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File: 1b6107c1758137c⋯.png (57.64 KB, 1229x1160, 1229:1160, 647EC2CA-E0B5-4573-BE51-91….png)


Confess, droogs


I still haven't confronted my filthy faggot roommate about his slovenly behavior.

>Fucking hypebeast wigger is too lazy to take out the trash to the point where he'll let it pile up literally three feet above the top of the trash can, using shopping bags to contain the overflowing waste.

>He doesn't vacuum.

>He plies his dirty laundry on the floor and it overflows into my space.

And yet I still haven't clocked him in the fucking jaw for being a slovenly depth-groveler and unloading one hundred percent of the cleaning responsibility onto me. I'm letting myself get dorm cucked


File: 6c2c63136d4e191⋯.jpg (12.52 KB, 199x253, 199:253, 1531833103801.jpg)

>be me in elementary school

>play with legos like an autist, but poor family so didn't have many

>tard at my school whose parent's were loaded. bought him whatever he wanted

>hatch plan to get exotic pieces

>using average iq start scamming him into unequal trade deals with kosher mercantile techniques

>start doing long enough and even start scamming normies

>slowly form a market place for various goods such as marbles, Pokemon cards, and other toys as others caught on to my activities

>mfw I was an elementary school capitalist and controlled the means of play due to scamming a tard.


>board already has cuckchan shitposting on it

This shit is what killed /kind/



How's about you actually do something about it instead of just complaining?

Fucking cuck.

Also this thread is ass cancer.

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