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game devving

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


boomer complains about people ghosting his job, halfchan spammed his comment section 1/2


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


boomer's response



You know what really pisses me off about the boomer narrative?

They don't want to pay shit and then complain when the people they hire are shit.



they are all like that

my father is a boomer and like that

my former boss is a Gen Xer and also like that

they want good things but they don't want to spend money for them

nobody will prostitute his work or his products for cheap if it is good quality



Latter era Gen X here. I apologize for our older brethrens stupidity


>104 thumbs up

>207 thumbs down

we did it reddit!


File: 8c0f410b78ab685⋯.png (307.18 KB, 968x634, 484:317, 1471681470914.png)


he is hilarious guise,

>we lost anudda painters helper

this is a dead end job, he just found a better one.

people will not waste more time than necessary at your company if they have no career oppurtunities

>we waste so much time to train these guys

>we lost 8 or 9 of them already

boomer is retarded, something is wrong in his company and he keeps repeating things that don't work. Just get a machine, seriously man

or outsource this crap to china like your boomer friends

>handout generation

>generation of people who don't give a fuck

no, we are just not made for being slaves for anyone

better die standing than living like cattle

>nobody does their job correctly

of course, you would not either if you were paid like a slave.

If you want an entrepreneur to work for you, you have to pay him like one

>nobody cares about the quality of their work

because normies are subhuman trash and they only care about fun and if work is not fun, they are gone

>people who are still living at mom and dad's home

sure, why should I pay off the real estate mortgage of one of your fellow boomers?

>there was more emphassis on quality

yes, that was before boomers outsourced all work to china. Today it is cheaper to produce 5 pieces of a plastic part, and replace them every 6 months than to build one that will last 3 years.

>boys who were raised by feminist mommies

>taught in school by marxist teachers

but boomer-san, you voted for female empowerment in the 70s and 80s.

Don't complain now, this is the future you chose. We are the ghosts you summoned

>they are not prepared to be men

today's world does not need men because they are all potential rapists

you voted for it to become like this


forgot this one:


I don't feel entitled to anything but I just adapted to my shitty environment

And guess what, I just want to see the world burn

but seriously, he is right in many things and I am sad for him to see the world turn to complete shit

For me, well, it was always pretty shitty so I have not lost much.

But he has seen the entire world go to shit in only 30 years

He does not seem like an evil guy but it was his generation (and the previous) that got us into this mess. Now they expect us to fix everything but we already gave up on life


File: 26b38ee3f51b5df⋯.png (312.67 KB, 700x819, 100:117, 0e26010d795e9f6355ed1c6289….png)



Yeah, you just gotta pick yourself up by the bootstraps, look existence in the eye, give it a firm handshake and ask it to stop being a nigger. Boom. All it takes, you doomers are just lazy.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Based boomer thanks halfchan.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I mean, this nigger is not really that wrong about tech future outlook.


he is right on many things but what can you say

it was his generation that let it all happen and brought havoc upon us

then he comes on jewtube and says

>ayo fags, you useless lazy shits good for nothings

>git gud

too late my friend, we are already fucked up, the damage is done already

I know that there is also no use to blame anyone or any generation.

the only thing that will correct our misery is utter and complete societal collapse so we can start again from square 1 or rather those who were strong enough to survive the cleanse

I feel sorry for him to see how everything went to shit in 1 generation but don't blame us. We never had a chance nor ever anyone asked us.



why even give a fuck? for what purpose?

there is nothing to live for today let alone a reason to do your job right

This is what he does not understand. When your prospects for having a future is bleak, there is no reason to struggle. Just take the easiest route possible, minimize your daily discomfort and just forget about everything around you. Because you as an individual can't do shit about the problems we face as a society



that might be true but he as an individual did nothing wrong

I cannot blame him for what his buddies in big govt and big business did

I just feel bad for him having to see his homeland degenerate into a complete shadow of its former greatness



He never even once mentioned how boomers drained every available natural resources. I would wonder what he has to say about that.


File: 43231eb71ad4ee8⋯.jpg (70.75 KB, 501x576, 167:192, iwonderwho.jpg)

yes, old people are not hip and cool. they don't even know the 52 genders. they're sooo not 2019. i'd say we do away and replace them with somalis to work their vibrancy and inclusivity in the diversity industry.


everything is deleted



What a fucking nigger. In last video he was so full of ego as usual, what happened to our little boomer?



People found what was supposedly his house. Wouldn't be surprised if he got a billion pizzas sent to him.



Only if halfchan's /pol/ would put effort into more meaningful stuff than doxing some random boomer.



Lol, so the dox on /pol/ was legit

hehe, I wonder if some anon went to his mail box to leave a dump there

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