



But no one's answering my question - what was the cause of the entire argument? Why would people be taking sides? What caused people to take sides? What conversation facilitated the chain of events that lead to this most unfortunate debacle?




t. mcganon



>what was the cause of the entire argument?

As far as I know most of /who/ has no idea, myself included and it's really none of our fucking business. I don't think the news even broke until a month or so after the fact.


When was Colin's TARDIS model introduced?



>what was the cause of the entire argument?

They split up! We don't fucking know what exactly caused it, we don't have their bloody DMs to peruse, all we know (or knew at the time) is that for one reason or another it didn't work out.



t. morphant only you wouldn't know that faggot



Thanks, Cheetah



there were technically two but the initial one was from 1980



I don't really care what the argument was either, I just remember coming back from the December hiatus and finding that there'd been some falling out while I'd been gone. I'd actually thought about not coming back to /who/ after that time but I'm glad I did. I don't want to pry, I was just trying to find out what happened. I'd assumed that the conversations had happened in the thread instead of elsewhere.


shut up faggot, miss me with that hostile shit



I agree.


Neo and McGanon were 2 trips. /who/ joked they would get together because they conversed so much about Who EU stuff in threads. They actually got together. /who/ was happy for its own love story. Later on, they broke up, for reasons that are none of our business. some /who/res started getting mad at her for breaking up, then mistook a comment she made as referring to Neo, and then created a narrative where she was evil. They started harassing her. Eventually, she left, largely due to that harassment. The End.



Fair enough, the only interesting parts I’d want to see are chats reaction to Katy Manning’s miniskirt in that one scene, the dalek being pushed out of a window and the Doctor confronting Davros in Resurrection


I really think we should stop discussing Neganon now.





If you're here still Lym, what's your opinion on the new-ish Gorillaz song? I heard it the other day and I didn't even realise it was them.




I prefer the other two singles released after it though just marginally



>the Doctor confronting Davros in Resurrection

fuck the Nation estate



btw for clarity's sake I was referring to Humility



Yeah I figured, I think my favourite of the three singles is Sorcererz though. I've also heard a couple of the new ones they've been playing live which has really hyped me up.




YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
Post last edited at



I'm not really a Gorillaz fan but Sorcererz/Humility/Lake Zurich are pretty damn good


Nilso broke the code

Turn that ho to dust





>"Reset myself and get back on track"

precisely what did Damon mean by this and was it literally an apology for Humanz



Humanz had too many black people featured on it for white Gorillaz fans



Yeah. I didn't hate Humanz but I found most of it to be very forgettable, which it really shouldn't have been considering the amount of featured artists. It was fun live though.



Didn't like Humanz that much - I remember trying to listen to Saturnz Barz a few times and I couldn't get into it at all.


"quick, people are discussing shit - DERAIL THE CONVERSATION!"



Case in point: >>44296



People wouldn't have freaked out nearly as much about the black people if the songwriting had been there to back them up. The trouble is most of the tracks felt like patchwork attempts to suture the various features together, rather than driven by properly strong musical ideas, and it resulted in songs that were by turns forgettable and unintuitive.



>"quick, people are discussing shit - DERAIL THE CONVERSATION!"

Who are you and why do you post this every time we talk about something you personally don't like? You did it here too >>44100. Do you think it's funny?



I'm posting it because it's exactly what you're trying to fucking do. Stop fucking posting already.



The excessive hyphen use can only mean one person posted this.

t. Nilso




Come say that to my face bitch. Let's fight it out IRL



I swear to god I'll fucking do absolutely nothing, hit me up anyway and we can go for dinner or something if you want



Why does there need to be justification for black people?




You two are adorable.



Are you hot?


What's everyone been up to lately?



did you just call for justification for black people Gallifrey Immigrant?

someone screencap this



Stop embarrassing me, dad


You'd better believe it


>justify the continued existence of black people

calm down there Raimi lmao



>live album reactions as a review

thats a yikes from me



Shit Trips, some cover art, shitposting on twitter etc. You?



I did have a feeling it might sound like I was making excuses for the racist reactions, but that's not the case and not remotely the point I was making. I was saying the racism would have dominated the conversation less if the music had been good enough to distract the fragile whiteys.



I found a puppy in my wood pile, so I've been cleaning up shit and taking things out of a tiny set of jaws. It's been pretty exhausting.


I cannot give the new Gorillaz album a good review- The Magic Whip was such a good album that I honestly would have preferred Albarn went back to Blur full time rather than do Gorillaz.



I see what you mean.



I haven't listened to blur but I really need to



*much blur, i mean



I'm good, most of my time's been taken up with the twitch stream though. I've taken a break from 3D modelling for a bit and been doing more drawing lately (the recent Gorillaz video's been making me want to study Jamie Hewlett's art style, which I absolutely adore, so I've been doing some of that).



Start with 13, go to The Magic Whip, then jump to Parklife. Thats a broad overview that will give you a better understanding of who the band is than their compilation album.

And avoid think tank until the end: its a proto-gorillaz album without rap or personality and its very clear Albarn doesnt want to make Blur music anymore. Except on Battery in Your Leg. And by the way, its not a good gorillaz album either, so really leave it for the end. Like, after the live albums and the reunion singles.



I've seen your name pop up in the chat every now and then



The Magic Whip is great stuff, I loved it. I have to admit, I was always a bit apprehensive of listening to the earlier stuff because of the britpop connection. I can't fucking stand Oasis.



You post here less than you used to. Are you actually present as much?



Speaking of Damon Albarn projects though, I'm really excited for the new The Good, the Bad and the Queen album. The first was brilliant.


Yep, I'm almost always around. I just don't post often because I don't really feel I have much to contribute lately.


how about the cudi/kanye album



Welp, it's nice to know you're still around. Hope you're feeling good in yourself, Lym.



>I don't really feel I have much to contribute lately.

As is if that stops anyone.



Lym, if you're on-topic, you're contributing. I've honestly always enjoyed your thoughts.



Honestly their britpop was always really different from Oasis. Oasis is big and boisterous, Blur has always been looser and fun. On 13 and the self titled album theyre more lo-fi though, which is cool. I need to relisten to the good the bad and the queen. Only ever gave it one listen and i should have played it more.


Honestly the same. Its a perpetual tab on my phone that I check a few times a day.



What's your actual opinion on Nilsoposting?


File: 01fd45dea891cda⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.63 MB, 2886x2744, 1443:1372, noodchair.png)


Yeah, I've actually been feeling a lot better lately than in recent months. Got albums to hype up, got a Thom Yorke concert on Sunday, and doing more drawings is fun. Pic related.


I guess. I only really turn my trip on when I have something meaningful to post. A lot of the shitposts I make I generally do anonymously, since I just think shitposts are inherently more hilarious when they don't have an identity attached to them.


nilsos creating ball lightning



Nice artwork Lym, v comfy



Harmless fun, for the most part, especially here. Same goes for the memery elsewhere. I do hope those responsible can restrain themselves a bit when /who/ returns to /tv/ in the autumn.



Kino in the stream on twitch tomorrow



But there is no stream tomorrow



Right, I forget it’s not on weekends since today’s stream started on Saturday for me



I should say though if the man himself felt as though it were in excess I would curb it here too.


File: d7038a3c8b8877b⋯.jpg (1.22 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, listen1440noborder.jpg)


I made that, and I didn't make any others, so probably not



absolutely based



Nah, I got over the anally retentive stage of irritation. If it happens, it happens.



t. Nilsoposter falseflagging as Nilso



File: f1642c8c77b0590⋯.png (330.99 KB, 1920x930, 64:31, 6b6f505260948b918d06e1a4fe….png)

>it's a "fuck, it's 3:55am again" feel


Are there any Doctors you would like to appear in the next Jenny boxset?




no more jenny please



I am working on my exams, they start in 4 hours.


Well, Ten is already in the first one

Hartnell, just to fuck with the fanbase



Davison can be in it, like when Paul Mcgann’s son was in an EDA as Susan’s son


lads I figured out how to make invisible materials IRL


garlic bread



Use Drax's skin to make leather xDDDDDD


Evil of the Daleks animation soon come



nope - you know how you print documents with a printer? Get a blank .png file and print that instead

now you have invisible printed, well done


fuck you for playing with my heart this way you rascal



Amy's hot, would bang. Her realizing she's the Doctor's technical mother-in-law was double kino.


Very funny. Most of these look fuckable except for Adramelech, too edgy.


They do, and as a simple faggot looking for a wank I both appreciate and despise their hagging.


File: ad975fa9d6c5ea8⋯.jpg (121.46 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 1518740221311.jpg)

milk truk just arrive


It's hilarious that cats came up with 10 trip OCs and only about 3 of them get any playtime, and at least two have literally never even been touched



>Most of these look fuckable

I hope you're including me because I'm always down to fuck ;)



Only Kinoisseur has never been touched because we never got her bio. Plogicol too, unless you count Cats hate anon creating his own personality for her.



Wait, you're gay, and like Amy? I guess good taste doesn't see gender.


gib milky


File: dfc9f02d9b54447⋯.jpg (237.25 KB, 1980x1320, 3:2, chocolate-salted-caramel-p….jpg)


t. Nilso



More like the milk mid sized sedan. She could only raise one son and a daughter with those, maybe 2 manlets.


That actually looks rather tasty.


literally who



>That actually looks rather tasty.

Thanks! I baked it for Cheetah, he needed something to give his boyfriend Nilso for Pride Month.



Very thoughtful.


>someone repeatedly brings up tripshipOC's

>someone else mentions that some of them get barely any use

>type40 appears out of nowhere




I usually keep my trip off for non cake-related things, just wanted to remind you all - especially Daps ;) - that I'm still around.



What are bi people?




t. Giga


Can't make my mind up as to what cats looks like irl. Not sure if he's a malnourished tankie living in a milkfloat or if he's a 7ft tall statuesque boofhead with a chiseled jaw who drinks about 40 cans of Stella in a blink of an eye



That’s a yikes from me, buddy



I would imagine he looks like the average teenage Australian boy obsessed with Lil B.



It's just that he used the word usually reserved for gay people, not bi.



how white



he's a pasty white nerd



That's a given, everyone here is.



not everyone is wh*te sweetie



t. Giga



Hope so



hey! i'm not pasty



Shut up honkey.



that's what you like to believe



Tbf your toe was so white it was almost translucent.


File: 2e13b0506b15602⋯.png (29.08 KB, 489x106, 489:106, toilets.png)

doctor who equivalent?



I don't know but it was probably by RTD.


File: 5769110e1d51144⋯.jpg (354.76 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20180609-000421.jpg)

the Gallifrey reddit is doing a sort of league table of all the revival episodes. pic related is the remaining episodes.



>Hell Bent



Your favourite reactor doesn't upload nearly as often as Nilsostein Alba.


File: 1614ae21523c4d9⋯.png (101.86 KB, 158x224, 79:112, 2bored.png)


only really any point in speculating which will win second place; we all know what number one will be.

did Doctor Who ever have a "designated GOAT" episode before 2015? like Wrath of Kahn and Empire Strikes Back for the other two big franchises?

i'm thinking mostly of Classic Who here because Blink was the designated favorite for most of New Who, but even then no-one actually talked about Blink like it was the second coming of Christ like a "designated GOAT" proper



Caves of Androzani or Genesis of the Daleks


The name's Nylso. Nylso with a Y, not Nilso with an I.


Nylsos het


I will be to Nilso what Neo was to Cloister.



Both of these episodes are overrated. Caves is only the best Davison story and Genesis is only the best Nation-penned Dalek story.


File: 745ee6abe342221⋯.png (266.22 KB, 450x695, 90:139, ortiz_the city on the edge….png)

File: debe238e39ced3c⋯.jpg (1.25 MB, 800x1200, 2:3, empire strikes back.jpg)

File: f4fefe1f4153d1b⋯.jpg (155.25 KB, 521x768, 521:768, wrath of kahn.jpg)

File: 537ea413c95d361⋯.jpeg (65.1 KB, 485x754, 485:754, ortiz_the inner light.jpeg)

File: c37197a6c325a49⋯.jpg (150.16 KB, 500x707, 500:707, manning_heaven sent.jpg)


yeah, Genesis seems like it fits the bill best, even though Androzani's probably better quality overall

but even then there was still room for competition

best designated GOAT? i included some of the more cerebral television Treks for the sake of balancing things out


The idea of a limp, tepid Doctor losing it as the weight of his emotional turmoil finally overcomes him is kino. I just wish it had happened over multiple stories instead of delaying all his character development to his very last episode.


File: 98d02d7af62c4e1⋯.jpg (8.69 KB, 350x196, 25:14, Crash_landing_-_Doctor_Who….jpg)


Come to think of it, Davison would've made a good Time Lord Victorious. Especially with an edgelord like Saward writing him.


File: 4445cb612b19551⋯.png (114.79 KB, 256x197, 256:197, ClipboardImage.png)






>A Harvard professor says his company should be able to suck carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, at industrial scales, by 2021.

Doctor who equivalent?



He will be asassinated by Elon Musk



File: a2fa083eb73efe4⋯.jpg (36.44 KB, 279x475, 279:475, airzone.jpg)



what the fuck, I had no idea that scene was from a movie with 4 doctors in it



Kek, she’s in the wrong for going against based RTD and Moffat


He knew Nilso’s name and

He tee’d it out loud.

Now Charlie the barman

Has gotten a shroud.


>tfw too much of a normie to notice when something is film or video



They usually use film for location and tape for studio, if that helps you distinguish the two. A good episode to spot the difference is Tomb of the Cybermen that starts off with tape in the TARDIS and cuts to film in a quarry


Why did you delete my post


This is the kind of censorship that puts Nilso the Tory on the verge of orgasm



I don't think he'd appreciate that one in particular.



Oh, okay


File: 79dae0bd9dc22e9⋯.jpg (104.74 KB, 640x363, 640:363, 10215163983_d18e1ac5c6_z.jpg)

What's your favourite sonic screwdriver design, /doctorwho/?

Pic related



that design is ugly as fuck


File: e555dff0eb95382⋯.jpg (404.7 KB, 1890x1222, 945:611, edgy sonic screwdriver.jpg)


shadow the screwdriver



How so?


wait so is "nylso" nilso or just a new trip who is using the name



He said he was Nylso and not Nilso








God the Pertwee advert is based


That guy in the Ice Warriors is based. Fuck technology and fuck living beyond 30 years


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: 8614f17db36ff72⋯.jpg (127.5 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Cats.jpg)


This is an image of him I took last week.


Neo, if you're around, I just made changes (additions) to the "Running Up The Hill" story. Should be the last change I make to the anthology.


File: 5b0a53618b6c764⋯.gif (433.4 KB, 500x200, 5:2, 1369804671631.gif)

>tfw you'll never make changes (additions) to the "Running up the Hill" story





Heh. You could always write a quick shitpost. We're still without an Atwell "milk truk" Doctor fic, or a Torchwood fic.

Though, with my additions, "Running up the Hill" is sort of a Torchwood story.



Thanks, Neo. How are you?


File: 226692664201c37⋯.jpg (88.65 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1468495283439.jpg)


>We're still without an Atwell "milk truk" Doctor fic


GI trying to socialise with other trips on /who/ will never get old



I'll mostly being funny with that suggestion.



You'd be surprised how much it works.



That's such a funny thing to say about socialising.



I mean, sometimes socializing doesn't work at all.



>the spoiler tag

is this true?


File: cde67f645ce174d⋯.jpg (3.25 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 12_and_Missy.jpg)

Times when Who surprised you?


File: 7557732646a9f84⋯.jpg (46.29 KB, 658x370, 329:185, Doctor-Who-Night-of-The-Do….jpg)



Yes, he has a cameo in the last episode of the set



I hate her based on that interview alone.



Do you know what happens in it?






File: 83e6774dfbcf873⋯.jpg (336.93 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 70ae8bd5646571b032d4936fb0….jpg)

stealth tits





Nilso once again saves the day by stopping >>44445 from getting the get



it hurts






No, I just read that on the divergent universe forum


File: fced572c3d35e71⋯.png (187.42 KB, 360x360, 1:1, 1514737434635.png)


File: 0baf1c75211ea8a⋯.jpg (8.79 KB, 236x259, 236:259, judgemental capaldi.jpg)



I spoiled myself in this episode. The way she screamed for the lackey reminded me of a similar scene I’d seen before so I googled for “Missy actress doctor who” and it just brought up articles about how she’s the Master. I was watching on the abc’s website as soon as it uploaded so I wasn’t expecting there to be major spoilers in the news



>not being aware that most of the world has already seen it by the time it airs in australia and/or america

oh sweetie



It’s not as bad as when we got the episodes 2 weeks after Britain before the 50th and I read the story plot for Wedding of River Song on Wikipedia



The ABC simulcast Peter's first series


File: 35792983df2a39f⋯.jpg (187.52 KB, 572x553, 572:553, comfy.jpg)


oh yeah, I remember getting up early and making myself a hot chocolate to watch it at 5am



Shit was comfy as fuck

wish they had of done it with series 9 and 10


Help me fill up my Doctor Who Groyper folder



whats a groyper



it's those pepes that are fatter/smugger/less well designed


File: 120d8a80f664598⋯.jpg (38.11 KB, 419x420, 419:420, 1504428117456.jpg)


isn't his name easter?


File: 44ab3f62d7023e4⋯.png (13.02 KB, 409x360, 409:360, D9CA6BBF-5840-42DF-9526-1A….png)



If you want to drop by sleem sometime soon I can give you those things we discussed.



After reading your post I understand what you are implying, and will take you up on the offer presently.



I'll need about 10 minutes to sort them out individually. Once I'm done I'll come into sleem



That is understandable, and I have no objections to waiting for a period of time such as that.




What the fuck?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Neo check your DMs



I am replying to you to ask for a clarification as to what specific platform your comment (that this post constitutes a reply to) was in reference to.


Nilso DMing Neo nudes in the stream



Check them all





Neo check your telegrams


any auschads here play tf2



This is a response in the negative.


to anyone who does

playing vsh with only 8 players is hell



yeah but not as much recently, im still sour over how they ruined competitive. at this point i care more about the comic than the game


File: ac3b22b9e6db248⋯.jpg (174.09 KB, 1002x721, 1002:721, yep.jpg)


>implying competitive tf2 ever had a chance


Anyone here watch Friday Night Dinner?



>Tom Rosenthal



t. Simon Bird



I have watched approximately a dozen episodes of that television programme, when one of two primary performers the show centres around was posited as a possible contender for the lead role in the show of which we all share an interest in and and as it is such so also as such it is unto you several of the episodes of the programme were hosted in the communal stream which many of us enjoy together.



Why are you posting like a sociology textbook?


File: bdaee21b083d0b7⋯.png (189.16 KB, 279x282, 93:94, 3Jb7Gxr.png)


>tfw unboxed two unusuals in one sitting



what were they?



3 years ago I did

mostly just deathrun, prophunt, jailbreak, balloon race and equally novelty fuck-around gamemodes



Mid-high tier, you'd be able to find me


File: e679faef3cd64e3⋯.png (85.73 KB, 894x692, 447:346, economy vs approval.png)

doctor who equivalent?



God, I love Homer’s outfit in that episode. Easily one of my favourite episodes of the show, too



Economic reductionists BTFO




File: d538daa4716dfb2⋯.png (366.63 KB, 661x808, 661:808, trump pot.png)

doctor who equivalent?



Thoughts on this, Neo?



The wh*tes will clap their hands while black people already incarcerated for drug-related offences will remain in jail.


File: 7bcadf9301b1c9e⋯.png (901.24 KB, 854x1044, 427:522, trump kneel.png)


um sweetie



I do have a tonne of interest in the dissonance between the promotion of the film and the apparent inherent audiences for it, with the actual content of the film's conflicts. There were children's costumes, chocolates, cereals advertising a film about beloved children's icons reimagined as legitimately depressives, one of which is outright deranged and trying to murder the other.

I love the Onion film review series, although sometimes you can tell they just vaguely try to massage their skit idea into a film it's not really relevant for (not the case here, but iirc the Apes ones are weird like that).


The BBC should make a Doctor Who first person shooter using the different aliens they have. Imagine going around the tardis map as a Dalek shooting zygons



>oh shit I'm about to be impeached better show the blacks some empathy


File: 0fac3b5ed87ae44⋯.jpg (57.54 KB, 800x533, 800:533, dr-who-2.jpg)



sounds mind numbingly trad so perfect for the FPS genre



IN PEACH!!!!11!!



>implying he isn't just trying to piss off Jeff Sessions



he's so fucking orange oh my god




you're all fucking deluded, 6 more fucking years



all i said was "he's so fucking orange"

insecure much?


File: 6b67f578c0d5e72⋯.png (82.14 KB, 221x267, 221:267, 1499082095092.png)



every post about trump is you, stop fucking pretending otherwise


reminder cats thinks russia is going to get drumpf impeached



peak Nilshit



shut the fuck up, kinda



put your trip back on you pasty australian fuck


>trump-anon is a kinda stan

what a surprise



trump-anon IS kinda



Divisive Cats is being divisive, yet again. What a surprise.



People do not tend to obstruct and spread disinformation about investigations that they know will prove them entirely innocent.



i do pretend to be a neoliberal anon from time to time but that's neither here nor there nor underwhere



I'm appalled by the divisive rhetoric that's split the nation. Surely it's time for everyone to come together to do exactly what I say.



Post something original you fucking hack.



t. Nilso

nilsos gay

Wow Nilso Wow

We post t. Nilso

We post, we post t. Nilso




Padre Nilso

Nilso Riviera


File: b3ca1715886725f⋯.jpg (93.45 KB, 514x457, 514:457, 14984743589278.jpg)



wrong, i stopped caring about anything that wasnt meme worthy atleast a year ago






i thought trump was one big meme



he is but unironically getting assblasted for either side about some foreign politicians potential corruption enough to be hyper defensive about it is autism



stop it, you'll put nilso on the verge of tears



Too late


File: b063e777a09fabb⋯.png (55.25 KB, 600x134, 300:67, 1467375765112.png)

Cats feel free to use this signature. It'll improve your /who/ experience significantly.



i like kinda



i like you too buddy



He's taken darling ;)



I miss that,why did you stop posting it? it was everywhere for a couple threads then you just stopped. seeing that every thread fueled my ego way more than any measly (you) could.


File: 9f93aa3a8aeb24f⋯.jpg (36.06 KB, 600x284, 150:71, 1467375765111.jpg)



>i like kinda

>i like you too buddy

I guess we finally know what the /who/ equivalent of this image is.



>waiting 2 years for an investigation held by people who hold a vendetta against you to give up, allowing media outlets to spend all that time speculating about theoretical fictional wrongdoings, without fighting back



reminder that glittergun is ingiga


If anyone's interested that issue 1 of the Seventh Doctor comic is on readcomiconline



No!! Not Rick and Morty. Can you please keep your vapid family from infecting everything? If you have your way the whole world will be injected by you no talent sleazeballs. That includes your delusional husband who samples everything and calls himself talented.



hi cats



on what planet does sampling disqualify someone from being talented?



i'm sure kanye loves rick and morty. what does that say about him? you be the judge


File: eda752853d270d9⋯.png (150.51 KB, 582x220, 291:110, nilso.png)

>Nilso Retweeted



do you think we'll get a doctor who game announcement?



no… why on earth would we?



I fucking hope not


>yfw jodie's first appearance as the doctor is in a video game trailer




>tfw no doctor who dating sim



but what if it's a Lego Doctor Who game



fuck that would be so GOOD

not cameo shit, but like a full game. pick 2-3 episodes from each doctor for the levels


RIP Ian Levine



He might have recovered The Daleks, but he couldn't recover himself.



nah, i want him to live to see series 11. maybe jodie whittaker will give him another stroke


Who the fuck buys Counter-Measures?


File: 6f4c21779a1a1e5⋯.jpg (216.84 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, OH NO NO NO.jpg)




The fact that Briggs Finish hasn’t attempted to get the rights to make Faction Paradox audios yet should tell you everything you need to know about them



What's Faction Paradox



Exactly, they would rather jerk off to something trite that appeared in one episode of the show than something more experimental that has any potential to be good. The only reason they make Iris audios is because Paul Magrs won’t stop inserting her into everything he writes




They should have trashed Meglos and made both of them.



fucking based




A lot of the people who actually buy Briggs Finish (not pirate it) are fans of 60s sci-fi and not interested in new things, and that's the target audience for something like Counter-Measures. Or they're Doctor Who fans who will buy anything as long as it's linked to the show, therefore Counter-Measures is as good as Faction Paradox for them.



If you try to date Eight it's actually just a trick and you die



how cruel



With a long ass cutscene of the Doctor being incredibly upset about it too


File: cf2091b8a13b5af⋯.jpg (27.12 KB, 522x640, 261:320, 10.jpg)





>*Breaks the fourth wall by accidentally wiping all your save files/timelines while trying to save you, so you can't even restart at an earlier checkpoint to fix your own fuckup*


File: 75e53313a1a3348⋯.jpg (53.93 KB, 700x300, 7:3, Mexican-Nachos_recipeimage.jpg)

Nacho, if it's no bother then pls hmu when you're next online my dude



This. FP fans are really overestimating how much audios of their franchise would sell. Did you forget that Briggs had to cancel the Novel Adaptations because they sold poorly? What makes you think Faction audios would do well at all?


It's more because Briggs and most of the BF producers like Magrs and see him as a friend, while none of them have talked to Miles in years.



>What makes you think Faction audios would do well at all?

And while Countermeasures is a dumb idea, you only really need to have watched Remembrance of the Daleks as foreknowledge for that series. While for all the "you can start Faction Paradox anywhere" talk, most of those "starts" are books that barely feature the Faction at all, and the books that actually introduce people to the Faction mythos and its major themes are Alien Bodies and Book of the War, books that are long out of print and cost several times their original price on Amazon.


File: ce183cfd1a2c2ee⋯.gif (1.7 MB, 500x230, 50:23, ce183cfd1a2c2ee27b55d1d624….gif)


File: 8496e23dae37085⋯.jpg (10.92 KB, 251x242, 251:242, BORED PEPE.jpg)


>Alien Bodies is expensive

I bought it for myself for Christmas last year for £13


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I saw this in an art museum and most of it looks like it could have been ripped straight from 70s or 80s Doctor Who. Doctor Who is now high art.



For some people, that's still a lot of money. A paperback of Game of Thrones costs £4, and that book's three times the size of Alien Bodies.


Alien Dobbies


Alien Bodilso



>£13 is bigbux

I'm a bit strapped for cash, anon, but blimey



I had a few things to do inbetween the last time we spoke but I should be done with your request in about 10 minutes



I'm assuming this is N*lso, not N*cho?


File: 506e75c6a1437c6⋯.jpg (74.1 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, many thumbs, many coops.jpg)



Copies of big-ass Russian books like The Brothers Karamazov cost only 9 quid on Amazon. Yeah, 13 isn't that much, but how would you convince a newfag who doesn't know what Faction Paradox is to pay that much when they could take their money elsewhere and buy some Dostoevsky instead?


How do I get involved in a secret Neo DM?



be an N-poster



I feel like you're missing out on the point. I'm not even the same anon you were talking to, I'm just saying that you're grossly overstating the price of things in relation to Alien Bodies.



I don't see how I'm overstating the price when saying that Alien Bodies is more expensive than Brothers Karamazov. I think you're not getting the point that introducing people to FP legally and then keeping them on that path through more books would require quite a bit of money.



If they're genuinely interested in pursuing it then they'll pay whatever they need to



And that's the thing. Faction Paradox is a niche within a niche. Even Faction writers like Andrew Hickey acknowledge how low the range sells. That kind of "people will buy the books if they care whatever" thinking isn't gonna help FP rise anywhere above a dusty franchise curated by Obverse.



Social media is a fucking cancer. I've had facebook recommend me people that I've only ever texted. And once used it to seek out a chick so I could get closer to her after some dirty phone calls.



Alien Bodies is kino regardless of how much you care for FP


I did when the went on sale in August. The only one I don't have is New Counter-Measures Volume 02. Haven't listened to them yet so don't know why they felt the need to reboot.

What's odd is that they still list is as Series 7.



One of my mates insists it listens in on you with your phone's microphone, after getting targeted ads he's positive he didn't use the internet for search for, only talked about. I'm not sure - some algorithms and marketing strategies are definitely clever enough to sort through your demographic points and make informed guesses - but it's sobering to think about.



>One of my mates insists it listens in on you with your phone's microphone,

Ever do an audio captcha? it absolutely does


File: 85547d07ba43699⋯.png (362.03 KB, 405x382, 405:382, tj1ib7s.png)



Keep your phone in a Faraday cage.




I haven't noticed that, but I do know that algorithms are insanely good at predicting behavior and taste. I remember reading an article about a guy who found out his teen daughter was pregnant when Target started mailing them tons of coupons for pregnancy/prenatal goods.




Easy fix: use the FaceSlim app from F-Droid store. Also fixes the monstrous memory usage.




There's this ^ too. I guess it's an easy enough experiment to try yourself if you're so inclined and bold. There's also the rumor or theory that if you say key words or phrases while within a certain radius of say, the US president you will get a visit from the SS er, secret service.


I'll take a peek at for the memory usage thing. I delete and move pix and videos off my phone almost weekly now and have less apps then when I first got the damned thing and it's always telling me it doesn't have enough storage for critical function. I have my doubts as to it's security patching for lack of a better term.



But anon…


In all seriousness, I'd make a VN for a few regenerations at least, but it'd probably have to be an organized effort of different regenfags to devote the same level of detail for each regeneration, and also not abandon the fucking project a day in because of being a bunch of lazy shitposters.

Also, how would a dating sim even work? Do you play as a self-insert and compete with a canon companion to date the Doctor? Do you get pulled into some central clusterfuck plot where you have to date each regeneration but choose which one is endgame?






True. FP could be successful but it needs some kind of reboot, right now it's nigh-unaccessible.



Do you mean dating or playing as them?





neo is a good bioi



I see. Maybe several more dateable companions plus the associated Doctor from each era would be the optimal coverage of options.



Thank you.







Sounds boring.



you are good 2 cloi



Probably, but I assure you i used to be much more fun.


File: a1e0d47fa70702d⋯.gif (1017.78 KB, 245x180, 49:36, MinorObeseAsianlion-size_r….gif)






combo breaker




File: 8e3968bded56e41⋯.png (2.12 MB, 2228x1252, 557:313, tardis.png)

I tried to make a wallpaper. please share thoughts



What's it meant to be?



I wouldn't use it. I don't like the "rack focus" effect of the background being blurred. Hurts my eyes. But I assume that's what you wanted.

My only critique would be that that shade of TARDIS blue doesn't really go well with the other colors. Or it might just be the color of the vortex surrounding it in the circle. Maybe try for a black circle background.


nilsos on the moon


Nil Nil Nil



Alien Bodies is def kino.


nilsos knocked up


immigrant knocked him up but nilso wants to abort because the baby will be half black



But Nilso is a black woman.


Neo, mind if we chat in the sleem?


File: 3169c77f6d60414⋯.jpg (1.44 MB, 3521x3837, 3521:3837, AND THAT'S A GOOD THING.jpg)




The thing is that FP is a very unique taste, and it's of high quality. The changes necessary to appeal to more people might make it suffer.


Nilso is a parasitic meme virus.



What FP needs is for someone to steal more of its ideas and present them as original in the tv show.



t. Hunter


File: 128844b5d2d5169⋯.png (48.27 KB, 686x951, 686:951, c.png)




File: 3b1e4428ac46de2⋯.jpg (24.5 KB, 406x348, 7:6, japes.jpg)



I see Nilso there, but I have literally no context for what or where the picture is from.


File: ddd6689baed9dca⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.71 KB, 304x277, 304:277, despacito.jpg)


forgot the image, sorry


File: a0dafac085423b7⋯.jpg (65.33 KB, 455x600, 91:120, welcome to my new home, do….jpg)


fuck off overlord



>The new Doctor Who upsets white male fans. That's a good thing.

>Series 11 deals with issues of identity and social justice, and that's a good thing.

>13 feels very different to the other Doctors, which is a good thing.

>Tosin Cole can't act. Here's 5 reasons why that's a good thing.

>Graham is a sendup of white male fans and that's no bad thing.

>Series 11 is almost entirely set on Earth (which is a good thing).

>13 reasons why low ratings are good for Doctor Who.

>Series 12 to be cut to 8 episodes. Here's why that's good.



Cletus fantasy


File: e6d0ae049e7e4fb⋯.png (360.61 KB, 449x640, 449:640, tfw episodes deleted.png)


wow btfo so hard, how can I recover



You will never recover because the Doctor is a woman and that triggers you immensely.



t. Nilso



wow continue to tell me what I like and dislike



I will, Cletus.



Go on then. Stop stalling.



You like other men, Nilso.



Bit homophobic there, anon. Got something you want to say there? Nice to see that it took you just under 6 minutes to write five words. Is that your personal best or is your helper boiling the macaroni and cheese in the kitchen?



Bit ableist there, Nilso.


Four more months. Wild.


File: bf8ed83340ecc12⋯.jpg (228.96 KB, 1066x1600, 533:800, orangino.jpg)


Not only do you like other men, Nilso, but you particularly find cock to be one of your favorite tastes. Balls smell amazing. It makes you go a little crazy on it, to be honest. Like, you cannot get it far enough down your throat to be satisfied. You're only satisfied when you feel those intense, powerful, salty hot pumps of cum in your throat. Then you sit back on your heels, and look at up at me with all of my timecum all over your little neckbeard mouth and slobber running down your neck. I'm all fucked up and you wipe your mouth with the back of your arm and you ask me if you did a good job. And I can't even fucking speak because you've drained all the energy out of the tip of my timecock, that's when you're satisfied.


You won't find the answers here.

Not the ones you're looking for.



Shit Trips 2.5 should be arriving shortly, though.



Not seeing an argument here, nor am I seeing any actual points.



What the fuck?



If your cum is salty you're eating the wrong kinds of food. Fact.




I think it's safe to say that sexual Nilsoposting anon has never tasted cum or even been loved by another man.



t. mouthblasted Nilso




excuse me for not having a diet that consists solely of pineapple



Cut down on greasy meat and fast food.



I don't eat greasy meat or fast food and it's still bitter



Don't worry, I don't see an argument here because the fact that you're a pathetic, congealed wad of semen is a proven fact.



You're more irrelevant here than I am. If you had even a single neuron not devoted to storing the sexual imagery of penises stuffing your every hole, you'd have noticed it's a simple copypasta that even ledditors know about.


Wow, sexual Nilsoposting anon is actually pretty based


ニルソ波 1 9 9 5



still no actual points of conversation


Nilso is asking for the sexual harassment desu. He should stop posting so sluttily.




not a le argument


File: 0f0bc675a1dd445⋯.jpg (77.22 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, celery.jpg)



still waiting



Does little Nilly Willy need a safe space from rape?


verge of tears 1 9 9 5


File: 1968febf7a25250⋯.gif (829.81 KB, 178x178, 1:1, sheldon.gif)


you're so far away from an actual point, keep trying


Imagine if all the sexual harassment turns Nilso into an SJW



Okay, this would be epic.


It's 4am Nilso, shouldn't you be in bed anyway?




what did he mean by this


File: 1f45e5fe495cd1d⋯.jpg (14.53 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 4am thread.jpg)


he's lost control of his life



I am and I'm trying to sleep. I'm stuck in a cycle of awake, sleep for 10 minutes, be ill, stay awake, sleep and be ill again


Nilsowave 1995

1. 涙の危機

2. ニルソはゲイです

3. 洞窟人

4. 私はネオが大好き

5. 4AM

6. 助言 // advice from cuckold

7. プレッツェル片



Maybe if you write, you'll get tired enough to stay asleep.


Can we get a new thread without this current conversation?



Nope. I can't breathe out of my nose at all and I sometimes struggle to properly breathe




I'm quite literally dozing off right this moement



Maybe go to the doctor, Neo?



Don't die, Nilso. Fight it!




You fucked him and gave him an STD and you can't even remember his name? SHAME ON YOU


Cloister, let me just say I'm not appreciating people adding me to this sexual RP thing. Can a mod enforce some limits to this thing?



which female companion would give the best hand-jobs or blow-jobs



File: 4ebd06271dc0bc2⋯.jpg (103.69 KB, 309x432, 103:144, use only when neo isnt aro….jpg)



what emotion does this convey



She looks like she smells of wotsits.



Cloister is no longer here! You are stuck with me.




File: 41fb1670a682892⋯.jpg (2.74 MB, 3000x2000, 3:2, amy_oh.jpg)







Amy has full lips here













File: 4d5651dc1dbd738⋯.jpg (296.61 KB, 626x742, 313:371, 1491703397709.jpg)

>the thread will end in your lifetime



t. Nilso




I am the last of the /who/ lords


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