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Shit Trips 2.5 NOW AVAILABLE! https://mega.nz/#!Uf4EDaLT!bIa_JP_rbyl7Pl9NKq8tLopyOzXJFhlSu6Z4VZnt4Uk

File: 94bbe45fda710ed⋯.jpg (2.76 MB, 4251x5100, 1417:1700, Torchwood Watch 01 Series ….jpg)


Outside the government edition

Previously, on /doctorwho/ >>66540


Will chibnall exclusively cast women in positions of authority like he did in broadchurch?


>octor who general is ead



>sitting in movie theater


>you know somebody opened an outside contraband soda can

What do you do?



Nothing, because twas me who opened the can


File: f938a9c6e65c833⋯.jpg (1.11 MB, 4250x1922, 2125:961, Torchwood Watch 01 Series ….jpg)

1 hour!



Daleks are now characterised as beings that run off of their instinctive hatred, fear and loathing of everything that is not them, while Cybermen see it as merely rational to create a twisted form of painless peace/endless survival by subsuming everything else into themselves. The Daleks are terrified of becoming corrupted and impure, which is the Cybermen's entire MO, while the Cybermen are incapable of fear but lack the imagination to predict the sadistic lengths the Daleks can go to. It could be said that the Cybermen's ultimate enemy is death, which the Daleks are the embodiment of.

The Doctor's role in this story would be the trickster providing the missing link of imagination, contradiction and compassion, proving the undoing of both sides.



Wait but it's midnight now



Moffat's already done that for him with UNIT at least.




Boomer detected in the replies

>It did become too convoluted in Moffatt’s later years and turned a younger audience away, but I agree that this looks to much the other way….it was never purely a kids’ show and this is trying TOO hard to capture the Instagram generation



It is currently 12:05 in australia



fug I thought Korea and Australia were still on the same time but we're an hour separated

Uhhhh do you guys want to start now or in an hour? I said 4PM and 11AM to the UK and US anons, which is an hour from now. Ausanons, thoughts?




G'day m98



I'm fine with starting in an hour because I'm not home yet but that obviously only applies for me



Cut that I fucked that up. Well the "in X hour" countdowns I've been doing have been relative to an hour from now and you're not home yet so we'll stick with that but yeah, definitely gonna fix up this misconception for next time.


File: 11b029b71e6dcbe⋯.jpg (121.34 KB, 511x738, 511:738, madam president.jpg)



File: fddbc49ed4a74c0⋯.png (703.57 KB, 590x788, 295:394, Kris_BTFO.png)


the anons that watched 6 seasons of death in paradise



One of them was Nilso.



Battlefield's ill-timed predictions of the near-future



Quite literally Nilso


File: 16b6170c686fdf4⋯.png (67.86 KB, 1166x339, 1166:339, geeky gay.png)

is gig a geeky gay?


where is part 2?



>that bottom comment

We live in a society



It's being written right now. You can close Microsoft Word, Sloath


File: 47a0ca04d4f6939⋯.png (230.07 KB, 1582x870, 791:435, spoilers.png)




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>We have the first writers of colour to write on Doctor Who this year – and we have two female writers and three male writers in the guest writers’ slots,




I don't see why this is a bad thing. I really like police procedural shows and it had been on my radar for a while so I binged it. I don't care what it is, whether it's Lewis/Frost/Inspector Morse/Jonathan Creek - I'll give it a go.

Also after a year of reflection I've come to the conclusion that Marshall would've been cringe as fuck.




that's the first ever OC i made for /who/


>Chris and I, and the production team, wanted to make sure that we are as diverse behind the camera


File: 5a9cda2b22e3d0a⋯.gif (164.52 KB, 245x244, 245:244, tumblr_o1nu4vsmyA1uwllovo1….gif)

30 minutes.


>The 10-part series will feature an equal female/male director split, according to Chibnall, while all of series 11’s editors, bar one, are also female.


Dilbert found an absolutely incredible piece of stealth Torchwood ARG-style marketing from 2006





Sounds pretty based, what's the problem?


File: 8736d750a98fe39⋯.png (391.94 KB, 645x639, 215:213, Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at ….png)

I, I wish you could swim


S11 is basically the show taking a year off while they try to actually turn it into a workable production that isn't cannibalising itself in an incestuous spiral. Finding new staff is part of this process.



How is it based?



hmm, i detect a gig


>"It was a big priority for us,” Strevens said. “We’re doing lots, but our plan across time is to do lots more. It should be the most inclusive show on television."



Are you expecting people to get mad or something? This isn't /tv/.


>There’s a relatively simple way to have them meet and not contradict “the Husbands of River Song” (River only knowing about the first eleven incarnations, and that being the last time she met “her” Doctor). They meet, adventure, River discovers she’s the Doctor, adventure continues, Doctor compliments River on her lipstick and asks to borrow it. Adventure concludes, everybody lives, they kiss… and River’s forgotten that she lent the Doctor her hallucinogenic lipstick. River forgets, Doctor sadly leaves, onto the next adventure. (Would be a twist on River having to hide from/erase the memory of all the Doctors before Ten!)



Will Chibnall/Strevens finally bring about the age of the trans companion?



Doctor Who is screaming out with a need for new perspectives and stories and Chibnall is self-aware enough to know he ain't exactly the guy to literally provide those. Sounds like a good strategy.


did you guys know that river actually has adventures with all the other doctors? you probably didn't they're only in Briggs Finish audios



but whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, why do we need this to happen, what would be the point



I maintain the stunt casting Doctors in the River boxsets is the kino tax for them actually being good.



It would be fun, and good for representation, honestly.


Jahans for the Master


I'm a simple man. If it's Doctor Who I will enjoy it. Even the "bad" episodes always have at least one line that is enjoyable. I don't care that the Doctor is a woman, I don't care that the new sonic looks a little….suggestive. I just want one thing. I want to see 13 remark about the fact that she still isn't ginger. I like how they are marketing this as basically another little reboot, but I just love the ongoing and trivial joke about how badly the Doctor wants to be a redhead. Have a wonderful day, Whovians. Go do something brilliant!


There needs to be a support group for all the fans for whom the Doctor was previously a bloke you'd love to go out for a kebab with… and who now is a lady you want to date if she existed in RL.

13 is "corky" - cute but dorky. She's like Root with less of the crazy issues, Cosima without the health problems and Five within an acceptable age range for a 30-something who became a fan in the wilderness years.

It's strange… not bad, just strange.



Like the dolphins



queue that reddit flag


Does anyone else here really love 13's sonic? Easily one of my favourite designs. Love how fleshy and scrappy it looks.


Like many of you I've been rewatching old New Who to pass the time until new New Who arrives. The other day it was Human Nature / Family of Blood and I couldn't believe I'd forgotten about that ending.

What he did to the Family of Blood was beyond brutal. He's endured far more than what they did and forgiven it. Has the Doctor ever stooped so low as that? Has he ever done anything worse? Even Sylvester McCoy blowing up Skaro seems tame in comparison.



Chibnall literally just admitted that his cast and crew are largely diversity hires. What's wrong with meritocracy?


Right, anti-male sexism and anti-white racism is acceptable in this SJW bubble.


New perspectives and stories from people who didn't earn their positions through merit?

Yes, this is Hoodie btw. Don't worry, I almost never post here and I won't hang around too long.


Redditposting is one of my favourite memes, especially now that we have a flag for it.



I don't believe you. Tweet to prove it.


Imagine being verged by the concept of people being excited for a TV show.



hoodie did you know that nilsos gay



>Chibnall literally just admitted that his cast and crew are largely diversity hires.



Is he really a pacifist?

He has engaged in sword fights. He has shot Ogrons and Cybermen. He has engineered the destruction of entire planets.

The scene wasn't particularly subtle admittedly but it's not really out of character for the Doctor to react violently when he comes face to face with something he finds repulsive.




Why are you giving the attention seeker attention?



So they didn't earn their jobs and someone else didn't get their position purely because of their gender and/or skin colour. Y'know, bigotry…



Why are you giving the attention seeker attention?



>they didn't earn their jobs

Yes they did. Chibnall didn't drag someone in off the street.



Anyone qualified for the job can earn it.


it's real hoodie hours


Boom Town, Bad Wolf and The Parting of the Ways about to start in CWS


That shot in The Doctor Dances panning out from Jack's ship into the TARDIS interior is so fucking good. I looked up what else the director had done, turns out he did the bee episode of Black Mirror which is a bit of a favourite of mine





The best person for the job wasn't hired.



Rachel Talalay was robbed during Capaldi's run. She should have directed every single episode because she's the best for the job. Anyone who isn't Talalay isn't good enough.


who fucking cares why they were hired, as long as they do the opposite of whatever the fuck chibnall says its bound to be kino by default



Yea. Hillary should have been Madam President



So you don't want your favourite show to be the best it can be?



If it was the best it could be, Patrick Troughton would still be alive.



The best person for the job will not be hired in 99% of hirings ever made on planet Earth.



And yet TRYING to find and hire the most qualified person is still going to get you the best results.



diversity castings are very important for not only representation but to keep things fresh and interesting



Why does representation behind the camera matter? In fact why does it matter that much in front of the camera when 82% of the UK population is white? New humans are born all the time. That's enough to keep things fresh and interesting.


my name hoodie

i like drumpf

crooked hilaRY


Don't want to kill another thread with arguments. I just wanted to see how you guys would try to defend this. I'm pissing off now. Hoodie out.



hoodie is a berniefag




This would all make sense if white, male bias wasn't an active force undermining the possibilities for talented and qualified individuals in the first place. But if course if you asked Hoodie whether or not he thinks it's a coincidence that Doctor Who is so utterly devoid of, say, female writers, he would probably attribute it to some nonsense about the "nature of women" since he has MGTOW leanings.


File: f5d0b7f5ed82b3e⋯.png (4.3 MB, 1055x1600, 211:320, ClipboardImage.png)

That's a pretty kino cover



there is nothing interesting in seeing sci-fi written by the same kind of people for 54 years


ANNE DROID: Correct. Broff, the Great Cobalt Pyramid is built on the remains of which famous Old Earth Institute?

BROFF: (a man) Er, Touchdown.

ANNE DROID: No, Torchwood.



No, HotRodCow


File: 1e59fd3aa3de260⋯.jpg (29.71 KB, 612x612, 1:1, dsp3.jpg)


File: ce4194d492df048⋯.mp4 (199.95 KB, 400x224, 25:14, drumpfo.mp4)



File: f0b9a1ad28ebda8⋯.jpg (63.27 KB, 837x306, 93:34, boe.jpg)


File: 2ceb57237feacf5⋯.jpg (81.59 KB, 877x793, 877:793, cwc.jpg)



File: db383f9475792cd⋯.jpg (94.33 KB, 2120x333, 2120:333, boe.jpg)


File: bb3c03c7c17d01b⋯.jpg (55.92 KB, 724x353, 724:353, boe.jpg)


File: 33481015d04b397⋯.png (507.22 KB, 1070x601, 1070:601, 33481015d04b3974f9ed7acf61….png)

>s11 trailer instead of Evil


>even educated fleas had sex. (TV: Hide)



Check out this epic Seventh Doctor quote:

>"In the end, Pryce was right. There is no reason why one person should not kill another. No argument against murder stands up to scrutiny. For every religious prohibition saying, "Thou shalt not kill", there's another one that allows killing under certain special circumstances – sinners are fair game, "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live", and so on. Moral codes are no better; they're just formalised opinions, without any logical backup. The sociological history of almost every race is riddled with examples of laws against murder standing beside legalized examples of murder, be they executions, wars or euthanasia. Ultimately, every single argument that we can come up with, stripped of its pretty words, boils down to a fundamental truth: we disagree with murder because we don't want to be murdered. No more and no less than that."

It's from the books of course. You wouldn't find anything like this in the TV series.


i used to love people kissing in tv shows and i was waiting the whole of series 1 for the doctor and rose to kiss


File: 213d9f25019ed58⋯.jpg (47.59 KB, 600x423, 200:141, 1452702962-0.jpg)


>Pryce was right


File: 760494a2168f399⋯.jpg (1.24 MB, 2789x3994, 2789:3994, Torchwood Watch 01 Series ….jpg)

Tuesday lads, same time?



Please fill this out! Will help us coordinate streams! Remember to select your timezone and highlight times you can make!



what time is same time?



Depends on your timezone. In the default timezone (mine): 12AM (midnight)-2AM Sunday/Wednesday.


File: 8dbe08415b0e866⋯.png (12.11 KB, 634x449, 634:449, time.png)



I filled it out, but was confused



> In the default timezone (mine)

thanks that really cleared up any confusion.

fucking hell neo. just say your time zone like gmt pst or the other ones



What's with the hostility?



There was an error in the hour selection being minimised, is it fixed now?



fixed buddy :)



just a prank bro, no need to get agitated.

but seriously don't be cryptic



Morphant? Get in the stream if that's you



I don't really see how I was cryptic though; the default timezone displayed on the link I sent you is mine. I thought just listing what hours you should fill in for that default timezone would be the clearest thing to say.


Thank you!


File: 0e155b82a6ad934⋯.png (2.49 KB, 367x18, 367:18, morph.png)



New feud begun




The greatest gladiator match in the history of the world.




>the default timezone displayed on the link I sent you is mine



>not a single link



Christine talked about enjoying DW a year or so ago, too bad it hasn't manifested in her oeuvre yet

I know about the Davros parody in older Sonichu issues but she didn't know what DW was back then, she just copied the design



File: 2ef86f513f5dedb⋯.png (3.21 KB, 334x45, 334:45, drunk neo.png)




>dUdE no one knows how WeIRd the BEATLES are lmao!

i like gareth but fuck gareth



Based as usual


Part 2 is the most thrilling thing you will ever see on /who/. And it's nearing completion.



Will everyone get a part to play?


Note to Brits

With this link



It seems to register BST as a different timezone, not as GB / GMT+1. So maybe make sure you select GB or GMT+1, not BST.

Maybe relevant to Looms?


File: 13e6a5a044b8785⋯.jpg (1.64 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DW20S11201920X1080.jpg)


why does he have such shit opinions about GOAT posters. (Seriously, Im gonna get them if they get sold as posters, the style and colours are wonderful)



is there a version of this without the companions.

or maybe just with graham and the doctor.


God, I'd never actually looked at Eddie McGuigan's face before. He looks like a mini Gareth.


File: 7d30b6d39ba205b⋯.jpg (76.36 KB, 600x433, 600:433, DijJOUnX4AAe-3H.jpg)


File: 201f94a12901e7e⋯.jpg (120.02 KB, 728x1010, 364:505, DijI6EFXsAABnON.jpg)

File: 61337a3d8003348⋯.jpg (126.34 KB, 728x1010, 364:505, DijI6EFX4AM_5L2.jpg)

File: 61b73b1a494aae4⋯.jpg (135.33 KB, 728x1010, 364:505, DijI6EEWkAApQcz.jpg)

this is all of the companion ones. I love them to bits


>>67435 IT BEGINS


File: f886dcd9d7eb842⋯.gif (12.52 KB, 400x215, 80:43, f886dcd9d7eb8425518e33943b….gif)





Oh my god, IT'S GIG




Jo Grant

Sarah Jane Smith



Jackie Tyler

Captain Jack



Craig Owens

Brian Williams

Graham O'Brien


This one is fast paced, updates will be coming more quickly.




>Cloister faints, his aged body falling to the floor with a mighty thud







What's in the photograph lads?









Unbelievable, look >>67465


I can't trust Neo anymore



how could you Kinda?





o i am laffin



Punished Neo


>its a church shooter episode



sometimes there just isn't another way






This is getting VNA level dark






Was it a Utopia moment?



hopefully the final part



t. butthurt anti trip drama cuck



"Anti trip drama cucks" should actually support the wedding seeing as it's a very on-the-nose parody of trip drama itself.


File: 0359a2394c274a8⋯.jpg (136.88 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Doctor Who_ Series 11 Trai….jpg)

File: 2909a466b3caa09⋯.jpg (262.55 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Doctor Who_ Series 11 Trai….jpg)

>Okay, now stand precisely this far apart from each other.



That's blocking for you.




File: 9f5fe5dcc51339d⋯.jpg (30.16 KB, 800x600, 4:3, nilso.jpg)

Leaked photo from Nilso's future.



Yasmin's eyes here remind me of a pug



Hate to say it, but what the fuck?


File: 50fb0bb066fc527⋯.png (881.45 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 50fb0bb066fc527289657d2cdf….png)

>Aquaman trailer uses BvS trailer music



ugly bint



You're up late morph.



File: 95b3ce97d5cd5e6⋯.jpg (4.95 KB, 220x229, 220:229, 95b3ce97d5cd5e611cfc5b0097….jpg)

me when torchwood streambros don't fill this out



File: beeef769eee2983⋯.png (56.99 KB, 1322x220, 661:110, Screen Shot 2018-07-21 at ….png)



Doctor Who's future is a fucking nightmare.


I worked as a loader at one waste paper warehouse, well, there machines come full of cardboard or paper, and you unload them. Sometimes you take the driver and you leave to order. Well, they took me to the exit, as it turned out to the local hospital. We come, we are told to drive right away from the back entrance. The old lady meets us, apparently the doctor is old and thin. The driver parked, and I went to ask what to drag me. She says - go take a gurney and blow along the corridor to the end, and she went to the papers for reporting. Well, I went shorter. The entrance was - small doors and immediately descending down the stairs, a little further were wheelchairs, pieces 5. I take a gurney and stomp along the corridor. As it turned out, it was a basement, I fucking know why it's done in hospitals - but it was already the second hospital I saw with huge cellars through which you can leave one building for another. And here in front of me is a huge narrow corridor, with bulbs that burn, or rather do not burn, only every 7 probably burns, and it flickers and prepares to go out, that is, to a corridor of about a hundred meters of lighting, exactly counting the fuck. Well, I take my gurney, as I later noticed, it was inhabited by something like a blanket, all dirty and stained, or sour, or blood, incomprehensible at all. I go, it means that the wheels make a nasty grinding noise, it's as dark as a Negro in an ass and I understand that there's no fucking end to the corridor, there's a fork, and there were 5 pieces along the way. I reach the fork - on the left the corridor is the same long, 10 and the door. He left the wheelchair and went to check to the right. I went to the door, knocked. Echo to the whole corridor. Dark bitch, fucking is not visible. I open the door and I see - the room is littered with boxes, in the boxes of documents, this is the bullshit about which Grandma spoke. Well, I'm starting to load a wheelchair, God forbid, I would not fall apart along the way. While riding there I thought about many things while there was a silence that echoed in my ears, I went backwards - the wheels creaked, it was already dark, it was already dark outside, and I could not see the end of the corridor. I went to the last time to pick up the leftovers and take a little time, because if you return to the base late-they will be sent home, and not unload what you brought. Dropped supposedly one box to see what's inside, they were covered with scotch and opened just so it would be indecent. I shined the screen of my phone, it was not a killed Siemens, because to hire a smartphone - to fuck it, because constantly about something you are knocking or climbing somewhere. Inside were med.karty dead patients. I read a little, mostly they were old men who were dying from "old age". It became a little uncomfortable that there were people, and now I'm taking their cases to the base to recycle and sell. Wasteless production. Well, in general, pulled the time, quickly folded all the boxes and before me there was a picture - a wall, and in the wall such lockers, well, fuck her god like in a morgue. I then immediately thought that this is an abandoned morgue organized for treasure, but I did not try to look into the lockers. He quickly gathered and went out, turned into the corridor on the way out. Literally after a couple of meters, I sneezed so that he himself was fucked, in complete silence, it swept by the wildest echo. And I stand, I listen to the echo and here from behind, instead of my sneezing echo comes - be healthy! Bitch, how did I peresral then. It was not clear from the corridor that any doctor said it or fucked in the morgue sleeping buhoy whose doctor I woke up, but I just rushed to the exit, in my head spinning fucked up thoughts - and what if the door is closed? What if I hear the steps right now? And what if the remaining bulbs go out? But here I am already at the exit, I'm flying off a bullet from this fucked-up cellar, throwing the remains of the boxes in the car and jogging the car, jumping into the car and talking to the driver-the barnyard, shake! And that was the end of my happiest day on that job.


File: c7debefda61e1b4⋯.webm (5.53 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, chalk offerino.webm)


There are rumours that Malorie Blackman is one of the writers, I would be legitimately hyped about that but it's probably bullshit.


File: e075ef011f339d6⋯.jpg (45.76 KB, 1000x562, 500:281, BRQGF.jpg)

The most iconic shot in Doctor Who history


File: 585c64f24deba8d⋯.jpg (182.55 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, nightmare 1.jpg)

Oh! He's coming to get you, /who/!


File: 62b0e809aad3bdf⋯.jpg (209.13 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, nightmare 2.jpg)

Wwyd if you saw him standing in your doorway in the middle of the night, just like this?


File: ba43e90e90a1636⋯.jpg (116.09 KB, 1365x2048, 1365:2048, nightmare 3.jpg)



File: 021d1eabe947137⋯.png (93.29 KB, 549x413, 549:413, ap,550x550,16x12,1,transpa….png)


dab on him


>marathoning the entire old NuWho until S11

>rewatching S1 for the first time in years

>unironically love the Slitheen and the two parter




S1 has no outright bad stories.


File: 43fe66400a2b406⋯.png (29.96 KB, 500x403, 500:403, jacksfilms-jacksfilms-hey-….png)



I find the Long Game super dull actually. redpill me on why it's not bad



Isn't it obvious



Adam's sexy smile?



the rumours about a qt asian companion were true. Just not the asian we were expecting



**it really subverted my expectations



Read yesterday's post about it being about Rupert Murdock/Fake news



hammy unsubtle politics?


RTD Who isn't groundbreaking but its fun in places. This is coming from a pretty big Moffchad, as well.


File: 2e229669b164fac⋯.jpg (91.04 KB, 315x437, 315:437, Smug_matt_2.jpg)


Joke: Loving RTD Who

Broke: Loving Moffat Who

Woke: Loving both RTD and Moffat Who

Bespoke: Loving Wiles Who


Joke: Nilso

Broke: Tomtit

Woke: Dilbertwho

Bespoke: TheOncomingStorm





Joke: Posting ironically

Broke: Posting honestly

Woke: Posting semi-ironically

Bespoke: Not even posting at all



Hell Bent anyone?



That's fucking awesome. The fact that it has absolutely zero keywords or anything at all linking it to Torchwood is a based as fuck marketing decision, but surely that can't have been how it was done - that's not how marketing works. It must have been referenced/linked around somehow. But with such lower viewership, I'm leaning towards believing otherwise.

Really intriguing stuff, thanks for sharing. How did you find it? Reddit?






Which site do you think the Great Cobalt Pyramid is built on: Torchwood House, Cardiff Bay, Canary Wharf or some other TW location?





Spine chilling moment from one of my absolute favourite stories. Damn, I'm annoyed I missed it.


I really love how Jack describes different Torchwood branches in Everything changes, sets up a mysterious mood so well.

>JACK: This is Torchwood Three. Torchwood One was London, destroyed in the battle. Torchwood Two is an office in Glasgow. A very strange man. Torchwood three, Cardiff. Torchwood Four's kinda gone missing, but we'll find it one day.

Just a throwaway exposition line but it works so well imo.


Is there anyone else who simply can't do the Saturday streams?

On the other hand, would anyone be missing out if we changed the day of the non-Tuesday stream (which is currently on Saturdays)?



Saturday at the time that we do it doesn't work for me, but don't change on my account



I was wondering about this, too. I would assume it's Torchwood One since it was the biggest and most significant, but who knows if it were ever rebuilt somewhere else



Nor me, so that makes two of us. I know there were polls a little while ago, but I think we should work out who our Torchwood streambro lot is (me, you, neo, gig, tom, storm etc etc) and whittle down the days we can/can't do and decide from there which day is best for the most of us at a time. It may well end up being Saturday, but it also might not. I'll talk to Neo about it in ~20hrs



Morphant, you're a sick son of a bitch. Acting like you weren't hostile to Neo this morning. Good acting.



I saw those posts, I'm seriously shocked you thought it was me and asked me to come into the stream

That wasn't even my posting style or the sort of thing I'd say


I've realised that the normies have the majority opinion so it's pointless even trying to defend the Moffat era anymore, they won't listen and don't care.


I have no doubt Chibnall went back and watched any Who he hadn't already seen (and potentially rewatched stuff for inspiration) when he landed the job, but do you think he read/listened to any of the EU? Any BF or Wilderness-era stuff? Do you think showrunners should?



Honestly, showrunners should stay as far away from expanded universe stuff as possible, lest it become self-referential wankery in the worst possible way. You limit yourself if you try to adhere to the nonexistent canon.


File: cb4daf845d79e2a⋯.png (530.43 KB, 885x498, 295:166, ClipboardImage.png)

<Ohl of this is niew to may.

<Niew faces.

<Niew wehrlds.

<Niew times.

<So if I assed, really, really nicelay…wouldjeh be mah niew best friends?

>Rite! This is gunna bih fohn!


Are you worried that chib’s characterkino skills won’t translate to doctor who since his vision of the show is presenting itself as light and fun, and chib excels at emotionally dark themes?



Not to sound like a knob but we have no idea what his vision will be until we see it. Could easily be that shit gets dark



No, because of what's planned for Graham, and because Yaz is a police officer and we don't know anything about Ryan yet. Chibs will present the TV drama side of the show through the companions - especially Graham, it seems.



What’s planned for graham?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Ah, the 1970s - brilliant! ==HAH!!!==











Fuck 8chan


File: 9be6c2059f2c3e9⋯.jpg (23.11 KB, 608x222, 304:111, reverse the polarity.JPG)


Pick your top 5 'TARDIS teams' of these and rank them, worst to best:

1, Susan, Ian and Barbara

2, Jamie and Zoe

3, Jo and the Brigadier

4, Sarah Jane and Harry

4, Leela and K-9

4, Romana and K-9

5, Nyssa, Tegan and Adric

9, Rose and Jack

11, Amy and Rory

12, Bill and Nardole



1. Romana and K9

2. Rose and Jack

3. Nyssa Tegan Adric

4. Amy and Rory

5. Jamie Zoe



1, Ian, Barbara and Vicki

9, Rose, Jack

12, Bill, Nardole

3, Jo, UNIT

4, Romana the first, K9


Neo, Claudia tweeted this 8 hours ago

>Just thought I should tweet this in case I'm worrying people. My mental health is really bad and that means I feel like I need to step away from social media to a certain degree. It probably won't be for long. Love you loads. xxx


Streaming kino classic fan trailers


Even the sonic screwdriver won't get me out of this one.


File: b1d8b1d3b0e77fe⋯.gif (492.17 KB, 450x255, 30:17, eye roll.gif)

>fan made trailer

>"he's like fire and ice and rage"



I thought that would be what it was

genuinely hope she gets the help she needs, I know people who have similar mental health problems and I don't wish that on anyone


File: 5a02bb677f7e717⋯.png (80.21 KB, 800x800, 1:1, bookclubannounce2.png)




Both Wednesday and Sunday this week have been allotted to this story, to allow ample time to read and comment on it.

Broken Mirrors, a longtime wiki stalwart, has taken the liberty of dividing this epic into bitesize sections for your pleasure and convenience.


Relative Dimensions: The Lives and Times of the Commonwealth Doctor

>By Broken Mirrors

What if Pete’s World, the alternate universe of Series 2, had an alternate version of Doctor Who as well?

Remarks from the author:






A review of this story:


(Let me know if I missed yours)

Read, enjoy, discuss, reflect, shitpost.

Got questions about a story? Was there something you thought was GOAT? Memeyness that made you laugh? Let us all know. The floor is open all day.

If you wrote a story and you want to answer/ask questions in authorial capacity, consider a temporary trip.

Make it obvious which story you're posting about, & browse sensibly if you don't want to get spoiled on any stories. Hide this post with Filter -> Post+ to hide all replies.

Out of the loop but want to jump in?

Get Shit Trips: Volume 2.5 here:


https://mega.nz/#!Uf4EDaLT!bIa_JP_rbyl7Pl9NKq8tLopyOzXJFhlSu6Z4VZnt4Uk (This is the updated edition, 2.5.1)

Wednesday's post: >>64556


File: f0778fa9a3c6df8⋯.mp4 (3.15 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, sonic toy spins.mp4)

Whose bright idea was this?



could you post the schedule again?


File: 650f550daff0458⋯.jpg (423.68 KB, 966x1919, 966:1919, st2bookclub.jpg)



"Romana the First"

is that how you read it?

That's probably how most people read it now I think about it

I just say "Romana 1" and "Romana 2"




I was thinking about that after I read that post but never got around to replying to it.

Why do we say "the First Doctor" but not "the First Romana"


If you have any fetishes that you fantasize in association with Doctor Who and its characters (tripfags don't count), what are they and what are your most common scenarios?



Having Nilso eat pretzel pieces off my pecs



light femdom in all of the moff era


File: d59270258ad4da9⋯.jpg (139.93 KB, 741x960, 247:320, 5g34xkelmbb11.jpg)

Nilso supports Israel






I usually say The First/Second Romana, I just couldn’t be arsed to delete what I’d written when I decided to specify which Romana


New wiki fucking when? Tired of all my articles being fucking neutered. I just want to call myself autistic god damnit.



>50% of kids express no will to live

that breaks my fucking heart desu. my younger sibling was suicidal for about a year at a seriously young age (either 6 or 7), it's crazy to think that it's possible even in a relatively stable household but it is. i dread to fucking think what it must be like in those sorts of conditions. your politics should have nothing to do with it, those statistics are disgusting.



in what way do your articles get neutered, and by who? randoms or admins who are currently a bit paranoid about the wiki getting for real deleted if it's too edgy?


it's funny looking at threads made by 8chan users who don't realise the handful of people who use this board are autistic /tv/ natives with a general


fuck doctor who


Looking at the first post-/who/ ban thread. It was a seriously hostile time. We were all bucking up against each other and getting mad at people who weren't even at fault, or hadn't exactly done anything wrong. It's been just over 4 months and we're a hell of a lot stronger for it.



and I say that as a fan!



>that one anon who blamed me for the ban because i thought the ban was hilarious


Why do people who hate Hell Bent accuse the Doctor of acting out of character when he shoots the General and goes wacky, yet they give The Family of Blood and The Waters of Mars a free pass- oh wait. It's 10. Everyone loves 10.


First Romana is the best Romana. I wish she had stayed on.



The last few minutes of Family of Blood is the most out-of-character the Doctor has ever been and it's frankly bizarre that most of the fandom seems to praise those scenes, instead of question them.

Who did he kill in The Water of Mars? He didn't do anything wrong then.



Yeah, you were the person I was thinking of that hadn't done anything wrong. That was something that carried on for ages. Ban /who/ was a weird time at first.



>Who did he kill in The Water of Mars? He didn't do anything wrong then.


So they do, in Hell Bent, and everyone hates it.


It’s almost as if Human Nature was written for a completely different and better Doctor


It’s almost as if Human Nature was written for a completely different and reddit Doctor


File: 0f7e8e900ba465c⋯.png (161.95 KB, 605x518, 605:518, lozmuppetdoctors.png)


Imagine how broken /who/ would be if we hadn't left the Discord

And it's not even like the decision was unanimous, I'm sure most of us had the same moment I did of choosing between the two and wondering whether or not you'd made the right decision. It was shit.


File: b3f08617053f2a3⋯.png (13.73 KB, 520x24, 65:3, sexgreathouses.png)



skip to the cliffhanger and look how fucking verged he gets



Yeah because Hell Bent is a bad episode.



This read likes a Douglas Adams line



t. Damian Ruhland



I actually assumed it was a Douglas Adams reference


My issue with Hell Bent is that the Doctor didn’t permanently kill the General and just wasted their time for a bit and people act like it’s some shocking thing that these people who can give themselves more regenerations had to use a regeneration


Douglas Adams would be 66 now if he didn't die. What would he think of the new series? How many episodes would have have written?



kek what is he even mad about? was he emotionally invested in the concept of the doctor being the only time lord?



>I have absolutely ZERO IDEA why people think I hate/pissed at/disappointed in this episode!!!

>I was 100% invested in this, so much so I wanted it to continue and not become a two parter.

>Baffling 🧐


5 days to sesska's husbands reaction


File: d3021741121041d⋯.jpg (97.88 KB, 418x454, 209:227, factionspace.jpg)



Nope, that's Faction Paradox.



Don't ever nope me again



Nope, Chuck Testa


The 8 novels have a room in the TARDIS that appears quite frequently. It’s a grassy plain with a single tree in the centre and the entire room is filled with butterflies. Why can’t the show be this creative?



ok but bro

pool in library


File: b69196a3a9df07f⋯.jpg (137.53 KB, 600x928, 75:116, butterfly_Timedancer.jpg)

File: 4fa8702a51247cf⋯.jpg (157.03 KB, 468x700, 117:175, butterfly_Clara.jpg)


File: f55ce7c98702466⋯.png (34.05 KB, 140x168, 5:6, chibnallnotamused.png)

File: 334e7796625806c⋯.png (2.81 MB, 1302x2108, 21:34, day-o-thedoctor.png)

File: 735315fd8e40c13⋯.jpg (2.9 MB, 1941x2391, 647:797, jodielaugh.jpg)

>And for heaven's sake, put it down, Chris, you've got far too much to do.

Based Moff



Pretty much yeah. All mentions of autism and autistic have been completely replaced usually making the original thought incomprehensible


>tfw you've had ideas for doctor who episodes for so many years now that sometimes when you remember them you forget they're not real episodes

Who needs to be a writer when you can just have disturbingly malleable memory instead?




Not sure, Dilbert found it not me!


Canary Wharf maybe




That's why I have this >>67405 set up morph, http://whenisgood.net/fksr9ak though I do suspect ultimately there'll be regulars who can only make one of the days.


Thank you. Glad she's practising self care.


Genuinely hilarious what's ended up happening with the Discord. Even I couldn't have predicted that.



I don't understand why anybody joined it in the first place. A discord server that consists of people from 4chan sounds like literal hell


File: ddc25dfb525e6ff⋯.jpg (448.33 KB, 899x1004, 899:1004, 12smiley.jpg)

File: d791a52ed369875⋯.jpg (51.31 KB, 512x621, 512:621, 11ergh.jpg)

File: 8ffd991a0c7e22b⋯.jpg (116.03 KB, 394x502, 197:251, 10pointy.jpg)

>'Ah', he thought, with a big smile. 'I'm an idiot this time!' That was good, he'd always liked being an idiot.

>He was just on the point of deciding he might be a bit too handsome for comfort, when he turned his face to the side, and saw the chin that adorned the lower half of his face like a diving board. 'Banana-head!' he laughed. 'Face like a boot!' 'I'm Mr. Moon!'

>Sometimes he got so distracted by his own gesticulation that he fell silent, and his hands just froze in the air.


Kinda just deleted THREE THOUSAND tweets


File: ee08d62038c777a⋯.jpg (7.43 KB, 196x250, 98:125, 53f.jpg)


Evil is there guys, it's just not in the picture!



wait, is this from the DotD novelisation? when I started reading your post I assumed it was some bad fanfic


GB's NSFW section is really interesting.


Top Five Newsreaders you’d most like to lick

1. Victoria Fritz

2. Naga Munchetty

3. Kirsty Young

4. Sally Nugent

5. Ellie Crisell

Who wouldn’t like to dive into a washing basket full of their used underwear?



Did Lawrence Miles write this?



He’s more interested in cat people


when's the first episode airing so us krischads can finally be vindicated after a lifetime of abuse



August 31


File: e2f143483e4aba1⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Ohhhhhhhhh.png)

>that fucking feel when you've been away from /who/ for a while and you come back to Foreman audio Part 1 being completed


Fucking amazing. Two goddamn years in the making and every moment was beautiful. I legit fucking howled when Claudia's based song started playing during the TARDIS scene. Well fucking done Director anon. Part Two fucking W H E N


File: 23eb51291638ef1⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 131.27 KB, 426x344, 213:172, moffbius.png)

>He rarely says 'I', he tends to use 'he'. It's almost never 'me', it's 'the Doctor'.

>The Doctor is the man he aspires to be, not the man he believes he is. What, then, are we to make of his occasional lapses, because there are many times-some purposeful, some seemingly accidental-when 'the Doctor' becomes 'me'.

<And there she was, taking her helmt off in a swirl of hair, while her motorbike purred into silence behind her. She was giving him one of those looks that made him grateful that big brown eyes and the cheekiest smile in the universe could never have any kind of an effect on a Time Lord such as myself.

Oh, you dirty old man.



Did you hear? Two /who/res got married!



kek that was my favourite part too


File: 27ac4f856e2a6eb⋯.png (21.27 KB, 675x151, 675:151, petrichor.png)

Only REAL fans understand why Arthur retweeted this.



Miss me with that shit.


File: 58a4c8d4d969caa⋯.jpg (31.98 KB, 515x286, 515:286, 1532237467772.jpg)




It's not even a "decision" though, there's literally nothing stopping anyone from using both, there's no commitment involved. I still go on the discord just to see what 5 posts were made that day but I don't engage with it at all


Because mods were deleting any attempt at making a new thread, and in the panic of the situation it seemed like joining the discord was the only way of maintaining contact with /who/. If it weren't for 2oda making a discord (which resulted in lym justifiably making a discord in response so people didn't start joining a community run by 2oda) perhaps someone would have suggested we came here from the start, but things corrected themselves in the end


Run, you've got to run

You've got to run away

Hide, you have no choice

There is no other way

Pride, before your fall

Oh it's a big mistake

Such a royal shame for it to end this way



king fedora



>Because mods were deleting any attempt at making a new thread

I know. But I've been a /who/ user for many years and I never seriously considered joining the discord. I'd rather no /who/ at all than hang out with you freaks on there.


>I'd rather no /who/ at all than hang out with you freaks on there.



Neo, which episode starring beloved actor Arthur Darvill featured the word "petrichor" >>67648?



The Doctor's Wife.


petrichor is a normie weird word. everybody knows it now



Vast majority of people who joined the discord never spoke, so merely joined to maintain contact and be aware of any major events (like moving to 8ch)


File: 8b9c20f3cbc7660⋯.gif (1.37 MB, 429x292, 429:292, 1378139896095.gif)





Morph has a hole.



this, i didnt even realise for ages we migrated here despite the fact some of us (including myself) were already here during the blackout leading up to the episode which shall remain unnamed


File: 6d9bde128ef9b89⋯.jpg (143.74 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1498988642236.jpg)



Stop being such a nilshole.


neos horny


stop being horny on main, Neo


nilsos a zombie with no conscience


Neo used google to find the answer to the petrichor question, pass it on.



>implying I'm unfamiliar with Capital G's episodes


Neo is a petrichor poser.


neos petrichor scented pussy


Finally got around to seeing Looney Tunes: Back in Action and it reminded me of a certain someone. Not gonna name names but let's just say it rhymes with bilso



"I have a dick you prick!"


File: 7876c948a35f548⋯.png (633.39 KB, 475x525, 19:21, 1466948269018.png)

Do you think she is familiar with the word petrichor?


neos petrichor scented bussy


File: b933151375cd4e1⋯.jpeg (27.75 KB, 640x368, 40:23, image.jpeg)



And this is the shot that let RTD haters know they'd fucked up!


File: 59479226a85c21e⋯.jpg (36.1 KB, 340x549, 340:549, 1467722153224.jpg)


>the nation estate let Looney Tunes: Back in Action use the Daleks but almost didn't let Russel T. Davies



i don't see a strong resemblance to a dalek eyestalk desu


File: 7be2a08b81afc1c⋯.jpg (33.67 KB, 368x640, 23:40, dalek.jpg)


File: bd848519d30e820⋯.jpg (30.1 KB, 625x401, 625:401, troughton-3-BBC-625x401.jpg)

>tfw we'll all be able to stream Evil together soon



Dalek eyestalks don't have rings



>Three rings spaced far apart

Eh……… kind of



Wait they do, I'm a fucking idiot




I'm surprised this is getting pushback; I thought it was pretty intuitive when I watched as a kid.






A stick with rings is a pretty common space station design, and it's different enough from an actual Dalek eyestalk that I think it's a stretch.


File: e88d6ac49e71282⋯.jpeg (23.13 KB, 508x289, 508:289, image.jpeg)


but it doesn't look the same, there's as many similarities in design as there are differences



No one's saying it literally looks the exact same, but that there's a visual connection that makes symbolic sense for the story.


File: 49b5dbaa81334b9⋯.gif (1.56 MB, 464x348, 4:3, 1381488757862.gif)


I still remember when Enemy of the World was found and /who/ lost its mind but then literally 4 of us actually bought it from iTunes and watched.

Everybody else was like "eh, we'll watch it eventually."



Yeah I agree it's cool, but I also wouldn't call it intuitive

As far as I can tell, pretty much no one else online has pointed it out either



This is the first time I've ever seen the connection made, yeah.


Imagine if we recovered one of the missing episodes without any surviving footage or telesnaps and it turns out the Doctor was nude for the entire episode


The Daleks plan in Evil is so convoluted. They want to get the Dalek factor and spread it throughout human history so they get the Doctor to perform experiments on Jamie to find the human factor because the human factor is the reverse of the Dalek factor apparently. To get the Doctor to do the experiment they give a Victorian man time travel so he can kidnap the Doctor by giving matches from a bar to a guy they’ve paid to steal the TARDIS and sending someone to that bar to tell the Doctor to go to the Victorian man’s store that he’s been running.


File: bfd1ab33c0202c3⋯.gif (2.68 MB, 364x267, 364:267, 1381478552274.gif)



I forgot to mention that the Doctor and Jamie are kidnapped in 1966 by the Victorian man and taken to the Victorian age before going to Skaro at the end



What parts don't make sense


/who/ equivalent of Patrick Troughton's secret family?



The Daleks had to know where the Doctor and Jamie are to steal the TARDIS so they could tell them to go to the Victorian store there instead of luring them to a bar. The human factor stuff is okay but I’m not sure why they took the doctor to Victorian England to do experiments instead of just bringing them all (including Victoria) to Skaro so it’s in a more controlled environment


File: 95b3ce97d5cd5e6⋯.jpg (4.95 KB, 220x229, 220:229, 95b3ce97d5cd5e611cfc5b0097….jpg)



Neos secret relation with Morph behind Giga's back


File: 42d0ec300846ad1⋯.jpg (5.1 KB, 225x225, 1:1, tardisbrandy.jpg)

>Then he sat on the TARDIS floor, leaning his back against the console and spent an hour resisting the brandy in the cabinet.

Wait, it was just sitting there and he never touched it between The Tenth Planet and TUAT? I'm not sure if I understand the TARDIS liquor cabinet timeline.



Is this pink wojak your latest obsession?



Fuck off.


File: 9d12cdf0b26f7f7⋯.gif (941.25 KB, 500x366, 250:183, 11greetsclara.gif)




File: 95b3ce97d5cd5e6⋯.jpg (4.95 KB, 220x229, 220:229, 95b3ce97d5cd5e611cfc5b0097….jpg)




File: 33481015d04b397⋯.png (507.22 KB, 1070x601, 1070:601, 33481015d04b3974f9ed7acf61….png)





File: 3fc5e9640413dab⋯.jpg (6.42 KB, 250x249, 250:249, f60.jpg)


>Philip Morris is on his deathbed

>finally reveals the results of his missing episode search

>every episode but Evil has been found



As if you wouldn't want Power before Evil anyway


It' Evil.


I want the Smugglers to be found because of boy Polly and the Highlanders because Polly has a lesbian plot line


I stopped using /who/ for a few weeks, fill me in on "verge"



"Nilso's on the verge of tears" got shortened to "Nilso's verged" which got shortened to "verge"


File: b54156e42235c1e⋯.png (24.68 KB, 784x112, 7:1, b54156e42235c1e0812f40fe73….png)



what was n*lso verging about?



The usual



A joke.



>The usual

someone politely disagreeing with him?


File: 8b2530acd291861⋯.jpg (25.3 KB, 620x360, 31:18, 10620551_917991451548184_4….jpg)

I don't really care if you cry

On the real you should've never lied

Should've saw the way Nil looked me in my eyes

He said Neo I am not afraid to, die

Push me to the verge

All of /who/'s a scourge

Push me to the verge

All of /who/'s a scourge

Push me to the verge

All of /who/'s a scourge

Push me to the verge


File: 735315fd8e40c13⋯.jpg (2.9 MB, 1941x2391, 647:797, 1520499337783.jpg)

>nilso's 35% approval rating


nilso is a reddit spy


What is the /who/ equivalent of the Star Wars subreddit banning negative opinions about TLJ?


File: 240958048881030⋯.png (17.99 KB, 412x342, 206:171, 1399669737130.png)



dismissing people who don't like moff who as RTDfags instead of engaging with their arguments



t. assblasted rtdfag



Anons trying to remove discussion of 7 and 8 by calling them Reddit


What sort of person do you think would come here, make some arguments and stoke some controversy, then flee as replies start coming in, so as to avoid engaging with them?



Nah he used it. You just know Capaldi was an alcoholic in Series 8



Someone that was called away unexpectedly or went to make dinner?



Sounds pretty based to me desu


File: 9edd08f4ef418ea⋯.jpg (17.55 KB, 338x435, 338:435, 1529081340387.jpg)



Does the Moff have a claim to this as well?



I hate Cornell, and I say this as a Lozfag


File: 20a7c22b7113e61⋯.png (65.63 KB, 277x262, 277:262, 1482965076589.png)


>tfw you BTFO righties from page zero, never entering the thread because you don't handle confrontation well





cornell is a comedian



He's written the most on TV but he's never written for 2, 3, arguably 4, or 6, has he?



Did you miss that bit in Name of the Doctor where 2 runs past Clara?


File: 1506173c90cedbc⋯.png (2.92 MB, 1665x1484, 1665:1484, 1519677787860.png)



you have got to be kidding



How is that writing for 2? Are we counting "[A STAND-IN FOR THE SECOND DOCTOR RUNS PAST CLARA]" as "writing for a Doctor" instead of dialogue?



That's hard to answer. those Doctors are in the 50th novel, doing new things, but there's no dialogue. It just depends on what you mean by "writing" I suppose.


File: 4313773f932209d⋯.png (396.8 KB, 1600x880, 20:11, MIDF.png)


us having moff defense squads that abuse everyone in /tv/ threads about doctor who



Yeah it's all a bit vague.



>'There's one life, one face, I've tried very hard to forget.'

<There was a squeak from the side of the room. He glanced round. The girl in the long scarf was staring at him in what looked like panic.

>'Yes, well, my colleague here is the expert on your faces,' said Kate. She's become quite obsessed about numbering them, so if you're about to pop a new one in, I think she'd have preferred to know before she got the tattoos.'



I wonder if the creator of this image ever wonders why he's single.



>the thing spins around.

>You'll barely be able to tell 99% of the time




>Two surrounded by a children's carnival of funhouse monsters

yup, pretty based and masculine


File: e038c4ca4d93121⋯.jpg (36.69 KB, 583x583, 1:1, 1528602944186.jpg)

why has nuwho never had a young male companion who wasn't in a relationship with the more important female companion?




Sort of related, but today while I was walking to the shops I suddenly remembered that /who/ post from years ago someone made that was every Doctor reacting to finding out somebody was trans, which had such baffling dialogue like the first Doctor asking her to whip out her penis so he could inspect it, and I hoped whichever anon wrote that was having a bad day today.



A story of that exact nature is in Shit Trips 2.5



Also, what did you get at the shops?


File: 03c4ad6006f04ea⋯.jpg (77.85 KB, 342x426, 57:71, 1498474358927.jpg)


Fuck you.




Heard a rumour that Nilso might be het. Ran it by my usual contacts and got a fat load of nothing. Gonna keep shaking some trees to get some info on this.


File: 609b63f47854ff2⋯.jpg (77.36 KB, 900x600, 3:2, 1376078_1400422251306_full.jpg)


fuck off olly


File: d6cfdf2b4b71f9b⋯.png (188.42 KB, 1168x712, 146:89, 1500724483282.png)

ITT: alternate timelines


File: 9142a625ebeb95c⋯.png (219.99 KB, 540x555, 36:37, hartnell_nightmarefuel.png)

>'The universe was born alive,' said the Doctor, answering Clara's question, as they crunched down the second flight of stone steps, 'but it could only become aware of itself by developing sensors across its surface, known as life forms - that's us - each of which suffers a temporary delusion of separate identity during data collection - that's what we call conciousness - but in reality has no more individual existence than the hairs on your forearm when they tell you there's a draught - '

<'I was asking,' said Clara, as they descended yet more steps, 'about you and Elizabeth.'

>'You said begin at the beginning.'

Well, that was certainly existential.


That streamchad who was interested in the Cold War—can't remember your name, soz—did you ever end up watching The Manchurian Candidate?



No need. Briggs Finish released the infinitely better Silurian Candidate


File: b57fabf929394b6⋯.gif (595.97 KB, 220x121, 20:11, 10laugh.gif)

>'Sand!' declared the Doctor, as if he'd just invented the word.

<'Do you think it's important?' Kate asked.

>'Dunno. But in twelve hundred years, I haven't stepped in anything that wasn't.'


File: cc8794f5775986a⋯.png (85.3 KB, 230x391, 10:17, doittoem.png)



Why are you reacting like this to a line that is in the episode?


File: 468d0897ac9d560⋯.png (19.43 KB, 581x154, 83:22, ClipboardImage.png)

wow did you guys know that???




does it touch on any of the themes that the title implies or is it just an insipid pun? and in either case, is it good or worthless Briggs Finish muck?



my mind was blown when I realized that the girl in jumanji 2 was amy pond



It's more concerned with taking potshots at President Trump.



oh no no



I dunno, I haven’t listened to it



Yep. Kind of presumptuous.


File: e42e30d7eaad5fa⋯.jpg (18.76 KB, 165x243, 55:81, arse.jpg)


Haven't seen it since it aired.



I’m the same with a lot of Moffat Who. It and post Hinchcliffe Baker are my least watched eras of all Doctor Who


Reminder that Season 16 is based and easily the best Williams season


would not at all object to a return/radical reinvention of the black & white guardians desu



the twist is that the birds on their hats were the REAL guardians all along



damn and you could potentially connect it to the quantum shade as well


I’d make the White Guardian the villain and the Doctor is the agent of chaos fighting for free will


File: a2510f06ac4ea40⋯.png (212.17 KB, 169x487, 169:487, 1443431754708.png)


I was memeing but the idea that the raven from Face the Raven is the same bird from the Black Guardian's hat is actually pretty kino.

"Quantum Shades" feels too OP to me, just a way to kill anybody you want with a 100% success rate, so the concept of it being unique and belonging/being associated with a cosmic entity like the Guardians satisfies me.


>Doctor is the agent of chaos fighting for free will

Suitable 7 get


File: b57fabf929394b6⋯.gif (595.97 KB, 220x121, 20:11, 10laugh.gif)

>'Regeneration,' replied the Doctor. 'It's a lottery.' He stuffed his teeny-tiny, ickle-wickle screwdriver back in his jacket.

>'Is that all we ever do?' said the Doctor, raising his very much smaller, teeny-weeny screwdriver.

ok now I get to laugh

>He stood like he was posing for an album cover, feet planted wide on the ground, fists balled at his sides, head angled for maximum glare; as skinny and sharp and clever as Mum's favorite in a boy band.



>He stuffed his teeny-tiny, ickle-wickle screwdriver back in his jacket

>raising his very much smaller, teeny-weeny screwdriver

is all of moffat's prose writing this bad?



Wibbly wobbly


Dilbert are you gonna respond to the >>67405


File: 736f84eccb5ff55⋯.png (435.53 KB, 760x1026, 20:27, jodie look up to women.png)


Currently the most agreeable times for Torchwood streams are


US/Eastern: 1PM


Australia: 3AM NSW/2:30AM SA

Saturdays (or Sundays fwiw, same availabilities for people):

US/Eastern: 11AM


Australia: 1AM NSW/12:30AM SA



He's never written a book before, but he's been writing and showrunning long enough that he knows he can pull together a product and doesn't care if it abides by all the rules. At first I was dreading Moffat's novel because I thought he might not know what to do with prose and turn in a sappy Gaiman impression, but instead we got a feature-length shitpost. It's brilliant. More Adamsesque than Gareth ever managed too.



wow, what bold ambition.




woof no thank you


File: e4c01fcaca77ab4⋯.jpg (100.45 KB, 500x680, 25:34, 1399094203783.jpg)


considering a huge amount of people, including davison, publicly whined about how a female doctor means a loss of role models for boys, i don't think you get to be sarcastic about this


The role model was never the Doctor for me. I always looked up to Ian, Jamie and the Brigadier


Imagine being so fragile in your masculinity that you can't look up to a woman. At least young girls have an excuse because the past 12 Doctors have been male.


Has someone remade the audio mega? Seems like its down


File: cc3c069b2dbeafa⋯.jpg (73.2 KB, 814x759, 74:69, 1494065173931.jpg)

If I was Showrunner I'd reintroduce UNIT specifically to demonise them so I can push my unironic anti-military agenda.


i always looked up to jack, Intelligent, Nihilistic and with a Wicked Sense of Humor. just like me.


Imagine needing to look up to fictional characters


imagine thinking people should look



Christians have been doing it for two thousand years


Imagine not realising that you've subconsciously looked up to fictional characters your whole life, and the only reason you don't realise this is because you've always had abundant representation in media before and so have never had to think about what it would be like not to.


File: bfbeafdbd24e4ea⋯.png (166.05 KB, 353x334, 353:334, ClipboardImage.png)


kindas a christian fundamentalist



Just because I don't think people need to look up to fictional characters, doesn't mean I have any problem with representation. It's a different issue to me.


posturing about representation and how it's great for a new generation of fans, albeit may be true, wont change the fact that series 11 is gonna be shit.


File: f28294a37ca2d33⋯.jpg (47.27 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, le fezzler.jpg)


Any second now…he's a-vergin



matt looks like jim parsons here



regenerate, monkey, regenerate



What is "subconsciously" looking up to someone? In order for having a role model to mean anything it has to be an active thing; something you aspire to.


File: b021e5997931228⋯.png (47.42 KB, 800x800, 1:1, ohhhh.png)

>when you're Mariana trench-level deep in some /who/ archives and you laugh at a post and slowly realize that it was actually your shitpost from almost five (5) fucking years ago

Doctor Who kinos for this feel?


File: 9adce3becbf619a⋯.png (207.16 KB, 518x463, 518:463, 1531158939210.png)


>i don't think you get to be sarcastic about this

ill be sure to ask for permission next time




it'll be cats, he's on the search for some instance where he discovered an IRL friend made a post on reddit comparing doctor who to sonic or something like that


File: fe8479351ccba40⋯.jpg (218.16 KB, 1409x1600, 1409:1600, wy2rh6i9ydb11.jpg)

Padre Nilso's Boomer Brekkie



i wasn't using /who/ in 2013, it wasn't me



File: e86d34a845cb22e⋯.jpg (46.24 KB, 515x464, 515:464, 1378152234221.jpg)


>i wasn't using /who/ in 2013

oh no

cats is a boardie



>I glanced again at the two identical twelve-year-old boys who stood a few feet from me, apparently having a litttle squabble. This time I noticed that they were dressed slightly differently, perhaps so people could tell them apart; one of them wore a big coat with a bow tie, and the other one had clearly stolen a suit from Daddy's wardrobe, though he'd only been able to find a pair of tennis shoes to go with it.

>They weren't magic wands at all! In fact, they were sonic screwdrivers. The implications of that took a few seconds to unravel in my brain.

>It is fair to say that in those seconds, for the first time in a very long and often difficult life, I understood why people carried hip flasks.



God some of this writing is pretty bad. How much of the book is in first-person like this?



Bad opinion, read the whole book


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Bad wolf

>but that was me

>I did that



I was originally planning to, but the excerpts you've been posting have made me reconsider.



I'm not posting those.

What do you think is bad about it?


neos hiding a child



he's just some brainlet rtdfag who can't tolerate moffkino





It's fucking hilarious. Imagine how infinitely infantile you have to be.


File: 5d9cfacf96362d8⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 2048x2048, 1:1, ccon.jpg)

>that look in her eyes





the guy shitting on the book isn't making any arguments


File: b54156e42235c1e⋯.png (24.68 KB, 784x112, 7:1, b54156e42235c1e0812f40fe73….png)


But that poster literally didn't post any arguments to engage with.


File: 2a79f406e205128⋯.jpeg (35.82 KB, 519x307, 519:307, 1500273194123.jpeg)


>eddie redmayne will never be your personal powerbottom



who's the cute boy?



Ignore that and please only focus on the fact that I also said absolutely nothing about RTD.





do you guys think having the first major reveals of the series being in america was intentional or was it just a coincidence that lines up with SDCC?


If it helps I've mostly been just posting the funny bits. I'm on the much-hyped Tower of London chapter now - it's excellent so far.



Make a moot point, get a moot response.



Coincidence, but telling about how Americanised the show is getting.


moots gay


as the americans say, fuck you batman


File: 7e8fbb4b4b1f1ee⋯.jpg (29.58 KB, 336x342, 56:57, 1492859588607.jpg)


>that picture of moot sitting naked at his computer with his own cum all over him


>you would never find it weird that say one of the companions went off with the doctor and the other two companions went to go do something by them self - mandip


nilsos /who/'s twink companion





11 hours until Morph and I have an argument.


File: 29f071184803e17⋯.png (867.09 KB, 1945x3000, 389:600, whiteDoc.png)


i hope none of you look up to the doctor in any of their forms fwiw


Fear is like… a constant ___



The only person I look up to is an American in his fifties.



12 hours until you make up.

13 hours until you make out.

13 hours and 9 months until you're paying child support.



I look up to Matt Smiths 11 incher



Alex Jones is only 44





>however we describe the finale is the same words that we'd use for each episode because each episode is like a standalone episode

confirmed for nothing special happening in the finale


fear is like a constant cum onion




He's from Wisconsin.



Oh, duh.





Compadres >>> companions



ah yes the cum onion, when you progressively cum on a single sock or rag so that layers of cum form which, after several months of work, encase the sock or rag completely. then you place it in the oven for about half an hour and the sock or rag within caramelises, turning into a tasty treat. meanwhile the layers of cum on the outside dry and harden even further. peel away the layers of the cum onion to get to the sweet and tangy "cum core" within



Does he sign his name with a capital G


File: a3cbacb973b2cf4⋯.jpg (54.05 KB, 523x618, 523:618, 1416533420386.jpg)



This is disgusting, Cheetah. I'm ashamed.



No. He signs it with an S. On his planet, it means hope.



Claudia is looking well



wtf morph



>these are the funny bits

oh no no no ahahahah


just a warning though that the cum onion process stinks out your oven permanently. if you aren't prepared for the consequences, don't make one


File: 602f92d1024fe91⋯.jpg (108.11 KB, 958x539, 958:539, 677198__rainbow dash_expli….jpg)



>Jacqueline Andrea Suzette "Jackie" Tyler (née Prentice), born 1 February 1967 but claiming a birthdate of 1 February 1968, was a resident of early 21st century London in the parallel universe where Pete Tyler was still alive. Unlike the Jackie Tyler from the regular world, this Jackie was an unpleasant woman who looked down on people who she considered to be lower on the social ladder than herself. Nevertheless, like her regular world counterpart, she maintained a fondness for tea and the peculiar little ritual of always having one last cup of tea before bed.

>peculiar little ritual of always having one last cup of tea before bed


Morph came over to Cheetah's for a roast dinner and Cheetah refused to disclose why dinner smelled like cum



>Morph came



>rtd era screwdriver

says it all really


>be me

>24 year old virgin

>go to college

>study useless humanities subjects

>meet a girl in english literature

>pretty ugly so she's in my league

>great personality though

>she likes doctor who

>her favorite doctor is 12 just like me

>we get to know each other

>one day i work up the courage to ask her if we can be bf/gf

>"you're more like a best friend to me anon, sorry"

>pretend not to be seething mad

>invite her over for dinner

>explicitly say it's nothing romantic

>i make pasta with special sauce

this is where i fucked up guys. i thought if i put the special sauce in it she would like me. because she would have a part of me inside her and absorb the love. or something like that. i don't know what i was thinking i was just so pissed off at her.

>she doesn't like the pasta much

i think she knew from the smell what it was. she hardly ate any of it.

>we watch a bit of series 8

>things are really awkward

>i try to break the ice

>"hey, you wanna know the special recipe for my pasta?"

>she doesn't answer

>i tell her anyway

why why WHY did i think it was a good idea to tell her? if i'd said nothing there would be reasonable doubt. but i just had to go and fucking RUIN it like i always do. anyway

>she flips out

>"what the FUCK anon?"

>runs out of the house

>i start to cry

good thing my parents weren't home.

i hadn't actually tasted the special pasta till then (mine didn't have cum in it) so i gave it a try. god it was absolutely FOUL. it just made me cry more. apparently she's looking to get a restraining order on me. the worst thing is she left her art book at my place and i don't know how i can give it back, if i even should

what do i do, /who/?


File: c3cb9c41a3b71c0⋯.png (446.37 KB, 567x767, 567:767, OmEQakneCc99YmKrQgXBP5-grQ….png)

oh no no no ahahahahaha



They do this at RSL clubs in Australia too


Clara is the Doctor's soulmate. Rory is more of a chum.

Natdole is a cronie.

Bill is an acquaintance.

Jack's a colleague.

Amy's a sympathizer.

Martha's a compadre.

Yaz is an associate.

Ryan's a contemporary.

And Graham's a well-wisher, in that he doesn't wish the Doctor any specific harm.



Are you saying you wouldn't stand up to our anthem? Even in the graceful presence of President Trump?


File: 59479226a85c21e⋯.jpg (36.1 KB, 340x549, 340:549, 1467722153224.jpg)


File: a23f73c4dddd354⋯.jpg (158.08 KB, 1905x1080, 127:72, babysaiga.jpg)



i've been to plenty of RSLs and ive never seen it happen



Fuck RSLs and fuck Americanised Australians.


His excellency, you mean?



There's this movie loosely based on Neo's life, Wake in Fright, you can see it happening there


File: aa75085f9652617⋯.png (312.58 KB, 675x601, 675:601, 1530190081301.png)


>I've been to plenty of RSLs


We never stand for our anthem. But we do stop at 12 and 6 for the angelus


File: 6000bf155a0c8da⋯.jpg (453.09 KB, 1362x1176, 227:196, 1498988642233.jpg)


>i've been to plenty of RSLs


the only thing RSL clubs love more than nationalism is the pokies



What a movie. One of Australia's best.



Yeah it's fucking degenerate.


Hi Neo.

I'm RTD xxx


File: 6335d2c86336ee6⋯.png (280.83 KB, 582x818, 291:409, AAAAAAAAAH.png)

<'2.47 billion!'

>My coat lapels were in his fists, and he wasn't Mum's favourite anymore.


>And then I have a feeling he might have thrown me across the room.

>'Clever how they work,' she was saying. 'You tell it your worst story, and it edits the nasty bits out of your memory.'

So wait, the televised version was the censored robot clown cut?



when I was a really young kid and we went the the RSL with my grandparents, I always enjoyed watching the keno screens, I liked trying to predict which color would win

you could call it kenokino


File: bed608498e86ad3⋯.png (144.16 KB, 1215x1023, 405:341, cosplayanon.png)


The original, you might say



Hearing keno ads is so funny now

*thick australian accent* "keeeey-nough"


File: 30fd262c8a2ac15⋯.jpg (907.1 KB, 4032x3024, 4:3, ouwu1q70z3z01.jpg)

>RSLs represent Australia!


All those “you’re special” messages in media are sponsored by the people who run casinos and sell pokies. They want you to think you’re part of the 0.01% that get rich from gambling and not like those other pathetic losers who throw their money away. People who profit off being in charge of gambling should be first against the wall


>he doesn't invest his superfund money in the gambling industry because "muh morals"



100% and why the vapidities of media with nebulous concepts of hope and "you're special" being applauded as somehow actually beneficial for the viewing audience infuriates me. It's not even a system supplying escapism as a salve to the problem it creates, because it's not a salve at all, it's part of how the whole cycle is perpetuated.


File: c79309c9e6b2877⋯.png (586.53 KB, 1000x810, 100:81, 7bz8mkvm77wz.png)



>My coat lapels were in his fists, and he wasn't Mum's favourite anymore.

come on how can I be the only one that thinks this sounds bad! it reads like a generic YA novel

does the context make "and he wasn't Mum's favourite anymore" less laughable?



You aren't going to garner any particular support judging contextless sentences from a novel from a bunch of people who have read the actual work.



>does the context make "and he wasn't Mum's favourite anymore" less laughable?





fundamentally celibate? celibate for fun?


File: 36b39b7de1cef8f⋯.png (58.63 KB, 553x267, 553:267, cleague.png)

nilsos in the rsl



Thongs are fucking awful








What do they mean by "a traditional family"? Is it an anti-gay thing?


fuark mate



>You aren't going to garner any particular support judging contextless sentences from a novel from a bunch of people who have read the actual work.

Neo my pal, contextless sentences is all I've been given, and perhaps that's why I was asking if it sounds good in context.


How much of it is in first-person? I remember neo saying it had these little doctor diaries between chapters or something, but I didn't know scenes from the actual episode were written in first-person.



What comes next?



yes. not just anti gay either but anti single parents, anti adoption, anti civil union etc.



They're absolute fucking scum and do shit all to support actual veterans too.


File: f71512007e69287⋯.jpg (24.91 KB, 512x287, 512:287, IMG_0877.JPG)


>How much of it is in first-person?

All of it.




>*gulp gulp*

>ahhhhhhhhh that's the good stuff


File: 756b4fd6f9d1a5c⋯.png (262.39 KB, 640x464, 40:29, Misato_beer.png)



Oh dear



promoting keeping families together I can understand, but to say that other types of families shouldn't exist is fucking stupid



>promoting keeping families together

what does that mean exactly



All you've been given? What do you think is going on here? Someone is posting excerpts from the novel to a crowd of some people who have read it and some people who haven't. You're the one asking how you "can…be the only one that thinks [it] sounds bad!", and I'mm the one telling you we're the ones who have actually read it. I don't understand why you think your take is revelatory.



Usually what it means is making women slaves to their husbands to reduce divorce rates


Memes aside, what do you folks actually do when you become aware of a contraband soda can being opened in the theatre? Do you just tell them off or go out to get the manager yourself?


It's Penis Inspection Day at the kinoplex



i personally escort them out myself, what else are you meant to do?



>I don't understand why you think your take is revelatory.

I don't?

I know you really really like the book but you seem to be taking this personally. Of course you and the others who have read it in its entirety know its contents better than anybody else, all I'm saying is that personally these contextless excerpts are not making it seem very well-written. Why is that such a controversial opinion?



I look at them and tut loudly.

If they don't respond, I tut again continuously until they do, otherwise it eventually becomes me shouting the word "tut"



I would say it's more about promoting healthy relationship dynamics to prevent abusive power dynamics



>promoting healthy relationship dynamics

Such as?



Shout "THIS NIGGA DRINKING A SODA" and then whoop for the duration of the film until they stop. Really improved TLJ for me


File: c3f2705a7cfe2ae⋯.jpg (33.18 KB, 480x454, 240:227, 1495173595428.jpg)


I didn't shower before I came and I jerked off this morning



communication and mutual respect


Anyone else get little bits of tissue stuck on their dick when they wank? So annoying



None of the places that talk about the importance of keeping families together are promoting "communication and mutual respect" though. They promote "traditional" family dynamics, aka the woman doing housework while the man is head of the house.





File: 839f0a567213f17⋯.jpg (262.72 KB, 2000x1500, 4:3, tarkinR1.jpg)

Never knew rubbery facial consistency was a potential side effect of TARDIS travel before.



Do you have actual proof of this? Because it sounds like textbook fearmongering



was tarkin a companion?



He was the bloomin Doctor



Oh? Source?




Both, actually.


File: bb06c653da6d6c3⋯.jpeg (93.57 KB, 631x479, 631:479, 87F3859D-B49C-4D72-AAA2-4….jpeg)




Oh shit, that's based. I bet the manager really appreciates it too. Ever get a free legal, approved soda in return for your services?


I just find how you phrased this post >>67897

and to a lesser extent this one >>67906

baffling. It not seeming well-written to you is totally a valid opinion, of course, but acting surprised that "nobody else can see that" is so strange to me when you know you're saying that without the context that the people you're saying it to have. Upon rereading my posts I can see that I'm coming off hostile where I didn't intend that, which doesn't excuse that I might've aggrieved you here, but I do apologise for that. I really do think I'm coming at this from an articulation angle and not out of feeling defensive over liking the novel, but there's every chance I'm wrong and it is a case of that as you say.


Ah yes, alcohol and gambling, such time-honoured conduits of healthy communication.



well he was about too but then he asked if i had a rewards card and i didnt so he kicked me out and took my popcorn



I’m the one asking for a source though



>RSL enacted as a right-wing nationalist group to ensure anticommunist trends remained strong amongst exservicemen lest they fall prety to anti-war rhetoric in light of their experiences in the service

Nuclear take. monkaOMEGA


nilso means nilso



Once at an Event Cinema I was the only one in the theatre and the fucking movie didn't play and I had to go get the staff to start the damn thing.


Brexit would have been a good idea if bojo was negotiating the deal



Fuck Nilso.


Returned and Services League: outside the government, beyond the police




>but acting surprised that "nobody else can see that" is so strange to me when you know you're saying that without the context that the people you're saying it to have

That was more directed at other anons in the thread who I assume haven't read the book either and are also reading these excerpts

All good though. I probably exaggerated how bad it sounds a bit anyway, I'll get around to reading it eventually



Oh yeah? Prove it.


File: 416782f6242b18b⋯.jpg (101.75 KB, 1125x1412, 1125:1412, IMG_20180722_105629.jpg)


Real talk some actual good Aus organisations for supporting veterans are Legacy, Veterans 360, and Soldier On.



t. Nilso



I only say this when it comes to the Nilso is het vs gay arguments



I getcha. Come to think of it I actually did a larger verge over the novel getting criticised once before, a particular streamchad probably remembers me going off about it, when someone on Twitter started describing the book as abominably and laughably bad because of the Table of Contents not having chapters in linear order.


Has anyone ever done a legit strawpoll of the sexualities here?


File: ea35ff118a3563e⋯.jpg (108.13 KB, 604x767, 604:767, xhTNfPJ3pu23rEsccwRs4Ac8j6….jpg)



>when someone on Twitter started describing the book as abominably and laughably bad because of the Table of Contents not having chapters in linear order.

to be fair that was one of hoodie's cronies, what did you expect



That's so funny. I probably would've waited a really long time before getting up and talking to anyone.




"do you have actual proof of this" is a request for a source



I remember that and I defended the twitter user lmao


new band: Hoodie & the Boomers



According to who?



>Has anyone ever done a legit strawpoll of the sexualities here?

I believe we did back on 4ch and there was a notable proportion of LGB sexuality



me, the one who said it



Can you prove that you were the one that said it?



The weird thing was all the ads played, so I assumed business as usual, then the screen just went black. I waited like three minutes assuming a technical fuckup, then thought maybe I was in the wrong cinema, but nope, they just weren't playing the fucking movie, which confused me because I thought modern theatres literally had to broadcast movies at certain times because of the way they digitally received them. The movie was The Founder fwiw. Quite enjoyed it. The staff were pretty apologetic.


Oh lol, was it? Makes sense.


-_- ree


Perhaps hets are the oppressed minority here! But real talk DW definitely does have more of a LBGT fandom than a lot of adjacent shows (moreso for Torchwood I'm sure).


File: d0eb6ff952a7143⋯.jpg (12.22 KB, 151x227, 151:227, 227x227bb.jpg)

AAAlex is watching She's the Man alone in the stream. What do you think that means, eh?


File: 4f6b61535f1f034⋯.png (17.9 KB, 558x95, 558:95, proof.png)



>neo queues a movie in the stream and leaves



Nice save.



You could have used inspect element. Give me actual proof.



she's the man is 00skino



I could not have used inspect element in the time between you posting your request for proof and my posting of the screenshot


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Was this a Utopia moment?



You could have anticipated that I would ask and had the image prepared already.



Outside the imageboards, beyond the Discord

Tracking down leaks on Twitter, arming Moffchads against the future.

The eleventh series is when everything changes - and you've got to be ready.



>see duke, I didn't betray you

>just flashed her tits to the entire stadium

what did she mean by this?


One day … no one posts. Next day … no one posts. And the next, and the next, and the next …

GENERAL POSTS: 751 [number decreases before fading]



you have no proof that I did


I'm so hype for the argument Morph planned, holy shit


Hoodie & The Boomers

Time_Lordy - guitar

Burr Unjor - Bass

Eddie McGuigan - Drums



I have no proof that you didn't.



Femoids don’t see flashing as being unfaithful



Darth Snoke - Keyboards


Nilso & the Felines

Nilso - vocals, bass

Cats - guitar, keyboards

Cheetah - drums


File: 0e721fab4218b41⋯.mp4 (1.09 MB, 854x480, 427:240, DASH_2_4_M.mp4)


File: 31effc091a0eea3⋯.jpg (63.16 KB, 636x382, 318:191, bynes?.jpg)


…to this?



>remember watching this movie as a kid

>remember being way more interested in the guy being naked than the girl flashing her tits

why didn't I realize I was gay sooner


Ladies and Gentlemen, this does NOT make sense!



oh god the aquaman movie's still happening?


Hoodie & The Boomers - The Good Old Days, out now, featuring the hit single "Men are the Future"



I'm interested to hear little revelations like that from LBGT people since I can't really compare, hetness being "the norm" pushed in most media. No equivalent moment of "realising I'm het". Well I did kinda have that moment eventually but not from a media thing. Anyways, must be interesting to reflect on would-be realisations like that.


Yeah first trailer came out today




i saw the trailer a few minutes ago and was going to post a screenshot of this fucker here


File: fd0860a9189d093⋯.jpg (77.55 KB, 1125x1483, 1125:1483, FB_IMG_1532254832562.jpg)



File: 80082fe5c69702e⋯.gif (2.77 MB, 450x253, 450:253, 1532203712534.gif)



>redheads! you gotta love em

what the fuck, how could DC be so blatantly objectifying and sexist in 2018?



God that fucking kills me with libs. Fuck Colbert.



To be fair…





shazam looks fun


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



File: 4647a8a22de1c75⋯.jpg (26.21 KB, 640x386, 320:193, 37607830_511383492615376_4….jpg)




What really baffles with with this kind of shit is there is easily tonnes of legit, valid, very well-backed criticisms you could make of President Trump, but instead so many resort to "he's orange", "he has gay sex with Putin", "his hair is silly".


Yeah the premise is pretty golden and I like how they cast an actual teen for the kid version of Shazam. Director's a nice bloke too.


File: 9d50cb58201af5c⋯.jpg (91.88 KB, 404x392, 101:98, 1443637382395.jpg)

>been in the stream for a few minutes

>still can't send messages







Takes 10min imo. You made an account right?



>You made an account right?

Absolutely not



those videos of protesters being asked what they dont like about trump always give me a laugh, it's literally



and nothing else. it's a joke at this point.


File: 4fb226267dbfbaa⋯.png (192.43 KB, 396x287, 396:287, ClipboardImage.png)



I don't fucking understand how it happens. THERE IS SO MUCH YOU CAN ACTUALLY SAY AGAINST HIM. Why are they like this!?!?



Why don't you give us some examples, Neo?


I get disconnected from the server every few minutes so I'm never going to be able to talk in this stupid stream REEEEEEE

>it's part of the highschool experience


american highschool's have dorm rooms?



Because is the President and he deserves respect!



Feels bad that we won't get marketing like this ever again.



What country are you from mate?


File: 9519fd365f7b2d2⋯.jpg (288.75 KB, 1211x1536, 1211:1536, westernmail_bg.jpg)


File: a1e54775c4f26cc⋯.gif (530.78 KB, 245x180, 49:36, 1376631182057.gif)



Feels bad that we won't get marketing like this ever again.


I just checked thoraxtime for a laugh and it has videos queued what the fuck

old stream lives?



>greg ran into a bunch of fans at the casino who were there for a 21st



Yeah a lot of the thorax people just sequestered off from /who/, but they are still a community unto themselves.


File: 38fd645e9b050af⋯.jpg (7.51 KB, 200x280, 5:7, 62496c3e35849d480c11847bc4….jpg)



scapegoating because they refuse to acknowledge that capitalism - the system they still support - is the biggest thing wrong with donald trump



REEE i wanna watch it now but CWS wont let me



yeah I know, I used to be one of them. I just didn't expect the stream to still be up. assumed they would have a discord or something by now



They do, but they still use the stream sometimes as I understand.



cats stream was the best tho



Hi cats.


>can talk in thorax immediately

>still can't talk in casualwhostream




is it really scapegoating if they're just blissfully ignorant about the whole thing?



just make an account lmao


File: ba913f73cb08632⋯.png (85.07 KB, 670x367, 670:367, fatcats.png)

I love this so much


>pretend it's the democratic party, just walk away




You're killing me skelly



I miss early 2000s HTML sites so much



try again m80


File: 0c21cc22ed23443⋯.png (339.4 KB, 559x511, 559:511, 1492840874022.png)





don't worry I've left out the hardest hitting part to leave some surprise



Are you genuinely verged by CWS or memeing it up?


thx m8


File: 14b764d24727426⋯.png (264.13 KB, 688x769, 688:769, kenoh.png)

Seriously the amount of effort put into this site is based

Someone had to write all these entries



I'm mildly verged, yeah. I think the anti-spam thing is overkill, should let guests talk


>thoraxtime is still alive


Do you think we should have a poll about guests thing?



fuck guests.


File: 9544372da29bcb1⋯.png (6.65 KB, 564x61, 564:61, neo.png)



What's the issue with making an account though? I'm trying to understand your POV.

Also CWS used to seriously get absolutely inundated with spam, and it still happens occasionally (happened the other day last week). It's easy for prevention to look like overkill when it's actually working.


My opinion is PLEASE NO, the system works very well, it is the absolutely tiniest barrier to entry that ensures people will chat in good faith. 0 reasons to capitulate


The Virgin CWS

The Chad Thoraxtime






if I remember right, the guests thing was added to prevent 2oda and judy from queueing things anonymously right?



>What's the issue with making an account though?

Oh I just don't want to



Not exactly, mainly because someone was spamming with Simm emotes and used proxy to avoid ban. Then I removed it and then it happened again.


File: 8a46a099196ac91⋯.png (37.89 KB, 349x245, 349:245, ClipboardImage.png)




No particular reasons though?



>thoraxtime has an anime trailer permaqueued




No particular reason, no



No reason to remove it again, old mate here isn't exactly crusading for it >>68050



t. CWScuck


The Virgin ThoraxTime

The Virgin CWS




I bet a tenner that you're simmspammer



Based Looms


File: 1f474c15a6a8c86⋯.png (156.24 KB, 357x336, 17:16, 1443656863889.png)

>tfw verged because you can't talk

>stick around stream anyway to watch the movie




No I was never a regular on CWS, only thorax



why would we want the company of thoraxfags



What was your username on thorax?



Tricky question because I never made an account


File: 326ca91016d8377⋯.png (113.89 KB, 1160x362, 580:181, Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at ….png)

miller is literally cumming to this


File: f28b82191bd1531⋯.gif (971.91 KB, 400x454, 200:227, Happy Colin Baker.gif)


there wasn't a twist, I was just leaving out the feels of watching greg try and spread out his legs while he's unemployed





bernice would bail him out if he ever had actual problems r-right?


Gibbers: The Nilso of his time





File: 372d7ca12f14082⋯.png (930.03 KB, 940x627, 940:627, ClipboardImage.png)





Churchill: The Nilso of his time



What's Bernice Summerfield got to do with anything?


File: 95b3ce97d5cd5e6⋯.jpg (4.95 KB, 220x229, 220:229, 95b3ce97d5cd5e611cfc5b0097….jpg)


>mfw they changed his name from "happy harold" to "healthy harold"



That looks a bit culty



sacrificing children to resurrect Geoffrey.






some kids would never return. we weren't allowed to ask why


harold came to nilsos school when he was a wee lad and he snuck in in the early hours of the morning and left a little surprise in the harold puppet


File: 0d20a69f7244263⋯.jpg (164.79 KB, 1200x906, 200:151, http _a.amz.mshcdn.com_wp-….jpg)

No one else remember this from Primary school?

My friend Alan was never seen again after it. Nobody else remembers him now


I used to think harold was a puppet being done by a separate person who hid behind the curtain


>tfw only saw the animatronic harold once before that van burned down and they had to return back to the puppet


I used to think only I was allowed touch down there, but Harold told me otherwise


gregs been demonetised for unsavoury views on race


File: ae99f60c2c301d3⋯.jpg (20.81 KB, 468x550, 234:275, dsp4.jpg)


We put paint in Nilsos pussy for an episode of Prank Patrol




GREAT content



I don’t recall ever having him visit my primary school but my high school mates from the coast did. Maybe he didn’t want to drive 10+ hours into the desert




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