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File: d17d21dfc96adaf⋯.jpg (206.25 KB, 1876x970, 938:485, imnotstoppingnowanyquestio….jpg)


I'm not stopping now. Any questions? edition

Previous >>93350


13 will have male genitals and there's nothing you can do to stop it




Neo, mind if I post your posts to a Discord server? Actually, the one we're both on. I'd like to discuss it a bit with others.


File: f3b21d983da14a0⋯.png (189.45 KB, 355x350, 71:70, ClipboardImage.png)




>IDK, A woman show runner would have been a good start. With chibnall writing a female doctor is just a facade, smoke and mirrors.

Even if Chibnall has some women writing scripts? Or if Chibnall gets some women to look over his scripts?



The imaginary S10 promised by this trailer is more canon than the real S10.



I agree.


how about making 13 good instead of making her a complete parody



>The Lie of the Land would've been the best episode in imaginary Series 10.



It sounds like, in-show, she'll probably be good.


Neo and Cloister, you seem to be saying that you'd prefer a female Doctor who took in mind a woman's experiences and POV into mind, when being written, rather than the "default" mode, aka the "male" mode?



It's a half measure. There's no commitment "to the cause" there. Do you think a woman is going to give the same commentary of a script to her male boss? Some how I'd think they'd be more comfortable with a "peer". It's a culture that prevails and still looms in the offices of DW, sure it's been slightly more inclusive, but they're still "playing it safe"



>Neo and Cloister, you seem to be saying that you'd prefer a female Doctor who took in mind a woman's experiences and POV into mind, when being written, rather than the "default" mode, aka the "male" mode?

Anything less is just window dressing desu.


File: b010bca9cade26f⋯.jpg (436.1 KB, 1808x1728, 113:108, Twink1-1504991475.jpg)


The "default" has been formed through the show being overwhelmingly shaped and played by men over its 50+ years. That default has received its most seismic shake-up in the lead character now being played by a woman. As a huge fan of Doctor Who, someone who (like yourself and most here) has experienced countless Doctor Who stories, I love to see the show still explore new directions and tell new stories. The male showrunner of the first female Doctor's series commissioning her scripts stealthily to be written as if she was a man is not a direction I am excited by.


6, 7, and 8 are men, played by men, mostly written by men (I am as big a fan of Kate Orman as you are, it doesn't change that fact she's in the minority), evolving out of an institution of a show and legacy of a character that has also been solely played by men, and overwhelmingly written and shaped by men for decades at those times. There simply is no honest way to decouple that and act like the figure somehow transcended gender because he lacked some hypermasculine traits. If 6, 7, or 8 were played by a woman, they would not be the 6, 7, or 8 that we know; they would be different characters.

I am saying that the first twelve Doctors were all played by men, and that the thirteenth Doctor isn't, and yet her scripts were written for her as if she was.

The Doctor has, until now, always been played by a man, and overwhelmingly written and shaped by men. Now the character isn't, and I wish Chibnall was acting more upon the creative liberation he's rightly earned through the genuine dynamic, progressive, seismic shift he made with that casting. Even if we set aside that that new, first-ever female Doctor is being hosted by a show still ran by a man, that man literally commissioned the scripts for her to be written as if the character was still a man. That is notable. That fits into the pattern of behaviour and time-honoured structure of the show I am talking about, one that I wish the show was taking more advantage of inherently subverting through Whittaker's casting.


If messaging people on Discord my posts is what you'd like to do, feel free to message my posts to people on Discord. It would not actually be the first time a trip on /who/ shared posts from the general into a Discord to discuss them there.



> Do you think a woman is going to give the same commentary of a script to her male boss? Some how I'd think they'd be more comfortable with a "peer".

It depends on the woman and the man. A male boss and a woman worker might be closer than a woman boss and a woman worker, depending on the people. Chibnall specifically chose to make a female Doctor, which implies that maybe he would be a boss that it would be easier to give "women's issues" commentary than others.


it should have been Natalie Dormer



>Chibnall specifically chose to make a female Doctor, which implies

I don't see how that implies anything at all. The half measures I speak of in my mind implies that it's a calculation. Further speaking to the female POV it's a shame talalay won't be back, that first shot from her eyes, the doctors eyes was a bit of that new POV in subtext. She 'got' it.



>If 6, 7, or 8 were played by a woman, they would not be the 6, 7, or 8 that we know; they would be different characters.

How so? Really, how would they be different?


Neo's being very Sandifer right now



Nah. He's not started quoting random philosophers yet.


File: 67d4463f35a0bf8⋯.jpg (100.2 KB, 647x694, 647:694, laughinggallifreyans.jpg)


>It would not actually be the first time a trip on /who/ shared posts from the general into a Discord to discuss them there.

top kek


to be honest that revelation about scripts being originally written for a male character hit me hard, it's the first thing I actively dislike about S11



We know Hugh Grant was RTD's first choice for playing the Ninth Doctor. Can you imagine how different that would have been, from Eccleston's Ninth Doctor? Eccleston and Grant are both English men born in the early 1960s, they have the same profession, they are the same race, and yet with all those things in common we know Grant's Ninth Doctor would surely have been remarkably different from what we got. Now imagine someone utterly unlike Eccleston playing the Ninth Doctor, someone without some of those shared attributes. Someone of a different worldview, of a different birth decade, perhaps of a different gender. We're so far into the field of hypotheticals it's impossible to quantify any of this, but we intuitively understand there are scales and scales of difference as we extrapolate further and further different sort of castings. A Doctor lacking hypermasculine traits does not erase the ongoing structure and institution of the show as it has existed for its history behind them, and we cannot neatly insert a woman into a past Doctor and act like nothing would have changed; that's superficial to the point of absurdity.


That's a great point, wow. Even all gender stuff aside, Talalay instantly completely changed the visual style after 12 regenerated, it was so immediately and arrestingly clearly being shot from a different perspective. Imagine if Series 11 felt to the show's history as that short clip did to the rest of the episode that preceded it; a shot in the arm and genuine new, exciting, different way of doing something still very recognisable as the show and character we love. That's something I'd have been excited by.



Hugh Grant doing Eccleston 1:1 would have been fucking kino. It'd be like a constantly furious Pertwee.



Oh yeah, that would've been "the Rani impersonating Mel" levels of inspired performance.



Holy fuck you're sour this evening, have a fucking smoke break already


>Eccleston and Grant are both English men born in the early 1960s, they have the same profession, they are the same race, and yet with all those things in common we know Grant's Ninth Doctor would surely have been remarkably different from what we got. Now imagine someone utterly unlike Eccleston playing the Ninth Doctor, someone without some of those shared attributes. Someone of a different worldview, of a different birth decade, perhaps of a different gender.

Actually, a Northern working class woman might have more in common with Eccleston than with, say, Lalla Ward. What you're saying is that the real secret is that the "woman Doctor" is a smokescreen, and the real trick is that Chibnall's given us another working class Doctor.



Ripley, one of the most well-known and celebrated women characters, was originally written as a man.



You seem confused, Nilsy boy. The Rani impersonating Mel was actually kino. I've no doubt Neo was expressing sincere interest.


File: 3a36e50d328c732⋯.jpg (29.53 KB, 640x360, 16:9, tumblr_static_tumblr_stati….jpg)


Perhaps my disdain for TaTR has blinded me to what was in front of me the whole time…



? That's a genuine bit of panto brilliance, I'm with RTD on thinking it was fantastic.


Alien is a film absolutely brimming with psychosexual subtext, to the point where an unaltered genderswap does inherently still shift a lot of things (the alien designed as to men what threat of penetrative rape is to women naturally means shifting protaganist's gender has an effect on how the stakes of the story are read). Aliens, arguably as popular as - if not more than - Alien, was very obviously written by Ripley's gender very much at the forefront as well. Alien was also a seminal entry into what became a franchise. 13 is a character coming off the back of fifty-four years of content. Ripley's a genuinely interesting case, but not super comparable, to my mind.




>13 is a character coming off the back of fifty-four years of content.

But 13 is a woman. Isn't it true that by changing her into a woman so abruptly, after years of slowly privileging a woman's experience (making a companion become a "Doctor" in her own right, in making "the Master" a woman who is killed by her own past toxic masculinity, having a woman who prefers women as a companion), that the Doctor as a metaphor shrugs off its own masculine roots, allowing itself to see the futility, and then be "forgiven" by the women in and out-of-universe, and allowed to emerge from its new embryonic state as a female Doctor Who? With trans authors, nonwhite composers, and female scriptwriters all giving their blessing to this new version of Who, on a meta level?



>a woman who is killed by her own past toxic masculinity

My take on this was that The Master was a psychopath but what do I know, eh?



>My take on this was that The Master was a psychopath but what do I know, eh?

I was talking on a symbolic level, the same sort of level Neo was.



If we're gonna talk on a symbolic level I see it as The Master killing the visual representation and manifestation of his own surpressed humanity in order to satiate his blood lust and for him to stay what he has always considered himself to be; a selfish, arrogant and self-serving coward.



> after years of slowly privileging a woman's experience (making a companion become a "Doctor" in her own right, in making "the Master" a woman who is killed by her own past toxic masculinity, having a woman who prefers women as a companion)

We all know all those things were very specific achievements a very specific man went around very specifically achieving under his very specific vision. That man is not writing 13. The man who is writing 13 is the man who describes his approach to Doctor Who as "What we want is for people to feel like we’ve got the range and variety of Doctor Who this year. So if you’ve never seen it before, you’re gonna fall in love with it, and if you have seen it, you’re gonna get those things that you love about the show across the 10 episodes". Chibnall has his own, entirely understandable reasons for wanting to make his era as broad and approachable as possible, but that approach is coming from an entirely different sphere than Moffat, the man who made those specific monumental beats you're talking about, was doing in his latter years of showrunning as he evolved into a very self-referential form of writing that cared a lot less about trying to get the show as big and wide an audience as possible. And even if it did, literally nothing in-universe can change the fact the show has been led by men (in every sense) for over half a century. That cannot be "shrugged off", and acting like it can be does a disservice to those few that didn't fit the mould that we both respect (like Verity) and how difficult it'd have been for them to make their marks on the show as they did when it, and the industry around it, was so male-dominated. I'm not characterising this as a crime anyone has to be "forgiven" for, but as a reality of the singularly specific way the show has been shaped through its years, as a means of expressing my distaste with how uncommitted the new showrunner seems to capitalising on the seismic shift he's shephered in. A black man composing and transwoman writing a tie-in novel does not change 13's scripts having been written for a non-existent male Doctor. I'm also very wary of reading the people Chibnall employs as inherently giving him some sort of woke blessing in gratitude; that's tokenism to the core.



Chibnall is the one who wanted a female Doctor from the start. He's had his desire to do that for a while. Not the BBC, not the outside developments, but a privileged man.



And I've sincerely applauded him again and again for it, including multiple times in this conversation. It's genuinely huge. That's why I wish he was doing more with it.


File: 2d5030cb7b782e9⋯.jpg (56.29 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, chris chibnall.jpg)



>no toupee




I'm not sure more is needed.



Then we just have a simple difference in how satisfied we will be with series 11.



If he were a man secure and confident in his values he would have insisted upon a female co-show runner, or even as his exec, or hell push for the woman doctor and give it to say dollard who's cv is a just about distinguished as his. But no, he thinks he's the right man to captain this ship along with a right hand man for a woman, which is a pretty privileged position and outlook.



How can you not be sure more is needed, honestly? I don't get how, for anybody, simply having a female Doctor EXIST is enough. Doesn't it bring down the whole situation if the casting is progressive but the series is shit? One might even go as far as to argue it's offensive to the female casting, because in that case it means it was made to appease and, worse, to draw in higher viewership, rather than to show that "it's about time".



>casting is progressive but the series is shit

But writing a female Doctor, in the first draft, basically the same as you'd write a male Doctor, except for historical eps where it might make a big difference, is not necessarily shit at all.



I don't think this is a fair assumption to make though. Does it matter that he had a female perspective if he honestly just had a story that he wanted to tell with a female doctor? Does his artistic input and ambition towards a female doctor who mean nothing in this scenario? He's the one who wants to do it who has this story and this kind of perspective and direction for where he wants the show to go. He shouldnt have to hand off the reigns on what is already his vision, because like, even if he handed off the reigns for series 12, its him that initially put the pieces in place with a story to tell for series 11. Itd be like wanting to paint a picture of a landscape while on vacation and someone telling you you can't because you're not from there.


File: 15094cd99a6c63e⋯.gif (413.6 KB, 480x238, 240:119, coin-flip-mcduck.gif)


>Does it matter that he had a female perspective if he honestly just had a story that he wanted to tell with a female doctor?

I mean kind of, and from his position of privileged while i wouldn't say it means nothing, it should be discounted or hold less gravity. I'm sure there were tons of women that would have loved the job and I can say with some probability that some of them would do a superior job considering his previous offerings and that's coming from someone that loved dinosaurs on a space ship. If you're going to be about representation and inclusivity, ffs follow through and do it right. It's a pulled punch It seems like a pittance and kind of a bait and switch.

Pictured: The BBC and DW fans



> I'm sure there were tons of women that would have loved the job

One of the intersting things is that sometimes women don't want those sort of jobs, because they don't want to be doing a job purely because they're a woman. Maybe they asked Rachel Talalay, and she said no?



I think part of the issue is that it wasn't "BBC wanted female Doctor, and chose Chibnall." It was "BBC wanted Chibnall as someone with experience with showrunning and the show, and Chibnall wanted a female Doctor, and BBC said 'Sounds good.'."

You're basically saying that Chibnall should have refused to showrun a female Doctor, because he's not a woman?



>Maybe they asked Rachel Talalay, and she said no?

That seems like a bit of a reach.



>One of the intersting things is that sometimes women don't want those sort of jobs, because they don't want to be doing a job purely because they're a woman.

What? All woman aren't the same and want different things? That's crazy talk. I thought all women wanted to be homemakers.

There are plenty of women showrunners out there and many make quality tv. Suggesting they lack the ambition is again, pretty sexist.

Rachel's a director, not a show runner and fwiw I think I read somewhere they had it just "didn't work out", which could mean anything. She's not the only director that happens to be female either, but they're obviously pretty risk adverse.



>he's a Nataliebro

I'm a Haleyfag and I completely understand your pain.

Maybe next time we can get our chance, anon. Next time



True, but the irony is that you may have gotten a female showrunner…with a male Doctor.

>but they're obviously pretty risk adverse



I wanted Natalie as the Doctor to, but I like Jodie as a choice.



I'm saying that yes, if he had any self awareness and was committed to a progressive future of DW he should have stepped aside or at least chose someone and insisted to be his second that had a feminine perspective.

Like "I have ideas to contribute a vision, but I want them filtered or checked by an equal with that perspective"


I would venture to say that women have a better handle on men than the reverse, so I wouldn't see any irony or problem with that.



>insisted to be his second that had a feminine perspective.

Wouldn't women writers fix that, even if they think they are writing for a male Doctor?

Also, are you saying that 13 will be de facto inferior as a vision, because it comes from a man?




File: 5d1db733a9f25c3⋯.jpg (22.96 KB, 624x352, 39:22, Johnny_Davies.jpg)


What are you going on about? Lottery numbers or what?



> if they think they are writing for a male Doctor?

That's kind of the crux of the problem right there. The energy is different, and again the perspective is different. I wouldn't be so frustrated with it if they were allowed to write a female doctor as THEY see it. It's a limitation, like a glass ceiling, if you will. Him giving them the brief of it being a male doctor really speaks to his own limitations and his limited vision for the doctor. It's a kind of domineering and and honestly seems a bit of latent toxic masculinity.


>Also, are you saying that 13 will be de facto inferior as a vision, because it comes from a man,

Mainly that it comes from that man in particular at the moment. And yes, I think that's what I'm kind of saying that I'd much rather 13 to have been conjured by someone that knows how a woman thinks and has some experience in that realm.



>I wouldn't be so frustrated with it if they were allowed to write a female doctor as THEY see it.

I think he doesn't see it as a female Doctor, but as a Doctor who has whatever 13's personality is, and also happens to be gendered as a woman.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



im a sick chuck i like a quick suck (and fuck)


File: fc2c01797744ab3⋯.png (218.73 KB, 640x392, 80:49, 1536964561280.png)






So, business as usual then? How he sees the doctor takes a back seat to how the viewers do and the way it's marketed seems very divorced from his own statements on the matter. It's very mismanaged and if it's going to be "The Doctor and the tardis, same ole, same ole" maybe they should stop suggesting that it's going to be something paradigm shifting and different. I think that establishing her as being just another doctor or just one of the guys hedges future incarnations the same way. There's no growth there, it's stagnate.



>It's very mismanaged


>they should stop suggesting that it's going to be something paradigm shifting and different.

Whereas I think the Doctor just being a woman is pretty big.

>There's no growth there, it's stagnate.

What would a genuine "female-experience valued" Doctor look like?



>Whereas I think the Doctor just being a woman is pretty big.

I think it's toothless.

>What would a genuine "female-experience valued" Doctor look like?

I don't know I'm not a writer nor a woman so I'd decline to venture a guess. I'm just as curious if not more so to see what that would look like.


Didn't chibs say that the writers didn't even know the gender of the doctor when they made their first drafts?



Yes. That's sort of the crux of the argument.

I think that, by writing the Doctor as male originally, Chibnall did the best thing, by having the writers focus on 13's personality before her gender.

Whereas Chibnall and Neo say that by using Chibnall's conception of 13, Chibnall has cut out the "feminine perspective" on how to write a female Doctor, and created an inferior product that overrieds the actual women's perspective for Chibnall's unescapably male way of thinking.




*Whereas Cloister and Neo



I think it's impossible to make valid judgement until we actually see the episodes. I'm sure the episodes went through rewrites and the writers changed things once they knew for sure the doctor was a woman



>I'm sure the episodes went through rewrites and the writers changed things once they knew for sure the doctor was a woman

I agree. Definitely so. And I'm sure Chibnall listened to any issues his women writers pointed out.


What makes writing for a woman different to a man, outside of how other people treat you?


I'm about to sleep, but real quick, I've enjoyed today's debate, Neo and Cloister. This is the sort of in-depth conversation I like to see on /who/, alongside the shitposting and the memes of course.



They did ask her and she did say no, as confirmed by Talalay herself



did she tweet about it?



I don't remember, it's either in twitter or digital spy, she said she was busy but she'd love to work on s12 later



Not did they ask her for an ep, did they ask her to showrun?



Women are more maniulative



you're describing a personality type that isn't dictated by gender




I didnt get that you were talking about Talalay as a showrunner, I'm sorry



No problem.


File: 58644e11f5b8d1e⋯.jpg (250.67 KB, 757x720, 757:720, who-is-cia-inside-the-newe….jpg)


>Now imagine someone utterly unlike Eccleston playing the Ninth Doctor, someone without some of those shared attributes.

Oh, I can.


File: 65aa8970aefa320⋯.png (15.46 KB, 866x297, 866:297, todd 'the kinks' kinkle.png)

The wiki's loss is felt far in the ripples of the who diaspora


broken mirrors is an rtdfag unrepresentative of /who/ and we should take this as an opportunity to oust him as wiki admin



Reminder that your days are numbered and /who/ is continually going to lose Moffags and gain Chibchads every year



We are all RTD fags once we read the novelization of Rose.



broken mirrors has never abused his powers and shown himself to be a stable, well composed authority figure regardless of his opinions on the show


the Moffchad Majority (66%) reigns supreme


File: 54907e001791dd3⋯.gif (492.09 KB, 499x207, 499:207, The Doctor can't contain h….gif)


>broken mirrors has never abused his powers

I can't keep getting away with it



Knock it down a bit now that Lym has left.


imagine being an unironic chibchad



that's why we're deposing broken mirrors

to equalise it out


File: f04c3d67151d849⋯.jpg (55.49 KB, 1004x620, 251:155, DnAB2CZWsAMl0C3.jpg)


nilsos going on a date with broken mirrors

lets just say by the time nilsos done with him, he'll have more than his mirror broken


File: 1a12415940689fa⋯.png (14.39 KB, 574x120, 287:60, niltweet.PNG)




what would make it a comedy?



nilsos future is a dark comedy





Anyone think Nilso's name is kind of funny?


File: 231a6c4181a77c7⋯.png (285.8 KB, 732x640, 183:160, china.png)




The Girl Who Died


A little birdy tells me N8 is gonna be surprised how much he agrees with a certain incoming blog post, and how much it deals in concepts he personally loves.


File: 12996b3b593d552⋯.jpg (79.2 KB, 480x480, 1:1, IMG_0969.JPG)



>fluoride stare

quick rundown?



If you have to ask you'll never know


yo skelly that Socialist Alternative USyd rant that verged you? turns out my cousin wrote it


SA are just liberals larping as socialists desu


File: ea2eaa54c1ea982⋯.gif (818.05 KB, 540x225, 12:5, tumblr_objh4kLrjZ1usxj9fo1….gif)

Ground Control to Major Tom

Ground Control to Major Tom

Take your protein pills and put your helmet on



didn't verge me, just thought it was funny and reminded me of you

now it's even more funny




Socialist Alliance or Alternative?





ITS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



File: e73703540039cdb⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1271x713, 41:23, kitty gamer.png)

don't distract kitty, he's streaming!



Yes daddy?



What if S11 is good?



Then all is well.



then we'll be able to enjoy it and talk positively about it

otherwise we'll enjoy it ironically and meme it



How is you


don't distract skelly, he's rattling his lil bone



im alright, how are you?


File: 0e155b82a6ad934⋯.png (2.49 KB, 367x18, 367:18, morph.png)


never shown nothing on cam - but i really want to!



good, was wondering what you thought of BFs beep meep post thing



what do you mean?


by the way neo i really enjoyed your posts about 13 last thread


File: c30aa15e9f1ac73⋯.jpg (156.34 KB, 650x398, 325:199, 650px-2004-03-20_Daily_Exp….jpg)


Turn and face the strange


Don't want to be a richer man


Turn and face the strange


There's gonna have to be a different man

Time may change me

But I can't trace time


File: e53debe4d2c9462⋯.jpg (359.52 KB, 916x728, 229:182, 1491704164670.jpg)





This https://www.bigfinish.com/news/v/beep-the-meep I emailed BF to complain about it but people have been saying I'm too verged.


Thank you, I really enjoy your posts on such things too ofc


File: 5125cdde1609f7c⋯.png (179.17 KB, 600x600, 1:1, beepthemeep_image_large.png)



i don't see what the problem is? it's not very funny but it gets the reader's attention


>5 disc set about a literal meme character

it's an elaborate joke right?



Did you miss the Jenny, Christina and Churchill sets?


It’s not an island, Leslie.



BF literally just spammed the same word over and over. They're making a fool out of their customers, saying they don't even need to bother trying to try to sell these overpriced boxsets anymore, that DW fans are the type of people to eat up any old shit and call it brilliant so why not just spam forced memes at em. You cannot just repeat the exact same thing over and over to Dr Who fans and expect them to tolerate it, let alone enjoy it!



but this is a straight up comedic cartoon character



Isn't spamming the same shit to DW fans what BF do best?



They still included actual press release text at the end of the post. They just made a joke, which I imagine fits the tone of the absurdity of the box set itself


File: 2273d981935f06a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 63.6 KB, 640x391, 640:391, PA-319998131-640x391.jpg)


not real.




File: ca947988f208a75⋯.jpg (506.12 KB, 1000x1500, 2:3, 1D8nNNEZh6A.jpg)

imagine her in this pose without pants.



>You cannot just repeat the exact same thing over and over to Dr Who fans and expect them to tolerate it, let alone enjoy it!




You can't just expend some effort and gesture at actual content after spamming the same shit over and over and over and expect people to still take you seriously and want to hear what you have to say.


How dare you.



File: aedffc74c0ff5a7⋯.jpg (18.58 KB, 582x94, 291:47, Neo.jpg)


not real.





She won't have pants but she would still be wearing trousers.


File: 47133ea50d9a933⋯.jpg (34.07 KB, 400x400, 1:1, unamusedcapy.jpg)


it's annoying, considering how big change is in the doctor who universe, that so many fans want it to be methodical "fun" by the books sci fi that never does anything new. that's why you need a major pleb filter every few years to remind them they're watching the wrong show.



Hey GWAAD have you ever bought a Big Finish boxset?



Big Finish is for people that complain about RTD being a soap and Moffat being Clara Who. They just want to watch the same stories from the era they grew up with over and over



People are still crying about Hell Bent not being muh epic 12 vs Rassilon Gallifrey war episode; any attempt to do something new or interesting will be shouted down by certain types.



I downloaded the first War Doctor set. Listened to the first one then didn't listen to the rest.


File: 31db5081eb65001⋯.jpeg (82.73 KB, 970x340, 97:34, 6AD5408E-11B7-4FBD-8E23-D….jpeg)



Its so annoying that BF wrote Beep as just another man and not a meep. We're really missing out on the subtle commentaries of meep culture. This is the first time we've had meep representation on this level and they ruined it



That's surprising, I'd pictured you as the kind of person who religiously buys Big Finish boxsets while only having seen like 3 Classic stories.



I'm just really indifferent to Big Finish.


>As well as a man can write a woman, he cannot be a woman.

Unintentionally redpilled


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




The Power of Three










Does it not remind you of The Power of Three?



Being taken seriously isn't what they're going for.


gwaad's in custody

they found the merula snyde pics on his computer



your future reminds me of The Power of Three because you're gonna be stuck in a small cube




Don't you mean The Pandorica Opens?



the doctor's imprisonment in that episode was unjust, yours will not be



>yours will not be

What a Doctor Who MOTW line.



When I read this I thought MOTW was some kind of offshoot of MGTOW



i had to look this up and apparently it's jargon used by Supernatural fans. lol


>I am a straight man. I have always been a straight man.

What a /doctorwho/ MGTOW line.


File: d08445f492f1b0a⋯.jpg (47.34 KB, 750x568, 375:284, N1VizaPLHwqMrfg-nYlO_ob16O….jpg)



Fuck that's great, I love that the person making the "correction" obviously didn't even read or think about the joke and immediately jumped into asserting their knowledge



It's peak 7.


Cheena so sound so titi up this malchick say

Party up moodge nanti vellocet round on Tuesday


whats this about me


File: 63c4e5f5c543833⋯.jpg (1.31 MB, 2000x1334, 1000:667, 13580054-low_res-doctor-wh….jpg)

Since the dawn of society, there have reigned a

Number of commandments one must obey to attain

Social stability and uniformity

The commandments are:

You shall not think that you ARE something

You shall not think that you are equal to US

You shall not think that you are wiser than US

You shall not fancy yourself as better than US

You shall not think that you know more than US

You shall not think that YOU are good at anything

You shall not laugh at US

You shall not think that anyone cares about YOU

You shall not think that you can teach US anything

These norms and values have been used to oppress

The free thinkers, making sure that nobody uses their

Talent to distinguish themselves from their peers



t. Komaeda


skellys here




How to start Doctor Who TL;DR:

Option 1: Try the beginning of the 2005 Revival: Rose and stick it out till Dalek.

Option 2: If that isn't working out, try the beginning of the 5th series: The Eleventh Hour watch until The Angels Take Manhattan (S07E05), then watch series 1-4, then watch The Snowmen and onward.

(Or you could save yourself from that headache and trust me when I say finish series 1 instead.)

Option 3: If that isn't working, try S03E10 Blink (but note that it is a differently structured episode than the rest of the series.)

Option 4 and 5: There are a couple places in the classic era you could start at (Spearhead From Space or An Unearthly Child), but unless you want to sell your internal organs for DVDs or get the streaming service BritBox (US), don't bother with them for now.


File: 8b5e0dc1d326c82⋯.png (408.19 KB, 576x576, 1:1, Morph Compilation.png)


sloaths also here


the whole gangs here


File: 30297ad27854e3e⋯.jpg (39.27 KB, 639x297, 71:33, 7hgzgPZwExdHCXmKfxyoH6Kr_e….jpg)

>Well this all comes down to what you consider ‘canon’

>First of all you could argue that because the episode is canon, the expanded and slightly altered novelization cannot be

>Also you have to keep in mind that this is an incredibly throwaway joke not meant to be taken all that seriously

>I think it’s a humorous little aside but I don’t think you can say that this is now canon


File: 0538823ceaa66a1⋯.png (321.97 KB, 636x600, 53:50, 1472888662518.png)

Will doctor who ever have a character as complex yet objectively correct as komaeda?


File: fdd6ec285d8b258⋯.jpeg (502.26 KB, 667x1000, 667:1000, 2EE144BB-30E4-4B45-AE14-3….jpeg)


Cmon. You all like the 1975 female doctor better.



her hair's really cool in that picture




Hahha that was awesome…Morph in hip hop stance..lol….



chas and morph having a laugh at themselves togegther in the end was surpriinsgly wholesome



nilsos gonna put morph in a stance that involves his hips but there will be no hopping



These get more bizarre and convoluted every time.


nilso in cam stance..unf…




holding out for your tower of despair doctor skelly?


yikes! skellys het



honestly the dr who subreddit should just have a filter that deletes messages containing the word 'canon'. It's always a big argument over there. In fact we should filter 'canon' out as well and be done with it. replace canon with 'deepest lore'or something



Every single Doctor Who forum in existence should filter out that word



>Doctor Who

It's 'the Doctor'.




I know you guys like to make fun of legok9 or whatever, but honestly he's the only one really welcoming new fans on reddit, and his advice there isnt even that bad.



wait was that post made by legoK9? I didn't even look at the username before copy/pasting it


Neo, youre online when i go to sleep, and youre online now that I've woken up again. What time is it for you?



Nah, LegoK9 is himself is fine, the only bad thing is he invited a ton of Redditors over here. We're really just memeing, they say similar things about him on Reddit itself.







Every couple of days someone goes onto the doctor who subreddit and asks where they should start the show, and he copy/pastes that exact message in the comments. I honestly appreciate him for it, because he sincerely just wants to help new fans. Other commenters have copy pasted the legok9 comment as well, so that might not have been him, but he created it.



1742. I slept for about six hours and got up an hour ago or so.


Forgot my flag!


hey guys lookatme im gig



Is it has that I immediately recognised that pasta?


technically the Doctor already belongs to a specific Hogwarts House (Slytherin), it is just called a different name (House Prydon). ;)



yeah i was annoyed he did that, but i dont think he knew better. But I'll always defend people like legok9, lymerence, immigrant etc, because they produce content, and they're pretty sincere in their enjoyment of the show / want others to enjoy it too.

Im sure most people here dont mean anything that bad about him though


hey guys lookatme im also gig from time to time


no look at ME im dilb


cum onion



In December 2016, after discovering that the Jezrafeq were controlling the minds of most of humanity, Andy Hansen jokingly asked Erimem, "You don't think this could explain Brexit and Donald Trump, do you?". Later, while tracing the source of the mind control signal, Andy suggested that the signal may have been coming from Trump Tower "because [Donald Trump] and Nigel Farage want[ed] to piss [Andy] off even more before the year end[ed]". (PROSE: Cliff Richard Saves the World)



wow, I had slept around 7 hours at roughly the same time as you, but on the other side of the globe



Strange isn't it? I feel closer to you than ever now.






you'll feel even closer when you're spooning me


>>94319 is not me Neo dont worry


Folks, let's talk.

As some of you may know, this board celebrated 10 years a couple of weeks ago.

Now, back when I created the board I had visions of Ten and Rose's family on Christmas Day, celebrating a potential feast. Frustratingly, the state of the sub has turned from celebrating (Doctor Who) to bashing, ridiculing, harassment, and downright negativity.

I didn't create the board to be like this and I'm sick and tired of it.

What I'm considering doing is to start removing/banning negative posts criticizing this and that. This is not a place to come and state your dislike for whatever you dislike about Doctor Who. I held off simply because it would be censorship and I am the last person to want to censor anything.

I think starting with the negative posts would cut down on a lot of the crap and I'd leave the comments alone. If I see the comments sustaining negativity. then I'll look at addressing them.

I don't like discussing this topic, but I refuse to let the hard work and dedication of the past ten years dissolve into toxicity. I haven't implemented anything yet, but something is coming. If someone has an idea on how to better deal with the issue, I'm all ears. I was hoping it would fade away as it seemed to do in the past, but it seems to be growing stronger.

I'm frustrated, the mods are frustrated, and a lot of you are frustrated.

*I'm heading to work. I'll be back later today to continue the conversation. The other mods will be around as their time allows.


I dont understand, neither >>94319 or >>94320 are actually me


am I even me?





>I am the last person to want to censor anything.

will never not be funny desu



jean valjean


who am nilso



sounds too ethnic to be me


File: 08e58fdcabda240⋯.jpg (326.98 KB, 1253x1700, 1253:1700, dr-who-martha-5-1.jpg)

File: 3e706b71faf429b⋯.jpg (313.21 KB, 1206x1700, 603:850, dr-who-martha-5-2.jpg)


maximum 6B canon


nilso plays liberty launcher soldier and just jumps around trying to market garden people



whats really hilarious about this is that im the one that posted originally, and i put my phone down for 5 mins only to come back to this. theyre not me



What is your name.



c'mon neo it's sloath





all 3 posts are me.




it wasn't me



im sloath and >>94337 >>94331 is not me



youre not sloath, i'd recognise them anywhere


im cats and >>94341 is me



no i thought the post was sloath, i wasn't saying I was sloath



this is sloath

btw sloath can you unironically explain to me obermann's politics and what exactly she is doing on twitter lately


this is imposter



you are not sloath you are not the imposter. i dont know who you are but i suspect i talk to you often.



i know your name



yeah, i'm skelly


on this blessed day everyone is sloath



I've only seen what's been posted to /who/ but it seems to be that she is a lot like Yvonne. Her and Nev could start a group of Who actors/writers that think Corbyn is anti-semetic because he doesn't like Isreal.



no you're not



Remember the collective monkaS we had over Fitton's politics reveal in that behind the scenes thing



i have something in common with you





yeah we do talk quite a bit desu. you can probs tell im the same person from my writing style or whatever



Starting to think a lot of the people working on Torchwood would support Torchwood One's stance on only defending Britan.


remember one day i shall cum black? just popped into my mind and i chuckled to myself






hmm so you were someone online last night in the stream. you dont type like TOS or ingiga. I dont think youre cheetah, but possible. potential dilb. potential looms. not capaldo. i may be forgetting others who were in the stream. will be quite embarassing if i am.


Not Goss the Boss thankfully, but yeah it's a bit weird.


Just basically he completely unironically thinks Yvonne would be a perfect PM, and was generally kinda Thatchery in the whole thing.





ahhhhh i see. I was online last night but im not on the stream. im just anon, but i think we do talk quite a lot. you really are overthinking this a bit.



ahh i misintrepreted what you meant about me going to sleep last night and assumed you were meaning you were there when i signed off and it was that sort of syncrhonicity. not a streamanon but a /who/re that posts frequently. got it.


i cant imagine being just an anon who never appears in the stream


File: 1f474c15a6a8c86⋯.png (156.24 KB, 357x336, 17:16, 10verged.png)


>Just basically he completely unironically thinks Yvonne would be a perfect PM




I think they misunderstood Doctor Who comics as being adaptations of the tv show



we're basically in bed together


i used to but i stopped at christmas. gonna come back when i get to uni though, im too busy with work rn. see you on the last week of september



what was your stream name?


File: cf6251d47f9c077⋯.gif (455.35 KB, 448x246, 224:123, 10looksin.gif)



what if I value anonymity and don't want to adapt an identity that will inevitably get memed and have a political identity forced on





File: 70963ae67ce2e57⋯.jpg (185.88 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 182952391_ed37ef1943.jpg)




just choose a humour-proof name like 'DeadBabies'





Ford_Prefect or some variation on that. I've actually been thinking of coming back to the stream a lot recently, but it will wait til im at uni and have the free time



i remember you





I know you.


El Gato de Forda Prefectus






I'm honestly not being critical of Neo here but why did you submit a 200 page story to Shit Trips when everyone else bar one or two people managed to contain their work to under 10k words like the guides/rules said to?


Bunk Board Ford


I'm honestly not being critical of Nilso here but why did you submit a 200 page essay for my assignment when everyone else bar one or two people managed to contain their work to under 10k words like the guides/rules said to?




oh wow, I legit didnt think I'd be remembered. thanks fellas ;)





2.5 had no such rules. I can tell you as one of the "editors"/"curators" of 2.5, if anyone else had written anything that long I'd obviously have included it. The nearest thing to what you describe is the pasta announcement of 2.5 reading, notably distinct from the section actually marked as rules, that "the story must be at least 1 word long, and preferably not in excess of 10,000, it's short fiction you fuck", which was a guideline at best (and not one anyone evinced much worth to, least of all me, considering one of the best and most creative stories of the set did literally have no words [Nilso's second Doctor story] and the sequential shared-authorship run-on stories exceeded that limit as well). I intentionally placed the River story at the very end of the volume, after everyone else's stories, to prevent the slightest chance of its presence to overwhelm anyone and affect readership of other's stories. I include an author's note explaining how the story evolved out of communal discussions on /who/, and explaining how the story is much less an original creative work on my part and much more a rearrangement/remix of content most of us already enjoy (DOTD novel, Smith era episodes) in a new way people have specifically mused on the idea of before on /who/. If you do have serious issues with the story's inclusion, I do unironically suggest you consider making your own remix of the pdf to delete it from the volume; anons did a similar thing with Shit Trips 2 after the Orford story wasn't included, using this sort of easy-to-use website to alter the pdf (https://www.ilovepdf.com/split_pdf to split, https://smallpdf.com/merge-pdf to merge) and that led to the "official" version of the pdf being altered to reflect the general's wishes. None of this is ever set in stone, it is all communal and it is all /who/.


How many /who/res believe in ghosts?



I believe in Nilso



No complaints whatsoever. Honestly. My personal reading of the "it's short fiction, you fuck" was that anything too long would be discouraged. We have no problems here.


> The Doctor: There's something in the air, there's something coming.

>Rose: What?

>[fireworks explode overhead]

>The Doctor: A storm's approaching.

What the fuck did they mean by this



The world is changing.



I always forget about the Orford story.



We're gonna be watching a ghost of a show soon enough.


TOS was about join the fandom.



I heard the future is all female. Is this true?



It's to make everyone go "Ooh, what did he mean by that?" on first airing.

t. someone who went "Ooh, what did he mean by that?" on first airing.


File: fca3d25b9a2b49c⋯.jpg (134.62 KB, 973x768, 973:768, 69rBm712uCqyihBnQDptJgVg42….jpg)


File: 6f118ba6bf84237⋯.jpg (471.65 KB, 1417x1417, 1:1, shilling_countdown3_image.jpg)

There are just three days to go until Shilling & Sixpence Investigate is released, and before its launch we look at the splendid cast in the latest of our Big Finish Originals.

On the 18th of September, Shilling & Sixpence Investigate will be the latest release in our Big Finish Originals range, following ATA Girl, Cicero and Jeremiah Bourne in Time. Today we meet the cast behind this stellar new production from Big Finish.

February 1939. Desmund Shilling arrives in Morlington Hill, deep in the heart of Cornwall, having been given the post of Head of English at Morlington School for Girls by the hearty headmistress Lavinia Sixpence.

Not far away, at Boothby Hall, Inspector Cribbage and Sergeant Salt are investigating the horrific murder of Lord Pluck – who is to blame? His grieving widow, Lady Penelope? His impetuous son, Viscount Robert? The no-nonsense cook, or the handsome young school caretaker Joseph?

Miss Sixpence and Mr Shilling mount their own investigation, and very soon, horrible truths come to light…

Celia Imrie plays Miss Lavinia SIXPENCE, headmistress of Morlington School for Girls, located deep in the heart of Cornwall. Big Finish listeners will recognise Celia from her performances in The Prisoner Volume One, Counter-Measures Series 2, the Fourth Doctor tale Gallery of Ghouls, and as Clementina Quentinbloom in one of our other Big Finish Originals, Jeremiah Bourne in Time.

David Warner co-stars as Desmund SHILLING, Head of English at Morlington School for Girls. Many listeners will already know David, a favourite at Big Finish, from his starring roles in a whole variety of stories. David plays the current regeneration of the Doctor in the Unbound universe with Bernice Summerfield, has met the Fourth Doctor and Romana I, and played the titular role of King Lear, amongst many others.

Louise Jameson plays Sister Mary Benedicta (HALF A CROWN) and will also be a very familiar name to many Big Finish listeners from her part as Leela, the Fourth Doctor companion, who goes on to play a huge part in Gallifrey’s history. We’re also lucky to have had Louise back as Dr Anne Reynolds in The Omega Factor, and in her role as Jackie in Survivors. And don’t forget that our first Big Finish Original, ATA Girl, was created by Louise.

Matthew Waterhouse plays Viscount Robert (FARTHING) who will also be familiar to Big Finish listeners from his role as Adric, the boy and mathematical genius from Alzarius who travelled with the Fifth Doctor (and will travel with the Fourth Doctor again in 2020).

Lisa Bowerman plays Phyllis Elliot (FLORIN), and, of course stars as Big Finish’s first lady, Professor Bernice Summerfield. She also plays Ellie Higson, barmaid, in the Jago & Litefoot series and has directed countless productions for Big Finish.

Nigel Fairs, creater, producer and writer of Shilling & Sixpence Investigate, plays Inspector Cribbage (TEN SHILLING NOTE). Nigel has also directed many productions for Big Finish, including Sapphire & Steele (which starred David Warner) and the sadly discontinued Tomorrow People. Nigel has also written and starred in multiple ranges for Big Finish, including Doctor Who, Blake’s 7 and Dark Shadows.

Samuel Clemens plays Lord Pluck (GUINEA) and is the director of Shilling & Sixpence Investigate. Sam also features in the first of our Sherlock audio releases which stars Nicholas Briggs as the famed detective.

And if that wasn’t enough, the cast also includes Abi Harris (HALF PENNY), Max Day (PENNY), Rebecca Crinnion (THREE PENCE) and Radley Mason (POUND NOTE). Part of the regular cast of Nigel Fairs’s murder mystery live show (which inspired Shilling & Sixpence Investigate), Nigel told us more in last month’s Vortex magazine: “Part of my pitch was that I could use my regular theatre cast members – Abi, Max, Radley and Beckie – all of whom are very fine working actors and feel like family.” These actors are all superb multi-role professionals, as Nigel confirms in an interview coming later this month. 

Shilling & Sixpence Investigate is available as part of the Big Finish Originals range, a new wave of original drama launched to celebrate 20 years of award-winning audio publishing.

The eight-episode series will be available on download (only) from Big Finish on 18th September, at a pre-order price of £17. The complete Big Finish Originals range is also available in a pre-order Originals bundle for £135, as well as being available as individual downloads.

You can get a free extract of episode one "The Missing Year" by adding it to your shopping basket.


8's audios are the Tin Machine of Doctor Who



Not him but newfriend



Neo do you prefer book 8 or audio 8?


Doctor Who died of cancer in december 2017.



Book although I'm tempted to very specifically choose mid8 with Charley (Invaders through Terror Firma basically).


When the show comes back round, are we migrating to /tv/ and then only returning to mcgannchan in January? Or are we doing things simultaneously?



I'll be mostly on 4chan, I don't like hiding in the attic



both will inevitably stay active, to what extent is yet to be seen. No matter what it'll happen organically, just like how everyone migrated here from the discord by preference



doesn't work



that's fair, I don't like the idea of dealing with /pol/tards though.


So we just see how it goes? fair enough. i normally like on season /who/ on /tv/ but with a female doctor, I worry it will be a shitfest over there. Hopefully they'll get over it in the first few weeks though


File: 4e5aa9dab4714d9⋯.jpg (24.49 KB, 307x546, 307:546, 1537007258625.jpg)







I'll probably mostly be here but will be on both.


We just have to see how it goes yeah. One way or another we have a stable homebase here, which is reassuring.



What's an avi?


File: 76cb48c645a1bad⋯.jpg (48.42 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 10weeell.jpg)





>One way or another we have a stable homebase here, which is reassuring.

For the love of god, no one tell the boardies we live here now



All the boardies put off by /who/ are emboldened by it being taken down so they will come back this season in full force



Joke about the nerve gas attack in Salisbury. The two Russian suspects have said they were tourists there to see the "famous cathedral"


File: 9aa6eeeb1c7a3cc⋯.jpg (148.56 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 9aa6eeeb1c7a3cc26b28290361….jpg)

don't disturb Kinda he's gaming


Off to buy the 13th sonic today. Gonna be a shit one



Are they still suspects? didn't the timeline prove to be inconsistent or something? Maybe they are just a religious russian homosexual couple


File: e27cbf3410b0239⋯.png (233.63 KB, 500x531, 500:531, 1510629963295.png)

>turn on gamerstation

>loading videogame™

>8ch autoupdate

>see this


File: 7348dfa6e764fca⋯.jpg (20.47 KB, 355x355, 1:1, gfuel.jpg)


Surely not without his G Fuel for Gamers



If you think it's gonna be a shit one, why buy it? The only screwdriver I'd wanna buy would be a classic style silver one, but only if it was actually made of metal. Then it'd probably be out of my price range tbqh



Because 13 will be so shit I can pretend I'm a better Doctor



What's going to be the situation with user profiles in the new wiki? They've all been archived, but will those pages still be attached to an account with that name? If I make a mediawiki account with the same name, will my user profile carry over?



shut up nightmareofeden



It’s a legitimate question that would be useful for everyone to know


File: bc06506c82278be⋯.jpg (19.02 KB, 639x359, 639:359, time of angels.jpg)

You viddy at the cheena

Choodesny with the red rot

Libbilubbing litso-fitso

Devotchka watch her garbles

Spatchko at the rozz-shop

Split a ded from his deng deng

Viddy viddy at the cheena


Real bad dizzy snatch making all the omies mad - Thursday

Popo blind to the polly in the hole by Friday


File: a005a2c482e7cdb⋯.jpeg (14.32 KB, 400x300, 4:3, 19327e69f1fd8c7dc96f38029….jpeg)

It wasn't a real pool! It was a concept!


Imagine if Samantha had been companion after the Faceless Ones instead of Victoria


File: e28d78d948c52c4⋯.gif (1.32 MB, 360x210, 12:7, tumblr_o4si3rKlKl1tsfx8ro1….gif)

>"It's picking up where it left off and just making minor adjustments to it, to make it more enjoyable for the audience," said Cole.






Who exactly is this "audience"?



Obnoxious contemporary companion vs timid historical companion?


David Tennant was a mistake




File: 8ec111e16bee71f⋯.png (55.68 KB, 593x269, 593:269, bidtribute.png)




Who were some realistic casting options other than Tennant in 2005?



If you're not thinking normies when he says that I don't know what to tell you



Matt Whelan, for the love of God, control your Twitter antics and REIGN THEM IN, and throw in a realistic RELEASE DATE as a gesture of good will!



There's a Wikipedia page with considered castings, but Tennant is the only one without a section.




That wasn't me.


File: 4b9559b4b75c86d⋯.gif (730.76 KB, 245x178, 245:178, 4b9559b4b75c86db3ae879ac33….gif)

morph be like


Nilso, can I ask you something?


Brian Blessed as 2 would have been really interesting. Watching his acting pre-Flash Gordon is quite different to what we've come to expect from him.


Yeah, sure.



What is your detailed opinion on the OP image of the previous thread?


NightmareOfEden, can I ask you something?






And true.


Beep the Meep is a fictional alien who appeared in the Doctor Who Weekly comic strip based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. The cute and cuddly appearance of Beep the Meep — a round, furry biped with large, expressive eyes and long ears — belies his true nature as a malevolent, homicidal would-be conqueror and dictator.



Yeah, sure



IIRC that was actually considered, but she didn't want to do it.


When someone mentions "Chris", who do you imagine?



A writer I'm a huge fan of and follow on Twitter.


Do you think I have a case to take any sort of legal action against BF for literally threatening their customers in the much-maligned Meep spampost? It concludes with "Pre-order now. Or I'll have to turn nasty…. ", an outright threat towards the customer and arguable case of extortion/coercion. Do I have a case here? https://www.bigfinish.com/news/v/beep-the-meep


File: eac137c360a9735⋯.jpg (12.49 KB, 316x316, 1:1, Chris_The_Classic_public2.jpg)


Soldeed from Horns of Nimon was offered the fourth doctor and declined.


File: 30044207c6f59b7⋯.jpg (30.01 KB, 432x506, 216:253, ecclesmad.jpg)


Does anyone browse /who/ in Treeview?



Why do you hate fun so much?



Who browses any Chan board in treeview?



Albert Wesker


What’s the opposite of gun?






No idea, I'd never enabled it until now as a lark, seems literally Reddit. Interesting though. Will try it out for this thread.


I don't like a company I've supported plenty over the years making implicit threats of violence upon my person. In the whole of my posting life I have never had to bring the bad times home with me. I have never had to feel threatened in my own home. But not any more, because this means these writers can invade my life whenever they feel like it and I am scared, anon.


File: dc170fc52053826⋯.png (34.13 KB, 1200x1306, 600:653, kino-compass.png)



Hey, where do the people here fit into the intersection? Any trads, rads, gun frocks?>>94464

Technically Big Finish has threatened its listeners for money before. Torchwod_cascade_cdrip.tor was one long threat towards pirates.



Once again I’m uncertain if you are serious or not. I’m leaning towards joking but I’ve been wrong before



Worst political compass I've ever seen



Top right is where the kino happens



It's right you know



I had an extended email exchange with them about that after that audio released. Neither of us were happy with the other's responses. I have already planned extensive content warnings before that story is hosted in the Torchwood marathon stream sessions.


I'm glad my genuine terror can bring others some mirth.



I've always preferred either bottom right or top left.



Actually thinking about it top right IS pretty Kino.



It’s just that you’re overreacting to a non issue to such a degree that it feels like a joke.



> … to such a degree that it feels like a joke

Almost… as if…



How do you enable it?



Top rightish of page , a bit above andf to the right of the red text about Shit Trips header



>I have already planned extensive content warnings

In relation to what? What's so bad about the content?



This could never work because we don't converse in such a straightforward way



There is piracy-shaming involved and the level of hostility towards piracy could be construed as hosting the sort of attitude that would lead towards threats of violence, amongst some of our more sensitive Torchwood stream followers ([spoiler]Morphant[/spoiler).



It doesnt apply to autoupdated posts anyway so its a non starter


File: 8df65cdaaa93eaa⋯.jpg (45.61 KB, 604x454, 302:227, deathworm.jpg)



Pirates don’t deserve content warnings


File: 8df65cdaaa93eaa⋯.jpg (45.61 KB, 604x454, 302:227, deathworm.jpg)


File: 47133ea50d9a933⋯.jpg (34.07 KB, 400x400, 1:1, unamusedcapy.jpg)


File: bd870568d012aaf⋯.webm (3.65 MB, 720x404, 180:101, sweetmotherofgallifrey.webm)

Morph be like


Capybara sits on the old gum tree,

Merry merry king of the bush is he.

Laugh, Capybara laugh, Capybara

Gay your life must be


kino in streamo


But I'll tell you what it will be.

(I'll tell you what it will be)

(tell you what it will be)





Pick 15 companions and a Doctor Who to put in a killing game


The shit of a lifetime




fucking lol imagining this in his voice. peak comedy, plain and simple


File: 2108294b7654ade⋯.jpg (62.49 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, KTM.jpg)

Under a blue moon I saw you

So soon you'll take me

Up in your arms, too late to beg you

Or cancel it though I know it must be

The killing time

Unwillingly mine



Ian, Barbara, Jamie, Ben, Brigadier, Benton, Harry, Leela, Romana 2, Turlough, Ace, Chang Lee, Jack Harkness, Mickey , Graham and the 6th or 8th Doctor.



Remove Benton.



Now pick a mastermind and all the survivors



I don't know what you're referring to. I'd assumed that you were talking about a Hunger Games you were doing.




Jamie, Leela, Romana I, Romana II, Liz, the Brigadier, Charley, Benny, Jack, Mickey, SJA-era Sarah Jane, Amy, Rory, River, Clara, 11



Never mind then



Is it unprofessional for Goss to curse on Twitter so frequently?


File: 22a42556e7a0ee3⋯.jpg (86.13 KB, 768x512, 3:2, nb.jpg)

No Daleks or Cybermen in Series 11, huh? Chibnall, you're fucking dead.



>forcing BF to use the new logo

>not hiring Briggs for voice work

What if Chibnall and Briggs have a huge falling out and it sets off the destruction of the entire Doctor Who empire?



The Daleks will be in the Christmas special. Screenshot this.



Hardly seems the best way to gain an audience.



Saying right wingers are actually anti Semitic compared to lefties is a threat?



You're right.


I walk into the gents and there’s a flock of wine aunts. As I check I opened the right door one of them tells me it’s the correct one they’re just in there for some reason. DWE?



As inevitable as this is, and obviously a good move for the show, it's going to be fucking awful and you know it.





The terribleness of everything that's coming has me genuinely excited desu


DWE of having newspapers still reprint debunked smears about you being a Soviet spy after you're dead and buried?



DWE of horny middle aged women? Tennant's fanbase.


Christmassy Daleks need to be on the eventual hype train image





why is dr who so bad now



Chibnall won't let her die before she does S11.



Christopher Theodore Chibnall.





The Showrunning™


Nilsos not here right now

Nilsos not home

Leave a message after the life

Flatline tone


File: f02decc9e02b63a⋯.jpg (91.77 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 40708160_124317341853782_1….jpg)

make it happen pls briggs finish



> Tennant’s fanbase

>Middle aged

Literally nothing I can add to this but: no.



Is this some sort of largest mouth competition?



Thoughts and prayers for Sesska 🙏



You'd be surprised, Tennant-fetishism is far from exclusively a teenage thing.


Let's Fuck Tennant


statistically speaking there must be at least one /who/re with one of the following names, almost certainly more:

hi john

hi harry

hi tom

hi will

hi alex

hi chris

hi steven

how did it feel to read that






sure it did, john/harry/tom/will/alex/chris/steven



Huh. I’ve only seen it as a teenage thing, but, then again, I’ve never really seen creepy Tennant obsession outside of Tumblr, which obviously has a most teen userbase.



see Facebook



My name is short, but not common, and shared with an actor known to us all.



Can’t tell if you’re actually taking the b8, or I’m being meta-b8d here.


can confirm the middle aged tennant fanbase thing. source: my mum



I’d rather not…



Keanu Reeves?



One syllable.



Morph left the stream after expressing support of Nilsrael. TOS obligingly cleared the chat to spare him the controversy that'd follow.



less common






less feminine



narrows it down, narrows it down




lets play neos name hangman



Hey, top left is OK as well.


File: 429a565b658c79a⋯.jpg (8.65 KB, 257x196, 257:196, download.jpg)


did somebody say Let's Play?




Fuck, it actually DOES kinda work as one.



nilsos penis narrows down at the thought of seeing a woman undressed




These jokes are getting increasingly forced



nilso becomes flaccid in the presence of women



nilsos unwanted sexual advances on the gig are getting increasingly forced


I am a straight man. I have always been a straight man.




I feel like this was the result of whiny bullshit. "Oh! Theres too many Dalek and recurring monsters episodes!" And I don't even see where people are getting that: the last episode to feature Daleks was 2015. And that one shouldn't even count because it's more of a davros episode than a dalek episode. The last episode where daleks were the actual villain of the episode was 2014(and villain is a loose term there because it was more 12 fuckin with a dalek than a dalek fuckin with anyone). So what are we left with? Cameos. And how much of a nit picky fuck do you have to be to bitch about a cameo?

It wouldnt be such a shame if it wasnt for the fact that chibnall grew up with 80s who and most of the Dalek stories from that era were pretty freakin good.



i'll let you figure that one out



>most of the Dalek stories from that era were pretty freakin good.

one of them was good, one of them was mediocre, and one was bad.



>It wouldnt be such a shame if it wasnt for the fact that chibnall grew up with 80s who and most of the Dalek stories from that era were pretty freakin good.

if you really think this would logically result in Chibnall automatically writing good Dalek stories I am extremely skeptical of your logic



yeah, moffat grew up with the jnt era and somehow managed to write good everything stories



There has not been one series of NuWho which had neither Daleks nor Cybermen as a main antagonist of a story.

S1: Daleks

S2: Daleks, Cybermen

S3: Daleks

S4: Daleks

S5: Daleks

S6: Cybermen

S7a: Daleks

S7b: Cybermen

S8: Daleks, Cybermen

S9: Daleks

S10: Cybermen

ENOUGH. A break is more than fucking overdue.





nobody is offended by swear words anymore (and that's a good thing - swear words were always completely arbitrary and artificial constructs)

the only words that cause offense are slurs against people groups



Arguably Big Finish's most popular draw has literally said their output is for children. Is Goss' vulgar way of articulating himself really justifiable with that in mind?






Quick few questions to those who are interested in Shit Trips.

A) Is there any type of topic that you believe to be unsuitable for a story/subplot/thematic representation/allusion for Shit Trips? If so, what?

B) If I was to write an entry based on the /who/nger games with Who characters would it be more sensible to keep it to the 24/36/48/? range of character inclusions or would you want to see everyone vs everything with zone hazards and until one person is left standing, no-holds-barred? I'll do either.

Subquestion of Question B) If I was to do a no-holds-barred version of a Hunger Games with Who characters, would it be fair to include groups of enemies like a Group of 5 Cybermen if they're considerably weaker and pose less of a threat?

Also, reviews are coming. I've had a lot on recently and I've not had a lot of time for them.



People are allowed to have personal twitter accounts not officially linked to the brand they are employed by



plus children swear even more than adults



>I've had a lot on recently and I've not had a lot of time for them.

non stop cam shows?



Personal stuff.



personal cam shows for morph then.



Part of the problem is actually the fact that their appearances for a while now have just been cameos. Daleks haven't been a credible, oppressive threat in a story since the RTD era. Moff only ever used them as comical baddies with stormtrooper tier aiming. Cybermen are largely in a similar position, but moff presented them as a legitimate threat in the S10 finale.

It's completely valid to give both of them a rest to try and build up the mystique surrounding them again, so that once they inevitably return they can be presented as something new and a credible threat again




Does this include the Holocaust?





spoilers no thank you






You're being pedantic. Just because they got used once for a scene that takes less than 10 minutes out of a family drama piece means that they're a huge recurring over used part of the episode? You could toss the cybermen out of closing time and replace it with a generic alien and not a single thing would chance(you know how I know? Because they did and called the episode The Lodger). You are literally complaining about one cyberman in a cave for 5 minutes.


The Celestial Intervention Agency member glow in the dark, you can see them if you're in a TARDIS, you just run them over. That's what you do. Fuckin' CIA members.



Surely if he grew up watching 80s Who the lesson he would learn about Daleks is that they’re better used sparingly.


Doctor? It's Martha. And I'm bringing you back to Earth!


Bitch I’m a motherfucking Morphant (I’m the goddamn Giga)


File: ca8179749fae642⋯.jpg (243.95 KB, 1000x1517, 1000:1517, ok.jpg)






pick one sweetie



>not having regeneration energy come out of the rip on his jacket



File: ad0958782dbc058⋯.png (44.35 KB, 490x586, 245:293, 1536651749191.png)

>hey anon, did you catch the new Doctor Who episode? The new doctor is pretty cool.



This meme is literally Homer Simpson saying “everyone is stupid but me”


File: aed06ee921a483d⋯.jpg (60.67 KB, 420x680, 21:34, #notmydoctor.jpg)



holy fucking shit is this real



It's not actually a book. Just a thread on GB of a guy reeing at almost every line of dialogue in the Capaldi era.


why did gallifreybase change forum software?



>Zoomers who started with David Tennant, and don't know the Doctor can be a bit of a knob sometimes



To stop BBC sueing them



Itb: "i only watched RTD Who and never was the doctor an asshole except to Martha. But I never paid attention to that because she wasn't Rose."





What’s your favourite episode of Round the Twist?


Reminder that we'll be getting information about the first few episodes of S11 this week (wed/thur)



Meh. I'll be watching The Chase on ITV instead.



I'll be listening to BF's latest.



You can do both my friend :)



I'll be watching Brand New Morph



I only have room for so much shit DW in my life.



Thoughts on the latest one?



beep meep



That's not shit DW, it's legit horrifying malpractice on BF's part.



only thing of note is that they used clips from it in this video before it's release



morph missing episodes


i ship morph x chas



Morph is just, ugh, yes please? You know?




Chas' voice is so annoying but Morph's laugh is so sweet


File: a5d1d4d7e53109a⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1482x751, 1482:751, Grandmorph Return.png)

Yeah, I'm thinking he's back.


I have a recently released well-received modern science-fiction film on a Google drive if there'd be any interest in a stream of it at some point.



What film


File: 5125cdde1609f7c⋯.png (179.17 KB, 600x600, 1:1, image.png)


How could you post such nasty things about a poor little Meep like me? Stop this, Neo, or I'll have to get nasty!


File: 86cc5a5eafa2e10⋯.jpg (134.2 KB, 742x1100, 371:550, tre.jpg)



You are genuinely unsettling me right now. It's not a pleasant state to be in when a company you've supported for years, through thick and thin, decides to start mocking you ("advertising" an overpriced 5CD audio drama set following a comicbook cat by spamming the same word over and over and over as if Doctor Who fans are happy to eat up that slop and lack any critical faculties for discerning the presence of even a logline for a story) then outright threatening you (the line you're referencing). I do not feel safe anymore, and your "Meep" is the sole reason why.


I got shipped with nilso, finally I have become the doctor who general






File: 6d1630933813909⋯.png (172.89 KB, 640x502, 320:251, 1515681647248.png)



I’ll beep your meep



i remember queueing these



t. nilsoy


File: d3839e46b3f9088⋯.jpg (720.02 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, meepo.jpg)



File: ee07d50f45abbb5⋯.jpg (1.41 MB, 3210x2140, 3:2, dng2YSM.jpg)


As a gift.


As a rift.


File: 1831035c263dbbd⋯.jpg (13.84 KB, 130x223, 130:223, ee07d50f45abbb51503f892962….jpg)


Why is Rassilon there?


File: 65f939f3a543047⋯.jpg (40 KB, 895x407, 895:407, first time the doctor cano….jpg)


Cletes to the left of me

Chibcucks on my right

Here I am, stuck in the middle with /who/


File: 71afb7c6b969478⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 991.66 KB, 1624x926, 812:463, ns4ep2f.jpg)

Post Doctor Who monsters which don't often get mentioned


File: cb1e26959b135a8⋯.jpg (1.5 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, scarecrows.jpg)


the lava centurions were based desu. The scarecrows were also pretty fuckin based imho


File: 6433e487ed07d56⋯.png (198.84 KB, 723x407, 723:407, holly.png)

dwe of this guy returning?



Time Crash


File: f75983e87d14699⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 904.92 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, tumblr_ozxl1uAruI1ql9lj0o5….png)


File: 2f0a963ac650a21⋯.jpg (108.82 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


File: e2d2271918921fb⋯.jpg (33.5 KB, 634x927, 634:927, 4a6943e381dde70685bb9c18da….jpg)

If you won the lottery, what DW related would you do?



Meep meep!


File: 23af4dc3da0beda⋯.jpg (77.76 KB, 550x419, 550:419, good boy.jpg)


k9 but real



Buy Lungbarrow. And, with the money left over, pick up a copy of Doctor Who magazine.



Commission a novelisation of 50/50 from Steven Hall.



I'd save Obverse Books or buy a copy of This Town Will Never Let Us Go. It's one or the other.



I would make BF produce an Immigrant story



Fly to Korea and get smashed with Neo



hyper realistic clara oswald sex doll.



Pay Cats to never post again



fund the Sil movie


File: d52471d14a9edcb⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1000x563, 1000:563, drwho1010.png)

the pool

is abstract



Why is this the most political image in all of Who



Because whiteys should be drowned



I'll plan a big trip to Cardiff and will visit all the pubs and all cool places.



Pay for Liz's pussy



Get myself a cameo in Series 12. Also, get Jodie to voice a fanfic, written by her.


Aww, thanks.



Buy Big Finish and shut it down



Pretty based desu


File: 67d91c54f9ee44f⋯.jpg (35.79 KB, 619x484, 619:484, 67d91c54f9ee44fb374f620269….jpg)


delet this



Better: buy Big Finish and give them a new set of writers. Except for Briggs, he can stay.



I don't believe you can buy entire BF even with the biggest lottery prize


File: c33e049fc89a2b5⋯.jpg (2.03 MB, 2560x1707, 2560:1707, sylvvv.jpg)

New episode of Sylv in Russia.


File: 1f54fd541c33f8f⋯.jpg (126.93 KB, 640x800, 4:5, 1f54fd541c33f8f0d41958d228….jpg)

rate feet


File: be495910312c3ab⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 43.86 KB, 600x481, 600:481, p.jpg)


File: 54649404e08a10c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 90.69 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 1536540184925.jpg)


go away, only mammals on /who/


File: f7924245a4f5545⋯.jpg (927.03 KB, 1440x2160, 2:3, sylvvv2.jpg)



1.Turn a warehouse into a tardis, with pool library, console room etc and live in it.

2. Produce various shit trips with real DW actors, for /who/

3. Contact phillip morris and buy whatever he has, and then burn it all on livestream

4. Buy out the BBC's broadcast contracts for series 11, and shelve it.

5. Buy a Ki of the finest peruvian marching powder I could find and go on a bender with Smith, fear and loathing style.

6. Dalek dodge ems/bumper cars



2 blocks away from TOS's condo



Film a McGann miniseries in my basement.



5 sounds kino


Within lore, Nilso is Charley Pollard's grandson



4 sounds kino



You can do it for cheaper



Good, Charley is based


File: 473e1f28e14237f⋯.png (605.36 KB, 747x706, 747:706, 1514509098889.png)


File: c59d1970def4c4d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 248.26 KB, 1024x769, 1024:769, 7.jpg)


File: d3450446c6c872d⋯.jpg (63.93 KB, 634x849, 634:849, 748c1a1ea00000578-0-image-….jpg)

Can't find more blonde Jenna pics



post jennas


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: af9f0af72b7cf36⋯.jpg (63.33 KB, 634x411, 634:411, 1513372089839.jpg)


File: b22f358fc74540c⋯.jpg (113.37 KB, 841x1024, 841:1024, brt5ryohyfm11.jpg)


File: 8ebd238557a04d6⋯.jpg (32.18 KB, 623x408, 623:408, bbc.jpg)



which episode does this appear in? is it the rosa parkes one? jodie looks different here


File: 2b74b5210b2d4a4⋯.jpg (194.99 KB, 1222x948, 611:474, matt-smith-regrets-not-doi….jpg)


File: 871e622db369b8d⋯.jpg (20.54 KB, 414x375, 138:125, lmao.jpg)


>is it the rosa parkes one?

yeah, 13 gets educated on civil rights in that episode



How do these promo images keep leaking?


File: 05b9d2a05f303b0⋯.png (492.96 KB, 664x497, 664:497, jenna_louise_coleman_blend….png)


File: 32295f83a6dca9b⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1024x1185, 1024:1185, jenna_coleman_6_by_themagi….png)



there are many things that need to be erased



I thought you were meant to be straight?


File: 4698304dad70beb⋯.jpg (285.8 KB, 1024x1511, 1024:1511, jenna_bobblehead_coleman_b….jpg)



I am but I don't want to be anywhere near the in-universe equivalent of a Brahmin


File: 82b7674dd0fc71d⋯.jpg (103.3 KB, 448x667, 448:667, Jenna_Coleman_at_the_Peabo….jpg)


Love the Jenna. Hate the Jennaposters.


File: 695f590565880ea⋯.jpg (226.42 KB, 1600x1173, 1600:1173, missy_and_clara__meeting_j….jpg)


File: 39c17a693e9f0a8⋯.jpg (209.72 KB, 634x1153, 634:1153, Jenna_filming_for_her_role….jpg)


File: 10ecd6d170695cc⋯.jpg (47.16 KB, 703x429, 703:429, trapped_and_round_damsel_i….jpg)


File: 98419e5ecb99bf6⋯.gif (1.01 MB, 265x200, 53:40, 200.gif)


File: 2c1ff4516319b63⋯.jpg (20.41 KB, 400x400, 1:1, clara_oswald_joker_by_swif….jpg)

We live in a society



>Tennant TARDIS


How do you delete other people's posts?


File: 85a8a912a7a2af7⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1024x686, 512:343, giantess_jenna_louise_cole….png)



Well, there's our answer


Seems as if you're hell bent on getting me hyped.




File: db7ff87d20b6f6f⋯.png (341.14 KB, 720x418, 360:209, vlcsnap-00001.png)



are they gonna fuck?



>Well, there's our answer

How do we stop legok9 or the rest of reddit from discovering the new one?



god it's satisfying seeing redditors left abandoned by the wiki's disappearance


File: 5a7a87bcc6cd5b4⋯.jpg (147.22 KB, 900x1186, 450:593, 12th_doctor_no_hugs_by_rap….jpg)



>doctorwhogeneral as in who wiki, i miss the funny posts


File: cc17aa4b6eed4d6⋯.jpg (45.32 KB, 407x375, 407:375, sylv.jpg)

Sylv in Russia




Can't really say it's my sense of humour. Especially the Autism page, which gets stigmatised by the internet to a frankly disgusting degree. There's a line between humour and offensiveness, and any time Channers refer to autism it's crossed.



>Shoving this political garbage into the show is very damaging.

god what a pleb


Is there pics of DW on Ready Player 1?



>any time Channers refer to autism it's crossed.

It's like the n-word with black people, channers can use it



>it's still socially acceptable to call people retarded but calling people autistic is fucked up



Dont you know. Who has never been political before. Never



t. cletus



…I've never had a problem with it and I'm on the spectrum twice over.


Kinda this….I mean there's not a single one of you that doesn't display some hallmark of autism and I mean that in the most inoffensive and complimentary way possible.


>it's still socially acceptable to call people retarded

It's really not, anymore.


File: 1d35a4ef732586c⋯.jpg (30.34 KB, 720x601, 720:601, 1521077573189.jpg)



why do you think that? retard is up there with spastic


>I've never had a problem with it

to be fair, other people on the spectrum might though.


calling people autistic is retarded, fags


File: a40d6bc9061c36d⋯.png (639.94 KB, 718x526, 359:263, _1509838426974.png)



Ok, you spaz


File: af1800a3fc935e0⋯.jpg (44.41 KB, 500x709, 500:709, tumblr_myk0taEfxH1s5ivcao1….jpg)



Fair enough, but someone could find offense with any one wiki article of ours. You can't please everyone, and it's for "us", not the people that aren't in on the joke or understand the irony within.



Which compilations do his photos go in?



that's true. We shouldn't worry about offending others i guess. But some jokes come across as bad taste to me, even if I'm not personally offended. But i'm just one person, I don't represent all of /who/


File: e1eac1bf8e70924⋯.jpg (82.59 KB, 900x900, 1:1, dxl2ui5v2r611.jpg)

>being racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic


File: 849177939c04f39⋯.png (270.28 KB, 1190x906, 595:453, 1519996781778.png)



There are pages on the wiki I don't personally care for, my own especially. Bad taste is kinda 4chan's wheelhouse, our ancestral home, so it's not a hill worth dying on or fighting for to me. I don't represent all of /who/ or even some of /who/ either, there's not much we'd do that would be worthy more of an eye roll.


File: c82e4578ec845c9⋯.jpg (298.86 KB, 768x1728, 4:9, sunday.jpg)

>Doctor Who is airing on Sundays



Then let them take issue with it if they have one, you massive bore.



fair enough, I just thought it was worth pointing out. I'm not going to get offended on behalf of autistic people, I wouldn't have the energy to get offended for other people. Just thought I was making a valid point.


File: 247549deb5715c1⋯.jpg (22.49 KB, 500x281, 500:281, tumblr_lx6eyq6FMq1qcdk42o1….jpg)



One day, one place!






kek is this foreshadowing?


why is alex kingston so perfect


i wanna cum in jennas hair




ha gay


File: 2bd36e33a6ddc6b⋯.png (371.52 KB, 484x475, 484:475, spoilers.png)



Imperfect women don't stand the test of time.


academics, please respond



That user is weird one. I'm not sure they understand how anything works, here or reddit.



how so?


File: 9d78911ecfc2b6d⋯.png (55.13 KB, 500x464, 125:116, alt right hand signs.png)


File: 28ac0a8dd684e8d⋯.jpg (55.27 KB, 1000x360, 25:9, black guy.jpg)

when there's a diversity quota, so they stick one black guy in



based post


File: 69a4b97a69281b8⋯.jpg (205.69 KB, 868x1000, 217:250, d11-9p-155.jpg)

Doctor Who, I'm Torchwood



he looks like he feels uncomfortable, at the back, against the wall. probs wish he wasn't the only one. All the other cybermen have started calling him "dude" and "fam", even though they dont usually say that. One of them even asked him if it was okay to say "nigga"


File: 45ca82788692adc⋯.jpg (12.73 KB, 215x300, 43:60, gun.jpg)


he wears both braces and a belt at the same time, because he can't keep his pants on. Based Chibs for these details


The 7th doctor sleeps with a night light and Ace has to tuck him into bed every night



How can you trust a man who can't trust his own pants?



Doctor: "Ace, you forgot to get me my hot chocolate!"

Ace: "It's well past your bedtime, Professor. You'll be fine without it."

Doctor: "But Ace…"

Ace: "No if's, but's or why's, Professor, it's time for you to go to sleep."


The 7th Doctor also sucks his thumb when no one's looking. He thinks he's being really secretive about it but Mel has definitely caught him doing it once or twice. That's the reason why he manipulated her into leaving him for Glitz in Dragonfire.


File: 5ee31dd2e900a40⋯.jpg (125.27 KB, 786x1199, 786:1199, 4 thumbs.jpg)


Ace is in to pegging



Giving or receiving


File: d08661d2b578f28⋯.jpg (40.88 KB, 600x338, 300:169, master thumbs.jpg)




This is true. There are certainly some funny articles, just as there are funny posts here, but the offensive content, while I know it is all made in good fun, does have a ‘normalising’ effect on it, certainly. Obviously there’s no point trying to stop 4chan from making offensive content, you may as well try to stop the Earth from spinning, but some of it does go a bit to far, speaking as an SJW/liberal/commie/faggot/autist/soyboy/cuck/poopyhead whatever you want to call me. I don’t blame that user for thinking this stuff crosses a line, I feel this place does have a negative impact on people (not even just for the offensive content, Lym left because of the constant negativity and stress of engagement). That said, this is one of the more ‘left’ Chan boards, as the fact we’re even having this conversation proves, and we have some very funny stuff on here, including some of the ‘edgy’ jokes, I’m by no means against all dark humour, but ehhhh…

Some of the shitposts here, and articles on the wiki are very funny and in some cases amazingly well-written for just an elaborate meme, and there have are some fun, memorable events and people in this community but… don’t know, maybe I shouldn’t be here. Maybe I should sit back and reflect long and hard on my life decisions I don’t know.



>"Lym left because of the constant negativity and stress of engagement"

Source or gtfo



She’s not fussy. Either way will do her.



double entendre



Source that they left or why they left? Because they definitely left, but I only heard the reasoning secondhand from a random anon so it could well be fabricated and possibly also homosexual.






>speaking as an SJW/liberal/commie/faggot/autist/soyboy/cuck/poopyh

god give it a rest NightmareofEden nobody cares


File: a81ffd2e13fbb61⋯.png (222.39 KB, 500x392, 125:98, 11 thumbs.png)

File: 07f5335f390bae5⋯.jpg (156.84 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, donna thumbs.jpg)

File: 3e682d0743b702f⋯.jpg (21.55 KB, 300x400, 3:4, 10 thumb.jpg)

File: 1e4bc8cec4248b9⋯.jpg (23.55 KB, 540x250, 54:25, 12 thumb.jpg)

File: ef6709a0fb0eb27⋯.jpg (139.99 KB, 736x1203, 736:1203, 11 2 genders.jpg)


>flood detected



The thing about this wiki thing is that for me, I like humour to punch up. I'll happily make edgy jokes making fun of the nazis, but I would find a joke that mocks the victims of the holocaust to be in bad taste - not that I'm offended by the jokes, more that I just feel a bit uncomfortable mocking people while they're already down.

Very few of the stuff on the wiki was that bad taste, just slightly edgy, but there was some stuff I wasn't a fan of personally.

However, I dont represent /who/, like I mentioned earlier, so while I'll voice my opinion here, I won't try to enforce it.





Unless lym actually said that that was why he left, let's not put words in his mouth



File: f2f044fff08aaf2⋯.jpg (90.52 KB, 540x675, 4:5, 8 2 genders.jpg)

File: 6e9e2e15b5f7774⋯.jpg (48.8 KB, 1000x562, 500:281, amy thumb.jpg)

File: ceac7c879d31add⋯.png (184.05 KB, 920x507, 920:507, clara thumb.png)

File: e0a5000578a05e6⋯.jpg (94.41 KB, 751x1024, 751:1024, ace thumb.jpg)



Here's the source, it's one thread back:




Yeah we know he left, smartarse. We're asking why you somehow know more than everyone else on the subject.



the person I responded to said:

>Source that they left or why they left?

implying they weren't aware.


You know I hadn't looked at the wiki in weeks, but now that it's not available to me, I really wanna go on it. It's like when I briefly lived with a muslim girl, and had pork cravings all the time



Should be back soon, I think


File: 91bc1df433ca0fb⋯.jpg (58.86 KB, 846x1024, 423:512, 1530613594174.jpg)





File: bb0224bfc4e8b6a⋯.jpg (42.9 KB, 900x750, 6:5, eugenia-cooney-1.jpg)

14th doctor



Oh, it definitely wasn’t that bad by Chan board standards, there was just some kind of uncomfortable stuff on there.



Oh thanks!


How would you react if Chibnall pulled certain trick Russell used in the first episode of Torchwood?




>certain trick




Tricking us into thinking one of our main characters is a horrible rapist?



Would you care to expand on that perchance?




Tricking us to think that one of the characters is part of the main cast



Oh yeah, that was pretty based. Is Bradley Walsh even in this season? who knows?



I mean, the new one should be up before too long, I believe, but go ahead if you can’t wait.



What if Chibs does the opposite, and pulls a certain trick It's Always sunny just pulled?








File: ef8192f9d01fe84⋯.jpg (68.27 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, jodie cute.jpg)

i’m at glow bowl

in a wet fuck hole

where the 1994 hobos throw





File: f715e24bc957b02⋯.gif (1.95 MB, 540x264, 45:22, tumblr_obtidsQEFR1si297wo1….gif)


like this you mean?



Yeah but we've seen all three companions in several different outfits on several different sets



that'd rely on me being invested in the characters before i've even seen it

just 'haha subverted you, you didn't expect bradley walsh to only be in one episode for a bit did you'

with this marketing i've just barely been expecting anything


File: 7563cf3fef1cbbb⋯.jpg (267.17 KB, 800x1131, 800:1131, the_lady_nyssa_of_traken_b….jpg)


File: 2309ab9439938bb⋯.jpg (681.22 KB, 1200x5688, 50:237, 1528271132307.jpg)



it is pretty nice ngl






t. Morrissey



What's wrong, subhuman? Don't like being called a subhuman for eating dogs, subhuman?


Yet another mention of /who/ in as many days. Was the wiki REALLY that prominent outside of the chans?




meat is meat



So it's OK to take a chunk out of your child's left leg then?



>Midnight never got the credit it deserved in my opinion

what the fuck did they mean by this? it's probably one of the most highly rated episodes since 2005



Every redditie and their fucking mum had seen the wiki at some point. We got too big, too noisy…



Yeah, we were the main doctor who related wiki



File: 4f288c9876d7a2d⋯.jpg (221 KB, 1865x980, 373:196, okay.jpg)



if kid's dead



He's a regular r/DoctorWhoCircleJerk poster and the wiki is pretty damn well-known on that sub.


File: c9966786acd0f52⋯.gif (2.96 MB, 365x272, 365:272, 1428261076402.gif)


>we only get one ep with her in this outfit




But it doesn't get talked about much especially on reddit. Everyone's like "Oh Midnight is great" and that's kind of the end of discussion



where did u get this?


File: e4fef66779af0ec⋯.jpg (47.78 KB, 550x680, 55:68, 37757609_10158597354701959….jpg)


I'd eat human meat if it was offered to me, if I was offered dog I don't think I'd say no either. I mean, the circumstances matter here, but if somehow there was a way to try it without straight up murder that might be neat.

I mean, there could be a market for it right? Like those people who just apparently don't want a limb anymore and they lop it off, and donate it to science. Maybe you lose it in a car accident or some shit and they can't reattach it, and you've got a donor card.

Maybe you eat your OWN leg once you find out they're just gonna put it in the bio bin. Right in front of them. Show them your dominance. Y'know?



3/5 poc



I'm honestly excited


Alright lads, give it to me straight.

Chances of a final trailer tomorrow?


>actually admitting to wanting to eat human meat

fucking degenerates



0. Marketing push starts on the 23rd.


joke: eating dog meat is morally worse than eating other forms of animal meat

woke: eating any kind of meat is just as bad

bespoke: eating dog meat is worse because dogs are cute



low but not unrealistic. The following Sunday is your best bet. There's a Strictly thing that will have a lot of viewers, and it's around the time of the premiere, would expect a trailer to be most likely then. I'm not saying it will happen then, just that it seems more likely then







As a rule, if a leak turns up with no source, just assume someone posted it on the reddit discord in the future spoilers channel.



t. someone who has never had a dog



no shit



I just checked and… yeah. Good shout.


rtd filming a minisode next week according to whelan. some kind of pre-series mini episode. eccleston potentially spotted in cardiff too near queen street mcdonalds.




Makes sense. If we get anything at most it'll be a teaser for the real trailer on the Strictly thing/next week.


>Chibbers apparently isn't into doing them

would be GOAT if the Xmas Special was left for a special guest writer.


David Jason was spotted in Cardiff. Not a meme, just saying. Might have been for Doctor Who



File: e4d918fbed23d1a⋯.jpg (38.34 KB, 358x783, 358:783, 4f288c9876d7a2dd535a275179….jpg)


What the fuck is she wearing? This is going to make Class look like kino isn't it?



>would be GOAT if the Xmas Special was left for a special guest writer.

Rob Shearman should really loosely adapt Chimes of Midnight or something



The embargo must be up soon if the Mirror is just dumping an unreleased promo image in the middle of some random article.



>Not a leak


I feel like the jury's still out on that one.



what's wrong with her outfit? Seems like something a woman of her age would wear







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