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game devving

File: ae6015070ee6106⋯.jpg (138.71 KB, 660x437, 660:437, crowd57.JPG)





The only flags on /doomer/

Prove me wrong


File: 0274200fd58fbdf⋯.jpg (36.73 KB, 342x359, 342:359, 1497623811143.jpg)



Are you really that new here?

Swedebro is a regular poster. Austriabro posts less regularly but he's still a staple of this board w/ his esoteric knowledge. Mexibro still hasn't killed himself. Argentinanon still hasn't shot up his school and Hueanon is still a fucking faggot trying to steal my trap folder. Plus there's that one angry India poster. ANd Russianon always posts nice pictures of landscapes. We are famly here. Canadian-Zoomer anon is still a virgin, sadly. Plus there's that Polish grill (loli???). I can't remember the last time I saw a German or French post however. Israel-anon keeps us updated on the economy. Hmmmm….who else am I missing? I've never seen a Spain flag on here though. Oh, and Malaysia anon; he's a ninja.


I'm not very active and if it's nothing of intellectual value.



There's at least three brazilians.

>Mexibro still hasn't killed himself

Trash doesn't clean itself. I don't wish harm to the guy, but god damn, what a fucking faggot. Sooner he will appear in here posting giant texts on communism, and later kill the thread with blacked porn pics when he gets BTFO.

Also, I think there's only one Latviabro, he is just very active. One of our best.



ive seen some brazilians and then those mystery flags which are obviously kikes



I use mistery flags when I have posted too much with my country flag, so it doesn't seem that I'm flooding the place.



You are wrong.


>every single day makes 1 or more threads

>questionable thread quality

>never replies in his own threads

Can someone call his mother and tell her the kid is on internet again?


File: 21043710dd684cd⋯.jpg (76.59 KB, 1024x817, 1024:817, 1550453358332.jpg)


Seconding the latvia thing. I like that dude, he was totally active in my first ever thread here


Literally haven't done a thread since 'true /doomer/ qualities' and I responded loads in that. I really don't know what you want me to do


File: e9eec4d76be9c92⋯.png (530.3 KB, 1065x1011, 355:337, bargiolle.png)


>there's only one Latviabro

There is one or two more but they don't post too often, for example that /x/ thread is not mine. I don't check who is who by IDs but definitely there is bigger variety of posters from a lot countries, some of which post very frequently.


I'm just breaking your balls a little bit, don't take it seriously.


File: 1359e1c16231e36⋯.png (262.1 KB, 406x510, 203:255, turks-are-anatolian-and-th….png)

I use a VPN and bounce between nodes. You don't know where I'm from or which flaggots are me.



There's at least two of us.


File: efb66967015c956⋯.jpg (12.86 KB, 319x273, 319:273, x22qef.jpg)

i been here since the begining times. blogposting with other anons who had surprisingly similer habits or tastes was cool in the beginning. the memes were kinda funny. now i just occasionally lurk or durst post to try to trigger BO. i dont even really do that anymore.

this place kinda replaced /b/ which i still clung to up until even 6ish months ago but now it looks completely terminal.

i dunno if post quality is going down or the aesthetic is wearing on me since ive stopped drinking and my life is going ok. the wagie nightmare has no end in sight yet but certain things have given me hope and i met a vagina.


File: b6583fec1557649⋯.png (662.87 KB, 697x967, 697:967, weakpound.png)

UK here. reporting in.


File: 90dea4f40e60ffd⋯.png (658.97 KB, 960x866, 480:433, 50229563_591286014647362_4….png)


What is the purpose of flags in this board anyways?



It's sort of like an identity, but for anons.


File: eb2a7a3adf7c628⋯.jpeg (79.22 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, A260BD75-7A36-44C5-89BB-F….jpeg)


murica reporting in


>ANd Russianon always posts nice pictures of landscapes.

and of girls with unusual fashion styles

>Plus there's that Polish grill (loli???)

well, fugg, I really have to get civilizied on my vocabulary then…


But I thought India is independent now


embracing multiculturalism in current year +4

And BTW, there is at least one other Swedistani flag here. Maybe I should switch to Island or Luxemburgh again …



>blogposting with other anons who had surprisingly similar habits or tastes was cool

Yeah, I discovered this place at the beginning of an unusually cold winter. The aesthetics, the stories, the memes, and the musical taste all kinda fit together. Then the board grew popular, and lost its asabiyyah.



>still not understanding proxies

Are you mentally challenged, anon?


File: 313efb3b439314a⋯.jpg (172.6 KB, 404x511, 404:511, 1552116530255.jpg)

You forgot me


File: c5105196a7306c7⋯.jpg (429.86 KB, 1399x1413, 1399:1413, sbth.jpg)

Kong Christian stod ved højen mast


File: 7fa11f9cedd8216⋯.png (205.28 KB, 500x689, 500:689, 7fa11f9cedd8216247299c4864….png)


I dunno, I wasn't one of the first here but I showed up around novemberish and it's been super comfy. The new people and underage have kinda sucked, but the overall kinda eco-fash, clownworld, goth bitches and music have been great. I really appreciate this place and like most of the people here. You can run your mouth and be an ass but still be nice and have deep conversations with the same person. It's super comfy here. I'm totally fed up with /pol/ at this point and only feel like this is my homeboard.


File: 3db0bdfa86a1c6a⋯.png (74.16 KB, 510x281, 510:281, doomahr.png)


Yeah, this place is still comfy, but it was a lot comfier back then. It's the only 8ch board I check everyday.



> for example that /x/ thread is not mine.

that was me when I was in Riga in January

t. the other austrian




Wait so there's three of us? >>14997 watch out bro. Ostburgenland will be ours again in time.



based durst poster


OG here. this place was lame before i fixed it up. Watch witchboy BO delet this

sup finnish reporter babes hmu



Nah man, It's been a long time since I deleted some of your posts, you are based boomer and truly an OG, nobody can take that from you.



First world niggers need to shut the fuck up about depression. You got cheap games, you got comfy jobs, you got neetbux, you got safety, you got clean streets, you got white majorities

You will never know what true doom and helplessness until you spend your entire fucking life in a third world shithole like me or my BRos



Nah i've just been to depressed to post. I've spent most of my days reading and lying in bed. When will this end?



Oh my lord what happened? Did the Steam Sales end because you could purchase your 10 bundles? Did you run out of drugs? Did your parents get you an outdated iPhone? Your life must be so harsh Anon! Don't mind us here trying to survive while there's literal fucking gang wars happening and people getting lynched and cannibalized over nothing. It must be so tough to be you



end before*



>if you have material safety you have everything


t. magyar second worlder who spent a couple of months in the first world



You face physical threats, which can certainly kill you. However, with near-total material safety comes something worse: The death of the mind. It leads to people becoming complacent and unthinking consumers. Sure, your life might be painful and you may die screaming as some jungle-witchdoctor chews your balls off, but at least you face a struggle. Keeps your soul fit.

The west should declare war on China just for the sport



Nigger I don't say you don't have it easy there or we don't have it better but come to eastern europe to see how doom looks like.


>one of the few euro countries not getting blacked by ZOG right now

Estonia might be first but every eastern euro country will shortly follow if we don't stop this madness. Also blacking of europe isn't the only thing doomer is about imo.


File: 748d318af1f11b7⋯.png (106.69 KB, 500x500, 1:1, alienation.png)


Seems to me that latvians have an unpopular nazbol movement contributing to their online doomer presence. After all, it is a baltic state that was part of the Soviet Union. Seems like the EU shitshow brings some nostalgia for a Union that wasn't nearly as anti-white as the EU today. Former Soviet peoples are largely /doomer/ as fuck.

But of course i'm American so i don't know much of anything about eastern europe. All i know is there are a lot of eastern europeans that want the USSR back in the face of EU globalism.



your mom is a boomer. obviously not an abortion supporter


File: 54238cde802eac5⋯.jpg (556.74 KB, 1600x1178, 800:589, 1527939745870.jpg)



My list (In no particular order) of based European countries goes like so:






>(The non-muslim balkans)



I remember reading the demographic statistics of Argentina a few years back, out of curiosity. Argentina is something like 30% Arab immigrants, 5% Italian, 15% Spanish, 5% German, 3% Jew and the rest of some Indigenous/Mixed breed.


File: 4929fade95ffaa1⋯.jpg (103.75 KB, 750x1111, 750:1111, 75d14ea.jpg)

Potato nigger reporting in


File: 7a6141b23daea98⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1080x774, 60:43, 1553154114089.png)


let me just drop this here


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>seriously doubt they want a new ussr

I dunno, given the choice between merkel + macron sending shitskins to your country and some good old soviet nostalgia, i think i know what i'd want for my country.

Anyways, of course the pic smells like /leftypol/, that is where i got it from. Whether or not it was made by communists, it's hard to deny that it's true. Alienation (and atomization) is one of the major issues people deal with under capitalist society. I live in the most "laissez-faire" countries in the world, and prople who share the same economic views as me are overshadowed by people who base their economic decisions on whether or not it'll get females in ceo positions or gays in popular media. All i want is free college, but other people care more about shitskins and mexicans.

I have no income after getting refused my last job, so i've been living with my parents and the disappointment i feel is immense. I hardly ever eat or get out of bed, and when i deal with my family i put a "mask" on so i don't upset them. Can't get more alienated than that.

Of course, most doomers are alienated and atomized (atomization = i'm all alone in the world, nobody shares my views and i'm fucked), so it's nothing special. It's a side effect of capitalist individualism - if you have a problem, it's your fault. Depressed? It's you. You're to blame for having no friends. It's your fault nobody wants to date you. Have no community that you can reside in full of people who support you? Too bad, strong communities are collectivist. Can't afford a hoise when there's a housing crisis? Get a better job. Tired of living? Who gives a fuck - you're not even considered a part of the labor force, so losing you has no effect on the economy. Want a white country? Well, fuck you, the globalist economic system relies on low-wage, imported refugee labor. Why should anyone care about workers in their own country when workers from Mexico will do the same job for less than minimum wage? Why pay Americans 10 dollars an hour when you could pay an illegal immigrant 3?

But of course, you must be "right-wing" if you don't like mass immigration or female ceos. It's not like total nationalization of industry, democratized workplaces, the abolition of fiat currency and usury, free housing, free healthcare, free college, the free provision of everything necessary for a worker to work, free electricity, it's not like any of that matters. You must be a republican or a democrat if you have social views that align with either of them. It's not like money or power matter in any way.

I'm tired of everything. I don't know what to do - arguing on the internet is a waste of time, for certain, yet i hold out hope that perhaps one day somebody who is actually willing to learn will ask me what i believe in, why, how i believe it could work, etc. and not attempt an argument out of ideological convictions. I do everything i do out of good will towards people, but i'm cynical, and as a result, i argue too much and say too little.

I care more about other people more than myself. I hardly eat but i worry when others go without eating. I live in terrible conditions, but get angry whenever i see other people struggling. I hardly care about my diet, but i'll go on and on about what's healthy for other people to listen. I'm not sure what it's for, really.

A vast majority of people with strong ideological convictions will "shut down" whenever you argue in favor of something they're against. Talking to them is like a brick wall. I used to be an ancap, then a hitlerite, and now i'm unsure what i even am. Still, it's a struggle to deal with mindless ignorance on a regular basis when i know that everyone else is struggling and i have a pretty good idea as to why. Frustration becomes rage, and suddenly i'm the one who's wrong. It's an insult to my good intentions whenever i cannot contain it. Why worry about right or wrong when you're an npc and your opponent got angry at you? Obviously, he's wrong.

I don't know why i'm even still ranting. I've forgotten the original topic as with many things, due to my depression-addled mind, But i'm going to post this anyways. No reason not to.



nice pasta


File: e6a7e185faf2f29⋯.jpg (183.9 KB, 965x977, 965:977, manwithwife.jpg)


It's not pasta, i wasted about 20 minutes on it. REEEEEEEEEE



>Canadian-Zoomer anon is still a virgin

Is that supposed to be me? I think I only got here like a week or two ago I have had a hard time tracking the movement of time in days for a few months so it be more or less.


File: 3534e6fa25a79e5⋯.jpg (66.24 KB, 736x1157, 736:1157, 2788b3ec868e208ad2f1370b2c….jpg)


Btw sorry if, my few posts have been shit and too /r9k/ish. Since I stopped going there I just sat around lurking on /k/, so I got a little excited when I found this place because smaller community boards are comfy. Hope I don't ruin the board too much before I Brenton up Parliament hill, or flee to Euro home in existential crisis.


ayy cunt


File: 650bb4e6cf0591c⋯.png (202.69 KB, 713x668, 713:668, lights out.PNG)

g'day mates



What exactly makes us based? the fact that we elected the nationalist party into government?

It's led by retards and all they do is fucking the working class over and tighten surveillance.

They only got elected because people prefer that over getting BLACKED which btw is already way too far in progress. Last time I was in Vienna was in 2007 and it was full of muslims and nigs already then.



Heading to Europe to see some family next spring, I've been meaning to visit Austria for some time, where should I go that isn't shit? I was thinking Tirol and Süd Tirol but I don't know anywhere else besides tourist traps.



Anywhere that has mountains really. If you want to experience Austria in it's full glory you need to do some hiking. Tirol is not a bad place to start.

Maybe give carinthia a chance. we're poor and need the money


File: 8faf15ad4e9b54b⋯.jpg (38.41 KB, 507x480, 169:160, 0000000000000000001.jpg)




File: 8ac541601f7781d⋯.jpeg (57.59 KB, 680x608, 85:76, 2E9AF320-DDB9-41C6-AAB5-E….jpeg)


>Maybe give carinthia a chance. we're poor and need the money

I’m poor and won’t have much to spend, but I’ll stop by. Last time I went I bought one thing that wasn’t food or nights in hostels the entire trip. I’m near the mountains here but they’re empty and unpopulated, is it like the Swiss stereotype where you have villages and shit right in the mountains and there’s actually people living there? Will people bully me for poor grammar and Norddeutsch slang like everyone says?



>Swiss stereotype where you have villages and shit right in the mountains and there’s actually people living there?

Nah, some have churches and Restaurants. There's a bunch of bigger places like Heiligenblut that has a bunch of hotels, but nothing like the swiss stereotype.

>Will people bully me for poor grammar and Norddeutsch slang like everyone says?

depends on the person, but usually not. You might have trouble understanding their german though. try speaking english if you feel german won't bring you anywhere.

Alternatively you can visit Slovenia. It's like austria but less crowded and cheaper.


File: aada58d1c863b5f⋯.jpg (26.5 KB, 408x522, 68:87, salvini_beffardo.jpg)


>tfw fellow pasta kaczynski-er



Gianluca, tell me why does


rhyme with


is that only COINcidence or an 8chan conspiracy?


File: 4b8fb25618c413f⋯.jpg (176.66 KB, 1427x628, 1427:628, sotadic-zone.jpg)



Yep, Colombian Whites do exist but we're about 20% of the entire fucking population.

Literally the rest of the population are mestizos (majority) niggers, amerindians and Turks & Chinemen who live in the coastal cities but they're less than the 1%

Argentina has a much larger white population but they're also much more kiked since there's a lot more jews


File: 9002d112e54ff4c⋯.jpg (21.9 KB, 474x307, 474:307, 1464310274583-1.jpg)


Replace Italy with Hungary.

>First Schleswig War

You lost the 2nd time for the final time.


Hello darkness, my old friend



Nah, Italy has all the good things Hungary has+they have better gun laws, so they are more based.



>Ironically the jews here are all nordic so they among the whitest people around. Want a blond blue eyed gf? you have to quit ham and bacon bruh.

Where is here? In Buenos Aires or Rosario or some other richer part of choristan? I can dig it


File: 4e345d46680dcbc⋯.jpg (38.16 KB, 323x356, 323:356, 1541835960734.jpg)

I get tired and can feel the bags under my eyes whenever I browse this board for too long, reporting in anyways.


File: 6a77ca793de5004⋯.jpg (47.92 KB, 800x450, 16:9, fuck.jpg)

Late to the party as usual.



you're similar to me, I'm probably a tad more nationalist. we're in the same board, you near Ohio? place fucking sucks here, right leaning types support soulsucking Chicago or Austrian style economics and left leaning people are total sjw fags. can't even bring up my views without some asshole squawking at me. at least my roommate listens. though

>I care more about other people more than myself. I hardly eat but i worry when others go without eating. I live in terrible conditions, but get angry whenever i see other people struggling. I hardly care about my diet, but i'll go on and on about what's healthy for other people to listen. I'm not sure what it's for, really.

I'm sort of the opposite became so solipsistic that I care only to hear my own voice, besides the poor living conditions you have that's totally NOT me.


File: a638b075b830830⋯.jpg (105.08 KB, 470x707, 470:707, 5271.jpg)

I think I've seen at least one other dutchy post, but that was a couple of months back. I lurk here at least a couple times a week.


Living in SA must make you a whole other level of doomer. How's things?



You are wrong.


File: 915eb3af84cb38e⋯.png (46.06 KB, 443x531, 443:531, wojak ride.png)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


What went wrong with you, Ride?



living in a third world country.


been here for about a month now, I really liked how much slower it was but traffic seems to have picked up over the past week. I suppose all things die eventually.


nice to hear about fellow poles on here. I'm an expat to burgerland but being polish is a fuck to begin with especially if you live abroad most of your life and know homesickness

Also the esoteric stuff is comfy; this is my favorite board because it's low key about it. Reminds me of the network I'm developing IRL.


File: 44f3a909d224184⋯.jpeg (44.3 KB, 640x640, 1:1, received_412827189533416.jpeg)


who /proxy/ here



File: c99f2ed77d2dcb3⋯.jpg (200.91 KB, 1186x791, 1186:791, messi.jpg)


Its mostly italians and spanish, some british and welsh, few germans (brazil got way more) and arabs? nah, we have a few turks from the times of the empire and maybe lebanese, neither consider themselves arabs, and both were some muslims and other christians.

Point is argentina is slightly less white than southern europe which doesnt seem like much but when surrounded with shitskin overloaded countries it does look fairly white. Dont worry tho they are getting the multiculti shit too and soon argies will get browner


>I Brenton up Parliament hill

You wont do shit mapplenigger

<somebody screencap this in case he actually does


3:00AM here


>we're poor and need the money


>austria flag

Nigga want to trade me?


Ironically the jews are the whitests argentines because they got mostly russian and polish jews. Want a qt blond gf? better lose that foreskin


How can the fucking corn belt be this cucked by sjw-ism? I thought only rich enclaves on the coasts could afford to be this cucked.


>mfw my only difference with that old fart is that when I'm that age I wont even have a picture like that


File: cb20b40397914c5⋯.jpg (77.76 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 9ea7056e0b83bb98c202a567da….jpg)


>Ironically the jews are the whitests argentines because they got mostly russian and polish jews. Want a qt blond gf? better lose that foreskin

Where can I find the kosher coochie? In Rosario? Buenos Aires? somewhere else?

>How can the fucking corn belt be this cucked by sjw-ism? I thought only rich enclaves on the coasts could afford to be this cucked.

You have to understand that in addition to the propaganda, the globohomo, and the demographic decline, there is a massive spiritual decline in america. You can see it with the random violence and the shootings and the political opportunism. America the nation was dismantled and what the boomers built to replace it, they built on sand.

America is coming apart at the seams because even the supposed *based* areas largely define themselves in opposition to the coastal pozz, but have little inherent identity that hasn't been universalized, watered down, or that is derivative of a no longer relevant corporate jingoism.

press F for the american republic, pray that there is an American Nation that survives.



take it to pol, mate.



Definitely buenos aires, did they cut your cock like its common over there? then maybe you could dick-shift and pretend to be moishe from the block



Don't tell me ANOTHER thread's about to get locked because some triggered /pol/mao SFJW finna sperg out…



What mate? try to use words next time… retarded american.

You have multiple boards to talk about your cooky conspiracy theories relating to jews and blacks and whatnot, is there a real need to bring it here?




Calm down, we have few really good american posters and some of them are here since the beginning. This isn't leftist board as well. Americans have problems too, if some of them are nationalists who want to give critique to the current system, so be it, if it's between certain borders. Poking the hornet's nest and waiting until those who disagree with you totally shitspam this thread because of your remark isn't very constructive.



>Definitely buenos aires


>did they cut your cock like its common over there?

yes but I'm not nearly as anally pained about it as some other people are

>then maybe you could dick-shift and pretend to be moishe from the block

now this is a good idea.



if youre really fucked up about your virginity, work your ass off and stay miserable for a few months, then travel to south america and go clubbing. girls down there love getting BLEACHED and even if you dont have any lock, hookers are cheap.



Take a bicycle for a road trip through USA and Mexico and bang women along the way.


Vimeo embed. Click thumbnail to play.

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