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Here, we can all be the little girl


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File: ef67971b1e581c7⋯.jpg (178.96 KB, 1012x1000, 253:250, c0acccc7e23b6e705cff463cc4….jpg)


You know the drill. Get to it, and post your profiles and then let the thread die.


File: 1d48a772c983a10⋯.jpg (153.74 KB, 850x1203, 850:1203, IMG_4793.JPG)

First. Am I first? I'm first! Come give me some business in the far-flung wastes. Or just a note. I'm not picky.




Some fucking shitty thing I made in one night and it's more popular than the thing I put my heart and soul into, woo


>that real fucking wasteland casual rape scenario

well written, would take advantage of in a sweet manner


File: d7becfea1c40d48⋯.gif (1.48 MB, 294x233, 294:233, 1479987869124.gif)


>more popular


>created 2 days ago


File: ccae771d7e285ca⋯.png (676.82 KB, 1024x1280, 4:5, 1467520005850-2.png)

File: e52a1b71925c229⋯.jpeg (361.37 KB, 1031x993, 1031:993, 6dfdea5eb15dfa6697ee91162….jpeg)

Have you ever seen a small, green monster in a dungeon and wondered…could I fuck that? What if it had giant titties, a thick ass, and an insatiable cumlust?


Lusty Gob who tries to keep it in her pants and repeatedly. Routinely fails.

Problem with me abusing InCase's art? Come punish me for it~



is that good or bad, by your standard, faggot?



Not to be rude mate, but its absolutely abysmal. Have you even been logging into him? You can generally get 100 views like, right out of character creation.


File: db5818f94b96776⋯.png (268 KB, 906x950, 453:475, 7759002.png)

Shittiest Orc in /erp/ reporting in. Ya like big cocks? What if it's attached to some dumb violent greenie? You some high fantasy creature or a plain ol'human? Do you like story-driven scenarios with lots of intricacies or prefer mindless debauchery sexy-times? Maybe a mix of the two is more you thing. Doesn't matter, just give me a poke and I'll poke you right back with muh dick.

I just wanna eat some ass, tbh. >tfw no thicc booty to munch on :(



File: 36e943223d57ec1⋯.jpg (499.03 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 4b494d8ee9612a4fb033b86893….jpg)


Click the url and chat her up to get bullied.

Click "new reply" to shitpost.

Click "report" to rat her out to the authorities.

Click "x" before you kys so your famiglia won't discover cringeworthy history.


File: a38fe1faa1b2572⋯.png (253.96 KB, 539x700, 77:100, 97696a0311fbe6bc26a3ed8fc2….png)


Tiger dilf, for those that like a bit of story with their sex.




bully my shouko please



post your shouko please



>Post apocalyptic cutie

>that casual rape spoiler

Yet another character I would adore playing with IF I had any character appropriate.







Posting again since new thread.

She's trash and dumb to smoke, be careful. By she, I mean me.


File: 590c26082a21df1⋯.png (531.95 KB, 525x550, 21:22, Aria.png)


Worstgender elven rogue. Primarily interested in sex-driven fantasy scenes with pretty girls. Pretty boys are cool too. Shout out to the anon in the art thread for providing the pics.


File: 924acba69bca9cc⋯.png (638.69 KB, 548x800, 137:200, 6581410.png)


Manipulative and rude-ass trap.


File: ff9b300b4acc371⋯.png (604.41 KB, 636x1242, 106:207, tumblr_o7yvcx0V1Q1r734dmo1….png)

Just did a rework.

Ya know, reading over this I think I did stupid and sweet pretty well with Andrea. Sweetly stupid. Stupidly sweet. Either way, major kink rework was done up. Most other tidbits are the same.




File: 12f53c51545f97b⋯.jpg (909.93 KB, 1240x1754, 620:877, 8108055.jpg)


Gay but doms boys? Hot.



Hi Mew Mew Ichigo.



>Have two characters of my own that I think would work well with her

>One is a dark elf with a similar backstory

>The other shares the same name



File: aa9abbb1c1ee7b3⋯.jpg (586.6 KB, 690x1200, 23:40, 6546067.jpg)


Modern or fantasy MILF. Also have a younger version, early twenties/late teens.

No bully please. Also sometimes sci-fi!



Don't tell anyone, but the name of the folder where I keep her stuff is mew mew



You really are kind of cute, you know that? Asshole, but still kind of cute.


File: ff148da9f966503⋯.png (630.71 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


mew mew



>windows 10




what's the difference between the second and third pics? why have two of the same?



Same, tbh. I wouldn't fuck someone with windows 10, but here I am.



Guess I can't tell you to go fuck yourself, huh?



Ahaha. RSZ infront of the second pic in the line means it's resized. The third one is not, it's at full size. If I want to put inlines in, I tend to resize them since otherwise they're just much too big!

And, of course, I keep the original and the resize just incase.



Not today.



Then when will you fuck yourself? Tuesday? I'd love to watch.


Cute femboy ISO dominant male or female to sexually bully him until he fully accepts his new place as a girly slut for cock




Made some trashy garbage for another thread, might as well post it here!



Goblin ho #52657801 added to the list of things I can't play with.



That's #52657305, peasant.

But if I did something wrong I'm sorry.



I'm bad at math, okay

Nah, you didn't. I've never had a profile suitable for boinking gobbos. Besides that, I'm a filthy hypertard



Oh! Not really into the hyper, sorry. I'm generally up for talking to people though, even if we can't find smutty common ground.

I try not to be a stuck up cunt!


File: 6eb706bb8414f90⋯.png (185.58 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 6eb.png)

File: 5c11b70875bd518⋯.jpg (32.99 KB, 600x472, 75:59, 804101.jpg)

File: 78e700cfdecf684⋯.jpg (647.85 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Akita.Neru.full.1191238.jpg)

File: 1a07f9ae47a134c⋯.jpg (45.09 KB, 564x550, 282:275, Neru-Akita-neru-akita-4045….jpg)


Sweet, funny blonde with a big ponytail and a bigger heart. Expect plenty of snuggles and goofing around.






At least there is some manly men in the thread.


File: fe2287f3ac81252⋯.jpg (478.95 KB, 1360x2000, 17:25, 6263928.jpg)


File: ccd25fa991d035f⋯.png (715.6 KB, 776x1100, 194:275, cbf19a951c71e741ccd8ba6559….png)


this anon gets it


File: 0afab160b2f5c1c⋯.jpg (83.92 KB, 850x1172, 425:586, 7822656.jpg)


Also this one. Have had much less luck finding good blues on her though.




>tomboy delinquent who likes yuri

Fucking bookmarked



>Human Cocks in the same category as Small Cocks

h-hey that's mean


File: bcea2737549d2ce⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1028x744, 257:186, princess.png)


Sorry sweetie! Just a little joke, given the overabundance of foot long furry cocks on that website.

Doesn't make human cocks any less cute~


File: ac260ac1988314e⋯.png (220.03 KB, 1000x1400, 5:7, tumblr_messaging_ot04aq61Q….png)


No kidding?! I can actually post a picture that's relevant to the thread for once? Dooooooooon't mind if I do.



Oh, yes. Autistic idea friend.

I am thinking of a profile furiously as to approach you with and play out your dreams.

Maybe not word by word, but I'm thinking of how to make it interesting. Because, no matter how autistic your idea actually is, I do really enjoy the sound of it.


File: c458737fceb8f26⋯.gif (20.02 KB, 219x219, 1:1, ThEndOfBitchesAndWhores.gif)


Bravado and ego come first, the softer part of him comes later.


A cyberpunk mercenary with a body he's almost afraid to use on those he loves.



You misplaced this profile. You're looking for the autism thread.


File: b9deaa6fca95d90⋯.png (244.31 KB, 424x600, 53:75, 388fd85ed269.png)


Soft loli here for your degenerate needs. Now in lewd bikini flavor!

Clothes optional, batteries not included.



10/10 would lewd if I had a character that fit



You and everyone who posts shit like this should just make more characters that aren't bound to some sort of canon or setting.

Make one of those generic profiles, you assholes; the people you compliment probably don't get any play and you can't even get their hopes up.



Go back to your hole, Fai



I think they just mean their profiles aren't exactly fit for fucking a little girl, or their kinks just don't match up.



Honestly I thought about posting it, but since its such a constant thing throughout /erp/ I have actually lost hope.

But, here.

You fucking faggots saying 'OH I WOULD TOTALLY PLAY WITH YOU IF I HAD X' need to shut the fuck up, and either MAKE a character who can play with the character, or SHUT THE FUCK UP AND SAY NOTHING AT ALL.

Your bullshit is fucking POINTLESS. It does NOTHING. Absolutely fucking NOTHING. Oh wow, you WOULD play with me? How, GREAT. What a MARVELOUS FUCKING SUBSTITUTE FOR ACTUAL ROLEPLAY.

Kill yourself, fag. You're worse than 'murr hi mistress', because you know what?




File: 016bda741917340⋯.gif (1.25 MB, 540x540, 1:1, bc59df308bb2694a80e065787a….gif)


Obligatory 'Go fucking Kill Yourself Anon fag'



the only worthless, stupid hack here is you.



Yeah right, faggot. I don't lump worthless bullshit at people because they make my dick tingle.



You're a tad bit upset at an offhand comment.



Merc is cute! Cute!

And gives very nice cyborg hugs, you should see for yourself



Its not an offhand comment. Its an entire history of this shit. Its an undeniable MASS of people who do this, for months on end. "I'd love to play with you but I can't because ___." It's the creation of orbiters and people who find you arousing but too intimidated/lazy/etc to type fuck you.

Why did you post this? Why did you message this? Just to make them know you have zero potential as a partner and should be disregarded? Is it a compliment, because that is literally has no value. Wow, you like my character. Neato. Want to RP? Oh wait, you actually CAN'T/WON'T. How useful. How great.



Also, to anyone bullying profiles. Please shut the fuck up.

We're all here to have a good time! Why you have to be mad?



Hey Fai! I know you have problems with talking to people, what with your autism and all, but there was a better way to phrase that.

You could say: "Hey! To all you people saying 'I'd love to play with you, but can't because X', you should make a profile instead! It's super simple, and you'll have one more character in your repertoire afterwards!"

See, much nicer!


File: d65ec89e97f681c⋯.gif (766.87 KB, 500x517, 500:517, 1441828333076.gif)


There's no reason to be nice to trash who never learn and wonder why they MYSTICALLY never get fucked.



If your logic is 'why be nice to them', why should you be mean to them?

All you do when you post that is lower everyone's (already very low) opinion of you.



Its not being mean to them, its telling them to go and correct themselves and never come back laced with anger filled insults.

If anyone thinks its aimed directly at them, personally. They're retarded. It's an attempt to make them evaluate why and how they approach people and if they have any reason to do it besides the feelings in their nuts after looking at a loli in a bikini.

Their treatment of another person as little more than a praise-dump so they can feel happy about themselves whilst beating off to the art and profile and providing the other person literally nothing, not even intangible is insufferable and grotesque, and should be quelled when seen.

Or do you honestly believe someone is going to remember, 'Hey if you aren't going to RP with someone, you probably shouldn't be attempting to fellate their characters with praise because it creates a horrible disconnect between what they 'should' be getting, and what they actually get'

No, they aren't going to remember that until someone they message regularly yells at them about it for being a worthless cockteasing fuckdoll who needs to be stabbed in the face for providing nothing but annoyance and sexual frustration. So, throwing enough of a bitch fit on a message board, whilst lowering my reputation might get someone to actually second guess themselves when going, "I should tell them how great their profile is!"

Yeah, you and another 500 people have done the same thing. They don't need to hear it. They need actual fucking partners.

Plus, my logs speak for themselves. I got enough partners that I don't need to worry about whatever opinion people have of me, when they think ego-stroking is equal to actual roleplay.



ur a fuk



>No, they aren't going to remember that until someone they message regularly yells at them about it for being a worthless cockteasing fuckdoll who needs to be stabbed in the face for providing nothing but annoyance and sexual frustration.

You need to get help. Holy. Shit.



Sure fam. Care to pay for it?



How about I pey you with mai cawk bytch?



ayyo time to grab my ankles bby ;)


File: 4fd0031dfa13236⋯.jpg (75.65 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 3303563i.jpg)


aww yeeah gurl, i'mma take you by the ankles baybey and maek you saaahk it


File: e6b93de3c9483eb⋯.jpg (99.39 KB, 543x405, 181:135, 1457008131305.jpg)


>all this because someone called you out

honestly your life seems super pathetic

kys. stream it.


File: 54a0c0371de496c⋯.mp4 (4.36 MB, 372x360, 31:30, 54a0c0371de496c042093ee903….mp4)


u jst drenched mi panties bby r u rdy for dis?


File: 827bb2d8becdbe0⋯.png (197.32 KB, 297x331, 297:331, vivaldi_2017-07-18_02-28-3….png)


oh mai gawd i'm redy for dis you ain't redy for my sonic thrusts gurl


File: ee08e6eaecbe78b⋯.jpg (54.75 KB, 512x512, 1:1, E9xePVUc.jpg)


aint no 1 redy for dem gotta-go-fasts m8 your gonna slay my pussy ;) c u 2night cutie

I'm going to fucking bed. Fuck life, etc etc.


>It's another Fai ruins a thread episode


File: 4e8db49ef084df9⋯.jpg (316.15 KB, 566x800, 283:400, 0ea01b2f6544948e42058d008d….jpg)

File: 9a8d0ddcb69858b⋯.jpg (168.82 KB, 1200x1061, 1200:1061, __izayoi_sakuya_touhou_dra….jpg)



Still occasionally playing worsthus with kinks that nobody wants but me.


based Fai telling the truth once again

fuck all y'all that reply to profile shilling with "I'd totally play with u if I could uguuu", and I say that as someone who would say that in the past myself. You seriously don't know how easy it is to make a character explicitly just to approach one character, do you? Ya like a loli but don't have any character to play them with? No prob, make a pedo adult or some shota or hell, another loli and just build YOUR character's backstory around the person you like's backstory, it's so easy

and all you pussy-ass, limp-dick, faggot-nigger, cocksucking CUNTS who want him to word it nicely should seriously hang yourselves, is this a frog worshipping Taiwanese death cult website or goddamn Disney.com?


File: 745282387cfbab7⋯.gif (6.43 KB, 323x298, 323:298, no-bullying-signs-clipart-….gif)


This may be a website for Myanmarese daguerreotype discussion, but there's no reason to be a cunt.

Especially when you're a filthy tripfag~


File: 4991421787e76d3⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 92.48 KB, 680x680, 1:1, 63b.jpg)


I think the thread just needs a giant group hug right about now


File: 55ee4e3a3d9cb3f⋯.png (276.48 KB, 500x500, 1:1, kirino getting loved tende….png)


And I think you need a giant group dicking right about now.


File: e0010d976e4d3ec⋯.gif (478.74 KB, 680x680, 1:1, 86f.gif)


So much tender love~


File: e9a7038dd4293f6⋯.jpg (11.15 KB, 204x247, 204:247, 1469148238796.jpg)


Do you want to get loved tenderly, too?


File: bcb354b19217ef6⋯.png (176.47 KB, 335x335, 1:1, 1446702404823.png)


Can't have a proper group dicking if everybody doesn't join in, anon~


File: 149da0af857a9a3⋯.jpg (113.3 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1342454977015.jpg)


I don't know, anon. You have Shemales in Maybe, so I'm not sure I'm even allowed.


File: 412ddeb31284d0d⋯.jpg (64.36 KB, 284x297, 284:297, 1468892971924.jpg)


Group dicking means everybody gets to join in anon, even chicks with dicks

Can't have a proper orgy if we're gonna discriminate, now can we?


File: 3908778c274071f⋯.jpg (160.75 KB, 618x973, 618:973, 1497044991620.jpg)


Yes you can.

Oh, yes you can.


Fai's on tilt! Quick, let's get him to install Overwatch!


File: 7708d3db5137de5⋯.png (443.11 KB, 1038x1050, 173:175, tumblr_oniiamYkiU1w4olv0o1….png)


Secret NEET cosplayer looking for anyone kind enough to give her some of that love she's lacking in her life. Can also be 'extorted' for it as well! Feel free to hit me up on F-Chat or a note, I'm not picky~


File: 93da2edda461d6f⋯.png (140.96 KB, 1280x822, 640:411, 7430059.png)



>Fat-assed and big-chested


Swiggity Swoogity I'm coming for that booty and I pray to fuck you can keep an impressive poker face while getting slam-fucked from outside of the viewers field of view because we're going to make that fucking 500$ gaming chair break apart.



Do you actually have some form of mental illness?


File: 2255ce2069da10c⋯.jpg (36.76 KB, 480x501, 160:167, DESmExYXoAAhJoF.jpg)


Discriminating by not being part of the group dicking doesn't count, anon


File: 42469cfc7887fc8⋯.jpg (43.95 KB, 500x468, 125:117, answer me.jpg)


I'll show you some discriminating if you know what I mean



Anon, when enough people go 'I'd love to play with you but I can't' it just becomes empty words that you don't want to hear anymore. I'm sorry you've never made something arousing or interesting enough for other people to react that way to your characters, but once it starts it's literally the worst fucking thing.


File: 55f4336db9bd9b2⋯.png (186.2 KB, 500x647, 500:647, 833.png)


It better a big bouquet of dicks else I'll press charges


File: f786b6b7405f02d⋯.png (16.66 KB, 114x218, 57:109, mfw emma.png)


I'll press some charges against you if you know what I mean



Pretty edgy vampire-ish dude.



This is literally the worst suggestion I've ever seen in my entire life. "Oh boy I'm going to make this character for ONE PERSON and chances are it probably won't even work. Not only that, but it probably won't EVER be used outside of trying to play with this one person! How could this possibly go wrong?" Good idea champ. You should sell self-help lessons.


File: de8ab906dcf6d4a⋯.jpg (329.96 KB, 730x943, 730:943, GazSkulls.jpg)


Kind of in response to that other streamer chick profile, except far less creative and a whole lot more mean spirited and manipulative of her viewers.

Total sizequeen. Sorry not sorry.


File: 675ba9c047bda68⋯.jpeg (172.62 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, kill yourself.jpeg)


You obviously lack reading comprehension, nigger. I'm not surprised the whole point flew over your little head.

There are these little buggers around /erp/ that comment on profiles they like with "Oh boy sure would be swell to play with you but don't have a character for it!", right? They obviously want to play with that one player, right? So in the name of fuck all what's wrong with that person making a character to approach the character they were interested in in the first place? And you can't even use the whole "THEY'RE LIMITING THEMSELBES" excuse you mongoloid, if they hadn't yet made a character revolving around a kink/scenario/idea then that means they had little interest in it in the first place, by having just one character to fit a certain niche they're in fact EXPANDING they possibilities to play. 1 profile is more than 0 profiles.

Fuck, I don't have any character to play with lolis at the moment, but if I saw one loli that I really wanted to play with I'd fucking make a character to play with them instead of complaining like a dumbass mouth-breather like yourself. Go die, filthy enabler.


File: 8361bc0d013d14a⋯.png (241.16 KB, 540x540, 1:1, 8361bc0d013d14a5a7a883ae3b….png)

Why can't we just be friends /erp/?


/erp/ has become even more useless than before, good job.



I like how the first defense anyone has around here for their idiotic arguments is that the other person has no reading comprehension skills. Way to boost your already withered, pathetic ego.

If I made a character every time I saw another character I liked but couldn't play with, I'd have twice as many characters as I do now. I have ~50.

So you can keep your pseudo-elitist bullshit to yourself. Nobody wants you here.


File: aa077ebf46156fd⋯.jpg (21.23 KB, 700x528, 175:132, picard-facepalm.jpg)


>Nobody wants you here.

Way to make him stay here, you fucktard.



We'll see if he shows up again then, won't we?


File: 0beccc40e38ca79⋯.png (109.16 KB, 358x358, 1:1, 1465193578782.png)


No we won't, because he's anonymous. This is 8chan, an anonymous fucking image board.



>I like how the first defense anyone has around here for their idiotic arguments is that the other person has no reading comprehension skills. Way to boost your already withered, pathetic ego.

But you seriously don't. Read the post you first replied to, then read your reply, then read my post again and then kill yourself for being a silly bitch.

>If I made a character every time I saw another character I liked but couldn't play with, I'd have twice as many characters as I do now. I have ~50.

You can literally delete a character if you're not interested in them anymore, holy shit. I've probably made around 100 characters and currently only have 30~40.






File: 88937d4ee266392⋯.jpg (50.04 KB, 500x500, 1:1, american dollars.jpg)

the profile thread is for posting profiles


magical brown boy


noble son in fantasy japan


and a big green ogre boy



I read it again. I think you're just an idiot, honestly. "Build your character's backstory around that other person's." Yeah, how about no? Like I said before, you ignorant slut, making a character for just ONE PERSON is idiotic. In every way imaginable. I'd rather not waste my time on a gamble and instead make things I'm actually interested in making.

Wow no shit you can delete characters if you're not interested in them huh? Guess I just so happen to have around fifty characters I enjoy using, gee whoopie kazoo.





Stop giving me so much attention, anon-kun~~~~~




>posting as if he actually plays



File: 897d1a26fa3b557⋯.png (310.97 KB, 1131x707, 1131:707, wp__holo___spice_and_wolf_….png)




>What is a multifaceted character

>What is building a character around another's backstory but also building it to be its own thing

>What is having a character that is capable of doing more than just fucking a singular character, even if it is tailored towards fucking that singular character

Are you fucking serious right now, Anon? You've made me go and get a new Holo image.


File: 0371978160a1e94⋯.jpg (177.74 KB, 720x509, 720:509, 1537865.jpg)

Repostan from last thread

I've been out of the ERP scene for a while, but I'm considering hopping back in. This is my main profile (and the only one I didn't delete), I recently touched it up. In spite of this, I can see that F-list has changed. So, I'm seeking positive/constructive crit.


>TL;DR: pretty-boy hedonist Dragon/Demon hybrid from a contemporary modern fantasy setting with deep-seated mommy issues and a mean-streak a mile long


File: 5bf6c4cfc8c08e8⋯.png (3.63 KB, 361x25, 361:25, Screenshot 2017-05-13 12.0….png)

errybody need to die NOW


File: ae55b0087588409⋯.png (1.51 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Shamelessly reposting from the last thread. It's a brown elf with huge titties. Put dick in Y/N?


File: cb7a6e5f430d390⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Y e s




File: 4f67482dd19a0c4⋯.png (106.95 KB, 253x253, 1:1, vivaldi_2017-07-18_19-17-1….png)


While they can expand their possibilities to play with more people, it's that it's gambling away a lot of time making said profile to have them feel like wasted effort. Which comes down mostly to them if they feel if it's wasted effort or not. What it can be is that if they want to make a character, it can help them feel better about their efforts to make it for a broad audience rather than a single person that it becomes a better deal than just making it for this one person and having to roll the die to see if the interaction between both goes smoothly to have it deem the character as a success.


Making a character for one person heavily depends on if their partner wants to play with them, and if they have said yes beforehand then it's not a bad thing. For someone random? Might as well shift focus from one person to a broad audience.


What Fai said.

Second and third point especially when it comes to making another character. Helps a person build a background, learn from other's background and weave that into their own until they spin it off to their own and making that single character more than just for one person. Like developing their personalities or some such to make them more interesting since the process of making a new profile usually involves something along the lines of how they're gonna make that character. Unless the character is carbon copy of their older ones then that's their prerogative to not learn and expand.


File: fcd10f14c495168⋯.png (174.03 KB, 638x866, 319:433, tumblr_orr7z50XRj1u5d1m8o1….png)


Halle-fucking-lujah it's a miracle~! More things to fuck ragged and milk donations from~!




File: 545713728660637⋯.png (386.65 KB, 772x437, 772:437, TEABSOLUTELY LEWD.png)


Prude space-trap BOY with severe problems about the habits and appearance he can't seem to break out of, no matter how hard he insists skirts are kilts and that he isn't cute at all. Deals with his dangerous, trashy surroundings and slightly soulcrushing background with annoying, unyielding positivity and self-delusion. For biting off more than he can chew, trying to find friends for coze in deeply shitty settings, barely getting by, and the mother figure or genuine friend he desperately needs.

It's been a while, and I'm so, so sorry to anyone I never continued a scene with! I'll make it up to you, if you'll forgive me~ Here to stay, this time!


File: cec0b09006e74b9⋯.gif (2.26 MB, 400x300, 4:3, dodgerass.gif)


I hope that picture has a character behind it.


File: 6dfa7c3ca20c87e⋯.jpg (201.13 KB, 812x1200, 203:300, 62919266_p0_master1200.jpg)


You think I'd be posting this stuff if I wasn't actively playing it out? Granted I still have to get work done on the fucking profile but not like I need more than a few teasing sentences and prods at yer' brains to get the ol' engines revving.


File: 43cc5d83e952192⋯.png (24.75 KB, 150x150, 1:1, ha ha.png)


The pistons're a choochin', but they've insufficient grease if you get my drift. I hope it's a trap. Traps who convincingly pull off a tomboyish look without giving away their groin grinder are the best.


File: fceaf4a15f27e56⋯.png (255.48 KB, 795x1373, 795:1373, tumblr_os41dzB0er1u5d1m8o1….png)


Post a profile and I'll be in touch, five minutes to get that smoothy silk chugging goin' or yer' money back guaranteed. Not exactly considering the sheer fucking size of those things - gotta make sure to have ya' properly gag and spit out a few dollops of drool and pre out the corners of your mouth whenever I slam your head back into the bunk of the bed - but we can probably work something out~


File: 2a94058ed683385⋯.jpg (22.08 KB, 249x326, 249:326, sweating buckets.jpg)


I guess I should have a profile ready when doing this kind of teasing, huh? Hit up https://www.f-list.net/c/caella, at least temporarily. I have a thing or two coming to me every time I come here without a proper character ready.


File: a67d5a23b2b2c12⋯.png (252.08 KB, 1280x1074, 640:537, tumblr_op8mp582RA1u5d1m8o1….png)


>Fat-ass & big-chested Wood Elf bitch with green hair

Hope ya' didn't care much about that forest of yours cause I'll be fucked if I don't make sure to fuck your brains out against the Oldest Tree within that inhospitable sea of leafs and branches inhabited by your kin - the same one Elders from millennia past have used as a seat of power and respect through which to address the numerous clans and tribes calling that Gods forsaken hellhole a home - just to have you bite the fucking bark off of it in a vain attempt at holding in your constant mewling and moaning caused by your innards getting re-arranged into the shape of the boy's prick, simply so I can have your lust-addled - dick-loving - mind turn to mush and all but drip down your ears as I give you an axe and make you take the first swing at that venerable artifact of nature so the Order can lay a new outpost in it's stead.


File: 4643e2dc8a6463c⋯.png (279.28 KB, 881x1199, 881:1199, tumblr_oszwtcRiID1u5c7y4o1….png)


Those're some fat words for a kid. Just hope I'll be sober enough to not mistake you for a root and cut you down instead.


File: d52a7f48b28a757⋯.png (555.42 KB, 1280x1250, 128:125, tumblr_op3bgg5BuK1u5d1m8o1….png)


>Sober enough

Abstinence is a virtue, one that yer' going to learn the hard way if we're gonna bother civilizing ya' and the rest of yer' kin.


I thought this was the profile thread not >>>/lewd/



Aren't you supposed to be, you know, roleplaying with somebody?



This is the profile thread. Take it outside.



I didn't see you bitching when Fai or Emma flooded it.



Common, whats your profile?

This is mine https://www.f-list.net/c/tamashiro%20katsuyoshi/


File: 99e09416b2188c9⋯.jpg (13.66 KB, 200x200, 1:1, anime boy with headphones.jpg)


This is mine.



OK but you forgot your profile link


File: 318d32da41fa3e8⋯.png (32.1 KB, 488x563, 488:563, 1447829068149.png)




File: cf23bb26c4dabd4⋯.png (953.52 KB, 1079x1225, 1079:1225, 9a0ba68f28464a6ea4852b739b….png)

File: df23f1d421f731c⋯.jpeg (168.47 KB, 484x700, 121:175, 33ee280e3cc5a827c7db6f371….jpeg)

File: 7e29821925a6c87⋯.png (358.02 KB, 1000x996, 250:249, 089c81bc496ac7b7430743942e….png)


Shota/pseudo-shota hub profile based on the idea of genetically-modified catboys that refuse to take no for an answer and are too endearing to turn down most of the time. Heavy ecchi tones! Profile is all but completed, just have to pretty it up a bit, but there's more than enough to go off of if you want to get the ball rolling planning something!




>Dudes in No.

What do you think bi means?



>I'm real sorry, but the only gender that rather puts Tea off is straight-up, blatant, manly men.

There are feminine men. Femboys are an example But by that point you might as well list yourself as straight.


File: 2d8f592105505d9⋯.jpg (104.39 KB, 638x425, 638:425, eb0e3de06551d5397f2562c06e….jpg)


Overly cocky, excessively busty witchy woman.

Made for tender loving while she mildly teases you.



Ahhh why are catboys so wholesome?!






File: 97dbedfcdc51c58⋯.jpg (48.55 KB, 175x440, 35:88, do you enjoy tea.jpg)


Means I don't want to get bitched out for playing with purples and oranges, basically. It was a real problem, actually! I'd rather have to personally turn down dudesters than lose out on cutesters, I'm afraid.


This one gets it! Unless, you mean being open to play with traps, is straight?..



I usually recommend people that play with traps list themselves as straight. It's a bit annoying to search for characters that are listed as bi but don't want to fuck actual dudes.


File: e251aa1547f91d5⋯.jpg (33.97 KB, 640x480, 4:3, TEA.jpg)


I'm really sorry - maybe it's just that I'm jaded from being picky as fuck with preferences on profiles I come across, or that I just don't understand for one reason or another, but I feel like having a glance at people's nos, or giving "female preference" a little more berth, might ease the frustration. Apologies, but I'm not going to lose out on trans cuties who would glance at orientation and the no list, and like me, not bother if they're explicitly excluded like that.





What are you smoking and may I have some?


By this point the orientation option on f-list needs some serious revamping. Staight/Bisexual/etc just isn't enough.



We need more ways to make it clear most people only want a penis attached to a feminine body



I don't know, bud! I really like it, though. Every orange I've played with thus far has been absolutely fantastic - Granted, though, that's only a handful of people.



Even as an offender, I don't disagree. Really sorry to have to lead you people on. I try to be as clear and upfront about it as I can without turning others away.



There's just no way to make orientation worthwhile without making it just as specific as kinks, and by that point you're probably better off just replacing orientation with gender kinks entirely.

At the very least, I'd be okay with a short "code" that shows off each gender kink and their positions on a character's kink list, although that would really only exist for ease of use and you're still much better off actually reading the kink list. Like, say, F:Fe/Y:He/N:Sh for a character that has Females in favorites, Herms in yes, and Shemales in no.



Honestly, the number one thing I learned to preserve my time and sanity, through multiple hiatuses and years of playing, is to look at the kinkslist first and make sure you don't fit any of those "no"s, and if you're a cute blue and see "males" in the no, to look for "femboys" in any other column. Don't even read the profile if they obviously aren't into your sort. I hardly even look at orientation anymore beyond to make sure it's not outright "gay".


File: c8b3fd1314a380b⋯.jpg (17.39 KB, 326x326, 1:1, no homo.jpg)


>not wanting to suck on a feminine penis

Are ya fuckin' gay?


File: b90854be50ef54a⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1080x1838, 540:919, 1479592996161.png)


Show me one worth sucking, buddy boy.


File: 7abc1eef13eac81⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 76.67 KB, 480x800, 3:5, 6127708.jpg)


File: 3c496434455c696⋯.jpg (213.72 KB, 600x620, 30:31, 3c496434455c69657e86080a65….jpg)


I am not impressed.


File: accc5703847da9f⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 75.81 KB, 347x750, 347:750, 6127712.jpg)


Tell me you wouldn't. I dare ya~


File: 84f8604dee5e39c⋯.png (397.7 KB, 508x685, 508:685, 1475157416750.png)


That's even worse, and very unappealing at that.

You better step up your game.


File: 19d0fa712d0e7ed⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 73.04 KB, 540x720, 3:4, 8060350.jpg)


I'll get to ya eventually. Nobody is 100% straight.

Except me. I only fuck boipussy


File: 1bf53ec66354c02⋯.jpg (318.14 KB, 1270x1200, 127:120, 16bc5656c61c59928a3cfdfe5b….jpg)


You are a horrible degenerate.


File: c64b3d7dd9ad92a⋯.png (346.44 KB, 469x529, 469:529, 6201523.png)


No, I'm horrible degenerate. Just a lil typo there~


File: ea7614f9385f4e5⋯.png (337.92 KB, 1140x813, 380:271, 1490490748677.png)


I'm surprised you can even type, you faggot.


File: 777e46a86ec3111⋯.png (698.39 KB, 1936x2000, 121:125, c76b77546d4e4a0932f8765966….png)


>Implying they're not total butterfaces


File: 1f402aad2687d1e⋯.jpg (51.24 KB, 720x480, 3:2, not a good example, this i….jpg)


Butterface implies that they have a body worth mentioning under the horrible face.

They don't.



do panties make your junk look bigger or are all these trannies just surprisingly well-endowed?


File: b39b9ce19d45c7b⋯.jpg (279.62 KB, 800x1199, 800:1199, 20-07-2017_13.05.02.jpg)


Perspective and pose. I don't see anyone actually well-endowed here.


>profile thread

>posting traps instead of profiles

They're not even good traps, damn it.


Colonization themed.


File: 59d0c6f73a2a381⋯.jpg (77.46 KB, 500x719, 500:719, tumblr_ne8a1nGafE1silth5o4….jpg)


Pictures were forgotten.



Hm, some sort of a quick check to show you position of gender kinks is something actually cludgeable in without doing a full code revamp. It'd basically run similar to kink compare.


File: 1aeb77d76cfbab0⋯.png (1.21 MB, 903x1444, 903:1444, 7311551.png)


Detective, for all your detective needs.

Please don't make me regret this.



Cute cyberdetective! Reminder to treat him right and maybe help him stop smoking!



That squished icon could be a great inline


File: aeddbe86bb103af⋯.jpg (908.83 KB, 1100x1112, 275:278, 2b338be261062097813a3fd609….jpg)

Not sure I've ever seen a male naga around before, so what the heck, decided to make one.


You guys see anything that needs work, any advice or tips, feel free to rip into me here, or on a note.


File: 9dc20eae250b56d⋯.png (1.1 MB, 907x1137, 907:1137, 7423229.png)


Monster studs need good homes. Some of them can even speak good English.



Fair note: I don't really roleplay with Togo. I prefer to make original characters for whatever we're doing. Whatever I make is just similar to what Togo would be like. It's more window dressing than anything.

Also i'm depressed as fuck and have a few problems. I'm a NEET so i'm around all the time but not everyone is going to like my sense of humor. If you don't like banter, it's not really going to work out. But if you like to get into really technical discussions about autistic shit and play vidya on the side, hit me up.



You sound like shitter extraordinaire.



Thanks me too


File: fd769f2558472c0⋯.jpg (318.77 KB, 825x1100, 3:4, 1286419898_Sasha2010a.jpg)

File: a1ebf03387880f2⋯.jpg (81.23 KB, 796x868, 199:217, 6bc3a60f183205c6b55b351f14….jpg)

Shilling some profiles. First up is


The buxom bunny former porn star who enjoys being a domestic wife kind of goddess



A new character I just made up, my first herm (pls no bully ((ha, fuck that, rip the profile apart if you want if it makes it better)). A thrill seeker, adventurer who loves to cuddle


File: a50e2a6651d1b7f⋯.png (271.21 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1485939346604.png)



>that horrible compressed icon

>"femme fatal"

>all those horrible jpegs, not to mention the nearly deviant-art tier characters itself

There's no rest for the wicked.

I'd try my hand at a furfaggot profile if the 'genre' wasn't riddled with shit like this.



Well, to be honest I was looking for a species that was not often played, and I've done a herm before, wanted to try something different.

I'd have no issue changing the species around for some better images, but, eh, what are ya gonna do? I don't have the scratch to commission anyone. But hey, I appreciate the actual lack of critique.



*never done a herm before


File: 7ba8f1000377a23⋯.jpg (80.65 KB, 513x347, 513:347, id0eGAY.jpg)


There's no point in critiquing someone who obviously does not give a shit about critique. Have fun in your own way, it's not like I'll trip over your jpeg artifact riddled dick while fetching a cup of OJ.



It didn't even take a day, and its gone.



Outside of pointing out that one character is a herm, has an option for an optional setting, and saying the images are shit jpegs and the character is deviant art tier, you offered no actual critique of the character or the profile.How is any of >>146358 helpful to someone who wants input to make a character better?



To be entirely honest, faggot. Your art is so trash-tier that even as someone who generally dislikes how reliant things are on visual stimuli, would not approach you. It shows that you have A. No aesthetic taste, and B. Have no eye for decent artistry or quality in the fucking slightest.

IE; You show us a hot fucking mess, you are one. Come back when your profile doesn't look like goddamn trash. I'd take a (((popular))) one line RPer with a decent looking profile over you if this is the way you act to people pointing out that you art looks like it got pulled out of a shit-caked garbage bin.


File: dc36d53f5d483d4⋯.jpg (35.42 KB, 400x483, 400:483, this shit drives me up the….jpg)


I just said I didn't give any critique, you fucktard. It's almost as if you can't read a post. You'll say something about critique again in reply, I bet. Critique critique critique. I've seen like two people take any advice and use it well here, I don't see how a furfaggot or an anonymous user soon to claim they aren't the furfaggot would do any better.


File: f679b8d3413b53f⋯.jpg (893.31 KB, 1350x811, 1350:811, 338e5db530e7258b4fcf3ab2f6….jpg)



Well shit.



I'll totally finish this within the month.



Unfortunate elf who uses sex as an escape from her terrible life


Socially defunct shut-in NEET


File: c4a2f38840d6233⋯.png (86.15 KB, 527x461, 527:461, c4a2f38840d6233ac39d2ff291….png)




File: 83007949c968f97⋯.jpg (652.92 KB, 900x1054, 450:527, tumblr_of9lxkL7Mh1qezyfdo1….jpg)

Time to shill my shit. Musclecat Mobster focused on the smut, because getting story play on something like this is one hell of a task and I like lewds.




But is he a bad enough mafioso cat to let someone pet him?


File: 50bfe581a701eb7⋯.jpg (187.58 KB, 750x640, 75:64, tumblr_m2ud22dtFw1qlu7a7o1….jpg)


Just don't mention the tail thwacking against this thigh or feet kicking at the floor and we can arrange something.


File: 6e008fc568dde0d⋯.jpg (15.21 KB, 355x283, 355:283, 2c2d2514-aa5a-4b04-acf2-15….jpg)


>Anthro Superiority



File: a842f54ffe9d73f⋯.jpg (178.12 KB, 878x1280, 439:640, 1499554494.rapps_lisaa.png.jpg)

Just a simple Esper girl, looking for another girl to be in lesbians with. Preferably a MILF that can coddle me and I can drink milk from while I play the very kinky little girl.



Reposting this profile because I did a pretty complete overhaul of the bio. He's been a bitchy brannigan to write up, but I think I'll enjoy the challenge of it.


Feel free to drop me a note with some tips, pointers, or general advice. Or if you hate it and think I;m an idiot. Cheers you wonderful deviants.


File: cb8940d4e95b539⋯.jpg (279.96 KB, 750x1061, 750:1061, d256896473c18086121166e54e….jpg)


Prototype Android, fluffy hair, likes putting things in the garbage disposal.

Careful she'll start talking about bugs and will not stop.



File: dc4bd6b0c9e034c⋯.png (644.56 KB, 1280x700, 64:35, tumblr_os0eiiMNJE1ry1qjno2….png)

File: dfacdcf35672d82⋯.png (290.98 KB, 1280x656, 80:41, tumblr_oq2h1227yS1ry1qjno9….png)

File: c687697005997cd⋯.png (1002.87 KB, 1280x683, 1280:683, tumblr_omd5x8TaY11ry1qjno5….png)

File: 0d80dfb10c201ad⋯.png (688.26 KB, 1280x1529, 1280:1529, tumblr_oi2igxEbgN1ry1qjno8….png)

Made some changes here and there, updated a few things, and got my setting down. You like cyberpunk settings, low-key vigilantism, and neon lights?


I got'cha.



>Really want to play with the character

>But don't have any profile that'd match up well with it




Could always workshop some stuff, help make one of your characters sort of mesh with the setting! Seriously, s'no big deal. I won't make you create a NEW character to do it, either, it's just some cyberpunk/sci-fi RP. I'm here to have you play in a fun environment and or fuck the creepy ink man.



The only real character I have that could match up to him at least in cyberpunk is a depressed gynoid

Would that work?



Send me a note some time, we can chat and see if things work out! Or link me that gynoid, love me some robotic/android characters.



File: ebfb4f999faab0e⋯.gif (684.6 KB, 450x253, 450:253, 17568cb6c8d4533063343bba42….gif)


>Gynoid that enjoys getting degraded

>Fluffy tail

>Loves attention

I like the backstory. I think she would fit well into the setting I've made, hell the corp. that turned her into what she is now could easily be pushed into the world alongside the countless others that run the place. I can dig it.

Also I see that consentacles kink. I see it and I like it.


File: 84d371f4911e69f⋯.jpg (82.23 KB, 850x478, 425:239, __sekka_original_drawn_by_….jpg)


Don't let her demeanor fool you, she just wants someone to brush fluffy tail and tell her she's a good girl

Y'know after some inky tentacle bondage sex


File: c607f116622f6bf⋯.jpeg (155 KB, 1280x1284, 320:321, tumblr_ocf9wohYJG1ry1qjno….jpeg)


Nothing says "I love you" more than brushing your fluffy tailed gynoid, running a system's diagnostic on her to make sure she's running well, then binding her up in tendrils and just pistoning both her holes for a flat hour until she's spent

Pampering is nice.


File: 8c8955e0ffa10f6⋯.jpg (145.4 KB, 850x850, 1:1, __sekka_original_drawn_by_….jpg)


Well, it's only fair to reward her for being a good girl that's the adorable moral support of a vigilante on the prowl by scratching her behind the ears and drilling her with your appendages until she can barely walk and collapses into your arms like the happiest little quivering, dripping mess

Maybe there's something in there about forbidden love as well, the law-abiding citizen and the vigilante…


File: 1ec37af585c1147⋯.png (618.67 KB, 1280x755, 256:151, tumblr_offlufhVxw1ry1qjno4….png)


That's the danger, isn't it? Patrolling the streets can be stressful, you never know if you're coming back home that night or not. Why not come back to the loving arms of a soft eared girl that loves getting doted on and drains him fucking dry until they're both a sweaty, sticky mess draped over each other on a couch.

Just have to be careful that he doesn't get so tired that he's some inky black puddle on the floor.


File: f8045180245b59c⋯.jpg (103.18 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, 7705822.jpg)


Sometimes you just need to come home to someone who makes up for how spooky your alter-ego is by making terrible ink puns under her breath and listens to you talk about your woes as she plays with your hair before getting down on her knees to offer a bit more direct stress-relief

And if he turns into a little puddle that just means he has someone to take care of him at his weakest


File: 3737507bf4acada⋯.png (495.33 KB, 1280x567, 1280:567, tumblr_odkxuvl7kd1ry1qjno9….png)


Doesn't help that he'd be making off color remarks about dog puns and wagging tails only to ask her to get down on all fours like the good girl she is so he can at least indulge himself with her, savoring every scent and taste before taking her like the dog she looks like. That and he's a decent cook, when he's not out scaring the shit outta bike gangs and white collar criminals.

Everyone needs someone they can lean on when they're at their lowest.


File: a85483e986cfd3d⋯.png (415.1 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, 7721973.png)


Then she'd point out that it's not her fault that her tail wags because she's happy to see him, nevermind the fact that she'd bend over at his request just so that he'll tell her that she's such a good girl who deserves a good reward for being so obedient in-between the two of them snuggling up in front of her holodeck to watch reruns of Korean drama shows, paying little heed to the terrible world outside

And a gynoid all by her lonesome does need someone to protect her in turn - you never know what kind of crook waits around every corner, waiting to strike


so u guys gonna fuk or wat



It's Emma.



File: 57bb4879f81d985⋯.png (375.98 KB, 900x895, 180:179, tumblr_oe9z2bXMTs1ry1qjno2….png)


I honestly think we could make something work! Shoot me a note some time, else I'll do it when it's not as late as it is. I'm thinking something where they've known each other for a short enough time to not have to stumble through the 'first encounter' scene, unless that's your jam. Lemme know!



I want the booty



I have no excuses, only apologies


Shooould have a note sent your way later today, so look out for that! You can tell it's from me because of all the awkward rambling


>When Emma uses the same art as the hyperlewd cum dumpster you cock break regularly who posts statuses about it



>When Fai ruins every single thread with his horrifying greentexts




korbo would never wear a maga hat because she isn't retarded and actually understands economics



>When fai thinks fucking somebody with same art is somehow meaningful to another


File: 3af1b35ae3e38d3⋯.gif (1.18 MB, 500x549, 500:549, 3af1b35ae3e38d391a5e4d20c3….gif)


>When fai thinks fucking anybody is somehow meaningful to anyone


>when faggots jump on the Fai hate-train because he cucked/will cuck them out of their partner

what's even the point, I thought you wanted him to leave, but by giving him constant attention you're having the opposite effect


File: 347fd3570e8b59b⋯.jpg (63.11 KB, 620x372, 5:3, 1474951900779.jpg)

>When a fai-drone starts posting to defend its master


File: e7acaced74b03af⋯.jpg (17.95 KB, 584x201, 584:201, No_fighting.jpg)


File: 897dc65e9156ef7⋯.gif (1.1 MB, 480x270, 16:9, 1357134438131.gif)

Can we go back to posting profiles yet?


File: 41b4f455550b2a0⋯.gif (287.09 KB, 400x360, 10:9, 1468052188905.gif)

>When someone actually wants to post profiles instead of shitposting about retarded shit like Fai

Really, though. This place'd be better (and deader) if Fai just got banned. He doesn't really add anything.


File: b0c895eea6c32d2⋯.png (945.8 KB, 634x800, 317:400, 5.png)

So… I don't typically post on here. I've made a few comments here and there, tried to prod people I had a curiosity in, etc. I don't like posting profiles and stuff here (or back when this used to be on actual 4chan) but I'm starved for a good, consistent partner, and maybe there's another lurker like me around, so:


I made her last night, still sorta workshopping her, but…

Looking for cyberpunk / sci-fi play. Kinda hardercore stuff, but I'm free for more laid-back scenes, too.



not them but there are some cyberpunk chars in this thread already, go through the thread if you haven't already to see if you find others with similar tastes



I bookmarked the Ink guy, but with him posting at 3 AM and stuff, I fear my usual availability won't match up.


File: 534e6f557c6bf7b⋯.png (404.55 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 4822104.png)

Doofy croc hungry for romantic garbage and trashy cute stuff. Adventure and other elements are welcome in long or short term play, but affection and romance are the most important!



File: ee1d7984c1f0979⋯.jpg (22.25 KB, 421x320, 421:320, ee1.jpg)


>When you had an idea for the same sort of character

>When you were going to use the same art

>When someone else makes them just before you do

>When it's probably better than what you would've done

Good job. If I had any character that'd work with her, I'd send a note.


File: 37da3a5c56fcbcb⋯.png (208.83 KB, 350x350, 1:1, Cecilia.png)


I'll be honest and say that I absolutely understand how you feel. I've had a few of those myself lately. "Oh, nobody's using this artwork? Cool, let me just whip up a profi– oh. There's one. And it's way better. Iiinto the trash it goes."

If I remembered how to spoiler, I'd spoiler you back, but I appreciate the compliment, and should you ever have someone who you think would work well with her, please do. (Since you clearly have good taste in artwork, anyway.)




two asterisks at the start and two asterisks at the end of what you want to spoiler, and it has to be on the same line

this works because it's all on the same line

**this doesn't




Thank you I really appreciate it



Same here, I had my eyes on the art for almost a full year, but never found a way to make a good sadistic dom out of her. I had generic ideas, but she looked like a "grunt" sort of person rather than some evil mastermind and that's not what I like. A while ago I already made the mistake of creating a character just because I loved the art, complete with personality and backstory, but I later discovered I didn't like playing her because she was too meek.

I'm happy anon made a great character out of her, though!


I completely gave up when I discovered someone already made a profile for her. Please don't let this bring you down, yours is really good and I'd play with her if our role, kinks and timezone were more compatible.

I don't remember the character's name, but she has a canon one in one of the artist's pictures. Just look for it.

Now that I told you, please don't delete her. She's great and I personally like her better than the other one! The MOM idea is juicy.


File: 65022b1658a0bbe⋯.jpg (72.55 KB, 538x395, 538:395, 1473490970533.jpg)

>tfw you're literally so shit you post on the thread and neither your views or bookmarks go up



well, how long has it been since you posted? did you also include a picture and a description with your post?



Yes, it's been a while and it has text and an image included

I'm simply shit anon

Hold me




How does this work?



Say which one it was, I'll give you advice.



Nigga this thread is fuckin slow, there are good chances that there simply wasn't anybody looking at the thread at all in the immediate couple minutes you had the expectation.


>>146777 (Checked)

Well I dunno anon, I'm bretty shit and even I get a few clicks a day, a couple a bookmarks every other that, etc. Still tho, haven't gotten any approaches from this thread, so we both might be shit :/

at least we've got eachother


File: 22376a4fb9c0065⋯.png (232.78 KB, 509x777, 509:777, 3b3f6d6138d1ab4bcb9c0b87d0….png)

Freshly minted character hot off the presses.


Spooky skeleton looking for love. I felt like such a spaz-in a good way-making this guy up. I hope he's just some good dumb sexy fun.


File: 2b4bbd923fb35b9⋯.png (152.42 KB, 1024x896, 8:7, Diana 149.png)

I recently stumbled into possessing the prime name for a character I quite like, so I felt the urge to spruce up the profile and make it something presentable! I hope!


If you can handle gushy yuri romance and sometimes lewd yuri sex, then don't be afraid to message me! I'm mostly interested in other characters from the show, Akko above all, but if you've got a nice idea you'd like to pitch the worst thing I can say is no.



Do you accept the meme where someone offers to just play a character for you? I want to play Akko, but I need to know if I should make a whole profile for it.



Why not shoot me a note and we can chat a bit first? I have no problem with that because I've done pretty similar things myself, though mostly for people I knew I clicked well with. I wouldn't want you to spend time making a profile only to find out that we don't have good synergy!


File: e82fc184eed6a47⋯.jpg (125 KB, 637x476, 91:68, akk.jpg)


I have an Akko! Profile's not quite presentable yet and I'm not completely caught up with the current anime, but once I am, I'll fill it out and be more than happy to have shenanigans with Diana, of the gay sort or otherwise.


File: bd69c7332ce65cd⋯.png (240.17 KB, 1250x1500, 5:6, Diana 100.png)


Feel free to message me whenever you'd like! Even if you're a little worried about your profile. I always enjoy getting notes.

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