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game devving

File: f50e65a03bb16c8⋯.jpg (42.14 KB, 620x413, 620:413, 039830153467.jpg)



>racial death squads

>psychotic looters

>urbanite guerillas


Where will /doomers/ be when the lights go out and it finally goes down? Do you even have a plan?


I will be at home watching normalfags genocide each other in 4K



I will unironically be wearing nothing but red and black and hanging out at my local Starbucks, if you know what I mean…





lol wtf anon? I never thought about the rapists.


Burning all the trappings of Techno-Industrial Civilization that i can



>No genocide-through-rape-squads

Guess I'll stay at home then.


File: 69a69ea201f7362⋯.jpg (58 KB, 500x646, 250:323, 945624525.jpg)


Cowardly, but I expected nothing less from a Swedebro


Actual antifa? Guess I'll meet ya' personally in the coming streetfights. That is if your own comrades don't get to you before we do. Seriously if you're white your time in the black bloc is up when there's no ENEMY whites to fight


All additions to the list welcome


>Where will /doomers/ be

Hopefully I won't be anymore but if I will be, I'll be doing whatever will be needed. Don't really want to write about those possible plans in detail here. Take care anons.



>Seriously if you're white your time in the black bloc is up when there's no ENEMY whites to fight

Are u sure you're not american? with this piss poor understanding of what blackbloc and antifa for that matter is, it seriously sounds like it.;



This is the credited response.


File: c0da95d2b7fff14⋯.jpg (33.66 KB, 480x414, 80:69, 56337589_132020107892109_8….jpg)

I'll be on a stage channeling my spite into making scalding speeches in order to make the starving masses do something about their situation.

Either that or i'll just join an organization of people with similar political beliefs and stick with them for protection.



>matrix doomer meme

>no simulation and simulacra reference




Hello newfriend

It has come to my attention that you wrote a reply for me.

Allow me to answer:


what else do you expect me to do? Risk my life for normalfags?

The only thing I would be ready to do is somehting like this:

>hey normies

>wanna buy some assault rifles?

>only 100g of gold per rifle

>ammo goes for 10g gold per 500 rounds

>btw, do you need machetes as well? you know just like in Rwanda in the 90s

>is much faster and cheaper

>5g of gold per piece

Tell me one good reason why I should be out there helping any side of normalshits?

I am nor part of society nor do I belong to any nation state.



>found the proxy-fag

kys retard


>dying for ideology post-collapse

Bunch of zoomers.










>be me

>none of these

Why are you guys so married to your ideologies anyway? as far as i can tell they bear no real relation to most of your lives and actions, it's just an identity for the internet. for most the ideology seems literally meaningless.



I was simply listing, I never implied I believe in them



Christ pajeet, you're feeling superiority for being a dayfag normalnigger who doesn't care about politics. Do some introspection and then ask why people would care about politics without seeking an identity out of it. There's something wrong with the world, dumbass, the point of caring about politics is to change it. It's not about identity, because if it was we'd be just like you - too pussy to express our beliefs in person or on the internet, because at least then we wouldn't scare friends away with extreme views.


File: 1cfa0c15d9bef14⋯.jpg (59.91 KB, 960x640, 3:2, D2xgCQdWkAkCI9c.jpg)


>the point of caring about politics is to change it.

Kay. So why do you faggots do nothign but vie for dominance on boards outside of your containment boards to the detriment of everyone else? Why don't you go and try to change things instead of mouthing off and virtue signalling o internet?

>e'd be just like you - too pussy to express our beliefs in person or on the internet

You understand that i made and maintain a thread on eco-extreemism on this same board we are currently using, yes? fucktard.


File: 461de0485c00ea6⋯.png (541.45 KB, 1024x932, 256:233, cat hits on anon.png)

File: b13722b8829abde⋯.png (2.47 MB, 1221x1054, 1221:1054, npc karl marx.png)

File: 18bc129e5f8c197⋯.png (673.34 KB, 619x782, 619:782, cat like a kot.png)


I don't like /leftypol/ and I would expect even anprims to default back to their marxist roots, until SHTF that is. Everyone will attack you without rhyme or rationality because the hunter-gatherer within will take control of their minds and behavioral patterns.

>>16646 is right.

Ideology doesn't mean shit once the skullduggery and hunter-gatherer instinct take over and people band together via race/ethnic and follow the most ruthless of psychopathics as the natural leader. I expect to have to kill dirty marxists, libfags, fascists, nazbols, far-rightists, etc. in self-defense despite being a far-right partizan type myself.

tl;dr: I'd rather live in a tree and snipe lunatic zombies than rely of ideologue once everything is in ruins.


You gonna cultivate a homestead with a forest garden on some land someday?



>Ideology doesn't mean shit once the skullduggery and hunter-gatherer instinct take over and people band together via race/ethnic

God you're really fucking embarrassing dude. I typically ignore stupid posts because I don't like to give idiots more attention than is their due, but you really are so fucking simple-minded that I can't but type 'yikes.'

To return to your stupid comments, historically speaking (I assume you don't really read books, but that instead you get your ideas from memes/shitty infographics) people have banded very efficiently on ideological grounds, often transcending racial differences, even in the midst of chaotic times. The 'race/ethnic' based alliance meme has its limits also. You have to take into account language, religion (and the lack thereof) and the ease of relations and how these factors change over time, further diluting the 'race-based' relations. I mean fucking Christ, have you any fucking clue how many wars Europeans have waged upon each other. I swear to god you're so fucking stupid it pisses me off. Stupid, poorly read people should learn- really fucking learn- to shut the fuck up because the more you say stupid shit, the stupider you make everyone. Please, consider suicide. Please, deeply consider taking your own life because i GUARANTEE you that the world will be a better place when you're gone. Your genes are fucking trash bro.




Okay, anon. I'm sorry. I think I was too mean. I just really become annoyed when obviously incorrect claims are made, especially when those claims ignore huge swathes of history. I'm sorry. Please don't hurt yourself because of my short temper. But I'm sure you're strong-willed anyhow. Anyways…


File: 7be4d200ebbc395⋯.jpg (63.73 KB, 320x454, 160:227, shojou chemistry.jpg)

File: c4374483f7f7978⋯.jpg (17.57 KB, 438x430, 219:215, happy scorpion.jpg)

File: 4b1404f31321936⋯.jpg (14.85 KB, 365x346, 365:346, best lego expression ever.jpg)



Hahahahahah, oh wow. You are a very emotional young leftist aren't you? I am sure your comrades will shoot you in the back before you ever decide to loot my lovely green acres. Everything you said is true to a degree, but this isn't the past where Capitalism and The Industrial revolution hadn't quite begun. Post-derailment of a pseudo-capitalist system will be a wonderful bloodbath in which all leftists learn that their notions of equality are false and that race is everything. I don't read faggot lefty books that pollute the mind, but you most certainly do. May you suffer before death, scum.


File: 01a4d2718cf0d63⋯.gif (511.29 KB, 607x609, 607:609, clownpie.gif)


Yo know i think you'te confusing him for me because i'm the only guy here who has been posting leftist shit for a while. It doesn't help that we share a flag and that's the only that that you can identify people by.

Anyways, his point was that ideology can transcend race and we're at a point that race hardly means anything to most normalfags anyways. I doubt that it'll play a bigger part in the collapse than class relations, no matter how natural or biologically real race is. I won't be killing bears because they're bears, i'll be killing them because they're trying to eat me - same with people of a different race. Self-defence, not racial supremacism, will play the biggest role, and ideology will form the basis of most of the fighting - factions we have now will simply militarize. I doubt race will play too much of a role, unless something happens where the USA balkanizes into north vs. south, because the racial makeup is quite different geographically. Still, it's retarded to think that people will kill based on skin colormoreso than on self-preservation instincts, especially with the issue of wealth inequality. In a true anarchist scenario, wealth will most likely be very forcibly distributed. Bunkers will be busted, guns stolen, gold taken, food and water eaten. Flags will wave over peoples' heads, and you will judge based on the flag used. Skin color isn't as obvious from afar as vehicle paint and flag color is.


File: a8c3bec984b115d⋯.gif (1.47 MB, 353x448, 353:448, check me on.gif)


Basically that was all I was trying to say. However, it seems the Karl Marx NPC image and my ranting got under his skin. Watching your back and going it alone will be a motto for when chaos descends upon us all. Check my get.



Fail. I must be drunker than I realize fug.



If you aren't constantly as drunk as you're able to be, can you even call yourself a doomer?



It's easier to talk to people without sounding like leftist. You know that classic "I'm [insert this] but …. [insert wall of text explaining your life story and ideological background]". It's just a label I guess, some people might take it more seriously, I don't. I explained it in other thread, talk about points you can make, not about whole ideologies, people make a lot wrong assumptions and it's just waste of time.



Because the main reason I'm here instead of reveling in escapism like a good sheeple is that all my favorite ways of getting that escapism have been ruined by a certain kind of political ideology (read: the left).

I will not forgive them for force-feeding me the blackpill and ensuring that I'll be miserable until my liver finally gives out.



>You gonna cultivate a homestead with a forest garden on some land someday?

Probably not, I don't live in a place where that is really possible. Maybe if i get my shit together and move to S.America or SE. Asia, though i doubt it. Oh well, for now it is more interesting to live the attack.


But anon, your ideology is nothing but escapism.



No, my wish was escapism, my ideology is "push hatred of the left until the very concept is extinguished from the memory of humanity, for taking away my comfort blanket of escapism that was the only thing distracting me from the insanity of modernity, thereby making me chronically miserable"



Sounds like some bullshit justification to larping as a political actor on the internet to me.. Look, i'd respect you people if you did something but you don't, all you do all day is bicker on the internet and turn places like this into your battle ground even when we're very clear that we do not want your pathetic larp-boy arguing.



Some ideology might be the last thing some people have and last thing that keeps them going. They keep their talks in pretty much only few threads afaik. I understand your argument and this all words no actions thing was precisely why I turned my back to certain group, however, don't go on crusade to despook everyone. If his only thing fueling him from falling into the hole of no return is some ideology, whatever it might be, let him have it. Just because you had few arguments in 2-3 threads, we can cope, can't we? Not every time you speak about your beliefs you have to be a larper.


File: 2bf1d2a8f3d6d0a⋯.png (1.88 MB, 768x1082, 384:541, niekischimperial.png)

File: 32d1f921511b886⋯.jpg (50.9 KB, 959x533, 959:533, michel-foucault-826x459.jpg)



I will probably wait until chaos takes over and assemble an army of mental cases, we'll grab weapons from abandoned shops and corpses, since now there is no laws preventing us from getting guns, and target sjws and bankers so we can claim underage war brides.


File: 1ff85f06c9ea0c0⋯.png (242.03 KB, 500x253, 500:253, PowerSubstationIfHackingFa….png)


I see what you're saying and largely agree, i worry though that they will have there way and turn this board into another battleground for there bullshit bickering or a child board for either of there containment boards. I honestly wish i could just despook these people, far from there spooks helping them i think they will probably be happier without them, more importantly they would at least be more interesting and enjoyable people to me without them..

>Not every time you speak about your beliefs you have to be a larper.

sadly I disagree, i sincerely dont believe that the people who shitpost about ideologies on imageboards or twitter or whatever actually live what they purport to believe, I don't believe most of these people have ever bloc'd up, joined an org, joined demos and riots, lived in there ideologically aligned lifestyles and social circles, etc. etc.. My own experience of these scenes and spaces indicates that the people who are actually involved are varely rarely if ever the same people reading obscure books and websites and spouting shit on the internet. So to me i think it will always be just larp.


File: 666c43fa067f14b⋯.jpg (9.97 KB, 182x277, 182:277, unique.jpg)



Btw, i'm happy at least someone here has read Stirner. I know some of /leftypol/ have read the Stirner and Enzige wikipedia articles so they can shit on anarchists but generally i find i t super rare that i meet people who have read stirner deeply, even in circles which take a lot of influence from him. Thx anon!



I think many posters here read Stirner, at least we talked about him and egoism several times in past. I have to admit though that it isn't easy reading as many people think it is. I would lie to you if I would say I'm capable of having deeper philosophical debate, some posters might be more suitable for this subject.


You are right and we actually talked about this before as well. My stance is still same though. This board is not political board in context that no political ideology is shielded here, however, politics touches many of our common or individual problems, so banning this discussion would be meaningless and we talked here for pretty long time without any significant issues. Exception is that one poster who for some reason thinks that I'm trying to push here my own agenda or something (as if I had any), or as I learned recently, he thinks that unless you are right wing extremist (I hate this term with passion but I guess we all know what type of political ideologies belong under this umbrella term), you don't belong on any board on 8ch, not just this one. I can't really do much about this. Unless you purposefully derail any unrelated thread with politics (like that example where one poster shitspammed thread about Sol with his hot takes on politics and personal animosities), I will leave you alone. If you want talk about politics, philosophy or anything else, feel free to do so but it must be related to something that is "ours", with few exceptions - like that thread about wishing Hitler happy birthday, no one is hurt with a thread like that here and there and leftists were so polite to not shill there their hot takes on politics, because here nobody really gives a fuck. Wise girl once said - Either you understand or you don't. People who start thread with some unrelated larping and lifecoaching are not welcomed, not necessarily by me but by posters themselves, it's how it always was here.

When it comes to larping as you say it is, yes I agree but what can we really do? I'm personally as poster not really bothered if we want to talk about some wishes, ideals, ideologies. I can't tell how serious are people about what they say. The beautiful thing about this board is imo that nothing really matters that much. You can have argument with somebody in one thread and in other thread you will be on common ground. It's just a board, we are just people, we are all searching for some solution, some way out, I don't want to be that one who is telling people they shouldn't believe what they believe or say what helps them to cope, especially because it's only thing which makes them get up from bed and do something and secondly because I don't really care that much.



>I think many posters here read Stirner, at least we talked about him and egoism several times in past. I have to admit though that it isn't easy reading as many people think it is. I would lie to you if I would say I'm capable of having deeper philosophical debate, some posters might be more suitable for this subject.

Try out the new translation by Wolfi, an american anarchist that translated a lot of stuff It's a better read than that old copy. Heres the full piece: https://theanarchistlibrary.org/library/max-stirner-the-unique-and-its-property

And here is another piece translated by him, btw from an italian who was very influenced by Stirner and Nietzsche.:


>Souls who are grieving for the world, this is why I call you to gather together.

>The flag is already waving.

>It is black; it stands for mourning. Forward then, wild Promethei. The cry of vengeance is music sweet and dear.

>Today it is necessary to kill, to destroy… tomorrow we will be daisies…

>Forward, Federation of Sorrow


File: 6e11a8c344f8b81⋯.jpg (174.74 KB, 1080x846, 60:47, BASEDUncletedonacademics.jpg)

When the time comes i will harvesting my own food and shooting every nigger that wants to stole it. People nowdays are so npc that you can buy an hectare of land for litteraly nothing because they want to live in their fucking nice overpriced blocks surrounded by milions of shithead in the middle of some city.


File: af7874154dacb77⋯.jpg (135 KB, 1000x663, 1000:663, 134624573568.jpg)


That list indicates packing up and leaving is the best option, which I'm sure it is downtown. I can't help but think it's better to fortify my household, since it minimizes the risk of being stabbed to death by a pack of opportunistic raiders on my way into the forest. I live in a small town (3000+), is it wiser then to stay put?


File: 0c17eaa8874d70b⋯.gif (411.29 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, konyhakert.gif)

I already have around 3 months worth of food, ammo, medicines. I'm keeping rabbits, and I'm thinking about getting a few chickens too. I'll probably utilize my granddads kitchen garden to grow vegetables, hunker down into his basement, come up during daylight and shoot any trespasser I didn't allow to enter into my land. Gonna be fun.


File: fea59b2745ba792⋯.jpg (29.14 KB, 369x537, 123:179, 1424147961616.jpg)


>God you're really fucking embarrassing dude. I typically ignore stupid posts because I don't like to give idiots more attention than is their due, but you really are so fucking simple-minded that I can't but type 'yikes.'

I can already tell the rest of this post is going to be garbage, stopped reading there.



>point of caring about politics is change

you cannot change humans and human nature. You also cannot liberate them when they want SAFETY instead of liberty.

Most ĥumans are by design cattle animals who will never go against the herd

Once you realize this, you understand that as a libertarian you will forever live in an unfree society, governed by sociopaths who were elected into office by the cattlehumans

The only thing you can do is to become a businessman and squeeze as much money as possible out of normies and live the good life with the money you made


>the hunter gatherer will take…

basically this. People love to be cucked. They want a strongman to tell them what to do

In a democratic system that means the strongman regulates your entire life what you are allowed to do and what not


I think you should place some claymores on the borders

just in case


File: 7d8774b5575fcf3⋯.jpg (938.4 KB, 450x4778, 225:2389, frank_c_pape_450b.jpg)


When SHTF the kind of anarchy and sabotage of critical infrastructure like powerstations or powerlines being set ablaze will happen when the normalanimals start looting in packs. That's what I was saying about race being more important than you think. When people are loosely organized in a mob their IQs go down collectively by 20 points or more. The blacks aren't going to run with a "based whitey" they are going to beat them to death and steal their shit and vice versa. If you're going to be an anarchist about SHTF, then wait awhile. Timing and planning are more critical than just haphazard action without places to regroup and recover.


Same goes for me. If the anarchists are going to get revenge against the state, then I am going to use the distraction to make sure I have a homestead and a bunker for my family and anyone else who might deserve it.


Are you the Hungarian anon from /k/ that I linked the Foxfire books to?



> The blacks aren't going to run with a "based whitey" they are going to beat them to death and steal their shit and vice versa.

I really wish that you people wouldn't project your race shit onto the rest of us. Why would all the not white ppl around me suddenly start caring about race and turn against me? utterly nonsensical.


File: bf61e7b4dc7c6bd⋯.webm (3.54 MB, 420x420, 1:1, Vid_Comfy War.webm)


Not at the moment.



I saved a low quality version of this webm a while back, but have really wanted to find the full version. Thank you


File: f24f9bdee52f381⋯.jpeg (24.42 KB, 800x432, 50:27, HL.jpeg)


Out in the streets, hunting.



> Post-derailment of a pseudo-capitalist system will be a wonderful bloodbath in which all leftists learn that their notions of equality are false and that race is everything.

Yugoslavia went through hell with ethnic infghting and mass murdering during WWI ad it still ressurected itself, only as a socialist state…



i expect there to be a race war and a class war at the same time. remember, when the russian empire colapsed there were a lot of ethnic struggles and declarations of independence and stuff.



when SHTF, you need to be part of a group because going it alone guarantees you get killed



i dont browse imageboards a lot (im in a stage of ow browsing) but ive recetly gone to demos and networking shit etc.


File: 230e1796f66e189⋯.gif (1.95 MB, 480x320, 3:2, tekken 2 paul.gif)


In Yummy Burger's Land it will mostly be White, Blacks, and Mestizos fighting in groups against each other like dumb animals.


Running with a group if I was some dime-a-dozen Anarchist, sure. However I will definitely be far enough away that the number of rounds I will stockpile will be about as many looters/scum happen upon where I get situated.

Basically everyone else can go get themselves killed trying to save The World after everything is finally fucked. Whereas I will be relaxing and enjoying the rest of my life.



No, don't trust your neighbours, innawoods immediately



Could be fun for 1 day. You can roleplay stalingrad all over again, question is if you will be alive for more than 24 hours. In shtf scenario the cities will turn into hell you won't be able to escape. It's not like there will be anything useful in shops because people will loot everything in first day. You will have to raid houses and for that it's better to have friends to help you.


>I think you should place some claymores on the borders

Rednecks are masters in this discipline. On discovery channel was one guy who was protecting his ginseng and he set up pretty nice traps for thieves. Recommended watch.


File: e910e6870c17593⋯.png (106.57 KB, 500x500, 1:1, e910e6870c17593c57a5104320….png)

>one copy of the Ego and His Own please



I used to be a lifestyle radical, but had a falling out with my old comrades. Needless to say, most of them are corporate drones and/or pro-Hillary shills now.



being a dumb animal is awesome




rofl, why am I not surprised. They became fucking liberals. Remember when Obama being elected did that for a lot of peope



You forgot "loud and proud" Monarchists who seek to abolish capitalism. (Yes, that's a real thing)

Look here:





sociopathic status-seekers gonna sociopathically status-seek. Unless they are too autistic to do so, in which case they will shitpost on /leftypol/


File: 543343bcea96a8e⋯.png (401.12 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, Red Pill.png)



dammit, I was hoping it would be a blog about collecting used condoms from public places.


File: 07de4c84f2d9ad0⋯.png (293.75 KB, 474x549, 158:183, f94a1c7c88955f290ee764befe….png)


he really has those dead/no-soul psychopath eyes


yugostan is multicultural socialist utopia and it didn't work

bosnia is a microcosmos of yugostan and it is not working even after 30 years of its creation. The politicos just keep it alive because serb and muslim politicos can accuse each other for the misery while they steal all the money. Just lately some business man was killed because he did not want to give up some enterprise and other politicos ordered his assassination. Virtually all business in slavland is run by politicians

and EU is a macrocosmos of yugostan and it will not work either. EU only still exists because Germany is economically still sound and they can afford to send some gibs to southern and eastern yurop. When Germoney starts getting in problems, EU will fall apart likely.

And by EU I mean EU as a political construc in the sense of united states of yurop

As a free trade union it makes sense to have one giantic trade corridor


when you live at some remote place, normalfags will not even bother to come to visit you

especially not the modern day entitled narcissistic normalfags. And besides, they have instagram to find the rich kids who are boasting about their golden rolex watches


>cities will turn to

exactly, cities. In yugostan wars the worst situation was sarajevo because you know, you cannot grow food on the concrete and asphalt in cities and cities are easy to surround and cut off all supply routes. So if you are in the city and no helicopter to supply your stuff, you are fucked

when you are in the middle of nowhere, militias will not even bother with you. What does he even have to steal? A pitchfork?


Interesting hint. I will look for videos on youtube about it.

I fucking hate when liberal cucks make fun of rednecks. I had one smug engineer in my last company who loved to do it. Rednecks are not intelligent but they have common sense, while common sense in liberal cucks has been erased and overwritten by political correctness.

>but nobody would ever want to invade my land and steal my pumpkins


>ayo guise, capitalism is bad, those evil corporations are fucking us

>even when nobody forces us to buy their products

>let us get rid of them and replace them by kings

>so we can be official 100% slaves to king Julien and slave on his normalfag plantation

what a bunch of mental cotton-picking spineless retards

the problem is not capitalism risks and benefits for entreprise or free markets decentrallized price finding by market participants. The problem is government who fucks up everything once their hands touch it



i can see there being racial tensions exacerbated by the collapse, i dont think the US future will ONLY be a race war.

regarding refugees - you probably underestimate the amount that will flow out from the cty i it gets really bad. most likely it'll be like a argentina 1990s colapse where the cities will be the safest




i men they could turn SJWs which is in some ways even more cancerous


Yugoslavia collapsed because the economy went bad and people were too lazy to reform it, not due to inherent ethic issues



It's called Distributism and it offends you because it's Catholic economics and Jesus offends you so…



>let us get rid of them and replace them by kings

Stop looking at everything through the lens of abstract ideological autism.

The corporate structure and the royalist structure are not that dissimilar. If anything they are more similar to one another than the current democratic state, which you clearly have a problem with.

Your whole view of "choice" is retarded.

The distributing of cheap goods, is just that, nothing more or less.



The problem is governments with no earthly reason to give a shit about long-term consequences.

Kings own the country, and their family is going to inherit the country. The most logical course of action for a king is to build up the country because it's his biggest asset.

The democratically elected official is going to be in office for a handful of years, and then he'll most likely be gone. His most logical course of action is to sell out the country and, once he leaves office, run to the foreign nation where he stashed the loot.

Also, I'm going to shill >>>/monarchy/ if anyone's interested



I was hoping I could knock up a few broads by force when the law is suspended.

War crimes are awesome.

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