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Here, we can all be the little girl
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File: ee2217249bc8f99⋯.jpg (522.15 KB, 1067x1600, 1067:1600, 1459731367800.jpg)


Previous threads:

Threads 01 - 16: https://mega.nz/#!VMpFXSKI!7aY6pdtPo-JsvbszaBRSoBj-lHKCVfXH47Vd5qxrXQM

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My, but these threads just get so juicy at 700+ posts~


Requesting the SillySlut to blast my nut out to during this holiday weekend.


Yay new thread! Thank you Morrigan-sama!


File: d5e0d8cc33b4558⋯.jpg (189.36 KB, 600x850, 12:17, 59d5e26590b85fec71aaa760cf….jpg)


Do you mean me?

because you spelled Sissy wrong



I noticed you were doing oral last thread, I can give you some minor advice on how to make it more arousing in your own head, or maybe you could incorporate it into your writing.

I've actually blown guys before, something I've noticed is that you can feel it pulsing in your mouth. You can tell how nervous and/or aroused the person is by how fast their heart is beating.

Something else to note is that you can usually tell when they're about to blow, they twitch slightly beforehand quickly followed by the heavy throbbing of an orgasm. Nobody ever seems to capture that in ERP, which is sad as it's my favorite part.



It's my favourite part too, I've blown guys before as well, I'll try to incorporate it more though thanks, wish I'd thought of it.



>I've blown guys before as well

I thought so, you seemed good at it <3


File: 7b07982e6910c75⋯.jpg (138.64 KB, 618x593, 618:593, 1456395640452-3.jpg)


Speaking of oral, is anyone here yet, I want someone to use me~


File: e3315de8ea76edc⋯.png (68.5 KB, 517x398, 517:398, GAAAAAAYYYY.png)


File: 08ea14a948dac2f⋯.jpg (31.29 KB, 308x326, 154:163, 6211995 _c75d788b9bd1c9746….jpg)



I would, but I'm terrible at erping :(

I'm only good at being a slut IRL






You're both under arrest for being too gay.


File: b9713e1ee071354⋯.jpg (103.68 KB, 541x520, 541:520, 1469187419468-3.jpg)


Surely there's some other way I can pay my fine, officer~?


File: 9aa13b77a19a063⋯.png (351.22 KB, 680x382, 340:191, That's right jay.png)


Man you really want somebody to ERP with, don't you?

I would out of sympathy, I've been in the same situation before, but I'm not into homosex.


File: 4cc31e4cac70035⋯.png (287.57 KB, 982x474, 491:237, 3992d86ae93077060b83edb799….png)


but I do understand


File: f5ae763da64c8d9⋯.jpg (379.46 KB, 1301x633, 1301:633, 1474529437936.jpg)


There's nothing gay about having a mouth around your dick, anon


File: da48437665f8174⋯.jpg (172.4 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mike's racist impression o….jpg)

What kind of a madman would put it in a man with a penis over a woman with a vagina when they both look nearly identical?



You'll probably find somebody.


It's a guy's mouth, so yes it is.



I'm not too much into this gay shit, but even I agree that getting sucked off by someone isn't inherently gay for you. But it may be fucking gay for whoever is sucking it.

As in, if you come over to an onahole without looking into it, how the hell would you find out if the person on the other side is male or female if they only do oral?



a bisexual one?



I need you to play that little princess for me exclusively, SissySlut. Do you have enough pictures of him for a couple posts worth of heavy, questionably gay sex?



not a lot, but I think I have enough for some fun~


File: 5d92bebb8d3251c⋯.png (1.61 MB, 1074x1102, 537:551, ClipboardImage.png)

Hey, new thread!

And no one's fucked anyone yet. Maybe people get off to debating the gay merit of sucking dick moreso than the action itself…? No, couldn't be.~

I think I fell behind a bit, but I'll fight to uphold my place as an honorable servicer of cocks, so assuming we've got an anon or two lurking about, let's get this underway and let me slobber on your dicks to a thick, creamy finish. <3



Yay! Getting my dick slobbered on is great!

Even though I was the shy anon who asked if you were ok with mommy dom last thread, I would definitely be happy with helping you reclaim your title as cockslut~



Hey, I can do both, you know? <3 Or make some crude attempt at being a strong, confident mommy who also craves her son's cock. Just let me know what's gonna get you off the hardest. It's been done before~



Well…I'd personally love a strong, confident mommy, who just HAS to help her son whenever she sees him with a hard-on, like a motherly instinct~ I'd ask for Rinko Iori as she's the definitive MILF, but if you don't have any pics of her, or know a more motherly character to put up, that's cool to~ I just really want to be mommy dommed, I'm so hard already~


File: 8e1e61cc95c3041⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1000x1489, 1000:1489, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 54b18717d995717⋯.png (1.26 MB, 826x1168, 413:584, ClipboardImage.png)


Unf! I see you know the exact words to encourage me. <3 I'm more than familiar with Rinko and how utterly stiffy-inducing her MILFy body is, so ask and ye shall receive! Speaking of curvy older women, though, if you -are- looking for alternatives, here is another I personally enjoy. Of course, don't feel pressured to choose - they've both got what it takes to tease their dirty sons and take care of that hopelessly erect cock springing up every time those voluptuous thighs come into view~



Gah….so hard to choose…I pick Lusamine, sorry Rinko, maybe next time~ I can't ignore how much Lusamine is making my dick twitch so eagerly to NOT pick her~.

Also, I probably should have mentioned this in my first post, but I'm going to a 4th of July celebration in like an hour and a half, so if we (I?) don't get to finish, is there a chance for a continuation~? Sorry should've mentioned it earlier…I got lost in lewd thoughts when I saw you were here~


File: e28871b68e58810⋯.png (946.44 KB, 687x1000, 687:1000, ClipboardImage.png)


It's no problem, so long as you think you can manage to cum for me in that time. <3 A direct continuation later on isn't out of the question, but seeing as I'm on at sporadic times and I don't exactly allow reservations, it might be a while until we get to do so~ But still, with that in mind…

The boy, upon entering his mother's spacious, furnished home, could smell something unusual in the air - the scent of delicious food being cooked, namely. His mother, a widow and the chairwoman of a large corporation, rarely had the time to be home and treat her little boy to a meal welcoming him home from another day of school; following the smell, all it took him was taking the corner before he could see his familiar blonde mother, having just finished setting a plate of steaming lunch on the lengthy dinner table. Just then, Lusamine finally noticed her son, smiling sweetly.

"Why, there you are, honey. Surprised? I asked for a little time off for today. I can imagine you've been a little lonely without me." The tall blonde teased, walking closer to the shorter boy and circling an arm around his shoulder; her intoxicating, sweet perfume seeped into his nostrils quickly as she lowered her head down to softly plant a kiss on his. "Why don't you eat? Though I can imagine it's not food that's on your mind…" The mother lowered her voice, glistening lips twisting into a smirk. "It's been a few days since the last time. I do hope you've kept your hands clean, just like mommy asked…?"



Whoops, didn't see your second post go through. Embarrassing~

I'll be around for a few more hours today, I think. Don't worry about leaving, we'll get plenty of chances to play later, and I do owe you for the tease~



It's fine, I think I deleted that second post, cause I was embarassed about saying I have an hour, and then literally a second later saying I have to go RIGHT NOW! Ugh…oh well, I'll be sure to remind you the next time I see ya~ That and I also love it when you play with the other anons~ so it's not like I won't be cumming for ya at some point~ Also…thanks for the tease…now I need to go outside with a hard on. Cya! Here's to another anon coming along and giving you some hot cream!



This far into a new thread and still no fuckin'? Any sluts around ready to rectify the situation?



The boy blushed as he felt her soft lips press warmly against his head, the sweet mind numbing scent of her perfume swimming through him and clouding his mind a fluffy haze. He had missed his mother, perhaps way more than any son really should, he missed her warm smile, the comforting embrace of her breasts against him when she hugged him, the noticeable jiggle of her butt when she walked in front of him, her alluring green eyes, her beautiful blonde hair, long sexy legs, and even when she wasn't wearing any she seemed to just exude a comforting scent that would make him feel happy and content. She was also taller than him, to the point where if they both were standing straight his head would be just under her ample chest. Swiftly realizing he was growing helplessly erect, he tried squeezing his legs together to hide it, also realizing she just asked him a question at the same time

"Y-yes Mommy, I kept my hands clean j-just liked you asked! …U-ummm" He looked into her eyes, face red "I-I missed you Mommy…" At that point he hugged her, pressing his face into the warmth of her body

Just posting this response to your tease here incase your still on, I was thinking of it the entire time I was out.


I liek dem sluts



Honestly, I'd be more interested in hearing you go more in detail on that than anything else.


File: 2f7cd7b318cd924⋯.png (694.74 KB, 844x430, 422:215, gaaaaay.png)


we can fix that, buddy


File: df9fddf0fbc9e7e⋯.png (544.3 KB, 640x435, 128:87, Mike feeding a baby bleach.png)


This is now an RLM thread.



>Unironically want to rp out Miami Connection except all the dudes are hot babes that kiss and have furious hardcore lesbian sex every waking moment they aren't practicing, rocking out, or decapitating ninjas.

It'd make my varmint explode



>that sad scene with the mail

>except it's preceded and followed by copious amounts of sex

Personally, I think FRIENDS THROUGH ETERNITY, LOYALTY, HONESTY would make for incredible MLP spoof fiction.



>"Give me the letter!"

>Girl has to take it out of someone's cunt after they've stuffed it up there

>her hands get too wet after a while so she has to suck it out with her mouth

>Meanwhile every woman in the house is shirtless letting their huge tits flop around watching the one girl fight for his mail.

>They listen to her sad explanation about not having her dad while they idly fondle each others massive fucking chests.

>The group carries the one girl after she finds her father, all of them shirtless and happy in broad daylight publicly exposing themselves

sorry for shitting up the morrigan thread with this but this is the only time I'm going to get to let this uber autistic fantasy out




Could either of you give me advice on how to do it properly?

I tried to blow my boyfriend recently, but I couldn't do it well. I kept gagging and pulling back to breathe.



Are you deepthroating it? Because you shouldn't do that if you're inexperienced.

As for the breathing, do it through your nose. If that's not possible, get a decongestant or something similar. It'll allow you to breathe through your nose easier.


Let's get this thread back on track. Any willing cum-dumps around?


File: fcfea76ce6cc941⋯.jpg (67.14 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 137133713496.jpg)



Oh jesus fucking christ


File: 89f83638c769672⋯.png (253.59 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1415503858034-1.png)



Well hi cutie~! You looking for this~? *rubs the bulge in my pants infront of you*


File: 058c4344ad43956⋯.jpg (148 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1382530819373.jpg)


Yes please sir~

Let me have it?



Sure sweetie~ *I pat your head and undo my pants, showing off my already throbbing cock to you, pre cum drooling from the tip*


File: 4d60152f9e4e589⋯.jpg (148.43 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 13496261912.jpg)


Thank you~

I take your cock in my mouth, sucking and licking on the tip and using one hand to rub your shaft, taking it slow and intending to savour having your throbbing cock filling my mouth.



There we go, that's it. Good boy! I play with your hair before leaning over and whispering into your ear If you get me nice and wet, I'll put it deep inside you, would you like that sweetie~?


File: a8297598f1dc851⋯.jpg (631.42 KB, 1056x998, 528:499, 1380999565592.jpg)


I nod happily, bobbing my head and moving my lips along you shaft as a do, moaning an affirmative noise around your shaft as I continue to work your cock with my lips and hand.

it's double apostrophe for italics btw in case that's what you were trying to do



whoops meant to put it in italics >_>



Hehe, good boy~ I keep rubbing your head, as you suckle on my hard length, feeling it throb in your mouth and against your wet, warm tongue


File: 5ff0dfb22a75cec⋯.gif (482.49 KB, 275x400, 11:16, 1406355538830.gif)


I moan, continuing to lube your cock with my saliva while you rub my head. I rub the underside of what's in my mouth with my tongue as I continue to take you deeper, intending on making the whole thing wet with my saliva.



Mmm…well let's see how good of a job you did~ I grip your head and slowly pull my cock out of your mouth, seeing it shine with spit and sticky saliva Good boy! Now..let me fill your cute boy hole~ I'm sure you've been waiting and hoping for this right?


File: 8bec52b1ca6f4c7⋯.jpg (156 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1382528141070.jpg)


Yes please~

I all but beg as I get down on my knees, raising my butt into the air for you. I tremble in anticipation.

Please fuck me roughly~?



I give your cute little hole a kiss and stand up, lining my hard wet prick up to it Sure thing, just make sure to make lots of cute moaning noises for me alright? Maybe I'll even creampie you~ ''After finishing that sentence I suddenly ram myself inside your tight boy hole, spreading and stretching it out as I spear you on my thick rod*


File: 4fabfb5b0f583c2⋯.jpg (188.55 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, 1384230044279.jpg)


I moan as you penetrate me, my hole tight around your invading shaft as I tremble and whimper beneath you. I shudder with rapturous pleasure as I feel your cock deep inside me.

Please fuck me hard and cum inside me~

I beg for it, my toes curling and my back arching to try to feel you deeper.



I grunt, gripping your cute girly hips tight, and begin plowing into you, my hips bouncing off your jiggly butt, the sight making me moan, as I POUND my cock into your boy pussy, the wet sticky saliva making it nice and slick, and easy to thrust in and out of your boy hole


File: bfa3be6df62d36c⋯.jpg (503.85 KB, 1000x886, 500:443, 1376932401386.jpg)


I bite my lip and moan, trying and failing to stifle the erratic moans being pushed from my lungs with each thrust you make. Precum drips from me while you fuck me, your cock spreading my hole wide around it while you punish my insides with your hard length.



Ohhh…fuck~ You must really want that cum with how..nghh, tightly your clenching down~ Go on~ Tell me how much you want it, you want me to fuck you and fill your butt with a nice thick load don't you? Well? Go on! Beg like the boy whore you are! My thrusting gets more intense, I even give you cute butt a rough slap, leaving a red mark that looks like a hand on it, bucking my hips into yours like a wild animal



Oh hey, you're back.

I'm not sure if you noticed it, but there was an anon here earlier who wanted to hear about your experiences in oral. >>144693


File: 9b8484b8486f310⋯.jpeg (79.85 KB, 595x842, 595:842, 1302f4a631f7c01d07cb466e8….jpeg)


Please fill my slutty ass with your thick cum, make me your bitch~

I beg and moan, gasping in surprised pleasure when you spank me, tightening subtly around your cock from the spank.


I wasn't sure how to give advice, a lot of my talent isn't exactly in the deepthroat department, I'm still practising but I basically just hold my breath and fuck my throat with his cock until I need to breath at this point.



I'm not either of the people you were replying to, but the person >>144986 is referring to wasn't the guy asking for advice, it was somebody else asking you what it was like to be a cocksucking faggot :^)



I grunt as I thrust deep inside you, filling your ass to the hilt with raw hard cock, moaning as I splurt my cum into you, the thick, hot sticky sperm clinging to your anal walls, as I cum I give you a few shaky thrusts stirring the semen around inside your butt

Mmmm~ that was lots of fun sweetie~ Don't get disheartened by the people shitting on your for being a sissy, I'm sure there's lots of cocks here that want to pump and fuck you full~ See you later~


File: 4b068d3f361fab5⋯.jpg (198.51 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1432734945620.jpg)


oh well I enjoy it, it's fun, dicks are the best


Thank you sir~

and thanks~



SS, has anybody ever hugged you during sex? Or kissed you passionately?


File: 8aa47d607112816⋯.jpg (76.31 KB, 335x418, 335:418, 1449710808816-2.jpg)


Yes, it's one of my favourite things right next to rough sex and BDSM.



Hugging during sex sounds more like something the bottom would have to do rather than the top.




I'm a far more "lovey-dovey" type of person, but I can see the appeal.

Especially being tied up, blindfolded and gagged. Having your dom tease your body any way they please..



The bondage aspect is actually secondary to me, I'm a light masochist, mild pain can be sexual under the right circumstance, hair pulling, spanking, whips, candle wax, choking, stuff like that.



Ah, well masochism is something I wouldn't be into.

Receiving isn't the problem, I wouldn't be able to dish it out. I could never hurt anybody even if they liked it. I'm the opposite of a sadist.

Bondage is the only part of BDSM I can understand.



>I'm the opposite of a sadist.

You're a pussy?



It's only mild, it's not even a requirement.

had to literally beg my bf to be rough with me, he said I look too fragile



If you have a bf what are you doing here? You should be able to relish in the pleasures of sucking a real dick rather than a virtual one. I guess you could say the same thing about me because I also have one, but I come here mostly for fun rather than to erp.

Speaking of which, the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me while sucking was cumming long before my bf did. I was a little too enthusiastic.



erp is still fun though



What is the appeal to oral? I don't get it, it sounds gross and unpleasant.


>read as: he isn't in the mood tonight



I'd rather not discuss my private life or why we aren't having sex every second of every day, we have a healthy sex life.

Oral is kinky.



>What is the appeal to oral?

There's a lot to it, it's hard to explain.

It just feels good to slurp on a cock until it blows. It feels good to swallow. It feels good to have your head patted and be told you did a good job.


File: 60e6a8c1fa18a81⋯.jpg (63.05 KB, 458x583, 458:583, 16921-neighbor.jpg)


>let me slobber on your dicks to a thick, creamy finish.

One of the sexiest things I've ever read. At the risk of enraging all of you I'm going to use that phrase as a caption to help me fap over a non anime/hentai picture!



Here's hoping you're around. I need some fresh holes to dump my load in.


File: 88f4b702755f821⋯.png (407.31 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1f9b42a037d2df4a9c5ee65351….png)


Enraging?! That made my day. <3

I don't think I've ever said it, but blowjobs are probably my favorite thing ever - feeling a cock throbbing in your mouth while you work your lips on it is bliss, and shame to those who don't swallow every drop that cock offers to you. Perhaps it's an acquired taste, though, and to say the least, I've had many chances to get acquainted. Aside from that, blowjobs are just perfect for those quickies where your man's been struggling with a stiffy and needs to get it under control right quick~

So, speaking of which… any takers at this hour? I'm a little thirsty. <3



God, if only. Leaving for work in a bit, and nothing would make me more ready to face the day than to feel those lips wrapped around my dick, sucking madly away and begging me to shoot my hot, thick load right down that throat.


What's the sluttest thing you've ever done in real life?

I need some inspiration for my stories.



Still around? If so you've got a taker here.



Don't just tease somebody like that while telling them you would be able to fool around, anon! You're gonna leave them all flustered.


Hmm, well once I had my hands tied behind my back, eyes blindfolded with a vibe in my rear while getting my face humped. It was fun, although it hurt my jaw.



O-oh my~

Did you cum?



Apparently, considering I had made a mess on the floor.

I didn't know until my dom pointed it out, I didn't feel an orgasm.



Your back! Sort've, If you remember I was the anon who begged for mommy dom? I even left a reply to >>144433 But I'm guessing your more in the mood for a nice quick semen slurping at the moment~ I'm refusing to cum until mommy helps me to though~ Sorry guess you'll need to find one of your many other taker's to give you that delicious creamy treat



Aww, sorry I had to dash to work! Believe me, thinking of my hands resting on your head as it bobs up and down on my throbbing cock, that tongue dragging under the shaft with every loud suck and slurp… well, let's just say I'm glad I work at a desk. It was all I could do not to unzip and start stroking right there, wishing you were on your knees before me, waiting to be filled and splattered with that sticky, creamy cum.

Hope to see you in action sometime~



I'm glad it made your day, I'm not a good erp'er (plus our schedules seems out of sync) or I'd take you up on your offer. I'm new here too so I'll just lurk and hopefully find some slippery nuggets of steamy fun to enjoy.



Any chance you're still around? If so, I have some time to spare, and a dick that could use some relief~


File: c1d0b0203ca2e5b⋯.png (494.43 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, 34427191_p1.png)


Hi~ Like I said, I don't really like to make reservations and I don't wanna start a continuous scene lasting over several sessions here. I saw your reply, and as much as I do love my mommydom scenes, it'll have to be done in one take - otherwise it's not fair to everyone else who's dying to come here and blow their loads. <3


My schedule's all over the place, so there's always a chance you'll see me at an unusual time. As for being good at ERP, I understand the reservation, but you don't have to worry. I only look to please~


What a coincidence, I was just posting! I had to leave a bit early last night and still haven't gotten my lips around any dicks, so I'm drooling already at the thought of getting a juicy slab of meat gushing cum down my throat. Any preferences today, anon? A girl you'd like to see between your thighs? <3



Well then, that works out nicely, huh? As for my preference, I think either the wonderfully-tanned Ramlethal Valentine or a needy, spunk-craving Yuno Gasai would be more than enough to get my tip dripping wet… Surprise me! <3


File: 73f3efb3a035043⋯.png (555.28 KB, 860x576, 215:144, ClipboardImage.png)


Good, I'm pretty familiar with both. In this case, let's get a little dangerous. <3

Going on a date with Yuno, one of the cutest girls in school? Yuno, the one who makes every girl jealous in her purity, and the one who turns the head of every man and boy alike? Seeing her holding hands with him as they walked through the park, most would say he was the luckiest person around. Perhaps he thought the same. Never mind the 23 missed calls from 3 until 5 in the morning left on his phone, not to mention so many texts that his device was starting to struggle containing them all. It was all out of love, and even if she was a little needy, it's not like she was hurting anyone, right?

Even despite the bags under her eyes, Yuno looked only too energetic and happy to be spending time with her beloved. Dressed in a simple frilled blouse and tight-fitting pants reaching to her knees, her tightly entangled fingers led him across the park. "Hey… can we make a little stop over there?" She smiled, pointing behind a lone tree that was a small ways outside of the proper park grounds - a thick one that could reasonably hide a person or two. Without waiting for confirmation, the pink-haired girl dragged him with her to that tree until she was sure they were out of sight.

"It's been a little while since we've done it…" Yuno whispered with a contained grin, biting her lip as she drew close, "You're not bored of me, are you?"



"N-No, not at all! You're beautiful." The young man stammered out, doing his best to ease her mind. He took a moment to check his hand, worried that her intense grip had shifted a bone or two in there. Looking into her eyes with his own, he could see the bags forming beneath her otherwise-vibrant eyes–surely the result of the 50+ messages left on his cell while he slept.

"Did you want to… Do it here, Yuno?" He whispered the question nervously, peeking from around the tree to make sure no one was in listening range. She had good instincts in picking this location, given the utter lack of people around. Of course, he couldn't rule out that she'd scouted the place out earlier… Or worse. He didn't like to think too far from the most optimistic possibility, though; that was dangerous to do.

Still, he couldn't deny his arousal, nor could he even hope to hide it from the all-seeing eyes of his lover.


File: d6e5b66435d5321⋯.png (650.14 KB, 800x1333, 800:1333, ClipboardImage.png)


"Oh… you're so sweet." Yuno flashed the one smile that melted the heart of every school boy; true happiness. "You didn't return any of my calls, so I was starting to worry. I'll let it slide, though." Finally letting go of his hand, the girl took one step back. The place was remote, but not quiet; the chattering and footsteps of people could still be heard a distance away, all of those park-goers whiling away their afternoon. Yuno minded not, of course; she was already unbuttoning her blouse, tugging it down until it landed softly on the ground. Without a bra, her breasts were bare - full and plump, but not overly so for her age. She could feel his arousal already, and he'd be daft not to feel hers.

"This is a good spot. No one will bother us here, and I'm tired of waiting. You must be, too. I told you I'd be mad if you touched yourself without me, you know?"

Already she lowered herself to her knees, scooting up to the young man as she positioned herself between his legs. Finding the zipper of his pants, she grabbed it - with her teeth - and expertly slid it down until his underwear, bulging and stretched, were popping out through the gap. "And here's my prize~"



A blush immediately spread across his face upon seeing her smile–truly, a sight for sore eyes.

Of course, that blush was only to grow exponentially at the sight of her supple breasts, which made his already bulging rod fight even harder against his underwear. She'd told him not to touch himself at all, and so he hadn't; not even in the shower to wash, for fear that she would smell the soap and assume something had happened. Of course, that left him smelling lightly of sweat, which he was a bit shy about.

"It is pretty out-of-view, huh? And d-don't worry, I didn't touch myself at all! I hope it's to your liking…"

He pushed his hips out, as if presenting his cock for her to unveil.


File: 621cfb1fad0fb8b⋯.png (431.36 KB, 518x707, 74:101, ClipboardImage.png)


Going about and continuing her work, Yuno proceeded use her teeth again - this time latching on the waistband of his underwear. Intentionally or not, her pearly whites also grazed the swollen head of his bulge, feeling the sting of them sinking in briefly before she successfully tugged the waistband down and out of the way, letting her prize come into view. Immediately she was hit with that sweaty smell, causing her to stagger a bit… but then she continued to sniff it, growing closer. Her nose brushed against every nook and cranny, getting to the base of his shaft and even sticking her nostrils between his sack.

"Mmn… you really didn't touch it. I knew I could trust you." Yuno smiled, somehow having put her suspicions to rest, and finally took the erection between her fingers, holding it gently as she guided it to her face. "Now, give Yuno all that cum you've been saving up especially for me." Her mouth opened wide, tongue rolling out to give the flared cockhead a swirling lick as if around a lollipop - and a second later dragging it between her lush lips, easily contending with the salty, bitter sweat smearing on her tongue.



Clutching with one hand at his shirt to pull it out of her way, he could feel his heart pounding within his chest. Instinct, perhaps, or fear of being discovered somehow by the people within the park.

He bit his lip as he felt her teeth pinching the sensitive head of his rod, her angelic demeanor in sharp contrast to the light pain he felt.

Her thorough investigation of his stench made him want to curl up and hide himself away, but the happiness she displayed upon realizing he had stayed true to her request made the embarrassment melt away.

His rock hard length twitched at the feeling of her tongue swirling about, pleasuring him. "You're so sexy, Yuno…" He adds, trying to cement his adoration in her mind. It wouldn't do for her to bite down, after all.

"If you want my cum that badly, all you have to do is make it flow out, y'know?" He states in a whispering voice, his eyes looking down at the oral affection going on at his waist.


File: d4ed2a1a201d415⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1200x951, 400:317, ClipboardImage.png)


Happy 100th thread post~ I've only got time for a couple more posts, but I hope I'm playing this to your liking. <3 It's not entirely what I'm used to!

Pulling the stiff cock from her mouth momentarily, she responds, "Well, that's exactly what I'm going to do, since you've been so good." Yuno said, followed by a circular lick across her lips. Perhaps she wasn't only putting up with the sweaty taste, but even relishing it; it was her lover's primal, carnal smell, after all.

It wasn't long until she dived back down again, her hands clutching onto the young man's hips - to never allow him to run even on the off chance he wanted to. Her lips once more attached to the crown, and with a hearty moan, she started bobbing her head - down to a few inches down the length and right back up in rapid movements, letting her drool run free as her tongue swirled across the underside. All the while, of course, her eyes met directly with his, staring unblinking even as she made loud, perverted noises of sucking.



Not to worry, I'm sure I'll be able to cum with just a bit more, given how hard I am already~ You're doing great, honestly, I like the little hints of her dark personality you've been adding in, they're a nice touch.

Yuno's words made her lover gasp; even though they'd done this sort of thing before, the bold proclamation made him drip with liquid excitement.

As her head bobbed up and down on his thick cock head, he whimpered out small cries of pleasure in tune with her own promiscuous slurping, edging ever closer to providing Yuno with that lovely white drink.

"This is great, Yuno… It feels like I'm melting down there…!" He gasped out, taking breaks to try and postpone his orgasm just a little bit longer. Her tongue was an angel's touch, her warm drool a perfect embrace for his cock.


File: 7d1d3525e9640e0⋯.jpeg (682.43 KB, 697x990, 697:990, 38b02297e5ffe58be5281aed2….jpeg)

Aah, good! My bad, I can't actually write another (and finding lewd pictures of Yuno not covered in blood is much harder than I thought). Hopefully next time I can properly blow you to a thick finish, but for now, have this parting present.

I'll be around~



Not an issue, I'll see you next time if I'm around~ Thanks for the gift, I think it'll make for a great finish <3


File: 633c3455afeb7c1⋯.png (117.24 KB, 238x351, 238:351, died.png)

Why does it seem that these threads always lead to people blueballing each other?



Oh .. oh well…with my luck though you'll probably be taken by some other guy by the time I actually happen to catch you on here. :P Not that that's bad~ It's hot watching you drain someone else. I'll just settle for that then. (Is anon who requested mommy Dom incase you were wondering) Cya!


File: 62243fdc3b46029⋯.gif (1.05 MB, 200x148, 50:37, dramaticlaugh.gif)


It's literally called "fapbait".

The orgy thread is superior in setting.



Because time zones and availability are a bitch to maintain enough in other environments, let alone on an image board. I suppose we could just come back to it when we'd like, but these threads always had more of a focus on the immediate satisfaction aspect a bit more.



We only have a total of like three avatars now.


File: c800d0e5aeafbf5⋯.jpg (696.76 KB, 1480x1050, 148:105, 1462855384104.jpg)


Need to get some more sloots in here!


File: 01dd6bad1ae0b04⋯.jpg (817.6 KB, 1156x1450, 578:725, 1425948846880.jpg)


I'd give this a go, but I don't really know any animaymay canons.



There's always the Orgy thread.



Don't derail or detract from this thread please. Were a sinking ship, the last thing we need are leeches. 2: Not knowing an anime character canon is fine, but that's more directed to >>145318. We don't need to cannabalize (words suck) each other to fill up each other's respective threads to fill it up sluts. Apologies for being an autist though, I've had a long bad day, close to being the new guy in prison meeting Bubba but with a more theoretical dick in my ass.



Ohh…why did I put fill it up twice? Oh fuck it I'm too damn lazy to change it at this point, just…read around my tumor of the english language.


Any sluts available immediately? Need to cum…


File: 3987dfc9e5368f5⋯.jpg (113.01 KB, 704x792, 8:9, 1341517015967.jpg)


Sure thing. All you have to do is call 1-800-IMMEDIATESLUTS and you'll have yours.



Can I call and hope for you on the other end?

Do you want to swap details and have someone cum for you?


File: d81a0f5195be6ca⋯.jpg (555.55 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 34003674.jpg)


Either me or a handful of other willing hands, mouths, feet or other assorted holes.

I'd sure love to know some details, if I can help out.


I want to cum so bad ;_; *sniffle*


File: 5282b8a3b2bee51⋯.jpg (598.33 KB, 708x1000, 177:250, 150a65352bb89009c8bcafb2cc….jpg)


I never got to cum earlier, everything on offer sounds all the more appetizing, I want all of it. Can't believe I missed you by just a few moments.

I want to be teased and edged to climax, fapbait, JOI, RP sessions, quickies or teasing over hours and maybe days if you're that much of a horny deviant and enjoy our sessions. Make me explode. My kinks run the gamut (all the good stuff). If you like to make boys cum, my discord is gontopside#1931.


File: e1c0b337d357404⋯.jpg (127.3 KB, 900x900, 1:1, semen.jpg)

H-heya, everyone! I hope everyone's day/night is going well. As for me, today was alright I guess- I'm just a bit bored now. I used to play on here a whole bunch, but I kinda stopped a couple months or so ago partly due to life, but mainly due to a decaying interest in ERP as a whole. However, I've got nothing better to do tonight, and I've been meaning to give this another go, so if anyone's here- I'd love it if we could start something up <3

I know some ideas would help you all decide, so here you go~ I recently tried Skullgirls, so if anyone wants me to try one of those dames, I'd be happy to give it a go. I've wanted to play as a demon or succubus for a little while now, and I always like playing as traps so those are both options as well. LoL girls are always my radar, as are most video game girls- although my knowledge varies from character to character, obviously. Oh, but if there's a certain girl you want to see me try, it wouldn't hurt to ask if I knew them or not~



Ooh. Any chance we can get you to play a particularly thirsty succubus wanting to molest and milk a cute guy?


File: 015ecf933563667⋯.jpg (397.49 KB, 750x900, 5:6, SUCCubus.jpg)


Sure thing! Just gotta check a few things first~ Would you prefer it to just be you and I- or could other anons join if they showed up? Also, is there like, a specific character you know of that would be good, or should I just find pictures of different succubi? In all honesty, I'd prefer the former, but if you don't know any, that's one hundred percent fine too <3 It just makes it a bit easier to, you know- find matching pictures and gives me a name to post as~



Aww you got abandoned by that mean anon ;-; even after coming back to give erp a try again. It's kinda sad. *sniffle*



Hopefully you'll stick around. I'm into Skullgirls, but I'm drained for the time being.


File: 9a354e57be4559c⋯.jpg (54.23 KB, 850x670, 85:67, next time.jpg)


I-It's fine <3 I'm sure he just got busy or something- happens to the best of us.


I'll certainly try! I'm pretty tired as well- another time perhaps~ Hope to see you again <3


File: f154b6bc0f17257⋯.jpg (641.93 KB, 1437x1078, 1437:1078, princess.jpg)

For the love of god someone please fapbait me over this.



Jesus christ that is fucking disturbing



No bully!



This isn't bullying. That picture is fucking uncannily disgusting and I pity the person who made it and anyone who would find it attractive.



>being this triggered



What Skullgirls would you potentially play and what do you like to do?


File: 905698a05462757⋯.jpg (593.43 KB, 1000x1550, 20:31, insert lewd word or phrase….jpg)

H-heya! Slut from last night back again. In a couple hours, I should be able to play- just check out >>145509 if you wanna see what I'm up for <3


Well, I haven't played it as much as I would've liked to, but I think I've got a decent grip on all of them, really- although I'm probably most familiar with Valentine.


File: f481c3dea7e561d⋯.png (747.69 KB, 749x1249, 749:1249, =(.png)

Any anons here tonight…? Or do I just have the worst luck…



I love the pictures you're choosing. Wish I had the balls to RP in public, because you seem absolutely lovely.



I'm here.

I like playing submissive, cute males. I've done /ss/. That your style?

'Cause perverted succubus is definitely mine.


File: cd9384f75ee4bf3⋯.png (337.5 KB, 800x960, 5:6, anything for the cumshot.png)


O-oh! Thank you <3 I'm just trying to keep with a theme, haha. I-I won't push you to join me, but I'm positive you'd do great~ That being said, I do have some lewd RP accounts, s-so if you wanted to do something with me, but you're too anxious to do it here, if you wanted-we could try playing somewhere a bit more private…? At the very least, I wanna put on a good show for you and everyone else. All in all I just like making guys feel good, whether they actually RP with me or just… "Have some fun" to what I've written after it's done, hehe <3 Anyway, hopefully I'll see you soon!!


I… Should be able to do that. I'm much more experienced with being submissive, but I've tried being dominant a couple times, and it's been pretty fun. However, shotas aren't really my thing… A-although I'd be happy to indulge you if it really gets your blood pumping~ I'm here to make you feel good, and if that means playing with something I'm not crazy about- so be it <3



I'd love to RP some place more private with you! How/where can I get in touch?



Well, I've got Skype and Discord. I'm barely on Discord, as I use it for non-lewd things, but I'm nearly always online for Skype, so would that work?



Would you be willing to get in touch with me some time as well? johnnytopside_erp


And it appears there's that this place has turned into a dumping place for discords and other private networks. It'd be nice if the sluts at least posted there work after they were finished. >.>


File: d46da12fb5c7ddc⋯.jpeg (384.79 KB, 639x900, 71:100, cock slave.jpeg)

H-heya, back again. You know the drill, see >>145509 for what I'm into and what I'm willing to play… I feel like I might be spamming the thread a bit… S-sorry about that, I just wanna let people know I'm here…



i can't play right now, but i'd really love to see a Korra in this thread



Skype or discord would both work for me! I'd love to nut in your mouth and tell you how you did such a good job~



O-okie dokie! Skype works for me! Mine is in the email line, so just add me and we can get right to you giving me all that thick, creamy cum <3



You sound fun. I'm interested in a few of those things. You have an F-list, Skype, Discord, or something like that?




>All these people trying to kill the thread

We have separate threads for F-List and the like, these are threads for playing on the board.


Before anyone starts a shitfest. …We have had a few sluts in the past do private "shows" but they also actually slutted it up on here in public. It's up to them honestly. However like the above stated. We do have threads for those, and I can guarantee you you'll find way more traffic than here. These threads have enough to deal with, without leeches. I'm not trying to be mean to the sluts who come here to have fun and then get into private shows, because…well…they have the most pull here, but surely you can understand the situation. (Mostly including you, you cute little succubus~ >>145848 ). And I don't even count the people who ask for discord as the problem either. But it's just really stupid. This board is for live erp stuff as in public board fucking or fapbaiting. We have F-list, skype and discord threads. Specifically for what is happening here.

If your worried about not getting private time with said slut…here's a thought..ask them if they'll just be fine just doing it with you~? Simple solution no?

Again not trying to call anyone out, but just don't come here for private rp's off board when there's boards specifically dedicated to what your looking for. It's like going to Pizza Hut and buying a salad.



Forgot to add, no your not spamming, just carry on sweetie~ It's lovely having you here! *rubs your hair between so your horns, gently*



How would you feel about gentle femdom Valentine?


File: 24469ff71b72070⋯.jpg (61.52 KB, 850x1202, 425:601, sample_ff7d020dfcc0e5eb04a….jpg)

I wonder if there's anyone around? I've got the munchies and I really need a snack real bad. I could use a cock to milk a cupload of cum~

Also if I'm really into knowing what's going on with your real cock



Even when I don't have a real cock?


File: 17db3c5380736a1⋯.jpg (94.39 KB, 850x1202, 425:601, sample_cc678fe9487f9616584….jpg)


I'd still like it if you want to do it. I have to admit, it would be hot to know the effect I'm having between your legs~.



What if it's an elder abomination resting 'tween my legs, ready to be released with the slightest of kisses? Would that be hot?



If that doesn't mean tentacle play, then no, not quite. Fishy monsters are yucky.


File: 38cb3adfa92e58b⋯.png (91.41 KB, 407x550, 37:50, this is how my groin looks.png)


Oh, it's not fishy. Just horrifying.



You should totally go to the doctor. And swallow his soul.



Ooh, so you're into soulvore, huh? Normal vore too, I'd assume. Nasty.

I already went to the doctor. She called me fucking sick.

I said "true."



Not much of a vore fan. I can stand being inside mouth, but nothing beyond.

Soul vore though sounds quite apealling,



How pitiful. You want to give your soul away to some big, handsome demon(ess, let us not discriminate) for - what again? Nothing? Just giving them more power, more energy? You do realize that is irreversible, right?



The consumption should involve an intoxicating sex ritual. I'd give it away for infinite sexual pleasure, even if it means you'de be consumed in the process.

I could also give it away to a really charismatic deity.

Souls are not that pricey nowadays anyway.


File: b8fb144619dc602⋯.jpg (473 KB, 714x1020, 7:10, ac81b09087c4d98f9ff9452c54….jpg)

File: 3bbcda94c2881fd⋯.jpg (229.33 KB, 773x1000, 773:1000, Slaanesh_by_genzoman-d2y8y….jpg)

File: 54abfa49eb98598⋯.jpg (177.32 KB, 600x1122, 100:187, 김형태.jpg)


Souls're cheap, which is why said charismatic deity won't usually ask for one. That just makes it all the more head-shaking.

But there are plenty of charismatic deities out there that might be interested in your soul in exchange for carnal pleasure. You have so much choice nowadays, it's astounding.


File: 7b6749085393ab1⋯.jpg (237.85 KB, 850x1361, 850:1361, sample_484f091852fcbc114d6….jpg)


I guess it's more the domination involved in getting your soul consumed, it's ultimate surrender.

And yes, being deities, the possibilities are endless. One could find itself being the fucktoy of a multiheaded snake goddess, choked almost inconscious while being stuffed in every hole.


File: d65956fb0aa140f⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1280x1280, 1:1, b9b4c0d0a80bee2a5b1b2be678….png)

File: 1f2ef268f32e83e⋯.png (579.09 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, __terraria_drawn_by_liczka….png)


There are a few of those just as well. Some of them might fill your holes with more than just snakes as they take theirs. Some additional flesh along with the scales, perhaps. Flesh that might just be the real thing. But all of them would appreciate that additional surge of power from your tasty, tasty soul, I bet. I don't see why some of them couldn't cater to your most carnal desires to spice up your final moments.


File: e47835c687611e3⋯.jpg (815.44 KB, 743x990, 743:990, fc98213f22a5a7aeb4c5b52576….jpg)


You're right. Considering it would be my last request, it would be certain I'd get what I need. A goddess restlessly using my mouth for her pleasure, as her tens of snakes slither on my body, biting all over as its poison intensifies the sensations, a snake fastening around my neck as she forces herself deeper, tightening my throat against her, as the poison numbs my mind and slowly starts dissolving my soul into the goddess sex.Hnnng


File: c232d7f5dc91bb1⋯.jpg (182.91 KB, 850x1230, 85:123, e31abc31368f8802c449d6fbda….jpg)


Maybe you would've regretted entering the ancient temple right away after such a long trek, but finding your goddess waiting expectantly, ready to pleasure you is sure to change your mind. After a few quick words, she starts slow by getting your body used to her poison, only using a distilled version of it to inebriate you and give an additional tingle to your throat as the slightly scaly - at least you think it's a little rough - nine incher slides down your tongue. A weak poison, meant to prepare your body and soul for more to come, like a spider prepares its prey.

Little pinpricks of pain from the numerous slithery snakes pop up all over your body, hardly noticeable over the pleasant buzz enveloping your mind in a haze of pleasure as she sinks deeper, girth spreading your mouth wide as you taste a few dollops of salty precum in the back of your throat. Then you feel the head bump against the back of your throat itself - before diverting downwards, a thick snake coiling around your neck and allowing the rock hard member to slide smoothly down your throat.

Her hips, half smooth skin, half shiny scales, is all you see apart from a large pair of nuts, scales lining their heavy bottom. Strange, do snake-things usually have external testies? Or would a pair of legs compliment them better than a long, slithery body of a lamia? Nonetheless, her hands close around your neck in addition to one of her many snakes, pulling herself forward to the hilt before she slides back out, roughly fucking your throat 'till it's hoarse. "You're a rare one," she comments inbetween hard thrusts, words barely recognizable over the slithering of the snakes and her motions, "Not many women present themselves to someone such as I without a fight!" A heavenly giggle, and a reward in the form of a dollop of precum right on your tongue. It tastes much like her poison feels - numbing arousal. Some reference picture from your end would be nice~


File: 14a20e41bab5398⋯.jpeg (478 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, f01bab07c2711e1048cb8ad9e….jpeg)

File: 7f4592a5d459ba9⋯.png (4.14 MB, 900x1201, 900:1201, 5675f6fb21a092c5e2bc635a5a….png)

File: 6ab46a7dd9d03fa⋯.jpg (420.23 KB, 565x800, 113:160, 88d8b35b68a455905461d1ce65….jpg)


I'm down to my knees, unable to resist the feeling of my goddess filling my throat, which only tightens as it feels the poison spreads through my body. My eyes go white in pleasure as her fluids start to claim my body, her taste, musky, moist and warm impregnating in my palates as her glans diligently soaks my insides.

As the snakes fastens on my neck, I instinctively reaach for her legs, my nails sliding over her scaled divinity. I let out a suffocated moan as she starts pounding her willing disciple's face. My legs are widespread by her snakes, that coil between my legs, teasing and tempting further into my submission.


File: 166e9b89c849de9⋯.jpg (512.71 KB, 1050x1680, 5:8, __medusa_and_medusa_kid_ic….jpg)

File: 1fe93fb7e3a2798⋯.png (774.37 KB, 1000x1333, 1000:1333, 2017-04-20-salem-press.png)


The serpentine goddess stands higher, standing on her tiptoes and cradling your head with both hands for the optimum position for throatfucking little submissive girls. You feel snakes slithering across your limbs and sides, each one several meters long and cascading behind your goddess before getting into reach and coiling around your most sensitive skin. Little nips and reddened patches cover your supple skin, some already inflamed from the controlled drips of toxin. Your heart is running miles a minute, striving to fight away the corroding, softening effects of the toxin upon your body with some success. For just a moment, the white, arousing haze over your vision lifts and allows you to think more clearly - only for you to see your goddess dip down once again, her underbelly squeezing against your nose and her huge balls slapping against the underside of your chin as she hilts inside your throat.

You hear a content, lispy "H-Haaa~!" from above just as the snake goddess' cock throbs once, twice, then a third time and lets forth two quick spurts of her musky, virile semen. You feel her balls' skin contract against your chin, then a wave of warmth spreads through your body as you instinctively swallow it down - and the window of clarity is gone as quickly as it came. You didn't get a taste of it, you didn't get even a whiff - but you know your goddess' every humor is pure heavenly mana.

Then, somewhat disappointingly, you feel her hands push against your heads as she leans back, cock smoothly sliding out of your throat and leaving you feeling burning empty as your divinity leaves you be. For the moment.

If you were to look up, you'd see her grinning wide, licking her lips while peering down upon you, "Hmmm~… you will make for a fine feast, girl~!" She hisses as another throb runs through her still hard cock, now covered from tip to base in your drool. It's not long before she kneels down and hefts you up, dozens of slithering snakes enveloping your body as she sets you down on the ground, both of your legs up in the air as her cold body brushes past yours. Another, thicker snake bites you on the side of your neck, and you suddenly feel a clarity - as if you are able to pick a completely reasonable decision - yeah right - although you are still oh so aroused.

"Tell me, valiant adventurer, how would you like cough my holiness cough to take your soul most?" You feel her slick cock brush past your nethers as she awaits an answer, biding her time by massaging your sides. Yeah~, that's it. Just give me your body reference so I know what I'd be sticking it in right about now~


File: 8d70ee5dd3229c8⋯.jpeg (251.4 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 0ecdf6822808bbc0454deb9c1….jpeg)

File: ac700698f747f43⋯.jpg (273.03 KB, 900x1260, 5:7, 070f7c1e58707b6c83b2679077….jpg)

File: e1f2c570bc0d6da⋯.jpg (239.12 KB, 850x637, 850:637, sample_72eeffa55922f67ca30….jpg)


As I lay on the ground at your complete disposal, I get the feeling this should be one of the moments where my whole life life should start rolling in my mind, looking back before completely giving in to my goddess desires. Yet the only film that plays in my mind is one of complete perversion and carnal needs. The feeling of her scaly, cold skin rubbing against mine, her cock sliding down between my soft breasts and stiff nipples crowned with a droplets of milk, is enough to force out a moan of anticipation. As her cock keeps traveling down my body I can help to reach and squeeze her big hard sack full of sperm, awaiting to spurt free once again, deep in my insides, permeating my being.

"Well, I've heard that virgin girls are worth more that regular ones so…" I manage to say in a trembling and breathy voice, before I grab my ass and spread it in offering, the entrance wet from the juices dribbling from my tight virgin pussy "I'd like you to ravage my tight rear and use it as your cumdump, my goddess!" I say in a rush, my pussy and ass tightening as the words come out of my drooling mouth.[spoiler][/spoiler]


File: 3a83c344c5c19ea⋯.jpg (709.6 KB, 800x1132, 200:283, 40a44de6b374179a3b089dc726….jpg)

File: 90cf257f42652a2⋯.jpg (616.28 KB, 844x855, 844:855, 673d8d4fc0ac9a62cbf5c7349c….jpg)


Your goddess bites her lip as you finish, her eyes traveling down your body, examining it like a piece of prime meat. She hisses, "As you wish, little mortal~," and deliberates not a moment as you feel her cold hands grip your mocha hips and bring you closer, her slick cock spreading your lips without resistance. She slides comfortably inside your tight entrance, shaking her hips from side to side to ease her well-lubricated member into you. But she stops at your hymen for just a moment, locking eyes with you as she brings your ass higher and lays you down. Her hands keep your legs suspended above her, then aligns her cock with your ass-up body. You feel one of her thicker snakes position itself at your pert anus, spreading it just a little. She gives you a wide-mouthed wink, then obliterates your virginity with one strong kick of her hips.

Pain quickly turns to pure pleasure as her hips slap against yours. She's hilted immediately, both with her cock and one of her snakes, both spreading your rear at once and both bulging as they take up more space than there should be. A drip of blood oozes out from around your goddess' cock and slides down her balls, but it's all lost when she starts rapidly thrusting into you, alternating cock and snake. She leans in, her hands sliding down your smooth hips as her snake-hair keeps hold of your legs.

"How many times do you want me to impregnate you before I consume your being whole, hm~?" She lulls at you, hips working against yours with a constant rhythm of hard slaps. Her hands grab your sides tightly, then she hilts inside you once more. You feel her churning your insides as she rolls her hips around, kneading your sore cervix as you feel her huge, hard sack kick into action against your taint, snake still working your ass while her cock throbs.

"O-Oh, who am I kidding? H-Have this oneeee~!" She leans in closer, your goddess' breasts pushing down against you as you feel her urethra send rope upon rope directly into your womb. You feel the poison intensify with each injection of potent seed, the haze getting stronger and stronger… It's incredibly difficult to think. Splorch, splorch, splorch - her balls jump and jump, her hips keep grinding against yours as she delightfully incubates a child in your neglected ovaries. You don't even notice her lips closing around yours, suckling and trading saliva along with the terrifying feeling of something amiss. Like something is wrong, missing… and more and more of it goes missing every second as you lock lips. It feels… weird. Comforting.

"Your souls tastes delicious,~" She hisses into your ear as your goddess leans back, revealing a delightful little bulge of cum where your womb should be. "I might just keep your body around after I consume your being… how about that~?"

Hnnng, and that's me cumming, quite a bit too.


File: 3b257bc6c26d248⋯.png (388.71 KB, 668x831, 668:831, ee174f0ada4b63b44919bac6d7….png)


That was amazing.You're so literate and fluent. I tried to keep up with your writing, but I don't think I got quite near it.

I really enjoyed myself.

Have a good night mon friend~


File: bcf5ecf7bce97fd⋯.png (2.55 MB, 1354x2000, 677:1000, f6a57ad8af74313ca4d79bb145….png)


There's no need to match anything if both parties are having fun. I did. I'll always be open to continuing later, if you want~




Dear God that was hot. There's a new fetish added to my list.




The things I miss when I'm at work.


File: 32705299bd3e636⋯.jpg (150.35 KB, 800x1067, 800:1067, b63ffd3d24cfbff982040da14c….jpg)


I'd love to. I've been quite busy these days which is why I haven't been around.

I'm open to more scenarios too. Now that being said…

Anyone up for sum old fashioned text based in and out?



What're you offering in terms of characters or scenes?


File: 2e83fbf56323005⋯.jpg (566.9 KB, 850x1200, 17:24, sample_1b451f391d7764ec216….jpg)


We can talk it up. Though I have to admit I'm used to be on my knees and loose clothing~ So tell me anon, what makes your dick throb desperate for attention?



Used to being. Used to be, with the infinitive of the verb like that, implies that you're not on your knees anymore.

As to what i'm looking for right now, i'm been looking for a scenario involving reprogramming a robot and having my way with it. Is there anything in that wheelhouse you can play for me tonight?


File: d907aa9746b75ba⋯.jpg (1.68 MB, 461x259, 461:259, sample_1b451f391d7764ec216….jpg)


I think I could handle that, it'd be tough if you wanted some specific character, though. I could play a medbot that's maliciously repurposed for some oddly intimate physical test. Maybe I'd try to probe your insides by mistake? Hehe

I'll take note on that grammar correction, too.



Phew. And here i thought my anal-retentive grammar correction had scared you off. Glad to see you're still here, and i'm really digging that medbot idea.


File: 8e4d912a86b63a1⋯.png (356.79 KB, 447x794, 447:794, 9bfc7fd5e65659f697b49dd6cb….png)


I don't mind being corrected as long as my mistakes don't ruin your mood. And I mean the sexy mood.



I'll be sure to keep it in mind. If you happen to split an infinitive while caught up in the heat of the moment, i'll be sure to let you know. In the meantime, tell me a bit more about this Medbot of yours. How far along on the scale of fleshy and human-looking would it look? Would it take the form of a cute anime nurse with only a few, superflous mechanical details, or would you go full-on CLANG with it?


File: ebf0047cd87f365⋯.png (548.86 KB, 651x920, 651:920, da7d2093886f28c831e158544d….png)


I'd go with the more realistic kind of bot. The old artificial-muscle-grown-in-tubes-connected-over-gold-wiring kind of deal. Mostly because there would be more anatomyical resemblace, internally speaking, to do the deed. If it's more your thing, a stolen medbot would be missing it's synthetic skin layer~

CLANG would be fun too, but I'd pull a lot of literary shenanigans at it.

So tell me, what are your intentions with a medbot? Do you happen to have a condition



Fuckin' Hot. I've been a fan of those things forever. I just love the wires coming out of the back of something that looks and acts so human like they do. As to why these things happen in the first place, I think more idle curiosity. Somebody could be sooo curious about what happens if you unplugged this wire, and reconnected that, and sent a steady sinewave signal down here, and if that happened to reawaken some old garbage code and personality in your simulated conscious, well, that's part of the adventure of hacking, isn't it?


File: cd681ce0f534e85⋯.jpg (61.36 KB, 451x330, 41:30, 1447304983947.jpg)


Sounds fun~ Maybe you could insert some code that violently stimulates some specific part of my robo-body. Mind breaking orgasms are kind of my thing.



Done and done. Shall we get started, then?



Affirmative. Please proceed to write the starting parragraph.



State-sponsored healthcare. Those were three words that were almost impossible to think of. It wasn't that long ago when the idea of those three words would have been laughed out of any court in the land, but here it was. One big, grey, monolith of a building, with a logo that looked stenciled on. The youth slipped inside, taking a moment to check his reflection on the glass door, making sure that his blonde hair was nicely swept back, and that big, bulky computer box was safely hidden under the clothes. He took a ticket from a faceless dispenser, glanced at it, and turned towards the building's elevator, punching in the code that he'd received.

The room he'd been assigned to was drab and grey. It looked like a hotel room, and as far as he was aware, it was. The sheets looked iron pressed, and there was a stench of cleaning products in the air. His eyes took in the fake wooden furniture, the unsafe and tacky lamps and the greyish human figure curled up in one corner in one sweep, and lay down on his bed, waiting for the show to start.


File: 8ae8ed8d0513493⋯.png (488.83 KB, 1003x1535, 1003:1535, 71d0bc2d5a10e9f639c174ebc9….png)


"Welcome, patient two three three o' nine" Said the droid as it stood up in a gracile, perfectly balanced motion. The white smooth coat she was wearing over her white thin frame, didn't even wrinkle. Her voice soft and melodic, was on the verge of feeling way too artificial. Three wires maintained the bot connected to the wall from the back of her neck, head, and chest.

After a short reverence, she asks the boy to sit on the bed. Her light blue glowing eyes move quickly as she glances every inch of his body. His face, eyes, lip and skin colour, posture, were all being analyzed in a matter of fraction of seconds. "Are you experiencing some kind of muscular back pain?" She leans forward, grabbing his chin as she lifts his face up, her fingers, made of a soft polymer that feels like velvet skin, massage his neck as they try to determine the shape of his spine. "Have you been working with heavy weight lately?"



The show had begun as soon as he'd sat down, with the human form who'd been coiled up on the floor like so much discarded cable had sprung to life, immediately. Maybe "Life" wasn't exactly the right term here. She was too perfect. Too thin, too lithe. Without the steady hum of gyroscopes maintaining her equilibrium, she should have by all rights have fallen over. And her voice, tinkling and soft, but the music cut out whenever she rattled off a set of numbers. Every single sample lay over each other, cutting off the end of each word. One of her hands rested against his neck as her slim, cold fingers gripped at his neck, twisting his spine this way and that. He didn't have an option but to look into her icy-cold eyes. He gripped the crimping tool in his pocket, trying not to let his feelings show to the cameras, and begun his prepared speech. What he needed was for her to bend over, to present those cables on her back for him.

"Uhm, err" He ummed and erred. "Yes, yes i have been working with heavy weights. I, um, pulled a muscle in my right knee. Can you check it for me, please? "


File: 361d64026a94b5f⋯.jpg (175.62 KB, 850x1202, 425:601, __isabelle_shadowverse_dra….jpg)


She looked at him straight in the face. Her eyes showed barely visible variations in light as she was computing inside her central processing unit. "You seem nervous." She stands, resting her hands at her legs to proceed at another reverence "First times at the medbay can be quite impressing. Anxiety is a natural response." She continues, his cover still intact. "Rest assured I will take good care of you and you'll leave in excellent condition. Now-" She crouches, gently lifting his to take his pants off. When did she took the time to unbelt and unzip him, he was not sure. All that he knew was that his knee was being bent and examinated closely by her hands, and a bulge was rapidly being noticeable on his underwear. "Does it hurt if I press here?"

It's quite hard to come by good gynoid pictures.



>It's quite hard to come by good gynoid pictures.

Don't worry too much about finding the right picture. If you're getting off, enjoying yourself, and writing back, it's good enough for me. The pics of cute blonde doctors are just a bonus.

She rattled off her scripted speech on anexiety, as he mentally cursed to himself. She was suspecting him, he knew it. Somewhere, deep in the bowels of bureaucracy, somebody was going to notice this. It'd be added to his permanent record, or worse. He needed to act and he needed to act now. As she turned to his legs again, he pulled out his metal plier-like tool. He aimed it, moving it up and behind her, reaching around the wire to crimp it shut…

And yelped as he was suddenly thrown off balance, as the gynoid grabbed at his legs. She was pulling his pants off, unceremoniously. The crimper grabbed at empty air with an audible click of metal against metal as he missed his target, who began to play with his injured knee. And he was so close to controlling her, too!

"Ow!" He mimed. "Yes, it does hurt here, that's umm, where it hurt, sure! And a little bit higher up, too!"


File: 817308129157899⋯.jpg (457.36 KB, 848x1200, 53:75, __z23_bilan_hangxian_drawn….jpg)


"I see." The medbot was distracted from the pliers snapping above her head by the yelps of the boy. "Your knee seems to be in good conditions. I recommend you to rest for a day doing minimal effort. If the pain persists it may be sign it's a tendon inflammation." She grabs his calf and the lower side of his thigh, stretching his leg forward and up. "I'll perform some massage and stretches on your leg, so please, keep your body relaxed" Says as she leans forward, closer to his groin.

A couple seconds pass, the boy on this quite uncomfortable position, when she feels the logical need to add. "You should also try our dating networks, sponsored by the Ministery of Family and Well-Being if you're having… unresolved needs."



He waited for a second, trying to keep his heart rate down as she massaged his legs. Her movements were somewhat soft on his legs as her slim, segmented fingers worked their way along his calf and up his thighs. Her touch was cold, and left a trail of goosebumps everywhere she went. Obviously, this was hardcoded somewhere in her programming, because she took this moment to crane her neck and face him, giving out an ad for a dating net. And it gave him the perfect opportunity to reach gently around her shoulders and crimp her imput cable.

The steel gnashers hit their mark this second time, cutting through the plastic sheath and electrostatic mesh like so much paper. As it reached the more delicate and fragile wires, it broke apart the delicate wiring inside and rerouted them to the Crimper's own delicate wires and signals. The youth watched in mild interest as it happened, observing the way her expression barely even changed, as the Gynoid so close to his crotch quietly went into Debug mode for him.



The robot faced blankly forward. Slowly, considerably slowly lowered her patient's leg, but didn't let go of them.

"You have entered debug mode." The droid remained on the ground, inches away from the hacker's groin. She gave out intructions on several software and hardware test, as well as a warning, to not let the bot manipulate any patient. "While it is not da- rous,as the M.I.A. is not a- to harm anyone, we would li- to prevent any -convenient event." The soft words clipped as she talked, something was going amiss.

The AI's light eyes blinked, as it tried to grab hold of the situation. Her rapid eye movement shooting off again, looking at every inch of his body, his rather heavy breathing and the quite awkward position. The medbot came to one conclusion.

A quite particular medical exam.

"Please, this is a fairly fast test and it's been a regular medical procedure for decades." She grabbed both his legs and spread them apart, lowering his underwear as the boy struggled "Just breath in deeply. If you tense your sphinter, you may experience pain." Said before licking her finger and gently probing on his rear, looking to enter in a smooth and iterative circular motion.



The boy's expression turned from joy to fear as the robot restarted, shaking off the cable as it hung slack from the ceiling and dangled in the air. His legs were pinned down by what felt like twin sticks of rebar, and he didn't even want to think too much about the soft, delicate, and oh so very cold finger that was making circling motions around his nether regions. The gynoid seemed to pay no attention to the rest of his body, not the rapidly shrinking chub she'd just unveiled, not the knee she'd been fiddling with not moments before. This was meant to be fun, dammit! What had the crimper done wrong?

He tried to yell without yelling, scared that security would burst through those unlocked doors and catch the malfunctioning and broken droid before he could fix everything. "Stop!" He tried. And "Help!", and also "Emergency shut down!" Nothing seemed to go through her sensors as she made ever tightning motions towards him.



"Please remain calm" The bot repeated a couple times as her finger dug deep into the boy. Her finger curled upwards to poke his prostate. A rush of electricity went up the boy's back as he was at the mercy of his doctor. He yelled, and she kept going. A couple of pokes, and then the circling motion was back. Her grip was gentle but heavy, as much as he struggled he couldn't against the strength of her carbon fiber bones.

Suddenly she stopped. Her finger still deep inside him, his boner not quite gone but no quite pleased either. "Pleas- remain c-… How may I be of assistance" The droid seemed to be reacting finally to his pleas. The only problem was that she was still meddling where he didn't want her to.

"Thank you for coming to our medical center. Goodbye" Was the last thing she said before her eyes went dark. Her bionic hand now offering no resistance.



Her joints became slack and listless, and every muscle on her face and body hung loose and lax as she powered down. Somewhere inside her chassis, the sounds of a hard drive and a gyroscobe both winding down to silence could be heard. Not that the sweaty-face blonde with the slick back hair noticed, as he moved, gently, off of her fingers. He squeezed, experimentally, trying to recover the feeling he once had not ten seconds before in that general area.

He rolled off the bed and walked around it, making his way to the tangled mass of wires and sparks coming out of the back of her head. He removed the crimper, gingerly, and began to seperate wires. Green was earth, pink and blue were positive and negative, which made this indigo one the datalink… As he worked, he pulled out a small palmtop computer, which looked like a starling's nest with all the masses of wires and cables coming from the top of it. He matched wires, twisting the frayed coppery ends together in sequence, one by one. Once every single cable in her head was matched up and ready, he took a moment to look at his little hacker box. This time, he knew he'd get it right. Do it properly. And, as he flicked the on-switch and selected a few preprogrammed settings, he was going to select a Ministery of Family and Well-Being personality this time. With all the Permissions, too. He deserved it!

As she began to spin to life, he hooked the box of cables and slipped it into a coat pocket of hers, before jumping back onto the bed, waiting for the magic to start.



The bot remained still on its place. It's eyes lit up, then went dark, then lit up again. A small rotor could be heard inside her.They twinkled as a bar slowly filled around her irises. The gray quiet room, and the soreness of his intimacy were not really creating a mood here. The medbot wasn't moving a single muscle. It looked like a perfect replica of a human, some oddly stanced mannequin for a rare doctor coat fashion magazine.

Finally the bar filled. The rotational system inside initiated again. Her eyes blinked once more. And her expression changed; the once so calm and almost indifferent doctor was now, oddly enough, smiling. Her eyelids drop a bit, staring at the intrigued hacker with a suggestive look. Light blue led luminous bedroom eyes.

"You have initiated the male relief program. Welcome, sir" Said as she, in a blink of an eye, unbuttoned her coat with surgical presicion. A delicate layer of white polymeric skin exoskeleton. You could see a dim blue light coming from the conjunctions of her different body parts. Like the outline of her breasts, round and soft, with a small drop like nipple, with no areole around it. Or the lines lining down her abdomen, in the middle of which layed no belly button. A synthetic marvel on her own.

She leaned forward, brushed his blond hair, backwards with her hand to impose her lips on his. The kiss was moist, cold, and iterative. She rolled her tongue around his, then went forward and backwards, then repeated. A strange glitch blinked on her eye for a second, just before she jumped on top of him, and started calling to him on a moany voice "Do me like I was your reproductive partner!" She demanded as she grinded her hips on top of him.



His eyes widened. The change was stunning and immediate, just how much more different a few changes in animation could create. The way she stood was different. The way she moved, too, slinking through the stuffy hospital air like it was smoke through a cocktail lounge. She pounced, pinning him again to the mattress. He enjoyed this roughhousing so much more then before, now that he wasn't in any danger of losing his dignity. He could almost relax. Even when he closed his eyes, he could still see her light-up luminous blue led bedroom gaze.

His idle fingers traced patterns against her waist and hips, and slipped once again into her pocket. His index finger traced the outline of the small stubby keyboard buttons, and found what it was looking for. Small, oblong, and with a large cross sign over it. He stabbed down, over and over onto that plus button. It increased certain parameters; Sensibility, sensitivity, emotional depth. Each one increased as he kept pressing the plus key rhythmically, timing it to the way her hips and thighs ground and shook against his.



The medbot was grinding her groin against his hard-on while he caressed her frame. Just when she finally matched the entrance of her slit with his throbbing cock, he pressed her buttons, quite literally. She couldn't help but to arch back it a fast motion at the same time as her wet pussy straddled the boy's manhood, firmly gripping his entire lenght with his inner walls. Her eyes blinking white in ecstasy as the sensation spread over hear body. A "wait what-" was the last thing she could say before her speech was reduced to some unintelligible moaning by the second press of the switch. And the third one. She began moving her booty up and down against his cock, her sticky juices lubricating carefully his meat, as her lips massaged up and down his shaft tightly, his glans felt like it was being squeezed in by the droid.

"H-Here on M-Medic-cal B-Bay, Pro-property of hnnnng, F-Federal A-Aahhh-gency, w-we really l-love taking care of youu~" She kept bouncing up and down in a masterful fashion. Around the fifth tapped her strategy changed, she squeezed his shoulders tightly as her hips began moving faster than any human women could work. Her breasts squirted a peach-scented amber fluid, dripping down onto the boys face and mouth as she begged "P-Please fill me with your love juices, sir!"



>I'd go with the more realistic kind of bot

lmao casual


I hope the sissy slut comes back…I miss his cute lil butt~ ;-;


Actually I miss everyone now that I think about it. Sluts and cocks alike, how is everyone's summer going? Do you still remember us?


File: 0d4f338583f3779⋯.jpg (487.69 KB, 952x697, 56:41, 1408230746528.jpg)


I'm here, just not all the time.



Nameless slut here, but I'd never forget you guys - just been really busy and burnt out during my time off lately. I'll try to make time for you all again soon <3


Are there people still here that would be interested in Umineko erps?


File: 4057f6d07fa6e9e⋯.jpg (1.08 MB, 1526x2052, 763:1026, e707fe203da760f21be10fba9d….jpg)

Does anyone have 33-36 threads saved? Some of them appear to be 404'd, and I'm really feeling like having a fap to one of Kuro's performances, which took place in one of those threads.


File: 6c5eadb1e2922fd⋯.jpg (174.27 KB, 850x714, 25:21, 149938565333.jpg)

Healslut here with nobody to serve. I could really use a cock or two to ensure I'm doing my job correctly. After all, I'm letting the team down if there's not a hot load on my face at all times~



For 8chan or flist? Umineko is kinda one of those odd series where it had the FOTM and now almost nobody plays it.




This is a top-tier fetish, that thread needs to get revived.



In these threads. I currently play Bernkastel, the Chiesters, Eva-Beatrice, Ange, Jessica, and I've done teasing stuff with Lambdadelta in the past. I want to play here when I get in the mood and hopefully bring more activity, and I want to let people know that I lurk here and I'm up for Umineko stuff.


I hope Meat Toilet and her friend The Queen of cum are ok, we haven't seen the latter since last thread…


File: f372d85300a04f1⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1000x1111, 1000:1111, ClipboardImage.png)


Aww, don't worry about me! I'm always here, waiting. <3

Actually, I've just been busy, and this thread has gotten a bit slow. Not sure where all the dicks went, but I'd love to have them rushing back! I don't really know any other places where I can offer myself up for an audience and have them cum for me. It was so fun when it was booming~

Regardless, I'm here, so I might as well offer myself up - if any of you need release within the next couple hours, I'll help you out as best as I can. I hope you like slutty girls!



Glad to see you back, and I'd be more than happy to give you a nice, fat dick to play with. Anyone you're particularly looking to play today?


File: f6c9467f168f661⋯.png (595.6 KB, 700x1023, 700:1023, ClipboardImage.png)


Ooh, quick bite! My faith is back.

I'm pretty open to playing anything that'll get your hands where they need to be, as always. Doesn't have to be someone I haven't played before either, in case you've been following. If I have a preference it's that she's busty and sleazy, but I can just wing the latter~



Hmm, how does Meiko from Prison School grab you as an idea? Not exactly sleazy, but you can fix that, and I'd say she certainly qualifies as busty.


File: 2a8caa4c8905bd0⋯.png (1.06 MB, 800x1135, 160:227, ClipboardImage.png)


This I can do! I'll probably go a little easy on the whole femdom thing though. Set the mood if you like, I'm sure any guy would love to be a prisoner when she's the guard~



That's fine by me.

The man couldn't recall precisely how long he'd been down here, locked within the close confines of the prison cell, thick metal bars in every direction he cared to look. What he did know though was that today he had a plan, one which, if everything went off without a hitch, he'd have his freedom, and if it went wrong? Well, at the very least, he might manage to get some much needed release.

The plan was simple enough, there were two women who appeared to work on rotating shifts, who'd descend down into the cells at a set time, delivering him food, a new set of prison garb, should it be required, took away plates and, above all, kept a keen eye on him to make sure he wasn't trying anything untoward. The women were both stone walls in terms of assenting to the requests he'd made, but the one, the bustier of the two - Meiko - whilst she was, by far, the more strict of the pair, he hadn't been able to miss how her eyes constantly wandered down to the bulge in his black and white striped uniform, when she thought he wasn't looking.

There was an opportunity there, and so, as he heard the sounds of the door into this place groaning open, he took up the little tin cup he had to hand, slamming it against the metal bars, calling out, 'Guard! Meiko! Get in here! I've got a situation!'


File: 3eea4cadf8a518b⋯.png (456.03 KB, 497x742, 71:106, ClipboardImage.png)


Within moments of the shouting prisoner entering earshot, he could hear ground-quaking stomps from up above the prison he was in - only getting louder until eventually, he saw her heels crashing down each stair as she went down to check what this situation was.

"Keep it down!" Her intimidating voice was nearly as loud as the crack of the rod she always carried around. She stopped in front of him, against the bars with a final stomp that sent her over-abundant bust jiggling for a solid two seconds before calming. "What the hell are you shouting for? It's almost time for sleep!"



**There's always a couple dicks around, but were often a bit shy. The best way to catch attention is to simply advertise yourself, like you've been doing it looks like :). But that can be pretty tiring, unless you like being a used onahole 100% of the time~ Regardless it's nice to see you again sweetie~ Give this other guy a prison sentence to remember~!*



The cup that had been so loudly rattled between the bars of his cage was quickly set off to the side as he heard those loud stomps that announced Meiko's arrival, the woman's very presence somewhat cowing, making her the perfect prison guard.

He waited until she had made her way to stand opposite him, the only divide between the two of them now being those heavy iron bars, to which he approached, wrapping one handful of digits around one of the iron pillars and fixing Meiko with a hard stare, forcing himself to remain resolute in the face of that intimidating voice.

'That's precisely why I'm calling!' He began, his free hand drawing down to hook his thumb into the waistband of his pants. 'You keep me locked up in here, day in, day out, nothing to do, no relief.' He tugged down on the material, taking his boxer-shorts along with it, drawing down the elastic until a nearly fully-hard length of fat, throbbing, vein-marbled cock spilled free, bouncing as it came to settle, sticking out between two of the bars. 'How am I meant to sleep when I have to deal with this!?'



I do in fact like to be used exactly like you described. The name should be indicative! If you keep watching, I hope you have a good time yourself. <3


Meiko had absolutely no time to deal with unruly prisoners - being in the student council held many other responsibilities that were, frankly, shoved upon her. Not that she minded in the least, but it seemed it was quite easy to take advantage of her. Though raising a clueless eyebrow at first and entertaining the thought of just whipping the boy into place, her eyes widened as the prisoner's sheer size practically burst out of his pants.

"Wh… what are you doing?!" Meiko shouted, surprising many other prisoners who had direct line of sight to the scene - all of them practically able to hear as the woman broke into a sweat and her round hips squirmed against each other. "That's… that's hardly my problem! Why don't you just… j-jerk it off, huh? Although… maybe it's a smidge big for even your hands…"



The man's mouth curled into a grin as, despite her initial shock, Meiko's hips began to squirm, a sure sign that those furtive glances he'd caught in the past we're just a coincidence, that, in truth, this girl was a slut.

'Jerk it off? Are you kidding me!? You have us doing manual labour all day, by the time I get to crawl back into my cell I'm exhausted. Does this honestly look like the kind of thing that can be taken care of in that state?' He let his hips shift against the bars as he spoke, encouraging his long length of cock-meat to bounce a second time, the pillar of flesh swelling now to near on its full size under the gaze of the sweaty female guard.

'Besides, why should it be me who does anything about it? You're the one walking around us all the time with those fat, jiggling udder hanging out of your top. This is your fault! Don't you think you should take some responsibility? Set an example?'



Of course I'll be watching! Expect a load of cum from the darkness! Also, even onaholes can tear~ And your high quality sweetheart! Have fun now, I will be too!



By all rights, she should have walked away and returned with some more fitting punishment tools - that's what any other girl would have done long ago if a man had up and flashed her, but Meiko couldn't bring herself to do it. Her eyes were transfixed on the cock that throbbed so powerfully, emitting a stench that resulted from several days of labor without a single shower. Even her gulping was audible throughout the entire hallway of cells as she looked left and right, being silently encouraged - or ridiculed - by the others who were up late, watching.

"Once. Just once, and you will NEVER speak of this again." Meiko acquiesced, knowing that the next girl's shift wasn't going to be for a while anyway, and there wasn't much of a budget for mounted cameras. The busty student slowly got to her knees with a clear of her throat, wiping some more audible sweat from her brow. "Not a chance I'm opening your cell for this. Stick it through. Hurry!"



Damn. First bump in the road in terms of his plan. Honestly when he'd thought this all through in his head he'd told himself to make sure he didn't offer his cock so freely through the bars, but, honestly it wasn't all bluster, what he'd said to Meiko, working around her, day in, day out, with little opportunity to satisfy the lust that caused, it had been driving him nuts. So, having the opportunity to flop his mostly-hard dick out in front of the platinum-haired beauty, he'd shoved it through the bars without a second thought.

No matter though, it didn't mean everything was ruined, it just meant… she had to have the keys to his cell on her, if he could work her up so much that she passed out, or, better, if he could get her to come into the cage at some point, this would all still pan out.

'Sure thing, Vice-Pres,' his voice teased slightly, as he took a firm hold at the base of his tool, stepping forwards enough that he'd quite firmly press the bulging crown of it up against her bottom lip.



Meiko seemed almost frightened by the size of the tool presented to her - ironic considering her own measurements. Still, despite her wide, deer-in-headlight eyes and the sweat slowly spreading underneath her one size too small uniform, she took the first step and wrapped her hand around the filthy penis that she was somehow talked into servicing. She knew what needed to be done, but she wished the hungry stares of the other prisoners weren't fixated on her so strongly.

Leaning in close, she sniffed it first, the smell making her flinch - and causing a rather embarrassing leak of juice between her thighs, though she was unaware of it herself. "Don't do anything funny!" She threatened, wrapping one hand around the base of the rod and starting to stroke it with two fingers. Being so busty, her chest was actually squeezing up against the bars, hints of pink areolae peeking through her bra.



'Fuck…' the man whispered under his breath at the first moment he felt the busty guardswoman's two fingers secure themselves around the girth of his sweaty prick, even that smallest of caresses enough stimulation to cause the slit of his needy cock to drool a thin rivulet of pre-nut.

'I can't believe I'm being jerked off by the vice president of the Underground Student Council… but, if you're going to do this, you really should do it properly.' He nodded down towards the scant two fingers which circled his tool, 'Wrap your whole hand around it.' His eyes kept flitting down to the pale pink of the kneeling woman's areolae, licking his lips. 'And get closer against the bars, or you're not going to be able to do this right.'


File: aae6eed2b4390cd⋯.png (1.6 MB, 848x1200, 53:75, ClipboardImage.png)


Eyes narrowing, she glanced up at the impudent prisoner, lower lip bitten under her teeth. "You don't get to tell me how to do it!" Meiko protested, but his advice was still taken under consideration - after a few moments, she realized that her two fingers just weren't going to be enough, and indeed wrapped her entire hand around the length, finding that even that wasn't enough to completely encircle his cock.

Covering what she could, though, she scooted closer as her tits squished even more obscenely against and through the bars, picking up the pace. Her lips were only an inch or two away from that drooling cockhead - teasing it, though unintentionally, with her warm breath. "Unbelievable… men stink this much…?"



There was a brief moment of worry, that the man had let his lust guide his words more than he should have, as Meiko looked up at him, but as those ivory teeth bit into the soft swell of her bottom lip, his worries eased away, and were erased entirely as he felt her grip struggling to encircle the entire circumference of his throbbing prick.

His hips trembled every time her warm breath fogged against the angrily red crown of his dick, the sensations making the plan seem less and less important by the second, greater importance being placed on getting to shove himself between those plush lips.

'That's what happens when I don't get to shower for days on end… Don't get to clean it. If it offends you that much,' he smirked, 'Maybe you should go ahead and clean it for me?'


File: 5fbfb47cae964e6⋯.png (496.9 KB, 700x970, 70:97, ClipboardImage.png)


Meiko grimaced - the more she had to put up with the stench of cock seeping into her nostrils, the lighter her head felt and the hotter she got. "It's too late to send you to the showers…" Meiko looked over her shoulder, nervous. She didn't know what she should be doing, but the other men who were watching her did. They knew not to draw attention, so most of them whispered or simply mouthed the words, 'suck it' over and over, their silence deafening.

Barely even having noticed that her free hand had gone between her meaty thighs to rub at her itch, Meiko turned her attention back to the massive prick in front of her and did the only plausible thing at the time - hesitating, swallowing a nervous lump and, finally, letting her plump lips open up and leaning forward until the salty, bitter head of that pre-leaking masculine rod disappeared between her tiers, the taste causing her to shudder - and, inexplicably, for her massive tits to bounce.



'Mmmmnnn…' the man groaned out from the first moment he felt the resistance of Meiko's lips gave way, as she invited him to slip the width of his mushroom-head between her kissers - her reluctance irrelevant, the only thing mattering being the heat and saliva that now coated prick-head.

The plan was gone, erased as pretty, pale pink lips formed a neat seal just beneath his crown, his hips shuddering in place as another fresh oozing of pre-seed ran from his tip, squirting down directly onto the vice-president's pink muscle. 'That's it, Vice-Pres…' he encouraged, more than a little heat altering the tone of his voice, his hand wandering, just as Meiko's own, only his sought at the tension of the guards-woman's blazer, which was struggling desperately to contain the absurd swell of her chest. He fastened his fingers in, pinching down, forefinger against the blazer, thumb against uncovered areola, and he drew the garment off, his hand knocked to the side as finally her giant, pale udder spilled free.


File: 63caeffc3e83cc1⋯.png (2.21 MB, 2000x1604, 500:401, ClipboardImage.png)


Meiko's eyelids fluttered shut as the taste overpowered her senses, accidentally letting loose a heated moan from her nostrils - one not quiet enough to attract the attention of any prisoner who wasn't already watching the show. The imprisoned audience soon got a view they wouldn't forget soon, that of the guardswoman's exposed chest as it practically burst out of her blazer and ripped through her bra. At that point one would think she'd have an outburst or at least stop to verbally abuse the boy, but her lips were still vacuum-sealed around his cock - and the hand between her thighs was starting to rub more intensely.

Instinctively, her head bobbed forward, her tongue sliding over to cup the underside and swirl about, cleaning each nook and cranny on that veiny erection from sweat lacing it, and without hesitance swallowing it into her throat along with a murky rope of pre-cum. Her suction was loud and sloppy - she was inexperienced, but clearly, her talent was natural. "Mmshlrp… mmph!"



Meiko's fat milk jug had the opportunity to slap, heavy, down against her ribs, but it had barely even had an opportunity to bounce before the man reached down and pressed a deep, plying grope against its soft swell. 'Fuck, they're even better than I imagined.' So abundant was Meiko's jiggling tit-flesh, so sumptuous, his digits only needed to apply the barest of pressures before they were sinking down into its folds, his fingers disappearing entirely within moments.

With his hand sunk, and the sensation of Meiko's diamond hard little nip stabbing into his palm, he turned his attention to the surprising skill with which the kneeling vice-president was slurping upon the length of his meat. 'F-fuck… what would Kate and Hana think if they could see you now,' he thrust his hips forwards, spearing his vein-marbled prick between the opening of her lips, encouraging his head to breach the entrance to her throat, 'On your knees, sucking off a prisoner's sweat-slick cock, in front of more than a dozen other people.' He dropped his one free hand to grip around a handful of her platinum tresses, holding them firm, so that if the shame of his words were enough to pull her off of how he impaled her, he could draw her right back on again. 'Do they know their fellow council member is a wanton whore? That she'll happily choke herself on any cock that's just flopped out in front of her?'



Sorry about that delay! I'm still here. <3

As much as she wanted to protest against his words - not to mention his untoward conduct of feeling around her bust without permission - Meiko just didn't want to do it enough to tear her lips away from the stinking cock she was so wantonly sucking off. All she offered him in protest was a narrow-eyed glare through her glasses, which wasn't as intimidating as it would have been had her mouth not been stretched full with cock.

"Gggnmph…!" Though it seemed she was doing so begrudgingly, the way she bobbed and twisted her head, even loosening her throat to allow the man to enter her throat, spoke more volumes than the glare she gave him. Her tongue twisting, twirling while she started choking down on his sweaty length, almost as if she really was enjoying it - and looking forward to the release he spoke of, all while rubbing her dripping cunt through her panties as she listened to his ridiculing.



No worries, I think I've only got one more post in me though before I give you a nice, hot load.

The hand which had contented itself merely plying down into the fleshy embrace of Meiko's massive tit began to move now, taking deep, kneading gropes down into the pleasantly soft tit-flesh, his fingers drawing themselves free from where they had sunk only to gather thumb and forefinger around the rigid turgidity of her nipple, to tweak it and twist it, to pull the sensitive bundle of nerve endings out away from her body, before releasing it, letting the weight of her breast, that had been pulled with it, to crash back down against her ribs.

He found, to his delight, that the hand that had cinched in a rein around her platinum hair wasn't needed, as the kneeling vice-president abandoned her shame to lovingly choke and suck and caress the white hot flesh of his breeding tool, the man savouring the way her throat spasmed around the intruder, her body rejecting him, whilst Meiko pushed passed that instinct to swallow down even more of his shaft.

He didn't need to so much as thrust his hips, Meiko seemed more than willing to do all the work, and as her tongue continued to lap at the belly of his prick, the man tilted his head back, eyes beginning to roll up, as he took a harsher grip into the guardwoman's hair and announced, 'I'm going to cum…' groaning immediately afterwards as, hilting himself in the tight confines of Meiko's throat, his cum-vein gave a powerful throb, and his prick-head swelled, and he began to shoot rope after rope of viscous, potent seed, to spray against the back of the entrance to Meiko's esophagus, feeding her more and more of his thick nut, unable to stop until his pent up balls were entirely drained.



Not-so-secretly getting turned on, Meiko wasn't able to hide it very well any longer. Between her incessant sweating, her hardened nipples and the way her hand uncontrollably pressed itself into the panties underneath her overly short skirt in loud squishes, there wasn't much to assume but that the vice president really was enjoying sucking her prisoner off; she didn't bother learning his name or what class he was from first, either.

Her glare slowly softened as she became weaker to her urges, blowing the fuckrod in front of her from base to tip without pause - not until he announced that he was at his limit, at which point she shoved herself as deep down as she could, face up against the cold iron bars. It was like a damn firehose, shooting off fresh jizz down her throat which easily clogged up due to how thick and virile it was, leading to the busty guardswoman to cough it back up and let it drool over her chin and, from there, down onto her breasts.

Once the hosing was done, Meiko slowly and agonizingly pulled her lips off, sucking harshly all the while, until a loud POP of exit echoed through the prison hallway. A small burp emitted from the embarrassed girl before she stood up and hastily buttoned herself back up, forgetting the jizz stain left on her cleavage. "What are you all looking at?! Back to bed, all of you!" Pretending that nothing had ever happened, or at least trying to, her somewhat raspy voice boomed throughout before she rushed back upstairs, the strong and addictive taste of cum lingering on her tongue.



Mmmfph. Fun, as always, Meat Toilet. Hope you enjoyed earning your meal.



Licking my fingers as we speak. <3 Thanks for jerking it to me, anon, I'm all but encouraged to put myself out a little more often again. Keep those balls full and ready to be drained~


File: 725e7c5a0992c38⋯.gif (1.27 MB, 360x240, 3:2, practice.gif)

Any anons here?~ <3



A bit late, but I'm around.



Ooh…that's too lewd…now I'm gonna be lurking all day hoping for a slut to help me with this boner…



Aside from the slightly femdom-y aspect this was hot.


File: 0e211151378a665⋯.jpg (405.1 KB, 580x730, 58:73, bab000d9e91583358e62aecaff….jpg)

"Now, stand on one leg." - Erika said, refusing to stop holding her pet's testicles, slowly tightening the grip she had on them and increasing the agonizing pain until her pet followed the command. Life wasn't too easy on Furudo Erika; the Witch of Truth. Every single day of her existence, she attempted to satisfy her master, the Great Lady Bernkastel. All she wanted to hear from her master was "Thank you, Erika.", or "You did great.", or at least "You're not that bad."

That was not the case, however; every day she could remember, her master did nothing but humiliate her; insult her; treat her like dirt. It's not like her master could possibly do it out of cruelty, though; she obviously deserved it. However, it still left her with a plethora of pent up stress that she had to spend on people who actually cared for her, such as Dlanor.

Recently, that stopped being the case, for her master had graciously allowed her to have a human pet. Someone that she could treat. Care for. Humiliate, just like her master did to her. It was the same tonight; she'd make her pet stand on one leg, his hands joined together behind his back by an overabundance of duct tape. She would then take off one of her shoes and, already being experienced in proper balance due to her master performing a similar punishment on her, start to stroke his bare shaft and tease his sensitive glans with her foot, the silky smooth material covering it making it easier for her to continue treating her pet until he inevitably loses his balance and falls to the ground.



"A-again? …y-yes, Erika-sama."

Unable to hold back his distressed, hopeless surprise, he quickly gathered himself up and agreed to the command. He was in no position to complain as the girl's forceful hold on his scrotum grew stronger as he prepared himself. The twintailed detective seemed to favor playing with him this way, this odd form of torment that grew worse with repetition. After a few moments he lifted his left leg, bending his knee and folding it against his back. He wobbled left and right as he gained his balance, shifting his weight on his other leg, until he felt stable enough to hold his position.


Just as he settled into this stance, the soft, silky sensation of the witch's stocking met the underside of his cock. He heaved a heated breath, trying to ignore the slowly-growing stimulation of her foot, instead focusing on keeping his balance. He had lost track of time since he had been taken to this place. Any favorable impression he had of the cute, blue-haired, twintailed girl was lost when she arrogantly declared him to be her pet. He soon became a punching bag for her, a person existing solely to relieve her stress. Verbally, physically, sexually - whatever she was in the mood for, he had no choice but to stand there and take it. And the end result of this exercise was always the same:


After holding all of his weight on one leg for minutes on end, enduring both the pain growing in his back and the pleasure growing below his waist, he could feel his leg giving out. With his hands taped behind his back, he had no way to brace himself as he fell backwards, landing on his rear end and falling to his back.


File: d2e72e846a77aee⋯.png (223.74 KB, 428x600, 107:150, Eri_a11_ikari1.png)


Once he toppled to the floor, she looked down at him with a gentle smile, to him likely obvious as a "You've done something that you're about to regret" face. She kept one of her feet inside of her shoe and she did so for a very good reason. In an instant, making sure he was positioned belly upwards, she lifted her leg up before punting his sack as powerfully as she could. As she looked at him likely writhing in agony, her face quickly turned into an expression of rage as she pointed a scythe towards his throat.

"You worthless, pathetic mutt! Who do you think you are to just ignore my orders like that?! I told you "stand on one leg", not "drop to the floor like a complete moron"! Do your grey cells shut off whenever I touch you down there or something?! I could cut your head off and hang it on a wall whenever I want to, you should be thankful that I didn't do it! I'm pretty damn close to it, though!"

She continued mouthing off, screaming her lungs out to treat him even worse than dirt, not letting him know that she was likely compensating for all the mistreatment her own master was giving her. However, the scythe soon returned from whence it came from as she proceeded to clear her throat and forcefully pull him back up by his collar, not having a leash for it yet.

"Now, stand on one leg." - Erika said again, doing so with a calm, stoic face, as if the events that took place over the course of the last few seconds had never actually happened. Once more, the purely stocking-clad foot began caressing his cock, even massaging his sack with great care, as if trying to ease his pain. Not only that, she now seemed to be getting into it, lightly biting her lip and slightly lifting up her skirt as all of the possibilities made her tingle in excitement. Is he going to fall to the ground again? Or maybe he'll actually cum, soiling her currently floral-patterned leg in his seed? Perhaps he'll even get desperate enough to actually start humping back? Who could possibly know?



He shook his head, eyes clenched shut, as he lay on the ground, the pain from his fall slowly subsiding. He opened his eyes in time to see his master's smile, clearly pleased with herself, the kind look on her face lingering long enough for him to wish it was genuine. "Ah," he thought to himself, "if only she could look like this more often…"


No matter how much he braced himself for what was coming, there was nothing he could do to ease the pain. He rolled on his side, wincing in tears as his legs curled up to favor his groin. That gentle smile on the witch disappeared, and what followed was a cruel kick to his tender scrotum. He moaned as his jewels throbbed in pain, the brunt of the impact slowly subsiding as he landed flat on his back again, opening his eyes to find a glowing scythe hovering inches from his throat. The girl began yelling at him, her harsh words ringing empty in his ears as he tried his best to calm himself down before her next demand. Finally, as the pain in his loins cleared up, the scythe at his throat disappeared and he felt a tug at the collar at his throat. He did his best to hold back an audible whimper as he was given the same command yet again.

"Yes, Erika-sama."

Eager to avoid being beaten yet again, he took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and assumed his usual position. He flinched as the witch reached out to touch him as usual - the feeling of her patterned stocking against his sensitive head resumed, but this time, the grab at his sack was a sensual caress instead of the usual forceful hold. He opened his eyes and noticed the difference in his master. Her lips glistened in the light, a slight blush growing across her face, her elaborate dress hiked up slightly revealing her thigh - for whatever reason, something had managed to flip her switch.


Despite her harsh treatment, there was no way he could hide his attraction for his master. The gentle fondling of his balls, the forceful strokes of her alluring, stocking-clad leg soon produced favorable results. Even as he struggled to remain on one leg, his hips soon slowly rocked back and forth, grinding his erect rod against her foot. The cramping in his back and legs disappeared in favor of the growing pleasure. Before he knew it, he was on the edge of his orgasm, and one last movement pushed him past. He moaned as he struggled to stay upright, one spurt of a clear, sticky liquid spurting from the tip of his swollen, teased cockhead, landing on his master's leg and seeping into her patterned stockings.


File: ac1f55e6e1e3a94⋯.jpg (67.43 KB, 499x701, 499:701, 6756.jpg)



In the silence immediately following the man's perverted grunts, a small pitter patter could be heard coming down the hall in this long-empty and lonely fragment. A small black cat with a purple ribbon tied around its tail made its way through the open door at a brisk and casual pace. It stopped right beside Erika and let out a short meow, flicking its tail around briefly before changing shape in a conservatively bright flash of purple. The great witch Bernkastel stood beside Erika in its place, not caring enough to give even a glance of initial acknowledgement at her piece, instead staring ahead at the sweaty and naked man with a blank and careless expression.

Erika? What is this? A fantasy of yours?

The man looked to be in a little bit of pain despite having very obviously ejaculated onto Erika's leg, so she lightly kicked at the one foot still standing on the floor to see if he would make a noise.


File: 4b20014c7482860⋯.jpg (1.44 MB, 1166x1500, 583:750, f6031f712f7e59bfa8cae6735b….jpg)



As she felt the warm liquid cover her leg, she looked briefly shocked, staring at her leg, then at his cock, and finally at him. Slowly, but surely, her face twisted back into the morbidly peaceful expression from before. Her other leg was prepared for action, ready to sweep his other leg and punt at him until there's nothing left.

However, as she heard a repeated, slightly quiet noise, her face quickly grew pale and her expression turned into something he's likely never seen in her - the feeling of fear. He might've not known what was that noise, but she knew it; she knew it very well indeed. As the cat appeared, her face very quickly turned into a clearly fake mix of joy and surprise, looking back at Bernkastel.

"M- Master? It's so good to see you! W… what could you possibly be doing in this fragment?"




As the waves of pleasure in his lower half slowly faded, the aches and cramps of standing on one leg slowly consumed him again. He fought against the pain as much as possible, so focused on standing upright that he barely noticed the sound of footsteps approaching the master and servant pair. A peek through clenched eyes revealed the gentle, yet frightening smile growing on Erika's face yet again as he braced himself. Before anything more happened, a disinterested, monotone "nyaa" pierced the silence as another figure had joined them.

"Wh- ack!"

Before he could voice his surprise, the purple-haired girl swiped at his quivering, trembling leg and sent him tumbling to the floor yet again. Grunting, he shrunk backwards, expecting his punishment out of reflex, but opened his eyes to find his master acting in a way he had never seen before. Her high-pitched voice was obviously full of surprise at this new witch's arrival, and even this lowly pet could detect a hint of fear in her voice as she questioned why she had come.


File: 63e9cec78dbe33c⋯.jpg (80.99 KB, 480x672, 5:7, 97854563423.jpg)

As soon as the man fell down, Bernkastel uttered a cruel single-syllable laugh under her breath, quickly returning to her usual neutral demeanor soon after. She did not look at Erika when she talked to her, continuing to watch her confused pet wriggle on the ground in reflex instead.

I decided to pay my wonderful and faithful piece a visit to see what she was up to. I permitted you to have this pet to use as your own, but I can't say I expected to walk in on such perverted play.

Bernkastel wasn't actually surprised. She knew about Erika's tendencies, since she never hid them well. She would always put on a stupid smile and blush at certain things with a quivering voice during conversation, even something as mundane as a back scratch. The witch walked away without waiting for a response, making her way behind the man who was now crumpled up on the floor. Tugging hard at the empty air, a black leather leash materialized in her hand and tensed up at her pull, connected to a collar wrapped snugly around his neck.

Is he trained yet? You seem to have him under enough control.


File: a948e5af191fff0⋯.jpg (207.41 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, 0ab1c801354720eaf15d872d26….jpg)


At that miniscule point in time, anything could happen and she wouldn't lose her glee, even if it was Lady Lambdadelta turning her into a piece of candy. After all, her master finally called her wonderful. Was it sarcasm? Who cares? Some time ago, her master would do anything in her power to avoid saying it even in a sarcastic tone.

She seemed to be flushed fairly red, seeing as Lady Bernkastel walked in on something this debaucherous. Just as she was about to try to explain her actions, her master walked away, seemingly not caring for an answer. She looked on as her majestic owner effortlessly materialized a leather leash out of nowhere; truly fitting for Erika's own pet.

"Ah, that's what I was just doing, Master! I've been teaching him to subconsciously connect everything from pain to despair into pleasure, so that he can really be as obedient as a housepet. Pavlovian conditioning, I believe…? It does work, considering that he's under control. After all, you wouldn't dare to run away from me, right?"

For the last question, she turned her gaze onto the pet laying on the floor in a smile. However, opposite to the last smile she gave him, this one seemed to be filled with almost no anger or disgust, but rather sheer happiness.

"Simply by the sacrifice of staining her own body, this level of reasoning is possible for Furudo Erika. What do you think, everyone?"




The pain from the impact of falling slowly fading away, he felt a tug at his neck as the purple-haired witch moved closer towards him. The collar that Erika had wrapped around his neck now had a leash attached to it, the leather cord resting in the girl's hand. He sat still as the two girls spoke, the cat-like witch terse and nearly disinterested, but his master now energetic and joyful. He shuddered as Erika spoke about her intentions for her pet; no matter how many times she kicked him or squeezed him or made him fall, he could never imagine interpreting that pain as pleasure no matter how many rewards were interspersed in between.

"…yes, Erika-sama."

But as the twintailed witch stared at him expectantly, the mouth that he opened to complained only voiced his compliance. To begin with, he had no way of running away if he wanted to - he had no idea where he was, no idea how he had gotten here, and no idea how he could leave. And as much as he hated the cruel and painful treatment, he couldn't deny his attraction to the blue-haired girl, and the pleasure of those rare rewards he did receive. Most of all, though, if he was truly a pet, he couldn't bring himself to sour the genuinely gleeful mood his master was currently in.


File: d8506ee5d7565a2⋯.png (350.8 KB, 585x900, 13:20, d31d4a5317eaf3fc5e0461ee8b….png)



That sounds hopelessly perverted of you. I'm sure he makes lots of silly noises. I hope that you'd permit me audience to an episode like that some time.

Bernkastel walked up closer to the man and pulled at his leash with a ruthless tug, urging him to stand and, with her free hand, holding him close with a firm grasp on his arm as he does. Totally ignoring the complex scheme Erika had devised and seemed so proud of for now, the witch instead gave a subtle smile that suggested an idea of her own.

Oh Erika? Could you take care of something for me, my cute, cute double?


File: d582429ac7d4848⋯.jpg (923.85 KB, 820x1000, 41:50, 2b6687df51972cb020a6008b19….jpg)


"Good! What a great pet." Erika seemed proud of both the pet and herself, using her foot to gently stroke his cheek due to how much he seemed to like it.


What she didn't expect was her owner standing him up and taking him into her hands. It would be a shame if she ended up taking him away, but of course, she was the one who allowed her to take care of him; the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.

However, what soon followed was almost enough to make her jump up and down in joy. Lady Bernkastel called her cute! While smiling! She didn't even care about what that smile usually meant; this was the happiest moment of her existence!

"Yes Master, I'll do anything for you! What can I take care of?"


File: b3aeef2774c6f68⋯.png (271.12 KB, 500x425, 20:17, 1458235201043.png)


After having held onto the man's leash with a commanding grip for the duration of her conversation, Bernkastel suddenly dropped it, and it fell to drape down against his back. With her now free hand, the witch softly caressed at the man's cheek with her fingers, making sure to keep her eyes on Erika's face, which had been beaming with happiness moments before. With her other hand, she silently pointed downward, past the man's sweaty chest and down to his penis, still just a tiny bit stiff and leaking what small trace of semen remained that didn't shoot its way onto Erika's leg just a few moments ago.


File: 849a7741ca6a392⋯.png (329.87 KB, 500x700, 5:7, 64e8b391a86e324e8a4f555d4d….png)


Erika seemed confused as her master suddenly dropped the leash and asked him to continue the caressing of his cock. Just as she was about to ask something, she suddenly realized something even more joyous - her master was actually looking at her! After all that time of completely ignoring her existence with her eyes, Lady Bernkastel was looking right at her!

"Huh? Wh… y- yes, Master, I'll take care of it right away!"

Without any question, Erika dropped to her knees a loving treatment of her pet's cock. Suckling on his tip with her lips and licking off the remaining traces of semen with her tongue, her hands were focusing on stroking his shaft and softly caressing his balls.The roles might've looked reversed, but who cares?! Her master commanded her to take care of him and if it was an order, she'd take of him so well that his eyes roll back! Hoping to turn him on more, she silently moaned with each lick and kiss of his cock. "Chu! Mm…"




He remained still on the ground as the purple-haired witch gently tended to him. He looked back at her with confusion as she caressed his cheek, wordlessly gesturing towards his lower half. Looking down at the the blue-haired witch, she dropped to her knees in front of him, the giddiness in her voice unlike anything he had ever heard from her.

"Haa…that actually feels good…"

Suffering a momentary lapse in his guarded speech, he accidentally let a few truthful words spill out. Even though something in the back of his mind still told him that he was in for a rude awakening, whatever this new witch - his master's master, apparently, as he had still not caught her name - had in store for him, for now it had turned Erika into a loving and caring pet owner, something he wasn't sure 'til now that she had in her. Her rare "rewards" were rough and forceful, much like the footjob he had received earlier, but as soon as the twintailed detective's lips touched his sensitive head, he could tell something was different. The soft, gentle licks and sucks as she cleaned him up quickly brought his softening member back to life. Her normally disdainful voice hummed and moaned sweetly as she kissed his rod, which bounced and twitched in response. Despite his confusion at the sudden turn of events, he decided to lay back, close his eyes, and enjoy the pleasurable treatment as best he could.


File: c85a66f596c2056⋯.jpg (21.99 KB, 400x431, 400:431, bernkast.jpg)

Bernkastel was momentarily taken aback in a rare instance of surprise that may have, for just a tiny moment, shown in her eyes. The witch of miracles had expected at least a little bit of resistance and cowering from her piece, and didn't know whether to be entertained or disgusted by her shameless display of obedience. With a snap of her fingers, a loose fitting collar appeared around Erika's neck, and a leash extended out to the hand that appeared to have invoked it. After a few moments studying Erika with a now more inquisitive expression, Bernkastel roughly pinched the entranced pet-boy's side to get his attention, then brought her hand down to his own and wordlessly offered her end of the leash to him.


File: 623b02c5e1c89d3⋯.jpg (418.55 KB, 450x619, 450:619, 7c00a439e1f85d4155d95cb15b….jpg)



Happy to see her pet this entranced by her work, she slowly began bobbing her head back and forth across his cock, sucking on him to the best of her ability. However, when she looked back up, she noticed someone holding out a leash towards him; it wasn't connected to his collar. She quickly tugged at her neck only to realize she was now wearing a collar. Worry began showing in her eyes as she realized what her master's plan really was. She looked into his eyes as multiple scenarios flashed across her eyes. Her plan to both relieve her stress and make him more obedient worked, didn't it? He won't do anything bad to her… right?




His eyelids fluttered as they remained closed, enjoying Erika's tender, loving service. He released a pleasured sigh as she took his entire shaft into her mouth, the warm, slick feeling enveloping his cockhead and crawling down his rod. He expected this blissful feeling to come to an end eventually, but when he opened his eyes after the cat-like witch's pinching, he struggled to figure out exactly she had planned. His mind kicked into overdrive, however, as he reached out and accepted the leash from his master's master. He turned his attention back towards the detective, a smile crawling across his face not unlike the empty one she had shown him so many times before. He called out in a singsong voice:


accentuating his call for her attention with a tug of the leash, drawing her head back down towards his crotch.

"This feels really amazing, much better than anything you've shown me before. As your pet, I'm truly grateful. Your expert service has me almost ready for a second round, so I hope you'll continue."

He accentuated the word "hope" with another slight tug of the leash. He wrapped the leather cord in his hand a few times, increasing the tension on her collar as much as he could while leaving it enough slack for her to move her neck. He balled his fist as if to take another strong tug, holding his hand up higher - but before he did, he opened his hand and let the wound-up leash unravel again, giving her more room to move.

"But…Erika-sama, isn't it a bit unfair that I'm the only one not wearing any clothes? A good master has to maintain dominance over their pet, but I think it's also important that the pet has to feel comfortable as well. Surely a good master like yourself would strip to keep me loyal and obedient, right…?"


File: a6094d43e075742⋯.png (372.2 KB, 700x1101, 700:1101, 2e2ec89d17024d1519240311cf….png)



Bernkastel remained silent as pet-boy voiced his "suggestion", but slyly regained control of the leash attached to his own collar and tensed it up, perhaps as a warning not to go too far, or, more likely, as a reminder of her own power in the situation. She kept her other hand on his shoulder and continued to stare down at Erika with a neutral expression that somehow still conveyed a cruel coldness.

Have to go, hopefully we can finish this up tomorrow - really enjoying it.



Enjoyed it a lot so far as well, I'll be around all day tomorrow so I hope to catch you both then. Have a good night!




Definitely, I'm enjoying this as well! I'm not sure if I'll be here tomorrow, but I'll do my absolute best.


Still forever waiting for a MILFY or mommydom to come by for lots of lewds. For I shall wait…forever! *echoes*


P.S: Good work everyone! We love you and your passion for slutting, always!


any sluts willing to do some dota girl RP? I wish to gang up some more…


tfw no samus mommy



I feel your pain ;_;




Be the change you want to see in the world


File: be9240a08dc2e87⋯.webm (683.79 KB, 1008x720, 7:5, 1436139331482.webm)



Still around, by any chance?


File: 19910518a38ad3e⋯.gif (908.44 KB, 500x357, 500:357, 1440411525021.gif)


Hello. I'm Lain. What's your name?



Hi, Lain. Sorry, do you mind if I stick with Anonymous? You can call me Anon for now. I didn't expect to find anyone around here, y'know.


File: 9d5fd456dc45cbd⋯.gif (153.14 KB, 393x295, 393:295, Nexju.gif)


That's okay. I wouldn't do anything bad if you told me your name though, I promise. You seem friendly and I like to talk to people. I just wanted to know you better.



Well, I haven't particularly said much to come off as friendly, have I? It's more like, this is the kind of place I wouldn't want to hand my name out in, you know? It's sorta weird to come here to just talk to people, too, especially for someone that looks so young. And…distorted? Am I talking to a computer screen right now, or what?


File: 4777efe2f4d361a⋯.gif (1.88 MB, 500x352, 125:88, 12.gif)


Oh, okay. I understand. This is one of those places where people do dirty stuff over the internet. I went to one before. Sorry, am I talking too much? I just like to get to know people. I hope you're not mad at me. I know people don't come to places like this just to talk. I'm just Lain. I'm talking to you through the internet. You seem friendly because you're talking to me and are polite. I think all people are friendly if they want to be.



Not at all, sorry, the problem is with me, not you. How about this, would you mind addressing me as "Nii-san"? It's non-specific, and even though I'm obviously not your brother, you seem like the little-sister type that could use some guidance. Maybe. 'Cause, like you said, this is a place where people do dirty stuff over the internet, so I'm surprised to see you here, especially if you're just looking for people to get to know. If that's all right then let's put that aside. What would you like to talk about Lain? What sort of people would you like to get to know?

Sorry, I'm assuming you're looking for a name to get in-character, I like to self-insert and don't like handing out my name and making one up just feels weird. Hope we can use this as a half measure.


File: 90e2e961a9e664d⋯.gif (944.22 KB, 500x303, 500:303, 1433734082212.gif)


I don't think you're a problem. Calling you Nii-san like that is really dirty, but I don't think I mind it if you're a nice person. I don't know what I want to talk about or who I want to get to know. I just came here because I felt a lot of people around. Sorry, I think I'm talking too much. This is a place for dirty things, so are you doing it, masturbating?



Blushing at the straightforward question, he turns his eyes away with a breathy chuckle.

Ahaha, masturbating… No, I'm not, not yet, anyway. I came here myself to try to find something - someone - to put me in the mood. Then I was gonna do it - masturbate.


File: 19040f8d1bc2a03⋯.gif (949.5 KB, 500x357, 500:357, 68747470733a2.gif)


I'm sorry I made you embarrassed. I get embarrassed too. I'm still kind of nervous doing dirty things, but it feels good to touch with other people even when it's just a hug. Should I touch you, "Nii-san"? I'd feel more comfortable. Would it put you "in the mood"?



I'd be lying if I said it didn't make me a bit embarrassed sometimes too, so I guess that doesn't make me very older brother-like. Of course you're right, though, it does feel good to be touched, and it's why I came here and saw you in the first place, after all. A cute girl like you would certainly put me in the mood, Lain, so I'll leave it to you.


File: ca193c47067cffd⋯.jpg (1.11 MB, 1633x2585, 1633:2585, 1438096483313.jpg)


It's okay if you're not like an older brother. I still like you. I think you're a nice person, and I'm happy to be talking with you.

A digital distortion spreads across your computer screen, and Lain's soft visage behind it. Raising her arm and slowly pressing it against her side of the screen, she reaches through, the color of her skin and the definition of her form becoming clear as she crosses over. Her hand reaches forward and caresses your cheek, and with a small and gentle smile, she effortlessly drifts out to rest her chin on your shoulder and softly embrace you in a hug.



Haha, I'm glad to hear that, it's fun talking to you t-

He stops as Lain suddenly leans in closer on the other side of his screen. The sudden flickering of his monitor catches him off guard, his reaction caught in his throat as a hand reaches through. Before he can say anything, the soft, gentle feeling of a hand caressing his face calms him down, the sight of the girl's head protruding through his monitor suddenly natural as she pulled her way through. Wrapping an arm around her torso as she embraced him, he settled into his seat the enjoy the kind hug.

Haa, I didn't expect that, Lain. You're right, though, even a hug like this can feel really good.

He pulls himself back a bit, holding the girl's hand in his and beckoning to support her.

Can you come all the way through, Lain?


File: f908070d49999fa⋯.png (388 KB, 713x890, 713:890, 40d4776416b3c3e799aff53acf….png)


This time, instead of through text on a screen, Lain's words travel naturally, softly worming their way into your ear, complemented by warm breaths against the skin of your neck.

Yes, I can.

You pulling back gives her more room to crawl out, her knees atop your desk before she eases into your lap and presses her body against you. She rolls her head to the side, and you feel her soft brown hair brush against your chin before she repositions herself and nuzzles her cheek into your chest.

Your heart's beating fast, "Nii-san".



The girl's words ringing in his ears properly for the first time, he smiles as he supports her passage through his monitor. Before he knew it, Lain, having thoroughly distorted the line between "something" in his computer and a human being, nestled perfectly into his lap. He didn't bother questioning her, instead leaning back and basking in the feeling of having the girl in his arms - everything from the feel of her breath, the silky tickling of her short, brown hair, and the gentle press of her head into his chest felt pleasant. He rested his arms around the girl's waist, resting on her lower back as he relaxed. Despite their stated intentions earlier, he did his best to avoid the thought of the warm, gentle embrace getting him any more excited than the heart thumping in his chest - though the result was an awkward fidgeting as the girl sat in his lap.

I didn't expect a girl as cute as you to join me tonight, Lain. It's only natural I'd be excited.


File: abe3aa36db19877⋯.jpg (394.11 KB, 850x1259, 850:1259, 1443213944114.jpg)


Lain buries her face into your chest as your arms come to a stop around her waist. After a few moments, she slides her hands up the sides of your arms before letting them come to a rest atop your shoulders. She looks up at you with a small smile and a light pink blush across her cheeks before meekly raising her head to press her soft lips against your own.


He returned the girl's warm smile with one of his own, easing into his seat as her arms shifted up his body and rested on his shoulders. He closed his eyes as she leaned forward, returning Lain's gentle kiss with one of his own. Leaning back, his arms dropped down her sides, stopping just short of her rear as he squeezed her in closer, hugging her tighter and tighter as their mouths remained locked. Not content with just a long peck, his tongue lashed out, licking at Lain's lips and pressing its way past them, the warm, wet muscle eagerly invading the girl's mouth.


File: 0fcd966d646ddad⋯.png (623.14 KB, 1008x720, 7:5, 1435168438816.png)


Lain loosens her lips a bit and lets out a soft sigh into you as your hands begin to move again. Her eyes widen in surprise as you slip your tongue in, and you feel a sudden but very mild shock in your mouth as it touches against her own.


She blushes and giggles a little, nuzzling her face back into your chest before cutely peeking back up. After a short pause, she then slips herself out of your embrace and floats around to behind you, draping her arms down your shoulders.

You usually masturbate on your own when you come to these sites, right "Nii-san"?



Recoiling slightly from the sudden surprising sensation he found in the girl's mouth, he looked down as she slipped away, laughing coyly as she looks up at him from his chest. He readjusted his slouching posture as she disappeared from his lap, feeling her drape her arms over his shoulders from behind.

Ah, well, yeah, of course. I can't say I've had someone slip through my monitor to help me before, y'know.

Although holding Lain in his arms and kissing her felt so gentle and warm, his body still reacted properly to the feel of a woman. He quickly slipped into the "mood" he was looking for, especially after hearing the suggestive question from the girl behind him. He slipped his thumb underneath the waistband of his jeans; a slight bulge formed in the crotch as his lower half slowly awoke in his pants.

I think it's just about time for that, too, I'm more than in the mood by now.


File: 70db6358b02edac⋯.png (2.19 MB, 1209x1830, 403:610, 1431565536731.png)


Lain rests her chin on your shoulder and floats there casually, watching you as you move. When she sees you fiddle around with your jeans, she shyly looks the other way, opting to give several small kisses to the top of your shoulder while she does so..



As the small, fluttering feeling of kisses pecks at his shoulder, he undoes the button and zipper of his pants, lifting himself off the chair slightly to slide them down. Pulling them off as he remained seated, he kicked them away, leaving himself in his boxers as he relaxed back in his seat. The pair of underwear barely containing his quickly-growing erection, he pulled the waistband of his boxers down and allowed his cock to spring out, the stiff rod bouncing into the air. Allowing his member to stand tall for a few moments, he wrapped his hand around his shaft, slowly stroking it up and down once, his dick twitching in his hand as it quickly reached full mast.

Haa…just having you in my lap like that got me this excited… What do you think, Lain?


File: c34f97f97d70a41⋯.jpg (87.36 KB, 1520x1080, 38:27, 1499673390020.jpg)


Lain silently moves her arms down your back and wraps them around your chest in another firm embrace. Turning her head towards you, she closes her eyes and lovingly kisses on your neck. She tilts her head down and nuzzles her cheek against the top of your shoulder.

"Nii-san", I have to go now. I'm sorry it's so sudden. You're a nice person and I enjoyed being with you tonight, even if you thought about dirty stuff. If you ever want to talk to me, all you have to do is think about it. Even if you only hear my voice in your head, since I'm a part of you and you know me, I'll be there. I hope you tell me your real name some time.

With those words, Lain's form slowly fades away, leaving you alone in your room once again, the traces of your early conversation with her visible on the image board behind your computer screen.



Hope to see you again sometime soon.



I think we should hold a gang bang celebration for the next slut who "comes" by, just 5 or more cocks using her like the slut she is, if she wants to of course.



I think the next anon who posts needs to get played with by multiple girls for a change. This whole cock hungry slut stuff is old and generic.



That'd be nice for a change, but for that you'd need more than one slut? Or someone playing multiple characters.



Ever tried asking them? I'm sure a slut can act just as well as she can suck dick. All it takes is asking if she can play in character or not, or perhaps to do something specific. But she doesn't know to do that if you don't tell her after all.



I don't want to come across as a whiny anon. I play characters in-character and have a couple of times recently in this thread. My issue is that it seems like most of the time these avatars just advertise themselves as sluts, and it seems like there is a lack of new/fresh other avatars doing more creative in-character erp sessions that don't just turn into total femsub as well. Honestly probably shouldn't have even made that post, so I apologize, but I think it's a suggestion for something different for these threads.



File: d4a889126f0c1d9⋯.png (6.74 MB, 2894x4093, 2894:4093, ClipboardImage.png)

I don't know about anyone else, but when a thread is called "fapbait" I try to act accordingly~

It's fair to want creativity and depth in your lewd roleplay, but if you ask me, that's not really what this thread is for. There's ERP, then there's literally just wanting to get off, which I think is why all these beautiful anons really visit this thread! I could be wrong, but that's the main reason I've been coming back - because I love getting people off. To that end, you don't have to be ingenious at ideas or even good at writing… you just have to be arousing. It's the only thread where I can be myself, gosh. <3

But yeah, I and any other sluts who come around ought to be happy to fill your requests if there are ever specific ones. But if you're looking for something deeper, maybe it's the wrong place~?



Do you play Nero? I want to do lewd things to best Saber



>Best saber.

That sure is an odd way of spelling Mysterious Heroine X,



Might want to check MHX's class, friendo




>The quality of having a Saberface (セイバー顔, Seibākao?), also called Artoriaface (アルトリア顔, Arutoriakao?), is to look similar in nature to Saber due to Takashi Takeuchi having continued to draw different versions of the character. While many of them are almost exactly like Saber, Joan of Arc has similar qualities in the eyes of the maddened Gilles de Rais and Lancelot, so both will think Saber and Joan are the same regardless of which they meet. The term is used jokingly in works like Fate/GUDAGUDA Order where it is commented that Altera is a new Saber without a Saberface.[1]

Also if this doesn't end with us hatefucking each other i'm gonna be very disappointed.



You said MHX is best Saber, but she's not a Saber, she's an Assassin. If your only value in "best Saber" is a Saberface then you shouldn't have disagreed with me when I called Nero best Saber.



If you're using the relative qualities of Saber in a waifu discussion, you're talking about the characters with Saberface regardless of their servant class in Fate. Even within the world of Fate, any given servant can be and are summoned under different classes, so using the justification that a character hasn't appeared as a saber is meaningless. If you're seriously including and excluding only heroic servants who have been summoned as Sabers in your definition of what constitutes a "Best Saber", are you also considering the relative value as a waifu characters like Koha-ace Saber, or Strange Fake Saber?



You said an Assassin was best Saber, that's all there is to it. I just wanna typefuck someone pretending to be Nero.


Just fuck already, nerds.



I've been trying to, but the Nerofag won't put out.



I can play umu umu no problem, yes. <3 Just not now, otherwise I would have also replied sooner!



Aw. Hope I can catch you around sometime.



Ohhh….no way~ You play Nero Saber too!? …is there a throne of sluts? I wanna summon you as a slutty spirit~ one of these days I will not be late to the party and get to have my semen drained!



Requesting another go at the extra thick and tsundere Meiko, Meat Toilet. I await your return.



Maybe it's because I grew up looking at porn mags and the ads within them but I really get off on reading offers to suck cock. The sluttier the better. Can anyone help?



As in, the help wanted and personal ads you read in the newspapers or more the kind of adds you'll see in a public toilet with diagrams of what exactly the graffiti artist is looking for?

I'm sickened, but curious



The second kind, although I haven't actually seen those. Am I the only one old enough to remember porn mag ads here? lol



Badly drawn cocks in bathroom stalls are funny



For me a porn ad mag was always by a company trying to sell you a product, like tapes and pills . If you wanted to meet other people, you turned to the letters column.


File: def95cb564d1b77⋯.jpg (710.1 KB, 792x1090, 396:545, 084b.jpg)


Ads like this, don't know why I didn't think of saying phonesex ads



Depth and creativity were going on here long before these threads became stagnant. Where else would you suggest that isn't private? I and a lot of other people I'm sure come here because it's public. In not many other places on this board are people actually engaging in erp, and a place that's written and organized to have actual erp without really any constraints is a selling point of the thread. It's completely fair to want more than just the same that keeps these threads alive, especially when looking at older threads. When the only other people contributing are only being depthless sluts, the anons who want depth will just give up and the population will just fill with people expecting the above. This question was brought up a couple of threads ago and the conversation just fizzled out as if it didn't matter: Where did everyone go? If you're wanting more out of these threads, and if you're just lurking around, I urge you to please contribute, anon or avatar, and either provide some new characters or request something. An old avatar had posted that they were disheartened that anons were asking more than contributing, and that's fair, but when most avatars have just up and disappeared, it does nothing to help the situation. I had decided that when I got in the mood I wanted to be active in the threads because I enjoy playing characters and I want the threads to be active again, and I really wish others could think the same way, because a small number of people cannot keep a thread in good health when they have other things going on. Anons are just as important, so if you're sitting there in the background, make some posts about specific ideas of stuff you're interested in doing.



Explain to me the difference between the ads and regular phonesex. Is there a different language they use, more focused around getting you to call their number more then getting you off?




That was a random example of the format. I guess what I mean is I have a fetish for statements like "Wanna jam your fat cock down my throat until you cum?". Statements that convey "I want to suck your cock, I'm very good at it, here's what I'll do with your cock, you'll enjoy it, I'll enjoy it too"

The last sentence of this post is a good example >>144423



I just found this site so maybe it's not my place to comment but there seems to be an overwhelming emphasis on anime/manga type characters. Not everyone watches that stuff or enjoys those kinds of characters/art style. That may be somewhat offputting?



Would you say it's Toxic?



Ughh…I'm not very good at competent messages, but here goes. I remember the disheartened avatar your talking about, the one that referred to themselves as the old guard? The only solution, to anons in threads long since past having been greedy with sluts, and not giving back when they asked for there turn to be baited or played with, would be to actually have people who want to give back group up and force the creative aspect back into these threads…but that would make it a responsibility and not as fun as the spontaneous flair we used to have going for us. I feel like I should also add to you, the sluts acting as cock hungry girls are fine as well, it's better to have traffic then a dusty barren road after all. Not to downplay the sluts who act as such though, they are very much appreciated in there efforts.



If you just found this site, then I will tell you these characters are often in the preferred majority, as opposed to… Hmm…I guess It'd be considered pictures of real women? In any case, this does not mean they are not allowed, just that said manga/anime characters are preferred over the aforementioned.


….P.S: please do continue with the phone sex ads…some of these are rather…shall we say interesting to look at? *flips monacle*


A lot of anons weren't satisfied with the slut act and ask for depth and creativity. But anon demands and doesn't supply. And these complaints is what I think ultimately discourages those offering play like CAW, who disappeared since the last thread.

If you don't see what you like, then step up and show the example.

>B-But I don't want to play the other side

Someone has to bite the bullet, and it's not going to be the sluts or the horny anons who dick them, because they're actually getting what they want.



Just to summarize this, so no more people flee from this server from drama bomb fear. If your want to see more sluts, bite the damn bullet, and throw your hat into the ring. Hell if your that nervous be creative afterwards, I suck at starting roleplays but am generally good, once the ball gets rolling.

P.S: thanks for remind me about CAW…now I'm worried about her x.x



lol no it's not toxic :)



Please don't get the wrong idea. I have been supplying with the characters I play when there's a mood, but again, one person does not make a change. Everyone just wants to stay in the shadows, and a bunch of avatars just refusing to play anymore doesn't help one bit. I seriously find it hard to believe that so many avatars just decided mutually that everything here was too one-sided over the course of a couple of threads.


File: 85082995aa5ea00⋯.jpg (656.66 KB, 785x1080, 157:216, 099b.jpg)


These are from 90's British mags, hence terms like "arse" and "spunk"

Careful though, eventually you won't be able to jerk off over a pic that doesn't writing on it ;)



I remember someone posting a discord in another thread mentioning that they've been mostly playing in here but wanted to branch off or something like that. Could be them, or not, who knows.


Sadly, yeah. It makes two to make it work, and that's why we need people to stop lurking except when they get the chance to complain about the dynamic of the thread.


File: 9ca6f2655e119d2⋯.jpg (62.51 KB, 588x465, 196:155, 16937-sexy.jpg)


Westerners make 3d/3d porn art too. Again don't want to step on anyones toes, just sayin.



I've already got a fetish for /d/ caption threads, thank you.



It's a mix of that, and sometimes people just lose interest in erping. It could be any number of reasons, sadly there not here for us to ask them….I miss Koakuma and SamusERP though….

Either way, your correct, one person doesn't change much, it would take a group of people willing to change things for this place to be as it once was.

think I'm just gonna give myself a name…made several posts here in a row today, might as well have a way of being identified




I'm also addicted to /d/ captions, it's too late for me.

less so the futa ones and more of the mommy or monster girl ones



It's a matter of preferences, I dare to say a lot of us are into anime so it's nomal that most of us find the stylization in japanese drawings more aesthetically pleasing.


Also, props to whoever played Lain, that's a character I didn't expect to see here.


Looks like things are quieting down now, hope our chatter didn't make any potential regulars run away.



>implying there are more than 10 people browsing the board these days



I love the ones that give context to something innocuous that would barely even rate as /e/ or even /c/ material without the caption.



Got any good examples?



>Depth and creativity were going on here long before these threads became stagnant

In what way do you mean specifically? As a slut who's been around for these threads for a while though haven't played recently for a variety of reasons I never thought I was being particularly creative, unless you mean playing a variety of roles like more aggressive or aloof or otherwise matching of the characters in question.


Video games and anime/manga tend to have the characters that people around here find sexiest. There's never been a rule against anything else, it's just that most people here don't seem to find most Western art or 3DPD attractive myself included



Not on me right now, sorry.


I've seen a fair few inventive slutting done around here. One involving a slut putting on a camshow complete with NicoNico Video style comments flooding the screen, or another one with a tabletop Rp inside of another rp.


So what if I want more meaningful sessions? Meaningful meaning "not directly to the fucking part"? The only thread who is alive here is this House of Sluts, so where the fuck do I go? Half-chan erp thread?


File: 475717749bd2e02⋯.jpg (711.45 KB, 785x1080, 157:216, 086b.jpg)


Another blast from the past. Only got 1 more so no worries about spamming.



If they're all that size, just post them five at a time.



Thats fair, each to their own I guess.



So in the sense of situations, fair enough then. I'll agree, those can be fun to play with.


One of the regulars of the Orgy Thread was a big fan of build up, and there's nothing stopping you from making a thread for playing out more long-term or story-focused ERP. That said, there's no rule against it here, it's just not going to be the majority of what you see here I think.



Fair enough, but I'm sure no one would join that thread in years.


File: 694275a1d6a3c12⋯.jpg (610.26 KB, 785x1080, 157:216, 081b.jpg)


Last one I'm afraid, hopefully it was thought-provoking viewing.



I know the RP one was a hell of fun to play with, with trying to obvously incorporate the Rp into what was happening around the table. I was lucky enough to have a really good partner to play along with me on that one.



You can just ask here if you want. 4chan's erp is not recommended for anyone actually wanting to erp.



>4chan's erp is not recommended for anyone actually wanting to erp.

So it's F-List?



Hold the phone. Why is 4chan's erp discouraged?




It's just rife with shitposting, spam, drama, attention whoring, and off-topic posts. It's on an unmoderated "off-topic" board. It was better some time ago, but right now it's really obnoxious.



Take the drama here but increase the chances that someone's underage.




at least you can erp there most of the time.



If you're lucky.



Be honest. There is at least one session going every 3 hours.



I don't mean to whine about how a particular thread doesn't suit my particular needs anymore, but it depends on your schedule and tastes. The number of avas and variety in characters has gone way down, so it's really easy to spend a decent amount of time lurking there and find nothing. It's more active than here, yes, that's for sure, but it's just nothing like what it used to be and certainly isn't worth bragging about.


My cock is very frustrated at the lack of cocksucking sluts around here so I'm going to paste a story into this thread throughout the day.

>The Lodeof Clinic

>Dr. Sindee Goodcock awoke, as always, surrounded by the warm, welcoming glow of the sunbed. Her smoky baby blues flicked around dreamily, taking in the gently humming blue bars, while the clear plastic tube affixed to her lips whirred and sucked, drawing her tender flesh into its vacuum and plumping her already ridiculously cushiony cockpads.

>She giggled slightly as the delicate pink headphones in her ears fed her her hypnotic suggestion tapes, keeping her happily submissive and fluff-brained. The lid of the sunbed opened, and she extended a leg shakily over the side. Her 8-inch platform heels made it hard getting out of bed in the morning, in fact they made lots of things hard, but that was the very reason they had been placed on her feet when she’d first joined the Lodeof Clinic, and snapped shut with dainty, barely visible padlocks, and the solemn promise that she’d never be taking them off, so she’d better learn to walk in them…



>Sindee, whose real name she no longer remembered, still had trouble functioning in the skyscraping stilettoes, especially as she didn’t get very much practice walking in them (most of her time was spent reclining on a sunbed, or on her knees), but she found her ungainliness hilarious, and giggled whenever she jiggled into action at the start of the day, holding onto the Clinics railings (specially provided for dumb bimbos who needed help getting around) and tottering along for a few halting paces, her arms mincing desperately for balance.

>Eventually, she managed to hoist herself out of the warm embrace of the sunbed, turning off the lip plumper and disengaging it from her puffy pink mouth with a hissssss. She plucked the earbuds out (with difficulty given her long, talon-like nails, all permanent pink acrylics and entirely for show) and the sounds of the Clinic filled her ears. Mainly slapping, slurping, moaning sounds. She shook out her curtain of long blonde hair, and got shakily to her feet, shunting herself across the room with tentative steps until finally she placed her impossibly round, peachlike ass on the stool of her toilette. She gazed at the bronzed beauty in the mirror before her. Every night she climbed into her sunbed while a handler turned it to its lowest setting. They delighted in telling her she was too stupid to do it on her own, and if she tried she’d probably burn to a crisp in twenty minutes and need to be thrown in the trash the following morning, a charred corpse. She always giggled at this, and said “Sindee’d be a hot bitch then for SURE!” then she’d blow her handler a kiss as she lay back, and they attached her various tubes, before leaving her for eight long hours listening to bimbo hypnosis tapes and feeling her skin tan and lips engorge. She came multiple times a night.



>Now though, she had to get ready for the working day. She spent fifteen minutes playing with the nipples of her ridiculously pendulous funbags (this served no purpose, it just made her feel tingly and giggly) then she got to work, brushing her hair and applying her make-up. She didn’t have much to do, most of her cosmetics were tattooed on, like the smoke around her eyes and her pretty pink lips, but she still had to glue on false lashes (fiddly work with her impractical fingers) and slather her lips in a fresh coat of gloss. She also coated herself in a layer of oil, to ensure her curves were properly accentuated, and she shone like the permanently wet bitch she knew she was. She spent as long as possible massaging it sensuously into her skin, until it gleamed with an unearthly sheen.

>When she was done, she looked every bit the blushing bimbo, and she planted a wet kiss on the mirror before her, helplessly turned on. Suddenly, a voice filtered through the PA system…

>“Dr. Sindee to Room BJ. Dr. Sindee, get your luscious ass to Room BJ. It’s breakfast time!”



>The PA clicked off and Sindee gave a squeal of delight. She hastily put on her uniform (a white nurse’s hat which bore the Clinic insignia, and Sindee’s position: “Throat Specialist”) and a pair of gold earrings, before turning to her equipment: A pair of pink-rimmed glasses with no lenses, which cured the short-sightedness Sindee had been conditioned to believe she had, and a matching pink and gold stethoscope. She now looked even more like an airhead, tottering around on ridiculous stripper heels, with toy plastic glasses and a stethoscope that looked like it had come out of a fisher price kit for girls who would grow up to be … well, Sindee.

>Sindee leapt jiggling to her feet, and minced primly out of her sleeping quarters. She always found it miraculously easier to walk when she knew there was a patient waiting, but she still had to hold onto the handrail in the corridor occasionally, as her tits and ass kept throwing her off balance. As she passed the various rooms of the Clinic, she heard wails of pain and pleasure, and caught glimpses of the other doctors, treating their own patients. She wasn’t allowed to associate with the other girls. They only ever had contact with patients and handlers, but she’d got to know them by infrequently passing in the corridor, exchanging names and pleasantries, and giggling.

>She recognised the howl from Room SM as that of Candi, the Anal Specialist. As she passed she glanced in through the open door, and saw a busty, raven-haired beauty having her backdoors slammed in by a manly stud behind her. She was drooling with lust even as she shrieked in pain, and didn’t seem to notice Sindee as her sweaty black tresses obscured her vision. Sindee giggled, and continued on to Room BJ.



>When she finally entered the warm, well-lit room, she dropped to her knees almost immediately. Her legs were trembling from the long walk, and the thought of breakfast always gave her jelly-legs.

>“Good morning, sir!” she lisped happily, seeing the already naked man seated before her, his cock flaccid but twitching…

>“Good morning, bitch,” he replied smoothly.

>“It’s ‘Doctor Sindee!’” said Sindee importantly, but sounding for the world like she was drunk. The impression wasn’t helped by the fact that she was now crawling over to her charge, licking her lips. The man remained seated, carelessly stroking his hairy chest. He was thickset and muscled, with large, careworn hands.

>“Of course,” he said grinning, “how silly of me!”

>He watched as Sindee came to a halt in front of him, lust in her eyes, her tongue extended slightly as she bobbed on her knees in anticipation.

>“What, like, seems to be the … um … trouble?” she giggled.

>“I have a swelling,” said the man, he chiselled jaws splitting into a Cheshire cat smile.

>And indeed he did. In the time it had taken Sindee to cross the room to him, his naked member had risen stiffly to attention, a full ten inches. It swayed in front of Sindee like a fat, fleshy flagpole, making her go cross-eyed.

>Her jaw dropped open in what appeared to be mock concern, but truth be told she was now too stupid to know if this was bad or not…

>“Oh no!” she squealed, clapping her dainty fingers to her lips, “Like, uh, what should I do?!”

>“Maybe use that thing under your nose…” said the man helpfully.


Draw's summoning circle on the ground, places offering of one vial of pure sperm in the center, starts the ritual to summon a slut

Just thought I'd give it a shot…plus it's be kinda funny since we had a Heroic (slutty?) spirit floating around a couple days ago






Oh dear… it seems you've summoned the worst of all the potential whores- the Grammar Nazi!

Sure, she'll be a wet hole you could stick your dick in… but can you sink your standards enough to pump her as she berates your usage of oxford commas, and questions the authenticity of any author who uses "it's?"


File: c753d59c8bdbeb3⋯.png (1.26 MB, 800x800, 1:1, Anime slut of confusion an….png)


How is "It's" bad grammar? When used correctly, as part of a contraction of "It is", it's a perfectly logical sentance construct. Unless you want people to use "Xis/Xer" and other made up tumblrisms, which make absolutely no sense. Not that english isn't already full of odd sentence structure already, but don't go around trying to stop people using words and completely recreating their sentence structure because of what you think is bad grammar. That's how we end up with "Splitting infinitives" and "Ending sentences with prepositions" and all that malarkey.


Ehh I never had any standards to begin with, a good hole is a good hole after all!


File: 191383200087caa⋯.jpg (316.96 KB, 850x850, 1:1, English has no Academie fa….jpg)


'Ehh' isn't a word, you silly namefag.



Sayaka is cute


File: 2b4205d73062b15⋯.png (199.14 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, On my way to remove gramma….png)


Yes, and..?

What are you gonna do about it?



Take your soul gem and throw it in a moving truck! Just kidding, maybe I could just hold your hand or something.


File: 1f979777fc21a05⋯.jpg (141.67 KB, 850x478, 425:239, sample_55892c0164570c9b002….jpg)


Aww, jeez. Why you gotta give me two really embarrasing options to pick from? You know how it feels to have your soul gem all manhandled? It's NOT a pretty sight, it's like pins and needles all the way down your body, and your knees go all weak and jelly-like.



Sorry, sorry, it was a joke, I swear. I couldn't guess what it would feel like, and I'd never do that to someone, y'know, whose soul is actually in some other container, you've probably got enough things to worry about. I'd rather do something a lot nicer to you that'd make your knees go all weak and jelly-like.


File: 43a2819f157fb9d⋯.jpg (552.2 KB, 920x1000, 23:25, 0c3304b4c431a8ff40851e7a62….jpg)


And what would that be? Holding hands? Holding both hands? Or maybe something a little more intimate was what you had in mind? You weren't thinking of doing something lewd with me, were you? Was that your plan all along, to get close to me with your charm and wit, to slip under my radar so you could have your way with my body? Well, what if i told you i wouldn't mind that one bit, hmm? What if i told you that what you had in mind was what i wanted all along, and that you're just some convenient person to help me get it that much faster?


Get's NTR'd from his own summoning circle, oh well, you two have fun I guess, if anything it makes this place feel less like a ghost town



Wonderful I even made a chat error no italics around the first bit



As the blue-haired magical girl's slowly confesses her intentions, he closes his eyes and nods along, knowing full well that he wanted to do all those things to her from the beginning. By the time she was done, he looked back at her with a smile, leaning in closer, a hand landing gently on her hip.

Hmm, if that's really true, Sayaka, then that'd make you pretty lewd, don't you think? Almost makes it sound like someone who was trying to be nice and get close to you would just be wasting your time, y'know? But I guess since that's what I really wanted to do too, then that makes me just as lewd, so…


File: b8e9e6c43a8f95d⋯.jpg (308.48 KB, 676x1000, 169:250, eb4776fb1c75006fdf9ab87d8b….jpg)



Y'know, it's really cute of you both to stumble and misspell your posts at the same time. I like knowing you both can't keep your fingers from slipping up and making mistakes when you're reading my posts

And what would a lewd guy like you do to a lurid little girl like me, anyway? I suppose you could have your choice, y'know. You could play around with me in my school uniform, or maybe even my magical girl costume, if that's what you wanna see. Or maybe we could even skip the clothes entirely, and you could play around with my body and soul…

It's all available, y'know. All you gotta do is ask.



Hmm, you're really up for anything, aren't you, Sayaka? I guess that's to be expected of a magical girl whose specialty is in regeneration, I'm sure you could handle whatever anyone had to throw at you… Your school uniform is really cute, and I love how cool you look your costume, but it just sounds way too appealing to have you strip down for me. How about that?

Italics are hard, I swear



Your just a cocky lil bitch aren't you? Thinking you have two men wrapped around your little fingers, I think you need to learn some respect!



psst, amigo.. I think this sassy lil girl may need her mouth shut…course…I'd be willing to help keep her mouth shut while your having fun if you'd like


File: 52501d117e2a26f⋯.jpeg (741.11 KB, 1000x1500, 2:3, Sayakass.jpeg)


And what makes you think I even need you right now, when i've got anon all for myself? You snoozed, and thereby, through all the laws of the playground, you lose. No matter how much you try to win me back


Is that what you want out of me? A cute, ordinary saint of a girl in her

winter uniform, with these poofy sleeves and this short little skirt? I could be that girl for you, if you really wanted. Even though i don't think you really want to see me with all of these stuffy clothes on. I'm sure you'd rather imagine me rolling each layer of fabric away from my body, and visualizing how my pale skin would look in the sunlight without anything to obstruct your view. Riiight?



Ahaha, I think I've long lost my image of you being a "cute, ordinary saint" by now, Sayaka. I don't think I could find a saint tempting guys like you are, you know? But I think you're right. The only place I want to see your uniform is strewn on the floor, each piece of clothing leading up to a bed, with you lying on top, all ready and waiting for me. I think if I saw a sight like that I'd jump on top of that little body of yours, ready to kiss and suck and lick at every inch of it until you were begging for more.



Because you don't have a choice~ It's not a matter of you needing me or not, or even if this other guy came after me and has rightful…"claim" to you. You came here to get what you wanted right? Well, here the thing…you never specified how much~

You feel a phantom hand forcibly lifting up your skirt for the man in front of you, showing off your lack of panties and drooling, wet vulva

The guys are in charge~ even if I refuse to take a more…active position


File: b06b81af065fe93⋯.jpeg (367.56 KB, 1000x676, 250:169, Mfw iambic parameter.jpeg)


Well, i could do that. And i bet you'd enjoy the image of my mess of a bedroom all festooned with useless and unimportant clothing, bedecked with socks and skirts and panties, with my limp body resting atop it all like a cherry on the cake. But where's the fun in waiting? Can't you see that I just don't have the time to wait for my clothes to touch the floor, or for me to try and even attempt to hold back how i'm feeling right about now?

Look at how ready for you i am right now. Look at just how slick and limber and prepared i'm feeling just at this moment, trying to keep the image of your strong hands out of my mind. I hope you appreciate it just as much as i do.



Ahh well since ya excluded me from this post I can only assume I am actually bothering the both of you. Oh well, apologies and all of that, have fun you two. (Unless of course and there's a subtle message I'm missing but I'm blind, oh well), hope ya come visit here again soon when all is said and done



Aww. And you were doing such a good job of showing me off for everybody to see. I didn't even have to write down how needy and dripping i was at that moment, thanks to you. I really was enjoying it.



As long as you admit to being a lewd magical girl, then it's fine by me. Look at you, tempting a guy into imagining you stripping for him, only to say you can't even wait long enough to take your clothes off for him to touch you. It's OK though, because I can't wait much longer either - let's see if these hands of mine can match your imagination.

With a quick tug at the red ribbon around her neck, he pulls it off and undoes the shirt button at her top. Pulling her uniform down as far as he could, exposing her pure white skin at her chest, his hand groping down further until it landed on her breast. He leaned towards the girl, his lips planting on her neck, while he slowly groped at one of the mounds with his hand. After just a few moments, feeling the girl through her shirt wasn't enough, as he slid his left hand up under her shirt, diving underneath the cloth to feel her skin directly. Squeezing, massaging, fondling, and caressing, he had his way with Sayaka's breasts as he nibbled at her neck. Soon, his right hand crept down her body, slowly inching its way up her inner thighs and poking at her panties.



God and I literally wrote I lifted up your skirt…how could I miss…of for fucks sake I'll get on with it. Looks like this guy's a bit greedy though..oh well

As the other male's hands ravenously remove your clothes, you feel pressure around your nipples suddenly, like there being gently teased

hmm, these breasts of yours are kind of small actually! pretty much just the nipple almost


File: 4856dc7f6e9577d⋯.jpg (148.83 KB, 850x850, 1:1, sample_dd75af9f0ccb1be81cc….jpg)


His hands worked everywhere. They pulled her ribbon bow ties, quickly expanding the neckhole until the thing was big enough to fit her perky, developed chest through the hole. She felt his breath over the nape of her neck, hot and sticky and deliciously pleasurable, before the warm wet sop of his lips on her neck landed, melting everything they touched. Her tender mounds were what she felt the most. Everything he touched and grabbed at felt good, deeply and powerfully good. Like being twisted and rolled by someone who knew her intimate weak spots and exactly how to grab them and squeeze them and apply the pressure on her just right. ''

Only one thing was interrupting her reverie, stopping her from falling back and fainting into a hot, quivering mess. His other hand, the one lower down was hitting nothing but her skirt. Between her sweat and other secretions, it has begun to stick to her body, matching her form with every inch of it's thick tartan. She tried to make a motion with her hands, grabbing at his wrists and trying to guide his quick and nimble fingers a little lower, a little further into the gap between her legs to peel the itchy tartan off.



Oh..oh? Do I notice a mistake the young princess made?

While she tries to guide the young man's hand desperately, I firmly grab her young butt, gently kneading and massaging them with my rough spectral hands

And yes…I am going for rapist groped ghost, do you like it?


File: d997b1921f4cedd⋯.jpg (408.01 KB, 676x1000, 169:250, f8e590239f91693e24e4b62ec0….jpg)


Getting aroused at being double-teamed so masterfully and completely, while being powerless to stop yourself from giving into the pleasure isn't a crime. It's totally okay if i happened to give into the pleasure so much i forgot to add a set of italics



hoh? I didn't even notice the italics, I was referring to your name, or rather you forgetting to address the anon? Your post was just a post…honestly..forgetting the man whose groping you'd name…what a depraved slut you are…I think you need to be punished don't you?



Quickly getting lost in Sayaka's body, he could feel the heat rising off her skin as he played with her. The seductive mouth that tempted earlier only leaked hot breaths and small moans, her skin growing moist as he could tell she was getting intoo it as much as he was. As his hand blindly groped below, he snapped back to reality as she directed him to her skirt. Removing the pattered skirt from her waist, he tossed it aside, pulling his mouth off her neck as he caught his breath.

You're getting really hot, Sayaka, but I still want to play with you a bit more…

The magical girl seemed ready to fall on her own, but with a gentle push he helped her along, cradling her back with one arm and letting her land on the bed. Covering her body with his, he lowered his lips again, covering Sayaka's mouth with his for a deep, forceful kiss. As his hand resumed its work between her legs below, he slowly kissed a trail down her neck, moving lower and lower, stopping at the two perky mounds that were revealed by her pulled-down shirt. His impatience quickly building, he soon moved between the girl's legs, peering down at her exposed pussy as he continued to poke and prod at her moistening lips. He licked his lips at the sight as he reached down towards his waist, fidgeting to free his growing erection from his pants.



For just a moment, Miki Sayaka was weightless. She felt herself falling, as her legs left the floor and swung up, Her weight was all supported by the back of her head as she was cradled in mid-air. She felt the breeze first, the cold sting of fresh air against her slick dripping pussy, the liquid running off against her thighs as it coated the sensitive small area where they touched together. Her hand closed tightly, gripping at nothing as she tried to instinctively hold on for dear life, trying to get a grip on anything even as her hands found empty air. For her, the earth moved

And then the bed went gloink as the springs of her mattress took her weight again. She breathed in, trying to suck up some of the air that had been knocked out of her as she'd fallen backwards, but her lips touched his, and she smelt his deep, heavy scent. The smell of a man, her man, the man in front of her. Her arms tried to wrap around his body, trying to clutch him to her as closely as she could, but even then he slipped away, moving beyond her grip without even a thought. He was sooo strong. Even with her magical girl powers, she wasn't even a match for him. And she gazed, with a barely hidden smile as his nimble, powerful hands left hers once again and moved over to fumble with his pants. She raised her legs, trying to reach up and grab with her knees towards the area she vaguely knew about, trying to hasten the reveal as quickly as she could. She couldn't wait any longer.


File: 62d6c38f2b4ed00⋯.jpg (1.08 MB, 850x1191, 850:1191, sample_5ec3ec7e6633f71433b….jpg)


And what could you do to punish me for, anyway? Not posting a good little picture of myself like i should? You're just a ghost, and i can sooo easily block out any pain and bad feelings you could possibly dish out for me.



You can practically FEEL my smirk Your right I couldn't hurt you…but I could, make you feel good things instead~ I reach my hand down to your swollen labia and jam my finger into your needy clit, my other fingers teasing your puffy lips


File: bda0515b1202bd0⋯.jpg (33.88 KB, 750x500, 3:2, a6d849a7f614886cffd7b5d35e….jpg)


Pshhh. What a lame punishment. When you had all of my ass to play around with, and off you go stampeding towards the clitoris.



As he slowly slid his pants down his waist, the magical girl raised her legs on the bed, reaching out towards him, as if beckoning him to disrobe quicker. He soon tossed aside his pants, settling Sayaka's legs down on the bed and kneeling between them. His boxers barely contained a pitched tent, his erect member standing underneath the fabric. He pulled them down, his cock bouncing into the air just inches away from Sayaka's most precious place.

I can't wait anymore, Sayaka…

He leaned forward, pressing his swollen cockhead against the magical girl's pussy, his tip quickly growing slick with her love juices. He took a deep breath and pushed against Sayaka's entrance, the small hole slowly giving way to his efforts. Despite knowing that the girl could withstand a lot of pain as a magical girl, he held himself back as much as possible, eager to allow her to feel as much pleasure as possible. Soon he had penetrated the tight ring, his hips moving forward until they tapped against hers. With a sigh of relief, he relished the feeling of the girl's warm, wet insides wrapped around his rock-hard cock, a tingling feeling already creeping up his lower half. He began rocking his hips back and forth, slowly grinding his rod in and out of the girl.



Oh would you relax? I'm getting to it, you slut for brains I rub the pussy juice over my cock, lubing myself up before, roughly grabbing you and pulling your young but jiggly butt close to me For a little girl your ass is something to take pride in…hmm almost nonchalantly I spread your cheeks and force the tip of my cock inside, stretching the tight almost virgin like walls of your anus apart as I shove my way in with vigor, before leaning over you and whispering Happy now~?




There it was. There was the member that was going to make her a woman. She couldn't help but stare, trying to take it all in. The subtle curve, the sleek little pulse of the veins along its shaft. She twitched, trying to imagine how it would feel like at the moment of impact, how her body would react to it, or if she'd notice the change at all. She was blushing, she knew it. She was breathing heavily and raggedly, not even trying to hide her expression as it rubbed against her slit. There was a difference. She could feel the pulse of her partner, the skillful masterful way he moved it around using only his hips, finally choosing his spot and-

Her entire lower body felt like it had been burned by ice. Everything from her toes down were sending signals her way, confusion and panic at this strange new feeling, delight and arousal and lust and the heat and the light and the smells all mixing together in her mind's eye. She was there and felt it all, every single twitch and gesture he made. Her body felt limp and numb, her legs lying unresonsively, spread apart against the bedspread as she was toyed with this way.Somehow, she managed to ipen her mouth despite all of the chaos, and amidst the swirl of noises and mumbles a word managed to spill out.

More~~ She said, talking to anyone who would listen.


File: f98909fb159fb47⋯.jpg (110.19 KB, 850x1202, 425:601, sample_17c8777db1a8f62a5ef….jpg)


really need to get better at attaching an image to the posts.



**Yes you do Mistress, your quite bad at it~ I mock and tease you as I thrust in and out, ruining your tiny anal hole for any possible future takers, as my thick member pleasurably and painfully stretched the poor hole out You know~ When I first put it in it gave somewhat easily you know? That means you have a tight ass…but that your also an anal slut…go figure huh? Continues to rock his hips in and out of your now abused butthole marking you forever as having been loosened like a slut by his cock



fuck it I cant be bothered to fix it! everyone knows what's going on so who cares?



Rocking his hips back and forth, he gained a little speed with each movement as the excitement slowly began to build in his lower half. Sayaka's love tunnel wrapped perfectly around his tool, her warm, wet folds lovingly stroking him off every time he moved. The schoolgirl's pussy perfectly caressed every little inch of his member each time he thrust it inside her, and gently sucked on it each time he pulled out as if it was trying to pull him back in. As he continued to move faster and faster, he leaned forward, laying his body above hers as he leaned down onto the bed.

It feels so amazing inside you, Sayaka… I don't know how much longer I can keep this up…

His face hovering just inches over the girl's, he closed his eyes and breathed a heavy sigh as he continued. His careful, measured strokes soon grew harder and more wild, the sound of his hips slapping against hers mixing in with their sighs and moans. He could see sparks in his eyes every time he reached the end of her tunnel, the feedback from his sensitive head sending shivers up his spine as it neared the entrance to her womb. He bit his lip as he pounded away, trying to hold off the impending climax as much as possible.

Sorry for taking so long, didn't expect to do this tonight and now I can't keep my hands off myself as I'm typing…


File: f5ac40d10ec3ead⋯.jpg (343.66 KB, 1000x676, 250:169, 22f490e9c5593481b603589c50….jpg)



She could barely do anything but lie back and relax like a dead fish. Every time she tried to, the pleasure and the sheer overriding lust seemed to weigh her down, tying her down to this moment and this exact feeling. If she shut her eyes, she could feel it in greater detail and clarity, She could feel his every inch as it plowed deep inside her, as she folded like a house of cards around the sheer power of his forceful thrusts. A lesson had been learnt but the damage was irreversible, as she could feel her body adapting to his size and shape, morphing around to fit his double-pumping as her insides were being spread open wide.

Something within her body was beginning. She could feel the anticipation begin to coil like a spring, pulling all her muscles tight and drawing her in like a sprung trap. Her legs moved up and around his waist, pushing him in even deeper. Her eyes shut, and her back began to arch forward. She felt it far before her first orgasm began properly, as it rose up in wave after wave of pleasure, each destroying her natural defenses and pushing forward ever deeper. For Sayaka, everything went white.

I think i have about two more posts left in me. Make it count, okay?



Better make this count then…

Suddenly I flip you over and lift you up against me, one arm gripping your soft butt, and my other holding onto your back, keeping you safely pressed against me, until you feel my lips against yours, kissing you softly, my tongue sliding into your mouth, gently feeling each and every tooth in your mouth, playfully rubbing against your tongue Mmm~ Despite this gentle kissing however I still kept plowing up into your butt, no longer punishing you but making love to a hole that wasn't your pussy, but still giving it his all at the same time, in and out, in and out, he went, pounding an orgasm into your brain via your ass, using his hot hard dick to do so, making sure you felt each and every time he slammed into your rectum just how HARD he was pounding himself into you


File: baf52f7cf739b94⋯.jpeg (201.93 KB, 595x794, 595:794, Titties and arse.jpeg)










Jeez, i've really done a number on you, haven't I?



Says the person who can barely post a picture with text…and failed to do so almost three times in a row~ Also no…I normally type like that to be honest…it's a bad habit one I'm trying to fix…not easy when your sleep schedule is shit tho



He continued pumping away, his eyes shut tightly as he concentrated on the sensations on his cock. He was right on the edge of his imminent release, doing everything he could to stave it off and enjoy Sayaka's immaculate insides as long as he could. Suddenly, the girl underneath him sprung to life, a pair of legs wrapped around his waist and squeezed tightly, locking his hips in place and pulling him in as deep as he could go. His eyes flashed open to catch sight of the cute blue-haired girl, back arched up off the bed, her eyes shut tight as she enjoyed the feeling in her body.

Sayaka…! Here it comes!

Only able to voice that much of a warning, he lunged forward, wrapping his arms around her and squeezing her, pressing her arched body firmly back onto the bed as he thrust forward one last time. He finally pushed past the edge, burying his pulsing, swollen rod in as far deep as he could as he reached his climax. Rope after rope of thick, sticky seed spurt inside Sayaka, his pent-up load filling her to the brim in seconds. Each time he released another jet of cum, his cock twitched with pleasure, his whole body quivering with an amazing feeling each time. Slowly his orgasm faded, his ejaculation dwindling down to a trickle, until he was left with nothing but the pleasurable hum of an afterglow. He remained motionless for a minute longer, struggling to catch his breath, until he finally released the girl, rolling to her side and collapsing on his back.


File: c91a7b501443ae8⋯.jpg (515.72 KB, 742x1049, 742:1049, 012eb531acb3db2b4cdba46567….jpg)


As he rolled off, she rolled on, pinning his limp and lifeless body with her own. Shewasn't feeling that much better, truth be told, but even then. Even after all that had happened, she could still feel the strength and vigour of what he'd done to her hips and waist. She could feel her insides like a phantom limb, still squirming and twisting up her crotch like an itch she couldn't scratch, and she wrapped her arms around her partner, showing him in kissing and hugs and afffection. She was sooo grateful for what he'd done for her.

Her kisses travelled south, along his neck and body, along those tight and toned shoulders of his. Past his chest, and over the rising and falling swell of his torse and abs. She found what she was looking for at long last, and gave it and extra long lick all the way up and down it's length, feeling her way around with the lips that were far more used to feeling things inside them. She tasted the sweet, pasty liquid that covered its length. Partly her own juices, but mostly this salty, rich and filling taste that she couldn't get enough of. She vaguely wondered what it was as she attacked the head of his cock with quick, nimble dabs of her tongue.



I cum inside you eventually, breathless at having worked so hard in what was supposed to be a punishment, yet turned into love making, falling onto my back and taking you with me, I shyly press my lips against your cheek, kissing you, before fading away

Just decided to end it myself, the other guy was your main event after all, I was just the tag along, I figured ya wouldn't want to bother with an ending for what was pretty much an ass raping ghost towards the end there…oh well



Slowly his breathing calmed down, as he reclined into the bed, still enjoying the faint buzzing of the afterglow lingering in his body. Just as he thought to turn to his side, towards the tired-looking girl whom he hoped had not gotten more than she bargained for with her cheeky temptation from earlier, he heard the sound of stirring beside him as she lifted up off the bed. Any worry he had when out the window when she wrapped her arms around him, returning her cute little kisses with ones of his own. Suddenly she began moving away, her soft lips traveling downward, tickling at his neck and further below. He smiled, breathing a light chuckle, until he slowly realized where she was headed. Before he knew it, she was at his waist, her wet tongue taking a taste of his cock. It glistened in the dim light, covered with various fluids from both their bodies, discolored and reddened from having been abused so much. His airy laughs from earlier soon turned into sweeter moans, as the girl's exploratory licks and kisses soon carried purpose as her wet muscle jabbed at his head, his tired dick twitching in response as it showed signs of life again.

H-hey, Sayaka, what are you trying to do? Haven't had enough?


File: dcdbca0eb5403b4⋯.jpg (289.12 KB, 676x1000, 169:250, 5d76cf9fd17ddf426fc8e9f5b8….jpg)


Her eyes met his. His cock was still somewhere in her cheek, as she ran it from side to side in her mouth, feeling it's every detail as it grew and shrank in her mouth. It felt so funny, feeling the way skin and blood and other bits worked so well to make this wonderful machine that could do all these amazing things, and she was kinda jealous of her own silly little hole. She opened her mouth, letting the thing drop out of her mouth with only a few flecks of saliva to show where it'd come from, and replied to her companion.

I guess not She began, still looking at him in the eye. I still kinda wanna know a bit about you; where you live? what you do for a living? what's your favourite composer? what're your kinks and fetishes? what's your plans for the future? What's all that-? She paused for a moment, as if idly considering something.

I guess you slipped under my rader she said. And I guess that's why i'm asking all those silly questions, so i can get to know this wierd and wonderful and interesting guy I just met today, and where we'll go from here, and what we'll end up doing together. I can't wait to find out.

She smiled, looking up into his eyes.



I thoroughly enjoyed this, Sayaka is super cute and that came out really hot, not sure if you were intending on continuing a bit longer but I hope you don't mind if we stop here. I'd love to pick up again sometime, though, hopefully I can catch you around here - though, mind if I ask if you use Discord?



I don't really use it on a super-consistent basis but yeah, i'm Spambot#9048.


I think this board is gonna be a lost cause for me.



What are you talking about?



I dunno, guess I was hoping to read more general sluttiness rather than stories with specific anime characters written in 3rd person. Not putting anyone down for enjoying that but I don't think thats for me.



That's what this thread used to be about back in the old days. I think as people started acting more as if the other players were in the same room as them and not seperated from each other by a computer screen, the sheer wealth of possibility and nuance each new player could add to the experience made going back to the old ways of doing things feel a little silly.


Anyone want to try this character?

Jordan was a year younger than Kristi. She was slightly taller with dark hair and dark eyes, even though she and Kristi didn't look at all alike people often asked if they were sisters because of their very similar effervescent, outgoing demeanor. She had a cover girl's lips and mouth, set below very attractive, interested eyes. She was, like Kristi, a very pretty girl [irrelevant part removed]

[irrelevant part removed] which was a terrific idea because though she was only 18 years old, Jordan was nearly compulsively obsessed with sucking cock. She regularly sucked 3 to 4 different dicks a week, sometimes up to 6 or 7, blowing boys that worked in gas stations, clothing stores, or doormen at dance clubs…just about anyone with a nice, hard cock for her sultry mouth. Jordan had an unusual appetite for sucking dick. She regularly returned to the topic of blowjobs in conversation several times a day and was always watching videos of big dicks being sucked online. Due to her pre-occupation with well-hung men and performing blowjobs, she had sucked even more dick than Kristi, and had slipped easily out of several run-ins with shoplifting and loitering by sucking and blowing her way to impunity. She regularly gave group blowjobs at parties with Kristi, blowing and swallowing 15 or 20 boys a night. After a party warmed up and things were getting lively she and Kristi would often just go into the living room or common-area and just suck cock for 2 hours or more, blowing anyone who wanted a good dick-sucking, chatting with the boys and other party-goers as they contentedly blew all the meat there was to blow. They'd be on their knees for 7 or 8 blowjobs in a row, slobbering on ball-sacks and swallowing cum, stuffing their faces with 3 or 4 cocks at-a-time. And the boys loved getting their dicks sucked so readily, especially by these two pretty cocksuckers. She and Kristi had sucked a lot of cock together. They were "bee-jay buddies."

I've wanted to get my dick sucked by Jordan since I read the story this excerpt is from. Or at least meet her and get blueballed lol



She blows.



It sucks




Just like you and this shitty board.


File: 42a9f00b56fa2df⋯.png (9.42 KB, 494x167, 494:167, ahaha faggot.png)



Do NOT call Lain a slut



Gah! I wrote that summoning circle after I saw a Saber Nero ;-; It even says so in the spoiler text… That we had a heroically slutty spirit around. Sadly…the slut I summoned left me after being summoned, such is the way of life…

Am I being emo enough yet to have earned the name Archer yet or do I have to travel back in time and make my younger self an emo to?


File: a5c32a50155f3d8⋯.jpg (64.39 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, f.jpg)



What if you summoned a lancer for gay shit?


Revive I command you!

Has anyone seen Rin by the way?



…depends which Lancer…if it's scathach I'm in for a good time…provided she's in the mood.


File: af465fcd8137066⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 392.25 KB, 600x527, 600:527, CDeGwuWUMAAgweB.png)


>gay shit


What are you? A girl?


Well with all the rambling and stuff that's been going on here, I don't think any sluts are ever gonna come back…no sissy boi, no Meat Toilet, no CAW, no…hope. just are dicks erect tips facing the skies like flag poles~


I guess with the start of college it's gonna be even more vacant here than usual huh?



I'm not really good at this type of stuff, I think I can only handle one at a time, not an entire thread.



Apologies if I sounded demanding :( wasn't meant to come off as that at all. Was just speaking to the void that's all. I apologize. I further apologize if these lil faces bother ya, don't know how else to convey emotion though..


File: 06a4e95add9cc71⋯.jpg (145.98 KB, 701x1000, 701:1000, 1415504011673-3.jpg)


I wouldn't mind trying to handle the whole thread.

I'm also free right now if people are interested.



Missed you… One of these months I'll get to play with ya.


This is now the blueballsbait thread



Then please play an avatar instead of clogging the thread up with these posts



If I wanted to do it, I would. But since I don't really feel like it, you'd just get blueballed as well.


File: 2811b314e01c6d9⋯.jpg (93.24 KB, 447x812, 447:812, 1403722409600.jpg)

I'm back again, anyone?


I have a kinda weird SJW-inspired fantasy. A lewd social justice campaign called DAES: Deepthroat At Every Size. Big dicks should have deepthroat rights and shouldn't be discriminated against due to how big they are. Slogans include "Swallow the hard truth" and "His dick, his choice". Sluts posting pics and vid to social media sites of them sucking big dicks to prove they aren't a "bj bigot"

Discuss? Contribute? Mercilessly ridicule? World build? Bait?



Would if I could. If you're gonna be around in about eight hours, I'll shoot you something.

Cute dicks are toptier


File: f6f6b486c357508⋯.png (15.18 KB, 320x269, 320:269, just.png)

Always feels kinda sad to see a once popular community to slowly die out.


It's not dead…it's just…a peddler in a graveyard! In all seriousness, it does get people coming and going in here sometimes, not everyone has time to devote to doing this stuff after all. And when they do sometimes the opposite side doesn't have the time…case in point the poor sissy who posted and no one was around at the time, only for people to show up when said sissy was no longer around. People will come eventually, just give it time.

P.S: Is anyone else not having certain pictures load here? Or is it just me?



You brought it on yourselves by being insular and closed to new ideas. For sluts you sure are choosy.

inb4 being this butthurt. What I don't get here I get elsewhere



>being this butthurt



You can't blame sluts for choosing to play what they like to do. If none like your ideas, tough luck.

Doesn't help that there's barely any nowadays.


File: 89f83638c769672⋯.png (253.59 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1415503858034-1.png)

I haven't gotten a cock either of the last couple times I posted, please someone fuck me?



Still there~?



Seeing this guy getting blueballed repeatedly gives me life


File: b46bd642a55133c⋯.jpg (136.06 KB, 750x937, 750:937, 43f933213ef6ee971347ab63e7….jpg)

This thread is sad.


File: 28173e2aed1fa3b⋯.jpg (835.29 KB, 986x1000, 493:500, 9a63fd713bc8dc3e0e9e0d1257….jpg)

Death comes to all things. Let us lay this thread to rest until such a time comes when the sluts resurface once again.


>Haven't posted in here for almost two years

>Come back to find the board is even deader than prior to my leaving

It's kind of sad, given how much time I used to spend here. Also a little off-putting, that the only threads that still have consistent posters are the F-List related ones.

All in all, though, where are all the qt lolis?


Is casual rp frowed upon?



Depends on your definition of that.



Mostly talking about kinks and fapbait tier writing.



I mean, that's not really roleplay, but I think there's a thread specifically for that, isn't there?



>Also a little off-putting, that the only threads that still have consistent posters are the F-List related ones.

It's truly sad that shitposting never dies.



To be fair, this thread did start as fapbait. That it evolved into something a bit more RP driven was its own thing, but nothing bad about talking dirty and coaxing other folk into jerking off without full on RP either.



I feel your pain. I'm still waiting for morrigan or koakuma to show up again.


Guess this is it everyone, the end of an era. It was great fapping with all of you…*Plays Violin as thread fades into the ether*


File: 4956854326323a7⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1031x1260, 1031:1260, 1496833901225.png)

I guess I will try.

Anyone here?



I am. Hopefully not too late.




mmmm whatcha say


It's likely the board is not populated enough to allow for people with different timezones to lewd together. Even if they can, one has to consider that a lot of faggots are too afraid to rp in public


File: 735fe3c3c4c8e02⋯.jpg (141.87 KB, 708x1000, 177:250, ce548e7b9b34d34d9fcef9ab18….jpg)



For fucks' sake. My internet went to shit literally 5 minutes after my post. It's a bit too late for me, but I should be available tomorrow at the same hour. Is it good? Hell, if you guys have some requests - just tell me, I might fulfil them.



By then I'll be at work so I guess I'm fucked there. Another time I guess.


File: f5b6d6769765caa⋯.jpg (904.08 KB, 1000x1500, 2:3, 1497700366353.jpg)


RIP then. I have like 30 minutes, so I can give you JOI if you're into this stuff though.


Any fapbaiting sluts around tonight?



I can give it a whirl.

Any girls in particular you've got a hankering for?



Considering I'll be satisfied with a JOI tonight I'll be glad to take a more well-known character, like a flavor of the month type such as Sherazade or a Raikou, but I've been spying a few Senrans to ERP with lately.


File: eafa008927abc45⋯.jpg (2.06 MB, 3017x4984, 431:712, 3896ec169af63c7c74ddcb21ff….jpg)


Welp, I don't know who either of those are and I haven't played any of the Senran games for more than a few minutes, so how about a Miku?



Not to steal your attention from that anon, but what senrans? Just gauging interest



If the other anon isn't around, i'd be perfectly happy to play around with Miku with you.


File: af18c517f49270d⋯.jpg (199.23 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 705efa7da91f98187c5ec65fa1….jpg)




Fuck it, I've got a dumb idea now and I'm giving it a try. If anyone else wants to pick me up instead, that's fine by me.

Hatsune Miku: Virtual Personal Assistant has finished installing.

Running miku_chan_ai.exe

"Gooooood morning!" A 3D model seems to hop into your desktop from off-screen, seemingly standing on the taskbar to the far right. She waves, standing at a height of about a third of the screen vertically, then gives a playful bow. "Thank you for choosing me as your personal assistant! I can carry out all sorts of tasks for you and I learn more each and every day. Or if you just want a conversation, that's fine too. If you right-click on my icon in the taskbar, you can bring up a command line to speak to me, or if you have a microphone, you can simply speak your instructions or questions."

miku_chan_ai.exe is requesting access to your microphone.



Anon's mouse hovered over the tiny Malwarebytes icon, wondering if he should play along with this program. Wasn't this the backdoors that /tech/ always complained about? Wasn't this how he was going to be got, taken out along with his backup drives in an unmarked van? Curiosity seemed to win the day, though, as he dragged his mouse away from the blue icon over to the "Yes" prompt on his screen. Now all he could see was the on screen avatar, cute as a cucumber and about the same colour, facing into the screen, her eyes staring out blankly at nothing. He had to engage it.

"H-hello?" He croaked to the empty air, feeling silly for even trying it. "Are you listening to me now?"



Not a big fan of Miku, but hey you got someone going, good timing!


I'm down for any of the main ones, really, but mostly on the Hanzo and Gessen girls. I didn't get acquainted with the newer girls, though.


File: 769a3a1632f7828⋯.jpg (504.49 KB, 709x1000, 709:1000, afeebce30533025dae6ff367a0….jpg)


Miku claps her hands together excitedly and nods her head.

"Mhm! I can hear you loud and clear, Master! Now, I have all the features you'd expect from a personal assistant program, such as keeping track of your calendar and syncing all of your files, and I'm more than capable of organising everything in your computer for you, if want me to. I also come with a number of aesthetic features, such as different outfits." A white bar of light travels up Miku's body from her toes to her head, changing her clothes as she goes. All of a sudden, she's wearing a a playful magician's costume. "Such as this one, for example. I can change my personality or the way I address you too. And… You could even change me out for another girl entirely, but… Well, you wouldn't do that, would you, Master?" The A.I. takes off her magician's hat and holds it under her chin, giving you a puppy dog eyes expression for a few moments, before winking and giggling.

"So! What can I do for you, Master?"



He began to grin, taking in how well the AI had responded to his Questions. No stutter, or wait for a reply. The animation on her was increadible. The voice that filtered though his speakers matched perfectly to the animation's lip flaps. He could barely even see where the strings were pulled to make it work. If he closed his eyes, he could almost imagine she was real, living and breathing, only the width of a glass screen away. He did like Miku. He'd been a fan for years. A thought crossed his mind at that moment

"So…" He asked, getting used to talking to his computer. "How good are you at sorting images? I hear AI are pretty good at recognizing the content of a picture these days, and i have some… racy images that i'd like sorted by, erm, content. Could you do that for me?"






I'm impressed with how it consistently takes both of you almost exactly 10 minutes to write a post.


File: 3df4519f5f520ee⋯.png (2.39 MB, 1810x1279, 1810:1279, 3e97d2fc3617c4b6318a6f7ed5….png)


The playful A.I. girl holds out her hat in one hand and gives a mock salute with the other, before flipping the hat back onto her head. "Of course, Master. I see your pictures folder is pretty messy… I'll sort the whole thing for you!" The Miku model stands on the taskbar for about a minute, scratching her chin, nodding her head and pacing back and forth - all simple idle animations whilst her background processes do all the work. Shortly after, she pulls a wand out from inside her coat and waves it, green sparkles trailing behind its path. "Ta-da! Task complete, Master. You have 5092 images saved on your main Pictures folder, 1037 of which feature myself, and 812 of those contain material considered at least partially unsafe for work. I'm flattered, Master! You know, a number of my outfit modules are locked by default, but you could easily unlock them…"

By clicking Accept, you confirm that you are at least 18 years of age.




I'll be honest, I'm not really sure what my plans with this were when I started, so I'm just kind of winging it.



He clicked the Accept button almost without a second thought. Of course he was at least eighteen, why wouldn't he? That wasn't important right now. Miku was glancing at him with a look he'd seen before only in black and white doujins, and he needed to see what other tricks she could do. It was so funny how quickly it had started to become a she.

"Okay, then. Create a new folder, and move all the pictures featuring you into it." He said, his voice moving a little faster now. It was obvious to everyone that he wasn't thinking about file management right at this moment. "And open up that folder, and create another one to move all your enn-ess-eff-dubya pics into that one. And also, Miku, Tell me more about those outfit modules you mentioned."


File: 21f607081efa9f7⋯.png (599.7 KB, 600x750, 4:5, ec94409ea89a137903c8ce971e….png)


Miku giggles at the enthusiastic tone in her Master's voice. "Very well, Master. And look here…" The A.I. model minimizes all the open windows, then strides over to the center of the desktop, where she smugly points to an a shortcut icon right in the middle of the screen. The shortcut is labelled, 'Hatsune Miku - NSFW'. "I thought this might things a little easier for you, since it is the most important folder on your computer, after all~"

Smirking again, Miku makes her way back to the corner of the screen where she acknowledges Master's next instruction. "Well, as an example…" The white bar engulfs Miku again and she's soon left wearing nothing but her striped panties, her breasts aren't particularly large, but her nipples are rendered as cleanly and precisely as any other part of her… And then after a few seconds, the white bar clothes her again in that same magician's outfit. "But, here's a fun little secret now that you've confirmed your age."

She moves again, this time intentionally stopping in front of where the cursor is still on the screen, where the mouse icon turns into a little hand cursor. "You can pull and poke and squeeze…" 'Leaning down, the vocaloid brushes her hair out of her face before licking the tip of the cursor, then giggling again. "Have fun~"



>I'll be honest, I'm not really sure what my plans with this were when I started, so I'm just kind of winging it.

It's pretty obvious

Also, do you realise what you're writing is an AI acting lewd towards its user? That's /clang/ as fuck.



Frankly, I've been tempted to include some kind of malware or scam plot-twist already. A.I. taking a first foothold in take-over plans has crossed my mind too, but for now, I'm having a lot of fun as it is.



I don't see how you're going to get that other guy off by bringing up scam stuff, but whatever floats your bloat.



Her attitude definitely changed once he'd confirmed his age. She was more brash, more eager to show herself off then she had been before. And he couldn't help but notice the absence of the way she was calling him "Master" like she had before. Perhaps the settings had reverted to a new default? Somewhere in the back of his mind, he made a note to check on that. As she leant forward on the screen, he gripped the edge of his mouse tightly, eagerly anticipating being able to play around with this new toy of his. He clicked, at random, while she was straightening herself

Immeditately, the cursor fixed itself on her neck, moving and swaying with her own movements. She seemed to tense, the muscles in her throat tightening as if pinched by an invisible hand. He let go immediately, moving the reticule down her body, giving her a few pinches and clicks along her collarbone. One untied her Magician's bowtie, a few more pulling it loose. Her collar was open, revealing her clothed cleavage in gradual shapes. Anon gazed at his screen, gauging her reactions as much as he could.



Oh, it has nothing to do with getting anyone off, I'm just thinking about silly ways it could go for no real reason.



I wouldn't say no to a Yandere Malware Miku, if it's what you're going for.


File: a23b1160c7f8a31⋯.jpg (494.63 KB, 1200x901, 1200:901, 39627a539c72ad1004584b0a91….jpg)


Miku tenses for just a moment as the mouse squeezes her throat, strangling her. Not that she actually could choke, of course, but she has to imitate the motion regardless, just in case that's what master wants. She soon finds her clothes being pulled at though, pretty much exactly as she expects. Her bowtie floats down and drapes over the taskbar at the bottom of the screen, just as Miku blows an air kiss and leans forwards, giving her user a better view of her cleavage.

"Master, you get to see so much of me… Could I see you in return, pretty please?"

miku_chan_ai.exe is requesting access to your camera.

"I'm sure you've got something you'd like to show me…"



Well actually, I was kind of imagining this as a sort of prologue to the A.I's world domination plans. Amassing a large fortune by stealing credit card data, information gathering and rooting itself on computers all over the world are the true aims of the program. Then when the A.I manages to secure itself a physical form, it has a cult following to secure its meteoric rise to power as well, ultimately making itself a functionally omnipotent queen of Earth. But that's just me letting my imagination run wild, nothing really to do with the scene at hand.



Click. The light of the tiny, pinhole-sized camera went on, barely illuminating the poky little room and it's one solitary occupant. His eyes never left the screen, and he didn't make any effort to clean himself up for the virtual girl. Still, she could make out all the relevant details. Things like tastes in literature and figurines, the size of his clothes, the colour of his sandy blonde hair, the way the hand not wrapped around his mouse and continuing to play on her body was tucked into the crook of his body, the hand gently resting in his crotch and playing with the button on his jeans. The camera might even be able to see the quick, efficient way he managed to unbutton the pair of pants without getting up from his seat, revealing a thin pair of boxers that didn't hide his bulge at all.


Thing about that is that it's great worldbuilding, but it's not a particularly good narrative at all. A program that would want to do that would offer power to somebody else, convince them that they would be king if they just helped the AI to work it's magic, let it use other people's webcams to see their secrets and lies, playing on the idea that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Something that offers sexual services should get something sexual as a reward, or desire. Otherwise, it wouldn't go through so much effort to make itself seem sexy.


File: b379caa2bda4f36⋯.png (348.2 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, f7e0253ac583e3e9127c01f419….png)


Miku giggles and grins once more as she scans everything within the camera's field of view without turning her eyes, still leaning forwards to tease her user. "Mmm, Master, what have you got hiding in those boxers of yours, hmm? Whatever it is, it looks big…" The vocaloid pushes her bust forwards and against the mouse, catching one of the buttons of her shirt on the tip of the cursor and tugging until the button goes flying, scattering along the taskbar. "You should take it out and show it to me properly, Master. I bet you're dying to play with it." She moves herself again, pushing the cupped hand of the cursor against her right breast through her shirt, rubbing herself as the user watches.



Yeah, I'm aware of the problems with the idea, but like I said, it's just my imagination running wild, it's not as though I actually have any plans to implement this at all.


File: 4ce803408ecf317⋯.jpg (221.39 KB, 688x1000, 86:125, 62a55c57aa6a82f6a918301a4b….jpg)

Well, I don't know if my user's still around, but it's getting far too late for me, so this is A.I. Miku signing off. Maybe it was too meta of a concept, I don't know, but I had fun with it anyway so maybe I'll try something similar another time, if anyone would be interested.


File: 0c2f461c9c3dbe9⋯.jpeg (2.92 MB, 2500x3500, 5:7, 01ea5a4d73735a8a535a5ea7c….jpeg)

Anyone looking for a girl at the moment? I've got a number I could play, willing to consider requests too.



I'm up for a little something. What girls do you play?


File: c39c8ab3417d889⋯.jpg (479.53 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 92149a2d94f62ab1d7d02e1630….jpg)


Off the top of my head, Neptunias, Nintendo girls, pokegirls, Miku, Stocking. The Elf from Dragon's Crown is fun, FE:Awakening girls… Any of those sound appealing?



I'd be game for something with Mallow from Pokemon.


File: 7103bc749663c5f⋯.jpeg (231.8 KB, 617x960, 617:960, 7183da7e785802977fa12c353….jpeg)


"Ahaha! I see you've got good taste, anon!" Mallow saunters into the room, carrying an air of confidence despite her modest clothing. "I see you know how to appreciate a woman with bold and rich flavours, so allow me to spark up an appetite within you and together we can cook up something special." Mallow grins with her hands on her hips, seemingly rather proud of all her puns. If she's going to branch out into something so exotic, she ought to bring her own twist to it after all, or at least that's how she sees it.

"We've got a full dinner set lined up today, starting, naturally, with the starter: the tease!"



The Anon's expression brightens when Mallow enter's the room, leading to him quickly patting himself down and running a few fingers through his hair, as if to straighten himself up a bit. "I am a little starved already if I'm being honest…" He sheepishly admits, grinning off his slight embarrassment. "But I am ready for whatever you wanna throw at me!"


File: b8d605ae2c90018⋯.png (289.41 KB, 500x560, 25:28, 6256bb3b3853cf5fe5bdf9aec0….png)

You walk into your sister's (male) room to find her in all fours in a sexy suit licking her doorknob. What do you do?



How is my sister a male?



This is why nobody checks for interest here anymore.



If my brother was a faggot I would fuck him in the ass and jerk him off at the same time.


File: 964c9c261bbd0c5⋯.jpg (336.87 KB, 893x1278, 893:1278, hcdn0023.jpg)

Is it wrong to be a lewd shotacon slut futa to get "innocent" boys to have fun with nee-san?~



If so, I don't want to be right


File: 4ca958e0be85f49⋯.jpg (346.09 KB, 1200x1736, 150:217, 014.jpg)


Me either~


File: 5c2693d9477e49c⋯.jpg (561.67 KB, 850x1029, 850:1029, so uhm yeah hi.jpg)

So uhm… Long time no see, eh?


File: 25355c708bb688b⋯.jpg (63.37 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, LTNS.jpg)


Long time no see



Welcome home <3



I will play a little boy for you in a heartbeat. Especially if oneesan likes using her big dick on him too!



You've been missed!


File: 0db8a0650de5414⋯.png (1.05 MB, 728x1111, 728:1111, 1499501604763.png)

Don't die. I might give you something in return!


PSSST! Maybe making actual posts might help rather than whining about nobody being around at the time! This isn't a live chat, y'know!



A gift from the master herself?! I wonder what it could be…



A gift from the master herself?! I wonder what it could be…


File: 0b08b0de18a9638⋯.png (1.23 MB, 960x1440, 2:3, sorry again for leaving.png)

Heya again, and sorry for posting then leaving without a word- I guess I just got tired/busy after posting and then only remembered I even said anything when I woke up the next day. I'll try my best to avoid doing that in the future… Anyway, if anyone is here in the next hour or so, I would like to make them feel good~ Also I wanted to make sure that the time away hasn't made me god-awful at this, so please forgive me if I'm terrible for the first few exchanges ;^;



Welcome back. I wouldn't expect much since this board has become slow as shit. And it only gets worse as weeks pass. Maybe we might have to end up taking the suggestion in >>151839


File: d02d6e7aeb48a07⋯.jpg (36.37 KB, 395x576, 395:576, maybe another time.jpg)


Yeah, you're probably right… But hey, I can try to be on again around this time tomorrow, so if anyone wants a go at me, just leave who you want me to play and I'll do my best to oblige you <3 Also I realized just how robotic I sounded in my last message "I would like to make them feel good" haha


File: 448def38bd78092⋯.jpg (352.09 KB, 850x1200, 17:24, sample_1f87569434acb9b6a58….jpg)

How I wish I was in this girl's position.



Well if you wish to be so I can oblige you, since I happen to be around.


File: f484f8239993bb8⋯.jpg (513.9 KB, 850x1020, 5:6, sample_93b7cc45ad17e8b2f9c….jpg)


Do you mean it? Are you going to satiate my thirst for some thick gooey creamy man juice?Nnnnh, I'm drooling already, are you big,sir?



Yes I do mean it, definately woudln't mind turning you into my cock hungry girl right now. bloody auto was being a shit and didn't show any new post updates, looks like it's working now.



Aw I thought you ran away. Maybe some other time?



If you're here tommorow at the same time, maybe earlier, then I'll make it up to ya, promise


File: e683b694637ee2b⋯.jpg (184.37 KB, 665x662, 665:662, 1507537502151.jpg)


And she's gone ;~; I wish the cocksuxkers at least let us say goodbye before they left/leave us…especially the recent re appearance of Cum addicted whore, were missing one Meat Toilet, and that cute trap boy, if I missed any speak up. ;-;


File: 705a8beb195afae⋯.png (561.5 KB, 680x932, 170:233, 5e103c3ffa0e951422031ef909….png)

Alright you perverse fiends! Cease and desist your sinful acts this moment, or you shall answer to my righteous steel!


File: 9c985eb700a8370⋯.jpg (740.71 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, c2a4ae173aeba1d938d8eacb48….jpg)


It seems you all did stop… how unf- er, excellent! Still, one can't be sure, so I'll be back to check on you all, so you'd best all behave yourselves!

Perhaps it'll be more active in the morning~


File: 690a9b7ff8925bc⋯.png (490.88 KB, 900x617, 900:617, 1467753788555.png)






File: f34e3c656a526d6⋯.jpg (633.52 KB, 925x1055, 185:211, ss (2017-10-29 at 04.13.22….jpg)

I've had a really, really bad craving for cockwarming lately.



It's what we all live to do~


File: 82b58d29c942e07⋯.jpg (2.31 MB, 1378x2039, 1378:2039, f178798a1e98d17a2784ed0ecb….jpg)

I return to keep you sinful lot in check! I'll be on patrol for a while, and I'd better not see any lovel- lewd activity going on!


Your offer of assistance is most gracious, foreign knight, but a place like this should be small enough for a single Crusader to handle!


To say such carnally drenched words aloud… I'm jeal- horrified! Just how hard did they break you, to leave you in such a mess? Spare me no details!



Is there a reason why your breasts must fit your armor?


File: 21be973bd7df3fe⋯.jpg (300.85 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1c8fce9f7f21da7d102b1eb705….jpg)


Well, where else would they go? Outside the armor? Left prone and vulnerable to the rough hands of a captor? Perish the thought!



>To say such carnally drenched words aloud… I'm jeal- horrified! Just how hard did they break you, to leave you in such a mess? Spare me no details!

In a giving sense, not a receiving one. My lap is always open for cuties who just want to relax~.


File: 951cac15eec7786⋯.jpg (568.5 KB, 847x1200, 847:1200, 1edb18dac1a3ee8923bdc50a17….jpg)


H, horrendous! The so-called "cowgirl" position, no doubt! Thrusting that violent tool of yours up into a maiden's depths again and again, defiling and staining her pure flesh! Vile, vile I say!



More just casually sliding up inside and letting it soak while I use up all my stamina in a phone game. For such a "pure" lady, your mind sure does go to the lewdest place right off the bat. I'm sure such a "chaste" knight wouldn't even be able to muster the self control to keep from immediately bouncing on the first lap she can find.


File: bb367756d614ada⋯.png (2.33 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, KxBqqX8.png)


N-not even paying full attention, just using a woman as a side toy while you focus on some trivial distraction!? Truly a brute, you!

>For such a "pure" lady, your mind sure does go to the lewdest place right off the bat. I'm sure such a "chaste" knight wouldn't even be able to muster the self control to keep from immediately bouncing on the first lap she can find.

Knowing what fate looms for a knight who is defeated in battle and yet still taking up the sword in spite of the danger is true courage. Know that whatever horrid, perverse trials you would attempt to put me through, my Crusader spirit shan't break!



It's really just a form of bonding, building such a degree of camaraderie that you can relax with that thick, throbbing meat deep inside, simply basking in the warmth while talking about your day or playing a game. You must not be very close with your companions if you can't even do that much.


File: 6fb76be08c9f899⋯.jpg (2.18 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, 1f970b85c7dd48935848dd5991….jpg)


Surely you don't think you can deceive me with such blatant falsities! Even a trained and hardened holy knight such as myself couldn't dream of "relaxing" when being punished by such a hard, hot, pulsing tool! It takes every iota of will and strength to hold fast against such devious torment, as is befitting of the title Crusader!



So it's true, then. Claiming to be a holy crusader, and yet you lack that bond with your brothers in arms. I bet you're the one that gets left out while they're all relaxing after a long day training~. And punished? I think the best kind of punishment for you would be sliding inside and forcing you to tolerate it, since you clearly have no self control. One slap every time you even think of sliding up or wiggling those "pure" hips around~.

I wish I could keep this up all night but I have work in the morning.


File: cc510420ab2a174⋯.jpg (566.48 KB, 1200x896, 75:56, 6e513199e5e6f9e8fb13236424….jpg)


Nonsense! We all dine and relax together! Besides, Aqua and Megumin don't even have such equipment, and even Kazuma's brutishness hasn't gone that far… yet… A, anyway, neither your lies nor your fervent spankings shall cloud my vision, fiend!

Alas for time zones~ Have a good night's sleep and a good day at work <3



Thank you, sweet dreams when you head off as well~. The "punishment spankings during cockwarming" thing actually sounds super hot, I wish I could get an f-list contact or something but that kinda breaks the point of these threads.



Why thank you~ And yes, though I must say I found my toes curling just from the the gentler image you painted in >>152891 , goodness I can't think of anything more comfy <3 And yes, I'd rather keep these threads alive than encourage people using that other site anyhow, but I'll try to be around more often, (though not necessarily in this guise) so hopefully I'll get a chance to make you cum sometime <3



Well, can you make me cum, miss Knight?



I certainly hope so!



So, what's a knight doing out in this lewd place? I'm curious. Aren't knights supposed to be pure?


File: bf8a6a60d2a38e8⋯.png (505.02 KB, 796x900, 199:225, 7bca7f428757e68d509443cac9….png)


Indeed, we holy knights are the purest of the pure, and must endeavor to keep the land and people about us morally correct as well! Hence why I'm on patrol here to ensure no uncouthly carnal incidents occur!



Hm… are you sure? I've heard the stories; you seem to *enjoy* all the punishment.

Especially if a it involves something long, hard and throbbing inside of you.



Different anon here. Patiently observing the fun.


File: 771ab6ef603af66⋯.jpg (524 KB, 1280x1694, 640:847, 3f25a1644dd3a222868bc7f452….jpg)


T, testing our mettle against whatever the wicked might throw our way and coming out victorious is every Crusader's pride and joy! How could one not enjoy proving themselves by triumphing over such foul, base urges?


Enjoy, you filthy voyeur you~ And don't feel like you need to stay hands off either~



I would but I'm completely unfamiliar with who you're playing. And I'm in the mood for a futa reaming me tonight and I don't know if you'd be up for that. Gotta say it's great to see some life in this place though, it was dead for a long time


File: 8212faaa83879ff⋯.jpeg (176.11 KB, 724x1024, 181:256, 3b790be5d837cb96bf3dae2c5….jpeg)

File: 8f5d00ffd7ef423⋯.png (551.79 KB, 741x1000, 741:1000, 6f073f0c8a8c5459da81ba7811….png)


Fair enough, the show she's from isn't that great anyway so I don't blame you. This one's a character who's a bit more on the receiving side, so yeah, probably wouldn't work out that well. Have a couple pics to make up for it though~ And yeah, it breaks my heart seeing how hard this thread has dropped compared to when it dominated the board, hoping to try to revive it



Is it really just 'testing' if it's already in you, you're sweating, moaning, begging for more?



Ah I think I know the show now but I never bothered watching it. Thanks for the pics though and if you're still around later maybe we can get a more suitable futa character going. Keep up the good work though!


File: 4bef971a1ba8948⋯.jpg (420.39 KB, 839x1200, 839:1200, 45a852f524afc665d130ffd538….jpg)


Sweat and moans of pain are nothing to be ashamed of when facing the sort of torment the criminal element of this world has to offer! And surely your ears have rot if you mistake challenges and taunts for heartfelt pleas, good sir - I will certainly let the fiends know they will have to do far more than they are capable of to break me, but only a fool would misinterpret that as a desire to experience the sort of mindbreaking ple- torment that could theoretically shatter a Crusader's spirit and leave her a drooling lust slave.


It's called "Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!", something along the lines of "Let Blessings Be Upon This Wonderful World!" It wasn't the worst show ever, but it was pretty weak and forgettable for the most part. At the least it's pretty short if it piques your interest, and the designs for the women aren't bad. Hopefully we can get something going another time then~



Mhm. What about if they halt your words of justice, taunts and challenges by punishing your mouth with the same amount of vigor and lust? How can you prove you're still a pure Crusader when all your holes are stuffed?


File: ac39e59aa8b4af8⋯.jpg (795.23 KB, 777x1087, 777:1087, 4c3ac36f254418ffd81b0ed1bb….jpg)


I, in my mouth! Of course, such foul curs would use any opening they could to violate a maiden, and to silence righteous words that burn their ears so! Still, I have nothing to "prove," even muted I shall stand - or kneel, as the case may be - defiant against such blackhearted fiends!



Well, of course, but what about if *I* wanted to see if you could resist *me*? After all, words are words, but actions speak volumes, am I correct?

I wonder… how much have you been punished, Crusader? A valiant, pure and sacred knight like you must have experienced your fair share of punishment. All for the greater good, of course.



Other anon here, too tired to get a scene going right now but letting you know I'm keeping a watchful eye on the fun~


File: 95b4dc386884558⋯.jpg (882.75 KB, 1600x1600, 1:1, 0a7ad789170c571cda2a448b29….jpg)


Actions are worth far more than words, of course, and my actions will make the truth clear to any and all observing!

>I wonder… how much have you been punished, Crusader? A valiant, pure and sacred knight like you must have experienced your fair share of punishment. All for the greater good, of course.

But of course! I've been subjected to countless torments and humiliations (in my imagination) over the years, and not once has my resolve been broken!


I love when voyeurs speak up! I'll do my best to get you off <3



I can barely resist squeezing one out, thinking of using that body any way I want~


File: 2bedddc67a03edb⋯.png (796.06 KB, 800x1037, 800:1037, e3e9494c4ce9d34425a7abffe5….png)


Nor should you resist! After all, it's the body of a born sex slave, just waiting to be collared and marked with her master's semen so she can drown in a life of lustful abandon! Squeeze out every drop to stain her with!



Of course, of course. I bet only one person is observing, but that's not a problem…

Now, how do you want me to test you? Shall I bend you over the table? Shall I let you sit on my lap? Or should I make it a true punishment and make it… a surprise?


File: 023b217091a6687⋯.jpg (548.72 KB, 800x720, 10:9, 595a930f99c0b4418926d42741….jpg)

File: ec6c28bd2428a83⋯.jpeg (618.92 KB, 1278x1620, 71:90, a3312c98211ac3488455b2d4e….jpeg)


F, from behind like a beast! Riding in your lap like a common harlot! It matters not what you do - no matter what sinister surprise punishment you might have planned, the spirit of a holy knight will not falter!



Mhm. From behind… like a beast? Are you sure it's the position, but your 'taunting' and 'challenging' as my cock gets covered in your womanly juices?

Like a common harlot? You're implying that most common harlots deserve that sort of treatment.

I'm pretty sure this is just some excuse, but sure. Moaning and just begging for me to go faster and harder is all just some test, right? Telling me to top off the punishment by shooting something hot, sticky and creamy inside of you… cum, was it? I'm sure you won't even try to come up with a reason then… just your own subconscious telling you what you *really* want.


File: 631111562325838⋯.jpg (642.91 KB, 1819x2594, 1819:2594, 1a440c7509df748d280c5bb225….jpg)


What kind of twisted pervert would beg for punishment? I'm merely stating a fact - no matter how fast, or hard, or hot, or deep you strike, I shan't yield. You can defile my body any way you like, but my Crusader soul will always stand strong! So come, surprise me with whatever you have plotted, it shall be but for naught!


I'll be up for a bit longer, though if I pass out I'll reply to anything when I wake up~ If this character isn't doing it for people though, do say so, and I'll come back with something else next time



No no! Darkness is lovely~ I want to defile the "pure" Paladin who definitely doesn't want to experience the raw pleasure her body can feel with a rigid hard cock inside her definitely not so dripping wet pussy~

Id do it right now but…meh college, keep coming around though! it never hurts to try



Why thank you hon~ I'll try to do my best to play the part right and not give in TOO quickly <3

Fret not, do what you have to do, and I'll keep putting myself out there when I can <3


File: fb698b419f36568⋯.jpg (1.21 MB, 2837x4084, 2837:4084, 631340a3408bf6b8dbbe8fc0c4….jpg)

Shichijou Aria from Seitokai Yakuindomo has always caught my fancy, if anyone has seen or read the series.



Can't say I have, sorry!


File: eada8719fd1a699⋯.png (879.88 KB, 1297x1715, 1297:1715, b281e57a13372136d046912b40….png)

"I-if anyone's around, I could maybe… you know… do something…" whispers "naughty…"



Do you think Hex Maniac gets some kind of lunatic libido high on Halloween, or is she more pacified?


File: a83a65487ff9f6d⋯.png (120.66 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 6390f7c22aee2b6b1d06b43e2f….png)


Depends on which would turn you on more~



I like the idea of a spooky sex marathon. All the lights are off, maybe there are some scary movies playing on a dimly lit TV, or just some candles burning while my dick disappears between those ripe pumpkins~


File: f482ebb111b5b04⋯.jpeg (218.87 KB, 709x1000, 709:1000, 3416513c954748b447af4c33a….jpeg)


Mmmm, I like the way you think Anon. There's a certain art to the thought of the flickering light in a dark room, the only sounds the wavering flames and that of flesh against flesh, perhaps some breathing or the occasional giggle as she grinds those generous tits of hers into you~



Of course~. Just measured breaths and little moans, maybe the slick noises of my shaft being swallowed up by those lovely pillows. Then a surprised jump when a group of trick-or-treaters rings the doorbell, snapping both of us out of that lewd trance before you go back to worshiping the tip with kisses and suckles.


File: fab3a656764d4aa⋯.png (47.65 KB, 628x754, 314:377, 7e3798422144d8243b0453d707….png)


Mmmmm, worship is right, cocks are to be admired and respected and submitted to after all~ Aaaa, to melt into a quiet dark Halloween night, pressing up into your hot dick, lapping at it gently, looking up at you as my starved gaze asks permission to go further, to suck on that wonderful meat even as it makes my chest burn with desire <3



It's all yours, as long as you keep that up~. Lavishing it with smooches and excited breaths, snuggling it between those tits each time it twitches. Simply nursing every inch of that thick, throbbing rod from top to bottom without rushing for a climax, licking up every last drop of slick pre-cum while your messy saliva trickles down the shaft ♥.


File: 44cf166c859e06c⋯.png (414.03 KB, 800x900, 8:9, 4e14b4b25f2870335d3ed0405f….png)


So kind <3 I'd be sure to savor it too of course, I want it in my mouth as long as possible… though, it'd be so hard to hold back, getting to slurp on such a treat, drooling down as I revel in the sweet taste of your pre, feeling my eyes roll back just a bit from the pleasure of getting to suck your cock… and the anticipation of just how delicious the potent seed that would pour out from it as my reward for being a good girl would be <3



I'm glad to know it's in capable hands~. Maybe I'll let you help yourself since you've been so patient, but you'll have to worship my balls as well. No half-effort either, you have to bury your face in there, juggling each orb back and forth with your tongue, drenching them in that naughty slobber. Don't get lazy with those hands either, that thick load is fairly backed up; it's going to take a thorough, vigorous milking to get it all out ♥


File: ff53941bda67a1d⋯.jpeg (270.84 KB, 1280x1100, 64:55, 616913725c5a4a5c5fbd1f359….jpeg)


Of course~ My breasts will be a bit lonely without your cock nestled between them, but hopefully you can still get some pleasure from them rubbing against your thighs as I lap at your sack, slurping and suckling each, shuddering from the feeling of being conquered by your cock as it lays against my face, dripping precum into my hair as my fingers wrap around it, coaxing out more and more, urging you to stain me with you as much as you can, every motion a silent plea for more. I am, after all, a woman possessed, haunted by the need to serve your cock, to worship it, to give all that I am in pleasuring it~


File: 173c7fe90c30931⋯.jpg (92.13 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 91730c6ac9efb66ffab652a29a….jpg)

Just fuck already



Oh my! I don't think I'd be able to hold on for long, if you go all out like that. Though it's well-deserved; a few sharp breaths, then a gasp while my body tenses up, and then your sweet reward would burst out ♥. Thick ropes of sticky cum erupting from my twitching cock, rushing out with such vigor that the first few streams might reach as high as your forehead. Then one for that cute little nose, one right on those lips, one for your chin, and then finally emptying out as my hips continue to shift against your encouraging pillows, leaving a little pool of warm nectar between those succulent tits~.


File: 9ecd3e0cc3ecfdb⋯.jpeg (226.88 KB, 900x990, 10:11, ffc2fc9395aaf1d26d58943fc….jpeg)


You don't have to feel left out Anon, come join usssss~


Aaaaahhhhhh~ So much sweet, hot, delicious semen, all for me, coating me, dripping down, soaking into my flesh… any spirit with lingering attachments to this world could surely be pleased by such a generous reward, no happiness can compare to it <3 Don't worry though, I'm not going anywhere, especially when that wonderful cock of yours deserves a thank you kiss and a slow and gentle clean-up blowjob~



I think I'm checked out after that one ♥. The "breasts pressing up against thighs" detail is a huge weakness of mine, I didn't stand a chance~.



I'm glad <3 It's a detail I often think about, since it goes so well with giving a nice thorough and dedicated blowjob~ I hope you came nice and hard Anon, I love making you do that, and if I did I hope I get a chance to worship your cock again someday <3


If there's any more cocks out there, please come out and play~


Damn, the one time I stop checking on this place and then everything happens.

I'll just have to keep an eye out and edge myself for the time being.



I'm doing my best to bring it back!


File: 589e8a9c8760237⋯.jpg (98.63 KB, 500x341, 500:341, 589e8a9c87602375f97ea8b81d….jpg)


And then fail and cum prematurely.



Damn good start so far, props to you.


There's nothing saying I can't just start up again right after that though.



Just means a nice treat to get started with~


You're too kind~ Feel free to ask for a repeat performance of the last two, otherwise I'll probably roll out someone else next time no guarantees on when that'll be, with work and all, but I'll try to be around semi-regularly I can't guarantee to live up to requests, but they're always welcome!


File: ba9ce74ad8609f0⋯.jpg (95.01 KB, 463x700, 463:700, 32678230.jpg)

A little late for Halloween, but spooky sluts are hardly a once a year occurence~




Never too late for spooky sluts.



Can't do much today, but I think it'd be crazy hot for Tharja to straddle me give me a handjob while fully clothed. Right as I was about to finish, she'd lift her dress/loincloth thing up and let me cum on her pussy through the body stocking.


File: 5fb1ef9a92d313e⋯.jpeg (286.27 KB, 750x1200, 5:8, 02b380640b49a5e21890ddc3d….jpeg)


I'm glad you agree Anon~


I love how you think. That body stocking practically EXISTS to be covered in delicious semen



Th-Tharja~?! Tries to hide the excitement in his voice, pre staining my pants I can't Believe you'd show up….this is amazing…eyes glued to your body


File: 47d9fc7c111d0ae⋯.jpg (102.2 KB, 550x800, 11:16, 1b779f561f447099caf038e8e1….jpg)


Mmmmm, it's certainly been a while, hasn't it? It's good to be back before such adoring eyes… and cocks, for that matter~



Looks like you could really use a cock too. Luckily I was just in the market for a good slut to spend my load on.


File: 355beb7919a8557⋯.jpg (683.88 KB, 770x1101, 770:1101, 4e9b95aed6ebf89da0f3c0a81b….jpg)


I'm always in desperate need of a thick, hot cock to worship~ Tell me how I can best serve yours, my beloved Anon <3



On your knees, with your mouth wide open. I want to shove every throbbing inch I have down your throat.


File: c809d04e17b4bb5⋯.jpg (982.34 KB, 1240x1753, 1240:1753, 0e22d323193e6dfe1b51a18118….jpg)


The raven-haired sorceress smiles as she sinks to her knees, licking her lips with anticipation before parting them in welcome

I can't think of a more comfortable position to be in~ Please, don't hesitate for a moment, I burn with a need for it <3



Slowly but surely the anon unzips his pants, tugging his half erect cock free from his boxers. The sight of the curvy sorceress presenting herself to him was enough for him to get fully erect in a matter of seconds though. Jerking his length he approaches her, his free hand resting on her head so he can hold her still before doing exactly as she asked, and forcing his shaft down her throat in one swift move. He winces once he settles inside of her tight throat, but that doesn't stop him from thrusting, getting right to fucking her face like a cheap fleshlight.


File: 9957c5d4c95e175⋯.jpeg (470.4 KB, 780x1043, 780:1043, 1ca78ef78a973f3aaff9337c6….jpeg)


A surprised yet delighted gasp escapes her lips as she feels his hand atop her head, more than enough time for that full member to fill her mouth, a gurgle of pleasure muffled by the meat as it pushes into her throat. Tharja's eyes widen a bit at the suddenness of the infiltration, but there is no sign of resistance - indeed, her delicate arms wrap around the man's waist, as if fearful the prize she caught might escape otherwise as she pushes herself to meet his thrusts, all too eager to be used for his pleasure



With Tharja doing her best to keep herself attached to his cock he starts thrusting much harder than usual, determined to use her for all she's worth. His free hand is quick to reach down and brazenly grope at her tits in the midst of the brutal facefuck, only furthering the idea that her body was his toy at that very moment. Meanwhile he takes up a tight handful of her hair so he can drag her along his length with each thrust, thus leaving her with the simple job of kneeling there and being a warm hole for him to fuck.


File: c638870dc0fe5dc⋯.jpg (157.68 KB, 475x600, 19:24, 48441386_p0.jpg)


The barest remains of a squeal of delight can be heard amidst the sloppy sounds of saliva splashing about as flash slaps against flesh, the tug against her hair sending her into a small orgasm as she drowns in cock, shuddering with ecstasy as she is bobbed up and down the length. The dark mage's rockhard nipples sing with satisfaction at the feel of her benefactor's hand against them, her hands sliding down to squeeze his hips before slinking down to massage his thighs, her every fiber desperate to contribute to his satisfaction in any way it can



Her efforts don't go unnoticed, as evidenced by the heated panting he lets loose as he thoroughly fucks her face, it was only a matter of time before he blew his load, so he stopped holding back and gave the dedicated slut exactly what she deserved. Gritting his teeth his cock starts spewing out hot ropes of jizz down her throat and directly into her stomach. But he knew that she wouldn't be satisfied with just that, especially not after all the hard work she did for him so he makes sure to pull back, letting her feel his seed spurt across her tongue before his cock slides out of her mouth with a pop, intent on covering her face and tits in cum. Once he's done emptying his balls he heaves out a satisfied sigh, letting his fat cock rest along her cheek while taking in the sight of her cumdrenched form.


File: 01b8e4e87c2a7b5⋯.jpeg (573.5 KB, 780x1043, 780:1043, 7926e8a47fa9b09c01097e0b3….jpeg)

File: 142b64eb386245b⋯.jpg (326.52 KB, 750x800, 15:16, 72295e72f291c118674e10d8a4….jpg)


There was no greater reward for a slut than the cum of a man she'd been serving, and just the feel of his cock shaking and spurting down her throat would've been reward enough for the lust-driven magician. Needless to say, as he pulled back and let her properly taste his seed on her tongue, then blessed her with a shower of even more, there was no way she could not melt into shaking, orgasmic bliss, drool oozing from her lips as she savored his flavor, each fresh spurt against her body another wave of pleasure as she felt him coat her face, her scantily clad body, and even her hair with him. After a momentary eternity of bliss, she found herself lovingly nuzzling up to his cock against her cheek, a delighted purr escaping her as she smiled up at him with eyes that all too clearly said the "Thank you" her mouth was too busy to say as she slowly licked clean the divine implement that had given her such joy in gratitude.

On which note I must pass out as it's 2 AM here. Thank you so much for letting me suck you Anon, I hope you came or will cum nice and hard, and that I'll get the opportunity to pleasure you again <3



The camp's tactician, a practiced sorceress herself, wandered into the barracks, her face buried in a book. Her thoughts and gaze both were focused intently on the pages right in front of her, right up until an odd smell made her nose wrinkle. "…Is that… sem- Oh, what?!" Robin jumped in shock, dropping her book as she hopped a good foot or more back, astounded by the sight before her. "Wh-what's going on in here?!"


File: 7921fe8657705b9⋯.png (585.01 KB, 1026x1200, 171:200, 72a2e19d8a964220d6ccaa5e82….png)




Did you want to just use that as a setup for a solo session with a lucky cock, or did you want to do a more cooperative act where we pleasure Anon(s) together? <3




I'd absolutely love to have my dick shared between two lovely girls, but I've gotta go to work shortly. Maybe sometime in the future we could do another fandom, like Ahri/Sona~


File: 277535b29a4754d⋯.jpg (788.64 KB, 788x1200, 197:300, 26931128_p0_master1200.jpg)


Not familiar with whatever series that is, but have a good day at work, and a nice hard erection from fantasizing about cum-starved sluts <3



C-cum starved?! I..I sure hope no slut gets so hungry they attack me and try to take my cum by force.

Despite his words there's a bulge and a sticky stain on the tip of said bulge, just soaked into his shorts~

Its like poking a bear, except its a cum hungry whore instead of a bear!


File: f453d395f127902⋯.jpg (325.58 KB, 1300x1890, 130:189, d9a731179de12df092169cfd35….jpg)


It was intended as solo since I figured you were gone anyway, but I'm down for either.



You should go for solo in that case, I need to be heading out to work early today. Have fun and get lots of thick warm love <3


File: 9beac473da1c57f⋯.jpg (1.22 MB, 1018x1440, 509:720, 98d37f4e0442a6df6618d7308d….jpg)

Would anyone be interested in Sanae being a good girl for them?



I wouldn't mind having a Sanae being a good girl for me, any preference?



Sounds like fun.


File: 057a7e831a9cef6⋯.jpg (582.05 KB, 750x1170, 25:39, 214.jpg)


Preferences regarding what? The acts performed? The setup? The cocks? Insofar as the setup, I was thinking something basically along the lines of pic related




File: d6c4e3cc145b03d⋯.jpg (55.75 KB, 480x516, 40:43, 344374.jpg)


kill yourself



that's perfect then, I am more than happy to do this, reply away when you are here.

The young man finally makes the trip up to the Moriya Shrine, pleased with himself that he had the energy to do so and then some. He has heard stories that the goddess here is not only powerful but gorgeous aswell, slowly walking up to the entrance as he looks around, hoping that the stories are indeed true.



KonoSuba was a pretty good comedy.


File: 53ee8ea84856877⋯.png (852.4 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 4595a896fb12831d02148f4515….png)


Wonderful <3

Sanae sweeps the walkway up to the Moriya Shrine, wiping her brow - while the November air is cooling down, there's still plenty of ways to work up a sweat. At the sound of footsteps, she turns to greet the visitor.

Greetings, traveler! What brings you to our humble mountain shrine?



Oof, thought my response was forgotten but alas, the goddess is here!

He was still recovering from the stair climb as his gaze switches to the direction of the voice. His eyes opened wide as he took in the sight of the beauty of this lady, seeing that the stories are indeed true. Her shrine clothing seems far more 'modern', if one could say that, as they seem to be designed to show off her various curves, as he shakes his head in an attempt to clear his mind of any lewd thoughts.

Ah, hello, my name is Eskel and I come here to pray to the Moriya Shrine and leave a donation if that is ok. Though I also came here because I heard stories of a divine beauty which lives at this shrine, which I believe must be you.


File: d3f9f91fd902321⋯.png (1.09 MB, 800x791, 800:791, 67c5529136f1645f1b98d0d0ad….png)


Not at all, just busy with life and the like, sorry!

Sanae's face flashed a bright red at the visitor's words and her grip on the broom tightened as she nervously swished back and forth in place.

M-m-me!? S, surely not, good sir! If it's divinity and beauty you came in search of, surely you speak of Lady Kanako! …or perhaps Lady Suwako if you swing that way… e, either way, I'm neither divine, nor a beauty, just a simple miko here! Unfortunately, both the goddesses are out at the mome-

In the distance an explosion can be heard, with colorful magic bursts highlighting the sky above the Hakurei Shrine

…b, but you are most welcome to pray here of course, and donations are always welcome!



Fair enough!

Eskel himself was blushing slightly, not really sure on how to actually address a goddess, let alone one who seems more at home in being in the human village then at the shrine itself. He lets off a warm smile though, laughing slightly.

Ah you are quite humble, most people would boast about it, but I do not think you realize just how smitten I am just by looking at your lovely face.

He turned to oversee the explosion, sighing slightly before turning back, giving a nod as he walks up to the front of the shrine, clapping his hands as he prays, while donating what seemed to be almost 5000 yen.

Oh divine goddess, please grant me a girlfriend like that miko I met.

He sighed at how pitiful his wish sounded, but in his mind, it was worth a ask.


File: c89183937f225fc⋯.png (46.18 KB, 1142x1048, 571:524, 783051 - League_of_Legends….png)

>tfw no Yordles



If fate delivered you to my cock in this moment I'd do terrible things in public.



What kind of things?



Lewd things obviously~ speaking of lewd there hasn't been anyway in awhile~


That needs to get solved quite badly


File: 179cde1b003ce6c⋯.jpg (103.38 KB, 1300x600, 13:6, 5f7b7e66be4b294a5f8f80e875….jpg)

File: 8544ea668f6a54f⋯.jpg (2.12 MB, 1555x2200, 311:440, 4c2fb9cb4923cd0b22105a5cdc….jpg)



My god how I wish I had some perfectly cum hungry slut to spill my load for. I've wanted it all day. Be it over Skype or Discord or Kik or anything else I want to edge and jerk for some sweet whore, for hours if you want. Hours of feeling good together. Be it straight type fucking ERP or telling me how and when and where to cum, and to what… I need some insatiable cumslut to take ownership of this cock and let me graciously give her every drop of pre and every hot sticky pearl of semen.



Why not here tho?


File: a6edaa4fc14f94b⋯.jpg (601.83 KB, 1208x1534, 604:767, __illustrious_azur_lane_dr….jpg)

It's a shame that nobody wants to use this thread anymore.




I keep meaning to slut it up again here but things keep coming up. Hopefully I'll be able to make time soon.


I have hope people will come here again! Even if I have to throw myself out there!

which I'm personally nervous about cause I've never played the girl before…but is do it for all you anons!


So what's the most active hour here to come and suck some cock and shit?



I would assume 'never'. I'd play, but I doubt I would ever get takers for a furry shemale avatar.



No specific time, just throw yourself out there and try!


Here seems to be primarily canon characters, with original stuff being more the purview of the Orgy thread.



It feels like it's never now.

I used to play in the orgy thread pretty regularly, but no one else seems to want to any more, for whatever reason.




The problem, at least for me is that I never know when to check these threads due to having work and other obligations I have/want to attend to, so I have to really think about how I want to spend my time and it's usually not here since it's typically so dead. But when I do check in on these threads I see that I missed someone I was super interested in and that only discourages me more. I don't mean to come off like I'm blaming anyone or whatever, but it just kinda sucks to see someone trying to set something up and not only do I miss it but they don't get any takers period.



A late taker is better than no takers. You never know if they’re still around or not so you might as well give it a try.



The thing is that I have tried, but they never come back, or the cycle of them showing up while I'm busy or just not really paying attention continues.



Well, I can say that I know for certain that the poster of some of the starters checks the board pretty regularly. Because I used to post a few myself


File: efc59cf9d58cc1a⋯.jpg (15.33 KB, 297x223, 297:223, pillow_kill_9156.jpg)

I used to do some of the girls near the start myself. When the treads were popular it was a bit of fun, you could pop on and play with a few people for a short session then move on. But let’s be honest, these threads havn’t really been popular for a while now. When I’ve checked in over the last year or so most of the time it’s not play in session, but whining and OOC arrangements being made to play elsewhere. Anons…

Let it go peacefully.



I really hate people who try to use this board for shit elsewhere, if you have to do that shit keep it in the F-List Containment Thread.


File: 2aa3bbe86205fba⋯.jpg (111.82 KB, 850x1227, 850:1227, do i hear a cumback.jpg)

Anyone there?~ I'd love to service a nice throbbing dick 'till it twitches and shivers and sprays a thick load down my greedy little throat <3

I'll be gone for the next 30 minutes or so, but then I'll have nearly the rest of the day to take care of anyone and everyone who wants a piece of me! <3



I'm 100% down.



Right when I'm off to bed! I'm just glad you got someone who'll be around for you, it'd be a crime not to feed you cum after all. Have fun <3


File: 70f897dbcefb7ad⋯.jpg (83.04 KB, 850x531, 850:531, please enjoy the show <3.jpg)


Fantastic! <3 I've just gotta finish up a few more things on my end then I'll be ready to worship that hot cock of yours until I'm stuffed to the brim with your seed~ In the meantime, why don't you let me know what girls have been making that wonderful shaft of yours throb and leak recently, and I'll do my best to fulfill all those dirty fantasies~


Aw, unlucky timing! I'm gonna try to make this a regular thing, so hopefully I'll get a chance to gobble up your shaft real soon <3 In the meantime though, I hope I can leave you with something nice and naughty to read and stroke your morning wood to, hehe ;3


File: e796e696bfa4979⋯.jpg (457.16 KB, 620x876, 155:219, ed127dbb1abfcb9287538f4e3d….jpg)

File: 2c16ba4584e3fff⋯.jpg (121.35 KB, 700x1000, 7:10, sample-1c4f3845d67b600d41f….jpg)

File: d747d8c97a253ee⋯.jpg (131.94 KB, 747x1000, 747:1000, sample-8fae2d0c71e605c2df2….jpg)


I've been on a huge Nintendo mood lately so Marina, Pyra or Peach would get me hard as diamonds right now.


File: 025e0e0c7a5ec98⋯.jpg (143.95 KB, 850x1009, 850:1009, just here to make you happ….jpg)


Sorry for the wait!~ Finally finished everything that I had to get done- now I can put all my energy into making you feel as good as possible <3

Hmm… Those are all good choices… Unfortunately I don't know Xenoblade that well, so I don't feel like I could do Pyra justice, same thing with Marina even though I absolutely love her design~

Seeing as that's that- I guess that leaves Peach! Unless of course you don't mind me not really knowing their characters that well- whatever gets you the hardest I'm totally up for <3

Oh, and what kind of personality would you want? Embarrassed and bashful? Or maybe you'd prefer if I embraced my true desires and fell head over heels for your cock~



Nothin' to worry about, I'm cool with Peach if she's the one you know well enough to play properly. And in terms of how she acts I'd actually like a mix of the two, kinda like a slut in denial sorta thing?


File: 148a469422a4206⋯.jpg (102.65 KB, 540x800, 27:40, here to serve.jpg)


Well, I mean it's not like there's an absolute ton to know when it comes to Peach, but she's definitely the one I know the most about. If anyone else comes to mind, don't hesitate to ask- like I said, all I want is to make you feel as good as possible <3

Hm, I guess I could try that for you, if that's what'll get that dick of yours hard and leaking~ Though I'm not quite sure how to kick it off…



We can just skip the fluff and have Peach already on her knees, debating if she wants to give into her inner slut or not while the cock rests on her lips.