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File: d55f58c1134d511⋯.png (1.93 MB, 1550x2678, 775:1339, just literally the worst.png)


What's the point of having a place to talk about ERP without an autism/Cringe thread?



This guy is pretty regular low level cringe on the profile but if you catch him RPing in a room (and holy fuck is he online a lot) it can be pretty funny.


File: 78cbbf19f387782⋯.png (35.63 KB, 280x168, 5:3, Screen Shot 2019-04-13 at ….png)

>people who seriously get mad at this

>people that are so socially inept they can't start a conversation other than saying 'hi'


File: 3bb30dd2d7555dd⋯.png (25.55 KB, 953x169, 953:169, so happy to be here flist.png)

Reposting from /flist/. BO, let us upload more than one image!


File: 1dc51423b2eb214⋯.jpg (57.97 KB, 1591x186, 1591:186, flist wish I were dead.jpg)


File: 12f190c4feaa088⋯.png (167.53 KB, 1062x927, 118:103, flist JOSH THUNDERBOLT IS ….png)



If you can't handle somebody saying hi then you might have autism, although that response is a bit much.



I don't straight up ignore people for saying hi, but it is a pretty dumb opener. it's one thing is it's someone I know, but complete strangers doing it gets on my nerves.



The issue for me (though I don’t use passive aggressive customs or bite anyone’s head off for single word greetings) isn’t the word “hi,” but that it’s ONLY “hi,” maybe a “how are you?”. Ideally approaches would consist of a greeting and something else that actually conveys what you want out of the aproachee. “Hi, I was wondering if you were interested in a scene about such and such.” “Hello, I saw your ad and liked the scene idea listed in it, if you like my character maybe we can build on it?” It gets things rolling and makes me like you considerably faster than


<Hi/can I help you/etc

>How are you?


>Haha maybe we can fix that ;) OR dead silence/cool/me too because even the cheesiest form of taking initiative requires too many synapses

I’m all for carrying my own weight, sometimes more, but if the person who went out of their way to approach me is going to pick up the reigns and thrust them into my hand immediately rather than sharing them then I can’t trust them. And like some people block certain genders on sight due to past experiences, it’s easier to just close the tab or try to prevent it from being opened than dignify a two or three-character approach with a response that’ll lead to closing it in less than 10 minutes.

…Not that the people who approach like that actually read your kinks even if they’re in caps lock.


File: 72fb60c373612c5⋯.png (389.52 KB, 861x494, 861:494, flist cancer.png)


Yeah, the issue isn't just "getting hi/hello", it's people who say that and then have… Nothing else to say. It's kind of awkward and weird actually if you don't say heya at the start of your message, but you gotta have some kind of idea or sentiment attached. Even if you're good friends, "Hi" "Hello!" [dead silence] is the most awkward thing in the world, and there's enough people that are this lazy/expectant of you in this way that it gets really dreadful. Especially if you're just first approaching someone, in which case you should probably have more to say than "how are you?" unlike how you could do that just fine to a close friend. The best thing you could possibly do is do most of the hard work for someone right off the bat, something to work with.



I wonder, if it were more popular to approach someone with a stock, "Hey there I am very interested in your character would you like to discuss a scene and/or play?", would that be looked down upon purely for being the 'common' approach, or would its contents still have value?



I sure hope not. It's straight to the point and lets the other person know of their intentions.



The thing is, as has been mentioned already in the thread, is people don't hate it because it's "popular" or any bullshit like that, they hate it because it puts the onus of carrying the conversation on the person you're approaching and nine times out of ten my experience with people who approach that way were an utter waste of time (basically "Hi" "Um…. Hello, were you interested in something on my profile?" "Yep." "Okay do you have any scene ideas or…?" "Oh I didn't actually want to play right now I just wanted say hi and that I bookmarked you." or some variation there of.) It's almost worse than the "ey bby wanna fug" or bitch-breaker "get on your knees slut" tier approaches because at least those are straight to the point.

I can't see any reason to dislike someone approaching with an actual pitch for a scene or clear interest in playing but seeing if you're busy or not unless they like… Completely misread/fail to read your profile and pitch something that completely goes against it/clashes with your no kinks/etc.


File: 2ae64da80c93d5a⋯.jpg (18.97 KB, 382x230, 191:115, 2ae64da80c93d5ac096471bbb7….jpg)

Cringe comp time.


File: d41be9b16f7a97c⋯.jpg (68.34 KB, 640x627, 640:627, awooing stops.jpg)

>be me

>start RP with blue because he seems nice enough, has an okay profile and whatnot

>four posts in

>i post

>wait 20 minutes after posting

>'slow replies i'm in vidya'

>10 more minutes later

>'Achievement hunting I'm still here okay?'

why does everyone hate blues so much, can anyone tell me it's a complete fucking mystery to me



Nah man. That would be great. This is about amount of effort, not how common approaches are.

High effort approaches are so nice to get.



I've only had something similar happen once and it was with a pink who outright told me they were going to stop to play some games. At least they didn't string me along.




Yeah it just seems to happen with random jerks regardless of interest. A purple told me they were going to play vidya during a roleplay and I told them I'll find someone else.


>play a straight female

>gets pmed by a shemale, rejects them only to have them whine about how I should be all over them because of their dick

>play a gay man

>gets pmed by a shemale, rejects them only to have them whine about how I should be all over them because of their dick

Shemales are just the worst aren't they?


File: 18ef7568eeb778f⋯.png (20.75 KB, 300x100, 3:1, C65C80F3-7128-461B-9D90-17….png)



I need a version of this for gay men. But thank you.



I'd say pinks are the worst when they get rejected. There's a level of entitlement there that's unreachable by the other genders purely because they're used to getting their way.


File: 76dd8a8264248b1⋯.jpg (69.6 KB, 937x768, 937:768, yeehaw.jpg)






When are you gonna take the cowboypill, anon?

I've been approaching people with "Howdy!" for years now and no one has ever complained or told me off. Seriously, try it, you won't regret it.


File: 19849cafb12c296⋯.png (30 KB, 300x100, 3:1, purple menace 1.png)

File: 0b860a6caf5240c⋯.png (30.04 KB, 300x100, 3:1, purple menace 2.png)


Made a couple versions, quick and dirty gender sign "redraw" because nobody cares about the sanctity of a stolen banner. Consciously selecting Segoe Script physically hurt.



>Consciously selecting Segoe Script physically hurt.

That's entirely the reason I picked it for the original. Drives the sentiment in that much more.



Kiss me you fool.




Eh, I don't know about these. Why steal banners from /erp/?



I posted the original and made the edits for shitposting purposes since they were relevant to the complaint, not for actual board use. I'd prefer if they WEREN'T used, if anything.


Kissing on the first edit? Tsk tsk.



fellow howdyposter, it works well for me too

but I also follow up all my howdies to strangers by immediately getting to the point of why I contacted them

ex "Howdy, I really like x about your character and if you are interested in my character I'd be happy to pitch a few story ideas around kinks we have in common and themes we like"



I thought that was implicit though. "Howdy!" is still the best greeting to put at the start of your post, I think. Please don't be like that one guy who comes up with retard ways to greet people to try and seem cute, Tanaka Rose or something



The tranny?


>Saying 'Howdy!'

>Not just shutting up and suckwitting



Yeah, that's them.



>expecting a tranny to not be a complete retard



Seconding this. God forbid you ever tell a "big" Pink name no on absolutely anything, they will quietly hate you forever.




That hasn't been my experience. I swear to God I will turn them down in the nicest way possible and they'll still bitch.


Why do people approach you, only to say things like "It's a shame you're not into x/y/z"? What's the purpose? Are people this fucking socially inept on f-list?


File: 938b5fd09625962⋯.gif (739.41 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 4cVTfZx.gif)


It's an attempt to get you to do shit that's on your no list that they think it subtle, but really isn't because they're retarded assholes.



>they think it subtle




>Are people this fucking socially inept on f-list?

You already know the answer to that question.


>When someone has 3dgc loli on their profile

That'll be a big yikes, dawg.



It's just a shallow manipulation tactic by idiots.

When people try the "It's a shame you aren't into me!" thing I always reply, "No it's not."




It's fucking incredible how often I have to deal with that from people who use irl images as references. It's always some dumbass who either thinks they're the exception or tries and fails to be subtle with that shit.



>divine saiyan

This was your own doing.



If you have photos as a no and they approach you anyway, ask, "Did you read my profile?" if they say "yes" then I recommend asking why they disrespected your boundaries by asking for RP even though they are on the no list.



He approached me, though!



I am aware this is cringe on purpose, but damnit, I lol'd at it.


Boobhatting is worse than flopping and you can't change my mind.


Can someone please tell people (but mostly blues) that bitching about not getting laid in public isn't helping their cause?



As somebody who's never used F-list, what are all the colours?



Blues are males, purples are shemales/herms, pinks are females, orange are trans, green are cuntboys, white are none… actually herms are supposed to be violet and male-herms a dark blue but they look close enough to blue/purple they kinda blend together.



F-list sounds like a truly horrible place.



Oh believe me, it is.



As with anything large and online, experiences vary depending on the company you keep and how good you are at not getting offended by things you see.



I take that as a yes, then?



Yeah? If you think it sounds horrible you should probably avoid it.


If you ever want to make someone go absolutely mental just call them a 'fake domme' apparently.






All I've got left are the chat logs. I'll just copy/paste.

[2019/04/25 18:05] Vee Valentine: what do you mean female paypig sweety ?

[2019/04/25 18:06] Winslow: I mean females who are in to being financially dominated.

[2019/04/25 18:07] Vee Valentine: yes i know what the term pay pig means but what i mean is are you looking for financially dominant or a girl who is weak to suggestion ?

[2019/04/25 18:09] Winslow: Specifically I have plans of a scene where I make her watch me fuck whores I bought with her money.

[2019/04/25 18:27] Vee Valentine: you sorry hopless thing , what makes you think such a girl will give out her resoruces to watch you fuck ? why you can out class ? power ? info her ? who are you to thin you even hold such stature ?

[2019/04/25 18:27] Vee Valentine: that is right

[2019/04/25 18:28] Vee Valentine: about time you wake up and understand that you are a man

[2019/04/25 18:28] Vee Valentine: act like one

[2019/04/25 18:28] Vee Valentine: or hide in shame

[2019/04/25 18:31] Winslow: Boy, you're laying it on a little thick there aren't you? If you want to fuck just say so.

[2019/04/25 18:31] Vee Valentine: Boy your self little man

[2019/04/25 18:31] Vee Valentine: as if i want to fuck you

[2019/04/25 18:31] Vee Valentine: you might wnna check my profile

[2019/04/25 18:31] Vee Valentine: so much salt too

[2019/04/25 18:31] Winslow: I have. That's why I figured you were one of those fake domme paper tigers looking to get fucked because it looks really forced. I don't see why else you'd want to continue talking to me otherwise.

[2019/04/25 18:32] Vee Valentine: fake huh ? how fake is it to call you out on your BS ?, do you even know what dominating some one is ? you think having demands make you a dom ?

[2019/04/25 18:32] Vee Valentine: it makes you an entitled asshole nothing more

[2019/04/25 18:32] Vee Valentine: if you want to dom some one

[2019/04/25 18:33] Vee Valentine: you are gonna have to actuly be in potion of power , with resources or stature

[2019/04/25 18:33] Vee Valentine: but you are none

[2019/04/25 18:34] Vee Valentine: your poor

[2019/04/25 18:34] Vee Valentine: your fake

[2019/04/25 18:34] Vee Valentine: so i wonder how do you even dare to think that some one would do what you want ?

[2019/04/25 18:34] Winslow: Are you still talking? Don't you have anything better to do?

[2019/04/25 18:35] Vee Valentine: pff

[2019/04/25 18:35] Vee Valentine: better then you

[2019/04/25 18:35] Vee Valentine: i'll leave you with your dilution

[2019/04/25 18:37] Vee Valentine: fake

At this point I blocked them because I didn't want any more pointless messages but I could see they were still writing more.



both of yall are really really cringey here



>people who seriously still get your and you're mixed up



>Are people this fucking socially inept on f-list?

Are you kidding? You're asking if people who type smut online because they can't get laid in real life are socially inept?



It's in the right thread, then.


I think it's more alarming that they started off asking what I meant by 'female paypig' despite knowing what paypig means. I imagine they're hitting a rough patch and are really, really desperate for money rather than just enjoying it as a kink.


File: 489440b21294405⋯.png (411.46 KB, 555x477, 185:159, 489440b2129440528064ce6da2….png)


I had some dude(who played shemales with photo references exclusively, whatafuckingshocker) spend the better part of two years off and on trying to rope me into paying to watch him jerk off on webcam.

He finally gave up a few months ago, but it was hilarious while it lasted.





This really fucked me up, but that might be because I'm reading it in the dub voice.



Maybe (s)he doesn't have a dick to jerk off anymore.



I'm can't get laid and I'm never this autistic.


File: bcee3de46132818⋯.png (11.9 KB, 1214x115, 1214:115, mysides.png)

I love f-list


File: 42d46935f297257⋯.png (6.42 KB, 263x83, 263:83, shitpostextrimus.png)


Here's a screenshot of the 'roleplay' that goes on in one of the bbc rooms.



The room just confirms that anyone that likes the kink is a shitter.



at least this looks like joking more than people being actually serious but I'm a little embarrassed for that first person just repeating that hospital line



>even checking BBC rooms



> Hello there! Open to playing with x?

> No.

> Shame. Good luck!

I don't need luck just because we're not roleplaying.



>Check out the BBC room again

>Some guy is trying to RP with a person who is giving 1-word replies and ALWAYS starts their post off with '/me blushed'


File: a165d780284e181⋯.jpg (35.48 KB, 700x466, 350:233, 9u897.jpg)

>see someone's profile

>oh cool they put credits to the artist and a link to their website that is nice

>read a little more, seems like they're the artist themselves, very cool

>let's see their website

>first thing I find there is their full name, address and a picture of their hamplanet face

why? why do people do this?



Are you seriously complaining about someone being polite?



I've seen people bitch about "Hey there, would you be up for an RP?" because it's too generic.



>If you use a normal greeting it's too generic

>If you don't it's cringey

>If you send an idea on the first post people get overwhelmed

>If you don't you're a shitter

This is why I'm too afraid to ever approach anyone.



I don't approach anyone because hardly anyone makes a decent profile to even give you an idea of what the fuck they're looking for. Sure they may have some kinks outlined but there's rarely any context given to them. Too many people spend all their profile telling you how NOT to approach rather than saying how you should, like whether they have any scenarios they're in to or what kinds of characters they like. Then they sit around in rooms and whine about how they can never find what they're looking for. I swear I haven't approached anyone for going on 5 years and thanks to targeted ads and actually being decisive I can get what I want.



Playing blues and being terribly anxious is the biggest curse there is, so I just make ultradom shemales to squeeze out one sided play from shitter pinks with RL references.


Is anyone else getting blackmailed for using art that isn't yours? I swear to christ this is the second profile I've made that has autists coming out of the woodwork claiming to know an artist and hint that they'll report me if I don't do their weird kinks.

Can I even report them for it without my profile getting nuked to save time?



That's weird, never happened to me. Then again I grab all my images from Gelbooru and likely the artist doesn't speak English even demand a take down even if they wanted to.

I'd say, unless the artist themselves tell you to not use their art, with some sort of proof, I would say you should be fine. Go report the blackmailers for harassment or some shit. Though I have no idea what the F-List staff is like so I have no idea about avoiding getting your profile nuked. Might be better off waiting for another anon to give you some advice.


Blackmail is actually against the F-List rules.


File: d3a84dfc563e04e⋯.png (684.44 KB, 1200x994, 600:497, c18864c2-3b59-4a85-b561-a2….png)


I've reported and gotten people banned for much less. Download the logs, screenshot, etc. You won't need all that proof, but do it anyway. And report them by right clicking their name in PM. Your logs will get uploaded automatically.

Fuck them. Let them report you to the artist or whatever.



Anyone know this madlad? Are they gonna fleece me?



>When the sketch looks better than the color render



I'm really not seeing what you mean.



My only guess is the repetitive usage of 'Yes' and 'No' to begin their sentences in the first and second paragraphs.




That, plus the general edgyass content, insistence on muh black and white aesthetic and no-lean bisexual orientation with a preference expressed in kinks


File: d875c6656196c1e⋯.png (40.33 KB, 1123x346, 1123:346, f19c411ef4cc395038e5c3c984….png)



Are people actually roleplaying in that mess or are they using parenthesis just for the fuck of it?


File: 2e13e20ea912d47⋯.png (78.71 KB, 426x382, 213:191, 2e1.png)



I kinda see it now, tbh



Bisexual other than bisexual (female preference) is a yellow flag to me

I don't think this profile is terrible though, I've definitely seen waaaay more neurotic profiles. This one doesn't even have a million drop downs and a bunch of nitpicky custom kinks.


My own autism today.

Immediately wanting to Log outta f-list when somebody fucks a detail up that should be next to impossible to get wrong. Modern characters are most guilty of this. I'm playing a dantasy character for fucks sake. Did I need to be "your character is modern. Will you downgrade it?" levels of obvious


Yes, you need to be that obvious. People aren't smart.


>When someone mentions TWICE in their profile that they don't like random blocking



That random blocking thing is honestly fucking hilarious. When I see that on a profile, I interpret it as "I'm so cringy and ignorant of social norms that people bail out on conversations I have with them and it triggers me."

Like, hey, thanks for the red flag, buddy! :)


Does anyone have screenshots of Naughty Little Boy's F-List forum tirade or his personal website? I don't think I saved them and the old autism threads are obviously long lost to time.



Does he have forum tirades other than the ones in the OP? I need those for my collection, holy shit.



Looking at it again I think that’s all he has on the official forums (turns out I’M the autist), but he also had a personal forum that some Anon argued with him on once upon a time. I can’t remember the name or his handle on it but it was, of course, intended for mothervore RP focused iirc but ended up as a host for his screeching.



Laughing at retards doesn't make you an autist.


>people getting mad about fake spoilers in capeshit room

Modern day media was a mistake.



I was referring to the fact that I didn’t read/remember the OP image before asking.



Spoilers are a funny thing. I've been spoilered on various elements in movies but I don't feel the experience was lessened much. Especially with capeshit stuff. Save for some movies where the twist is the whole thing (I'd call those shit movies, by the way, if that's all they have going for them) being told what happens in a minute of the film hardly seems detrimental. Hell there's some movies I've only watched because the thing that got spoiled sounded interesting and I wanted to give the rest of the movie a try.



I am pretty sure his website had something like "gulp" or "super gulp" in the name


File: 076138c0eee7cfc⋯.jpg (357.67 KB, 1089x1154, 1089:1154, hitler on a boat.jpg)


Even worse

>decide to experiment and try none of the above

>send an intro with something along the lines of "Hey, I dunno how the hell to approach you. I've got an RP idea in mind but I dunno if you're the type of person who gets overwhelmed by that so lemme know if you wanna hear it"

>get ghosted anyway

And then.

>finally strike the right intro with the right person some day

>they agree to RP

>everything's going well, I think I'm doing well, no complaints

>sudden flatline despite the fact that they're online constantly, this happens for at least a good week, ask them what's up and get nothing, ever

>they sometimes even just flat-out delete the character

>this happens constantly

I swear F-List could break the self-esteem of even a super chad.


File: e685c9fb6f2d216⋯.jpg (25.54 KB, 527x313, 527:313, 1548770098074.jpg)


I think it was "big gulp" or something like that.


Pretty much. The thing with F-List is that there's a depressingly high amount of people who get off with nothing but a list of demands that passes for a character profile and when they get flooded with attention anyway it sets a bad standard that everyone eats up. This is why I don't mingle in public rooms - I don't like having to suck up to the 1-2 shemale daddies to be able to chat about XCOM or whatever. Fuck that shit.



>I don't like having to suck up to the 1-2 shemale daddies to be able to chat about XCOM or whatever

Surely there's better venues than an ERP site where you can chat about games?



I think I wrote that really poorly. I meant to say that if you don't pay your dues to whoever is the popular person you won't be able to interact with anyone properly because of (((the clique))). Bloatfly guy would be so proud of me.



>not hating shemales on sight


File: 5f3d1459f8bd215⋯.jpg (41.83 KB, 400x399, 400:399, happy twingo.jpg)


>Gene Rick

I chuckled.


File: cbc800fa895d7c4⋯.png (26.78 KB, 512x323, 512:323, 1557951121873.png)


I generally don't white knight for people, but I know Julia personally and I don't really think she's neurotic. She's got a pretty good handle on things, as far as I can tell.


File: 3f66a112a8294c9⋯.png (8.39 KB, 309x214, 309:214, Untitled.png)





Seconding this, sorta. She's a bit neurotic but also very self-aware and acknowledges it, and her edgy stuff tends to be pretty pisstakey in execution from my experience. Still an absolute madlass into some wild shit though.


File: eb9bc884fcd73ed⋯.gif (29.65 KB, 187x187, 1:1, tumblr_inline_p3z7q1m5UK1t….gif)



I went ahead and deleted the post with her profile for you. There's no chat logs or screencaps of her actually doing anything worth making fun of, and I don't want this thread to turn into a 'I don't like this person so I'm going to slander them behind their back' fest.

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