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File: adf6406782b48ec⋯.png (4.15 MB, 1980x2030, 198:203, 0AsJ02I.png)


Rather than complaining in the bitching thread about shitters, I figured I'd write them a guide on how to not be a shitter. I feel a lot of the idiots on F-List aren't idiots, they're just uninformed or unaware of the social ques and norms that F-List has formed as a community. So I made this.


However I'm unsure how helpful it is, or how to get it in to the hands of your average F-List poster to help them gitgud. Is it good advice?

Pic unrelated.


It could be helpful for those who want to improve, but 90% of the shitters that people complain about refuse to take any word of advice because they simply don't care about it.

If they're not asking for help, sending them a guide will just make them take it the wrong way.


File: 63557bea30b18a3⋯.jpg (58.06 KB, 639x605, 639:605, pepeduplo.jpg)


You can't fault me for trying to help these sweaty nerds bust a nut ok



I remember when this was a thing. That was a good thread.


>tfw someone makes a thread with one of your pictures

I'm not sure how to feel about this.



On the bit about profile play, I’d add a bit about avoiding creating a bunch of empty dropdowns to fill in later. Nothing says shitter more than a year old profile with a bunch of empty drop downs for slaves, sluts and cock sockets. It’s like going to a singles mixer, announcing you’re a virgin then asking thots if they want to join your mine craft server.

Also, there's nothing wrong with writing guides to help spell out some of the realities of RP. Maybe it'll be just what someone needs to see to shake off some bad habits. If not and some sparkledogs gets sad, wolves don't loose sleep over the opinions of sheep.

I've been thinking about writing one targeted at new blues explaining how hunting rp pussy is still bound by a lot of real life rules they may be hoping that roleplay would let them avoid. Risk taking, how to get consent without asking for it, why no one wants to play with your animeboy, how to spot if the lady is a tramp,and most importantly, coming to terms that you will never find a mistress. : 3 c



Please do. Make blues great for once.


File: a91835534ba43d2⋯.png (50.05 KB, 1000x370, 100:37, that was kinda heardwrench….png)

File: 743ca1e43f42557⋯.png (68.54 KB, 1034x285, 1034:285, how it begun and then went….png)


I admire your well intentions, but that's too long a thing to present a newb with. (No comment on actual content as I'm on the go so no time to read atm.)


Been there done that.

I occasionally get some randos pinging me for RP from discord server I lurk (having an A- name is probable reason)

I generally do give them a go, just to see how they do, and give them example of a step up in quality.

Not sure if it actually sticks tho.



"Come to discord" they said, "there aren't any shitters" they said.

Every person who tried dragging me there for roleplay turns into an emoticon-spamming fuck who ruins it by forgetting the fundamentals in exchange for "having fun".



>public chat service

>no shitters


Though the process of

>get onto a server about porn that doesn't support RPing

>try to get RP by pinging random people in the online list

is a very special kind of elimination in itself.



Holy shit.



It's so bad but so good.




My sides have declared Independence and are now waging war against the earth


File: 2f2b96abe3265de⋯.png (16.32 KB, 770x66, 35:3, very orgasmic.png)


No kinkshaming pls.

But yeah one of my friend's reactions to full log was along the lines "You take that cute butt and you sit on her face and all she has is 'oh no i am flat'?!"

Although. It still was so hilarious to witness.


OK let's just pop the abscess right here.

It won't work, it'll never work, you can lead a horse to the fountain but you can't make 'em drink. End of story.

The people who want to learn, will learn on their own, and won't need anybody's prompting to do that. The people who don't want to learn will never learn even if it's forced down their throats.

I've seen people who were complete shitters, who couldn't write a complete sentence to save the universe, who showed heavy signs of desperation whenever they approached somebody, and couldn't for the life of them figure out why nobody wanted anything to do with them. I saw those same people again a full 10 years later, and they were still complete shitters, with the same faults, and the same desperation, not once having made even an inch of progress.

Don't bother, OP. You'll just listen to yourself talk and nobody will read that guide, let alone act upon it.


File: 85cf89b10889f57⋯.png (119.26 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1488762957464.png)



Unless they are willing or unless you can physically beat the shit out of them, you cannot force anyone to learn anything or change them in any way.

This is absolute fact.

If they want to learn, they've probably already figured out some other way. Then there are those fuckers who constantly claim they want to learn, and even make attempts at it, but they only stay attempts. Those are the worst.


File: 5206198a5fb7398⋯.jpg (392.72 KB, 700x1050, 2:3, 7593330.jpg)

I’ve bumped into people back from when I was a teenager who are still stuck in two line hell. Forever stuck in the ’murr hello’ hug box of low expectations. Some people don’t care and will happily go on being a worstdrug posting shitter for life, but they aren’t going to be what a guide is aimed at. The presupposition for any guide is that the reader is at least open to the idea that they could learn something, and I bump into plenty of people who at least claim they want to try and improve.

I’m more of the opinion that rp guides are at their best when focused on the meta side of roleplay rather than guides to prose. There’s already countless resources for writing and character development, and roleplayer written prose guides do tend to betray the amateur nature of online lewdness. The best kind of guide for that would probably be a bedroom vocabulary crib sheet. (I used to use a notebook for it, thankfully never discovered.) There’s a fair chance that a partner may have already made up his or her mind about you long before they get to see your best writing anyway.

Ultimately, the best way to get better is to play with people better than yourself. If a short snappy ‘how not to come over like an autistic lonely shitter’ guide could help snag a few scenes now and then with a decent partner to practice with then good times could be ahead.

Some people can be saved, and even better role-players can improve. A few hours putting together some resources instead of a few hours ranting in a bitching thread is surely a good thing.


File: ad3f03b44461bcf⋯.jpg (73.75 KB, 740x756, 185:189, 1330811756571.jpg)


I've been meaning to write something like this. You're off to a good start, but brevity is key here. So, let's break down what you have into a quicker list.

Preliminary concepts

>F-list is a RP site full of people, not a service

>You are not guaranteed to find exactly what you want

>There's a limited pool of users and the more niche your interests are, the harder it will be to find someone who is available and willing to RP with you.

Profile 101

>You're making a character, not an online dating profile. Set an actual name and have some sort of concept.

>Set an avatar and some art

>Notebook paper and crayon or MS Paint drawings are inexcusable. Everyone will ignore you. A generic hot anime guy or girl is infinitely better than nothing. (Remember to credit the artists)

>Actually fill out the description with a few paragraphs (3 or 4) at most. Seeing a wall of text or a dozen collapse boxes will make most people ignore you.

>Use collapses, bbcode, and fancy formatting sparingly


>Fill out the kinks you actually want, but don't waste your time setting every single kink on the list. Putting everything in your "yes" or "maybe" column is obnoxious as fuck.

>If a kink is not on your list, most people will simply assume you are not interested in it at all.

>Custom kinks should be used to highlight specific kinks that you are extra interested in. Even if you already have it listed, make a custom for it and say why you love it.

>Customs are an easier way for people to instantly learn what you're after. Don't go overboard with hundreds of them as it sends mixed messages.

>DO NOT use customs to blog and whine.

>There's a setting for sorting all customs to the top of your list. Use it.


>Small talk is a shitty way to introduce yourself to someone. Avoid "hiya!" and "how're you doing?" with new people

>Most people don't like In-Character introductions, unless their profile says otherwise.

>"hay bby want sum fuk" is also a shitty way to introduce yourself.

>Read their profile, approach them with an idea, an intent, and something that relates to their interests.

>If they have a status set that tells you exactly what they want, that's a good way to get things rolling too.

>The goal is to communicate shared interests and willingness to engage in mutually interesting kinks and roleplay.

>All of the above also applies to sending notes. Do not be hesitant to send notes.

Closing Notes

>Don't start bitching and moaning in a public channel when you go more than 15 minutes without finding someone to typefuck you. It will only make any potential partners instantly dislike you.

>Sending random friend requests to people who you have never talked to usually never works.

>Weigh your options when you go shopping around for a partner with a specific scenario or idea. Which do you want more? Someone to play with right now who might not share all of your kinks, or the potential to find someone hours or days from now who will share all of your exact kinks and ideas?

>Being aggressive is not the same thing as being confident.

>Generic "hot guy with a giant dong" profiles are a dime a dozen and more often than not, they are the Blue profiles bitching about how there's not enough people to play with them.

>Profiles with a lot of views don't always get a lot of play. Some of them spend all their time spamming ads in every possible channel that hasn't already banned them, hoping to get hits and attention, even when they share none of the kinks of the channels they advertise in.

>Lastly, it's supposed to be fun and lewd. If f-list is being really frustrating on some nights, just go fap elsewhere for a bit. Come back another time and try when you're in a better mood.



Could I see the full log please?



This is depressing.


>hunting rp pussy is still bound by a lot of real life rules they may be hoping that roleplay would let them avoid

This would be a great guide to write. The dynamic is definitely similar.



Are there even any notable differences? It seems like it might be the same, just for less pressing stakes (a few hours of time VS where you wake up in the morning, risk of rape, social stigma of being caught with the wrong person etc.) and with a few virtual components replacing real ones. (like images used instead of clothes worn)


Off-topic, but what is the source of the image in the OP? Would make a great character reference.


>Over my time on F-list I've seen a lot of people complaining about not getting roleplay

I used to be that person, but kinda just grew out bitching about it, and got used to the fact when someone didn't like my character or ideas.

Number 3 is true enough. I have no expectations for any rooms or people on F-List. All the rooms I've joined always has someone I don't like who is actively speaking, and just cannot be bothered to ignore them. Sometimes these people are moderators of the channel, and even then some channels ban you for ignoring a room mod.



I've played with some shitters on occasion. They're not idiots. Well, most of them aren't. They're simply incompetent (like the guy who's working on his bad habits but you can tell he's been trying for years and not progressing much) or putting no effort on purpose.

That said, they're usually willing to put in -some- effort. I've been able to get a few of them to improve their posts by requesting they stop using /me, space out their paragraphs, and enable spellcheck on their browser (or type shit in Word). I've even had a conversation with someone about how they -might- be having trouble finding RP because of their "/me blushes, h-hello sir" tier shittery, he seemed pretty aware of the problem but he was okay with sticking to the "/me blushes" crowd.

They can improve, they just need to want to improve, and even then it'll take a long long time. I'm not sure a guide would change much. Go ahead though, it'd be great to have it as a handy reference you can hand the newbies who are looking to improve.


File: 39ad6cfb1a8cadf⋯.gif (1.07 MB, 180x254, 90:127, blade and soul.gif)

Bringing this thread back and breaking it down even smaller

>Set an av

>Upload some pictures

>Set some goddamned custom kinks

>Don't be shy about what you actually want. It's a typefucking website and there are thousands of users on it who want nastier things than you.


I dont know if i'm a shitter exactly but I would appreciate some advice on my profile. I'm coming from secondlife where I just used it as a reference sheet, but I might be hitting a bunch of taboos for rping on f-list proper


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