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File: 1d1891decf665ca⋯.jpg (112.73 KB, 850x661, 850:661, 2152887.jpg)

abf50e  No.272[Reply]

As the thread title states, I am looking for volunteers. Please contact me at herro2@mail.com.


1. You will be expected to clean up spam and suspicious links. Aside from that, there shouldn't be much to do. Please do not abuse your power.

2. Please refrain from announcing that you're a moderator. I encourage you to chat and have fun, and it would be ridiculous of me to expect you not to use the board you're moderating. I only ask that you use the board as an anonymous user.

3. Try to bring new users to the board, but don't run yourself ragged doing so. Places like f-list, or any other ERP sites you know, are good starting points.

4. Do not ban people for having an opinion, even if you believe it's the wrong one.

5. Enforce the global and local rules.

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File: b269d02c97e959d⋯.png (830.51 KB, 800x1120, 5:7, 1540057778589.png)

4787d4  No.91[Reply]

Please submit banners in this thread. Keep in mind that the file size must be lower than 500 KB, and dimensions are 300x100 exactly in either .jpg, .png, or .gif format.

Thank you in advance for your contribution.

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47f961  No.231

File: b2fadf3c17641f2⋯.gif (457.07 KB, 300x100, 3:1, cell.gif)


Took a crack at it

File: 20f561f60c60715⋯.png (183.45 KB, 700x819, 100:117, 404f7437-04f8-4dca-ad07-9b….png)

acbcd3  No.1[Reply]

Welcome to /eros/, a board dedicated to erotic roleplay and all matters surrounding it - you can play right here on the board, advertise or set up RPs on other sites or applications, or discuss things relating to RP, such as fetishes, ideas, and more.

Rules for Users:

1. The 8chan Global Rule applies (no illegal content in the United States of America);

2. No spam, no flooding;

Rules for Volunteers

1. Do not ban people for having an opinion, even if you believe it's the wrong one;

2. Enforce the global and local rules.

Make sure to check the Catalog before posting a new thread to see if one already exists! https://8ch.net/eros/catalog.html

Contact email: herro2@mail.com - Email me here to apply to be a moderator, complain, send love letters, etc.

Remember, have fun, but not at the expense of others. Unless that gets them off.

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7d0734  No.177




Stop shitting up the meta thread, please.

File: 057ff849801cb99⋯.jpg (291.85 KB, 2048x1152, 16:9, 859072.jpg)

a70982  No.282[Reply]

Welcome one and all to the revival of the high school /erp/ scene. Although now we're flying under the /eros/ heading it'll work much the same as the last. Here you can post character ideas, plan scene progression and/or discuss ideas relevant to the main thread. Unless anyone has objections I would be happy to take the role of a perverted principal who not only turns a blind eye to other students/faculty having carnal relations but has an active interest as well.

As my first contribution to the thread, I'd encourage that when things pick up and scenes start playing out, don't feel as though there can't be two active scenes going at once.

File: 3c9b8d63b7e488d⋯.jpg (1.44 MB, 1200x1670, 120:167, 3108c2a784908971bbf1008741….jpg)

730fb1  No.159[Reply]

Despite the odds of anything taking off I'd like to start one or more threads meant exclusively for roleplay (with matching OOC/discussion threads of course). The school thread seemed to be doing well enough (until it didn't) and there was some mild interest in other scenes so I've created a strawpoll to suggest some things we could move forward with.

At the risk of everyone selecting every option and thus making the polling moot, I've made it so you can select multiple scenes you would like to see, but encourage a maximum of, say, 4 or 5 so we can get a better idea of what people want.


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828a2f  No.268


I like those ideas. The only one that would need any real hashing out would be the Monster Arena. If we're going dice game with that it would probably be best to make it as simple as possible. Risus style perhaps but there are a variety of other systems you could use (basic d20, Roll To Dodge, Power By The Apocalypse, etc.) Keep it simple, fast, and streamlined.

730fb1  No.271


I didn't figure on the arena thread becoming a full-on dice battlesystem to be honest. I had in mind that it'd be a sort of 'assumed loss' where there's a kind've agreed-upon winner so there's not a bunch of blueballing going on with rolls. I'm not completely opposed to it but I figured it'd be more like gladiatorial games with the results being built off "what's more fun to play out" rather than randomizing it.

828a2f  No.273


I'm more than fine with that. I saw the phrase "roll off" and my mind immediately went elsewhere. Dice games are fun in the right circumstances but blueball can be seriously real with it when not used right.

1af390  No.280


I think the popularity of those options is due in large part to the fact they can run as "the orgy thread, but it's in X"

Board RPG is a bit of a niche interest and I think most people want a setting to help as a writing prompt.

bfecd2  No.281

Casual Sex World sounds like the title of an MDE sketch.

File: 039d7b24af8b306⋯.png (67.78 KB, 250x250, 1:1, confused looking anime boy….png)

9db38f  No.198[Reply]

Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread… thread: Actually Getting the Acronym Right edition.

Hope this doesn't overlap too much with the resource thread, I just figure it's good to have a place for stupid questions.

921050  No.276

I don't think there's already a resource thread here, since I didn't find one when this one reminded me of the advice I wanted to add to it.

So I'll just put it down here: Your posts and your partner's posts aren't sequential, there should be some time overlap between the beginning of your post and the end of the other person's. This was a mental block I wasn't even aware of myself at first, and realizing helped a lot in adding dept to my posts.

6b527b  No.279


There are only two pages on this board, Anon. See >>7

File: d55f58c1134d511⋯.png (1.93 MB, 1550x2678, 775:1339, just literally the worst.png)

55f08e  No.3[Reply]

What's the point of having a place to talk about ERP without an autism/Cringe thread?

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87b112  No.255



It's fucking incredible how often I have to deal with that from people who use irl images as references. It's always some dumbass who either thinks they're the exception or tries and fails to be subtle with that shit.

59df5d  No.256

File: 55a83503c6033c6⋯.jpg (107.99 KB, 780x960, 13:16, i27OjLK.jpg)

[22:24] Psyagon: Holy cow Kuvira you have SO many alts, how are you and Eva doing?

[22:24] Jing-Wei: Eva?

[22:25] Psyagon: Eva Shinto Amakuni

[22:25] Psyagon: one of your numerous alts is Kuvira Victorious

[22:25] Psyagon: come now surely you remember me

[22:25] Jing-Wei: I'm Kuvira prime D:

[22:26] Psyagon: Im saying, arent you the person behind that account?

[22:26] Psyagon: these are all you, your avatar hub

[22:26] Jing-Wei: this is my Kuvira, I don't have another one

[22:26] Jing-Wei: What avatar hub?

[22:26] Jing-Wei:

[22:26] Jing-Wei: This? That's not me

[22:27] Psyagon: that yes, among the various alts is Kuvira Victorious, so you don't own all the characters listed in the hub?

[22:27] Psyagon: this hub isnt all the alts of a single person? its some sort of shared thing?

[22:28] Jing-Wei: Q: Are these all your profiles?

A: Nope, just a lot of friendly people on one hub that all relate to this series for convenience and to meet each other easily.

[22:28] Psyagon: ok well I feel embarrassed then, I thought you were a friend of a friend

[22:28] Jing-Wei: It's right there on the hub

[22:28] Psyagon: I missed that

[22:28] Jing-Wei: No worries

[22:28] Psyagon: stupid heat must frying my brain, weather here has rapidly turned unpleasant

[22:28] Jing-Wei: It happens!

[22:28] Psyagon: well, seeing as we made contact, are you free to talk about roleplay?

[22:28] Jing-Wei: No thanks, sorry!

[22:29] Psyagon: why is that?

[22:29] Jing-Wei: I'm not interested!

[22:29] Psyagon: (sigh) so what else is new, good bye then

[22:30] Jing-Wei: Bye!


5459b7  No.275


>divine saiyan

This was your own doing.

55f08e  No.277


If you have photos as a no and they approach you anyway, ask, "Did you read my profile?" if they say "yes" then I recommend asking why they disrespected your boundaries by asking for RP even though they are on the no list.

667146  No.278


He approached me, though!

File: 3291964ec73f306⋯.jpg (594.84 KB, 825x1100, 3:4, bcece2a89fa40d450bf9770e00….jpg)

File: adf141c15394dce⋯.jpg (87.99 KB, 850x601, 850:601, sample_25cd2b6a08c8e24fad2….jpg)

File: c840d2324e18d0e⋯.jpg (476 KB, 1024x1440, 32:45, 1a7d873aae5cf94ef53bdf569a….jpg)

0d7ee9  No.195[Reply]

For muff lovers and everything related to delicious, sweet vagina. Not a big fan of shemales/herms personally and I'm tired of seeing them every time I want to find another girl to fuck.

0d7ee9  No.211

File: b0335a86a1686a4⋯.gif (1.59 MB, 400x225, 16:9, 1304-licking-some-naughty-….gif)

File: c5f57ab95632484⋯.gif (1.89 MB, 500x270, 50:27, tumblr_nv8g3lEJqZ1u2cv3go2….gif)

File: f7e62a85a41990b⋯.gif (2.87 MB, 620x327, 620:327, 4985-masturbation-pussy-an….gif)

Did someone say lesbians?

b65ff0  No.212

File: b8aaddaf261c6e7⋯.jpg (274.91 KB, 1107x1500, 369:500, 5720600.jpg)



463744  No.270



0d7ee9  No.274


Please don't start. ERP did that shit and it got old really fast.

File: 01dbdf061e00f1a⋯.png (471.69 KB, 1000x1200, 5:6, 6c7043f84eedebc0a9dc5618fd….png)

bbeede  No.223[Reply]

So I thought today about making a new game on this board that is wrestling themed. And this thread is to simply gauge the interest in the idea. If it seems like at least a few people are interested I'll get to actually writing down the rules (I have a pretty good idea of the mechanics in my mind now) and thinking up a story line. Maybe some anons can toss me some ideas of theirs too.

So to get a little more details of what this would entail. Well I'm getting heavy inspiration based on Wicked's current game over on /erp/ so some of the mechanics will be pretty similar (Except the whole dungeon crawl aspect). You would be fighting NPCs or other PCs in usually one-on-one fights, all with the goal of being the champion! I will throw in a triple threat match or a tag team and other creative matches to mix things up every so often.

I'll also try to throw in a story too, so it's not just fighting in matches. Rivalries, outside influences, even the occasion street fights may occur. The setting is underground wrestling arena where women (and maybe the occasional trap with a lot of money to bend the rules) duke out, and the winner gets to do whatever they please with the loser (within limits). Killing is strictly prohibited, but severe injury may occur, and lewd things are always encouraged. The catch is, after three losses, you are banned from participating ever again. So new faces and fresh blood is plentiful to challenge the old guard of the Great Champion and her favorite members of her enormous harem. Of course plenty of money, fame, and prestige for everyone involved… except the losers.

And more to add, I was thinking of setting up three threads for the game. The OOC thread, a In Ring RP thread for official matches, and a Locker room RP thread for the non-participating PCs to RP outside the ring and comment on what is going on in the In Ring fight. Also the Locker room thread would be where Unofficial matches or street fights would happen.

And finally I should say a little bit about me. My GM experience is pretty much zilch. I've tried running a tabletop game (of my own creation or not) but run into problems of my players not showing up. And other attempts at creating games ended with me Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

2 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

790318  No.241

File: bf9620d2d48cc38⋯.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1250x1765, 250:353, bfe958562b515dea7d1b2f77b….jpeg)


3) The out of Ring events are… the least thought out of everything so far. Here you will train for your next match, research your next opponent so you can determine a weakness, deal with complications that will interfere with your next match, and generally have a bunch of events. These will be where the plot and story lines comes in, and will take place over days or a couple of weeks. I was thinking of breaking these down into turns, with the PC deciding on how to spend their time. I was also thinking of giving PCs another stat called Influence in which to roll on events during this part of the game. In any case, when this part of the game is over, the PC will move onto their next match. Other stuff I am thinking about adding is Friendship points or Rivalry points gained during these events… but I haven't thought about those at all yet.

4) The PC's next match may end up like their debut match. A simple 1v1 match. Although Out of Ring Events will have definitely influenced the match… so a simple match could suddenly become not so simple! There are also different match type, like a triple threat match (1v1v1) or a Tag match (2v2 Although, not sure if I will include tag rules or not). I'm thinking of including more match types, but I'll have to figure out how they will work, since they will definitely have special rules. Also in these matches, PCs might team up with each other, or even face off against each other! Facing each other won't happen to often, and I will often consider it a penalty for not solving some OOR (Out of Ring) event. The reason being that in the case of a PC vs PC match, a Player is guaranteed to get a loss. Though if both PCs actually want to fight each other, then that's up to them. Win or Loss, the PC(s) gain a stat point to improve their stats and move onto the next step.

5) An then OOR events and Matches continue the cycle until the PC gets 5 wins or 3 losses. At 3 losses, the PC is banned from the arena and the Player loses the game. At that point a player slot is opened up and if anyone is in a waiting queue they will be put into the game in the order they got their character approved. If there is no queue, the Player Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

4d871f  No.251

Well, I wad going to post the Risus PDF, but this board doesn't seem to recognize the format.

Since you still seem to be in early planning, you might want to consider other rule-sets since the scope of your game is focused on wrestling. Risus is pretty all-purpose, and while the theme of my game is more narrow I still plan to have a variety of situations and challenges involved.

c689b4  No.254


Hm… Maybe. I haven't really made any games based on other rule sets before. Mainly did my own thing with some inspirations to guide me. So I honestly wouldn't know where to look or what would be good for the sort of game I want to run.

540f89  No.257

Kinda interested, but man that sounds like a lot of work you're signing yourself up for.

c689b4  No.259

File: b1b0798a17858ae⋯.png (495.25 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, 70a0e5e78a68f81bc79add0642….png)


Yeah, but being a GM is gonna be a lot of work. Which does remind me though, I should mention I will limit the game to four players for the reason of not putting too much work on myself. But also I would be able to run it just fine with just one player… although having more than one would be more fun, for intermingling story lines together.

Anyways, since there seems to be some interest, I'm gonna start looking to writing down the rules soon. Taking the advice of Wicked and look into other game rules I could possibly use first though. And also decide a name for myself to post things as the GM.

Lastly, I forgot to actually ask (although I suppose it is a given), if anyone has any questions or clarifications, feel free to ask!

File: 6c6c26bdb5a4d16⋯.jpg (138.12 KB, 640x640, 1:1, best friend.jpg)

466820  No.102[Reply]

C'mon anony, post your recent successes and things you like about the hobby!

1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

7bf3d5  No.151

Recently had a spectacular scene between Darkness, Megumin and Aqua which should tide me over for a good while.

466820  No.167

I planned out some nice scenes which I should really approach again about considering they approached me to talk about them. It's going well.

e3a7ae  No.185

Got a pretty fun RP today with a nerdy loli. No lewds yet, since it's at a slow and steady pace, but I much enjoyed myself. It's one of the few I had where I've been pretty engaged in thus far.

b4ebfe  No.236


Please tell me none of them had dicks.

7bf3d5  No.237


They ALL had dicks.

File: f4086613aac4844⋯.jpg (55.63 KB, 552x830, 276:415, 1469186588238-1.jpg)

File: 0626a5e25a484d9⋯.jpg (542.33 KB, 2676x1741, 2676:1741, 071019e6336e66d3c72932e044….jpg)

File: 136882315bee22b⋯.png (1.96 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 8602205.png)

File: 9920de30bd4a62e⋯.png (338.2 KB, 500x707, 500:707, tumblr_o92mdstSWC1s8dsxzo1….png)

File: da4a37bbfe2043d⋯.jpg (43.84 KB, 620x349, 620:349, 6339725i.jpg)

9b2366  No.50[Reply]

Does anyone here play more towards, how to say, lighter stuff? /e/, rather than /h/, so to speak. Stuff that's still explicit, but not simply sex or fucking or [x]jobs. I've always found more success with flirtation, leadup, teasing, and silly fun than outright sex. Not to say that sex is bad, just that I've never really liked playing it out for very long.

Exhibitionism, clothing destruction, stripteases, ENF/ENM, CFNM/CMNF, all that sort of stuff. Does anyone else enjoy it? Am I just too vanilla and unimaginative to make sex fun?

2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

615a2e  No.220


>Am I just too vanilla and unimaginative to make sex fun?

No! Imo it's more imaginative to explore all the potential with those light kinks! They're my faves!

Which light kinks do you enjoy most, /eros/?

Out of OP's, I like clothing destruction and ENF, which can be combined with CMNF of course. I'm also into being stuck in some state of undress, not fully nude. Spanking too~

8bfc78  No.221

File: 8c4e36042c4811b⋯.webm (7.81 MB, 600x338, 300:169, meme-wizard.webm)

e8178d  No.222


I wouldn't say it's that strange, I'm into the majority of those myself so just go for what you enjoy. I even tried to make a GM/DM profile centered around it but had to give up because I tried putting too much into it at once

6680a2  No.228

File: 1caac6603ab9ee3⋯.png (899.66 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, 9d5c9e3855f8f71856fe41372a….png)

File: fa91f0669ce07b1⋯.jpg (71.98 KB, 927x1113, 309:371, 95886de1cb93debfc5c19800b7….jpg)

File: 434553ed8307363⋯.jpg (175.41 KB, 1132x1280, 283:320, 1470342109164.jpg)

File: 44dca1f17dfe8c3⋯.jpg (89.31 KB, 600x900, 2:3, 44dca1f17dfe8c3cab6911e851….jpg)


Where do you tend to play?

The most extreme I've ever gotten was a ring of suggestion, which prompted the wearer to come up with excuses to follow anything vaguely suggested to them. But I just have so much trouble enjoying the actual sex. Trying to do this on F-list proved so painful and outright annoying I just fled the site.

fe0793  No.233

File: 47a5b4fed436a11⋯.png (10.24 KB, 377x377, 1:1, YfyXr2s.png)


Sharing this sentiment. That being said the typically cute sorts don't appeal so much to me, I need romance between two weirdos. Admittedly, my brain interprets hyper stuff in these contexts into "HUGE AFFECTION" so lots of awkward, cutesy stuff around giant butts and bulges is premium.

Again, it's all buildup to rutting like animals, specifically because that affection is there as opposed to a lack of it. Being virile as all get out but monogamous and sweet? Hhhfffhhh please. Make it all special.

File: c3f7762dc9872a9⋯.jpg (714.33 KB, 2560x1600, 8:5, a90a88dd7d9ffd22c7b98c211e….jpg)

838c08  No.146[Reply]

Alright lads and lassies, I've never done forum Rp, but I would like to give this a shot, and do something set in the Star Wars universe. If anyone is interested I'll post up the details but the TL;DR is the focus will be on a single Imperial science vessel and adventures of her crew. Disney Canon is out the fucking airlock, as is most of the New Jedi Order stuff and the awful Vong alien bullshit.

d9dea6  No.230

Okay but what is fucking whom

a21bc3  No.232

File: 87849640426f784⋯.jpg (60.11 KB, 960x800, 6:5, qvQpw2D.jpg)


Tell us more, anon.

File: 512ef6c2e5ea5fc⋯.jpg (248.12 KB, 900x900, 1:1, ca904484459e9900aa000b3b4e….jpg)

File: acc4636f637ac53⋯.png (776.79 KB, 779x1624, 779:1624, 64fbe004d91d8f0f2d88f04025….png)

File: f0bd09665c9f654⋯.jpg (362.76 KB, 850x1202, 425:601, sample_52e6f60ddb69ba4a379….jpg)

File: 5eedf8190ace490⋯.jpg (88.13 KB, 850x622, 425:311, sample_7408a2d3c45f480f95e….jpg)

906182  No.197[Reply]

How can darkies be so cute?

7 posts and 35 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

9beca1  No.206

File: f22428098367957⋯.jpg (99.88 KB, 852x1000, 213:250, tumblr_pa0ck2KZCV1tot63to1….jpg)

File: e21f548bfca634a⋯.jpg (165.64 KB, 1000x1289, 1000:1289, tumblr_p9we4l5W961tot63to1….jpg)

File: 44d34923e4a4610⋯.jpg (69.6 KB, 800x826, 400:413, tumblr_p9ztktXwuE1tot63to1….jpg)

File: 4406c74aa1b6da5⋯.jpg (65.76 KB, 600x902, 300:451, tumblr_p28zlrWnOF1sd0rnio1….jpg)

File: ccfe47329c23eec⋯.jpg (190.49 KB, 712x794, 356:397, 10965918.jpg)

9beca1  No.207

File: b45090f100c01ec⋯.jpg (422.98 KB, 1224x1999, 1224:1999, 10779385.jpg)

File: 9f5ef6a1a02211d⋯.jpg (415.15 KB, 1411x1999, 1411:1999, 10790286.jpg)

File: bf440c110d50fbc⋯.jpg (102.7 KB, 824x1202, 412:601, bf440c110d50fbc5daa5f7fb1b….jpg)

File: 56ea914e72f44f4⋯.jpg (81.95 KB, 827x1200, 827:1200, tumblr_p9p6wnTJUn1tot63to1….jpg)

File: f3797874bf9aaa6⋯.png (728.66 KB, 968x1400, 121:175, cwHBj7R.png)

9beca1  No.208

File: 740c630fb42e174⋯.png (357.09 KB, 674x1200, 337:600, DErSNu_VYAEQXl0.png)

File: 1bddac90506ac0d⋯.png (862.05 KB, 798x1200, 133:200, DErSQtWUAAA6ryK.png)

File: 78fa14fc03e37d7⋯.jpg (65.07 KB, 800x800, 1:1, DErSRJbUQAAXjra.jpg)

File: 7f964a7c3231fe0⋯.jpg (524.45 KB, 971x1500, 971:1500, Naavs-468033-Sombra_W.jpg)

File: fbd666d415f6abf⋯.png (299.88 KB, 587x1000, 587:1000, J5q0H0j.png)

There, that's a good start.

9beca1  No.209

File: 0db5c9236ef8b59⋯.png (492.32 KB, 1280x1057, 1280:1057, drow1.png)

File: 122229b5fa9cf64⋯.png (458 KB, 1280x1057, 1280:1057, drow2.png)

File: bf0ad5e6250f5df⋯.png (487.68 KB, 1280x1057, 1280:1057, drow3.png)

Have this sweet drow comic by baalbuddy too.

6317d1  No.215

File: 41ff52e9d20d431⋯.jpg (93.87 KB, 850x1206, 425:603, __chloe_von_einzbern_fate_….jpg)

File: 6ac7ccfeb80e9da⋯.jpg (758.32 KB, 780x1000, 39:50, __original_drawn_by_gekkou….jpg)

File: dcb716062cb786f⋯.jpg (188.42 KB, 850x1200, 17:24, __original_drawn_by_henry_….jpg)

File: 385397cff86628f⋯.jpg (213.81 KB, 850x1202, 425:601, __rocoroco_tanaka_the_wiza….jpg)

File: 8ef26dfa7109c96⋯.png (1.12 MB, 759x1043, 759:1043, 8ef26dfa7109c969f44e7c7f8d….png)

Bite sized chocolates!

File: 819be5bf556962a⋯.jpg (64.49 KB, 604x850, 302:425, 11168311.jpg)

404404  No.27[Reply]

I always liked these threads. Post art of characters you're desperate to see, or of characters you're thinking of making, maybe get some feedback!

26 posts and 48 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

b70974  No.147


It depends on the base intelligence of the creature. You're not half as boring as, say, a horse, but if your ayy is only smart enough to eat, sleep, and breed, then you're entirely reliant on the other person to really give it flair. Of course, you can always suss it up a bit by creating a hierarchy or hivemind. Parasitism is neat, too.

45530b  No.148


Dudes with a tribal look if possible. I was thinking of making an unga profile

7afc3f  No.150


She's canonically rather feral, she can't speak, probably doesn't understand English and has very predatory instincts. However, she is smart enough to plan and trap things.

She's probably about as smart as an elephant or a dolphin.

d68f22  No.213


What's the doing on the table in that first pic?

d68f22  No.214


>What's she* doing

BO, maybe consider letting posters delete posts?

File: 9c970509cf74e1b⋯.jpg (144.78 KB, 850x932, 425:466, 13701950.jpg)

697132  No.11[Reply]

Anecdotal evidence has lead me to believe that there are a bunch of weeaboo faggots here who like some Japanese porn game about wizards who ejaculate dolphins and firebreathing dragons and fight over a cup full of nasty stuff.

So lets talk about that shit, post profiles for characters you RP as, complain about why [insert name here] is a shit waifu, and express all the lewd things you want to do to Rin's asshole.

15 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

0e1846  No.179

File: 64270ea1e0d16e9⋯.png (371.48 KB, 800x720, 10:9, Oda_Nobukatsu.png)


Why just not make her little brother then? They look the same anyways.

5cabd6  No.180

File: 9a6c21876fd4c74⋯.jpg (600.56 KB, 960x1200, 4:5, 62318706_p1.jpg)


Immensely different personalities. Plus, I normally take more inspiration from the actual historical figure's personality to play the character, and Nobunaga is not only more interesting, but he also has more material available.

a830d9  No.181


>I kind of want to make one - here's the catch though, I want her with a dick.

You fiend! Oh well, as long as you have fun with her that's all that matters.


I play a loli Kama, somehow I've avoided all the creeps, thank lord

Consider yourself very lucky on that front. I've seen some of my best loli partners run off due to the amount of creepers they would get. Though maybe they were just ultra unlucky. Also nice character choice!


Do it, what's the worse that can happen?

02ae69  No.191


>Consider yourself very lucky on that front. I've seen some of my best loli partners run off due to the amount of creepers they would get. Though maybe they were just ultra unlucky. Also nice character choice!

Yea I can definitely understand that, I play a sub Tamamo as well and gosh.. the amount of creeps I get on her is astounding.

4f6330  No.196

There needs to be more gay servants. Of the male variety.

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