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Shit Trips 2.5 NOW AVAILABLE! https://mega.nz/#!Uf4EDaLT!bIa_JP_rbyl7Pl9NKq8tLopyOzXJFhlSu6Z4VZnt4Uk

File: 522e669347ed090⋯.jpg (52.87 KB, 700x700, 1:1, a0077441100_16.jpg)


https://nilsowave1995.bandcamp.com/ edition

Previously, on /who/: >>44708




File: f44471875a07142⋯.png (347.71 KB, 499x877, 499:877, shes a girl and im straigh….png)



Ban hets



The first 50 are out of print completely. The next 50 might be as well by now, I can't remember. So, depending on the story, they'll sell for more than they used to. I'm not as sure as the economics of stuff like that as some others on here.


Ingiga, will you be around tonight? If I could steal a mo of your time I'd appreciate it.



I wonder if I should resell mine. I stopped buying physical copies ages ago, but I have ten main range CDs - all from the first 50 - and some of them are still plastic wrapped.

Although because BF's delivery service sucks, a lot of the cases are cracked.


neo wants to sext with ingiga


Ingiga, do you know about BF reselling economics? If so, if I could steal a mo of your time I'd appreciate it



implying you wouldnt sext with neo and ingiga



sexting with neo would be an ordeal. he'd either do short low-effort responses, or sterile overly verbose paragraphs



Based Neo BTFO anon strikes again


To the anon defending Celestial Toymaker earlier, there is nothing remotely interesting or engaging about watching a scripted game played by fictional characters. Steven and Dodo playing Blind Man’s Bluff and Musical Chairs for four episodes is terrible and I’m sad even one episode of it survived



I don't get people who are able to successfully carry out a roleplay narrative of pretend things you're doing to each other

I can't manage any more than just talking about physically what you are doing with yourselves



You're probably someone who hates on professional wrestling because it's got scripted finishes.

Look, there's absolutely nothing wrong with using games to convey a story and a sense of tension. They had killed off a bunch of companions less than 3 stories ago and so there was a legitimate sense that characters could die in the episodes at the time. Sure, the spectacle isnt always there but the tension and the storytelling is up to par and the celestial toymaker is a very interesting villain, though not everyone's cup of tea.

Honestly though, if scripted games is a major sticking point for you then just pretend its people shooting at eachother like they would in the next serial. Same scripted outcome with the same results…



It's "acting" right? Except you're improving or making the script on the fly. Good sexting is a combo of both. Illustrating with snaps is nice too. Erp/PARArp can be absolutely tedious though.


Everyone have their soy gapes ready for Nintendos e3 thing?



>You're […] absolutely nothing[.] die in [a] cup of tea. Honestly

bit harsh



As long as it's not as fucking atrocious as Sony's.



I can't wait to see the new controlers made of paper mache.



>is everyone ready for games and not 4 hour long cutscenes with some action commands thrown in



Okay, it wasn’t 70 dollars for cardboard, it was 70 dollars for the game and the cardboard there’s nothing wrong with selling a game for full price they just also had bits of cardboard but then the Sony bros decided to ruin it by acting like it was just the cardboard to try and mAke a mockery of Nintendo but it’s not goi g to happen after Smash 5 is shown at e3. Well have the last laughs, Sony bros


Does anybody else think of season 18 as the pinnacle dull point of Doctor Who? I feel completely numb to it, almost as if it doesn't exist; people have seen it but never refer back to it. Whether you believe it's good or not, at least Colin's era is spoken about. S18 is like an empty void.


Anyone up for Warriors' Gate in the stream at some point in the next couple of hours?


this Smash segment is painfully long






/who/ smash tournament when?



smash is the only reason most people are watching tbf





t. Morphant


Just noticed Now TV has been charging me over 20 quid a month for a package I don't even fucking use. Mental


microsoft won E3

you don't win E3 by spending 20 minutes on a game that's already been announced just because it has an obsessive fanbase



I'm here what do you want



Microsoft was the only one of the big three who hit the baseline of just being boring instead of totally shitting the bed.

But what really matters is who lost E3. Which is us, as usual.


I can't believe how underwhelming Nintendo's E3 was. What the fuck



>This tweet is not available because you've muted the person who sent it.



W-we'll see Metroid Prime 4 next year, right?



Season 15



>Does anybody else […] feel completely numb[?] almost as if [you] do[n't] exist[?] [Life] is like an empty void.



Quit it



If they have no value for you you'll get decent bucks out of it.


First fifty are out of print, SJ series too, 51-100 are started to get out of print with Scherzo being this.

I think that some smaller stuff like I, Davros might be OOP too.


I agree, but some visual and the concept might have been striking back when it existed. It could explain why it stuck in memory.


It was pretty good


I quite enjoy it, but I feel that other sci-fi series fans might enjoy it more than DW fans.



I do like having physical copies, it was just too expensive to continue it with the main range. I'll think about selling my less important ones like Stones of Venice, and hold onto Sirens, Master, etc.

Do you know what's going to happen with Gallifrey? Isn't that a CD-exclusive series?



Awesome, if you're up for it would you care to join me on the stream for a moment?



>Isn't that a CD-exclusive series?

Not any longer – they semi-recently renegotiated the rights and did digital releases. Still waiting for them to do the same with Benny, though.



Oh. Huh. So are they going to go out of print too? Because I'd been using my free bonus CDs from buying Main Range audios on slowly building a Gallifrey collection.



Hi N8!



I think people tend to forget about it because it's just one isolated season that has a very different feeling from both of the other two big chunks of Tom's era. It's Tom's last season, JNT's first and Bidmead's only, and as such it doesn't feel like part of any "era". But for what it is, I think it does a very good job. It ushers in a new style of production and music, builds up to Tom's regeneration and finds its own distinct mood and atmosphere. The first couple of serials are a bit pooh, but you couldn't have Warriors' Gate or Logopolis in any other season, and the rest is good.


File: 4a2f595ddd07c99⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 66.42 KB, 440x641, 440:641, rock3.jpg)

File: c4a8084ea42f080⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 47.08 KB, 468x552, 39:46, rock2.jpg)

File: fd5ec6213403c6c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 78.45 KB, 738x492, 3:2, rock1.jpg)

Post your rare Capaldis


I don't know. Good luck with that collection though; it's a fun series!





What the fuck he's an absolute fucking dish



Holy fuck that spoiler image


I haven't heard the most recent boxsets, but volumes 1-6 of Gallifrey feel to me like someone took all of Larry's complaints about Gallifrey in his infamous review of The Ancestor Cell and made a series out of them. There are a few good episodes, but most of it's just dull.



Here's the thing: you either love gallifrey as a concept or hate it because in execution its tits on a bull:

If daleks are nazi germany, cybermen are communist russia then the time lords are basically edwardian england, untouched by ww1 and looking down on the universe. And as a concept theres great stories to be told but doctor who literally has never told one that works for fear of pissing off grandpa or something.

BUT- i personally hate gallifrey as a concept and take every opportunity I get to repeat why it sucks throughout shit trips 2.5. I also took a hand at writing one to a varying level of success. Im satisfied with it, but I hate gallifrey stories so…



So, if Peter Capaldi was born later and was cast as the Doctor at this age, how much would you bet fangirls would obsess over him more than over Tennant or Smith?



For anyone who hasn't read the review:


I think you're completely right, and when I did my big listenthrough that really stood out to me. It's definitely a contributing factor to my enthusiasm to smash "The Ancestor Cell" into the Briggs Finish Gallifrey timeline, somewhere after "Intervention Earth". (Their Romana IIIs are characterized similarly as well.) But my disappointment with the lameness of the approach definitely got in the way of my enjoyment of the comfy character interactions. I've been able to get over that upon relistening to individual audios, though.


I think the only(?) redeeming quality of "The End of Time" is the fact that RTD did a fantastic job restoring the Time Lords to something completely wild. The Master has fucking Skeletor powers, after all. That scene where the Doctor completely rejects Wilf's gun, for all these mighty ethical reasons, then realizes the Time Lords are back and immediately grabs it? Flibberty gibbet, that was peak kino for young n8. Arguably the best the TV show has done since "The War Games". Maybe excepting "Death Comes to Time". Now, god forbid I'd infringe on the masterwork of celestial beauty that is Hell Bent, but -

Come to think of it, maybe that's why I like Time War as a concept so much. Time Lords are super boring, UNTIL they're pushed out of their comfort zone into "sheer awesomeness" territory by the threat of something as big or bigger than them. Compare the Time Lords of "Deadly Assassin" to "Dead Romance" … night and day, really.

In any case, I really look forward to your Shit Trips stories!


Kara Dennison wrote a Peter-Capaldi-playing-the-Eighth-Doctor story for the Unbound anthology, where he takes Chang as his companion and basically turns the TARDIS into a bachelor pad. It's really really fun.



>BUT- i personally hate gallifrey as a concept and take every opportunity I get to repeat why it sucks throughout shit trips 2.5

How dare you.



I completely agree with your post except I think The End of Time is a fundamentally really good story only partially ruined by RTD's tendency to go overboard with both slapstick comedy and melodrama, and if you took out the more outlandish Master antics and the overlong farewell tour it would be one of the best regeneration stories.



> Time Lords are super boring, UNTIL they're pushed out of their comfort zone into "sheer awesomeness" territory by the threat of something as big or bigger than them

I think that's a simplification. Lungbarrow is famous for "LOOMS", but what I remember it for is a rather nice rendition of Gallifrey as a place of some quasi-mystical ways. It's my fave version of Gallifrey, and proves that the only reason Gallifrey is seen as boring is because no one's thinking past "Deadly Assasin."



See, to me the time war is a good concept but making the doctor the last time lord isnt; which is painful to reconcile because the concepts are so linked. To me, time war gallifrey is a lot like ww2 england: stiff upper lip and such, only with monsters and temporal terribleness.

To make pre time war gallifrey work you have to tell a sort of ww1 story; the disconnect of the soldiers in the trenches(the doctor) to the upper class generals in mansions(gallifrey). You have to be willing to touch on the idea that they're not just wrong, theyre disconnected and fundamentally dont understand him after all he's seen and all they let happen. Like ww1 generals disconnected, watching a planet die is simple sacrifice in their plans; and what little support the doctor gets is people unwilling to change and help, but instead sympathize and encourage his struggle. Thats the only reason the war games got it right where everyone else messed up in that instance: gallifrey's willfully innocent and pure in a universe where they run everything. Thats terrifying.



Really fucking interesting take. I've never considered Time War-Gallifrey to be WWII-like, but it makes perfect sense - to further that by having the Time Lords have taken part in a WWI-like event before that is a brilliant idea.



I respect that opinion anon!


Absolutely fair, though I feel as if "Lungbarrow" is almost the exception that proves the rule. I really wish it had come at a different time so it could've had more followup than a few scenes in fucking Faction Paradox.


I would've liked the Last of the Time Lords concept better if it wasn't just used as an excuse for cheap angst. It could've been way more interesting if the writers had actually done something with the angst, eg that one lovely gardener story idea from years back, or channeled it into a different emotion.

I can't help but to compare it against "The Adventuress of Henrietta Street" in my mind, and while AoHS got to come at it from a completely different angle thanks to the amnesia tilt, the differences are pretty stark just to the extent that in AoHS, "last of the Time Lords" really MEANT something. The Doctor was the inheritor of a whole world of knowledge and powers that he didn't even fully understand himself, and it came with some pretty visceral physical implications.

Versus NuWho, where being last of the Time Lords means … you're lonely, just like any last survivor of their species, except your pain is a little more poignant cuz you're the one that killed them. The only story that even approached doing something interesting with it, was "Waters of Mars", but even that didn't even last for a whole episode. Yeugh.

Anyway, that was a long digression, but I'm definitely going to be mulling over that WWI comparison for a while. Very insightful.



Well considering its called "The last great time war" implies there was one before it, no?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Post songs that could be played in Doctor Who



> there is nothing remotely interesting or engaging about watching a scripted game played by fictional characters

Um dude that's all of television+film, ever



Hell, you could argue it's all drama from the beginning of time.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: a0d0ec24e939887⋯.jpg (127.02 KB, 600x600, 1:1, only the good.jpg)

File: 9339d20feefb9c9⋯.jpg (155.4 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Third Doctor vol 4.jpg)

File: b41c6453ec3293b⋯.jpg (173.45 KB, 600x600, 1:1, time in office.jpg)

It's so rare for me to actually like BF covers that I thought I'd post the ones that stand out in memory. All the War Master covers are by far the best, but Time in Office looks very nice and the Vol 4 cover for the 3DAs is comfy as fuck.



I still hate how they have the same pose for 3 in the banneer and the actual image


Reminder that Eight's Dark Eyes costume is shit.



One of the advantages of dropping the sidebar - this will never happen again.



But that's the entire audience of Sci-Fi!



Why is Peter having sex with a planet?


nilso u gay


Are we going to talk about GWAAD and his crush on an 11 year old Harry Potter character? Kinda creeping me out desu




Check his Twitter sometime



People who were young when Harry Potter was out often keep a version of whatever crushes they had back then as they get older. It's them remembering what they felt when they were young, not necessarily what they're feeling now.


File: d1f98aa8eed2d7d⋯.png (37.94 KB, 759x460, 33:20, ClipboardImage.png)

Nilso looking for a roomate



This character is unique to a game released in 2018. Maybe he's just a pedo.


File: d770439eaa897fd⋯.png (1.32 KB, 92x28, 23:7, ClipboardImage.png)

Nilsos politics



no but if its le drawn character it doesnt count!!!!!!



Or, the more simple explanation, just really underage.




Lock him up


Why did no one tell me the Catherine game was having a sequel?

Doctor Who episode for unexpected sequels?



all of Briggs Finish


I'd like to see Doctor Who do sequels to episodes. Like, here's an idea - A witch ep with James I, where he redeems himself in the end. A season later, a phone call on the TARDIS, he's scared someone wants to blow up parliament



[sounds of laughing Drashigs intensifies]


This is what Oxygen could have been, had Mathieson been allowed to bring back GUS.



God damn, Capaldi 8 is a bit tricky to imagine without thinking of 12 or McGann, but is a fascinating hypothetical. What's the title of the story?



>actually having soy gapes in your folder



File: f2e5d663fc05e1a⋯.jpg (336.32 KB, 1224x1632, 3:4, pertwee.jpg)



Nice to see a green Pertwee.

Both are pretty well done.




>the next one down

It's too late ._.



>tfw flawed humanity revealed by the internet



One of my friends is mid-way through series 7 at the moment and has really enjoyed the show, but when I asked whether she was gonna go back and watch seasons 1-26 (+ the TVM), she said she didn't see the point. I just don't get how anyone can fall in love with a TV show, call themselves a big fan, love the 9th through 12th incarnations of the Doctor's character but not want to watch the rest of them. Is it simply the fact that it looks older that puts people off? Is it the sheer amount?



It's the fact there's a lot of it combined with the fact it's not ultimately necessary. You can love something and still not want to cram every inch of it inside you.



>You can love something and still not want to cram every inch of it inside you.

That's what she said.



Deep Breath to The Girl Who Waited?


File: 43443ab95bade4c⋯.jpeg (43.45 KB, 688x841, 688:841, image.jpeg)



This looks like the music Ingiga listens to.




File: e2db02104f62e9c⋯.png (604.86 KB, 768x576, 4:3, spearhead hand.png)

According to a post on Shabogan Graffiti this "could be the single most politically charged image Doctor Who ever created". (http://shabogangraffiti.blogspot.com/2012/01/empire-of-vanilla.html)

What are some other contenders? Screencaps ideal



I’m specifically talking about when games or video games are in television or film. The scripted part isn’t what bothers me, I just put that in to distinguish it from watching sport or twitch


File: 8fcfa5c193311f5⋯.gif (981 KB, 300x173, 300:173, Vote Saxon bitches.gif)


"The master is prime minister of great Britain."



Because time travels in a linear progression of cause to effect.



President obama is going to save the UK from the GFC



If we stretch the implied definition of "Doctor Who created", the camps and ovens from Miracle Day.



>sports and twitch are more exciting than watching someone deliberately craft an interesting story about competition

Like, alright so maybe being unscripted means you don't know the outcome ahead of time, but do you honestly watch someone playing on twitch and go "hey, maybe there'll be a twist outcome and everyone will win this round or they'll just cancel the tournament halfway through due to outside interference!" Of course not, because that would be ridiculous.

Considering most actual real competitions boil down to a few tested and true strategies, its not like theyre so surprising results either




. just nilsos


Just had a blow out with my gf. I basically gave her an ultimatum to get rid of her snap chat and FB or I would leave her. I said the usual points, its basically a gateway for beta orbiters to hound her and attention whoring ext.

She freaked out and said what about my family that live far away?

I said fine, Make it a private account that only your family can see, its pretty easy to do.

She had no idea how to respond and screamed some more about me being controlling and not allowing her to have friends and left.

Did I go too far? what do anons?

Any doctor who episodes to get my mind off it?



This is Nilso.


File: 7aa57a9ace80320⋯.png (489.15 KB, 581x528, 581:528, fh.png)

>Frazer Hines Retweeted


File: b07f723c2ad2e3f⋯.png (113.83 KB, 670x670, 1:1, cyber pepe.png)



Turns out Whelan hates the Doctor Who fanbase again. More at 11



A Mondasian frogman? In a post for normal people?


I just had a dream where instead of writing TUaT to fill the gap between Capaldi and Jodie, Moff kept The Doctor Falls as his regeneration, and the Christmas special was just a normal episode but Davison played the Doctor alongside Nyssa, Tegan and Adric, despite their ages. It was just a story that could be slotted somewhere in 5's timeline.

Not sure why 5 of all Doctors - if I had control over it, it would have been 7 and Ace.



2010s > 60s > 2000s > 80s > 70s



60s > 2010s > 90 > 70s > 2000s > 80s



I know, anon. When I saw this I was heartbroken that someone I liked so much could be like that. Not sure I can enjoy any Jamie episodes or Brig finish with this knowledge. Shame since those were my favorites but at least I got to enjoy the twitch stream before it happened






File: 0a64f383471c165⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 297.58 KB, 1564x1564, 1:1, lucassequels.jpeg)

Doctor Who stories with great imaginative potential scrapped in favor of boring retreads of old material?


File: 6fc27a7155d483d⋯.jpg (65.86 KB, 333x349, 333:349, 1443536033854.jpg)


>microbiotic creatures called the Whills that control the universe and feed off the force

>great imaginative potential


big iron





Psychedelic Star Wars is the logical next step of the series, this idea sounds based



>yfw despite all the missteps, disney-wars is still better than what lucas would have done


Does anyone else tip Briggs Finish with each purchase?



Give Briggs more money? Isn't 1 Ferrari enough for him?


Mat. Nilso t. Nilso Fit. Nilso t. Nilso on







this is nilso's kitchen

where the food is penis-licking

oooh yeeeaaaahhhh


4 banners uploaded and in rotation



who asked


File: b3bdd777c2b2602⋯.png (2.24 MB, 1906x1488, 953:744, ClipboardImage.png)



for a minute there I was worried it was an actual screenshot from an episode



Nobody fuckstick.


File: b2aa67b1656ed41⋯.jpg (21.26 KB, 640x346, 320:173, a4f03589b291914c370149814f….jpg)


File: 03be08178333aac⋯.png (229.36 KB, 415x852, 415:852, famlilso.png)

>Oh my god, Lois! It's musical preacher Padre Nilso!



Hold on. Didn't Capaldi say that in reference to Whelan and George bullying an autistic kid?


File: 61df9d5a3294548⋯.jpg (253.95 KB, 1215x504, 135:56, DoctorWho1Page4.jpg)

Is this canon?





tweet that to him

I would but I'm blocked already



The art actually looks somewhat like Smith so it's more canon than most comics.



N8 runs the Nilso subreddit.


Thank you Nilso.




File: 6af0ebd586a9adf⋯.gif (705.84 KB, 352x288, 11:9, morphing Moffat.gif)



Neo what is your response to >>45579




Appart from Gareth, Davison, Frazer, Purves and Lalla Ward, which DW people are right-wingers ?


File: 255bad99223a12c⋯.jpg (37.46 KB, 608x350, 304:175, my_family_by_askslitheen-d….jpg)


File: 4e458544e665cca⋯.jpg (49.72 KB, 700x400, 7:4, 16j.jpg)

>i like torchwood~!!!!111!!11!~~



It’s a good season






What's wrong with Children of Earth?


File: 56e8741fa6bfd2f⋯.jpg (92.38 KB, 1190x809, 1190:809, gillan-coleman4.jpg)



Is this canon?



Yes: Amy did a photoshoot with a Clara echo while she was working as a model.




kino. post more


is this place just dead now?



We've been deader than this while we were actually on /tv/.



fair enough I suppose



Id post more but my boss is in from belgium, thus constantly over my shoulder and im using my spare time to submit a "not suck" idea for the memorial short




>no watersports


Why the fuck are we so dead today? I haven't been here for ten hours and there was less than half a page to catch up on.

Neo, you'd better be releasing 2.5 soon


>Facebook now uses an 'upvote/downvote' comments system

What the fuck?



Are you that young that you don't remember when you could dislike facebook comments?



Didn't you hear? Neo passed away


The Celestial Soymaker



It's not the downvoting I'm surprised by; it's that they're so willing to move to a Reddit-like format. After all these years of Zuck and his team saying that system would be toxic, they've caved. Also, I didn't join Facebook until around 2010, and at the time it was only to stay in touch with a friend who pushed me into it. Thus followed Twitter.



Are you fucking serious?

Are you kidding me? Can you get in the stream and PM me? I know his real name and have him on Skype and would like to see if you know his name too. Please?


File: 221c76fb8b8715b⋯.jpg (10.74 KB, 245x253, 245:253, tardis_2018.JPG)

File: d092c8b7cbf1b4f⋯.png (1009.92 KB, 1080x1440, 3:4, tardis.png)

>black "pull to open sign"

>blue lamp on top

>yellow windows

kino age is upon us



>It's called the TARDIS. It's my home.



Hes memeing. Relax.


File: 4ebd06271dc0bc2⋯.jpg (103.69 KB, 309x432, 103:144, use only when neo isnt aro….jpg)



Yes, I fell for a joke. Have at me.

Done with /who/ and done with the stream. Only ever used 4chan for /who/. Really had a lot of fun here. But you people are fucked in the head. Hope you find happiness in life.



Where ?

I can't find that option.

Am I being memed ?



You okay anon? Do you need someone to talk to? Im in the sleem if you need someone to talk to.


Neo, are you around? We need to chat about stuff.


Posted some flags in the request thread, feedback appreciated >>45655



I dont think he is today. He hasnt posted today i think


File: 9bcc7afc1889b28⋯.jpg (19.45 KB, 460x276, 5:3, tensmug.jpg)


File: 0baf1c75211ea8a⋯.jpg (8.79 KB, 236x259, 236:259, 0baf1c75211ea8a9fc3dd37d27….jpg)


shit. maybe he did die after all



>falling for the meme about CaptainEFRoberts falling for a meme




Well actually I bribed the architect first. So it is really you who have fallen for the meta meme


File: fb90771c3cba66c⋯.jpg (17.54 KB, 570x329, 570:329, war-doctor-eccleston-regen….jpg)

Day of the Doctor novel pdf when?


File: 1a83fc1f434cd7c⋯.png (2.22 MB, 2027x2048, 2027:2048, unknown-2.png)

k i n o


File: cf64598464fce80⋯.jpg (319.68 KB, 612x612, 1:1, hobbit capal.jpg)



World Cup, E3?



I think he's asleep. He posted like 7 and half hours ago.


Aww, cute! They made it lady sized.



Very cool. I'll upload and institute them when we have a few.



Why is Jodie's TARDIS so green? wtf



Based Cloi


File: 7cac709ab29e702⋯.jpg (35.81 KB, 480x360, 4:3, nardole dies.jpg)


File: 3ec039754dd2f7d⋯.jpg (78.12 KB, 720x710, 72:71, 27972209_2032812853668607_….jpg)


it's less green here. Probably the lighting.



>preferring pdf over epub

give me a single good reason and I'll give you the pdf


File: 7a3765fcfc0882d⋯.png (881.56 KB, 964x725, 964:725, RibosOperation1.png)

/who/ when Neo finally arrives



You can upload them directly here? That would be my guess.



My laptop is in for repairs and my phone doesnt open epub files. There's probably an app I could download though desu. If you have any version of it that doesnt just say "nilsos gay" then I'd really appreciate it


File: 2ae492b0704289b⋯.pdf (1017.42 KB, The_Day_of_the_Doctor.pdf)


Well fuck you for making it easy for them <3

Reminder that physical copies are really great


File: f655dfdc35fc843⋯.jpg (58.87 KB, 621x414, 3:2, Neo Returns.JPG)



thanks! Im actually gonna buy it when Im in the UK. Unless I read it now and hate it, I'd like to have a proper copy.

Thanks a lot btw :)



>it's real

>someone finally fucking uploaded it


Now everyone can stop requesting it, get on with reading it, and we can have sensible discussion about it as a group instead of it just being limited to like 4 people.



This will summon Neo from his slumber


File: c7cffa26846436d⋯.jpg (362.51 KB, 1110x1280, 111:128, d11-9q-195.jpg)


unless he really died


File: 752f8d497f655ba⋯.jpg (61.06 KB, 970x545, 194:109, fake regen.jpg)


Do not wake from slumber. Old God, do not wake from slumber. Rest your weary, holy head and cast our lives asunder.


File: c97e5e9367c9206⋯.jpg (340.5 KB, 1524x842, 762:421, 11thdaydoc3.jpg)


File: 3b92d0ddfe4c7d1⋯.jpg (12.82 KB, 191x264, 191:264, tosser mcgann.jpg)


File: ab916d55fa69a9a⋯.jpg (44.69 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, jodie figure.jpg)



>I thought I was going to look like a tosser

What an inspirational quote



S11 looks kino


nilsos het



is this from a trailer? where did you get this image? did something leak?


File: 5ef276a4017f9fa⋯.gif (5.57 MB, 480x270, 16:9, af32c89d9122417d04e825fba2….gif)



Get out.



I think a block is in order


nilsos bi



wtf I hate Nilso now


File: 097479130914ad8⋯.jpg (6.21 KB, 194x259, 194:259, jodie1.jpg)

File: 51c3d299d0b51d1⋯.jpg (12.28 KB, 190x300, 19:30, jodie2.jpg)

File: a00a878351ab6c2⋯.jpg (12.55 KB, 300x400, 3:4, jodie3.jpg)

File: 503bfd6200f4350⋯.jpg (64.68 KB, 260x421, 260:421, davison.jpg)

File: 43e955711920e84⋯.jpg (5.75 KB, 180x280, 9:14, nardole.jpg)



>I buy it on kindle a few days ago

>you choose now to fucking upload it

fuck meeee


why say nilso when you can say ingign't


File: f58fef849e292c7⋯.png (2.56 KB, 190x21, 190:21, ClipboardImage.png)



hi, cheetah



Which discordie was that from?



not cheetah


File: f6ae8e6f5d786ea⋯.jpg (8.62 KB, 180x154, 90:77, 2c6efg.jpg)




File: 69fe22429f0625e⋯.jpg (19.15 KB, 251x350, 251:350, killing the old me to make….jpg)



Think monkey think


File: 04e8388d6ef360b⋯.jpg (12.64 KB, 230x300, 23:30, bring me the head of matt ….jpg)


File: ca67bacf1911fa9⋯.png (7.58 KB, 786x110, 393:55, tn.png)



File: 6a6d65dbac62c1a⋯.png (6.2 KB, 687x88, 687:88, tn.png)



**>The General stared. He knew that face from centuries ago. The dark-eyed child who claimed he

lived in a barn. The adolescent who kept disappearing into the mountains. The student who had

broken into the deepest levels of the Cloisters and never spoken of what he’d seen. The young man

who had stolen the moon and the President’s wife. He looked older and sterner now, as if he was

trying to appear respectable, but the General remembered the crisis that had ensued the day this man

had fled Gallifrey, not just because he had stolen a TARDIS, but because he had taken with him—**

what did moff mean by this


File: d845e9f79ba789c⋯.jpg (19.9 KB, 278x300, 139:150, nyssa figure.jpg)

File: ea0b9e18717172d⋯.jpg (3.26 MB, 3648x2736, 4:3, nyssa2.JPG)

File: e23dee850376fca⋯.jpg (28.96 KB, 250x294, 125:147, nyssa3.jpg)

What does Nilso think of this?



Susan, and/or the Hand of Omega, and/or the moon?



The Hand of Omega, obviously.


we only think nilsos gay because straight porn makes him cry. frankly that's ace erasure in action


Nilso lost all sense of sexual desire at age 25 when he crushed his balls in a vice for £50




Think of how many pretzel pieces he could buy with that kind of money. The man's set for life! It was totally worth it.


>that last line in the DOTD novelisation

Oh Moffat you old dog.


File: b0bd75d91e14110⋯.png (832.43 KB, 588x911, 588:911, boleyn.png)

Okay, this is epic


nilsos not mega gay, nilsos giga gay

think about it


File: 05607c82d4a983c⋯.png (258.71 KB, 638x624, 319:312, c.png)


>Timey-wimey, as an idiot once wrote

what did Moffat mean by this?



RTD wrote that bit in the script edit


kony 2012


File: 29fb01add8e219b⋯.gif (1.59 MB, 400x222, 200:111, capalsoused.gif)


based anon



RTD didn’t edit Moffat scripts because Moffat already had experience in writing for tv and wasn’t a pleb novel writer


File: 2c04b62b4be09b6⋯.jpg (90.45 KB, 2048x1367, 2048:1367, 35186129_1565882356891597_….jpg)

what would a ron howard doctor who episode be like?



I'd be more interested in a Clint Howard episode desu senpaitachi, I know, I know a thousand questions, but first the tranya!


File: 8de78097cb6a06e⋯.jpg (109.88 KB, 800x787, 800:787, IMG-20180613-WA0000.jpg)


Nilso, can we chat?


Neo, you're not around?




Doesn't it feel awkward to constantly do this?


File: 7fefd3621ccc230⋯.jpg (34.2 KB, 654x535, 654:535, TEACH-654x535.jpg)


I don't know, can you?



As an editor, it's my job to communicate with writers and co-editors. It may feel awkward, but it's what I need to do to have an idea of how everyone's doing.


Pitch me a third season of gary finish divergent universe arc made out of post divergent universe content had nuwho not happened


Yo cheetah, if you see this: i usually don't pirate sheet music. But i have a lot of legal resources: IMSLP is a huge resource of reprinted copies of orchestral music, much of it hand written out.

Beyond that my music background helps me write out songs i want for myself. That might sound elitist, but you try being a bass player learning a cover of Jimi Hendrix's Hear My Train A Comin' and tell me if I needed to take the time to pirate the complete hendrix bass parts written out.

unless its jazz, then i just make up my own lines to fit the idiom.

But if you want jazz then pirate or buy a copy of the Real Book. I suggest buying the kindle version because its worth every penny. The real book is a terrible teaching tool, it doesnt tell you anything about the idiom of jazz and its as barebones as you can get, but if you listen to the songs and get a feel for how to play it as you follow the book? Thats ideal, that will lead to you learning more about a song because you will learn more about it than having everything laid out.

Tabs are a fine resource for learning an instrument but terrible for understanding a song.


Generally speaking if a song is TRULY throwing me(like, i really have to not be able to understand it at all, like Apres Moi by Regina Spektor has this texture change where the main part is in compound meter but sings in simple duple time on the refrain) then i have a few websites I go to like JW Pepper.com and spend a dollar or 2 on sheet music. Worth the penny for something that would take me 2 hours to work out myself.

But I do pirate Makemusic Finale. Worth its weight in gold with its playback tool, but all the gold in the world couldnt get me to pay the price it costs.


Stop, don't move.


About to head to work so won't be able to reply for some hours. Did something last night, but it wasn't dying.


I can release it (in multiple formats, not just the usual pdf) within an hour of a certain someone submitting something. Everything but that is ready to go.


File: 78d29c50e90ea7a⋯.png (2.33 MB, 1665x791, 1665:791, Screen_Shot_2018-04-07_at_….png)



Good to hear. As soon as the ST2.5 is ready, load it up here, please.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: 2c3d50735bbf67c⋯.jpg (17.24 KB, 316x421, 316:421, ee8ad041f21f18a01b6fb9400f….jpg)



What did he mean by this?



chris lilley in a fat suit

blackface is too controversial these days but fat-face is okay



I knew I recognised the face. Is this from the new thing he's filming for Netflix?




looks like a peg person


What’s this, then, slut?



>in multiple formats

Brilliant, I'll take a hardback copy


Trailer after soccer rugby game


Trailer after Nilso dies



He'll be fine


In America, most public toilet stalls have a gap under the doors allowing you to see a person's feet and legs, almost reaching the height of the toilet seat. This is their substitute for an occupied/unoccupied sign, because almost no toilet stalls there have one.


File: f4a4188e528064b⋯.jpg (650.58 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, HTB1n17nIXXXXXXKXFXXq6xXFX….jpg)


>This is their substitute for an occupied/unoccupied sign

hold the fuck up, americans don't have pic related?



Anon, Americans have very primitive toilets. Instead of flushing the toilet paper, they have a waste bin to put it in



He's finally gonna drop it

Have you signed up to Cornell's newsletter yet /who/?




Were they erased from Doctor Who?


Still taking ST 2.5 submissions?

Forget about this because the general got cast out of the 4universe and into it's own pocket universe.



Depends if you can finish your submission before Nilso. (You probably can.)



Alright. Is it still alt doctors?

I'll give it a go.


File: 3c7190573594e9c⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1080x2160, 1:2, Screenshot_20180614-202720.png)

What's /who/ listening to?


File: 0d15454466ac40d⋯.png (167.05 KB, 1388x583, 1388:583, aif.png)




I'm actually practising it for an audition.



kino taste


File: 17de764521f0437⋯.png (111.82 KB, 938x833, 134:119, spotify.png)


I don't listen to any artists with more than 50K monthly listeners tbqh desu


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



File: 3ca27b746e3dbe6⋯.jpg (48.19 KB, 429x473, 39:43, 1286107548570.jpg)


>trying to play patrician while admitting you listen to all your music on Spotify



lol no I don't think I've ever even paid attention to that number.



I don't listen to any songs with more than 1000 views


downloading FL Studio rn, should be easy to just bang out a song right?


File: f277fc3b246d32e⋯.jpg (129.67 KB, 600x583, 600:583, 1504414556508.jpg)

>tfw you listen to power metal one day then suddenly spotify discover is full of death metal


File: 008ede6587c0973⋯.jpg (66.12 KB, 842x568, 421:284, bftwitter.JPG)

This is really the best they could do



how did they not recommend the Ten audios what the fuck



Start with the free ones on Spotify, though Briggs Finish isn’t going to recommend that



nvm turns out it's a very complicated program




/who/ collaborative album when?


File: 3eed90473433555⋯.png (65.57 KB, 596x497, 596:497, truth.png)

Truths Neo doesnt want to hear


File: 5272052c6fb039a⋯.jpg (43.48 KB, 640x496, 40:31, 8c3.jpg)



I was gonna t. Nilso you but despite the political views expressed I'm 99% sure this post isn't Nilso.



t. Nilso



what nazi propaganda and white supremacy are the GOP pushing, exactly?



No, it's so one can mop up easily and freely, saves material costs and the gap keeps the partitions from being ruined in the event there's a toilet back up because some damned kid threw his star wars toy in the toilet(can't blame them) along with 100 ft of toilet tissue.


Some do, some don't. There's a lock on stalls. If the door is shut and locked it's occupied, go seek another place to shit.


You only find this in the west coast and southern border states or places with a high migrant population.


oh look, American Toilet Defense Force is here



>Star wars toy in the toilet

Speaking from experience there?



I'm not defending. I'm informing. It's not my fault you lot in the commonwealth have misconceptions. desu there's not much I can defend in good conscious in regards to america.


Actually yes. I've had to fish out a few star wars toys from toilets. They weren't mine, however.


Everyone knows German toilets are best. Nothing beats having a shelf to land your shits on



Feel free to send it on over to moffchad@gmail.com or just link a pastebin here when you're done.


And Jesus wept.


I've quite literally never said that. On the contrary, I think the fact tweets like this are positioning the Democrats key positive feature as not meeting a baseline standard of pushing Nazi propaganda speaks rather manifestly to that unique Democrat way of doing things!


The two party system is good!



>Feel free to send it on over to moffchad@gmail.com or just link a pastebin here when you're done.

4chan/8chan has an email field, don'cha know?


Nilso is like a daughter to me.



I've used it to comic effect before, but I don't think just inputting that email there would have saved any time.


File: 40ef897df3908bc⋯.jpg (150.66 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Great_Mighty_Poo.jpg)

>walk into thread.

>all I see is this

Wat do?


I see clamour for a Telltale Doctor Who game sometimes, but is that really the dev people would be happiest with? In that same genre I'd feel like I'd be more hyped for Dontnod doing it.

On the more peripheral side of DW…it would never happen, but I feel like a lot of Briggs and co's very traditional Dalek conflict impulses would channel better in a video game than audios. Some shooter-ish RPG in a Dalek Empire esque setting could be something.


File: df75e943aae3f3e⋯.jpg (330.68 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, 1470583458404.jpg)

tfw no doctor who game by kotaro uchikoshi



You know what? As much as I found the finished product… Less than satisfying, through no fault of their own so much as the title's… I would reunite the Rare team that did Dinosaur Planet to make a Doctor Who game. Honestly, if they took a cue from some early classic who itd be pretty great. In so far as a video game is concerned the serial format woulf be a great fit for a game: a little expansion here or there and mind of evil or ark in space would make a great standalone game



Interesting deep cut there.




Doctor Who where the answers are delayed to the next game/season and are ultimately disappointing? You’ve got plenty of Moffat Who you can watch



2013 called it wants its inaccurate memes back



sometimes I like to pretend that 999 is a standalone game and the sequels didn't happen tbqh



Even Moffat's worst resolution is less embarrassing than ZTD.




can you imagine S8's capaldi being told to "always be kind"


Moffats last contribution to the show is mansplaining how to be the Doctor to Chris Chibnall and Jodie



I know you're memeing but I unironically think this



If he'd taken that advice he might have started his life on a less rocky foot. Maybe that's exactly why he sees it as good advice for his successor.

Although desu I think S8 12 was practising what he thought to be kindness. Kindness where the Doctor is concerned doesn't necessarily mean being nice or polite.



At least his last contribution to Doctor Who is something he can be proud of.



Regarding ST. It's not too much hassle for you to do right?



No hassle! (=




>im a hella timelord up in this!



You mean the dotd novelization?



Did 4 more flag designs in the other thread.



Does anyone have specific ones they think should be done, keeping in mind I'm not an amazing pixel artist but also these are only 20x16 or smaller.


File: 959b597d06e5150⋯.jpg (49.31 KB, 700x400, 7:4, children of earth 4.jpg)

Nilso's future is a fucking nightmare.



I had a nightmare that was a fucking future once.

I had to defeat an army of female sex robots by outfucking them.



Ever used a japanese toilet? Amazing devices. I could do without the literal bells and whistles on it but the dryers are a technological marvel. It's like shitting in the future. I understand the koreans make a knock off version, probably with a smart phone built in.


Lego DW is the only way to go imo. Dimensions doctor who board/level is too much fun. I wonder if briggs did the voices for the cybermen and daleks. The cyberking or whatever's voice is pretty damned great.


What's this then? Never heard of it.



I mean you're not wrong but I'm annoyed just the same.


Sweet! The doctor outfit ones are a great idea. Those are great. How many should we have in your /who/res opinion?



As long as it’s a symbiotic high, I’d be down to be an alien’s drugs



Agreed on the Japanese ones; they're indeed amazing. I wouldn't be so complementary of Korea's. Fancy ones can be found but aren't commonplace, let alone widespread like Japan's. Australia's had a better baseline standard.



999 and sequels are visual novels with escape room gameplay that are about two thirds visual novel to one third gameplay. Lots of sci-fi concepts if that interests you


File: b71d1b15c24df54⋯.png (83.51 KB, 436x525, 436:525, ccsd.png)


They are going to Comic Con in July.

Jodie, Tosin, Mandip, Chibs and Matt Strevens all will appear on the panel.



Trailer then I suppose. Hope they don't do what they did with the 50th



They will.



Walsh's absence speaks volumes.


File: 1148b3c08049174⋯.jpg (48 KB, 537x539, 537:539, sadpaldi.jpg)


>no bradders



Who is Strevens?



The Chase isn't gonna film itself


File: 90823173f1a46a1⋯.jpg (83.61 KB, 600x458, 300:229, greendeath6.jpg)





>Jodie Whittaker says: “I’m beyond excited to begin this epic journey - with Chris and with every Whovian on this planet. It’s more than an honour to play the Doctor. It means remembering everyone I used to be, while stepping forward to embrace everything the Doctor stands for: hope. I can’t wait.”

>every Whovian on this planet

>the Doctor stands for: hope

lol. So not only is she completely writing off any fan that doesn't want to "begin this epic journey" with her, she's also pushing her interpretation of not just what her Doctor, but EVERY Doctor "stands for". Interesting to hear someone who you can rest assured hasn't even seen all of NewWho, let alone Classic Who, both casually dismiss legions of Doctor Who's long fandom while simultaneously rewriting history with their own personal interpratation of the titular character of which she forms a fraction of a part.



Mate, it’s a children’s show she can say what she likes about it



Not really directed at you, but for /who/ in general, I come in peace is a great shitty movie about aliens using humans as drugs.


Sounds interesting. I genuinely loved some of those "room escape" flash games that were everywhere in the early 00s.


I stayed in a suite that had one I was as enthralled as a caveman discovering fire. The only "public" toilets with bidets are in hotels, 4* plus hotels and retail establishments that cater to those who make 100k plus though a handful of starbucks have them. Toilets in the US are pretty shit for being a "modern" country. Low flow toilets are worthless without a pressurized contraption in the tank which are much more prevalent in the border states.


That being said, >>45841 sounds "epic".



I've heard that plumbers and plungers have a much greater prevalence in American media because there's less enforced standards across toilets and how the whole sewage system runs over there, don't know if it's true but the only time I've ever had to use a plunger in Australia was when someone got too friendly with a small sink.


File: 34b0f9194bbb640⋯.jpg (20.95 KB, 349x642, 349:642, 98cYyv3_d.jpg)



what's the doctor who equivalent of this?



The Master in Time-Flight


Trailer in 3 days



At 3pm?



Trailer never. S11 DOA.



yes, gmt


Did anything ever come from the talk of a /who/ game we talked about months ago?

Anyone fancy doing anything, summer is long and boring.



It's really regional. Some areas the sewer system is really patchwork, older cities and neighborhoods mostly. Also, some regions require different needs, drought prevalent states have smaller tanks etc. There's also dietary considerations that come into play. Americans have a "richer" diet that clogs the sewers with cholesterol, which also leads to more paper usage, which means more clogs. In rural areas a great deal of homes, farms and what not have a septic leaching system which is why in some states/areas you may find a waste bin for used tissue because people are poor and or cheap and don't want to have to have their septic cleaned/emptied more than once a decade. The prevalence of the plumber in media is probably more memetic than those issues above. A plumber/plumbing is seen as good blue collar honest work that it's almost an archetype and romanticized. It's someone that comes in and saves you literally from a shitty situation.


Sorry I meant payment for Jodie's trailer is due in 3 days. after the BBC cancelled it you idiots forgot to tell the renting company that the series went bottom up and we wouldn't need her trailer anymore



That's rather interesting. I've been to places with the wastebin system, but I imagine the American diet (especially in poorer areas where I'd imagine people have less time/access to healthier food) exacerbates the problems with that method.

I wonder what the motivation behind the Japanese and Mario was, plumber-wise. I guess it all ties around the gameplay mechanic of going down pipes to other worlds.


California is constantly in a drought because their toilets only have the full flush, a problem solved decades ago in Australia



Reminds me that water restrictions were in place times when I was a kid.




Not much changed from the original posting, but based as ever.



Plumbing issues are generally worse in poorer areas, I would guess the same thing too.

Mario was a handyman in general originally iirc. Italian plumber was kind of already a character in american media. I'm surprised they didn't end up giving him a stereotypical brooklyn/nyc accent instead of elmo, but I guess that would have been too on the nose. I don't know when the Japanese plumbing technology surpassed the US's but I suspect it was probably in the early 80s, maybe it was subtle trolling /who/ nose.


Not true as so far as businesses and homes built after say the mid 90s. They have "low flow" toilets that you're supposed to flush mc donalds down with less than 2.5 gallons of water. California is in constant drought because it's partly a fucking desert and it's takes alot of fucking water to keep your lawns lush and green.



Chib's co-head. His equivalent of Julie Gardner or Brian Minchin.



I remember the first time I went proper camping and had to do as our ancestors did. Bit of a head trip. Modern bathrooms, even the less impressive western ones, are marvels. Running water alone is. But yeah, Japanese ones move your frame of reference big time. Japan in general does that. The sheer scale of Tokyo is nuts.


When do you think Briggs Finish will end? Think long term.



A decade after the new series






When all the classic actors die and all they are left with is making new Who content to be comfortable and easily digestible for nostalgic RTD/Moff fans



I do wonder how much of their income is from the types solely buying 5/6/7 and stuff like Star Cops. They're the longtimers.



I'm saying 20-25 years after NuWho is cancelled.

It went on without problems until 2005.



>the doctor stands for hope

Neo, how could you not love this? Whitaker is basically admitting Chibnall is Zack Snyder in disguise! thats why he dropped out of justice league!



>The sheer scale of Tokyo is nuts.

It looks amazing and I wish I had a chance to go when I was young and still globe trotting and I never been to a non english speaking country aside from a day trip in mexico for pinatas and fireworks. I don't think I could handle it now. Over-stimulation, like being in a casino the size of a city.



It was also good before 2005. Although I'm sure it's selling better now. Sigh.


If an episode of S11 is entirely a deranged nightmare, then I'll stand with the Jodie.



How is that different from their current business model of making Classic Who content that is comfortable and easily digestible for nostalgic 60s/70s fans along with the occasional New Who content that is comfortable and easily digestible for RTD/Moff fans?


File: 55126adeccf35c2⋯.jpg (42.35 KB, 450x550, 9:11, flat,550x550,075,f.u1.jpg)

Doctor Who: An American Musical



Death was the cessation of life. The Ninth Doctor told Rose that "everything dies". (TV: The Parting of the Ways) Every single death caused a tiny fracture in reality. (TV: The Woman Who Lived) In 2011, three hundred thousand people died on Earth every day. (TV: The New World)

The Eternal, Death, was a personification of the concept. (PROSE: Timewyrm: Revelation) Kali was the Hindu goddess of death. (COMIC: The Swords of Kali) On Earth, and later human colonies, the skull was a generalised symbol of death, and the idea took this form as an emoji: 💀. (TV: Smile)

When discussing the idea of a "planet ruled by zombies", the Fourth Doctor remembered the quote that "the living are just the dead on vacation." (TV: Destiny of the Daleks) Voicing her observations on the human lifespan, which she found "hilarious[ly]" short, Missy stated that human beings were born dying, remarking "You know from the minute you slop out, you're rotting, decaying." (TV: Death in Heaven)

As Arboretans existed partly outside of time, when one died, their consciousness travelled back to their birth and they lived their life over again, trying to fix mistakes they had made until they achieved the best life possible. They called this "the path of perfection". (PROSE: Festival of Death)

In 2011, for several months following the Miracle Day, every human on Earth simply stopped dying. It was caused when the Three Families fed the immortal Jack Harkness' blood into the Blessing, which in turn relayed the template to everyone on the planet in seconds. Death was restored when Jack's mortal blood was fed into the Blessing and the original template was restored. All across the world, those who were unable to die yet should have died, including Geraint Cooper and a little girl, all took one final collective breath before dying. For them, the return of mortality was a mercy for them. In the case of others, like the Mother and the Cousin who were responsible for the whole thing, it came back with a vengeance. (TV: The New World, The Blood Line)



No after its end


In the final stages of mental shutdown, when physical shutdown would commence, brainsteam death was a sign closely followed by complete respiratory collapse. Soon, liver failure and renal collapse would signal general systemic failure, leading to death within an hour. (PROSE: Anachrophobia)

In one alternate timeline, the Doctor died during the time war with the Enemy and his body was auctioned on 21st century Earth for its biodata. (PROSE: Alien Bodies)


This section's awfully stubby.



That's what she said.


File: f372e08ed53f1dc⋯.jpg (543.67 KB, 1417x1417, 1:1, 1.jpg)

File: e9327b1a1ba641c⋯.jpg (459.58 KB, 1417x1417, 1:1, 2.jpg)

File: d525781c9b9ff44⋯.jpg (535.99 KB, 1417x1417, 1:1, 3.jpg)

The BBC announces they're going ahead with a fifth series of Torchwood.

The catch - it's literally just filmed television adaptions of the Aliens Among Us BF series.

How do you react?



Death is an increasing problem. With over a billion intelligent species active in this galaxy alone, it is an ever-greater challenge to know how to kill all of them. On this planet, we are proud to serve as executioners to every living thing. The destruction of a Time Lord, however, is a particular honour.



In one alternate timeline and every other Moffat episode



b a s e d


b a s e d



I make myself listen to Aliens Among Us.


I just realised, if the second series of Aliens Among Us follows the same naming conventions as the first series, we'll literally get Torchwood 4, 5, 6.



I don't know if RTD fans will care for it as long as classic fans did.

I feel like nuwho as less of a cult appeal than the classic stuff.


Almost halfway through 2018 and still no Salamander set from Briggs Finish


Modern BF's output is far, FAR superior to any of M*ffat's work.



sup reddit


The existence of The Churchill Years speaks volumes about BF as a company.


I can’t imagine ever preordering a Briggs Finish and never will



I preordered the WarDoc audios, lol



Especially as its got more than 1 volume



New earth is way worse an idea



And the fact they put him in Doom Coalition, eight being their biggest doctor who series, to advertise it speaks volume as well



New Earth isn't as inherently political.



At least that's just made-up characters rather than a conscious sanitisation of a sadistic, genocide-hungry racist





Looking forward to the Mao boxset featuring Tim Treloar as the third doctor


Nixon got a cuddly portrayal in the S6 premiere. Trump's corpse was displayed in S10. What Republican president will grace our screens next?


Are there any Briggs Finish releases from 2018 that you actually like?


BF Nixon years when?



The Nilso Years



Well >>45899 could be a counterpart



No no, Hitler was on the other side.





GB is having a thread about BF spinoffs they don't want to see.

>Time War: Monoids - When the Daleks destroy their last Security Kitchen, the Monoids are forced to enter the Time War. Not only must they deal with the cruel tyranny of a Dalek occupation but they must also cope with their own internal power struggles, telling each other to 'get back' at every opportunity.

>BRIGGS: Altered Reality 1. Starring Nick Briggs, Alex Kingston and Paul McGann in a fiction meets reality and the writer and Who fan Nicholas Briggs finds himself in a series of adventures with the Eighth Doctor and River Song.

>The Quest is the Quest, the epic build-up to Underworld, spanning an indefinite (and ever increasing) number of box sets.

>Posh Girls - Beth Chalmers plays every character she has done previously, brought together by an upper-middle class anomaly. Together they must figure out if they can do a different voice at some point.

>Sil's Brexit - Sil interviews prominent Brexiteers. He has tea with Jacob Rees-Mogg, discusses investment banking with Nigel Farage and finally asks the public to guess whether a photo is of himself or Michael Gove.

>The Rolling Stones: Love & Monsters' Ursula dumps Elton and goes on the road, accompanied by a post-Five Doctors Borusa and the surviving Ogri from The Stones of Blood.

>Sir Reg and the Creature from the Pit Adventures. Stressed peace diplomat Sir Reginald Styles teams up with giant penis alien Erato to solve crime in West Ham.

>Spandrell & Engin - They've both regenerated but that doesn't stop them from dropping exposition for all of Time Lord history. Bio data extracts and historical records await! Spendrell is played by Nick Briggs and Engin is now a posh girl played by Beth Chalmers.

>“The Five David Warners” - David Warner’s Unbound Doctor and his new companions Sir Isaac Newton, Mycroft Holmes, Luke Betterman and Cuthbert engage on a series of adventures, in a universe where everyone is played by David Warner.



>10 minute back and forth regarding the pros and cons of jelly babies vs jelly beans.



Ironically most of those sound like they would be mind blowingly good.



River S3.

I've heard from someone I trust the Martian Invasion of Earth was great.

I'd imagine all the Torchwood releases this year have been strong, I just haven't listened to them yet. TOS said Believe is possibly the best TW audio yet, which is super high praise. ATA Girl also looks interesting.

Looking ahead this year, I'm interested in Callan, Jeremiah Bourne in Time, the 1DAs S2, all the River and TW stuff to come, I Am The Master, and their Jekyll & Hyde adaptation.


I could see that.


BRIGGS sounds incredible. Five David Warners would be good too.


I just want to know what's up with that Tentoo audio at this point




Short Trips are more like short stories real aloud than actual audios honestly. Apparently the first one is still coming out this month.



I've never listened to a short trip before, just the full length ones. Huh. Makes sense, since it's just Camille talking I guess.

>This month



4 boxset run of a romcom starring Rose and Tentoo would be right up BFs alley



I'm surprised they got to go-ahead to even play with that sandbox at all. It's weird they're just doing it in Short Trips.



Testing the waters?


File: 8c733e5ba969f75⋯.jpg (97.28 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Tales_from_New_Earth.jpg)

File: efbcaabea954ec3⋯.jpg (122.45 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 20180416151759ladyc01_cove….jpg)

File: 9c83eb7cb1d74af⋯.jpg (128.8 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 20171031162918jenny_the_do….jpg)

Daily BF Two Minutes Hate?



if that was done well, and full cast, I would buy it.



Why cant BF make a good UNIT series?





File: 6d221ba46ad6d2b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 52.67 KB, 686x402, 343:201, perkins.jpg)

I'm baffled that he didn't return for S10. He deserved to have a cameo.



There's a few audio effects, some of thel are more like companion chronicles than current companion chronicles.



I forgot about this meme items minutes after the end of the special.

What was the deal with it again ?



The Jenny one makes sense, she's basically made for a spinoff. But yeah, what the fuck even are the others?




Fact is, BF is dead - and Nilso killed it.


And That's A Good Thing!



Imagine going back in time and showing these to BF fans circa 2010.



Fascinating thought experiment; making Nilso's future his past in a sense.


File: d5f3a4eee07a2fd⋯.png (1.85 MB, 1920x864, 20:9, 1528813371830.png)

What is the Doctor Who equivalent of this image?



Jenna's weight loss



AKA breaking the wall? ;)



I will never understand the obsession with big tits. They just get in the way.


File: 2e229669b164fac⋯.jpg (91.04 KB, 315x437, 315:437, Smug_matt_2.jpg)



You enjoying those infamously busty Korean women, Neo?



>They just get in the way.

Of what?


What is the most cursed Doctor Who fanart you've ever seen?



I entirely understand not being a - dare I even utter these words - "t*ts g*y", but I'm perplexed by what you're suggesting they get in the way of. What are you scratching at exactly?


File: efbcaabea954ec3⋯.jpg (122.45 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 20180416151759ladyc01_cove….jpg)



Someone post the Clara blueberry sequence.


File: 6a81ae0d94babd6⋯.png (240.33 KB, 540x304, 135:76, 10weed.png)


So like a campfire story, but one of your buddies is on special effects occasionally rustling tree branches and shit


Not fanart, but there's a Star Trek/Doctor Who crossover fanfiction out there which is highly questionable and I wish I could erase it from my mind




Uh, edge, there's something you should know


Requesting that Danny Dark Water "yo bitch" subtitle picture


File: 82c3a4b2b3a0d7d⋯.jpg (30.42 KB, 540x461, 540:461, anxiously drinking tea.jpg)



>So like a campfire story, but one of your buddies is on special effects occasionally rustling tree branches and shit

Yeah, some of them are pretty great and experimental too, like early BF.



Do you mean the comic? Because no, that was very official.



Whats wrong with her face?


We need to stream some of these trashy BF boxsets as soon as they are uploaded somewhere.


File: a4eb83459c7772e⋯.png (387.1 KB, 599x416, 599:416, danny.png)



Thanks bi*ch







What the fuck is a Nilso?



a priest/artist


File: eff1a5084168e30⋯.jpg (51.1 KB, 1236x663, 412:221, нин.jpg)


If Nilso ever turned against /who/, what the fuck would we do?



Hey, does book club anon still exist?



He might be closer than you'd think.






Oh I should certainly think so


File: 2f76576557bff77⋯.jpg (93.75 KB, 601x508, 601:508, 2f7.jpg)

mfw giga doesnt check his CCs haha





Haha I remember the comic, this was uh, this was something else entirely.


I'm more sold on them now I think.



pass the компот




Kilso the Nilso





Very good. Carry on then.


Willso the Nilso give Chillsos with his writing-ilsos?



Let's shillso the Nilso


File: 1728a3875a65e42⋯.png (281.85 KB, 917x599, 917:599, BE_QUIET_YOU_INSIGNIFICANT….png)


SUSAN + DAVID: Centre?

DOCTOR: Yes, quite. You know, you surprise me, Tyler. Why didn't you concentrate your efforts here?

TYLER: We've been fighting the Daleks everywhere. Well, the fact that they started mining operations didn't seem all that important.

DAVID: Yeah, well, we assumed that they were just digging for minerals, you know, something they could use to make

DOCTOR: No, I think perhaps it might be the answer to the question as to why the Daleks are here.

DAVID: But why, Doctor? Surely they've invaded us?

DOCTOR: Oh no, it goes much deeper than that. You see, man, to them, is just a work machine. An insignificant specimen that is not worth invading. Absolutely useless. It doesn't matter to them whether you live or die.


File: 7511f6e7fce54ff⋯.jpg (191.24 KB, 825x464, 825:464, curator_1.jpg)

There's one /who/re I've tried very hard to forget…














Look, having Nilsoposts—my uncle was a great professor and scientist and engineer, Dr. Neo at MIT; good genes, very good genes, OK, very smart, David Bowie's Meme School, very good, very smart—you know, if you’re a Gigaposter, if I were a Nachoposter, if, like, OK, if I ran as a Gigaposter, they would say I'm one of the smartest people anywhere in the world—it’s true!—but when you're a Nilsoposter they try—oh, do they do a number—that’s why I always start off: Went to Meme School, was a good student, went there, went there, did this, built a fortune—you know I have to give my like credentials all the time, because we’re a little disadvantaged—but you look at the Nilsoposts, the thing that really bothers me—it would have been so easy, and it’s not as important as these posts are (Nilso is powerful; my uncle explained that to me many, many years ago, the power and that was 35 years ago; he would explain the power of what's going to happen and he was right—who would have thought?), but when you look at what's going on with the four Gigaposters—now it used to be three, now it’s four—but when it was three and even now, I would have said it's all in the messenger; fellas, and it is fellas because, you know, they don't, they haven’t figured that the Nilsoposters are smarter right now than the Gigaposters, so, you know, it’s gonna take them about another 150 years to revive /who/ —but the boardies are great negotiators, the Redditors are great negotiators, so, and they, they just killed, they just killed us.


File: 372b5a8ab1a4bed⋯.jpg (129.08 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, grob.jpg)



>ywn have a Gareth dad



File: 2eeb59783f29bdc⋯.jpg (69.39 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, safe_image_1_dfd63a86-36a6….jpg)

File: f3ef0f2126105ae⋯.png (457.09 KB, 600x400, 3:2, unknown-3.png)

If I was designing a TARDIS set, I would use crystalline structure with light shining through, and then wood panelling "built into" the stone. The time rotor would be red crystal (glowing) some coming up from the console, and some coming down from the ceiling, just like stalagmites and stalactites. I found the coral theme fascinating, so crystal rock could work as well I think



If I were designing a TARDIS set*

conditional clause



and you had me until the rotor being a crystal, I think that the organic nature of the coral theme worked because there was still at its center a technological formation. The console should be mostly artificial.



That's fair. Im glad the new series (and the TV movie) do these weird things with the interior. A white interior is too clinical imo



>too clinical

I mean, it is the home of a Doctor.



Not a Doctor, The Doctor. The definitive article, you might say.


File: 221c76fb8b8715b⋯.jpg (10.74 KB, 245x253, 245:253, tardis_2018.JPG)

File: d092c8b7cbf1b4f⋯.png (1009.92 KB, 1080x1440, 3:4, tardis.png)

File: 7a3765fcfc0882d⋯.png (881.56 KB, 964x725, 964:725, RibosOperation1.png)

the orange windows make me wonder what the interior will be like


File: e5a07f3a435b698⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 149.12 KB, 858x720, 143:120, 20180614_213310.jpg)



is this real? whats it from?



what youtube fan intro did you screencap that from


File: 09e425a1451c02b⋯.png (226.21 KB, 651x269, 651:269, ClipboardImage.png)

doctor who episodes where crazy conspiracies turned out to actually be completely true?



extremis i guess. Any episode involving UNIT. The Series 6 opener has men in black wiping peoples memories.


File: da474b1e8d0d8fe⋯.jpg (19.89 KB, 640x157, 640:157, Capture.JPG)

This is the man that almost doxxed Neo


Any doctor who episodes built on a logical fallacy suported by weak circumstantial evidence where the bad guy was the one in control all along?





>where the bad guy was the one in control all along?

'Victory of the Daleks' and 'A Good Man Goes to War' both kinda fit this, but maybe not qute the other part




He had a good read on what shots were OG.



It's complicated as fuck but they do all run on time. Those bullet trains are something else.


Heres an interesting reply to a question from Reddit. Let me know your thoughts.

<What is your favourite Master Story?

>I'd say Terror of the Autons is also a really good story for the Master, so is The Mind of Evil. Really any Delgado story is a great story for the Master, because he was just so brilliantly talented and made each appearance ooze with great charsmia. Frontier in Space is one of my guilty pleasure stories(there's a moral critique in here that gets lost trying to connect to Planet of the Daleks and a large amount of Padding), but I think it's probably the best Manning-Pertwee-Delgado story. They all just do so wonderful well with each other to the point that the episode of padding where they are all stuck on a ship together winds up being the best of the lot.

>Um, after that, well um…classic series struggled with the Master post Delgado. Ainley's best turn out is The Five Doctors when Terrance Dicks shows up and reminds us all how great the character used to be while also making him the center of the funniest moment in the story( "Nice to see you again!"). Ainley puts a spirited performance in each time though. Survival is also a rather excellent late in the ball story, and it uses him well, though perhaps a tad strangely.

>(Deadly Assassin is a rather excellently written story, but I don't feel like it fits the Master at all. It feels a bit like they wanted a name that would raise the stakes of evil Skeleton a little bit. The way the Master acts is a little challenging to reconcile even with his appearance as that incarnation later in Keeper of Traken).

>Frankly, for me it took until Derek Jacobi said "I am the Master" in Utopia for the character to work again. Unfortunately, I'm not super thrilled with the Master in the Sound of Drums/Last of the Timelords. It's a really enjoyable story, but it does feel a bit like it was with Robert Holmes in Deadly Assassin: RTD reshaped the Master's overall character in a strange way(the drum beat thing was a dumb idea, desu). That being said, there's also moments where it's super clear that RTD understands the Master(he's the first to catch that the Master has been doing his way of flirting with the Doctor since we first saw him). So, it is a good Master story in that it empathized what has quickly become the defining parts of the Master(his strange love/hate relationship with the Doctor instead of is perchance for villainy) but also added parts to the character that were ill advised(drums, the never ending drum beat that had only appeared once before in the TV movie by coincidence).

>Then Moffat came in, and finally came up with a characterization for the Master that combined all of this individual different characteristics into one (in my opinion, definite view) concise character for the Master to be(and who s/he was all the way back when Delgado started): the Doctor's friend who lost their way along the way. The Doctor'd friend who went bad because that's what timelords do and who now find themselves on the other side of a moral debate with their best friend. The Doctor's friend who is trying to tempt him into the dark side so that they can be together again.

>This explains 40 years prior of conflicting characterization and added a level of pathos for Missy that wasn't there. Michelle Gomez nailed the character perfect in Dark Water/Death in Heaven.

>And to out do himself, Moffat went and out did himself with The Doctor Falls. Missy has become so lonely that she'll try the Doctor's way just to be with him(and to live). But her younger self threatens all that. He's still mad at the Doctor for not being bad, still doing evil for the kicks. He doesn't want to change for the Doctor, he wants the Doctor to change for him. And when Missy decides that just this once, just for the hell of it, she'll try being good, he kills her. Of course he kills her. Because the Master self sabotages everything they touch. The Master doesn't want to win the game, they just want to play it. And they destroy themselves every time. At the heart of the character is a conflict between the desire to be with their friend and a desire to be better (in their eyes) than their friend. And this conflict kills them every time.


Instead of /who/ trying to make a game like we were talking about last year we should just wait for starfield and make /who/ related quest mods.


sesska sleep no more when?

so far have there been any capaldi episodes that she explicitly didn't like?









What the fuck?


Yeah Nilso's cool but what about GarethRobertsFans


File: 8f8f028f80d64ea⋯.jpg (17.09 KB, 220x293, 220:293, rare gareth.jpg)



>So (Anti)Chris(t) Chibnall is finally poking his head out of his Führerbunker for what I'm sure will be a sycophant-laden parade of troglodytes asking their usual asinine questions at San Diego Comic Con. Bold and Brave.


File: 9dd88ba76415e1a⋯.jpg (13.68 KB, 216x360, 3:5, JossWhedon_inthe90s.jpg)

File: 8f41e03937dcc10⋯.jpg (32.06 KB, 421x421, 1:1, ZackSnyder_inthe90s.jpg)

What is the Doctor Who equivalent of this?


Are UK people really upset that the first trailer will be at SDCC?



Do Brits really do this?


File: 01dcbad1edfc446⋯.jpg (85.42 KB, 648x365, 648:365, sdcc3.jpg)

Do Americans really do this?



File: d8b42e60f9c617a⋯.jpg (39.71 KB, 600x401, 600:401, main-qimg-0667117d77d389a6….jpg)

Do Australians really do this?



>(Anti)Chris(t) Chibnall




left looks like a long haired adam orford


File: 02e4b0c500b7ff2⋯.jpg (64.91 KB, 634x491, 634:491, pikeys.jpg)

Do pikeys really do this?


Do British people really put their “sofas” in the middle of the room and not up against a wall?


Do American "people" really leave their shoes on inside the house?


File: ceb382a0aebaa71⋯.jpg (409.44 KB, 866x1080, 433:540, chibchair.jpg)



>(Anti)Chris(t) Chibnall

that's honestly sort of funny, and we get Chris(t) Chibnall out of it anyway if he does good

or alternatively: Christ, Chibnall!

we need to stock up on silly nicknames for our chibby-chum for the next five years or so

what've you all got


Do Australian "people" really drink milk at every meal?










lol no, that's not a thing at all in aus. I had an ex once that was weirded out that I drank with every meal though; like if I'm sitting down for a meal I always have water or something. She was content to just eat sans hydration.


Do American "people" really wipe their ass standing up?



“Somehow even worse Steven Muppet” works


There’s something comical about brit behavior. You watch Mr Bean and they really do make me laugh sometimes



it's a thing with white families

t. white ausfag in white neighborhood


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


one I didn't come up with but wish I had was Chinball Wizard

also in case he does good

>He's a Chinball Wizard,

>There has to be a twist!

>A Chinball Wizard,

>He's got such clever plot twists…


File: ed63c9abcf1dc6a⋯.jpg (74.49 KB, 700x665, 20:19, DD_ueS5XkAAer8R.jpg)

Really enjoying The Savages so far (finished part 2), especially Bills performance.


Working class families drink soft drink with every meal

Lower middle class families drink milk

Upper middle class families drink water

Upper class families drink water from a pitcher with lemons




I've been hearing these exact moans since like 2011. Doctor Who fans never change.


File: 781d8c367cae71e⋯.pdf (449.06 KB, Mild_Curiosities_-_Ian_and….pdf)

See file related for pitch guidelines for Ian & Barbara fanthology.

See also https://dwzine.tumblr.com/post/173907279432/rainbow-infinities-doctor-who-fanthology , which is in the last few days of submissions if anyone fits.




>Half the trailer on the 18th. And the other half at SDCC This sounds petty but the UK should get the first trailer.

that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard


How long until jodie stops getting asked about being a female in interviews?


File: 4ab49b5c950e6e1⋯.jpg (88.37 KB, 640x480, 4:3, solomon-solves.jpg)


>splitting the trailer in half


File: 5d9897ff2f0243a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 37.71 KB, 460x300, 23:15, hardwick.jpg)




Made for each other?


File: 89dc87eb2c24abd⋯.jpg (70.93 KB, 640x480, 4:3, solomon-solves2.jpg)


Wait, why the fuck are they wearing golden bikinis? Some werid shit going down when mixing Lego and religion.

Since this should have something to do with Doctor Who, how do you think Chibnall allegedly wanting to put Amy in her underwear in the Silurian two-parter bodes for his tenure?


File: 8a6b5cf26b3359a⋯.png (817.03 KB, 739x707, 739:707, solomon-solves3.png)


Ahhhh, they were prostitutes. That's what I get for not actually reading the bloody sacred texts. Need to get that baby-cutting wisdom right from the source.



>only with the wisdom of yahweh could one suggest cutting a baby in half

I disagree



thats princess leia's torso and leg pieces. i'd recognise them anywhere


File: 6805fd37d6b6f94⋯.png (958.78 KB, 743x723, 743:723, billionsliars.png)


Now now, we know where that sort of talk gets us.


File: e16e2d08a8f5fb9⋯.gif (731.44 KB, 370x274, 185:137, 1laugh.gif)


>#metooed a day after being announced as hosting the Doctor Who panel


File: 9f0aa3dd012df9b⋯.jpg (37.29 KB, 529x449, 529:449, 1277904700835.jpg)


Oh fuck really? kek

Honestly can't believe nobody who worked on NuWho has been accused yet.



Never, even after leaving the series


JNT should've been #metooed a long time ago.



>Our relationship started out poorly. Within 2 weeks, rules were quickly established. Some of these included:

>I “should not want to go somewhere at night”. My nights were expected to be reserved for him, as he had a busy schedule. This alienated me from my friends.

>I was to not have close male friends unless we worked together. All photos of male friends were to be removed from my apartment. This was heartbreaking for me, as my best friend happened to be male.

>As he was sober, I was not to drink alcohol. Before we began dating he said, “I noticed you have a glass of wine with dinner. That’s going to stop.”

>I was not to speak in public places (elevators, cars with drivers, restaurants where tables were too close) as he believed that people recognized him and were listening to our conversations. Our dinners out were usually silent, him on his phone.

>I wasn’t allowed to take a photo of us. (Eventually, he softened on this rule, but was very stern about me asking permission.)

Why the fuck wouldn't you dump him immediately if he was pulling such overly controlling shit in the first two weeks?


The first time I told him I loved him after 6 months of hoping he’d say it first, his response was (and I quote), “I think I love you too, nilso.”



Pull out another one from the textbook list of responses to abuse victim stories. It's almost like it's not that easy and obvious to emotionally remove yourself from an abusive relationship, otherwise none of these bad things would ever happen.



If they had been in an established relationship before the abuse started, I would agree. But this was in the first two weeks, which should still be considered the trial period where you have every right to end things immediately if you notice red flags.

Reading the article and seeing how it spirals into her being suicidal makes me feel incredibly bad for her, but I cannot defend the actions that brought her to that point. She made a mistake and was taken advantage of. She seems to have learnt from it, which is all you can hope for.



I'm a white Australian and I've lived in both the city and the country and I've never been party to this "drinking milk with every meal" thing, nor at my place or mates from wherever. People drink milk yeah but I've never seen it around a dinner table.





>People drink milk yeah but I've never seen it around a dinner table.

My mum made me do it because she was super uptight about making sure I got enough calcium



As a kid that's understandable. Soybeans are also a good source of calcium.



>not just having cereal or weetbix with milk and putting cheese on your sandwiches


Only an Australian would do something so backwards as drinking milk with steak



sometimes I drink milk AS a meal



it's generally a white american thing because they're all so malnourished



I love/d gluggy gluggy weetbix. Never understood the whole eating cereal before it's soggy deal. Haven't had cereal for fucking years now. Do they still make those little 6-pack sampler of different cereals? The GOAT as a kid.


At least that's calorie conscious I guess






>Cosplaying 10 guy is a douche.

Colour me surprised! Very unfortunate. I feel for the girl. The stupid things one will do for love or the promise thereof.


Who /omadchad/ here


A despicable human being took advantage of an emotionally vulnerable one who didn't know better at the time.

She made a mistake and bears the mutual responsibility for it, and will live with it for the rest of her life. Life is shitty and fucked up, and you can't hide from that or try and play innocent - you learn from your mistakes to minimise the shittiness. Good on her for fighting on rather than committing suicide.



i haven't seen anything like that, but they do make disgusting artificial banana flavoured weetbix now



Never Eat Soggy Weetbix was just a way to learn north, east, south and west. It’s best when it’s soggy.


File: 9ddab84b76c67a0⋯.jpg (32.65 KB, 540x540, 1:1, 001762.jpg)


You've never seen these?? Maybe I didn't describe them well enough.


Good take.


File: 6e6dd1b862b06b5⋯.png (28.9 KB, 633x758, 633:758, 318271da980706f7a18a811c34….png)

>tfw mum only let you have coco pops when you were on holiday




>Never understood the whole eating cereal before it's soggy deal

I'm the same way. Especially with raisin bran/bran flakes/corn flakes.



we always used to get those when we went on holidays

I would always leave the shitty ones like sustain for someone else



Milk is calorie-dense, actually. And cheap. That's what makes it good for chugging whenever you get hungry between meals.


The best part of camping.



kek, same


Plus the milk absorbs all the flavour if you let it settle a bit.


it's like a chocolate milkshake…. ONLY CRUNCHY



That's what I meant; treating it like a meal is wise to its calorie count.





Do you open them up and poor them in a bowl or cut a proper I into the front and eat directly from the box, pouring milk in of course?


Cocoa pops are shit. Get fucked cats. Cocoa pebbles is where it's at.



oh i've seen those, yeah


that mnemonic will stick with me to my death bed



not sure if we even have cocoa pebbles here


>tfw you leave the cocoa pops in long enough to make chocolate milk but then you're stuck with shitty plain soggy rice bubbles




Are the 4 cardinal directions too much for Australians to remember that a mnemonic device is needed?







I always used






File: 081792ae55e670c⋯.jpg (112.83 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 20151003-Milo-Clusters.jpg)

File: bcf48a117330f78⋯.png (164.25 KB, 490x368, 245:184, Milo-Granola-3D-Bag-Angle_….png)

doctor who equivalent of milo protein clusters?


Woolies porridge got me through dorm life



You can do both.


The laptop guy in The Eleventh Hour





did you grow up in the outback and go to uni in the city or something?



I'm aware, but which do YOU do? I cut the I for the bewildered looks personally.


File: e071efda4809b9b⋯.jpg (13.66 KB, 173x194, 173:194, o.JPG)

>the bit of pure milo on the top of the milk

>the bit of pure milo at the bottom of the glass



Oh my bad, misunderstood. Cut!


nesquik > milo


File: 2e229669b164fac⋯.jpg (91.04 KB, 315x437, 315:437, Smug_matt_2.jpg)



I don’t think I was taught it by an adult, it was just one of those things you pick up from the other kids, like the super S



it dissolves into milk way better



Good man!


What about ovaltine?


>super S

What's this now?



t. City slicker


File: d70cf49778672fc⋯.jpg (11.86 KB, 615x589, 615:589, stussy.jpg)


File: b672f4cdb673c10⋯.gif (1.4 MB, 260x349, 260:349, 1528876027941.gif)



That's right Jay!



I don't think we even get ovaltine in australia

it's certainly not common at least



OH. We call that by the file name. No super.



we do get ovaltine here, i had a mate that got them all the time



It's around.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

this video but jay is nilso and mike is neo




kek. I think Nilso resembles Mike more in a certain way :^)



I disagree. Not on the stories, as they are all top notch; but that there's a definitive "character" of The Master.

The problem with The Master is unlike The Doctor where you have one actor to to smooth out 20-30 stories over the course of a few years and keep a consistent character, The Master's use was terribly erratic and even among the same characterization there could be wild variation.

I think as such there's no such thing as a "definitive" Master character. Each Master incarnation is instead a reflection of a different villain archetype to me(which I've posted before).

For example Delgado is a bit of a version of a Devil in human form, ainley a mad scientist.

Through that lens, there hasnt been an unsuccessful version of The Master in so far as there has never been an unsuccessful version of The Master, they're just playing the role of evil Time Lord with a different direction each time; and that's okay to do: if The Doctor can go from his series 8 to his series 10 characterizations, why can't The Master change between incarnations?




It's thicker than quik, because of the added malting powder, more akin to a smoothy or shake.



Yeah the dorm was full of farm kids, aboriginals and international students (mostly Chinese)


File: b973536c90882a0⋯.png (286.55 KB, 354x450, 59:75, ClipboardImage.png)

when i was talking about ovaltine i meant these specifically



are those confectionary or tablets you put into milk?



What the fuck is that? Chocolate flavored extacy?



eat em iirc



yeah they were tasty too


File: e425e0a5db777c1⋯.png (224.1 KB, 525x500, 21:20, 1445371518461.png)

File: db069e4dc863802⋯.jpg (116.95 KB, 590x912, 295:456, fc7ae2f1e27f3763f98b320aaa….jpg)

File: 2c1d77c300f2476⋯.webm (952.62 KB, 710x750, 71:75, 14975705378250.webm)

File: 2d84723d74553b2⋯.webm (3.89 MB, 450x720, 5:8, NYQA.webm)


File: 7d627ceb9ce795b⋯.jpeg (47.74 KB, 272x541, 272:541, EE883586-82DC-4129-9E09-8….jpeg)


File: 8c8bbe7a536970f⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1200x1200, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)



Yeah I remember popping a few of these


File: 11ad3b551416841⋯.jpg (542.16 KB, 1530x1201, 1530:1201, 1479957834245.jpg)


>mascots with names



oh fuck yeah


File: 3e0c7f5a2da6d9b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 119.53 KB, 598x927, 598:927, 1528986373620.jpg)

Remember TARDISposting? This is them now. Feel old yet?






>we VATS our enemies

Yeah good luck doing that on online multiplayer


File: afbb7c331b38a9c⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 294.97 KB, 301x490, 43:70, 1529063878495.png)

>i love series 9!



it still has vats


legendary post


File: 51e570b4067a73e⋯.png (775.48 KB, 726x720, 121:120, adultery.png)

File: 8f3883565bcb505⋯.png (836.99 KB, 726x721, 726:721, adultery2.png)

File: ecd211d1339f7a7⋯.png (821.33 KB, 738x726, 123:121, adultery3.png)


File: d34fac5d6bcdf21⋯.jpg (74.03 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, XBEHX4QjPGb9FTm4D6X3UO9dh3….jpg)

Says it all really.



I seem to have missed a few fallout sequels


File: 60890441f2b2339⋯.jpg (32.31 KB, 958x958, 1:1, nilso beach 2.jpg)

He awaits



>lego porn

reminds me of when I was like 12 I would make dicks and tits out of yellow blu-tac, put them on lego minifigs and act things out



what did sesska mean by this?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Assemble in sleem




>nobody wants to watch sesska

what did they mean by this



Its Sleep No More Sloath you male pig



A false /who/re. True /who/res will always commit time to watch Sesskasays.


Nilso's gay.



>not wanting to see how sesska reacts to sleep no more


Just finished the first ep of Arrested Development S5…bit disappointed how it seems to not really be going in the directions that the S4 set up, but then again S4 itself did that to S3's finale. Laughed big time at the last line of the ep. Any of the other ADchads here watched S5A yet? I'm a bit leery of the split since it seems to have been done last minute for Emmy consideration, unless it was always planned and Netflix~Hurwitz just didn't reveal it until now. I'll see when I get to the """finale""" I suppose.


Are there any topics you think have been done too many times in Doctor Who and shouldn’t be done again in the future?



time travel



Societies with some technology-connected social flaw. Monsters in space. Anything that begets running down a corridor.



I binged it all on the day it came out but I need to watch it again before really forming a solid opinion

spoiler-free takes (not discussing plot points but things regarding the overall narrative structure)

continuity regarding passage of time gets a bit fucked up and it bothers me significantly

S5p1 reminds me a lot of the S4 remix in its execution, except with new content designed to be told linearly rather than butchering a pre-existing nonlinear story

I feel like S5 has the lowest joke-to-airtime ratio of any season, and I really miss having punchlines/payoffs at the end of each episode. Every episode is essentially just "here's the next thing that happened" and it doesn't feel like it has as much direction as S4 did.

The cast is largely back together but they still aren't telling the same types of stories as the original run did, so it still feels "off"/different but in a different way to S4

Again this is all first impressions and I plan on rewatching it.

The only thing you should really be aware of is that it definitely is just the first half of a season, not a self-contained semi-season




Nothing particularly ambitious? God, I hope Hurwitz brings it home in the back half. If I'd only seen the first half of S4 and didn't get to see the second half for months I'd be pretty sour on it. But that had the weird structure the whole time, this doesn't seem to.



I can't recall anything I would consider ambitious, it's back to linear storytelling but with a season-long story rather than self-contained episodes with a punchline/resolution like the original run



>this is a bizarre episode

>I think it was a really interesting concept and maybe not the best… executed

>they were trying to create a lot of suspense but it kind of felt a little bit flat

>it definitely wasn't, like, a favourite of mine of the season

>but it was still interesting to watch

>the last little bit was kind of interesting, kind of cool

>I can see where they were going with it, but I just don't…

>I felt it was a little… y'know… not terrible but just not as intriguing as it could have been with this style of storytelling

>the idea of it could have really knocked it out of the park but for some reason it was a little dull, a little not as interesting as it probably could have been

>that's going to be an interesting one to rewatch and see if it improves on a second viewing

why is sesska so based?

are you ready for crykino with clala's death next week?




>It wasn't clear what Trump meant by "his people" and "my people," phrasings that could be interpreted to mean all North Koreans and Americans but that could also mean those people reporting directly to the two leaders.

gee I wonder which one CNN will run with



I know which one your fat body will "run" with Nilso



It is deeply problematic to fatshame Nilso



t. Nilso



They're replying to every tweet the official account makes wih this bollox


File: 1875f0d58de35a3⋯.jpg (165.19 KB, 700x543, 700:543, Doctor Who rueda de nuevo ….JPG)

File: cdfd3a92107d8c4⋯.jpg (22.26 KB, 280x373, 280:373, Doctor Who rueda de nuevo ….jpg)

File: 382e9b02f9b598c⋯.jpg (20.78 KB, 373x280, 373:280, Doctor Who rueda de nuevo ….jpg)

medieval episode filming in spain


File: 0e4e8066f6ea5bc⋯.png (401.94 KB, 510x529, 510:529, soysska.png)

can females have soy face?



Phew, I was worried we didn't have enough historical episodes then!



All femoids have the advantage in the sexual marketplace, they have no concept of a beta female that can be described by soy



Was anxious we'd be going without them in the Chib era.



So this makes like 7/10 episodes historicals then?


File: e2c4762dd859dc0⋯.png (1.88 MB, 1186x891, 1186:891, callahora.png)

scenes have been filmed inside the castle of la calahora

pic related



la creatura…



I'm excited for Heaven Sent 2.


Epic. An episode set in muslim controlled Spain! Nilso will be pleased


Historical episodes are guaranteed kino so don’t complain about more of them. You gunfags just want explosions and gun battles




God I hope the actual finale is good then, since we're probably looking at a slimmer chance of a next season now. I hope we do get a S6 though since Hurwitz and the cast have been saying for years this is all a three-act plan of his. Other thoughts on the 2 eps I've seen so far…the actor for Steve Holt is such a good sport. I'm enjoying what they're doing with Buster. The George Michael double bluff PC folder gag was funny. The raped murderer gag also felt very AD in a good way. Hurt people hurt people. Trump in ep2. The clipshow audio when Michael entered the house in ep2. When does the timeline weirdness you mentioned start up?


File: b001d1a19ef8ff9⋯.jpg (110.64 KB, 887x527, 887:527, c1164bbf-d969-479d-b61c-39….jpg)


um sweetie, ever heard of a gun historical??



It already started

the episodes you're watching are meant to take place 2 months after the end of S4. S4 was released in 2013, but suddenly they're in 2015 and trump's running for president. Even if you retroactively make S4 take place 2 years in the future relative to when it released, it fucks up the ages of the characters in S4 and things like george michael being in college. It's arguably an autistic thing to be fussed about but it bothers me particularly because it was completely unnecessary - they could have saved the trump jokes for later on after they did a proper timeskip



What the fuck?

After all the trouble S4 went to of covering the missing years between seasons, it's just dropped in S5? That's fucked up. I don't think it's a weird thing to be annoyed over when S4 made such a huge deal of timelines. They better salvage this in S5B by introducing a time travel element.


Why am I not excited for S11 when I really liked Broadchurch, love the idea of so many historicals, and am pretty happy with the cast?



>After all the trouble S4 went to of covering the missing years between seasons, it's just dropped in S5?

[/spoiler]that's a good succinct way of putting it, yes[spoiler]



Because you love Moffat so much.



:( That was one of my favourite things about s4. It kind of dulls how cool how prescient the show is to shift the years like that. Is there more Trump in later eps?



The exact same reason no-one is assuming Chibnall Who will be good based on Broadchurch.


Babelcolour did a submission for the BF Spragg contest. We're fucked.



who's "we"



it goes into parody territory than outright le drumpf, and it's still a very minor part



Everyone else here who submitted/will submit to the BF Spragg contest.



Oh yeah I'm not worried about it, I have complete trust in Hurwitz to make it work and make it funny. I honestly found the moment a bit electric in ep2, though now the stuff you mentioned is pissing me off.



Because Chibnall's Who/Torchwood track record is terrible.

Because they're keeping a lid on the other writers so we can't be excited about those.



rather than*



Nilso did a submission for the BF Spragg contest. We're fucked.



It’s probably because everyone you surround yourself with is negative towards it if you like all the individual pieces and still aren’t happy.


File: afbb7c331b38a9c⋯.png (294.97 KB, 301x490, 43:70, 1529063878495.png)


>mfw mccoy reads out a nilso audio



Sounds like Catterson Chronicles S3 might actually happen, albeit still not immediately.



I feel like most people here seem to feel more positively towards it than me. I have every expectation it will be pretty good, I just don't really feel anything for it. That said, I vastly prefer feeling apathetic over a series we know little about than having more set feelings over a bunch of leaks and trailers and shit. I'm hugely happy with how the Chibnall Wizard has dominated the spoiler game.


nilso drincc



Do you think he's definitely referring to them? I almost got the impression he meant acting in other stuff. God, I hope he means the CCs.



Remember that he does not have a good way with words. Most of the dialogue he writes for the CCs is incomphrensible.






I grade so many essays in broken, bizarre learner English that I think my overton window for comprehensibility has shifted a bit.


Funny if intentional, still funny if not



I was doing some marking today where I had to do data entry of feedback sheets all the students had written about projects of other groups, and I had a really tough time reading the writing of some international students - in some cases I just gave up (the comments weren't really too important, more the number marks they had written). That was just a couple of sentences, I wouldn't be able to handle full essays

I'm used to understanding broken english when it's legible at least



I gave my teachers a lot of headaches with my atrocious handwriting back in the day, I feel their pain now. Typing feels so much more liberating, but I do think what they say about handwriting actually pushing the info into your mind more is true. Imagine handwriting out posts here.

Broken English is gold to hear at least. Especially mangled idioms. What do you teach?



I'm apprehensive myself, despite "liking" most er some of chinballs DW offerings. It's all so abruptly different with no word of previous writers, Gold being out, and no talay so it will look different that what we're accustomed to. I doubt you have the emotional investment in wide chapel that you have in DW. You were probably pleasantly surprised you liked it because you had no expectations. You surely have an idea of what you want DW to be.


I don't know, but it sounds like something I'd say having every intention of doing so, but never really getting around to it. You make time for what's important, to you.

Also I totally didn't realize that the 10 cosplayer was Chris Hardwick. Schadenfreude is probably a bad thing, but I cannot help but revel in that the same way I enjoyed his death in house of a thousand corpses. I think I hate Hardwick more than star wars.



You know I think it really was Gold not being in S11 that flatlined me the most on it, I'd forgotten that. I guess there's just so little for us to really hook onto since it's all apparently new. Nicely said on Gracepoint.

I don't feel amused, or even exactly vindicated at what's happened around types like Joss Whedon and Chris Hardwick, but I do think there's some well-deserved pride to be had in those nerdy fandom spaces purging themselves of these sorts of people and what they represent.



>I do think there's some well-deserved pride to be had in those nerdy fandom spaces purging themselves of these sorts of people and what they represent.

so you're saying NILSO OUT?



when did nilso sexually assault someone?



I don't know enough about Joss to have an opinion other than Buffy the movie was better than the show, and serenity was alright never watched firely. Hardwick's been insufferable since singled out and gotten progressively worse since. He's a frat boy in nerdface.


File: 66f18219ad23f02⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)



Nilso wouldn't sexually assault a fly And That's A Good Thing!


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Cats in his dreams



That is a good thing, not sure why you’re being sarcastic about it



Because Nilso would literally be incapable of doing so anyway.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

An ode to Nilso


File: 42e28f563e1aa52⋯.jpg (8.46 KB, 194x259, 194:259, images.jpg)

>That twenty-year old boomer with a Nilswastika tattoo


I mostly ignored the Twitch this week but I'm definitely dropping back in for The Three Doctors/Carnival of Monsters.



3 Doctors>5 Doctors>8 Doctors



2 Doctors is better than all them



Same. Judging by the view counts when I actually have visited, it seems like the Pertwee era has just had less interest.


File: 9edd08f4ef418ea⋯.jpg (17.55 KB, 338x435, 338:435, 1529081340387.jpg)


File: 1a6bf24b2dbdcdf⋯.jpg (8.3 KB, 236x236, 1:1, 1e57a1f21f080a83ac77e7e218….jpg)




He's calling Nilso out


>Nilso's new profile pic on Twitter



4 doctors>2 doctors>3 doctors>5 doctors>8 doctots



What did he mean by this?



the day of the doctor novelisation > all



nilsos neck long


Giga's here


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




He's finally here, performing for you



if you know the words you can join in too







But she'd already published The Game article before…oh, is she writing the S9 Whithouse entry?



My guess would be Whithouse since Under the Lake/Before the Flood is coming up soon.


Curious how Sandifer didn't mention the Brigadier becoming a flying, saluting Cybermen in her glowing S8 finale piece.




I think it's curious how she, along with literally everyone else I've ever read the takes on the S8 finale on, shy away from describing in-depth how exactly the finale effectively resolves the series' questions about soldiering. The finale has marvellous resolutions for many things…the Doctor grappling with his new identity, Clara and his relationship, Clara and Danny's relationship, but I really think the finale was a gutless non-answer to powerful questions about soldiering.



Probably because everything else going on in S8 is way more interesting and important to the story of the era going forwards, whereas Moffat's attempt at rehashing the military ambivalence thing only to arrive at "well at least they want to protect their loved ones" comes off as more of a footnote.



It disappointing me because I was really invested in what Moffat was going to do with those points he was raising. Walking it back to character stuff instead of actually doing the follow through with that theme is, fine, whatever, but the finale doesn't even let it slide away gracefully, the big wonky Cyberbrig moment just shoves it in your face. Gah. I'll hold onto my dream of the show eventually tackling the idea of the Doctor as police in depth at least.


One day my log will have something to say about Chibnall. Bit not today



Doesn't this go against the entire psychochronographic point of the Eruditorum? I hope there's a strong throughline and vision for that book as a separate entity unto itself.






The existence of a figure like the Brig and his untouchable position in fandom encapsulate precisely why we will never see an instalment of Who that expresses any meaningful radical unease about the military. Or at least not for a long time, until the show is run by people who don't give a fuck about Classic Who, and also a time when they wouldn't get it in the neck for not being all support-our-troops-buy-a-poppy.



>I hope there's a strong throughline and vision for that book as a separate entity unto itself.

That would be nice but it's a collection of revised blog entries at the end of the day.



I'm very hyped for that time if it ever comes around. The show gains nothing by pussyfooting around. Besides viewers, maybe :^))))))))


My annoyance about this comes from a place of respect; I like the idea and vision of the Eruditorum so much that little gamebreaking things like that frustrate me, although I grasp the financial realities that drive a lot of them.



An outbreak of 73 Salmonella infections from 31 states has been linked to Kellogg’s Honey Smacks cereal. Do not eat recalled cereal. Throw it away or return it to the place of purchase.


File: b9f60e5cb6124da⋯.png (60.26 KB, 1112x338, 556:169, Kekda.png)

Top Sandifer

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