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game devving

File: a2f593cc9a6edcb⋯.jpg (44.23 KB, 575x489, 575:489, doomerdreaming.jpg)


Who here has power fantasies?


File: 03d1dd63f1711ac⋯.jpg (74.97 KB, 400x280, 10:7, download (52).jpg)

Thinking about creating black metal project and making it into satanic trap commando sect which would bring real evil to unaware normalbeings but then I wake up and I realize hell is already essence of this World. Being a dark "ambigender" demon, true nobility of hell on Earth, also seducing weak men and women, hated by everyone, bringing hate to everyone is ultimate kvlt shit which was started by one pretentious noob. Unfortunately had no clue what he was doing and that's why he was stabbed to skull. After all, while I want to push things to extreme, I might as well just make a coffee and continue with my ordinary life.



you've just founded GABM: Gender Accelerationist Black Metal


I would like to live on a fantastic/futuristic world, i would be okay being either an important figure or an average joe with potential for great things.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



YES! This is the shit I am talking about. What can be more TRVEKVLTGRIMNECRO than fuckin' castration?



It would need a lot more visual style/"aesthetics" but the sound and graphics is already spot on. How the fuck do you even dig up stuff like this?



My fantasy is to one day become normal enough to marry and have kids and raise them to be happy



lol look at this nigger with hope in his life


all people fantasize about what they'd do with power

the idea that only people with some kind of personality disorder ever imagine what they'd do if they were rich or powerful is preposterous, it's bullshit the mean kids who never grew out of middle school regurgitate to broadcast that they actually have power and success and don't need to fantasize about it


File: 05c3b84e6e0b38d⋯.jpg (102.19 KB, 640x1084, 160:271, 99ab04afxig21.jpg)

I don't fantasize with power too much.

But I do fantasize about having a RL waifu




The fact that I stated it was a fantasy should tell you I have no hope of it ever happening. Why else would I be on /doomer/? Living a normal life is a fantasy to me



I envy your optimism anon

My best hope would be to find an equally mind-fucked girl

I hope you make it though


I phantasize that one day the reaper comes for me and mai waifu is waiting at the gates to the otherworld for me. if I am lucky she might wear her nylons and a dress.

I have so much I want to ask her and so much to tell her


I fantasize about what I would do if I win the lotto. Money is power, so it's close enough I guess.


File: a5612c988347e96⋯.jpg (548.45 KB, 3541x5016, 3541:5016, muhwife.jpg)


>I phantasize that one day the reaper comes for me and mai waifu is waiting at the gates to the otherworld for me

I also fantasize about that. Heh. Have another Kurisu.

Who is your waifu btw?



a very fine lady

calm, polite, smart, mysterious, humble, graceful and elegant.

I admire her for her family values as well

I thought those characteristics were already lost in current year +4

she is kind of superstitious and likes the sound of rain hitting windows

then she is also stunningly beautiful on top of all those things…

tall, slender, jet black hair worn in a princess-cut, her emerald green eyes are my sun and my moon

no plastic, no silicone, no acrylics

to put it in one word, she is simply perfect and worthy of the title of a princess

she is my star and I can only see her light from far

did you paint that? it looks very good, I hope she wears this on your wedding and you stay together forever


File: afb12ac10bbb4a6⋯.jpg (92.12 KB, 575x940, 115:188, waifu.jpg)


Now that's a wholesome post. Very nice anon.

I wish I had painted that. Unfortunately, I don't know how to draw (or paint) pretty much anything. It's something I've always wanted to learn, but I never got around to do so.


File: 4112a08f105dff3⋯.jpg (185.74 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, DtflaGYUwAIecqF.jpg)


thank you

well maybe I lied, her hair might be dark brown or something. in some pictures it has a brown shade/glow. I truly am a retard sometimes

In April it will be the 2nd anniversary of me falling in love with her

>cannot draw

heh, I am a failed drawfag as well

I wish I could draw her …


File: f740dc1a247fc4c⋯.jpg (390.98 KB, 714x1024, 357:512, kurisuapprehensive.jpg)


If it makes you feel better, I mix up faces IRL all the time. So I can't say anything to you for mistaking hair colour.

But is that a drawing you made of her? I know you say you are a failed drawfag, but maybe it's just you being unfair with yourself.


File: 87bbfa5c7053512⋯.jpeg (532.37 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, Dg7cpmpUwAAQqMH.jpg:large.jpeg)


haha, no, that's an image I found online

a japanese drew this, it is beautiful

if I were half as talented as him I would be happy already


File: bfcffab0f005b70⋯.png (2.22 MB, 1695x2048, 1695:2048, plushie.png)


Oh I see. They are beautiful drawings indeed. I wish I could draw like that ;_;


you have good taste uruguay-san

your waifu has them goddess legs

how long have you been in love?


File: f512ac345a5373b⋯.jpg (1021.63 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, makisewp.jpg)


Arigatou gozaimasu.

2013, first time I played the VN. She stole my kokoro. Since then, I have realized no 3D woman can compare (as autistic as this sounds). I'm playing S;G Elite right now actually.


Yes, her legs are god tier.


File: 2ec324e2765d402⋯.jpg (56.87 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 406f52a6fe01de69e8a72fe62e….jpg)

>6 years


congrats anon

may your love never fade

>no 3D woman can compare

I still believe in unicorns but if I met one, well

there would be nothing I could offer to her anyways



Thank you, I wish the same. She's an ideal of beauty and purity, which is a nice change from the absolute shitshow that is reality.

>there would be nothing I could offer to ther anyways

I suppose such a girl can't exist, she would be corrupted by this world, as we are. I'm too jaded to be with such a girl.


File: e0ff0a65d45620e⋯.jpg (8.83 KB, 255x184, 255:184, 40e73d16962487970ee86e2aa5….jpg)


at first I did not know this word

I had to look it up and I was surprised how well that describes me


when G-d, the allmighty and allknowing created humans, I wonder why he thought it was a good idea to make them into corruptible little bastards. Every engineer in the world would want to create a flawless machine that is resistant to all the worst things it might face. He surely sucks as an engineer.


File: 64cc7755cba0b19⋯.jpg (333.47 KB, 635x932, 635:932, demiurge.jpg)



Don't you mean DEMIURGE?



This is an anti-gnostic board.



go suck off the pope.




Homosexuality is very gnostic. So… no. Also: not a christian.


File: d3cbe484e9a4461⋯.png (718.22 KB, 645x773, 645:773, wojak laying down.png)


please don't take woketard piousness and asexuality, and combine it with 40k smugness and literal ass tumblr to make a form of cancer heretofore unwitnessed by humankind



why aren't you tripfagging, nigger?



>this forum without names needs names

>also if you're a channer and you can express a thing in a way that's not "eat shit salty faggot. pwned" you're an attention whore/undesirable and you need to fuck off

if you were better at this you'd just say i write like i wear a cape



sorry to make fun of your thing, by the way, even though it does pretty much the same thing as all the other things that make our lives awful

you have to admit, "tumblr but it's deus vult" is some rough-ass shit to face off with. no ill will towards you personally



>i write like i wear a cape

That's why I called you insufferable, ya faggot. I don't think you deserve to be dignified with a flowery idiom.

>express a thing in a way that's not "eat shit salty faggot. pwned"

that's worse, nigger. All it does is lower information density.

>attention whore

where's the lie here?


>this forum without names needs names.

Not what I meant at all. You are so desperate for attention that you may as well be a tripfag.


Projection. I don't get burned by stupid comments. Your attempt to pre-emptively salve yourself from further burn is transparently lame.



If you notice something, it means that the something is directly challenging you. People should be punished for your internal mental state when you encounter them.

It's actually better than that, though, because if your internal mental state is bad, it means everybody else's is also bad (because you are everyone), so when you beat the shit out of a store clerk for stocking apples too loudly, it's actually like you're doing a community service.



and if you swap "beat the shit out of a store clerk" for "speak to his manager" you might start to get an idea of what is meant by tumblr



>If you notice something, it means that the something is directly challenging you

This is not how I experience reality, but this kind of thinking is fairly common on both tumblr and the chans. What's worse is that those who have this worldview accuse others of it.


>so when you beat the shit out of a store clerk for stocking apples too loudly, it's actually like you're doing a community service.

I don't have this mentality at all. Do not confuse mockery for punishment.



>write G-d instead of clouds dude or anything else

>instant thread derail

>anons shitflinging and mentally stabbing each other

now that was easy

sorry OP




Quite a few people here simply can't operate in that mode.


I saw something about "What superpower would you want?" today so I was thinking of all I could do with telekinesis.

If you can manipulate matter, you can do basically anything, the only questions are: what is the range? and what is the potency of the power?



>when G-d, the allmighty and allknowing created humans, I wonder why he thought it was a good idea to make them into corruptible little bastards. Every engineer in the world would want to create a flawless machine that is resistant to all the worst things it might face. He surely sucks as an engineer.

God only cares about being worshipped. He is the ultimate autist edgelord. I believe He set up Adam and Eve to fall by creating Lucifer, to be His court attendant whose job was to gather all ngels to worship Him then He creates man and fawns over Him, Lucifer gets upset and rebels with a defect army, God throws them out of heaven unto earth where Adam and Eve are.

Now the Bible likes to call God all-powerful, all-knowing, all-good. Theres no way He could've let that happen and say it was random. He wanted Lucifer (now the devil) to tempt Afmdam and Eve into eating the forbiddden fruit so that humans now are forced to rely on God to save their souls. If you look in the Bible, anytime the Hebrews are in a bind, God calls some average Joe to run a political compaign for God, God delivers the people and they worship Him. Yahweh is very basic. The fact He burns in Hell good selfless people who actively better humanity but doubt Him, while the worst criminal filth who ask for forgiveness mere milliseconds before death are let into heaven, and that his Word is just a collection of manuscripts by mere mortals seperated by centuries and translated across five languages and theres missing pieces to it shows that He doesn't care about planning efficiently. He always wants to destroy an entire community over one man's sin. Yahweh doesn't care about us. He only cares about us being His eternal fanboys. He's no different from Allah.

This universe is billions of billions of light-years big, folded up into eleven dimensions, with stars, planets, gas-and-dust clouds, comets, asteroids, etc. And He chooses to destroy it over some ittty bitty humans who refuse to worship Him.

If I was God, I wouldn't throw a hissy fit over some creatures not worshipping me. I'd let them free reign over reality; change timelines and cosmic laws at your leisure. But, any consequence is on them. There will no prophecies, no higher callings, no heaven, hell is temporary incarnation equivalent only to the severity of one's sins. After death, all souls disappear into the aether and are recycled; kinda like reincarnation, but the souls are brand new bc they've been "composted". Memories from past lives may occur, but otherwise you're your own person. The universe will end purely by natural or artificial causes. No divine hand will be in it.


*hell is temporary incarceration in the lake of fire equivalent only to the severity of one's sins



>the virgin clouds dude

>the chad inferno man

I am glad I am not baptized and go to satan claws after I die

the clouds dude sounds like a complete faggot




That's where christians made mistake because if they would stay true to jewish view, they wouldn't have this schizo problem of god being all good vs all nasty shit happening to human race. Jews don't question God, they take him as he is. Christians have problem with this because they cannot accept that their God is flawed persona.

>hell is temporary incarnation equivalent only to the severity of one's sins.

Just commit as much sins as possible so there won't be any chance you can be redeemed. When you die and by chance meet God, 360 jumpkick him to solar plexus and teabag that nigger. That is - only if triad of jewish fairytales is real.


File: e48e0296818b888⋯.jpg (30.37 KB, 340x425, 4:5, bruce_lee.jpg)


>jumpkick that nigga

I literally see Bruce Lee in Fist of Fury (1972) now before my eyes

how he takes this sprint, jumps and kicks this other faggot in the air

thank you for reminding me, those were good years

I got into Bruce Lee movies around 2004

got my cousins entire VHS stash, even the bootlegs and fake BL movies by imposters




just substitute demiurge for god



I think /doomer/'s problems boil down to a) no job or shit job and b) tfw no gf.



Wrong, Wrong - we don't give a fuck about being NEET or having no gf. We don't give a fuck about most of things actually also lurk moar faggot




Oh really?


I have fantasies where I make it as a beloved artist or at least that would let me make a living out of by doing what I enjoy, I used to want to become a artist because I genuinely like drawing and was inspired to be like my idols, but now I feel like I only like art to give me a reason to wake up everyday.


File: 13d350f1bfd3400⋯.png (688.97 KB, 940x559, 940:559, pantyShot.png)


See you on the battlefield, decaying little brainlet.

Anyways you should really get into it, don't be a slave to your negativity. Work with your biology (..drugs), develop a plan, execute said plan. What else are you going to do, wait until your wife's grandchildren live in some kind of dystopia? sit there sperming over this body pillow or that roastoid, playing with your dick while traditions millennium in the making like mathematics or AI are just a few moments away?

Listen though, I'm giving my machines prehensile dicks. We're shipping catgirl x killbot. You think rostoids are cucking you now? Just wait until a sapient killing machine slaps your catgirl's ass for the first time



yeah lets give more power to the body oder. that's why /leftypol/ went to shit.


wrong. my ethical position is the only correct one that exist in the universe Gnostic Jesus created for myself.

if any power fantasy exists, I would cancel all rights to women and forcefeed african children with aids to gays and lesbians to accelerate the decline to people I don't like. I mean I don't dislike them it would just funny af to watch all the dysgenics. forced cousin marriages. legal rape. freeing of insane aslyums. for the lels ofc. no actual point.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Everyday, especially when I daydream

they come in different forms

>Just open up a magical console command and start changing myself/people/places/things

>Have God-like powers to alter things in subtle ways

>Be able to manipulate certain conditions in this reality, and do things to obfuscate my power from others

>Being able to stop time and spend the equivalent of many lifetimes causing tons of mayhem to happen as soon as I unpause reality

>Have access to a dream world and be able to manipulate it to my will

>Have access to an alternate universe of my design, and occasionally bring things from it into this world, or bring others to it

I have to catch myself sometimes, as I end up wishing for death to somehow embrace these dreams, as if they'd come true or something


I really don't get how everyone says that they never, ever, EVER have violent fantasies.

Don't you ever just get sick of everyone's complacency? Don't you just wish you could make them act? Somehow?


File: 596d9567b74621e⋯.png (154.01 KB, 950x950, 1:1, feelsbadcomrade.png)


The biggest redpill i have come across is this;

It's pointless to try to be the one to spark a revolution - the only thing that works is to sabotage the peace.



It's what I've learned as well. You have to be a villain. You have to be willing to be hated just to get people to change something. You must present radical problems if you want radical solutions.

I get so disgusted when people talk about affecting political change through voting, or how its "only extremists" who want to use violence. My face physically wrinkles. Especially the DSA, who are too retarded to realize that in the case that they ACTUALLY completed the revolution their refusal to use quick, efficient violence on billionaires and other elites will only lead to longer, chaotic violence against the proletariat later down the line.


File: 5cdcfce401b12a4⋯.png (197.61 KB, 270x390, 9:13, Kiraanime01.png)

I wish I could just twitch my thumb and disappear all the nuisances in this world.

On an unrelated note, the mere sight of a female hand makes me hard as a diamond. Unbreakable, even.



I was riding a bus one time back in high school, I was sitting next to a classmate, my friend. In front of me was standing young woman facing window, so I've seen her from behind and suddenly I had flash in my head, I clearly seen how I took a gun and just blow her brain out, how the window in front of her got shattered and everything was covered in blood and parts of her skull. For no reason. It felt very strange because until then I though I couldn't kill anyone. I don't know why I told this to friend sitting next to me and he told me I'm nuts and laughed. I guess it was because of stress and lack of sleep but I hadn't got anything like that ever since. Maybe I dodged the psychosis bullet that day.


I used to.



What going on big guy?



I've had visions like this before. One where I bludgeoned my father with a shovel I was holding, and one were I struck my mother to the ground. To make things worse, I love my parents. No idea why these visions came about


File: 6316d618f20016c⋯.jpg (22.37 KB, 314x474, 157:237, TaoBook.jpg)

If you cum, you lose your chances. Use your mana properly.

Don't wake kundalini, wake yourself.



It's women's role to serve us. You mainly should care about giving sex and money welfare (in case she gave you any offspring)

Stop valuing yeselves depending on how much useful you'd be to women, you are blind!

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