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Shit Trips 2.5 NOW AVAILABLE! https://mega.nz/#!Uf4EDaLT!bIa_JP_rbyl7Pl9NKq8tLopyOzXJFhlSu6Z4VZnt4Uk

File: 8d1c62b9d1ef0e6⋯.jpg (40.28 KB, 858x429, 2:1, IMG_1563.TRIM.MOV_snapshot….jpg)


12 Lives On edition

Infested: >>50801




I suspect you worry about the vulgar light in which this book is presenting a cherished historical icon, renowned as the most famous virgin who ever lived, but I would remind you that the popular assumption of complete chastity and purity is almost certainly ill founded—after all, he had a granddaughter.

i don't think doctor who will ever reach the level of the ttotd novel ever again


sloaths squeezing morphants pussy to make dalek juice.


I think Im gonna like Jodie's acting. Her accent is adorable

Im lukewarm at best about Chibnall though desu. Nothing has inspired confidence in me that he's gonna do anything new or exciting. I'll try to go in with no expectations though. He deserves a fair chance, so I'll give him 3 episodes before I start making comments about him properly.


File: b06136cfe991416⋯.png (527.71 KB, 640x427, 640:427, ClipboardImage.png)


Got a new thread and it feels alright

Power and strength and appetite



what do you call novel-kino? have we got a word for that?





slorphant is the hot new ship



That's your prerogative, personally I'll be prepared to rip the first episode apart because quite frankly this needs to be an Eleventh Hour moment for the show (or something approaching it, if not in quality then at least in setting out a compelling new vision) or we're fucked.


File: f2671815fc70f17⋯.jpg (36.82 KB, 540x397, 540:397, FB_IMG_1529936677905.jpg)


File: 99834ab7df7f330⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 501 B, 50x27, 50:27, sticky .PNG)


What's the name of the Janitor that's going to get fired today?



Fuck sorry I forgot



Nilso you incompetent fuck. This is why you have a 31% approval rating.



No worries. I'm just playing ;)




Oh im laffin!


sloaths the other janny


File: ae0bce39d84190d⋯.jpg (48.05 KB, 742x377, 742:377, jodie-holding-screwdriver.jpg)

File: 0362f0bb08c4a64⋯.jpg (15.98 KB, 655x332, 655:332, jodie sonic.jpg)

Who hype for /cronenbergtardis/?



Not convinced it's the TARDIS. Could be somewhere on the junkyard we saw them filming at.



Any thoughts on how her companions will be cops this time around? Feels limiting if they both have the same occupation, and come from the same time period.


Chibnall has finally listened to the people who want the Doctor to have a pet again. He's given her two pigs this Series.



Well, Ian and Barbara were both school teachers and that worked well. Could be an interesting dynamic. Also don't forget Bradders is in the mix as well as a companion, that should keep things from getting limiting.



I love that they both come from a regarded profession. The whole young adult without a stable job thing was getting old



are they both cops? we know Yasmin is, but is Ryan one?




True, but I'd have like a historical or alien one.


I think he is, but I'm not sure.



I would shag her no question.



>but I'd have like a historical or alien one

yeah same, It seems like everyone has been avoiding it, we were so close with victorian clara but then moff decided to just make her stereotypical modern day british girl again



There was multiple avenues also, could've gone future Clara also. Instead we got "muh impossible grill" shit.



>but then moff decided to just make her stereotypical modern day british girl again

I could be wrong about this, but wasn't this because of pressure from above er from the side?



I would really like to know what was going on for the 7b production, i cant shake this idea that moff originally intended clara to be how she was in s8/9 but put it off because they needed the most palatable companion possible for the 50th so he made her generic as hell.



I just don't know why she'd find her new sonic on a little stand in a junkyard.


I agree with you that I'd obviously prefer a more interesting companion type (eg I think a Victorian Clara companion would've worked great in S7P2 and would've made S8-9 significantly better without too much change). But I understand that, from the Beeb's perspective, starting a new Doctor with companions that aren't instantly relatable is a non-starter. I'm hoping Chibnall will use his penchant for large TARDIS teams to spice it up in S12 or 13. Kinda raises a great point >>51564 that they already represent a pretty interesting change!



>i cant shake this idea that moff originally intended clara to be how she was in s8/9 but put it off because they needed the most palatable companion possible for the 50th so he made her generic as hell.

Moffat was also having a nightmare of a time getting the show made at that point. A generic companion was just easier.



Who says she found it, maybe she builds it.


File: 2060e8a37146f69⋯.jpg (15.54 KB, 400x225, 16:9, 11goggles.jpg)




Fair e nuff



looking at these again, im almost certain they're from a montage of the doctor building something. could be a kino sequence


Thoughts on Shit Trips 2.5 stories?


File: 86ac0edd013e361⋯.png (414.39 KB, 542x602, 271:301, 1494429226751.png)

Is there a new upload of the leak? the onedrive link won't work because the user exceeded their sharing limit




File: 30c8376cac7122b⋯.webm (10.02 MB, 858x428, 429:214, Nurse Who.webm)



i keep forgetting we have sound webms here.

why would we even go back to halfchan at this point?


>why are you calling me madam?

<because you're a woman

wow not very progressive chris….


The Writing in the clip unironically reminds me of Youtube fan films


File: ed62232a13e6958⋯.jpg (15.75 KB, 655x332, 655:332, 0362f0bb08c4a645a61439682a….jpg)

File: 09924cf8811c83d⋯.jpg (34.15 KB, 720x362, 360:181, 09924cf8811c83d988983f612b….jpg)

File: 4186025f0a1c761⋯.jpg (46.89 KB, 742x1024, 371:512, DgjswfiWkAAqAjN.jpg)

if this is actually the new sonic, I'm surprised they didn't make an effort to make it less dildo-y

it's basically just a smooth pole now

the handle is cool tho and I like how alien it looks



>I'm surprised they didn't make an effort to make it less dildo-y

Well they want that female audience. A Hitachi screwdriver would've been too on the nose.



>normal ass sonic screwdriver




the diagram was made by some rando on youtube which explains it being shitty pen tool shapes


File: 298210f577bf10c⋯.png (919.38 KB, 1024x704, 16:11, ClipboardImage.png)


the end of it deadass looks like a baby's bottle



It doesn't look like the previous models. Have they shown the new Tardis yet? sorry, I don't come here often



not yet, everything ITT is what we have right now



not the interior


File: 297c041be4c853b⋯.png (18.97 KB, 799x149, 799:149, ClipboardImage.png)





I mean I get chibbers might want to play it safe with the first female doctor by giving her a personality that is already established as appealing to fans but I really hope she gets some unique personality traits

it's worth keeping in mind that it's just one minute from the first episode while she's still under post-regeneration delirium so it's not necessarily indicative of her real personality


The first cute Doctor


I wonder what Nilso would think if I told him 95% of all rape perpetrators were in fact men.


File: 19a7a161a9bca50⋯.jpg (324.52 KB, 1600x1000, 8:5, cheetah-CHEETAH318.jpg)

took me all day to get home.. just wanna say.. i love it.


File: be0c06295b3ae21⋯.jpg (79.79 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 56f242fbN4e1fff94.jpg)

File: be264e7e66964a3⋯.jpg (5.71 KB, 300x225, 4:3, s-l300.jpg)


How many viewers do you think the 2005- series will get on twitch? It’s peaking at about 1.5-2k for Tom Baker



Meant 15-20k



I thought they're only streaming the classic series?



in the second picture, what's the point of them curving like that? does that make it easier to hold?



It stimulates the G-spot. Which is a myth, much like the female orgams ;)



It's so that it's easier to hit the gspot, anon.



Ahem.orgasm too



they arent doing nuwho


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

What's are you listening to, /who/?







Stop listening to gay shit Nilso, you aren't Sloath. You don't get to do this





I’m talking about a hypothetical new who stream after they finish the classic one


Good lord, the people who think the faces are Morbius are delusional. Completely ignoring the context and what’s being said in the episode to justify their headcanon just because they don’t want their precious numbering to be off


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I always thought it was Morbius but I havent seen it since I was young, so I dont remember the scene. What's the context?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.





DOCTOR: En garde, Morbius.

(The Doctor switches it on. The circle fills with images, first of Morbius and how he originally looked, then the Doctor and his previous incarnation.)

MORBIUS: Is your mind, Doctor, going?

SARAH: Doctor.

MORBIUS: How far, Doctor? How long have you lived?

(Patrick and Bill, then a man with a moustache, someone with a powdered wig.)

MORBIUS: Your puny mind is powerless against the strength of Morbius.

(More faces, including a William Shakespeare lookalike.)

MORBIUS: Back. To. The. Beginning!


those were obv future incarnations that retroactively appeared in his mind cos wibbly wobbly



that is worse than 12's.


Did they not realize the similarity?


File: bee0fe91d4849d3⋯.jpg (1.38 MB, 4885x3508, 4885:3508, 12th sonic concept art.jpg)


>that is worse than 12's.

it's far more aesthetic, 12's was a fucking mess


12s sonic is the super saiyan 4 of sonic screwdrivers, just an over designed mess




>implying SS4 isn't the most visually and conceptually interesting form

Dude muh yellow hair lmao

Dude muh red hair lmao

Dude muh blue hair lmao

Dude muh white hair lmaoooooo

FARK OFF, kinda.


File: b74a35f58708882⋯.jpg (197.35 KB, 825x464, 825:464, rend.jpg)

Rewatching Miracle Day, 2 episodes in.

Actually i'm quite enjoying it.

I like Rex a lot more than I remember, Gwen and Jack are great, "I'm Welsh!" is such a satisfying line.

I really like all worldbuilding scenes, i'm not sure if they are genuinely well-thought or it's just such a high concept that it's impossible to ruin it though.


Remember that Treehouse of Horror episode where the Simpsons shrink themselves down to go inside Mr. Burns body and save Maggie? But Homer gets left behind and grows to normal size inside Mr. Burns, becoming this giant Homer-shaped tumour that controls half of Burns' body.

I want to go inside Nilso and do that.



Hi honey!



ok cool.




Enjoying Tom Baker marathon?



What's the next step in your master plan? Voring him from the inside out?



Of course! ⊂((・▽・))⊃



i like ss4 more than ss3 and ssb but that doesnt mean it isnt over designed.

official ranking

>kaioken>ssg>ssj>ui omen>ssj2>mui>ss4 = ssb>ss3

they're all good in their own way though



File: 717dae842fb0820⋯.png (374.55 KB, 492x498, 82:83, Capture.PNG)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>no trailer today


I don’t know, dude, I just I just drink blood, dude



fair assessment, although I'm sure you'd be able to cherrypick minute-long scenes from Moffat and RTD that would feel similar. I'm not really looking forward to chibs's Writing either though


File: 0db355f4ae484ab⋯.jpg (39.6 KB, 800x452, 200:113, 1500273194126.jpg)




YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: 596b083f949487c⋯.gif (689.31 KB, 250x188, 125:94, 1376128949183.gif)

>it feels like a chibnall episode


I've been so hype about Jodie and the new season and this clip did nothing for me. It just feels like the usual. even jodie's acting wasn't very good



Fires of Pompeii


52 seconds is the new 6 lines.


Its on the tip of my…



I really like jodie's delivery desu, I like how physically expressive she was doing things like touching her tongue


File: 286d24b876be176⋯.jpg (34.53 KB, 435x354, 145:118, 1499174078195.jpg)


I liked the tongue thing but her delivery just didn't feel very convincing, in general.

I'm trying not to be too negative but the scene feels like it was written by a bot that's just read new series Doctor's lines and is using predictive text. Sometimes the corny lines are fine, when the actor is able to elevate them but I don't know.

She does seem comfortable in the role, and I guess playing it safe by modelling her heavily after previous Doctors does make sense. I just had my expectations so high, thought we were getting something NEW.

Still, it's just a tiny snippet of a post-regen scene, things can change…


These goggles look SHEEP, at least.

I wonder if this leak was intentional, to try and build hype and also reassure fans that she's still that wacky ole Doctor they love so much.


File: 93b8a5e937b8502⋯.jpg (383.36 KB, 500x488, 125:122, saiga 3.jpg)


Until we get at least a full trailer I'm just going to keep in mind






Shes got the big tits.

Shes got the big vagina

All the good packages



Personally, I'm using Deep Breath to keep me grounded.

I was expecting a big shift with Capaldi's first episode, and was mostly disappointed at how Matt Smithy it was at first. But Capaldi went on to become my favourite Doctor with my favourite seasons.

Please, Jodie.



I always give a new Doctor 3 episodes to settle.


The sonic looks like shit but I don't really mind because it always does. At least it's just ugly instead of overdesigned.


File: 6c3486217ba52c8⋯.png (309.91 KB, 559x511, 559:511, 6c3486217ba52c852071cdb20d….png)



The dialogue worries me. Feels too unnatural. Specifically the whats ya name part.



I think that it's perfectly in character for the Doctor to prefer a "name, not position." Sounds like something Four might say.


oh god i hated the idea of a female doctor but i can already tell she's going to make my peepee stick out

i've been watching doctor who since i was a kid and seeing the character as a female is like some fetish shit



back to 4chan you fucking weirdo



i actually liked that line, i assumed they were gonna follow it up with her saying she's the doctor though

>name, not your position

<*says name*, whats yours?

>the doctor

<that's a position!

>no its not it's me name!



t. incestuous cultist



>expecting Moffat-quality writing in 2018



You're going to have a nasty shock if you think libs are welcome on 8ch.



The scene plays exactly like Moffat on autopilot. That's the problem.


>Hold on there please madam I need you to do as I say this could be a potential crime sce-

>Why are you calling me madam?

>Because… you're a woman?

>Am I? …Does it suit me?


>Oh yeh! I remember! Sorry, half an hour ago I was a white haired scotsman. When's the next train due?

>This is the last won back

>But the doors are locked how did you both get in?

>Drivers wing was smashed in [? audio sounds like two takes were blended together]

>Wot's your name?

>PC Khan, Hallamshire police

>Name not title

>Yasmin Khan, Yas to my friends can I have your name please?

>When I can remember it.

>You don't know your own name?

>Course I know it, [the start of this line has some weird audio blending too]

>just… can't remember it sright there on the tip of my… uehh ..whassa?


>Toong! Smart boy! Biology. What does she call you? Ryan?

>Yeah, Ryan Sinclair

>Good name. Are you a doctor, Ryan?


>Shame. I'm looking for a doctor.



Why would Yasmin say "Yas to my friends" when she's on official police duty and talking to a strange unknown person?


File: 74f094b7269ab24⋯.jpg (333.87 KB, 1280x836, 320:209, 1496822528299.jpg)


>Yasmin Khan, Yas to my friends

I know this is me being overly critical, but why would a police officer include this little tidbit about what her friends call her? That's such script-y friends.


Oh, contact.



I got distracted by anon mindmelding with me that I for some reason wrote "friends" again.




I'm fine with the Doctor asking "name, not position", but Yas responding right off the cuff like that felt weirdly paced, like she should have had a reaction in there before she responded. Maybe an "Uhhh," or a scoff, or a look to Ryan.



I like how the Doctor notes that it doesn't make sense how they got in. Shows that her mind is still quick.


File: 20854bbb5a979e3⋯.png (94.95 KB, 245x221, 245:221, 1492840874030.png)


>Shows that her mind is still quick.

This made me laugh. What the fuck are you talking about? Did you think they were going to dumb down the Doctor because they're a woman now? Are you insane?


Death Grips UK/EU tour announced. Anyone going?



Some people are.


i wonder if

>im looking for a doctor

is captain jack bait, chibnall had to have wrote that line for jack a dozen times at this point


yeah that felt a bit dumb imo




I sincerely hope not










Wrong streamfag m80















TBF, that's all still in the initial "this is not that bad" phase.















this is /who/'s logical endpoint and that's a gig thing












"Yas to my friends" is terrible.




t. neo







it is a fucking odd thing to interject into a conversation with a stranger.





Chib tier writing








Welp, looks like this is it, Cloister. We had a good run, but it's time to let /who/ die.



The leak doesn't give us anything substantial to work with, people who are being overly positive/negative over a 50 second clip are analysing the clip way too much.



>yfw gareth likes his men hairy






Anon, "No fun allowed" to my friends


"yas to my friends" is gonna have it's own dedicated section on a wikipedia page called "timeline of events leading up to the cancellation of Doctor Who"



no it's not




Is this the beginning of the next epic meme?






>"hey jodie, who's your favourite member of The Verve?"

<"T O N G"


File: 771ed3651239a80⋯.jpg (87.87 KB, 400x600, 2:3, thumbs up.jpg)


Ironic that a man whose only hair is on his neck and forehead is so disgusted by a smooth, hairless chest.


File: 34b75d30cfec68d⋯.jpg (18.79 KB, 603x344, 603:344, whassat..JPG)







>one minute-long leak

>dildo sonic screwdriver

>cunnilingus joke

Female Doctor is going all-out.



>cunnilingus joke

are you 12? how is mentioning a tongue a cunnilingus joke


File: df1044fde36859f⋯.png (302.75 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1517275129029.png)


>cunnilingus joke




anon's obviously joking plehbs




Maybe he's just psychologically triggered by the concept of hair removal cream due to his own, er, condition.




I was memeing you fucking snowflakes



/who/'s mental functions are declining as senility seeps in, I wouldn't worry too much.



How does he feel about fellow smoothgay Matt Lucas?


File: da141dc846b2685⋯.png (17.72 KB, 698x1284, 349:642, 1496843285258.png)



>say something dumb

>people call it dumb

>I w-was just kidding!

I got the DWE right here.



But I'm not even the one who posted it


File: 0d0df9642401a29⋯.jpg (53.24 KB, 741x698, 741:698, chiautzu.JPG)


s-so was i-i ?











battle of canary morph



>thinks a peer is dumb enough to genuinely interpret that line as a cunnilingus joke

DWE of your assumed superiority?


File: 50a2458b00f89d7⋯.png (529.51 KB, 708x526, 354:263, 1496750671348.png)


you're really going all-out on this defense huh


Here we go, we're on a roll


File: 2a8d9e2b8e1227c⋯.jpg (566.98 KB, 900x1128, 75:94, watersports sarah jane.jpg)





>if I project my stupidity onto others no-one will realize I'm stupid!!!!

Way to ruin a developing meme, retard.



Hetfags leave




I'm still not that anon but your utter lack of reading comprehension is still shitting me to tears

If you thought he really genuinely believed it was a cunnilingus joke then by extension he really believes the sonic is supposed to look like a dildo which is patently absurd to the same extent

inb4 meme response with smug reaction pic



should I have said "inferior"?



Nothing of value was lost desu,



>my friends, people whose opinions I trust, already told me it was worse than The Twin Dilemma



Nilso is like a modern fairytale



Nilso and the /who/res, too



sorry for ruining your "developing meme" of dude cunnilingus lmao

/who/ has lost a great contribution this day


why do you type like such a fucking nerd



>getting mad



>So I gather something leaked. BIG DEAL !!!!!!! SO not interested because my friends, people whose opinions I trust, already told me it was worse than The Twin Dilemma. This is a horrible period with a horrible unsuitable producer, and I just fervently pray for it to pass quickly

does this have meme potential


File: 9bcc7afc1889b28⋯.jpg (19.45 KB, 460x276, 5:3, 1500273194125.jpg)





>"y-you type like a nerd"

Hang your fucking reaction pic folder in shame



how is calling someone a nerd backtracking? you "both" started saying really embarrassing things, how am I supposed to react

or is pretending to be losers that debate "developing memes" part of the prank too


File: 2a79f406e205128⋯.jpeg (35.82 KB, 519x307, 519:307, 1500273194123.jpeg)

>tfw you try your best to develop a meme but nobody gets it


Imagine starting beef in a Doctor Who forum


File: bf4ec06378d721a⋯.gif (1.89 MB, 200x200, 1:1, 1528933850281.gif)

>fighting this much over a misinterpreted joke



I assumed you were the guy who thought cunnilingusposter was serious, now calling it a meme

if I was wrong I retract the backtracking comment. looks like I'm backtracking now haha

anyway I'm past the point of any investment in this argument



you just coolly admitted you misinterpreted it, other anon was being a smug cunt


So I gather something got released. BIG DEAL !!!!!! SO not interested because my friends, people whose opinions I trust, already told me it was worse than Timewyrm: Genesys. This is a horrible anthology with a horrible unsuitable general, and I just fervently pray for it to fuck offerino quickly.



so the person who said they were shitting themselves to tears from my utter lack of reading comprehension couldn't even see that the "developing meme" was a direct quote?

>anyway I'm past the point of any investment in this argument



File: 0bbe49ca69b643e⋯.jpeg (42.56 KB, 527x308, 527:308, 1500273194124.jpeg)


>tfw someone calls your developing meme a "misinterpreted joke"


itt assmad anons

the only tolerable users now are trips


For seven and eight, is it more Reddit to like the novels or the Briggs Finish audios?


>the doctor acts impressed when someone knows very basic child level human anatomy

>this someone just HAPPENS to be a minority

surely not chris….



For 7: audios

For 8: both but the novels moreso


>the doctor visibly has fingers

wow, how did chibnall slip a fingering joke past the BBC?



but implying that it's not funny means that you acknowledge it as a joke

Pick a lane, Michael


neo you wanted something from me? i dm'ed you on twitter



but the original joke had multiple levels of context, the tung meme and the dildo sonic



>but implying that it's not funny

what are you talking about


check your discord


>Smart boy! Biology.

this is chibnall trying his hardest to be funny



>what are you talking about

you said "dude cunnilingus lmao" you senile devil



I certainly did



>check your discord

it's as barren as nilsos womb



so that's the answer to your question



check your homing pigeon coop



what question?





>what are you talking about

that one you literally just asked me


The 8chan front page is so steeped in cringe. We're the only good thing on this accursed website.



shit-stained and filled with feathers like nilsos doona



I never said that






Yeah, and I never posted t, nilso



You being a nilsoposter explains everything about this conversation.


it's right on the tip of my…



lil nilso





>he doesn't like nilsoposting

Oh no no no…


File: dd6662da89b51b8⋯.jpg (76.67 KB, 640x640, 1:1, nilsolaugh.jpg)


>not being a Nilsoposter in 2018



t. Nilso


why is she "looking for a doctor" tho



Then why did you come here? When in Rome, eat like a Roman.



that's what I'd do if I lost me cock


File: 70e8ce6396cf299⋯.jpg (25.86 KB, 367x464, 367:464, cybermantomb.jpg)


>Then why did you come here?

We do what we must to survive



She's SEARCHING for her IDENTITY! iss deep



so this is the power of chibbkino…


When Neo said ages ago about the DOTD novel re-stoking his love of Doctor Who… i'm feeling it now


File: 2de3890a7de1c1d⋯.jpg (65.08 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, doctor_who_2005.9x08.the_z….jpg)




Oh shit I'm feeling it



Is this a fingering joke?



god i wish that were me


Bit longer and we will once more be the fastest thread on the entire site.






wow 8chan is pretty fucking dead if we're a notable entity on it


Nilso got locked up facing 50



Hanging out with Nilso

I heard he's in fucking custody


nilso dominates 8chan



We're in the "Fast Threads" list on the front page almost constantly. It's fucking weird because I always figured 8ch must be hugely active given the unlimited allowance for people creating their own boards, but I guess it just died on its face because a) no-one cared and b) no-one wants to cohabitate with 8channers.

We on the other hand are an active community that just migrated directly over fom 4chan.



She hit her head when she landed so she needs a doctor to assess whether she has concussion


File: 327279bc295024f⋯.png (302.51 KB, 548x407, 548:407, q2e0b4y846611.png)



File: bd870568d012aaf⋯.webm (3.65 MB, 720x404, 180:101, sweet mother.webm)



like morph's pussy






We need some Auton Stratagem webms


Sloaths oaths


Sloaths sexy


I love Sloath


Sloath likes both


Sloath baby come home


Screaming and screeching for Sloath




Slorphant scissoring


big tiddy sloath bf


Sloathe and Slather


Sloaths spamming the thread



Go outside.




Lil Nilso & Slender Sloath






>thinking sloath wouldn't approve of this



its just 'gig'. you just say 'gig'


what do you think goes through the mind of streamfriend obsession anon?








Very little.



Images of Sloath





Have we found the new Nilso?


File: 69a7b56453947c7⋯.png (633.27 KB, 865x619, 865:619, monster_primary.png)





ingiga… gig to my friends.


Sloaths got a call from Nilso saying I'm home honey there's rose petals on the bed…


cloi is a gud boi





>tfw no catchy 3 letter way of shortening sloath


File: a07eb933c7103d9⋯.jpg (152.9 KB, 709x945, 709:945, 1529945661644.jpg)







Is slorphant gay or het? I have to know before I start shipping it agressively











I was just calling you gig

Maybe with Neo





neo isn't affectionate enough for that, he's a pump and dump fuckboy


Who wants to dock with Neo?



neo's cut though





Don't have to tell me

t. neo's bastard child


>Torchwood is returning but is the team ready for its greatest threat to date…? They’ll be fighting an alien god in the fiery start to series 6 of Torchwood – God Among Us.




>Jack and a bunch of random people




isn't yvonne meant to be dead?


File: fd9b57d31fe48c4⋯.jpg (169.37 KB, 436x436, 1:1, bb121273-6ef9-4e00-80e1-c1….jpg)



why are there so many epilogues?



Because the characters are so good and the author couldn't stop coming back to them o(^-^)o


you're a popular man giga

you too sloath and morphant


was "a time for heroes" a political statement about trump's presidency?


Holy crep, Lois!



We're in Undertale


File: 671f287ac612bf2⋯.jpg (86.1 KB, 1024x809, 1024:809, 671f287ac612bf2f26b7a425c6….jpg)





who the FUCK is T. Nilso??



Terrence Nilso, founder of doctor who general




It's spelt genaral dumbass.



yeah wtf, how did she survive the upgrade? even if she did, wouldnt she have got sucked into the void? all the cybus stuff was soaked in void radiation, so all the cybermen got sucked off kek



It’s an alternate universe Yvonne, like how Rose’s dad returned after Father’s Day



Fair enough I guess. Im not going to listen to new torchwood


Which general are we discussing? One of the UNIT lads I expect?



is it pete's world yvonne or just some random alternate universe they only came up with to justify how they could use the character?



Yes, she came to the main universe with the cybermen in Doomsday



I actually found it by myself but you'd be amused to hear what I was looking for - I'll let you know.


It's incredible isn't it. Pure heaven.



We hit fastest thread often desu.


I have a wide range.


I still haven't listened to Aliens Among Us Part 3 because the first two parts were the lone major misfires in the TW range imo.


Wish you'd have spoilered this as it is a big revelation for the range.


Sometimes there just fuck my shit up.


Person I don't name anymore, was the CC you sent me fourteen hours ago regarding something else beginning with C?


File: 9acd0199977cb86⋯.png (205.11 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, kj92Fs9.png)




did you maybe mean to post a different picture there neo



>Orfa Damors


File: 3ea4778f9ac5525⋯.jpg (369.87 KB, 966x1919, 966:1919, 650f550daff04581efa5c7cce9….jpg)


You're implying I posted it out of error instead of comedic value. Annoyed by that.



Is this a cunnilingus joke?



Genuinely don't know what you mean by that.



Sorry, didn’t realise. I only know because I went to her wiki page



To be fair BF plaster her all over the covers now so I guess the cat's out of the bag anyway, although the specifics of her return are still spoilable I guess.













I should probably get used to seeing my trip again then.


>implying anyone ever should think moff was a bad producer

I mean, say what you will about the writing but the man did bring the show into hd, brought it into theaters, saw huge expansions in the budget and production and quality of the cinematography and got some really talented people working on the show.

I dunno if chibbers is ready on a producer level. Time will tell.





>bring the show into hd

RTD did that in the Specials

>saw huge expansions in the budget

The budget was actually decreased from the Tennant era, though












sloathoids, morphoids, nilsoids, gigoids






IDBI, nilsos actually het


sesska when


heaven sent reaction in 3 days




Did the first episode leak? ARE WE LEAK /WHO/ AGAIN?


Will Sesska catch up in time for series 11? If not, will she do 2 a week instead of 1 to catch up by the finale?



just 53 seconds


I propose we rename "B.C." and "A.D" to BHS and AHS, meaning "Before Heaven Sent" and "After Heaven Sent". After all, it's the closest we've come to Jesus returning.



how many weeks until S11? There's still 17 episodes for her to get through before she catches up


Doctor Who first aired in the year 52BHS. It's currently 2AHS.



Do you also rework the calendar so the day after HS aired is January 1?


Donald Trump was elected president in 0BHS and rose to power in 1AHS.


The Last Jedi is a good movie because it challenges viewers by subverting expectations and the only people bashing it are misogynistic alt-right "incels". TLJ questions viewers' assumptions and expectations about gender identity and its relation to trust, and its bad reception is evidence of the toxic masculinity omnipresent in western society, and highly indicative of how the Star Wars fanbase is full of immature manchildren who are too afraid of strong women to be able to accept female leads in a dumb movie. Thankfully Disney is taking the series in a new direction which appeals to a new, younger, and more progressive audience. While some people do claim that they did not like the plot, that simply means that they did not like intelligent writing that subverts expectations, questions norms, and deconstructs the narrative structure of the series. They are the sort of people who enjoy mindless CG-filled action flicks like Transformers, Resident Evil, and Warcraft, and while it might be unfair to call their opinions irrelevant, it would not be an exaggeration to say that giving them attention would be the equivalent of allowing an uneducated swine farmer to opine on and critique fine art.



Yes. This will be the Caecilian calendar, named after Peter Capaldi's character in The Fires of Pompeii.



I've not seen TLJ and could not possibly care less about it.






Legendary morph-uh, moments of /who/




TFA was shit but it was much better than TLJ, the only part about TLJ that was better was reys characterisation, and even then it was still shit, just not as shit


Star Wars movies are made for children so the toys will sell. You wouldn’t watch a children’s movie/tv show, would you /who/?



Ironic, considering Cloi's disdain for the series.


Yes i fell for the cunnilingus meme being serious, it seemed serious at the time

Yes, i fell for a joke. Have at me


File: 7be574b7015e744⋯.jpg (373.04 KB, 1024x1200, 64:75, 26-neil-gaiman-1.w512.h600….jpg)

Well I used to stand for something

But forgot what that could be

There's a lot of me inside you

Maybe you're afraid to see

Well I used to stand for something

Now I'm on my hands and knees

Traded in my god for this one

And he signs his name with a capital G



Neil gay man



…is a better writer than Steven Moffat and Russell T Davies



I disagree. On average, he is worse than both RTD and Moffat



I disagree. On average, he is better than both RTD and Moffat



He does not have any episodes that surpass Midnight, Turn Left, Empty Child or Heaven Sent



>(he's still fails at being an effective villain).





he's not meant to be the villain

also your nostalgia argument doesnt work because i watched the OT and TFA for the first time a week before i went and saw TLJ.



Of Doctor Who, maybe.


Neil Gaiman will unironically be remembered long, long after RTD and Moff and I don't even think that's a controversial thing to say.


Fact is, Moffat's a good Doctor Who writer, but Gaiman's a good writer.



this, when did moff stop being fun?



I hope he novelises a Doctor Who episode so RTD and Moffat can beat him at that too





RTD and Moffat write novelisations. Gaiman writes novels.


Neo Gaiman


Claudia Boleyn is a prime example of why we need to remove the 'B' from LGBT+


RTD and Moffat write novelisations. Loz writes novels.


File: 5fb909fc038b973⋯.jpeg (15.37 KB, 300x400, 3:4, 1529063878495-png--152908….jpeg)



RTD and Moffat write Doctor Who. Loz writes fanfiction.


RTD and Moff write stories in series other people create. Gaiman creates series other people go on to write in.


Loz doesn't even write.




RTD has two original shows this year. You’re right about Moffat


Biscum have relative privilege over gay people because they can remain in the closet more easily and pass as straight. Furthermore bi men contribute to the objectification of women. Ergo all biscum must be eliminated


Say it with me: Neil Gaiman is Neo's latest obsession.



Moff wrote every episode.


RTD wrote every episode of them. That said, you could bring up Banana.


Anyone here watch Coupling. It’s really eye opening to Moffat’s misogyny


File: 13d04c1a23f17a4⋯.png (922.82 KB, 1252x705, 1252:705, Screen-Shot-2017-12-26-at-….png)

It's a great big white world

And we are drained of our colours

We used to love ourselves

We used to love one another


Gigas biphobic manifesto


File: ddd8469ef5a079e⋯.jpg (14.09 KB, 350x235, 70:47, RenditionJack.jpg)

yeah… im thinking he's back



He's not even joking/wrong desu


bye bye bis



He views lesbians as sex objects. There are entire episodes revolving around him masturbating to lesbians.


Reminder that RTD is transphobic.


File: d89aab34510bc44⋯.jpg (325.33 KB, 550x743, 550:743, Matt-Smith-Movie-Set-Mappl….jpg)

There's lots of pretty, pretty ones

That want to get you high

But all the pretty, pretty ones

Will leave you low and blow your mind

We're all stars now, in the dope show


File: 9b684b32c746e8f⋯.jpg (91.21 KB, 570x733, 570:733, dwm-469.jpg)

They love you when you're on all the covers

When you're not, then they love another




t. claudia


sesska when



The only woman with woke opinions on Moff I trust is Sandy



legendary post on 8 chan dot com


File: d384b922f2bcb94⋯.png (187.24 KB, 729x1408, 729:1408, 1530005205568.png)




Are you implying the lyric applies to me?



how is he even real



I too saw that thread on /tv/


File: 924b8ba1ccfed38⋯.jpg (67.03 KB, 494x720, 247:360, 3c0eg6cjewc.jpg)








Reminder that bookclub






Tomorrow. First two stories.



dwe of people being uncontrollably mad at anything and everything?




That doesn’t make it any less misogynistic



is that boy on the picture, young Moff?



Yes! Legendary pic of him reading a target



File: b18af051a97bbe4⋯.jpg (88.11 KB, 2181x740, 2181:740, thebeginning.jpg)

Something is coming tomorrow…



>SCOTUS decided that the order itself is valid and within the scope of president's authority.

>However, given Trump's statements, this particular order may be unconstitutional. They did not make a decision on that.

wew what kind of logic is that


sesska fucking WHEN



soy leakage on brain



i have no idea how seppo land even works, how can it be his unilateral power but still be stopped by a court because of what he tweeted? ?


imagine putting "gamer" in your twitter bio


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I am a gamer

and I always will be


nilsos a cyclist



Gamers don’t like identity politics!



I am an identity politic and I always will be


I am a morphant and I always will be


The DWE equivalent of KMT being bullied off social media by Star Wars ‘fans’ is Helen Raynor quitting Doctor Who after the fab reaction to Evolution of the Daleks


i will not forget one level of this, not one game, i swear, i will always remember when the gamer was me



fan not fab









…but she wrote a story in the very next series


I can honestly say that I've been asked a million times why I play games and I normally just shrug and say it's a hobby, but that's a lie – because when I’m in game, I’m at home.

From the flames of Cataclysm, to the icy mountains of Tamriel, anywhere I venture is the place I love and know.

My entire life, people preach that I could be anything that I wanted to be, but when I told them that I wanted to be the captain of a ship, a spaceship, the spaceship that saves humanity, that I wanted to be Commander Sheperd? They told me I needed to get a grip on reality.

And to them, a grip on reality means the American dream – working 9 to 5, crammed up in a tiny cubicle, having 2.5 kids, a two-story suburban house, and a white picket fence. I divorce once and I have debt into my early thirties because I took some bullshit university degree that’s supposed to help me in the end.

This isn’t reality! This is just a dull outlook on it. Now I understand it’s human nature to achieve greatness…but I can do this as Commander Shepard. I don’t need a degree, and if I want to go on and venture, I don’t ever have to leave the comfort of my own home!

Yet people spend an entire salary to travel, and I can’t help but LAUGH – I’ve single-handedly stopped a reign of ancient wyverns from destroying a nation!

But before I could do that, I had to learn their language, become a master in swordsmanship, smithing, archery, defence, magic, speech, hunting, and thieving, not to mention I had to take down an entire fleet of assassins along with a brigade of smugglers before I could even start my lessons in dragonspeak.

I’ve always enjoyed an adventure, but I hated pawning my limbs to afford an 18 hour car ride, and aside from being told that I can enjoy a white picket fence at the end of my career. All my years as a student was a balance between fractal formulas and believing I’d never be able to love, which is literal insanity.

I’ve saved Princess Peach, I wanted to be the guy and I became the guy. I saved Bandage Girl, and I’ve been Link for generations, just to save Princess Zelda. But yet, I’m the eternal virgin!?

I’m the guy that’s never going to love, and sometimes this shit doesn’t make sense to me. Why people assume that I need to be out doing something, and away from home, to have fun, when I have my own reality grasped between my hands.

I have my own world at my fingertips, if I screw something up, I can rewind time! I can’t do that in real life, but when I’m in-game, I’m free to do what I please, when I please.

I’m free to enjoy things the way I want to. I can build my own kingdom, and lead my people to freedom, because I’m the mind behind the game.

I’m the one who enjoys these games.

I am a gamer.

And I always will be.


File: 30a6a72dbe098f5⋯.jpg (81.18 KB, 620x413, 620:413, groot.jpg)

I am Sloath



Scripts are written so far in advance I wouldn’t be surprised if she had already been contracted for the sontaran episodes when her Dalek ones aired



I’m a SuperWhoLockian, Whovian to my friends


I'm a gamer - but probably not the one you were expecting.





File: 3a60c9dab465e41⋯.jpg (84.25 KB, 1242x768, 207:128, morphant no more..jpg)


File: 7fab4b90b29aebb⋯.png (34.16 KB, 1028x260, 257:65, Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at ….png)

feels good man


why the fuck doesn't sesska just upload her videos early and schedule them to become public at a given time






Guess again


File: 4f3ab86a67b6f3f⋯.jpg (9.78 KB, 400x225, 16:9, Bajo.jpg)


File: dd4bf16dcbce9d4⋯.jpg (38.82 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

He has the power to wipe out the entire human race


I am a singer padre and always will be




File: 451c8e87131f8cf⋯.jpg (60.53 KB, 1080x638, 540:319, curator.jpg)

Imagine being this pleb.



He isn't the Doctor though.




A pleb who comprehended the dialogue exchange.


>there are people RIGHT NOW who think the curator isn't a future doctor


File: a6d2eb7eee2adec⋯.jpg (18.53 KB, 608x336, 38:21, dreamland.jpg)

Grey of the Doctor




He isn't a future Doctor, Moff is as clear with this as he can be.



He is that glass stuff from xmas


Neo's just being tricky again, he means that the Curator is the same person as the Doctor, just doesn't keep the title.


File: c91838480258d64⋯.jpg (55.2 KB, 556x310, 278:155, Bajo17th.jpg)

The trailer will be out on the 17th














>Neo contraryposting

Well that didn't subvert my expections



Where am I being contrary?



The Australian doctor who panel show having a gamer as a regular is so disappointing


kindas a gamer



What's the cut-off to being a gamer? Am I a gamer? I haven't played a game in over a year.


File: 84c469f76111849⋯.jpg (53.63 KB, 450x600, 3:4, hay dalek.jpg)

The Hay of the Doctor


File: abc35be2a049f50⋯.jpg (421.1 KB, 1300x1080, 65:54, Padre-Nilso-Motta.jpg)

The Gay of the Doctor



Hand in your gamer card



Bajo hosted a show called Good Game which was about video games.


File: a2ef6f03e88e6f9⋯.jpg (251.29 KB, 534x480, 89:80, slime doctor who.jpg)

The Slime of the Doctor



You have been watching anime based on games




>watching anime




Bajo is fucking based though



2011 was a weird year for merchandise



I know?


Who gets the card?




File: 617afc8ff784989⋯.jpg (122.1 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, yippee kiyay.jpg)

The Sleigh of the Doctor



Give me your card. I'll hand it into my local Gamestop Plus


I'm going to flip if Sesska doesn't upload within the next 34 minutes.



Who are you?




Christine Chandler



An old face



Don't call anybody





File: 2d6ff58448f2433⋯.png (516.9 KB, 1031x593, 1031:593, ClipboardImage.png)

>im saying that doctor who has a standard, you must be a certified doctor to be doctor who, you have to be a doctor to be doctor who



what has theresa may done that's not kind?



File: 6a4f83f284399f6⋯.jpeg (15.64 KB, 300x400, 3:4, 1529081340387-jpg--6df855….jpeg)



Are you British?



t. "centrist" nilso



be a tory





File: 0a5143b3d199ef4⋯.jpg (21.77 KB, 425x328, 425:328, preview.jpg)






File: 716c9c14befc04e⋯.jpg (105.75 KB, 475x420, 95:84, 2nilso.jpg)



I'd rather not, thank you


File: 4468bf6236f21c1⋯.jpg (26.59 KB, 355x355, 1:1, 71gtkYdV3UL._SY355_.jpg)







File: 0bc365e70a682df⋯.jpg (20.87 KB, 448x448, 1:1, 1516721198516.jpg)

Yeah, I'm thinking he's back


File: cf8eedcadc25183⋯.png (17.65 KB, 608x227, 608:227, 1516721468674.png)




Run you clever Doctor and be a boy


run you clever nilso and be a tory


I don't understand UK politics


So I gather something leaked. BIG DEAL !!!!!!!

SO not interested because my friends, people whose opinions I trust, already told me it was worse than The Twin Dilemma. This is a horrible period with a horrible unsuitable producer, and I just fervently pray for it to pass quickly


File: 9caf18b494215d4⋯.jpeg (14.26 KB, 300x400, 3:4, 6df8551fab1deae8283aae7fc….jpeg)

mfw nilso. just…nilso.



Thought you were questioning why I thought Bajo was a gamer. To answer your question properly then, a gamer is someone who thinks of video games as a large part of their life and it is one of their defining characteristics


File: d801f62fea3a617⋯.gif (847.91 KB, 665x662, 665:662, 1494290145119.gif)


>worse than The Twin Dilemma



kk. are you a gamer


So I gather something leaked. BIG DEAL !!!!!!!

SO not interested because my friends, people whose opinions I trust, already told me it was worse than Government Plates. This is a horrible period with a horrible unsuitable producer, and I just fervently pray for it to pass quickly


So I gather something leaked. BIG DEAL !!!!!!!

SO not interested because my friends, people whose opinions I trust, already told me it was worse than The Holocaust. This is a horrible period with a horrible unsuitable producer, and I just fervently pray for it to pass quickly


i love you death grips anon


File: ed4fc73e7e47771⋯.jpg (13.12 KB, 524x178, 262:89, thebeginning.jpg)





I like single player video games so I don’t have to interact with gamers



You're interacting with one right now





File: 87aa441e86daf8d⋯.png (28.59 KB, 642x224, 321:112, who tweet.png)


File: fcc1b2844929395⋯.jpeg (15.52 KB, 300x400, 3:4, 444444444-jpg--6ad12852a5….jpeg)



reshoots incomings



Some, I assume, are good people



Am I?



I’ve not seen anything to make me think you’re a bad person



Would you like to?


>im a gamer

<name not title!




Who else would the curator be, if not a future incarnation of The Doctor?



The Other



Bajo, Baz to my friends


File: 1a83fc1f434cd7c⋯.png (2.22 MB, 2027x2048, 2027:2048, unknown-2.png)

thoughts on the new phone box?



he's one of the heaven sent capals that escaped



not sold on the bright blue light yet, I think it clashes with the yellow windows and teal paintjob



Do you think an alien race came and scooped a Capaldi out of the dial like that cliffhanger in Carnival of Monsters?



Does the woman come with it?



>every episode that is either contemporary or in the future from now on is happening while a desperate Capaldi punches a diamond wall



No. Thats silly



So, if the Curator's being an incarnation of the Doctor that doesn't use the title means he's moreso the Other, then does that also make the War Doctor an incarnation of the Other?



everything but the girl



The Watcher


>there are loomfags who haven't even read lungbarrow and believe susan was loomed


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

My mental soundscape when Chibnall was announced as showrunner


>The first manlet Doctor in the new series is a woman

Manlets BTFO


im the Gamer and I save Files



OwO what's this?



Paul is the manlet


File: 39e733cdd17ff1c⋯.png (23.45 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1530027993997.png)



File: 3b3a4b2436da8bd⋯.jpg (101.16 KB, 536x628, 134:157, 1499120428824.jpg)




No one has time to read 60 novels by the aptly named company Virgin.


File: c0b6d3d5e5c0ac8⋯.png (82.65 KB, 300x168, 25:14, ClipboardImage.png)



>didn't upload within 34 minutes

ƃuᴉddᴉlɟ ɯ,ᴉ 'ʇᴉ s,ʇɐɥʇ


Jack Graham is kinda really growing on me.



you might need surgery to get that removed


Does Sesska intentionally make us wait longer for the best reactions? I swear on a normal Tuesday SJA would be uploaded 6 hours ago.


Paul McGannlet



It's probably a longer reaction than usual for SJA and will take longer to upload.



>what is upload scheduling


File: 8167a8a39526b27⋯.png (151.01 KB, 636x299, 636:299, ClipboardImage.png)

Yes, it is, you can, and you will, or this server will be over. I'll show you and all your funny little friends to the whole laughing world. I'll bring herobrine, I'll bring the endermen. Give me a minute, I'll bring the creepers and the zombie pigmen. You will save my diamond pickaxe and you will do it now, or I will rain hell on you for the rest of time.



Paul is a classic doctor, as evidenced by the Briggs Finish box set Classic Doctors, New Monsters. Jodie is the first manlet from the new series



Guys I'm fucking crying

Turn on twitter RIGHT NOW

oh jess :'(






Gie us a link



she hasn't posted anything on her twitter in 3 hours and her most recent tweet is >>51918

you've been memed


File: 698e6a33b56a399⋯.webm (1.48 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, .webm)



I didn’t know Jess meant sesska, I also don’t refer to people by their real name if they wish to go by a username online


series 11 will be the most reddit since series 5



i think youre reaching a bit



>being this insecure over tumblr liking something


Everything about Moffat who feels like an attempt to win back the 60s crowd. Colourful daleks, dark blue Tardis with light sign and badge emblem, new Doctor is just young Patrick Troughton by the looks of things



Took you long enough.



That post was a test for your reaction.



But seriously, I still think he's a prat but so is Sandy and you know what a fan I am of her. I'm reading his posts on JK Rowling and they're excellent.



I just always thought "he writes so pompously" was an odd thing to put you off content that seems otherwise so up your alley, especially given your own propensity for the same.


File: 338efe62ad578b6⋯.jpg (49.36 KB, 602x376, 301:188, main-qimg-1800a39108188866….jpg)

This is going on Instagram, we're doing it right now, this is me and Jodie Whittaker, the new Doctor by the way, we're going to present an award at the Baaaaftas




BaaaaAaaftas, and we're going on admit, say hello to all the faaaans, Jode.

<Hi, hi, Bradders bangers fans.. not my own fans!

Listen, we're looking forward to the BAFTAS what's the BAFTAS? We'll be on tonight, me and Jode, the Doctor, the Doctor, the Doctor! Uuuwaaaaahhhh!



> I just want good sci-fi adventures. I don't want the goo goo baa baa fartyboo bullshit, that the BBC are determined to give us.




Or: get this. Moffat Who wanted to be a big contrast to RTD Who, so the warm red-orange logo became a cool blue; the battered blue TARDIS became clean and dark, and the sonic screwdriver became metallic and chunky. A lot of things took a completely opposite direction to make an impact.

Naturally Chibnall wants his own era to be a big contrast to Moffat Who, so logically, to be a contrast it changes to the opposite, which happens to be closer to the RTD era. It's not a way of "winning back" fans, it's a case of making a clear impact that the brand is being reinvented.



>he doesn't like The Girl Who Died



I don't mean to do the same, in fact it upsets me that I do, and when I say that I don't mean in his actual style of writing so much as the way he frames what he's saying. That is, not his word selection, but the assurance behind it. I have the same problem with Sandy but am more familiar with her work and process so it tends to bother me less.


what will be the "doctor (((who))).webm" of s11e1?



It will be difficult to compress the entire series into a webm.



Rosa Parks



What will tell the truth that right wing people don’t like hearing? Anything about 13 being good



There is no historical analogue to fighting a giant potato and I say that as a genuine fan of potato-based conflict.



>Make the logo green

It isn't really as simple as that. I'm almost certain that would have been brainstormed, but they decided it wouldn't fit the tone of the show. Chibnall will want to distance his version of the show from both Moff's and RTD's to make an impact. You literally can't make "observations" and say it's clear when you have no proof that that's the intention.


How many white male villains will we get this series?



potato famine and the giant potato is a metaphor for the lack of potatoes



So deep



Shouldn't it be an invisible potato then



The majority of villains in Doctor Who are already white men, this won’t be a PC SJW conspiracy



The wand chooses the wizard after all



I never said it was visible, get your opaquenormativity out of here



The world of television production is far, far more complex than what you're making it out to be.



Lets up our bet. I raise you one Saiga



reminder chibb was basically forced into the role after being coaxed for years by moff and the beeb



im screencaping this because this feels like something that could actually happen


File: 30515097f42d2ee⋯.gif (1.83 MB, 500x245, 100:49, giphy.gif)


>the BBC realising there was no natural successor to Moff



An alien plantation owner


what if the doctor is the person rosa has to get up for



>the bbc knows the show peaked so they hired chris "dumb retard idiot face" chibnall to crash the show with no survivors




What if she manspreads??



It will turn out that an alien caused the Rosa Parks situation because white people have no faults and everything they’ve done wrong have been because of other people



Sometimes I remember we're getting a series from the writer of "Yas to my friends" and I piss myself laughing


You know, maybe taking a break during Series 11 is the best course of action.



Taking a break from what?



Doctor Who-related websites



Yeah, that was comfy.


File: 44314b13adcc5fd⋯.jpg (24.05 KB, 550x550, 1:1, hybrid.jpg)

There was a prophecy, Doctor, on your own world. It spoke of a hybrid creature. Two great warrior races forced together to create a warrior greater than either.


what if chibnall just says fuck it and makes rosa parks fight and kill a fat orange guy wearing a wig


File: 9e08f07caed8b0c⋯.jpg (6.24 KB, 225x225, 1:1, sad.jpg)


But the chicken was actually kino because it was an extremely obvious metaphor! The mere act of metaphor inherently makes something kino! Filing down the teeth of the actual strong characterwork the ep was doing in favour of cringe-inducing babbys first metaphor was totally worth it!


Rosa Parks won't be a main character. Instead, Ryan will witness her demonstration from a short distance, as a treat from the Doctor he gets to see a pivotal moment in black history.



13’s first episode will be really good but Neo will say it’s bad because of 6 lines, including the Yas to my friends one



We both know that would unironically be fucking amazing.








what if chibnall makes 13 inspire rosa parks to fight for her rights, imagine the fucking fury that would spark



This, sometimes it feels like people are actually looking for things to dislike so they can reassure themselves that their first impression was right.



I'm demonstrably very positive about the clip, I don't think taking well-earned jabs at a shit piece of dialogue with a writer who can struggle with it is a big deal.


I do actually expect/hope that it's this.



Are you seriously implying that line didn't stick out to you as clunky


Name one (1) thing about the clip which is actively a positive rather than just not a negative.



Jodie is Cute!



this, i woke up and literally the first thing i did was look at my phone and watch the leaked clip and it still stuck out to me



Not really. I was just under the impression that the Doctor's line about name not title just caused her to feel comfortable around her.



I'd rather name more than one.



>not bad




incidental music was nice


>it's the year of our lord 2018 (two thousand and eighteen) and we STILL haven't got an asian companion of any kind in nuwho

what the fuck? eastern culture episodes would be way more kino than modern american history shit


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

S12 theme



>tfw just remembered those fake leaks about a kris marshall doctor with an asian british history buff companion




Meant as a reply to >>52238




i watched the first season of this and liked it, is it even worth watching the second season?



I have no idea, haven't watched S2, I liked S1 so much that I was happy to leave it there.



Jack, Nardole and Adam are all from the future, although Adam is now from the past, he will be further in the past than he was in the future at broadcast next year


is bill the most unmemorable companion in nuwho?





>YAS queen

Yas to my friends


File: a531d1044298e75⋯.png (731.31 KB, 615x753, 205:251, ClipboardImage.png)







Uh, the leaked clip from S11.



The leaked clip, dongbreath





t. Hoodie


We're over 700 posts


File: de4d3d0df19d043⋯.jpg (46.44 KB, 900x900, 1:1, flat,900x900,070,f.u1.jpg)





We watched your video in stream yesterday. Still think your extremis review is best






or whatever its called


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Holy shit, the start of the vid


sexy new thread goodness when you're ready






Someone has to help her convince all those alien bad guys to bin their knives.



>shorter TARDIS to match shorter Doctor

>color chosen for fashion, we don't want to clash with her weird blue pants

>might as well just go back to tenant design, props still in storage, save some money to afford more equal pay for female brown and homo actors



Leela OR Adric? You binary 3-somephobe! Why not Leela AND Adric! Try to be more pan-genderfluid, you bigot!


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Pretty calming tbqh

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