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File: 38024b565a15636⋯.png (52.28 KB, 500x382, 250:191, 1250A33A-D177-4FE5-A525-D8….png)


ITT we lay down our arms and make cordial conversation, not as adversaries, but as droogs. If the other threads are hostile, you may come here for respite. Please don’t be rude or unkind here. Feel free to talk about whatever is on your mind without fear of judgment and ridicule.



File: 8ebae0b0bec3ef1⋯.jpg (180.17 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 1543591043506.jpg)


I had my first mid-term today. Went well.



Very good to hear. You’ve done well, anon


how is everyones days going, mine hos gone pretty well


File: 917df46df6eff53⋯.png (177.12 KB, 353x345, 353:345, umg.png)


Haven't had a good day since by gf dumped me 3 months ago. But things have been better since my psychotic cunt roommate moved out.



Good to hear that you're no longer dealing with a shitty roommate. Hang in there anon, you'll make it.



Always good to look at the positive when you can. I hope you have good days again soon



Looking back on it, today has been relatively fulfilling. Good feels


File: 35e979ea7fe76b1⋯.jpg (22.18 KB, 680x680, 1:1, 0ba.jpg)


Step by step droog. You've lost toxic bonds and have more degrees of freedom to work with now.



im 24yo kissless virgin im so sad, im mentally ill, stpd, depression, i slept 16h tonight becausse it hurts to be alive, though yesterday was not bad untill evening because im in catholic family and we had easter holiday celebration though im an atheist


File: 5677b0dfa8be83b⋯.jpg (49.49 KB, 524x700, 131:175, comfy-cat.jpg)


While I'm not a qualified therapist, there are a few things I might hazard to suggest.

Try not to dwell on the negative aspects of your life, letting them dominate your thoughts is a great way to get stuck in a negative feedback loop and only feel worse.

Instead, try to focus on the things in life which make you happy, be that a hobby, a sport, or any activity.

You've got to focus on yourself and your own happiness. Focus on what makes life worth living for you.

Try to keep everything in perspective. Don't let negative emotions overpower you and make you see everything through a negative lens. Remember, things are only as bad as you make them out to be.

Just remember that there are people in this world that care about you and want you to succeed.

Best of luck anon, remember that we're here for you.


File: 6142fa276053e29⋯.jpg (74.93 KB, 2384x1453, 2384:1453, 8JkEKGZ.jpg)


I was in a similar position once, deep in a pit from which escape seemed nay impossible. The capability to get out is within you though, you need to internally grasp this. It difficult to see the point to anything and to sit in the same mental space. Take a step, even if you don't know where you are going or what you want, it's better then sitting. Then take another and another. You'll gain more perspective and will find your way. What appears to be insurmountable now will be become obstacles to be overcome. Try taking a gander in the Philosophy thread and reading Meditation, it's a step in the right direction.


File: ceba6266560f92a⋯.jpg (97.84 KB, 604x594, 302:297, ZFBVgV7m-gI.jpg)

How do you droogs beat procrastination? No one told me succeeding in life would be BORING AS FUCK.


File: 575da4bbd6aa60e⋯.png (9.12 KB, 426x364, 213:182, 1494888879398.png)


We're all mildly fucked as modern media is designed to rape our dopamine receptors for profit. It fucks with your will to do something productive and nearly impossible to unplug from. Start small, force yourself to do something for a little then reward yourself. Willpower is a muscle, flex it. Entertainment isn't bad, it's our relationship with it that is toxic.


File: fa97e210199947f⋯.png (347.5 KB, 1332x1949, 1332:1949, anon on how to cure bad ha….png)


Try some of this.



Perhaps the issue there also lies in how we tend to define success. Consider how you yourself choose to define it. Can you revise that definition at all? For example, if you begin to consider happiness to be a necessary component of success, rather than considering it simply in monetary and/or other tangible terms, and work towards that new picture of success by taking some time every day to do something that makes you feel happy and fulfilled, maybe the journey will start to feel like less of a chore.



To address your question, as simplistic as it sounds, try approaching your assignments in small steps. When a paper is assigned, create the document and write your header/title. You can literally leave it at that. The next day, write down a sentence or two. If you can’t think of anything beyond that, it’s fine. If you write those two sentences and find that you can come up with more, write those down too. Don’t feel bad about taking a break or stopping completely if you hit a mental block; it’s fine, you started early, you have time. Just keep chipping away at it.

I, like many, have had serious procrastination problems throughout my education. This past year I’ve been trying to change my habits by following the same advice I’m giving you, and so far it’s having a profound impact on how I feel about work and assignments. They’re far more approachable, I can handle a much bigger workload than I could before, and I feel like I do better work. Our biggest enemy is the time we waste letting the project fill our minds and immobilize us.



thank you friend


thank you too


File: 732fd499a37d720⋯.jpg (186.55 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 15549912135230.jpg)





Thanks for the great advice, droogs, I'm very grateful for your support. I'm going to go hardcore and limit my internet usage to unfuck my dopamine receptors from all the super-stimuli. My daily standards for success aren't very high, I'm just happy if I get anything useful done at all, however small. Right now I'm a bit sleepy, but tomorrow I will right down for myself a detailed and comprehensive list on exactly why I am doing the boring work that I'm doing, maybe even print out pictures of cute girls to motivate me to try hard, as cringy as it sounds, because my brain can't seem to remember what the payoff will be, it assumes that short-term fun, is better than long-term happiness.

Procrastinating also has this weird effect of making you do other useful shit like reading books or working out, because you feel too lazy to do important boring work, but too guilty to have fun and play vidya or look at memes.



Fantastic to hear! I wish you all the best in your endeavors, droog



That's great to hear. Keep it up and remember: baby steps. Each little thing you do to improve your well-being, no matter how small, will pay off in the long run.

Just keep it up and remember not to be too hard on yourself, even if you break routine or mess up. Failing is a part of learning and growing.

I wish you be best of luck droog.


File: 1574c0fac7135da⋯.gif (2.43 MB, 635x462, 635:462, s-ffad3c15a323d1d939a522c9….gif)


Good luck droog. Tell us how it goes.


File: 168be59ace64fd6⋯.jpg (42.87 KB, 904x686, 452:343, 1c5e3htjbhs01.jpg)

Good night, /druz/.


File: e1642fca191ac35⋯.png (195.99 KB, 621x621, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


STFU you stupid NIGGER

(User banned for being a faggot in friendly)



Good evening to you droog, I hope your day was pleasant


File: eb9691c11cff167⋯.png (59.37 KB, 658x662, 329:331, 77E5CE14-B2FC-4699-BEF8-DF….png)


>sanctity of friendly is violated by shitposting faggot


Why be rude, when u can be droog



don't worry anon, he is gone, you are safe now


How is everyone this fine evening?



I'm doing good. You?


File: 1fb115473ed97b7⋯.png (9.36 KB, 112x112, 1:1, 1553567435577.png)


Pretty gud, droog. Anything new with you?



It's been quite a comfy Friday for me. How are you, droog?


File: 2f71d81aa58db09⋯.gif (111.17 KB, 1027x731, 1027:731, 1531997139699.gif)


Got to see frends and shitpost irl



Wholesome and nice, you have made it


I say that we must no longer make decisions out of fear. As a wise droog once said, there is a certain light touch to life. We must relax and keep our heads up so we don't miss the subtleties and changing direction of the breeze. That doesn't mean we have to surrender full control; we should just recognize what's within our control and what isn't. Once we do that, we can learn not to be blown over by the breeze, but instead dance with it, reclaiming agency over the path our life takes.

Be well, droogs.

Dance dance dance.


Hello, I'm new and just wondering what this board is all about. Is it a loosely Russian themed chill board?






Just wanting to know what is meant by "Stay in spirit of the board".


File: 2f6c75630b7e749⋯.jpg (18.7 KB, 250x260, 25:26, 1531854234130.jpg)

There are some thots sunbathing outside my dorm room. I've been culturing them with some choice picks from the /druz/ board play list and my new sound system.



what are their reactions so far


File: 5c275eb209c3170⋯.png (8.13 KB, 250x202, 125:101, 1532230777480.png)


They didn't even react. They just sat there with their apple air pods. The view wasn't even that great.


How's everyone doing? There hasn't been much activity as of late.



I'm great. Thanks for asking.

I still check this place some times for interesting conversations or pictures that people share.



Surviving uni. I wish I had more time to shitpost on the board, but being productive cuts down on fun time. Hopefully over the summer the board can be relived.

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