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game devving

File: 5b507ff416a12be⋯.jpg (18.08 KB, 375x215, 75:43, 1407521517889.jpg)


>have a dream last night

>fall in love with a girl

>for a moment all is well as we embrace

>even get to meet parents

>wake up

>futilely try to go back to the dream

I haven't felt like this in years.

Share your dreams with me.



>Burn candle at both ends again.

>Be noisy at night, neighbor again comes to chastise me.

>Hit with a sense of vertigo and faint while he's talking.

>Basically drag myself back to bed.

>Sleep for like 12 hours.

>See childhood girl I knew in a dream saying "You use to be happier when you were younger."

>No shit. Wake up and still feel like shit.

Mentioned before how I had trouble keeping a set sleep time, this is the first time I've actually fainted from it however. Wish I could keep it solid instead of being nocturnal one week and trying to push back to daylight the next.


I have the weirdest dreams imaginable sometimes. This night:

>some red head girl came to my house, as if I knew her but I had no clue who she is

>more precisely, i felt as if i knew her before but totally forgot who she is

>she treated me as if we were in relationship or something

>my mother was there too, acted as she knew her for years

>she asked mother to cut her hair

>she cut her hair just slightly, still very long red hair

>lights went out

>suddenly I'm in bathroom in dark

>wash my hands with cold water, I look up to mirror I have there hanging

>got spooked because I've seen that girl sitting on bathtub behind me dressed in all black

>she said to me if I'm ready

>no fucking clue what the hell she meant

>everything got dark again

>suddenly I was in some forest area

>I kept walking uphill until I've seen very large lake of sky blue color, everything had very weird colors, you won't see that in nature, it was like from some dumb mmorpg

In that moment I woke up and got instantly pissed because I wanted to stay there. I often have these dreams, where is some figure, often girl, as if she is trying to guide me somewhere or to something. Often I see spirits from other worlds, you kind of feel what's going on but you are not sure. I'm certain something like "guiding spirit" or protective angel, whatever you want to call it exist.

>woke up in the morning

>I've seen large tall black figure standing in the doors surrounded by black fog

>just standing there, not moving

>instantly I knew it's death

>i wasn't scared a bit, i felt comfortable

>I blacked out and woke up maybe 20 minutes later again

>called my close family if everyone is okay, just to be sure

Luckily all was good but I don't know what it meant. When my grandfather died, every mechanical clocks in house stopped. When my grandmother died, in that moment her dog screamed and run away, 5 minutes later we got call she passed away.


i would share but i already forgot it fuck



The worst dreams I have are about dead friends, dead relatives and dead pets. They hit you right in the feels. Not only because you miss them, but because you miss the old you and wish you could go back.


File: 82c250e6d07feef⋯.png (166.53 KB, 316x313, 316:313, 033e5f7ed7a545bc33b4d5fcbb….png)

I didn't dream in the last few years or so. How can I dream again?



I started sleeping while the sun is not up, that helped me. I'm switching back again though so bye bye dreams.


I forget all my dreans


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Stop taking antidepressants and fall asleep after taking dmt. Ssri blockers stop you from dreaming as well as stop you from feeling any meaningful emotions and basically turn you into a bluepilled dayfag.




Isn't it a bit too early? I just can't sleep before 22:00 or so, unless I'm really tired. I'll give it a try regardless.



The only "antidepressant" I take is alcohol. Could that be a problem?I don't want to give up on booze.

>inb4 samefag




The dreams I recently had over the last year that I remember somehow always involve the sun. Like I'm looking at a scenery painting in my dreams and the sun is always a central part of it.

I also usually feel the urge to draw those images after I wake up.


Next time you know you have had a dream, don't move a muscle after waking up. recall everything that happened in your dream while laying still. That makes it easier to remember it during the day.


What does it for me sometimes is changing the position you try to sleep in. Also if you have a two person bed, switch to the other side and use the unused cushion every two weeks or so.

I'm not sure if it's true that people don't dream for such long periods of time. Rather that you just have no recollection of it.



I don't know how there but here it is still dark at 4 am (yet).


>I also usually feel the urge to draw those images after I wake up.

You are lucky you can do that, I can't draw anything.


File: 7b2cd63085c3f70⋯.jpg (123.9 KB, 913x913, 1:1, 1555501619674.jpg)

I don't need to share anything like a fucking faggot. Why every board does have to be some fee fee safe space where they talk like women. You are a doomer because you accepted doom, not because you're a whiny faggot and need to cry in his bed. There are no problems in this world, only solutions.



Jeez, go fucking outside.



I said that the urge is there. Not that I have any drawing skill. You should try it despite not being able to draw for shit.


Then don't faggot.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Do you drink alot of fluoridated water? You probably calcified your pineal gland and need a different way for your body to supplement you with dmt. The glabd produces dmt and once it's calcified it turns white and normal chemical production is reduced. Dmt should naturally be found in your brain and spinal fluid, but i'd wager you don't have any. If you aren't dreaming, it's a sign you might already be bluepilled, either through ssri blockers or through a fluoridated brain.

>eat alkaline foods (broccoli, kale, spinach on top of your regular diet), drink water with a high ph value, put iodine in your water to counteract fluoride

>make some dmt and vape it



Tell yourself that you're going to dream and remember it while you're falling asleep and immediately write down what you dreamt after waking up, keep on doing so until you regularly dream.

Same concept can be used to get lucid dreams, btw. Lucid dreaming rape fantasies are better than porn and you can get the chicks you want instead of 5/10 35 year olds with a bucket of makeup



Okay, I'm gonna get /x/. I don't know if it's due to mental illness or some psychic power but I have premonitions of things that will occur to me. If I go about my day, I'll end up in a situation which I dreamed of. There have been odd occasions where I have deviated and nothing happened but those are rare. The longest gap between dream and event was roughly 10 years.

I say this because I had one premonition that I still can't make sense of. I woke up on an isolated beach, with the sun above and everything. But I haven't been to the beach since I was a kid so did I just dream of sleeping on a remote brach or… did I glimpse at what's after this life and I'll wake up there some day? Either way I'm crazy.


File: 2f3b504aa703693⋯.jpg (4.91 KB, 202x164, 101:82, b9ea6f537100aa49915315111d….jpg)


I only drink bottled water and milk sometimes, with the additional aforementioned alcohol. I'm definitely not bluepilled, I drifted from being a NatSoc to being a monarchist.


How can you fell asleep while telling yourself even that youll sleep, even if you are saying it in your head only? Do you just sort of exhaust yourself while doing it, subsequently felling asleep?

>lucid dreaming

I heard about it. If it is true, it sounds like heaven compared to real life.


File: 74c8a628a1b1601⋯.jpg (68.2 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


It was another trying to shoot niggers but the bullets fly in slow motion episode last night.


File: a69491bdbd636ac⋯.jpg (45.25 KB, 700x394, 350:197, 453a3a481641c29125134fe097….jpg)


I get these sometimes too. It's real, not a mental disorder. Take everything pop science says with a grain of salt - they say that it's a coincidence, that things you dream of are just a mixture of things you imagined, put together, and thrown away into an intellectual trashcan.

I had a vision of being on a beach too. I'm looking to my left, at my dad walking and smiling at me, with the sun over his head to the right. 6 months later, i go on vacation with my granddad, and i'm walking on a beach, looking to my left, walking next to my dad who is smiling at me, looking up at the sun above his head and to the right, walking towards some outdoor showers to wash the sand off my skin.

It's happened at other times too. I always feel deja vu when i realize that fate had me in that situation, so for a good minute i sit there in amazement at how it came true. It's 100% fucking real. I haven't had a premonition of regular events in a while, though, but i did have some apocalyptic visions that reflected the absolute state of my life a few years later. I'd be glad to post those, too.



>bottled water


It's common knowledge that US tapwater is shit, but you might be just fine in hungary. Look into it if you don't trust it. Use glassware whenever you can.


File: aeb4b2c7fdece93⋯.jpg (154.08 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, Felipe3.jpg)


>have a dream last night

>fall in love with a girl

>for a moment all is well as we embrace

Brother, allow me to ask you one simple question. What do you think would happen to you when this happened in real life? What do you think would happen to you if you 'fell in love with a girl', as you say? It involves just so much work to fall in love with a girl. And if you are unfortunate, she might actually love you back. Then you have to deal with laying her down easy. Keep 'love' to the dream realm I always say. Real life is brutality. Real life is the propagation of genetic, self-assembling, self-regenerating, and self-propagating material. Real life is competition between algorithmic beings that want to take you over one way or another. 'Love' is just one of many fatal weapons that genes use to self-propagate. Tell me, where do you think the 'love' meme came from? What is the end-goal of the 'love' meme? It is to "hold a woman in your arms and inseminate her", isn't it? But this is preposterous and we all know it. We all know that 'love' quickly dulls and grows into scorn. 'Love' is a farce. But rather, 'love' is a trick that our genes play on us, their 'hosts.' 'Love' is a fucking meme invented by genes to take back control over you!!!!!!!!!!! Wake up anon! Wake the fuck up! DO YOU REALLY THINK IF YOU HAD CONTROL OVER YOURSELF THAT YOU'D WASTE YOUR TIME ON DREAMING ABOUT WOMEN????? DO YOU REALLY THINK YOU COULDN'T HAVE BETTER DREAMS!????? We are possessed by our genetic materials that want to propagate! AHHHH!!!! This is UNfreedom!!!! STOP IT!!!!

This is why the tranny-pill is so subversive. Take the tranny-pill, brother.


File: f859a4d63426124⋯.jpg (41.58 KB, 571x425, 571:425, Beyond3.jpg)

>tfw all those anons always have interesting dreams to tell about and you don't dream or never remember them.

>last things you can remember was spraying a graffity with my younger cousin that I dreamt in March

>and dreaming about my childhood crush in november after my bestie wished me a good night and nice dreams we talked about her the same evening

I envy those with lucid dreams who can dream about their waifu


this is some beyond belief tier stuff anon.

My grandma (mothers side) used to tell spooky stories of witches and ghosts she witnessed. For example once she was walking home past some piece of land and there was a circle of people in like KKK costumes dancing around a fire and when they saw her they started running towards her. She left her bag there and ran as fast as she could from them. Or the other instance when she was living in her old house that was allegedly cursed. There was a room with the oven and regularly the charcoals would be swapped from one side of the room to the other without anyone ever touching them because she had the only key to the room. Or that one time when my cousin slept in the same room as her and he saw a ghost/witch appearing on the balcony. He was scared shitless and covered himself with the blanket. He still does this even today with the blanket (his nose barely reaches out)


You might be the trannyposter but what you write is correct. Life is fight. And I have always been noncompetitive. I have no interest in metaphoric dick length competitions with other human baboons. So this is why I always say, even if I found a girl that was retarded enough to like me, the relationship would break apart because I lack all those typical male characteristics that are necessery to keep a relationship alive and interesting. So when I say, it is better I stay alone and less people get hurt, it is true in fact.

>love is a meme

>it is all in your brain

I agree. It is essentially like happy feel hormones that get released when you use drugs or eat unhealthy stuff.

But it is your choice if you want to give up a relationship or keep it alive. Many people stay happy for many years because they keep their love alive and constantly do new things together and find new sides of each other every now and then. Todays society is just obsessed with ficki ficki and as soon as they have fucked their partner for some times the novelty fades off and they go seeking the next thrill. Same for marriage. Desperate 30+ people who fall for the happy family meme and then realize they don't love their partners even that much and divorce. Disaster for everyone involved because muh reptile brain.

This shrink type who wrote the book on love says true love can only be when

>you consciously decide you want to love someone **means: lack of that "love at first sight" phenomenon which is mostly only visual attraction for ficki ficki so that humans have children and don't die out

>effort for maintaing the relationship and no, effort is not just paying train fares to your hubbys city

>personal growth when you don't want your hubby to reach their apex in their field, it is not love

So basically, the book teaches how to be grown ups with each other …

Ayy, maybe I should become a life coach myself …



>this is some beyond belief tier stuff anon.

I'm not spiritual because it's funky niche hobby or something. If I would experience this stuff nobody on the Earth would convince me something deeper than this "common reality" might be possible.

>Or that one time when my cousin slept in the same room as her and he saw a ghost/witch appearing on the balcony. He was scared shitless and covered himself with the blanket. He still does this even today with the blanket (his nose barely reaches out)

This is serious stuff though, because you can't be sometimes certain if it's a bad entity or a good one, or in other words harmless or not because there are not good/evil entities.


File: 28876fa216eeef2⋯.jpg (122.19 KB, 748x560, 187:140, KuK_Kavallerie_1898.jpg)


This one worked the last night. Although I don't remember the entirety of it (I was talking with my parents about something). Thanks for the advice Austriabro.


I can't really see water stored in glass around here, but I thought about storing it in cleaned glass wine bottles. I also have a bunch of glass bottles in my grandpas house on the loft so I might clean and utilize them too. I heared about plastic contaminating water over time, could that be a problem?



Bottles sold in stores are meant to be one time use. Refilling them and using them over long periods of time wears out the inside of the bottle and contaminates the contents of the bottle with plastic particles. At least that's what I'm told.

I used to refill bottles with water and put them in the fridge so I had nicely chilled water whenever I wanted. You can taste the plastic in them after a while so I'm inclined to believe it.

Whether it has a noticeable effect or not I can't say, but it's better to be on the safe side and avoid stuff like that when you can.

I initially meant just using glass cups and tap water instead of plastic bottles or cups, but getting glass bottles is actually a pretty good idea.

You could get some glass cola bottles if they're even still sold and use those for easier carrying around.



Last night I had dream where there were no fries or red meat at Burger King, and everything cost upwards of $20. What a fucking nightmare that was… going to Burger King RN did I accidentally consume some subliminal marketing? I don't even watch TV. This shit is weird as hell


File: cc6490f8048e5c6⋯.jpg (152.17 KB, 907x371, 907:371, pride.jpg)



Why do things in half measures, anon?


File: 01f8663371d101c⋯.jpg (88.5 KB, 750x1054, 375:527, HOW.jpg)


There's nothing gay about being with a cute tranny. That's why it's subversive. Being with a full blown male is the opposite of subversive.



They hijacked your brainwaves anon. They're in your brain.



Totally man, I slept without my tinfoil hat on.



me again, recently i remembered one dream i had months ago:

>me and classmates

>all naked and reunited in the school's church, but the walls and forniture were made out of flesh and blood

>we were beating the shit out of each other with chains and hammers

i have the best dreams



I have to agree, the doctors created a passable girl of him but holy fuck those hands …

ewww, disgusting

even my hands look more girly



>even my hands look more girly

Then you must have some very girly hands anon…OwO


File: 9b042f23bf6ef77⋯.jpg (104.49 KB, 962x635, 962:635, basedboy.jpg)

File: 48876cfbed7a696⋯.jpg (586.09 KB, 1400x1400, 1:1, aintthatthetruth.jpg)


Also, have you seen how terrible women look/act these days? I don't mean to bash women, but they're just so masculine these days that they are just so horrid to be around. If you can find yourself a cute trap, I'd say you're in a good place.



You wouldn't believe how many girls (females) appear to have hands like that. Nowadays you can't be sure about anything, it's genital lottery.


>genital lottery


that was a good one.

Thank you BO-san

>you must have girly hands

they are just nicely formed and my fingers are long

but when I see broad and short fingers workers hands I always am reminded why I can't have a "manly" job ever. But hey, construction work is too tedious anyway.



>that was a good one.

Isn't it true though? Even I am not sure anymore around women online, right? Not that I talk to them anymore but it was true 1 year ago. Things I noticed were neck (adam's apple), shoulder width, size of hands, etc. You can't be sure anymore, I'm pretty paranoid about this. I don't really care about trannies or anything but I don't like this implied doubt, I don't want to talk to girl and expect from her first thing she should say to be "I'm a biologically female/male" or "Btw I have vagina/penis". What kind of fun is that? I don't want to talk about this, it's same level retarded as singing forms before you have sex because of rape accusations/formal consent.



This was funny when it was only an ironic meme. Now it's just sad.


File: 8e86a776bae22b0⋯.jpg (247.72 KB, 1666x2048, 833:1024, felipe_rare.jpg)


>liking cute girls is ironic

This isn't reddit, faggot.



This isn't /r9k/ either, nigger… and way to miss my point here.

I can remember a time when the description under the 'women' column was laughed at as an ironic hyperbole.



>laughed at as an ironic hyperbole

I think you are in the wrong place.



Once again, /doomer/ is not /r9k/.


Here's a recent one.

>dreaming that I'm laying on a couch

>ex-wife's cat jumps on me

>starts acting overly affectionate

>few moments went by

>turns around and shits all over me

A perfect summation of that entire relationship, weirdly enough



I really don't know what /r9k/ has to do with any of this. But if that's your thing that's cool too.


File: 3ee9bc33d36e30a⋯.png (312.78 KB, 652x656, 163:164, kek.png)


>A perfect summation of that entire relationship, weirdly enough



I have dreams of being at former work place, have not been employed there for 11 years. Worked thereb for 22 years.First dream is about being lost (trapped) in elevated and underground parking garages. The elevated parking garage dream is the interior of the garage falling apart and being trapped on level 7 stairwell landing. The second dream is being in the undergroud parking garage and I am unable to find my car, search urgently and still unable to find my car. Feels like I am being detained



>usually have dreams of being in a car accident, ghost women or being killed

>tfw I don't want to stop having these dreams



When I tried lucid dreaming, I trained myself to dream nearly every night. Since few years I'm not able to reset myself to normal and I'm pretty sure this is also one of the reasons why I'm always that drained in the morning.

I just don't get this feeling of just having no dream in a night.

Most times it's an abstract reiteration of the last day. Basically what happened mixed with the thoughts I had. It's just boring and probably even unnecessary.

My favourite dreams are when my ADHD or whatever decides to sleep finally. My condition is normally a constantly stressing unstructured pile, but very, very, very seldom my mind rests for a short time during sleep / dreaming.

One time I was on fields near my home during that time at dawn. The air was super chill and refreshing and after some walk I climbed into sky on an invisible stairwell. I sat down and watched the windmills with its small pulsating lights in the distant. Sadly this was very short.

In another dream I wanted to travel home with public transport. I was stuck in an empty unknown city and I had to wait until evening for the next bus. So I decided to stroll around a bit. The whole town was actually quite boring, since everything was just plain grey and the weather was cloudy. But I really enjoyed this silence. I went to a train station and played a bit on a street fighter arcade. After it got dark I got in the bus and from there I woke up.

I also remember some nightmares. In one dream I was training in a martial arts club or something like that and we had some weird competition the next day. For some reason I visited my mother in some afternoon. She was kinda depressed in bed and was also pretty passive aggressive. She didn't want to let me go for that competition and after I answered annoyed she slid her wrists open grabbed my head and smeared the blood all over my face, saying something like "You like that? That's all you wanted the whole time, huh?".

The context: The day before I watched some cheesy 70s martial arts movie and my mother had a depressive meltdown during that time and the immediate switches from passive aggressive to tandrums happened frequently (a few weeks before that dream she had committed some half assed suicide attempts), so I was stressed about that.

That's pretty much how most of my dreams forms but like I said almost every night it's just some boring stuff from the day before. And it's also very seldom I remember dreams that long.

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