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/eros/ - Erotic roleplay

Just be careful. The hamsters run wild in those hills, and they don’t take kindly to strangers.
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File: 20f561f60c60715⋯.png (183.45 KB, 700x819, 100:117, 404f7437-04f8-4dca-ad07-9b….png)

acbcd3  No.1

Welcome to /eros/, a board dedicated to erotic roleplay and all matters surrounding it - you can play right here on the board, advertise or set up RPs on other sites or applications, or discuss things relating to RP, such as fetishes, ideas, and more.

Rules for Users:

1. The 8chan Global Rule applies (no illegal content in the United States of America);

2. No spam, no flooding;

Rules for Volunteers

1. Do not ban people for having an opinion, even if you believe it's the wrong one;

2. Enforce the global and local rules.

Make sure to check the Catalog before posting a new thread to see if one already exists! https://8ch.net/eros/catalog.html

Contact email: herro2@mail.com - Email me here to apply to be a moderator, complain, send love letters, etc.

Remember, have fun, but not at the expense of others. Unless that gets them off.

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15ff73  No.2

Copying some stuff about /erp/ is good but definitely don't copy Baron's policies on things like Fai. PLEASE.

acbcd3  No.5


I have no idea what Baron's policies on Fai are, but my policy on Fai is that I'm banning him on sight.

76e587  No.6


That's the problem - Fai has a dynamic IP at home and spends his work hours phoneposting.

acbcd3  No.8


Hm. Well, if it becomes a problem I'll figure out a way to deal with it. But trust me, I don't like Fai any more than you do.

cfa95d  No.12



This isn't specific to Fai, the simple fact that the imageboard format is open means it's easy to get in.

Bans are a temporary solution at best, I think it's best to consider the classic wisdom of "don't feed the trolls." Perhaps even have a rule against interacting with with posts that are clearly inflammatory in purpose. (in the ideally short timespan it exists.)

76e587  No.13


>I think it's best to consider the classic wisdom of "don't feed the trolls." Perhaps even have a rule against interacting with with posts that are clearly inflammatory in purpose.


8aa9bd  No.17



The sad part is that what this means in practice is that the normal people who are just chattering about it are going to get banned and fuck off, while the unbearable autists who ban evade will remain undeterred. I think the best option is to have multiple vols who can ban and remove their posts on sight round the clock.

76e587  No.21


Or you could not ban everyone and instead delete related posts instead.

acbcd3  No.23

File: c229592c93a2632⋯.jpg (204.76 KB, 792x648, 11:9, e99b84c10d0407c0ece37b2e95….jpg)



If I start banning people for replying to trolls, there won't be anyone left on the board before long. I think a combination of what >>17 and >>21 said is best - just get some vols(which I had planned to do anyway) and have someone around all the time so that not only does Fai get removed promptly, but spam like /erp/ has right now and the like don't stay up for eight hours until I'm back at my computer. And I will be checking mod logs for power abuse, of course.

8aa9bd  No.26

File: d9161d4e8ba0294⋯.png (336.8 KB, 498x703, 498:703, snek.png)


Plus, it's especially hard on a new/growing board. You're like curtailing your own growth. It might be smart to delete related posts though, yeah. You just need an active mod team to do it. The only issue then is having enough activity to justify the volunteers and keep them active - and "having enough activity" should be your main concern anyways.

This is Admin-chan, by the way, if you want to chat about anything like my experience with this or picking mods or what have you. 👋

acbcd3  No.35

File: d9a96f9e38421a6⋯.png (329.4 KB, 880x1320, 2:3, 9650885.png)

Apparently I forgot to change the amount of images users can upload. Fixed.


Hey! I guess picking mods would be my main concern. I've moderated before, so I'm not too worried about that. It's pretty simple as long as you don't get too full of yourself.

Right now, my criteria for mods would be;

1. Good grammar/spelling is a must.

2. Calm demeanor.

3. Doesn't want to go on a crusade against some specific kink they don't like.

4. Familiar with chan boards and culture.

That sound good? Think I'm missing anything?

cefc69  No.47



Only if you let the definition expand irrationally. I mean banning everyone who mentions a troll is obviously stupid, but people who are going around dropping the kind of super-sized REEEEE tirades tolls love reading or bumping random threads with "shut up X" posts when they see a namefag aren't contributing to a positive overall experience.

That said the suggestion certainly could have been defined better. Maybe make it a rule against spamming in response to obvious troll posts? The point is to not have the presence of trolls amplified by people who are aggressively reactionary.

c3fe49  No.65


Any chance I could be a mod here? I was already heavily considering starting my own board because of the spam. I'm a frequent visitor for the whole DM thing, so I will probably be able to help clear spam. If people migrate the black spammer will probably follow.

Im sort of hoping for the ability to edit posts so that for example when the game or OOC thread hit the limit I can update the pointer in the other thread.

email in email field.

acbcd3  No.66

File: 43233ddb5e7d800⋯.jpg (345.34 KB, 1200x764, 300:191, SPOILER_68797844_p1_master….jpg)


Sure, I'll email you ASAP. For anyone else interested, I can be reached at


beab57  No.82

Should we have a roleplay thread like /erp/ used to? It was the most fun part of the board.

acbcd3  No.83

File: 6adb328156418f0⋯.jpg (145.13 KB, 1000x900, 10:9, ba2928ee-19d8-45eb-9d3c-d1….jpg)


I'm not gonna stop you, go wild. Have fun!

8aa9bd  No.88

File: 8f64be5e9a8c2ad⋯.jpg (78.25 KB, 736x568, 92:71, 11327582.jpg)

BO, what's going to be our stance on the shitposting/bitching threads that bred the autism that's killed /erp/? On one hand, it's been a tremendously negative and toxic thing, but on the other, with actual active moderation, we might be able to handle it, and I'm not sure if you are really going to be able to stop people from engaging in the kind of behavior that was for.

acbcd3  No.89

File: 560b140aa3c9ac7⋯.gif (842.82 KB, 400x480, 5:6, 6194786.gif)


I made the cringe thread cyclical for that. We're not going to have a shitposting thread, because that's retarded. If you want to spam and shitpost, go to /b/.

8aa9bd  No.90

File: 56cc474db5cfbba⋯.gif (1.67 MB, 350x340, 35:34, never ever thumbs up.gif)

6deb3d  No.96

I don't have anything to add or suggest, really. In all honesty I left /erp/ months ago after the school thread died and activity started declining. Through some surge of nostalgia I decided to see if the board had gotten any better and after swimming through the spam I saw the thread for this board.

Maybe it's that new board smell but I'm slightly hopeful about this one. I'll be watching and posting, BO. Don't let it go down the shitter too quickly.

acbcd3  No.97



I'm going to try to get a good mod team together. That's the most important thing imo. After that, I'm thinking of advertising. If we have good enough mods, we should be able to ban the shitters before they can pollute the board.

8aa9bd  No.99

File: b09dbac74bb18ea⋯.jpg (46.15 KB, 538x796, 269:398, b09dbac74bb18ea0a128f2f00d….jpg)


Advertising and actually getting users from places other than /erp/ might be the smartest thing you could possibly do!

This is Admin-chan again btw, and when I was picking my moderators I went about quietly not considering anyone who actively asked, memed, or half-joked about being made staff. Instead I reached out to people who seemed to care about the server but who actually didn't throw their hat in the ring seeking the position. I'd suggest this outright if it were at all possible in a board environment, but even though we can't here I'd keep in mind the sentiment underlying it, because it's done me really, really well so far. If you need more people to consider for volunteers, I'm here, and you can also obviously contact me on Discord if you can possibly stand the obvious honeypot. 👅

473f73  No.104

This board is going to be dead. The majority of /erp/ just goes there to shitpost, or try and ignite some drama about their beloved namefags. So if you want to make an actual board community for this place, I'd suggest actually advertising the board somewhere on F-list. 8ch is barely upon the radar to begin with, and I'll guarantee you the roughly 10 people or so people who are coming here to post are not going to keep it alive. Especially considering I'm sure half of them are only doing this to spite Baron.

acbcd3  No.107


>So if you want to make an actual board community for this place, I'd suggest actually advertising the board somewhere on F-list.

That was the plan, actually. I really do appreciate those of you that have come over and posted/showed support, but we're going to be in the same boat as /erp/ eventually if I don't do something. So I'm thinking either a paid ad on f-list, or just advertising around the site in general and asking anons to do the same. I'll have to read over the rules and figure out the f-list mods' stance on recruiting for 8chins.

76e587  No.115


I'll definitely put mention of the board on my profiles when I get to starting up again.

beab57  No.120


> I'd suggest actually advertising the board somewhere on F-list

If you want to attract the kind of people that use F-list, then sure.

You'll get the exact same problems /erp/ has.

939059  No.127

File: 0e11c6c55cf5797⋯.jpg (88.1 KB, 449x750, 449:750, 12R8el6.jpg)


Do you not realize that half, if not most of the userbase here is from f-list?

43b9c3  No.128


>If you want to attract the kind of people that use F-list, then sure.

As opposed to people who don't use F-list?

ff4483  No.141

File: 6e4a936de451110⋯.jpg (377.48 KB, 520x736, 65:92, 883a1149f54349606db7ac03f8….jpg)

Heya board owner. Might be a good idea to enable dice rolls or something in case Wicked decides to move their game to here (or if someone else decides to start up a ERP game).

Right now just seeing "Do not bump" and "Spoiler images" in the post options.

acbcd3  No.142

File: 22ebb7e4c331367⋯.jpg (184.16 KB, 540x704, 135:176, 5847521.jpg)


>Might be a good idea to enable dice rolls or something


beab57  No.164

Can we lay down some anti-fetish rules? Like cuck shit?

95f9c8  No.166


At times I feel like I'm one of the few 8chan natives on boards like /erp/ and /eros/. F-list is fucking garbage and so is everybody who uses it.

43b9c3  No.171


If f-list is garbage than 8chan is frothing toxic sludge that's been jizzed on by an AIDs infected hobo.

beab57  No.174


>frothing toxic sludge that's been jizzed on by an AIDs infected hobo.

You sound like like an edgelord /b/-tard from 2008

43b9c3  No.176


If you want to defend how 8chan is a superior alternative then I would love to hear it.

7d0734  No.177




Stop shitting up the meta thread, please.

bcbd5c  No.307

I plan to get into ERP this summer after classes so I hope this board stays around and flourishes! Good luck, guys.

acbcd3  No.308


Thanks, we'll try!

43b9c3  No.319

I guess it would've been a bit much if the first piece of erotic writing on this board was a response to a shitpost meme, huh?

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