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game devving

File: 07fd86f087dc42d⋯.jpg (42.24 KB, 640x602, 320:301, we3orm0z9wp21.jpg)





ʙᴏᴛᴛᴏᴍs ᴜᴘ



Am I the only anon that understands the natural conclusion of the "honk honk" memes? If you haven't figured out that the pepe symbols have slowly metamorphosised into a call to direct genocide, then you are either inexperienced or embarrassingly naive. If you understand the patterns of genocides, and what immediately precedes them, both culturally, and most significantly, sociologically/economically, then you understand that what comes after the "honk honk" meme is brutal unrestrained violence. A call to take what is yours following the real natural law of brutal violence. I've been writing many members of Congress, unironically, to ban Pepe memes, but I don't expect people to listen to those that have something to say, especially our elected members of Congress. But this whole thing wasn't that hard to figure out really. I mean, the question follows naturally: what is the "honk honk" meme really about? It is about the mask coming off, and the great human terror showing us all its vomit-inducing face. When the red nose hits the floor, by then the floor will be only red. Let nobody that reads this say they weren't warned.



Sounds like fun. Hope everything burns tbh.

Speaking seriously though, who would be in the receiving end of that genocide?


File: 01a4d2718cf0d63⋯.gif (511.29 KB, 607x609, 607:609, clownpie.gif)


Violence is not the same as genocide.

Clown world meme has always had anti-neoliberal connotations. When it was appropriated, it became an anti-jew meme. It was always a call to violence, though.


/pol/ would have you believe that it will be jews and communists being genocided, but it will most likely be anti-poor exterminism, if anything.


I thought honka is about the clown world meme

implying we live in a joke of a world and rulers don't even try anymore to make the system seem like it was legit



Nice bait, dude.



>Clown world meme has always had anti-neoliberal connotations

>call to violence

This is true as long as you define 'neoliberalism' as this contradictory melange of capitalism with various humanist pieties. The clown world meme only seeks to make the contradictions more obvious. Resolving it in favor of humanism requires violence, but resolving it in favor of capitalism merely requires a collective shrug from our elites.

>/pol/ would have you believe that it will be jews and communists being genocided

Why do you doubt their sincerity, leftyanon? To me, both /pol/ and /leftypol/ are foundationally leftist entities who like to accuse each other of collusion with capital. Both are flattering themselves by not only presenting their side as the real opposition, but also by implying that capitalism needs an extremist lumpengentsia to sustain itself.

>anti-poor exterminism

Methods such as violence and exterminism are a recourse taken by the crude. I mean this in the non-moral sense of those denied access to techno-capitalist means of persuasion and control. 'Porky fantasizing about liquidating the poor' is leftist projection and nothing else.

This is not to say that there aren't any honest leftists out there– Primitivists, for example, get it on a fundamental level that its extraordinary competence is exactly what makes capitalism inhuman. It sees the problem with capitalism as not that it is not good enough, but that it is 'too good' in the same sense that refined sugar is. To recover the human then requires us to embrace the crude, the violent and the unpredictable. This is far more honest (and realistic!) than believing that the engine of techno-capital can be hijacked and made to behave in exactly the same way that lefty academics want it to behave. That is why I respect them from afar, even as I disagree with them.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I don't doubt the sincerity of /pol/'s fantasies of killing jews and communists, but with the contradictions of pro-capitalist rhetoric and conveniently ignoring the jews even whilst blaming them makes me believe that, if the time ever comes when /pol/ is called to action, they will kill communists and the angry lower-class while completely forgetting about the jews. In fact. in defending capitalism, they are also defending the legitimacy of jews in high positions in society. If somebody is rich, they must've earned their wealth, right? Since many jews are rich, they must've earned it somfhow, so why hate them? It'll be more anti-communism and anti-poor action, with the jews being forgotten about. It depends, really, on which faction of rightists wins their debate - if ancap pinoshit-idolizers win, there will only be more judaism, more wealth inequality, and more red scares, but if nazis win, who knows who they'll decide is a more important target.

It's important to remember that most (actual) leftists are anti-zionist, so it's not like killing leftists will remove most of the jews - they'd have to choose one or the other.

>porky liquidating the poor is leftist projection

Except i believe otherwise. Soon workers will be obsolete through automation, and society will reach an impasse - either use the technology correctly to benefit humanity, or remove the unemployed. I truly believe we're gonna have to choose between the socialist masses or the 1% when the bloodshed starts.

>capitalism's extraordinary competence is what makes it so shit

I don't believe this at all. I'm in the cult of progress, if anything, so it's not the idea that it's too efficient that bothers me. It's not efficient enough, it artificially divides people, atomizes them, gives them the illusion of choice, all the while rewarding shitty behavior and nepotism and secretly restricting freedom.

I don't believe the machine should be converted - i believe it should be deactivated, restructured, and used for the good of humanity - and i believe the state should be used to ensure that the transition to a far more efficient system goes off without a hitch. It's hard to put into words, but i truly believe that everything wrong with society right now is caused by our system.

I won't deny that people are animalistic, and i see nothing wrong with brutality, but i do believe in a more authoritarian form of popular rule, and one that does not give an illusion of choice. I have nothing but love for humanity, so my rage is increased a thousand fold when i am reminded of the issues that plague us.

My brain is too full of fuck and i'm having a trouble turning my thoughts into words right now.



>who is more important

We will probably end up targeting sjws first, to not look like duplicates of the third reich


File: 018c70990bfd531⋯.jpg (64.97 KB, 500x375, 4:3, a80555bdf8a36cf2bb82328ba1….jpg)


You'd certainly get popularity points for kiling people that literally nobody likes, but you can't sustain a society on death alone. Kill the sjws, redistribute property, and switch away from fiat currency. You don't even have to kill rich people, just literally make their wealth worthless (fiat currency can be abolished, real estate can be made widely available, capital can be nationalized, labor can be automated - there is literally nothing rich people have that can't be devalued) and don't have a society that idolizes riches in the first place. The nation's people should be idolized over any material item. Everybody thinks that the greatest nation requires lots of killing, and it might be true to a degree - cancerous voices should be silenced, but after eliminating a majority of the cancer, you should work on eliminating the conditions that create cancer in the first place. Cancer can't survive in an alkaline environment, and sjwism can't survive outside of individualist liberal consumerism.



>if the time ever comes when /pol/ is called to action, they will kill communists and the angry lower-class while completely forgetting about the jews.

I can't imagine /pol/ or "left" variants being able to organize something as genocide. They can't even agree on core principles most of the time. It wasn't so long time ago when certain group on /pol/ was in support of Shapiro, it took only masive jewish sperging on his side to make them stop supporting him (e-celebs were big, Peterson was big, etc…). It seems to me as they didn't learned anything or they are too young to remember it; and here I think leftists understand this issue better - /pol/ still dreams about uniting everyone for the common cause and actions and somehow creating large group (at least that's my opinion, I can be easily wrong). In 90s through early 00s, every natsoc/nationalist/etc. movement realized they can't achieve anything this way so they started to create autonomous groups. Unfortunately it makes bigger sense and it's pretty anarchist way of doing things. /pol/'s weakness is this dream of large unity, they will be easily controlled this way and because of inner differences, won't achieve much. As autonomous groups they still could refuse f.e. to participate in some events because differences in their purposes/goals/ideologies, but would be much harder to track down by establishment, much harder to control and subvert. Organizing genocide on large scale as /pol/ dreams about it requires much more than they are capable of and that's why I see groups of people going on killing sprees as something more possible than what we commonly understand as genocide.



>I truly believe we're gonna have to choose between the socialist masses or the 1% when the bloodshed starts.

There is no decision to be made. Supporting 1% is same as being useful slave, just a tool and they will get rid of you too. No matter how my personal visions and political beliefs are, I often see socialism, if done at least partially right, as only viable answer for the calls of future problems. This whole automation, replacing humans in workforce naturally requires concept of socialist elements such as some basic income. I think this shouldn't be problem for anybody though (not even fascists and natsocs), except capitalists and their top 1% masters. BUT I know for example russian poster here, even though he is capitalist, he is aware of this problem and I think he is one instance of capitalist who is not too stubborn to keep (((elites))) alive just because market wills it, so I think even some capitalists might have answers to the questions of near future.



>You don't even have to kill rich people, just literally make their wealth worthless

We will all pay with worthless wagiecredits while they will sit on gold reserves and natural resources like always. It's probably the most commie thing I can say and I partially hate myself for it but I think people should take their wealth and power into their own hands by any means necessary. If they later decide to manage the wealth and resources through state power, that's up for them. Your country, your people, your wealth. I don't have mercy with nigger you voted in who is selling your natural wealth (f.e. raw materials, wood, etc.), not with any corporation exploiting your people and your resources. This is one example where violent act precedent is more than needed.


File: 4d0be808dfa20ef⋯.webm (2.89 MB, 916x480, 229:120, honk.webm)

File: 6f22c2223c3e3c1⋯.jpg (122.45 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

File: 7fa11f9cedd8216⋯.png (205.28 KB, 500x689, 500:689, 7fa11f9cedd8216247299c4864….png)

File: 10707447b6a6bca⋯.jpg (55.58 KB, 700x500, 7:5, 10707447b6a6bca2d75b0bfa67….jpg)





You are right in some ways, but I don't know if you understand why you are right. First, honkler is an expression of a feeling, not the idea itself. When people who read and think critically look at the world it seems ridiculous. Many of us have felt this way for a while, but with the hope offered to whites by trump and his subsequent failure to deliver, we are realizing we have no options. Most people want a decent life, a family, a home etc. Most people want a peaceful life and a decent job that pays the bills. White people are being told they are the root of all evil, their culture, heritage and homelands are being desecrated and given away to foreigners (and that's a good thing!) and the one's who have been paying attention have picked up on a number of (((trends and coincidences))). So now we can't save ourselves by voting and the world is becoming ever more insane, transgender children as young as ten being allowed to dance for tips at gay bars in NYC, for example. Right now we are in that slow decline into insanity and honkler is merely a way for us to acknowledge that with other people who see it too. It's like the old Ron Paul happening stages. It's gotten so bad there is no way to stop it without something equatable to genocide. Sure, it might start out as politically motivated, but it will devolve into widespread random violence with no clear goal short of survival. It will be a strange day indeed.

honk honk


File: cc1cee8c73f62c4⋯.png (419.11 KB, 500x738, 250:369, cc1cee8c73f62c4baabf123ca2….png)


That's the spirit. This grey world will fall apart, and only the strongest will remain.


File: c3c01ca78a5fe18⋯.jpg (7.49 KB, 117x150, 39:50, crushedtragedian.jpg)


I been to a pych ward before and there I met a women who would scream and bash her head against the wall all day. A man who would dance all day high as a kite. A paranoid little Asian girl who I flirted with and talked about crypto with, that I regret not contacting afterward. My only buddy there was for sure a psychopath, his face was stone cold, and we would just sit back talk about wacky shit or make fun of everything. Now looking back, he probably wasn't my friend at all.


File: a6286f8d72aeb9d⋯.jpg (84.27 KB, 600x418, 300:209, 1003182763.jpg)

lmao shit u ever jus feel like snappin sometymes?



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