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File: c0673e75b4b28fb⋯.jpg (10.43 KB, 945x533, 945:533, BBC-PureDrama.jpg)


Pure drama edition

Previously, on the Doctor Who general: >>82198



I met Jodie in London yesterday and she gave me an autograph. She also told me she doesn't like science-fiction and would much rather be in something like Poldark if it paid as well.




>in london

research before you do your bait




i don't get it



I saw Jodie Whittiker at a grocery store in Cardiff yesterday. I told her how cool it was to meet her in person, but I didn’t want to be a douche and bother her and ask her for photos or anything.

She said, “Oh, like you’re doing now?”

I was taken aback, and all I could say was “Huh?” but she kept cutting me off and going “huh? huh? huh?” and closing his hand shut in front of my face. I walked away and continued with my shopping, and I heard her chuckle as I walked off. When I came to pay for my stuff up front I saw her trying to walk out the doors with like fifteen Aero Bars in her hands without paying.

The girl at the counter was very nice about it and professional, and was like “Ma'am, you need to pay for those first.” At first she kept pretending to be tired and not hear her, but eventually turned back around and brought them to the counter.

When she took one of the bars and started scanning it multiple times, she stopped her and told her to scan them each individually “to prevent any electrical infetterence,” and then turned around and winked at me. I don’t even think that’s a word. After she scanned each bar and put them in a bag and started to say the price, she kept interrupting her by yawning really loudly.



Ah, I missed one.


File: 8f67513d2192c1d⋯.jpg (82.18 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, doctor_who_2005.10x12.720p….jpg)

My life is a fuck

Ain't one thing I don't hate

Tell me my time's almost up

I will say I can't wait

Put your gun to my head

I'll blow smoke in your face

Think you got what it takes?

Come up and get me


I know Jodie Whittaker. She lived in a richer area of New York at one point. I bumped into her in a sandwich shop. She was shooting the shit with the sandwich maker when I came up to give my order. I got a standard turkey on wheat with mayo and pepper jack. It was something very simple. All the while Jodie was laughing to herself and pointing at me occasionally mumbling, "Is this guy serious?"

I wasn't sure why I guess she was displeased about me ordering or what I ordered. After I got my sandwich I sat down and ate while she just leaved back into the windowed meat display and watched me. When I got up to throw the trash away she stopped me and offered her hand. I was shy because I knew who she was but she introduced herself anyways. When I shook her hand the other hand came out of her pocket holding a tazer which she used on my neck. When I fell to the ground tense I soiled myself. She laughed, "This guy." And started kicking me in the face quoting Doctor Who over and over, "NEW BEST FRIEND, NEW BEST FRIEND."

I woke up in the hospital next to a vase of broccoli labeled, "From Jodie."

Now every year she shows up to my family's Thanksgiving dinner, uninvited, unannounced, and just eats, laughs to herself, and then leaves. Last year she murdered my mother. I fear what hurricane Jodie will bring this year…



this is genuinely the most gig post physically possible



awful lyrics


File: bc96e01716ca97f⋯.png (31.32 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

My propa-voila-shadow-ganda

My shadow stigmata offer

Left right up, step right up

Get your crisis, why bother

Quack like priest win five dollar

Melanin pewter cellophane

Arms long as their legs

Even the greys can't




and then everybody clapped



Who replies like this to a copypasta?



and then you clapped


incels in the stream



How dare you say that about morph.


File: 005d98560d4f071⋯.png (43.99 KB, 768x511, 768:511, ClipboardImage.png)

I hover above you

Life pulled out your mouth

I become you

Opening of the mouth

Unlawful possession

Jellyfish in cold sweat deep end

Hollow shell twitch disconnection

Pupils swell

My entrance

Hijacked no questions asked

Stretch you on like latex mask

My sigils your epitaph


Fitton should LDAR


File: 0e155b82a6ad934⋯.png (2.49 KB, 367x18, 367:18, morph.png)



File: 4a6a0d6c2275355⋯.jpg (64.74 KB, 350x243, 350:243, Master_Ainley.jpg)



File: e0869a77f2ff90b⋯.png (282.9 KB, 461x370, 461:370, CzwoG8u.png)



Regarding Moving Target.

I understand Morph's problems with it (Suzie is often played as a comedy character, feels more Doctor Who than Torchwood) but I still think it's a pretty good story.

I think Suzie's characterisation is on point actually, the value of survival, feeling sorry for doing fucked up shit but still doing it, it's all very reflecting of tv show and works fine as a preceding story before S1 events.

About comedy stuff - first of all I don't think there was a big emphasis on Suzie as comedy character, firstly it's inevitable that BF will push for Suzie to be symphathetic in this type of story, comedy isn't completely over the top but it works as intended, and second I think Torchwood in all iterations evokes comedy because she show originally kind of starts from anecdotic premise "what if X-files agents were sexy people from buffy and also were sometimes extremely unprofessional", I think even Suzie can work fine with occasional quips. Even though she's the furthest from comedy and it's acknowledged in the script "I'm not very good at quips - says Suzie.

It's worth noting that i'm inevitably biased towards this story from the beginning because it has Indira Varma (who is magnificent just as herself and as Suzie in particular) and it uses road movie genre conventions which I'm always sucker for. There is weak stuff, middle is a bit padding and the beginning is cliched af, but in the end it all, imo, works.

I also checked my last year rankings and it was in good tier, GOD tier TW audios are still to come.



Cats on the left



Left to right: Neo, GlitterGun, Kinda, Cats, Gig



>aged 43



screenshot this: the tegan jovanka adventures, coming new years day 2020



>Barry Chuckle

>Robbie Rotten

who's the third?

The pattern seems to be classic childrens funnies



Tom Baker



Neil Buchanan


Toni Morrison: 40

Mark Twain: 41

Marcel Proust: 43

Henry Miller: 44

JRR Tolkien: 45

Raymond Chandler: 51

Richard Adams: 52

Annie Proulx: 57

Laura Ingalls Wilder: 65

Frank McCourt: 66

Harriett Doerr: 74

Harry Bernstein: 96


File: 9c9d1b0dcac5cbd⋯.png (449.53 KB, 1080x2160, 1:2, Screenshot_20180822-101402.png)

So we've finally reached

>The others were actually shit so series 11 must be good!!!!

What a fucking joke



That was Piers Wenger, by the way. Let's recap the long circulated rumours about his time on Who

>Piers was supposedly a complete and total knob who didn't care about the show but more his own personal career trajectory, too.

>Beth Willis was forced to walk the plank because she did some fairly nefarious stuff on the books (like hiring her own boyfriend for the filming abroad then staying out there with him on a holiday after the filming finished on BBC money) and Piers Wenger basically went because he a) turned a blind eye to that and b) saw Series' 6 production descend into farce, which is part of why it ended up split in two.

>Wenger was allegedly a bit of an arsehole. Two of the lower-level producers left, supposedly due to Wenger/Willis treating them poorly during S5 filming. They were series stalwarts - one had been with the show since Eccleston, another since Series 3.



sounds like a prick, no wonder he has such a distaste for the previous series



Doubt it.



More crew left the show between Series 5 and 6 than between the RTD and Moffat era. Most likely due to Wenger and Willis.



>when you reply to me directly you're inciting harassment from your followers but when I reply to DWM demanding people get fired I'm not inciting harassment from my followers

what did she mean by this?


File: 1005157ecdd696b⋯.jpg (16.4 KB, 324x360, 9:10, 1274966374325.jpg)

>tfw no Moffat tell-all book where he dobs in every cunt who helped fuck over his first few years on the show



it's very telling that he thought "the doctor is no longer daffy and idiosyncratic, she's a relatable being just like you" is something that would make people more interested in the show. Perhaps says a lot about the audience they're targeting.

The leaked clip does have 13 act a bit daffy though, we just have to hope that isn't just because of the regeneration effects



>when I reply to DWM demanding people get fired I'm not inciting harassment from my followers

Sandifer's followers "harassing" DWM, an account with 171,000+ followers which gets a constant stream of interactions to the point where it doesn't engage with specific ones? A PR account for a product? And you're pretending this is analogous to the personal account of one fan who has a blog a couple hundred people read, being specifically targeted by the former editor of said magazine and prominent fanbase figure?

Are you having a fucking stroke?



The scale isn't relevant here. Harassment in any quantity is enough to impact the person reading it, even if they run a large account. Sandifer has no obligation to engage with any harassing comments either.

She's absolving herself of any responsibility and showing a complete lack of self awareness.



Are you having a stroke? In what situation could Sandifer be seen as the reasonable one here?


File: 50110aff15b332b⋯.jpg (283.71 KB, 1365x2048, 1365:2048, doctor-who-beth-willis-ste….jpg)

Name my band



>The scale isn't relevant here. Harassment in any quantity is enough to impact the person reading it, even if they run a large account.

Right, so you're actually going to equate whoever runs the DWM social media account (possibly) reading one tweet among the countless saying the editor should get sacked, with someone's personal account having its mentions bombed by however many Who cunts a) want to defend the honour of Talons of Weng-Chiang today because racism doesn't real b) think transgenders are icky c) want to defend the honour of DWM on the internet today because they're part of the circlejerk. This is wilfully deaf to the power dynamic here.



Can you actually link to tweets that are harassing Sandifer for her orientation?



what makes you think that tom's followers are more inclined to incite harmful harassment than the followers of someone who has literally directly called for people to be murdered before?



Your accusations of a power dynamic would apply if Sandifer were some nobody with only a dozen followers, not a relatively large voice in the fandom with thousands of followers, has had published interviews with several Who writers, and has been quoted and cited in Doctor Who Magazine. Sandifer isn't just some tiny blogger. She has influence among fans, something that carries consequence, and to say she doesn't is completely disingenuous.



Sandifer continues to be a child about this.


>To be clear, I also don't care if individual Chinese or black people defend these things, or if individual women want to defend crudely misogynistic media. I reject the idea that there's a debate here.

"my worldview is correct and I won't engage with something that challenges it"


>gets triggered at DWM editor ignoring racism in Talons

>former editor defends him

>wish real life harm on them in a tweet

>get called out by former editor for being a bad person

>go on a whining rant about being attacked and that DWM editors are evil

What a poor soul, I sure do feel for her.


When was the last time the Eruditorum had a non-white writer?


sandifer is SEETHING


Imagine the day when Chibnall finds out who Sandifer is and tells her to calm her tits for once. And that leads to El writing a book called "Why Every Doctor Who Showrunner is an Evil Fucking Transphobe".



>She's absolving herself of any responsibility

You should be able to tweet, to your followers and those who actually pay attention to you from day-to-day, that you think the editor of a magazine made an appalling gaffe and is unfit to do his job. If someone else with 16,000 followers (who would otherwise go blissfully on with their day, none the wiser) decides to create a new status deliberately bringing what you said, your name and your personal account to the attention of all of them with the intent of singling you out, and there is a likelihood that this is going to result in an avalanche of racist/etc. personal attacks (let's not fucking pretend this is morally equivalent to Sandifer calling out the editorial, I think we can do better) getting slung at you for completely unfair reasons, then that person is a cunt and an irresponsible user of their Twitter platform. (And no >>82965 this argument does not need to be qualified with a proof that there is such a thing as transphobic abuse from Doctor Who fans by me scraping Twitter for (public, non-DM) examples, the implicit suspicion that Sandifer must be lying about having received any abuse says absolutely everything that needs to be said about this avenue of the argument.)


>what makes you think that tom's followers are more inclined to incite harmful harassment than the followers of someone who has literally directly called for people to be murdered before?

- There's over 16,000 of them and most of them only follow because he's from Doctor Who, a gigantic media franchise, not because they're wonderful cuddly mates of his.

- Sandifer has called attention to the ethics of harassment campaigns in this specific way in the past, this is not the first time the quote tweeting thing has come up.

- If we're talking about 'harassment' of power-mad billionaires whose head Sandifer wants on a plate I think they'll probably be fine.

- And the thing this whole argument seems to be skirting over despite it being the essence of the complaint - Sandifer did not go after anyone's personal account, as she notes in that tweet scuffle; she did not deliberately direct any potential harassment towards the account of a human being. She just made a tweet criticising somebody, not even including his name. Sandifer would not be culpable if someone decided to look up the editor's personal social media accounts and call him racial slurs or something. This entire idea that Sandifer might be implicated in hypothetical "harassment" here (notably lacking any actual, personal dimensions to it…hmm), as a way of excusing/justifying that which she has received? It's predicated on a fractal of morally vacuous nonsense.


>Your accusations of a power dynamic would apply if Sandifer were some nobody with only a dozen followers, not a relatively large voice in the fandom with thousands of followers, has had published interviews with several Who writers, and has been quoted and cited in Doctor Who Magazine.

Holy shit, quoted AND cited in Doctor Who Magazine? That almost puts her on par with Frank Offerino!

No, sorry, this is bollocks. A (recent) former editor of the official Doctor Who Magazine, and an independent blogger with 5x fewer followers who makes a living off patreon bux. Not even a question.



imagine being this verged defending fucking sandifer of all people


So it's bad when Spilsbury quote tweets her, but when she does it, it's fine?




>And no >>82965 (You) this argument does not need to be qualified with a proof that there is such a thing as transphobic abuse from Doctor Who fans by me scraping Twitter for (public, non-DM) examples

So you have no examples and you're just making shit up just to defend your precious Sandifer. Because I've tried finding abusive tweets, with little success.



>wish real life harm on them in a tweet

Categorically did not happen, unless you want to try to make the hedge that "I think there are things it's worth being righteously angry about. I just don't list race, gender, or queerness among them. On plenty of other points I genuinely wish people loads of harm because I think they're evil fuckheads who deserve it" was alluding to the editor of a children's magazine, as opposed to, say, Nazis, capitalists destroying the planet, or anyone else she's actually wished harm to in the past.


>This is like individual climate scientists who dispute global warming. Yes they exist. They don't dent the overwhelming evidence in the other direction though.

Based and redpilled.



M8, just because Sandifer tweets like a teenage girl doesn't mean she's gonna jump on your cock like a teenage girl. White-knighting her isn't worth it.



>I genuinely wish people loads of harm because I think they're evil fuckheads who deserve it


>refers to DWM editors as fuckheads

Unless Sandifer's ability to swear creatively has stagnated, it's obvious who she means by people she wishes harm on. Also


Sandifer's a fucking lefty, you stupid cunt. The kind of lefty other lefties think is annoying. That's like saying Brianna Wu is redpilled.


neo's gonna verge when he sees the thread full of sandifer criticism



>neo's gonna verge



The last time I was impressed by a Sandifer article was her write-up of Bad Wolf/Parting of the Ways. Everything after that felt like her buying into her own hype and putting in a tenth of the effort she used to. Her criticisms of Big Finish become quite ironic when they all apply to herself and her merry gang. The same small group of writers spewing the same things for years, and only 5% of which is any decent these days compared to the early times when it was every other article that was a must-read. Sandifer is the Briggs of Eruditorum, and she's too blind to notice that.


skellys a moral infantile


File: fc11f342b20294a⋯.jpg (101.8 KB, 960x807, 320:269, 1518100364244.jpg)




>she's dressed like a cbbc presenter

yeah no, the daffiness aint gone yet



M8, just because Spilsbury tweets like a teenage boy doesn't mean he’s gonna jump on your cock like a teenage boy. White-knighting him isn't worth it.



>Spilsbury tweets like a teenage boy

But he hasn't cried about how all critics of DWM are fuckheads and that he doesn't care what Chinese or Black people say.


holy shit, this talons drama has really put skelly and co on the verge. they're posting about sandifer non stop



One commentary for Wednesday because it's the halfway point of the whole Nacho Week thing…

>The Three-ish Doctors Redux

By far the longest story I wrote for this. Somewhere among my google docs drafts there’s about 6 or 7 pages of extra material that started this story. The basic gist of it was the Exile Doctor meeting UNIT, being assigned Benton and Yates by the Brigadier and recapping that time has passed and she feels VERY close to figuring out what happened to the CIA and Skaro. Meanwhile the Shalka Doctor pops out of his TARDIS by that lake that starts off the original Three Doctors, nostalgic and excited with a wide smile and goes “Ahh, the morning air, the dew-y grass, the large rGB BLOB MONSTER THAT WANTS TO ABSORB US! RUN!” and like that Alison would have had a few scenes as a proper companion while The Master rolled his eyes.

For all those pages, the Nacho Doctor would have been an onlooker from afar, mysterious and such. At the point in writing the draft I hadn’t exactly chosen a Doctor yet.

But I ran into a wall on that draft once I hit the TARDIS scene and instead made the jump to writing the Climax of the story, where I immediately decided the Diamond Doctor would start Omega’s ultimate defeat; and then Eight would do the water slide thing as a homage to Caerdroia from Gary Finish’s Divergent Universe Arc and Briggs Doctor would cameo with an Atomic Ray Gun to finish the job. I chose Diamond as a way to throw reality in the mix: what would you have NO defense against after millenia without contact with a sentient being?

As I was initially hesitant to use the Nick Briggs Doc in Stalemate(remember, she has no regrets that she’s not hiding out anymore) it seemed right to use him here to acknowledge his huge part in Exile. And so since Diamond was there between all the other Doctors recalling all their past incarnations, it meant there had to be a regeneration from Skin Diamond.

Heh heh, probably should have told Imm first.

And even then I just started writing Dialogue and answering the way I thought The Doctor would in a generic sense, figuring I’d just pick an actor and slot in a few quirks later. It wasn’t until I got through the TARDIS scene that I went “ah shit, that just sounds like me” and then hastily covered it up in the naming dialogue.

And once that decision was made, things clicked into place. I caricatured myself like crazy, emphasized my flaws and then made it a big plot point that I had fucked up in a way that felt about right considering how I usually fuck up at work and then get chewed out for an hour or so.

Generically, all three Doctors have a role befitting the roles of the original 3 Doctors: Exile is the Authority like the First Doctor, Shalka is the grumpy adventurer standing in for 3, and Nacho Doctor is taking a 2 role, albeit with a darker role in the plot. Originally there was a small scene where they would argue about who the hero was going to be and it just didn’t end up fitting so I cut it.

Yes, that’s Taika Waititi doing the voice fakeout of Omega. No, I don’t know why I bothered giving him a big dramatic stinger at the end of Stalemate only to fuck around with a one off joke in his first line here.

On the other hand it’s pretty funny.

I almost made myself vomit at the descriptions of the Gell monsters. Kek. 1/2



Nacho Doc seems kind of manipulative here, but actually he’s just really a naive person who tried to do one good thing and had things spiraled out of control. It won’t be the last time this happens.

As I hadn’t invented in my mind yet what the Nacho Doc’s sonic looks like until Train of Thought, he’s basically using the Dark Eyes sonic here. Which the Shalka Doctor of course has no clue about because that was invented in Audio 8’s timeline. BUT he certainly recognizes the body swapping harness from the TV movie.

Yep, that’s a Harry Potter quote that he uses to explain why he’s just going to walk in blindly. The Time Trap had a quote from The Dark Knight Rises. A Bane quote specifically. Did you catch that in the story or are you going to go looking now?

In my head I choreographed this fight scene to Dizzy Gillespie’s Night in Tunisia- The Doctor having the upper hand and desperation are the straight rhythm latin sections, the swinging resolutions are Omega fighting back. Then the solo section comes in and Omega’s just wailing on them. Then the piano solo comes in to highlight Exile’s indecision, then the solos start to go in the straight rhythm, then the main theme comes back as the other two doctors recover. AND IT ALMOST SEEMS LIKE THEY’RE GOING TO DECISIVELY STRIKE!… before Omega wins. And then yada yada kiss waterslide gun joke yada yada….

The reason Exile has more powers inside the mindscape than the other doctors is because she spent a whole lot of time thinking and doing nothing but thinking. As such it kind of makes sense she’s fresh minded and OP if Omega is OP. They’ve basically been doing the same thing.

I showed this story to a friend who said, “Yeah, but why can’t he just use the Monsters to beat them now.” And I went, “Well, Fuck.” and had to write a scene why that decisively wasn’t the case. But then I got lazy and SURPRISE, The Master just blew his head off, which is inherently funny in and of itself because The Master of all people just shooting someone to get the whole order over with is ironic on a whole other level. Besides, it DID at least show The Exile Doc getting through to someone and being Doctor-y, so I think the scene itself served it’s purpose.

Originally there would have been a collapsing timer escape scene much like The Other’s Library of Antigone story earlier; but with the initial story being 8 pages longer I was much more apt to cut it… besides we were already 2 climaxes into this thing.

Musical joke: The Travelling Wilburys were a musical supergroup. The Three Doctors is the first multi-doc special.

When I got to the end of this I was somewhere around the first week of december, I sat on it and took a deep breath because I had written Stalemate, Foreman, Time Trap and concurrently with this story Giants before the submission started; and coming back to it, the wanderer segment didn’t gel with the Nacho Doc stuff and the rest of the stuff could honestly be cut for pacing: It’s not a stretch to imagine Exile meeting unit if Benton and Yates are already following her; it’s not a stretch to believe Shalka is there if he said he was going there in Time Trap. The only thing I regret cutting besides some comedy is I wrote a SUPER comfy brigadier scene, but the entire story just runs better without it and let’s be honest here: no one watches The Three Doctors for the stuff that happens before 3 and 2 start bantering.

It was a good thing to establish Exile’s place as a Pertwee in the universe because it opens up possibilities. I’d like to think I left this character in better shape than I found her. Originally I started a basic outline for what her sequel to this would be, but then decided one adaptation of a classic who episode was enough for this compilation from me. Originally that would have been Exile doing Spearhead while being hunted down by Turlough trying to assassinate her; only to get beaten to within an inch of his life by TV’S JON PERTWEE! when he forgets to SPLINK one day.

The other shortcoming of the ending is the lack of an answer to The Nacho Doctor’s theme question, “Why does The Doctor do it?”; and surely it couldn’t always be guilt over his own personal fuck ups, right? Well that is why the Giant of Bachand Hall comes after this. 2/2


File: e6b204e1d12beb8⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 1436x2149, 1436:2149, hype train and basement.jpg)

Chibnall and his secrecy is making it too hard to create a good hype train yet.


I don't want Nilso banned u til he reviews one of my shit trips


reminder that /doctorwho/ is dead but not as dead as /who/


File: a8b14f3c2a2dab1⋯.png (383.91 KB, 599x724, 599:724, lozelbread.png)

Loz follows Sandifer?

i don't actually understand how twitter works



Not necessarily, but it's the most likely explanation since Loz's rt didn't include another person who might have retweeted it.

Another explanation could be that he heard about the kerfuffle and looked up El's posts.


File: 497600eb8d1fea3⋯.jpg (135.71 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 800px-Cwc_bronycon_2017_1.jpg)

Dem dang ol DWM trolls. I, El Sandifer shall take no more


File: cec4d4be405a62a⋯.png (60.33 KB, 379x258, 379:258, lozpond.png)


it's not recent enough to be Talonsgate, but I think I remember her replying to him or retweeting him or something a while back

seems an odd combination of the center of Moffdom and the Moff's arch-nemesis; I assumed that if Loz had heard of Eruditorum he'd want to avoid having anything to do with it


>Nev Fountain is a Talon bro


quick rundown me on the pro sandifer and anti-sandifer arguments



Pro - Sandifer is perfectly within reason to dislike something for whatever small/large reason she can attribute to it, so it's fine for her to dislike X for Y.

Anti - Sandifer has repeatedly said "I genuinely wish people loads of harm because I think they're evil fuckheads who deserve it." and has referred to the DWM editors as fuckheads. Sandifer's not lacking for vocab so we can easily infer what Sandifer would do to DWM editors.



Also, I'd give the thread a quick read as well instead of asking individuals for what will probably be biased responses somewhat like mine, but I genuinely tried to be fair to both pro/anti argument because I have no real interest in Talonsgate and both sides are acting silly


an anonymous IP just added the Rose page on our wiki to the "comfy", "GOAT" and "underrated" categories. thoughts on restricting the wiki to registered users only?



Thoughts on gatekeeping?



actual lel how that's the catalyst for you to go "Right, that's completely unnacceptable, so I'm gonna close the doors"



this is but one example of a wider phenomenon



>Cats thinks Rose isn't comfy or GOAT

petition to have cats banned until he turns 18





>cats posting someone else's IP for a t. joke

good one smartass



it's the IP from the wiki you dolt



It’s Marco Polo



character rose or episode rose?





actually episode


>Aw, come on, it's great! Best series opener ever. Beats the shit out of An Unearthly Child, at any rate.




I don't agree that it's the best series opener ever but Rose > An Unearthly Child




An Unearthly Child as in the episode or the whole story?



I don't understand why people think the sunglasses and electric guitar were an appeal to 'the youth', as if Moffat is THAT out of touch? He's got teenage sons.



The whole story



This guy is talking shit about the Moffat era everywhere I see him.


File: b1e3d1c848cd6ba⋯.png (30.69 KB, 731x245, 731:245, ClipboardImage.png)

a story in three parts


Russell T Davies is trending on Twitter - Channel 4 has announced a "hard-hitting AIDS drama" in "1980s London", The Boys



what a shock



RTD making a period piece about gays? Wow, he's really stepping out of his comfort zone.




>Jacob Dudman




>I'm on holiday then




>series 11 in a month




>Sunday death slot


Would you like a season 19 broadcast schedule of two 25 minute episodes a week?



shorter episodes bad



Would you prefer an hour and a half episodes every two weeks?


Quite a few classic Who stories benefit from being in a 90 minute or 120 minute format



that'd be kino


File: 5a02bb677f7e717⋯.png (80.21 KB, 800x800, 1:1, bookclubannounce2.png)




Our entire week of stories written by Nacho continues. You may have already been having lots of fun reading and reviewing these stories, but the fun's not over yet - you still have until Sunday to catch up on the rest! Aren't we blessed to have such dedicated contributors?


Course Correction

>by Nacho

What if ‘Hanky Panky’, from Shit Trips (Volume 1) and starring a Doctor as played by pornstar Skin Diamond, got a sequel?


>by Nacho

What if the Arabella Weir "Exile" Doctor from Big Finish's Unbound range had an adventure with David Tennant as "Old Joe"?

The Time Trap

>by Nacho

What if the Shalka Doctor faced off against The Kin, from Neil Gaiman’s Eleventh Doctor novella 'Nothing O'Clock’?

The Three(ish) Doctors Redux

>by Nacho

What if the Exile Doctor, Shalka Doctor, and Nacho Doctor faced Omega?

The Giant of Bachand Hall

>by Nacho

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I reckon it's on the money you know. The finale would be on November 25th, leaving exactly a month until the Christmas special.



TBQH that's on the tamer end of unsolicited opinions from anon editors. A couple of weeks ago someone added a bunch of Series 2 episodes to 'Comfy', did a edits across multiple pages smearing The Girl Who Waited as shit, and then tried to add a "(debatable)" next to Fear Her's place on the WOAT list.


i didn't know that janet fielding video was written by a series 11 writer https://twitter.com/PeteMcTighe/status/1031530660609966080


File: 804e2a7e10fc198⋯.jpg (149.25 KB, 1024x706, 512:353, SK3AL6bUujiUGLXeXVMfbGrf46….jpg)



Describe series 11 in a word









File: 7a2bc9c71f6c1ef⋯.jpg (106.83 KB, 960x540, 16:9, soyboy trio.jpg)

>jodie's a good doctor but the writing was bad!


Describe Nilso in a word









File: e9c2f93f878f77f⋯.jpg (81.42 KB, 845x768, 845:768, dwe.jpg)




Have they never been to a Drumpf rally?


File: 25c35e9a20b87af⋯.png (250.79 KB, 747x696, 249:232, dutton.png)

>yfw tomorrow you might wake up to a dutton PM


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




I can't because I haven't seen it



so describe it as 'unseen'



new take: Rose is the best new who opener because it doesn't have post-regen gibberish






Rose is pretty fuckin efficient at introducing people to the show. Compare it to the TV movie, with it's gallifrey lore, half human, the master is back bullshit, and Rose suddenly comes up smelling like… well, nevermind



I meant Doctor opener / first post-regen episode, my bad


File: 483655092b1bc38⋯.png (623.42 KB, 640x772, 160:193, wtf.png)

you ever see something try so hard to be woke it goes back around and becomes super offensive again? Holy shit. I cant tell if this is implying the jews were illegal immigrants in Germany, or if it's saying that ICE is comparable to the Holocaust. Maybe both.


Rose does its job as a premiere episode perfectly, but in the wider context of the show it's pretty average



"The Woman Who Fell to Earth" is pretty fuckin based, but you guys havent seen that yet t. Chibnall, secretly a /who/re all along



Isn't that fair though? if it introduces people to the show well, they can then go on to watch the other episodes. I'd say that Unearthly Child is also a perfect introduction (albeit for a 1960s audience), but it's not the highest kino the show produced


leadership spillso


File: a7de2ea5a691b71⋯.gif (2.61 MB, 520x279, 520:279, missy bill lesbianism.gif)



Never noticed this before






nilsos a fudan



What other classic eps are blatantly racist/"problematic"?



The Ark.



All the ones you enjoy, so spread your cheeks and prepare to get fucked by the fun police, racist



The Idiot’s Lantern has harmful degrading stereotypes of British people




doesn't count because they're white, sorry




This would be comparable if Idiot’s Lantern was the only episode with English characters of that season or even within that decade



Good. White people, especially Brits, deserve to be degraded.


Michelle Gomez is 2nd best Master



objectively correct



*Michelle Gomez is the best Master**


Gomez > MacQueen > Delgado > Simm > Jacobi > Ainley > Roberts > Beevers







File: aeaf3840787b220⋯.jpg (37.29 KB, 600x522, 100:87, DTxq691WAAAtdZz.jpg)

Delgado > Gomez > Jacobi > Ainley > Simm > Roberts > Pratt/Beevers > MacQueen


For Neo TOTD outfit.



>he doesn't even use the flag anyway



i'm partial to 'Class Why?' myself




nilso's gay


rarest flag?


Wow dood


worst costume


i can't believe that in the year of our lord 2018 the dw fandom is having a meltdown over the highly controversial opinion that uhhhhh [checks notes] "yellowface bad"




he's not wrong, it does come across a little bit like that. You can praise Jodie without saying the others are bad. Also the daffiness comment is odd, because Jodie's outfit is daffiness incarnate




File: 0dfe44aee81bfc0⋯.png (457.48 KB, 624x691, 624:691, jimbo piracy.PNG)


File: 8459624174e4542⋯.jpg (3.48 KB, 205x246, 5:6, dspface.jpg)


File: 343c80b3b459823⋯.jpg (84.91 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, dsp shower.jpg)

>talons is racist now


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




It was always racist. White people are just now realising it now though so that’s why you’re hearing about it.



Lie of the Land




He's completely wrong as well. The photos going around today were released today.


File: 795f90f06ff0f08⋯.jpg (59.5 KB, 540x360, 3:2, dwe.jpg)





Legacy of the Daleks



unironically looking forward to this, I've been binging it recently


File: 16c56b39fdff8c7⋯.jpg (80.75 KB, 1010x944, 505:472, DlHznJrUUAAdqJD.jpg)




that secret code in dwm that called panini cunts



Lawrence Miles insulting Mark Gatiss in his blog after watching Unquiet Dead



The teacher guy at the start of Day of the Doctor who kept tweeting about wanting to play Clara's boyfriend in Series 8.




lol really? based as fuck



>cucked by samuel anderson



Examples of Doctor Who taking the mediocre middle path when faced with two more interesting alternatives?

>"Named 'Dr. Who'" vs "Given the name 'Doctor' by Ian"? "Named 'the Doctor'"

>"Loomed as an adult" vs "Born half-human"? "Born as a full-Time-Lord child"



>Tom Baker is novelising Scratchman with James Goss

kino incoming, fellas



>"Bradley regenerates into Whittaker" vs "Capaldi regenerates into Troughton"? "Capaldi regenerates into Whittaker"



The Ark, the Celestial Toymaker, Tomb of the Cybermen



>If Dr Who fans are gonna harass and threaten the best writer on their precious show because they now consider her an easy target, I'll have to start watching fucking Babylon 5.






Heh, good one.

Another one: Big Finish starting the Early Adventures range and deciding between

>First Doctor audios that preserve the original stories' sense of whimsy by freely contradicting later-established lore


>First Doctor audios that "update" the original era with later-established lore

by making

>First Doctor audios that carefully neither mention nor contradict later-established lore



>El Sandifer

La Sandifer is the feminine form.

Also which writer is op talking about??


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Hmm. Big Finish in mind:

>creating First Doctor audios that deconstruct the canon of the show


>creating First Doctor audios featuring an AU TARDIS team


>creating First Doctor audios that feel AU but implicitly are not therefore indirectly decanonising themselves by NOT PICKING A DAMN LANE



Who you think you are?

Fucks like, "do you get what I post?"

Fucks fail to understand

I’m like, "Gig"



>"Lawrence Miles writing Doctor Who books" vs "Lawrence Miles writing Faction Paradox books"? "Lawrence Miles writing fucking nothing."



>Midnight but improved with stick figures



There are two things I hate: DWM and Talons of Weng Chiang. I’ve been looking forward to this week for a very long time



Why do you hate both?



because one of them is really racist, and the other one is an overrated tv serial



Why do you think DWM is racist?



time team isnt diverse enough


Morph Whelan



Big Finish really gives us a lot of options for these, doesn't it?

>hiring a diverse list of writers


>hiring a select few tried-and-tested writers to act in auteur-like roles


>hiring the same 12 mediocre white dudes over and over



>hiring veterans EDA writers who have proven to be successful


>hiring experimental writers from who knows where


>hiring the same nobodies from tumblr



What does them being white have to do with it?




FUCK… that'll mean I'll be watching Dr Who on a Monday night and will have to avoid the internet the whole day.



I don’t I was just making fun of that tweet claiming El does



El spent most of yesterday whining about how all DWM editors were fuckheads and boasting about how buying her books would piss them off. If that's not hating DWM, I don't know what is.



KEK, legitimately great one. How about

>continuing Loz's original vision for the series


>subverting Loz's vision as a statement about his ideology


>a long series of winks and nods to modern culture written by author-fans who see the series as just another Doctor Who spinoff

(for the record i don't think this is where the range is currently, but it has the potential to go there if unchecked)


Too soon


>Mindy kalling in sunny series 13

Yikes from me



>forcibly filling the Dennis shaped void instantly after he leaves

I'm thinking that he will come back and he'll kill her by the end of the season and they won't even react to it


There's a tumblr user called sillytilly09 who never posts anything about themselves, but posts high definition images pretty much as they are released officially. Has done since at least Series 8. Some of the images on the blog, I cant find elsewhere whatsoever. I think this person works at the bbc in some capacity. It's the only explanation i can think of. But they dont break any embargo rules exactly, they just have a lot of high def images that no one else has. And some behind the scene pics that dont seen to have shown up elsewhere too…

This is the link to the blog:



File: 407599e5238c79b⋯.jpg (89.16 KB, 960x634, 480:317, sillytilly99.jpg)


And there's also a pornhub user called "sillytilly99".

I haven't yet worked out the connection yet, but I believe that pornhub will be coproducing doctor who from series 12 onwards. This theory will be confirmed tomorrow at 3pm gmt if i am right



Fucking kek



Section of Randomness is reasonably fast too.


Okay but being serious again, I've been keeping an eye on the sillytilly09 account on tumblr for a couple of years, for images and stuff… And they made a reddit account to post exactly one comment 12 days ago.



File: 2ba54eb15beada1⋯.jpg (24.83 KB, 594x395, 594:395, joy.JPG)

Are you ready to be told why men and white people are evil?



SillyTilly09 is Chibnall



Yes. Are you ready to be verged?



Their reddit birthday is my real birthday.



be honest is it you?



As opposed to the Moffat message that women are whores?


File: 6560a2c52f729a8⋯.jpg (310.78 KB, 1280x905, 256:181, tumblr_pbnoxzORdT1ql9lj0o1….jpg)

File: 539fce4e5e7941f⋯.jpg (244.22 KB, 1280x634, 640:317, tumblr_pbnp7bopFT1ql9lj0o1….jpg)



I hate the idea of changing the dynamic this much at all, what they had since season 2 is perfect and there's literally no need for new main characters when the side characters haven't been fully explored yet.

I don't know how killing off the first woman of Color on the show would go down with some of the "fans" though ""and I wouldn't be surprised if kaling herself got pissy about it**



>/tv/ sperging about that one Thin Ice webm was bad enough

>will probably get that by the boatload this season

I'm not ready.


File: df71dfc61e80511⋯.gif (977.28 KB, 245x250, 49:50, 7 love.gif)



/tv/ is gonna have a webm of the pregnant guy.

Let that sink in.

The thin ice thing will be forgotten. the thin ice thing was one minor throwaway line, and they kept that up for nearly a fuckin year



Full chaos, the series is going to be shit by /who/ standards AND Cletus standards

Gonna be a wild ride




fuck yes


Over time the Moffags here will be replaced with Chadnalls


File: 0830c9629f8303c⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1946x1368, 973:684, Doctor Who in 2018.png)





The Dennis shaped hole did not need filling at all, and it's a shame they've done it so quickly. It'd be totally fine if it was the four of them just getting up to shenanigans like usual. Since they only showed her w/ the gang in one clip I wouldn't be surprised if she's only in it for an episode, and Dennis is in the rest of the series so the trailer's just been cleverly edited to not spoil the reveal

it's gonna be shit isn't it


File: c6511e5bfa119dd⋯.gif (1.07 MB, 245x184, 245:184, two threes.gif)

File: 5d144fc456a1cbb⋯.gif (966 KB, 245x184, 245:184, getting warm.gif)


File: 33481015d04b397⋯.png (507.22 KB, 1070x601, 1070:601, haha funny wojak man.png)



I think it's just time to embrace it




i unironically might just wait for off season /who/ this time. None of you fuckers tell the boardies to come here.



>haha funny wojak man.png


File: 2a6aafb194c1c6a⋯.png (260 KB, 563x542, 563:542, 2a6.png)




I hope some of you stick around here during series eleven because I can’t post on /tv/



Why not?



I think we're allowed back on tv whilst the series is running but not sure anyone will bother.


File: bdd3b75fb4e1d99⋯.gif (1.46 MB, 245x245, 1:1, its started.gif)


nilsos SO SO fuckin gay


did you hear that nilso? you're gay.




they should have filmed the End of Time in black and white



There will be a slow down here, but I think everyone jumping ship for /tv/ and shuttering this place won't last long if it happens at all. There's going to be alot of cross posting, and inevitably some /tv/ users will make it back here. /who/ is probably walking into a hostile environment and desu I don't know if /who/'s users have the wherewithal to deal with it ad nauseam.



series 11 will be filmed with black in white



thank you for finally coming out. this is the first step in losing your conservatism



sweetie, no


They shouldn't have filmed the End of Time






sounds like we're going to need a pillar of hope in these difficult times


nillar of hope



It was the last good episode from the last good era of NuWho.



Well please, do let me know when you find one.



Why was /who/, threads actually discussing the show, banned when threads like sneed and so on are okay?


File: abc35be2a049f50⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 421.1 KB, 1300x1080, 65:54, it's that boy.jpg)


Did someone call for a beacon of hope?



> /who/, threads actually discussing the show,

as said, >>83192



Well it gets more discussion than the shitposting threads. Plus there is usually only 1 thread at a time up. Don't really mind though, that was the only reason i visited 4chan



I'm all for shitposting and tenuously related, shallow discussion of the show. It's what I thrive on and why I keep coming back to /who/ I don't agree with the sacking on /tv/ there were much bigger issues on the board and even better ways to handle the rampant derailing, but towards the end there I think the shitposting was overtaking everything else.


File: 1926a27f232d280⋯.gif (409.6 KB, 160x200, 4:5, phallic screwdriver.gif)

File: 94f8afc5e836e97⋯.gif (915.16 KB, 160x200, 4:5, tardick.gif)


File: f05aa8f95ca790a⋯.png (412.19 KB, 5000x5000, 1:1, thinking emoji.png)

>/tv/mods kills /who/ for being "off-season" despite continuous content coming out throughout the year

>/tv/mods refuse to kill off /stg/ despite it being off-season

>/tv/mods allow sneed threads to continue for hours

>/tv/mods suspiciously slow about pruning pedthreads

really makes you think why we want to go back sometimes



I don't wanna anymore, 8chan is much better. Especially drag and drop for image posting.


File: 7133fe9767111de⋯.jpg (40.43 KB, 504x480, 21:20, dcfvfvf.jpg)

What happened in the last couple of days?



matt died ;(



>S19 Blu-Ray coming soon (Castrovalva, Four to Doomsday, Kinda, The Visitation, Black Orchid, Earthshock and Time-Flight)

>S11 writers/directors confirmed

>Everyone's just realised that Talons is racist

>Sandifer's squealin'

>Time Team's squealin' + has an apparant rapist amongst their ranks

>Claudia's squealin'

>Whelan's squealin'

>Linda's in custody

>>82952 was tweeted and everyone ITT and on Twitter shit themselves in disgust

>I'm gay (apparently)

It's been a quiet week all things considered



S11 air date being narrowed down quite a bit.



>matt died ;(

which one?


Claudia us back OMFG

>BF special was announced




Forgot about those, good saves lads


File: 78513789a30c21c⋯.png (1.9 MB, 1280x1707, 1280:1707, 1511576913552.png)

Dudman's is on abb already



Matthew Smith. He played the CyberPlanner in Nightmare in Silver.



Robbie Rotten died


I know what a maynd wayp looks layk


doctor this is like terminator

haha cool le bill but i have not seen that i have only seen frozen lol




absolutely based, very very redpilled.


It's so weird how Moffat was known for literally YEARS on Tumblr as the man who killed all of his characters when in reality all he ever did was bring people back?


File: b0a110ee91c4bde⋯.jpg (111.75 KB, 715x1074, 715:1074, tumblr_muv9y8OaUq1ql9lj0o4….jpg)


not cutest girl

but cute


Cats texted me saying "come over because no one else was home <3" - I went over and there was no one home.



Yep, I've never understood this.




Yep it's mind-blowing, it's Russell who killed people left and right. Not just side characters, Donna losing memory equals to death, his Torchwood stuff etc



I guess they just see the characters deaths like Rory and River and not their revival.


prime minister Scott Morrison



if dutton has enough support to demand a vote, I'm not sure enough would defect to scomo to make that possible

I would be very surprised if we don't have a new pm by the end of the day either way



although now that the house has been suspended for 2 weeks malc has some time to draw this shit out longer



I think it's not just that, Moff is generally much more optimistic than RTD.




Yeah "everybody lives"



>In one day, burn all your bridges with Doctor Who writers/editors who you've previously spent years talking to and interviewing

>Still think it's because of transphobia and not because you're being a twat


File: 15d381071fe710a⋯.png (2.71 MB, 2574x1456, 99:56, turnbull.png)

DWE of trying to maintain some dignity while everything collapses around you?


File: c3ebc5f2f756a25⋯.jpg (32.66 KB, 739x579, 739:579, The_Marshal.jpg)





>reading ST2.5 again

>remember that Neo added a 260+ page story at the end of ST2.5

Why, Neo.


File: b7309d8f3e3d676⋯.jpg (62.79 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, DlQo2naUcAAqtLM.jpg)

skelly entering the thread be like


File: 4b8c1bdfafa012f⋯.jpg (28.25 KB, 680x513, 680:513, eee.jpg)


is dutton the reincarnation of el rato?



el potato


File: 2bc94ac70c7d1e8⋯.png (703.99 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Missy.png)


Yeah, she definitely raped Martha's mom and sister during the year that never happened.



Oh, you'll be the one verging when a particular one of Sandifer's secrets gets outed.



What did he mean by this?


Love seeing boomers verge over the Talons drama. Keep up the good work Comrade Sandifer!


What's the Thin Ice leak people don't like? I want to rage too.



how can you leak something from an episode that aired over a year ago?



time travel

also I'm an idiot


Blackpill me on Doctor Who reactors other than the Big Two (Soy Wave/Sesska)



nilsostein alba



>I hurt myself today….


skellys scomosexual


File: b0ee0e0866de0f6⋯.png (53.06 KB, 400x416, 25:26, ClipboardImage.png)

>Prime Minister Julie Bishop



Papa Cuck Media, reacted to the Marco Polo recon on the Edge of Destruction DVD before watching the actual recons.



I'm not interested in seeing actual fans react, I like to see people get into the show and relive story arcs/Utopia moments through them. Plus it's an interesting perspective.



>yfw she stays as deputy leader again just like she did when malc took over from tone



>actually thinking Sandifer is your comrade

That's like those cucks on /co/ who think Alan Moore would approve of 4chan.






Sandifer is a boomer, you dummy. She's in her late thirties and keeps thirsting for that Hegel cock.


can't wait for 2040s version of the Talons drama where the grown-up rtdbad zoomers get verged at post-zoomers calling Cassandra transphobic



she's been deputy leader for like 12 years at this point



Boomerism is a state of mind as much as old age, anon.



Getting so mad at a 70s childrens show that you want people fired over it is pretty boomery, anon.



He also did all of new who. Every reaction is his first time watching an episode



Getting so mad at a transwoman speaking her mind is even more boomery. Why are you so obsessed with her? It's painfully obvious that the same two or three anons have been verging about her all day.



Why are you so obsessed with defending her? It's painfully obvious that the same two or three anons have been verging about people talking shit about her all day.



why does the fact she's trans come into the equation? Her words and actions are what people care about.


At the end of the day this has nothing to do with Sandifer's dislike of Talons, or her (entirely justified) criticisms of the DWM editor. It's about her being a proud transgender woman. Claudia Boleyn is equally interested in social justice, and has equally controversial Doctor Who opinions, but because she's conventionally attractive, cis, and attracted to men, nobody here gives a shit.



That's what you'd like to think, but you forget that Cletuses are the minority on /who/.



imagine unironically believing this





But Cletuses secretly like Sandifer, while all the lefties I know think she makes their cause look bad. Like how Michael Moore made being a liberal look really fucking faggy.


The criticism was never about racism, thats just what the boomers brought to the argument so they could say “B-B-BUT HE IS HALF CHINESE.” It was always about the editor having a lack of respect for the time team to have their own perspectives and his supporters attacking those time teamers.



>But Cletuses secretly like Sandifer

imagine unironically believing this


>when someone's argument challenges your worldview so you hallucinate an ulterior motive they must secretly hold that allows you to dismiss their argument without engaging

textbook cognitive dissonance



Hey, Sandifer embodies every far left stereotype imaginable. Just hearing her talk makes liberals move to the center. She's the perfect scarecrow you can use to scare people to the right. If I was a Cletus, I'd want her to blog more just so I could bolster my forces.


reminder that skelly became conservative because conservative gays are in short supply and he doesn't have a chance in the regular gay dating pool



>Like how Michael Moore made being a liberal look really fucking faggy.

Michael Moore is a socialist you braindead burger.



>implying he didn't make socialists look really fucking faggy too



>If I was a Cletus

You literally just called someone "faggy", don't go around pretending you're anywhere left of center.



Saying "faggy" only defines your political spectrum if you're a dumbass on tumblr.


File: b4f1ecb6bdeb334⋯.jpg (53.81 KB, 926x618, 463:309, image-20150311-20540-gryd0….jpg)

>they keep arguing about doctor who drama meanwhile im plotting to take over the world



Cool, mayoid het kulak.





>mayoid het kulak

I don't speak Klingon.


File: 3f4351e55d1a420⋯.png (766.12 KB, 784x800, 49:50, ClipboardImage.png)





If you don't even know what het means then you're a fucking boardie.




>your head


File: 75ee0d23d0d8114⋯.png (78.57 KB, 383x230, 383:230, ClipboardImage.png)

>your head



Anon, if you were in a rap battle, you would be this guy.




I'm no lib, sweetie. Dr Nira Cain is based though.



>calls someone a kulak

>not a lib

Next you're gonna tell me Sandifer hasn't raped anybody.



Who did she rape and why?



>he doesn't know



I bet it was you.



Nah, m8. I'm not from tumblr.


reminder that aaalex dedicates his entire life to a show that is and always has been ideologically opposed to him in every way




Hola Reddit!



>always has been

Did you miss the Talons discussion this week?



that's better than dedicating your entire life to a show that just reinforces your worldview desu, how boring



Like the way Sandifer keeps masturbating to Mr. Robot.



Does using the Reddit flag and making a Reddit comment cancel each other out?


File: cff273bd81aa6b4⋯.jpg (76.24 KB, 545x700, 109:140, 2tree.jpg)


Never fails.



robert holmes was a racist libertarian aberation in the show's broadly progressive history



Arguably the ultimate form of cuckoldry. He just sits there watching his favourite show fuck his ideology to death.


File: 66fc69ec9192d9f⋯.png (67.96 KB, 560x303, 560:303, jackvspotter.png)



Why does Jack Graham keep crying about children's books?



Why do you keep crying about criticism of yellowface?



How is rolling my eyes at a grown man getting mad at Harry Potter crying about criticism of yellowface? There isn't any yellowface in Harry Potter.



It's obvious why he's getting you so verged and it has nothing to do with Harry Potter. You probably didn't even know who he was until he got involved with the Talons drama.



>You probably didn't even know who he was until he got involved with the Talons drama.

Kek. I know who he is. Just watching him have a meltdown over white people is hilarious, along with people like you trying to white knight him. That's like trying to white knight Moviebob.


So is this guy AAAlex or Gravemind? Having trouble keeping up with /who/ Cletus lore.


File: df1044fde36859f⋯.png (302.75 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1517275129029.png)

not gonna lie i've got no idea what you guys are even arguing about at this point, all i see is a lot of verging on all sides



>anyone who isn't far left is a Cletus




Have you guys been so detached from society that you come up with your own little words like "verging"? That's adorable.


File: 6dea148ad8f28a4⋯.png (694.47 KB, 1086x1036, 543:518, craigFlip.png)


>both sides are wrong!



But both sides are wrong. Marcus Hearn shouldn't have written that editorial. And El Sandifer shouldn't have cried bitch tears and demanded sackings.



skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly skelly



Okay, this is going straight on Verged.com



This comment is tradfrock


File: 9dcf0157031855b⋯.jpg (65.88 KB, 720x836, 180:209, 1509536298732.jpg)


umm try again sweetie you have to pick one or the other that's how it works



>pick one retard or another retard

No, I'd rather pick neither retard.



i literally didnt even say that, just that both of you are verging out of control






But Hearn is a turd and Sandifer is a douche. I see no evidence to refute either claim.



so verging is the right thing to do?


>However upset I have been about not getting fourteen episodes a year regularly, THAT was the best episode since "Rose" brought the show back to our screens.

>I am speechless with admiration, and numb with ecstasy at witnessing the best forty five minutes since the 1960s.

>Three billion out of ten.


which episode was ian levine talking about? the answer will shock you.



let's kill hitler



It's never pleasant to have to write something like this, but I feel like now is the time. There is a lot of talk these days about 'toxic fandom' and there's no question that it's apparent here just as much as anywhere else. I'm not going to get too wordy or too preachy here - just PLEASE be nicer to everyone. There's so much intolerance in the world right now, can we please eliminate it from the arena of the things we purport to love? Think before you post. Don't attack other members if you disagree with them, discuss their viewpoints instead, in a civil manner. Be nicer, respect others. It is far better to build bridges and create friendships than burn bridges and make enemies. Remember: Never be cruel. Thank you for reading. - Nilso



Levine likes it for the sequence at the start



It is all too easy to kick a man when he is down. I made Shada because I CARED. I wasted two years of my life trusting and believing in Dan Hall's whims. I'm an all too easy target for short sighted ignorant Doctor Who fans who think they are internet warriors. But while they hurtfully spout venom and criticise, I actually got off my arse and did something.

Considering my past generosity, I think the BBC have treated me appallingly and metaphorically spat in my face. This is my last post ever on here. I feel betrayed by Doctor Who, both over this appalling Shada injustice and over Chibnall's casting choices.

In the 1970s I bought legal copies of all the old existing episodes at £500 a film print (money which the BBC kept) which LITERALLY saved all the black and white Hartnells and Troughtons from being destroyed forever. I returned over 20 missing episodes to the BBC. I now wish I hadn't.

I have more important things in my life - things which don't bring me misery pain and suffering.



File: 9df6001aff537fc⋯.jpg (27.86 KB, 600x668, 150:167, 10eh.jpg)


for what purpose


File: 6bfd25a0ec25f56⋯.jpg (48.13 KB, 800x729, 800:729, 8nRqoXW.jpg)




It's never pleasant to have to write something like this, but I feel like now is the time. There is a lot of talk these days about 'nilsos gay' and there's no question that it's apparent here just as much as anywhere else. I'm not going to get too wordy or too preachy here - just PLEASE respect my sexuality. Anyway can we please create a safe planet here for conservatives? - Nilso


nilsos the 43rd signature



he probably saw the sequence at the start, spent the next 40 minutes cumming and missed how mediocre the rest of the episode was until the john hurt reveal at which point he started cumming blood since he had already drained his balls


File: 6611719aa164c82⋯.png (188.01 KB, 495x405, 11:9, Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at ….png)



File: 6ccea8c0d3c2de6⋯.png (354.33 KB, 812x634, 406:317, ClipboardImage.png)

>BREAKING: Jeb! Bush has won the #libspill in a LANDSLIDE 84 votes to Peter Duttons 0, he will be meeting with the governor general to confirm he can form a government in the coming hours


File: 76cb48c645a1bad⋯.jpg (48.42 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 10weeell.jpg)


i can barely even remember what happened at the start



you're a couple hours late


File: aba8efd6b6002dc⋯.gif (1.82 MB, 480x266, 240:133, 1535009521043.gif)


>tfw no Anthony Hopkins as the War Doctor



Nilso, are you still around?


what do you think it would take for billy boy to not win by default next election?




you can't underestimate the traditional labor election fuck up. I think if scomo becomes PM they might have a solid chance since he's not universally hated and most people didn't even mind his budgets (since they just copied labor)



scomo's basically the status quo leadership candidate right? I don't know about his chances of winning the spill if the whole point is that enough of the party are upset with the status quo






What does the N stand for?






his chances are pretty good since some people who voted for dutton must've done it because they dont like malcolm, everyone who supported malc will support scomo no matter what and the voters probably like scomo more. then again it's the libs so literally anything could happen


whens based tones comin back


File: 043160de4bc4d0e⋯.png (290.73 KB, 1271x255, 1271:255, skelly.png)



File: 8d455a3b507e24c⋯.jpg (31.7 KB, 698x395, 698:395, grob1.jpg)



He really aged like milk.


File: 89b43b2dceffa4c⋯.jpg (25.44 KB, 309x476, 309:476, pwkbONj.jpg)

i showed you my dick please answer me



And you know he would have done it, too.



I am now



*I showed you my Dalek Factor please answer me


File: c7db9daa41a879b⋯.png (614.65 KB, 768x574, 384:287, 20180823_000254.png)

/who/ on 4chan is permanently dead guys im sorry



I know ACAB means "all cops are bastards". Does ANAG mean "all niggas are good" or somehing?



All Nilsos Are Gay



ah, that makes sense. if a nilso were a cop, would that nilso be a gay bastard?


File: dc362c029e2ff67⋯.png (34.96 KB, 542x602, 271:301, 12wojak.png)

>friend has unhealthy long term relationship with bf

>bf broke up with him 3 months ago but friend begged and they got back together the next day

>they fight often

>a fight over something mundane will escalate to being about their entire relationship

>bf will angrily tell him to leave, then message him to come back minutes after (and he does)

>they don’t apologise afterwards, it just stops and everything is left unresolved

>bf has trust issues due to past relationships and accuses him of cheating all the time

>accused him of cheating with a female friend because they had a snapchat together

>bf wants him to move in like all his past relationships, but friend doesn’t want to

>so bf feels permanently starved for contact

>bf doesn't ever want to travel anywhere to meet friend because 'the travel time is too long', only wants friend to come to him (and then they can travel somewhere together)

>friend spends all his free time with bf, to the extent that he’s falling behind in his uni/life responsibilities

>bf is still disappointed in him

He finally told me yesterday that he knows the relationship is unhealthy, but that he doesn't want to think about it because he’s worried he wouldn’t ever be able to find anyone else.

It’s his first serious relationship, and he told me he doesn’t have a reference for what’s normal to put up with (so he's defaulting to putting up with everything)

I suggested that he’s so focused on wanting to be in a relationship that he’s not thinking about being in a good relationship, and he seemed to agree, however he thinks that being out of a relationship would still be worse.

I asked him if he can think of anything he could do right now to improve the relationship, and he couldn't think of anything because all of the issues they have are big long term things

What’s it going to take to snap him out of first bf syndrome? What's a good response to the "but what if I never find anyone else" argument?

And most importantly, what's the doctor who equivalent?



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.








Will Neo be listening to Lady Christina?


Claudia is verged that a gay person cheated on their partner in a show she watches


I have to say that this review is rather…dismissive? She raises good points and I do fully agree that Big Finish do need to diversify the amount of writers (and preferably gender and race of writers) and cut back on the amount of content. In saying that, the thing with Big Finish is that you can also skip content you don't want.

But basing your view of Big Finish on a single boxset (and one that fans agree is more fun for the fanservice than a great story) for a range that, by it's content, is gonna be relatively formulaic, is rather….silly. I mean it dismisses the ranges that are good, such as Torchwood which is experimental, or Diary of River Song which is just really good, or your many many other stories and boxsets and ranges that try new things. Again, I agree there's too much content and unnecessary spin-offs (though me saying that is absolutely not me saying that Lady Christina or Jenny or whatever is pointless and useless and therefore shit), but again: You get what you want. You want all of Doctor Who? Well just listen. You just want Torchwood. Just listen to Torchwood.

As for the quality…Big Finish is good! Yes, their stories are certainly less experimental (and at times, less edgy) than their early Main Range days, but to assume they're all formulatic shit is…rather reductive. Don't get me wrong: There's a lot of formulas. With the amount of stories they do, that's to be expected.

I do also disagree that "characters describing their actions" is embarassing. That's a product of writing for audio, especially audio without a narrator. Sometimes it's obvious, sometimes it's unavoidable. You can look at products on BBC Radio or podcasts and find the exact same tactics being used.



*Claudia's verged





waiting for christel to spin this as an anti-LGBT attack against her somehow



When has she done this in the past?



>1. I've only actually watched some Hartnell episodes at 1.5 speed for research purposes (which wasn't made clear in the Time Team)

does this mean watching hartnell is considered research, or she rewatched hartnell episodes with a research objective and did it at 1.5 speed?



>implying christel has actually watched Classic Who other than briefly gaining surface knowledge


>Deep Breath was 4 years ago



I guarantee she's seen more episodes than you.


imagine being so verged by the existence of a lesbian woman who likes doctor who that you invent stories about her faking a love of classic who for literal years just because she wanted to



It was a better time, before the show was ruined by zoomer pandering hoodies and sunglasses and le epic guitar on tank


File: a67e2b5c4bcbab6⋯.jpg (122.76 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 39914725_2122582521330985_….jpg)




>Mass immigration is on our doorstep




hating mass immigration doesnt make you a cletus


skelly wants to be white genocided by thick middle eastern dick


File: 8af61308eecdca8⋯.png (131.8 KB, 1880x1576, 235:197, 1535028007339.png)




For every 1000 votes the Liberals get, one drunk bogan accidentally chooses the Liberal Democrats instead.


lib Dems arent that bad for a meme.psrty desu



cats is furious



Based Shearman. Reminder that in 2005 he asked Loz to give "Dalek" the "Unquiet Dead" treatment. (Fun fact of the day: He writes all his short stories with Nick Briggs as the main character, then goes in and changes the names later!)

I've tried really hard to stay out of this whole twitter DWM affair, but god damn is it just emblematic of my frustrations with Sandifer. I enjoy the Eruditorum, the essays are always interesting and often insightful, and all my chats with her have been nice enough. But even going back to her days on GallifreyBase, any discussion on any topic would automatically become 30 times more toxic whenever she posted. It's a bizarre and unfortunate effect, and I've no clue how she manages to do it.

Thinking about it, this may be the first time that there have been actual consequences (however minor) for it. I'm genuinely sorry to see that she's having a hard time coping.


Something something "fish in the sea"? I'm glad he has a friend like you.



Christel Dee is a fairly reasonable person. Next to people like Sandifer or Loz, she never says anything that stupid or bizarre. Im kinda surprised at the attention she gets.



>Something something "fish in the sea"?

I get the feeling he'd just see that as a platitude unfortunately

I was thinking of trying to suggest that being on his own would be better than the constant emotional turmoil he goes through with his bf, but if he's got a complex about not ever finding anyone else then he might not see it the same way.



Is it possible that Sandifer is just a silly person who thinks she is more important than she is?



It's well within the realm of possibility.

If anyone starts bringing in other factors as a way to disagree with what you've said, it's a sign that you're right and they need to grasp for a reason to disagree


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



File: 690bd790ee05d50⋯.png (138.67 KB, 500x542, 250:271, everything-ends-and-its-al….png)

was it kino?



Yeah but the bit immediately after where Nardole goes into far too much detail about River Song wasn't.




Holy shit. I think I like that episode less now just for knowing that it provoked "ecstasy" within Ian Levine. That's a day-ruiner.



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

nilsoposters and nilso



File: ef306e1cf0e9fd6⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 344.37 KB, 851x850, 851:850, The Artillerist 3d.jpg)

>mfw Obverse has been losing money on the FP series since 2012 and "The Book of the Peace" will probably be the final release


File: 2a5907345230b79⋯.jpg (85.54 KB, 749x1018, 749:1018, 1535015299418.jpg)


we still haven't had a gay asian companion though


File: 61efb58d6bc5cdc⋯.jpg (54.3 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, doctor_who.9x11.heaven_sen….jpg)



Fine fine! Ill buy the new faction paradox release; …twist my arm why dont ye?


What are you looking forward to more, Series 11 or the final season of big bang theory?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>who would you trade places with for a day?

>donald trump

what did he mean by this?



He'd be popular for once


File: 379273c49d5a790⋯.jpg (61.76 KB, 600x383, 600:383, wpid-Eighth-doctor-who-cha….jpg)


File: 9d248ef20c4f0d8⋯.jpg (159.72 KB, 640x800, 4:5, 20180823_171214.jpg)


the big bang theory is still going? holy shit



i think after 36 seasons, doctor who fans cant judge other shows for going on forever



not gay


Reminder that Sheldon Cooper lost his virginity before you


Neil Cloister



according to my 2000 page fanfiction, he's very gay, and the eighth doctor was very gentle with him


File: 7f1ad8ca65d4dbe⋯.jpg (10.47 KB, 250x188, 125:94, andrew-dice-clay-image1.jpg)


Is that his name, or just his job? OOOOH!









Whelan: I knew of the leaked clip before anyone else!

Also Whelan: I'll never understand why the BBC thinks I had anything to do with the leaking of the clip or where it came from, I only saw it when it was revealed on Twitter!!

Also Whelan: I know X, Y and Z about Who before everyone else!!!!!


I'll never forget when Whelan tried to edit the wiki and denied it when called out on it. Then cats showed him proof



Oof, that’s not good at all. Seriously, FP got me through many tough times and I can’t afford to lose my favorite Doctor Who spin-off.


Whelan is finished



I dunno why /who/ keeps giving him enough space to remember hia name. Ruining Capaldi's last day on set was enough to get me to not even pay attention to the fool.



Someone should perhaps tip some people off. Whether he actually leaked it or not, he should probably learn his lesson for being such a lying gloater.



If I recall Whelan wasn't with the group that ruined Capaldis last day. That was Orford and chums. Doesn't make him any more likeable though





Why is Sandifer such a hot topic here? What does she actually do? Why should I care? Who is she?



Try reading this thread + the one before it



writes a thing called eruditorum. Articles and stuff. /who/ eats popcorn every time she grts into another toxic argument for no reason. She's the embodiment of that girl who "hates drama" but always starts drama


What were the names of the Ancient Houses of Gallifrey?



Who, Cares, Its, Not, Canon.



never mind I found the page I was after






Imagine if Ian Levine became an essayist with a heavy slant on politics, and you wouldn't be too far off.


im gay




transphobic vergoid


"In a 2001 interview, Miles stated that he never meant the Grandfather to appear in person, comparing him to the Doctor's name or Judge Dredd's face as something that loses all value when revealed. He concluded, "If I had to have him appear in person, I'd probably make him Ronnie Barker in Porridge. The Norman Stanley Fletcher of Shada. With one arm."



nilso reveals his fetish for old white british men again



>giving a shit about that


That supposed leaker is apparently related to the name "Ace" in some way, but I'm not sure who that's supposed to be. It sounds familiar, but I'm not sure where to place it.



not overly familiar with FP, does grandfather paradox turn up?



Depends whose reading of events you're interested in, "canon" or "What Loz wants"



nilsos ace


File: 61396d22fab2cff⋯.png (168.31 KB, 540x444, 45:37, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 8fabbe5f6ba71ff⋯.gif (1.66 MB, 268x196, 67:49, ba44973cac9e072d0db7e301e9….gif)



You're in a coma, wake up, babe







File: 4a82fe4eb0d7a0f⋯.jpg (70.12 KB, 349x500, 349:500, Hallucinogenia.jpg)

Doctor Who needs more aliens that look like a 5 year old's interpretation of insects


Fuck, Marry, Kill?

El Sandifer

Ian Levine

Lawrence Miles



obviously marry sandifer and kill levine, which means i have to fuck lawrence miles






This one's difficult. Do I kill Ian in the hopes his missing episodes will be released publicly (which they might not be), or marry him so I'll personally get to know which ones he has?


File: d39f0a704f10d42⋯.png (1.88 MB, 1697x1131, 1697:1131, s11.png)


File: 859f010c1faa119⋯.png (53.97 KB, 748x438, 374:219, dwe.png)




Literally nothing wrong with female-only tournies, just like there's nothing wrong w/ female-only sports.



Fug Loz

Marry El

Kill Ian and free Doctor Who from his curse forever.





Nothing will happen to him, but the fact he's panicking so much over a shitfest that he is solely responsible for getting himself into is fucking priceless.



Fuck Loz in the hopes that giving him sexual pleasure might loosen him up and make him write FP novels again.

Marry Levine and become sole benefactor of his missing episodes when he dies.

Kill El because there's no pragmatic or sentimental value in marrying or shagging her. Her magic powers are also pretty shit too.


File: 74e9aa4ded77b5b⋯.png (2.28 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, tfw drama.png)


The Thread That Wouldn't End



>Levine's last wish is for all the missing episodes to be given to a mysterious Brazilian man named N. Motta

what would you do


File: 6d0dce9e7da8290⋯.webm (114.57 KB, 320x290, 32:29, clap.webm)



Give them to him, but not before scanning them and copying them of course.


File: 31cd5436cf2031d⋯.webm (236.73 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, eye.webm)

How did I never notice this kino transition before?



absolutely based Talalay


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Have YOU taken the challenge?


File: 2fe6466a23d2f26⋯.jpg (272.43 KB, 680x1136, 85:142, 1814690410783.jpg)

Remember this absolute qt and her thighs lads?





File: 190b76a388429c2⋯.jpg (83.55 KB, 600x600, 1:1, dwmr29v_thechimesofmidnigh….jpg)

Hey lads, real quick.

So my local amateur theater thing is coming up and I'm thinking of adapting The Chimes of Midnight. It's a fairly simple story (at least when it comes to setting, costumes and the such) and just a damn good mystery.

Does anyone know where I can find the original script for it?

Thanks in advance



If I need to find transcripts for episodes I use Chakoteya - there is a page for Chimes of Midnight but nothing appears when it's clicked on.



>Purves' favourite story is one that no longer exists in any other form but audio

feels bad man



>being this new


File: 3bf428d34aa96ef⋯.pdf (171.86 KB, 029 - The Chimes Of Midnig….pdf)



Oh my God, thank you. A million thank yous. Give me your address and I'll personally fly to your home and blow you.



That's honestly amazing. Have you got a bank of those? If so, care to share it?



yeah her and the one with the nose were so cute i was sad when the one with the nose died



let us know how adapting it goes


File: 6ea597617e9d57e⋯.jpg (97 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, IMG_20180824_105112.jpg)








Series 11 is "not incapable" of being good


julie bishop's out





File: c4f38ea5d23f88d⋯.jpg (29.44 KB, 640x359, 640:359, turnbull-morrison-.jpg)




File: 957ca692172fdaa⋯.png (238 KB, 400x386, 200:193, 1519308241612.png)


>45 to 40

>almost half the party wants a hard right leader

>slightly more voted for the status quo with a different face

>the party faction that forced the spill didn't get what they wanted

libs are fucked, they're just going to try again after they lose the election




Honestly it was the smarter move, scomo is way smarter than Dutton and Dutton would have r given labor a super majority, under the SCOMOGANG they still have a chance.


Sista are you here?



>the guy who gave 400M to that fake coral reef charity is now deputy PM




was that frydenberg? he's only deputy leader, the deputy PM is still the nats leader



yeah frydenberg, forgot about the nats


File: 8860bb4e5cbc3ae⋯.jpg (35.07 KB, 568x528, 71:66, class.JPG)

he wasn't that bad bros ;_;



he knows how to carry himself with dignity desu, out of all the previous modern leadership spills he was definitely the most composed in his post-spill press conference





You can only watch 3 DW episodes for the rest of your life, what are they?



Talons, the Ark and Battlefield





File: 8f582a402b70ff3⋯.jpg (269.93 KB, 750x726, 125:121, 1535078106074.jpg)



File: 87bf81ea810c932⋯.png (982.65 KB, 1242x1142, 621:571, clive anime.png)



File: c21418be9877969⋯.jpg (60.96 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 19554334_1422925104428843_….jpg)



like 10 minutes after scomo won the event changed to down with morrison!

i bet they don't even know what ministry he was in


File: 161cdd6a24cdb41⋯.png (209.09 KB, 300x473, 300:473, wose.png)


File: 687a39aae07ec35⋯.jpg (51.08 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 39990226_1077929535705964_….jpg)


they found enough excuses

most of these sound like they're sensationalist projections of extreme conclusions and really need more context in order to make an actual judgement


File: 61efb58d6bc5cdc⋯.jpg (54.3 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, doctor_who.9x11.heaven_sen….jpg)



Let me die rather than live a full life on this planet with these people.



Move to the Moffag planet Nilso is setting up then


File: d93ead943cb9112⋯.gif (1.05 MB, 480x266, 240:133, aba8efd6b6002dc4d005d102bd….gif)

shorten is just another chris chibnall - gaining authority by default because there are no other realistic options



the labor frontbench is filled with good politicians, they're just too afraid to steal the spot from shorten or newscorp will descend upon them


File: 95b3ce97d5cd5e6⋯.jpg (4.95 KB, 220x229, 220:229, 95b3ce97d5cd5e611cfc5b0097….jpg)

>your conservative faction is fed up with having a centrist leader

>you stir enough shit by being stubborn on policy issues to convince enough people that leadership needs to change

>the leader stalls the vote for a day, giving his ally enough time to find supporters

>your conservative revolt gets marginally beaten by the status quo candidate

>you blew your one shot and you're stuck with another centrist leader for the foreseeable future unless the election is lost




Verged, Skelly?



I think it's hilarious desu


File: d10e928b713a2b0⋯.mp4 (194.1 KB, 630x360, 7:4, vnxlr_3.mp4)

pope is visiting ireland guys



Would you be stroking your lil skelly bone if Dutton won?



>brought a lump of coal into parliament

holy shit, impeach


File: 0d31d93ff491900⋯.jpg (30.52 KB, 300x370, 30:37, 2_1.jpg)

duttons one of the only monarchists in parliament and im still glad he lost, what a fucking shithead.

im glad smug scomo won


don't follow aussiepolitics, someone educate me on who the new leader is and what he's done/stands for



basically the status quo, pretty smart dude though. he's centre-right but has ties to both sides



UK/US Equivalent, or closest to? I know that's a dumb question to ask, but it gives context.


File: b7309d8f3e3d676⋯.jpg (62.79 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, b7309d8f3e3d676a560c161a06….jpg)


File: 8568ce1efc0611d⋯.png (331.26 KB, 600x370, 60:37, dahnald.png)



yeah i was trying to think but it's kind of hard,

he's basically jeb and the other dude was a much much stupider trump, but that's only based on political views, in terms of intelligence he's probably around bojos level, maybe a little less.

basically he's not the epic meme populist candidate like a mogg or boris but he's much better than a May



>scomo basically jeb

in terms of left/right spectrum I guess that's pretty accurate, but it's worth pointing out that scomo doesn't have a reputation of being a beta and a punchline the same way that jeb is

at least not as far as I'm aware



glhf then



yeah thats a good point, scomo is basically seen as a regular bloke, nobody on either side has any real animosity towards him (unlike the other 2).


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>regular bloke

>brandishes a lump of coal in parliament



wow truly a monster, no regular bloke has EVER interacted with the devils mineral in their life.



no regular broke would bring a piece of coal with him to parliament and froth at the mouth about "coalaphobia"



yeah he's obviously defending the coal itself and not the people that mined it or anything


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



smile reaction today



if he was interested in defending coal miners he would fund programs that train them for new jobs



>tfw have to wait a whole month before sesska reaches an interesting episode to react to



that's one way of defending them, but you can't claim that fighting to maintain their jobs isn't also defending them



fighting to maintain their jobs is an uphill battle and possibly the worst possible way of defending them. makes you wonder if he has other motivations…🤔



misguided intentions is more likely than ulterior motives



no it's fucking not skelly



what do you suggest the other motivations are?



he wants australians to die so he can get money from big coal, obviously.



this but unironically


skelly is a complete misanthrope, except when it comes to conservative politicians. then he suddenly assumes they all have the best intentions


File: 3bfab02d6ec7fc3⋯.jpg (37.51 KB, 567x406, 81:58, 40f7b36.jpg)


File: e783c4ee2ca9458⋯.png (699.87 KB, 1067x1067, 1:1, 35513cb.png)


File: 7165cc30b444c41⋯.jpg (116.57 KB, 600x423, 200:141, LA Pride Parade 2013 train.jpg)

Hype train coming through


File: 33691e56dd5a0ed⋯.jpg (302.15 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

choo choo


File: 93d0b5288264c3b⋯.jpg (86.31 KB, 400x400, 1:1, your-my-gamer-fuel-baby.jpg)






File: f8c16812aa1ff5a⋯.jpg (19.89 KB, 400x400, 1:1, jon and katy.jpg)

Honestly Doctor, you never listen to a word I say!



She voices Iris Wildthyme



Thats epic





Nilso, are you around?





YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


nilsos gay



This wasn't funny the first 100 times, babe.



It's not supposed to be funny, it's supposed to be a reminder.



>smile is literally aware of the fact it has a reset button resolution and uses that very term



i post 'nilsos gay' to put nilso on the verge

skelly posts 'nilsos gay' to flirt with him




there's your problem


which Doctor from 1 through 8 would be most into getting (sexually) spitroasted and by whom?






You misunderstand me. My problem is that, as a socialist, he is far too moderate.







Totally gonna write a ST3 story about Nilso, skelly and AAAlex finding a safe planet together.


Skelly will be represented by a literal skeleton, AAAlex will be represented by a racist ghost, and Nilso will be the ship's slab-laying robot.



N.I.L.S.O. - Neural Interface & Leading Security Officer


Doctor Who is a show I watch. An episode I watched and enjoyed is The Mutants. Please discuss



based, stealing this






the mutants is perhaps the most unremarkable story ever written




you're welcome



Just so you know, I'll be changing the S to Slab


>you find yourself in a situation where you must have passionate sex with any of the doctors up through 12 (13 is too busy building Lego miniature cities to concern herself with plebe activities such as intercourse and as such is not an option)

which doctor do you choose and why? remember, both of you must successfully finish



Then would you like to talk about the Sea Devils? I like their net outfits






What an anime tier acronym.

I like it.



how can a skeleton cum?



still lusting after underage harry potter characters on twitter i see



Neural Interface & Leading Slab Officer doesn't sound as 70's but ok





skelly can't cum and he blames it on being gay. that's why he's a conservative



imagine his frustration when his deformed stunted penile bone coughs up a meager cloud of calcium dust





If you’d rather talk about newer episodes I’d be happy to chat about Turn Left


If you had a Death Note, which Who-related person would you kill, and how? It can either be an actor/twitter sperg, etc. or a character in the show if you want.

Remember you have to know their face and their full name.



Don't mind me I'm just catching up to the threads





>Don't mind me I'm just catching up to the threads

i'd like to see you catch a case next.



Ian Levine.


Last night I had a dream I was at a con and Tom Baker saw me walking around so he brought me over and took a picture with me. It’s been a long time since I’ve had such a pleasantly simple and happy dream.



More like Catch a Predator.



I've been meaning to get some sort of shelving for paints, thanks for reminding me.



Clara does not kudos

she is above them all


File: 5fe129c16cdb671⋯.jpg (12.19 KB, 236x419, 236:419, 85498b728cd2cb54a3994946ac….jpg)

i want to rail 8 so bad

i cant fucking cum anymore without thinking of him



Eugenia Cooney



said character merula snyde is 10 to 13 years old



File: 76b2efed13927ca⋯.jpg (17.23 KB, 251x320, 251:320, lewd.jpg)



>implying the age of a character has ever stopped someone making porn of them.



well, maybe if you're a pedophile



>implying there aren't a shocking number of paedophiles, a lot of them vocal about it, on the internet.



oh there are, and they can all get the wall


i expect the most basic modicum of humanity from you all and you still disappoint me. we've got cletuses, pedophiles, fascists and every other deplorable you could think of. it's time for a cull


and the worst thing is, we're relatively tame for a 4chan community, let alone one on 8chan


i literally cant even


>Broke: watching Classic Who at 1.5x speed

>Woke: watching Classic Who at 0.5x speed



That’s because /who/ is Tumblr on 4chan



You can't even? How odd.



if only



Unironically this.



cull yourself



She explained that she only watches at 1.5x speed for research purposes of particularly slow episodes. You can all stop mocking her as a ‘fake’ fan



t. Christel



unironically the only reason people are making fun of her for it is the fact that she's a woman



unironically woke



sweetie, no


if /who/ was tumblr on 4chan, we would have scared nilso, skelly and aaalex away a long time ago. unfortunately some things just aren't meant to be


I'm here to stay, get fucked


Why do people say unironically instead of genuinely?



Because they're fucking stupid



genuinely this.



because irony is now assumed in online conversations



t. muslim immigrant



i genuinely have no idea where the 1.5x meme came from, and i don't particularly care to find out, i just think it's funny



>implying context matters to anyone anymore


3 day thread

is it the bottom of the barrell?


nilso cums at 1.5x speed



oh no no no no no no



>3 day thread

Ctrl+F for "neo!" and you'll see why




no thanks


Black is a colour. White is a colour. Yet no one considers any of the pre-Pertwee era episodes to be "in colour". Why?



speaking of black and white, do you think 13 and Ryan are gonna fuck?



Nah m8. I dont expect a romance subplot until series 13 for 13.



Black and white aren't colors by the scientific definition because they don't have specific wavelengths, Satan. I'd tell you to kill yourself but you are obviously braindead already.


Daily reminder that Doctor Who peaked on 1 January 2010 and has been unwatchable garbage ever since.



I mean, if you mean peak garbage than sure. End of Time is the worst episode of Doctor Who.



>The End of Time, Part Two - 12.27 million

>The Time of the Doctor - 11.14 million

>Twice Upon a Time - 7.92 million

Sorry bud, but the numbers don't lie.




>The End of Time, Part Two - 8.9

>The Time of the Doctor - 8.5

>Twice Upon a Time - 8.3

DAAAAAMN "the worst episode of Doctor Who." Lmaoing @ you




>they conveniently leave out day of the doctor.

Nice trash opinion.



That's not a regeneration story.


In the age of Trump, we NEED Chibnall to cast David Tennant as 14 and have Rose be his companion.



Okay, but yes it is. Also, the telemovie had an audience of 14 million so…


Daily reminder that Doctor Who peaked on the 27th (or 13th in America) of May 1996 and has been unwatchable garbage ever since.


Remember when that funny fellow 2odastrem posted Jodie's butt every thread and he got banned

good times lads



what does she lacks?






>two likes

>one of which is Sophie

based desu







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