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File: cd2c10fb7b83e19⋯.jpg (30.3 KB, 320x536, 40:67, nilso protege.jpg)


True Successor edition

Last time >>72522


File: 0e155b82a6ad934⋯.png (2.49 KB, 367x18, 367:18, morph.png)



I love Jodie and I’m going to marry her


I love David Bradley so much.


File: 3dfd28b0b7a27d4⋯.jpg (26.03 KB, 725x570, 145:114, He's_watching_you.jpg)


Imagine all those people that attempt to watch all of Doctor Who when it gets close to the 100th anniversary


File: 45b1509f691e264⋯.jpg (146.71 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, IMG_20180801_195936.jpg)

Neo and Morph


ELI5: Why was "The Day of the Doctor" bad for the Time War?



File: b8284069ff26369⋯.jpg (203.14 KB, 2048x1363, 2048:1363, DWAcIktX0AEX6gk.jpg large.jpg)



The NeoCloister's Apprentice






It only showed the pew-pews yet the big bad War Doctor shot at a wall not the Daleks.


File: 0a3bbdef140f167⋯.png (210.53 KB, 424x426, 212:213, 1533143002699.png)

Nilso's a gloomer


>Ninth Doctor: Even in the face of the Dalek Emperor, I would rather be a coward than a killer, any day.

>Tenth Doctor: I try my best to save my greatest enemies, the Master and Davros, and I banish my partial clone for committing genocide, even though it was the Daleks.





>Twelfth Doctor: I PUNCH THE NAZI


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




>I don't want to pseudo-deadname fictionnal characters, that's wrong

Fuck's sake Sandifer, you used to be crazy in a funner way


File: 35cdf4919096704⋯.png (79.99 KB, 800x800, 1:1, bookclubannounce1.png)




Today we have some very short stories by two of everybody's favourite users, including the legendary infant who looked up Ian Levine's personal contact information and posted it on Kiwi Farms.

Also Broken Mirrors returns, and you may recognise the theme of his entry if you're familiar with the delightful wiki page on the subject.


Fly on the Moff AKA Moffat’s Lament

>By 2oda

What if Moffat had writer’s block?

Fly Me To The Moff 2: Moff Harder

>By 2oda

What if something inhibited the big times of an iconic showrunner?

The Pitch

>By Hunter

What if the lore behind a certain pitch loomed a little bit too far?

The Transgender Companion meets The Canonical Non-Canon Doctors

>By Broken Mirrors

What if the Doctor(s) found out their companion was transgender?


>By Everyone Who Immigrant Pestered For A Damn Fic

What if a poet pontificated on the process of producing this portfolio?

Some feedback on these stories:


(let me know if I missed yours)

Read, enjoy, discuss, reflect, shitpost.

Got questions about a story? Was there something you thought was GOAT? Memeyness that made you laugh? Let us all know. The floor is open all day.

If you wrote a story and you want to answer/ask questions in authorial capacity, consider a temporary trip.

Make it obvious which story you're posting about, & browse sensibly if you don't want to get spoiled on any stories. Hide this post with Filter -> Post+ to hide all replies.

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https://mega.nz/#!Uf4EDaLT!bIa_JP_rbyl7Pl9NKq8tLopyOzXJFhlSu6Z4VZnt4Uk (This is the updated edition, 2.5.1)

Last thread: >>73166

Sunday's post: >>71829

All posts: https://8ch.net/search.php?search=name:Bookclubanon&board=doctorwho





Can you perhaps see why Sandifer wouldn't want to encourage a habit of ignoring people's name-changes, fictional or otherwise?


>I wish Moffat had addressed the change in characterization, because as it stands, it’s a tremendous characterization hole (which to me is even less tolerable than a plot hole).


pls gib new tentoo audio





File: 949a0a6f197f903⋯.jpg (14.58 KB, 249x250, 249:250, regenilso.jpg)

Well, here we go again.


Who killed all the Daleks?


File: ae99f60c2c301d3⋯.jpg (20.81 KB, 468x550, 234:275, dsp4.jpg)


Who do ya think?


Steven Moffat ruined Doctor Who.

Steven Moffet ruined Doctor Who.

Stephen Moffett ruined Dr. Who.

Steaphen Mophette ruined Dr. Whogh.

Steahphen Mofpheitte ruined Dr. Whough.

Steaghpheinn Mofpheightte ruined Dr. Whoeiaugh.

Steeahghfpheinne Moaffphaeighttghe ruined Dr. Whoeiaughueghue.

Schteeahfghfpheaiaghnne Moaghffphffphaeiaghttghe ruined Dr. Whoeiaughueghueioeghe.

Schteeahfghfpheaiaghaiennghe Moaghaeghffphffphaeighaighttaghe ruined Dr. Whoeiaughueghueioegheghoeuhgie.

Schteeahffphghfpheaiaghaienngheighnghe Moaghpheaeghffphffphaeighffaighpfhttaghe ruined Dr. Whoeiaughueghueioegheghoeuhgieghoieueoeieio.

Schtheeapfhffphghfpheaiaeughpheaienngheighnhgheghnne Moaghffpheaeffghffphffphaeighffaighffphffhttaghe ruined Dr. Whoeiaughueghueioegheghoeuhgieghoieueoeieioeieioghueghieueoeghue.

Schtheeapfhffphghffpheaiaeaughieaughffpheaienngheighnhgheghnneghne Moaghffpheaeauffghffphffphaeighffphffphaighffphffhtteattuattaghe ruined Dr. Whoeiaughueghueioegheghoeuhgieghoieueoeieioeieioghueghieueoeghueugheauieughoueueieugh.

Schthcheeaiaepfhffeighffphghffpheaiaeaughieaughffpheaienngheighnhgheghnneghnenneghnne Moaueghffphffpheaeauffghffphghffphaeighffphffphaigheghffphffphffhtteattuattaghffphtte ruined Dr. Whoeiaughueghueioegheghoeuhgieghoieueoeieioeieioghueghieueoeghueugheauieughoueueieugheieiougheiogheueuegheugh.

Schthcheeaiaepfhffeighghffphghffpheaiaeaughieaugheighffphffpheaienngheighnhgheigheighnneghneinnegheinnenne Moaueighffphffepheaeieauphffgheiffphghffphaeighffphffphaigheghffphffphffeighaigheffhtteattuattaghffphtte ruined Dr. Whoeiaughueghueioegheghoeuhgieghoieueoeieioeieioghueghieueoeghueugheauieughoueueieugheieiougheiogheueuegheugheughioghoghochochgheighough.


Bold move for HBO to hire someone who can't write as a writer.



They did manage to get 8 seasons out of Weiss so it worked in the end.



Steven Morphant ruined Dr. Whomest


hold on


sloth a



not really, thats their MO.


File: 7cdc3c75da43630⋯.png (326.11 KB, 516x611, 516:611, adumm.png)




robbinabank, robbinawhoole bank


Nilso bailed Tommy out of jail


13 would make a great Wilderness Doctor



There won't be a second Wilderness Years.



Yeah, she is generic as fuck so writers could do anything with her


I hope you all like my story. I didn't work too hard to make it, but idk.


File: 66fade1a79cc820⋯.png (34.61 KB, 541x415, 541:415, ClipboardImage.png)




ha gaaaaaay


File: 2371997a156b827⋯.jpg (19.95 KB, 163x210, 163:210, reddit_6.jpg)

Anyone else think that the 6th Doctor is so underrated? His epic Briggs Finish work redeems his terrible seasons. Those who say that the 6th Doctor is terrible are such plebs and should be ignored so you can discuss Dr.Who with REAL fans. I haven't read the books or comicd yet but I bet they are just as awesome and epic.



The comics are great, campy fun. I've read them all, and the Sixth Doctor comics, without a doubt, have zero clunkers.


Most fans agree that Briggs Finish has been better than the show recently.



A lot of normier fan like the Sixth Doctor now because Colin is nice, "cool", or feminist.

They see it as a reason to like his Doctor.


File: 9bcc7afc1889b28⋯.jpg (19.45 KB, 460x276, 5:3, tensmug.jpg)



Colin's a feminist? I didn't know that. Nice little piece of info.


Nilsogendered Companion




As an epic prank I'm gonna @everyone in the discord haha



Judy <3



Yeah, he cites having 4 doaughters as a reason to be one.

He is also very pro-Jodie and seems to sneer at people who disagree with that. everyone says retarded stuff sometimes



How about don't.



Its just a prank brah



I mean, he's not wrong for being pro-Jodie and a feminist? There's literally nothing "retarded" about being pro-Jodie or feminist. I'm pro-Jodie and feminist, and for the record, my idea of what constitutes a developmental disorder like being "retarded" comes from (call me crazy) a doctor in the field of psychology and neurology, not from a hunch that anyone who disagrees with my worldview has some sort of slowness.



Colin seems like a pretty nice guy desu, I'd like to meet him


File: cf912d7ea99815b⋯.png (8.03 KB, 1792x93, 1792:93, ClipboardImage.png)



Im a pro Jodie and anti-feminist



Fair enough, I respect that. I'm no third-wave myself, I just think feminism has had a big place in history and should at least be acknowledged for the good it did for females of recent past.

Anyways, I'm just really excited for Series 11. Can't wait to see what they do with this "new villain" I hear is being teased.



>Can't wait to see what they do with this "new villain" I hear is being teased.

tell me more



That's all I know. I heard the villain was teased by some leakers and by Chibnall himself, but that's it.


File: 6c29c91de69baf6⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 177.86 KB, 400x400, 1:1, villainilso.png)


>new villain


File: 4821114720d94cc⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 134.87 KB, 1407x1501, 1407:1501, saiga.jpg)



no more details?

is it female?


File: b3d01152b1b6a26⋯.png (1.74 MB, 1307x1080, 1307:1080, sm1.png)



we can only hope





No more details as far as I'm aware. As for the gender… Still don't know.


Discordies should have their own planet


File: d290eec5e370e3c⋯.jpg (81.02 KB, 633x762, 211:254, 1526293668726.jpg)


>yfw the vilain is name

<The Patriarchy


File: a70450d013461cc⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 46.7 KB, 335x242, 335:242, Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at ….png)


[see image]





Pls more with remove tablublu



<altering kino


TOS, are you around?



Hunter, they're just memeing about hating on Colin.



Immigrant, you're such a dad


Peter Purves now on Twitter




I finally get to purve on him using social media


We haven't seen any monsters or aliens yet for S11 have we?


File: d34aea0b0bc4954⋯.jpg (183.4 KB, 1584x1059, 528:353, DUY5PHCWAAAC2ge.jpg)



so /who/. Make your mind up time. Are they sontarans or not?



No. They're Judoon.


File: 14897c809ac2a9d⋯.gif (1.65 MB, 300x225, 4:3, every now and the i fall.gif)

Hey /who/! How is everyo-



File: c27bffef70bed7d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.55 KB, 275x183, 275:183, index.jpg)


Smells like discordies in here!



No, they'll be something new. Although rumours from people on set say are they're Sontarans but who the fuck knows




File: f6dd1d09d9ec181⋯.png (233.33 KB, 481x437, 481:437, jodie-1.png)


If living things can become drawings, then maybe drawings can become living things.


File: 5bec8e2acaae3c8⋯.jpeg (216.95 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, DXuZJdnW4AYd63n.jpeg)



When did 12 become an alcoholic?


Flight Into Hull has essential character development for Tentoo desu



1. He's scottish. They're reportedly very friendly with the creature.

2. If you were 12, wouldn't you want to potentially crawl into the bottom of a bottle if in the company of the other 3?


why is hunter here?




he also has a liqoir cabinet



to hunt, dumbass


File: 7405aa937d48d4d⋯.jpg (146.91 KB, 1024x691, 1024:691, pertwee_mask.jpg)



Is that ReviewBrah with Jenna Coleman in a Pertwee mask?


File: c1a8ad9eef754be⋯.png (3.16 MB, 1190x1716, 595:858, 10bd.png)

worst console coming through


File: 032f6a59be7b42d⋯.png (3.06 MB, 2028x1080, 169:90, asd2.png)

best console coming through


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


knock it off!


Who killed all the Daleks?



The S4 finale is schlockkino




First of all: true. Secondly, you wouldn't happen to have the source for this image, would you? It looks like a composite edit, I'm wondering if there's any more of its type out there. The production photos of the TVM set don't do it justice, and the movie itself doesn't ever show it in its entirety like this.



That explains why all the sheep here hate based finish because your leader says so


File: adc23b607b12af1⋯.jpg (155.11 KB, 600x813, 200:271, 1418227925914.jpg)



Another cameo appearance by Nilso in my dreams last night. Told me my energy levels were off and if I wanted to actually achieve peace in my life I had to stop trying so hard to do so, not harder. The advice moderately pissed me off for some reason so I slapped him around a bit. Nothing major but I left a few bruises. Felt really bad about it and tried to apologize, but at this point the dream had shifted to me at a Zoo where humans were the animals in the cages. Not sure how this is all related but I certainly had a nocturnal emission so take that as you will.





File: 122249ed39e09ad⋯.png (55.44 KB, 609x209, 609:209, ElBDSMFinish.png)




>Sam stared up for a long time at the brass infinity of the console-room sky.

>Sam followed his gaze, saw the vast blue-bronze height of the console room. It somehow seemed to merge with infinity, the heavy substance of the console arms and distant walls gradually becoming pure light. The Doctor had never explained adequately whether it actually had a roof or not. 'It used to,' was all he would say. 'Can't think where it's got to.'

>She remembered something that her

maths teacher had once said, about there being several kinds of infinity. He'd been talking about algebra, but Sam knew that what she was seeing now was that algebra made real.



The TVM console room would be highly-ranked regardless, purely based on how comfy it is, but the fact that you can see whole galaxies whenever you look up? That's why it's the best. Also, I once saw someone headcanon that the TARDIS could change its interior lighting to simulate a day/night cycle, for the sake of the companions that live aboard permanently, and there's no other console room that that idea would work so well with.



We do see a bit of shifting lighting in both the classic and modern series, but it's always in a strictly "House at night" sense, the movie console would really look amazing with a bright blue sky overhead.



Yeah, the lighting varies but never usually by much. Any companion's sleep schedule would be a mess regardless with all the travelling they do (and it'd probably just be a case of "sleep when you're tired, because god knows you will be after running around an alien planet all day") but there could potentially be times that they spend weeks aboard the TARDIS without ever properly landing anywhere, so a simulated day/night cycle would be pretty nice in those situations. Especially for bigger TARDIS teams, otherwise they might all be asleep at totally different times.


File: 7424da802197626⋯.jpg (16.73 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 0201a_image.jpg)



>How do I join the book club?

holy shit hunter


File: 1e9ed76a6accf83⋯.jpg (295.08 KB, 1377x445, 1377:445, earths death.jpg)

Which did it better?


File: 4c9ffd9a9179d05⋯.gif (435.16 KB, 480x360, 4:3, dying earth from the ark i….gif)


File: 0fad3370fb12c28⋯.webm (3.41 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, sad moffat.webm)





File: cae2dea8095dd7b⋯.png (30.08 KB, 680x748, 10:11, 1b1.png)

This but Doctor Who characters.. I'll start in a minute, finishing mine up.

Reply to people by pinging characters that you like and see if you get a bingo :)



What happens?


File: 27b0ef4cf83e334⋯.png (1.01 MB, 680x745, 136:149, cheetah bingo.png)


Or maybe you should only ping a character if they're on your board, too?



You need to vibrate higher




i don't get it




It's bingo



yes, but i don't get how it's supposed to work here

did i ping?

do i need a board?

just make a board?



Yep, make your own board and then if you have the same choices as someone else, mark the character on their board and reply to them. Though /who/'s a little dead rn I guess. It's also a fun way to show people who your favorite characters are


File: 2c9298cf2456554⋯.jpg (55.88 KB, 603x681, 201:227, 1369785319090.jpg)




Do you ever just remember The Doctor Falls exists and start touching yourself?



I get emotional but don't start touching myself tbqh



I meant metaphorically touching yourself.




they are all super solid finales and easily the most consistently high quality of any nuwho doctor





It's annoying when people try to use abbreviations for episodes that are almost never abbreviated. It's like having to do a little brain teaser in the middle of a post.




don't even know if i have enough favorite characters for that size board



File: 5cc1e81f36563b0⋯.gif (2.61 MB, 580x254, 290:127, pitynostars.gif)


File: a8c755c4e5838e2⋯.jpg (33.78 KB, 454x318, 227:159, 1482454357193.jpg)

>your very last season is one of your best

>the finale is the best finale you've ever written

>the following christmas special, your final ever episode, is complete garbage

what is this feeling called?



i guess blame chibnall (though maybe dont cause he needed time to sort out everything for his era)

i get the feeling like the original plan was to have the Doctor regenerate after Heather put him back in the TARDIS and just end it all there



Is Chibnall holding the gun in the picture and forcing Moffat to write an awful script?


File: ded4234763d8069⋯.jpg (10.12 KB, 251x336, 251:336, moff.jpg)


he twin dilemma'd himself



>your very last season is one of your best

S10 is bipolar as fuck, episodes are either great or shit. S8 and S9 are way more consistently good





File: 1c3140507dc20f0⋯.jpg (49.43 KB, 600x337, 600:337, chibgun.jpg)


<And then the First Doctor sticks his head out and says "If I hear any more language like that from you, young lady, you're in for a jolly good smacked bottom!" Ho ho ho! There's no excuse for you here, it's a quote straight from The Dalek Invasion of Earth! A wibbley-wobbley Moffat reference! You'll be bringing back the funny Hartnell, you'll tell them! I hope they talk about it loads! I hope they spend years laughing about it! Say…


File: 84fd7f0c534be6e⋯.jpg (496.97 KB, 3840x2160, 16:9, 1443615645152.jpg)



>RTD appears in the shadows

>"Make the doctor allude to fucking women so hard that it hurts them."


>RTD cocks gun multiple times like in The End of Time







>thin ice


>knock knock












>eaters of light


>world enough


>the doctor falls




>>thin ice


stopped reading there, cletus


File: d70801b74e0c7da⋯.gif (1.21 MB, 268x160, 67:40, Reeeeee.gif)



>one of his best

Fark off.

















>S5 Is The Best Season Ever And A Great Jumping On Point!






























9 > 8 > 10



One of Capaldi's best, or consistently good



S10 has no consistency whatsoever


"S10 is bad" is the worst /who/ meme


reminder that sesska didn't like S1E1, couldn't stand rose and didn't even enjoy the show until S4

reminder that S5 is the best jumping on point



S10 isn't bad, it's okay. It has some of capaldi's best episodes but the rest of the series drags it down



yeah I noticed she's a moffchad


>star in her eye










rest are either shit or forgettable






>shit or forgettable

Reminds me of a certain trip…


empress of mars is gatiss's best episode



I do like empress for what it was, it's the best gatiss episode by far but is completely out shone by the quality of the capaldi era so relatively it's meh


File: e8882d64dc0f63a⋯.png (210.39 KB, 430x410, 43:41, capalstare.png)




>not liking kill the moon

>not liking thin ice

>liking empress of mars


File: 2ad6047a086b4a4⋯.jpg (80.41 KB, 313x369, 313:369, EveMylesCymru.jpg)


Based, redpilled, blackpilled, indigopilled, basedpilled, Bogdanoff approved, truly GOAT and based


Thin Ice is a genuinely decent, sometimes even laugh-inducing romp, and I enjoy rewatching it more than I do most series 10 stories. Bill saying no shit and the Doctor using the alias "Doctor Disc-Oh" cracks me up every time. Yeah, the whitewash jesus thing is ugh but it's easy to forget about it.


Basing your judgement of a season solely on number of good episodes seems like such a sterile way to go about it. I view S10 as a whole, and as a whole its characters, settings, characterisation of the doctor, and finale put it above S8 and S9.

And it has some of Moffat's best episodes. I'll take a SHEEP episode followed by an alright episode over two "good" episodes anytime.



>Yeah, the whitewash jesus thing is ugh

Cream-anon confirmed for either cletus or desperate to try to fit in.



>Doctor Disc-Oh

isn't it doctor disco, like basil disco?



I just praised the story. Shoot me, I criticized one line. Besides, I thought everyone hated the jesus line?


Yeah but the racist guy pronounces it like Disc Oh like it's a proper name that the Doctor's used. Something like "Ah, Doctor Disc Oh from the Fairford Club!" I love the running gag of Basil Disco



as a whole it's even worse, a terrible 3-part story, an underwhelming mid series twist with the vault, a completely WASTED opportunity with blindDoc and some rather forced story line for the main companion, the only good part of it as a whole is 12's regeneration arc which started when bill shot him


File: 49f7ae2267699b3⋯.jpg (27.18 KB, 600x563, 600:563, capaldrunk.jpg)

When "Mark Gatiss Playing With His Action Figures On National Television For 45 Minutes" is only the fourth-worst story of the series, the series has major quality issues.

A shame, because Bill and Nardole were the best TARDIS team in New Who.



Couldn't have put it better myself.



this desu

the abysmal attempt at a 3-parter is far too great an issue to overlook. No matter how great the finale or the doc/bill/nardole/missy dynamic is, S10 does too many things wrong to be considered better than S9 or S8


9 > 8 > 5 > 10 > 7 > 6

4 > 1 > 3 > 2


1 > 8 > 9 > 5 = 3 > 4 > 7 > 6 > 2


Series 6 and 9 are the worst series'.


I miss Nardole.


File: 2c8261788f17162⋯.png (60.84 KB, 180x154, 90:77, nardie.png)


File: 2dcf7cb0d6033ab⋯.jpg (86.58 KB, 595x474, 595:474, the watcher.jpg)



old meme but it checks oot


File: d263d011bd2f798⋯.jpg (564.01 KB, 1416x1838, 708:919, Meme magic.jpg)



takes me back


How verged was Mark Gatiss during the filming of TUAT?



i get the feeling like not at all. he should've realized that it was wrong of him to play a Lethbridge-Stewart and he obviously didn't fight it



>he should've realized that it was wrong of him to play a Lethbridge-Stewart and he obviously didn't fight it

what the hell are you talking about




why did you make me read this utterly uninteresting drama


File: 15573cf5febbd8e⋯.jpg (219.88 KB, 869x1190, 869:1190, neoboomer.jpg)



Got some gamer fuel I see


Vocaroo embed. Click on thumbnail to play.



where's the "SSSsssssssss"?



sounds like a stapler, neo


File: 58c03b273ce16df⋯.jpg (160.14 KB, 500x375, 4:3, Lyrics-its-always-sunny-in….jpg)

>"Whats this? A page from a coloring book?"

>"No its my shit trips entry!"


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Never Ordering A Pop From Target Again!



File: c37057449f6ed2f⋯.jpg (88.24 KB, 431x767, 431:767, RgBb1croCdc0lEyC6FAgUggxoC….jpg)

Nilso at the shops be like



Last Christmas I gave Nilso my heart but the very next day they deleted the thread. This Christmas to save me from tears I'll give it to you on the Discord.



on the discord INSTEAD.


Who killed all the Daleks?


File: b3bf47d74363f61⋯.gif (428.41 KB, 500x281, 500:281, ezgif-4-bf2f5b25de.gif)


File: 918c7dd744bb4e6⋯.jpg (820.78 KB, 1460x911, 1460:911, headlineImage.adapt.1460.h….jpg)

Have a date with a super pretty girl tomorrow. She said she's seen Doctor Who but hasn't watched it in a few years. Yes I always find a way of bringing up Doctor Who. Does that make me less chad? Idk but sometimes I get my dick sucked so I'm not bothered. But this girl is.. nice. And she's got the best body ever.. not that that's all that I care about. I'm just rambling and wanted to say hi to Neo.



Hi Morph!



why would you bring up doctor who on a first date?



you know it's not morph.. you've been so cold to me lately


not a first date just texting so far.. I like talking about my interests. :)


anyone have the mp3 files to the two Tentoo audios?



FUCK I thought there was a last word but I forgot!


File: ff4bac1250f4673⋯.jpg (803 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, nam kids with second docto….jpg)



fuck me.



wow wtf I hate Briggs Finish now, I thought I liked at least some of them but someone just told me they don't like them so I must therefore alter my interests to fit into some sort of cultural zeitgeist I don't care about for street cred

wtf how they do that



That's the power of psychochronogologabogeogaslogacoginafrogonalogajoginahogboganaloginpraguegroundhogmonologueonography


File: 8551e4c90a67246⋯.jpg (90.06 KB, 714x960, 119:160, 1533193118253.jpg)




nilsos jealous of the relationship neo has with the other streamchads, be it

>platonic (neokinda)

>romantic (morpheo)

>purely sexual (cheeto)

>something more (nigga)



The fact that you don't know that Cats and I are in a relationship shows that you're too far out of the loop to even comment



(nilsos gay)



Opposites attract ;)



So cats is het?


cats is the yaoiposter


Skelly is the narrator


sloath is sloath


File: 5e63a4c326b2de1⋯.jpg (38.49 KB, 800x500, 8:5, when trump says something.jpg)


No way…


Does anybody have a screenshot of nilso contributing to any on-topic discussion whatsoever? Trying to prove a point to a friend



Why do these freaks always have so many images?



nilso literally became janny partially because of his contributions



What about the other janny?



no comment


sloath is morph


sloath is genuinely unironically capaldo




I wish I had hid a little easter egg in my post history for nilso to find before I verged him.



Did you miss those giant paragraphs I wrote about Series 1 the other day (>>72533 and >>72534)?




Morph said he wrote those wtf lmao



He’s literally giving the anon the examples he was asked to provide you Cletus



based morphe



Nilso is the Cletus here sweetie


File: 735315fd8e40c13⋯.jpg (2.9 MB, 1941x2391, 647:797, 1520499337783.jpg)




how long has he had these numbers in his name



File: 56df394d6ea49b2⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 33.96 KB, 700x420, 5:3, 3500.jpg)


I love you


File: e86d34a845cb22e⋯.jpg (46.24 KB, 515x464, 515:464, 1378152234221.jpg)



Can we unrelease it?


There's Something About Nilso


Morph's Ant Is Pure Heaven


File: 389cf0e6af90f3c⋯.jpg (87.13 KB, 497x698, 497:698, DWM_Issue_359.jpg)

New world

New times


File: 1786d9dd29d3051⋯.jpg (30.61 KB, 960x539, 960:539, 37944811_2012306182433496_….jpg)

a pillar of hope


File: c2bab35cac94d02⋯.jpg (100.47 KB, 424x604, 106:151, DWM_Issue_403.jpg)



File: da40e8a1e978c1e⋯.jpg (5.43 KB, 152x150, 76:75, capalkek.jpg)




one of these crackpot theories is true



First isn't true, second…maybe.



File: 39be2406b31f504⋯.png (377.1 KB, 524x507, 524:507, gregsverged.png)

>no vlog today




>First isn't true

How would you know?


YESTERDAY, I was preaching to all the INFIDELS walking PAST that DON'T KNOW that without GHOST LIGHT IN THEIR LIFE, their life is worth NOTHING!


THIS IS WHAT HE ASKED ME - "Hey, mate, how do you know the relationship would have passed down the route that you described instead of going through several different iterations of what people perceived to be the end-route of their relationship without being able to comfortably negotiate what the ending should be?"

I thought… what A STUPID QUESTION! For starters, I pointed to the Cartmel Masterplan and I said "BECAUSE IT'S IN THE FUCKIN' CARTMEL MASTERPLAN, YOU STUPID IDIOT… so it must be true."





File: 5abbc004d31b9f7⋯.png (508.32 KB, 455x600, 91:120, Kinda.png)



welcome to my new home, doctor



Read the seven novels you nerdd


Panic! At The Nilso


The nil spins


RTD treated the show like a soap opera, always using cheap tactics to hype up character "deaths" by outright stating things like "this is the story of how I died" or "one of them will still die". It's lowest common denominator viewbait.



In that context it is common-denom viewbait, but at least acknowledge that Death can hold several aspects, whether it be physical death, personal death, mental death and spiritual death.


Tainted Nil


File: 6f48e8ae2d71faa⋯.jpg (63.21 KB, 1000x562, 500:281, Doctor-Who-Deep-Breath-Doc….jpg)

>I am alone. The world which shook at my feet, and the trees and the sky, have gone. And I am alone now. Alone.

<Are you translating?

>The wind bites now, and the world is grey, and I am alone here. Can't see me. Doesn't see me. Can't see me.

<Who can't see it? I think all of London can see it.

I can't believe there are certain N-trips here who would have you believe that this is a bad episode.



S8 is pretty comfy tbqhfambro




I'm not even talking about a "it was a copout and not a real death" sense, I'm thinking purely the fact that he kept dangling the fact that a character was going to die in front of the audience, to make the viewers consciously worried about the outcome of the story in a meta external sense.

He treated events like that as something for viewers to be primed for, rather than letting it occur naturally.


File: 9928b88b6614703⋯.png (632 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at ….png)

File: a355d61852a1f3e⋯.png (665.75 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at ….png)

File: 856b7cf4901e0bd⋯.png (419.33 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at ….png)



I agree completely, it is cheap. I also don't think that you can entirely include Donna in that argument because while they tease "One of them will die", there was never any specification of what kind of death would be experienced. While it was true that when we think of the concept of death we think of literal death, it could be argued that the audience would therefore expect the death which is being "foretold" would be done in a literal sense. When the audience has their expectations subverted and they find out that Donna suffers a mental death instead of a physical death that can/could/probably did lead to a sense of being cheated and baited.


Keep spending most our lives living in a Nilso Paradise


File: d27b0786347e068⋯.png (386.26 KB, 960x682, 480:341, ClipboardImage.png)



shoot stick in half, make two stick

stick win every time


File: b839b97e1070580⋯.png (55.41 KB, 250x279, 250:279, latest.png)

>mfw the blade runner score kicks in during the Deep Breath workprint


File: 509f3a8ebafc96d⋯.png (209.23 KB, 369x332, 369:332, ClipboardImage.png)

who's smarter the doctor or pic related



u am smater


File: c29d175e19fdaa4⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 238.51 KB, 850x990, 85:99, sample_a8d1c5693758e081b88….jpg)

DWE of me, GlitterGun and Nilso?


File: 84eba71ef3ab828⋯.jpg (143.53 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 20171206121725b7casp40_the….jpg)

File: d86f7bdf638e27f⋯.jpg (167.12 KB, 600x600, 1:1, b7ca04cf1_slipcase_1417sq_….jpg)

File: b9cfd76eaf41abe⋯.jpg (161.81 KB, 600x600, 1:1, b7ca04cf2_slipcase_1417sq_….jpg)

File: 88ae95da2f0f449⋯.jpg (164.12 KB, 600x600, 1:1, b7ca04cf3_slipcase_1417sq_….jpg)

Every time I find that I need a good laugh, I remember that these boxsets cost £35 each (minus The Way Ahead which is £12-ish) and I piss myself laughing



I have it on very good authority.


Yes. He was self-aware about it, for better or worse.


It's not a bad episode imo. It's a terrible episode.


Sloath actually is capaldo, I remember seeing it in the chat.



>it's a terrible episode

hot takes from neo




>It's not a bad episode imo. It's a terrible episode.

Okay, I'll bite. Why do you feel this way?


Deep Breath

Time Heist

In the Forest of the Night

Under the Lake | Before the Flood


Knock Knock

The Pyramid at the End of the World

The Lie of the Land

The Eaters of Light

Twice Upon a Time

Let's Kill These Episodes


judys gay



no mention of sleep no more?



No, because then you'd also have to get rid of its second part, Face the Raven.


>Deep Breath


>Time Heist


>In the Forest of the Night


>Under the Lake | Before the Flood




>Knock Knock


>The Pyramid at the End of the World

good but the resolution is a mess

>The Lie of the Land

good with cliche ending

>The Eaters of Light


>Twice Upon a Time




Stop posting this.



I only properly dislike Lake/Flood, Knock Knock and Lie out of these.


Terror of the Vergeoids



>>The Pyramid at the End of the World

>good but the resolution is a mess

how the fuck could you call anything about pyramid good? the ending doesn't even stand out as bad on its own because the entire episode is full of shit that is equally idiotic



I honestly don't know where to begin, I might have an easier time of it if you pointed out stuff you like about it because I'm flicking through a copy of the episode right now and I see nothing I like or find particularly valuable. To me it represents the worst elements of Matt's era, just when Matt's era had gotten past them with the 2013 specials. Into the Dalek feels the proper premiere to S8 to me in every way; setting up the Clara/Danny relationship, soldier friction, the basis of the 12/Clara relationship (whereas DB just dealt with the fallout of the 11/Clara relationship), etc. Yes, the ship of Theseus stuff in the Half-Face Man and 12's conversation is appropriate. Hardly mind-blowing. The Clara/Paternoster stuff reeks of School Reunion esque retrofitting-and-retconning-characterisation-to-make-a-meta-point-to-the-audience stuff that I hate. The control freak line in the cafe is too on-the-nose. The dinosaur and Paternoster stuff is such terrible Smith-era nonsense that I have no interest in. The pacing is awkward and overlong. Really, nothing about the episode works well for me, and only very small parts work at all for me.


It has its flaws but overall one of my favourite S9 eps.





>retrofitting-and-retconning-characterisation-to-make-a-meta-point-to-the-audience stuff that I hate

so this is why TUAT gets you so verged



There are good concepts that are underused and rushed (as most Moff's)

The undermining point is that mostly nothing from Extremis is used

The idea of aliens preemptively "help" is good

using the web as a hive mind to find the virus is good

the consent thing is good






you don't have a monopoly on being verged nilso



So it really does boil down to "muh six lines" after all.



>the consent thing is good

I never saw you as someone who would find consent good.



You responded to my post while talking about Neo


File: 258b0167bb27158⋯.png (226.32 KB, 300x465, 20:31, AOHHHHHHDATISBREEEEEEEEEEE….png)



As I see it, FTR is better written, SNM is better directed, SNM has the better premise, FTR has the better execution. I like the pair of them in different ways. Dollard is one of those writers that instantly burst onto Who with a style I've really tacked onto, whereas SNM is the rare breaking-form late-era move from a well-entrenched writer (a fitting parallel to Moffat's Capaldi era itself overall).


Believe it or not I don't actually take huge issue with that in TUAT; the treatment of 1 I see more as a wasted opportunity, not something genuinely offensive or anything. Yeah it's eyeroll-inducing but I think it would've felt fairly inconsequential in a better, meatier ep. Unless you're applying my line there to 12 instead of 1, in which case, yeah. No, my biggest problems with TUAT have little to do with Bradley really behind general Doctor Who fan ish "gee, it would have been cool if they did X thing", a la Ian in S8 style thinking.



oh ok



good plot device

the implications were very political


dacter hoo rejuvenates at the end of every season!


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Riddle me this

why did the monks teleport themselves into the jet? they were using a magic beam from the pyramid to land the jet, so it's not like the monks needed to fly it manually. Why didn't they just teleport the pilots into the pyramid and leave it at that? What did teleporting monks into the plane accomplish?


File: b78858b73b66a0f⋯.png (267.24 KB, 532x480, 133:120, 1503449845500.png)



except bill gave consent out of fear of losing the doctor, not out of love for the monks. She should have been killed based on the episode's own logic.



>general Doctor Who fan ish "gee, it would have been cool if they did X thing", a la Ian in S8 style thinking.

What if they brought Ian back in The Caretaker and did a callback to the scene in An Unearthly Child where the Doctor almost bashes a caveman's head in with a rock? I don't know how you could pull that off but it would be interesting in the context of the wider S8 arc.


File: eb62facaa1a7c2b⋯.png (1.85 MB, 1079x957, 1079:957, 1512615311401.png)
















put your flag on cheety sweetie


Imagine having the Cheetoid as your English teacher.




as I said, good plot, poor execution



>I might have an easier time of it if you pointed out stuff you like about it

The theme-ing is laid on thicker than the Smith era. It doesn't just start with the ship of Theseus stuff, it's the dinosaur. I can't think of a similar analogue for the Twelve/dinosaur parallel in the Smith era.

The Twelve/Clara/Paternoster stuff has exactly as much in-universe significance as it does meta, it's just an interesting character concept on its own and I've never seen post-regeneration stories told from quite that angle.

The long cafe scene speaks for itself honestly. You could say the control freak line is on-the-nose, but there's so many other good lines to choose from.

And then Moffat and Wheatley top it with the Clara/Half-Face interrogation scene.

Jenna's performance is probably my favourite thing about the episode in fact, subtle acting choices in every frame she's in. Capaldi is equally great especially in scenes like the planet of the pudding brains scene where he's visibly having difficulty coming to terms with his new self, and his performance throughout the episode constantly switches from sad to darkly comedic. I'd say the same about Wheatley's direction.

I disagree about the pacing with the exception of the Strax medical checkup scene, other than that one example every major beat is important. I wouldn't object to you saying that the Paternosters are weak here though, I'd agree generally. But their presence does lead to great Doctor/Clara stuff.

And as you say, what's done in Deep Breath is done more gracefully later on in the era, but that's what's great about beginnings.

Ambiguous ending was kino too, genuinely got people talking and thinking.



what about the idea is good? Why is giving consent for someone to help such an interesting concept?



I really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really like this image



I know how Reddit this sounds, but BF actually did some good stuff with calling back to and inverting that moment from An Unearthly Child with 8. Anywho you definitely could've played Ian into the themes on S8, but fuck, just as a fanwank cameo it would've been deserved and GOAT. It's utterly bizarre Coal Hill was such a thing for ~2 years of Doctor Who without ever actually bringing the man back. HE'S STILL ALIVE GODDAMMIT. THERE'S STILL TIME. Past a certain point I think the "muh show has to be always facing forward" stuff is more drawing battle lines and sinking in and less actual merit of running the show.


Pretty sure you confused the similar flags Cheetah and that anon employ.


Seems we basically just both recognise the aesthetics and writing+directorial choices in the episode but one of us likes them and the other doesn't. Deep Breath is the only Capaldi Clara ep for me that genuinely feels like it does fall into that "durr Moff basically rewrote Clara as a character; Capaldi Clara isn't a natural evolution of Smith Clara" meme, especially in the Vastra/Clara conversation which I just cannot take as a genuine character moment as much as an audience appeal moment, it's too incoherent to my reading of Clara's character and her experiences. I imagine you feel the opposite, and we'd both agree that her performance was strong in that scene if nothing else.



no my dear neo you must die



what do you see the contradiction between S7 clara and DB clara as being?



Because when you chose a helper you restrict your freedom

hard not go go over political

the plot should be that the Doctor fliped the concept over them somehow


Neo… honestly… I don't want you to change



Apparently William Russell was meant to show up in Day but was sick and then Gareth thought that if he were to be brought back, it must have been the entire point of the episode or some shit (basically, he didn't want to write a small cameo).

It's pretty weird.

William Russell was recording for Briggs Finish last week or so, he must be in an okay shape for someone turning 94 this year.



Times change and so must Neo


It was no bother, really. I read your shitposts, I figured them out. I'm happy to play your game.



>I know how Reddit this sounds

Sort of sad that we've memed on BF so much that we feel uncomfortable making genuine points about what it does right


Did the clockwork motif ever show up beyond Deep Breath/Heaven Sent/the title sequence?


I've been watching through and thinking about the RTD era a lot lately. It's interesting to see all the ideas the man clearly intended to put across but almost never did because he was so obsessed with keeping the show in the public eye. If RTD had been as willing to dissect the core of the show and its characters as Moffat had been, those five years would have been far more interesting and far less hated on /who/, but because he was so intent on keeping muh high ratings any interesting arcs and themes he had in mind fell flat. It's not even like analysing something the writer laid under the surface; there's very little to read between the lines of, because rather than writing out his intentions more implicitly he teased on them from time to time and fucked them off when the viewing figures were more important.



agreed. hence why series 1 is rtd's best, because he didn't have a casual fanbase to pander to



I wouldn't even call it a motif, what you're seeing there is a happy accident. The clockwork in the titles was nothing more than an aesthetic choice after hiring a YouTube creator, the droids in Deep Breath were used as a cheap, easy plot point with which references to Girl in the Fireplace could be made and the Doctor's morality could be more easily explored (is killing a cyborg the same as killing a person?), and Heaven Sent's themes are contained almost entirely within itself



>Heaven Sent's themes are contained almost entirely within itself

nah fam

consider The Doctor Falls, specifically the choice of music towards the end


nilsos my flag



>>almost entirely

There are bits that carried over after the episode, you're right, but I can't think of anything pre-series 9 or pertaining to Capaldi's s8 arc that it drew upon

I'm interested in the idea of the clockwork motif, though, if you've got anything else to say about it



>hence why

Where's Cheetah to objurgate you for this grammatical aberration?


sesska broadchurch soon



Oh I shill TW and Diary all the time and don't qualify that with being Reddit, but i felt like praising 8 audios specifically for how they deal with Classic lore fell a bit into the stereotype.


Apart from the general loss of subtlety, quickly regained in the next ep, her inability to accept the Doctor wholesale, which I do maintain is distinct from her "inability" to accept 11 as the Gallifrey killer in DOTD, though that's the natural concession point in the argument.


Everything has its time and everything dies.


One day I imagine Moff will spill the complete beans about what happened there, unfortunately probably some years after Russell's inevitable passing.

It's very British in a way I shouldn't like but I am fond of the idea of Alfred Enoch getting a big part in the show one day.


Yep, this is why S1 (nothing to pander to, pulled out all his personal stops, decades of ideas welled up) and COE (RTD unchained at the height of his powers, liberated from the ways he saw fit to pander with DW) are his best works in Who.


>Heaven Sent's themes are contained almost entirely within itself

Agreed, were you here some weeks/months back in that discussion I kicked off about how Hell Bent is essentially unrelated to Heaven Sent?


File: 495ba37878d760c⋯.png (490.31 KB, 766x675, 766:675, grindr kindr.png)

this verges the nilso






Deep Breath and Heaven Sent both feature the Doctor grappling with burning the old him to make a new one, one to a much greater extent though obvs.

>I'm interested in the idea of the clockwork motif, though, if you've got anything else to say about it

I just thought it was notable how it reoccurred, I think its a great image. The Veil turning into clockwork when it dies especially. An effective symbol for determinism in Heaven Sent. Beyond determinism, its a symbol of how the Doctor at this stage sees his life as a depressing war of attrition. On the surface clockwork represents time, but its really the hell of living forever writ large.


File: c35bdcee0ef34d1⋯.jpg (404.25 KB, 1441x904, 1441:904, moff.jpg)

There is no you

There is only me

There is no you

There is only me

There is no fucking you

There is only me

There is no fucking you

There is only me




you laugh to hide the verge inside



Never knew about that


State enforced homosexuality. I don’t have a problem with that, it’s equal.



>were you here some weeks/months back in that discussion I kicked off about how Hell Bent is essentially unrelated to Heaven Sent?

It sort of rings a bell. I'd like to read those posts if you know how far back they were?



holy shit nilsos secretly based



More theory fuel


I don't know if this is the right place to ask (sorry if it's not), but my friend, who is a blatant fujoshi, is very…outspoken of it. Not that this is a bad thing, but whenever something so much as hints at a gay relationship, she completely freaks out. We went to go see a movie, and my friend began to jump up and down in her seat, squeal, gasp, and even wish death upon the female characters when the storyline of two close male friends was introduced. She began to talk excitedly (and rather loudly) about how she wanted them to get together and be in a gay relationship all throughout the movie, and it was just embarrassing, and frankly a little annoying since the movie never really hinted at anything but friendship between the two. This is just a recent example, of course, there are a lot more. I wouldn't mind her fangirling if only she did it at a more appropriate time. What should I do?



was it sloath


i'm so lost in this discourse, how does the notion of heaven sent's themes being self-contained reconcile with the well-established penchant for suiciding in the capaldi era


Can we get one final pat on the back everybody? Pat yourselves on the back. Please do it. You are gonna be the future, that’s a good thing. You’re going places, lads.



This thread

https://8ch.net/doctorwho/res/35711.html#36269. The conversation drifts in and out of direct replies, ctrl+f "heaven sent" to keep abreast of all it if you want.


theres been an argument between nilso and the gig

nilso wants state enforced homosexuality

gig doesn't want a state

this could be the end of their relationship



Good luck searching for Al-Qaeda on the internet, you’d have better luck going next door and asking them in person.


ITS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



When will Claudia returns


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

IT'S OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


File: 452c9a14952fe93⋯.jpg (238.56 KB, 768x768, 1:1, WwMCfsnJTanKEmI_oyRU1fQbvx….jpg)

Cats checking out r/gallifrey be like


File: decdbd9e053ceef⋯.png (79.86 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1531562531717.png)



which one do I watch first



you get slow-roasted on /who/ every day



Greg is closer to death than Sesska; ergo his videos have more urgency.





Jodie Whittaker is shit at doing a Bristol accent



>her inability to accept the Doctor wholesale

I would've thought this was directly set up in Time of the Doctor ("I wanted everything to stop. I wanted nothing to change ever again." Clara's gran but implicitly Clara through her reaction) As for subtlety, we get the explicit statement of "bossy control freak" in Time too, but given a plot-driven excuse, which makes it better(?)


File: 54dd5bdd257a12a⋯.jpg (87.81 KB, 534x768, 89:128, CQ33Tyms9DpSK741coXJeBMiZZ….jpg)




I'm not allowed to look at the transcript of Time but I believe the validity of the quotes you're pulling out. Honestly I may have an issue with that in Time as well then. I have an issue brooking Clara as we knew her through S7 as being so fandom adjacent in rejecting the idea of other Doctors. If I wanted to stretch a bit I'd say Time was more about the Doctor dying since that was the crux of the issue, whereas DB is about him transforming. Also I don't like that line in Time but yeah it's literally got a plot reason for being so on the nose.


File: ccdd444ddcb56a5⋯.png (402.96 KB, 432x768, 9:16, qJ9b8rxcoR_bk_9vSJAJcJWuLl….png)




Would you apply it to "hets" too?


File: 6dce185730efdf8⋯.jpg (35.92 KB, 570x353, 570:353, time-of-the-doctor-truth-f….jpg)


>fanbase wants explicit statement of characterisation on their desk by christmas day. wat do?



"How hets see themselves when they post an anti-het post"?



Who wrote all those awkward lines?


File: b3bf47d74363f61⋯.gif (428.41 KB, 500x281, 500:281, ezgif-4-bf2f5b25de.gif)



What camp do you fall into, Nilso?


Clara mentioning she's a bossy control freak is an intentional forced thing because Clara haters have to be spoonfed reasons she's not "le perfect impossible girl" otherwise they won't be able to work it out for themselves.


File: ce241ac3b512f75⋯.jpg (89.33 KB, 649x618, 649:618, 0CN4wLJYR5hNM23EjY-q3RE2pJ….jpg)




In regards to what?



'Camp' the adjective ;)



40 keks



Sexuality. If you're uncomfortable with answering, I understand.



Moffat's biggest failure was assuming his audience was clever and didn't need speaking down to.



Biggest triumph. We got S8 and S9. Nobody can take them away from us.



Real difficult doing dance





>Real difficult doing dance

oh shit nilsos getting verged about feminist dance therapy again


Tell us how you met Nilso. The thing about the pigeon.



Thought I'd erased that desu, didn't mean to post that because I thought the point was a silly one to make.



Yeah, dance can be super gruelling, long hours and a lot of tedious physical exertion, not even mentioning the creative/social/performative aspects. I don't envy them.


>dog didn't get deaded

thank fuck, happy sess is best sess


File: 389cf0e6af90f3c⋯.jpg (87.13 KB, 497x698, 497:698, DWM_Issue_359.jpg)

We think we've climbed so high

Up all the backs we've condemned

We face no consequence

This is the beginning of the end

We think we've come so far

On all our lies we depend

We see no consequence

This is the beginning of the end



first DWM I ever got



Doctor Who Adventures seems more your pace, Nilso.


File: c838ebc0e4e9090⋯.jpg (34.77 KB, 570x318, 95:53, hell-bent-trailers-23-570x….jpg)

Blood hardens in the sand

Cold metal in my hand

Hope you understand the way that things are gonna be



why do you think I never stopped buying it







Chris "Big Black" Chibnall




Is he doing the preemptive apology tour?


File: 1d626e4578709a5⋯.jpg (122.35 KB, 1199x524, 1199:524, reddit.jpg)

I got my propaganda, I got revisionism




I don't condone shipping in any form, but I'll let that slip by.



She payed him for the autograph or for sexual favours?


File: 815ce35cf3e253a⋯.jpg (90.73 KB, 1166x745, 1166:745, tdw.JPG)

And on today's episode of Doctor Who we saw dead people being burned alive in heaven.


File: 8d62d11c7e621de⋯.jpg (119.86 KB, 600x1024, 75:128, endofdays.jpg)

This shit is getting dramatic.


>greg plays words with friends in 2018


File: 977a7358c42defc⋯.jpg (655.76 KB, 1242x1047, 414:349, 1533191231213.jpg)

>I get knocked down but I get up ag-

*record scratch*



that's a shame desu



"On today's episode, we saw the Doctor morally break his companion's trust in him after being told that her entire life has been pre-destined in a sick game in order to temporarily trick an Elder God who was possessing the dead body of a Soviet Post-Revolutionary Captain into a false sense of security so one of his minions could horrifically kill him with an incredibly virile gas weapon. Brilliant, eh?!"



It's just some blog, it's probably right but there's been no official word or anything



I genuinely want to know people's reactions to 2minute 28s in this video.



thought I was watching a DC movie for a minute



carnage is more kino





File: 1a144194857a0c7⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1274x545, 1274:545, 1533217214536.png)


I keep forgetting that 5 parters exist in Classic Who. Like, why?



yesssss, we have a children'sssss menuuuuu


nilsos a turd in the wind


Was The Celestial Toymaker the Sleep No More of the classic era?





Why not?



Underworld was the Sleep No More of the classic era



File: c48f1960bc10738⋯.jpg (23.31 KB, 343x429, 343:429, IMG_0879.JPG)

Thoughts on Alien³? Thoughts on this character?



Mind Robber is



Alien/Alien3/Alien: Resurrection/Aliens



It was the Sleep More of the classic era, it made me Sleep More than any other episode in the entire show





Posted >>73703 early

Golic is a fairly interesting character but he doesn't really have much to do. If you've not seen it I won't spoil it for you but he's a relatively important character with some good scenes.



I agree up to Resurrection > Aliens. That's a bridge too far in contrarianism for me.



The Celestial Toymaker is overrated borefest empty of ideas or any drive. It's not fun. It's also racist as Sandy convinced me

Sleep No More is a semi-successful attempt at doing something very different and it knows what it's doing and Capal and Jenna are good in this.


stormys the other janny



Alien>Aliens>Prometheus>Alien: Covenant>Alien 3>Alien: Isolation>Alien Resurrection. What I like about Alien 3 is it does try to be at least somewhat iterative, but it's a studio-addled mess and its best ideas are ones that accidentally peak out from better conceptions of the film we never got. It tries to jettison itself away from Aliens, which is admirable, but ends up being a thematically confused retread of Alien in the process. It tried, but it failed. McGann was fine in it, comes across better in the Assembly cut, but Charles Dance was the best non Weaver actor in there.


Good post


Alien Resurrection doesn't justify its existence except for that one shot of clone Ripley descending into the pit of Xenos



nobody overrates the celestial toymaker. its shit and has a reputation for being shit too


End of Time part 2 is the start of missy's arc



I enjoyed Resurrection much more than Aliens. It's not an objective listing, it's subjective and it happens to be my reading. I like the atmosphere that Alien provides and I don't think that Aliens does a good job carrying that over. The most beneficial thing about Alien is that the Xenomorph stays hidden and is barely on screen, maintaining its presence through selective camera and lighting work.

Aliens is an alright film, I just think it detracts from the mystery and intrigue that the Xenomorph could have brought. I'd have been happy with the alt-ending of Alien w/ the Xeno biting off Ripley's head and using her voice to send a distress call.



No, Terror of the Autons Part 4 is.



Alien Cubed is kino from the moment before the film even begins.



Fuck, I didn't even include the Prometheus films.

Alien > Alien3 > Alien:Isolation (played some of it in VR, genuinely fucking terrifying) > Prometheus > Alien:Covenant > Alien:Resurrection > Aliens


Crowdfund for AAISAT crew to recreate Marco Polo when?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Not as good as this


Who killed all the kino?



Not rerecording all lost eps with Bradley is a waste


Jeb is a waste



You've got me there, sir. Certainly got me there.











*hits mic*






People overrate it while saying its shit. It's not shit, it's abysmal. This story is my enemy.

But seriously it really has a decent reputation for what it is. Probably because people couldn't access all of classic who that easily in the 00s and before. Now it certainly gets more criticism.


What story is your enemy? Mine's probably The Space Pirates, Monster of Peladon or End of the World.



that boring one where the Doctor runs around a castle talking to himself



Twice Upon a Time





YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Is it going to be kino?



>written by Lena Dunham



The Rebel Flesh / The Almost People


You can try and convince me otherwise, but I am certain that Series 6b, Shalka and Real Time are more canon than Space Pirates.

I don't even believe in its existence. The series order for Series 6 was The Dominators, The Mind Robber, The Invasion, The Krotons, The Seeds of Death and The War Games.


why did RTD decide to have his doctor leave on a tantrum?



>written by Lena Dunham


My time is…running…out…





Who killed the Nilso?


@Morph, TOS, dilbert

I didn't see the Matt Who trailers or anything but "my time is…running…out…" is embedded in my mind much the same way I imagine "Who do you think?" is embedded in yours, because it played in like every fucking series 6 "Previously on" segment.


File: b3bf47d74363f61⋯.gif (428.41 KB, 500x281, 500:281, ezgif-4-bf2f5b25de.gif)



Time. What if time could run out?



>Lena "My pussy stinks" Dunham

>Lena "6 Rocks in my sister's pussy" Dunham

Miss me with that


"Who do you think?" is absolutely breaking my brain.

>Why did Rory such an inane question, why does it even matter, and who else would it be besides the Doctor…

>…the fact is actually wasn't the Doctor of all people makes the Doctor's statement fucking nonsensical/hilarious/an outright lie



But it's cool and epic






Are you implying that the exploding Dalek was responsible even though the Doctor was the one that deliberately took the action that led to their deaths?



(Rory runs in to see the smoking remains of Dalek shells.)

RORY: Oswin? What happened? Who killed all the Daleks?

(The Doctor enters from the other side, carrying Amy.)

DOCTOR: Who do you think?


File: e5c15e57fadd385⋯.jpg (470.19 KB, 1764x1320, 147:110, a37cf2927472b88a349e182f95….jpg)

File: cc1f35d9d24d849⋯.jpg (85.91 KB, 500x668, 125:167, 6b9cdaeef89dc5ebf9b6c64f86….jpg)

File: b3bf47d74363f61⋯.gif (428.41 KB, 500x281, 500:281, ezgif-4-bf2f5b25de.gif)


File: b701c2fc0c96c45⋯.jpg (205.16 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, p01l8z0j.jpg)





same, i can hear him now



On the stream we mixed up the chronology of the scene and thought it was referencing Oswin destroying Daleks



Ohhhhhh lmao that's funny


File: 29b8d5fbf822621⋯.jpg (457.88 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

I love this epic season






>this world is ours, glentor..

wtf the doctor's real name is glentor?



I'm disappointed to learn we were wrong, because the idea of 11 just flat out fucking lying and taking credit for it as if it was self-evident he did it is fucking hilarious


sloaths here


I maintain it's still a bit much for 11 to be so swaggery about "being the one who killed all the Daleks" when in that scene he effectively just tricked a Dalek into killing the other Daleks. Yeah he caused it but he didn't directly shoot em or anything.



what 'previously in s6' thing is that?






When I first watched S6 there was a PREVIOUSLY ON segment at the start of every ep and on every arc one (so like half the series), you can see the clip I mean here https://youtu.be/szw0dyFtJqk that's a trailer not the previously ons I mean though


Morph, dilb, are you around?







>The last good doctor who story line EVER

holy shit youtube comments



i am here

t. morbertwho


Morph? Dilb?


File: b3bf47d74363f61⋯.gif (428.41 KB, 500x281, 500:281, ezgif-4-bf2f5b25de.gif)

TOS, Morph, Dilb, I'm thinking of rewatching Asylum. Any interest?


File: 917c14f58b3d3d0⋯.jpg (28.17 KB, 430x451, 430:451, rock-amy.jpg)


he's desperate


"Who killed all the Daleks?"

"Who do you think?"

I love the double meaning behind that line. Not just the Daleks in that room, but also in the Time War.




Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!


File: 3922af9564b8616⋯.png (11.53 KB, 610x114, 305:57, ml.PNG)


wew he deleted that quick. good thing i still have twitter open to screenshot


>Doctor Who: Infinity is phone-game tier

We're never gonna get a kino Who game, are we



it literally is a phone game but for some fucking reason a bbc exec told them to release it on PC since it's made in unity and porting is literally just one extra click



How can you hate Enemy of the World? It’s the only season 4 episode that isn’t a base under siege


The main problem of the RTD era is that it launched the series with an bybrid which was 55% DW and 45% soap opera, and the soap part of the audience has had a an influence on the executive's deicsions ever since.


Whys gig not in the stream



Fenric thinking he’s so clever to have the Doctor’s pawn reveal to him the solution to the chess game is pawns turning on their king before his own pawn murders him is one of the best moments in the entire show.





END, not Enemy. Enemy is top fucking kino


File: a9f79295158d02b⋯.png (103.69 KB, 1229x1160, 1229:1160, 1525970568402.png)

We never talk about the Faceless Ones




If I was showrunner I'd 100% introduce humanoid TARDISes


Late addition I know that Idris is a thing but I mean like the EDA's



Bad news fellas. Faceless is dead. He was fucking my mailman when he died. My mom is friend with his milkman who happened to be in a relationship with his dad. Passed away in his sleep. If anyone wants me to tell his mailman anything, let me know and I'll pass it along to my milkman.

God this sucks.



<insert entering Compassion joke here>


An alternate version of Torchwood with Jack finding a group in a post-Dalek Invasion world would have been fucking kino. Shame no one had the idea before 2.5 was finished.


If I was a showrunner, how much ground would I have to give to Mad Larry to get him to write for Who again?



Best episode of season 4 because Ben and Polly aren’t in most of it



You’d have to retroactively add “inspired by Lawrence Miles” in the credits of every RTD and Moffat episode



hunter came



ban ed



The thread is full of boomers.


i turned myself into an old man, neo! i'm boomer kinda!


File: 15a86e6aed2ee2a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 433.75 KB, 1632x918, 16:9, asdfg.jpg)

My bitch's 13th doctor cosplay is going to be shit ):



>Moffit likes pulpy high adventure.


That's a new one.


>Tennant echoed my other favorite Doctor, Davison, in that his character was vulnerable.



>dog lease

Nice taste


Series 10 soundtrack when?


File: 98ece9657cc73d7⋯.jpg (597.18 KB, 1665x2673, 185:297, 0113180027a.jpg)


It's a harness, for a dog. A female dog. A bitch. Her in the back.Get your mind out of the gutter, buddy.



thicc bois


File: 6347789f5ff0ed7⋯.jpg (104.59 KB, 1057x1200, 1057:1200, FB_IMG_1533226309146.jpg)

You already know







That's an effeminate boy, and a girl.



You've put on weight cloi


File: 2df56e19a27707f⋯.jpg (138.18 KB, 1024x673, 1024:673, doctor_who__series_10_by_d….jpg)



Don't ever post again


Where's my damn hype train



Rude. Also not me and sadly untrue, relatively speaking.


Capaldi with 2 grills? Would never work.



Is Bran Stark replacing Maisie Williams?


File: 7a663147cf013e7⋯.gif (3.43 MB, 480x270, 16:9, xL0NHrEKzj9XW.gif)

>fandom is slowly but surely forgetting and disregarding john hurt's "doctor"



Even the Briggs Finish enthusiasts have forgotten him now they have Paul McGann time war stories


Eggs stir in Nate



You're a monster. John wanted to be a real doctor so much :(



John? You mean Jon, Pertwee? That's the only John Doctor I can think of.


Dilberts gay


Kilroy was here


File: 395aeed75261cf7⋯.png (376.3 KB, 421x750, 421:750, ClipboardImage.png)



Stream every episode of the eleventh series October 6th!



But Moffat said John Hurt's a real doctor. He's on the poster after all. John on his deathbed recording for the non canon ear stories, gasping for life and legitimacy, having to be constantly reassured "Yes you were a doctor" over and over. Shuffling off his mortal coil only after Briggs reluctantly agreeing him being canonical. Here you are taunting his ghost. Shame on you! Yet another John dying a consomme man.



Another meta strike of genius by Moffat



No, I've been an English teacher



My bad!



S9 got released?




It only took 2 billion years but it came out back in April.


File: c8da71a344576de⋯.jpg (709.7 KB, 1376x2048, 43:64, DjnCebGWwAEi_UO.jpg)


File: cb8562737bbbace⋯.jpg (61.26 KB, 456x389, 456:389, doctor_who_catchphrases.jpg)



where 12th?



i don't like that one




>no 12




at least use 13th's official costume


12's catchphrase is "kidneys".



I thought you like capals



Yeah I love that he has no catchphrase so they can't even attempt to jam him on there



what would it be?



If they absolutely had to find one, probably "shut up" or "question".



we also dont know if "brillian" will be her catchphrase or it will be "result"





File: 2b8a12e60528bfb⋯.png (204.05 KB, 369x328, 9:8, she wants to fuck.png)


Just dropping in to flex on this brainlet who doesn't recognise abbreviations for recent and frequently-discussed episodes






100% agree. Sometimes I try to join in on the abbreviation stuff but I get regularly mocked in the stream for it because inevitably I can't do it right and my abbreviations are inaccurate.



the anti gig


File: 7fda6fc871a4b09⋯.png (21.23 KB, 796x117, 796:117, Screenshot (64).png)


File: ad74cbfb55e9851⋯.gif (988.22 KB, 377x225, 377:225, cringe.gif)



wut does he mean by that


must be gigmas






>that 10fag boomer who knows how to spell allo-nsy


weren't 10th overusing the catchphrase Brilliant on s2 or something?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>American "school system" not teaching you other languages


The last thing 10th did was push Alonso into Jack




File: c2fca64d6d0972b⋯.jpg (14.61 KB, 540x402, 90:67, post when no nyssa gf.jpg)

tfw no nyssa gf





I prefer Nylsso






Nilso, are you an Yankee?









You're in dangerous territory here, chum. Don't make me splink you.


Eternal Anglo / Bong



Although, saying that, I might nick Morphyssa or some similar derivation for a planet somewhere along the line.



Are you saying you'd let Morph cuckold you?



Good god no. Hell hath no fury like a Nilso scorned.


Alternate Universe where Fenric was the big bad of Series 1 of New Who and Rose was one of the Wolves of Fenric



imagine the finale villain being fenric who is now "the god of the daleks" rather than the emperor. Rose has to lose her faith in the Doctor. Like Ace or Amy Pond


Yfw chibnall puts a subtle Ramon Salamander reference in every episode, to the point where everyone thinks it's the new "Bad Wolf", but it isnt the series arc, and in the finale episode, there's a newspaper with the headline "Billionaire Ramón Salamander has gone missing" lying on the ground as the Tardis disappears.



He'll appear in the finale played by a CGI Patrick Troughton



would be based. We've already had one dr. who come back from the dead as cgi….




He already kinda was a CGI duplicate back in the day, just the analogue kind.



ah yes, i had forgotten about that nightmare i had as a child…. those spinning heads…..


imma make nilsos head spin


;( IAN ;( LEVINE ;( DIED ;( WE ;( MISS ;( YOU ;( IAN ;(



having a really god awful day, i believed you for a second. i figured if it were going to happen then it'd happen today



>googled ian levine to see if he died

>google news comes up with some story about shark attacks

>legit thought ian levine got munched on by a shark for a moment



Any idea where can I find Jane Espenson's Torchwood commentary?She was a writer for miracle day and apparently she had a blog where she commented on every episode, gave writer's perspective and stuff like that.



He died inside already when Jodie was anounced



Wayback machine brings nothing



Thanks for trying!



You'll have to do so without my involvement I'm afraid, next time I'll be around when you're around is Wednesday.



The fact that he deleted the tweet shows guilt and probably proves he was googling himself. If he'd left it up he could have played it off as a joke, he's a comedian and his humour is weird enough that he would have gotten away with it


File: 918c7dd744bb4e6⋯.jpg (820.78 KB, 1460x911, 1460:911, headlineImage.adapt.1460.h….jpg)






You good?



>We're never gonna get a kino Who game, are we

But Who Vegas exists



Uhhhh sure



no, but i will be. thanks m8


File: 6c4cff57d05bf42⋯.png (275.83 KB, 1200x349, 1200:349, 1508950541761.png)


File: 0b610c6e6b0dd87⋯.png (9.68 KB, 528x371, 528:371, 6764673456.png)


File: b1584b66689a45a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 132.28 KB, 900x1174, 450:587, zoe___in_a_spin_by_harnois….jpg)


Anyone up for a stream of some sort


File: 4083b35e34e5496⋯.png (45.93 KB, 1101x224, 1101:224, 1912871921424.png)

DWE of asking your co-worker to hunt and kill you?



File: 0255a9e45019a5c⋯.png (186.19 KB, 371x494, 371:494, 1466948269015.png)


File: ddcf9e523d2c86a⋯.jpg (39.13 KB, 300x225, 4:3, 765443_1309801027455_full.jpg)



Briggs Finish can't capture her glory


File: 2fecd426ba41135⋯.gif (930.4 KB, 480x190, 48:19, 1462943006245.gif)



File: a1f750cabeb15f7⋯.jpg (121.63 KB, 753x1200, 251:400, cover_01_9ffbf1b9475f1ba89….jpg)

What are some good DW novels with either culture clash or characters from different times/different cultures reacting to Doctor's and companion's general strangeness? Like pic related?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



File: d4ebe8e20ffaa06⋯.png (279.16 KB, 480x454, 240:227, 1531563853524.png)


>greg eats nuggets for 20 minutes



W-what about Torchwood?


File: 8a8a88ef6648386⋯.png (807.5 KB, 663x767, 51:59, CPX7NNvRd7w5yV1jCMg1Cw5twA….png)


DWE of people that actually believe Oceania is a continent or even that Tasmania is part of the Australian continent



australia is not a continent, that's just what self absorbed australians who think their country is important to world politics like to believe



Continents don’t have anything to do with politics it’s about how large the landmass is



the opinions correlate, it's not related to the definition


File: d5ba135219fc122⋯.jpg (50.25 KB, 480x634, 240:317, DjoeQlSV4AAgsOh.jpg)

the best part of waking up is the doctor is female!


Longest Game and Fathers Day are a two parter about the artificiality of special days that the media presents to us



Ah yes I love Doctor Who stories. My favorite are: The Longest Game. The Last Lord of Time. Death of City, with Doctor number four and companion Romana the second. And all time favorite, Power of Kroll.


File: 31f709cd22f5f79⋯.jpg (562.87 KB, 2048x1364, 512:341, dilbertman trump oval offi….jpg)

nilso and kinda



Please forgive me, I read the novel Longest Day a few weeks ago and I guess it stuck in my mind when thinking long and day so close to each other.



i'm continually shocked by just how inhuman trump looks






Hey yo, hey yo Blacks be the real racists These democrat bitches need a fucking face lift

Everyone knows conservatives, we got the harem Maybe you heard of our girl, I'm talking Tomi Lahren Going to town on her pussy with this big ass dick Her ass bouncing up and down while I'm playing wit dem tits

Take it out and push her head down Shes sucking on my log, really going to town Shooting one off like American Sniper Cum rolling down her chin shes hissing like a viper Shes begging for more, she wants round two I gotta hop in my F150 tho I gots work to do

The Proud Boys are under attack Some libbie scum, some gays and some blacks They hate us for our freedom and wanna smash our speech

But we stand up for ourselves online and in the streets Pop a clip in the AR, it's bout to get poppin Leave Tomi in the bed, her pussy a throbbin

Yo dis is the real shit Patriotism aint to be fucked with All you liberals cant take away our guns All you liberals cant take away our fun



I like how most of this is just a deranged sex fantasy, not even particularly conservative.


File: c72d7caf6d7baf2⋯.jpg (210.22 KB, 700x380, 35:19, 1533270018626.jpg)

Oh! I have a parasite…..yeah! Later Mrs. Chin.



leaving tomi lahrens pussy a throbbin isnt conservative? ok libtard


Reminder that the wedding is still fucking unfinished



im hardly in it so idc


Nilso's future is a fucking nightmare.



hola dilb!


File: 1abc71f39f952b5⋯.jpg (19.29 KB, 480x254, 240:127, vwqn0o6y2sd11.jpg)

>When you’ve just finished cutting up some cocaine but your female dog gives birth to a litter of male puppies and one of them crawls across the room and does your cocaine without asking



it's cheetah, dont make me verge



Oh, the feline /who/re - hi cats.


File: f99d0a9bdea32fb⋯.jpg (66.81 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

>Eccleston is the best NewWho Doctor actor!


Can we have a r/gallifrey Two Minutes Hate?


File: b9f9cdab9b23f54⋯.png (195.96 KB, 700x399, 100:57, comfy capal.png)


TW stream tonight or tomorrow?




hola Nicholas!



You missed an Adam Ruins Everything episode last night.



tonight, i wont be able to make it tomorrow



Got it.

Others, thoughts?


File: 200dee3b757f65e⋯.jpg (177.65 KB, 750x1111, 750:1111, 1533130056886.jpg)


File: ce18fb707cc393f⋯.png (116.94 KB, 200x276, 50:69, 1443537268490.png)


>What are some good DW novels


Why did part 3 of the Christel interview never come out?



fuck, was it kino?



He was arguing people shouldn't lock anything.



fan show got shut down by chibs, there was a whole post about it on an onion link a few weeks back


File: 286d24b876be176⋯.jpg (34.53 KB, 435x354, 145:118, 1499174078195.jpg)


>fan show got shut down by chibs

there can only be one



O nion link?


Nilso's name is pure heaven.



yeah it was an anonib i come across now and again and their tv and media section often has dr who discussions



I don't understand what you mean



Nilso's game is verging 24/7


Neo cries out "Nilso!" when he cums



all righty old man



funnny story about that


File: efaef36a9b047a8⋯.gif (3.23 MB, 480x264, 20:11, 10satsumamurder.gif)



It's probably some cletus site



Let's finally get to the bottom of this. Which Doctor met Arthur Dent?



Tell us.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Basically this


we really inside nilso


Every time I watch Inferno I shed a tear of joy. Pure kino.


File: c9bba0b05f9e0d7⋯.png (40.66 KB, 581x171, 581:171, Elferno.png)


how does it feel to hate doctor who



Meaning all are good or all are bad?



She said the same thing about Web of Fear. Why does El think the essence of Doctor Who is being shit?


File: 4fad3c51ba22298⋯.jpg (43.12 KB, 181x265, 181:265, lozwave.jpg)


>I'll wind this up with a personal reflection. Halfway through last year's season, I was on a train coming back from central London, sitting just behind a family who'd spent the day at the Natural History Museum. They had a stegosaurus-shaped helium balloon and everything. The mother mentioned Doctor Who, and the girl-child (I'd estimate eleven years old, although I'm not an expert) said in a semi-interested sort of way: "Yeah… yeah, I don't always watch it." This makes sense now, but would've been bizarre only three years earlier. I instinctively connect the urge to watch Doctor Who with the urge to go to museums. They're both about curiosity: rightly or wrongly, I feel that wanting to examine a diplodocus is much the same as wanting to know how someone from the fiftieth century might pretend to be an ancient Chinese god, and I can't put myself in the place of someone who'd be interested in one but not the other. In the Moffat Era universe, however, curiosity isn't a criterion. The Doctor never explores; he just changes the timeline until the universe suits him. The Doctor never discovers; he knows all the answers, so that he can make flip comments without having to think about what he's actually saying. The Doctor never investigates; he disposes of monsters because he's the Doctor, and therefore wins by default.

>If you wanted to be really cynical, you could say that the Matt Smith version is the perfect Doctor for the consumerist world, making the universe comfortable for all the people who want comfort without imagination. But that tendency started on Tennant's watch. Moffat simply doesn't want to argue, because asking questions doesn't get an instant audience response, even if it makes better television and (ultimately) better people. In this remake of the universe, libraries and museums are there to be "creepy", not places you might actually enjoy or (God forbid) learn anything from. "Silence in the Library" forgets it's even about a library after the first ten minutes, and switches to a subplot in which the Doctor communicates with a child via a TV set. "The Big Bang" could only have been written by someone who thinks of museums as intrinsically alien rather than a second home. Moffat used to be a schoolteacher, of course. I'll let you draw your own conclusions about that.

>So if it isn't really doing anything for the children who keep appearing in it, then where's Doctor Who really being aimed…? The answer's even more obvious than it was a year ago: this is Twilight with time-travel, more interested in the Doctor's love-life than in going anywhere outside the sci-fi comfort zone. That's "sci-fi" in the sense of "sci-fi TV", naturally, not the good kind. We recall that Moffat refuses to read SF literature, which he considers saa-aad. This is why the new series is filled with all the clichés that a mid-'90s geek would like: Area 51, "tragic" Doctor-driven story-arcs, mysterious lovers who manage to be both two-dimensional and transdimensional, plus - inevitably - Neil sodding Gaiman.

<So the final judgement on the Moffat Era, at least as it stands, will fit into two short sentences. At its best, Doctor Who was a programme for intelligent children. Now it's a programme for very stupid adolescents.


File: bee8bccf223aa26⋯.gif (632.84 KB, 350x263, 350:263, 1493039153676.gif)


The Pertwee era is the favourite era of people who don't actually like Doctor Who tbph.



I think I'd trust the opinion of literally anyone but whatever that thing is.



fuck off boardie



Take that flag off right now. You can't claim Moffchad and go around dissing Dr. Sandifer.


File: ea6484dd424d309⋯.gif (3.74 MB, 480x358, 240:179, insulting.gif)


The fact that we're able to attract boardies on 8chan is bizarre.



I want there to be an actor who looks like this and has the expressiveness and charm of Pertwee.


File: 426628440706175⋯.jpg (25.61 KB, 214x319, 214:319, autism the musical.jpg)


>I can't put myself in the place of someone who'd be interested in one but not the other.

He can't put himself in the place of literally anyone.



4, obviously.



No, even boomers prefer Tennant.


File: 9f7c948e9392006⋯.gif (676.45 KB, 240x197, 240:197, 1392725481105.gif)


I should've realised.


h-hey guis… what if the catholic church were an army

*smokes blunt*


File: 17222ead6423e61⋯.png (488.17 KB, 578x846, 289:423, VERGE.png)

Nilso literally screamed and pulled his hair out and cried when he read this article


new thread is needed soon





could people stop calling them "round things" they're called ROUNDALS!



popularity/enthusiasm ranking

trump brand populism => bernie style socialism > mainstream DNC > mainstream GOP



okay this is epic



52.8% disapproval rating



yeah of course, but just about everyone has an even lower approval rating than he does.




note none of them (afaik) are leadership.


File: fb8016de23ec5a8⋯.png (462.28 KB, 982x850, 491:425, ljejejej.png)

ok now kinda's crying



Bernie is pretty much the leader of the DemSoc movement, along with Ocasio-Cortez (queen)



>case gets thrown out for being bullshit whining

oh no no no




he's an independent though.


bantz are gonna be unreal, I for one support the greens wasting all their money




oops sorry you i thought you said democrat party not demSoc



Sorry Cletus, but in Australia we have free speech, we don't throw cases out just because people disagree with them :^)



> in Australia we have free speech



File: 8561a219dffed39⋯.jpg (34.55 KB, 950x534, 475:267, 37956001_2157684627786557_….jpg)

>land of the free

>cant drink in public


youve made skelly cry


File: ce616172eae69a6⋯.jpg (39.21 KB, 791x698, 791:698, DjZY2oOV4AAx1Vj.jpg)

>retweeted by sesska


does sesska know what jojo is?



gonna go out on a limb and say no



>jojo reactions when?



>in Australia we have free speech

We quite literally don't.


File: 09dba57e1262b26⋯.jpg (166.35 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, rose-jackie-and-two-tennan….jpg)

I just made you up

To hurt myself

I just made you up

To hurt myself

I just made you up

To hurt myself

And it worked

Yes it did

There is no you

There is only me

There is no you

There is only me

There is no fucking you

There is only me

There is no fucking you

There is only me


File: 9ccf491906b04ea⋯.jpg (942.87 KB, 3064x1256, 383:157, sream.jpg)

7 hours?



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