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game devving

File: 723a47ff0e177ff⋯.jpg (112.19 KB, 546x710, 273:355, 52351616_1507512296048544_….jpg)





>white nationalists




Which of these are not allowed on /doomer/?



>people who take imageboards too seriously.


File: 5ec39ee18aaade6⋯.png (171.49 KB, 680x680, 1:1, commiedoomer.png)


/pol/fags (okay if you can at least argue in good faith unlike most /pol/tards) and whitepillers (AKA life-coaches) are not allowed here.



salty commie.


File: efa5f4316057cdf⋯.jpg (64.92 KB, 463x609, 463:609, revolutionist.jpg)


>be me

>one of the first to come to this board

>notice a pattern with ideology amongst doomers

Let me tell you why you don't belong here.





>one ancap from russia


>maybe some orthodox fascists (like from the board /fascist/

>nechayevist nihilists/anarchists

Basically, boomer nazis are not the core demographic of this board. Get the fuck out.



>be you

>assume everybody is a boomer nazi

>believe in exotic ideologies to make up for a lack of personality

>declare yourself mentally ill to cover up your narcissism

>try to gatekeep a random board



File: 8319eb1c317abd4⋯.png (1.07 MB, 600x2560, 15:64, gommies.png)


I'm not assuming everybody is a boomer nazi because i literally just listed the core demographic of this board and hardly even mentioned them. Anyways, these exotic ideologies could only coalesce here because why wouldn't someone who is so extreme become a doomer when nobody they know share their ideology?

>calling opponents narcissistic as a big-brain fart-sniffing self-centered faggot

Good one.

I'm not gatekeeping but i'd rather not have to deal with /pol/ bullshit on every board - you simply don't know how to accept where you belong. In fact, i'm completely fine arguing with anarchists, anprims, and fascists but you niggers are everywhere calling people who disagree with you commies and shit-talking /leftypol/ like they're living in your head rent-free. You're literally caricatures of boomers obsessed with pinkos.



>these exotic ideologies could only coalesce here because why wouldn't someone who is so extreme become a doomer when nobody they know share their ideology?

lol no. Not everybody here is as insane as you are.

You bring up your inchoate ideology in every discussion, you are objectively a narcissist.

Hey, I'm just pointing out how spergy and censorious you commies are. I have never been proven wrong. not once.


File: d119b2856cd0a50⋯.jpg (411.28 KB, 1280x1256, 160:157, cyberpunkparty.jpg)


You must be one of the only sane doomers on earth then. Good job!

Do i really bring up my ideology in every conversation? Just kidding, i probably do - after all, that's one of the reasons i have no friends and my family hates me. I'll die for what i believe in, too.



Nahh man, a few of us are doomers due to wage slavery, failed relationships, alcoholism… or just plain bad luck. Not everything has to do with ideology (although it plays a part). Hope you get better dude.


File: 7f15881f3cb3996⋯.jpg (52.07 KB, 702x873, 78:97, 1550623430236.jpg)

I'm new here but from what I've seen most doomers are either far left or far right. The ones who are not are still political "sceptics" in the sense they are aware of how fucked up the world is and how the mainstream political sphere is inefficient and corrupted head to toes. Most seem to have given up on trying to change the world to the better, even tho they still argue online about it.

We should welcome both sides and everyone in between. Nothing wrong with some cultural and ethnical identity but this board shouldn't be the primary place to discuss this, same goes with revolution and marxist shit.

Regarding religions, the majority of doomers seem to be atheists or agnostics, with some pagans and Christians scattered. But most seem to praise conservative and traditional values nonetheless. Occultists and pagans should be more than welcome here, I can't see a reason to not be so. I mean, I don't there anything more "doomers" than practicing spirituality that most normal people don't understand a single thing about or just see it as "devil worship"

I also believe we should encourage any drug user here to get help and dish drugs. Things are bad as they are without drugs, why the fuck tolerate such self destructive behavior. Same goes with schizophrenics.

I thought most people here were virgins? Well maybe I'm alone in this one.



Shit, how do i keep forgetting about wageslave doomers?

Anyways, all things considered, wageslave alcoholic doomers are more likely to be politically extreme because they obviously suffer from the status quo more than anyone else does. Thank you. Weren't you just calling me a salty commie though? Whatever, forgive and forget. At least you belong here from what you suggested your life's situation is like. Sorry for being a bitter ideologue, some of us were never meant to be Lenins or Hitlers (e.g. great leaders who everybody loved), some of us were always meant to be Nechayevs.



>I don't think there is anything more "doomer" than practicing spirituality that most normal people don't understand a single thing about and just see it as "devil worship"




Well of course most doomers are virgins, but it's not a topic we focus on like /r9k/. The important thing is that sex won't make you stop being a doomer, it just USUALLY means you're mentally able to get a gf/bf, and obviously that's a better life situation than most doomers.

I think drugs can be utilized in a disciplined fashion to help people sort out their life sitch. For example, psychedelics are being studied for curing addictions (kratom helps people with opioid addiction too) and helping people with depression, but if people are on meth or crack we should discourage that. Soft / healthy drugs > hard drugs.

Anyways, you're right that this shouldn't be a board discussing political ideals, but i, as someone with an extreme far-left ideology, sometimes focus on the effect being so extreme has on your life. I love threads that ask about this issue, because i do feel like i have something that people might be interested in hearing about.

Many doomers have become nihilists - i'm a deranged depressed idealist. Is there a difference? I'm not sure. I have a purpose in life, and i'd love to help people find theirs, but i'm not a life-coach and i'm not going to try to force everyone to believe what i believe in.

I think what you said about religion and tradition is absolutely true. Many of us are probably agnostic or atheist, but i'd say a good portion is pagan or christian (though i have yet to meet many christians here). What could be more doomer than being labelled a devil-worshipper for having beliefs that nobody understands? Not much, most likely.




>…political "sceptics" in the sense they are aware of how fucked up the world is and how the mainstream political sphere is inefficient and corrupted head to toes

Yep, that's me. This is the reason why people who go on about ideology peeve me a bit.

>We should welcome both sides and everyone in between. Nothing wrong with some cultural and ethnical identity but this board shouldn't be the primary place to discuss this, same goes with revolution and marxist shit.

This right here.


Yeah. I get reactive sometimes, but I don't mean anybody any harm.


File: 16485993aca036e⋯.jpeg (13.07 KB, 240x240, 1:1, doom.jpeg)


Even tho I'm a early twenties virgin I always despised the "Incel" philosophy. The fact I'm a social failure is not women's or anybody fault, so I totally agree with you about how this board shouldn't focus too much in these issues. Even tho social life failure is definitely a doomer characteristic we shouldn't fall heads deep into discussions of it, there should be room for everything.

You're definitely right on soft drugs and psychedelics. I was talking about the hard and fucked up chemical stuff that only destroy your life. Nobody should go through that. But even the soft and psychedelia ones can be dangerous if not used properly. Everyone should be careful with this stuff and treat it with the caution and respect it deserves.

I consider myself a right leaning libertarian but I must say I'm very glad to know there are leftists in this board. I was afraid this was gonna be a /pol/ child board, which is fine on it's own but this shouldn't be it. So I'm very happy to see some folk like you here anon



Glad to see there are non-reactionary rightists posting on 8chan, honestly. My biggest problem is meeting people who are so stubborn and ignorant that any meaningful discussion is drowned out with bickering and political hatred. I don't even want this to be a political board myself, but i'll still call out boomer-tier shit when i need to. I understand that political discussions would make this a cesspool like other boards, so i'd rather the focus remain on depression and "aesthetics" (really it's more solidarity / understanding than aesthetic) like it has, so i won't be posting shit about /pol/ all the time. I won't base my entire life in opposition to people i disagree with. I won't be happy seeing anybody making threads about /leftypol/ and "muh commies" left and right, though. That shit's hugbox (circlejerk) cancer and it killed most of the other boards.

Anyways, now that i've stopped being enraged, i suppose i should contribute to the thread's topic a bit more. What is the /doomer/ consensus on dayfags (day-people)?



I really hope this board doesn't turn into a political circlejerk as well. I can guarantee you that if I stick here for long I'm gonna try my best to not encourage this kind of shit.

I'm new so what's exactly a dayfag? People who enjoys walking around during the day? I guess that's not a very doomers behavior. I see a very clear pattern of depressed and nihilistic men (maybe a few women as well? Who knows) who identifies more with the night, as there are less people in the streets or parks around this time. Since my teenage years I was a fan of night walks, shame I live in a dangerous shit hole country so it's not very safe.



Well, we all agreed that we don't want to use the term "normie" or "normalfag" so we're calling them dayfags and daypeople now. Anyways, it refers to the tendency of doomers to go outside at night for /nightwalks/, which is of course one of the most fun things we do in our sad indoor lives. Many doomers walk outside at night in the hopes that someone will murder them or a wild animal will maul them, but the rest just do it because being outside at night means there's no daypeople around and they can enjoy peace and quiet by themselves in the outside world. Great way to exercise, and also good if you want to clear your head, but maybe not so good if you live in a big city like rio de janeiro or new york. Brazil is rampant with crime from what i hear, so i don't blame you for staying indoors. I live in a rural area though, so the only thing i worry about is bears and skinwalkers. Doomers are true night animals though.



>we all agreed

Well, not really, but it's a good way to dissociate ourselves from reddit and /r9k/.


I used to be an NS skinhead. I followed the truth and found out that Hitler, heydrich, himmler, goebbels and (forgot his name) were all jewish. NS was a jewish psyop to posses germans so that they could be used as a weapon against (((their))) other weapons. WW2 was the jews playing with action figures (nation states-germany,britain,US, Russia) in order to 1. destroy the prime individuals in a massive meatgrinder, killing off the most healthy and able people of each respective nation and 2. establish Israel and sanctify the Jewish people. To elevate the jews to untouchable status, to make the jews a protected and exalted people and to neutralize any criticism of their current and prior behavior. At one time england banned all jews and drove them out of their country. Now you cannot even bring these types of actions up let alone explain the reasons for them. NSDAP was jewish. CCCP was jewish, britain (churchill a drunk bankrolled by habsburgs) and US (((eisenhower))) were Jewish. The jews want peopl to be nazis. I used to be an esoteric hitlerist. Then I kept following the truth and moved beyond that ball and chain. Many good people are still in the NS trap. And it's sad.




>non-reactionary rightists posting on 8chan

There are non-rightist reactionaries too.



Have you read anything by the Strasser bros? You might be interested in them since they were anti-Hitler National Socialists. Otto wasn't quite as anti-Jewish as Gregor, but the point is that there are National Socialists who are anti-Nazi. Gregor was long-knived, but Otto survived.

I'm not anti-Jewish myself, but i do understand why you are. I used to be a /pol/-Nazi myself, but i left when i read Strasser and tried to understand what Socialism is. You're welcome to chat with me if you want to know what makes a Nazi start browsing /leftypol/.


You must be referring to Monarchy, right? reactionaries being anti-democratic, anti-republican Monarchists? I've never really had a long discussion about monarchy. All i know is that the Incan empire, Egypt, and the Mazdakists were pretty based.

Communists use the term "reactionary" to refer to capitalist counter-revolutionaries (reacting in opposition to something new), not really to monarchists. To be honest, i think Feudalism and Capitalism may be worse than Monarchy was.



You know, i should probably expand on my last statement, as people might misconstrue it as me saying progress is bad. I think Capitalism has made many advancements that everybody enjoys, but a big problem is the lack of any true purpose that anyone has. I don't know, really, i'm not a philosopher, but i do know that the current system is as soulless as can be compared to monarchy. Point is, it was a system that focused on man, the human being, not on profits or some other nonsense. I think we should have a system based on our humanity and not on money. I think the fall of Rome was absolutely shit for Europe. I believe Rome should have been reformed and taken a harder stance against Abrahamists.



Sorry for drunkposting guys


Everyone is allowed as long as it fits the /doomer/ structure. I don't see how whitepillers would fit in, but you're welcome to try. Let's not make this a rulefag area… niggers, faggots, and niggerfaggots will be ridiculed and/or ignored.



every ideologue is dead inside, all are welcome



tbh as long as you're dead inside it's all good because at least that's something i can identify with but i don't want any posers ruining the board and i doubt anyone else does either


i don't get how anyone who has come to understand humanity can think Marxism or Communism is a good idea.

humanity is inherently fucked mate, building a system on our humanity is flawed from the start because our humanity is flawed…

i mean fuck half of our problems are just interpersonal/group differences, the system be dammed. flawed or perfect, not much is going to change that unless your some sort of idealist naive asshole.

..but whatever, i don't want to shit all over what is being a pretty amicable thread, i just can't put these two things together….

i'm here because i know our situation is hopeless and i think it's just as much our fault as anything else, thus we are hopeless…i also think you need hope and some faith to think a centralized government of any sort would be a good place to live…

i also think that if we want to aviod people shitting over the threads on the doomer board we probably shouldn't make threads that are political in nature, or at least anything more than generally so…

certainly shouldn't be a rule, but it was once common courtesy and etiquette to not talk about sex, politics or region….maybe a gentlemen agreement to not go to deep into shit would be sufficient….you can establish a culture/way of doing things without needing rules and such.



I just want people to argue in good faith when they do argue about politics. As for everything else you said about keeping things apolitical, i tend to agree. It's better if the board doesn't devolve into rubbish.





File: 8759aa3de5f3f07⋯.png (524.6 KB, 928x1028, 232:257, ebb9ea9ad12a30b07d58772dd6….png)


>let me tell you why you don't belong here.

I don't really have a horse in the whole political ideology race, but I have to say my enjoyment of the discussion here has diminished considerable since these /leftypol/ types have started colonizing the board. It would be interesting enough if you were just throwing your socio-political views out there, but you can never keep that shit on the level without devolving the discourse into this catty, astroturfing, "you don't belong here (this is our board now)" dogshit.

I think people who can't argue in good faith, and drag every discussion into this cynical, power-gaming clique-faggotry, should be gassed. I don't care where they come from, tbh.

I already know the kinds of accusations I'm gonna have thrown at me for saying this, but whatever. You people know what you're doing.



I apologize for causing an argument ITT. I understand that it was stupid to post about /pol/ types not belonging here, even though i disagree with them. It baited a heated discussion and i hate to create a hostile debate on my favorite board. I'd be fine if the mods just deleted my posts. My brain is full of fuck.



in a individualist society collectivist can and do exists, in a collectivist society individualist cannot exist. not for long anyways.


all of them are allowed. what is not allowed are people that suck moderators dicks if their balls had oxygen and they were out of breath.



Everybody is allowed, not everybody is welcomed. Edgy worldview is not requirement, I more think it's just a result. Like you get some group of people together who are solving in themselves very hard questions, conflicts of existence, of course you will get extremists and occultists in that group as well, I'm not surprised by that, but it's more of result than predisposition.


I used to be a NS (not skinhead though, I always seen them as degenerates) and lately I'm pretty much keen on going back to that (fuck you kiwi fucker for lighting up fire in me again you dumb cunt). It's something rooted in me and in my family and I can't get rid of it even though I tried, it just comes back. I don't know, I don't feel like right now I should write essay about whys and hows but it's not that simple as following Hitler's NS from 30s-40s. It all boils down to even though I want to see everything burn (and we will have to do it), still there is this stupid father-like love for people here, this dumb continent and its cultures, traditions, nature, because I'm still spooked, I still see this is my homeland and my parents, grandparents etc. didn't went through hell (and they truly did) just so my dumb ass can live like a scum. I see people in Europe as disabled children, I say as macho to get rid of it but deep down I wish we could uplift ourselves to the higher ideal instead. It's eternal disappointment. It's not important, I don't want to sit on imageboards all day discussing pointless politics and cry over 1945. Never ending confusion and ideological schizophrenia, world is fucked up and I'm the dumb one who is still trying to solve something while everyone else wants to annihilate mankind. Just live your life and if you want to be better so be, talking with other nazis about every little detail of ideology is so huge waste of time. But take that as word of very naive person.


Yes I did that mistake too with that dude who was pushing here boring /pol/-tier whitepill agenda and I got tired from it and start banning him. I shouldn't went that way and create stupid tensions over that. He is solid avoider though, so I'm pretty sure he still posts here sometimes.

tl;dr just dont be zoomer discord link spammer or obnoxious whitepill boomer and all is good, your ideology is pointless, you are free to talk about it, just don't be imageboard crusader



That's because the MO of a collectivist society is to destroy individualism. Tribalism is what allows people to engage in collective action while preserving individual consciences. Liberalism without a strong tribal identity produces a soft tyranny of self-appointed experts (aka the Deep State)


>the jews want people to be nazis

While I don't care for conspiracies, this is essentially true. It can be generalized to this: anything that makes you too extreme to be effectual is an enemy psyop. It isn't so much 666-D interuniversal Teichmueller chess as it is simple Judo: get your opponent to exhaust a lot of energy towards a thrust while you move out of the way. Politically put: convince your enemies of imminent mass radicalization while you pivot back to the center.


File: 8efddacfd6665a5⋯.jpg (10.38 KB, 234x250, 117:125, neckbeard pepe.jpg)


>wanting to get rid of the entire userbase of /doomer/


File: f2f326005da3578⋯.jpg (28.91 KB, 258x330, 43:55, 1539126165436.jpg)


>wanting to get rid of

nigga I AM a white nationalist, I'm just wondering what the general consensus is :^)



>when life coaches appear on your home board to tell you what a truDOOMER(TM) is allowed to be and what not

rulecucks of all kind deserve to burn with the intensity of a thousand suns



anon, we say failed romantics here

and yes, I am one but to be honest I am so fucked in the head I would never want to see any girl in relationship with me because only thing I could do is drag her into the abyss with me. Everyone deserves to be happy in life. Or should I say, nobody deserves to be unhappy and I can only make people unhappy. Do you know this tale of midas? The guy that whatever he touches turns to gold? I have the same super power. For me things just turn into dust instead of gold


I am libertarian as well

there is at least one other guy who is also

and bratan putin of course


>tfw I was trapped inside wagie life as well

I am glad I am not anymore. It is better to die like an animal in freedom than to live like a slave and I feel bad for all those tortured anons every day at work


oh noes the ebil nadzees are here



Tbh, I'm beginning to think this whole individualism vs. collectivism thing is a false dichotomy, it's an artificially polarized view of things. I don't know, I think western society did a pretty good job at balancing out individual autonomy with social responsibilities, loyalties, and ethical restraints prior to the 1960s, but liberals always try to sell me on this narrative that the only thing to exist before clownworld was totalitarianism.


File: d71fe367b0d17a1⋯.jpg (348.94 KB, 1000x1687, 1000:1687, 1521763992069.jpg)


>posts image of faggot losers thinking it's intimidating

Get fucked stormfaggot. Your gay Reich was annihilated by the unstoppable will of the Red Army and will NEVER rise again. Communism WILL win.



Most of this board are white Xennials (born 1970 - 1990) who're eternal maiden-wives for a White World Order and eternal conflict and struggles to "toughen the younguns up and whet their wits".



Someone finally gets it. You are an individual living in numerous social circles, from your family up to whole society and it is all important. You can't strip it all down to satisfaction of whole society nor just satisfaction of individual. I'm starting to think people who fail to understand this are just really not thinking it through, honestly. You are individual, building block of society, that society which wouldn't operate without individual; and you as individual would have harder time operating without society. People understood this even in pre-christian Europe so I don't know what changed and why we have to listen to never ending socialist vs. individualist talks. Or, to be fair, maybe I know, because people are not happy and they, as always, trying to solve it. I even understand the positions of socialists (sacrifice everything for the greater good of society) and also individualists (even the hardcore ones who say stuff like society is false construct, there is nothing but individuals forming temporary collectives, etc.) but none of these ways of thinking are, in my opinion, correct nor relevant, and I see it as fight for nothing.

West works like this and I think this is the root of all problems - you have great freedom to be individual entity, however you are still collectively fucked by democracy and the leadership's wrong decisions. Of course some people think we need more socialism and others think the majority is fucking up their individual rights, while in fact the system is screwing both sides. Maybe that's why left and right extremes are gaining popularity, because it makes better sense to ask if we should abandon this system in favor of some anarchy, dictatorship or something else along those lines. You know you fucked up when monarchism (with no aristocracy lmao) has greater relevance than anything centrist. I think there is just demand for competent leaders which hasn't been met and thus we are doomed for extreme solutions.



Communism fell on its own and is only really alive partially in Cuba and North Korea Korea is on serious life support.



>eternal conflict and struggles to "toughen the younguns up and whet their wits".

This in not exclusive to the right, or the chans. Combine America's post-Vietnam obsession with the tough guy with the anonymity that allows even the most misshapen weakling to snark online as if he were a he-man and you've perfectly described the pre-iPhone internet. A generation brought up on Golan-Globus movies is doomed to create something like Chapo Trap House.



Only mongoloids think that this is a good aesthetic. When your enemies look more dignified in defeat than you do in victory, you have a problem.


>but liberals always try to sell me on this narrative that the only thing to exist before clownworld was totalitarianism.

…and the kids just eat it up.



Hahaha, so true.


>not everyone was meant to be a card-carrying member of the party

Finally they're getting it!


This. Collectivism is great, and civilization won't be possible without it, but only when you can choose your tribe, friends, who you support, who you're loyal to, etc… and aren't forced in any way. The thing is that it can't strictly be called collectivism at this point, it's just individuals organizing themselves into collectives. Hardcore individualism is also not really desireable, and it's really hard and expensive to achieve. Life is easier when you support others in what ways you can and have others to support you too.


File: a0b07485d997061⋯.png (934.04 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 1537737850827.png)





Just so you know, those three are all esoteric rebrandings of national socialism (esp. NazBol, it is almost exactly the same thing).


Should really be classified as reactionary since as soon as there is a power vacuum there will be warlords.

I don't feel like criticizing communism here is particularly productive, so I will keep it to "an ideology for an ideal world with ideal altruistic workers and ideal altruistic party members."







>Just so you know, those three are all esoteric rebrandings of national socialism


Eco-terrorists are non-political. While eco-fascists believe in victory at all costs, many eco-terrorists are leftist. Also, I love Uncle Adolf but he actually rebranded fascism for Germany… read the Codex Fascismo it explains this muuuuuch better than I could here but Mussolini said what he said early on because kikes have been D&C for a long time and even then there where fears of Northern Italy separating from Southern Italy.

/pol/niggers who don't know how to fucking read and understand historical context of words get confused (not to mention they don't actually read Giovanni Gentile and Benito Mussolini but just infographics of gleaming over some Wikipedia articles. They don't comprehend the Italian use of terms like:

>corporation = non-Marxistic unions =/= private businesses

>the State = the people =/= the government

>liberals = capitalists =/= leftists



Not to mention most burgers are retardedly terrified of the word socialism.


If I may I will just quickly drop in some European perspective into your american political talk.


This is why I don't respect Nazbol because it seems to me those are people who realized that National Socialism had socialist element to it (as if it was surprise or what because NS was portrayed like this extreme right wing ideology all the time), like it's ideology of russians who wanted to rebrand NS for Russia and zoomers in west actually thought the memes are cool but in Russia afaik it has pretty serious tone, or it had, I don't know now. There are various strongly nationalistic movements in Russia. Why americans love nazbol - In my own opinion - is because socialism is taboo in your country, or was for long time, and now you realize what we had in Europe all the time, that - hey, having a bit of socialism is in fact healthy, some unified systems for whole population are great stuff but it will only work if we are as nation healthy and unified in some way, by race, by status, by way of life, whatever. From view of person living in Europe, we always had elements of socialism here, it's natural to us, maybe because our countries were in fact based on the idea of nation having own country (ethnostates), so we hadn't got this issue of no real unity because we were one nation in our own country working and struggling together. Now we see that - oh no, there are not our people living here too and we are feeding them, this is not working, I don't have nothing in common with those people, socialism is bad, stop it. Thus I can never imagine socialism working without this national element in it. Hitler got it right and it worked but it was nothing new, he just took way of how we lived for hundreds of years and dragged it back to "modern times", with laws, etc. National Socialism is heavily based on European way of life and it goes so deep it even relied on mythology and symbolism of pre-christian Europe. Tell me If I'm wrong on your american perspective though.

>Also, I love Uncle Adolf but he actually rebranded fascism for Germany…

This is something what made me to write this in first place. You see, in Europe at that time, it's biggest miracle in 20th century to me, but all over Europe you've seen fascism truly rise up in various forms basically in the right time, some was successful, some not. For example you had like this more catholic oriented fascism of Degrelle and he didn't got much support from people in the beginning for his Rexism (he gained success only after he came back home from eastern front as hero). Like I could go on for hours about all these differences but the key thing is that "rebranding" fascism shouldn't really sound like a bad thing. There is some culture, some needs of the people the ideology must address that, don't forget about that. This ideological purism is what /pol/ will never understand because they are book ideologues, they don't address the needs of the people, they rather want to dictate the needs (it's problem of leftypol as well). That was the reason why fascism was never like this rock solid ideology across Europe with every detail set to stone at that time because it wouldn't work. Even in NSDAP you had people with different views and religion is very good question. I think Hitler kind of went around it in sort of neutral way but some of high ranking NS officials were Catholics and some weren't, and of course they had beefs over it here and there but at the end of the day they were united by some higher principles. I know for fact Hess wasn't Christian but he somewhat strongly believed in God and Himmler I think was Christian but he was obsessed by pre-christian European mythology, about him I'm not really sure. /pol/ will never get over this, they are too busy with their pagan vs. christian fight (and other fights), they are too busy fighting over the details while not a single one of them is capable of being reasonable. False book ideologues, self called scholars, that's what they are and people just want to live their life in peaceful country, with a purpose in life, among their own people without getting screwed over.

Now I agree eco-fascism sounds leftie, but one of the things which ultimately define fascism is strongly defined hierarchy in society. From what I've gathered, eco-fascism kind of counts with this hierarchy. I don't know, tell me if I'm wrong.


File: b43a546420b3d41⋯.png (230.96 KB, 437x613, 437:613, b43a546420b3d41397d5a4674e….png)



I know I am grossly oversimplifying things here, but national socialism was the most successful implementation of an ideology branching from fascism. As for the eco-terrorists, I think many of them are going the way of libertarians who are now becoming more fascist as they see a common culture and race among those who wish to save the environment. Most "radical" political camps seem to be adopting a racial/cultural element/bias. Even modern marxism, with it's "everyone vs white men" rhetoric has become a racially motivated ideology, while simultaneously denouncing racism in classic doublespeak. I agree that I should read more about the Italian fascist writings, sorry for my ignorance.



Intersectionalism isn't marxism dumbsas.



It's coming back. China never abandoned Marxism, they're just building up their productive forces for the eventual transition to socialism.


It's the best aesthetic you fucking faggot. The SS didn't look dignified when they were being wholesale annihilated by Soviet armies, they looked like the pathetic criminals that they were. Every SS faggot should have been forced to help rebuild the Soviet Union after the war. They got off easy when you consider the destruction and horror they subjected the Soviet people to. But Stalin and the Soviet people were merciful, unlike the barbarians they had vanquished.



>Even modern marxism, with it's "everyone vs white men" rhetoric

This isn't Marxism you fucking retard. Shut the fuck up about shit you obviously know literally not a single thing about.




again, I am oversimplifying, but cultural marxism has become closely associated with marxism as a whole.



I still fail to understand why it is called cultural marxism when you have terms like social engineering. Who invented this term?



IIRC it was invented and used by paleocons and classical liberals to describe the deconstruction of culture from a marxist perspective (viewing culture as a system of capital and power, and wanting to abolish said system) by the western social justice movement. I don't think that people in the normie lest identify as cultural marxists but oftentimes they could be described as such.



>Modern (((marxism))) is not what you think it is but what I think it is, nevermind what that actually is

neck yourself



In the simplest possible terms, marxism=economic/class egalitarianism, cultural marxism=racial/cultural/social egalitarianism.



I prefer to call it Bioleninism. The Frankfurt School is much maligned but it has very little to do with currently year insanity.



I was referring to the gaudy visuals and a half-ton of medals on Zhukov's chest. It is the aesthetic equivalent of driving a $500 car with $1500 rims. Kolakowski was right when he called the Soviet Union a parvenu on the world stage. The SS and the red army were both rapacious barbarians but at least the SS were better looking.



I don't recall the SS ever gathering all the children in a neighborhood and carving the meat from their bones one by one



>am*rican talking about SS



Bomber Harris did nothing wrong


File: e7a8b20b8c4c2be⋯.png (249.17 KB, 1783x955, 1783:955, e7a8b20b8c4c2be8d23beb61dd….png)


>SS were rapacious barbarians

Documented cases suggest otherwise. The Wehrmacht executed soldiers who raped/terrorized civilians. The red army on the other hand were rather, unregulated, to put it nicely.



>Cultural Marxism

This literally does not exist.


Shut the fuck up you braindead right-wing faggot. You literally haven't the faintest fucking idea of what Marxism is.


File: a88486825beb29f⋯.jpg (22.81 KB, 543x540, 181:180, a88486825beb29fa711ec00af6….jpg)


The SS had gaudy, gay uniforms. The Soviet uniforms were more functional and proletarian while also retaining style. Even so, who gives a shit about le epic uniforms when the SS was embarrassingly crushed by people that their own ideology considered to be inferior?


This is laughably false. The Wehrmacht and SS committed millions of rapes and murders on the Eastern front and were seldom punished. When they we're punished, they weren't punished for rape, but for "racial shame" for raping supposedly "inferior" untermensch. The Red Army punished thousands of their soldiers for rape and looting, unlike the criminal Wehrmacht. The Nazis even let loose a band of violent criminals led by an alcoholic pedolphile onto the civilian populations of occupied Belarus and Poland, and you have the gall to call us communists "degenerate?" Give me a fucking break. If you don't know who I'm referring to, look up Oskar Dirlewanger. The Wola massacre alone justifes Dresden.



>You literally haven't the faintest fucking idea of what Marxism is

An ideology which fails every time it is attempted due to food shortages.


File: 956b66f97da229b⋯.jpg (72.15 KB, 576x768, 3:4, 956b66f97da229b3f153683382….jpg)


So what you're saying is that you are a die hard russiaboo? I never used the word degenerate, and Russia committed plenty of atrocities on the eastern front, here have some examples:


>According to American professor Carroll Quigley, at least one third of the 320,000 Polish prisoners of war captured by the Red Army in 1939 were murdered.[62]

>It's estimated that between 10 and 35 thousand prisoners were killed either in prisons or on prison trail to the Soviet Union in the few days after the 22 June 1941 German attack on the Soviets (prisons: Brygidki, Zolochiv, Dubno, Drohobych, and so on).

>Soldiers of the Polish Home Army (Armia Krajowa) were persecuted and imprisoned by Russian forces as a matter of course.[71] Most victims were deported to the gulags in the Donetsk region.[72] In 1945 alone, the number of members of the Polish Underground State who were deported to Siberia and various labor camps in the Soviet Union reached 50,000.

>Around 3,500 Finnish prisoners of war, of whom five were women, were captured by the Red Army. Their mortality rate is estimated to have been about 40 percent. The most common causes of death were hunger, cold and oppressive transportation.[84]

>During the Kalmyk deportations of 1943, codenamed Operation Ulussy (Операция "Улусы"), the deportation of most people of the Kalmyk nationality in the Soviet Union (USSR), and Russian women married to Kalmyks, but excluding Kalmyk women married to men of other nationalities, around half of all (97-98,000) Kalmyk people deported to Siberia died before being allowed to return home in 1957.

>A study published by the German government in 1974, estimated the death toll among German civilians in eastern Europe to be 635,000. With 270,000 dying as the result of Soviet war crimes

>Western estimates of the traceable number of rape victims range from two hundred thousand to two million.[103] Following the Winter Offensive of 1945, mass rape by Soviet males occurred in all major cities taken by the Red Army. Women were gang raped by as many as several dozen soldiers during the liberation of Poland. In some cases victims who did not hide in the basements all day were raped up to 15 times.[78][104] According to historian Antony Beevor, following the Red Army's capture of Berlin in 1945, Soviet troops raped German women and girls as young as eight years old.[105]

The explanation of "revenge" is disputed by Beevor, at least with regard to the mass rapes. Beevor has written that Red Army soldiers also raped Soviet and Polish women liberated from concentration camps, and he contends that this undermines the revenge explanation.[106]

>Ungváry writes that when the Soviets finally claimed victory, they initiated an orgy of violence, including the wholesale theft of anything they could lay their hands on, random executions and mass rape. Estimates of the number of rape victims vary from 5,000 to 200,000.[111][112][113] According to Norman Naimark, Hungarian girls were kidnapped and taken to Red Army quarters, where they were imprisoned, repeatedly raped and sometimes murdered.[114]




Cultural Marxism is the jewish plot to make all races and cultures one uniform paste so the (((rootless cosmopolitans))) can rule over them all.



The same people who fought in the red army gave birth to heroin addicts, AIDs victims, and the most horrificly disgusting architecture on the planet. NAZIs may have been flawed in that they were exclusively reactionary, but at least they didn't seek to destroy western culture and the family unit.



Every first-world hipster that uses the word "proletarian" as an adjective should be shot and sold for organs.




Comparing the two is like asking if you would you rather eat dark brown cat shit or light brown dog shit.



I actually agree. I would rather have strong capitalism than being forced again ever in my life to encounter what I witnessed here, I mean those talks about red army and SS, which made me lose any hope I had left for this board, and you know how much I hate capitalism so that says pretty a lot. I now remember why I stayed out of /pol/ type boards.



as a board grows more popular, the probability that it will shit up by a cabal of weebs and ideologyfags approaches 1.



The most doomer reaction is to simply not care. /doomer/ will inevitably become shitty. Let's enjoy it while we can.


File: 4a6805e22d92360⋯.jpg (133.84 KB, 937x1031, 937:1031, 1f2e337f4becdf1456e6a142a2….jpg)

>by a cabal of weebs and ideologyfags

now I feel bad…


File: ff998131ddf88bb⋯.jpg (94.7 KB, 991x768, 991:768, 1553651125724.jpg)




The best thing we can do is enjoy it to it's fullest without making any defeatist assumptions, let's just enjoy each others' company bros


File: 01e15e953101f52⋯.webm (146.3 KB, 320x180, 16:9, 1549982667570.webm)


Well yes, pretty much this but still, every thread I open, in order to get down to see post, read it and write a semi-coherent reply, I have to go through weeb circlejerk every time. They are like gypsies, going from thread to thread, being loud in language nobody else understands but them, leaving behind them not trash, spits and sunflower seeds but anime pictures.


File: 045e42e9afca2e0⋯.gif (1.81 MB, 498x280, 249:140, tenor-1.gif)


You should feel bad, Sweden.


File: a955b7cdaa2240d⋯.jpg (278.99 KB, 844x757, 844:757, e9ef627df80ed5d001cde0f923….jpg)


>Braindead Amerifat knows about the (((ideology))) which was responsible for the gruesome deaths of millions, while never having it in it's own doorstep

Fuck off, you lefty piece of shit


File: 0700b472ec155a0⋯.jpg (62.89 KB, 554x793, 554:793, download (82).jpg)


Funny to me is that they are actually talking about our grandfathers and grand-grandfathers, which some of them were lucky to actually come back home after war and live long enough to see us. We lived with those people ameriposters are talking about. And I don't even spit on american soldiers in ww2, it was terrible war and they lost many men there but still it's surreal to hear about somebody from other side of world basically talking about family member you actually knew as a kid. I don't know if they realize this absurdity.



It made me think now, why the fuck pre-boomers lived often for so long time? You have still ww2 veterans alive even in 2019, don't you? I guess maybe 1 year ago they put into jail some SS guard from concentration camp on wheelchair.



There is a distinction to be made between the Latvian Legion and rest of the forces that invaded Russia. The motivations were completely different to say the least. Your grandfathers were heroes; the men they fought with weren't.



What's the great difference, because invasion to east was done not only by Germans. You know there were forces from many countries of Europe, volunteers included and many units actually went behind the front line and were f.e. rebuilding bridges and whole infrastructure (this was case in western Ukraine for example). My argument is not rebuilding of infrastructure, but that you had there many regular units and volunteers from whole Europe doing different things, even from "neutral" countries. Why was ww2 so different that we remember it even today is in my opinion because it was first ideological war (and not because of how much people died). The enemy was bolshevism and from other side it was fascism and not countries/people themselves, even though Hitler started his invasion with argument of lebensraum. The crimes were done, but even I am not going to say that whole soviet army was band of mongoloid rapists. The big tragedy of ww2, in my opinon, is the same as what's happening in ukraine right now, you have brother standing with weapon against brother, trying to kill each other for sphere of influence and political ideology. What is done is done, I will never spit on grave of soviet, american, russian, british, german on any other soldier. They paid with their life and that's it, it's done for me. I, as person who never faced such event, have no right to be a judge. You can talk about the motives of people responsible for the events, you can talk about the crimes and injustices of war, you can talk about what was truth and what was propaganda, but phrasing it correctly is very important. Call me a nitpicking idiot but yes, I take it this seriously.



>went behind the front line

It sounds weird, I mean it like, you had front line which was pushing to east and behind them were units rebuilding shit the front line units destroyed.



Sorry, but I have to also say that if there wouldn't be western forces, you do realize soviets would just push into west as far as they could? The idea of great russia is not dead even today, just times changed. Hitler knew it, your generals quickly realized it as well, I'm also sure even Churchill wasn't very keen on Soviets.



File: c108ca4a9745646⋯.jpg (312.73 KB, 1200x1800, 2:3, HansHermannHoppe_wn.jpg)


>strong capitalism

Just admit that you're ancap.



I have by nature closer to socialism than I will ever have to what you would call "pure capitalism". I'm not sure if it was even introduced as anything other than a joke for people with economy degree.



What you say regarding an unnecessary war between brothers is true, but it was the Germans who invaded the Soviet Union. And the Soviets who invaded the Baltic nations. To me, those trying to defend their people and their homelands have the higher moral ground, regardless of ideology. The Germans were trying to carve up Russia, the volunteer divisions wanted to end the possibility of another soviet occupation once and for all. (Yes, I some were anti-communists from neutral countries) This was the difference of motive I was referring to.

Also, you are right that individual soldiers' graves should not be spit upon. I am sorry if I implied that. Guess I am not immune to this Hollywood-style hyper-moralization of WWII into this battle between men and monsters. Burgerland propaganda is the most effective propaganda after all…



Pure Cocainism is my ideology. Unlike "real communism", or "pure capitalism", it has been tried, and to great results!



Hitler was spooked by this idea of WW1, where Russian, German and English aristocracies were bound by blood and that was why he tried to not go to war with England f.e., however bolshevism was in eyes of NSDAP very dangerous ideology which meant direct threat to ethnic germans living all around eastern Europe. This was his campaign though, first step was blitzkrieg to west along with anschluss to Austria and invasion of Czechoslovakia, then it spread out to balkan area - Croatia, Romania, etc. There were these two elements imo, his argument was protection of ethnic Germans but also direct war with bolshevism. I know what you mean, that he shouldn't invade Soviet Union and even though he initially didn't wanted to, later it became for some reason necessary. Maybe he was right, maybe soviets were threat to western europe and he didn't wanted them to make the first step, maybe he believed in Himmler's SS after results in France, etc., + he certainly underestimated soviet's resources, I honestly don't know if he wanted to strike them first because if he wouldn't, the soviets would, or he genuinely just wanted to push to east because muh lebensraum. There are actually numerous theories about what could be the true reason he invaded soviet union, even much later as he intended to (I read some conspiracy even saying that he was ill and he wanted to do it before he dies or something). The question though is if it could be in any case justified, this invasion. I think that if soviets really were threat and they would eventually invade west first, then it could be justified but since I don't know if it wasn't part of Hitler's powermongering plans, I can't tell.

For Germans, well, mostly for the leadership and not regular people, it was question of existence. Goebbels was talking about total war and Hitler supposedly said if the allies come to Berlin, they should conquer nothing but ashes. The results of ww2 are horrible and every party involved paid big price for it, and as we can see, we pay for it even today.

>Burgerland propaganda is the most effective propaganda after all…

It brings a lot of emotions, I don't mean propaganda, but whole war. I find more disturbing that in modern Europe, you can't properly honor your own ancestors. There are voices to shut down legionnaire day, in Hungary they had similar anniversary event as well but afaik they can't do that anymore because muh extremism, even though in Hungary it had very strong sentiment because of siege of Budapest, etc. They tell us we shouldn't forget about victims of ww2, while they mean concentration camps, but nobody really wants to admit that ww2 cost a lot of lives of european men as well, who weren't even ideologues, they just - as you said it - wanted to protect their country.



>They tell us we shouldn't forget about victims of ww2, while they mean concentration camps

This. Also, thank you for the European perspective on this. To add on, I think Hitler was at least partially correct in his assessment of the Russian/Communist intent to invade Europe as a global communist state is the stated goal of the communist philosophy.


File: e9f08db042a5599⋯.png (180.07 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 3a3d370432d080295532a909fa….png)


>They are like gypsies, going from thread to thread, being loud in language nobody else understands but them, leaving behind them not trash, spits and sunflower seeds but anime pictures.


I love rhymes, word play, metaphors and comparisons

this one was just beautiful

I could really imagine this in my head like a booklet

thank you




>gruesome deaths of millions

>bad thing



Commies make everything uncool, even mass murder.


File: 02d81ee854b953c⋯.jpg (38.61 KB, 852x475, 852:475, 1551645904730.jpg)


I love how the /leftypol/ sperg seems to have gotten the fuck out. Let's go back to not taking shit seriously and concurring that while some political shit is cool (not communism though, thoroughly uncool ideology) it is all largely a pointless circlejerk used to bamboozle the masses while consolidating power for assholes.



I watched his talks but then when you take a look at his facebook, you realize he is pretty big schizo. Also I think he went definitely quiet, so good riddance.



Yeah, but 8ch has given me an appreciation for schizo's. Never forget Terry Davis.


File: 0234fdaeecabb71⋯.jpg (24.68 KB, 401x349, 401:349, 321a.jpg)




File: 4c6e07ce92d7c42⋯.jpg (9.62 KB, 300x300, 1:1, japanese stallman.jpg)


real samurais don't exi…



silly gaijin

everyone knows tom cruise was the last samurai



really? I thought Mishima was.




me. literally.


how about we just keep kicking all the weird broken people out, waiting for them to establish communities and generate value, then marching forward, taking all the value, and kicking them out again

even when the "value" in question is just new edits of wojak, because we've done this so many times that nobody bothers making anything else




Antifa are not permitted to use this term, or use this board.




lol. You actually believed this? You commie faggots really have no sense of humor.


File: 901420b069de027⋯.jpg (15.33 KB, 208x300, 52:75, 3arrows.jpg)


My family is from norway, and i know more about norway than you'll ever know.


>implying antifa is communist


>when you actually think that nationalist forms of communism is a joke and anybody that takes them seriously doesn't have a sense of humor

>when you necro a thread from page 8 because you're asspained at the posts on it

Sage because necro'd thread.



Imagine defending the culture of a place where everyone's depressed and you're a faggy communist useful idiot cuck



lol faggot, hope you kys



I came to agree with it after getting laid. And I'll be in my late 30s here soon



We're gonna be the new Warsaw pact Britfag. Gonna get smoked.



Nah it's a real ideology. Read Niekisch.


File: 817a3a8e779b33a⋯.jpg (66.52 KB, 600x400, 3:2, 0013729e3c90147a435124.jpg)

File: a48fb2fd5502380⋯.jpg (77.96 KB, 482x698, 241:349, 53cd1b9f3f2406b51fab7fa2a1….jpg)

File: adaf00f463d7ca5⋯.jpg (95.85 KB, 574x860, 287:430, 326b5bb43247ef8b4e707209fe….jpg)

File: d28a64141c42c30⋯.jpg (115.37 KB, 1024x784, 64:49, 2964712001_034d1c7cbb_b.jpg)



you & your family?



life coaches



I'm less a skeptic and more just a right-winger (socially anyways, economically I'm left) who realizes that we lost years ago and is just patiently awaiting the genocide.



seems like capitalism lol



how do you know hes a hipster?

p.s. nazis wanted to exterminate your people, commies stopped that. seems like a massive fucking difference



ii met ancaps before lol theyre real



>Commies stopped a genocide of Slavs

>Then committed a much bigger genocide of Slavs



>Well of course most doomers are virgins,

What? Why? I reject this assumption.


Murder all leftists. That's what this certified /doomer/ has to say. Fuck you /leftypol/ you think you can hide out here and go unnoticed? I can't wait to see you all splatted in the coming bloodbath. Fucking animals.




Now my threats aren't as good. Time for a drink.



Nahh, dude, splatted works pretty well. It's what happens to a body after an unfortunate fall from a helicopter.


File: 018c70990bfd531⋯.jpg (64.97 KB, 500x375, 4:3, a80555bdf8a36cf2bb82328ba1….jpg)


>when you forget nazis got helicopter'd too



lefties getting helicoptered was political warfare. Nazis getting helicoptered is just common sense eugenics.




Both the nazis and the communists on this board are annoying as shit. Just idiot americunts that yap off on the internet and pretend it's activism or some shit. they all need to die tbqh.



Generally I'd argue with you, but honestly America is a pretty shit country tbh. I can't think of anything worth saving here.

You're still a street shitter though.



>Generally I'd argue with you, but honestly America is a pretty shit country tbh. I can't think of anything worth saving here.

So why cling so tightly to euro ideologies that you're so far removed from by geography, culture and time?

>You're still a street shitter though.

Lol. wat m8?


File: e10b835cf5a3f53⋯.gif (2.64 MB, 320x240, 4:3, shaggycarl.gif)


/pol/ is fine as long as its not the Hitler Purist tryhard retards that killed the board


File: 30b89fe328af6ed⋯.png (256.92 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 30b89fe328af6edd1e1d68801b….png)



Nazis, communists (mostly nazbols), and eco-fascists make up the bulk of doomer ideology and literally created the board. Ideological extremism is a common doomer trait. You're retarded to think most doomers would be neoliberal capitalists. American doomers are especially ideologically driven because this country is literally controlled on every level by jews and capitalists. If you're a nazi or a communist in america, you're probably also a doomer. That's just how it is.

Capitalism is the gun that jews are shooting whites with.



I (>>16618) am pretty much in agreement with you. Don't know what the other poster's deal is (most likely an edgy nazbol). You're mistaken if you think I'm a Nazi.

>So why cling so tightly to euro ideologies that you're so far removed from by geography, culture and time?

Because in America, ideology is a consumer good. The more exotic and edgy the better. It's to the millennial generation what new age bullshit was to the boomers.


File: 97af70a990d59aa⋯.jpg (185.66 KB, 1920x1280, 3:2, co4.jpg)

File: 8e26addb25e34cb⋯.jpg (5.05 MB, 6012x4008, 3:2, co3.jpg)

File: 68872b91fecad06⋯.jpg (209.09 KB, 1920x1280, 3:2, co2.jpg)

File: 602f837ab431650⋯.jpg (3.66 MB, 2808x3744, 3:4, co1.jpg)


Candace Owens is a qt.



>So why cling so tightly to euro ideologies that you're so far removed from by geography, culture and time?

Because its something? It's either imagine a future without shitskins and exploitative capitalist Jews or just accept it, smoke weed everyday and give up.

Besides, if I admit America is shit, why WOULDN'T I cling to a European ideology? The only original ideologies out of America were democracy and "pulling yourself up by your bootstraps" and both of those are a disaster.


Plus this. America is a fucking spider web of kikes, rats, and other general scum. Our hatred of politics comes from our hatred of the people who run it.


File: 4d2646c79bb0c8c⋯.jpg (76.42 KB, 597x800, 597:800, siamese-wildcat.jpg)


The trees and the beautiful land are worth saving as well as some of the rural types who are genuine and decent. As a matter of fact, if all the major cities are nuked or EMP'd in the future as part of a WWIII scenario…then I hope we become Isolationist again as we rebuild.


I have a grudge against leftists mainly because I've fought with them IRL because of their retardation and Marxist agenda. The Hitler Purists have some interesting things to say, but that doesn't mean I'd trust them to watch my back IRL.


File: 1e1bf853952b447⋯.png (236.09 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, skc3a4rmbild-109.png)



>The trees and the beautiful land are worth saving as well as some of the rural types who are genuine and decent

I hold out hope that these people will inherit the future. This is about as optimistic as I get.


File: 100f6a3de1e3dc4⋯.jpg (258.71 KB, 1200x1377, 400:459, michel-foucault_122618.jpg)


>lk of doomer ideology and literally created the board. Ideological extremism is a common doomer trait. You're retarded to think most doomers would be neoliberal capitalists

Never said that you dumb faggot. i just hate you idiot yanks and the way you sperg your extension of dems vs repubs all over the internet. stfu and keep it in pol/leftypol. fucking autists, the both of you.

>Because in America, ideology is a consumer good.

Yep! This i think is painfully obvious to anybody that at least has a modicum of interest in politics, etc, etc. For people that are die hard politics wonks You'd think these fucking moronic yankee so called communists would have at least have read Society And the Spectacle…. Fucking idiots. .. Did i say i hate idiot, uneducated americans?


>Because its something? It's either imagine a future without shitskins and exploitative capitalist Jews or just accept it, smoke weed everyday and give up.

Shit logic mate. Read some book an Try Again. Pic related. Fuck all these metanaratives.

>as well as some of the rural types who are genuine and decent.

From what i see from a distance arn't they all moronic christians and conservative cop, etc. supporters who believes in traditional values and such?!

tbh country people being terrible like this is pretty much a euro meme, too.



No it's not unless you want to live in a one man nation. Hoppe can suck muh kok



Yeah well I don't care what foreigners think of me because I'm an ethical Solipsist. Only my opinion matters./thread.


watch this video and you'll see why some of us can't stand foreigners


(couldn't embed video because site is a bitch)



I'm sorry for being dense but what? you don't like foreigners because city people were mean about some old mountain people? I don't get it… Have you considered traveling, anon? I hear americans don't do this nearly enough.



We can't because of the system that were under. Capitalism ensures only the rich can afford travel




And furthermore most other Americans can't stand us either, fyi.



>Capitalism ensures only the rich can afford travel

Absoloute bullshit. You can pay for a ticket somewhere for less than your rent probably cost and then just travel on a shoestring and stay places for free or dirt cheap when you're on the continent you want, grabbing some odd work or online work if you need it or you're the type to spend. I mean, i can do it on the peanuts the state gives me.. This lie you are telling yourself is just one of those things we tell ourselves to justify not doing scary things.



Maybe reddit is a better place for leftist scum like you



<maybe soviet russia is a better place for pinko scum like you




on tv we have a show about Australia and Canada border patrol / customs officers. Here is a typical situation I see:

>good afternoon Mr. XYZ

>to visit our country you need visa

>you refused to fill out your visa form so we cannot grant you entry and you have to go home

<but my uncle is waiting for me outside

>I don't give a shit buddy, law is law of course not paraphrased but that is what the officer wanted to say

or something like this:

>Good evening Miss xyz

>why are you travelling to our country

>where are you staying

>how much money do you have

>what are you gonna do here

>do you ahve a contact person here

Rulecucks destroy everything and there is no cure

Normalcattle thinks it is okay that TSA grabs their balls to make sure they have no bombs hidden between their legs

Imagine a world without normies…

Then also another situation:

>there are many stamps in your passport

>you travelled to malaysia and bolivia and south africa

>what was your business there

>where do you work

>how do you fund your travels in the world

This is none of your fucking business you frustrated rulecucks


File: 7baa46e3bb25609⋯.jpg (64.59 KB, 567x420, 27:20, fuck off cat.jpg)

File: a3da3e1df296d86⋯.jpg (78.39 KB, 500x475, 20:19, catz holding off a trigger….jpg)




I have lived all over America and I find that city people are the ones who are rude arrogant cunts. You know, the type of American that foreigners complain about. The further out you go from Citycattle and Suburb hell, the more likely you are to meet people who are kinder. Obvious caveats include drugged up murderous loonies, small town cops (even rightists have contempt for those fuckers), and trash in all colors of the ugly rainbow. Rednecks aren't so bad as much as they are quaint and neither are people like me who mostly hermits/neets/hikkys.

Travel isn't really all that affordable for a single male these days and what >>16784, said is the sad truth. Airports are filled with control freaks and diversity hires that literally want to get up on your nuts, then pull you aside and ask you idiotic questions because you "have an angry look on your face sir."


File: 9d063e2eee14115⋯.jpg (42.83 KB, 600x315, 40:21, Time Does Not Heal cover.jpg)

Laughing at all of these 1/4th /doomers/ peddling their flawed ideologies, clinging to vestiges of 20th century politics on a board where the guiding principle is existence is a nigger.





Fuck both of you. I hope a 15 foot storm surge secures the non existence of your house.

>inb4 well maybe we are just /doomers/ because we didn't get our way

No shit. Let it go.



The sensible distribution of wealth and power matters more to me than trannies and immigrants, and one of the most depressing things is knowing that people care more about that instead of their own standard of living.

Depression and suicidal thoughts are a prerequisite to coming to /doomer/, but that doesn't mean we can't try to have constructive conversations to resolve disagreements.

I agree this shouldn't be a board devoted to political bickering though, so i bump music, philosophy and vent threads every time i see political threads plastering the fron page. Other doomers should do the same.


File: 6da0c964e5c46bf⋯.jpg (62.79 KB, 850x400, 17:8, NicolaeCeausescuNazbol.jpg)


nazbol is life


File: 40cc585bb8048d7⋯.png (1.16 MB, 800x1152, 25:36, 40cc585bb8048d7041a7744491….png)


you posted on fringe about lucid dream, hi m8 how are you ? have you succesfully killed the abyss deep into you, have you smiled back at death ?



given the USSR population grew under Soviet rule, as opposed to being exterminated and made slaves and deported past the Urals, I can safely say you're full of shit. P.S. there were no "genocides" done by the USSR after WWII



>The only original ideologies out of America were democracy and "pulling yourself up by your bootstraps" and both of those are a disaster.

Technocracy, Inc?





Are different in what way exactly?


File: 13d8c000bd11ba7⋯.jpg (89.64 KB, 750x734, 375:367, 1538874439685.jpg)


Incel culture is shit but its also a reaction to the shit that is mainstream women culture today. Take almost any incel commentary, flip the genders and you get the average feminist commentary. Whats sad is that most people are perfectly fine with this when in reality neither side and their shit should be tolerated.



that's how they get you

monogamy and raising children with your wife are capitalism according to Engles in Origins of the Family

pretty much anything wholesome is "capitalism", there is no distinct "cultural" Marxism, it's just the part of the ideology they keep hidden from the masses who think they're supporting some kind of unemployment measures



All thumbs are fingers. Not all fingers are thumbs. Unless you fully believe in relativist postmodernism in which case there's literally no difference between anything, as even a chair can be argued to be, and thus be subjectively true to be, a car, or a plant, or a star.



I'm a firm believer that if you change the economic rules, human nature will adapt. If monogamy is natural, it'll stay. No further efforts ahould be wasted trying to convince people of anything - if people are naturally monogamous, they'll stay that way unless forced to change.



People will adapt but it doesn't necessarily mean its natural. There have been tons of genocidal and oppressive regimes throughout history, but it doesn't make it natural, it just makes it adaptable. You'll still see high rates of unhappiness and suicide. That being, I don't think either capitalism or communism are natural, the only natural thing is primitivist tribal living, maybe working yourself up to the bronze age if you want to get risky.

t. eco-fascist



Ok when you live here you can say but you don't so…..


Besides I'm not gonna let some country who hasn't discovered plumbing try and Lord moral supremacy over me


File: de985d2f668fdb9⋯.jpg (125.54 KB, 640x852, 160:213, subcomandante-marcos-80372….jpg)


Research the economic principles of the incan empire, ancient egypt, the sassanids under mazdakism, the mayan anarchists in mexico (pic related).


File: e1720033803e172⋯.png (206.44 KB, 800x800, 1:1, qvvfjt1mbypy.png)





"nigga". Zoomer nigger detected




If you're an occultist and a doomer then there is something seriously wrong with your critical thinking skills, or you're a LARPing tumblr Wiccan. Occultism is uplifting, assuming you don't just read something edgy for cool kid points and you actually study a few different schools of thought in depth and put time into practical work.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>Occultism is uplifting

True, as long as you're advanced enough to constantly live in higher realms or have the means to shut yourself off from the world.

Without these two, it doesn't really work that way as you constantly see a better way yet have to spend time in this joke of an age. Its not fun to try to hold onto spiritual values in the Kali Yuga.



>Life is easier when you support others in what ways you can and have others to support you too.

Modernity makes isolation cheap, and forming tribes costly. Only shallow friendships are permitted. How many friends are in your social circle? Say about 5-150. But how many of em would lend you money? Mutual trust is replaced by transactions. Makes for efficient market which can transcend Dunbar's number, but the relationships in there are hollow.

>Collectivism is great, and civilization won't be possible without it, but only when you can choose your tribe, friends, who you support, who you're loyal to, etc… and aren't forced in any way.

People are more likely to make friends when they attend school, as opposed to being homeschooled. Robber's Cave Experiment. People grow closer the more they're forced to by circumstances. The harder shit they live through together, the stronger the bond is. But modern living is incredibly easy, and you don't technically need others.



Kali Yuga is temporary (in fact isn't it meant to end in 2025?). So is your time in third density. If being here makes you pessimistic then I personally think you're misguided to some extent. Yeah, it's fucking terrible, but it can be made significantly easier through focused intention, and as soon as you achieve gnosis you can leave forever. Being overwhelmed by the negativity here is difficult to get past given the very strong trance states we're all kept in. I won't try to talk you out of your doomerism. I'm not from this board. I just saw this on the front page. This is just my opinion I suppose, but if you're an occultist and you're a doomer, you are wasting your god damn potential.


End Leftist Occupation! End Immigration!

Join the Fight for Fascism NOW!



>american fascist undergroud

>has homepage

>one the clearnet

fashies are truly internet pro's



human nature doesn't change, impulses can be channeled into new behaviors, but is the underlying need being satisfied by this behavior?

men need sex, but we need more than just sex. no number of "wives" held in common with a dozen other men satisfy the need to be the sole proprietor of a woman.



Social realism is a third person perspective. While doomerism may resemble that from the outside, and by that attract the cultural commies, it is, for the doomer, in its essence, deeply personal and existential. Thus doomerism is a contemplative philosophy. To twist the words of Marx: Now is not the time to act, it is the time for emptyness and resignation.






You lot sound like top notch lads, come visit /vril/ and chat for a bit, lean into something a bit deeper and take your mind off of things, we're holding remote viewing sessions so that we can eventually work to finding/contacting the original Thule group down in the ice box.

We look forward to seeing you!




oops, messed that bit up.

But please do visit, it's a bit quiet without a regular crowd over there.



Sorry, I think I grown out of natsoc esoterism.


File: 40c34ce9d934d6e⋯.jpg (66.69 KB, 944x727, 944:727, 98f89b1255ae12f2b42db9c6f0….jpg)


Matter of fact, I think you should just give up with your golden eagles and hitlers. Esoteric Ryderism is the only way for me and I can not be converted.



What extent were you into it before? What we are aiming for is something a bit above textbook NatSoc, we're going for a much more spiritual stance.

At the very least come and try out the remote viewing thread, from my own personal experience it is viable to an extent, you may spook yourself a bit if you give it a go, I know I did.

I could even link some NatSoc materials on the board to make it worth your time.



(((Esoteric Ryderism)))

Sie ist eine juden.

Come now friend, surely you would not be seduced by the enemy of your people?


File: 18475304b90b06a⋯.jpg (56.66 KB, 750x737, 750:737, d55b2f5dd9a18d4d95b137bf50….jpg)


My people only dragged me down almost for 3 decades, on the other hand, goddess Winona was always here for me, never let me down, always guided me, as long as I put my faith, booze and pack of red marlboros on altar of hers. She is godmother of this board, when we need her, she guide us with smile on her face. You are powerless against her with your ideology, openly admitting it will spook one who falls for it; that's why you try to convert me. That's not going to happen, I've seen through you the very moment you wrote your post.



No comrade, the (((people))) who dragged you down were not your kin. Winnona may be your patron godess, but do you not see the sacrifices she demands of you? your very essence is what she demands, by laying your addictions upon her altar you submitting to the seduction of death itself. Winona is of the same cloth as those invaders who have gripped you and your people with an iron fist.

You were the chosen one! it was said that you would destroy the jith, not join them! You were to bring balance to the earth, not leave it in darkness. You were my brother Anonkin, I loved you.


File: 11b583f9c1c0170⋯.gif (1.01 MB, 323x187, 19:11, PISO.gif)


You say you know the esoteric ways but you are like spiritual little baby. She demands nothing. Those are my gifts to her and I give them to her willingly, as I would feast person of the same soul essence. You must treat your gods, guides and spirits with most utter disrespect if you never even thought about giving them anything, as you would do for your best friend or your family. Never give, only take, never uplift, only subvert and spook, trying to play for your interests through the deepest emotions of companionship and love. Didn't you become the very thing you criticize? I'm not impressed and She is in laughter.



Fuck off nigger



My gods are my people, for they are within us, and within all things of this world. I would give my very last crumb, my very last bit of warmth and live to them. You offer your deity smoke and drink? I offer mine health and youth. I seek not to subvert nor spook, I seek only to educate and enlighten to reveal the true way. Love is a cruel and hard thing, it is not something soft nor pleasant, it is the very core of all suffering, for what is love without hatred and vice versa? The most terrible things in this world are done in the name of love, war not being the least of them. Companionship also, comes at a steep cost, for what is an unloved companion but a sheep in your herd? True wholesome love is being willing to withstand, to endure the most painful and troublesome of hardships. Your "godess" is but merely an escapism, a way to nullify and numb the pain. My gods embrace it, for it is the pain, the cold, the struggle. It is what allows us to endure, to attain greater heights of every kind.

I hardly feel as that which I criticize, I offer not comfort nor pleasure, not even an escape, but instead simple camaraderie and spirituality. Things with which to give reason to the struggle, to give reason to withstand.


File: 580bef5f0645873⋯.jpg (65.17 KB, 303x303, 1:1, large.jpg)


broke: offering health and youth

woke: offering booze and cigarettes

Not doomer. You are not different than christian/other religious crusaders who come here once in a while. Sorry, maybe you will have more luck with someone else, not me though. Don't go with head against the wall in my case. Any attack on Winona is too weak though; Her position is unchangeable.



I'm Christian and still smoke and drink. I want to see an atheist holocaust in my life tbh. Science has ruined everything.



Dog bless I'm not atheist then.



>Sie ist eine Juden

Dafür schreibst du wie ein waschechter Auslender ja das e ist absichtlich


>red Marlboro

100% real man from eastern yurop


>oroble jew

that cannot be a coincidence



holy fucking shit

>this jewess is kicking shiksa ass

>and basically all y'all polistanis are fags



>well aware of what (((communists))) did to his people

my parents, grandparents etc. didn't went through hell (and they truly did) just so my dumb ass can live like a scum

>gets seduced by one of their kin anyways

That's odd, I thought stockholm was in sweden.

I'm not really sure how I'm like other religious people who come here. jews, muslims, and christians are abrahamists, they are foreign. I don't promote the masochistic cuckoldry that they strive for in everything.


Der Punkt steht immer noch, sie ist eine Jude.



Ok consider this: I don't give a fuck.

>I'm not really sure how I'm like other religious people who come here.

By trying to get down my throat something I have literally zero care for. This is not /pol/ nor /pagan/, nor anything else. I get that you want to shill your board a bit and I personally don't mind it that much because here are people who might be into that type of stuff but I'm really not interested in your religion wars nor about history and hurts of the past. I just don't care about who you call cuck and who you call what else. I know it's hard to believe but I truly don't care about your opinion, I don't care about jews, I don't care about christians or muslims, I don't care about politics, I don't care anymore. I did care but now I don't. I'm tired of this bullshit, I'm tired of people, I'm tired of this world. I'm not trying to solve your problems, I don't want to be part of your solutions and your truths, I don't need to hear about your justice and about your heritage. I'm fucked up and I'd rather gaze to wall all night rather than spend 1 more minute dealing with your internet "truthspeakers". I don't care so much that I'm not even going against you but you people will have to start deal with other people who are disappointed in your practices because they before fell for your bs and you will have to learn how to accept people who just don't give a shit because it's all never ending talks. Give me one reason why I should give a slightest fuck. If your answer won't be one gigantic spook, I might think about it more.

Did I said "I don't care" enough, or should I say it more explicitly so you will finally get it?


File: bd5153813937362⋯.jpg (77.01 KB, 870x680, 87:68, bd5153813937362c3f2539f86c….jpg)


>being buttblasted that shiksas don't have the biggest milkers

>and can't give birth to superhuman 180 IQ globalist bankers that take over the entire planet through usury and debts

>and program goyim by multimedia and tv into obedient slaves

sore losers be sore

>Sie ist eine Jude

Junge, biste selber grad ausm Boot gekommen oder was? Vielleicht auch ein refutschi? Das heisst Jüdin …


File: 5f2a6ce593a7e47⋯.jpg (110.71 KB, 575x480, 115:96, geneticdisorderscommoninas….jpg)


Very well, I wish you the best of luck in this life. Just know that regardless of how much you disregard the issues in life, they won't simply go away.

Until we meet again.


Pic related, only a few of many.


anyone who can't invoke paradox gtfo tbh


File: 7e05e7c798ff98f⋯.png (207.74 KB, 836x464, 209:116, 7e05e7c798ff98f4b878859bf9….png)

a lot of confidence for a slave of Isreal


please give me trips


awwwwwww shiiiiiiiiiet nigggggggggaaaaaaahhhh

I did it, anons, I did it


this is why genetic upgrades are necessary



You can try to braid it into a thread if you want, but it will still be a shit thread. There is no "upgrading" the cursed genes which god has burdened them with, their foul figures are a testament to their foul hearts and souls. As above so below. May as well just switch to aryanism where everyone is already perfect, because they're white.



Do you feel in charge?


>awwwwwww shiiiiiiiiiet nigggggggggaaaaaaahhhh I did it, anons, I did it

How new are you?



>cursed genes

>most of them reccessive

recessive genes are cuck genes just like white ones

they die out eventually

the other stuff, shizophrenia, psychopathy sounds rather cool and there is meds to contain those things my jew doctor told me

>do you feel in charge

of courshe

seriously dude, we don't care about political crap and jews here, unless of course it is a cute actress to obess over. You Pol guys need to stop putting your political stuff into every single part of life. just chill a little more and life will be much comfier.



This. Secure the wealth and distribution for the white volk



Oh yeah there is even a saint of beer


File: e527a157fa7c4fb⋯.jpg (54.96 KB, 482x720, 241:360, 1488028964619.jpg)


>no poltards but commietards are somehow allowed

Both get a bullet, fuckoff back to leftypol you deranged tranny


File: 3775a75dc81407a⋯.jpg (156.13 KB, 1085x810, 217:162, Abigail-Shapiro-kinky-nude….jpg)


They had me at big tiddies, dont need any more



Tiddies are nice but I'm much weaker, I can be bought with jewess with black hair and mediocre pretty face even with smoll tiddies.


Don't fall for the politics meme, every ideological group will gladly throw (You) into the meat grinder if it can further its own interests .

There are no wars without soldiers.


File: c4030d7ba568ecd⋯.jpg (80.67 KB, 640x853, 640:853, Abigail-Shapiro-kinky-nude….jpg)


Lots of latinas fit that requirement, go to uruguay or south brazil

Meanwhile more jewy tiddies


File: eac1c78e7786f45⋯.png (478.16 KB, 553x891, 553:891, RememberYoureHereForever.PNG)

The Doomer meme started on /r9k/ when the 30 year old boomer meme started gaining traction as people created variations for the laughs.

It then migrated to /pol/ as around this time more and more /pol/acks where taking the black-pill and coming to the realization that there was nothing they could do to save the west

Then lefty/pol/ started to copy it because they wanted to fit in and be edgy

leftyfags have no place here, they cause gay political discourse when everybody else wants to talk about hist, art, kulture, and feels



>taking the black-pill and coming to the realization that there was nothing they could do to save the west

I think the blackpill goes further, is not just about "the west" but no hope for themselves as individuals so they may as well go for violent nihilism like the NZ shooter.



Both the boomer and doomer meme got their start on /biz/. Then people started projecting all kinds of shit onto them.

>they cause gay political discourse when everybody else wants to talk about hist, art, kulture, and feels

This is literally my only reason for disliking those SJW-rejects.


File: 7a6141b23daea98⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1080x774, 60:43, 1553154114089.png)


>Lots of latinas fit that requirement

Actually you are right.



The essence of the black pill is that humans are flawed creatures and that there can never be any type of good system when humans are involved in it



The danger is not that a particular class is unfit to govern. Every class is unfit to govern.

-Some Based English Lord



This is just philosophy. not pseudo-intelectual 'muh blackpeel'



Reverse that and realize that every ideology is simply a grab for power. There are no real humanitarian causes, because the purpose of organizing a humanitarian organization is so that you can be on top of it.

Don't focus on what's good for all of us; focus on what's good for you and fight for it like Hell.


>focus for what is good for you

<fast food, candy and slacking away entire day

mission accomplished



>China never abandoned Marxism




I don't see how out of all of those choices you couldn't figure that one out yourself, OP.



>they die out eventually

They exist in the first place because of incest/inbreeding. It won't die out if you keep putting it back in.

And so what if life isn't comfy, I thought discontentment was a part of doomerism?


>I'll take "what is cherry picking?" for 200 Tom!



>everything has to be dead serious

Jesus christ just don't start with your hot opinions on latinas, nobody really gives a fuck.



Business before pleasure lad. Those anti-humans are the sole reason for unending suffering in this world.

Who brought in the niggers to murder you and rape you women?


Who forces you to work long strenuous hours for meager wages?


Who promotes feminism to every women you have ever or will ever know?


Who instigates wars to send your brothers off to die in?


Who causes so much depravity in the world that doomerism even became a thing?


They are the root of all evil, kill this tree of woe at it's root.

Remember what they took from you.



File: 30dc4093a2ce68c⋯.png (67 KB, 641x356, 641:356, Conservativeworldview (1).png)


>You Pol guys need to stop putting your political stuff into every single part of life. just chill a little more and life will be much comfier.

They only do it because they have nothing else going for them, anon.


File: 1290091af610182⋯.jpg (379.67 KB, 1410x1438, 705:719, laughingsealthing.jpg)





That leddit post is unironically one of the least gay posts I've read from there. That place might be gay af still, but I'd argue it's much less gay than /pol/, which is a cringe-horde.







File: 82530edc0350b1b⋯.png (137.84 KB, 632x316, 2:1, commies_are_great_right_le….PNG)


The #BO of /doomer/ is a kike-sympathising commie retard that invited most of /leftycuck/ over here.


>reddit is actually pretty cool goys. It's /pol/ that's the problem which is why us leftist faggot fucks and the FEDs rail against it constantly!



File: 064d89b8073b886⋯.png (349.24 KB, 1280x1109, 1280:1109, totallypolyouguys.png)


>Which of these are not allowed on /doomer/?

False flagging faggots





File: 11503fef6ed4b9c⋯.webm (6.41 MB, 426x240, 71:40, [ C A P I T A L I S M ].webm)


>accuse BO of inviting /leftypol/ to the board

>post a greentext, giving the heavy implication it's a post made by him on /leftypol/

<it's actually just a greentext about muh holodomor and muh gorillions

Sage because retardation



This is true but why cast pearls before swine?


You forgot subhumans from South America


/pol/ has been dead for years. Those who could never argue with /pol/ and its NatSoc beliefs while it was alive and healthy are finally getting their revenge by pretending that the redditors who currently inhabit the board and their supposed opinions are representative of anything at all.




assblasted eurocuck

im not even a /pol/ user!!!



At this point, /pol/ is a liability to the right more than anything else.







General observation I have made over the years online: leftists desperately try to include themselves in everything that's edgy and counter-cultural and then as soon as they've forced their way into a group or subculture of some kind they immediately turn around and self-appoint themselves as gatekeepers when the people who were there in the first place didn't care about restricting anyone based on ideology, so long as they actually fit into the culture of the group/counter-culture. Leftists just become a loud, subversive, inorganic, and annoyingly authoritative presence in whatever movement they're trying to be a part of.


File: 8c1a15e2c6b77ff⋯.jpg (77.74 KB, 1242x942, 207:157, image1.jpg)

schizos can actually be pretty dope-ass to hang around when the meds are working. i'll just add that.



Schizoids or schizophrenics?




Then Nathan Larson couldn't be here and Lord knows how long he's gonna last. Although


Women lie all the time.

He stood for some really edgy things during his congressional run. That took balls.



Exactly. Kinda like what I explained on the YW thread. That said the few leftists I've seen posting here were of the nazbol/old-school ML/anprim variety, rather than the current SJW/antifa "muh deplatforming" variety (the latter hates imageboards). There isn't much gatekeeping (otherwise I probably wouldn't be here).



>Which of these are not allowed on /doomer/?



File: 967c3d821baa6b3⋯.jpeg (148.36 KB, 1242x1036, 621:518, youngpam.jpeg)




File: 63bec6ce5d40fce⋯.jpg (109.32 KB, 640x571, 640:571, activism.jpg)


>being a doomer at 20

Nigger seriously?


Neck yourself, you're the same cancer than poltards


>Most seem to have given up on trying to change the world to the better

Part of being a doomer means no longer falling for the democracy meme which is not even real democracy but a representative system designed to keep the power within a selected group while giving you the illusion that your opinion matters. This is not athens and we're not in the agora.

>But most seem to praise conservative and traditional values nonetheless.

I think this is in part because we live in a ultra-liberal anything-goes society that has actually made shit worse because just like ultra-liberalism in economics always create societies with extreme inequality ultra-liberalism in relationships creates the same inequality in social aspects with an increasing amount of people both men and women becoming increasingly isolated to the point of complete loneliness. Some point back to conservatism as a solution because while the system wasnt perfect it seems better than the crap situation they're in now. And really whats the point of having sexual liberation if you go from not being able to have sex until marriage to not having sex ever, let alone get married? the people defending sexual liberalism while living in this situation are no different from the poorfag living in a trailer while defending the advantages of the amoral ultra-rich.


I'm not gonna pretend I've some responsibility for my situation, but given how fucked up society is today I say the blame distribution is 50/50. If most boomers had to start now they would probably be in the same situation I am today, the vast majority werent "chads" but the society of the time didnt demand both social and economic perfection, a man could have a life without being a on the top 10% of looks and could support himself and a family on a regular job.


Commies need to GTFO this board as well


Nigger I doubt anyone here is past 30, and born in 1990 are clearly millenials (1980-1995/2000 according to some)



<I'm not gonna pretend I don't have some responsibility




so immigration = bad?

omg nazi



I'm a mix of nazbol and anprim so there's bound to be weirdos, including myself, out there



What is nazbol even about? Is it giving all power and the means of production to the workers of your nation or is it just the same proletar international communism bullshit but with a national flag wrapped around it? Does nazbol have a main book or a collection of books to read about it?

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