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Here, we can all be the little girl
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File: 6d2902da1ca7bab⋯.png (167.95 KB, 364x358, 182:179, ef882b9f7a7535b1ecf205a9dc….png)


It's time to bitch about all those inane things which mildly inconvenience you, anon!

The old thread is at >>134651


Is anyone else tired of Clara Bazalgette? She's pretty much my only really big problem with on /tg/ Chat. Eilidh is reaching that point too with her never really bringing anything of value to a conversation that isnt sperging about historical wars.


>Hung out in some public RP rooms last week.

>Lowest of the low tier RP. There's not even a post length category for these 5-7 word shits.

>At least some people are playing though.

>By day 5, realize it's always the same fucking people hanging out there day after day.

>The same fuckmeat hanging around, too.

>Actually get something fun going with someone who can write more than a single fucking sentence.

>5-7 word shitter who is there all day every day keeps trying to be a part of it.

Fuck off Penny. You're not even fuckable what the fuck are you doing.


File: 8ddad51b0b7f007⋯.webm (285.21 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, a bigger drink.webm)

>do you have a snapchat?

>are you wet right now

>let's talk over discord :^)


File: c4f1011c0904582⋯.jpg (50.17 KB, 800x530, 80:53, consider suicide.jpg)

>be having the time of my life with partner

>hot writing, hot scene, hot characters, hot kinks

>shit's so cash

>probably been hard for 8 hours straight

>scene ends and we just OOC chat for a bit

>shooting the shit, nothing major

>they mention their real life sex




>never ever ever ever feel like playing with that person ever again

i don't care if you're a girl, shut up, some of us get off on the idea that we're all guys behind the screens n-no homo

i don't care if you're a guy, shut up, no I won't tell you if I'm one as well because that's creepy to ask

I've also noticed that this trend is more prevalent in people who say they're girls in real life can't really say for certain if they were telling the truth, at that point I typically drop them, end the RP or tell them to not mention shit of the sort. I thought the attention whore stereotype was bullshit but I guess not.

one more

>usually play my blues with big fat cocks

>not 20 inches big, but big enough that it will without a doubt cause pain even on a $20 50 year old prostitute

>enjoy the idea of it not fitting in a pussy because the girl's too narrow/short downstairs

>pain, discomfort and sexual frustration for both

>make sure to let my partners know about this kink every time they approach

>"oh yeah ya ya that's hot!"

>we get to the smut

>not only to they manage to handle more than was previously agreed would be their limit, they also go "OHYEAHBBY PUSH IT ALL IN MY GREEDY CUNT"

>these fucking people have no idea how vaginas even work

>>137533 (Checked)


are they bad/obnoxious/annoying outside of chanrooms? I wanted to make a character to play with that person but I don't want to go through the trouble if it's not worth it



I only see them in /tg/ but she seems like an obnoxious cunt to deal with. I never met someone so vanilla honestly.



vanilla's top tier if done right don't you ever talk shit about it again



I mean like, vanilla to the point where it isn't fun. I'm pretty vanilla myself but she seems shallow and picky. She, for some reason, hates anime and its art but fucking loves Kancolle because she can't go five minutes without wanking off WW2. Then again, I honestly think less of people who use art of IRL people on F-List.



>hates anime

now I really have to approach

but thanks for the info, I'll try to keep all that in mind



Good luck. Maybe she isnt that big of a spaz in roleplay. It's probably just a me thing.


File: e708141d55d91e5⋯.jpg (94.97 KB, 467x700, 467:700, waitasex.jpg)


>do you have kik?



What does that Clara do?



Oh you just need to start imagining that its all guys that just tell they're girls in order to appear lewder.



Basically what Eilidh does but worse. Someone mentions how literate Rome was to her when talking about literacy in fantasy settings and her first response is to mention how little girls have to wear a sort of brand so they wont get molested by men thinking they're slaves.


>Use slimCat's automated filtering of posts containing certain words

>Add 'flop', 'flops', 'cookie', 'bacon', 'noises', 'bored' and 'lewd'

>Ghost town

Can you guess the room?


File: 489515272b70988⋯.jpg (154.74 KB, 1310x873, 1310:873, check 'em 6.jpg)


all of them?





File: 9f8c92e969a2b2f⋯.png (86.57 KB, 221x171, 221:171, the pain is too real.png)

>>137555 (chequed)

I can't stand people who use the word 'lewd' all the time. It's retarded.


File: 0c457f5cddf6438⋯.png (12.04 KB, 599x605, 599:605, 1458915742241.png)


I love people who use retarded all the time. It's lewd.


>People who just make a million fucking custom kinks and don't include any of the native ones

For fucks sake at least put some of the actual kinks on there so I'll know if our kinks actually match up without taking several of my precious minutes reading through your vapid fucking shit!


File: 339b2b2f935b591⋯.gif (932.31 KB, 400x265, 80:53, shocked johnny bravo.gif)

>mfw I nut and have absolutely no idea where it went



I disagree entirely. While I think it's in good form to put up at least a list of hard nos and favorites, I'm suspicious of people with no customs. I adore reading custom kinks; they are a great indication of how passionate someone is about their smut and give a nice, casual writing sample.



touché, motherfucker



I gulped it all down, silly~



Aha, we're complaining about 2 extremes here! I'm fine with customs, as long as there's some of the native kinks built in too just so I can do a quick profile comparison to measure compatibility. Especially when they have literally 70 fucking custom kinks to scan through. I wouldn't even bitch that much if it was toned down to ~30 of them. Christ.


>Get into an amazing play with someone

>They send me an FR

>Next time they're happy to try again

>Fucking poof and remove me from friend's list

For what purpose?


>Be a Canon Fag

>Roleplay with some people in the canon rooms

>Shitter OCs or just random non canon characters shove themselves into your RP and then /sigh when you try to ignore their autistic assses



>can't find a good partner

>every time I find a good partner, I always feel I'm not good enough


>Make a character that's a crude ugly asshole, tired of life and just a grumpy old fuck who insults everyone, -especially- women.

>Someone shows interest and we do a scene.

>They ask me to 'tone down the namecalling, please?' OOC




Without context, they might be thinking you're doing it too much. I know a lot of 'dominant' profiles that think insulting you every sentence means you're being a good dom. There's using insults in the context of your profile, and there's doing it so much its kind of annoying.



I even have a custom kink in the faves section about namecalling. Like, it's a major point to the character. Even then I just called them a uppity clown faced jizzbucket ONCE in three replies. Which is super weird because my entire profile is written in such a fashion.

>I know a lot of 'dominant' profiles that think insulting you every sentence means you're being a good dom.

I wouldn't even call him a dom, though. He's just looking to get his dick wet through any means possible whether it's blackmail, drugs, rape, etc. Not the best place to look if someone's wants some kind of dom/sub relationship. I've already put another custom kink on there about slaves because fucking shitters stroll up looking for some kind of fucking relationship. God damn.


>he finally massively reworked his fucking profile

>the sole reason that I entered this hellscape might finally be alive, my efforts are finally paying off

>wait this was a week ago and he hasn't popped up on F-Chat and I'd know because I've had him bookmarked for over a year (I've seen him on F-Chat maybe twice in this period)

>he massively reworked his profile for literally nothing

Yes the Bloatfly guy is back but I'm just dropping in for one post. I left this board for my own sanity after my fit of paranoia but I just don't fucking get it. Why bother going through the effort of reworking your profile just to have it sit there and collect dust? I'd know damn well if he was a note RPer too because I've sent notes before. Every time I try to wrap my head around it, I get an even bigger headache. It all makes zero sense whatsoever. I keep trying to figure out the "Why" but it only leaves me with more questions. I can't figure it out which is why I'm bitching



Bloatfly guy you're essentially the mascot of /erp/ at this point

you symbolize all our weird fetishes and the pursuit for a satisfying RP that will never ever cum because everyone else is a massive shitter


File: a6f7987e74061cf⋯.jpg (290.65 KB, 800x800, 1:1, bbc08f7306b377cca81061b564….jpg)

>Partner leaves me a licentious message about slurping and gagging on my abs overnight

>Partner has been begging for your cock for literally over a month now

>Every single time we're on together I have to leave relatively soon

>I want that cunt

>I can't have that cunt right now

Fucking murder me guys this is suffering.



I don't understand how I can be the mascot if I haven't been on here in months but I digress. Everytime I manage to find somebody it goes one of three ways, either he is illiterate/adds a whole bunch of shit I specifically told them no on or he ghost me before planning is over or we have one session and he never shows up again. I don't see the point in playing popular stuff/ships when I can find the same shit with one google search in better quality than anything I could ever pull off and I can't play obscure shit because I'm like the one guy that's into it. I don't see an end to this tunnel but at this rate I need to get fucking something out of this journey or else it would've been a giant waste of time


File: 9f7a697060458b5⋯.png (33.54 KB, 493x402, 493:402, 1348809893027.png)

>get into a new online rp community

>looks neat, literate people, nice stuff

>put up my character, people want to rp with him. Find someone available. but wants to draw the character first, so no rp that night.

>That person hasn't had time to rp in several weeks, been itching for playing that character since I love playing that slutty elf

>Come last saturday, event on group's chat, decide to bring him in. Just rp some minor flirty banter, to stay IC since he is slutty.

>Person who never got time to rp absolutely flips out, and harasses the people I rp'd with during that event.

And whenever I post art of that character that person gets upossesive commenting "mine" and shit like that. Jesus christ I'm bailing on that crazy before I stick my imaginary dick on that.


>Someone with a 2 character profile advertises looking for play with their 2 characters

>Approach them with an idea

>"That sounds good, but do you mind if I play just one of the girls?"




>say yes

>they get a bit, fat, veiny monster of a cock for their troubles

>most of them just stay and jerk off with me anyway




Soon, wife


>Go into the 'fat and pudgy' room.

>Figure it'll have a few fatasses, sure, but I'm sure there'll be some pudgy sorts/

>Someone with a big fat gross stomach and an unappealing pear-shaped body is considered 'skinny' there

>It's literally all obese as fuck whales

Holy shit.



It's like how "chubby" instead of meaning a bit of belly and some rolls, is understood as "morbidly obese"


File: 0325ce590f9a8d9⋯.jpg (292.84 KB, 1500x784, 375:196, 'curvy' women.jpg)

File: ea8b39af14e2e07⋯.jpg (509.23 KB, 1044x1564, 261:391, curvy women.jpg)



or how fucking Curvy to a lot of people means chubby or outright fat seriously go to the search image option, set the build to curvy and sex to female, then go through a few pages


File: f2450f042d0b93b⋯.png (247.97 KB, 759x880, 69:80, tumblr_ofxk39dvHL1sr6sdjo3….png)


And to finish the rant: I loathe how people call "thick" any girl with a non-flat ass and thin legs. No, when I mean thicks I mean big round butts and crushing thighs goddammit



To be fair, that image on the right is pretty shit for 'curves' too. Like, every woman and Hell, most guys would fall under that description at this point.


I was pretty much looking for girls like this. Sure, a bit chubbier would be fine, but God damn I went to the wrong room obviously.



Fire Emblem has this problem.



Shitter casuals.


File: 5f3cbd2da9c7ff9⋯.jpg (52.87 KB, 600x612, 50:51, 1471795966608.jpg)

>When you end up losing a partner because you're such a sperg

>And both of you admit you were really looking forward to continuing to play with each other

I guess it was only a matter of time before I ended up losing someone great because of my own stupidity


File: 68538dc5490a7dd⋯.png (377.56 KB, 1058x636, 529:318, 0WbUEHO.png)

>Wake up

>All my partners are online and set to looking

>Even my good ones from chatango are online

>Have to go to work.


File: 9b3bb59009c4480⋯.png (155.35 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Screenshot 2017-01-15 22.2….png)


>everyone else is a massive shitter

I fully agree he's the mascot of /erp/, but not for the reasons you seem to think!



The board is slow and we have good memory.

Also you're adorable.


File: 0bfd1f032de8a01⋯.jpg (132.62 KB, 800x1163, 800:1163, 1492955051460.jpg)


>"did you know I'm also fat and sweaty irl?"

>they say while I'm on my shota

This just ruins their image in more ways than one.



I have never seen the word 'bacon' used in erotic chat rooms.



>not using [visible confusion].gif



Somewhat related…

>Make a fat sunnova bitch.

>Some huge dicked shota player approaches. I'm clearly set to straight.

>But offers up some fat titted MILFs to fuck. Alright, fine. That's doable.

>Keeps asking me what cartoon MILFs I want to fuck.

>I dunno, man. I don't have a fucking list prepped. Let's just go with the first 2.

>Keeps fucking talking about different MILFs.

>Slips in that he also has a fat assed femboi shota if that was my thing.

>It clearly ISN'T my thing. But this is what he really wanted in the first place, I'm sure.

>This person figures if you flash enough (barely) sexy women at someone, they'll agree to turn into a gay pedo for a bit.

>Give up, just stop responding to them.

>Get 5 fucking messages from them. Clearly they're a clinger. Major bullet dodged.


File: 2e512529f7f1cba⋯.png (518.83 KB, 533x800, 533:800, fallout-boy-foiled-again.png)


For now.

Also can't believe he deleted his character and gave up.



Yeah, I sort of lost my mind the last time I was on here. I'm trying to keep my paranoia to a minimum these days (I have been improving myself with exercise and all so that's helped my mental state) which is why I abandoned the board for a while. I only really came back to make that post about the Bloatfly profile rework


I didn't give up. I only deleted the old profile because it was no longer in use. I still use my more modern one



>a bit, fat, veiny monster of a cock

Maybe if it weren't so thick it wouldn't get bit so much.


>"Can we take a break from the RP?"

>"Alright. How long as you going to be? An hour? More?"

>"Oh just a half hour, probably less. Just need to eat."

>"Fine, I'll do some other stuff and wait."

>They come back over 3 hours later

>"Hey sorry, I got held up."

>"No worries."

>"Want to continue from where we left off?"

>"Well, as long as you don't mind waiting between replies. I'm RPing with someone else at the moment."

>They're clearly hurt and annoyed that I got into another scene and didn't wait for them.

Okay, besides this retardation, how is it that people are so, so fucking bad at having their life together? I'm not asking for some down to the wire explicit timeframe but Jesus Christ.


>Anime girls think every guy is hitting on them, simply by speaking to them…They aren't hitting on you. >.>

What did he mean by this?



He wishes he was a cute anime girl who had guys hit on him


File: 6e349aee8423b83⋯.jpg (29.75 KB, 570x479, 570:479, 1479775052346.jpg)

>join The Slob Den room




Holy fucking shit, I was just about to post this.

God damnit this is the same as the fat/pudgy room. Why is it always the God damn extremes that shit these fucking places up? A slob is just someone inconsiderate, lazy, doesn't keep up appearances.




Let me know if you feel like having some typefuck with an amazonian girl with roughly that build.




Just desserts.


>See this canon I've really wanted to roleplay with.

>All of our kinks line up. My character is from the canon so should be a good fit.

>Hit them up. Present ideas.

>None of them strike a chord.

>Give a few more ideas, feel free to suggest your own.

>Say they're not really in the mood.

>Fuck, whatever.

>1 hour later, happen to see their status updates mentioning fucking someone and how he's ruining her slut pussy.

>Against better judgement, check out their profile.

>It's some fat middle aged man


It's not fair


Three times. Three fucking times in the past week I've had three different partners complain about how their characters are submissive and how I was "trying to get them to dom". Do people not understand things? If I leave you with options at the end of one of my posts, that doesn't mean I'm trying to pull a role reversal on you. Or are you so incapable of bringing any of your own ideas to a scene that all you can do is react to what my character does to yours? God forbid I try to get some IC input on what direction you want to head next, literally all you have to do is point and go "over there" but that's too hard for you apparently.

One of those three times I was using a submissive character too.


>Once again get in another great RP

>Finally get to the smut


I haven't a single fucking clue what's going on here that these people can't try to talk to me. Like, the story goes great but suddenly? Boom.



What canon, anon?



Yoko from gurren lagann



You said you're playing a character from that canon, who is it?

Gurren Lagann was 10 years ago anon


File: ff378b168fc1524⋯.png (32.98 KB, 509x109, 509:109, fuccccck.png)

>Log onto my Gaz canon

>Get four messages instantly

Fuck why



I-Is that a dog to the far right?



>wake up early

>pieter van rhyn is still posting ads

Does that guy actually get any play whatsoever?



Kamina. And yeah, I know. That's why it's so hard to find any canons from it.


Oh my fucking God. I made a new blue like, 3 days ago, and I'm already tired of all the shitty fucking pinks that waddle their disgusting porn actress generic bullshit up to me with their barely 1 line post lengths.

How in the living fuck can you even satisfy a fetish if you're barely writing enough for a single fucking action.

Fucking pink shitters, fuck off. God.


File: 9b56eafb51c8b79⋯.jpg (98.56 KB, 768x576, 4:3, havingalaugh.jpg)

>Approach a shemale Motoko from Ghost in the Shell with my shota

>Get a play going, specify I want a focus on ass play since I love the booty

>Get the play going, he ends up taking that dick in her mouth and swallows the synthetic load

>Asks me to turn around and get on my hands and knees

wait what

>realize I never specified who'd be on the receiving end

>Have a laugh with them as I'd feel this is how it'd actually go

>End up realizing way too late that they have anal sex receiving in their maybes

it was pretty silly to drop the play there, but this kind of sounds like some of those 4chan greentexts of an anon trying to buy out a tranny for sex only for them to fuck them in the ass

g-good thing I said no homo

I'm not really salty as this is just funny, always be sure to specify, anons


File: b279580aa746acb⋯.png (303.67 KB, 1280x905, 256:181, Frost.png)

File: 06feb61c0e70c85⋯.png (344.49 KB, 1280x905, 256:181, Frost2.png)

>Partner constantly messages me when i'm asleep

>I'm actually up and able to RP with them for once

>Their responses get smaller and smaller, with more time in between them

>There's sudden radio silence on their end, which is unlike them.

>Turns out they're playing some game.

>Whatever, fine.

>After an hour, they finally reply. With a single sentence. Seven words.

>Bite my tongue. Continue to shoot another post.

>After twenty to thirty minutes they finally inform me that they don't want to RP anymore.

I'm not sure if I'm over reacting or maybe they were scared away with the themes we covered, but this really upsets me.



>Partner constantly messages me when i'm asleep

>I'm actually up and able to RP with them for once

>Their responses get smaller and smaller, with more time in between them

I would have definitely stopped as soon as that shit started.

>Turns out they're playing some game.

>Whatever, fine.

And you still kept going? What the fuck.



I'm conflicted. Kamina is hot for sure, but he's such a ham and did such a good job at being an older brother figure that he almost feels too pure to lewd. That and being dead less than halfway into the series

I'm kinda curious to see your profile now, though. For research purposes.


It really is typical how the people who can be found on several channels, shitposting all day every day, are always the sort of people who have the shittiest gross looking not-even-fetish-ugly characters with shitty custom fucking art.



Why is frosts mouth so wide and stretches out across her face?


File: b8912198e1899bb⋯.jpg (181.62 KB, 462x582, 77:97, 198.jpg)

Self-bitching ahoy

>Be me, Friday, full of libido and writing inspiration and will to actually roleplay instead of idling in rooms and playing FMK

>Plan out really good semi-story scene, decent chemistry between players and really good between characters

>Play out first section of it

>Not even sexual yet but after months to a year of settling for asterisk players I feel like I've reached Nirvana

>Say I'm pretty sure I'll be on the next day and over the weekend

>The weekend is over

>The magic is gone

>Too dejected to bother signing in because I know my writing will be forced and bad

>I know they browse this board and am grateful that they haven't vagued me yet


>Have a character that's a fucking fat slob who blackmails, extorts, drugs and rapes women.

>Get approached by someone who shows interest in hypnotism scene.

>Sounds good to me.

>"Maybe we can inject some humor/comedy? Like he plans to hypnotize her but she gleefully does what he asks without even needing it?"

>Er, okay. Whatever… that's not even the kink of hypnotism but alright.

>"Oh and can you hold back on the namecalling please? She's sensitive."

>Jesus fucking Christ. "Yeah alright, if your character isn't an uppity bitch he probably won't have much need for it."

>Offer to start us off with her visiting him on the slum side of town.

>"Uhhhm I'd prefer if it was nicer than the slums."

>Tittyfucking poledancer on a God damn cock why the Hell did this fucking moron even approach me. I'm looking for some degradation here not some fucking cutesy bullshit. But God damn, damn… at least there'll be impregnation. Fine, whatever. I'll plow through. Meet at a fucking -hotel- then.

>Write us up an intro post.

>"Uhhhm please don't be mad at me but my mood has rather plummeted and I'd rather do this later."

It's my own fault. I should have put the nix on it when they wanted hypnotism, except not at all hypnotism.

Joke's on them because I used the rage I felt to fuel a nice hatefuck.



It makes sense, anon. If they had good profiles they would be playing often instead of shitting around


>Start roleplay

>Going alright

>Suddenly, person doesn't reply for 40 minutes

>They log off

>This is happening more and more often these days for some reason

>Start roleplay

>Going good

>Person doesn't reply for 30 minutes

>Ask them what's up

>They say sorry, they're playing a videogame and can't RP anymore

Ahaaa, yeah, because when something is entirely fucking avoidable, you're really fucking sorry about doing it amirite?

What is it, has the new shitty ADHD generation of RP kiddos finally found f-chat?



What genre of RP and kinks are you doing?

I'm curious to compare with my data.



That line is a mouth? I though it was the top of a mask.



>Forget to delete their name

kill me


[premature character]

[04:25] I'm trying to spurt as quickly as possible

[04:25] Then go to pornhub.

[04:28] Any suggestions of videos?


File: 02948e0a676baa8⋯.png (724.04 KB, 614x607, 614:607, eJwNyksOgyAUAMC7cADgfXiAlz….png)

>approach a space chick canon, which i don't usually do since all canons tend to be uppity and flakey

>ey, things work out well

>plan a basic hate fuck with a robot, etc etc

>they don't ever come on again

>three weeks later

>your bookmark, ******, has deleted thei-

why are all canons flakes



Because 99% of OCs are shit



You play canon profiles consisting of one inline and system kinks, don't you?



Because they're easymode whoring or expect easymode whoring.

So they either jump on any random dick of a moment, get their fill and go get the new FOTM. Or fail to get attention, get bored and switch to a new one.


What's the latest FotM so I know which shitter adverts to avoid?



Wendys. Personification in general has been a trend, but the fast food girl is clearly the most popular and annoying right now. Fuck that stupid cunt. Arby's makes so much better food.



>Ask about FotM to avoid them

>tfw hate fucked a good Wendys 2 days ago

Well shit, I guess they're not all bad.






File: a3a39ad82619230⋯.png (45.79 KB, 579x485, 579:485, a2f9e68b0d2a829f305dbe786d….png)


If there are more than a select few people here who find Wendys posting entertaining I'll drink lye.



>Hatefucked Wendys

Shit, now I wanna try that. I like the Wendys art but I've been pretty put off by the profiles I've seen looking samey as fuck/being an obvious FotM cash in.



it did kinda look samey/memey/FotM as fuck too. But it was decent play. A bit too talkative instead of lewd actions, but they were a fun enough dirty talker it made up for it.

And they poofed right after he creampied her. Pisses me off… but I like to imagine that was in character for a cunty brat like Wendy.


>People doing multi-para in a room

>Good shit, too

>Bunch of snake characters in the room keep posting about how they're slithering during it


File: 4d2da0b9fd15364⋯.png (415.22 KB, 769x600, 769:600, 4d2da0b9fd15364733e3f02c64….png)

>got mondo thirst for nintendo princesses (esp. zelda and rosalina)

>most every single person who plays one is either clinically retarded or not around



Got anything in particular on your mind? I've been wanting to try more canons recently, and if you have a good scene in mind I could just make one.

I promise I'm at least passable when it comes to canons.


File: 90246af14cb78f8⋯.png (548.7 KB, 675x803, 675:803, 4513f29b8849579ca569f6ab13….png)


I genuinely can't stand people who have enormous no lists about people who they don't like. Sure, I suppose it helps ward off a minor amount of shitters, but Jesus Christ it makes you seem like a sad, angry person. I suppose it's because I, myself, look down on Nepgear of players the same way they do with other annoying series, but I can't read "Your virginity is well protected" from someone who made a ERP profile around fuckin' Hyperdimension Neptunia without cracking up.



>Expecting Nintoddlers to not be clinically retarded



truth be told I gave up on coming up with ideas for this shit months ago. About the same time I nuked most of my canons.

I'm just some faggot memelord with a huge swath of abuse and non/dubcon related kinks that's stuck playing furfags (despite kinda hating furries these days).



The joke about Arby's not being able to actually be called "food" has been around for many years, long before smug anime Wendy's, and is a widely-accepted fact.



I keep hearing this 'dubcon' thing for the past 3 days. Is it some new phrase? What the fuck is it?



Nope, "dubious consent". Basically when consent is never given, but also never implied. Hence, the level of consent is dubious, and depending on the context it can lean closer to consensual, non-con, or somewhere in between.

Ever seen It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia? Think of the "because of the implication" conversation. Or just look it up if you haven't seen it, it's a pretty good example.



>Doesn't like bland, generic anime boys

>Plays exclusively bland, generic anime girls

Wew lads



Isn't Neptunia basically just "fanservice with a bunch of cringy references: the game?" I've had this explained to me many times, but I still never get it. What the fuck is it? Why the fuck is it?



>Every single thing is a custom kink

>Can't even do a quick profile comparison to see if their kinks line up at all

>Something as simple as acceptable genders are fucking custom kinks



It's a JRPG where basically everything is a reference to some aspect of the gaming industry.

Honestly, the first game was atrocious, but they've been getting better with each installment, and now the series is pretty good. …Except the spin-offs. Ignore those.



What is appealing about that? Sure, I'd find that to be a fun time if it wasn't accompanied by horrible SoL-tier fanservice at every step. That's what I've seen, at least. I don't know which game it was, and I don't think I want to even look at any of the sequels.



This wouldn't even be a problem if they were descriptive and helpful. Most of these kinks' descriptions don't even give me a good handle of her personality / RP style.


>Start a scene

>1 hour of buildup. Finally get to the sex.

>They gotta go.

>Start another scene.

>1.5 hours of buildup. Finally write a long, descriptive, meaty post of breaking their pussy over my giant cock.

>They gotta go.

This is starting to really get out of hand. I'm really starting to understand why some people have given up on any sort of foreplay and just fast forward to dumping a fucking load.


>When a person you've approached just ghosts you rather than responds/blocks leaving you guessing/waiting around all day for a response

Jesus christ, are you seriously so anxious that you can't say a simple "No, fuck off"? At least spare the next few hours of my life with a message that only takes a few seconds to type. I guess if you aren't willing to talk then you weren't worth my time in the first place.



>Spare the next few hours

>Waits for a response

>For hours

>All day

Nigga just move on to the next person. What the flying fuck.



When you're into the kinky and obscure shit I am, you don't get to pick and choose your partners. You gotta deal with whatever the kink search gives you and 90% of the people at least are people you've already spoken to.



Damn, that must be a bitch and a half, but I understand.



I'll never understand this.

I've turned people into snuff-sluts, shit-eaters, worshippers before because of 'MUH CHARISMA'. I've had people get into the idea of having insects live inside them between skin and bone. I've had people turn their No's into Fave's because of me.

Unless you're talking about shitting yourself I sincerely, sincerely cannot fathom how you can't even tread water with your kinks to people who haven't experienced them before.


>Make a slob character

>Tone it back a bit. Mostly just an older guy who is fat. Typical 'hot girl with ugly fat guy' fare

>Hang out on the fat and pudgy roo-





>Holy shit. Well, surely the approaches will be fin-








Some of us like people who are confident in what they want and know what they like, not generic sluts who'll just do whatever to pass the time, thanks.






That has to be the most conceited thing anyone has ever said about me fam.

Do you sincerely think the majority of people 'don't know what they like'? That they're not confident in their kinks and ability? You.. you do realize that the only people I play with have been type-fucking for years, yes?

Man, it's like if you introduce something to someone in a way they haven't thought before, they might end up liking it.

Oh wait, no. Clearly it just means everyone I fuck is a retard. 10/10.

Go back to not being capable of persuading people to try things they don't like. I'll be turning your favorite partners into gore whores. Ahahahaha. Fuck.



Keep in mind, my shit is canon so it requires universe knowledge which in most of the people I've seen, they either know the universe but it's too gross for them or they don't know but they like the kinks which is a lose/lose because I like story with my RPs and I don't like having to explain how the whole goddamn game universe works over the course of a good hour or two just for them to pass out or something and the people that actually do know the universe usually sticks to more vanilla stuff and I don't want to RP popular stuff because why spend an hour looking for somebody that might be able to accomplish it when with one google search I can get something in better quality than anything I could ever do.

Yeah yeah it's Bloatfly guy again. Just coming to vent



>You.. you do realize that the only people I play with have been type-fucking for years, yes?

>Not decades

You are like little baby.



Ageplay? Penny Fitzgerald? That's one of Jamiko's alt accounts lmao.


File: cbfa08575f2822c⋯.png (271.48 KB, 264x430, 132:215, 0f52d8554d1e2e39386d2904cb….png)


>TFW I used to be like this

>TFW I didn't realize it until literally all of my online friends had an 'intervention' with me and told me to cut it out or they'd cut ties


This has happened to me as well. It'll work out in the end, anon.



This is also happening to me more and more recently. I'll admit I've done it once or twice, though. Busy life and I'm too braindead to notice the warning signs.



>Clearly it just means everyone I fuck is a retard.

Yes, it does.



Yeah that's the one. I don't know who that is, but they nearly killed a nice scene I was doing by trying to include herself.


File: 016bda741917340⋯.gif (1.25 MB, 540x540, 1:1, bc59df308bb2694a80e065787a….gif)


It feels pretty nice knowing that the people I type-fuck are retarded, because the people who are actually intelligent must be unfathomable when it comes to this hobby then, right?

Oh, how one can dream.



>Get invested in some foreplay

>Suddenly my brain decides to be tired

>Having trouble writing more than two semi-paras

this was a mistake



>Jamiko Miyamoto: I just feel like I can't win, everytime I do anything I get yelled at, insulted or beaten up..it's not fair…

I kinda wonder. Clearly these people are clingy as fuck, but why don't they seem to find people who are as autistic and clingy as themselves? Do they tire each other out with their clinginess eventually?


File: db0608fdc61aced⋯.jpg (25.21 KB, 628x353, 628:353, luke.jpg)

>He enjoys the company of all types as long as they make good use of there words


>Walk into RP room

>Very first rule says keep OOC to a minimum

>They even have a special room dedicated to OOC talk

>Everyone's OOC in the RP room anyway



>Everyone looks at you weird for being in character in the room that's supposed to be fucking in character




>>Have a character that's a fucking fat slob who blackmails, extorts, drugs and rapes women.




video games? Persona, Nier.




Wow, you wearn't kidding. I haven't seen such a bad generic taste in anime girls in a long time. Vert from Neptunia, fucking Lailah from the most boring modern Tales game conceived, another generic Tales girl, and a few heroines from garbage FOTM shows that have lost their relevance.




Yeah, nice and descriptive. I'm going to change to just not accepting any RL images anymore because it's all fucking 3DPD porno looking whores, God damn.


File: 4c4532fdd6a9401⋯.png (17.9 KB, 240x142, 120:71, ClipboardImage.png)




Who the fuck is this cuck?





The bogeyman is real.

Did you know Fai is a private investigator?



Whose privates is he investigating?



Your mum's, vigorously.

>Petxansca makes another status whining about people responding to me

>It's like if he never made the status about me in the first place, this never would have happened.

Sugio, desu-nee translator onee-chan. What the fuck is with your status feed and why is it so autistic? Reminds me of Shub.

Are you Shub in disguise? It would make sense.

I must investigate furth–

>Melancholy on his guestbook

Into the bin.



You are obese.



I really wish I was, because then I would be more sympathetic to the fat cunt I work with who takes up enough space for a small family.



>being this insecure

Shamefur dispray.


>He asks me to post my profile

>Never get a note



>Rping with someone

>It's going fine. Can be pretty lewd, and it's fun.

>Read their latest message.

>'[BRB, a boil broke and I have to clean up]'



killing your boner is their fetish



What was your profile?




Not the same guy but I might flick you a note.



You're a nice guy for me


>in an erp discord server

>filled with the kinda people and content you would expect, lewd as fuck

>one day a fucking panda character joins

>literally just ripped off some music artists OC

>constantly goes on about how they don't like to do "lewd" stuff

>bangs on about how much they like yuri

>shills the art for the OC in the general chat despite there being channels for it

>massive attention whore

>"Stop being lewd!"

>"I don't like lewd!"

>is just an overall pain in the ass and eyesore to see

You're in a goddamn erp server, if you want to lurk and snag art, fucking fine but shut the fuck up. Not saying you have to be lewd all day every day, but goddammit.



UUUU I don't know if my character will be appropriate though but we'll work it out I hope.


>one day a fucking panda character joins

>literally just ripped off some music artists OC

Sounds like Ken Ashfaggot.



Dead on. Had to look it up, but yeah.

>Turn Offs: dudes, guys, dicks

What shit taste.


>Go into the rape roleplay room

>Oh hey people are actually doing some rolepl-

>People walking around a bar with fucking swords, revolvers, black magic

>*Watches things from the rafters*

>*Perches somewhere tall to watch*

>*People bringing their shitty tween novel protag OP bullshit complete with teleporting, hur durr fire and being literal royalty or even more literal Gods/Goddesses who decided to just visit some bar, I guess*

>*Teleports behind u* pssh, nothing personnel, kid



Also I'm probably gonna do a name change tomorrow because calling myself a 'slob' is giving the wrong idea I think. I'm really not all that in to loads of sweat or dickcheese or farting in someone's face. Just someone who is messy, sloppy and big enough to practically make a girl disappear under him.


>Mostly another fruitless night. About to turn in.

>Shit, someone who looks promising walks up.

>Alright, let's go for it.

>2 hour buildup for a rape scene. But they're a decent writer.

>Finally get to the real meat of the sex.

>Looking forward to it - an oppai loli, don't get much play with that.

>They're absolutely fucking horrible at it.

>Barely any talk about her huge tits, nothing about her underage snatch.

>The buildup had plenty of detail, but when we get to the actual sex, they have the lewdness of a sponge.

>Going to be tired as shit tomorrow over this crap.


File: 3e505893196423f⋯.png (332.23 KB, 580x415, 116:83, Not Pleased.png)


Eilidh has always been a bad person, sort of like a Jane except she lives in a specific timezone that there was no mod on for and they just let her be a mod.

The mod team's ideals on who should be a moderator are absolutely autistic, as they have rules like, "Shouldn't show interest in wanting to be a mod" and "Should be helpful in chat" yet they somehow end out putting people on the mod team that don't want to be there and are completely ill-equip to handle autists, much less keep themselves from being full retard in the process.

Anyone on the mod team has either been grandfathered in through shitty decisions of other mods, or was put on the team by Khum. That mother fucker is the only person to ever head the chat that hasn't gone out of their way to put their friends on the mod team. Let's not all forget the time Lola modded 3-4 of her friends right before she stepped down as Head Mod and the next Chat owner was too pussy footed to let them go.


The only way that canons will stop being shit is if better RPers make lots of canon profiles and refuse to play with the shitty canons.


File: 0e3dfab0fa55a53⋯.png (41.51 KB, 399x250, 399:250, arino.png)


This is honestly hilarious.



>Multi Paragraph

>Public Chat



Glad to hear you are taking steps to fix that anon. It's really a pain to deal with that on semi-stable groups.

Seriously, I hope you had cut that shit


File: cca49c6b6f515c8⋯.png (275.41 KB, 531x392, 531:392, tmp_13501-tumblr_oe1frumx3….png)


Eilidh always came across as comically picky to me, what with her constant search for the ideal superhusbando to typefuck with. Has anyone posted logs of her writing anywhere?


>cuteposting fags

Fucking die.


File: 59db6eb2c35a458⋯.jpg (461.12 KB, 571x800, 571:800, ara ara ara.jpg)


What is it, Anon-kun? Do you get terminally butt-blasted every time someone dares to be a disgusting weeaboo pretending to be a cute girl~~~?

Because I do too.



You have to go to the Gore Death & Violence public room sometime; it's a fuckin' hoot.



>they say while posting a smug anime girl

How masochistic.


File: bb643be1ada1d98⋯.jpg (26.21 KB, 459x233, 459:233, smuggestanimegirl.jpg)


What can I say? I just like horsecock in my face and have a whole lot of smug anime girl reaction images that I don't use appropriately.


>See someone looking for attention in several public rooms

>They do this for several hours

>Finally, someone plays around with them.

>10 minutes into it they have to go

Must suck that things always seem to come up the moment you get some dick.


>Approached by a canon character

>Their profile is just a dramatic image of their character with their name in dramatic font on top of/in front of it

>If you're lucky their spoiler free backstory is there

Fuck yourself and write a real profile where I can get some inspirations on what to do without, even better if it doesn't resort to "So let's say my character is one of your animes type of magical teenager."



>Needing a profile for a canon.

Want them to link to wikipedia or some shit?



Somebody already made a really good post about canons with self-written profiles, so I'll just post the really short version here.

Canons with self-written profiles can show how their grasp on the character's personality is, and how well they themselves write.



I haven't memorised the name and personality of every manga, anime and video game character. Not everybody knows who your character is, faggot. Even if I have read/seen/played what they're from it'd be nice to have a bit of inspiration or reference for how you like to play the character rather than just seeing a kink list filled with

Yes: Y Character - Cute! (My character once complimented them in the Z arc)

No: X Character - Big stupid bully! (He once made fun of my character in volume 86)



A profile is an indication of absolutely nothing besides how much time a person took at some point to convince people they can write when they feel like it. Don't kid yourself.


>Not everybody knows who your character is, faggot

Since it's a canon character you can easily just look that shit up. Again, google is your friend, famalam.



That is assuming that the person will play the character EXACTLY like the canon.

This is impossible.

A good artist copies, a great artist steals. They make it their own. A lack of any description implies that there's a lack of all character.



Let's be honest. Most of the time people are just using the art and the name and don't play them even remotely close to how their canon would act, even in a lewd setting. It's just for the familiarity at that point.



Oh its you again. Shut the fuck up.


Is it just normal for people who use images of irl people to not give a fuck about any of your preferences when they approach you? Because holy goddamn fuck every single day I go looking for something I get one of these retards and it's getting old as fuck.



They're very typically normies who don't give a shit and hope you don't either.



What, the truth hurt? Profiles are near fucking worthless for even telling whether someone is a good lay or not. Just look at all of these people bitching because their partners don't end up what they thought them to be.

Trust me, hit a profile that just has 'female' filled out, and then go to one of those mile long profiles with 50 billion custom kinks being lewd as shit. You'll have an equal number of disappointments because the person with the fuck long profile is just laying back looking to be swept off their feet and coddled to. And chances are, they're one of these fucks who can't even fucking roleplay when it actually comes to it.




Yep. At least most of the anime characters have the decency to go back and look at my kink list after approaching, but all these randoms with porn star images just ask if I'm into raceplay and then wonder why I'm not replying.



>Is it just normal for people who use images of irl people to not give a fuck about any of your preferences when they approach you?

I get these fucking constantly. Always makes me laugh because whenever I see a post about 'shitter generic blues', I have to wonder if they've ever made one and had to endure these endless fucking bottom of the barrel pornstar playing fuckwads.




>a fraction of a fraction of the userbase is shit, so I shouldn't put effort into a retelling of this character I feel I can personally embody



>a fraction of a fraction


As an aside I put plenty of effort into my profiles and never play canons. I'm just laughing at people's profile requirements because people are so fucking dumb they'll log on when they don't even want to roleplay and just fuck around to be lusted after.


>Make an advert about a specific scene that focuses heavy on being a quick cum dump without anything too drastic in terms of kinks.

>4 approaches.

>2 of them just offer up scene ideas of their own which both sound like they'd take several hours to get anywhere good.

>One of them asks me "Hi i read your advert. Any particular scene you want to do?" Motherfucker what the fuck how did you read the advert and not see the fucking scene idea that was 80% of it.

>Last one.

>"can I worship your feet?"



File: df6f4d846428fd0⋯.jpg (50.6 KB, 540x540, 1:1, __ayanami_rei_4chan_and_ne….jpg)

>can't bitch because i know my partners browse this board frequently and i can't let off steam in here without them giving me shit



Get online. We need to talk.


File: 8c7e1136a5afd81⋯.jpg (131.85 KB, 985x734, 985:734, 1491106214834.jpg)


i am online though, anon ;_;

just on my new character



Throw in a couple extra details to throw them off



>partners replies just got slower even though the enjoy the roleplay

>other partner was dming something for me while they still had a character and lost interest when their character wasn't played enough

i guess the second bit is partially my fault but i can't even explain why it happened without outing myself



wanna talk shit about me behind my back? ok cool, kill yourself


File: 8274de4057aa972⋯.jpg (8.9 KB, 240x210, 8:7, 1485752632963.jpg)


go - gomen


File: 034420171e9caf3⋯.gif (445.43 KB, 250x188, 125:94, tumblr_msongiWvxa1qg90dao1….gif)

>Make profile for slightly-obscure-but-not-really RPG protagonist

>Decide to focus on one particular ending for easier access to goreplay and to avoid being another uguu innocent naive girl

>Time to find some lewd art, this shouldn't be hard she's relatively slutty in this ending

>All of it is too blatant/on-model lolicon, every other form but the one I'm playing, or both

>On the off chance it's neutral or decent it's fucking chickenscratch

I have no problem just using the legions of good looking SFW art and maybe dredging up some guro but god damn



Holy shit.


File: fb44c1564cb7af8⋯.jpeg (25.76 KB, 550x453, 550:453, feelicide.jpeg)

>Fourth ad sent out today

>X the Y: Hello miss!


File: 8f5ee1c07d401b8⋯.png (20.44 KB, 745x745, 1:1, you know who you are.png)



It's worse when they come up with the "no lewd pls" bullshit.



Someone else knows my pain. I mean honestly, why be somewhere that is crawling with ERP and then say "I-I don't like lewd! Pls don't lewd me!"



>That fucking faggot in the ageplay room who plays a Kanna and just memeposts all day

>Playing quite possibly one of the lewdest God damn lolis ever talking about Don't lewd the loli dragon

>That's not even in God damn character, Kanna is absolutely sexually expressive






I am so glad I've avoided the /tg/ and /erp/ F-List chat channels. I've heard bad things in this thread and others about them.


>Partner 'has to go' after several hours of buildup, never actually getting to the sex.

>Never hear from them again.

>If I do hear from them, they want to do something new instead of finishing off the last scene.

Am… am I the autistic one for wanting to finish what was started so much? It's so common to just leave a scene hanging in some void that I wonder how people can ever feel satisfied.


File: 81a3d7945260f21⋯.png (72.04 KB, 225x235, 45:47, i'm fine.png)

I fucking hate this website, /erp/.

More particularly, I fucking hate the people on it and how they refuse to act like decent human beings to maintain some sort of haughty "social standing" on a stupid sex website.

This hobby sucks so bad.


>See advert.

>Name is pink.

>Read through it.

>It's '2 characters' where one of them is a pink and the other is not.

>Know they only choose pink to get more attention.

You fucking asshole. I want my 3 seconds of life back.


>I have whacked off so much in the past 4 days that my balls ache

i need an intervention



>Hi, I'm twenty different characters.



Don't worry, the people who just want to typefuck without having someone mentally breakdown on them, or throw a fit because we told them to fuck off, or hear about how someone we never wanted to RP with in the first place demands to be treated like a real human being - all hate these websites too.

Strange how it goes both ways.



>Hi, I'm a female character.


>I can have a cock if you ask.

>And every single image of my character is them having a cock.

>Also, vaginal sex (receiving) is a no.


>Doing a rape scene with someone.

>It's going alright. Decent start.

>They're putting up a struggle, which is good.

>2 hours into it.

>They're still struggling as hard as they were when we first began.

>There hasn't even been a single shift in attitude or atmosphere from their end. Despite being tied down, despite being hit in the face, despite having their fucking virginity taken, they're still just struggling and being angry at me as if taking their virginity didn't matter.

>It's not even sexy at all. They're just a fucking sponge.

God damn, this is like the rape play equivalent of someone being 'sub' by just laying back to let you do what you want with no feedback. Holy shit.



Out of curiosity, did you want them awkwardly lovely-dovey afterwards or completely despairing, traumatized, and ruined? I don't like that there wasn't a 'turning point' in your play (I'd love to have someone who struggles forever, but it only makes sense to account for the fear and trauma), but I'll most anything over the former kind of 'rape'.



Not him, but I think the point is that he wants SOME kind of shift, and I can get behind wanting that. I've done forceful stuff before where I'm beating the shit out of some person, breaking bones, etc. and they still find it in themselves to be cocky. Not cocky in a broken down, everything's going black and I'll stop soon kind of way, but exactly the same way when they were talking shit beforehand.

It's kind of maddening, to be honest. It's like an unwillingness to shift for whatever reason. Maybe the other person thinks I want them to be uppity the whole time, because that was the initial attraction, but I don't! I just feel like I'm beating against a brick wall if there's no change at all.



I can go for either sort as long as there's something that's changed dramatically for the one being raped. Now to be 100% honest, I do prefer 'weak' women who put up a strong front, but will crumble like a soft cookie when they're slapped around and/or restrained and don't know how to get out of it. But if someone takes a while longer to break, then I'm willing to work through it. (I should add that I really only look for one shots, so taking hours or even days to break someone down isn't something I look for nor advertise for.)

Some uptown girl laughing at you at the club because you're a gross older man and you slip something into their drink so their muscles relax and can't fight back, weakly squeaking that they're sorry while you're rutting into them in a shitty shady motel room. Hell maybe there's just some cute, sweet girl enjoying her life, not a care in the world until you come along and toss her into the back of your van for a quick fuck, going from perky and helpful to a shivering little maiden being told she's only good for that thing between her legs, wondering if she can ever trust anyone again.

Or maybe your bitch of a boss who always orders you around, never shutting her fucking trap until you shove a gun in her face and she realizes her life is on the line and she -has- to comply. She doesn't like it. Hell, she's staring daggers at you, but she still has to wrap those fat fucking lips over your dick and service you for once.

But I'll be fucking damned if you hold a -fucking gun- to someone's head, and they STILL somehow act uppity. You know what I do if my character has finally had enough and tells them if they don't suck him off and/or spread their legs for him, or else he'll shoot? He fucking shoots them, because I'm tired, tired tired as shit of people who play their character as something invulnerable.


Pretty much what this guy's saying. And it can really be a problem with someone who is the 'stubborn, hard to break' sorts. I think a lot of them are so invested in their character that they've forgotten how to be malleable and change for whatever reason.



>But I'll be fucking damned if you hold a -fucking gun- to someone's head, and they STILL somehow act uppity. You know what I do if my character has finally had enough and tells them if they don't suck him off and/or spread their legs for him, or else he'll shoot? He fucking shoots them, because I'm tired, tired tired as shit of people who play their character as something invulnerable.

God damn I am so fucking pissed over the absurdity of this I have to go into more depth.

To be even more specific, there have been SEVERAL times where a character of mine has held a gun to someone who is not at all a fighter sort. You know, secretary, some nurse, scientist, etc etc. White or blue collar workers. I make sure to paint him as someone to not be fucked with; he doesn't -need- to rape her, he's already gotten what he's come for business-wise, but he'll let her live if she strips down and bends over like a good little tramp.

And what do they do the majority of the time? Try and kick him, or scratch him and just generally act like the fucking weapon isn't even there. The logical conclusion of this is him keeping his God damn word and just blowing their brains out.

It boggles the mind how fucking stubborn some people are when they make a character.



"hehe r-rape me daddy xD"



That's the tranny rper who is into fat characters? Ban them asap



Who's this tranny rper you speak of? I wanna hear the story behind this!


File: f92c3d322bda713⋯.jpg (205.28 KB, 1400x939, 1400:939, 1492731474756.jpg)



>You were racist! Whether a BBC-centric character who uses the N-Word every third word, or some incredibly racist message you said to me in PMs or in a channel.

>You were transphobic! Gasp! Turns out the owner of this character is an SJW! I don't tolerate this either. And don't try to come to me and tell me what is or isn't transphobic. Thanks.

>Unwarranted Aggression! If you have sudden hostility towards me despite me not knowing you, simply because you disliked the contents of my profile? Kindly fuck off~

This person has autism, don't they




File: 5b9069f0c16b12a⋯.jpg (198.69 KB, 752x590, 376:295, 1490903983830.jpg)

Can we talk about the canon cumdumps room? Why does it have such draconian rules?


Anyone rp with the owner before?




>Characters for homestuck, Steven universe and Understale

It's like the mental illness trifecta.


File: 5ae08dfa5181e7a⋯.jpg (271.46 KB, 755x1057, 5:7, 1473064199683.jpg)


No, they are merely the expected result of ideological subversion.

They aren't a person. They aren't even a useful idiot. They are just a tool. Remove them, or you'll soon find your community filled with nothing but filth of a similar ilk.


>Discuss RP with somebody a while back

>They seem okay, but the ideas are good and their character is cute

>They want to do note RPs

>Okay I guess

>They do two, three lines per note

>As disappointing as that is I don't have much else going on so I play along

>They stop responding for two weeks

>Finally reply with a two-liner

>That's it, call it off

>Fast forward

>Make a new character

>Get a note about interest in them

>Wait that name looks familiar

>Dig aaaaaall the way back in my notes

>Same person


File: 90fd22e10b4c3a5⋯.png (365.1 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Kameshima_tetsuo.png)

>people who do nothing but post booru links all day in rooms

Why do they do it? Why? Do they fear disapproval and post agreeable moeblobs all day to feel cherished? I don't get it!


File: 318567093fe16f4⋯.png (94.19 KB, 330x269, 330:269, YOU ARE THE SUPER RETARD.png)


>fai bitches about clique snobs on the regular

>somebody also (presumably) bitches about clique snobs

>fai gets a stick up his ass and goes WELL AKSHULLY


>one persons only interactions in a room either posting yuri shipping crap or (rarely) throwing a fit at people for having different opinions

>people acting exclusive to one another openly in a room

>cunty mods

>cunty monstergirls played by spergs

My only solace is that I don't see myself being mentioned in these threads.


File: f6dfc02382e6bc8⋯.png (341.83 KB, 470x470, 1:1, image.png)

>check out a profile

>it barely has anything in it

>"haha sorry about the profile it's a WIP"

oh okay, that's coo-

>last updated: 4 months ago




>Last updated: 1y 5m



>/tg/ in a nutshell


File: a2e15a0094ca1f2⋯.jpg (4.99 KB, 164x173, 164:173, pout.jpg)


A thousand times this:

>Hi [shitty link]I feel[generic hentai] dirty [goddamit stop] are you willing [this is useless] to fuck[kill yourself]?



…When do I bitch about clique snobs?

No I'm fuck confused right now.When were EITHER of us talking about Cliques in these posts?

I thought he was whining about people not treating others with (((RESPECT))). You know, 'You aren't reating me like a human being right now!' which is a common statement of really needy, clingy, terrible fuckawful RPers.



>to maintain some sort of haughty "social standing" on a stupid sex website

Presumably referring to roomfags.


>Put status as "Making Shadowrun Character, semi-here!"

>this fucking nigger wants me to explain what Shadowrun is to them in its entirety

>I give them links, they ask me to explain it

fucking kill yourself



Anon how on earth did this situation come to be?


File: 75b7e6686695f37⋯.jpg (75.33 KB, 900x900, 1:1, sad goth girl.jpg)

>make character

>thin, demure goth girl

>person comes up and asks if i'm willing to change her appearance

>not a good start, but i'm curious, so i ask what they had in mind

>they go on about how they're a fan of buxom, curvy ladies

Why even approach?



Sounds hot.



I guess they liked your profile or something? But fucked if I know. I think some of these people must just get off on the idea of someone else changing their character for them, if only temporarily.


File: 9f524895553e743⋯.jpg (158.57 KB, 1250x1111, 1250:1111, zap.jpg)


>Shadowrun F-list character

Link me up FAM. RIght now


>Asks me if I'm looking to play anything in particular

>Tell them a scene I've been mulling over

>They agree to play it. Even tell me they'll play 'multiple sluts for you to use', which is always nice.

>Ask me who I'd like to fuck. Well, since they're taking suggestions I give them a few to act out.

>Things start. Going pretty good. Excited for multi-character play.

>After 30 minutes of planning I start us off.

>20 minutes later, they have to go. Say they will 'continue later'.

I swear, I think these people must just fap to the planning phase and then want to fuck off and nap. Jesus.


>be horny

>one of my favorite partners log in

>wait like 10 minutes before approaching them since I don't want to rush them down as soon as they log in

>start typing

>they go offline




I figured they just meant having a reputation in general. Weird shit famalam.


>Be me and be looking for RP

>See some pretty cool profiles

>Bisexual or Bi-female pref

>Males in no or femboys in maybe or fave

Femboys aren't even real men. Just change your sexuality to gay or straight. Jesus.



>Cucked by femboys because who would want to fuck some hairy musclebound bozo rather than a cute fat cocked boi




As a player of cute fat cocked bois, you just need to be a right blend of musclebound but well-natured to get access to boypussy.



Clearly you haven't met a decent "hairy musclebound bozo" then.



Apparently other people haven't either since you're having troubles finding any willing to fuck 'em~



/tg/chat is a fucking joke. I've met some good people in there but it's filled to the brim with incredibly sensitive douchebags who consistently try to bait you into a situation where they bludgeon you with their feelings about being insensitive/transphobic/racist/etc. It's such an odd mix of genuinely fun, good people and a mass of insufferable cunts. Pretty telling the admin is a le BBC stereotype.



Most, if not all of them were meme genders so I'm pretty sure I'm not missing out on anything.


>Play a character that's roughly 80% lewd, 20% story. Typefucking with context, in other words.

>Get an approach

>It's a Rey from Star Wars

>Hate the character, but alright, let's see what they want. Maybe they can make her good and lewd.

>'So, you like any of the scene ideas in my profile?'

>'I like to indulge in detailed and vivid scenarios. I'm very open minded and willing to experiment with new things.'

I couldn't imagine a more boring and pretentious response.


>You're wasting your time playing popular shit because with one google search you can find something in better quality than anything you can possibly do

>You're wasting your time trying to find the obscure shit you like because you're the one person into it and there's fucking nobody that specializes in it and even if there was they're probably as straight as an arrow and thus you'll just x out their profile when you see the orientation

>You're wasting your time trying to write something about your obscure shit by yourself because you're nowhere near experienced enough to write something to your satisfaction

This. This is what Hell is like.



Hey, bloatfly guy, how have you been?



Well, after I lost my mind on here I started exercising and trying to improve myself mentally. One of these days I might rework my profile again but I'm still going "What's the point if nobody will even play the stuff I want to begin with". I'm practically caught in a trap with this site, every minute I spend on this site is a minute wasted because I'm not getting anything done but I have to get something out of this site otherwise it will be one of the biggest wastes of time in internet history so I'm stuck here. God as my witness I will find some fucking play of this shit



>You're wasting your time playing popular shit because with one google search you can find something in better quality than anything you can possibly do

Why is it a problem that people are better than you?



The point is "Why should I bother standing around for a good hour minimum trying to find somebody for this popular stuff when I can spend five seconds on google to find something already made and better". I'm not saying that it's bad that people are better, I'm saying that it's a waste of time to spend ages trying to find a partner when a better alternative already exists.


File: b40f74d3da836f5⋯.jpg (49.14 KB, 600x621, 200:207, whywouldyoudothat.jpg)

>connect with partner over ageplay kink

>they inform me that they're underage OOC

>immediately block and disconnect



>Liking ageplay

That was your mistake.


>Make a muscular, handsome male with a dominant personality with plenty of scene ideas


>Make a fat slob that hates women and wants to hate fuck them and call them names

>Insane amount of interest

Seriously, what the flying fuck.

It makes it harder for me to relate since I'm not fat.



And I'm not a girl irl. So what?



A muscular dude with a dommy personality is literally what you can find… anywhere. At any frat house in the western world. If I want a brofuck with someone who considers a slap to the ass kinky, I can walk down the street. I ERP to do things I can't/wouldn't do in real life, like play out rape and hard, actual domination where limits are magically known and avoided a-la fifty shades of grey.


File: d831d997e8ee14e⋯.gif (1.79 MB, 480x270, 16:9, laughingwhorses.gif)


>not being a shemale in real life


>be me

>be a guy

>play a girl

>this is the third of my partners I've had to heartbreak by telling them I just play a girl on the internet sorry dude

you'd think people would figure out f-list is about 90% dudes at some point



There's an endless amount of characters who are 'muscular handsome male dom' and while people do like them, you don't have to look far for it.

But a fat slob? Far fewer of those, and it fills a niche. It's not that complicated.


File: 385ce98a9bd72af⋯.jpg (21.2 KB, 317x267, 317:267, 385.jpg)


>Revealing your irl gender to your RP partners



>Hey… I… I really like you, anon's character!

>Anon: I.. Thank you, I think you're neat too~~♥

>He tries to get my irl info

>I'm a guy, kys




> 1250x1111

Where did you get your version of that pic? The image posted in the storytime thread was only 1036x915.



I've never played a pink. How common is this where they ask IRL shit?



It's not common at all. I've ONLY played pinks and never been asked.


>Decide to make a Usually Dominant character for once because all my other characters are switches or subs

>End up getting nothing but anime boys, 'please step on my balls' types and at least one alpha male bitchbreaker

This is what I get for wanting to make a pink vampire dom isn't it



Yes. Now post profile.


No list contains:

>blocking me

>ignoring me

>poofing on me

>grammar nazis

Or any variation of those. It's really all you need to know.




What will you step on?



Wouldn't that depend on what you'd want me to step on fam




>also ponies

nice meme



>Be me

>Play with lots of people

>Constantly disappointed because they're not really horses, demigods or dragons


File: 79965f045eb01de⋯.jpg (38.94 KB, 864x288, 3:1, 1495089391827.jpg)

Either I suck at rp'ing, but people on F-Chat seem incredibly fickle, and it's usually the human ones that I prefer to chat with.

The fucking multi-colored furries are like chatting with Shakespeare.

I don't get it and it makes me mad.



So they're thesaurus-abusers?



I can feel for you, but at the same time there's only so many ways someone can write 'fucking them in the pussy' before feeling like an ass.



I've been asked once in 2 years on the site playing a sorta even distribution of genders. In the interest of avoiding genuine creeps and not getting wrapped up in anything with a shitter, I always end up being a girl pretending to be a guy that's pretending to be a girl. Wish I was into meta so I could use that a little more creatively


File: 918140a8801fffc⋯.gif (40.88 KB, 644x700, 23:25, I'm on the ponynet.gif)


Don't worry, Anonkun, I am a horse!

This took me half an hour to type with hooves!

Please kill me!

xc<>bgsjnsgvbjk bxfkg,kdfkf,bv,






I would gladly kill you, horse-friend!


>Kajou Naozumi

Everything he/they post in their statuses is bitch worthy.




I would report that profile for clearly being underage.


File: 125ac1db0be91d6⋯.jpg (83.15 KB, 355x369, 355:369, 1489428241706.jpg)

>Really like this one person that has a bunch of OC profiles with fun designs and kinks

>I contact them and they're always down for something but usually busy in another play

>Can never bring myself to put down a concrete date

>tfw I don't want to come off as annoying so I contact them another week down the line

>They ask me a specific day for play since they're interested

>Drop my spaghetti and say maybe next time

Kill me lads


File: 125ac1db0be91d6⋯.jpg (83.15 KB, 355x369, 355:369, 125ac1db0be91d6f4845f8dfaa….jpg)


If you are who I think you are, I didn't think you were interested at all with your evasiveness and weeklong gap between approaches.

Maybe don't do that?


File: d83ffaad5990907⋯.jpg (40.81 KB, 354x367, 354:367, 125ac1db0be91d6f4845f8dfaa….jpg)


Maybe I'll do what I want.



I would love to do so, but f-list staff aren't exactly competent.


File: f0a9b9f67f831fe⋯.png (101.64 KB, 246x225, 82:75, disappointmentforallinvolv….png)


>get excited

>look at character list



File: 2c55f4a1108b9f1⋯.jpg (88.61 KB, 354x367, 354:367, Y,jpg.jpg)


Maybe you should suck my dick.


>Hang out in a rape roleplay channel for some time.

>It's all just regulars who keep going there and getting fucked while just being pissy about it.

Okay to be fair it's kinda hard to pull off, but it takes the fun out of the whole scene when you see the same person be 'raped' 5 times and keeps going back to the same place.


Bobcat Trebor is seriously one of the most autistic fucks I've seen on this hellsite. God damn I wish the mods banned people simply for being retarded.


>Long time RP partner who is usually the shy cute girl who gets molested and used tells me they're feeling sexy and would like to play a more seductive character.

>All for it. This would be great, been kinda getting tired of the dynamic between our characters anyway.

>2 hours later, they haven't done a single thing that's 'seductive'. No shaking their wide hips, no grinding their thigh against my crotch, not even a fucking wink. They just keep talking about how 'beautiful' they are while sitting by a window.

>Things take forever because when I do finally move things along and interact, they're just sitting there like a stiff board.

>Eventually comes down to where I'm the aggressor just being entranced by her beauty or whatever shit, God damn.


File: ffeccf9a6aef6b0⋯.jpg (24.58 KB, 355x369, 355:369, CwILY5bXYAEas5P.jpg)


Maybe I should suck it instead of that other limp faggot.



I've literally only ever met one female playing a female on F-list but she was into my niche gross kinks so it worked out pretty well while it lasted.



>When they block you for being a transphobic racist but you're actually a Jew



>>When they block you for being a transphobic racist but you're actually the root of LGBT

Those aren't mutually exclusive, you know.



It's pretty easy to be transphobic when just not wanting to fuck a woman who used to be a guy is considered that.


>Get approached by someone looking for an interesting scene. Basically, old man who has Alzheimer and mistreats his daughter and fucks her.

>Going along good. Cursing at them, even smack them around before pushing them over a table, starting to slide it in.

>They suddenly poof.

>Fuck, ah well. Blue balled again.

>See a note from them the next day.

>Tells me she logged off because she was having a panic attack because her father had Alzheimers and used to hit her and touch her and how she couldn't handle it.

>mfw it was entirely her idea.

>mfw I just wanted to fap



Am I really that bad? ;_;


>Species: Shapeshifter

Fuck every single one of you faggots.


File: cd6a73c7328b41e⋯.jpg (56.66 KB, 480x595, 96:119, i am a little upset.jpg)


I have no idea. I like the profile, but the sort of person the Lounge attracts I want absolutely nothing to do with, and from what I remember you're in there. Just a knee-jerk reaction of mine, one you could possibly be the exception to.



Stop being a thirsty faggot hoping someone will be the 'exception'.


File: be187d9211cfc5e⋯.jpg (121.44 KB, 600x318, 100:53, sentient trashcan experien….jpg)


I mean it's no secret that I do frequent the lounge, but I can't reall claim that I'm not the sort of person you don't want to deal with, if only because a) I don't know what type of person that is and b) I don't feel like risking you getting disappointed because I turn out to be that kind of person

Still, I'm glad to hear you like the profile!



We're all thirsty faggots, Anon.



Not as thirsty as the faggots who keep PMing my femboy pining away because he's straight as an arrow. Fuckers piss me off.


File: 41a4269598a6f42⋯.jpg (10.5 KB, 480x353, 480:353, autism.jpg)


>first ding of the night, only just rolled into SDLFRP

>some Punk looking type wants a slice of trap

>not my first choice but whatever, let's see

>nigga wants a bratty, cocksure "I'll fuck an old man before crushing" trap to be bullied into being his angry nu-male character's slave, or be the target of obsession

The disconnect is real



Someone else who plays a straight femboy and gets endlessly dogged by whiny faggots? Nice.



Can't people read what it says on his orientation? I'll never understand this




>mfw gay femboy getting pinged by straight guys

>especially straight femboys


File: 0a5d95439befd64⋯.png (147.06 KB, 354x367, 354:367, fug.png)


>Actually playing a femboy.



That dude approaches every single (human) female character I fuckin' got. I entertained him the first time, since there's almost nobody else in this world who cares about shoefucking as much I as do, but god damn does he have the least sexual writing styl possible. I just don't get how somehow could be that boring.




They probably figure they'll be that one who'll be able to break through and finally get you to start fucking guys. I mean, it's not entirely out of the realm of possibility.


The gayest of faggots.


>Approach someone with bare profile, but say they do 2-5 sentences.

>Fine. The art is lewd. They're fairly slutty. Could be fun.

>Getting into it. I'm one of those guys who finds it hard to write less than 4 sentences but I'm sure she'll do fine.

>They're only keeping up with a barely 2-sentence pace. Alright, fine… kinda expected that, but whatever.

>Belt out a meaty 5 sentence response after trying to lower to her pace. Can't fit all the lewd in a shorter frame.

>Get roughly 8 words back.

>8 words.

>mfw this person can't even keep to the low end of their supposed post length.



>can't even change the kanji

Faggot. I bet you'd love to get your dick sucked.



Me or them.



Probably both, but them slightly moreso.


File: d1911c916303f34⋯.jpg (147.39 KB, 400x392, 50:49, 1420979590393.jpg)


>meaty 5 sentence response

You're like the King of the Retards.



That's great, fai. I belt out multi paragraph given enough to work with but I don't need textbooks to get off.

It's in context a 'meaty' response. I'm not going to bother with paragraphs when I'm getting met with 2 sentences. And anything less is where I give up.



Wasn't me, but five sentences isn't even meaty by anyone's standards. The people who say that are meaty are shit and don't take the hobby seriously in the slightest, and should be called the King Of The Retards that they are.

You fucking King of Retards.



sorry anon-fampai

i agree with fai, you're a retard


File: d3b83501d006804⋯.png (233.23 KB, 494x545, 494:545, ClipboardImage.png)

File: fbdd276452b3755⋯.png (401.46 KB, 503x943, 503:943, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9e0426692c6d7bb⋯.png (489.86 KB, 730x718, 365:359, ClipboardImage.png)


>when someone agrees with me for once in my useless existence

Stroke, stroke, stroke my ego more fampai.


>Hanging around when someone chats me up.

>Asks me if I'd still like to play after our talk last night.

>Have no idea what the fuck they're talking about. I wasn't even online last night, or for days for that matter.

>But since it's a canon I really want to dick, I go along with it.

>They're lewd as fucking Hell and write multi para.

>Some of the best sloppy text fucking I've had.

>They leave, saying 'Great as always, see ya!'

>They still think I'm this other person.

Did I run in to some, like… meta-bimbo or something? God damn.


I hate every single one of you cumbuckets who uses 'raises a brow'. You're worse than fucking 'flops on a couch' and 'hey' faggots, and that's really saying something.



Aand now gay boy is getting sniped on login by gay pink.

like what.



Did she have a blue alt at least?


File: ca32686eb0524f6⋯.jpg (69.91 KB, 356x265, 356:265, it will become so bad.jpg)

>person spontaneously deletes a profile we had a long-term play on

>they log into a room on an alt, ask what's up


>PM them asking for a solid yes or no answer

>get a sort of long-winded answer that doesn't really give me a yes or no and ends up frustrated

>tell them this, they suddenly act all exasperated and tell me about how they plan to leave the site and community we hang in, tell me to "find somebody more competent"

>it's sort of melodramatic and accusatory, i'm a little peeved and weirded out, but understand

>go back to chatting in the room

>they're suddenly extremely dismissive and shitty towards me, friends join in on the fun

>just noticed they removed all my guestbook posts from their profiles and theirs from mine

>all this because i asked for a solid answer

Why can't people on this website just be normal?

They have, of course, shown no intent of leaving the site or community and continue to log on regularly and chat in rooms, so…



Just take the massive amount of hints and fuck off. Despite what you believe, it's actually more 'normal' for people to want to avoid confrontation/hurting someone else by telling them they're not interested. It's called diplomacy and if them deleting their fucking character isn't a giant fucking clue that they don't want to bother with your retarded ass anymore then you need to get you head examined.

The relationships you form on these sites mean nothing to most people, and you're just painting yourself as an emotional clingy faggot by 'seeking the truth' so much when it's smacking you right in the face like a hairy dick.



Guess it was worth mentioning that we were pretty decent friends off-site and on, and talked/interacted regularly before all of this which is why I was more confused by it. I like to think I'm not that dense as to get this fucked up over something that there wasn't mutual investment in.

Either way, I still think that's a lot of effort and mental gymnastics to avoid saying "not interested, sorry." which I find bitch-worthy in and of itself.



Anons will tear you apart but I'd like to have a partner like you, you have my sympathy for being who you are. Just remember to behave with others the way you want them to act towards you if you find yourself on the other side.

I've always provided valid reasons whenever I stopped playing with someone because I had some, nobody threw a fit and we remained on good terms. I don't see the problem, I'm still in touch with some because they're fun to chat with.



Post profile, you seem nice.



No offence, but I don't think that's a good idea. Go ahead and post yours if you want.




>y-you first

>no, i insist you first

Just make a shitty profile for contact.


File: 9678e3b4d002a68⋯.jpg (35.11 KB, 377x527, 377:527, 1465968142763.jpg)



The pottery



>Gets a nice reply.

>Immediately dying of thirst and wants someone else to cling on to.

Holy fuck.


>Desired post length: Semi-Paragraph, 4-7 sentences

>RP with them

>They're clearly 1-2 sentence shitters

Jesus fuck, why? They had to make a conscious decision to select that. Do they think a sentence is on average 6-7 fucking words?


>Have a niche character

>Get maybe 1 approach a day if I'm lucky

>They're always shit

I'm doomed to never get any play.



post profile, I love obscure and weird characters/kinks.



So you can laugh at them, right? Same here anon, same here.



No I am legit interested in seeing what you want.






Same here. Do tell what you like.


File: 234a2609bd1e37a⋯.png (829.15 KB, 1065x859, 1065:859, DELET THIS lindy.png)

>someone PMs you

>"hey wanna RP?"


>"what do you want to do?"

>what about my profile got you interested?


Nigger you messaged me atleast have the initiative to say what you like holy fuck



On the flipside…

>Someone set to looking.

>Approach them with a scene idea from their profile.

>"Hmm don't know if that really interests me."

Bitch it's in your fucking profile, motherfucker.



Moods change fam.

Although of course if it's something persistent better edit the profile to reflect it.




Inb4 botfiles guy


File: deb972f78ee2a65⋯.png (40.04 KB, 300x192, 25:16, Gt you can t romance nick ….png)

>commenting on ads in public chat



Nothing else to talk about, I'd wager.


>Approach some canon who seems like they at least understand what the character is like

>Talk things out, they seem interested in the lewd at least.

>Start us off.

>Met with not only half the post length, but they're playing the character in the most boring, stilted, dry manner possible.

Fuck me.



Naah I'm pretty sure I would recognize him by now.

Also ">Get maybe 1 approach a day if I'm lucky" is much better than what he gets.


>has 'ic pms' in my no list

>gets a pm

>it's ic

>hey dude this is nice and all but i don't like ic pms

>oh it wasn't ic :p

Is it me or people just forget how to act properly around female characters?



No they act like fucking retards around my guy characters, too. Hell I'm the type that likes to practice being IC so if they walk up with fucking quotes over their words I'll reply as if I'm IC. Then they start talking about building a scene, with quotes. Fucking retards. Fuck off.




Yeah, it's not me. I've gotten maybe six approaches in my entire time on this site


File: d95af0bffbf544f⋯.gif (2.95 MB, 300x231, 100:77, 1445429510273.gif)

>used to get constant PMs that jarred me, from a certain someone

>they don't seem like someone who'd browse 8chan

>bitch about them here

>no longer receiving any PMs from said person on F-list after my bitching



Sounds more like anti bitching fam


File: ec0eea60539300c⋯.png (89.8 KB, 362x223, 362:223, 1483665690199.png)

>Finally finish profile

>Three moderately-sized paragraphs and a fair amount of formatting


>Press "Save Character"

>You have to be logged in to access this page.

Why the fuck would it log me out in the first place? Why is this the fifth time it's happened over the course of two years? Yeah, yeah, I need to get some kind of form recovery or write my characters in Notepad, but Lazarus for Chrome is dead and I'm immensely lazy.



Maybe niche wasn't the right choice of word. I play a Centaur pink, looking for long-term romance and breeding that leads to the eventual children being included in the roleplay, but not sexually. The big thing is I only want human partners, not big on anything else. It's just that surprisingly there isn't a huge amount of people willing to fuck horse pussy and the ones that are typically are terrible. It doesn't help that my current preference is notes at the moment(not opposed to using f-chat though) and everyone knows how much of a crapshoot those are. I've posted about it a couple times here, but my profile still needs a lot of work so I'm a bit hesitant to link it.



Fucking wew lad. Long term, romance, breeding, children AND a female centaur? The first 4 would be limited enough, but a damn centaur? Good fucking luck!


>tfw you have a male dominant profile with Oviposition and Living Insertion on fave but bloatfly-kun didn't even try approaching it yet



Lost your cookies or changed IP or logged on from a different device while editing.


File: 460e29047040453⋯.jpeg (98.15 KB, 400x305, 80:61, spy-kids-2-the-island-of-….jpeg)

>*Always IC* - This is hard to explain. As far as always being IC, I don't want you to talk about your character, as a separate entity. If we are in an RP, he/she him/her is obviously going to work because it's third person RP, however when talking outside of the RP, it must be in () or some form of that, and do not talk to me about your character, speak to me as if you are that person. It is an instant turn off to be told how your character likes something, or your character is a specific way. I will inform you, and if it happens often you will be blocked.

>*Abusive Relationship - I'll make sure that if we ever break up, you will remember me. (Completely Optional, for very specific people who prefer it this way.)

How the heck am I ever supposed to tell him to be abusive and engage in optional kinks like that if he refuses to talk OOC?


File: c24725c799f1f80⋯.png (6.94 KB, 343x239, 343:239, using chrome.png)


>using chrome



> Lazarus for Chrome is dead

How ironic.


Fucking /tg/ mods



>not liking death grips is now a kickable offense



>Being a braapposter

No help for you.


File: 401b906f1c96656⋯.png (446.04 KB, 439x493, 439:493, you like crabby patties do….png)


Sounds like someone get get get got got got got* kicked for being a punkass pleb



sounds like you're gey lol


File: 9df9b7c6fb69772⋯.png (105.28 KB, 294x657, 98:219, 6366997.png)


>I remember when /mu/ was good

/mu/? Good? What a fuckin' joke.


Why is it so hard to find a good, simple tentacle beast profile?


File: eb00bbfe1b479ee⋯.gif (994.83 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 1410882522591.gif)

>This guy with a shit-tier profile sends me an IC roleplay start out of the fucking blue

>the post itself is decent. nothing that blows me away but still much better than most shitters I've seen

>haven't been getting any plays so I decide, what the hell, let's humor him

>begin to roleplay, posts are fine

>we start getting to the sex

>I send a sexy post about slurping up on his dick

>silence for ten minutes


>I get the automatic "this user does not want to receive messages from you"

>mfw this shitter probably blew his load and immediately blocked me afterwards

>mfw at least I don't have to deal with that moron anymore



I guess you really blew that one.


File: c95f1ebafb5ae87⋯.jpg (15.64 KB, 261x180, 29:20, B O I.jpg)

>make a new purple name

>finish up the profile, log on, set myself to looking

>instant ping

>motherfucking AGENT JACK



I play straight purples. Am I missing something here?



>Death grips

Might as well record otakus nya'ing and faggots spouting dead memes then mix it all in a cancer track to listen to that shit all day.



You're going to tell us about how /mu/ used to be good, aren't you?


File: 407cb43bf0a8c50⋯.png (16.11 KB, 388x173, 388:173, ClipboardImage.png)

>get approached by some bitchbroken profile devoting their entire existence to this generic BBC bitchbreaker




>blue e

Let me guess, some Tyrone motherfucker?


File: e796f5cb422908b⋯.png (438.86 KB, 400x500, 4:5, kill me.png)

>want to do yuri stuff on my pinks

>finally find character from same canon

>orientation: straight

>want to try straight instead with other canons

>orientation: gay

Why can't people just be fucking bisexual


I hate every single motherfucker who logs in, heads to a sex RP room with absolutely no intention to have any sex and just talk about their boring fucking day with their stupid idiot friends.

The only thing I hate worse, is people hanging out in rooms when public sex is going on, and they fucking pull out popcorn. Fuck you God damn unimaginative cheeky cunts. Just shut your traps.


>Get online, do a lewd IC advert looking for some quick fun. Just present those dicks, people.



>"Hey want to set up a scene?"


>"Boy I would love to kidnap you"

>This times fucking 30

I swear you can't even be a fucking slut on this chat program, holy shit.


File: 2a45d790aee32b9⋯.png (131.86 KB, 405x400, 81:80, 12341356.png)

>Find someone that is pretty witty and can write three sentences without falling into kindergarden in a private chatroom.

>Hit them up and discuss a possible scene, they like it both it's pretty late so we decide to start it another time

>They are in the same private chatroom every day, but they never ever set themselves to Looking

>Can't muster the balls to ask them if they want to start the scene

I think I now understand the hate people have with these rooms


File: 97f02af4f6e3f81⋯.jpg (13.85 KB, 176x270, 88:135, 1451377925423.jpg)


>tfw I worry this might be me



>Make an advert stressing that I'd like to do a quickie. Tired of doing buildup where someone just fucks off when it gets to the actual sex part.

>Someone approaches with an idea… it sounds good. Works with the character. Okay, fine.

>2 hours in.

>They poof the moment we get to the sex.

It's my own fault for not listening to myself.



Not at all. /mu/ is fucking disgusting.



Profile? I usually go for mpreg/living inserts because that's more than likely gay rather than straight guys. I don't look for specifically oviposition because it's very broad



Your own fault for going to that shithole. May as well hang out in frontpage or STGC if you want to be exposed to cancer.



>Ravina Ulond

LMAO. First time I read anything you said I pictured you as one of those useless 8chan rejects that are too stupid to fit in and they have no idea why. Hilarious to see you here.

Stick to 8chan rooms before you get banned and asshurt.


>IC only

At least let me ask enough questions to confirm I'm not wasting a post, okay?


So there's a bunch of people who basically message me, we start flirting a bit, they take 20 minutes to answer with just barely two lines, and then they randomly just plain go silent altogether.

To those people, I want to ask: how does it feel to be born with crippling autism?


>Person's icon is an insignia red lotus

>Sleuth through their profile for a description of some kind


>Go to their image tab

>Images (0)

>Go to info tab

>Body type, human. Build, average. Height 5'7. Occupation Mercenary. Gender is female. They're a switch. No other sexual details listed.

Why the fuck. I don't even know if they have hair or not on their head ffs what the hell is this bullshit.



They're likely talking to a few people to feel things out and pick the best partner.


People that have a million fucking customs and all of them are just copy pasted from Profile References.


>Most girls are dykes and act with all the sexuality of a sponge.

>Femboys and twinks always act sexy and alluring in a feminine way.

>mfw don't like cock, but pinks are such shitters.



Don't worry anon, just treat them as and refer to them as girls and it's okay!


File: daecc5ce21c53b8⋯.jpg (137.79 KB, 980x1040, 49:52, dae.jpg)


>he's too much of a pussy to say anything in the chat rooms

>H-hilarious to see you here you 8chan retard

>anon also lurks 8chan

How's that going for you anon? Does my shitposting rustle your jimmies?

Fuck me anon, grow some balls.



/mu/ was never good, thatsthejoke.png



My favorites are the ones who ask what you want to do or what you're interested in. Especially after a lewd IC advert.



>Long term romance and breeding that leads to kids not being involved sexually

Hitting every fucking note anon. Nor do I have a problem with centaurs.



Did you get rejected by this guy yet fallout boy.






>Make a fat pervert character to try something new.

>Every girl that approaches wants shit like smegma, loads of sweat, brain-drugging musk, prolapse

>mfw I just wanted a different character shape to interact with people, not become slob city.










Funnily enough, I've never gotten that. Just dickcheese. Every fucking person wanting dick cheese. Jesus Christ.




That would be too easy. And I'm kinda focusing on other kinks than breeding recently. Just was amused that you didn't spot me while I was active.


Ooh I had that as maybe.


I think that guy was mentioned in the previous rounds of bitching.


File: fdd005c714e763c⋯.jpg (27.61 KB, 370x699, 370:699, 1494251324297.jpg)

>All the good profiles I'll never be able to talk to because I'm deathly afraid of someone thinking I'm shit


>Approach someone advertising they're a sex robot designed to follow any orders given them.

>They refuse the orders IC saying that they have the option to refuse if they don't like the person.

Can you at least get OOC to tell me not interested instead of writing up some stupid shit like that? Holy fuck.



That person is in the process of updating their profile I think. They're been doing it for the last two months or so. I'm pretty sure they're waiting to get new art before writing anything, since they had some before wiping the profile of much of the content. So take that for what ya will.


File: afb62b2c3fe7cc0⋯.jpg (6.83 KB, 194x259, 194:259, burr.jpg)

>person approaches asking if you're an alt of someone else you've never heard of, followed by a churlish invitation to continue

>you're not

>so awkward that you don't even know what to say

Not only is it just straight weird, but now I'm concerned that I'm unintentionally plagiarizing.


File: eb69010e5fa86c3⋯.png (381.47 KB, 720x538, 360:269, 1453099842367.png)


>all the fat perverts Only want little girls to rape


File: 755e3dc1e70417c⋯.png (1.56 MB, 786x1008, 131:168, JESUS DICK.png)






Is he a problem? You're already in the bitching thread, spill the beans. He joined a channel I peruse recently and I'm curious what to look out for.


File: 6ad86544041680e⋯.jpg (6.9 KB, 572x380, 143:95, Give me the gas that I mig….jpg)

>Trap character could use a profile touch-up

>Nothing suggested in the profile help thread caught my eye

>Lack any idea how to do an eighth of the fancy shit people do

>No idea how to make inline images work

>Remember all the work I put into my last profile, the pride I had in it

>Remember how absolutely nothing changed

>Motivation to make something worthwhile again dipping

It needs some work but there's already a million femboy stroke traps running around. Way back when I had the character mute as a gimmick and its starting to look like I might need it again


>sets self to looking on one of my purples

>gets multiple femboy approaches

Thanks but no thanks. I actually like my men to look and act the part.



You played your stupid game, you won a stupid prize. Have you considered not acting like a rancid cunt? That was the mods' problem you actual autist. That you started screeching about how you were being oppressed because you spat out a screeching rant about a band you didn't like, and insulted the people who might have liked it. You where told to stop being an idiot a few times already, and then you kept bulldozing along, screeching all the while.



fuck off, gracella.




Don't you have a hugbox to encase yourself in? God the Mods where too fucking easy on you. This isn't even the first time the Mods have had to step in to make you shut your screech-hole Ravina. Are you so actually brain dead as to not follow a basic set of rules and read big signs?


File: e8bb937e27fe127⋯.jpg (62.75 KB, 600x1148, 150:287, 24e.jpg)


>implying I'm Ravina

Nice try, Gracella.


File: e8d44857a79cd7f⋯.jpg (22.74 KB, 232x270, 116:135, 1456646926038.jpg)





>all this over some random in a random-ass room

>tfw you're glad you never have to deal with this shit because you don't tread F-list like MSN or idle in rooms



right now i'm just having a laugh at the expense of some downy /tg/tard, don't mind me.



Gracella you're a grandfather mod. Time to step down.



Is that common? I do get a lot of loli play on my fatty but not like it's all I look for.

Then again the older ones are the type that tend to want smegma and shit.



you must really like death grips to be this upset.



It's a gender thing anon. All the fat perverts want girls (female) All those lewd "40 year old man mating presses a femboy into oblivion" comics have lied


>Death Grips is literally shit

>There are people who don't agree

Who knew.


File: e2f8472633c1d78⋯.jpg (145.05 KB, 1400x1400, 1:1, 1445751532590.jpg)


>Pretending to be retarded by going le board used to be so much better!!




It's called shitposting, you should try it sometime anon.



>I was just pretending to be retarded!




but they weren't pretending to be retarded

you, however, actually ARE retarded.


File: a678b2c164ee922⋯.png (149.95 KB, 198x328, 99:164, 1440935666239.png)


How you hurt me so, anon

How about you make me faggot



>threatening people over a mongolian image board whilst using anime characters as reactions

Truly you're a loser.


File: 425801bc6625bec⋯.png (457.36 KB, 792x792, 1:1, 1442340388664.png)


Why are you so mean, anon?

Whatchu gonna do about it huh?


File: 5ec7c0b6517050e⋯.png (877.63 KB, 800x453, 800:453, cent dicks.png)


Masturbate furiously.



I like your style, anon


File: 92ce7712928a8fb⋯.png (98.85 KB, 220x333, 220:333, How, when and why you shou….png)


I am someone completely irrelevant to this discussion, butting in just to post Descartes.

That is all I am, that is all I ever will be.



based anon brings harmony through Descartes once again



I support you in your efforts, Descartanon

The world would be a better place with more Descarte


File: 5c8b2674ff206e0⋯.png (171.64 KB, 631x457, 631:457, Give her the D.png)


Harmony through Descartes.

Unity through dick.


>Play a blue

>All these shitter pinks

>Even when I do get to play, they're always expecting rape.

>Don't even like most rape. maybe dub-con at most.

>All of this is the awful type of rape, where I'm just fucking them and all they have to do in return is cry and flinch around. Not sexy at all. The vast majority of them don't even have a fucking personality.

>Play a shemale

>All these pinks throwing themselves down to gargle cock in lewd definition

>Shaking their asses, spreading their pussylips in offering, squealing out in pleasure while they're fucked hard.

>Plenty have a nice personality and make it show, and those that don't are lewd enough I don't care.

No wonder so many people play dickgirls and gay girls. Fucking straight play is horrible.



>play straight blue

>have wide variety of partners with varied interests

>can get anything from hard rape to lovey-dovey slice of life romance at a moments notice

maybe your character was just shit, anon.



>Play shit male

>Get shit pinks

>Play shit shemale

>Get awesome pinks

Yeah still not really convincing there.



>can get anything from hard rape to lovey-dovey slice of life romance

Sounds like you're just after different things, because those both sound absolutely awful.



I only listed two extremes. But I'm also not a downy who fixates on one thing and one thing only, so maybe by virtue of not being an actual retard I'm able to find partners suited to what I'm looking for at any given time.

really makes you think



But the thing is, I can find partners suited for what I want just so much easier with a shemale, because the ones who target blues are so painfully unsexy.

I mean, maybe that's your thing. It sounds like your thing since you're the one bringing up brutal rape and lovey dovey stuff, but I'm here to have erotic fun, not pretend I've got a virtual girlfriend.



>list two extremes

>retard can't understand that it's two extremes and not the entire scope of interest

Honestly I'm starting to think that maybe the shitter pinks came to you because you gave off an air of shittiness.


File: 6675c1182c03c33⋯.gif (729.2 KB, 1600x1000, 8:5, You could've given her the….gif)




>Play a straight pink

>Get some shitty blues but a majority of the time I get pretty good RP requests from them.

>Currently in a really nice few slice of life RPs and one involving a drug dealer.

Am I doing it right?



Could be. Either way, does it matter? Shemales are just so ridiculously easier to find really lewd and kinky sex on that I'm surprised not everyone plays them.

Seems like on my blue all I ever get is someone wanting some brutal rape or offering to be a God damn sex slave even though I have sex slaves as a firm no right on my profile. The rare time I do get someone who can actually play a sexually expressive character that knows how to do more than breathe a porny moan isn't enough. Shemales all the way for me, now.


File: e5cde5a59567747⋯.png (267.23 KB, 469x357, 67:51, 1457223472700.png)


>sexually expressive

>knows how to do more than breathe a porny moan


>All these pinks throwing themselves down to gargle cock in lewd definition

>Shaking their asses, spreading their pussylips in offering, squealing out in pleasure while they're fucked hard.

sounds to me like you've just lowered the bar because you realized it's the only way to get play.

It's okay to be terrible, anon, it's okay.




meant to quote this, not the straight pink thing, rip me.



He has insects and mpreg as a maybe so he wouldn't even show up on my kink search. I don't remember this profile



>play blues and pinks

>my niche tastes impede me from getting much play

>too afraid to approach most of the profiles I like because of Debilitating Anxiety™

>cherish my two partners even though they're gradually losing interest in me

Day of the rope soon, anon?



Lowered what bar? The quality of partners I've gotten these days has skyrocketed.



I ain't gonna lie to you, anon. It probably is. I know I get bored of the same partner pretty quick. Well, not so much 'bored', but I want to try to meet new partners to fuck different pinks and having a steady ERP partner would cut into that majorly.

I have a fat male character that I don't log on to much anymore because he's pounced the moment I log on. Fucking Hell, I made a mistake telling people I'd be interested in doing more scenes in the future.



>complains that shit males attract pinks that want dub-con so they make a shit purple

Well, gee, anon. Then make a good blue that doesn't give off the look of a creepy nigger that can only get any through force.

It's good that you've settled with the pinks that throw themselves at purples, I can rest assured I won't end up sending a pm to your shitter ass by mistake.


Be honest anons. I ask because the profile help thread is quite wholly dead. Do I revert my trap to a mute slut who communicates through sign language, text messages and a little notepad? I did it once before, long ago and it worked well enough



That's actually kinda cute, good mutes are hard to come by

I'd say go for it!



A shit purple that has me rolling in delicious ERP, anon. I don't quite get what y'all are trying to play at because I ain't looking to be some fantastic blue that takes all this effort to make some hulking force of personality when I can just have the hot and horny pinks lining up to take loads with an average/shit dickgirl.



>Make a trap character.

>Make the profile female because he's a trap, of course. All girly and with a sentence at the end of the backstory that mentions she's got a penis.

>Get loads of dumb guys who let me suck them off.

>Some go off on their merry way after I blow them. Sometimes I mention stroking my little girly cock under my dress and they don't even notice, or at least pretend not to.

>Do the big reveal when the dress is pulled up and they want to fuck me.

>That delicious moment when they say they shoot me, or knock my face into a brick wall, or just OOC tell me to go fuck myself.



I feel you Anon.

>Put all my questionable kinks on a purple quarantine profile to do normal stuff on my pinks/blues

>Rarely log into it

>Still get more play on purple/notes asking when I'll be on than any of my other profiles.



Taking advantage of retards that don't read the profile.That's a very nice meta.



Oh well, if that's what works with you. I just dislike shit purples that approach me even when I have anything that isn't heteroplay in the no's while assuming that I'm going to kneel down for them and worship their shitty cock just because they're purples.


File: 40d9607e299c899⋯.jpg (1.13 MB, 2240x1400, 8:5, Behold, the basic bitch.jpg)



>They don't just get mad and fuck you even harder than they intended to upon realizing that you tricked them

What fags.


File: ff5e49e929c4d8b⋯.png (187.15 KB, 346x406, 173:203, 1437359623846.png)



>back row standing



Yikes, shooting or hitting you? That's a bit extreme. I'm tempted to do this on my pinks now.


File: 54a7130b5a433d7⋯.jpg (126.79 KB, 536x291, 536:291, ^47495038773B2C2C8C20043D7….jpg)

>people who have nice profiles but not a preference for IC or OOC or planning or whatever





>approaching anyone IC


It'd be immediately obvious to anyone actually intelligent, you fuckfaggot.



I don't approach anybody anymore since I get plenty of play just shooting out an advert. No need to worry. As an aside I wouldn't ask for any cock worship anyway. The whole bitchbreaker scene isn't something I look for but if they just want to slut it up I ain't gonna stop them.


You really do simply need to try harder to get interest as a blue. If you're vanilla and just like sex without the whole BDSM, breeding, smegma, farting in their face or some other fetish that'll have people with limited partners come running, you don't have a chance. Hell, even BBC shitters will get plenty of attention. Especially harrowing because the majority of the pinks I've seen are super vanilla and generic anime girls but they don't want blues that offer the same. They want more.


File: 01743085417ee51⋯.png (251.06 KB, 480x362, 240:181, 16999178_842226462583532_2….png)


this is a formal apology.



I dunno, I get IC approaches and it's fine most of the time. Not like I'm gonna turn away someone who looks fun just because they want to stay in character.


>Approach a sex bot, programmed to obey all orders

>They literally blow up IC because the will to disobey me is so strong

>tfw no futre home because even sexbots will refuse me


File: 198464b1e4997ae⋯.jpg (45.78 KB, 516x548, 129:137, friend zoned so hard.jpg)


File: d4caebc3062860e⋯.jpg (443.89 KB, 2400x3200, 3:4, TeriSit(small).jpg)


and the revamp is done. I'd give it an inline but I only have my commissioned porn and i donno how to work any of it




That's funny as fuck.



>>They don't just get mad and fuck you even harder than they intended to upon realizing that you tricked them

I'd love to do this one day. Not in the gay way though, just…as a display of dominance. Gotta put that faggot in his place, you know? h-heh…



This tends to be a huge thing in the gay rooms. It's kinda weird.



Degradation is a pretty big kink from what I've seen in general. Just look at all those BBC profiles.


File: 0aa5763cec51d06⋯.jpg (146.1 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, well memed.jpg)


noice anon

please tell me you've got logs



No homo?


File: 340375c07feef2c⋯.jpg (98.58 KB, 750x720, 25:24, image_4.jpg)


You're probably right, anon. Once it happens I'll just make a shemale profile and go off the deep end. What could possibly go wrong?



I don't know. Maybe I'll see your vid on liveleak after you kill yourself once you try and get a MtF gender reassignment?


File: c1eaa8b27bf9dfd⋯.gif (1.85 MB, 610x405, 122:81, ilIv9[1].gif)

>play once with a person

>totally dominate them

>make them my jizzpig

>they refuse to edit their profile or become my exclusive slave

>after telling me all this shit about how great i am

Some people are so fucking entitled



I tend to prefer not to post mine, sadly.



You're the one who was asked to change your profile and you're looking for validation, aren't you?



I don't know who is the shitter in this situation.


File: 7756f3fc3eb7d54⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 25.5 KB, 128x128, 1:1, just shoot me.png)


sounds about right.


The fuck is a murr?



murr o Wo


File: c693c562ae1f2b6⋯.jpg (20.45 KB, 326x326, 1:1, tmp_17942-1484711574472821….jpg)

>tfw highly specific craving for a character archetype

>no one that I know of plays this kind of character

>search function is a fruitless effort as usual

>the related rooms are really dead

Where the fuck do I find female scientists in F-List? I can't be this bad at looking for partners.



Depends, do you want actual serious scientists doing actual serious science, or girls who inject a tentacle monster with a mystery concoction and then jam the whole thing up their ass just to see what happens?



preferably the first anon, i don't like tentacles very much

that might be an aggravating factor


File: 80056b75e213bc3⋯.png (715.57 KB, 497x922, 497:922, and there's more.png)


I've recently been thinking of making an Amadeus.


>Someone chats me up.

>Asks me to select someone from their profile to play with, or I can select 'the mystery girl'.

>Of course, I have to select the mystery door girl.

>We start playing.

>Mystery girl is revealed to be Samus Aran.

>tfw got a gag prize


File: 9894d84f10e7f7c⋯.png (702.48 KB, 768x576, 4:3, the mystery box.png)


Never trust the mystery box.

But what could be inside?



>tfw they asked me to choose something for her to wear, too. Not from a list, just tell them what I want them to wear.

At this point I may as well just RP with myself.


>recently found a new partner to play with

>been really slow but amazing

>some of the best I've had in a long time

>he starts to have problems

>come on today

>character's been deleted

My hopes, dreams and enthusiasm. Gone.


I was thinking about doing a Kurisu or Okabe as well.




>Find a nice partner

>We're RPing along

>Some guy clearly doesn't like this, making snide comments

>RP with partner in private. They have to go. Sure, pick it up some time.

>Guy makes more snide comments mentioning about my partner leaving.

>Ask him in private if he can refrain from being so interested in scenes I'm doing, enough so that they know whether someone I'm RPing with has left or not.

>Turns out they've RPed with this person before and were chatting them up earlier.

>Okay but still, would appreciate someone not following me along that much. Especially not commenting on things that happen OOC that I can't control.

>Starts telling me how they know this person, and they don't like how I play.

>mfw their friend approached me.

>mfw I realize they're some orbiter.

>mfw I don't know if I even want to bother anymore, or continue out of spite to the orbiter.

[spoiler]To be fair it was autist to ask OOC if he'd fuck off with his comments,

but I thought it was fucking weird.[/spoiler]



If you're still around, here's mine. Still in the process of reworking the profile a bit. no bully https://www.f-list.net/c/priscilla%20yuria



You were a fool to give the orbiter any attention whatsoever.

You must continue to spite the orbiter. But do not give the orbiter any hint whatsoever that you notice they exist.


File: 76b0f5cd225b6a6⋯.png (245.14 KB, 450x349, 450:349, 1471293660979.png)


> mfw rp a lot with a lesbian chick who keeps calling me mistress but isn't bothered by the fact I'm a guy playing a girl


File: a3d2ee9bc2b9c7c⋯.png (435.67 KB, 1282x2000, 641:1000, 7175490.png)

>Someone approaches me

>They are not in the Metaclub

Ez block


File: 2107d01e3ce6e7d⋯.jpg (15.35 KB, 500x441, 500:441, 1479532766544.jpg)

>warn people in my profile that I type in word

>warn them again before beginning any rp that I type in word- and since I always fucking start it might take a little bit

>forced to overcompensate for monitor size and write 3/5ths of a page

>last 3 partners have dropped most of the way into a post



File: a370d6abe39e06e⋯.gif (928.46 KB, 480x360, 4:3, texture detail.gif)


>on 720p monitor for a long time

>think my posts were long because they were like 4 or 5 lines

>upgrade to 1080p

>realize they were short as fuck


File: 527a44f74558a45⋯.jpg (79.92 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1430673631408.jpg)


and that's why I use word. What used to be 5-7 me turns into something closer to 3, so I type 12+ in word to get a halfway approachable block of text. This however takes time when you're -always- posting first


File: 164691e111b1b7a⋯.jpg (67.45 KB, 680x1020, 2:3, 1471676050328.jpg)

So tonight I've enjoyed

>one go-dark horse anthro (I've never had a good example with a horse, drop-outs are common)

>one sub-par human. I'm thirsty enough to indulge an he goes dark after a post

>several hours as the first and only post in three 50-person plus channels

>one edgelord who set off too many red flags even for me to ignore

I tell people first posts might take a little while, I've jazzed up the profile, I'm using a low-effort to read add that's 60% images as is the popular style. I've even taken steps to improving my rp as a whole and still next to nothing.

I have not had a good night. Either the fact that I've been online since probably 5am in burgertime is the problem or I am the least desirable femboy type on f-list. Forgive the pity party, it's been frustrating


File: 68a502544e11af1⋯.png (95.97 KB, 317x347, 317:347, 1476551617975.png)


>least desirable femboy type

What would that be? Because there's plenty of "gimme dem cummies daddy-o" femboys out there.



I exaggerate for effect. Mine is fairly close to that just with more effort put in. See >>138914 for the link


File: 548b1e008ee4e8f⋯.png (367.75 KB, 1000x1250, 4:5, 1473600943483.png)


So I'm right.



well that's discourageing


>find someone roleplaying a canon I love

>but the slimmer version of said character

>fetishes that line up pretty well with my own

>says he'll play the fat version of the character upon request but not for the sake of a fetish

>pretty sure he just means "no brap/slob/etc" but my dumbass self still feels nervous approaching him

>bookmark him and still haven't approached after a year

I'm the reason people turn their bookmarks off.



… Elvis?



No, Bob from Tekken

Although the thought of Elvis did make me chuckle.


File: 2245deb824d35db⋯.jpg (58.58 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 2245deb824d35db463115f5e4b….jpg)


Nage, what's the mixup

Bob is cheap.



what color was their hair and what race were they?

that may have been me


Maybe 70 words.

It's 4 frigging 30 in the morning and I've been looking since about 6pm. The man who wanted to break down a good deal of everything and he rolls out with maybe 70 words worth of opening post.

It's time I made a new character



and now that I read it, his opener has me asleep. Asleep in another room, I can do a bit with that but not much. I don't like being strangled down in posts




>omg I've raped this bitch in every hole *twice* why isn't she worshipping my cock yet?! THIS WHORE IS FUCKING DEAD

you've got issues dude



Did you quote the wrong post? There's no sex taking place. it's the absurdity of some suburban white girl looking at someone holding a gun on them, threatening it's either sex or their life, and deciding to put up a fight.

Kinda like tough guys who'll say they wouldn't suck a dick even if they had a gun on them. Hell these same guys would fucking blow you for some smokes in prison.



Silver haired kitsune femboy.



oh, false alarm then



You got my hopes up. ;-;


The fact that there are some public rooms where people start screeching when you post nsfw shit without tagging. You're on f-list retard. If you don't want nsfw shit, don't go on the site.


>Go to a public sex room

>50 billion dicks and one vagina

I don't know what I expected.



I mean yeah, probably.


File: 02e82bf2afe4a05⋯.png (75.79 KB, 529x436, 529:436, tfw.png)

>See a cannon I've been wanting to do a scene with for ages

>See they like in-character approaches

>Write an amazing opening, rich in setting-appropriate detail and hitting several of their kinks

>They go offline right before I get the opportunity to post.



>not just sending it in a note afterwards

In fact, I'd say that IC approaches are better in notes than f-chat. It doesn't put you on the spot so much and gives you time to consider.


File: 6c731f5aa99174d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.67 MB, 5616x3744, 3:2, 5714572457.jpg)


I'll be on all week.


Players that are really insecure about their sexuality are really annoying. If you're going to spend half your time in chat bitching about "G.I.R.L's" or how characters of the same sex responding to your shitposts is "the worst thing ever" maybe, just maybe you need to have a chat with yourself my guy.



>Respond to faggot and chat with them like a normal human being

>They PM you and figure you're down to fuck because you were civil to them for 5 seconds

Nah fuck that.



I would say that every homo out there doesn't want to fuck every other man out there, but then again, this is f-list we're talking about (like always). Talking to someone basically means you want to fuck, or are at least interested in them or their character.

And I wouldn't have it any other way.



I do get a lot of lesbians PMing me. But I tend to not let that ruin my experiences with talking with pinks/purples in chat. Guess I'm weird.


File: 961d9561424b887⋯.png (350.65 KB, 414x580, 207:290, flist pretty much.png)

you gays like my meme?



Fucking kill yourself.



that's not nice :c


File: 108ba1cdc642920⋯.jpg (132.83 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, I'll kill you until you di….jpg)


Neither is taking some widespread template that qualifies as funny to brainless retards and slapping on something relevant to spread it around in different circles. Fuck you.



Your outlook is so autistic it belongs in on the fridge.


>2000 fat titted big assed whores on at any time

>Make a woman with a modest pair of Bs and a slim figure

>First 5 people

>'ayyy baby can you play with J-cup tits????'

Fuck this game called life.


File: 0bbf8705bc608f0⋯.gif (133.55 KB, 340x340, 1:1, ThisFileContainsMetafilesa….gif)


Good job, you can use buzzwords as well as retarded memes. I'm proud of you.


>Get approached by someone.

>They have anal sex and 'anal whore' and 'loves having her pussy neglected' in their profile.

>Sweet, it's been a long time since I've played with a willing buttslut.

>Talk them up and say how I'd love to feel their pussy gushing on me while I rearrange their asshole.

>"Do you mind if I play more as unwilling and not liking it?"

>All hope, lost

What the fuck is this, even?



>not just saying "Yes, I do mind, I'd much rather you be willing."



What can I say, anon. I'm a giver with a glimmer of hope that having someone be bone dry when you're fucking them will somehow be erotic.

Also I told them I was looking forward to having their pussy gushing while I buttfuck them, and they threw that at me. It's clear what they were in the mood for.



Serves you right for having a shit-tier fetish, I guess.



Is buttfucking a fetish? It's pretty normie isn't it?



nigga, you're acting as if the ~30 seconds I spent making that shit was for you to post it all over the web when all I wanted was to make people sorta chuckle for .2 seconds :(

Geez my dude, do you always go spergo when you see a meme?


not same person, I'm the memelord



>'Hey I saw your ad, what do you wanna do?'

>Have exactly what I want to do in my advert

Why? How?


>females that have gay men listed in fav/yes

>females that hang out in gay male rooms and openly thirst/comment on how cute gay dudes are

Why this.

I really wish the mods kicked out pinks that came in rooms for gay men and vice versa. There's really no point of them being there.


File: 24882291f0e0aa5⋯.png (27.52 KB, 363x423, 121:141, oh.png)


> :(


>doesn't even understand the concept of anonymity

If you wanted to make someone chuckle, you would have either done something original or just put up a greentext, not stapled it onto a make-your-own-observation-instantly-funny placeholder for humor.

Fuck you.



It's called a "fujoshi". Look it up.



Do memes just trigger a Vietnam flashback in you or something?


File: 9c842fef969fc24⋯.jpg (33.87 KB, 896x349, 896:349, how did you do, anon.jpg)


Are you capable of justifying the "meme's" existence, or will you just dance around it like a jaffaboy? Because I sure don't see the point to appending a joke to a misused inside joke spread about to the point of becoming a virtual epidemic.



Or fag hags. I'm aware of them, it just never fails to surprise me.



Different anon. Nice try though.


File: ceadcfe0cd5298c⋯.gif (2.02 MB, 530x720, 53:72, SPATS.gif)


>continues being unable to understand the concept of anonymity

So you aren't. Then fuck off.


File: 94bc86bb2a360fa⋯.jpg (81.76 KB, 454x673, 454:673, ayy lmao0.jpg)


I'm not one of them, but even I sometimes fantasize about turning a gay man straight through the power of applying pussy to the D. Some of them might be the same, though hoping for some faggot to share their interest is slim, especially in that room.



You're way better off doing that in the straight room, private bi room, or just making a new room for that kind of shit.



Imagine sperging out this hard over a meme.



Sounds like a party.


File: a2cf1ae1f77369d⋯.png (324.06 KB, 414x580, 207:290, dam.png)



>save in notepad

>next time you can start quicker


Just don't snipe them on login.


File: b1e7be6489bb369⋯.gif (2.44 MB, 300x200, 3:2, shake that shit.gif)


>Just don't snipe them on login.

>they log in

>wait two minutes

>open window to reply


Ad infinitum.



>Smug Anime Meme

I bet you're the kind of guy that gauges their ears until they're gaping fag loops and eats at wendy's because you wanna fuck the meme personification that they didn't even make.



>Continues to claim others don't understand anonymity.

>Actually thinks pointing out that anons aren't the same people is misunderstanding.

Are you old enough to even be here?


we are lejuun haha xD


File: ad9761acc48ccd0⋯.jpg (88.44 KB, 500x661, 500:661, book of memes.jpg)




Mate, that's how we end up with rooms like Jugs & Mugs, wherein any "unapproved" gender entering the room, before even saying anything gets an instant ban without having a chance to see what is the deal.



>ever going to jugs and mugs



That's a bit too extreme. One of the rooms I'm in at least pms people before kicking them. Banning only goes to repeat offenders.

I've heard of Jugs and Mugs. But I'm not too familiar with it. Spill.



I gave the gist already.

If you are not a female gender, you get instabanned the moment you show in the userlist. No discussion or anything.

And according to general site rules, you would be ban evading if you visit the room on your girls.


File: 7afdf2dd10eba86⋯.jpg (77.48 KB, 640x628, 160:157, 1479530052378.jpg)


See that I can sorta understand. Being the asshole who sits in sex driven LFRP and sees the jugs'n mugs adds

Been there maybe once. Like more or less Every Other Room it is a cesspool of cultish in-jokes and memespam by people who actively don't want outsiders- or aggressively dead. People treating f-list like discord or facebook really activates my almonds. If you know what I mean


File: ae9671e299eb530⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, ae9671e299eb530c2aefd83193….png)

>Enjoy the feeling of seducing people into playing with me and just generally feeling irresistible

>I've come to the conclusion that I'm a huge attention whore

>Never actually enjoy the play itself, even though I always give it my best

>It feels like a huge time sink and honestly a big waste of time.

>Would much prefer writing smut alone for a blog than ERPing

>Would write more faster

>Would probably get more attention that way as well

>Still, can't get over the ecstasy of that first contact when I hook them in

>Repeat ad infinitum

How do I end this suffering /erp/? Does anyone else feel this way? Be honest!

I blame /erp/ for not having a smut general.



>not just writing smut anyway



I sometimes want to just skip on the whole partner thing and write my own smut because I know me, I know what I like and I will always be able to hit the right buttons. But I haven't yet gone too far with it, just mostly written a few series of notes I'd occasionally send some partners of mine.



I make a lot of profiles to get attention, kinda? It's not really for the play, but just to kinda measure what sort of characters, genders, profiles and adverts get the most attention, and the level of attention they get.

If I actually roleplayed with all these dummy characters I'd never have any time to myself.



halfchan has smut thread on /d/


Guestbook cherries are dumb.

Most posts in guestbooks are also dumb.


File: 0da3121a7d4ebbc⋯.gif (1.09 MB, 500x281, 500:281, W3XcjTY.gif)

What time is it? 'Someone got drunk again and made a Vocaroo reading a profile on F-list out of rage and hatred for our shit hobby'?

If you guessed that, you have a rather lovely memory and incredible skills at knowing the people I talk to regularly! You should check yourself for Fai-ism swiftly.


I can't fucking breathe goddamnit.

Source Profile; https://www.f-list.net/c/Asterion

Can you find where this reading comes from?! It's not very hard.

Is this fit for the bitching thread? No. But its fucking hilarious and I don't care. Have a laugh and come back whining fuckers.


File: eb087d290bb2f8c⋯.jpg (87.18 KB, 379x214, 379:214, wtf.jpg)

>Be minding my own business and shooting the shit with some friends on the /erp/ room

>Someone approaches me all of sudden

>Act friendly and naturally, most of the people I've met from this board are at the very least pleasant.

>Guy proceeds to spill his spaghetti and talk about a million things that don't have anything to do with his character or mine.

What's worse is that he's the kind of person who can't type a complete sentence, he fucking has to







And it drives me fucking crazy.



I hate when femboys do that.


>Hanging around

>Someone approaches looking for an ageplay scene.

>Sure, do you have any reference image?

>Real or drawn?

Enjoy your B&.


File: 04c2a2fe00f549c⋯.jpg (22.64 KB, 154x193, 154:193, IMG_0450.JPG)


>Not be on a profile in totally-not-exaggerated eons.

>See it randomly linked in bitching thread

>Person is way too incoherent to know what it has to do with anything.

I'm confused. What'd I do?



Your profile is inane self-wanking rant and is rightfully getting made fun of.



>tfw I do the sentence thing sometimes when I'm drunk





What do you expect from fetish so devoid of variance and any ounce of creativity?



I'm pretty sure All Hail Horsecock was like, the OG.

And as more people put his icon on their profiles, the whole number/inline format got spread around a lot more.



Dumb sluts like it when people talk shit to them and eat it up when other people do it in their profiles.

Fat inlines and inline text are pretty cheap tricks to give off the illusion of quality, but in truth what's happening is that lots of people do it, and it works, so why in all hell wouldn't they do the exact same thing if they want to get the exact same thing anyway?

The point is anyone who writes in that hyperdom format or has a brand is likely one of those kinds of people that act like a nice guy underneath mountains of "Lol fuk u I'm a stud" ICly.

It's not hard to degrade these kinds of people, just predicting how shitty their attempts at comebacks are usually drives them crazy.

>inb4 you're funny anon

>inb4 you're jealous anon

>inb4 muh novel writing bitches


I can't tell if the majority of blue names are just shit or if my particular somewhat niche character is just attracting shitters. Maybe they're all secretly amazing roleplayers but all of the male responses I've had so far are profiles with like 1-3 lines of description and no customs.

Maybe I should stop being so picky and give them a chance but I don't wanna risk wasting my time when everything points towards it not being a fun time…



Well, the majority of people on F-list are shit. Sad, but true.

Just so happens that males are more common and, thus, more commonly shit.


>made a wip throwaway profile to work out details

>didn't set privacy, got a bookmark

>for giggles asked to contact me in an update

Guess what I get?

A horse anthro shitter friend request despite NO FURS being like one thing set on it.


>straight blue out of the pale

>pseudo-IC approach about being "intimidated by my strong energy"

>look at his profile

>alpha-male slave master

>pretty sure his picture is just christian grey

>he's just christian grey

>always dominant

>but it apparently stops working whenever he sees someone that's not a slut

>he's like 6'4" and 190 lbs, but also muscular

>cock color: black

>you're a closet slut anyway

I have so many questions


>Raises a brow

Please fuck off.



*nudges her.*

Still awake, dear?


>be on my str8 male

>looking for short grills

>profile clearly states I prefer very short pinks

>ad makes mention of that detail as well

>i'm talking 4'6" through 5'2" shit boi

>still get approached by uggo 5'7" and above scum

'tall' chicks need love too but this is like my only profile where I get to relish in this type of sizeplay, I don't like the extremes and prefer to have it more grounded in reality





Dude probably just thinks that a pair of abs and some semi-developed biceps are enough to qualify his char as muscly. Like the people who watch 50 shades and think the main guy is anything other than toned.

>cock color: black

I assume the character was caucasian? And he could've simply misclicked, black is right next to pink in the cock colour section.


*teleports behind you and fondles your boobies and runs before you can do anything*


File: 648239dd6c8308a⋯.png (124.01 KB, 1653x601, 1653:601, ClipboardImage.png)




What's wrong with this?



>Please have a profile.

>Literally does not have a profile

>/erp/ goes 'whats wrong with this'

Please die.



It gets the idea across, looks like it has images, and has the kinks filled out with customs. Good enough, and better than most shitters.



>Grammar Sluts

What did she mean by this?


File: d6cfc18a43c9288⋯.gif (904.25 KB, 500x532, 125:133, 1440699321909.gif)


Its actually on the tier of most shitters.

>Someone is actually telling me this is a profile

I think its time to stop /erp/.



What can I say, I prefer to learn about a character through roleplay and interaction instead of 10 paragraphs of backstory, so just getting the basic idea across of what you're looking for is a-ok by me.




>Implying I'm not complaining about the fact that they don't even have a base description of their character

>Implying most of my characters have a backstory and not facts of their current existence

>Implying all these customs literally aren't one line lists of bullshit that can barely be described as potentially erotic

>/erp/ is so fucking shit this gets the time of day



I really despise the deviantart-tier inlines people are doing now with the text written in with the images.


File: 74feab8ddb416d2⋯.png (22.24 KB, 291x99, 97:33, ClipboardImage.png)


I want Q U A L I T Y English thank you very much!!!!



>Description when they have images

Useless info and profile padding. But you would know a lot about padding, wouldn't you?



The slob and fat rooms really are just the worst of the worst in that fetish. Apparently it only involves the type of people you'd find on the show my 600 lb life.



Okay, so they want proper grammar and spelling, that's fine.

But how does that make someone a 'Grammar Slut'? Does she take ANYONE with good grammar? Is she the Grammar Slut? Or is it the opposite? Is she suggesting we're the Grammar Sluts?

Really makes you think.



I like to think it means that we're all LOOSE and WILD with our grammar, outside of her. Implicating that we, ourselves - are the sluts in this equation.

Her degradation is quite skillful, don't you agree?



I've been playing a non-slob fat character for ages lurking in that room and even though the room is as shitty as you say, I've never gotten those kinds of shitty approaches, so I think that's a slob-kink thing.



Might be an issue with my character's main trait of being an outright asshole, so these people figure I want to go full bore with just pissing on their face.

And he does live a crappy place and just lay around, but Christ, that doesn't have to include smegma.



How about someone who'd open their mouth and fellate the barrel?



That rude character element may be why. You're pretty much never going to be able to find people who won't immediately go ALL THE WAY with fat and slob related kinks because they're so fucking weird. And I say this as someone who does roleplays where my character becomes so fat she can't walk, I know I'm not immune here.



>have "ic only" in my fave

>get a pm

>its ooc

>another pm

>its ooc

>lose enthusiasm and log out

I learned a long time ago there are way too many people who burn themselves out or have no real interest in playing beyond the set-up and playful flirting portion.


>really want to do a roleplay where I (female) seduce a lesbian and gradually introduce the idea of them sucking cock until she's completely addicted to it and cucks me in favor of big, fat dicks

>have zero luck with it to the point I'm almost getting bloatfly levels of thirst

I feel unclean



Female orientation play is a huge rarity, Anon. It's easier to find lesbians who aren't solely after shemale dick.


>Go to some RP room

>Everyone just talking about how bored they is/how boring the place is



Fuck me sideways.


Yeah, the sooner I can get into actually playing, the better. I won't turn down OOC approaches but I can honestly go along with just about any starter from simple and cliche to highly involved. If they want me to suggest a scene I'd be happy to after examining their profile for a bit, but these people who are trying to stuff a billion kinks into one go is fucking maddening.



People are nervous as shit when it comes to public play, so instead of that they have to do the one thing they excel at - complain and be annoying.



It'd be nice if they complained about the lack of dicks in their mouth or something. I do get pretty tickled when these generic sluts tend to be the sort who expect someone else to 'not be generic', as if having a gallery of 50 hentai images and 10 profile inlines means they have character.


>RPing with someone that uses RL images

>Figure they seem to RP well enough, give them a chance.

>They're pretty good, actually. Getting into it.

>They talk OOC about how their pussy is close to gushing

>Okay, didn't need to know that, but sure.

>They poof after my next post.

>Barely got halfway through a BJ.

>My autism doesn't let me enjoy a scene until it's finished.

For fucks sake.



It's hip to be square, Anon.

If you play a smug anime girl you have to remind people how smug you are, even to the point of interrupting or criticizing public play.



Hell I would love a smug anime girl. These people just act like they don't want to do anything unless you can magically pull them out of their lazy mood like some sort of trained monkey.


File: e0f30a330ee1512⋯.jpg (159.11 KB, 1200x960, 5:4, Smug-Wendys-Mascot-Illustr….jpg)


Even this smug anime girl?



So its kinda reverse-twist orientation play AND ntr? Yeah fam that's harsh.



Yes anon, I would totally hate fuck her into oblivion. In fact, I did once already.


File: 08bd52afa4b41d7⋯.png (498.36 KB, 798x920, 399:460, 1472392137773.png)


>I did once already.

Do tell. In great detail.


First off, she started with making fun of how fat my character was. Good way to start off. Had the fucker fuming right away. The saucy bitch kept suggesting throwing a few burgers my way to make up for it, or if I needed help having a heart attack.

Lead up to making a mess of the front of a Wendy's place and being brought to her back office if I wanted to lodge a formal complaint, and when I made it clear that I wouldn't be satisfied unless I had some special 'VIP service', the fucking shit grabbed the character's huge cock and started snapping selfies with it talking about how gross it looked, and how it was 'about the quality of meat they use at McDonalds!'

So at that point I just tossed her over her desk and hate-fucked her with that 'ugly dick' until she shut her stupid snarky trap for a while and just panted like a bitch in heat for more dick.

They also poofed as soon as I came inside them, but oddly enough, that seems in character.



Meant to respond to >>139587


File: 742960d293a78fe⋯.jpg (25.3 KB, 500x425, 20:17, mcnuggies.jpg)


>not making McDonald puns all the while

Missed opportunity, would not play with.

Shoving some patty with extra cheese and pickle down her fryer not included.



Honestly, the most satisfying part of the scene was when they finally shut the fuck up from shitposting for a while.



You sound like a horrible faggot that deserves getting poofed on.



Do you not know the point behind hate fucking? If I wanted to shitpost with them I'd just come here.



I do. It's the worst possible fetish and I'm sad that I have it. I just enjoy it in a different way.



Worse than forcefeeding? No fucking way.



> I don't like the extremes





I knew a woman that was 4'8".



You knew a midget, anon.



extremes to me would be something like char A being the size of a pixie and char B being 8 foot tall. 4'6" is totally doable in women, it's just really really really rare, like men over 6'8"

and besides, 4'6" was more or less the smallest I was implying I would go, the sweet spot for me is like 4 foot 9 inches




An old ex of mine was ~150cms (4'10"), didn't have the body of a midget at all, super skinny, had normal proportions except for breasts and butt, those were pretty much nonexistent, just looked like a 13 year old girl whenever she didn't wear makeup.

If you don't believe that girls can look normal even when being so short, you could google Piper Perri, she's under 5 feet.



Anyone at or below 4'10" counts as a midget, proportional or not.


>they approach with no ideas



File: bdffe9f040151f7⋯.jpg (133.2 KB, 515x576, 515:576, 1467908974146.jpg)


>mfw got a girl who is 4'9"



>someone approaches

>so are you looking for anything in particular?






>Put several ideas in profile, and even put my 'most wanted' idea right in my advert.

>"Looking for anything in particular?"



>When you spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to approach a specific person, preparing concepts of where the RP could head in and finally get the courage to ask

>They don't even bother to respond

Now I fucking get why people just copy and paste their intros. It wouldn't be so bad if my kinks weren't so obscure that I'm relying on literally one person to come forward so I have to wait around for a response though usually at the ten minute mark I stop giving a shit



Why not just PM them and ask if they'd even be interested in the character to begin with. God damn.


File: 968119e02db95e0⋯.jpg (85.3 KB, 670x906, 335:453, 1435944317776.jpg)

>Profile is literally on f-chat 24/7

>I'm idling leave a message


>"My character is a super powerful mage with god-like powers and the ability to reshape reality"

>[Always Dominant]

>"I love it when people transform me and make me into their weak little plaything!!'

>Blank profile

>No Avatar

>No Customs

>Some bullshit snotty message about how they are so sick of people looking down on them and thinking they can't RP just because they are too lazy to make a profile

>Random person hits you up


>"Oh man, I want to do all the stuff with you!"

>"I literally love all of your kinks!"

>"I can't start now, though. I'm leaving in 5 minutes"

>they stay online for the rest of the night, not once even going idle.



>Some bullshit snotty message about how they are so sick of people looking down on them and thinking they can't RP just because they are too lazy to make a profile

My favorite was a profile that had 'I will not use /me I am comfortable with how I write' which I mean… I don't really care if someone does or doesn't, but when they refuse to write an extra 3 characters, that's fucked up.



>Ten minute mark too long

>Generally takes an hour to write most of my responses

How the fuck do you even survive.



I humored a player like that for a short while. They had a mostly blank profile and insisted that they were into everything. I thought to myself, "well, what if they are actually great and the profile is just a bad first impression?"

That was a mistake. My gut instinct was right. We didn't even get through basic brainstorming and agreeing on kinks before shit fell apart and he started getting pissy about things. I assumed since he approached me and my profile full of weird transformation kinks, he was going for that.. but nope. Wish I'd saved the log.



Some ways back in this thread someone was bitching about people who make customs for the different categories, like 'Fave: I will absolutely want to do these. Pretty much why I am here.' and 'Yes: I like them, but not required'.

Because, that should be obvious, right? Not to some morons!



You seriously can't say "Yeah that sounds interesting, mind if we expand on it?" in under ten fucking minutes?



There's also Kink-clarifying-customs specifically for letting people know both "hey, some of these are mandatory" and "don't worry, not all of these are mandatory" which is easily make or break for a lot of people… And while we're on the subject, custom kinks should be mandatory, damn it.



No, I just think whining about waiting for ten minutes to be hilarious. Even with my clusterfuck of a life and schedule that just seems like nothing.



I thought we were supposed to laugh because they're waiting way too long. Who has the time to wait ten minutes for a single person who may or may not want to RP with you?

Fuck man, no wonder you losers have such a hard time finding partners.


>teenage players

I've met a few in the 18-19 range who are okay but there's one right now that reminds me why I hate playin with teenagers. They are fantastic in the bedroom, every kink spot on. But hollly shit clingy as fuck.


Every time I log onto a specific alt the same motherfucker messages me and I swear I have him on ignore, but he keeps managing to message me. I'm not even sure what I'm more mad at, myself for seemingly forgetting to do this, or him for MESSAGING ME WHEN I'M NOT INTERESTED IN HIS SQUASHED FUCKING AVATAR GENERIC ALPHA SHIT.


File: 485d007ef91352a⋯.jpg (86.51 KB, 1024x548, 256:137, GjavAXy.jpg)



>This user's account has been banned.

>For more info or to discuss it, feel free to contact support and ask. Reason: Ban Evasion Back

I forgot to copy/paste the previous message. Something about a timeout for being antagonistic toward the staff.


File: cad61887f0faf28⋯.gif (1.52 MB, 250x186, 125:93, stop that.gif)

>typefuck is off to a good start

>sex time is about to begin

>they completely kill the mood with absolutely horrid dirty talk

God dammit.



I remember I started F-list at either 15 or 16. I just never got underageb& since the only person that knew I was underage was the person that brought me to F-list. There's a lot of not actually 18 people.



And I sincerely hope they all die in a fire for putting the of-age people at risk for legal hell.



They apparently had that character for like 3 years. How long ago were they banned and only now noticed? Who were they?



>Putting people at legal risk of getting caught for being underage and fuck up their entire life and placed on the sex offender list because of irresponsible teens like you.

>Having to agree with fucking FAI.

>The "offender" gets tarred and feathered by the teen's family, the "offender's" family, the entire community and sometimes the sharks over at the media will get wind of this.

>>>Having to agree with a stupid bitchbreaker above me with this.

Ah yes, the unknown dangers of erping when your hobby can land you worst off than death. I hate kids like you and hope the laws will be rewritten to put you hormonal irresponsible shits in a stasis away from the internet until you're 21 for being on a textfucking website, or any 18+ websites that involves social interaction.


File: fd301a36b1c0499⋯.png (41.69 KB, 359x443, 359:443, preview.png)

File: 47ff9477e957d9b⋯.png (16.78 KB, 344x133, 344:133, image-4.png)

Not mine but a)it's hilarious and b)I am amazed that they spent 1.5 hours on this shit judging by timestamps


File: b7a8f0427b68758⋯.jpg (29.3 KB, 602x468, 301:234, do want.jpg)


oyeah? she cute?


File: 1a62c30aa77f111⋯.jpg (67.39 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 082780563d05c2a691fbaa97a5….jpg)

File: 31fbfa886860fe3⋯.jpg (382.24 KB, 1191x2090, 1191:2090, 4de6dedd60478172e7ffa2e6d8….jpg)



Ooh that looks pretty cute.


File: 4609824a62746c8⋯.png (32.5 KB, 111x136, 111:136, THERE'S AN [existential fo….png)

>mfw you discover the person you've been ERPing with does twink on twink porn in real life

>and you've told too much



About a day ago, I checked and got the timeout message with a countdown, which I think only had hours left on it. I checked again prior to making that post and saw they were banned instead. I imagine they tried to get on somehow before the timeout expired.


What in the fuck is with all the generic three-paragraph worst genders that want people to type up porn for them to jerk off to? Do people actually write for them?


File: 6bf3e240c5e1897⋯.png (1.29 KB, 440x25, 88:5, rip.png)

RIP in piecemeal, frenchie. Guess this cat was just too cool for school. Meow she's gone. I cat imagine how this could have purrsibly happened. And so on.



If you can get 1 or 2 people who are willing to just send you smut, why not?

And worstgenders are the most common for it because they're the ones most people go for. It's simply a strategic numbers game.



Hah. What a retard.



>It's simply a strategic numbers game.

Supply and demand, fam, yeaaah.

Lets fire up the charsearch for some numbers fun.

>Desire for Males: 123560 profiles.

>Desire for Females: 149290 profiles

>Desire for Shemales: 109420 profiles.

>Supply of Males: 125150

>Supply of Females: 146750

Nearly equal to demand.

>Supply of Shemales: 24230

Woops look at that.

Now, I also previously established by search that desiring shemales also in most cases covers desiring herms, so to expand the search a bit

>Demand of either shemales or herms: 122920

See, it doesn't add much.

>Supply of the both genders added up: 41050

It is still merely half as much as the demand.

So yes. Purps win the numbers game.



Did yoy constrain the search requirements to 'Last online within 14 days'?

Or did you seriously search every one of all time?



I wish you could account for the female profiles that also have 'will play with a dick', because it seems at least 50% of them do that.



Sorry bud, that isn't so easy to pick.



Literally who?


So I made a profile, got a play set up and it went well until they had to go, then it just sorta fizzled I guess? Maybe playing the "No you first" game? I worry about messaging people first in case they're busy or I come across as a "clingy shitter" or something of the sort, but they never give any indication they're up for something either. How do you escape this stalemate?



>How do you escape this stalemate?

By messaging them. If you never message them, then you're guaranteed for the play to not continue, unless you want to bet your chances on them messaging first. If you do message them, then you're guaranteed a chance of it continuing.



Do they ever appear with Looking status set?

That's the green light to poke them.

Although I, playing on discord rather than flist, had to kinda just get over it and start being a fucking constant buzzer.

It sorta works out.

Definitely better than nothing. "Miss 100% of the shots you don't take" and all that.


>ask partner whether they like the play we have going

>"I like stories in general!"

This ruined my day much, much more than it has any right to.


File: e989ac8bc888d9a⋯.png (152.22 KB, 800x600, 4:3, its gonna be yuge.png)



To be fair anon, it takes me a while to fill shit out, especially if I don't play for a whil-

>6 days

>Views: 647

Never mind.


>When you get three approaches for your scenario but the roles are reversed

Fuck this sucks, I mean I've been looking for going on two years now for just this one scenario. I'll probably still try to play the dominant end of it just to practice my writing and to entertain them but goddamnit, I just don't want to have to spend hours and hours writing shit I only tolerate to maybe get something I want out of it

Yes it's Bloatfly guy so don't bother asking what scenario



What scenario?



I really wish I could help you out. It saddens me that you've gone so long lusting over just this one thing and NOBODY has been able to indulge your fetish, especially since people on F-List are already pretty fucking weird to begin with. I've noticed that people are a lot more lenient with my pinks than my blues, maybe you should just try and play a pink who gets impregnated by a bloatfly? Or a worst gender, maybe?

As always though, best of luck.


>Go into the casual sex room

>See 4 females come in within the span of 10 minutes

>Look at their profiles

>They all look near exactly the same

I really hope they were all the same person, because these 'great looking profiles' are starting to lose their charm when every profile looks like them.



Well? Did you talk to him? He explicitly has your scenario listed there.



Not him, but I believe at one point around the major meltdown he had a partner that would only play if his character were female and he (semi-understandably) bitched about it not being fulfilling due to that.



Oh believe me, I've played pinks in this scenario on hellholes like MnF. Don't get me wrong, I got the kinks I wanted but the problem is that I hate playing the character. I get grossed out by the sex parts as a pink and I'm not even good at playing them because of unfamiliarity so in all honesty I end up saying "I can't do this" and leave


I wasn't aware that was the exact profile and it seems like he only just recently added that scenario because I've checked every single guy that even had Bloatfly in their description but now I know there's a new one. I heard that he isn't looking for breeding right now either. His profile is intimidating but you miss every shot you don't take so he's bookmarked


File: 828ca19a0e2812b⋯.png (371.16 KB, 832x868, 208:217, 1487802918459.png)

Why do the ones with the best kinks and references always seem to be the most uninterested in actually playing or discussing ideas?

>does X idea appeal to you?

>Sure, go on

>give more detail

>hmm, I think it would need X

>offer X

>I'm not really feeling it, sorry



I'm just tired, anon. I've been RPing for so long I don't get any thrill from it. Just something to pass the time.

Or at least that's what I said a few years ago when I stopped. But, some people don't.


>approach all the bookmarks I have scenes set up with

>all of them are doing something else or already busy

>look into some random profiles that are looking

>find that the character I've faceclaimed is usually used by shitters

>realize that every random I approach probably thinks I'm really shit via avatar alone

I want to delete this character knowing this. The more I try with this character the more frustrated I become.



Obviously, you should post it.



File: f0eb8cb23c455dd⋯.png (689.74 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1468056229801.png)


Then you get nothing and only lose more partners.




Meet in the middle and post just the avatar? I am curious what rep it has.


When will there be a half decent Horo player that gets she's a smarmy cunt, and that even in the presence of a massive cock she'd still probably bite it just to see her 'lover' squirm before breaking her cunt on it?

This is suffering fam.



You playing a gay blue?


File: f1b3e29188a5b65⋯.png (452.42 KB, 486x808, 243:404, ClipboardImage.png)

Tfw my write for me I haven't logged into since I made it has better numbers than this.



I'll give you a hint. It's a Fate character and not from Stay Night.


Nope but can be considered close to being gay.


File: 687c57a96f1fee4⋯.jpg (21.63 KB, 334x218, 167:109, 1493052758204.jpg)


>not from Stay Night

Confess. I bet it's Astolfo


File: 8b514d76acf8f72⋯.png (657.71 KB, 1005x624, 335:208, untitled.png)


There are days when everyone is busy like that. It can't be helped.


Pinning them against the wall, huh?


File: 9b45b6dbb1d2c61⋯.png (215.7 KB, 340x400, 17:20, retarded.png)

>Partner says they have a great idea, but they have to sleep

>Get excited

>The next day rolls around and ask them about it

>tfw its the stupidest thing i've seen

>They're trying to justify it by saying their powers are based off of a canon that has absolutely nothing to do with this

>Dumps an entire paragraph from the canon's wiki

>It has nothing to do with their retarded idea

>They're beginning to think the idea is too complex for me

>I just tell them outright that the idea sounds random and out of place for what we were doing

>They go quiet, but I'm too pissed to console them so they won't feel stupid

>They're talking about scrapping the RP because this detail was pivotal to their character apparently

What does a traveling time authority (that was never mentioned) has to do with a fit catgirl bathing with you in a river?



They may actually be retarded. Holy shit.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>implying the dream police isn't always relevant



Is a traveling time authority something that really needs a lot of backstory to introduce? I mean, it seems like a valid 'this shit just turned up out of nowhere' dealie. Could just plop into the river after doing a sloppy time jump or some shit, unless I'm missing something here.



You can excuse a random dropping in of anything, but it doesn't mean you should.



What if the time traveler authority was using it to take a day off and planned to bathe in the river on a nice planet, but seeing as there were already two people there, decides to relax even harder? Wink wink, nudge nudge.


File: e9a095ba3e7fc2d⋯.jpg (20.6 KB, 398x399, 398:399, frado.jpg)


How can it be pivotal to their character if it's not in their profile and based off of a canon that has absolutely nothing to do with their character?


File: 1207c9f8bf71ef5⋯.gif (2 MB, 389x287, 389:287, I don't know what the fuck….gif)

>when your tense fluctuates like a non-baryonic particle and you're only half the problem


>someone I rp with comes back from a one week ban

>slowly start to remember how tiring it is roleplaying with them because they're a bit of an edgy twat

>his smile and optimism: gone


>waiting for a commission for a new character

>time to second guess and let creativity stagnate

life is suffering, and not always directly tied to the actions of those on f-list


>Thoroughly enjoying a character, nothing bad happens that makes me dislike them

>A second character who I know will be much less popular comes to my head.

Fffffuck my life, just kill me now.



>get excited and make a character with a big backstory and lots of possible scenes

>images fit perfectly

>log on F-Chat

>excitement dies down a bit after all the work but it's okay because nobody sends a message anyway

>delete it and shelve all the text



I know well your suffering, brother.

I made a masculine usually submissive blue with heavy petplay/femdom implications



Got me.


I've since calmed down now. Just had a bad day and wanted to bitch about trivial things.



Why would you delete the character? Do you have 50?



It can be savagely disheartening to have something that no amount of lewd talent or profile work will generate attention for. I've been there (regular bitching topic) I have a character I put through the profile help thread, twice. Got approved, an avatar, a working add that contains information, images and the seeds of scene ideas.

It gets.. nothing, absolutely nothing because that particular character type is uncommon as balls



>You're the first person I've gotten with some personality in a while

>Personality consists of 'what do you want?' and 'Leave me alone'.

What does he usually approach, a wall?



cyborg muscle girl???


File: 31d10b78e6e3a47⋯.jpg (13.3 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 13312895_269205223433044_8….jpg)

>straight blue

>dislike breeding, put it in nos

>still get dumb pinks ask for breeding

>have a big custom kink that says "i do not like breeding"

>still bombarded with dumb pinks who want breeding

like come on



If you think that's bad, try being in to impregnation and hating both pregnant-play and lactation.

I just want to dump some demon seed in a woman and leave her to take care of it, is that so much to ask?


>When you're playing in a canon universe with an "expert" of it but he gets basic shit wrong

Almost nothing pisses me off more besides getting no play at all than trying to get a story based RP going in a certain universe with some guy only for him to shit all over it with a lack of knowledge even though he told you before it began that he's an "expert". It's even worse when the canon is obscure so you have nowhere else to fucking go.



That should not be trouble for you. Most seem to want the idea of impregnation, not the rest of the pregnancy to be played up.



That's the fuckenest thing. I've had countless women fucking want to become pregnant and enslaved. Always a breath of relief when someone actually understands it's just the slobbish deadbeat dad knocking up part I enjoy.


>When you search for a few of your old custom kinks from past accounts and realize someone has put them on a few really old, really bad profiles that are still in use.

Jesus fuck no.




That got deleted quickly. What was it?



>I just want to dump some demon seed in a woman and leave her to take care of it, is that so much to ask?




Given some shit I've seen: yes a wall is more personable than some shitters.



>I made a masculine usually submissive blue with heavy petplay/femdom implications

Profile, please?



Someone talking about a person approaching them, and then spending the next 3 hours of their life actually bothering to reply to the autist between playing Titanfall and not getting any actual RP done.



[spoiler]He's like a day old tops, but here.

https://www.f-list.net/c/erune%20gunman/ [/spoiler]



Yep, sometimes I'll get something. More often then not its days of silence- fantasy and realism are the settings folk like


File: aea0c72c5b98632⋯.jpg (62.86 KB, 639x628, 639:628, 1491645592056.jpg)

"Oh, it's this person that's wanting to me RP with me again! I wonder why I stopped roleplaying with them, they seem like a tolerable person."


>said themselves that they don't know what they want

>also remember that RPs with them have been dropped because of how realistic they wish for scenes to be

>e.g. "Now my character is gonna have yours be executed because of what they did, I really liked what we had but I guess it's time to end it here then."

>"O-okay then, just have your character have a mild change of heart if you like the RP that much-"

"XD it's not realistic then!"

>bite my lip and don't take that stuff into account

>wants an 'original' scenario but is too afraid to experiment and dabble in other potential scenarios that don't fit their characters in the least; their character chemistry requirements are morbidly ultra-specific

>any idea I come up with is oftentimes discarded for having slightly grim elements, they always want it to be drama-free

>said character chemistry requirements results in me wasting 2-3 hours a day finding 2 characters that they like for me to make, and for them to make, so that we can RP

>these situations involve me surfing through Gelbooru like a madman and sending them links to characters I'd like them to make

>it gets pretty tinder-tier with them going "Maybe…" "Nah" "Face is weird XD" "They look too dramatic!" "I don't like it when they look like they're involved with magic"

>either get bored and just log off, or they say they gotta go after I wasted so much time

>"Still looking for a character XD", is what they PM me every time I log in, but I doubt they were since they never even sent me a Gelbooru link like how I was doing

>do browsing for them once again

>finally make the character they like after about a week

>holy shit finally, but still gotta find one for them

>next day

>they claim to still be """"""finding a character for me""""""""

>do more browsing fuelled by the last remanents of my patience and desire to do a play centred around my niche kink

>finally find a character that they like and they also say they'll make her

>days pass

>still PMs me initially with shit like "/me pokes" whenever I log in

>every time this happens I still get no update on whether they made the character I wanted

I could have easily said along the lines of "Did you make the character yet?" but I don't want to risk hanging myself if they ever end up replying "Oh about that I don't think she fits". In the case that they do really say no and have changed their mind, should I just leave them alone entirely and look elsewhere, or do an autistic rant about how much they frustrated me and then leave them entirely? AAAAA



holy fuck I didn't think it'd look that huge, now I look like the prime autist



>Wasting several days to try and set something up

Jesus fucking Christ, dude.




No honey, you look much more like a battered wife than the autist in this situation


>guy PMs me

>it's some faggot fursuiter

>>owning a fursuit

>low-key call him autistic by asking if he has a fidget spinner

>he gets mad and ignores

l u l


File: ea56dc6036dfaeb⋯.jpg (26.85 KB, 314x246, 157:123, what 4.jpg)


I'd have killed myself already, anon. Dump that slut. Don't risk writing a rant or they can report you and if you slip-up and say something really bad you might get a timeout. Unless you meant writing a rant for us, in which case do eet!



Ironic, since they were the ones saying 'leave me alone', the person with 'some personality' seems to be the non shitter one.


File: eb68c9b105d1763⋯.jpg (21.94 KB, 500x285, 100:57, tfwpoe.jpg)


>>any idea I come up with is oftentimes discarded for having slightly grim elements, they always want it to be drama-free

>"Now my character is gonna have yours be executed because of what they did, I really liked what we had but I guess it's time to end it here then."



How the heck did them having a fursuit IRL come up?


File: 255d94bbd49395e⋯.jpg (43.17 KB, 750x629, 750:629, 1495164502812.jpg)


Fucking kek anon, even if you were a complete noob ERPer and were willing to invest heavily into any partner who was willing to play with you just so you could come to understand the basics, this isn't worth it.

You have to be willing to say a hard "no" to people sometimes. You say "this isn't working, I feel like I'm putting in all of the effort and you're throwing it back in my face by not reciprocating and being overly picky". You can try to work it out, but that requires you to be bold and take a stance rather than keep stringing yourself along.

It sounds like you're fucked though, so when the subsequent conversation inevitably declines (or you cave like a fucking sissy faggot) just wait for your black eyes to heal and then find another partner.



Why are you sticking with this person?



What the fuck are you doing? If that's real you either have a kink that never gets any sort of play or you're just a fucking masochist


File: eb969d9579fd13f⋯.jpg (49.61 KB, 600x533, 600:533, 184905522X.01.S001.LXXXXXX….jpg)

>linking pictures you want to fuck in your status

Why do males do this? What is it accomplishing?


File: a9cea2f0f70e31a⋯.png (10.86 KB, 762x610, 381:305, findout.png)



Hell I made an entire profile just for pictures of characters I'd be happy for my partners to use as reference. What, am I supposed to just hope that someone to make a profile specifically of that character? And also end up being awful at it? Screw that.

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