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File: 3d168c7fd423dc7⋯.jpg (57.79 KB, 1080x783, 40:29, DiYTPHSUcAEUHN1.jpg)





File: 51fedd6017cc5bf⋯.jpg (118.73 KB, 1075x726, 1075:726, DiYTPaKVAAAKRJX.jpg)


File: 7c0cf384d28c9f4⋯.jpg (170.44 KB, 1079x952, 1079:952, DiYTP4DUEAYB-8Y.jpg)


File: 0d3742644a54d88⋯.jpg (33.33 KB, 300x400, 3:4, UK_lamb_Aug18b.jpg)

anonymous report:

"Lamb Liberated from South East England."


File: 5075658dc570693⋯.jpg (42.43 KB, 420x421, 420:421, UK_turkeys_Aug18.jpg)

anonymous report, from Unoffensive Animal:

"An ALF cell by the name of FAM964 liberated 22 turkeys from a farm in the south east UK. We have dedicated this action in solidarity with UPiii, arrested at 'Liberate or Die' in Hambacher. They were sentenced to 9 months for doing the right thing"


File: f0fed5749983671⋯.jpg (36.29 KB, 420x243, 140:81, Italy_dog_July18.jpg)

The ALF rescued a neglected dog from a home in Italy.


"Una villa sfarzosa con cancellate in ferro battuto e addirittura le iniziali del proprietario scolpite sul pavimento, sfarzosa ma completamente abbandonata. Nel giardino, tra immondizia e erba incolta, nel più totale degrado, prigioniero in una gabbia di pochi metri quadrati c'era lui. Solo giorno e notte, senza cibo ma sopratutto senza acqua a sua disposizione, ( pare che il proprietario si recasse raramente a dare da mangiare al povero cane ), e in queste giornate roventi, l' assenza di liquidi sarebbe stata letale. I liberatori dopo alcuni sopralluoghi atti a testimoniare lo stato di abbandono e le condizioni fisiche dell' animale hanno deciso di spezzare le catene, e al calar delle tenebre, senza alcun timore e con la consapevolezza di fare la cosa giusta, lo hanno liberato, lasciando alcuni ricordi del loro passaggio all' aguzzino. Ora è al sicuro, amato e coccolato dalla sua nuova famiglia che lo ha accolto a centinaia di chilometri di distanza dal luogo della sua detenzione, dovrà prendere qualche chilo di peso e purtroppo come spesso capita nei cani maltrattati e risultato positivo ad una malattia che si sarebbe evitata se solo fosse stato VACCINATO.

Lunga vita al nostro grosso amico, una vita di merda invece per il suo carceriere"


anonymous report, from Unoffensive Animal:

"On the night of July 20th, animal rights activists have rescued 28 hens from a 140,000 laying hens farm.

These animals, victims of legal persecution, were subjected to a life of agony: their bodies were mutilated, piled up, compressed, and exploited for their eggs. They are all genetically tortured to increase their prolificity. Born to produce until exhaustion: a perpetual horror, hidden behind the walls of their prison sheds.

These hens (less than a year and a half old) spent all their short life trapped on and behind grids, without ever being able to see the daylight.

France is the first egg producer in the European Union. Almost 70% of laying hens survive in this type of battery cage farm.

This rescue left us a powerless feeling when we closed the door of this hell and left behind us tens of thousands other birds who will never see the sky, sun or grass, only the hard and uncomfortable contact of their bars, and who will be murdered in a slaughterhouse. Innocents jailed for life, guilty for being different.

The rescue team recorded this because it is essential that our society be aware of what is going on inside these persecution camps. These images are not isolated cases: behind the walls of each farm or slaughterhouse occur every day and every night unspeakable horrors. Lives are taken, in the worst possible way, and without any valid justification. There is no "right way" to use and exploit individuals, whether for their milk, eggs, fur, feathers, or flesh.

Living in an antispeciesist society means liberating our fellow earthlings from this perpetual holocaust, used for human benefits, stopping the crime business and creating an equal world for everyone, regardless of the specie.

Breeding is Slaving

Let's abolish animal agriculture!"


File: 11f49119adc1dc6⋯.jpg (33.21 KB, 420x236, 105:59, Czech_pigs_June18.jpg)

File: 91a9f5bb9c79e97⋯.jpg (69.63 KB, 400x225, 16:9, normal_rxliii-6.jpg)

report from michalkolesar.net:

"Open rescue XLIII (June 2018) & Support to those in masks

We were here few days ago. We saw a motherfucker in overall screaming ať the sows and we saw that same motherfucker throwing squaling piglet into a friend's car trunk and his friend leaving with him as fast as he could. We saw sows waiting for their first birth and sows laying in cages with piglets running around. We saw dead little rearing pig being nibbled by others and then we realized that he’s not dead because he raised his head and look at them.

Today we are here once again. The night is cold and muddy. There is a line of buildings in front of us. We're entering one of them. Old rusty cages and heaving mothers, who humans turn into meat-machines

Heavy air and stench.

I bend down for one of those little piglets. I take him from his mom a tell her that we are taking him to safety.

We leave.

Support to those in masks"


File: 6e552b2aa39fbfb⋯.jpg (43 KB, 420x280, 3:2, Belgium_rescue_July18.jpg)

report by 269 Libération Animale - Belgique on July 4 (click here to view video from the action):

"Early this morning, more than 70 activists of 269 Libération Animale have entered into the slaughterhouse of Tielt in Belgium in order to release an individual. Following the offensive activism led against the speciesist & initiated by the organization, all the activists are going chain themselves to the death row in order to blockade it as much as possible, to paralyze the system.

Well-known for its scandals, Tielt's slaughterhouse is equipped of many cameras surveillance. It's absolute time to invade those places, to setup a power relationship with the speciesist industries & institutions. Neo-welfarist reforms confirm the passivity of our movement, they do nothing but worsen the current situation of exploited animals. A « clean death » under video supervision is not what we want. Indeed, it's time to end this useless slaughter."


File: 6a9442e106d3c00⋯.jpg (64.42 KB, 420x381, 140:127, UK_chickens_June18.jpg)

anonymous report, from Unoffensive Animal:

"18 chickens liberated from a backyard breeder.

Very poor barren living conditions without acess to food, water or any sort of enrichment

They are all now in lovely new homes and will live out the rest of their lives how chickens deserve to with plenty of dust baths, fresh food and space to explore."


File: 86cb0f61405c099⋯.jpg (46.07 KB, 420x236, 105:59, Germany_pigeons_Jun18.jpg)

anonymous report, from Unoffensive Animal (translation):

"When we entered this hellhole of a place we discovered many utilitypigeons being bred there. These pigeons are used in competitions to either race or for their special feathers as a beauty contest. We quickly broke the only two windows of the sheds to let them fly free. It was beautiful to see them all fly at the same time, fast and on all directions, straight to the sky and allowed to freedom.

Sadly, about twenty were nesting and had babies so they would not leave their box, so we decided to take their rings off to make the breeder confused about the animals living there. It felt like cutting handcuffs off a recently escaped human prisoner. We took all the breeding records and burnt them. We broke the diplomas and cups won by the human in different pigeonbeauty competitions.

Some caring humans are now working on the rewilding of those animals as we are aware that racing pigeons will try to come back to those sheds, so they are providing them with other roosting options and feeding them in different directions in the hope that they find their new freedom more comforting than the prison they were living at. As far as we know, all of them remain free.

We want to dedicate this action to our comrade UPiii, still in prison without court date and forced to keep their wings very close to their body in that horrible plastered cell. We hope that those birds make them feel free and able to fly, once again, into wilderness.

Radical action is needed against animal oppression and against human oppression. Do your bit and dedicate it to UPiii. They need support and they need freedom.



File: 1be6d8f9c07ad1f⋯.jpg (58.88 KB, 420x280, 3:2, Netherlands_chickens_Jun18.jpg)

File: 506510b665a0009⋯.jpg (47.82 KB, 420x280, 3:2, Netherlands_chickens_Jun18….jpg)

reported by Active for Justice:

"Sven and Natasha liberated!

In one of the past nights Active for Justice went to a chicken farm and

rescued 26 chickens! This action is dedicated to our dear comrade in jail;


Somewhere in the Netherlands, in the darkest hours of the night, we

gathered up near a chicken farm. Carefully moving forward, there were wild

animals all around. Guided by their sounds and movement we approached our

target. At the farm they probably saw us passing the bins with dead and

decaying chickens and disappearing in the stables. Here, we were greeted by

a view that could have been taken right out of a horror movie. Huge amounts

of these intelligent birds all crammed into little cages, row upon row as

far as the eye can see. Living in their own filth with metal bars all

around them producing egg after egg. If hell exists, we entered it right


A cage-door opens while many eyes look terrified in our direction.

Carefully the chicken (who we named Sven, although she is a girl) is

lifted out and she could feel the warmth of our bodies touching. For the

first time in her life she is greeted with love, with a feeling that she

tóó matters. The chicken who we named Natasha came out of a different cage

and she was met with a gentleness and love that she will have never thought

was possible from a human being. it’s all we can do for the others that we

have to leave behind, give them a little bit more space to move around.

Sorry girls, we wish we could have taken all of you. We will never forget

you and we will grieve the day you die… May your rest and peace come soon

and without pain.

While we moved outside and let our 26 new friends taste the fresh air for

the first time in their lives we can’t help but think about this fucked up

system that is destroying so many lives every day. All we can do is fight

it as hard as we all can! More and more people are standing up to resist

and we will be no exceptions. Our struggle goes on until every cage is

empty and until every slaughterhouse has been closed down. So pardon us for

smiling when their oppressive system comes crumbling down, we know that

from the ashes we can build a new society based on equality and freedom;

the aim is nothing less than a vegan society!

Sven and Natasha; stay strong during these times! Without you being who you

are these girls would have never gotten away from their prison. They will

live their lives in as much freedom as possible, with a lot of grass and

mud to roam around on. We hope that Sven (the human one ;-)) will get out

of his cell as soon as possible and we call upon all people to show Sven

all the support he can possibly get!




> https://www.facebook.com/freesven/"


File: 70168e03542412b⋯.jpg (52.95 KB, 420x218, 210:109, Italy_dog_Jun18.jpg)

anonymous report, from frentedeliberacionanimal.net (translation by Unoffensive Animal):

"A meter long chain attached to a tree stump, a shed full of weeds and him in the silence of the night, waiting to be liberated.

That's how the liberators found the dog in Piove Di Sacco, where a couple had had him on the ground, without any veterinary care. Many times it had been reported but the system didn't even check. Covered in tics, with precarious health conditions, an eye illness that didn’t allow him to see and with his muscles almost gone caused by being chained up at all times.

They opened the door and accessed the garden through the brambles reaching the dog's house after fallen branches and a tree, showing how little they cared about the animal. Feeling safe they took their newly friend away. They left a message on the wall 'no more slaves in this house or you’ll pay for it'.

After taking care of the tics, now he is under veterinary care and slow and steady he is learning what it is to run and play thanks to the love of his new family.



File: 19f03888dcef9bd⋯.png (163.81 KB, 420x280, 3:2, Spain_rats_Jun18.jpg.png)

According to an anonymous report on frentedeliberacionanimal.net, six adult rats and three babies were rescued from deplorable conditions at a breeder.


"Rescatadas 6 ratas adultas y 3 crías de un criador, posiblemente usadas para dar de comer a otros animales.

Aunque las condiciones en las que viven dentro de su status como cosas, cabe decir que estaban en una situación deplorable, ni siquiera tenían agua."


File: f565d16d65acb94⋯.jpg (34.65 KB, 420x236, 105:59, Czech_open-rescue_Jun18.jpg)

report from michalkolesar.net (click here for more photos from the rescue):

"Open rescue XLII (June 2018) & In memory Gari Allen

We rescued 4 hens. They will not die in a cage or a slaughterhouse. We took them to kind people to their new homes. Now they can spread their wings and run free. They have sun insted of artificial light. Fresh air instead of a fan. Weaker ones can hide from the stronger ones.

In memory Gari Allen

Gari Allen was an anarchist. He believed in direct action and the Animal Liberation Front. He took part in many sabotages and rescues from farms and laboratories, he also worked in shelters and sanctuaries. In the eighties and nineties he was imprisoned twice.

On 16th of June 2006, after a short illness, Gari Allen died. We rememb


File: 563621d406de4d5⋯.jpg (79.66 KB, 420x315, 4:3, UK_chickens_Jun18.jpg)

anonymous report, from Unoffensive Animal (click here for video from the action):

"In the darkness of the night, we broke into one of several sheds at Fovant Down Poultry Farm. As we entered, our eyes and noses stung from the ammonia and dust, and we were met with the grim sight of many thousands of young hens in rows of tiny cramped cages that stretched as far as we could see. The hens had nothing to stand on but thin wire above their stinking piles of shit, they could not stretch out their wings or escape their neighbours, and their food trays were soaked in dirty water.

All that suffering is so people can eat eggs.

After leaving messages on the walls, we liberated 8 comrades from this horror farm. They have been taken to a safe place where they have seen the sunshine for the first time, where they can run and stretch their wings and be free.

We hope this inspires others to get out and liberate as many animals as they can. Barns like these are easy to find - just grab a map and start scouting them out! You don’t need money, you don’t need high tech equipment, you just need passion and a plan.

We carried out this action on June 11th, international solidarity day for anarchist prisoners. It is dedicated to UPiii and in solidarity with all anarchist, animal liberation and earth liberation prisoners.

UPiii was arrested in the Hambacher Forest during a police eviction on March 19th. They have been held since without trial and are subject to severe repression, with visits and phone calls restricted and mail withheld and censored.



File: daca9e8aeeb3b1f⋯.jpg (68.34 KB, 420x315, 4:3, Sweden_chickens_June18.jpg)

reported anonymously:

"12 hens liberated from a factory farm. They will now live happy lives free

from exploitation in a loving home."


Reminder DO NOT free animals that grew up in industrialized holding cells. Those animals are toxic to the outside and the outside is toxic to them.

Two Things you can do…

1. (semi legal) document the conditions as often as possible in picture and film and publish it with the names of the people and firms responsible embed into it. Spread that footage around.

2. (illegal) infiltrate, kill all the animals, and burn the whole place down.

Keep up the fight!


File: 21554cc453c05f6⋯.jpeg (347.9 KB, 1200x1681, 1200:1681, 7EDBA5EE-0892-4B01-814B-A….jpeg)

File: 1b36d9f891fccf5⋯.jpeg (243.26 KB, 1478x2043, 1478:2043, 5D0972B8-284F-4E78-B3CB-F….jpeg)

File: 46cf46029073eff⋯.jpeg (58.38 KB, 600x400, 3:2, B9D552F4-7C2A-4F4E-B302-7….jpeg)

File: 64d5dacf28ab459⋯.jpeg (34.72 KB, 350x275, 14:11, A9332F9E-48F3-487C-9F6E-C….jpeg)

Silver Springs: the initiative that started PETA



Vegetarian-lesbian urban guerilla alliance.


Environmentalism and Animal welfare are not the same.

Cooeeee! Bo!






I did previously but the mods have itchy balls or something and got uppity. They deleted.

Anywho. The American mink was released in the uk by activists (there were some escapees also ftr) from fur farms. These mink are now an ecological issue. Its a difficult issue but sometimes hard decisions must be made.

Another example from uk is the controversial Badger cull. I honestly dont know if its a good idea or not there is so much info about. But a lot of the opposition is based on welfare NOT ecology.

So yeah, environmentalism and animal welfare may have some overlap, but they are NOT the same thing.

To be clear, im in favour of both, but would side with environment over welfare without too much fuss.

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