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game devving

File: e6e7c77997529bf⋯.png (453.63 KB, 688x642, 344:321, 1daee41ac92e4287fa2585dfde….png)


>tfw no introverted and loving gf


what if she is a leftist?



Agatha is Jewish, liberal and lesbian but I love her still



jewishness is a good thing imo



if you're a jew, sure.



That makes it even better. Some edgy post-left ideology is always a good thing, imagine walking down the street with her while she complains about all those people walking around and describes them as nothing more than slaves. That is real deal my friend, tradthots are boring.


File: 798ab4c48dc935a⋯.jpg (100.34 KB, 1024x640, 8:5, 1515128678121.jpg)

Woe and doom hast visited me, and found me palatable, for I shall never taste sweet communion with the muse, nor forgiveness, only the lost whisperings of times gone which shall not return.






>Actually autistic

>Has a mustache…

What more could a man want…



when Aphrodite calls, a man's heart must answer


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>not joining the sacred band of Thebes.



no, my love is pure; uncorrupted by homosexual Eros


File: 9083027e3c95d36⋯.png (556.65 KB, 604x738, 302:369, 8b6724dc44f16853521e0b732c….png)

>he likes agatha

very well

this way we don't interfere with each other Australia-san

Muffy is mine


File: 629ca89c97aaad1⋯.png (321.72 KB, 435x770, 87:154, bedd2b0ef968ff83e29e845088….png)


those words were too beautiful kangaroo man

you are a true word smith

I wish I were eloquent as you are and that muffy noticed me




I need a better view of her nose before I make my judgement. You'd be surprised how fucked up a lot of girls' noses are when in full view and how deceitful camera angles can be.



Where is her chin?


File: 5626997a49f4bce⋯.jpg (120.32 KB, 777x1020, 259:340, pqvj9d2s41l01.jpg)

Waifus vs. Eternal Goddess


File: 992c0d8e3644685⋯.gif (692.33 KB, 324x270, 6:5, 1515229862802.gif)


as befits the muse, her nose lies delicate and shapely above the sunny dawn of her smile




You are aware that this is a boy, correct?




Wow, I really am straight aren't I?


Something about ""her"" just completely repulsed me.



So it turns out "she" has a penis. It all makes sense now.



>as befits the muse, her nose lies delicate and shapely above the sunny dawn of her smile

Anon, you should write her a poem and see if she responds. Make sure that you write three versions of the same poem and choose the one you think is most powerful, then send it to her whether via email or facebook, etc.

Who knows what could happen????


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



'She' kinda looks like Marc Almond. The physiognomy of the creative puer aeternus



I want a nazbol bitch to be honest, one of those submissive af muslim types who obey everything I tell her. that my smacks and hits across her face are revolutionary, so that women will stay in their lane so that national communitarianism will be better for a brighter future.



traps ruin everything. it looks like a girl but then fucks up by having a dick. the fucked up thing is they are more personable than your average bitch. but you can't have kids. this world is a lie.



Why the fuck you would want to bring children to this place? Traps are the ultimate response of universe to the nigger state of our society. Dick makes it better you pussy homo.



maybe not YOUR place. in the heartlands. you ever just think all this escapism from rural fundamentalism was a misguided trip? I used to think like you as well, its cute, all that post-modern crap but I don't need half the shit I own besides if I had family I wouldn't be using image boards. tbqh, its my own fault, trying to get away from the church and simple life to get highs only to realize its just a wasted journey. I'd live in the woods at this point, wife or not, in a fucking cave if I had to. maybe chop enough firewood for warmth and what not and maybe later a log cabin.



Even if I could, it wouldn't be right. She is my Beatrice of the internet and she has left this world for another, somewhere else.



Name one positive reason to have children nowadays with exception of your pure egocentric urge to reproduce.



your bloodline will die and mine won't. even if its dysgenic.



>with exception of your pure egocentric urge to reproduce.

Try again, but better yet, don't. I purposefully set up the gates so close you can't win this argument since there is nothing more to having children than egocentric urge to reproduce with only exception - and that is this naive love for children, life and innocence in them, the potential of what they can become, I admit it. You said nothing more than "even though my genes are shit, I'm egocentric enough to think my genes are worthy enough to being passed to my children". This is, as I call it, rat mentality. Rats will do anything to survive.

You might cleverly ask, "But man, aren't you being the same egocentric shit thinking that your are above animals? There is nothing more to life than survival dude." And the answer is simply no, because I'm fully aware of being nothing more than an animal with some limited intellectual capacity, however even this low level of intelligence allows me to make decision that I don't want to throw children away to this spiral of existence (with uncertain results) just for my own need to keep my bloodline running through next decades. You are making the decision, you are the judge here and you decided to sentence your children to years of life (we don't know if good or bad) not from pure will to have children and give them life and love, not because they are the light that might brighten up the world, the untouched potential, the innocence. No, YOU decided to do it because you want to keep YOUR genes in gene pool.

As conclusion, I may write that I see it a lot in the "traditional types". They give critics to what they call lower races because of this mentality but at the same time they are driven by nothing more than egocentric idea of "no matter how good or bad my genes are, it's the gene game and my genes will remain in gene pool".



im not




File: 04829fee1c3b96e⋯.jpg (66.7 KB, 500x625, 4:5, 1457289492128.jpg)


What's the deal with arthoes? Can some of them be doomers or not? I know just one.



>my Beatrice of the internet

Anon, you have to understand that if you don't do it, some other jackass will. Just do it for fun. See what happens (probably nothing). You have nothing to lose.


File: 5575844549feeb1⋯.jpg (108.73 KB, 460x799, 460:799, 06b480af77a834cad55c285d9d….jpg)


This meme was floating around for a long time and it was debated into oblivion

the general consencus was that without adams apple no boy

please dear universe, don't fail on me


File: 982420d4ff81db2⋯.png (413.91 KB, 526x697, 526:697, Romero2.png)


same movie?



Nice wordsalad. Didn't read.


Is that anne frank?



File: fb0d53ce23f4652⋯.jpg (79.1 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, fb0d53ce23f46527e2a2d75533….jpg)


ann frank is also a bombshell bth

definetly khazarian roots

you can have her

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