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game devving

File: 4c5b0249cf049c3⋯.jpg (221.45 KB, 872x1016, 109:127, perfection.jpg)


I met a nice girl who works for a doctors office I am doing some work for. Beautiful. Dresses modestly. Natural light brown hair. Blue eyes. Sweet demeanor. I go on to find out she is super traditional. No tattoos. Just lovely. I live in a super degenerate city so these thing just simply do not exist here. I start getting hope. She also likes me. She ends up asking the doctor about me. Guess why I am no longer a candidate? It turns out that she is a Hasidic jew. Back to drinking. There is no hope.

pic related with darker hair



also she is still a virgin. fucking perfection unicorn status.



how could you not tell?


File: 4b497827ed7c77b⋯.jpg (82.42 KB, 750x923, 750:923, a1096f3a30acce3172d7e1cb7c….jpg)

No-tattoo is a meme. Yes, its really nice to find a girl with no tattoo but I can't really judge them since I have one too. I got it when i was 16 year old imbecile. I would not do it today but I'm not going on plastic surgery because of that. Get my point? Tattoos are the less important thing you should care about when it comes to women. When it comes to that jew thing, one of benefits of jewf is dark hair my nigger, fuck those jews pretending to be white. Either get white gf or get a proper qt jewf.


>be mexican

>don't care if she's black, jewish or white as long as she is cute and shares some interests(almost impossible)



Some jews really don't look jewish.


Jews won't date outside of their tribe, especially not religious ones. And I'm not going to cut off part of my dick for the opportunity to date someone.


>turning down a girl that likes you

>because of her race

words cannot describe how much I pity you OP. you could have been happy but you chose to not be. Your son could have become a banker in the illuminati cabal and your daughter could have become an actress in los angeles. And you fucked it all up because some basement dwellers on /pol/ brainwashed you with their autistic mental diarrhea

go back to the office asap and ask her out, I want this story to end in a happy end and finally be invited to a wedding. make sure the cake is good


File: d815193ca47b688⋯.jpg (276.23 KB, 558x1420, 279:710, p_00007.png.jpg)



It seems it wasn't OP's choice, but hers.

As it turns out, traditional women aren't fond of dating people that don't share their religious beliefs. If anything, that was just proof OP wasn't wrong about her.


I once met a girl that fits exactly your description, from my past job. Pretty, dressing modestly, religious, not just virgin past 18 but actually kissless virgin. Very sweet and polite but hard to talk to since she was very shy. She had an interest on me, since for anyone that looked at me from work tought I was just a funny guy who worked until late without asking for overpay and had people from different managements fighting to get me on their departments.

Of course, I didn't try anything. I'm a jaded motherfucker who feeds on filth, booze, whores, and hardly don't sleep both drunk and depressed. The pretty girl didn't knew about this since at work I pretend to be a christian saint. I wouldn't be better than anyone if I tried to catch something so pure just to get her in my filth. She deserved more.>>8215



Brazil-san. I always thought you were some wannabe Bolsolaro but you actually are a decent man. I cannot believe what I read. No other man could have resisted this. It was very noble that you did not drag her down into the abyss. She really seemed like a special person. I am proud of you



Thanks, most people call me a giant retarded when I tell then about this.

And there are at least three brazilians posting here.


wait, you are not the racist manlet who wants to rape tall girls?


File: 0e8da0bc4709d10⋯.png (416.96 KB, 2169x3089, 2169:3089, Manlets são In Colors.png)


Hell no. There's that wacko, there's me, and there's another one more normal.

And I'm not fond of tall girls, the smaller and skinnier, the better. Let then to taller guys.



Hasidim keep to themselves. Even in an alternate universe where OP wasn't /pol/, he still wouldn't have a chance. Happy endings don't exist- you either fall out of love or you die, whichever comes first.



read the OP

>Guess why I am no longer a candidate?

She won't date a non jew.


I know that feeling as well. I really need to clean up my act and maybe another one will come along who is christian. I need to quit drinking. It's getting out of hand really.


pretty much this





winona is probably mostly white. a proper jew is someone 100% jew.



of course a swede cuck made this post. though i guess if your only option is mohammed's daughter, jews start looking pretty good. fucking failure



how to check if im jew?



Do you look inbred?



>a proper jew is someone 100% jew.

I see you are going for the hardcore path. You can keep the purest jews my friend, I'm going for jews-lite.



Of course a 56percenter goblino is behind that post…

>moe's daughter

>caramel colored skin

>jet black hair

>deep dark eyes

>does not go to parties nor drink alcohol

>does not take drugs nor etch tattoos in her skin

>knows to cook delicious food from her homeland

>cooks calf and lamb instead of unhealthy pork

>knows how to keep the house tidy

>knows how to be a good mother for our 5 children

>has 4 brothers who will become my brothers as well

>has 50 other family members who are ready to support each other in business and whatever endavours

tfw no muslim gf



>forgets to mention the batshit religion you'll have to deal with unless you got lucky and managed to find one with a family with a more relaxed view on religion

I see you.

I wouldn't mind a qt middle eastern gf, but the religion can stay there.


>muh religioh

who gives a shit. I would even convert to hinduism and worship cows if it would improve my mental sanity and give me a reason to exist.

I am always surprised to see those /pol/ guys who are so stubborn about trivialities like they have any meaning.

religion is like the toys you had when growing up. it was not about the toys themselves. it was your key to connecting to other people and play with them as they had the same toys or game. same with religion. just a thing to develop connection with other people. be it christian, muslim jewish or far eastern.


File: 5335d39aac82876⋯.jpeg (97.34 KB, 646x792, 323:396, muslim islam retards inbr….jpeg)


swede-muztard master race ftw. make odin proud son


for someone who will live in mexico 2.0 by year 2040 already you are very cheeky. you can think about islam however you want but at least they have traditional family values which we abolished in the west completely.

and you probably should not take my postings too serious anon


File: bde7ae8fcab7d2c⋯.png (441.22 KB, 1000x955, 200:191, circuncision.png)


You say that because you probably were never religious, at least not to the extent trully religious people ask you to. Most religions are not like modern catholicism, they don't want you to just go there once a week and pay once a month like a club. Religion is a doctrine that dictates your entire way of life, how you should think and behave, how you should feel, and how you should think. It doesn't want just your time, it wants you entirely, to spread their messages, help their fundings, be there for it's social projects, and merge their guidelines very deep on you to the point where everyone inside assumes that they mold your way of thinking. Unless you actually accept it to it's full extent, you will think it's the most invasive thing in the world. Jews, Protestants, Muslims, none of those take religious matters as lightly as Catholics do.

If you just want to connect with people, find a book club, or a ciclism group. Don't go dating a religious girl and think she won't ask all of those things out of you, she absolutelly will. Religion guides her life, and any trully religious girl will only accept a guy that shares their vision with you, or suffer greatly if she realizes you don't. If you don't want this, if you think religion is just a club and a social tool, why not just find another girl? By marrying a girl that takes religion seriously when you don't take yourself is just harmful to her, and why do that with her when you literally could be with any thot in the world without making her miserable?



He has a point with that psychological aspect though.



It sounds like you don't deserve "hope" in the first place.



This is something that irks me about people who push the trad meme. Their traditionalism only goes skin deep, and is heavily mediated by modern ideology. Even when people go to traditional Latin mass, or adopt all the trappings of orthodox Judaism, the actual meat and bones of their belief come from their secular political affiliations. A right-wing trad Christian will back market fundamentalism even when it clearly contravenes church teachings, and a left-wing religious Jew will never accept that their religion is ethnocentric, a left Catholic will make a lot of noise about abortion, but will inevitably cave in when questioned about it, etc. A few years ago, a lot of these trad larpers were fedora atheists who became convinced that religion is a 'social technology'. Anybody who grew up religious can't help but cringe at such a description

>and why do that with her when you literally could be with any thot in the world This. Own your degeneracy. A trad waifu isn't going to turn your life around. You fucked it up, and it is likely fucked for eternity.



Her name was Joy not Hope. Not. Even. Fucking. Kidding.


File: 51aecd946c43dc0⋯.jpg (53.89 KB, 397x450, 397:450, regularday.jpg)

Look on the bright side OP at least she's not going to fuck a mudslime like the whore I used to think was a human.



It's whatever man. Initially I was pretty buttblasted but if a girl doesn't have a similar culture and mentality, it wouldn't have worked anyway. Being a nice tradgirl is a great starting point. But it would probably work out better if it were someone more like me, between 5-10 lifetime partners, right wing politically, I have my own understanding of God and reality (I still go to church but I don't think there's a heaven), and a girl who likes shooting and the outdoors. Could you imagine being around the family of a hasidic jew? Fucking nightmare mode.



Nope, my parents are skeptical of the jew.



Okay now you got me Ronaldinho.

I always thought religion is like a fashion. Like being soccer player or skater on the playground. You just choose a label that looks cool to you and it comes with things to do and represent. Maybe it is because religion in our western societies is abolished mostly but I will keep your words in mind. Or maybe because I never belonged in any group, society or club.

However, I believe there are people who would be willing to join even a cult just to not feel abandonned by the world. My sister went to school with this one weirdo who is now travelling the globe and doing propaganda for his cult. I mean this is in any case better for him than to suicide himself.

>Don't go dating a religious girl and think she won't ask all of those things out of you, she absolutelly will

I would never waste the time of anyone just for fun but in any case the problem is that I am mentally fucked so I don't want to bother anyone with my issues.

>just harmful to her, and why do that with her when you literally could be with any thot in the world without making her miserable?

you are right about this as well. I am glad you think this way




okay, if I get Ak-47, C4 and a moe's daughter with black hair

>check out communities

I hang out in kebab takeaways all the time.


well my point is, him being devoted to something is more worth than feeling like shit every single day so even if it is just a cult, he might be happier with it. People need something to hang onto



you should drop a handful of change in front of her and see what she does



23&me can test for jew



>pic related with darker hair

>literal aryan goddess, except jewish

lol, you are a fucking faggot OP, i bet she was sara silverman tier and you were just horny



>giving some organization your DNA


You all deserve the future you're creating.





File: 230c94e435cb0f6⋯.jpg (108.16 KB, 800x982, 400:491, Hendrik-ter-Brugghen_Herac….jpg)


Based Trips. Furthermore, most people in any belief system don't actually reflect their own supposed beliefs. How can people raised in a soulless society have souls? The Trad-Right will ultimately fail in its goals because, despite not appearing degenerate on the surface, it is riddled with degenerate thinking. Discord Drama, youtube personalities and podcasts aren't going to forge you into a pinnacle of man. Many lack the ability to think for themselves and mindlessly follow internet personalities on their path to "saving western civilization".

The moment I lost any of the remaining "respect" I had in the Trad/Alt right was when some mdegenerate hit me with this: (we were talking about a book)

>yeah dude that sounds really interesting, do you a podcast that could summarize the book for me?

Civilization wasn't built in a day, and it was built through very hard work. Having someone spoon feed you information won't push the boundaries of the self. It's telling of the sloth that pervades most people in modern society, and perhaps humanity as a whole. Very few people actually have what it takes to be great and autonomous thinkers. Most are relegated to being lazy plastic drones. Look no further than the Alt-Lite, Altright and SJWs.

Ethos anthropoi daimon



jews not getting raped by mohamed is not a bright side bong



white sharia wignats ftw. fuck overthinking. just rape & rope until everything is lily white.


File: d6ab8db002b4b51⋯.jpg (37.71 KB, 600x390, 20:13, product-life-cycle-stages.jpg)


Brother, the west reached its golden era in the 80s.

After that we went into decline. In the 2010s we accelerated our decline even faster with MTV and all the degeneration they promote.

I had a marketing course in college we had the product life cycle.

It is interesting how well this cycle applied to everything in life. Be it cars, plants, humans or society as a whole.


free markets and democracy. shareholder value based capitalism after WW2


30 years after WW2 where new technologies were developed, people beeing hungry for a better life and eager to work hard to accomplish something. commies were kept behind the iron wall and we were safe from immigrants (transportation cost was high)


our golden era the 80s. Peak technology. Everyone has a tv, music player and car. You can start a family and not worry about being unable to feed your family. This era peaked in '89 when the commies got busted. We proved our system was better.


ever since communism was demolished, we started to replace shareholder value capitalism with CEO value capitalism. Get rich quick, outsource, commodify everything, shrink costs, optimize processes, fuck over anyone working in your company to shirnk costs and maximize profits.

By doing so, we made our former enemies stronk (china mostly) and devalued the quality of our own products iphones last 1 or 2 years now compared to nokia phones that are indestructible. On top of that we have this societal mental illness of open sex addiction and narcissism/status seeking that was formerly more or less taboo.

To put it simple, we are in degeneration stage of the product life cycle as a society. It happened because we became very rich and spoiled by that affluence. Then we started to shit on the values which made us successful and rich in the first place. Soon there will be death (the final stage) and hopefully from the ashes of the old system a new one will emerge that is even better.



some jews and mohameds are ok tho


>On top of that we have this societal mental illness of open sex addiction and narcissism/status seeking that was formerly more or less taboo.

Bingo. Successful civilizations throughout history have placed limits to deter this runaway social signalling. Norms of behavior when it came to seeking and displaying status were inflexible and 'boring' but this dull-edged banality is in itself a proof that they were seen as something vital and not for show. The old social order of the country village has been mocked to death, but it served a function. We know too much to go back, but not enough to solve this problem.


If 'white sharia wignats' is what the God of the Copybook Headings has chosen to be his terrible and murderous avatar, then so be it! Nature doesn't about the Geneva Conventions.



care* about



>I pity you for hating jews

>Swedistan flag

This shit writes itself


File: 348693638b803ce⋯.jpg (6.89 KB, 255x248, 255:248, 615d1a07b57f058b6195d26141….jpg)


>I'm fine throwing away anything and everything that makes me who I am just to get some pussy because all the swedish girls are whores.



there is muslims in albania and bosnia who look more european than any of you 56% goblinos



newfriends welcome aboard



Then convert fucker, or convince her to convert, drop the pol bullshit or get a tatted up trashy bitch that got redpilled by patreonbux like 99% of all alt-thots are.



why is everybody missing OP's point? The girl is a hasid, they are quite strictly endogamous at this point.



Pretty sure that's how the Habsburgs happened.



yeah, they have a few weird diseases here and there. But the still have one big advantage: they breed, EARLY and OFTEN instead of running after career, cash, or clout.

The future belongs to those who show up for it. It's gonna be the religious who do.


Dude at that point put the /pol/shit aside and go for her. If she wasn’t a virgin i would agree but the fact that she is still pure changes everything.



That's why rape & enslavement is the only option. Jews would be lucky to have those choices….y'know…..until they don't have a choice anymore.


Best way (bad advice incoming) is to gaslight the broad into believing all Jewish scripture was a fabrication of Mohammed so that jews would be eternal slaves to Allah and the Muslims as a whole.




It's not the religious Jews that are the authors of Clown World. It's their secular, essentially apostate brethren... and they suffer the same disease that they inflict upon others, with their sub-replacement birthrates and heavy rates of out-marriage to Asian women.

Show up for the future, anons. Clown World has within it the seeds of its own destruction.



No U.



Who gave our country to (((them)))?



Secular universalists, who were conned by the cheap talk of human rights.


/pol/ is really good about red-pilling people but they collectively have the mentality of a snitch complaining to some non-existent higher moral authority. Perhaps the religious Jews ought to be emulated, rather than (just) complained about?



Nobody was conned by anything. Bourgeoisie knew exactly what they were doing when they set the country on the path of ruination.



They are not faultless by any means, but this is a severe oversimplification.


>turning down khazar milkers

Anon you dunce.



No fucking way she's hassid, they are not allowed to interact with outsiders, even other jews, and specially from the opposite sex: if she was ultra-orthodox hasidim then she wouldn't have even talked to OP

And despite all this goys can still convert to hasidim, they are always looking for people because their numbers are going down (specially due to genetic disease) you just have to go through all the stupid rituals and shit, also get your dick skin off and wear the stupid clothes all day

And BTW the hassidic cant use the internet

You will have to give up the internet OP



breed her and infiltrate the Illuminati,report back.



>their numbers are going down

Not really. For every congregation that boils off into the secular world, there is another that is out there producing 10+ children. Overall, the ultra-orthodox are doing quite well for themselves.


That is an overly optimistic way of looking at the board.


File: a75b37148702371⋯.jpeg (104.69 KB, 640x594, 320:297, smirk.jpeg)


>Your son could have become a banker


File: c2a02eefd99bc36⋯.jpg (38.94 KB, 600x405, 40:27, merlin_150652728_a6f1dc09-….jpg)


so mostly the British Empiricists and Rationalists that LaRoucheans complained about? so it pretty much all makes sense. Lyndon has been vindicated in death.

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