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Shit Trips 2.5 NOW AVAILABLE! https://mega.nz/#!Uf4EDaLT!bIa_JP_rbyl7Pl9NKq8tLopyOzXJFhlSu6Z4VZnt4Uk

File: 87f2e1ae0f0f82d⋯.jpg (96.96 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, 1494922335864.jpg)


pride month edition

in the closet - >>43952



>Glasgow police box


Does anyone here watch Doctor Who?


Which female companion would be the most willing to do anal? Which female companion gives the best handjobs?


File: 3acf88620219c46⋯.jpg (35.68 KB, 564x727, 564:727, 1525540239216.jpg)

mfw still no twink companion


File: e5f239243378677⋯.jpg (2.95 MB, 3000x2000, 3:2, full lips.jpg)



Mel and Mel



t. Beeper



is he even on 8chan?


What episode and scene was playing when Immigrant said Amy had full lips?



Chandra Wilson


Nilsos Black



time of angels iirc


File: 5626fc767592f08⋯.png (9.35 MB, 3000x2000, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)



the rooftop scene in Angels Take Manhattan


File: 506e75c6a1437c6⋯.jpg (74.1 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, many thumbs, many coops.jpg)


fuckig basedd


Which male companion would be the most willing to frot?



I've deleted the comments. I've also banned you. For not using the goddamned report queue, summoning me like I'm a goddamned waiter, and general whinging.


Which Doctor Who companion would physically assault you for calling them a femoid?


File: 46cd9b054095ccd⋯.png (8.81 MB, 3000x2000, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)



On the flipside Zoe would probably be turned on by it



File: f05aa8f95ca790a⋯.png (412.19 KB, 5000x5000, 1:1, f05.png)


what did cloimod mean by this





imagine how many oreos she could fit in there


File: 955f00fab4ef91a⋯.png (7.02 MB, 3000x2000, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)


banned immigrant, f


File: ad5e20a911a73a4⋯.jpg (8.25 KB, 248x233, 248:233, smug asuka.jpg)




It's literally a 1 minute ban. I've also banned the offending party. I really really don't like intervening short of banning people for suggesting others drink bleach, k.y.s. etc. It makes me feel like a babysitter.


File: d0888fa80bb47bb⋯.jpg (26.83 KB, 500x505, 100:101, ezlgta2phz211.jpg)

thoughts on this image?





Americans lol



Sorry, didn't realize that bothered you so much. Won't do it again.



>american president





Are Amy and Asuka both smug redheads? Discuss.


Immigrant doesn't like anime because none of the characters have lips.


File: b8e2f1c86f19360⋯.jpg (83.92 KB, 955x500, 191:100, captialism.jpg)



You haven't been watching the right anime.



asuka > amy


daily reminder that shinji's endgame is kaworu



No, his endgame is Rei.

Asuka a naggy shit




Yes, but I wouldn't say that Amy is a bratty tsundere kinda character. …Donna is more like Asuka, if anything.



It's banter, Gally. The more you seem or appear offended by it, the worse it will seem to get. If I were you I'd honestly not give them the satisfaction. Also, for the most part anything said on here should be taken with a grain of salt. I won't reveal the source of previously mentioned banter, but if you knew I think you'd take it alot less seriously. That being said that other person probably should cool their goddamned leg jets and really be more considerate, think about the position they're putting other people in and understand that it's not a great idea to make daddy mad.


I want Series 11 trailer.



me too. When should we start expecting one? SDCC?










Neo, I want to talk in the sleem.



at 3pm gmt?


Why watch an ad for something you are already going to watch?



because they show you the ad before you're able to watch the full thing


File: 92083cc32528cd7⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1200x800, 3:2, 1528608964235.png)

doctor who equivalent?



Fuck off Nilso you cletus scum



imagine being so lazy and desperate to bait people that you can't even be bothered to type out a full sentence

might as well just say "dwe?" instead


File: 7bef3cf87a33a90⋯.png (305.99 KB, 663x627, 221:209, trump trudeau.png)



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




It's been out for a day you little Sneed.



i like speculating about whats happening next in tv shows. Maybe a trailer for series 11 will give me something to speculate on. I dont know why i like to desu but i do.


Who has the Blind Wave Waters of Mars reaction YT link


anyone listened to the jenny audios yet? are they any good?


File: 2a7d9afded79f10⋯.png (1.91 MB, 1200x1268, 300:317, padre.png)


remember when moff had a "namedrop "doctor who" in the show" fetish?


*christmassy music plays*

Nilso's Doctor Who December


"Nilso”! Somehow, I find it impossible to think of him as "Padre". I can comfortably refer to the man who dropped my Shit Trip down the back of a shelving-unit as "Neo", or the man who gave us Glittergun as "Cats", and yet… perhaps it's his snarling, predatory Scottishness, but Nilso’s name is one that has to be snapped. I can't hear it without feeling as if someone should be waving their fist in the air at the same time, like a headmaster shouting at one of the Bash Street Kids.



The name Nilso unironically exudes some kind of sexual energy.


File: eabc3ed30e97d50⋯.jpg (51.79 KB, 576x576, 1:1, jenna.jpg)

I didn't enjoy Power of the Daleks


does sesska know about simm in S10?



Sesska lives under a rock, she doesn’t know anything about episodes she hasn’t seen



she knows clara's leaving soon because there are a few things that get spoiled by commenters



Hey, that's the name of the show!



Were you watching at 1.5x speed?


Does Sesska have people in the comments trying to prepare her for disappointment in Hell Bent?



I bet it was too gun for you.




I'm no Christel dee. I watched the good ol recons. Evil instantly became one of my favs after watching the recons though.



She shouldn't because Hell Bent is kino and only frucks disagree.


Power of the Daleks is just disappointing. I was expecting more than just Victory of the Daleks with less colour



I watch sesska at 2x speed



Anon… Hell Bent is frock. The gunfags wanted more time lord battles against the Doctor and the Hybrid



the hybrid was a dumb plotline and the finale is better for largely ignoring it



That's what the tradgunfags wanted. Frucks think the Doctor is morally infalliable and never would've shot the General


Did Victory of the Daleks fail for the same reason as Sleep No More? A traditionally frock writer (Gatiss) trying to emulate gun stories (Power and any Moffhorror respectively). That said, Midnight was a frock writer doing Moffhorror and it turned out just fine.


What do you think Mark Gatiss was thinking during the filming of TUAT? To see such a terrible version of the Hartnell Doctor acted by the same actor that he used for his really good docudrama.



>I'm so glad to finally leave a mark on Doctor Who !



TUAT was good but even if it wasn't Gatiss wouldn't be able to tell.


Who are some gay coded trips and streamfags? What about black coded?



What does that even mean?



A fruck is a frock cuck



I meant "too gun"



You're a fruck who can only tolerate so much gun in a story before it puts you on the verge of tears


File: 8d9fd8b12824be5⋯.png (1.55 MB, 976x1080, 122:135, bored 11.png)


No, it failed because the new Daleks had nothing new about them except for their bulky color-coded designs, and on top of that it had the worst "power of love" plot in the history of the franchise.

This is the only place I know of where people call Moffhorror straight gun. Are we even sure what we mean by "gun" and "frock", even though we've been discussing it for so long now? Does Power have frock elements because the Daleks are acting subversive, with a straight gun Dalek story portraying the Daleks as uncompromising killing machines, or is it straight gun just because there aren't any traditionally frock tropes or visual elements present?

In other words, I've often percieved that there's a corellation between what people classify as gun and frock and classify as rad and trad, with gun being inherently somewhat trad and frock being inherently somewhat rad. What I'm saying is that people seem to percieve the frock aesthetic as inherently including the subversion of expectations.


Gun = good

Frock = bad


File: c692d91082b1416⋯.png (2.28 MB, 1202x1202, 1:1, pls be good.png)

After last month's shitfest it looks like we're getting a good main range story this month, the first part was nice and the author has written pretty good stuff so far.

Let's hope that Andrew Smith is on his A-game for the 80's cybermen story next month.

I wonder why we have a solo Six trilogy this year, Constance and Flip were doing well and we still don't know the end of the older Peri Arc from 2014.



Yeah okay well I haven't been on /who/ for quite awhile now so idk what everyone means with gun and frock… All I can say is i didn't enjoy Power even though 2 is my fav Doctor.








define 'coded'



As far as I can tell:

Gun-serious tone, aims to be genuinely horrifying, genre elements played straight

Frock-lighter tone, humorous nature of strange juxtapositions emphasized, genre elements subverted

Wilderness years fans argued about these terms long ago on rec.arts.drwho


Gunfags will never appreciate the Space Pirates


File: 9bae781bbd70b77⋯.png (412.03 KB, 618x526, 309:263, plantmel.png)

File: 7a417f53c34d7e4⋯.png (72.08 KB, 595x305, 119:61, growmel.png)

The absolute madman.


andrew "sex pest" cartmel


File: 5825e585405d4ba⋯.webm (715.09 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, trudeau fake eyebrows fal….webm)

doctor who characters with fake eyebrows?



Was getting caught part of your Masterplan?


The quality of the show is directly related to how left wing the writer and showrunners are. Malcolm Hulke, Robert Holmes and Andrew Cartmel are the most notorious lefties involved with the show and they produced nothing but kino


Sammi "Ingiga" Carter


Loz got approached by a Hollywood person that wanted to adapt Faction Paradox into a movie after the first issue of his comic came out and he scared her away after weeks of talking about it



more accurately, he pitched to them "amadeus with monsters" and they presumably didn't find that marketable enough



Probably wasn't going to happen anyway. 99% of Hollywood projects aren't eventually made as films.


File: 84c57450ac861f7⋯.png (91.07 KB, 588x293, 588:293, smithknobs.png)



>Robert Holmes

>left wing

um sweetie


Chats spamming Terrance Dickens



I thought the stream wasn't on on the weekend?



It checks out


File: 1ce84e2a5f447a3⋯.jpg (85.57 KB, 960x640, 3:2, trump g7.jpg)

File: ff2304f8f62ccf9⋯.jpg (43.37 KB, 700x467, 700:467, trump g7 smile.jpg)

Are there any doctor who episodes about intentionally obscuring information to push a false narrative?



Live 34



The 3 monk episodes



What exactly is the context of these pictures? why is trump the only one sitting?


Why don't collectors just lend their missing episodes to the BBC? They'll be returned after a while, and it's not like the collectors actually watch the stuff they own.



I honestly do not know, anon.



I didn't ask for Nilso's opinion



the smug self-satisfaction of owning something desired and unique whether you personally enjoy it or not





File: 35b822500f264bc⋯.jpg (234.84 KB, 1200x832, 75:52, DPVE8xBW4AEmvTE.jpg)

>tfw the high resolution version of this image and many other colour production pics from the 60s are being hoarded by a private collector


We now have absolute confirmation that some missing episodes are currently in collectors' hands. What happens if they die? Would the families throw away the film prints?


Place your bets for the next missing episode(s) to be returned, realistically.



It's very hard to imagine that the type of collector who hoards unique items wouldn't brag about it to their family at every chance they get. Why would they throw out something they know is valuable?



The Smugglers Episode 2


does anyone else piss themselves laughing when they remember that neo's favourite bowie album is let's dance



Gareth, Mortimore and Holmes disprove that though



Wow, you've somehow made me LESS excited for episodes to be returned.



Source ?

I believe you, but I want to have more info on that.




>he doesn’t want to see reverse trap Polly



sesska watched a version of day of the doctor with the names blurred out in the opening titles (so tennant/piper etc were a surprise)

how did she get that? Does someone pre-prepare versions of all the episodes for her that cut out spoiler things like that and the next time trailers?



her friend makes them for her IIRC



I wish I had a friend who watched Doctor Who


File: 537151c9881a7d4⋯.png (490.37 KB, 436x796, 109:199, Charlie Hayes.png)


This is Wendy Padbury's daughter.

Did the cute genes jump a generation ? How is that possible ?



I wish I had a friend



You have ~50



fucking kino



I agree







File: 5857f3529ae540d⋯.png (3.92 MB, 4878x1472, 2439:736, doctorwhologo1.png)


You ever force yourself to infosorb a Doctor Who media even though you hate it? I’m currently doing that



do you have the original surfboard logo at that high resolution?



With what?



I read Alien Bodies because everyone here keeps going on about it and so now I’m reading the next Eighth Doctor Adventure Kursaal


File: 0aa80c1bf5b7948⋯.png (168.37 KB, 368x396, 92:99, ranireally.png)


You;re that bloke that loudly complains about a film they've just seen in the lobby next to a queue of people who are just going in to see the film you're whinging about



How is this even a remotely similar situation?



You're loudly complaining about something



Yeah but it's not like anon is spoiling the contents of the novel to people who are about to read it, unless I missed that post somewhere.


File: 654fd897a468b6f⋯.png (4.18 MB, 4878x1472, 2439:736, BlankWho.png)



I didn’t realise so many people here had plans to read it



It's called discussion.



There's no discussion when someone goes "Uh god I hate this fucking shit why am I doing it"



I actually own Kursaal. Can't say I'll ever read it. Good luck!



I wonder where they got it from


Is Giga here




Sure there can be. Their first post was asking if anybody else has experienced the same feeling, that's discussion. There could also be someone who has read the book that can respond with their own opinions of it. Or just someone asking them why the book is so bad.

If talking about not enjoying a Doctor Who book isn't appropriate for /who/, I'm not sure what you think /who/ is exactly.



I completely agree. Folks, let's talk.

As some of you may know, this sub celebrated 10 years a couple of weeks ago.

Now, back when I created the sub I had visions of Ten and Rose's family on Christmas Day, celebrating a potential feast. Frustratingly, the state of the sub has turned from celebrating (Doctor Who) to bashing, ridiculing, harassment, and downright negativity.

I didn't create the sub to be like this and I'm sick and tired of it.

What I'm considering doing is to start removing/banning negative posts criticizing this and that. This is not a place to come and state your dislike for whatever you dislike about Doctor Who. I held off simply because it would be censorship and I am the last person to want to censor anything.

I think starting with the negative posts would cut down on a lot of the crap and I'd leave the comments alone. If I see the comments sustaining negativity. then I'll look at addressing them.

I don't like discussing this topic, but I refuse to let the hard work and dedication of the past ten years dissolve into toxicity. I haven't implemented anything yet, but something is coming. If someone has an idea on how to better deal with the issue, I'm all ears. I was hoping it would fade away as it seemed to do in the past, but it seems to be growing stronger.

I'm frustrated, the mods are frustrated, and a lot of you are frustrated.

*I'm heading to work. I'll be back later today to continue the conversation. The other mods will be around as their time allows.


Nilsos a nice person



File: 21ea8d819c8b717⋯.gif (1.99 MB, 245x250, 49:50, 1494132814915.gif)


Nilsos a good priest he got me out of doing drugs


Kids Tee Nilsos


File: d7ec10a1e804045⋯.png (2.72 MB, 1680x1021, 1680:1021, doctor who logo2.png)

File: 759286a05550b03⋯.png (2.79 MB, 1680x1050, 8:5, doctor who logo3.png)

If the word Doctor went on top would she sit like this or this?



and got you on to doing little boys?



no, I was the little boy



Neither of those work imo. Top part of the H is too intrusive.


Had a dream about nilso last night


Nilso has a dream about me last night


Any Doctor Who Stalker Reports news?



I wrote Dee Double-you Ess Arr not this


Gigas here



thats what it stands for tho



No it doesn’t, it’s Set Reports not Stalker Reports



t. Whelan


File: ea30b7a8a0786d4⋯.jpg (75.09 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, DW.709.720p.x265.yourserie….jpg)

File: f3cd35c4a2d4ca8⋯.jpg (121.14 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, DW.709.720p.x265.yourserie….jpg)

File: 8b7cd743b5d430f⋯.jpg (232.56 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, DW.709.720p.x265.yourserie….jpg)



describe series 7b in one word

ill start underrated









File: 8f65b2509021552⋯.jpg (14.94 KB, 400x400, 1:1, wheelan.jpg)


File: 63f78ea9343d94a⋯.png (12.1 KB, 187x243, 187:243, ClipboardImage.png)

now name a doctor episode where these all apply








which doctor who ememeny is the biggest anti-semite caricature other than the darleks






same character you fucking drongo



robert holmes



Journey to the center of tha tardis



The dude from The Sun Makers.



Oh, sorry, I thought you meant "anti-Semitic caricature". Never mind.


Is it an unpopular opinion to not like Extremis? I haven’t rewatched it since broadcast so feel free to correct me if I get anything wrong, but from what I remember Extremis ends with the revelation that everything we saw in the episode was part of the Monks’ trial run of invasions. So all the events of the 40 minutes prior to the twist basically don’t matter at all.

The CONCEPT itself is brilliant, don’t get me wrong, but devoting an entire episode to an introduction to the Monk trilogy which boils down to a single sentence description (Monks are coming, be scared) doesn’t really make sense to me.

I just feel like that Monk storyline would have fit a two-parter much better, and the only change you’d need to make is to just take Extremis out. I think there was a point somewhere about how all the simulated people are capable of pain and genuinely die when the Monks cancel the simulation, which gives Capaldi an epic moment of anger when the real Doctor learns this (in PatEotW or LotL, can’t remember which). That moment of anger is all the explanation we needed, really.

I don’t feel like we needed to spend a whole episode inside one of those simulations; not only does it remove the potential narrative mystery of how the Monks were able to invade so perfectly right from the get go, so you spend the next two episodes waiting for the Doctor to catch up, but it also renders an entire episode totally inconsequential for the sake of a cool twist.

TL;DR: Extremis was a waste of 45 minutes



Unironically Nilso



Just because it didnt really happen doesn't mean the story in itself isnt valuable. You can basically make this argument for any episode that didnt have character development or an effect on the overarching story.



did the tl;dr not give away the fact that this was just a copied reddit post?



This objection becomes irrelevant once you start taking stories on their own merits rather than what they contribute to a larger arc. Extremis is a very solid horror piece about what it's like for the Doctor and friends to gradually discover they are in a simulation run by tyrannical monsters. It would actually have been better on its own with no sequels, and left open-ended in the vein of Midnight.



Voyage of the Damned



No? People use tl;dr on chans all the time.


One of the most fun things about the Doctor for me is how they can simultaneously be obsessed with childish minutae and stand as a large-scale, cosmic, revolutionary hero, and rather than have those treated as irreconcilable, the little things strengthen the big and vice versa.


That was for Neo.


How many Doctor Who episodes are there where the main characters for the story are all one gender. Counting the Doctor’s gender as the same as the actor’s I can think of Mission to the Unknown and The Deadly Assassin


File: 5f4c78c327763ee⋯.png (43.72 KB, 595x334, 595:334, drumpf.png)




Would probably be an easier question if you excluded the Doctor and companion, albeit less interesting. e.g. JTTCOTT



So basically, episodes where there's either no companion, or no Doctor.






Yeah, like the End of Time



I don't think Loup Garox has any main female characters



Would you consider Mad Larry to be a main character in Blink, or Wilf in Turn Left?



There is something very un-human about Trump


nilsos a main character in /doctorwho/



Don't. You. Fucking. Dare.

Did you hear Nilso when Cats called Trump orange last night? He was on the verge of tears.

I'm not sure he can take any more negative or neutral comments on Donald Trump. For the sake of his mental health, positive comments only. Please.



You're right, he's a God Emperor. HIGH ENERGY!



That's what happens when you're a vain old man and you slather your skin with spray tan to hide the effects of aging. Not to mention saturating your greying hair in piss-yellow dye.



t. Nilso



he's the antagonist



Triggered, liberal?



Closing Time

Heaven Sent if we don't count Clara as a main character



FUCKING GOAT Briggs Finish story A Thousand Tiny Wings has no male characters outside of the Doctor I think



No, what part of my post conveys that emotion? I can certainly see it in yours.



I never realised how female the Turn Left cast actually was.






>(arguably) the fortune teller

That's one male in a cast of potentially 6 main characters, not including the Doctor himself.






Mathematical proof that the future is female and Nilso should be scared.



Would you not count her?



But Nilso's secure in his femininity, unlike me. That's why I like him.


Neo's absence means he's working hard on 2.5, I hope. ;(



Well he's definitely working hard on someone… I mean someTHING



Alpha Neo



it's just kind of like..why's this chad coming here?


Imagine meeting a Who fan and their favourite story was something really fucking obscure and unexpected, like Underworld or some shit.


File: 6116c6e11ee8f7a⋯.jpeg (30.94 KB, 480x300, 8:5, neo singapore.jpeg)

Neo is busy in Singapore guys



It has one of the local men who betrays them but he’s barely in it so almost all female. The closest to an all female episode of the tv show I can think of is Turn Left. The main characters are Donna and Rose, and the villain is a female fortune teller. Hopefully Chibnall gives us the first all female episode with just Jodie, Yasmin and only female supporting cast


nilsos fluid retention issues


stunning and brave


File: f7b9ba1b2050034⋯.png (810.59 KB, 700x452, 175:113, survival ace.png)

>I felt like I could just run forever. Like I could smell the wind and feel the grass under my feet and just run forever.


File: 9aa593b657a27aa⋯.jpg (39.77 KB, 551x566, 551:566, snap.jpg)


>South Park



>Hopefully Chibnall gives us the first all female episode with just Jodie, Yasmin and only female supporting cast

Yeah that'll go down well.



It would be fine if they just did it, but chances are there would be a manufactured hubbub over it like when Newsround took a clip from a Pearl interview where among other things she said Bill was gay and spun it as "DOCTOR WHO ANNOUNCES FIRST EVER GAY COMPANION"



You say that, but it's a very high possibility. Perhaps not in s11, based on what we know, but definitely at some point. It will be good if the fact that the cast is all female isn't the centre of attention. A BUS story but with no male main characters, for example.



It's interesting that South Park acted like bravery and not-bravery was a strict dichotomy when usually they're all about "le truth is in le middle"


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

What are you listening to, /who/?



>ipmlying Jodie will last more than 1 season


I can see it now.

Doctor: Don't you have any men on board?

Base Commander: No, everyone stationed here is female.

Yasmin: Sounds like heaven.

Base Commander: You're telling me. Doing it this way is the future; we avoid SO many arguments this way.



I can see it too Nilso, and unlike you it brings me to the verge of joy.


Please let us have tons of feminist dialogue in S11 to scare Nilso and the other Cletuses away from /who/ for good.




>All women

>No arguments

Pick one.



Cloi Boi knocks it out of the park


File: 3b1e4428ac46de2⋯.jpg (24.5 KB, 406x348, 7:6, japes.jpg)


the madman


First we'll remove the men from Doctor Who and then we can start removing them from real life.


There is a male actor in every single episode of Doctor Who. To have one or two episodes where this is not the case would not be the end of masculinity


I've been meaning to yaoipost more but my reserves have run dry. Where do Giga and Nilso get theirs?


There is a female actor in almost every single episode of Doctor Who. To have one or two episodes where this is not the case would not be the end of feminism



B-but why can't men have everything and be in everything and I can see men like me everywhere?



Mission to the Unknown has already happened, sweetie. It's the womyn's turn now.


Come on, don't keep it a secret ;) Sharing is caring.



No but it'd prove that the show really has been taken over by third-wave feminists.



Don't you have twitter to rant on?


Hoodie if you're here mention shrimp in your next tweet





Was the show taken over by male chauvinists when MTTU aired?





And the normie audience



Aww bless. He's trying



>Also, "person of colour" = woke, but "coloured" = racist.

"fuck" = a swear

"duck" = a bird

Explain this, libtards.




Libtards BTFO'd once again



The show didn't change the lead characters gender just before MTTU aired. The timing would be extremely suspect.



Well…yeah, in an institutional and societal sense, but it had been like that from the get go.



they did just have an episode where a race of militant but beautiful femoids harasses a race of entirely male slug people (oppressed incels). is that not male chauvinist propaganda?


Mission to the Unknown wasn't full of smug self-satisfied dialogue about only featuring men. An all-female episode would be perfectly fine as long as it does the same.



doctor who has always been postmodern in the way conservatives despise



"PoC" and "colored" have the same meaning. "fuck" and "duck" just rhyme.


Hoodie follows Nilso




Cats, Neo and Cloister follow me as well. What's your point, gimp?


File: 72fb6db2c00fb48⋯.png (128.08 KB, 253x255, 253:255, ClipboardImage.png)

she's right you know….



Nilso follows Hoodie

I sense a ship coming on.



MTTU was the last episode Verity worked on before John Wiles came in and told the telesnap people to fuck off. So yes, men running Doctor Who was a mistake



I follow you



They don't have the same meaning. If you listened in English instead of jerking yourself off to STEM you would know that the connotations of a word are important, and "coloured" as an adjective implies that a person's skin colour defines them, whereas "POC" implies that a person's skin colour is only incidental to their identity.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


1st answer, yes! It's always been the case as far as I'm aware.

2: If you had to pick, yellow.

Colored has a history attached to it that make people uneasy. POC makes you aware that they're a person first and not "one of them".


I'm pretty liberal, sir or madam. A bleeding heart pinko commie locally.






Not denying that 60s Who was chauvinistic against women. Though not as much as people claim. If series 11 has "ethnic" stories, massively overrepresented minorities, more anti-men jokes AND an all-female episode do you honestly think those things would just be an amazing coincidence when we just got femDoctor?



Based Stephen



>Though not as much as people claim. If series 11 has "ethnic" stories, massively overrepresented minorities, more anti-men jokes AND an all-female episode do you honestly think those things would just be an amazing coincidence when we just got femDoctor?

>an amazing coincidence

it would be amazing, yes.


File: 350493847b2c80d⋯.jpg (66.87 KB, 650x489, 650:489, Doctor-Who-Racist-Claims-N….jpg)


"Coloured" would be bad even without those etymological associations, because it actually has a significant material history of racist segregationist usage. In fact I'd say this is the bigger deal.


File: a723400f0a8f473⋯.jpg (57.75 KB, 1264x720, 79:45, 1502280287306.jpg)


>the way he says "doctor who"



Hola Tardisposting



>including Jodie




They both mean that someone "has color". Which is redundant because everyone has skin that reflects visible light. There is no logical reason why one phrase should be vastly more offensive than the other.






>Which is redundant because everyone has skin that reflects visible light.

Of course you bring your STEMlord shite and "le logic" into this. White isn't a colour. Ergo white people aren't POCs.



Because of the historical intent, "colored" was used primarily in a negative light wheras the phrase "person of color" was created for the sole purpose of NOT being used as a negative.



I bet you get upset when newspapers take Pewdiepie out of context


Proposing that we call wh*tes "differently melanated" instead.





















I'm partial to cracker. Honkey is fun.



This is clearly satirical at the expense of leftists, but there are people who'll take it seriously.


Heil Hitler!

Ooops sorry that competitive Minecraft match was getting REALLY intense. I just slipped up there. All gamers do it from time to time.




>satirical at the expense of leftists

um sweetie



Everyone is away of the historical usage and why that makes it more offensive. But to replace the term with something that's barely any different is moronic. Why not just say black?


>White isn't a colour




>Why not just say black?

Because Asians and Polynesians and mixed-race people aren't black. But they are POCs. And they have a shared experience of racial oppression.


“Conservatives are more understanding of other people’s points of view”





>the female Ghostbusters are there for some reason

>this girl in a Rick & Morty t-shirt…does she even watch the show?



Yeah, for example I can understand that >>44990

only applies to guncuks



explain your post



Then why not just say "white" and "non-white"?



You really expect too much from Colbert, and I'm not sure why a Cletus like you would hope for him of all comedians to be "secretly based".

>this girl in a Rick & Morty t-shirt…does she even watch the show?

Is obviously joking about male nerd's attitude towards women who play video games and like things they also like.



The theme of the trailer is stuff that pisses off nerds.



Because that establishes whiteness as the norm.



No it doesn't. It establishes that white people are generally more privileged and less oppressed than non-white people. Isn't that what the "PoC" users want?



It doesn't do that at all, and I'm sure you'd feel the same if you were referred to as "non-black" all the time. Furthermore race is not a binary of white and non-white, like many things in social justice it is a spectrum and "POC" acknowledges that nicely.


all of this racebaiting trash needs to be fucking deleted, not a single post of the last 315 has been good



Okay Nilso.



>I'm not sure why a Cletus like you would hope for him of all comedians to be "secretly based"

That's a big assumption. You seem unnecessarily mad.



Oh, sorry sweetie. You must be mistaking me with someone else :^)





Why don't we agree to move on.




el oh el



Can we Cloipost


File: 11051569f248a63⋯.png (13.92 KB, 872x242, 436:121, sorry sweetie.png)


forgot the image






I'm not entirely sure what that is, but sure.



I don't care if someone refers to me as non-black. The whole point of both "PoC" and "non-white" is to divide people who are and are not white. How does that binary thinking acknowledge the spectrum nicely?



raise upheld, 315 changed to 306 including your own


Sometimes I wish I had Cloister's ID powers so I could accurately t. every Nilso I wanted



>not slipping a single Nilsopost in there unnoticed

For shame.


>>45047 meant for >>45033


Cloiboys assemble



The very first one there is a nilsopost



do you think he ever goes on anon and does it? i wouldnt be able to help myself desu



Secretly based


I imagine it would remove all fun if you could tell who Nilso was at any time.



i wonder what he thinks of me after seeing all the bullshit i post as anon. having a single person able to read post IDs really makes the whole shitposting thing more fun for me, though i know some other based shitposters disagree


File: 844938900ed9698⋯.jpg (147.25 KB, 1080x720, 3:2, joker.jpg)

it's like a personal show for cloister. not too personal though because that'd be weird. i'm putting on a show for everyone and cloister just happens to be in the front row


File: b8284069ff26369⋯.jpg (203.14 KB, 2048x1363, 2048:1363, DWAcIktX0AEX6gk.jpg large.jpg)

What did he mean by this



This is Gareth's 451 moment, a work of art that just defies comprehension.


Gigas here



If accurate t. nilsoing were cats you'd be a litter.


I almost never go anon inside of /who/ and never once here. I don't see the point in it. Anything I say I completely accept responsibility for. To me, doing so kinda breaks the social contract especially in my position, which I take mostly seriously although I secretly lament it sometimes.


You know I adore you kitty and the knowledge that some of the shitposting/funposting is you makes it very amusing. I have seen a couple of kind of ugly posts with people dropping their trip for, but not yours. I can tell yours come from a kind of cheeky uhm, affection.


this right here is the state of /who/ on 8chan



Stop being a drama queen.


nilsos discovering the higgs boson


nilso has discovered the secret to light speed travel. He's using it to go down the shop faster


fuck dilso


just popping down to the shops, anyone w҉ant any҉t҉hing҉



A six pack of crisps and red lemonade please


Jodie as the Doctor makes me smile



Do you non ironically support a woman doctor?


File: be8b34b36a7fbbf⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.74 MB, 1920x1078, 960:539, er.webm)

Would /who/ like a Master story ala Briggs Finish akin to the Doctor's Daughter, but with Emma Roberts?



god yes


Cloi, remember how Lym made a load of "spoilers" posters? Is it only possible for there to be one, or can you use all of them?



Yes, I still have them, and I uploaded them all, and reuploaded them. It's stuck on that one and I don't know why.



absolutely fucking based, the thread has been saved.



Is it because it's the last one you uploaded? Maybe you can only have one at a time. It might be nice to try and change them every couple of months - it'd also mean Lym's work can be used and shown off rather than left in a dead thread. Up to you (and the others) of course.



Do you mean like the Master's Daughter?



Yes, I think she will be the best of New Who



Oh, I should note that I now have access to the banners now as I did not before. Those seem to rotate just fine. If anyone wants to make new banners, dump them into a separate thread and I'll start uploading them. We currently have 17

File size must be lower than 500 KB and dimensions are 300x100 exactly.

You may upload up to 300 custom banners per board.

Allowed file formats are .jpg, .png, and .gif.


That maybe the case looking at how it's worded and there's no switch in which to rotate them. I'd be happy to change them up from time to time, and I probably uploaded them in the exact same order every time.





>implying that scrawny little fist could hurt

It'd be like a feather


File: 53f6fc24d6aa7f6⋯.png (680.79 KB, 597x593, 597:593, 74d7b506986c08cdb3b9c9b05f….png)

Doctor Who equivalent of this effect?


We can also institute board flags. You would have to choose your flag, they would also have to be made.

Flags must be a maximum of 48KB and 11-20 x 11-16 pixels.

A maximum of 512 custom flags per board is enforced.

Important: Flags must be accompanied by a description of the flag that will be shown to the users to your board. The description must not exceed 255 characters. To use flags, you also must have "Enable user flags" enabled on your board settings page as well as having flags uploaded on this page.

We can also do board "pages" with a maximum of 10. I don't know what the fuck that means, but it's a thing.


Presumably she'd have a timelord's superhuman strength.





femdom fetish beta cucks



I couldn't take her seriously. It's like watching a twink lift a Mini Metro over his head



>femdom fetish

Oh no. I should ban you for the implication. It would be completely within Briggs Finish's wheelhouse she's contrast well with "The Jenny Adventures" or whatever they're called and it might give Eric more work in BF which is what I really want.



Genuine opinion on Jenny getting an audio spinoff after whinging for 10 years about how she wasn't asked back for New Who?



Does anyone take Jenny seriously?






>One per Doctor (based on their outfits?)



Theres already a story like that in 2.5 but with The Master's sister



>Edgy Frenchman

>Aussie cunt

>Amerifat plebeian

>Marcelo Camalagano

>Planet Mondas



>Padre Collar

>Cat Tag

>Giant Bell

>Fuck Offerino

>Levine/Loz/Cornell/Blum Heads




Doctor Who Stalker Reports






>Jenny getting an audio spinoff

That's where it belongs. If they couldn't find a story with her in 10's era of the show any appearance thereafter would have been an even more transparent ratings grab. An act of desperation. That being said I hope Chibnall brings her back for that all female episode.


Is she referred to as sissy if not you had one job.



I think it’s just called Jenny or Jenny the Doctor’s Daughter


Why is Sandifer so overly pretentious?


File: 57e3a1bb9e7e90f⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.88 MB, 230x250, 23:25, 1365118726847.gif)

Testes Testing 1,2,3.


File: c6f149f6e6880c7⋯.gif (1.17 MB, 1192x1753, 1192:1753, rld.gif)



To smart for geeky plebeians

To dumb for real art


File: 1f55fece4aa9e05⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 264.35 KB, 160x178, 80:89, 9agoof.gif)


File: f117b02b121de32⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 4.07 KB, 96x96, 1:1, 1doc.jpg)


File: 3a3991417dfa1b8⋯.jpg (14.9 KB, 570x322, 285:161, the-almost-people-next-tim….jpg)


Bulbasaur, Squirtle or Charmander


Banner and Flag sticky.




I'll have a go at some later on


Jenny should have stayed dead. Like everything else this is Moffat's fault.



Outstanding. Can't wait to see them.



No… But only because we're in the foreman universe and it was written before Miles sex change so it would have been a very unfortunate choice of name


File: 97ab57c4cc07494⋯.gif (3.61 MB, 350x197, 350:197, 2hxa79s.gif)


Just had confirmation from my Dad who plays Thomas Robert in a medieval style episode of Doctor Who series 11 episode 4 that the series 11 trailer should be 30 seconds and on the 18th June. It'll advertised when the English football match breaks half way thorough"

"Early 17th century. The Doctor brings Yasmin & Ryan to the reign of James 1st to explore class divide in rural England. The episode is based in all most fantasy like village full of "peasants", the village is located next to a castle where the nobles live."

"pt 2, While Yasmin seems disgusted at how the village people are treated by the nobles, the doctor finds that children in the village have been going missing every single night and the crops are being posined."

"pt 3,Due to the Doctors weird presence and dress, the village people capture the doctor and take her away, this leaves Yasmin & Ryan to retrieve her but yasmin sympathises with the village people as they think the doctor being burned will save their village"

"pt4, Yasmin & Ryan form a plan to ask the nobles for help. Yasmin dresses in Indian style clothes from a previous episode and arrives at the castle. The Nobles think she is a princess from the east and they treat her with respect."

"Yasmin & Ryan inform the nobles about the village but the nobles say they thought the problems around the castle were done by the village people. The nobles with Yasmin & Ryan goto the village and stop the doctor from being burned"


Do fake spoilers deserve a temporary ban?



No, they're funny.



Where would we be without them?



Depends - if they're entertaining and relatively they should be allowed to stay but if they're a rehash of things we've already seen they should result in a one hour ban.



Trying to dictate what should be banned deserves a one hour ban



He literally asked for answers and I gave an answer you tactically shaved ape



Dictating that the person who is dictating what should be banned deserves a one hour ban deserves a one hour ban.



Dictating that the person who is dictating that the person who is dictating what should be banned deserves a one hour ban deserves a one hour ban.


Just ban us all cloi



Please don't tempt me. <3


My take on fake spoilers:

Dumb? Yes. Why not contextualize them as what ifs.

Are you reposting them from somewhere else? You should probably say so.

Flame worthy? Absolutely.

Do they themselves actively sow discord? No, not really.

I'm torn. I don't really care for it one way or the other personally. I know it's a "/who/ staple" and I kind of understand the argument that it's a gateway for discussion, but yes some of them can be rather tedious and are obvious fan fiction.




Im sorry cloi, I copied it from GallyBase, next time I'll source stuff like that :)



I agree with all of that and I don't think they're enough of a problem to be ban worthy. There's loads of annoying/silly shit that we give a pass.


File: 306ed1de13e0a4e⋯.jpg (100.73 KB, 748x366, 374:183, doctor-who-thirteenth-rege….jpg)

I find it interesting that the Jodie Whittaker scene feels so disconnected from immediately before the regen, despite he same director. Whereas, in the End of Time, it was two different directors, the director for Matt Smith's scene is not the one who directed the rest of the End of Time.

Also the sheer amount of dialogue that Smith and Capaldi have, whereas Jodie Whittaker and David Tennant dont say a huge amount in their regen scenes in those episodes.


Chibnall should replace "Next Time" teasers with TV-Comic-style oneliners.

>Are these iron particles alive ? Follow Dr. Who next week.

>What fearful, fiery fate awaits Dr. Who ?

>Next week the savage ten-year-olds attack the village !

>A next exciting story begins next week.



>savage ten-year-olds

drop a lore bomb on them, n8



Still has Talalay's trademark gopro shot though.


We need the helping hand of a Neo to keep this thread alive.


File: a7a3451f127a254⋯.jpg (713.62 KB, 1207x1700, 71:100, raging hooligans.jpg)


>pictured: Moffat's plan to become showrunner


File: a2f22942dc4291f⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 119.69 KB, 1024x666, 512:333, DalekSupreme.jpg)


Is this a fake spoiler?









no its a real spoiler. the daleks from the cushing movies are returning


File: 9e6c9875f5d1af6⋯.jpg (121.49 KB, 1024x666, 512:333, dalek.jpg)



what did they mean by this



David Tennant?


The weapon the Doctor used to end the Time War first appeared in "The Eyeless", back long before "The End of Time" gave us the term "the Moment". For sure, the Eyeless weapon arguably isn't as cool as the version we get in "Day of the Doctor": the Moment is superintelligent, it can bend time and create multi-Doctor episodes and stuff, and it even deliberately built the exact scenario needed for the Doctor to not have to destroy Gallifrey. But on the other hand, the weapon in "The Eyeless" feels a lot more recklessly dangerous. It doesn't have a "I'll do my best to structure events so you don't destroy everyone" setting; the instant you touch it, it annihilates your enemy and everything that your enemy ever affected, including you and probably most of the universe.

This feature of the weapon is explored really nicely in a few passages of "The Eyeless", where the Doctor wanders around in a complete existential panic wondering if he's accidentally killed all other life in the universe.

>The silence pressed against his eardrums.

>He’d survived. At least he assumed he had. Perhaps, like Gyll, he only thought he’d survived. He didn’t know exactly what the weapon had done. Why it had spared him. He didn’t know if it had spared anyone else.

>He might truly be alone, now.

>He thought of the weapon destroying all life. Not just the Eyeless, but all the humans here, all the trees and other plants and bacteria, then out into the universe, its fingers poking into the gaps between space and time and rooting out every life form on every world and between all the worlds, striking so swiftly no one could even see it as it went about its work.

>Everyone dead. Everyone dead but him.

>Had that happened? How long would he be left travelling on his own? How long would he need to accept there was no one else? How many dead planets would he have to visit?

>He whispered things to the machine, told it some of his fears and secrets.

I really like the idea that "TARDIS Cam" is set for the Doctor immediately after he ended the Time War, as he travels around the universe in a similar state, looking for evidence that he's not alone. Everywhere the TARDIS visits is completely desolate, conveying an eerie sense of melancholy:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbqTUwZiCqs an empty planet with a dead Cyberman helmet;

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewlwMU5_wUs a submarine base, alarms blaring, but with no one to be seen (except maybe a dead Dalek >>45131 );

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QL_6hMWsgZE a random desert planet;

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVUvdY10XAo a blank snowscene, the TARDIS' door carelessly left ajar;

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4WP9hsuUrk some drifting (and colliding?) Dalek ships.

But then in the final part

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PRBVb8QDtA the TARDIS floats contentedly among a pod of giant creatures: a triumphant resolution to his fears. The Doctor's not alone after all.

(If you take the goofy, just-waiting-to-be-noticed-and-deleted Tardis Wiki stance that TARDIS Cam #6 is actually the first appearance of Star Whales, that'd also add a lot to the Eleventh Doctor's fury and resentment in "The Beast Below".)

Of course "The Day of the Doctor" puts a kibosh on all of this, but it's still fun to think about.



So the picture is actually from http://www.bbc.co.uk/doctorwho/classic/tardiscam/gallery/scenes/index.html ; the Dalek doesn't actually appear in the video itself. Note also the F6 written on the box. They don't match the initials of the production crew, so your guess is as good as mine.


File: 854598a4a435624⋯.jpg (59.18 KB, 800x521, 800:521, tardis.jpg)


>ruining it

Can we at least get GB or Mondas or whoever's relevant to believe it?



> There are two new essays, one on Briggs Finish's The Beginning, the other on their First Doctor Adventures box set

Does anyone have read them ?

I'd like to know what they're about, but I have the paperback version already and I won't buy a second one just for that.



This is unbelievably interesting. I hope you don't mind if I save it to a document? Not to post it anywhere, just to keep in case I want to refer back to it.

>"The Day of the Doctor" puts a kibosh on all of this

I wouldn't say it needs to, really. After War regenerates, 9 would have completely forgotten that he saved Gallifrey and would have fully believed that he'd succeeded in destroying it - actually, the fact that he couldn't remember doing it perhaps explains why he's searching around for life (the Time Lords specifically?) in the TARDIS Cams.



but what set is it a picture of? Is it just concept art?



That's really neat, N8. And I never realized that weapon was supposed to be the Moment in Eyeless. Just thought it was a leftover device.



It's a solid plan. I highly doubt they'd think to check here. The fact that it's the picture the Tardis Wiki uses for "TARDIS Cam No.2" is a downside, though.

Someone tweet it with "was thrilled to be able to see concept art for series 11!" and delete after an hour


Please, save away. At some point I'll probably turn it into a tumblr post or something.

You're absolutely right, though, and come to think of it, "moping around the universe" sounds exactly like the sort of moody shit Nine would get up to. Would you mind if I incorporated such thoughts into my eventual Tumblr post?


It's concept art for http://tardis.wikia.com/wiki/TARDIS_Cam_(series)

I'm pretty sure the Dalek didn't make it into the final cut due to the same rights issues that stopped BBC Books from using the Daleks.


Yeah, Parkin didn't do the best job making that extremely clear. That's true for most of the fun continuity elements in his books, though. I went through a fairly close analysis of the ways Parkin hints at its significance in my posts in http://tardis.wikia.com/wiki/Thread:231584 . I still think it should be merged into "The Moment". But wiki admins be wiki admins.



Of course you may. I look forward to reading it.



>>I highly doubt they'd think to check here.

>implying anyone other than ourselves knows that we've moved to 8chan




File: 2f095d2ac08d3b1⋯.jpg (173.6 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 680275981de0d655b7f8b6c884….jpg)

File: 0f7a71083ee5793⋯.jpg (158.77 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 8b06259d4f9c14e4300892fe48….jpg)

File: 0c8aeb06a9a6191⋯.jpg (114.27 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 6b94ac1a14d12bf7fd0a06f9a3….jpg)

File: c3c00bed4b9049b⋯.jpg (230.66 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 0ed622d9483e0e80a4b1bf8a5c….jpg)

File: 8ed1ec73a833610⋯.jpg (102.58 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, e3665d156c5bdeb33743f584ce….jpg)


concept art if someone feels like editing the tardiscam logo out



Interesting analysis. I think you're right, though I slightly prefer the "non-Moment" version–it works almost as well as a precursor to the Moment.


How are Briggs Finish handling River Song with the classic Doctors? They're not having them flirting with each other ar-are they?



I'd pay good money to hear 6 flirt with her



she had a bit of romance with 6, and it was kind of touching. Not overly sexual like with River and 11. There was pretty much no chemistry with 7. he was very suspicious of River knowing more than she lets on. She didnt really interact with 8 in her series, they just had a brief phone call. and I havent listened to Doom Coalition, or the river song thing with Davison


I've been reading Gareth Robert's novelisation of 'City of Death'. No one's ever going to quite be able to mimic the Douglas Adams sense of humour perfectly, but Robert's has quite a few Adamsian jokes of his own in it. He's a genuinely very good comedy writer, and I like how he writes the Fourth Doctor. It's also a bit of a love letter to Classic Who. There's things described as looking like bubble wrap, and a line about a monster "ripping through the door as if it were made of styrofoam". It's honestly a pretty good novel so far. Im just over halfway now. The best scene so far is Skagra walking through the streets of cambridge thinking he's blending in perfectly, while people on the street ask him if its fancy dress night at the gay bar




6 and River were positive.




Imagine Alex Kingston sticking her tongue down William Hartnell's throat.


File: 865b88474389dca⋯.png (217.09 KB, 559x511, 559:511, 6c3486217ba52c852071cdb20d….png)



Sex storm?



Shit, now I've stumbled blindly into the Deep Lore portion of the tardiswiki, a quagmire from which I can rarely escape.

Speaking of, who do you guys think the Enemy is? I stand by the Who Wiki's identification of the Enemy as Dr. Sandifer, on the basis that psychochronography is a new kind of history.



He already did that with Cameca, the Aztec woman. Troughton's heart belongs to Jamie, and Pertwee's doctor is a player, and might not appreciate River well enough. Four is in to some kinky shit though


How would you write a Doctor Who movie?



Far future time lords is my guess



I'd just do an adaption of The Daleks Master Plan or Genesis of the Daleks.



Something like "Vincent and the Doctor". Make use of the bigger budget of course, but a standalone episode with a strong emotional core would be the best kind of mocie I think.



I'd just write it like an extended episode. Any attempt to do "Doctor Who: The Movie" is doomed, but "a Doctor Who story that happens to be a movie" could work.






Nah, same canonical vein as the Cushing movies, but without the silliness.


How would /who/ feel about a Doctor Who episode where the Doctor met someone who was explicitly stated to be related to them? Like direct family, ie mother or father. Is there a way to make that idea work and milk it for any emotional worth?



It'd a wacky idear



>milk it for any emotional worth?

the family member dies at the end as an excuse for them to not need to become a recurring character



Who could be the emotional centre of a DW film? Companion or Doctor?




This tbqh. Doctor Who is best when it's not trying to be super epic, and just tells an engaging story. A big budget could make a dalek/human battle look amazing, but I would never want it to be overly spectacle based. Good dialogue, and interesting ideas would be paramount. Basically just an episode on the big screen



Depends how you'd want to play it. If you wanted the companion to be the moral anchor in a moment of anger from the Doctor that'd be one potential dynamic.



Well, I was thinking of "Vincent and the Doctor" as a template of how a Doctor Who movie could be successful. It certainly appeals to most of the fanbase. Either the companion or a third character imo. The Doctor can be the action hero and move the plot forward, while the focus is on someone else



I think in order to tackle big spectacle it'd have to tackle big emotions too. An on-screen war means nothing if you don't recognise the people who die as characters, for example.




The idea I came up with for the who wiki was that "the Enemy is a process or a kind of history" means specifically that the War is an event that will happen in any permutation of Time Lord history and thus the Enemy is, broadly speaking, whatever they're fighting against. Because the War involves time travelers capable of climbing up one leg of the trousers of time and back down another, this means that all versions of the War and all versions of the Enemy are intrinsically linked, even if they're completely separate causal strands. So the fact that the Daleks are absolutely for certain the enemy the Time Lords fought against, despite the fact that in the books they absolutely for certain are not is part and parcel of the "kind of history" approach.

And the reason the Enemy's homeworld is earth is because that's where all Doctor Who stories are written, including all Doctor Who stories about the War.


The Enemy is personified entropy


I love the Emminence.


Reminder that n8 knows what/who/when the enemy is but he'll never say and that's a good thing


The Enemy is Fragile


The enemy is the Absorbaloff


the enemy is those goddamned ess jay doubleyoos


The Enemy is my balls, they itch.


the enemy is n i l s o



>"the Enemy is a process or a kind of history" means specifically that the War is an event that will happen in any permutation of Time Lord history and thus the Enemy is, broadly speaking, whatever they're fighting against

I had the same idea, basically that the Enemy is the idea that "Gallifrey will always be at war, eventually".

>And the reason the Enemy's homeworld is earth is because that's where all Doctor Who stories are written, including all Doctor Who stories about the War.

Hadn't thought of that one.


I'd make it be a surreal piece of television. Think "Mulholland Drive, with Daleks."



I prefer it when the Enemy isn't related to the Time Lords directly. Creatures who differ from Time Lords' point-of-view, but don't come from the same source. Silurians might be a good bet, actually.


File: a077ff6d4a3560b⋯.gif (806.33 KB, 444x250, 222:125, 1528670536955074.gif)

I really like this moment. Nice subtle callback, and works well in the scene



According to RTD, if they couldnt get the rights to the Daleks, the timelord's enemy in the time war was going to be a playful childlike species called the Toclafane. He reused the idea in Series 3

What if the Master didnt create the toclafane, and instead just found them at the end of the universe. In one timeline, the Master takes control of them, and uses them as an army. But if he hadnt taken control, if they'd been allowed to advance, they would have been "the enemy" before the Daleks ever got round to going to war with the Time Lords. There's something about insane bloodthirsty, yet childlike humans from the end of the universe going to war because "It's fun" that I find interesting



I understand why the BBC switched from Roberts to Goss, but Roberts was a much better fit for Adams' sense of humour.


>I've stumbled blindly into the Deep Lore portion of the tardiswiki

DID YOU KNOW that http://tardis.wikia.com/wiki/The_War is the 16th longest page on the wiki? Pretty wonderful, considering that just a year and a half ago Faction Paradox wasn't even allowed.

>who do you guys think the Enemy is?

Well, it shouldn't be too hard to figure out my answer :)

That said, I'm really loving the answers in this thread. Psychochronography is a great one especially considering how much Eruditorum owes to About Time.


I like this view as well. The Homeworld's gradual shift into something totally unfamiliar is a major theme of the Book of the War, and it's really enticing to imagine how different they'd have to become to wage war against their past selves.

Somehow, the Faction Paradox series is just now finally starting to push past year 50 of the War, and it seems like everyone's most interested to explore what happens to the Faction themselves. But sign me up for writing about House Military Wave 10 (or whatever's next)!


>the Enemy is, broadly speaking, whatever they're fighting against

This is probably closest to what I unironically believe. It all ties into my big theory about how the Daleks became the enemy. Back in the pre-DotD days when "the Moment" was just a cool lore-drop name alongside the "Could've-Been King" etc, the significance seemed obvious: "the Moment" is a single determined, unchanging, defined instant in a sea of continually rewritten time. So the enemy was a quantum superposition of different identities (a very similar mindset to that of the Book of the Enemy pitch doc) before the Doctor defined them in the process of using the Moment … and of course he picked the Daleks! And then this reverberated back and forth in time so the Enemy was ALWAYS the Daleks.

In that (wacky) interpretation, the idea of the Faction Paradox series being the last remnant of the Wilderness Years is all the more literally true: it's the only medium that hasn't embraced the redefinition / quantum collapse of history we were given in 2005.

>And the reason the Enemy's homeworld is earth is because that's where all Doctor Who stories are written, including all Doctor Who stories about the War.

The Younger World Story interpretation, very nice!


I'm glad they got the Daleks, and I think it was a better move for the show's longevity's sake, but properly done Toclafane as the destruction of the Time Lords would have been really interestingly kino. Take that, "Time Lords are future humans" theories.


In the interest of making it good but also accessible to random audiences, I'd probably start it as a "several random people are caught up in one of the Doctor's adventures" story in the vein of "Blink", "Cabinet of Light", "Dead Romance", or "Love and Monsters" (tho L&M is a bad example, since it's meant for an audience who are already kind of obsessed with the Doctor-focused) to introduce the Doctor and his world, then do a hard pivot to a >>45166 >>45173 style second half, probably set in the past and featuring a historical character with some emotional potential.

Obviously the idea is to make a good successful movie so the studios will trust me enough to go batshit insane with the sequels :")



I still like the EDA-era idea that the Enemy difinitely weren't the Daleks, even though the Daleks thought they OF COURSE they thought they were the Enemy. I'd like to think the Enemy could be anything, except the Enemy.

(It'd also create the ironic situation that, after the whole big War In Heaven, it was ultimately the Daleks who swooped in and defeated the weakened post-Heaven's War Gallifrey, and the Enemy was ultimately inconsequential.)

(Or maybe that was the Enemy's plan all along.)



>the Enemy could be anything, except the Enemy.

I meant "except the Daleks."


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




did they ever draw attention to capaldi's ring at any point during his run? wasn't it a two-part ring with one part being his actual wedding ring?



The weirdest part of this is Stefan actually dressing up.



yes, it was made so that his actual wedding ring would look more alien. they never brought attention to it. I only noticed it when I saw 'Heaven Sent', and that was the end of his second season



It's like Begotten


Nilso, you around?



Just about



Come into the sleem for a moment please.



File: fcf03dc9f67a2ad⋯.jpg (39.14 KB, 623x210, 89:30, boys club.JPG)



File: a90586ed7f58761⋯.png (859.94 KB, 740x960, 37:48, ClipboardImage.png)

doctor who episodes that disappointed you and lowered your expectations for the future?



>cyberpunk: set at night

>not cyberpunk: sun exists????


holy fuck the loz LEGO situation wasn't a joke at all, I feel so stupid







>"The novel saw Lawrence Miles' return to writing Doctor Who novels following a well-publicised online "resignation" in August 1999.[1] He claimed that he wrote it for money so he could buy new LEGO sets.[2]"



Ayy I wrote that bit of the article

Full quote, from his interview with the fucking BBC:

<What tempted you back to the Doctor Who universe to write your latest novel, The Adventuress of Henrietta Street?

>Well… it's probably going to sound flippant, but it was mainly to do with Lego. I wasn't planning on writing another Doctor Who, or at least not in the near future. I wanted to take time out and work on something a bit more long-term, but the Lego people have brought out some fantastic new stuff in the last year and there was just no way I could afford any of the big sets without writing another book.

>Now, technically, I hate the idea of doing anything just for the money. But in this case, seeing as it was about Lego rather than just greed, I thought I could get away with it. Although I felt terrible when I had to start writing the book, because I'd always said that I'd never do anything for the cash, ever, and it felt like I was stabbing myself in the back. It does feel like I've been punished for it, though. Writing the book was so bleeding hard that a lot of the time I felt like I couldn't go on with it, so I think I've done a kind of penance, really.

Bonus quote from Loz's friend (they watched NuWho together) Daniel O'Mahony:

>I’ve wondered if it would be worth Lawrence’s while to take the 2 existing issues [of the Faction Paradox comic] to Rebellion, and see if they’ll reprint it/stump up to complete it in the Judge Dredd Megazine (rather as happened with ‘Scarlet Traces’ about a decade back).

On the plus side: it’s quirky enough to fit in with the kind of reprints they do; Lawrence has previous; and (presumably) there’s only about 64 new pages required to complete it. Cons: … This would involve Lawrence going out and talking to people, an activity that involves very little Lego and is therefore a source of resentment to him.



how old is loz now, 50?



Steven Moffat Didn't Ruin Doctor Who With Capaldi - He Celebrated It



No one cares about Shit Wars.





A man isn’t allowed to have hobbies?



Can confirm: the purest motivation to write doctor who is for legos. I myself write doctor who so as to use to act out my own stories with lego sets.



no sign of a Day of the Doctor pdf?


Want to know neo's opinion on the bethesda e3 appearance, my sides have fallen into the abyss


File: b0cc5c362e13a87⋯.jpg (475.23 KB, 1849x1950, 1849:1950, 1528685843915.jpg)




>Loz isn't considered one of his pals



fucking SKYRIM for MOBILE



im so sorry todd

i totally called them announcing a space RPG though



4chan leaker was right


holy shit todd



>"guys, what do fans consider the best fallout game of all time?"

>probably new vegas. It wasnt super war-lore heavy and was funny and fun as hell

>"okay, but what if we did the opposite of that?"

t.Todd Howarth


File: a50ce7d4b34b91e⋯.png (499 KB, 1136x610, 568:305, ClipboardImage.png)

would she make a good doctor /who/?


Bethesda's E3 announcements summary

> Inglorious Skyrim

> Skyrim: Mobile

> Skyrim Online

> Skyrim 2

> Skyrim in Space


fallout 76 actually looks pretty good desu


File: fb4bc0ca1396346⋯.png (383.81 KB, 912x645, 304:215, ClipboardImage.png)

absolutely fucking based



The Rani


Bethesda's showing was quintessential E3. Cringe, unnecessary musical number, awkward pauses, vaguely disappointing game reveals, excessive time spent on shit no-one cares about, and a tiny glimpse of some genuinely exciting properties. 7/10


File: bdaee21b083d0b7⋯.png (189.16 KB, 279x282, 93:94, 3Jb7Gxr.png)

>"But there's more."

How could one Todd be so fucking based


would nina make a good missy?



Andrew WK was a fitting musical number for that game, they should have had gameplay footage on the screens while he performed though



Many many others


what is more exciting

tes 6 or jodie reveal


can we please talk about nilsos e3 announcements?



I'm not buying anything I've seen so far - TES6 hasn't been properly shown so that doesn't count



*and starfield


it'll be high rock or some pleb shit but if it's akavir I'm gonna fucking cum myself to death



spiderman and TLOU2 are what I'm most interested in going into E3 (but they shouldn't spend too much time on spiderman since it's out in just a couple months)


File: f1642c8c77b0590⋯.png (330.99 KB, 1920x930, 64:31, 6b6f505260948b918d06e1a4fe….png)

it's half 4 in the morning, lads




it was worth it


File: 8cd97d2b69b57b9⋯.jpg (187.67 KB, 605x747, 605:747, 1528687471826.jpg)



events weren't linked, I can promise you


File: b7df2c311c7fa9e⋯.jpg (39.67 KB, 768x432, 16:9, marco polo.jpg)

Why was Marco Polo completely btfo when every other story in season 1 and 2 is complete except for Reign and The Crusade 2 episodes?


I am Nilso.



t. Nilso



I was lying and now I've made you t. wrongly


Mark Nilsloan



how could you? lying about nilso is a bannable offence


I am Immigrant.





File: ba518b29b9a1d44⋯.jpg (105.67 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, gears of war pop.jpg)

doctor who equivalent of this insulting fucking bait and switch?


Nurse Who :D


Adult Life Skills is all I've seen Jodie Whittaker in and that's enough


to know she'll make a good doctor




oh god is that the funko pop equivalent of a brony?



Poppers are drugs gay people take for sex I think


A Good Man Who Never Would Goes To War



le rory was the good man :O


Who is the most gun trip? What about the most frock?






The Class announcement



Oh God, I remember that.

People thought we were going to get missing episodes.


I’d like a doctor who spinoff centred around the junkyard from An Unearthly Child. No characters from the main show, the only link is the junkyard



Me too. Leaked chronal radiation mutated a group of animals - rat, lizard, bugs, fox - into lovable scamps who can talk and are portrayed by puppets.

The Critters of 76 Totter's Lane


nilso i know you're here and i just want to say-

*gets shot*


Can't wait to invite nilso to my settlement in Fallout 76


More like Clayton Chickmagnet, am I right fellas?


File: 5043b5a4e0fc0e7⋯.gif (2.98 MB, 540x230, 54:23, justfoff.gif)


ALS is unironic kino.




The Grease line is really funny.


Britcucks are going to have their night wasted on Ambassadors of Death and miss out on Inferno kino



>Implying Ambassadors isn't kino



If it was 3 episodes shorter, it would be kino






File: c008d2eb91333f4⋯.png (5.44 MB, 2000x2000, 1:1, cover2.png)



i love this.



Since it was sold to a fucktons of stations, this is truly rather strange


File: 506e75c6a1437c6⋯.jpg (74.1 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, many thumbs, many coops.jpg)


Fucking glorious



t. Immigrant


File: ec31a9d803dcbb5⋯.png (41.9 KB, 970x136, 485:68, honestsandifer.png)



Still not ginger,,,


Still not nilso…



>Those titles

Absolutely marvellous. Hats off to whoever created this pure, undistilled kino.


Love this, love the reframing of the TARDIS cams, love that the wiki hasn't jettisoned the star whales bit.


Your wiki link drove me insane N8. You can spell out the world and they'll still see it upside down.


Not a big fan this year, felt more Pete Hinesesque than Todd Howardesque. Annoyed TES VI looks like it's in High Rock. Annoyed they undercut their great general strategy of not advertising stuff until it's very close. So-so on Fallout 76; I have mates that I know would play it with me, and I haven't really been enjoying Bethesda's direction with Fallout anyway so maybe completely ditching the story RPG esque stuff will work. We'll see. I thought Tactics wasn't too bad back in the day and that was a big change too. Tell me lies, Todd. Tell me sweet little lies.

My fav moment of E3 so far was based MCA showing up on stage for Dying Light of all things.


File: 6e332531f70480b⋯.jpg (38.49 KB, 1000x562, 500:281, aisha tyler.jpg)

S10 but bill is played by aisha tyler


File: 865b88474389dca⋯.png (217.09 KB, 559x511, 559:511, 6c3486217ba52c852071cdb20d….png)


>tfw no akavir


it was a FUCKING asteroid


File: d5d2294abbe526f⋯.jpg (40.32 KB, 535x800, 107:160, 71b.jpg)

daily reminder


What's the Doctor Who equivalent of game dev lies?

>"The calamitous and, frankly, shocking events at the climax of episode seven will still be ringing in your ears when Doctor Who returns in the autumn for a further six episodes."

>“You’ll see The Doctor’s life change forever. You will gasp at the true nature of his relationship with Amy and cry out in horror as Rory Williams stumbles to the brink of a tragic mistake.”

>“It is an enormous, game-changing cliffhanger for The Doctor, Amy and Rory. It’ll change everything for them.”



why did you answer your own question within your post



>you can watch this episode anywhere but it's best experienced on iplayer



t. nostalgiafag who wanted river to be susan and the doctor to be incestuous



Literally what the fuck are you on about.

I'm just drawing attention to the fact Moffat made ridiculous promises he couldn't keep for storylines that got changed during production.



When they claimed Asylum of the Daleks would have every Dalek



But it did, though.



Seeing a Dalek in the background for 4 seconds isn’t worth advertising the way they did



Yeah although they were all so coated in dust and darkness as to be unrecognisable.

I actually find this to be a hilariously based decision. The director/prod team were lumbered with the demand to include every Dalek for nostalgia/fanservice points, said fuck that, and made the choice that was right for the tone and atmosphere.


I bet Steven Muppet personally made sure the old Daleks weren't visible in order to piss off us fans of classic Who.



>said fuck that, and made the choice that was right for the tone and atmosphere.

They didn't though. Because a main plot point of the story was that it took place on a planet where they put insane Daleks. It makes no sense that they were all basically the new series Daleks, especially when they namecheck specific classic series events.


File: 2c1c73bb66731e8⋯.jpg (42.82 KB, 298x610, 149:305, 1528508764939.jpg)

>e3 week



doctor who equivalent of E3?


Honestly saying anything like "The Doctor's life will change forever!" should just be banned. The closest thing to the Doctor's life changing forever in NuWho was the Time War, and even that's ultimately sliding back to status quo now Gallifrey's returned.


⎛⎝⎠ilso, if you're up for it that thing I talked about eventually requesting yonks back, well it's a simpler request now.



But Gallifrey being destroyed had BECOME the new status quo.


File: acea39c1f963ea1⋯.png (481.39 KB, 551x735, 551:735, 3d5c2e73dd078c4c1f6cb85c30….png)

What the fuck did he mean by THIS


hmu in sleem



Series 8 Leaks



Doctor Who Confidential


I honestly believe anyone who gets sexual pleasure from doctor who should be arrested


File: 4d437c2a7af6531⋯.jpg (73.09 KB, 720x857, 720:857, 1493037336806.jpg)



But Madame Vastra is fucking hot












Colon isn’t for a few more weeks, they just started Pertwee



Not twitch, CWS



then who the fuck cares?



Because its good. What other reason would there to be to care?


Reminder that if you dislike Nazis, you are an SJW.



Will you fucking stop trying to rekindle arguments about politics?



he can't help it


This is ticking all my boxes


Reminder that if you dislike Nilso, you are a boardie


Reminder that if you dislike boardies, you are a nilso



>being a boardie on a /who/ board

The game has changed, anon


>2.5 wiki article

>submissions open on christmas and end on very soon(redirects to bump limit)

Kek. Who did this?


can we chill in the sleem?



>not even 6000 viewers



Wrong. We crossed 6000



youve got high expectations of the casual who stream desu.




I kinda wish at the end of the war games during a remastering they would color in troughton's face at the end. Itd be kind of cool foreshadowing.


Is 'madeleymade' in the Twitch chat likely to be Pip Madeley? I only took notice because they dropped the name of the bloke in the dress doing Liz's stunts



Still not sure who he is, but a lot of his tweets are Twitch-related, so I'd say so.



It's The Mirror, so claims are likely exaggerated, but in this guy's own words, it looks like he knows people who own "one or two" missing films.



this has been discussed a few times here


What is the "there's a bomb in my vagina" of Doctor Who?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Bang Bang A Boom's cliffhanger



Several Torchwood episodes.


Everyone ready for some #girlwood?



I wish

tfw they ditched aisha


torched nilsos wood


>6 episodes of fucking nothing

>1 incredible episode of nonstop excitement

Ambassadors of Death is kino


Nilso's 8



are there even 8 people who would pull a heist with him?


File: b599241b111c999⋯.png (831.39 KB, 788x773, 788:773, dwe.png)



Damn /who/ is dead tonight.

Did anyone here read the recent Seven comics by Cartmell ? Are they any good ?



The first part by Aaronovitch definitely feels like it's written for the trade paperback rather than single issues, so give that a wait until it's all collected. The latter part was too season 24 Seven for my liking.




That might be cool.




File: a55429316794aeb⋯.png (395.98 KB, 398x762, 199:381, Capture d’écran 2018-06-1….png)

File: 22704831920b030⋯.png (330.11 KB, 644x382, 322:191, Capture d’écran 2018-06-1….png)

File: 00d28ae625b9c99⋯.png (514.79 KB, 626x518, 313:259, Capture d’écran 2018-06-1….png)

File: 7a57ea575b491a7⋯.png (582.01 KB, 468x790, 234:395, Capture d’écran 2018-06-1….png)

File: 4c1a1b479910e61⋯.png (3.85 MB, 2200x1376, 275:172, Capture d’écran 2018-06-1….png)




All those pics except for the last one is explicitly from the back-up comic, with the art being intentionally not photorealistic. The main comic has pretty good art.



Wait are those all from the new one? Oh no no no no



See >>45359

This is being taken out of context. The art for the main part of the comic is rather beutiful.


File: 86ca410c609b826⋯.png (211.47 KB, 259x499, 259:499, 1528761030973.png)

frankie for S11 now


File: 213423b25be1328⋯.jpg (65.54 KB, 700x459, 700:459, 511.jpg)


Genna Davis?





I'm >>45358

Sure most come from the back-up comic but it is still incredible to see such ugly art in an officially published comic.


File: a2d1b9e03892aa6⋯.jpg (46.65 KB, 465x363, 155:121, nasty.jpg)


I don't know if it's that "incredible" where Doctor Who comics are concerned.



Yeah they're a disgrace


File: 334d879d82b9dd3⋯.jpg (228.53 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, deep range.jpg)

What's your soundtrack for this evening?


File: c4df2e9de73336b⋯.jpg (59.89 KB, 400x400, 1:1, bowie90.jpg)


Caught me in the middle of listening.


Did no one talk about Inferno because it’s an overdone conversation or because /who/ is dead?





Doctor who equivalent of this fucking travesty of a sony conference?

>moving the entire audience to a different venue 4 times for each game they are showing (throwing to the shitty postshow crew to fluff for a 20 minute transition), all of which they previously announced to try and lower peoples expectations?





That's a tough one. Would need equivalents for

>horrible planning

>deliberate lowering of prior high expectations

>filler shite

>lack of stuff to actually deliver

Monks trilogy hits at least 3 of those



Probably The Web Planet or something.



Any Moffat episode will do



Die RTDfag


Anyone know where I can view tele-snaps of surviving stories such as The Daleks?


File: 67857fa00802c2e⋯.jpg (68.03 KB, 561x561, 1:1, image.jpg)




There isn't one yet and if Chibnall doesn't deliver it then he has failed to respond adequately to the context of his era


File: c580e03818e059f⋯.jpg (122.47 KB, 710x473, 710:473, 11-trump-kim-handshake.w71….jpg)




Victory of the Daleks


File: d07b0edbaaef86f⋯.jpeg (23.75 KB, 280x210, 4:3, 50F2582E-D603-46D3-9509-D….jpeg)




>Doctor Who sucks now

in a thread about the 4th Doctor



Thankfully the based Nilsoposters have come in to disrupt things



honetly i prefer nilsoposting to mindless complaining. Criticising an episode, an era, a season… whatever is totally fine when theyre legit complaints, but making complaints like "erg the show is like so bad now" when it's not even relevant (for instance in a thread explicitly about the 4th doctor) is very unappealing to me.


Ugh, nilsoposting sucks now



t. Nilso


I support of weaponised Nilsoposting



weaponised Nilsoposting is what killed the /tv/ general in the first place



No, it was Rutherford, Fuck off anon and the mods' sudden desire to cull several generals which happened to include ours.




being disconnected from /who/ culture, the mods wouldn't've known that nilso was a streamfriend. from the sheer volume of nilsoposts they probably assumed he was an actual doctor who character, thus making nilsoposting on-topic. i don't think it was a factor in /who/'s death at all


File: f8fdb3212513024⋯.jpg (254.48 KB, 905x550, 181:110, Wenley_and_Wales.jpg)

What's /who/'s favourite / least favourite redesign?



The Ice Warrior redesign is really good if you ignore the cgi head and Empress. Least favorite is the cybermen. They made them too robotic



The Silurians, Zygons and the 2013 Cybermen.



both true. WEaT truly did them justice, and WEaT used a less robotic classic design. The Ice Warriors were arguably more accurate to classic who than they needed to be, but still worked brilliantly


I'm not a fan of the silurian redesign. when the silurians look human in new who, it's not a huge surprise theyre not evil. They used to look like monsters.



literally nothing wrong with empress



she has dreadlocks and lips that look like lipstick


I tend to think that any classic Who more than 4 episodes long would have been improved by reducing it to 4 episodes.


imagine if they brought back jenny but only to have her regenerate in the same episode.


What will it take for Loz to watch Doctor Who again?



Okay, I'm imagining it. Now what?



They wouldn’t since it would be seen as an attack on David Tennant



>I'm not a fan of the silurian redesign.

Oh fuck I never read the post properly. They're all the ones I hate.



Somebody whom he doesn't hate as showrunner.



Loz hates everyone.



He doesn't hate Rob Shearman, Lance Parkin or Ben Aaronovitch.



None of them are reasonable or viable candidates for showrunner.



I didn't say they were.



I didn't say you said they were.



I didn't say you said I said they were.



t. Nilso



I didn't say I'm not Nilso.


I want to be Nilso.



So do all the boys, the girls want to be with Nilso


There was a farmer had a dog,

and Nilso was his name-o.




And Nilso was his name-o.


"I gave up nothing. I’m here. I haven’t slept in 25 hours. … Only a person that dislikes Donald Trump would say that I’ve made a big commitment."


Doctor Who is required



Let's dust off our old GB accounts and do a joint raid with Sandy!



The last war had so many casualties though




My account remarkably still hasn't banned, and all it's been used for is raids from here.



Same actually. I last used it to pester Whelan



>talons of weng chiang is racist because it paints an unflattering picture of the orient through stereotypes and its portrayal of eastern religion/culture and England's obsession with it as a morbid curiosity

>anime does the exact same thing and is a world wide phenominon with conventions

Fuckin shit man, white people need to stop getting mad about things that dont affect them


what is the most partisan opinion one can hold /who/?



>the orient



And if Kill the Moon is your favourite story you are an anti-abortionist piece of shit.


File: 5ef276a4017f9fa⋯.gif (5.57 MB, 480x270, 16:9, af32c89d9122417d04e825fba2….gif)


File: 8f3629168e8b228⋯.jpg (114.56 KB, 591x701, 591:701, 1.jpg)


>the orient




…yes? They do use the term in the serial? Is that a big deal?




what's wrong with using that term to describe the general east asian region?



huh, really makes you think


File: 2e229669b164fac⋯.jpg (91.04 KB, 315x437, 315:437, Smug_matt_2.jpg)


>mummy on the orient express is racist because it paints an unflattering picture of the orient through stereotypes and its portrayal of train religion/culture and England's obsession with it as a morbid curiosity


>nilso is racist because it paints an unflattering picture of the orient through stereotypes and its portrayal of nilson religion/culture and England's obsession with it as a morbid curiosity



But it shouldn't. Its a term to describe a region.


Oh god im being memed.


File: e4dd937fb680ab0⋯.png (56.52 KB, 699x555, 233:185, el.png)

>Gender: Male

What did they mean by this?








>anime is the same thing as yellowface

Get a load of this genius.


File: d9804bd15ae6467⋯.png (461.5 KB, 740x741, 740:741, greg 1god1jesus.png)

doctor who equivalent?



She looks like someone's crazy grandma in that propic.



Jago and Litefoot are grand, and the atmosphere works really well. The best Victorian based story though not best overall story. Part of me does think that people who claim it as their favourite are doing so to spite people calling out the racism in it though I also don’t hate it because of the racism



>I […] don’t hate […] racism

what the fuck?



>implying its not

>the first villains of dragon ball are a mishmash of a chinese prince, a communist, a ninja and a bandit.

>second arc antagonists include an indian from a country too poor to afford water and too dumb to just steal it and need help figuring that out.

Asians in general hate other Asians a lot more than anyone else in the world.



>dragon ball

gee i wonder who could be behind this post



I’m just saying I don’t disregard it as a terrible episode for the sole reason that there’s racism in it. If it was bad and had racism like Dalek Masterplan or Toymaker, I wouldn’t defend it but I do think Talons is good despite the racism



>I'm just […] a terrible […] racis[t] and […] I do think [it] is good



File: 7f7bdafcab7ee3c⋯.png (545.53 KB, 1176x1000, 147:125, improved.png)




Shit taste is worse than racism.


File: e5eb77cdc4f75c2⋯.png (28.84 KB, 166x163, 166:163, a7748f314a0b15af907392c2a8….png)


>Celestial Toymaker is bad

Doctor literally wat?



t. Tradgunfag



nobody's gonna back you up on this one, anon



Celestial Toymaker is incredibly underrated



It isn't trad and episodes 7-10 sure as hell aren't gun.



A story where 3 companions die isn’t gun?


File: f3a607383724a77⋯.png (520.79 KB, 581x607, 581:607, gurg.png)

What is the Doctor Who equivilant?



I'm saying that you don't have to be strictly gun to appreciate it.


nilsos tradgun because hes conservative



Clive in the first episode of the new series titled Rose


The Zygon Inversion is a companion-lite episode.



The Seeds of Death episode 4 is Doctorlite, icymi


File: 33bd0429c5001ce⋯.jpg (24.88 KB, 570x320, 57:32, hell-bent-capaldi-gun-570x….jpg)

>Hell Bent is frock!



the person's face in the background looks like the doctor has a huge ear attached to his regular ear



Talalay tier blocking



Well that subverted my expectations


In the BF podcast they go into the possibility of printing-on-demand; apparently it isn't quite feasible for them now but it is something they're considering.

I'd imagine they're aware some of their whale types are spending way over retail price to ebay sellers and the like, and want their own way to get in on that so the money is going to them instead of a reseller. I think what they're doing with limited print runs as is is a good idea.


New thread soon



New /who/



Oh its a coming. And its gonna be a whopper



wait so are my BF CDs worth $$$? which ones are you of print? I have mostly pre-zagreus stories



Them ones are worth nothing. I'll throw them in the bin for you


Before we forget:







t. Russell T Davies



>she's right you know….

No. I'm an egalitarian. I want 100% equality. If a chick hits a guy, he can hit back. It's not about gender if he does, it's about equally.

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