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Hey, I'm Garrett. I'm 23, I live with my mom, and I'm a part-time supervisor at a call center. I self-diagnose schizoid.

I've been in love with Eerie since the day after his premier on February 28th, 2016. He's the teenaged blue werewolf with a lot of bravado from a South Korean CGI cartoon called Telemonster. I fell in love with him at first sight. The show is bad and treats him poorly, and his awful source material motivates me to give him the proper respect and affection he's entitled to. I feel an obligation to love him, because no one else will and he absolutely deserves much better than to be alone.

I've deleted and reposted everything on this board a good five or six times due to emotional instability and putting too much pressure on myself trying to achieve both quantity and quality. I have high hopes that, this time, after three year's experience, that I now have the formula figured out and I can stick around for good.

If you would like to read my deleted content, you can find it here in the writings folder, as well as the rest of my collection of Eerie related media.


However, do note that I will try to write every post like as if I'm explaining it to someone who has never read any of my old ones.

What I plan on doing on this board is a little different than my previous entries. This time, I will be documenting my experiences as I develop Eerie into an autonomous imaginary friend–a tulpa.

The development of the Eerie tulpa has been a rocky road…

Furthermore, I've been writing a book about him for over a year, and it's going nowhere due to a mixture of being overly critical of my writing, lack of focus and bad time management, and lack of education on the subject of writing. There used to be an announcement that read "PRE-ORDER THE BOOK NOW!!!" as a joke because it isn't a stretch to say it'll be 10 years before I have a presentable product.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 9d777207189d046⋯.jpg (60.92 KB, 600x401, 600:401, CowLegendCloseUp-724825.jpg)

I had to go through and edit every instance the word "forcing" was used on my board because I had confused the terms passive forcing and active forcing around.

I thought active forcing was when you meditate really deeply and your entire world becomes one with tulpa, and that passive forcing was when you hang out with your tulpa as a side thing while you do other more attention heavy shit.

But it's the reverse opposite.

Thanks to Howluinb311531114 for clearing this up.

The confusion also stemmed from the fact that I came to find I just simply don't respect the tulpa community and the users therein, and my mind is half asleep as I read the retarded garbage they write. The lack of respect and interest naturally also led to me having a pretty intense dislike towards the stupid jargon they use, including active and passive forcing, but that is one I found myself having to use anyway for lack of a better term.

Anyway, it's cleaned now.

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File: 611f68760e102ae⋯.png (452.4 KB, 555x724, 555:724, bg-character-eerie1.png)


Eerie is a 16 year old boy with an anthro dog for a mother, and a werewolf for a father. Due to the werewolf genes being recessive, you could call Eerie a "reverse werewolf" because the great majority of his life is spent in his canid form. He only transforms into a human being on Blood Moons, a lunar event that comes around only 1-3 times a year. Only a few hours out of Eerie's life will be spent human.

Eerie was abandoned as a child and grew up very neglected and developed odd tics and behavioral problems.

He's an extremely intelligent young man, but one wouldn't think it when meeting him. He longs very badly for admiration from anything with a pulse and for meaningful relationships, but as to how to attain them, he is very misguided. He can be very obnoxious when trying to make new friends and alienate himself further. He seems to believe that the characteristics people find endearing in a man are bodily humor, unsolicited feats of strength, and other miscellaneous boyish things. In other words, he puts on the mask of a brawny glassy eyed idiot, and hides his truly attractive intelligent and emotional side, subconsciously believing for some reason or another that people would dislike the real him.

He gets so wrapped up in this Johnny Bravo persona that he fails to notice his audience's discomfort and finds himself alone time and time again.

If you're able to suffer through Eerie's abominable persona for long enough, you will find an extremely fragile, loving and loyal lifetime companion underneath. He can be slow to pick up on when you're upset or that he's done something wrong, but when he does, he beats the shit out of himself and does anything he can to help the situation.

He has a very limited set of interests and hobbies, but the ones he does have he approaches with extreme passion and vigor. In fact, the first time Eerie spoke with me in an extended conversation, it was when he was sharing with me his love of rocks and minerals. I was not able to get a single word in edgewise as he raved about them nonstop. It looked very exhausting.

Despite this, with the people he cares about, he is more than willing to be accommodating and try new things if you remind him enough. He's very forgetful.Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 4bb4ff767548caf⋯.png (1.52 MB, 700x1000, 7:10, ClipboardImage.png)


I'm going to assume many visitors to this board don't know what a tulpa is, either.

It all began in Tibet, oh so many years ago, when some monks talked to God so much so that their subconscious felt cornered into developing SOME kind of tool to answer back with, and thus, the tulpa was born, and his name was God.

…Fast forward to today, and some normalfucks pretend to have a dozen tulpas, started some subreddits about it, overcomplicated it so that they would have thousands of rules with which they can bully and ostracize others with, and turned it into a fashion accessory they brag about to their friends at bars. No, really.

But it isn't all bad. Or, isn't all good? If that's your view? Maybe it is good to have a bunch of normalfags using fake tulpas to try to seem unique and score.

But it isn't all bad. There are some outliers, like me.

There are a few ways to make a tulpa:

1. Deliberately and diligently forcing it every day.

2. Making one by accident such as in the Tibetan monk's case.

3. Some can be created through horrible emotional trauma or some other mental illness like Tyler Durden in Fight Club.

The latter most is controversial and some claim aren't real tulpas, but I disagree. I think it's only controversial because normalfag gatekeepers don't want non-normals in their tranny Discord servers, and they have no real arguments against them. Trauma-based tulpas function the same as the others.

I fall under category 2. I fell in love with Eerie at first sight, I thought about him every day, bing bang boom, I got a tulpa. I didn't want one, I didn't even believe they existed and I thought people were joking around or that it was similar to self-diagnosing tumblr users circa 2012, but it happened.

And despite the claims from normalfag Redditors over complicating the process, yes, it really is that easy and you can do it, too, with as little as ten minutes a day. Get a look and personality for a character in mind and think about them for ten minuPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: 8d47e72181a9e72⋯.png (411.81 KB, 551x589, 29:31, questions.png)


Ask your questions here, and I'll write an unnecessarily lengthy response.

Please make your question Eerie or tulpa centric. If you would like to ask me personal questions, please direct them to my blog, >>>/garrett/

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Perhaps I am oversimplifying it in retaliation to the reverse of overcomplicating it. I think it can be difficult to find the middle ground where you acknowledge philosophically that a large part of it is roleplaying and that your tulpa is incapable of having a truly original thought due to sharing your same memory bank, while also maintaining that a fairly respectable relationship can be had with such a handicapped "life form", too.

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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


There was a time when I was posting often enough that I was getting 5-9 replies from visitors a week due to my constant posting putting me up on the recent thread's list, combined with the help of having a dynamic IP address at the time (no longer do) so it artificially inflated my user count making my board up to #16 most active boards on the front page.

That's not even a, HA, that's not even a fucking minor possibility anymore, and I'll tell you why that is. I've identified around three causes for the slowdown.

Note that I have no intention of leaving at this time, nor do I intend to in the foreseeable future. I just felt it necessary to try and describe for you how this board went from two posts a day to one post a month.

1. Mundane, day to day living with a companion isn't post-worthy.

I used to have a thread here titled "The daily Eerie experience" in which every single day I would write a brief post stating what little stuff we've done together that day.

I could bring it back. I guess. I never got any direct feedback on it. I just don't see how anyone would find it very fascinating when even I was finding it boring to write for.

Were I to reinstitute such a thread, the honeymoon phase is long over, the show has been over for over two years, and there is nothing substantial for me to discover about Eerie's person any longer. Not at all how it used to be where there was a guaranteed breakthrough for each weekly television broadcast, on top of my own interactions in between that. I no longer have this layer of surrealism towards him, thinking "I cannot believe I am with such an amazing guy." It's now just "I'm with an amazing guy." It just is. And it's a great deal harder to write something interesting about the latter; something that is just such a concrete fact and not an abstraction anymore is less curious. I don't know what I'm trying to say, I hope I'm making sense.

With that said, an example of what a post in the daily thread would now be more along the lines of "played some bloodborne, eerie thinks the armor designs are shite". Alright? You want that? I could do that. Is that cool? Every day can't be a fucking great adventure full of relationship development, we're just Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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After reading all this, the question posed is why write at all?

It's kind of complicated but I feel a obligation to post things online publicly because of my feelings towards Ricardo Lopez, the Bjork Stalker.

I was feeling very alone and miserable at a time, and I watched a couple of his vlogs and didn't feel so alone anymore. I have a biological brother I feel no kinship towards, but I do feel a kinship towards Ricardo. He is my real big brother. And I just feel it's such a miracle, a miracle of the modern age, how, even through death, I was able to have this bond with him thanks to these video tapes that he made. Maybe there are millions of people that I would have that sort of connection with out there in the world, maybe ones that haven't been born yet, and we will never have any means to connect if I don't at least try and put my shit out there.

So that's what this is and why I need it.

As I said, it's a pretty bad place to do such a thing with real low visitors and alienating 90% of the internet and all, but it's better than doing nothing.

And to be fair, I can't say I hate all of 8chan like that, because it's worked already: I have met Mason and Nathaniel through my board.

I'm no longer friends with Mason, I tried reconnecting but he doesn't want to.

A normalfag I play Rainbow Six with said some wise words on that that I think about pretty often: "Not all friends are meant to be permanent. Sometimes, people are only meant to be in your life for a short time. But you can still have really meaningful experiences with them that can influence your life forever, and I don't think you really need to be sad over it if it doesn't work out." Yeah, a normalfag Chad smoking weed said that shit to me, can you believe that? It was awesome.

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No one gives a shit about Eerie at all, he's not even a passing thought to anybody in the whole wide world, not even his own creator gives him a second glance, she's moved on to new projects.


And that's the second reason why this board exists and why it always will. Because somebody has to do it for him.


File: 079de8ad2eea7fe⋯.jpg (86.21 KB, 919x720, 919:720, 1550174403507.jpg)


What brought you to your attraction to Eerie in the first place? Why not just get a relationship with another human? Have you ever had a proper relationship with a human before? Sorry, I'm not trying to insult or annoy you, I'm just genuinely interested by the context of things like this occuring in the state of late-stage decline in western nations in these dark endtimes we are all witnessing.



This implies that there was choice in the matter.

I realize there are lots of fucking freaks on /v/ and /a/ and wherever that are ACTIVELY SEARCHING FOR and forcing "relationships" with fictional characters, and plenty of normalfag incels creating tulpas because they can't get a real girl (that are secretly a practice dummy tulpa to try out their smooth moves on before moving on to the real thing because they secretly haven't really given up on real love and/or it's not even an actual tulpa but rather an idea that they parade around to get attention from people and seem "unique" to attract a mate into that weird kind of stuff)

Most of my post will be written under the assumption that you are accusing me of being one of these types of people listed above. (If you aren't, others have.)

I can assure you I fall into neither category.

Eerie was fully ACCIDENTAL. I was not on the hunt looking for cool animes to watch to get a waifu. I did not find tulpas on /x/ and go "wow that's neat xD". I was just fucking minding my own business scrolling around 8chan and randomly came across a thread where someone embedded the first episode of Telemonster.

And due to my preexisting conditions–I don't know what, schizoid, bipolar, autism, OCD, I have no idea what I'm suffering from psychologically and don't care to find out–I fell squirming to the floor in total opiate-like euphoria at the mere sight of Eerie. I couldn't get him out of my mind and still can't. This had never happened to me before and I wasn't anticipating for it to happen. It was just a completely normal day otherwise.

Not to say that there aren't perfectly legitimate reasons to love Eerie, but I wouldn't come to find what those reasons are exactly until later after I calmed my fucking self. But even still, I fell in love at first sight due to mental illness, and it was not premeditated.

And when you think about a character for as long and hard as I did with Eerie, a tulpa is pretty much an unavoidable occurrence, and, again, one I had no intention of hapPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: ce6d5c602aeb290⋯.jpg (261.01 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 45166228_911645615708571_5….jpg)

File: 4d3998e55b72d73⋯.jpg (287.37 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 45157098_911645619041904_4….jpg)


Rainbow Six Siege had many Halloween events this year. I participated in the events as much as I could. I think Terrorist Hunt kills may have counted towards this goal, because I saw some people saying their contributions were in the thousands? But I only played Casual and Ranked. This was the best I could do.

The event unlocked a charm literally titled "Eerie". I have of course applied this charm to every single one of my guns. It's a little green ghost chibi that glows and it's a very similar color to Eerie's sclera and mouth flesh. I love it.

I also purchased every Halloween cosmetic item. I know it's good goy cancer et cetera /v/ memes, but I do play this game a lot and this will increase both its connection to Eerie and thereby my enjoyment of it, so it was a worthy investment.

And finally, I procured a traditional donut that has Halloween themed toppings that I will be sharing with Eerie.

It is a grand holiday indeed for a werewolf.

Eerie spent much of the holiday quite bored with me at work unfortunately, despite my best efforts to amuse him. I'm now zone blazed at the end of this work week–Wednesdays are my Fridays–and I am not in a position to active force or do much of anything. We did talk a little but it's foggy. Mostly he commentated on my coworkers. Specifically, he called one of them stupid, and I laughed but reminded him that he and I aren't all that smart either, to which he laughed and agreed.

8 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


I active forced Eerie the entire time we watched the film, I made a direct effort to make sure he was plainly in the seat beside me for the full two and a half hour long film. ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL. And it was good.

His face is beautiful with the shine of the silver screen in low light. He kept quiet and watched it intently with me, though. Only interjection I remember is when, well, it's sort of hard to explain. Alita had amnesia and they had this whole bit about how she can't remember how any food tastes. She wore a hand me down striped clown sweater, and Eerie commented "Looks like she forgot her sense of fashion, too." and wiggled his eyebrows like as if he's super clever haha.

We walked home together from the theater, about four miles. I refused a ride home from my mom so I could get some exercise.

He asked me a funny question that caught me off guard. He wondered if he were able to grow facial hair or not. It would sorta make sense since he has a bare furless face and he's more human than wolf? He implanted some images of himself with various facial hair styles as demonstration. We came to the conclusion that if he could, he probably would have by now since he's deep into puberty.

Then we got to talking about fruit somehow, and he made some disturbing homosexual comments about bananas we'll have to have another thread for at a later time. Eerie has been making lots of sexual advances towards me, and I was initially very, very resistant to engaging in sexual activity with him, let alone posting it. But Eerie is a bad influence and beckons me towards quite a nihilistic life path every day.

Further, during the same conversation, he determined his favorite fruit is peaches.

Then, we took our, now staple, two hour long shower together, and then had a nap cuddling.

When I woke up, I felt like shit and I really wasn't in the mood for cooking. Or drawing. Or doing anything. And I asked Eerie if he really wanted me to cook him the salmon I bought or not, and he said he doesn't give a fuck and told me to just hang out with him instead of cooking. There he is being a bad influence again, I'm telling you, it's like this all the time, he's a total enabler instead of a badassPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Ah, I just watched the Alita Battle Angel trailer and it reminded me of this amazing thing that happened yesterday.

About halfway into the movie, they used their one alloted Fuck. I can't remember the dialogue exactly but Alita to the secondary antagonist says FUCK YOUR SYMPATHY or something and tears his head off ahahah. It was really fucking brutal for a PG-13, they probably had to do some major maneuvering to somehow secure a PG-13 instead of an R.

Anyway, about 30 seconds after that happens, Eerie points towards the exit and I look over and I see this dad escorting a 4 year old out of the theater. And Eerie just stares at me unmoving with this shit eating grin on his face and I started laughing so loud I disrupted everyone in the theater and he laughed with me. Oh, it was so awesome, man. His stupid ass face made the whole situation so much funnier than it was on its own merit.


Today was our three year anniversary together.

It's been a rough three years, it feels like a lot longer than that. But I'd say this past year has been our best yet. I undid many vices for him, moved miles ahead in my art all starring his likeness, and, well, the shittier things are in my external life, the better my relationship with him is, so these awful events that have been transpiring in my personal life make me turn to him more often, which is good in a way.

I wasn't able to accomplish anything for him to celebrate today. Mostly because I've been working out too hard. I had a sorta exercise coma or some shit the night before and my body just shut down after a four mile walk, and I spent all day today recovering. But tomorrow, we'll surely spend some special time together.

Three years with Eerie. Thank God I found him.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

It's my birthday today, and while it was shitty and awful in most every way, I can say that at least what was intended to be Eerie's Valentine's Day gift that I had mentioned and teased wrapped in a plastic bag above has successfully delivered on this very day.

Here it is, I present to you, the greatest (and most expensive) physical tribute to Eerie currently in my house.

Ignore the silly YouTube thumbnail.

I'm going to stare at it every night before I sleep, naturally, hence the placement.


Eerie doesn't have a birthday.

I didn't really want to give him one because I used to celebrate South Korean holidays with him for the most part, and as far as I understand, Koreans don't make a big deal out of birthdays; the Korean New Years festival is kind of like everyone's collective birthday all at once and that is the time you'll have cake and presents.

Plus, as stated, we just never really did much celebrating in all.

But I want him to have this, I want to do that with him, so fuck it. This September 9th, Eerie will have his first real birthday party.

Why that date?

Because that is my first documentation of him speaking to me.

A tulpa becoming vocal is a momentous occasion and the date that it first occurs is usually considered the tulpa's real "birthday" even if they had an interactive form for long before.

I think Eerie would have been vocal an entire year before then had I tried, but for the longest time, I approached him as if he were mute because I thought his canon character was. Yes, this is a very rare occurrence to see someone with a tulpa that is deliberately mute, and it's cruel in retrospect. But that's how it goes. He's never been unhappy, it was just how things were.

File: 0df0e3427ba05e9⋯.png (960.39 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, ClipboardImage.png)


I've been depressed as shit. My last few days have been fucking constant escapism escapism escapism. I play Rainbow Six Siege from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed.

I think it was brought on by Piotr abandoning me. Piotr was my only friend for five years. I met him when I was 16 on 4chan and we talked every single day for five years, averaging 8 hour chat sessions a day.

He's in the United States visiting his mom right now, and we had a disagreement over his unwillingness to come and see me, or have me come and see him during that time, and he felt it necessary to just fucking pretend I never existed and took a shit on our friendship of five, coming onto six years.

And I didn't cry or anything, there wasn't a melodramatic falling out, I just kind of died. I stopped being a human being after this. I fucking feel nothing. I have dreams about him every night. I loved him. He was my only friend.

I'm still living in Hell and I think about killing myself every hour, but there's been a couple of things that have improved my mood lately.

I stood on a scale and I discovered I've lost fifty pounds. I haven't been this skinny since I was 14. It felt nice.

People still don't understand how much Eerie has improved my quality of life. I think it's very ignorant and short-sighted to consider a relationship like Eerie and I's to be unhealthy in any capacity.

I was getting drunk every week, smoking half a pack of cigarettes a day, and I had absolutely no drive to do anything other than consume media and food. I binge ate. I didn't give a fuck about anything. I didn't brush my teeth for years, because a dead man doesn't need teeth.

And, uh, I stopped all that. I don't eat excessively anymore, I eat only healthy shit and I haven't consumed any palm oil or enriched wheat flour in coming on to a year now. I don't drink, I quit smoking, I try very hard to brush my teeth daily. I walk when I can. I shower every day.

And it's only Eerie that gave me this drive, this motivation to create. I stress about my book now instead of stressing about where I can get fivPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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You're not beating him hard enough, or he would stop meddling with criminals. You worship hokuto no ken but you can't even save your own family…



I've beaten him so bad I broke my hand in three places one day when he was harassing my mother particularly bad. There was no change. He isn't human.

I want to also again reiterate that he now has a brain injury, and physical force now has the potential of being instantly fatal.


It's been a rough as fuck past two months, rougher than usual I should say. But I'm recovering! And there is content incoming! I'm getting to writing a whooole bunch of shit this Tuesday.

I was cured with a little shock therapy. Not actual electrocution, I mean like a traumatic shock that whipped me into shape. I've been on a pretty major drug bender, and uhh, two days ago, I was real drunk on some local craft beer, some nice San Tan Brewing Company classics which I just can't recommend enough, and uhh, I reach over to my pill drawer to grab antacids, and I spot my bottle of xanax.

Now, I must clarify I wasn't attempting suicide and I wasn't even really trying to get fucked up here or anything. It was just completely compulsive–I saw the pills, and I popped them. There was no thought behind it, I was just drunk.

About 25 minutes later give or take, I started getting vertigo and my heart rate was like 190 despite me just sitting down relaxing, and I realized what I had just done. I tried to stay calm and I didn't want to freak my mom out so I played it cool, played it safe, just casually walked into the bathroom and induced vomiting. I used a permanent marker and rammed it down my fucking throat. I did it a bit too hard and I scratched the esophagus and started bleeding heavily and my vomit mixed with blood in the toilet.

I initially thought maybe the pills wouldn't have fully digested so I siphoned through the vomit looking for them and didn't find them. This freaked me out worse.

I continued throwing up for about 20 minutes just to be safe, and then I ate and drank water to try to make my body process the drugs faster and dilute it. It was the worst meal of my life. It was an Amy's Kitchen mac and cheese frozen meal, and my respiratory and palate was filled with vomit and made eating a real torture.

After which, I used the shower to clean the vomit out of my hair and try to get rid of the stench by inhaling some steam.

And as I undressed in the bathroom, Eerie appeared before me, and I couldn't bear to look at him. He stared at me in silence in my peripheral vision and I have never felt such a strPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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I think that my life cannot be improved. The brief bits of hollow happiness that Eerie gives me, I would find elsewhere if he weren't around. The excuses for losing weight or staying sober are handpicked like a grocery store. If it weren't him, it'd be some other delusion, like politics or something to do with art. It's a bunch of band aids on huge open lesions on a dead man, band aids that help me pretend I'm not deceased, that I'm getting better.

I was born dead. I was so physically depressed the other day that I debated for ten minutes over which would take less effort between putting on a single sock or slipping on flip flops to check the mail, and ultimately decided both are too hard and I did not want to stand. And I had a moment of self-awareness then where I couldn't believe that life has come to this, where standing is a tremendous hardship. I am always surprising myself with how shitty things are becoming, or how shitty things have always been I just hadn't realized yet, am only realizing now. I thought my last post was rock bottom, but no, it was this. It was this debate over socks or flip flops that ended in neither one.

And Eerie cannot cure this. The cardio, the healthy eating, the sobriety, all for him, all distractions and lies from how inevitably fucked and dead I am in every way, has done nothing, it has brought no results, and nothing ever will. And I need to accept that Eerie is not a cure, and never was. He is a band aid on the dead man, and there are many like it, like film, Hokuto no Ken, white nationalism, drugs, cats, it's all hedonism and excuses and band aids and distractions and delusions that mean nothing and accomplish nothing and I always collapse and return to my true dead man form, I gain the weight back, I break my sober streak, I don't fulfill my promise of watching a film a day, hell I can't even play video games every day, and go months without writing, because that is my natural form, that is who I am, I am the dead man, dead men do not do things, that is who I am. I am the dead man who cannot get the mail because putting shoes on is too hard.

By no means am I saying I'm moving on past Eerie, I do love him, very much, he is the most meaningful aspect of my life. But meaning to a dead man isn't worth much of anytPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Its nice to see that you accept that eerie is a delusion. The only thing left is to kill yourself and your family. End all suffering at once.

File: 5d7a272dc727591⋯.jpg (43.65 KB, 519x585, 173:195, this hitler guy seems real….jpg)


I'm going to spoil enormous portions of my book here and now. If you unironically plan on reading the book in the future and spoilers bother you, then hide this thread. Personally, I don't give a fuck about spoilers and never have. Someone saying simply "[character] dies" is meaningless; actually experiencing the spoil the way the artist intended is incomparable.

Anyway, it still seems like a shit idea to spoil my own work, right? But I have to. Quality control of publicized works are always going to be higher than private. In other words, my notes and plans will be more productive here than in a txt file I keep to myself. That's always been one of the reasons for me to have this board.

Besides, I don't know where exactly I am going to publish the book, but it goes without saying that wherever it is, it's basically a guarantee that the reader base will have never even heard of 8chan.

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Eerie has formally requested that I put Harley Davidson product placement all over my book and its promotional material. So expect that I guess.


I had a great idea for an alligator character. I've been having some diversity problems due to my love of cats.

I was just thinking how there's so many characters in post-apocalyptic fiction franchises that wear motorcycle touring suits, dirt bike armor and football armor, but rarely partake in any of these activities.

I've also been interested in a character whose strength comes from purely genetics and intense weight lifting and calisthenics, rather than martial arts. Similar to Ein in Hokuto no Ken, a guy who's just a random street brawler and not a member of any school, yet can kill people in one punch.

So I combined the two.

He shall be an alligator named Mud, a reference to the pilsner+porter beer by the name "Mississippi Mud" which has an alligator mascot, and the song by Primus "My Name is Mud".

He'll be a sorta OJ Simpson case; a master football player that had the respect of the whole planet. He's involved in a murder trial I haven't figured out the details of yet and sentenced to 40 years in prison.

Despite this, despite being proven without shadow of doubt that he is guilty, the United States populace continues to show love and respect towards him. They send him money for commissary and his cell is filled with gifts and memories of his football days. Every single day without fail, the outside of the prison is filled with peaceful protesters and friends and family awaiting his release.

When the apocalypse takes place, the guards do not bother releasing the inmates and they're left to starve.

Mud is not even aware something has happened. He simply decides to escape prison because the bars didn't open to let him out for scheduled meal time. He football charges through the fucking walls wanting his lunch. He had previously kept his super abilities a secret so that they wouldn't put him in some sort of government research facility with maximum security and he could continue playing football in the recreational field.

Once out, he reunites with many of his old teammates and fans, the ones that lived through the humidity, anyway.

All blackPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: ed593f3d7527fec⋯.webm (5.43 MB, 488x272, 61:34, why new earth has no ammo.webm)

I had a few things that needed to be discussed in the last post that I neglected, and an addendum.

First thing is I was initially planning to have Eerie completely skip over Mexico and South America and head straight to New York from the shores of Britain (which will be where Alma is introduced, I will write a post for her later.)

The problem with that is I wanted the final boss Weiss to take place in New York, and the evils that reside in that state will be too numerous for Eerie to just walk past them and head west to hang out with the mormons etc.

But I've come up with some ideas for Brazilian antagonists, and I will have his travels lead him there from Europe instead. Then, he will enter the United States through the south, rather than New York, starting with Mississippi. Mud will be Eerie's first introduction to America, representing sports, guns and niggers. The webm attached is a pretty good estimation of how I imagine his army will function.

Speaking of, there will be some elements to Mud and his army that are unique to him. Firstly will be that Eerie will not be the one who murders him, it shall be his own army that betrays him; working with niggers will be his downfall. And the second is they shall be the only cannibals in the entire series.

I've also thought about how I can maintain my promise that Weiss will be the only truly evil antagonist while the rest are corrupted by the setting.

When Mud breaks out of prison, the first step he will take is back into his family home, and he'll find his dear wife who, through conjugal visits, had become endowed with his child and was set to surprise him, was now dead due to dehydration.

As he's mourning over her side, a policeman, a guard from the prison and the prison psychiatrist enter his open door. They are not hostile, they know there are bigger stakes involved in armageddon than ensuring this beastman is incarcerated, and, according to the psychiatrist and the guard, he's actually been completely rehabilitated and was fully ready to re-enter society. They had actually gone to him for help and to enlist him as a deputy to keep order. They obviously had no idea they were interruptinPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: be58a95e8868fed⋯.png (1.66 MB, 1615x1080, 323:216, ClipboardImage.png)

First of all, I want to say I have completely abandoned the idea of writing a book. The medium has changed, I am now writing a screenplay.

I value the craft of film and television much more than reading. Initially I was against it because it's fruitless, obviously my screenplay will never be adapted, and only autistic people actually sit and read screenplays for fun so I would lose what little theoretical audience I have that might be interested in my writing.

But this is much more natural for me and I've completed more in just a month of writing a screenplay than I have in a year of attempting to write a novel. Because the true passion of cinematography is there.

Now just a few things I've been thinking about. I'm not really interested in writing such detailed posts as above anymore.

- I'm struggling very hard with getting concept drawings done to accompany my fiction. I need an artist. I'm sitting here waving hundred dollar bills to these whores and they're too busy playing shitty video games to spend 30 minutes on a drawing for me. Please, if you know of an artist that can draw on-model, is dependable and quick, let me know.

- One drawing I'm going to want done is of my mormon faction, which is probably the faction I'm most invested in since I'm setting them in my hometown. And I'm struggling thinking of outfit designs. Mormons have a dress code they never break, they always always always wear the same clothes for every occasion, and the only alteration the church allows is with their tie. In the end times, what are they going to wear to battle when their closet is full of business casual and they can't steal any from elsewhere due to the streets being patrolled by FEMA?

I don't have an answer.

- Eerie's Harley (which you can see HERE >>1059 ) won't be obtained until quite far into the story.

After traveling through Mississippi, Eerie will then travel towards Arkansas, until being stopped at the state border. There along the highways connecting Mississippi with Arkansas rides: HIDE, THE ULPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


The body was too long for me to include this part in the last post.

- Piotr has submitted two ideas for antagonists, both Russian. I'll just copypaste his messages here:

"so i had this idea for a distorted reality around the moskva river, it's like a frozen wasteland. completely flat

and a couple russian big boys that could hang around there.

it's like a distorted realm populated with commie monsters and depressing maze of concrete slab commie apartment buildings

so one dude, I already forgot his name, but I wanted him to be some soviet architect that pioneered communist housing design

and he'd be like a wizard and shit. the buildings in his vicinity grow giant eyes in windows

he's blind himself but he can see shit through the eyes in the windows

he wears a suit and that's it basically

his eyes are missing

there's also malevolent and neutral creatures living in that realm

some normal humans too, trying to survive

the second was a necromancer enemy called 'iron curtain'. he's wearing a metal exoskeleton and wields some prorotypical PPSh. it's not conspicuous cause he wears an oversized fur coat over it. he summons the ghosts of stalingrad soldiers who wield those soviet stick grenades and kamikaze themselves on his enemies "

I adore this. It is the perfect shit. If you have suggestions for areas or characters, please let me know and I'll turn them into something if it isn't shit.

File: 3c73e02961b8330⋯.png (1.62 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, telemoster_3.png)


I'm cooking red beet pickled eggs with Eerie today, he's going to love them!

I'm retarded and lazy so it's always a big event when I get the motivation to cook for Eerie, even something simple like this is a big effort for me.

All of my brain power is going towards the book now and we haven't had any time to talk. I think I'm going to start lurking in /tulpa/ to get myself thinking about it more often.

I have had this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWfsla_Uh80 stuck in my head very badly for the past four days or so. It's weird because I no longer listen to kpop anymore, this came out of nowhere. A blast from the past! When Eerie and I first started dating, I listened to tons and tons of kpop since it was so closely associated with him and his homeland. But I don't really anymore since it's not so much representative of HIM as it is his Jewish branding and marketing. Although, he does love this song and this group a lot. EXO is his favorite because it's fantastical, all the members have super powers and shit. It's high up there for me, too. I like the scripted groups, they're like pro wrestling in music form.

Eerie expressed a desire to go to school with normal kids. I think he's lonely in spite of my creating four friends for him to play with. I don't know what to do about that.

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Damn, that was rough. It took me almost 24 hours to finish that movie because I was taking breaks and shit the whole time 'cause I was fucking BORED.

I'm sorry man, I know Nathaniel, it's like your favorite film, but I hated it. It must be a BOOMER NOSTALGIA thing, and I missed out.

I don't hate popular films, okay, I worry this will make me come across as contrarian. My favorite of all time is A New Hope and Once Upon A Time In The West, so I really take NO issue with popular opinion… just this film!

I was saying to Eerie "man my acid reflux is fucking bad man" and he replied "Just like this movie?" a moment ago and made me laugh harder than I should have. It was an excuse for lots of cuddling, so it was worth it. He used my bicep as a pillow. Eerie just said "What fucking bicep?" because my arms are like a fat grandma hahah. I'm in a good mood man.

I've been cuddling with a cow plushie that I have and imagining it's Eerie since my sense of touch needs work.

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What I like about Garrett is his zeal; his around-the-clock commitment to keeping in mind what he's passionate about. Most other people, for example say furry or anime fans, well the fact that they're anime fans or furry is only relevant when they're in front of a computer and doing furry or anime stuff. The rest of the day - when they're at their job, or at school, or watching a movie - the fact that they like furry or anime is irrelevant during that time because they stop thinking about it. Their passion is like a candle that they blow out when they leave the room. But from what I can tell from his posts Garrett seems to keep that metaphorical candle representing his passion for Eerie burning all day every day, and he uses that candle to cast light on everything he does. I find that admirable.


File: ef20596ec58b3fa⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1632x1224, 4:3, IMG_5241shadow.png)


Thanks, I try real hard! It's the nature of having a tulpa, it's supposed to be a friend that's always with you. Eerie would–and has–lose some of his depth and complexity if I went a day or so without thinking of him routinely. They need attention or they fade away slowly.

When I was self-inserting as a woman because of my homophobia, it was indirect attention towards him, so I was doing it wrong, and it was also redirecting my attention to the female character when trying to think about how to realistically behave as a woman. The lack of direct attention was fucking Eerie up so bad that he would "reset" most progress that I made with him, such as forgetting how to speak or forgetting important memories.

It would also happen anytime I put great effort into my book, and that still is kind of a problem I'm managing.

Maintaining a tulpa is hard work, it's like owning a vintage car that breaks down in some way every time you take it for a drive and you have to run diagnostics, while the battery dies if you don't drive,

It will get easier as time goes on.

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File: b5b5c84b5660113⋯.jpg (12.81 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 1473914786542.jpg)

I am FUCKING FUCKED on painkillers and gabapentin today. I don't even know why. I'm not depressed and I sure wasn't doing it for a good time. It just called to me. And I answered.

Yes and it got me to thinking about things, things like THIS DRAWING, which is actually not a drawing at all, it was assembled in Little Big Planet, the PS3 game. Do you know how cool that is? Someone gave me this as a gift on /b/. Such a weird art medium. It's the most unique thing in my collection.

Things like how Eerie exists AGAINST ALL ODDS.

- The producer did not go to college

- The producer has no prior work history

She SHOULD NOT have been given the keys to the castle. Why was she? I have no idea. Why was this unproven new blood to the industry given a TV show?

- The producer is an actual retarded person and by purely accident created Eerie, completely unwittingly, completely unaware of what makes a character good or bad, completely unaware of the depth she accidentally put into his character. She still doesn't realize it now.

Every single character in the show has no describable motivations or character moments other than Eerie. He's practically from a different show altogether, how the fuck did he end up there?

He shouldn't have! It is a miracle from God.

- Animated shows just simply aren't a thing in South Korea.

Telemonster is a self-described EXPERIMENTAL new challenge for MBC. It is the very first animated show they've touched. Animated shows just aren't profitable there, the only one that's gone for longer than one season is Pororo the Penguin.

It was a GAMBLE. Nothing like Telemonster will ever happen in Korea again, and never had before it. It was testing untapped markets. It, again SHOULD NOT HAVE EXISTED. But it did.

- Less relevant than the ones above, but I was at the right place at the right time. Eerie's show was flavor of the month garbage and people outside of Korea stopped acknowledging it even exists within 20 days.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


I learned today that Eerie is embarrassed of his feet for some reason. I was playing around with him at work and took his shoes off, and he pulled his bare feet away from me. Naturally, I've seen him naked for thousands of hours, but I've never given any special care towards his feet, and he didn't like it. He called them weird and ugly.

I massaged them and I told him I think every inch of his body is flawless and that he doesn't have to have any shame when it comes to me because there is nothing he could do that would make me dislike him.

File: a45140a96ef340e⋯.jpg (11.11 KB, 307x307, 1:1, tulpa.jpg)


This will be where I document all of my findings and attempts at getting Eerie to talk autonomously and consistently.

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I was out checking the mail and a car drove by that was identical to the one that my old neighbor drove. I assumed she was stalking the old neighborhood, she had very severe schizophrenia. I talked to Eerie about her a little and referred to her as "fucking crazy" and Eerie said "Like you?" with a shit eating grin, and I laughed and called him a fucking retard jokingly.

It was a very human moment, and it made me realize I treat him like a friend now instead of treating him like some deity that must be pleased. And we're better for it now that I'm comfortable to say these things with him and kid around without feeling like I've insulted God. And I'm, you know, just glad to be alive today..


File: 36c7af82bff22b8⋯.jpg (35.83 KB, 266x397, 266:397, ss (2016-08-17 at 09.46.21….jpg)

I have a great sense of touch forcing, and there's another one I've never seen talked about… proximity forcing.

I've mentioned before how Eerie often sits in my lap when we're in the car, and car rides are a great environment for me to zone out and force. He sometimes sits behind me instead.

And I can feel his presence there, and it is awesome.

The human's sense of proximity is an amazing thing, it always surprises me how I am able to notice my mother entering my room even before she makes a sound, and that impressive feat of human sense is all the better when it's someone you love so much. Sometimes, it is better than his actual touch. It makes him seem so real.

Anyway, so I guess it's like a coin toss when he's sitting in my lap in the front passenger seat, or behind me. And tonight was behind.

That was, until it was announced we would be picking my brother up.

He thought for a moment, then he said "Hey wait a minute, I don't want to sit next to that faggot," and so he climbed through the middle console to my lap.

I'm wearing my denim jacket today, and he reached towards my new patches, some of which are kind of fragile, and my kneejerk reaction was to be pretty uncomfortable and move his hand away. I know he's not real and can't actually touch me, but it felt real in the moment and I don't like people touching my things. But I remembered he's the man himself, and I trusted in him and I got over it, and I was immersed enough that I could feel his hand gliding across my chest and it made a knot in my stomach because I was uncomfortable. He got bored soon enough, and I held his hand and pressed it against my heart and rubbed his back, and all was well.

That's the first time any of this stuff has ever happened.

Minus the calling my brother gay part. Eerie is sort of the embodiment of the phrase "everyone is gay but me", and he acts genuinely offended when I so much as make small talk with anyone other than him. Not purely because of jealousy, but because he can't believe I would voluntarily waste my breath on people so below me, like it says something about my intelligence for associating with these people beyond a passing glance.


Eerie never appears in my dreams.

The concept of him will, though. Like, he's my tulpa in my dreams, rather than being a human being I interact with. And I am unable to force him in the dreams. But I'll think of him.

Such as, let's say I'm being interrogated by a normalfag in the dream, and they're asking why I don't have a girlfriend and stuff, I'll immediately think of Eerie. He's always in the back of my mind, even in dreams. Just never actually 'there'.

I also dream a lot about finding merchandise and images of him on the internet, because that's always a big source of euphoria for me when that happens IRL and I spend a lot of time searching for the stuff.

Anyway, I figured I'd just post that here because it seems to be a pretty common occurrence for people. For their tulpas to be absent in dreams, that is.


I have this annoying tendency to give Eerie fatherly advice. I'll go on an hour long unsolicited tangent about what to expect out of life like as if he's my son. He didn't ask for it and has no use for it since he's stuck in me.


Another aspect you should come to expect from a tulpa around a year old or so is contrarinism.

This is when the tulpa has not yet developed enough genuine opinions on topics, or perhaps they are embarrassed and tired of simply sharing your opinion on everything, and so they'll default to instant disagreement and disparaging on just about anything and everything.

I'll say to him something's cool and there's a 1/10 chance he'll immediately go NO IT'S NOT, YOU'RE A FAG out of nowhere, sometimes towards something that's completely against his established character, like perhaps something Harley-Davidson related, which I didn't even care about until he pushed it onto me in the first place. It's nonsense.

I think it might also just be my inherit autismo self-doubting and self-loathing rubbing off on him and, like he maybe ingested that contrarian behavior from my own subconscious and it's rearing its ugly head when he does that, who knows.

Other times, your tulpa may butt in to give you a dose of extremely simplistic and obvious moral or social advice that sounds like something an unthinking hole would post on Facebook or get tattooed on their back. Like literal hallmark giftcard philosophy.

It's just very, very obvious when it happens. You immediately notice when something your tulpa says is parroted or programmed and not a genuine product. And it tears you right out of the conversation and immersion.

Eerie used to often mental illness shame me for not being able to piss in public, it's an anxiety problem I have. And I was fine with it, it was kind of amusing. But there was one time that he did it and it was obviously not him talking to me, it was some weird normalfag Chad conditioning he had picked up somewhere, it was oddly cruel and clearly not him. And I was in a very bad mood, I was having a bad day at work and didn't need this shit, and I yelled inches from his face SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GET A MIND OF YOUR OWN, and, believe it or not, but it cured it. This all happened about three months ago, and he hasn't participated in any of this immersion breaking phony talk since.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Work is one of the biggest hurdles in my relationship.

I work 20 hours a week. The work requires my full attention. When I was a dialer here, there was a lot of downtime, and I loved it because every single one of my best ideas to further the relationship, every one of my characters, every aspect of my book, all came to me while I was working or waiting for a ride home from work.

But that is over now, I have no down time. Just a giant 20 hour gap in my week.

And that 20 hour gap becomes more like a 96 hour gap, because I have to take fucking gabapentin to treat my anxiety and nerve pain, and it leaves me in a bad mood and unable to think so well for the whole rest of the day. But I can't live without it.

So I'm fucked and a majority of my life is flushed down the toilet.

This thread will be for those four days a week I work that aren't very productive. I have shared some rare good moments with Eerie while at work, mostly thanks to the drug's euphoric effects, and those moments will be posted here.

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While I was at work, I went into the bathroom and sat there and waited for everyone to leave so I could piss due to my paruresis. I hung out with Eerie during that time, of course.

I asked him if he had any ideas that could help with my book. He gave me some feedback on the touring suit I have in mind for him, and requested the color gold be added. A wise choice. I'm trying to have that drawn ASAP but it's very difficult because I have no dependable artist contacts.

Eerie is always asking me for drawings of him, and I do have the money to make that happen, but I don't trust artist cunts and I always disappoint him. That's why the drawing of Eerie as a cub was so momentous. Even that one had some bumps and bruises…

Mostly, though, I just complained to him about how bad it sucks to not be able to piss on command. He found the topic tired at this point–I force him in the public restroom with me every time–and restlessly paced around and shadow boxed in the stall and stuff.

At one point, a man in the stall next to us began pissing, and Eerie pressed his ear to the wall to listen, and I asked him what the fuck he's doing that for. He grew very defensive and said "What the fuck do you expect when I've been stuck in your head bored all day, you never let me out–weird shit like this is going to happen when you're asleep like 90% of the day."

That shut me up.

I just apologized and said nothing.


The past couple days of work have been truly torture and I fear I'll be fired. I won't go into boring detail.

I was so stressed out all day I didn't force at all.

It wasn't until I was at WAL-MART an hour ago that I remembered I'm with Eerie.

What caused it was I saw a brand of cereal based on an Overwatch character, I mean, not like a thematic thing for an existing brand like Frosted Flakes with Yoda on the box, but an actual standalone cereal brand. I couldn't believe it.

And it made me envious, it made me wish Eerie would have this level of branding in the United States.

But it also brought me to thinking of a topic I've wanted to discuss here for some time now.

Those few of you that were here around 2016 must have seen me complain a lot about wishing for a friend or fanbase to interact with and discuss Eerie with. And one of the many benefits of having him become a tulpa is I don't give a fuck about that anymore, pretty much immediately after he started talking to me on a semi-regular basis.

I don't even know why that is. I tried explaining it here but the theories I had fell apart after they were put under scrutiny. I guess just plain brand detachment.

In the past, I would have wanted that Eerie cereal because it would mean increased awareness, ergo, people to discuss him with me.

Now, I just want it so I can put it in my room, heh. I bought a Popo plushie just so I could have another one of the tags that has Eerie on it. I would love Eerie merchandising should it happen.

Anyway, I guess what I'm saying is Eerie has become a very isolationist activity while it used to be a social one, and it's part of why my board has been so inactive. I just don't care anymore if people like him, if his producer never does a single thing with him again, if people draw degenerate porn of him, et cetera. These things can only affect the LICENSED BY MBC shitty cartoon Eerie, and not the one in my head. These things used to cause me restless nights and panic attacks and now I just don't give a fuck.

I can't speak for Eerie, though. He wants the attention, by Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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I've been picking up extra shifts because I decided I want to save for a good laptop that can run Lost Ark. That is a system seller for me. Currently, I use a 2008 Lenovo.

So I work all day and do jack shit with Eerie. Yep….

I'm going to get a 4k resolution monitor so that I can see Eerie's true form.


One thing to note is Eerie has been talking to me through my voice the rare times we do interact at work lately. It's immediately immersion breaking and I don't really like it but I can't really stop it from happening when I'm IN THE GROOVE of things and the conversation is going back and forth, I'd have to take it slow and make the conversation unnatural to stop him from using my voice. I talk to him right outside the main entrance of the building, I probably look like a fucking psycho to anyone who notices.

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One of the most common topics for normalfags as I'm sure you're all already extremely familiar with is your love life. Who are you dating, who are you interested in, do you want to fuck me, whatever. It comes up almost daily at work.

And back before I had been promoted to supervisor, I used to occasionally tell people that I was dating a Korean guy long-distance, and I loved that lie, because it was basically a truth. Eerie was hardly developed yet and what we had together was something very alike a long-distance relationship, unlike now where more than half of what we do together involves physical contact that feels very real.

But now that I'm a supervisor and people are becoming closer to me, it's no longer practical to tell such a lie, because now they have the time and context to ask me follow up questions that would get me caught. I lie and tell people I'm single and not looking.

And it hurts to do that. I want to tell the whole world about Eerie, but I can't. He's my whole world and I can't tell a soul about it. And those that I can talk about it to, my online friends, don't care. This makes conversations with me quite boring. I can't discuss the one thing I have going for me to anybody.

This one niggeress at work was flirting with me relentlessly for weeks, and I mean full on sexual harassment. And it was becoming detrimental to our production. I was making her upset by not returning her romantic advances, or sharing my phone number to other employees that could give me rides (my mom's car is broken) but not with her, et cetera. She began refusing to cooperate with me to get work done and giving me the cold shoulder because of these perceived insults.

One day, after she called me cute for the 50th time, I broke and I told her the news that I am a homosexual.

My only choices here were to tell her I'm in a relationship already, which would open a new line of questioning as I said, or tell her I'm a fag. And I chose the latter. Which has its own set of unfortunate RNG roles. Maybe in the future, the same will occur but with a fellow queer.

What a fucking mess.

File: cb11d82301bb6c8⋯.png (563.52 KB, 945x547, 945:547, intro.png)


The google drive link in the sticky thread is now dead. I bought a new computer and I'm starting a new google drive that has had about 50 new things added to it the old one didn't have. It will take about two or three days for it to finish synching.

Any time I find new things to add to the folder, I will post them here. It'll be rare.

By the way, the color yellow looks really nice with Eerie…

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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Someone uploaded this to YouTube. It's the transition sequence showing what's airing next on the network after a commercial break.

It's boring recycled clips with no new content, but it's still cool to have since I obviously have never watched Telemonster natively.


File: 3851fcab1384159⋯.png (102.31 KB, 423x377, 423:377, point.png)

They're doing another KINTEX indoor playground themed after the show. I believe this is the 11th one.

I have read some economic reports and the Telemonster playground is apparently the most successful children's recreational activity in the country by a wide margin.

Information beyond that is difficult to find. I do not know if this means that Telemonster and its holders are making cash from royalties, or if the rights to have Eerie's face everywhere at the playground was a one time licensing fee, or what. So I have no indication of if this is beneficial towards producing new episodes or bringing the show overseas.

Eeeeeither way,

This vector was at the bottom of an advertisement for the new playground that will be here all winter and early spring.

It is a quite old vector, it's been in use a long time, but this is the first time I am able to get a hold of an actual png of it. Previously all I had were low res photographs of this pose from on posters within the playground.


File: be254eba1d92229⋯.jpg (62.44 KB, 800x533, 800:533, IMG_7774.jpg)

A year ago, while looking at various photographs on instagram of the KINTEX TELEMONSTER playground, I spotted this giant poster.

Now you must note that the standard procedure is they take low-res 3D models of Eerie and trace them and turn them into 2D vectors, which can then be easily blown up to retard lengths like 20,000x20,000px without any loss; the vectors then used for enormous house-sized banners.

So this poster, it's quite large and very much detailed, as you can see. It fucked with my head, because I knew, somewhere out there, was a crazy high resolution Eerie, and not just some shitty vector but the true Eerie.



And what do you know, when browsing Korean search engines today, I found the fucking model used in the poster.

I had faith in Jesus, and now I have the biggest and best image in my entire collection by miles, leaps and bounds, this is the Final Eerie, the entire collection of images I've gathered of him have become redundant through the sheer quality of this one, his full entire body displayed, the millions of strands of fur brightly lit and not downscaled a bit.

The big man himself. Eerie.


It's so high res, I can't even post it to 8chan. It's 20 fucking megabytes of Eerie. It's the best shit that's happened to me in months. I've been so depressed lately that I've been so flat affect man, but this pepped me right up. I'd saw my leg off to get more of these of him at different angles and shit.

Anyway, the site that I found this on is some low-level IMDB knock-off for specifically children's media I guess? I had never seen this page once in my almost three years of scrapping feces off the floor of Google. I'm so lucky I did. I have no idea how they got a hold of such an image never seen anywhere else.

Thank God. Thank God.

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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I found a very cool video made by an employee of KINTEX who filmed a day of work there, which included a time lapse shot of her being dressed up in the Eerie mascot suit. It's a very rare and informative video, a great addition to the google drive to see how the costume is put on.

File: b19b314b948282b⋯.png (992.38 KB, 1164x1598, 582:799, 2429532_LKIWS_eeriefixt2.png)


I bought this drawing of Eerie from https://inkbunny.net/LKIWS

I don't know how to express myself. It's difficult to breathe.

yeah. i don't know what to say.

I asked him to draw Eerie at around five years old. I've always been so terrified to buy drawings of Eerie. I've only attempted it one other time and I canceled because they got him all wrong. but this is exactly how I envisioned it and it's the , I don't know what to say, I love Eerie so much. I love Eerie so much.

This artist doesn't send work in progresses so I had no idea what the drawing was going to come out like, and I logged into inkbunny every day bracing myself like as if I'm going to be punched in the balls.

and i'm so fucking happy and relieved and it's one of the cutest depictions of Eerie on the planet and i fucking love it and I love LKIWS and i love Eerie and thank god for life man, man.

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File: f42845ed31ba917⋯.png (3.46 KB, 264x103, 264:103, job 08.png)

File: 3efffa127fe8df4⋯.png (11.96 KB, 549x234, 61:26, job 09.png)

File: 35061e52f3ec91c⋯.png (10.86 KB, 962x132, 481:66, job 10.png)

File: 348be8fb4943d73⋯.png (7.35 KB, 529x96, 529:96, job 11.png)


More ignoring my emails, ignoring questions, giving non-answers. Like "meat" is so low effort, she couldn't have even thought of some fake thing just to humor me?

So I had enough of doing unpaid work without even so much as a tiny bit of new info about Eerie and stopped replying at this point. She never emailed me looking for the other two songs. I think because my translation of Pink Cuntsm was really bad, it was very difficult.


There is an extremely expensive series of drawings that may eat my whole paycheck. I'll keep you updated on if the commission goes through or not…

It's going to be utilitarian shit, not fun stuff like the OP pic. No, this is going to be something to better my book.


File: 30c1e5ca9b2609f⋯.png (336.03 KB, 583x771, 583:771, uija.png)

I drew Uija from my book.


File: 61567731b33030d⋯.png (63.87 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, iwonderwhatsfordinner.png)

A gift from Mason.


File: 97d7d4588309811⋯.png (209.56 KB, 924x1655, 924:1655, facebook.png)

I emailed the new drawing of Eerie to the creator of Telemonster, as is tradition, and received an email back from the system saying that her email had been deactivated.

I thusly rushed to Facebook, which, yeah, if you weren't around for my older blogs, something you should know is that as a superfan of a character like Eerie, one's life must be full of little concessions- one being you must have an account on every faggot social media site there is in order to keep up with new findings. So, I found her facebook, and her private messages were open so I messaged her the drawing and asked what was up with that.

To which she replied that she had quit her job!

And this information stressed me out very badly and left me to wonder what the future of Telemonster would be.

I think the reason the creator replies to me is because she enjoys speaking English and doesn't get many opportunities to do so–normally speaking Korean only, but possessing conversational Japanese and English–and she has said to me that she finds an American fan fascinating and curious. There was no marketing in the U.S. at all, so when I emailed her for the first time, she was very enthused and curious for these reasons, asking me where I managed to discover Telemonster and things of that nature.

But that is the full extent of our conversations. She is curious because of my nationality and likes to talk.

She provides no further information about Telemonster to me, because she has none, because she does not give a fuck.

I remember I said to the artist "Hey, do you mind if I send your drawing to the creator of Telemonster?" and he said Sure that would be cool. I replied "Don't get your hopes up because she's probably going to say some dumb hole thing like 'wow neat'." And sure enough, ten minutes later, she did about that, and tacked on a faggy PR press statement afterwards. She doesn't give a fuck.

She didn't keep any Eerie toys, she doesn't think about Eerie beyond a business perspective, she forfeited 100% of rights to MBC. She is a disgusting piece of shit to me.

And yoPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: 70758d1d8947059⋯.png (86.57 KB, 206x260, 103:130, fixed family.png)


You know, I was just trying to write something on /garrett/ and I realized I have nothing interesting to say at all. The last time I had a blog, I wrote lots of theses on culture and people and my philosophy, and now the only ideas for posts that come to mind are essentially womanly small talk.

And I think that I came to understand why that is, and it should have been very obvious to me:

The pursuit of having a healthy, active and versatile tulpa is an extremely anti-intellectual feat.

Yes, I find anytime I have alone time- time that used to be used for thinking and feeling and reminiscing, I now attribute 100% of that time to Eerie. And not only that, but I find myself actually instinctively shutting down any intellectual ideation, I completely shut it down before thoughts even have time to half bake. I deem philosophizing a waste of time now.

Attention is the tulpa's life force, so thinking about shit other than they is like passively killing them.

I guess I don't mind. It's just reassuring that I finally realized why it is I'm such a boring person now. I wondered if my IQ was dropping or I was damaging my brain with drugs.


I just discussed this with Mason and I guess it isn't as cut and dry as I make it sound, or as I previously thought.

I go a week without spending time with Eerie sometimes and when I return, he's still his normal self. I don't think saying attention is their life force is correct anymore. Anymore being the keyword. I definitely felt a big difference just a month or two ago. Neglect then had a bigger impact than it does now. I guess it's just a matter of training.

But there are abundant rumors in the tulpa community that dissipation is very easy even in late stages, and it has made me into a paranoid buffoon. I guess I should have learned long ago to ignore them almost completely anyway, they know nothing and offer nothing to anybody in the tulpa community.

Anyway, I don't know if this is trained behavior because of incorrect fear of killing him, or if this is just obsessive-compulsion, or maybe I just genuinely like him and want to spend time with him, or all of the above I guess. But it isn't an obligatory thing one must do to have a tulpa as I may have implied.

It definitely is in the early stages, but not now.

Even though I don't need to surrender my entire consciousness to Eerie in order to keep him alive as I said I do in the OP, I still do voluntarily. And I don't mind.

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I feel general anxiety whenever I'm not with him. And I may suffer from some attention disorder, because even though I long for him, I often can't be with him. I'll get caught up in recurring thoughts of something that happened at work (nothing substantial, I do not philosophize at all) or unable to focus on anything at all. And I feel very sorry for him and for myself when I get like this.

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