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File: 18ea5afa2fa194a⋯.jpg (2.68 MB, 5760x3240, 16:9, ratjam.jpg)


#ratjam edition

Previously, on the Doctor Who general: >>91172


File: 530f4cd79bda088⋯.jpg (33.42 KB, 496x261, 496:261, themaster-tardis-scowl-496.jpg)

Hello, HELLO, hello!

Anyway… why don't we stop and have a nice little chat while I tell you all my plans and you can work out a way to stop me?

I don't think!


File: 0e155b82a6ad934⋯.png (2.49 KB, 367x18, 367:18, morph.png)




Would a person in real life do this? Draw attention to their past failings and make fun of the younger version of them self?


File: 6bd8558d5d82c87⋯.jpg (102 KB, 1000x724, 250:181, 6bd8558d5d82c87f1c182148a7….jpg)

reminder that It's About Time!



Absolutely based


I'm a country girl, I ain't seen a lot,

But you came along and my heart went POP!

You took a little street car to my heart,

And an apple of love fell off my apple cart!

You looked at me, my heart began to pound,

You weren't the sort of guy I thought would stick around,

Hey, but it don't have to be eternally;

My bad, bad Angel put the Devil in me!

You put the Devil in me…

You lured me in with your cold grey eyes,

Your simple smile and your bewitching lies;

One and one and one is three,

My bad, bad Angel… the Devil and me!

You put the Devil in me…

You put the Devil in me!

You put the Devil in me!

My bad, bad Angel, you put the Devil in me!

So, now my dear, I aint the girl you knew,

'Cause the Angel's got Heaven, but I get you;

And the tree of life grows tall, you see,

My bad, bad Angel - you put the Devil in me!

Oh… you put the Devil in me!

You put the Devil in me!

You put the Devil in me…

You put the Devil in… me!

My bad, bad Angel… you put the Devil in me!



RTD really lost form around s2-3


doctor (you)


RTD: puts in appropriate pop songs where the lyrics match the situation

MOFFAT: has the doctor use an ipod to play inappropriate music and tell us the name of the singer to look cool


Chibnall: puts in inappropriate pop songs where the lyrics match the situation




quick rundown on the ratjam meme?


File: a99b47eab40a8a1⋯.gif (532.29 KB, 931x682, 931:682, 1535084229120.gif)

will the doctor floss in series 11?



That's….that's not official, is it?



It's from a scene in Torchwood where Owen fucking blows up a poor defenceless lab rat for no reason.



File: af1800a3fc935e0⋯.jpg (44.41 KB, 500x709, 500:709, tumblr_myk0taEfxH1s5ivcao1….jpg)


File: 72481a6eef60637⋯.jpg (438.5 KB, 2736x1824, 3:2, SPOILER.jpg)

Isn't there a term for this sort of expression?






>I'm a mess

oh no



It's the face you make when you force a meme.



What kind of person wears political badges at work?




Dr Who was better in the RTD era because it didn't take itself too seriously and the "corniness" was just a perfect representation of offbeat British culture


Should Moffat have given Helen Raynor a third try? Her episodes were no worse than Gatiss’s.


"Got the chance to start again" implies there's a need to start again in the first place. As though Doctor Who came to a standstill in recent years and s11 is the place for it to regain its status. To the general public - which is clearly the target audience for this era - this might be the case, but shitting on previous eras isn't the way to go about marketing a new version of the show. We've already had Tosin mention something about Moff Who at SDCC, so clearly the "starting again" stance has been discussed with the cast and crew rather than just being played on by the marketing team. It's offensive. Moffat didn't criticise RTD Who when reforming it in 2010.



but he isn't secretly fucking raynor



What did tosin say about moff who at sdcc?



Torchwood is outside the government



The general public stopped watching NuWho in series 8 - not because of The WritingTM but because the Doctor was older and had wrinkles.

The WritingTM is just an excuse to cover up their shallowness.



I maintain that they aren't going far enough with this. You can easily interpret start again as just a banal statement of the fact the show is relaunching (which it is). They should have used the part of the song where she says "Made it through the darkest part of the night…"


File: 0937ce30291c2cd⋯.jpg (17.78 KB, 320x256, 5:4, 28399_320.jpg)



>"It's picking up where it left off and just making minor adjustments to it, to make it more enjoyable for the audience," said Cole.



Moffats first season revolved around a crack eating all the things he disliked about the RTD era and then starting a new universe better than the first.



Capaldo, sincerely, what the fuck is your deal?



classic tosin



captainefroberts finally confronting capaldo about his feelings


Christ, moffags have such a persecution complex. And I say that as one myself.



based gig



The Moffat Defence Force will always be here to protect him from slight criticisms


File: 9d3300fb4113a26⋯.jpg (45.46 KB, 688x384, 43:24, vlcsnap-2010-06-01-12h16m2….jpg)



Series 6 is extremely underrated, and I say this as a Series 2 fan myself


The moffat defence force getting mad at anyone on the Chib team even throwing a slight bit of shade on the era is like when hets get verged whenever LGBT people make jokes about hating them all.





Mandip Gill sounds like an alien species


I was tosin and made some mandip


moffchads rise up, truly we are the most oppressed people



Mandip Gill will take over earth and make us all eat curries



t. moffcuck


File: 4e3fae0ea4279ea⋯.jpg (130.13 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, SPOILERS! The Twelfth Doct….jpg)

I feel glorious, glorious

Got a chance to start again

I was born for this, born for this

It's who I am, how could I forget?

I made it through the darkest part of the night

And now I see the sunrise

Now I feel glorious, glorious

I feel glorious, glorious


Lloydchads make some noise



t. skelly

and your hatred of hets seems to be focused on het women



This comparison makes no sense, Chibnall and company are not being oppressed by the past production team/version of the show in any way.



normies actually enjoy listening to these generic platitudes?


Yeah Moff's cool and all, but what about Bidmead


File: 6a4b895eb6a49e1⋯.png (3.04 KB, 77x52, 77:52, wrong.png)


oh no no no no


im all for gay /who/res verging hets to disrupt heteronormativity in /who/

and i say that as a het!



it's the same level as a feel good simulator



cats12? more like hets12




i only listen to intellectual music

i want to feel smart when i listen to my favorite audio waves



As a RTDchad I loved crack erasing events





I exclusively listen to instrumental music with non-4/4 time signatures because anything else is beneath me



Do you not understand my question?



why do people have to listen to rap (or as I like to call it, crap!)? Now "Disturbed - The Sound of Silence", that's real music.


File: 6c0283a7620dc0a⋯.png (153.12 KB, 571x266, 571:266, deathgrips2.png)


broke: pop having generic lyrics is bad!

bespoke: pop having generic production with no flavour of individuality is bad!


I only listen to the music suites that come with my favourite Big Finish audios.




A Twelve/Clara charity fanzine/anthology, called the Hybrid, is now opening up for preorders. It has some beautiful art, as well as quite a few stories…including one written by me. Feel free to order it:




File: f9d9df755941e4b⋯.jpg (7.88 KB, 300x168, 25:14, download (6).jpg)

Is Utopia underrated? Overrated? Fairly rated?


extra broke: a good man?

broke: i am the doctor

WOKE: there's a man i know





There's A Man I Know is just a shit version of I Am the Doctor which removes its main draw, the 7/8 time signature.


How did Billie Piper shift from 00s pop-singer to tier one theatre actress? How did RTD even cast her, I've never seen full story anywhere, how did he notice her?



There's A Man I Know is absolute shit and only BF dickriders/contrarians attempt to argue it's better than any of Gold's Doctor themes.





An entire story dedicated to a twist as a setup for the next release that was very disappointing. Now where have I heard of something like that before?



A bit overrated, but just a bit



Face the Raven


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

marigold did a better job of a non-7/8 version of IATD


macklemore is an insult to hip hop



There are too many examples, you'll have to be more specific.


File: 186d5000d32c83c⋯.jpg (27.37 KB, 580x350, 58:35, stefan.jpg)

Shalom. My name is showrunner Stefan Mofat. Today I will be teaching you how to kill beloved TV shows.





Chibnall is an insult to British television


When I was in the third grade, I thought that RTD was good. Because I liked Blink, Last of the Tine Lords and 42



>merging "I am the doctor" and "a good man" together to symbolise 12 having his epiphany of who the doctor is

legitimate kino


Torchwood in 30ish minutes from now?



>Segun will never be this based



An entire story dedicated to a twist as a setup for the next release which is set further into Earth’s past when there were still people thriving there that was very disappointing. Now where have I heard of something like that before?





File: 3ca27b746e3dbe6⋯.jpg (48.19 KB, 429x473, 39:43, 1286107548570.jpg)

Are there literally any good, memorable Big Finish "in-house composers" that aren't Fox/Yason or Wilfredo Acosta?

Blair Mowat doesn't count cos they dragged him in from an actual TV show.



Under the Lake/Before the Flood?


File: e32d2bb4f52304a⋯.jpg (22.33 KB, 500x334, 250:167, IMG_20180909_191306.jpg)


preferably a little later than 3p minutes like sround 35


What's the name of the new composer?



I’m not talking about a doctor who story



Bla-never mind.


sloath :3

let's do a rollcall for morph


saigun antikino



Segun Akinola.



Did you intentionally make his name more similar to saiga? It’s Segun



Big Finish should be called Epic Finish.



big finish should be called weak dribble



It can be better than the show at times but is worse at having piles upon piles of shit episodes.


segun mixes neoclassical with ambient and that is super fucking up my alley desu


File: 31a03b93af4d877⋯.png (385.85 KB, 346x750, 173:375, taK3fJW.png)

so relatable amirite guys?


Does Segun do a lot of leitmotif stuff?



I'm only skimming through his soundcloud so I can't really tell, it's entirely possible that chibs could explicitly ask for it/not for it so his past work might not be a tell


They should make a Netflix spinoff featuring Paul McGann as the Doctor!



No, but Chibnall would likely specify whether he wanted that or not, and any composer worth their salt can do basic leitmotif stuff.





Why can't Big Finish just do full cast audios with Jack, Gwen, Owen, Ianto and Tosh instead of all the individual ones? Some of them great but it just seems bizzare to dedicate whole episodes to Andy



They could even adapt the Doom Coalition/Ravenous audios!



It’s cheaper to cast nobodies to fill up the cast and only have one actor people actually want. Same reason 50/50 never got made


File: a71715a02aadf14⋯.jpg (46.71 KB, 640x1138, 320:569, FB_IMG_1536677179057.jpg)




That makes sense.



Actors are busy with their stuff.

Also Torchwood Believe exists



They do, sometimes, there are multiple full full cast TW audios, but

*part of the remit of the TW BF range is to be wider and deeper and all that, so more focused character stories and in the sort of settings TV TW couldn't have realistically done, at least sustained. In that sense it liberates and expands the scope of what the writers can do

*production wise it is much easier to schedule just getting 1 or 2 of the TV actors together in the room (since nobody likes to record separately, BF don't like doing it and the actors hate it, they have done it a few times though when it's pertinent)

*there are story reasons why too of course

*The Andy episodes are some of the most lauded and beloved of the range; I wouldn't write this sort of stuff off as BF scraping the barrel because even me saying they "make it work" feels like a disservice - the premises are strong and the stories are too. The TW audios aren't always going for the same tone. Audios like the first Andy solo story, and the solo Bilis story, nothing about them would be enhanced by having other TW cast members in them, in fact those audios stories would be very diminished and muddied by including more characters.

I think it's really worth keeping in mind the TW audios are not run by Briggs, they are run by a different producer with his own focus and sense of style. The typical BF attitude evinced in stuff like nu UNIT or Lady Christina is not present in TW BF, which is breaking new ground instead of retreading old ground. It isn't a coincidence two of the most liked TW audios are the ones with literally 0 characters from the TV series.





I actually think the Andy episodes are very good. I was just curious why they would rather do that than dedicate that time and effort into ones using the main cast but everything you've said makes sense.



thots gonna thot


>shunt off

what did RTD mean by this?



Warp shunt technology reference


File: 1930a59bcc842a7⋯.jpg (315.18 KB, 1883x1091, 1883:1091, Dm0cSOnUcAAOYr5.jpg)


sloaths here, morphs queer, come on now and give em a cheer


Morph said what time he would arrive but I've completely forgotten



That's nice.



Time is an illusion



like free will?



We're ready for you!



The anti-Semitic memes are out of place and no one seems to like them but you



*silly alien noises*



this has been a stealth marketing campaign for tat wood and lawrence miles' books



That's really impressive! Who made this? was it lymerence?


File: 2ecdbb5464faa3c⋯.jpg (151.01 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, sylv.jpg)


File: 554aceb97a965c5⋯.jpg (110.41 KB, 920x690, 4:3, Goss_the_Boss.jpg)

Goss the Boss


But how do we get inside Nilsos head?

That wasn't a figure of speech.


File: 8d580457b36d503⋯.jpg (372.34 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, nilsos capy.jpg)


ears or nose would be easy



someone on twitter, themindrobber IIRC


Remembering 9/11 today by listening to the big finish audio released that month: The Eye of the Scorpion


File: 03bcb435f0e7627⋯.jpg (1.95 MB, 2128x5872, 133:367, schedule.jpg)

Some of these will change around but here's the rough plan as of now


>On second thoughts Judy might be more NPC. His posting style is very impulsive and suggests little to no higher brain activity

i am error



not listening to the AUDIO VISUAL, pleb



You’ll have to explain this reference to me



i hate women



Before BF, Before BBV, Nick Briggs had fan audio on cassete tapes named AUDIO VISUALS (AV), some scripts were adapted later for BF

but I was wrong, the one that was BF and AV was named Sword of Orion




Nilso is a man now


why does NightmareofEden give a shit about earning badges on the wiki


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Is this canon?


File: 8170040ccbbd6f6⋯.jpg (23.06 KB, 250x250, 1:1, The_Choice_cover.jpg)

File: 54765c7884a699e⋯.jpg (284.36 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Regen.jpg)


I have some fan audios from the mid 90's including some BBV stuff. I think I tried listening to it once about 8 years ago and then never tried it again.

Images attached are the two I've got.



He is not doing it right



You should try listening to the others. They really aren't all that bad. Found a load at a convention last year.



The AV named "Planet of Lies" has great plot, but is a bit confusing


Holy fuck I found a copy of Slipback



The "Regeneration of the Daleks" audio has an original theme IIRC but it's nothing spectacular.


File: 70f3754cea4bc73⋯.jpg (200.58 KB, 1000x562, 500:281, 7 ace.jpg)

I feel this image encapsulates 7 and Ace's relationship. Post pics and gifs or whatever that perfectly sum up character's relationships in the show


File: 72481a6eef60637⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 438.5 KB, 2736x1824, 3:2, SPOILER.jpg)


File: e7daee1147fd9ee⋯.gif (988.03 KB, 245x280, 7:8, tumblr_nb4y1jJHJd1sxc0uao3….gif)


Kindaglitter wedding conclusion when?


File: 3c7670ced8683b1⋯.mp4 (1.43 MB, 634x480, 317:240, 62b6a60-1.mp4)



Nilso was conceived that day



On the day a bird flew past the towers?


Share your 9/11 remembrances



I was at my freinds birthday party. He was very unhappy that people weren't paying attention to him.



I don't remember.


File: ff45f64aa8a482b⋯.jpg (1.8 MB, 4300x2867, 4300:2867, im thinking kinos back.jpg)

Yeah, I'm thinking kino's back.



I found out about it when I saw a documentary on tv as a kid that had recordings of telephone calls between people who died and their loved ones.


File: 7594681cf4e3bd7⋯.png (330.45 KB, 534x502, 267:251, dRwhOo.png)



Jodie's mention of all four characters having "huge character arcs" (although it's probably hyperbole) has actually given me a bit of hope for S11. I can honestly deal with the individual stories being mediocre if there's some good character stuff running through them.



Set expectations to tempered


I thouroughly enjoyed season 10 because my expectations were so low even though I would say now that I do not think even half of that season is good. So I’m a little concerned that I’m looking forward to season 11


I will have to work during the premier, what to do?





Thank your good fortune.






So much for the "benefits of capitalism", eh Judy?


File: 0174fffb310deb2⋯.jpg (58.41 KB, 900x549, 100:61, bb.jpg)



Don't mock someone because they're still on Pertwee's era. It's a long show



Is that the Iron Maiden font?



We should watch The Man Who Fell To Earth in stream sometime



Bless my god: the market

the irony is that voluntary work


dongfap (puppob)


Which doctor is the most dada?



File: d6431313813f47a⋯.jpg (17.85 KB, 375x375, 1:1, who nose.jpg)


dont post orifices


File: 5f7b78f172da48f⋯.jpg (23.83 KB, 385x652, 385:652, .jpg)


File: 88516fb8952f15b⋯.jpg (33.1 KB, 357x388, 357:388, nla.news-page000016692338-….jpg)


File: e6c5866f589c259⋯.jpg (105.08 KB, 960x960, 1:1, mac.jpg)






Doctors 1-12 vs Doctor 13


We never had an incumbent doctor dying

how would we react?



erect peni


File: d13887438fc4a74⋯.jpg (187.54 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 1x04-Aliens-of-London-doct….jpg)

BAFTA winning cinematography



we were happy back then



Keith Boak return when?



Eccleston wasn't.



was he ever?


Big Finish Productions presents

the Keith Boak Chronicles


discuss somethimg


File: 917f9d27afa1999⋯.jpg (55.68 KB, 1091x1195, 1091:1195, auton.jpg)


Would you like to see the autons return?


File: ab47e8b07091abf⋯.jpg (75.23 KB, 396x547, 396:547, attack.jpg)


File: b798646a7cb6fa9⋯.jpg (30.73 KB, 500x385, 100:77, this thing.jpg)

I had a dream about a thing (very similar to pic related) that tiptoed silently through my house with a giant hole in its face. Every now and then it knelt down near the ground and smooth jazz came out of its face hole. It was covered in dirty matted hair and its skin was all cracked and filthy.



did you fuck it? was it a wet dream?



No, it ripped off my left arm and I bled to death on the kitchen floor.



did you at least wake up with an erection?



No, I woke up, had a drink, looked out the window for a while then went back to sleep.



i was thinking that too, it'd be cool



Anon, why would someone get aroused by that?



why not?



was this a real dream, or are you memeing?



Yeah, I had it two days ago. I mentioned it in the stream yesterday to Gig and Neo.



I appreciate the jazz part. What do you think the dream says about you?



Yes, synthespians



Nilso, were you visited by Sarah Palmer?



I haven't got a clue, anon. When it played the music, it would do snippets of dialogue from songs like it was piecing speech together to communicate. The only reason I got out of bed was that I thought I'd left a TV on downstairs.

When I have nightmares/weird dreams I write them down immediately after waking up.



because nilsos gay





No, but I did come across a picture of her with an upside-down face overlaid over her normal face that I made a while back for some reason last night before going to bed.



is it true you're straight?



I wouldn't say that, no.






Don't play with Black Lodge creatures




which one of you is the real nilso? gonna need a tweet as proof.



You see, Nilso has a tulpa already



shut up judy



I'm the real Nilso (the gay one)

Here's the tweet you're so desperate for: https://twitter.com/TeaNilso/status/1039627039580581888


File: 5b1028ecb20884c⋯.png (7.39 KB, 579x84, 193:28, 896d67d693d4d851277e8c042d….png)

dabbed on you, nerd


just tweeting about my straight crush



never shown nothing on cam



het not good



You could be talking about any straight boy here. What's YOUR sexual orientation?



better het than net




too square


Yeah Nilso, I need you to tweet that YOU are straight. As proof. I will unironically stop posting 'nilsos gay' if you do.


Nilso, have you ever fugged a pro?


stream morpph



File: 46733a58c15fd41⋯.png (16.42 KB, 602x232, 301:116, nilstraight2.PNG)

>I'll make a tweet about how straight I am, that'll show all the people calling me gay!

MASSIVE self-own




File: 8496e23dae37085⋯.jpg (10.92 KB, 251x242, 251:242, BORED PEPE.jpg)


File: a561a677d4f3354⋯.jpg (6.4 KB, 263x191, 263:191, a561a677d4f33547540c386438….jpg)


Nilsos is monsters. Til Nilsos have daughters.



How do I know if I am a NPC?



If you need to ask that question you're probably not an NPC. No NPC can properly distinguish that they themselves are an NPC.


File: 8429470fd6e122f⋯.png (110.61 KB, 512x288, 16:9, 00BC9927-Consuming-Passion….png)


Jodie was curvy





14th doctor's catchphrase


File: 8b62f514f2aa67d⋯.webm (104.41 KB, 512x288, 16:9, 00BC9927-Consuming-Passio….webm)



Oh shit more leaks.


chibnall finna get dabbed on


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




kino was incoming


RIP wiki.



Oh no, what happened this time?



I don't know, but she's dead.


File: a5d9a06f38ca824⋯.gif (972.32 KB, 500x279, 500:279, literally sad the gif.gif)




File: af8d00e52dd7af8⋯.jpg (52.54 KB, 320x704, 5:11, nla.news-page000022053044-….jpg)


File: 614ddd849d10d19⋯.jpg (26.5 KB, 433x480, 433:480, d3baeb84095cf34d63d0360249….jpg)


who did it



Shit. I've downloaded the entire wiki pages and history just in case, though.


can someone give me a quick rundown, I can't bear to look



Genuinely no idea. It just says "this wiki has been closed" with no warning.



it's dead wrapped on plastic


I blame NightmareofEden.



It was up, just a couple of hours ago. Someone created a thread on /tv/ for it though.



>all of his work adding categories is COMPLETELY down the drain

holy fuck that's almost funny



you what.


Wiki seems to be up for me?



it's Chibnall, has to be. He couldn't take the "inevitable cancellation" article and the "looms are canon" propaganda.



The other wiki.



Someone, whom I don't know the identity of, created a thread on /tv/ for it. That's why I checked and thusly posted the RIP here.



You mean a thread noting the fact it got closed?



File: 8e90a11479ed8bf⋯.jpg (748.21 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180911-192013….jpg)


Wicky is dead, f


>In the case of complete closure of a wiki that previously had content (that did not violate the Terms of Use), the database of content would be made available for download.

Ours got made available for download, so what gives?



Great, now just quickly pop in and download absolutely every image on the entire wiki. Chop chop!


File: f79c8d649e15f0a⋯.png (442.93 KB, 530x563, 530:563, ClipboardImage.png)

All those moments will be lost…like tears in rain…


>wiki gets killed on 9/11



if does not matter if you remember


Who did it?

Whelan or Christel?


That's it, I'm deleting the wiki.


Hey guys, what's going on?

Oh ho, those classic memers!

I should check the wiki activity, see what's up lately.

Oh no.



what function does this post serve


I feel the same way I felt the day Matt died


All of the image files still seem to exist, and Google seems to have a fairly comprehensive cache of the site, so I imagine there must be a way to automate downloading the entire thing if anyone fancies trying and has the technical knowhow.



Possible interpretation: Our wiki has content that didn't violate the terms of service, so they interpret the content that does as the work of trolls and our administration of the wiki as lacking?



we were too edgy



We've also got the database dumps


Weirdly enough you can still access the wiki if you enter by a specific article

For example: http://doctorwhogeneral.wikia.com/wiki/Times_Doctor_Who_Was_Ruined_Forever is fully accessible.

You can't use search or fo to the home page, but the blue words still work


File: c8234b518129134⋯.gif (1.86 MB, 300x221, 300:221, 1398086164360.gif)


Not for me. I can't access anything.



I still get the closed message from clicking that. Might be your browser has cached that page?



not for me



it is cache



Doesn't work for me


alternatively if anyone wants to spend hours saving each individual pic, a Google image search for https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/doctorwhogeneral turns up a shitload of them


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Clara Who finna beat Doctor Who in the ratings



Nope, must be cached.


The "Current" version is a lot more useful:








<text xml:space="preserve" bytes="134">


Fuck off


[[Category:Doctor Who General]]






Clara Who > Jodie Who




{{quotebox|quote=Then again, the BBC have a long and distinguished career of being idiots - especially when it comes to Doctor Who.|name=[[Jon Pertwee]]}}



[[File:Cloning Machine.jpg|thumb|233x233px|Reminder the BBC have a cloning machine.]]

[[File:BBC_Television_Centre_collapsing_into_its_own_decaying_evil.jpg|thumb|220px|The production offices of [[Doctor Who]].]]

[[File:BBC.png|thumb|220x220px|Louis "Caucasian Killer" Cuck King recommends the BBC.]]

[[File:Capaldi BBC.png|thumb|220x220px|What did he mean by this?]]

Literally [[Satan]], the British Broadcasting Corporation (also affectionately known as [[The Zygon Invasion|ISIS]]) is the worst company to ever exist on planet [[Earth]]. Recently renamed Big Black Cocks in honor of [[NuWho]] and its companions (see: [http://doctorwhogeneral.wikia.com/wiki/Jenna_Coleman coalburner]).


Famous for losing [[Missing episodes|hundreds of early episodes]], allowing the [[Fourth Doctor|Fourth Doctor's]] sweet medieval themed [[TARDIS]] set to be ruined by water damage, cancelling [[Doctor Who|Doctor Who]] when it was getting good again and employing [[Michael Grade]].

Also known for frequently skimping on Doctor Who's budget, leading to [[Bad Special Effects|bad special effects]] and endless [[Gravel Quarry|gravel quarries]]. The thing is, British [[TV]] productions are paid for with a coin-operated meter. There's a huge impetus do get everything done as quickly as possible, or else they have to scrounge among the cast and crew to find more pound coins. If you can't keep to your shooting schedule, nobody can do laundry that week.

That plus [[Jimmy Savile]].

See also

*[[License Fee]]

*[[BBC America]]

*[[BBC Television Centre]]

*[[BBC Books]]

*[[Missing Episodes]]



*[[Sydney Newman]]

*[[Top Gear]]


*[[Michael Grade]]

*[[Jimmy Savile]]

*[[1985 hiatus]]

*[[1989 cancellation]]




[[Category:Other Shows]]





Interesting to see how much formatting the wiki has in common with /doctorwho/


If we can get new hosting lined up, it would be a snap to get the text of the pages live again, then we just have to scrounge up the images again.


>was the administrator and bureaucrat of a wiki so bad that the whole thing got deleted

>can still freely edit and post everywhere else on wikia

Well that's a relief


File: 9c8a1b3945a7d8f⋯.jpg (2.05 MB, 2614x1484, 1307:742, rtd kino.jpg)



>a full third of it is actually really good

>the rest is indescribable

Yeah, that's RTD Who in a nutshell


So now that it's a big deal again, did we ever decide on a new wiki host back in the day? I could get the ball rolling once we have one picked out.



What about using the splink wiki that was created back in the day?


let it go

the show will terminate us all in weeks


File: 4ad8e0a65d39051⋯.png (111.41 KB, 512x512, 1:1, elijah.png)




dead show dead thread dead general dead board dead franchise dead wiki



Dead Money was great



Won't we just be closed again if we keep using wikia?



what the FUCK?



I can't remember but I think there was a couple of potential candidates. Whichever wiki service hosts the sonichu wiki probably has a lenient enough terms of service that none of our content would be problematic




And so does encyclopedia dramatica, which undoubtedly has more controversial content than we ever would


File: 44476b27046bd82⋯.png (476.09 KB, 1920x933, 640:311, ClipboardImage.png)

It looks to be totally fine on this 100% legitimate and entirely up to date backup/alternative I made for shits and giggles in like…Late June/Early July.



Are you able to update the site using a dump of the current wiki?


File: 89bb71306b88412⋯.gif (400.26 KB, 250x141, 250:141, GgaG7EHzHKzo4.gif)


Our saviour.



Is that you PCJ? I know PCJ made his own backup at some point, to help fulfill my dream of deleting a wiki.


>watch a new show

>started a few years ago but is still going

>first few seasons are great

>every episode becomes about politics and drumpf after 2016

>this applies to literally every single show that was airing during 2016




Doctor who became more outwardly political after 2016 as well, including multiple direct references to trump while obama hadn't been mentioned at all during the moff era


Donald Trump was an American politician. (PROSE: What She Does Next Will Astound You)

Dara Morgan, a millionaire businessman from Derry, frequently wined and dined with "the Trumps, Gateses, de Rothschilds, Gettys and half a dozen more movers and shakers". (PROSE: Beautiful Chaos)

In August 2016, U.S. President Barack Obama condemned Donald Trump as an unsuitable candidate for president. (PROSE: Buccaneer) In 2016, the British youth considered him to be unstoppable. (PROSE: What She Does Next Will Astound You)

In December 2016, after discovering that the Jezrafeq were controlling the minds of most of humanity, Andy Hansen jokingly asked Erimem, "You don't think this could explain Brexit and Donald Trump, do you?". Later, while tracing the source of the mind control signal, Andy suggested that the signal may have been coming from Trump Tower "because [Donald Trump] and Nigel Farage want[ed] to piss [Andy] off even more before the year end[ed]". (PROSE: Cliff Richard Saves the World)

The Twelfth Doctor mentioned Donald Trump as something that was inevitable wherever there are people, along with sewage, smart phones, and the creation of the Cybermen. (TV: The Doctor Falls)


File: b9282695bd4d96c⋯.png (2.91 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Hopefully, although I wouldn't hold my breath at it simply working. Frankly, I did it around the last time there were issues with the wiki just to see if I could and how tricky it was and then delete it in front of Nate, I don't actually know much about MediaWiki (or Wikis for that matter).

If nothing else, we at least have the text and some images so I could just wipe it and reimport from scratch. I'd imagine much of the images since would need manually readding from the Wayback machine or personal drives or whatever anyway.


Unfortunately, it is I so I'm half-expecting some sort of "fuck no" response or something, especially as I mostly lurk in the first place, which is fine.


In DWM 503, Steven Moffat answered the question, "What does the Doctor make of Donald Trump's decision to run for President of the United States?" Moffat replied that "although the Doctor normally takes no part in politics, he is disgusted and turbulent with rage" and went on to say that the Doctor has seen a parallel universe in which Trump won the election and the world was plunged into "certain doom".



Looks good! MediaWiki looks like a good new home. We'll all have to create new accounts of course, and manually reverse all the 'evisceration' edits that were done back about 5 or 6 month before it was kill, but it's better than making another wiki on wikia only to be closed again.



Doctor Who has always been political but since around the same period, it has gotten bolder and far less subtle about it, like most other shows, as opposed to where it used to be mostly just underlying themes. I'm totally with you, I don't like shows sacrificing things like a compelling story in order to make a point that I already agree with, it's just preaching to the choir in a way that's worse than if they had just shown it.

The latest trailer is a prime example of it putting it front and centre and making it the primarily, if not only, focus, although I guess they're limited in how they can advertise it given the spoiler situation.

BTW, what show is it?



The latest trailer's a little different, since its ultimate message is "look how great we are for finally being progressive" rather than "x position is bad" which was the tone of most of S10's political commentary



no show specifically, a lot of them pull it off ""tastefully"" with just jokey references but it's still melts my brain hearing non stop trump jokes.

I'm not even against political messages in media, but most are fundamentally NOT political references, they're basically pop-culture references with drumpf and brexit as a punchline, they don't make any sort of coherent point or argument, actual political messages would be fucking based, especially in doctor who



To be clear, MediaWiki isn't a home, it's the name of the software behind most of the wikis out there (including Wikia and Wikipedia and such). I suggested this before but I kinda feel that self-hosting a somewhat controversial wiki like DWG is the best way forward, regardless of whether it is me or someone else, otherwise we'd be up against similar TOS violations virtually everywhere. So it wouldn't be like registering on another big shared platform with many wikis on it, it'd be specifically for that one wiki.

I think the biggest issues we'd have, especially with a community like ours, is preventing things like impersonation for the transition and doing it in a way that would hopefully prevent any such legal repercussions, like from NV, or someone who doesn't care at all about that.



Confession: that's actually me. I mostly lurk on here, doing most actual posting on the wiki. I also feel very conflicted about all this, because, despite being a complete SJW who generally doesn't go for the sort of humour that got us shut down, this is genuinely hilarious to me.



I don't really, but I'll try and get them if I'm bored.



I see. So, does that mean we can archive everything, including edit histories/accounts and the link, or will we just be able to move the pages over and have to start everything else from scratch?



why do you add so many categories?



Because I'm not funny enough to make real edits, desu.



Revision history is included in the full xml export and it's attributed to the usernames of those who edited it on Wikia. There's no image backup and with no wiki online, I can't even attempt to mirror it using the tool, which is already kinda dodgy. There's no way to transfer accounts (which is where my impersonation concern comes in). I mean, it sucks for us here and now but letting people access the required information for that would be beyond fucking dumb.



Yeah, the FANDOM staff tend to be really weird with enforcing rules like that. Even with the evisceration, they were extremely vague on which jokes actually 'crossed the line' and which were OK. Was it any remotely edgy joke, or only ones that outright targeted specific groups? desu, that's probably we got shut down despite being warned half a year in advance.



Can you elaborate on what exactly you mean by self-hosting?


Where were you when the wiki was deleted?



Hosted = Platforms like Wikia, who manage virtually everything for you.

Self-hosted = Taking the software, finding a webhost and setting it up yourself. More work but, depending on where/how you do it, much more freedom in what you can and can't do.

Think of it like Wordpress.com vs Wordpress.org.

(It doesn't have to be MediaWiki either, that's just the standard one.)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Some variation of A Good Man was used in every single capaldi episode, yet it never felt repetitive or meme-worthy the same way that IATD did.

[the parts that were reused of] IATD is largely just a one bar-long melody on loop, with a chord progression over it to establish some form of progression in the melody. Despite the chord progression, the excessive repetition of the main melody makes it feel monotonous and it's easy to tire of it. Its tone is adventurous and exciting, which limited the context in which it could be used - resulting in ">iatd starts playing" memes since its usage was so predictable.

AGM is a much slower melody with a much longer duration, and more variety between its distinct sections. Its tone is more dramatic and emotional, which let it apply naturally to a substantially larger range of situations. It is ultimately a much better piece of music, both in terms of music theory and narrative application.



At work


File: ac625946ddde6db⋯.png (385.49 KB, 724x825, 724:825, paul mccartney.png)




Yeah, we'll need to find a web host, then set up some wiki software, then upload the text of the pages (no big worry there) and piece together the images again (big worry there)

You know… I wonder if they found out we were hosting pirated books on their server.


if donations are necessary for self-hosting i'll happily pop some money in



do the wiki backups not include the images?



Nope, just text and image names.



So were the wiki homepage images in that screenshot manually put back in?



Let's be honest here. When you're already on a wiki host's radar for TOS violations, hosting pirated books might just be one of the dumbest and least necessary things to do.


No, it was automated but it was automated around 2 months ago, back when access to the complete wiki was possible.



Ooops, replied to the wrong person there. That second thing was meant for >>92239.



So we have all the images from the wiki up until the last 2 months?



Where is it hosted?



Yeah, where’s the link? I couldn’t find it when I searched for it.”



So wait, will user profile pages continue to exist or will we have to remake those?



Also will all revisions be up to date?



This, 12's theme is much more dynamic and has more parts to it so Marigold could vary it easier.


Where were pirated books being hosted on the server? I'm only aware of linkages.



best theme in the series for the reasons you outlined, theres so many different ideas and feelings in that track but they all feel integral to 12s character.



Reminder we will never hear it again.



reminder there won't even be character themes in series 11



>regardless of whether it is me or someone else

When you say this, what is it the person in question would specifically have to do?

Who does NV refer to?


In both senses of themes?


anyone else dreading when we finally hear the new arrangement? it's gonna be dog shit screencap this.


more so for music, i feel like chibnall will atleast attempt recurring character themes


File: fee80547cab696e⋯.png (998.63 KB, 991x564, 991:564, Vicky.png)

File: 13c5b71320b3f8c⋯.jpg (165.6 KB, 1914x583, 174:53, Btfo.jpg)



I genuinely only particularly like two arrangements of the theme so I have 0 hype for it, but I do think it will be better than Capaldi's godawful shrill one.


I am a straight man. I have always been a straight man.

never shown nothing on cam



I think segun is a good composer, he seems to lean towards atmospheric/ambient stuff which means he has potential to make an absolutely kino arrangement (presuming chibs doesn't fuck it up by giving him a self destructive brief like "make it fun sounding")


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Yep, probably won't sound anything like the theme tune.


It's about time for a brand new doctor who theme!




Obviously replying to this…


File: 92499ec9c14784b⋯.png (86.1 KB, 430x441, 430:441, 1536572352699.png)


>i like friendlyjordies


File: debda8c818015f2⋯.png (94.86 KB, 430x441, 430:441, 1536540917989.png)

>I dismiss friendlyjordies videos out of principal!


File: ad0958782dbc058⋯.png (44.35 KB, 490x586, 245:293, 1536651749191.png)

>I watch friendlyjordies videos out of principal!



No, you will have to make a new account with a new profile page.




>Where were pirated books being hosted on the server? I'm only aware of linkages.

The categories for the book lines (VNA, EDA, PDA, VMA) all contained pdf files in them.


File: eb3e84e24d2e9ef⋯.jpg (51.72 KB, 800x668, 200:167, 1536551564432.jpg)

>the mention of friendlyjordies triggers an automatic emotional reaction!




about to post the greatest nilso OC of all time

be prepared…


RTD is the reason Human Nature works so well as an episode. He had to rewrite everything Cornell handed in because it was book pleb tier.



friendlyjordies skin when?


File: 9e90747d94fedfa⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 155.35 KB, 1376x873, 1376:873, nilsex.png)


here it is



Safe in the light that surrounds me

Free of the fear and the pain

My questioning mind

Has help me to find

The meaning in my life again

nilso is real

I finally feel

At peace with the boy in my dreams

And now that I`m here

It`s perfectly clear

I found out what all of this means


sometimes i wonder what it's like to be nilso and have people literally make pictures of your tweets having sex


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Wiki related thoughts:

- What fucked us over the most last time was being indexed by Google. If there was any possible way to avoid that we'd be absolutely cruising, safe in total obscurity.

- If we're still in a hosting situation where we're at risk of being reported to admins, etc, we might want to consider dialling back the pages about e-celebs. Most of the times admins fucked around with the wiki for TOS reasons, or we got people coming in to try and blank pages, was when we pissed off someone like NeonVisual, Sandifer, Whelan, etc. Of course, if we're hosted in some kind of lawless desert then that's fine.

I'm going back to sleep now



counter thought:

if we host it ourselves and piss off someone who is verged enough to take legal action, whoever's hosting could be fucked


>greg is getting into the bachelor

oh no no no no no


DWE of finding out someone you and a mate used to privately take the piss out of recently went on Naked Attraction?



did they get chosen?



Nah, they came like 3rd out of the 5 candidates.



how did you feel seeing his dick?



>they change the theme tune because "it's not your dad's Doctor Who anymore".


>they change the theme song to a generic licensed pop song to appeal to the lowest common denominator


I actually have some hopes for the theme tune. Praying to god that Akinola takes it further in the electronic direction.



I agree


How many "BAMBACLAAT"s will the new theme have?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Ye Ye


E's name's Doctor Oo

E gone fly thru time

E gone fuck sum pussi

An drop sum rhyme


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

how will they react to S11?


File: d32e64f658d2051⋯.jpg (22.08 KB, 237x300, 79:100, 1486528990181.jpg)


>that woman singing Doctorin' the Tardis



Damn. The UK Gogglebox is way more positive towards Doctor Who.



Ah, that's…I can see why that could have been the issue. I thought I was on thin ice hiding away Mega links to books on a blog page on the wiki; actually hosting them on the wikia's server, I can see the overstepping there for sure.


When we say whoever's hosting, I presume there's money involved?



It was a pretty shit episode to be fair.



It costs money to own a domain name, I believe that’s the only hosting cost


They are so far beyond self-parody at this point




Yikes imagine actually thinking this





i've noticed a sudden uptick in rtdfag posting since capaldo returned to /who/



no, please no no no no nonononononoNONONONO





I own a domain name for a site of my own that has been cheap to maintain, I assume we'll choose an obscure name anyway so it wouldn't be too expensive? I'm willing to pay for this kind of thing if we need money to get our wiki back up and running, though I'd want to be sure there's no way people could trace it back to my real name.


Host the wiki on verged.com


>cats and I reply to Dorney at the exact same time



I believe lookup websites exist to show who owns a domain name, you might be safest registering with a fake name


how much does nilso pay for his cam site hosting? we can use that as a rough estimate



That makes sense, just as long as the actual PayPal paying the domain website is obscured from what the public can find out.



he doesn't pay in money



File: 5a02bb677f7e717⋯.png (80.21 KB, 800x800, 1:1, bookclubannounce2.png)




This is it…the beginning of the final leg of our journey. Time is running out and soon it will be about time for time to run out completely. Make good use of the time you have because it's about time for times to change. It's about time for the horrible truth to be revealed when a deadly framing story reaches its denouement. And it's about time for a 200+-page biography of River Song which you will have a week and a half to read.


Framing Story: Part 11 - TV, AUDIO, COMIC, PROSE

>by Neo

They of the Doctor

>by Neo

What if the fiftieth anniversary had featured three alternate Doctors - a Paterson Joseph Doctor, the Meta-Crisis Tenth Doctor, and a David Bowie Doctor?

Framing Story: Part 12 - Stories for Years

>by Neo

Follow the River, and You Will Reach the Sea

>by Neo

What if we saw all of River Song’s lives from her perspective?

Read, enjoy, discuss, reflect, shitpost.

Got questions about a story? Was there something you thought was GOAT? Memeyness that made you laugh? Let us all know.

If you wrote a story and you want to answer/ask questions in authorial capacity, consider a temporary trip.

Make it obvious which story you're posting about, & browse sensibly if you don't want to get spoiled on any stories. Hide this post with Filter -> Post+ to hide all replies.

Out of the loop but want to jump in?

Get Shit Trips: Volume 2.5 here:


https://mega.nz/#!Uf4EDaLT!bIa_JP_rbyl7Pl9NKq8tLopyOzXJFhlSu6Z4VZnt4Uk (This is the updated edition, 2.5.1)

Last time: >>90609

All posts: https://8ch.net/search.php?search=name:Bookclubanon&board=doctorwho



Point being this is what information is public



I'm pretty sure you can hide your personal details from whois as long as your website isn't for a business. I just recently had the domain name registry people harassing me for proof of name and address for my own site, but that was for a .uk domain, and possibly others are less arsey about it.


File: 735c66407ecbc17⋯.png (7.99 KB, 233x216, 233:216, nilsoid in the flesh.png)

>I host and pay for my own website! :O




It’s actually kind of important for professional promotion

Nobody likes a Gmail on a business card



bourgie scum




Forgot my f(l)ag!



This thread has been invaded by the Nilso army. Please leave your heterosexuality at the door.


File: 0c508a54a35010d⋯.jpg (29.18 KB, 495x300, 33:20, banner-Domain-hosting-495x….jpg)

Dollar days, survival sex

Honour stretching tails to necks

I’m falling down

It’s nothing to me

It’s nothing to see


File: 2c83d48f4a69f2d⋯.png (50.76 KB, 384x105, 128:35, ClipboardImage.png)




what has pewdiepie done this time?



File: 0d0f308eba5f8cd⋯.jpg (186.09 KB, 800x667, 800:667, it wasn't real.jpg)




skellys seething


>verged.com is $4000 USD



hi cats, why aren't you using your trip



nilso cried to the hosting company and made them artificially increase the price


verged.co is $9 usd


verged.me is $4



sometimes i flagpost, sometimes i trip, sometimes i go anon

measures my level of commitment to a post



This site still perplexes me


File: 3e871b248906a92⋯.png (25.66 KB, 625x112, 625:112, thwackednet.png)

How much is this?



13usd per year



it contains a secret login to nilso's cam site, like an electric plug he enjoys having things stuck inside him



I'm using >>92321 to get prices



Someones squealin'

Doesn't like spoilers if they're not from him


will we get a shakycam version of the new intro like we did with deep breath during the world tour?



$1.39 a year



We can make one




hi honey


File: 9cf688499c82583⋯.png (7.29 KB, 706x66, 353:33, ClipboardImage.png)


whogen.wiki for $9 usd a year



same for dwg.wiki



nilsos a skellcel, he's gay but he doesn't associate himself with the lgbt community


File: 5ea909d9ce6cfde⋯.png (5.66 KB, 951x59, 951:59, nilsaiga.png)



Love and Monsters


fuckofferino.com for 8.5 usd



Now we're talking.







namecheap seems like a good option in terms of not displaying your personal info




fuck imagine if we could have gotten this



We should also pick up the .wiki and set it as a redirect to the .com. Make it a cool 20 bucks a year.


splink.wiki is 9usd


A lot of these domains are on sale, and list the retail price underneath

if the sale isn't just arbitrary marketing speak and actually ends, would future renewals require the retail price or do you get the sale price forever?






Hosting is 2.88 a month, though they have a 50% off thing so it's 1.44 for at least the first month. 20 GB more than satisfies, I don't have any digits lying around but I doubt we ever topped more than 7 or so GB, even including the hosted pdfs.


according to whois.net

>The Registry database contains ONLY .COM, .NET, .EDU domains and


so if we get a .wiki domain, it won't even get registered in their database?


Now as an admin, I feel we should make it clear to the people what this would entail, were we to actually do it:

We would be on brand-new software. The format and aesthetic of the wiki would change drastically. That soft, comfy Wikia flavor would swiftly and sharply be replaced by cold, hard, MediaWiki logic. We would also lose all history. We would have the wiki text as we had it 24 hours ago, and over time we'd be able to scrounge up the images we'd lost because we're the ones who uploaded them to begin with, but your history as a user, as an editor, as a commenter, that's all gone. In fact, MediaWiki does not support comment sections like the wiki had, so immediately this will be a less straightforwardly social place than the old Wiki was.

We would also be pinned up for all to see. Wikia is very low-effort material, you just need a throwaway email and a bit of time. We would be registering a domain and signing up with a hosting service, both of which would cost money. That money has to come from the people of /who/ in some respect, probably by setting up a donation center or a paypal link or, god help us, a patreon. And the registration and hosting services would leave a paper trail. We would be forever identifiable by the new website.

On the other hand… we can do it. We can do it, and it would be ours, and we could do whatever we wanted.



.wiki is a chump domain.


File: 4ffb9a68e5438d4⋯.jpg (360.51 KB, 1280x854, 640:427, The_Wanderer.jpg)

File: e1446f33c19f1dc⋯.png (1.76 MB, 1280x854, 640:427, 20180912_132652.png)

i fixed this image guys. I think this would improve Chibnall Who



You posted the same image twice



but it would stop verged people like neonvisual from being able to look up what service the domain was bought with to report us



>They call me the wanderer

>Yeah I'm the wanderer

>I roam around and around and round and round and round


>The writers were chosen before Jodie Whittaker was revealed on July 16, 2017 but were not told for whom they were writing or that a woman was cast in the role.

>“A lot of drafts of scripts have got ‘he’ in. The writers didn’t know ‒ nobody knew ‒ until the reveal video went out,” stated Chris Chibnall in the October 2018 issue of SFX magazine.

>Chibnall also stated that gender does not play a part in informing writing for the Doctor anyway:

>“… it’s very hard for me to think of a decision that the Doctor has taken in 55 years that is a gender-based decision or action. I’d really struggle to think of one.”

>The issue of gender will come up with historical episodes, however.

>“Yeah, I think particularly in the historicals ‒ if we’re doing historicals, which I’m sure we are ‒ obviously that then affects what happens to all these characters when you go to certain periods of history.”



File: 7698d7b3c2f1e93⋯.gif (1.76 MB, 268x180, 67:45, How will Doctor Who get ou….gif)


>>“… it’s very hard for me to think of a decision that the Doctor has taken in 55 years that is a gender-based decision or action. I’d really struggle to think of one.”



>if we’re doing historicals, which I’m sure we are

what did he mean by this?


File: 1fdc56811a2830e⋯.png (1.74 MB, 1280x854, 640:427, 20180912_134828.png)



Again, the same image.



This image would be good if she wasn't looking at the camera like she's spotted the paparazzi



I like that it legit seems like theyre not gonna be overly on the nose with the Doctor's gender



shame that their marketing strategy seems to be relying on it



>>“… it’s very hard for me to think of a decision that the Doctor has taken in 55 years that is a gender-based decision or action. I’d really struggle to think of one.”





>it’s very hard for me to think of a decision that the Doctor has taken in 55 years that is a gender-based decision or action. I’d really struggle to think of one.”

Let's momentarily ignore the fact that Susan's ending would never have happened to a male companion. Chib's brainlet mind can only conceive of the Doctor's gender in terms of individual 'decisions', obvious things like spanking his female companions (good thing he's never done that…). He can't see the subtler level. All of the male Doctors were allowed to be defined by masculinity and masculine clichés in some way. Arguably a lot of Smith's era was a negotiation with the Doctor's masculinity. Even if they try their hardest to artificially un-gender the Doctor now that she's female, femininity is going to seep in, and that's probably a good thing.


moff made excessive use of "done like a man" statements, particularly in matt's era



I desperately hope the first ever canonical on-screen Doctor-on-companion spanking occurs under Jodie's tenure.


File: 1590734572b366b⋯.jpg (66.04 KB, 314x232, 157:116, 20180912_140750.jpg)

will there be age difference kino this year? I wanna see Bradley walsh and the Mandip Gill make out this series.



Stop normalising problematic relationship dynamics.



That's what I use.




I'm happy to pay for any of these, or a better one if we can think of it.


If anything, losing the comments section might tie the place more directly to /who/ for the social aspects and cut out the ways the wiki can form a disparate community, which most people here would view as a good thing I'd imagine. How much would hosting cost?



File: 6c9df2e60e5729d⋯.jpg (205.61 KB, 1220x918, 610:459, ZKCXVpE.jpg)


Think about it. She's out in the middle of nowhere with some dude she barely knows. You know, she looks around and what does she see? It's the paleolithic era. She doesnt have her own time machine, she cant get home. "Ahh, there's nowhere for me to run. What am I gonna do, say 'no'?". Now if she did say no, then obviously the answer is no.

But the thing is she's not gonna say "no", she would never say "no" because of the implication.




That's a domain name cost, which I've said I'm happy to cover, was that what was meant by hosting costs? What other costs are involved then?



too late, RTD already did it. Rose is 19, and The Doctor looks to be about 40, while in fact being older than that.



this is the real reason the Doctor takes humans on the Tardis all the time.






In a way, the Doctor is the most masculine character ever put to screen. He's simultaneously an older authority figure, a rough and ready adventurer, a soldier, a scientist, an explorer, an inventor, an engineer, a conquerer, a revolutionary, an investigator, a romantic, and an enforcer.



is that not what its called



no, it's just a reddit tier "joke"/observation




Check the page, it's the price of the physical server space, that's going to be the greater cost for our purpose, assuming we don't go crazy with the domain name.

2.88 a month, round that up to 3 a month, times twelve is 36 a year, plus 8.50/year for FuckOfferino.com, throw in FuckOfferino.wiki as a redirect for 8.88/year, round that up to 9 bucks, we're looking at 36+9+8.5=$53.50 a year, or about 4.45 a month. Easily affordable, even on a personal budget.



fair enough



if they're both capable of consent and the relationship isn't abusive, what's the problem?




>first Smith series

She definitely would have been the mom in the Silurian two-parter.

That would have sucked.



there's a bit of a power imbalance. Especially since its his spaceship, and she has to stick with him.





Does the wiki software we'll use require any payment as well?

Is the .wiki redirect really necessary, like is that tied into the actual wiki software/site or just for convenience/signifying the website is a wiki?



fuckofferino would be a normie filter, potentially also a google one because they wouldn't want swears coming up

I'm not big on dwg.wiki because it's not an acronym that we use at all. whogen.wiki is decent. doctorwhogeneral.wiki is also available but it's a long name, and a shorter name would be cooler



MediaWiki is free and open source.



I hope the companion getting spanked is Yas



the fact they aren't on equal power levels would only be an issue if the relationship was abusive



If I'm reading Namecheap right, we can just get fuckofferino.wiki and not even bother with the com. I agree; I like the normie filter aspect and that's a distinctly /who/ thing. whogen.wiki is perfectly serviceable though.





a .wiki redirect isn't necessary, but a .wiki domain has the advantage of not being indexed by whois (unlike the standard .com, .net etc)



I believe so. I didn't check exactly, but there's a good 5gb or so of images so a decent amount should be already there.

>>92243 >>92244

On my server. I've not posted it publicly for similar reasons Neo said later in thread; it's not something I'd want being easily traceable back as is (which it would be since it's on my domain atm) due to NV, Whelan and whoever else getting in a tissy over the content. If someone doesn't mind registering and owning the domain, even under a fake name or whatever, I'd be much much more inclined for hosting it myself where it currently is.


The *pages* exist. The user pages and the user talk pages all exist, I believe. Accounts will need to be re-created though.


I had a quick look at the current pages xml dump and the latest revision listed was sometime yesterday afternoon so I'd imagine all the revisions are up to date, outside of *maybe* a few edits, which can easily be sorted.


As in setup a MediaWiki, upload the xml export, restore, and do all the rest of the crap that I may have forgotten. Probably setting up things like htaccess for neat URLs and parsoid for WYSIWYG editing, etc. Honestly, from what little I've seen, it's a pretty fucking un-userfrienldly thing to admin.

Essentially, if the thought of logging in via SSH and doing the command line and learning how the fuck MediaWiki config works puts you off, it's not for you.

NV = NeonVisual


Man, I said it earlier and I'll say it again, that really was a dipshit thing to do.

>>92274 >>92275

>- What fucked us over the most last time was being indexed by Google. If there was any possible way to avoid that we'd be absolutely cruising, safe in total obscurity.

Ehhh, it's easily possible (google robots.txt) but trusting this as the solution to the problems would be kinda silly IMHO. Word of mouth is a powerful thing.

I agree on your other overall point (as I said earlier, it's mainly what puts me off it).

>>92291 >>92293

>I believe that’s the only hosting cost

Haha, unless you go for free hosting, that's the *cheapest* hosting cost. The domain is easy. Depending on what you go for and from whom, it's probably only around a tenner a year for the domain.


You can, although it depends on the registrar and it depends on the TLD (some can't, like .se I believe).


WhoIs is virtually everywhere, it would just be missing from *that* site.


>We would be on brand-new software

It's er….the same software, just vanilla instead of the highly customised version that Wikia runs. It's definitely not as pretty but at this point, that's gonna happen regardless of where we go or what we do.

>We would also lose all history

>your history as a user, as an editor, as a commenter, that's all gone.

No it's not. Revision history is present. I've not checked if they're present but I believe comments probably would be lost tho. We can have comments tho, there's an extension for it.

>We would also be pinned up for all to see.

I'm not sure what this means. While I sort of agree with your overall point on money and privacy, the selfhosted version would be logging just as much data about the editors and visitors as the wikia one already has been doing.


(Another namecheap user here. Very happy with them so far.)

Paid shared hosting generally costs around $3-5 a month.


No, it's free. No, .wiki isn't necessary, it's just for the coolness factor/whois difficulty/whatever. I mean, you technically don't need a domain name at all. Or fuck, go for a free domain name or something.


You can always buy the shorter ones and use them as redirects.



.wiki is for two reasons:

1) Convenience and significance, a fun little redirect

2) (More important) We don't want some joker or domain squatter registering FuckOfferino.wiki and then using it to defame our incredibly upright moral character. Are you old enough to remember "Whitehouse.com"?

Holy shit, I just checked and they're still around, somehow.



Why get the .com at all then, is what I'm wondering.


Then why get is a redirect and not just the primary address is what I'm thinking then. Why use the .com? Just seems like an unnecessary cost.



A .wiki would in fact be indexed by whois



What suffixes wouldn't be? It seems namecheap obscures a lot of the who.is stuff as well.




If you're thinking "anonymous hosting", you have to be a little bit more creative.


With namecheap, the prices it lists for domains are on sale - when it comes time to renew, do you still pay the sale price you originally got it for or the full retail price, which could be over twice as much?



Retail for renewal, I believe.



Which do you thing is more likely?



With my own domain I'm pretty sure I paid the same but could be misremembering; isn't the "full retail" price more a marketing tactic than a genuine promotion?




>isn't the "full retail" price more a marketing tactic than a genuine promotion?

that's what I would expect, but I don't want to assume


You’re such a Nilso

I love it


File: e53debe4d2c9462⋯.jpg (359.52 KB, 916x728, 229:182, 1491704164670.jpg)


>Please note that tickets do not include entry to see the premiere, only the red carpet event.



>when you copy-paste something with double asterixes and forget that that's a shortcut for spoiler tags


>Admission to this event is on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note that as not everyone who asks for tickets uses them, to make sure we have a full house we send out more tickets than there are places. We do our best to get the numbers right, but unfortunately we occasionally have to disappoint people so please arrive early.

is that standard practice?


File: 47133ea50d9a933⋯.jpg (34.07 KB, 400x400, 1:1, unamusedcapy.jpg)

>Please note that tickets do not include entry to see the premiere, only the red carpet event



They also do that with TV show recordings. I've looked at seeing some recorded live but the risk of going to London and then not being able to get in is too great


File: 22fff76e86d8b0b⋯.mp4 (2.28 MB, 466x360, 233:180, ▶ Splink - Jon Pertwee (19….mp4)



>As in setup a MediaWiki, upload the xml export, restore, and do all the rest of the crap that I may have forgotten. Probably setting up things like htaccess for neat URLs and parsoid for WYSIWYG editing, etc. Honestly, from what little I've seen, it's a pretty fucking un-userfrienldly thing to admin. Essentially, if the thought of logging in via SSH and doing the command line and learning how the fuck MediaWiki config works puts you off, it's not for you.

Forgive me if I'm misreading you here PCJ - are you implying the work of it is intricate enough that it should best be you doing it, or just trying to convey the scale of the task in response to my question, or something else? You're clearly very invested in this, so I'm just trying to get a read on continuity.


Trump may not have done anything bad yet but the Daleks didn't invade Earth on their first day.






you ate the bait



He'll definitely be Hitler one day. Just wait.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This is literally /who/'s DWE right now





>The *pages* exist. The user pages and the user talk pages all exist, I believe. Accounts will need to be re-created though.

That’s something I don’t understand, what if you create an account under a new name, or even under the name of a different user? Then what happens? Will one of the accounts be ‘overwritten’?


Have we sorted the wiki issue yet? I've wheeled through the thread but I can't be arsed to retain the information this early. What I've gathered is we have the text, and the software to restore it, but not the pictures and a hosting platform/site? …And 'we' can't have a hosting site with anonymous detail/ownership?

How would one donate to the cause?



We have the text and (free) wiki software to restore it, we've got an idea for a domain most seem happy with, now we're hashing out the specifics of the hosting. I believe if I made a namecheap account with a fake name, even though I'd pay with my real name into that account, online lookups would only be able to see as far as the fake name on that hosting site account, but I want to verify that first.



> in total obscurity.

- If we're still in a hosting situation where we're at risk of being reported to admins, etc, we might want to consider dialling back the pages about e-celebs.

It’d probably be even worse WITHOUT a host, since then they’d target us directly. Probably best to dail back on the content regardless. There were some funny jokes on there that I don’t want to lose, but some of the stuff

on there won’t exactly be a great loss to the world.


Jam was, according to Clara Oswald, made of strawberries. She used this as an example to ask the Eleventh Doctor what time was made of, to which the Doctor replied, "Not strawberries." (TV: The Rings of Akhaten)

The Fourth Doctor once asked if there'd be "strawberry jam for tea". (TV: The Power of Kroll)

Bakeries served cakes with jam in them. Amy Pond threw one such cake at an intruding Reptilodon, whose eyes were then covered in jam and custard. Rory Williams later pointed out that she had jam in her hair. (PROSE: Amy's Escapade)

After a test was done on it to find out the effects the sex gas's pheromones, the tested rat turned into what Owen Harper lightly called "rat jam". (TV: Day One)



They would just be pages, not actually tied to any user accounts.

So yes, you could impersonate another user.



>I'd pay with my real name into that account,

You might be able to pay with a "burner" card too, a purchased visa/mastercard gift card. It's what I use for my 4chan pass and most online transactions. You might want to set up a paypal or cashapp, something in which /who/res can donate to for hosting. Perhaps this year instead of secret santa, we could fund the wiki for a time? Arguably a better use of money than a funko pop from or for a single stranger, since in my mind that wiki is priceless.


Soy milk was a drink that the Twelfth Doctor enjoyed alongside Queen Nilso in the 52nd century. (COMIC: The Clockwise War)


So what's stopping us from just using fandom wiki again? Surely they don't check that often.



The staff probably hate us and we'd have all the exact same problems resulting in an identical outcome down the road?



Just write a script to copy everything over, easy.



A gamer like you has played Far Cry 3 right? What does Vaas say the definition of insanity is?


Good call.



Also, Fandom (formerly Wikia) has slowly been transforming into a commercialised hellhole for years now. Probably a good idea to abandon that ship before it sinks altogether.





We'd also all have the same identities, pages would have the same titles and content, images would have the same filenames…


File: ab033ae1a1e1e3e⋯.jpg (76.44 KB, 600x286, 300:143, 20180912_152129.jpg)

I am just waiting for /who/ to get hit by the hype train. It'll happen any day now… any day….



S11 hype train will be EXTREMELY late in the process, possibly the closest to premiere it's ever been thanks to the sheer lack of info. That's assuming we do it at all.



It'll arrive after the trailer this Sunday



Why this Sunday?



3 weeks from launch



Wouldn't a hype bus be more apropos this season given this years memery (Venga) and supposed story this year?



And then we can put Danny Pink in front of it! Brilliant!



Audily kekked, fuck


File: 318692087a34e6e⋯.jpg (37.6 KB, 800x450, 16:9, oogaboogaaa.jpg)

grug no want women docter



File: 69c05f623e2c2db⋯.gif (1.76 MB, 466x262, 233:131, bvs.gif)



I have absolutely no idea on the technical capabilities of others here so it's really difficult to say who is best suited. Personally, while I like to think I'm alright at this shit, I'm very early in my career and have very little experience with running MediaWiki. There may be someone better suited. There may not be. (Sorry if it came off a little….arrogant and whatnot, that's not what I was aiming for!)

I'm mostly just trying to set expectations of whoever is interested because MediaWiki isn't as…nice as other software that people may have webhosted (like Wordpress or Joomla! or whatever), especially if on shared hosting. It requires getting your hands dirty a bit and ya gotta be up for that.

As far as I'm concerned? I'm fine to do it, so long as someone else gets the domain name somehow. I've already got the hosting and if people want to chip in, they can do so via Patreon or PayPal and just say it's for Whoniverse Gallery or something. Likewise, I'm fine if /who/ decides I'm a bad choice for one reason or another and picks someone else.


There's like…the revision history of what a user has done but the actual account isn't there so if a user registers under that name, I believe they just take up the mantle, although I think I might test it out a tad first to double check. As I said earlier, impersonation would be my main concern here because there's, without going full on manual verification and creation for a bit, nothing to stop someone from, for example, registering under Neo's account and pretending they're Neo from then on, at least until Neo realises and kicks up a fuss. It's something that we might want to look into.


That's true. desu, my issue was never with the WhoIs in and of itself, because you can get WhoIs Privacy to prevent that on the surface level. It was always with someone performing legal action and the registrar possibly giving out the information from that (I've had it on a previous site and registrar for another reason. Not sure on Namecheap tho.). Or performing legal action, or any sort of shitty thing, through some other approach too.


Fair point. Probably a wise thing to do desu.


I mean….it probably wouldn't be long at all until they realise if that happened, especially since people would be using the same user accounts, and we wouldn't solve the main issue of things like the images. Even if they don't notice, I reckon it'd be more like a lot of work for nothing much more than a stay of execution.


File: c852c1a79e21f7c⋯.png (259.79 KB, 507x503, 507:503, tenface4.png)



File: 6bdd9870c9c95e9⋯.gif (3.24 MB, 640x266, 320:133, stop my invincible franchi….gif)



>I'm mostly just trying to set expectations of whoever is interested because MediaWiki isn't as…nice as other software that people may have webhosted (like Wordpress or Joomla! or whatever), especially if on shared hosting. It requires getting your hands dirty a bit and ya gotta be up for that.

The extent of my technical expertise regarding the wiki we just lost is I almost always edited in plaintext so I could format by hand.

> It was always with someone performing legal action and the registrar possibly giving out the information from that (I've had it on a previous site and registrar for another reason. Not sure on Namecheap tho.). Or performing legal action, or any sort of shitty thing, through some other approach too.

This is my biggest concern. Remember that person who claimed to be NV's lawyer? It obviously wasn't, the greater likelihood is it was actually just him, but that sort of thing could be pretty serious or scary.



Good. He deserves better than capeshit.



File: a3a32b092577038⋯.jpg (91.85 KB, 600x286, 300:143, 20180912_154341.jpg)


Has N8 seen this yet, the wiki mishap?


Oh don't worry I didn't take the comment as arrogant, I was just wondering if it was gently letting us know it would require a level of expertise folks here mightn't have.

Is it the domain name owner that would be on the line for legal issues? Or if you did the hosting would it be you on the line? One way or another I do agree with some of the sentiments already posted in thread about rethinking the approach to some figures; yes it's not very chan culture, but when it will be actual /who/ users on the line instead of the Fandom Wikia site/staff, it's worth the reconsideration.


check you know what


File: ded4234763d8069⋯.jpg (10.12 KB, 251x336, 251:336, Moff.jpg)



>Pic is being produced by Vaughan Sivell of Western Edge Pictures (Prevenge) in association with Moffen Media Limited.




Good for her. She's really trying to do it all.






I actually think keeping the bus entirely empty is a pretty funny comment on the S11 marketing.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I miss the old Billie




N8 saw it earlier back when I first posted the screenshot. At a guess, I think he's been asleep since.

I'd imagine both the domain and the webhost, the domain would be mostly the first port of call tho since it's the easiest and such. Honestly, it's not an area I'm very knowledgeable in so it's tough for me to say. (I kinda imagine that it wouldn't really matter to someone like NV or whoever else who'll probably come after anyone and everyone related).

Fun fact: I found out recently that NV blocked me on Twitter, despite me never talking to or about him on Twitter, or THAT publicly really outside of that one YT comment years ago where I called him out and a few times on Discord.


File: e288a4f5a7cca3a⋯.jpg (316.73 KB, 1000x666, 500:333, 20180912_160800.jpg)


This whole drama feels bizarre to sit through as an unironic SJW who has been active in leftist Internet circles for a while and yet browses /who/ and loves a lot of the content on the wiki. Like, I feel like I SHOULD be siding against the wiki, but I honestly want to see it back. I've tried to reconcile the two beliefs in my mind ever since we were first noticed by the staff, usually with really, really stupid results, but now I realise I just enjoy the well-written articles and tolerate the type of content that you're always going to get with Chan culture.


File: 0c30e39e15e8617⋯.jpg (140.48 KB, 1080x1085, 216:217, Racoon in suit.jpg)

No yuri posting when Kinda is on the job



It's almost as if it doesn't matter what you individually believe in because we'll all get fucked by the hammer in the end



God, he's an obsessive isn't he? It'd be sad if it wasn't so absurd~funny. Imagine trying to explain the deal with NV to someone outside DW fandom.

Personally do you think the solution lies more in not hosting the type of content that would lead to such legal matters, obscuring those behind the money (be it you or me, both, someone else, etc.) through methods like Cloister posted (dummy burner Visa cards, etc.), making the wiki obscure enough those like to pursue legal action wouldn't even ever see the articles about them, or some other option? The first seems the simplest me but I think there's probably a line somewhere between decent restraint from all-out viciousness (calming down some of the eceleb type articles) and legit capitulation (like the having no NV article type stuff).


Hey, how come you never replied to me asking for you to expand on Dead Air? Also I think the idea /who/ is somehow leftist-anthemic is understandable but surface-level.



I know that feel. I've been lost in these swamps so long I remember when 4chan was raiding stormfront, rather than the reverse. And I felt then, and still try to convince myself, "Oh, they weren't really racist! They were just making fun of racist attitudes by playing the role of stupid racists!" And then you look at how history has turned out and it just gets harder and harder to convince myself of that, or of there being an actual difference in the two.

On the other hand, I don't feel at all bad about our coverage of Orford and NeonVisual and most of the other characters covered by the Fandom Cunts page. They're bad people and they deserve to be called out.

Being a bleeding heart pussy liberal faggot and also a member of a /tv/ community sucks, but then, being a member of a /tv/ community sucks on its own.


File: dd59d6828d47f38⋯.jpg (15.14 KB, 615x409, 615:409, simm1cracker.jpg)



>Sailors fighting in the dance hall






>I know that feel. I've been lost in these swamps so long I remember when 4chan was raiding stormfront, rather than the reverse. And I felt then, and still try to convince myself, "Oh, they weren't really racist! They were just making fun of racist attitudes by playing the role of stupid racists!" And then you look at how history has turned out and it just gets harder and harder to convince myself of that, or of there being an actual difference in the two.

This genuinely.


File: 530f4cd79bda088⋯.jpg (33.42 KB, 496x261, 496:261, themaster-tardis-scowl-496.jpg)

Hello, HELLO, hello!

Anyway, why don't we stop and have a nice little chat while I tell you all my plans and you can work out a way to stop me?

I don't think!



I've been using 4chan since I was 11 and remember those days well - I think there's a genuine nuanced distinction to be had between the sort of racism in chan culture now and the racism in chan culture then (chan culture was always racist but that racism was specifically co-opted, advanced, and metastastised with intent, often by denizens of that other site you name). 4chan has always been racist and home to racists, "but" a lot more of it used to be the moronic racism of ignorant teenagers instead of the more targeted, politically sustained racism it is now.



Here's my brief suggestion for a Fandom Cunts policy:

When speaking of people who are not "public figures" (Ian Levine is a public figure, Adam Orford is not) we restrain ourselves from using particularly inflammatory language, anything too racially or sexually salty ("Fandom Cunts" is probably too far, for example), and try to limit ourselves strictly to real, provable or verifiable data. For example, it would be fine to include the posts that Phillip Morris or Neon Visual have made that show them being bad people, but it would not be fine to accuse Neon Visual of pretending to be a lawyer (which I believe is illegal) or accuse El Sandifer of murder (which I believe is also illegal) unless we had actual proof of either.

In addition, we use a robots.txt to limit our search engine visibility, and a name associated with /who/ (so /who/res can find it) but not actually including any of the keywords of Doctor Who General, to prevent the constant flood of people who thought the wiki was actually a Doctor Who wiki.



>Also I think the idea /who/ is somehow leftist-anthemic is understandable but surface-level.

Kind of like all leftism, in that way.


File: 8dcea2393fc77dc⋯.gif (3.51 MB, 197x242, 197:242, philup.gif)


File: bf97acbe612431e⋯.gif (1.95 MB, 268x320, 67:80, Moriarty gun blowjob.gif)


It was a lot of fun imagining this dialogue delivered by Andrew Scott.



> And I felt then, and still try to convince myself, "Oh, they weren't really racist! They were just making fun of racist attitudes by playing the role of stupid racists!" And then you look at how history has turned out and it just gets harder and harder to convince myself of that, or of there being an actual difference in the two.

100% agreed. I've been making cringeworthy attempts to reconcile the two beliefs for far too long now but I suppose the real justification is nothing special, simply that I enjoy the quality shitposting, but not the culture.

> On the other hand, I don't feel at all bad about our coverage of Orford and NeonVisual and most of the other characters covered by the Fandom Cunts page. They're bad people and they deserve to be called out.

Oh yeah, those articles were totally justified. Unfortunately, they'll probably be the most controversial part of the wiki.

> Being a bleeding heart pussy liberal faggot and also a member of a /tv/ community sucks, but then, being a member of a /tv/ community sucks on its own.

Truest statement I've heard in a while desu.



He'd make a great Master. I assume they'll give Jodie a male Master now.



He's a bit obvious now, though he hasn't been in anything big since Spectre so it's not like he's too busy for the part…



>since I was 11

Wew. Coming to 4chan as an adult I always saw it as an ironic sort of thing, being performatively absurd. The change in seeming intent changed though from attempting humor to being maliciously incendiary. I've misread "people" before (and since) so I've always questioned my perspective on the matter.



Yeah, he'd be a bit of a meme pick like Cumberbatch as 12 when Matt was leaving but he'd genuinely be very good.

Or maybe Kris Marshall can still get that paycheck…


>actually thinking they're gonna use Cybermen or The Master again for another 5-6 years



Does shifting the names (Badam Morefed type stuff) actually accomplish anything legally? Your idea sounds reasonable.


I've potentially been on 4chan longer than some of our users far too young to be here, which is an alarming thought.



>I assume they'll give Jodie a male Master now.

Not necessarily. Having them both female would be a neat take and please the yes-queen audience as well as bringing back the gay subtext.



> addition, we use a robots.txt to limit our search engine visibility, and a name associated with /who/ (so /who/res can find it) but not actually including any of the keywords of Doctor Who General, to prevent the constant flood of people who thought the wiki was actually a Doctor Who wiki.

That's a very good idea. Towards the end of this wiki's lifespan, our article was the first thing to come up if you googled 'K9: Timequake' (understandable, given that the only other results were months-old news stories and sad social media posts but still…), which I believe is a big part of how it got kill.


jon pertwee what a guy



I didn't used to be racist. I was naive once. Then I realised people are just different, and will forever be in competition, and if I wasn't going to stand for my own interests, no one else would.


N8 can I PM you something on the stream real quick


The Slitheen are synonymous with NuWho.




Aren't they more synonymous with SJA at this point



Been on 4chan and its affiliations for about 7 years now. It's a weird feel.



what's SJA?


File: 469295a6b1b8520⋯.jpg (174.74 KB, 641x801, 641:801, seriously.jpg)



t. zoomer



Kinda make me want to check some user histories, if you know what I mean. It's been just about a decade for me now and desu I still don't "get it" all the time. I've been on the seedy side of the internet since I was a young teen, but glad I didn't find 4chan until I had seen some shit already.



>Does shifting the names (Badam Morefed type stuff) actually accomplish anything legally? Your idea sounds reasonable.

No. And it wouldn't be very useful from our perspective, either, because it would confuse new users (here defined as "anyone not present for this very conversation right now") and make the wiki more of a hassle to navigate.

The Shiny Images and Argon Aesthetic pages were never much use, legally speaking. Their only practical purpose was that NV himself didn't think to go looking for them, and that wouldn't have been any good had an actual law firm been checking the wiki for material regarding him.



They're a pained concession anyway. Sticking to the facts is a good idea for those figures that'd present the most issues I agree, and actually forced wiki writers to be creative in any humour they make.



Damn, I’ve been on 4chan for about two months



did you come from /r/gallifrey?



What if they're actually LegoK9? 🤔


My re-watch of nuWho reached The Waters of Mars last night. It's an episode I'm rather fond of, admittedly in part because it's a base under siege story and I love those. I think it stands up fairly well even if there is a ridiculous amount of running. It's also one of the few times where the "fixed point in time" concept is well implemented.

But the thing most people talk about in relation to this episode is The Time Lord Victorious scene at the end. I have never entirely taken to that scene. It's not the idea that I have a problem with, I'm just not sure that it's properly earned. I find that I don't buy either the Doctor's switch to manic "must save them" mode or to the imperious "i can do whatever I want" mindset. I think it just happens too quickly.

Perhaps worst of all though I don't think the episode sufficiently justifies Adelaide Brooke's decision to kill herself. She's been presented as someone who looks on death as a last resort and even then only to save others. But the consequences of this change in time are so abstract I just can't see her killing herself rather than attempting to change things in other ways. Of course she has to in order for the ending to have its bite, but it feels forced by plot rather than character to me.


Can someone with a patreon please post Blind Wave's reaction to The Pandorica Opens?




>not hosting the type of content that would lead to such legal matters

I mean….this would solve the problem at the source and be my most preferable option, lol. Everything else we're considering are simply ways to make it harder for them to do anything about but not totally solve the problem. Don't need workarounds for a problem that doesn't exist, you know?

The problem here is that I'm not entirely sure the /who/ community would go for it and even if so, if the community would stick to it (be it purposeful fuckery or unintentionally by just really gradually pushing that line further and further over the course of months or something).

(I mean, while I disagree with some of the wording on some of the pages, I do agree with a lot of the underlying points.)

> obscuring those behind the money (be it you or me, both, someone else, etc.) through methods like Cloister posted (dummy burner Visa cards, etc.)

At this point, especially if someone looks back to a thread such as this, there's no way I can obscure myself, especially if someone is desperate or knowledgeable enough. Like, I can already think of at least 1 way to track down the owner of the server, even with things like hiding behind WhoIs Privacy, a fake name, Cloudflare, etc, without looking at the history at all (although whether they think of that is another question!).

>making the wiki obscure enough those like to pursue legal action wouldn't even ever see the articles about them

Things like this would help, but I'd imagine people with a passing interest (especially those that have already submitted legal complaints) are already watching. To copy and paste earlier: "Ehhh, it's easily possible (google robots.txt) but trusting this as the solution to the problems would be kinda silly IMHO. Word of mouth is a powerful thing."


Yeah, this would go a long way to reducing the risk at play here! :)


File: b485cfa90d4f9d0⋯.png (401.79 KB, 497x337, 497:337, Furrywho.png)

This could be cringe, but Colin and Syl make it effortlessly redpilled



You're absolutely right. The drama of Waters of Mars' conclusion falls apart if you intellectualise it in any way. Arguably the whole moral dilemma of the episode rests on a lot of warped ideas regarding morality and history, ideas which Moffat thankfully threw in the bin.


Been away for the last couple hours, what's the current status on the wiki situation? Is the discussion still about hosting our own, or using wikia again but with secret code to keep us hidden?


File: 8b376a695708496⋯.png (300 KB, 307x894, 307:894, ClipboardImage.png)

My god, I forgot how fucking long it takes for MediaWiki to import a dump.



5 pages a second isn't that bad…We did have like 2000+ pages.



>(be it purposeful fuckery or unintentionally by just really gradually pushing that line further and further over the course of months or something).

I can absolutely guarantee we are going to do this, and we're going to do both of these things, and we're going to do both of these things at the same time for the same subjects.



It would be my preference too, especially since we're approaching this from a sort of future-proofing angle. I do think it being actually members of the community here (obviously including you) hosting the wiki would allay some of the edginess; sympathy for /who/ comrades over pushing the line of external wikia site, etc. To a degree. Apart from following that anon's idea of only posting verifiable facts on controversial figure pages (which doesn't necessarily mean making them humourless, not at all) what else could get us in trouble?

Good point on identities; I hadn't thought of how comparatively tied down to yours you are too.



Hell, I used my real email for my wikia account AND I had other actual wikias I contributed to while using the who wiki



That's a bit concerning. Judging by DWM and other stuff it's clear that Chibs is very confident with the writers he has, although this rewriting scripts from he to she thing obviously isn't natural.


She's great in everything she is in, happy for her


I hope they don't unless theres a groundbreaking story idea for them.



>It's about time to be a family.

Someone please stop this account from posting these


File: 47133ea50d9a933⋯.jpg (34.07 KB, 400x400, 1:1, unamusedcapy.jpg)

>It's about time to be a family



No orphans allowed to watch this series.


The problematic thing about "it's about time" as a marketing slogan is that it actually could be effective against normies who need to be persuaded to start watching something they haven't been, but it's at the expense of alienating all the current fans who can see through the bullshit and recognise that they're ignoring the fact that the show has always had these things


It's about time to stop watching Doctor Who





Nobody cares.


It's about time to chibnall is shit


Its about time to SWAT nilso


About world

About time


Feels alright



I care!



It just occurred to me that I don't actually know how it generates the pages per second figure when it's processing a full revision history. I dunno, 20 per second (which generally slows down over time) just feels like a long time when it's mostly just text being compared and shoved in a database. Like, I can backup the complete history of multiple subreddits in like 10 minutes, if that.

Just think how long this would take if I needed to do it with TARDIS wiki or even Wikipedia. Gosh



lol, yep :(

The more important thing would be if people are keeping an eye out for it and are able to reverse it reasonably quickly.

Come to think of it, we should probably consider wiki staff and whatnot.


Ha, yeah, I'd hope!

As far as other things are concerned? Umm…. I think not inviting DMCA issues at the same time would be an obvious thing. Like, there's absolutely no need to host books on-site. Shove them on Mega or senddrive or one of the other many file hosts. (Obviously, I'm not talking about Shit Trips or stuff like that. They'll be great.)


it's about time

for the jedi

to end


File: 4543f32babb73ab⋯.png (318.32 KB, 3130x2750, 313:275, tardis team.png)

it's about time!


it's like watching a car crash in slow motion



it's literally just a tagline dude



>click on video

>get sound

>scroll down the page while listening to Jodie so I can see the replies

>no sound

Fucking Twitter.



It's very telling of the audience they want to attract


yfw chibnall who is cerebral character drama and it completely alienates the demographic they're spending so much time marketing towards




"lmao it's just a tagline dude, just let them fuck the show into the dirt lmao"

The STATE of you.



based and nilsopilled



it's literally just a tv show dude



>Come to think of it, we should probably consider wiki staff and whatnot.

I've put too much time into the Wiki to stop now. I'll sign up for administration.

> Shove them on Mega or senddrive or one of the other many file hosts.

I suggest we handle them like we did the Fandom Cunts material from the prior wiki: Just leave it at "Ask /who/".



Me, catharcticspurious and Broken Mirrors were the admins on the dead wiki, but if people wanted any of us outed, now's the time for revolution.

Keeping an eye on the problem pages and taking active concern with DMCA issues shouldn't be difficult to keep frequent tab on.


judy here



I'm fine with all 3 of you desu


File: 9503fdcbc1d04b3⋯.png (97 KB, 350x198, 175:99, tearjerker_6.png)


>Me, catharcticspurious and Broken Mirrors were the admins on the dead wiki


stupid yank



weren't you too?



my point


File: 4b55788b2ead31d⋯.png (243.62 KB, 1720x612, 430:153, ClipboardImage.png)

Alright, importing finished. This is the list of recent changes in case you're interested in how up to date it is. It appears comments are, in a way, preserved so that's neat.

There are apparently 325 missing files (which out of several thousand, isn't too bad IMHO).


> Just leave it at "Ask /who/".

Yeah I mean…we have a whole bunch of other megas and this place is searchable anyway. Just leave it at that!


Sweet, that'll make a good start. :)


I hope the "Jodie's_Funny_Faces_Gallery" is saved



I'm sure 2oda has all the images saved locally











>we've probably lost all the old /who/nger games results



I have all the images for the first 5 or 10 somewhere I think.


El Sandifer deleted the wiki for the scathing transphobic article about her.



the article that was edited to go out of its way to not even mention her deadname or the fact she transitioned, as soon as she announced her transiton?







File: 768ab8c4219340c⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1752x996, 146:83, Sandifer_tales.png)


the page even removed pic related because they didn't want any gendered mention of her pre-transitioning life

the only mention of 'phil' was in the giant grid of theoretical doctor who episode titles from every era based on her assessment of those eras



I believe there was a "Formerly Chuck's" on there too


File: 39ef4a4afd765f8⋯.jpg (80.29 KB, 1334x750, 667:375, dspmirror.jpg)

I'm gonna write the best dang article on this specimen once the new wiki is up



Does he really deserve an article, considering you're the only person who posts anything about him?



do you agree with him?

shoud we erase history?




Not arguing in good faith there, buddy



It is.


More like the other way round. The only things that appear to be missing are the two placement images for the last two, as well as links to their posts on here.



I will not call Sandifer her unless he pays me



I think the 'him' is potentially referring to whoever edited the article to eliminate references to her old identity


sesskas in the path of a hurricane

shes gonna DIE!



No more Doctor Who reactions. Thats sad



how the fuck can america be in the line of so many lethal hurricanes yet they haven't figured out designing houses with architecture that can withstand them



she will die and not watch s11, blessed





{{quotebox|quote=So with the knowledge that in 30 years time someone is going to nail me to the wall as the archetype of a disastrously smug postmodern turn in fandom, and that I will fully and completely deserve this fate…|name=Dr. Sandifer, underestimating [[Doctor Who General|fandom]].}}[[File:Doctor_Who_and_the_Psychochronography_of_Doom.jpg|thumb|271px|Collect (or ignore) 'em all!]]

Elizabeth "Liz Shaw" Sandifer, [[Sex Change Regeneration|formerly]] someone else, is [[Doctor Who General|a crazy, whiny, Doctor Who fan on the internet]] and metafictional sex god.

The sesquipedalian blatteroon and her otiose footle of tautological excogitation about a children’s programme have been [[erased]] from Doctor Who ([[Who Wiki|and our Witzelsucht]]) forever by a qlippothic narrative collapse that was brought on by frenchified batrachomyomachia - let not his name darken these gilt-edged pages again!

On an unrelated note, here are a few quotes about no one in particular that I quite enjoy.

* "Do what you will, this world's a fiction and is made up of contradiction." - [[In The Forest Of The Night|William Blake]]

* “Fiction and fact: only madmen and magistrates cannot discriminate between them.” - [[Alan Moore]], [[Jimmy Savile|Lost Girls ]]

* “Now, as I understand it, the bards were feared. They were respected, but more than that they were feared. If you were just some magician, if you'd pissed off some witch, then what's she gonna do, she's gonna put a curse on you, and what's gonna happen? Your hens are gonna lay funny, your milk's gonna go sour, maybe one of your kids is gonna get a hare-lip or something like that — no big deal. You piss off a bard, and forget about putting a curse on you, he might put a satire on you. And if he was a skilful bard, he puts a satire on you, it destroys you in the eyes of your community, it shows you up as ridiculous, lame, pathetic, worthless, in the eyes of your community, in the eyes of your family, in the eyes of your children, in the eyes of yourself, and if it's a particularly good bard, and he's written a particularly good satire, then three hundred years after you're dead, people are still gonna be laughing, at what a twat you were.” ― Alan Moore, a man noted for his complete dislike of Doctor Who, by the way.

*"You silly English twit. Limit your historically ignorant, politically correct, socialist sensitivity concerns to Londonistan and the rest of your island." - [[Nick Briggs|Vox Day]]

* [[File:John_C_Wright_chooses_to_look_this_way.jpg|thumb|Figure 1.1: John C. Wright [[Euphoric]].]]"This is why the Christians are right to kill the magicians. If one does not define one's terms correctly, mental disorganization is the only result, and one speaks only darkness." - John C. Wright.

* "Aw. My best friend is a Problematic Person now, I see. Go to hell you pompous arse. *BLOCKS*" - [[Clayton Hickman|Clayton]] [[Erased|"Blocked"]] [[Clayton Hickman|Hickman]]

* "It's weird, the 4chan Doctor Who community is responsible both for the delightful mosaic of title cards summarizing my take on each era and the sneering and transphobic Wiki article it's an illustration for." - Elizabeth Sandifer




[[Category:DELETE THIS]]






that's just pathetic, judy



Building concrete squares is hard



Perverse incentive



> we've probably lost all the old /who/nger games results




>The sesquipedalian blatteroon and her otiose footle of tautological excogitation about a children’s programme have been [[erased]] from Doctor Who ([[Who Wiki|and our Witzelsucht]]) forever by a qlippothic narrative collapse that was brought on by frenchified batrachomyomachia - let not his name darken these gilt-edged pages again!

This part, plus >>92568 (which was up and down for a long time) could both be misinterpreted as deadnaming and sorta dickish



I mean they haven't figured out how to prevent their schools from become shooting ranges either so…



He's smart because he quotes writers.



Just stop going to school



>she praises the one thing on the page that calls her Phil and calls the rest transphobic



I'm not smart enough to understand all those verbose words and comprehend how that sentence could be deadnaming



You figure out why people weren't shooting up schools 50 years ago when they had they same amount of guns, and you do that.



because parents cared about their kids before boomers



The "he" could be referring to the Wikia Admin who deleted the original page, frog-something(?), or it could be referring to El back when she was Phil. I actually assumed it was the former and could be misinterpreted as the latter but now looking at the sentence again I realize it could be intended as the latter instead. I don't know, I didn't write it.






Isn't it the middle of the night in australia?



>they had they same amount of guns

do stats back that up?



I love Sandifer and that line has always made me giggle like a six-year-old.




>same amount of guns

I'm skeptical. Before say 2000bce you had to go into a questionable neighborhood to a gunshop/smith to buy a very expensive gun, or a walmart which at the time were also in sketchy hoods. The latter you could only buy a handful of types of rifles and shotguns. You didn't have bass proshops selling handguns and high caliber riffles for less than a nintendo.



Fuck, never noticed that, really bizzare.



2000 CE



Yea yea. Sorry. I've been arguing on another board about some ancient shit.


make guns trans so they would be protected


File: 017d7a7c1d3249d⋯.jpg (902.58 KB, 1915x1440, 383:288, Doctor Who and the Psychoc….jpg)


Good point, I should change them all to her new name.



Shut up, Judith.



Is that all of them? I thought the grid was bigger but I could just be remembering wrong

did you make the original? Those aren't all easy shops to replace neatly in post



The EDAudios being before RTD Who triggers me.


File: a3cdd204d527131⋯.jpg (852.87 KB, 1915x1440, 383:288, Doctor Who and the Titles ….jpg)



The original.



>triggers me

You're above this, Neo.



The vertical format triggers me.



I have a hard time believing availability of weapons is the problem, and not whatever it is that's making people want to kill each other. If you want to kill someone, you find a way. In london they drive cars into each other. Now there's talk of banning cars in certain areas. It's just a never ending rabbit hole of banning one thing after another, targeting the weapon, never trying to get to the bottom of what it is that makes people want to use it. And there will always be weapons, so long as their are rocks in the ground, or puddles deep enough to drown someone in.


Can't believe they passed Article 13

The absolute madmen



Which VNA is this from?


Anyone know where to find that transparent cut-out of Russell T Davies, the one where he's doing the "you just know he had to do it to them" stance. The absolute unit one



Yeah but it's harder to drown 400 people a minute in a puddle from 60 yards away.



I guess it's fine if you only kill people one at a time and slowly.



You forgot your flag!


File: 0a956164ab655d4⋯.png (204.3 KB, 186x507, 62:169, rtd.png)



Shooting someone gives one a level of detachment from the act. Drowning someone, bashing their head in with a rock, stabbing them, or even running them over feels a hell of a lot more personal. That coupled with firearms's availability makes it a compounded problem.









There are Scandinavian countries that have all of the gun ownership of America, and none of the school shootings, because people are just happier there.



Not convinced by the politics, but this is a really good post.





File: cfbea8ff0b70654⋯.jpg (114.79 KB, 640x917, 640:917, I need guns because.jpg)


I think the psychotic reaction you get from americans when you suggest gun control speaks volumes about the true nature of the problem.



I doubt they have the same feelings regarding their guns, the way americans do. The gun is america's totem. It's in our colloquial language, popular music, all of the "great american heros" tote them, and the "right" of ownership is seen as a god given and ordained guarantee. It's totally the culture but I don't think it has anything to do with "happiness".



I don't mean to get all SJW but I think the fact the USA only exists because the insane, puritanical colonists had guns and the indians didn't is pretty significant.



…Well decease had as much to do with it as guns did.

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