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Here, we can all be the little girl
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File: 10e11448dcea722⋯.png (155.75 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1510192352067.png)


Big Channels Are Cancer Edition

Last Thread: >>177334



I'd be 60% finer with AT if Vira wasn't behind it, tbh.



>Whenever I get an uppity shemale trying to put the moves on me, I do everything in my power to bend them over my knee and make them my bitch. Then I treat them like the retarded sex objects that most of them are. Bunch'a paper tigers in that crowd.

It's not like people are on the site to play out strict dom/sub shit like they actually enjoy that aspect. Most want to get their dick wet and will happily play a switch since it also tends to be a break from the norm.

Hell, when I've made my characters sub, I get 0 interest from any doms. But make a character an always dom and there are loads who want to do the reversal.



Same. It's much easier to enjoy public rooms when they don't exist solely for the owner of the channel and their circlejerk.



Ah is this the Kuro stigma at work?



There's a Touhou room? I want in on this.



>Also, is it just me or is the Touhou channel very nice?

It's not bad, unless you're a sperglord with a huge ego that can't fit in.



Kuro stigma at work would be the absence or rejection of Kuros.

I actually kind of want to get blacked by this one, thanks, anon.



I still can't wrap my head around where people get "BBC" from a tanned character.

She's not black. She's based on Archer, and Emiya's skin darkened to a tan because he literally sworded so hard that it killed his skin tone.



>not black

Come on, anon, Emiya was black. Until there was a blacker Emiya.


Should there just be a cycle thread for bitching?



That's what I'm saying. There's literally a "black Emiya." There's even a frame of reference for the fact that Emiya's tanned.


File: f6883275da3c955⋯.jpeg (236.56 KB, 650x919, 650:919, 72ba2572825fe368694160846….jpeg)

So my thing is playing confident female submissives. Not door mats, not bimbos, but capable women who enjoy sex, are attracted to their partners, love to dress up pretty for them, and will melt when guys get forwards with their busy hands. Though I’m not afraid to play hints of dominance, I at least expect the dominant character to be lusting after the goods and trying to get his hands on them. Mostly consensual, some dub-con dips, the closest to actual rape would be like an ass grab. Most partners are very cool with this, and confirm that they are looking forwards to getting stuck in, making my character their new bitch etc.

But what do I actually get when the scene gets going?

>“Waaaah I’m not going to kidnap you until you convince me you want my cock!”

>“Oh, I’m only fucking you like a whore because this one time you came up to me and ordered me to do it.”

>“You keep coming into my tent at night after I capture you, and I tell you no more sex today, but you’ll take it from anyway!!!!”

>“Then you keep controlling me to give you all the cock you need at your demand and pleasure!”

>“As you learn to enjoy rough sex in my slave dungeon, you remember you’ve have a safe word you can use at any time to stop me and go free…but you didn’t!”

To think, the stereotype is women don’t like taking responsibility for doing dirty stuff during sex. What the actual fuck is wrong with these guys? There is nothing wrong with a male character having a sex drive and getting turned on! Gork the elf hunter is allowed to be horny! Don’t get me wrong, some of the shit I’m bitching about can be hot when you agree to it before hand, but I never do. It’s always a surprise sting. A sudden de-fanging if shit I love mid scene.

I just want to wear the collar, sexy slave-outfit and make master feel good while he does some gropes and "hurr hurr you're going to learn to please me slut" dumb dom shit before he goes out for the day to hunt for more princesses.



What the actual fuck. This is exactly the kind of female partner I want, there's way too many "dead fish" submissives and not enough confident, sexually liberated cuties.



Post a profile, I've been gradually fixing up a profile for findom and prostitution and that sounds the perfect match. Confident girls who know what they have to show off and love being a nice set of arm candy for the right price.



>I at least expect the dominant character to be lusting after the goods and trying to get his hands on them

That's pretty much every pink. Probably why people are bored of it.


File: 4cec66c4748eab3⋯.jpg (935.86 KB, 1400x1576, 175:197, 2bb336035cabaf63fa51a08801….jpg)



Being arm candy is super great! So what if you get a few disproving glares for having a skirt cut high enough to flash half your butt? What matters is they know the guy leading you around is the kind of man who can keep an ass like that on call!

My play times can get weird, but I'll drop a few profiles.

https://www.f-list.net/c/amazoness%20riesz/ - newest one I've been on a fair bit

https://www.f-list.net/c/short-stack - biggest hammers

https://www.f-list.net/c/demmy%20lovings/ - biggest dems


>People are bored of grabbing titties

Time to end it all. A world without grabby hands is not a world worth living in.



I already had your Sona and Camilla bookmarked, hilariously enough. I've never been able to catch you online so I never approached. I'll go ahead and send a note to let you know who I am, then.



You're honestly right. But it's still kinda fun seeing a profile that's listed as always-dominant bend the knee.

Especially because most of my pinks are smaller girls who look like the type to end up getting fucked six ways from sunday.


Yep! Just gotta find it. Gensokyo something something.


Exactly! Everyone seems to be pretty on the level and relatively humble, which is nice. No meme-posting cocksuckery either. I'd go so far as to say it's one of the best channels I've been in on F-List, specifically because they enforce the rules and almost everyone is relatively knowledgeable about the room theme, so they actually discuss it, or frame their fooling around within it.



You sound like a lotta fun! Confidence is such a hard thing to find these days. Hope you find some good blues who'll treat you how you wanna be treated!



I guess I'm just confused by the whole.

>To think, the stereotype is women don’t like taking responsibility for doing dirty stuff during sex

But your entire post seems to be complaining about doing exactly that. Like it seems to me your partners are looking to be the ones lusted after, not the other way around.



Speaking of getting lusted over, I had a casual scene start up recently where some girl walked up to admire my character's abs and it was fucking dynamite. Out of all the scenes I've done in the last year that's honestly the only one I recall where the musculature and build of my male character even seemed to arouse my partner. Well… except for my fat characters, but that's a whole other thing all together.




>slightly tanned.

I want this meme to end. She's sunkissed at best.



Man, lightskinned niggas even get flak on 8ch.


File: 8df9f4282f783d7⋯.jpg (344.84 KB, 900x1440, 5:8, JBgJR9R.jpg)


I'm glad you like them! I'll take a look after work.


Thank you ~ I should really check out more 2hu stuff on f-list. Most profiles I've met have been really friendly.


I'm totally fine with partners wanting to be lusted after, and I like to think I play in a way that fulfils a lot of that. My whole rant is about them promising to do the same (or even more as the dominant role often entails), but not delivering at all, and in some cases changing the entire scene around to be about them playing a submissive male objectified by a sex hungry dominant woman.

I'm not going to deny that I enjoy deviating a little from responsibility too, after all I play mainly submissives! My issue with these cases is the bait and switch.


Abs are great. I played with an inexperienced partner this one time who hinted he wanted his muscles smooched. One of those "I don't care if I'm only getting one line back, Thor is getting lipstick all over his chest" deals.


>When you chatting with a Brazilian guy and he is just playing up being BBC. None of those Bs stood for Brazilian either.



The grill and bar is dead though.


File: 46105f730eea9c4⋯.jpg (243.98 KB, 1200x798, 200:133, real noided bean.jpg)

I haven't erped in ages but I've still got things to bitch about.

>setup a 'muscular' robot profile years ago

>get some messages

<hey hun, do you need a domme shemale? ;)

<hiya~ could you plz fuck my wittle wolf booty into the ground? OwO

<Would you like to get your circuits cut one by one until your servos all blow out and you become my immobile sex servant who's programming shifts to only understand sex?

>my fucking face when



>My whole rant is about them promising to do the same

Ah, my mistake then. I see you mentioned that originally, too.



Wrong. Just gotta actually do something, instead of waiting for others to do it!


>The BBC room died once the "maids" and their retard mistress bailed

Not surprised. I guess this beats the shitfest of AT and their sipposting



They're still there. And Kuro still messages any pink that walks in.



Getting real sick of every single Kuro being trash. Fuck Khloe. Fuck Kuro. Fuck faceclaims.



How to make your rare western canon wind up being nothing but shitter gutter trash in under 2 weeks.



What's wrong with it?





Just got my brains fucked out by Kuro. 10/10 would do again.



>Fai Clone isn't even trying.

Ahem. It is.

My BIG BLACK DADDY Kuro just broke my boy pussy and turned me into their #BBCSLUT. Don't worry all you so-called dommes, my GODDESS will be ready and waiting to BREAK YOU if you just come up and kiss her NIGGER FEET like all good white pigs should. See you in the blessed like, face-down ass up. ♥



>The BBC room

>using a BBC room for any reason ever



There's loads of people in this very thread who not just go to the BBC room, but play in it.



Alley niggas runnin through another wite bitch



>When people talk about how many people poofed on them in a public room

Nigga keep it to yourself, God damn.



What? We must've been to different rooms. The 2hu room I remember is one huge circlejerk where if you're not into whatever fucking obese fetish they're all into you're not welcome, and good luck getting any interactions at all.

Or maybe it's because I had a 'prime' name and people were still salty I got it, I remember getting passive aggressive notes for the name for some members of the community still.

How very nice of them.



And they all have shit taste.


File: 123980f07ec34fb⋯.png (156.75 KB, 1494x795, 498:265, adcancer.png)

So can we get rules for ad length yet?



What the fuck is this shit



I don't know. I just don't fucking know. I couldn't even fit the name in there to shame them because the ad was so long it filled the whole screen. This person, and some other fuck spamming a massive ad tonight are the only two people currently on my ignore list.


File: c67e3bd456a56e3⋯.jpg (67.91 KB, 768x432, 16:9, Ultimate Pimp.jpg)


It's not only that, it's that the he's playing as Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Shrek's gonna add this shit to his compilation if he sees it.



I am unfamiliar with this compilation. Tell me more, if shrek's involved I have to know.


File: f10ca0dfa1815e9⋯.gif (509.36 KB, 500x346, 250:173, 08a.gif)



>implying any decently sized private channel ever is not just owner circlejerk or owner ego feeding



Who is this Vira and why is she hated? I literally never heard of her before AT happened



>Obi-Wan Kenobi as a sex addict

I don't like this


File: bd19fb544374ff0⋯.png (122.94 KB, 300x300, 1:1, betterthanyou.png)

i'm better than you.


File: 2402b7974426a9b⋯.png (18.38 KB, 128x128, 1:1, 384789555783401473.png)



Dom me with your over-designed inlines Daddy



hella cold, mega paid, making moves, doing things

bitches stay queued and they all wanna do the king



I thought you were the inlinegod, not the rapgod



i'm whatever you want me to be babe xo


tfw people are mistaking Vira with someone else who used to have the name, kek



I think this was always the same vira, she just changed her profile a ton of times.





Can you show an example? I don't know what you're talking about since I don't use F-List.

I tried it before though... and yes, repeatedly seeing dumb tropes about profiles is a big part of what quickly made me realize it was a waste of time.


Oh it's this? Gosh.


>This. Touhous are written in broad strokes and a lot is up for interpretation, which is why you see so much fan content with different interpretations.

But... having little canon about them is why you should put down your headcanon and interpretation of them and not leave it blank.


He's cute. Too bad his kinks being all customs ruins it.



Idc what gender the user is, the profile is female so i use she, using "they" is for turbo autists


You know what really grinds my gears? Most kinky fetish stuff seems like it's only forced.

I won't name any fetishes in particular, but lets say you're into something weird that could be seen as potentially degrading. You can bet your fucking ass 99% of all profiles that are also into it will only do it forced and want your character to struggle during it.

What kind of bullshit is that?



>Too bad his kinks being all customs ruins it.

Oh, that's what ruins it? Nothing else?



Not the same anon as before, but I'm legit curious how you expect people to approach you--or if people even approach you at all. I don't mean it in an incendiary way, but profiles like that seem impenetrable.


I really hate asking these kinds of questions, but I'm honestly torn between what to make. Tell me, oh stupid and shitty /erp/ denizens. Do I make a dom femboy or a rape monster shemale.

>inb4 make what you want

I want to make them both, but I don't want to spend all that time working on two profiles when I can realistically focus on doing only one RP at a time.



Just try being yourself :)



>Tell me, oh stupid and shitty /erp/ denizens

You could ask for advise without being a whiny bitch.

What exactly are you trying to do? How is the femboy? Is he an aggressive dom, a gentle dom, a reluctant dom, etc? What do you want to do with the rape monster? Is she full /d/ with agonizing sexual violence or does she try to win over her victims by making them feel good? Some more detail would be helpful.



Yes. The rest, like the super cute dom shota femboy and the nasty writing on the "snapchat" mockups, is pretty hot. I'm a degenerate.


Yeah. That sucks for me a lot as well.

I'm into almost everything except for filth-as-a-kink, though I can like a lot of things some consider filthy I just don't think of them as filth, scat, and most importantly: non-con.

Problem is that a huge amount of those kinks I like are things people will only consider with non-con.


Do people really ask what to make for attention instead of playing what they want..?



I've pretty much given up on BDSM and pet-play because it always involves slavery, mindbreak or rape.

I can't even imagine what it must be like for people who are into pegging, every profile into that plays the character off as a harsh condescending bitch.



Banter me some more, you flat spacer fuck.



>inb4 make what you want

I said I want to make both but I don't want to make two new profiles at the same time, I'd rather get use out of one of them instead of going back and forth. It's like I already addressed this.



>Do people really ask what to make for attention instead of playing what they want..?

Yep, I've seen people running 'polls' over 'what should my next character be?' and the funniest shit is that they often don't get any play with the new character either, despite it being the 'most popular'.



Mindbreak is such a garbage fetish and it's absolutely fucking everywhere.


File: 2741aa805c49eef⋯.png (904.76 KB, 640x909, 640:909, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2741aa805c49eef⋯.png (904.76 KB, 640x909, 640:909, ClipboardImage.png)

Are you ready for the next fotm?



Please don't! There are still a few of us out there who do it right, and have actually read a little bit about real-world BDSM. And, well - we need more cool players! Fight the cock-musk plague!


>Make a subby profile for kink play I never get

>Shemale thot approaches me with every kind of sex I have on the profile but the kink

>Tell her sorry I'm really just looking for kink today, though I'll message her when I'm looking for some fux!

>[08:58] [Shemale Thot]: I am not going to bother you when I know what I offer isnt always what you are looking for :)

why message me if you're just going to be passive aggressive dude



What kind of play do you end up never getting to do?

Flip a coin. You're instinctively going to want one and feel like you should make one. When the result comes up, you're going to feel relieved or disappointed. So make the one you want.



What am I looking at?



They probably figured you were just making an excuse to turn them down. Chances are you'd never contact them anyway regardless.



New anime airing this season involving a shota getting teased by a cake and gyaru along with a trap addict, loli and other


File: f1de1c4b6fd87f3⋯.png (482.97 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 59240418_p1_master1200.png)

>Get filled with annoyance and anger when my advances and pokes are ignored by people I want to play with

>Get filled with a sense of jealousy when I'm not the best and most sought after from within any selection of players

>Only gets worse when one of the writers I'm courting has massive interest in the aforementioned party and they get responded to

>Have enough self-awareness and stability to vent anonymously and to close friends rather than be a shitter and let even the lightest chink in the armor show

One day I'll make it. One day I'll either learn to be the cream of the crop or to not allow a writers ego and pride to taint ones emotions. But until then, I'll let it stew and I'll keep improving, even if it takes another decade to scrub off the taint of gutter diving off of me.



Just make a shemale from granblue and move on



Thanks anon, you the true nigga. I don't watch anime so that went right over my head.


File: 5f8bd9dbac9219b⋯.png (578.82 KB, 960x1200, 4:5, 64467060_p3_master1200.png)


If I wanted anybody I already have that much of a luxury available to me. It's a few particulars I crave, and that's nothing making a Granblue shemale will solve.



>One day I'll either learn to be the cream of the crop or to not allow a writers ego and pride to taint ones emotions.

Being the cream of the crop won't make you happier because your ego will swell to match, so you're left with the second option. It will likely take you a long time to actually find a place you are comfortable with, but the first steps are understanding that you currently take the hobby way too personal. The next step is accepting that you simply will not please everyone, and that is perfectly fine because human beings are complicated creatures. Third I'd recommend just taking a break for a while and if you don't have much else going on in your life, try to find some other hobbies to partake in (actual social ones, not things like playing online games).



My ego hit its peak several years ago if I am to be honest, when I was dealing with situations like these much fucking worse than before. Thankfully I mellowed out some and I've surpassed the point of smoking an entire pack of cigarettes in order to quench the nerves. As for taking it too personal, I do, it's no lie. I love writing out stuff and I'm invested in it because it's one of the few things I can both pride myself with and derive fun from. It's a special kind of hell.




Being on top of a room on F-List doesn't sound like an accomplishment.

I suppose it's less work than getting trained and educated to be a special needs teacher, but the end result is still that you've just got a bunch of autists and retards looking up to you and depending on you.



I'm not sure where a room ever came into discussion anon, I do apologize if I made it too vague and ya' got that idea. It's more-so an individual-to-individual basis rather than anything else.



When you said a selection of people, I thought you meant a room of people. But it's effectively the same.

But you're right, you didn't even say F-List at all. I just assumed.


File: 50d992532130587⋯.jpg (117.88 KB, 1098x822, 183:137, 1530793005045.jpg)


from an objective, "professional" (as far as the word can be used in these circumstances) standpoint, she's mediocre enough at writing to be perfectly avoidable.

her problems, as far as i know, are more behavioral than anything. she is an attention-whoring cuddleposter— and you only have to let her get close to you to learn she's one of those people that have so little decency to be a trash human being even in a site filled with the scum of the internet. i haven't befriended or talked much to her past a single written scene, but these last months have been mostly a twister of 'vira did [bad thing of the week]' around acquaintances that were friends with her. she lacks so much self-awareness that weeks after causing harm to people she still tries to get cuddly with them.


File: 2e9daf7a99f3ff2⋯.png (3.6 KB, 159x49, 159:49, ClipboardImage.png)

>How to know if a room is doomed to be shit


>Get 4 bookmarks out of nowhere.

>Have no way to contact them

I mean, I'm glad but I want to know at least why.



I can't be the only one that finds this person aggressively insufferable.



>xSimone in the guestbook










File: 9fe9a650694d24a⋯.jpg (669.58 KB, 1096x1400, 137:175, 65749023_p0.jpg)


I'm not following.



Or they don't connect/want to play the character because they can't fit a groove. I hate these fucking wishy-washy attention whores.


File: 57939548bd47a0c⋯.png (441.74 KB, 550x720, 55:72, nramwf6.png)

>yfw a circlejerk clique complains about circlejerk clique rooms

Never change 8chan.



Pretty much what >>178502 said. She used to own a tit related channel in the past with the same autistic clique doing basically the same things they do in AT…well at least this time the mega autismo "HiAmMushee" isn't a mod, so i guess she did improve a little?


File: 250d40fef019438⋯.jpg (166.8 KB, 450x630, 5:7, b1660968cc226381a9787af490….jpg)

>mfw the ciirclejerk clique of anon's brain cells complain about the circlejerk clique on 8ch complaining about the circlejerk cliques in flist



I know what it's like, anon. When partners you like put up a looking status, it hurts. Like you're not good enough for them, and you just want to typefuck them into oblivion so they'll only rely on you for RP. Even if you have to turn them down, it's about the fact that they asked and considered you the first and best choice. Or that's how it is with me, anyways. As for getting particulars to like you, I've made profiles that I knew they would fucking get off on for the sole purpose of collecting acceptance from them.

It's a struggle. It's really difficult to say, "I'm just happy playing what I want to play, it's alright if there are people who don't like what I like." Especially when the people who don't like what you like write well and carry a lot of status with their typefucking.


File: c7a1e26523aa7a8⋯.png (126.1 KB, 384x313, 384:313, ClipboardImage.png)

>The touhou channel (grill and bar) is filled with fatty/vore touhou canons

I guess I expected too much from a canon I was interested in.



>anonymous circlejerk versus named circlejerk complete with eicons

2/10 bait made me reply



More or less, aye. Like I said, it's an abstract kind of hell anon. We're gonna make it through one day.



"anonymous" plz, 90% of here is literally the same clique from the 8chan channels


File: 39cf200a867de79⋯.png (309.99 KB, 1598x767, 1598:767, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 241f4fafc98ccc4⋯.png (919.71 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 1523663430981.png)


As much as I love both of those fetishes combined and then some, the room is unironically too comfortable with its apex degeneracy.




Is this all one person? I've noticed a lot of canon shemales have the same format of

>washed out inline

>washed out avatar

>minimal amount of kinks

>said kinks are usually on the bitchbreaking spectrum



The degeneracy is comfortable? I don't understand



>tfw you have been approached by smirth before



probably gorgous korwa /fil and her 1000 alts. I noticed this trend too



You misread. As in, it's way too common/normalized there than it has any right to be.



It's >>178532.

Bit of a shitty person from what I've heard.



It's all one person with an absurd amount of alts, similar to that other person (femboy/shemale no kinks, all kinks are blank, one inline) and the person that owns a shit ton of Granblue/Fate characters. I don't actually mind any of them though.


File: 933a9ec11198484⋯.png (714.73 KB, 993x1400, 993:1400, 60752928_p9.png)


Kloah is gonna have a field day with fanart.


File: d4487d0bdbf4a78⋯.jpg (139.65 KB, 958x1075, 958:1075, marijuana.jpg)


Are they addicted to banging traps, or are they a trap who's also an addict to marijuana or something.




I can't fucking wait for some kloah onee-san's sprouting out



They're a chick who is into dressing up little boys in girl clothes to twist their minds into becoming traps when they grow up



Anime is such fucking trash, holy shit.



>just recolored nigger art





In the modern age of the internet that word means pretty much nothing. I've seen everything be called a circlejerk.



>Been hungry as fuck for a slutty Pacifica

>The prominent ones just post tit icons and never have time to play

>Mild interest in this one ruined by retarded blacking shit

Fuck my life



'Circlejerk', 'shitter' and 'cuck'.



If he's into consensual pet-play I won't blame him for stopping, people always want to add hypno or non-con into the mix.


The suffix of cuck has become the new fag. It's being used in the same way.

You see words like scalecuck and Trumpcuck being formed the same way words like newfag and furfag were formed in the 2000's.

But 'shitter' is a general way of describing a bad player, I don't see it used much outside of /erp/.

Circlejerk is mostly used by faggots on reddit, I hate seeing that awful behavior brought here.


File: 2f172ad86188f14⋯.jpeg (24.29 KB, 400x400, 1:1, pff.jpeg)


>Make Pacifica today

>Nothing on it yet

>This is my competition

>Inferior to my absolute nothingness.

I'm almost insulted to be the same character.




Finish your kinks list you faggot.



>But 'shitter' is a general way of describing a bad player

Everyone's a shitter, we've established this months ago.


One of the rooms I frequent keeps adding moderators to the point where it has like 20 of them. It's pretty absurd.



That's less 'moderators' and more 'the owners and their friends'.


File: a3d6ceb36c1af54⋯.png (341.99 KB, 1280x1912, 160:239, IMG_3177.PNG)


Someone's impatient. I didn't realize how desired I was.


Terrible in all it's truth.



I don't want to play, I want you to finish your kinks list.



Anyone know this person? I really like the profile but for some reason I feel intimidated to approach.



She's pretty picky, but she won't bite your head off for approaching even if she isn't interested. As long as you give them an actual approach, not "hi."


File: 9c7e4fbd470ac48⋯.jpg (60.47 KB, 572x499, 572:499, IMG_3178.JPG)


Oh, so you just want to admire me from far away? Cute. Then I'll work on it just for you. Because you, very specific anon, are just that important~


File: cc95c00804075c5⋯.png (13.38 KB, 657x527, 657:527, R14kkDj.png)

Guys anime tiddies is dissing us.


File: e1df9fb91dd32d8⋯.png (8.11 KB, 100x100, 1:1, catshrug.gif.png)


File: 77dfb5dda7b0221⋯.jpg (248.76 KB, 612x736, 153:184, 1369629136784.jpg)


>a channel made for shitposting having a spat with a thread made for bitching

Surely you have something better to talk about



who cares nigga



Oh no whatever will we do. A cesspool clique is talking about a bunch of anons, many of which are probably people who post here themselves! It's like they're trying to get more publicity because there's no such thing as bad publicity!



After the last few threads I'm sure we could use a good roasting.



Oh, hey. I roleplayed with them on their tooth fairy character way back when. It was wonderfully fucked up.






Is this the epitome if inlining?



>76k views in less than 2y

No, but it is the epitome of attention whoring.



She is never offline and always set to looking in as many rooms as she can fit into.



>got playful banter for a week straight by the Leon Hart character to play

>finally say why not and they write a post

>i write back twice as much

>never hear from this person again



A trashcan is calling our dumpster smelly

Oh no


File: 65a2998744d23d9⋯.png (1.1 MB, 816x1280, 51:80, That's how it is.png)


They just mad because they can get banned for spoiling movies.



Wait is he cumming through his shirt? Dude's got a dick like a fucking cannon.


>have a kink explaining you are wasting your time with anything less than paragraph play

>people go ahead and send me this shit anyway

One guys idea of a starter was lights up a cigarette outside of the club



> lights up a cigarette outside of the club

haha holy shit



*lights cigarette*


*teleports behind you*

Nuthin personal, kid

*unsheathes katana*



*runs you over with a zamboni*


File: 2657b4ba5e879b6⋯.png (21.42 KB, 913x132, 83:12, SNNRK.png)

File: 8c16d4bf39533e4⋯.png (285.31 KB, 452x640, 113:160, 1515441624041.png)



>tfw you know this person fairly well




If you have to ignore 100 separate people that's an issue that you have. I hope to God the f-list staff don't increase the cap.



The spoilers rule is a bit autistic though.


The spoiler rule is super autistic.


To the really creeper fuckers who recently found /erp/

Please leave. I hate reading some.of this shit on the board and getting the eeby jeebies and its happening a lot more lately.



No it isn't. Sorry lad



>Tfw just wanna have a raunchy alleyway romp with a rich girl in a depraved area.


File: 310f5a0e04d3f02⋯.jpg (200.95 KB, 962x1200, 481:600, DKMBbP8XkAEqlwD.jpg)


That’s really insensitive, even for you Fai. It’s difficult for young people navigating today’s world of identify politics without bigots like you throwing a hissy fit just because someone wants to identify as an underage deep fat fryer.

Now get back to filling me with your she-daddy patties so I can squeeze out some ripe womb burgers. I’ve still got last night’s fuck-grease swimming inside me. ;) ;) ;)


File: eb288c0768935ea⋯.jpg (254.39 KB, 842x1200, 421:600, IMG_3188.JPG)


>TFW It's just respectful femboys approaching.


File: 4cf8efc5e6a6078⋯.png (69.73 KB, 241x241, 1:1, riko peek.png)


Respectful femboys that aren't me? Feel like throwing around any names, or did they reveal themselves to you in confidence?



Why won't you just go away? You weird little fuck.


God I hate it when Blue/Purples make pinks out of desperation. All they do is spread the salt around when they inevitably go back to thirsting on their shit profiles and leave people to figure out why they haven't seen the profile people actually have interest in.

And when you do find out about said alt just watch the inevitable pathetic nobody wants to play with me! type statuses. So fucking stupid.


File: 16b32a9b5f96f02⋯.gif (1.47 MB, 215x200, 43:40, 1409064685923.gif)


>Play blue for the longest time

>Get play occasionally between long periods of stagnation

>Rework profiles numerous times, send better approaches, etc. nothing helps.

>Make a flavor of the month purple

>Pinks form a fucking line for a chance to so much as sniff my ball stench

>Eventually give up on the profile because it's too stressful keeping up with everything

Worstgender really is easy mode.



If blues/purples didn't make pinks out of desperation, you'd have 1 pink for every 20 blues.


File: 65655702ba3be58⋯.png (12.7 KB, 251x201, 251:201, wtf.png)


>Now get back to filling me with your she-daddy patties so I can squeeze out some ripe womb burgers. I’ve still got last night’s fuck-grease swimming inside me.

Is that really how Fai writes? Or is that just a parody here? That's… unsettling.



It really is, which just baffles me when some purples still fail at it.


Oh, I'm fully aware, and I don't care about gender behind the screen. I'm just salty about the on the fence bitches. Who spend 6 days out of the week trying on their blues/purples and then out of desperation only hop onto a pink for an hour or two. If that. Nobody wins there.




>constantly use a medium where people share thoughts and ideas and somehow expect to stay "spoiler-free"

Retard alert.


File: d18a1c741d69cad⋯.jpg (177.11 KB, 676x633, 676:633, riko why we can't have goo….jpg)


I don't think any of us can really compete with those several thousands of hits, though, not even with what I managed back when I wrote on SS13. Unless I'm misunderstanding, there's something to respect about being able to subject people to these particular kinds of material and get so many readers anyway.

I wish I could stomach it. I'd probably be more popular, and that makes me sad in a way nothing else on this board can.



>Danalia groggily woke up late at night in the frigid cold winter of their northern, impregnated and enraptured by a certain Blue-haired Elf, but rather quaint hamlet. All was still.. except for Danalia, as she tossed and turned restlessly underneath her heavy, layered sheets. The glistening with sweat elf, reeking of perspiration.

Fai isn't a native English speaker, is he? His concept of written word is broken and something you'd be failed for writing in Elementary school. If he's fine with how he writes, I guess more power to him, but this isn't something I would show in public.

I'm pretty sure my gibberish stories I wrote when I was 8 years old are more coherent.



This has been up since 2015, though. Or whenever /erp/ came to life. Considering the years of Fai's existence, it'd be odd to NOT see several thousands of hits. This is expected, not exemplary.



He's not. He is also self taught writer. You can tell with how odd some of his sentences come out.



>The rough treads, digging into her sensitive nub with little recourse, as her entire abdominal was swiftly turning a tinted black and blue from the blue, which was little to say of the organs underneath, but.. Those were just unimportant flesh, really~.

You tell me.



I'm not sure how significant those numbers are or how much they mitigate the success of what he does. He obviously gets play, and it's, if nothing else, wordy, explicit stuff that Fai probably enjoys very much.




Today I've truly learned the meaning of "There's no accounting for taste."



He gets so much play that he has an emotional breakdown over 1 partner losing interest.



Wasn't that person super important to him personally, beyond as a writing partner, but as some kind of friend?



Is this actually taken from those logs? Holy fucking cow. I thought people just picked on him because he's a namefag but that's legitimately awful. Seriously, I've played with some slackers in my day and let shit pass but I legit couldn't handle that.



The majority of my logs get a few hundred views immediately, from bots and THEN stagnate as you plainly see.

Oddly enough the ones that have thousands of views got 1k quickly, while commonly picking up traffic over time. Mind you. None of my other logs regularly get even +2 views a week.

The one with the most views gets +10-20, and I know that there are a few people I no longer talk to that continuously go to it regularly to masturbate to it.

Let me actually check it now.

Yeah. Basically anything above 400 views is getting traffic from SOMEWHERE, but I'd be a liar if I said I knew, because even multiple bots don't particularly account for that traffic.

Filthy Cum Rag and "I shouldn't have ripped that" have always been strange outliers that I assume got posted somewhere online, but I was also freely on F list when those were posted and they garnered quite a bit of attention

People could have bookmarked it and beat off to it regularly.



There are few egos on F-list that I've found bigger than this one. Literally every room I ever see her join quickly becomes a circlejerk that far surpasses /erp/. Any conversation gets promptly derailed into talks about her burning people alive, her stupid F-List family that nobody realistically should give a shit about, or just her in general.

I've never seen her roleplay so I don't know if she warrants some level of respect on that front, but good god people are obsessed with her and it's nauseating.



Yes. It's from "A Gift Well Earned", one that I randomly clicked on. I skimmed through the rest because that brapper of an opening immediately killed my interest in the literary arts, but it all seems about on par.



All you need is 1 or 2 people who will respond to you any time you post something in a room and you can hold it hostage and make everything about you once you start talking. It's super easy.



I know, and I have it happen to me on occasion but I try to curb it because the extra attention weirds me out. I guess I'm not as much of an egomaniac as I once thought.



>>The rough treads, digging into her sensitive nub with little recourse, as her entire abdominal was swiftly turning a tinted black and blue from the blue, which was little to say of the organs underneath, but.. Those were just unimportant flesh, really~.

I remember much better writing being written by 14 year olds on AOL 15 years ago…

That is close to the style that I remember, except much worse.


File: de48a892fcf159c⋯.png (633.17 KB, 475x596, 475:596, 1c177567845f8afacc67991ac5….png)


Irregardless of how objectively or subjectively shit Fai's writing is, I'll always claim that any shit-talking about his - or anybody else's - writing is irrelevant when someone doesn't actually show off their own work to draw a comparison from.



You're just looking for excuses to stand on the fence, then. That's absolute shit.



I can appreciate the logic to this. I don't really know what I'd show off, though, as I don't roleplay super often nor save most of it. That leaves me with showing off little stories written for my various profiles or what have you. Not as enticing to show off, y'know?


File: ba05dfe507364fb⋯.jpg (374.53 KB, 1569x1185, 523:395, 3535857.jpg)


Not really, no. The largest issue with Fai's writing as far as I'm concerned is that certain parts are harder to read than they should be due to stylistic choices in word play and the like. Everything else is a result of him molding his style to a certain style of partners whom enjoy getting that kind of shit shoved down their throat - ala Red - despite him showing he is capable of doing much better than that. And at the end of the day that is a subjective complaint, because some people enjoy it more than others, and nobody here is going to win any writing awards despite whatever they may think.

And here, just so you don't call me a hypocrite. https://pastebin.com/2yZKJFMF


Honestly I don't even want people to post full role-plays or anything close to the like. Even a single post that they consider to be their peak or something they enjoyed writing is more than enough to judge from which perch they sat their ass upon.


File: e61436c8276527d⋯.png (588.32 KB, 627x700, 627:700, Star String.png)


This is wisdom. I'd share mine, but I'm already the anon that was saying he must be doing something right and is probably doing exactly what he wants to be and getting the results he desires, above.



Well, alright. Dug out something I think is worthwhile; two years old but between this and some generic "i fuk u real good bby ya?" shit I think this will be a little more worthwhile to show.


(also if there are problems with it please do critique, I always want to improve.)


File: ea5b8301647158b⋯.png (1.25 MB, 710x1000, 71:100, why doe.png)


There is also the caveat that I'd try harder if openly sharing some writing publicly. I tend to just try to slightly outdo my partner and can write better than this. But I think it's acceptable except for the

>"Mhm. I could do that! And I could also use your butt!" she answers plainly as she starts pressing the blunt head of her cock in against his backdoor, sliding him a little along the ground inch by inch in trying to fit it in at first.

>"Hard enough for you, I'm sure." While she's definitely daintier than some stallion, her lower half is still much more powerful than a human's - or an elf's, for that matter. Pressing her left-front hoof down against his upper back, the 'taur pins him to the ground and in place. While he's face-down and his ass is still tugged up in the air by her guiding hand on his loin cloth, she gets to cramming that feminine butt full of her cock. Spreading him wide and filling him up, her girth presses down on his prostate on its way inside and toward his tummy, leaving her to sigh with satisfaction, "Mh! There we go" After filling him deeply, she suddenly and roughly gets to slamming away at his ass, *buck*ing her hips into his.


I like word-play, and have a little bit in my post here. That word-play is just written poorly.


It's a lot better than what was above.

>clutching and pulling desperately at the intruding objects.

Makes it sound like you're talking about something other than the mud clutching at the boots. It's so vague.

>mud inhaled her

Engulfed? You'd use inhaled more if it had some double meaning.

>he barkeep glared daggers as he shuffled off into the darkness, muttering mostly unintelligible things as his voice drifted away. Kasha glanced to her left, nodding to a man so far gone that he gave her a smile in his drunken stupor. Barkeep returned shortly after, throwing three gold pieces on the table before her.

Now it's "barkeep", not "The barkeep"? What's so special about this person that they graduated up to the level of no longer needing a conjunction after a single sentence? This isn't in someone else's words, who doesn't seem to use conjunctions, and I don't think he was coronated in his swift time away. This reads very awkwardly as opposed to "Upon returning shortly thereafter, the barkeep…"


File: 2f76576557bff77⋯.jpg (93.75 KB, 601x508, 601:508, 2f7.jpg)


Pretty glad I asked now, some of these I wouldn't have given a second thought over, especially that last one. Fuck that's bad but I failed to notice until you pointed it out. Thank you.


The issue why Fai is so "successful" in a number's standpoint is because he is willing to do scenes (like gore) that not many would do. So for the people that are into shit like

>The rough treads, digging into her sensitive nub with little recourse, as her entire abdominal was swiftly turning a tinted black and blue from the blue, which was little to say of the organs underneath, but.. Those were just unimportant flesh, really~.

This is "the best it can get" and they don't want to take chances fishing for more.


File: 0a88019df62e216⋯.jpg (60.39 KB, 347x419, 347:419, 0a88019df62e216a77e3d16c04….jpg)


Far as I am aware from self-reflection is that a lot of my writing doesn't flow off the tongue as melodically as it used to anymore and there's a notable stiffness to it. Only thing I can do is work on it through experience and all.

Regardless, point is made. If writing is to be criticized, drop your own so people can see from where you're judging them.



No, the examples I've seen of Fai's writing on here are objectively garbage. If he's not doing 'better' because of his partner and yet he's still sharing that tripe then that's entirely on him. Your example isn't great, but it's definitely a shitload better than what he's written. Considering your example goes on for a few paragraphs with minor issues and his was barely a couple of sentences with glaring flaws, that's saying a fuckton.


File: 5fb86a311737d6c⋯.png (503.45 KB, 509x477, 509:477, b.png)

Nearly my entire ignore list is made out of people with horribly bad ads that I never want to see again.

Things like Vore, BBC, Megafat, Foot Fetish, and most Shemales with IRL Images.


File: ffdced5cd543791⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1000x1300, 10:13, 4823166.png)


Then do what the other two anons did and post your own shit up for grabs if you want your opinion to carry any weight. And like I mentioned, his style developed into what it is because it is tailored to certain type of players. Because it's neither for you nor much for me doesn't mean it's objectively shit, but subjectively.


File: 77d831b7cdb8534⋯.png (784.28 KB, 800x772, 200:193, meme kink 1.png)


>If ur not bettur u cn't say anything

Better call the Olympics mother fuckers, this bitch is going for gold in Mental Gymnastics.


File: 0867fa7c3e3be60⋯.png (41.69 KB, 245x240, 49:48, 9lFTr54.png)


It's not about being better or not, it's showing off your own style so people can actually tell where the differences lie you goal-post moving cretin.


File: b17a23f3d5095f0⋯.png (1.63 MB, 1000x667, 1000:667, 646884.png)


>Thinking a conversation about Fai being a a regularly complained about figure can be reasonably solved via finding the root of the problem in an imagined "It's not for you" state of argument.

Better call the comity of argumentative practices because this bitch is trying to label opposing statements with trigger works that apply to themselves more than other argumentors.



It's not a style thing. That writing is objectively bad. I'm sure they'd be bad if they wrote a different style.



First off, it's a very cowardly argument to say that someone can't have weight to their opinion unless they prove they are more skilled than someone else. Second, you're clearly set in your opinion already and nothing I post will change that since you believe that trainwreck can be 'good' because hey, someone enjoys it, is fucking ludicrous.

In a single sentence they've; switched tenses, fucked up the ellipses, capitalized a word that shouldn't have been, switched to four different subjects, used abdominal instead of abdomen and using recourse in this context is asinine. That's one God damn sentence. How about we discuss that instead of deflecting to whether I could write better?



>Respectful femboys

Sounds like you need a dose of arrogant, rough femboy who like to slap girls around and fuck them like they hate em.


File: 2769919f986ef43⋯.png (348.91 KB, 635x665, 127:133, c@.png)


So like, not a femboy.



Fair point. I might as well show an example as well. It's a subjective thing, sure, but things seem to go a bit too far into purple prose in his style that it's just tiring to read and follow.


Coming from me, though, I don't know how much water it holds.



Looks have nothing to do with personality.



>Play a femboy escort

>Get nothing but clients who want me to dom even though the character's submissive

>Just rough them the fuck up and turn them into "regular customers"

>It's more taking out OoC frustration than it is IC dominance.



You don't have to write well when you're willing to write garbage to satiate your ego and call it a success.


Not really, because "Well how shit are you?" is just an argument used to deflect from the subject, onto someone else. I've posted profiles before, in the profile thread. My writing is on open display, I do not hide it. But I'm not going to get into a chest beating contest over who's writing is "better" because someone gets defensive over garbage play.




And some of your sentences start so abruptly, and change or lack a subject, like "Mouth opened wide".

There's also somewhat run-on of sentences, and general poor flow to them.

I fuck up like that sometimes, but never that poorly.

The second paragraph is much better. The first paragraph is, frankly, as objectively bad writing as Fia's and simply in another style.


File: f62ab79f4ab3ed4⋯.jpg (8.11 KB, 260x201, 260:201, n.jpg)


Not using /me is just using asterisk posting without the asterisks.



Good point. Stuff I gotta fix for later.



Where the fuck do you look for partners? Seems like all I get are people who expect me to be a sub or bottom bitch.


File: 512205729232cd1⋯.jpg (98.73 KB, 694x1000, 347:500, late to the ss orgy.jpg)


No it's not. Writing without /me is simply writing. Are you retarded?


You always get the opposite of what you ask for. Make a submissive character and everyone will ask you to dom them.


File: 2663151bd5017f7⋯.png (9.16 KB, 100x100, 1:1, Aheadf.png)


Yes it is.


File: 5547c5a9e16437d⋯.jpg (429.45 KB, 1371x1013, 1371:1013, 1527792407825.jpg)


Your bait is too obvious, but here I'll reply since it gives me an excuse to post more cute boys.



File: d4c4d44da14bbba⋯.png (638.19 KB, 600x800, 3:4, bfd4e5d485ecb9c4387e468cec….png)


>being this upset that boys make better girls than real girls


File: 92ace7b9ec8eced⋯.png (623.26 KB, 600x388, 150:97, doggo.png)




File: a52c99f5a44de37⋯.jpg (688.79 KB, 709x1000, 709:1000, astolfo's night out.jpg)


Absolutely fuming.


When will this femboy meme end? They're genuinely disgusting. Build some muscle, grow some body hair. Stop being such a limp wristed faggot.


File: 31518a2dc67a122⋯.png (134.49 KB, 417x255, 139:85, carry that weight.png)


Not though.



Who hurt you anon? Show us on the doll where the femboys touched you. I'll hold the cheeks open if you need.


This is great to read guys.


File: 6921fda6c7cc8c8⋯.jpg (280.51 KB, 759x956, 759:956, 57245648_p12_master1200.jpg)


I can't hear you over the sound of your woman moaning for more of my HUGE TWINK DICK.




The absolute state of shemale doms.


File: 45a93842806ec57⋯.jpg (82.59 KB, 554x506, 277:253, cutest delivery boy.jpg)




File: fa7aeed11129dda⋯.jpg (217.63 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 3d4469bb97eabcad220d7d2c90….jpg)

Thanks for the picture that I'll surely use in an ERP. Here, I'll give you another in return.



And yet this garbage is what the people want. They don't want quality or effort. They want "COCK SMELL DOWN YOUR THROAT PUSSY"


I appreciate how many anons showed off their writing in this thread. Good or bad, you should be respected for that. Shame on the rest who panicked at the mere thought and pulled out every excuse in the book.


File: 464049b2ee8696c⋯.png (138.95 KB, 536x438, 268:219, my husband's son.png)


Me too, same with oversized ones that flood everything out with their size. On the more petty side I recently acquired a three-letter prime name that's commonly used as a "normal" word and I'm too stubborn to stop using 2.0 or learn its settings so I just block anyone who pings me with their SDLFRP ad. In hindsight I should probably be leaving memos or something so I know who's safe to prune when the time comes.




>Fai taking off his name to try and spare his shattered ego



I can enjoy some of that, but not like that and what was shown earlier.

I wish I had a good example on hand, but I've had a handful of good partners who could walk that line between something that's good writing but which is also really pulp. It's actually what I like the most, but is hard to find.

In the end, the writing has to be good. However, "purple prose" is always bad.


It seems like most posters did show their writing, to me.



I meant to post some of my own examples, but the only ones I could find were too long and I'm too lazy to set up a pastebin. Biggest complaint that I tend to get is that I simply write "too much". When I'm into a scene I get really into it. Not purple prose garbage, but just verbose. But two or three paragraphs is apparently "A Novel" that people don't want to read.


I am not Fai, I would kill myself before writing that badly. I stand by what I said though. Most people don't want a well written post. They want a short post with as many quote-unquote sexy words like "Slut Pussy", "Ball Snot" and "Cock Meat" jammed together as possible regardless of coherence. Reading most people's posts is like listening to someone with severe tourettes scream uncontrollable interjections at random.


>>178681 I did find something more recent with a different writer and scene. I think this is one where I wasn't so braindead perchance?




I'm not Fai. I am in a few of his logs though. :^)



He's a namefag BECAUSE he's this awful.



Here's a protip. Use slimcat and use the not interested button. Hides their ads and doesn't clog your ignore list


File: 99d82d71527103b⋯.jpg (244.26 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, dva.jpg)


>Biggest complaint that I tend to get is that I simply write "too much". When I'm into a scene I get really into it. Not purple prose garbage, but just verbose.

I used to do that. I end up deleting a good 2/3rds of what I wrote and rewriting it. Both helps me write better quality and less, though it takes a little longer. My post speeds are still reasonable.


Better, but you need to fuck more femboys.

Second use of a semicolon just has my scratching my head. Isn't "All the better" a dependent clause? What's all the better? Semicolon can only separate independent clauses.

The first use of semicolon is technically correct, but nothing about that really flows well and I'd have used and en-dash instead.

But the rest seems fine.


But he's not tripfagging. That could be anyone.



3.0 has a similar feature. I'm on slimcat myself and it's not interesting is better. But it's getting a bit more buggy with time. Phantom logs and DCs lately.



>But he's not tripfagging. That could be anyone.

I'm almost gonna say the logs linked to aren't Fai's at all and are just posted by some anon looking for a laugh. Seriously, they are THAT bad, that I'm doubting Fai wrote them.


File: 3720477b666609a⋯.jpg (27.77 KB, 212x189, 212:189, Screenshot_8.jpg)

Jack, please. If you're going to try and get me on another character, atleast remove this from the info panel.



Okay, double semicolon is something I need to dump. Good point. If the rest seems fine, it's looking like I just have fine-tuning to do and the broader strokes are all fine. Thanks for the feedback, I'll keep this all in mind and work to get better, if not for anything else then for my own sake!


File: 68ef685474479e0⋯.jpg (38.05 KB, 256x256, 1:1, personnage-saquesh-8315.jpg)


It's probably the best they can get on a site like F-List, but I've done plenty of gore related RPs with talented writers. Did a play where a hooker led a serial killer home to rape and murder her daughter (and she helped him) because she thought it would save her, and another game where a girl was deep throated til she puked before having her back broken. Of all the roleplay sites I've gone to, F-list is the most judgemental despite having the lowest tier players. Fai is bad, even by F-List standards. Like, his shit doesn't make sense. You don't have to sacrifice your standards to fulfill a kink.


File: c2c721f35c09a3e⋯.jpg (41.15 KB, 724x1024, 181:256, IMG_3212.JPG)


Sounds like I need a burly factory worker with old world beliefs about women.

You could be the best dominant ever, but the twinkness will ruin it. I guarantee you that most shemales can dominate me better than even the most rough fag, but I'll still turn them down because they want to be this lithe creature that's feminine in every way but the penis. Amazonians only in that department.

Whatever happened to masculinity? I'm almost considering deleting since my only choice in partner there is either shitters or shitters: anime flavor.


File: d1b11531d310e37⋯.jpeg (115.8 KB, 680x945, 136:189, Aubrey.jpeg)


Good luck.


>Whatever happened to masculinity?

A taste for juxtaposition just happens to be the top most tier.

It also lends itself to self-debasement, which is much better than your plain debasement. If you have a lack of agency, the other person may as well just be playing with them self.

I play monsters as well, and I've never understood why people think I'll be interested in their idea which amounts to me just doing everything, while their completely uninteresting character gets raped and… that's it.

I'm guessing they do find partners interested in that because those partners are, in real life, weak and pathetic. Thus they love playing into the power fantasy.



What's your idea of a masculine dom?



probably some sort of bbc retard whose dick looks like a turd



>I'm guessing they do find partners interested in that because those partners are, in real life, weak and pathetic. Thus they love playing into the power fantasy.

That's a lot of projecting I'm seeing.



Just a regular dominant with a masculine body type. From things as obvious as body hair, muscles, height to more subtle details like a strong jawline or calloused fingers. Really, a more accurate term is that I enjoy the stereotypical factory worker males from the pre-2000s.


Sorry I'm not into faggots. Though you're right in that I'd sooner sleep with a bunch of niggers before even grazing a twink.



Your reply makes no sense. Did you not bother to think it through?





>throbbing and swelling


>throbbing, swelling

You're using feeling, filling and felt in the same sentence. It just doesn't hit the ear right. Omitting the "feeling," would probably be the easiest remedy. The third sentence is also kind of messy; it'd probably sound better as…

>The vitriol returned to her brought a different feeling than before: one of caving in and withdrawing to her shell, defense now a priority over her once constant verbal assaults.

There are a LOT of ways to rewrite that line. Mostly, I was trying to adhere to the original wording as best I could. There are too many pronouns and the "being" in the first part of the sentence again just hits the ear wrong. The line immediately after isn't necessarily bad or problematic, the writing could just use a lot more flavor. "Turned her head," is just so boring – use some different verbs, shake up the order of your pronouns as compared to them, etc, etc. Also, I'm not typically a fan of using words like fuck as adjectives. It's personal preference, I know, but it's not much of a descriptor and once you remove it, the sentence is essentially, "she was tight," which is pretty bland if we're talking illicit sex. Use creative imagery – describe an object she was just as tight as, if not tighter than; have some fun with it. The semicolon immediately after isn't really necessary, as the two sentences it separates aren't really so connected that it's necessary. Just end it with a period so that you don't have to worry about your next sentence going on too long. The next couple lines are pretty messy, though. Just a lot of words, plus, "like their life depended on it" is such a cliche, and you don't want your writing to be cliche.

Phrases like, "Admittedly," and "In a sense," also bring your writing to a screeching halt. There's a reason why they're used to begin paragraphs, rather than smack-dab in the middle. So instead of putting them at the start of a sentence, put them at the end. So instead of…

>In a sense, failing made her feel even better, as it gave her an excuse to beat herself up over something.

You get…

>Failing made her feel even better, in a way; because now she at least had something to beat herself up over.

I changed that sentence a lot, but you get the point. The original just had way too many instances of "her," and "herself," that it just becomes a headache to read. Mix things up by saying: the <hair color>, the woman/girl, and so forth. Use it as an opportunity to describe your character or how she's feeling.

Obviously, take my critique with a grain of salt, as I'm no master writer. The critique might seem like a lot, but you've shown massive improvements over where you were at previously. Mainly, your issue is flow. There's a lot of wording and imagery that just makes you pause, and that's no good for creating a vivid scene.



>Whatever happened to masculinity?

They're mostly gay and want to fuck other masculine characters.

Generally, f-list's idea of masculinity is almost entirely limited to egotistical caricatures of what sad, lonely nerds imagine the idea of masculine to be. IE; a bunch of confused chad-style strawmen who are somehow still too passive and soft to consider actually doing anything to another person, while simultaneously bragging about all the imagined pussy they rape and break on a daily basis.




There's an entire sea of blues out there that fit your bill, and would probably love being approached by some dick hungry pink who wants them, but you sound like a real crybaby faggot even for a bitching thread.



>There's an entire sea of blues out there that fit your bill

No, there's an entire sea of blues that are generic Japanese harem protags and outright waify faggots.


File: d73f40a62a96176⋯.gif (960.3 KB, 245x245, 1:1, Kill yourself.gif)


If I had a nickel for every time some generic lumberjack faggot whines about how girls don't want masculine males I'd be rich. Just delete your shit and save everyone the hassle.



That's not wrong but there's also as many masculine dominants as there are anime protags.




That isn't a word. I'm surprised no one else noticed that.



I was too distracted at how cute the girl is, and saving the picture.



>tits in plain sight


use a flat chested girl instead.



I used to use this art for a space explorer character. Good times.

Now I just wish I had qt boy partners with a backbone, since I don't really play them anymore.



The person in the picture is actually a boy.


File: b620cb04800fd77⋯.jpg (222.86 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, DahxMHVU8AAmFZm.jpg)


That's Zach Scuderi/Sneaky, who is a guy. Boobs aren't that hard to fake when your chest is fully covered, Anon.




How in the holy fuck can he pull off the look so well and also still sound like he's got testosterone in his system? There are so many 'men' around today that have 'soy voice' that Sneaky is downright Herculean, even in cosplay, compared to them.

Fuck my boner and my brain.



It's just makeup. Contouring. His girlfriend does it for him. He's kind of ugly as a guy without the makeup.



Because he's a guy, and they use shitloads of makeup.



Because you're lonely.



I mean, I am, but I didn't think there was a correlation there. Fuck, you guys are good.


File: 066f78e46fe3546⋯.jpeg (21.02 KB, 440x498, 220:249, glass him.jpeg)


The last person I saw do a huge bitch rant about grammar within their kink fell on their fucking ass the next second with made up alien speak as if Yoda fucked JarJar, and their pronouns were from tumblr. You can't make this shit up.





It's a well known fact that Fai doesn't actually RP at all, he just is here to shill his shitty website.


File: c948645ac035e49⋯.jpg (58.29 KB, 640x625, 128:125, IMG_3195.JPG)


Someone's angry and completely braindead. You do know the males that populate F-List are, by majority, pretty boy anime shitters, yeah? The fuck do you think their reputation comes from?


I was banned for three days for being a troll. I do believe I deserve it for being mean and hateful in the chat for no reason other than it made me feel good. I get bored when my partners aren't online, so I go to rooms that interest me most and sort of lurk. I've never enjoyed public play that much, but I should like it in theory. I just find it very hard to maintain immersion when there are far more ridiculous characters doing stupid things in the chat. I can't just ignore the things I don't like. I can't just let them go. So I make disparaging comments that are unwanted, unsolicited, and uncalled for. I just can't stand there and let users with terrible taste, awful writing habits, boring and uncreative profiles, terrible art, or are just plain annoying go about their lives without knowing that they're shit. I know this isn't healthy. It isn't good. But some part of me believes that ridicule is a tool of improvement, that these players will never get better if the world lets them act like annoying, flopping, cuddle-posting faggots all day. Also a lot of it is projection– I'm not a big fan of myself so I turn my reflection onto the world. I just… I look at the ads, the posts in rooms, the user names, the profiles, and I just feel so goddamn alone on this website. I certainly belong here because it's the best place to practice my hobby, but I despise the majority of users. I hate furries, traps, femboys, dick girls, and all that other shit. I don't approve of it. I hate how normalized it is here, and the discussion of such fetishes in open rooms disgusts me. It's a community I can't stand, but I can't live without it because it's the only place to get what I crave. The partners I like are the glaring exceptions to that which I complain about. I know my mentality isn't healthy, but at the same time… I feel like I'm right, that there is validity to the way I feel, but my actions are pretty dumb. What do I want by saying all this? I don't know… I'm just suffering and bitching I guess. I did probably deserve that ban, though.



What exactly did you say to get the ban?



It was a four day period of just being a shit, but the final straw that broke the camel's back was when I pointed out how some guy's profile art looked like shit because it was hand-drawn, on notebook paper, and colored with pencils. Add his uninspired anime designs you have a perfect recipe for mediocrity. I happen to be a competent artist who has used their own work as reference art on their own profiles in the past. I admit I'm not the best, but I have a scanner, and a tablet so I can make competent digital artwork of a more polished and professional appearance. So I do believe I have somewhere to stand in judgement of other people's artwork, especially if I think they're being lazy and willfully ignorant of artistic standards. I started off by saying that his artwork was only going to hurt his chances, and it gave off an emo teen vibe. He was a shitter, and I wanted him to feel bad for being a shitter. He said I opened the gates for further ridicule of his art, and then left the room. I laughed at him. I said that he deserved it for being so pedestrian and half-assed. Fast forward a few hours after wrapping up an excellent session with a new partner, a moderator contacts me via chat and says I'm banned for 3 days. I think the break will do me good, because this website has become a hole which sucks my time and creativity like a syphon.



Well, don't become another Fai. This is exactly the sort of mentality that got him a permaban. Best to just come here and vent if you need a place, or talk to a friend that shares your opinion. I think most would agree with what you said, but it's not worth losing your chance to roleplay on the site.



I agree. I've been under especially bad bouts of depression lately. My desire to direct my self-hatred onto others is so transparent it makes me feel like a child. Problem is, I don't have many friends on F-List to begin with. I've deleted all my profiles and I lack the social graces to maintain a presence in a given room. So… I don't really have anyone to talk to about this stuff. It's why I came here to vent to begin with. Thanks for the ear, anon.



I mean, you're on a text fucking web site. You're not better than anyone.



Not a problem. I hope the ban gives you a chance to breathe before you get back to it. Wish you all the luck in the world with your depression. Try and get some help if you need it!



I should get some counseling but I have no idea where to start with that, other than a google search for mental health in my city.



At least I'm not a furry or some femboy faggot.


File: 87c06460296463a⋯.jpg (53.64 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 7E9.jpg)



>tfw trolled rooms, dissed furfags, made fun of profiles and more in public since years, never warned never banned (apart from perfectly lewd channel, banned by the bri mega autismo after telling him how his profile is the definiton of 10 year olds from 9gag and how this site is 18+)

i regret nothing



Nice. It's fun pretending that the world is at fault instead of yourself, isn't it? I mean, yeah, I do think I'm right on some fundamental level, but do you think there's anything productive or beneficial from such behavior?



i dont really care, flist is just so full of autism and its fun



that's basically what you need to do.



>It isn't good. But some part of me believes that ridicule is a tool of improvement

If someone doesn't feel the need to improve themselves when it comes to textfucking, I can't really fault them because it doesn't really matter.


File: 5f6cb257976d1e7⋯.jpg (207.21 KB, 850x850, 1:1, sample_b89bacd872c8f6fee47….jpg)

File: 812038f5c9b439c⋯.jpg (43.66 KB, 549x781, 549:781, 86b2988948d153a2e2d9a16400….jpg)



Fucking hell. Loran Cehack? Ah man. Makes me feel old.

That being said, certainly one of those rare femboys/traps that I actually like. The design just managed to do a lot of things right.



You and me both man, to think it's been almost 20 years since there was a good TV series Gundamthat wasn't Build Fighters


File: 66b2ba70fb37a15⋯.jpg (1.78 MB, 1968x2700, 164:225, __laura_rolla_and_loran_ce….jpg)


Shit yeah, dude.



>look up Bri


Holy fucking shit



Keep in mind:

That's the sort of person who influences F-List and has the connections and power to get someone who they don't like banned.

I'm completely serious, here.



More like getting someone who is acting like an autistic asshole banned.



I mean they were pretty much openly breaking the rules. It's not like this idiot called in a favor to get the guy banned.


File: e102534ee23fa0f⋯.png (310.87 KB, 407x501, 407:501, whom'st you fuck with.png)


>Bri is a male. Pink name is pink because he is a very girly boi.

Everyone who does this is retarded.

If you do this, you are retarded.

You are not the acceptation, even if you do it for a gimmick.



Not disagreeing with you, but it's "exception".




I am very curious why people use these spellings. Like snek, doggo and so on. Am I just out of the loop?



Most of the time people do it ironically. Like if someone posts a pic of a large object someone might call it a "thick boi" or something like that. But they're not trying to be cute or whatever, they just think it sounds funny most of the time.



They're not being 'ironic'. They're being silly. Irony doesn't and shouldn't be used to describe everything a person does in jest.


>Tfw there's loads of YuGiOh characters and barely any for [spoiler]Cardfight Vanguard[/spoilers]



I can see your point but the difference is that there are some people who use those words earnestly, I was saying that they're doing it ironically because they know it sounds dumb and they do it anyway.


File: 4e5d29988d405d6⋯.jpg (55.71 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 1517318765019.jpg)

>spend a while without touching F-List or this board

>keep promising myself I'll write soon, but never get a word on paper

>people have made the characters I wanted to but better and I know I can't write like that

>spend my time logged into blank profiles bookmarking people to collect their deletion notes when they fuck off from the website

>no longer contacted for roleplay from anyone I know, ended up flaking by accident on those who did

>listen to morose music 24/7

I think I became Emma. Tuck me in and let me die.



I don't mind any of these as much as the "meme" where it's "soooooooooo funny" to replace the "ck" of a word with "cc".



Shut up cucc


File: 81dcfbf98edda43⋯.png (337.77 KB, 768x408, 32:17, Never-Give-Up-768x408.png)


You can dig out of that hole, it's not too late.

>spend my time logged into blank profiles bookmarking people to collect their deletion notes when they fuck off from the website

This is weird; wipe them, wipe your bookmarks, start fresh.

Take as long as you need to feel better, because if you're feeling like shit you won't be able to focus (or enjoy) roleplay.

Most importantly, don't promise yourself to do jack shit. Just do it when you want to. Not everyone reacts well to making schedules and job-like structures out of roleplaying (or anything) and if that's adding pressure on, it's not worth it. If you only want to play every three months, there's nothing wrong with that so long as you're not trying to cultivate a dedicated roster of players that wait on you. Make it known you're looking for casual flings with no long term interest and you can certainly still find some good players that way.

Roleplaying should be fun, not stressful. I believe in you anon, and Emma too.


>want to find a loli roleplay

>the ageplay channel is all illiterate furfag shotas and a s-st-stuttering cripple bitch who doesn’t even have the balls to make a loli prifile because, “teehee, my character had a magic necklace that can change her age!”


>really want to do a roleplay with a fat assed loli

>every Kanna player is a shitter


File: 8f991c487be542b⋯.jpg (47.51 KB, 722x349, 722:349, 1415482499857.jpg)



>stuttering cripple bitch




I cannot say this often enough, but if you get a decent partner it's always worth it to ask if they'd be willing to play a character for you.



>have a loli

>can't play her cause all the ageplayers are creepy faggots

Shame such a good fetish is buried in garbage



my fetish is to find people who aren't into lolis and seduce them until they want to give it a try.



This just doesn't exist on F-List. People are autistic about finding "apparently new" partners and making new characters instead of actually having friendships with people they RP with and RP partnerships.


I'm both I guess. I like roleplay where a character just happens to be young, and I like creepy or taboo play.



I feel very anxious about asking a partner if they would play a character after seeing dozens upon dozens of those shitter "complaint No kinks" of "Will you play this character?"


File: ebd84a0415d9f7a⋯.png (45.88 KB, 177x217, 177:217, 1403976518973.png)


Ding, ding, ding! A lot of pinks in that channel fall under the same umbrella where they equate stuttering with innocence or believability. She's just the most prevalent/offensive, since her character isn't even mentally a child, but acts like one anyways.

Also, having a really shit character art/design doesn't help. All the blues in the channel are either incredibly generic bishounen or furry shotas that sort of blend into one hivemind of cancer.



b-b-b-but anon-kun! S..stuttering IS cute!! /s


Can you even play a stuttering character well?



You just need to do it in moderation. And you can describe how a character is flustered/anxious/struggling to speak through actions and thoughts. It doesn't have to be entirely focused in d-d-doing t-th-is e-e-every w-w-ord of a d-d-d-dialogue.




There are better ways of portraying an insecure character as well, such as, er, you know, kinda – going on like this? I guess?



This sounds way hotter than it has any right to be



>People are autistic about finding "apparently new" partners and making new characters instead of actually having friendships with people they RP with and RP partnerships.

I like 'sleeping around' as much as anyone else but even I've had a few partners I've played with more than once (Nothing long term though, that's for sure). Hell I've played characters for them as well. A sort of give and take. Of course, you don't go up to them right off the bat and ask, but I'm sure people are willing to give shit a try. Even if you/they don't know the character specifically, all it really takes is a few minutes watching clips and wikipedia.



Well it sucks when a STRANGER asks you to play some stupid character they want. That's different.




Did that with someone when I really wasn't looking for lolis and it wasn't in my kinks.

Enjoyed it, but they turned out to be a psychopath OOC with an apparently terrible memory. Or just a liar.


I don't get it. Good partners are hard to find. Why go out of your way to lose them?



Moderation. I only ever use it in situations of extreme distress or arousal. I sound the dialog out in my head and write it as it sounds best – but these bitches in F-Chat will literally stutter seven out of ten words in a sentence because they think it's cute.


You can combine the two and it works, but stutterbitches like Tanaka don't get it. There's no pauses, no words that give the character a moment to think about what they're saying: j-just typing l-like t-this. It's so god damn ugly.



You can, if you know what stuttering actually is. It's not some nonsensical tick on every third word like a lot of people make it out to be. It's actually a very technical, varied condition that can; have elongated sounds such as 'The scientific mmmmmmethod', or long pauses between spoken words, or having trouble repeating entire syllables/words. Some people even just make a noise when they try to say a word they're struggling with.



It is. I've done it before



>and I like creepy or taboo play

That's not what I mean, by creepy I mean legitimate creepy. Liking loli is one thing, but in the ageplay groups around F-list there's legitimate pedofiles.


File: 462e7064d8f7ead⋯.png (368.75 KB, 406x720, 203:360, 1451495405258.png)

>"Mnnh… N… No, I'm f… Fine, Elgin…" Every so often, Tanaka will cover her mouth with a hand, a soft, choked up sound being made accompanied by a hard trembling.

>"Hnnnnnh!!! I'm… Aghnn… It f-feels… Really g-good… I'm… Nhhh… Getting c-close…" Tanaka weakly says, her moans slowly but surely getting louder.

>"I-I've… N-Never had t-t-that done to me… I… I don't… W-Want to say what it r-really is… I hate t-the word…" She sobs out, clinging to Tamara further.

>[user]Tanaka Mihama-Rose[/user] is being conforted by Tamara at the moment, but she can be hugged afterwards. "I-I f-feel miserable… It f-felt good, but… I didn't w-w-want it…"

>"I-I… Um… Don't… Be too harsh, but I… I can't tsop you…" Tanaka quietly says, her eyes remaining closed while Daniah's hand slips up the front of her plain, crimson red shirt. She grimaces softly as a hand begins picking at the thick, baby blue waistband of her brief panties, the print on the fabric hidden by her black denim short shorts.

>"B-But… I… I'm n-not comfortable…" Tanaka whines more, seeming to be rather uncomfortable with being sat on.

Yes, she did do an entire roleplay where she stuttered and "cried" because she public RPed with someone who sexually pleasured her with their tail and she wanted attention afterwards. Instead of flopping into rooms, she "/me slowly shuffles into the room."



>I don't get it. Good partners are hard to find. Why go out of your way to lose them?

They're not lost, really. I just don't feel inclined to play with them most of the time. In general the ones I've played with more than once would be happy to have another scene again. I also have a fairly wide range of what I enjoy; semi-paragraph, paragraph to multi-paragraph are all good and generally I'm just looking for smut so creativity and worldbuilding don't matter much for my enjoyment. It's nice when it's there but considering I tend to be the driving force in the majority of scenes, as long as they're being sexy then I'm happy as a pig in shit.

As for why I don't hold on to these partners, part of it is from wanting to feel desired and another part is I don't want to get too close to anybody and have them become reliant on me for play.


File: 0419793d068d14c⋯.png (136.35 KB, 219x268, 219:268, 1378252286000.png)


>play a loli character someone approaches really creepily and I say. "I prefer to keep that kink to fantasy and 2d" expecting him to say some creepy shit.

>they say "why? kids are made to fuck"

>mfw I reported him and he's banned


File: eb613e216ae0d3e⋯.gif (1.54 MB, 230x230, 1:1, eb613e216ae0d3e3b7c127f6a1….gif)

>On my 3dpd pink

>Reference isn't a porn star/insta thot but a vanilla model

>Fleshed out backstory, more story-driven than sex

>3dpd pink approaches, proceeds to tell me my character is hot and they have some girls that'll suit my interests

>"Nice, I like that one"

>Spams me with imgur porn links

>Not even trying to propose an idea or actually get an rp going, just posting hyperlinks with "sexxxy" descriptions

>"She can do this and this and this for you ;)"


I always get this from/with photo reference characters, never drawn. They boldly march into my PMs talking like AOL porn bots complete with shitty porn and it's a massive turn off. Like I know we're on F-List but slow the fuck down.


File: 6b9e03228161f54⋯.jpg (98.49 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, cant wake up.jpg)



>have a loli character

>only attract raceplay trash and one line/one word posters



I mean, what did you expect? Even if you personally try to do 3dpd pics correctly, that doesn't mean the site isn't lousy with trash profiles commanded by trash people.



I think the secret is to find people who are ALSO into loli. Not people who are into it exclusively.


File: b894bb368483992⋯.png (508.51 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1520575143223.png)


>First custom "No" was for BBC profiles after some BBC in disguise kept harassing me


>have a loli character but worst gender because the canon character they are based on spergs out and squeals at anything adorable

>hardly any lolis care for the character and just want to get their junk bumped by big burly daddies or grooming-level of creep "shestuds"



I know that but jesus christ. I'm losing what little faith I had in that side of F-List.



> worst gender because the canon character they are based on spergs out and squeals at anything adorable

What? Not knocking you, but I don't see how that logic follows.


that's for the best.



I think I worded it improperly.

She's worst gender (shemale) and only sprouts a cock during her typical sperg outs when she encounters adorable things (especially little girls like her).



Because all canon RPers are garbage, anon. Without exception.



Oh I guess that makes more sense.



Am I a shitter too for wanting to pound a canon character? This is a horrific realization.



Nah. Just be careful with canon players. You expect them subconsciously to act like the character ooc. Usually, they're far different.


File: ac526152afae9e2⋯.jpg (83.45 KB, 354x817, 354:817, 03a9584e31b99a4c6805f3b75d….jpg)

I love all the yous that you all give me.


I'm trash. I've got to ruin the canon characters with that shota dick. It has more meaning that way.



It's true! I say this as someone who recently got into into canon play.


Yes. Just embrace it! Shitters have more fun anyways.



Raceplay is firmly in NO list. Doesn't matter.


I can barely find anyone worth RPing with. It's been years and I can only say I've had a good RP a handful of times.



I have a few 3dpd profiles and the vast majority of people that play in that section of F-list are just pure trash.


File: 3b417e7907503e9⋯.jpg (212.68 KB, 850x1202, 425:601, __richelieu_kantai_collect….jpg)


>Tfw this is the problem I run into

>It is even worse because my character is a canon french girl and people dont know what switch and "light" mean

Ces't la vie



You're good at this. Can you add those to this for me?

>•~• Nyaaw rubs onii chan's bulge quietly moans onii chaan last night was so much fun •w•~ I loved the part where we had anal :3 uwu randomly starts deepthroating you Nyaa~ your cock is so tasty onii~chan give me your cummies I want to taste them I want you inside me~ Go in onii-chan give me your cummies~ ;3 .



There's a lot of debate on it. Hell, just a few months ago on this board there was a lot of bitching about whether or not switch meant "character who can be either dom or sub" or "character who always doms and subs in every scene"



It's true we're all trash who never RP and just IC-OOC shitpost in chat for attention or so I've been told.


F-list seriously needs to remove this whole gender color thing. Seriously.



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Then 99% of characters are going to be black or red-named and you'll have something else to bitch about.



Because it fucks up search when you have retards choose a gender for color.


>!About Asexuality

>So I'd describe myself RL as biromantic and "Autochorissexual", which means that I'm not personally into the idea of having sex in real life, but I can handle it just fine in a fictional setting. (Stolen from the cutest Kobold, Zapi. )



Nuke tumblr.



>MFW remember idiots on 4/20 set to cuntboy for green names in chat.

>Use slimcat so interest/bookmarks/friends are greens and so they just looked retarded.


Do what Slimcat (moderate color) does honestly. Gender symbols and halfs or fulls to tell between.

IMO that should be the standard, but if people are so hung up about the name color well then fuck it, make it users choice so we can have a full goddamn rainbow then.



Please keep these kinds of people out of f-list.


File: 560c5af3e59e61d⋯.jpg (91.66 KB, 1200x921, 400:307, narehate ozen close.jpg)


Or expand on it subtly. Make a cyan for femboys. Give people an "other" color so we can see those types whose current options don't satisfy, at a distance. Make all the intersex genders, like greens, purples, and oranges, share one color.



Or why not let people customize what it displays as under the user panel or something? Then everyone can make all their least favorite genders grey or their least favorite color, and all their favorite genders visually distinct.


File: 9a18a15510dfd55⋯.png (194.85 KB, 362x336, 181:168, reg really thinking.png)


Hypothetically, because it's less about giving people agency, and more about managing populations regarding group behavior and such. The "effect" you'd see by making all intersex genders one color and forcing them to deal with that would be vastly more beneficial, but at the same time, I'd be hugely, hugely interested to see the dynamics that develop surrounding just letting people choose their color independent of their gender or something like that. Would femboys follow whatever color's agreed on as "male" but make it lighter? Would trans latch onto or stay distinct from fictional intersexes? Would greens take up a more male color?



To a degree, the gender name colors just encourages aspies to spam every pink name without reading their profile simply because they are female and desperate.

And on the other end, it creates tribalism that has people grouping all blue names together (even though it's purples which are the worst group).



I dunno anon. The blue hard-gay and bitchbreaker alphamale communities are pretty rancid.

I wonder what would happen if you expanded it into an x looking for x system, where pinks looking for blues would be differently hued from pinks looking for shemales, or pinks looking for heavy story, or etc.



>it's the mentally ill made-in-abyss avatarfag who thinks femboys deserve some sort of special treatment



>It's that Gravity Falls shitter who gets triggered by femboys.

You delete that profile yet in a fit of tears, champ?



>wahhh someone doesn't wanna fuck something I like

Fucking grow up, Jesus.


Do actual bisexual characters exist anymore? Everytime I see a bisexual, its always a list of rules and exemptions to why they like girls or boys, but not "that much".


File: 2f136e7ff8442ed⋯.gif (493.99 KB, 600x386, 300:193, ozen smash.gif)




Please don't fight. ♥ I have to leave for a while and I want you friends by the time I'm back, okaaay?

More than mentally ill, I've set myself up for failure as a writer by developing this complex about building up and exploring cuteboy themes at-length in massive longform stories to the exclusion of everything else. I have to turn down amazing writers with characters that made me feel something for the first time this week because I couldn't slap ladyparts on my characters, even under the pretense of doing nothing else differently and getting everything I've ever wanted out of this hobby. I wrote myself into this corner and screamed that I wanted it the entire time, and now, I can't be taken seriously either by the party that I can't enjoy anymore — the smut-focused oversexualized crowd — or those that I care about, the ones who would do those long epics and the worldbuilding and the psychological themes, if only I played something other than cuteboys once in a blue moon.

It hasn't been a sexual thing in years.


File: af8993541942740⋯.png (138.57 KB, 355x274, 355:274, bonk.png)


An addendum — this bothers me because it occurs to me that everywhere I've experienced this, I could not brush it off as individual taste or misfortune, because they were right to feel this way. My weird, autistic passion for this I'm sure comes off like an obsession or a fetish that's ascended beyond acceptable levels, and the scene for "story" cuteboys is, generally, absolutely abysmal, a group I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole if I wasn't a part of it by unfortunate technicality.

That's also not to say I'm not, frankly, massively proud of much of what I've done, and ridiculously happy with the people who do entertain me about this. You know who you are, and you're amazingly important to me. Frankly, I get a lot of play when I sort things in my life out — every day I'm on, I manage to write something more meaningful than voidfucking, and I'm both surprised and thankful for just how very many people have indulged me about all this.

It's more in my head, than anything.


File: b1a5636fcd8e232⋯.png (217.65 KB, 400x400, 1:1, IMG_3234.PNG)


That's not me though.

You haven't forgotten me yet? I don't go out of my way to put femboys down, you know. It's not like their existence fundamentally harms me. It's like I'm not gonna stop using F-list just because I know some freaks shit in each other's mouths on it. Get over yourself. It's pathetic and makes it look like you're an obsessed creep.


Said it best. God forbid I have differing tastes, right?



And I guarantee your "worldbuilding" is half-baked garbage at best. Hey, here's some reality for your delusional ass. You regurgitating whatever you learned from reading Made in Abyss is not "epic storytelling." Pull your head out of your ass, nutjob. You're not amazing or special for skirting sex and thinking you're telling some meaningful story about "cuteboys". Fucking yuck.


File: ea66b585b8b2546⋯.png (359.84 KB, 510x630, 17:21, A FUTURE WHITE WHISTLE.png)


"reading" Made in Abyss. "Learned." I'd argue it's not even literature, even as a massive fan. It's a manga, and a show. "Reading" that doesn't make me a better writer like actual reading material does.

I also do Monster Hunter, a whole load of mixed themes based on really old classical sci-fi, and historical stuff. You're probably one hundred percent right. I would never argue that holing one's self into a fundamentally less appealing niche like story-heavy stuff is special or amazing, it's a hard limit on your success. I wish I could enjoy just sex again. I wish I could enjoy just sex again. I wish I could enjoy just sex again.



For me it is a character that is just fine being a dom in one scene but can be a sub n another.



>It's another generic BBC profile desperately tries to pretend it's not generic BBC episode


>Made in Abyss is a nice anime with cute characters

>Can't post it here anymore or else I'll be associated with a crazy person



"I just like the skin contrast."


File: ad1b3e5778d211a⋯.jpg (59 KB, 779x660, 779:660, narehate ozen 8.jpg)





Is this a second language writer?



Please don't encourage them by posting anything related to MiA.



>Skin contrast meme

>Anime Universe custom kink is there twice, for some reason

>Fave: "Shitposting"

>Can't even write a sentence or even THREE FUCKING WORDS without a glaring grammatical error

>Grammar competence: Advanced


They have to be. Look at this "Personality" shit.

>Always looking for potential individuals. Is mostly kind, but if a certain milestone hits within the lust of it, he gives rough and degrading.

He's right that it's not a typical BBC profile, though. It's actually much worse.




The inline originally had things like "Snowbunny" "Nigger" and "Blacked" in it, it's the exact same except with those edited out so the phrases don't make sense. So it's less being ESL and being blatantly dishonest. Which is much, much worse.


File: 5de6d320e066f68⋯.png (115.77 KB, 270x268, 135:134, 1493656042250.png)



I wonder why they took that stuff out. Despite the cries of being a shitter fetish on /erp/ there's no shortage of good players who are in to raceplay.



hahaha yoko trying to hide who she is on different characters, we still know you're the same autistic shitter who can't ever write an actual profile



It’s grammatically incoherent and contextually contradictory.



BBC profiles have a negative reputation on F-chat, even with the many shitters who are into it.


File: 3e876f8ba1c8338⋯.webm (2.83 MB, 720x480, 3:2, NOBODY IS READY FOR ASUKA.webm)

I wish people weren't so fond of getting straight to talking about worldbuilding and shit before we even have our first scene. I appreciate the enthusiasm and all, but I'd rather move on to either our first fuck, our characters' initial meeting if it's nonsexual or planned for long-term, or some simple IC banter and flirting to gauge if we even click with one another. not only do I personally grow less interested in playing with a new partner the longer we spend planning shit out, but I feel it's just better to rp first and talk later to spare both parties from potentially being disappointed.



Why do people keep using these washed out inline styles? It looks bad and I swear for some reason it makes my head hurt if I look at them too long.



sorry :(


File: b29f0b8578b2535⋯.png (388.18 KB, 500x707, 500:707, the first level.png)


Yeah, this is where it's at. When the world's little details, things like flora and fauna and cultures, come out on the spot, spontaneously, with both people chipping in as things come up just by taking the leap with whatever they're thinking in their next post, it's like magic to me. The character chemistry is the underpinning motivator to write anyways.

Especially combined with occasional dicerolls.


File: 6fc8bb146f6be8e⋯.png (33.88 KB, 212x215, 212:215, 1526748241339.png)

File: 8bfba5b9908a8b4⋯.png (589.58 KB, 566x582, 283:291, 1509792216341.png)

>click on a profile

>gay female

>click on another


>click on a canon female character

>bi - female preference with males on No's

I remind myself why I don't pay any sort of attention to F-List anymore.



Because you're hard gay?



Every time I see a female with males in no even though they're bi, I want to make a female thats bisexual-male pref with females in no. Just to see what would happen.



>>bi - female preference with males on No's

every time



There's a good reason, and usually femboys mean you get to be the exception, anon.



Stop trying to force your shitty femboy kink on people you fucking faggot.


File: 2f68f9a5148ef1a⋯.webm (3.87 MB, 360x480, 3:4, rapid fire.webm)

I'm just gonna leave this here since it's on-topic.



I’m “bi-male preference” because I like dickgirls but not women. I get a lot of lesbians wanting to play with my loli pet character, anyways; but without a penis, what’s the point?


File: fbb64ec416a4736⋯.png (390.1 KB, 640x767, 640:767, ClipboardImage.png)




Just abolish the whole 'orientation' deal and stick to the fetish list.



Are you Griff Robust

you fucking better not be so help me god



Hope I'm not too anime for you. Just haven't managed to get on at the same time as you.



Welcome to roleplay, where you will banter with someone about something for days on end OOCly, but the moment they attempt to actually WRITE about it they become such hot garbage you wonder how they managed to even entice you previously.


File: 1c42ce25c35ead7⋯.jpg (130.9 KB, 720x569, 720:569, 1530973860340.jpg)


I happen to be a scholar on this matter.

>tumblr becomes myspace 2.0 in the aesthetic autism aspect

>tumblr's interface changes along with an increasingly more toxic atmosphere cause roleplayers to fuck outta there

>most of them flee to dreamwidth, but a certain amount comes to f-list

>they bring their washed out, overedited style over

>people start to take inspiration from that garbage, or often straight up copy

>becomes a new trend



The best part about it is she whines about being bullied in the den each time her name crops up here but doesn't have the presence of mind to realise that it's her own fault that people hate her and she wants to brush it off as just bullying instead of accepting the fact that she's an awful person no one likes outside of little circle of yes men.



>go to look at dreamwidth

How the fuck do people navigate this site, jesus



Worldbuild through the actual RP itself and add little personality quirks in your writing. "Why do they act this way" helped give exposition about the world around. Organic world-building bullshit on the fly is great if you know your character's personality can go along with it. I love IC banter that can lead to lewds. Bogging that shit down with fucking world building ruins the flow of that, holy shit I agree.



I come on at pretty sporadic hours. Post your profile and I'll come to you!



wait whats wrong with her




YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I have heard bad things about this profile. Are they wrong, /erp/?



They are not wrong. Be wary of jealousy and clingy thinking worming into their RP. If you happen to be one who RPs publicly, they will often try to flirt or "mark their territory" with the way they constantly grope or bring up past RP scenes when referring to you.


File: 9d1766bff81297f⋯.png (2.78 MB, 1400x1600, 7:8, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 220f93156dfef52⋯.png (555.12 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)

>When you're playing Tales of Bersia and realize that it isn't even worth the effort to look up Velvet, because 90% chance none of them will be female.

I hate this website sometimes fam.

Even if Magilou is more attractive from a personality stand point.



There's more pictures of girls in your profile than guys.



I'm not into shota, but the thought of Elenore and Velvet competing in a threesome with Laphicet to see which he likes better is pretty hot.

Sorry about the nature of f-list killing your dream before it began.



Like livejournal.



As a sidebar, it's not a place for /erp/, and while the overall writing quality is medium-high, players are ultra autistic.



I understand where you're coming from. Not much else I can say other than they're the pictures that made me want to make the profile.



Are you Ensign Darlings?


File: ce43ffa0534b4ca⋯.jpg (42.4 KB, 600x532, 150:133, 1530978904547.jpg)


>worstgender canons will almost always be non-goody two shoes canons.

Surprisingly, I've seen more female Velvets than shemale Velvets, however.



That's probably because Velvet is really a goody two shoes in disguise.


File: 311c05453a6161c⋯.png (306.7 KB, 496x406, 248:203, 1527458933330.png)


I completely forget that she mellows out in the end.



I don't think tales protagonists will ever get much darker than Yuri "Let a man die in an awful way" Lowell.



hey that kinda look like me


just ate my own semen ama



Can I eat your semen next time?



>next time

its still warm aand gooey come over here and have a taste


File: 402dc90c050764f⋯.png (519.3 KB, 600x468, 50:39, 637.png)

File: 54d9a839f7bcd3e⋯.jpg (52.81 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

> Find it easier/more desirable to approach traps and twinks than females

>Still play with pinks but I'd rather fuck the traps

Is there any salvation for me?



>Boy surrounded by girls/sibling females/women

>F-List laws kick in

>Boy gets no play unless gay/crossdressing, girls are all shemales and/or want nothing but each other, leaving the shota to rot.



where you ever so high that you requested a empty profiles name with a support ticket then later realised this is your profile and you created it earlier?



>Have numerous profiles

>One person (I assume) on numerous alts keeps asking me if "Hey you wanna do a combat/wrestling rp ^^"

fucking Germans goddamn



germans are the worst cringelords on flist, i speak german and saw their room, literally all of them are absolute cancer, and all decent germans with good profiles i met stayed away kept it a secret .


File: 004268c6870736a⋯.png (178.17 KB, 572x371, 572:371, que.png)


The hell are you supposed to say?

The fucking admins and devs wont make sexuality a checklist like it should be, so this is as close as you get.

Complain to them or twist it in your own ass.



I dunno I talked to one just today and he was fairly nice though his English wasn't perfect.



They did make it a 'checklist', it's called the fetish list.


File: 97ccf6c74163094⋯.gif (820.79 KB, 400x225, 16:9, tumblr_noohhl9hVZ1utm3evo1….gif)

>Make a profile

>romanced based canon female because shit like that is my jam and cross-overs make me hard

>Get no bites what-so-ever, even after hours of spamming the big rooms with ads

>Make a beeg tiddy tumblr OC and suddenly get swarmed with players the moment I post a single ad in a single room.

Sometimes I wonder why I wake up in the morning. Sure wish I knew of some non-sexual alternatives for RP, but I'll be fucked if I know any. Despite doing this shit for years most I've done is imageboard based roleplay, RP on fuckin' flipnote on the DSI, and those XAT chatrooms back from like, 2000 something.



They didn't call it Orientation List either, you clapping slut.


File: 343f9bb5db6bc81⋯.png (713.68 KB, 462x532, 33:38, FB.png)

I've come from Lewd Mountain to deliver burning truth.



Is this even controversial?


Why can't your romance characters have tits and ass? Is it fucking mutually exclusive?



Yes, very.

Many people claim that their teenage looking characters are shotas.



I think what he's saying is that the TnA type he was referring to is more of a "bimbo" overdone John Persons type of woman.



Yeah what this guy said pretty much. >>179051

Should've been a little more specific on my part.



Post profile


File: 14a085e4a94027a⋯.jpg (10.51 KB, 345x328, 345:328, 14a085e4a94027a401dd693bf3….jpg)


Bu-But it's autistic and the inline is shit.


File: 2ad509b5504ee2d⋯.jpg (60.73 KB, 1304x316, 326:79, dude.jpg)


That's okay, post it anyway. If you have the self-awareness required to know it's bad you're certainly not a shitter so it's fine.


File: abe326a0fb71c69⋯.png (359.12 KB, 639x626, 639:626, mNCkdzS.png)


I think I've already posted it a couple times, but the embarrassment always kills me a little inside whenever I show it. I mean Jesus Christ, look at the size of that AU, me thinks I got a little carried away.


Making Inlines IS a lot of fun though, I should really make some more for my other characters.



Only do it if you're prepared to have the turbo-autists that browse this thread take pathetic pot shots at you to try and look cool to the other turbo-autists. If you can deal with that, by all means, go ahead.



I'm a strong boy I can take it.



Oh, hey, it's you. Your profile is fine anon, but you use the word "seem(s)" way too much. Whay you're looking for is pretty niche, so besides that it's no fault of your own you're not finding play, hang in there. I've thought you but I like my mecha gritty instead of animeme – I hope you find someone soon though.



>If you have the self-awareness required to know it's bad you're certainly not a shitter so it's fine.




Thought about contacting you*

Don't drink and shitpost.


Fuck off Pan



Yeah I noticed that myself? I do use "Seems" a lot? I like writing my profiles like it's someone writing a report about the character. I should probably cut it out honestly. That's alright, personally, I like my mecha light-hearted and goofy, and with an ending where the MC and or the love interest doesn't fucking die.


File: 801a1c88276d759⋯.png (281.56 KB, 400x398, 200:199, 36256160_617459415286637_3….png)


The intent is good, but the way it's written makes it seem like you're really unsure about who your character is and/or trying to be as accommodating as possible to a potential partner (at the expense of your own character, so it's not good). Overall, the fact you're antsy to find some play ASAP shows through the writing, I'd say? Maybe you'd have more success if you did that?



Fair enough. I should probably do some light rewriting then, remove a whole lotta seems and all that. I think I'll get on that. I'll probably have to do it with a lot of my other profiles since I write them all in a similar way. I appreciate the feedback, means a lot m'dude.


File: 238c3a631378736⋯.jpg (23.1 KB, 640x427, 640:427, iZiMcGZ_d.jpg)


No prob, bob. Best of luck on your travels.


Has anybody on this Godforsaken site ever gotten a scene after posting their profile?



Yeah. I've played with a number of people who've posted profiles here. I've not posted my own, however.



Yes, but I find people on /erp/ to be flaky as fuck.



post link


File: c40baec425b0b99⋯.png (51.51 KB, 1702x244, 851:122, firefox_2018-07-10_05-23-5….png)



>google it

>google's image for it is from Encyclopedia Dramatica




Blame the shitty blues.



I have a feeling that most people here are just as bad as those they complain about.

But I don't use F-List and I just follow these threads because a friend of mine who uses F-List linked it and I find them hilarious.



Found one of my favorite partners here.


File: bab7cb3f9afba93⋯.png (2.43 MB, 1280x1820, 64:91, 4b9504ea502c027bd82fb911ba….png)


They are anon. In a lot of cases, much worse. That said these threads were both amusing to read in how much a handful of tards can screech and it helped me find some real fun partners, so I'm happy




Found a few interesting people but pretty sure that this is the wrong thread for finding people as people here can only bitch and moan, like the thread name implies.


>all these invisible dick animu faceclaim "shemales"



File: 8dbd889d16ca2a7⋯.jpg (159.67 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1452145124798.jpg)

>someone vague posts about you, thinking you blocked them

>counter vague post, so they know you're seeing their dumb shit

>they leave the room

is there a better feeling


File: 5f9658f50487811⋯.jpg (45.66 KB, 621x716, 621:716, vomiting.jpg)

>When they like diapers


File: 91a44f55e01f96e⋯.jpg (23.88 KB, 288x252, 8:7, 1521304555071.jpg)

>have a good friend in a room you're in

>that good friend is interacting with someone that's constantly waving for attention



I have yet to see a single person into diapers who wasn't a complete trainwreck. Like, even people into scat have a few people who aren't absolutely disgusting despite the fetish.



Diapers aren't that bad but when a majority of people cant RP or type a sentence, you ask some questions.


File: 22479f58daf6f56⋯.jpg (74.09 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, kamisama_kiss-12-nanami-de….jpg)


>tfw have good friends in the room you hangout it in

>they talk to you on discord allday but ignore you in the room even when you talk to them directly



It's a mixed bag naturally. Some people are good some people are bad.

To me, however. The appeal of browsing this board for profiles is that because F-list's search system is so horribly bad so much just slips through the cracks. If your too specific you get nothing, and if your too vague you get 90 pages of trash.

So this offers a bit of randomness that can surprise me. Or at the very least consider stuff I wouldn't normally.


File: a295826ec4093cc⋯.png (180.35 KB, 500x405, 100:81, 1517618066726.png)


>have good friends

>they ignore you both on F-List and discord

>still consider them good friends because they're the only ones you have


File: ade52873931dbdf⋯.jpg (46.73 KB, 500x669, 500:669, 1509811068136.jpg)


>Diapers aren't that bad

Are you PampersPal?


>shitter messages you

>ghost them after a few sentences

>they get more and more desperate




You mean you can't tell that a bara male character is male unless there are pictures of the dick?

You are beyond gay.


wow u gotem



With shemales, the dick is essential. It's what sets a shemale and normal female apart. Dick and balls. With bara males, you assume they are males, even if you don't need to see their dick. But if it's a cuntboy bara, then of course, the vagena makes the difference and thus should be shown.



The only thing showing here is your autism.



t. Instagram bitch faceclaim "herm"



Does someone make a valid argument? Better call them autistic, that'll save you from needing to actually make a counterpoint.


File: 2ba8ff242aac1ca⋯.jpg (122.22 KB, 654x735, 218:245, 8.jpg)


Personally I don't see the problem unless there are pictures where there's clearly a vagina - as far as I'm concerned the absence of a visible pussy on a shemale is far more important than the presence of a visible dick. This hobby is all about imagination, so why wouldn't I be able to imagine a cock on a girl who has shown no indication of having a pussy?

t. bara cuntboy who got desperate but not desperate enough to use furry or modeseven art



Lack of bulge means presence of pussy though. Unless, of course, the dick is tugged in. But then the premise of "20 inches of beer can thick horse cock" breaks my suspension of disbelief.


File: db053703620cbc5⋯.gif (438.85 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 1457560707545.gif)

[11:32] A Chucklefuck: Hello there. I was simply coming by to ask you if you'd like to do or discuss a scene together?

[11:35] Me: Did you read the profile?

[11:36] A Chucklefuck: No

[11:37] Me: I don't mean to be rude, but you'd save a bit of time if you did that first.

[11:37] A Chucklefuck: Actually it's the opposite :)

[11:37] A Chucklefuck: Save time by not reading the profile.

[11:40] System: A Chucklefuck has been added to your ignore list.



I guess he did save time, just not in the way he intended.



>bara cuntboy

post profile you fucking



>bara cuntboy

post profile you fucking faggot


File: 5db5d1c7964ce04⋯.jpg (85.83 KB, 650x720, 65:72, IMG_3259.JPG)


He coulda saved time by just saying "nou". Basically what his blithering meant.



Actually blocking retards.


File: ffb95fda53f9b23⋯.gif (172.36 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1463115945732.gif)


Is that true anon




wait that art is so masculine and cute at the same time w t f


>receive a pretty good starter

>it's from someone playing as Wario

>just can't get into the idea of being fucked by him despite how appealing the set-up was

Life sure is suffering.



"Who is Greedy Wario?" For 500, Alex. I always get a gigglesnort out of WAHQUEEN.


>see a prime name

>profile completely empty

>last updated months ago

>same as creation date

>pm them if they need this profile

>no response

>5minutes later

>they deleted the profile and created it again

>check 10 hours later

>still completely empty

>same shitter as same timezone in profile set

how do i get human trash like this banned? Im sick of these name blocking shitters.



Yes, it was him. Although he ended up making a quick throwaway profile for me after I explained the situation and it all worked out in the end.



Report them for it, mentioning this situation specifically. If F-List's backend is anywhere near what it should be they should have some basic-bitch logging for things like name ownership.



I've never seen a better example of "regurgitating a thesaurus". Holy fuck is this painful to read.



They actually claimed they don't when I was complaining about a name.



t. purple or lesbian pink



>All of these profiles

Treat, is that you?


> Make a blue with a filled out profile; detailing the world and the lore around them.

> Make a purple with an empty profile

If you can guess which one got the most approaches, you'll win a free fist up the ass!



I'm sorry.



Did the blue have any sex appeal?


File: da9512c9aa6fb23⋯.png (413.21 KB, 1054x1399, 1054:1399, 63489350_p0.png)


Post the blue nerd



If you're into tall, demonic daddy types, then I guess he does!


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


See video. More seriously, you might need someone to talk to. Something been troubling you lately?



I hope you're into some modern fantasy bullshit, cause that's what I have here


Still need to touch this shit up a bit





So the answer would be 'no'?



Perhaps "daddy" is the wrong word – seeing as the character has no children – let's just say he's "Mature" looking.

As for sex appeal. it's more of a question of taste, and whether that is something someone is into.


File: 2d56b1acdd1f573⋯.png (23.07 KB, 125x127, 125:127, jii.png)


Jesus fucking Christ, where do I even begin with you? Oh wait, that's right, by poisoning my lungs with some nicotine first. We're gonna have a field day buster.



Take it easy on that nicotine, anon. Life's far too precious to simply waste it!

Think of the children man, woman or whatever you maybe!


File: 103452985b3799d⋯.jpg (78.75 KB, 668x767, 668:767, image.jpg)


I can't stand my own writing to the point where reading the logs I wrote a day before makes me want to vomit. I'm jealous of people who write better and I'm killing myself with overtime just so I don't have time to stare at F-list after burning bridges with every partner who would take me. I just wanted to typefuck. kill me.



That's Satin, isn't it?


File: 0f58fb7f52e0fcd⋯.jpg (136.34 KB, 850x900, 17:18, sample_306cf062deb8327cd61….jpg)



Alright. Jesus fucking Christ. I'm still not sure where to even start noting what's so bad about that shit. So let's just fucking go one at a time. That's not a fucking Daddy. That is nowhere near a fucking Daddy. That's a fucking twink. The worst kind of fucking twink, the one I would be too disgusted to even have lick the dirt off the heels of my boots. That shit doesn't make me scream FUCK ME PAPI it makes a knot form in the depths of my stomach. It's the equivalent of an anime boy sitting underneath a tree with a CD player, that's how bad it is. The first picture especially. Fucking Comic-Toons, really?

And get rid of those fucking text inlines. They are a massive fucking eyesore and it makes me want to claw my eyes out just so the jagged edges and the horrible bloom on them will stop punishing me. I can't even bring myself to read the rest of your actual meat due to how downright cringe-inducing that quote of yours is. What are you, fucking twelve? Get some God damn taste, for Pete's sake. Make an inline out of that if you want to keep it but you're still better off scrapping it entirely for something else. Also, you're not fooling anybody with the name you fucking Half-Demon / Half-Angel weaboo.

And fucking (will be explained later)? Really? Fuck outta here, re-write that entire shit and actually make it interesting and appealing instead of reading like some horrible self-insert on fanfiction.net. Hell who am I kidding, that IS a self-insert in its most pure form. I ain't bothering to read the rest of that biography/sample roleplay shit you posted underneath it because that's how bad first impressions are. Same shit with your fucking retarded powers, I ain't reading more than that shit. Nobody is going to read past the first power and not roll their fucking eyes at some prissy anime bitchboi lifting over 10 tons.

And your custom kinks are fucking atrocious. Just the super-villainess one makes me want to puke. The rest are either unwritten or so fucking poor they actively sap away any desire I have to write smut for the night. You can't even capitalize shit properly, for fucks sakes.

I have a fucking cute little marshmallow boy dipped in caramel that is pending his third rewrite now that I got some more experience on him and fully realized how to play off his innocence and cuteness and I'm able to get amazing plays with him. This isn't about being a blue, this is about you being an utter shit. The kind of approaches you get on your purple is from fucking Mindy__Cocksucker and the like, not anything remotely good, don't kid yourself.

Nuke the profile and either go back to square one with your writing as a whole or neck yourself fam. This is the kind of shit that makes me despise writing strong and assertive bottoms.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I don't know if you're necessarily looking for advice, but something that might help is to look into what the people you play or have played with think of your writing. Not to ask them for feedback for what you can improve, but rather if they enjoyed (or not) playing with you. While you might hate what you write it's important to remember typefucking is a two-man endeavor, and so it's also worth taking into account what they have to think, if only to give you a clearer picture of your writing. If they like it, is it really as bad as you insist it is? I realize it sounds silly, but it something that might help keep your head above water when you need it most. When you feel like this, it generally never helps to listen to the voice in your head. It just makes you sink back into yourself even further.

Is there any way for you to maybe find someone professional to talk to? Not someone who'll put you on medication and see you off, someone who you can sit down and talk to about these inadequacies, how you struggle to do anything. It's pretty armchair psychologist but it sounds like textbook depression (maybe also a case of imposter syndrome if you allow me to reach), and you do deserve better than to have to sit in that hole.

What do you do besides typefucking? It might help to focus on that instead for a bit, even if I realize that probably sounds like a stupid idea. You're already wasting time, why should you waste more etc. - but it does sound like there's a very real case for you deserving to relax a little.

I apologize for all the armchair psychology nonsense, I just don't want to be like 'lol sucks to be you'. That doesn't help anybody.




Delete everything, start a new account from scratch, avoid old partners and forge new ones. It's what I did and it helps immensely to pull yourself out of that kind of rut since you're literally burning away your former self and starting anew. As long as you avoid the same pitfalls and don't go hounding the same partners, you'll be fine anon.



Now.that's what I call butt hurt, wow.


File: 0b3a01fe35f2c2e⋯.jpg (10.57 KB, 184x184, 1:1, Kotonoha.jpg)


Damn son.

At least you are not a purple, right?


File: 0356401b2877ba4⋯.png (494.32 KB, 630x765, 14:17, DMz0SHdUEAAkkDa.png)


It's more so annoyance and anger over every shitter expecting shit despite being absolutely terrible.


A blue which got bitched about in this thread at one point or another very briefly and a pink which I posted in the profile thread. It's not hard to figure out which.


File: 1c5c36e728d94b8⋯.jpg (74.04 KB, 483x523, 483:523, 1444145479170.jpg)


And yet none of his critiques are things I didn't myself feel when looking at that profile. The combination of giant white text and collapsible boxes is seriously just unpleasant to look at. Also, if your character is as generic as unrelated anime guy images and "demon/vampire detective," then maybe you shouldn't lead with a huge backstory that pertains more to one specific setting than the character itself. Like, why would you devote [i]that[/i] many paragraphs to your character's child and wife and [i]drama[/i] on a site like F-List?

Those custom kinks alone are probably why he doesn't get any action.


File: 0bd700e3f5c4233⋯.gif (225.36 KB, 160x320, 1:2, 1530558880242.gif)


>A blue and pink

Then you are free of sin.


File: a80c795a984553a⋯.jpg (12.24 KB, 235x318, 235:318, hat.jpg)



I agree with best sister. Nuke the entire thing.

Your inline text hurts to see because of the jagged edges around it. If you're not going to make an interesting design or be clever with it, then inlines are nothing but a shortcut and anyone worth their salt will be more than aware of this. You're just trying to consume space so it looks like there's more content on the profile, much in the same way when a child writes extra big letters just so he can write less on his three-page essay. You need to create the content first then you can make the design. This only becomes interchangeable once you either have a clear idea for the character or are just that much a veteran with profile design. You are neither.

You're using too many collapses. Why? For what purpose? If you absolutely insist on it, you could have easily put "Nature's Mistake" in a quote and indented it a bit whilst remaining in the Biography tab. This is stylistically pleasing and doesn't require a reader to start clicking away. Remember: People have decided whether they'd like to RP with you or not in the first five seconds of seeing your profile. Proving competence and taste inside that window is crucial so you can lure potential partners in. Again, you have neither. Powers and Abilities are fairly useless to separate. Be creative. Prove that you'll actually use them in play and that you'll use them properly by letting the reader see how you use them in your content. If you can't use them properly, then you shouldn't have them. Assuming your profile was appealing and successfully hooked some attention, you would still fail here as you must also sustain it. Also, you need to stop spacing so much. Two sentences is not a paragraph. You're doing the space consumption thing again. You also use '–' too much. Stop it. You're not sophisticated if you do it. I perform plays that dwarf this to a fraction and I use the double-dash maybe three times total throughout the entire scene.

Capitalizing isn't difficult. I can't really explain more than that.

The Order inline is abhorrent. Render the background, make it fit in with your preferred theme, or don't bother at all. You couldn't even be asked to make a fuzzy fade around the edges just so it can feel a little more natural in it's standing out against the website. This reeks of someone who's lazy and believes themselves otherwise. Either do the thing right or don't do it at all. You'll always come out weaker with an inline like that. Especially when you can just do [color=white][big][b]THE ORDER[/b][/big][/color] with more pleasing results. As you can tell, that's the absolute most basic headline and it somehow still comes off as superior to what you put there.

You also failed to capitalize The Order a few times in the explanation of what it is. It's a name. You capitalize it if you put it in quotations because, presumably, you're referring to it as it's named rather than it's organization type.

Do not post your ad on your profile. That comes off as trashy. I keep my ads on a hidden profile. Your ad isn't complex enough to justify that though, which means it's also not complex enough to justify a spot on your main profile.

Your images are very poorly picked. A cropjob from a mediocre porn comic is the first thing I see. This detracts points from your tastes and competence once more. If you're beyond salvation in your ability to assume what people like to see and raw typing talent, then why would I bother? All the pictures are generic vampire pictures from what I assume to be Hellsing. This is just… Bad. Faceclaims need to work the extra mile to be appealing just so we can justify to ourselves why we'd play with you rather than with the original thing. After all, if someone finds you through Alucard pictures or an Alucard icon, they're going to want Alucard. They will be disappointed otherwise and will feel the need to be compensated for this. Succeed in making a good character that would interest them and you're fine. Needless to say, you have not.

Quotes from third parties are always tricky. Pick one relevant to your character. The quote AND the source should be relevant. Keep it tasteful. Yours is not. Making your own quote is often best because it gives us a deeper feel as to not only what your character is, but how you portray it with their dialogue. All I'm seeing is a stolen quote from someone else that you think fits your character. It tells me nothing about your portrayal.


File: 6e1d10414661760⋯.jpg (97.65 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, hathat.jpg)

>>179203 (cont)

Finally: The Kinks.

They are abhorrent. They tell me nothing. You are given a set of standard kinks that make it easier to find you through searching. If you cannot outpace their description or explanation, then you should not use customs for them to begin with.

>Black Hair and Red Lips

Nothing there. I don't know why you like it. I don't know what you like about it. I know nothing. Even if I had a character with this, you tell me nothing in how you would like it used. If you like everything about it, then tell me the everything.


See above.



Carbon copies of one another.

I've written enough. I'm not going to go through all the kinks and the massive amounts of grammatical mistakes you've made throughout them. You have no right to complain about having no attention on your male if you do not want to put effort in.

>>179200 Is someone I know and someone who's very competent. Honestly, they probably wrote the whole thing with a smile on their face. She is also best sister.

>>179201 Is also proof of someone who disapproves of the same reason. She came off as hostile, but she is still correct. I met someone who started doing this just a few months ago and is an ESL. They are infinitely superior to you in both profile design and writing ability. What's your excuse? Take these criticisms and try again. I honestly feel like I wasted too much time on this anyways.





Who let the purples out?



not the one you're responding to, but that's a pretty childish reaction. it just looks like constructive criticism to me. and I agree with most of their points as well.


File: c081d55d375586b⋯.jpg (75.17 KB, 600x838, 300:419, c081d55d375586bc3aa91d46cd….jpg)


You could at least bother to argue against their points.


File: 630801ec4126760⋯.png (171 KB, 330x400, 33:40, wah.png)


Yes, I play mostly purples. I like purples. Some of my most successful profiles in the past have also been blues. I know what I'm talking about and I'm actually a little sad I went through all the trouble of typing that to help you and your reaction is to say I'm purple. Like me playing shemales somehow invalidates my opinion and competence.

You're not getting play because you're bad and you refuse to improve. We all start off bad. You can't control that. We can all choose to improve. You have not. That's why you're not getting play.



>Yes, I play mostly purples

Opinion discarded then.


File: bb05aef227b49b8⋯.jpg (28.57 KB, 254x257, 254:257, 1462462723383.jpg)







Even knowing this is another anon shitposting, have this. https://www.f-list.net/c/takeda%20shingen/ This is literally stylizing a wikipedia article on a historical figure and giving it a slight bit of pazaz and something that's literally nothing more than a dumping ground for my inlines, image tests, and writing. This shit in the state its in with the fluff not properly touched up and checked for errors has better odds of getting play than that shit.



I'm not sure if that's even the same guy anon. It's probably just some random shitposter



Your profile is edge-lord garbage and given the man-baby tantrum you threw over people giving you genuine advice I'm not even going to bother. Everything about it is bad, much like yourself and your writing.


File: 470da203cd81f92⋯.png (50.78 KB, 420x294, 10:7, 1341894264736_6970126.png)

That one profile was utter garbage but

>purples unironically thinking their opinion matter

lol no



Can confirm that grizzled asian > OP sob story-reliant vampire.


>Edgelord Vampire

This is the reason why blues get ignored, they get paired with this kind of Gary Stu garbo



I can't speak for all partners, but I do find the writing to be kinda bland: I feel like what you're trying to accomplish is add something pompous, almost boasting and proud to how everything's written, but it lacks some sort of flair, that aforementioned pazaz - there needs to be more of that, and more about the character themselves. That and gray would probably look better being substituted with white, but that's >opinions. Not that you asked for (shitty) feedback. Sorry.


File: 59d71f6c6f66e7b⋯.jpg (240.29 KB, 898x1200, 449:600, 61567529_p4_master1200.jpg)


Oh, no doubt it's bland. Like I said, it's basically a rewrite of a Wikipedia article that I tried exercising some formatting choices and inline attempts with. The pazaz itself was more of an "it's rewritten in a style". Whether the style is good or not, I can guarantee its not, since it still reads like a biography online. [sub]I kinda like it, not entirely sure why, but I do. Hence why I also re-used the style on my other servant.[/sub]


So is it now safe to assume that all whiny blues are just self-insert anime boys?



Pretty much.

As bad as the purples being shitty RPers and powergaming males.


I have never been accused of Godmoding in over a decade of RPing, but I'm pretty sure I do it. Generally, if I go to grab/hold someone to force them down, I don't bother writing 'attempts to' very often.



>Half-demon vampire

I honestly don't need to read the rest of the profile. Even a pink would get laughed at for this gaiaonline tier shit.



Because a dominant doesn't attempt to. A dominant does.

This fear of godmodding faggots have is a holdover from freeform combat RPs on MMOs. Just put your dick inside me. Don't attempt to and have me attempt to push it down harder. It creates an unnecessary pause in the scene waiting for consent of something we both want and stifles the amount of action you can fit into one post.



I don't think people usually mind if the scene has already been established to be a nonconsensual one. It only becomes a problem when you shove something from their maybe or no list down their throat.


File: 1a53f401d628972⋯.png (12.16 KB, 128x128, 1:1, 56499.png)



If it's in your Favorites, I assume it's okay to just go ahead and do the thing. If I really like it and it's just in your Yes, then maybe though I'll be tentative. Maybe and No's I don't even touch unless we established otherwise before.

I agree. We're here to fuck. I'm not waiting for you to accept me ramming my dick up your ass if Anal is your favorites.


File: 0ec4a5580a98728⋯.jpg (55.69 KB, 800x450, 16:9, MT.jpg)

>Make a dom

>Get other doms PMing me immediately

>They all want to Co-Op dom a NPC together



>shitter bitches at me cause i dont want to rp rightnow

>wow gonna unbookmark you, your loss

>bitch i couldnt care less, only 199 left, like it fucking maters

>he blocks me after this



File: f932bf7dc5de980⋯.png (907.43 KB, 662x800, 331:400, 5743.png)


>lol no

Your opinion on other people's opinion is just as shit as their own opinion in my opinion.

Ur a faget tho lol.



People have praised my writing a lot and they tell me I'm a good roleplayer and shit but I feel it's just out of courtesy or pity because they know/sense I'm a raging bitch nigga or something. What makes me think that is that these people don't contact me to play anymore, or they delete their profiles without leaving another, etc. I think it's my fault.

No way in hell I can go to a shrink, it's expensive and I've been to one before and it was really shitty and I just left it really angered. I know not all of them are bad, but I think I'll be fine. I do a lot of stuff besides typefucking: /tg/, vidya, sportsball, the works – it's just that this is the only hobby I have I suck dick at (not in the nice way) y'know?

Thank you for talking to me. It's good to be able to get this off my chest.



Wow, lots of daddy issues in this post.


File: e97b225c1720b2a⋯.jpg (203.84 KB, 1160x800, 29:20, 3DXChat_2018-07-06_06-57-1….jpg)


What is tucking?

But okay, fine, but not all clothes are so fitting as to not leave it ambiguous.

If you are upset about ambiguous pictures where you can't tell whether there is a cock or pussy, you are seriously gay and autistic.


I hate the cuntboy thing, but cute pictures.


People who use collapsibles like that are an auto-avoid, for sure.

But why tell them that?

Now I have to figure out more instant-signs to avoid people if you point out what is giving away the awful taste that they have.

Let people believe that a bunch of empty collapsibles are a good thing so I can quick filter them, for fucks sake.


This is actually okay except for trying too hard with that "- [b]better[/b] -" which just ruins the otherwise decent flow you had going. Would be better if the first paragraph were a little shorter, as well. It feels like it should be the shortest paragraph of the three, but instead it's the longest.

Besides that, I mostly disagree with the other anon's criticism. I also hate when people completely overdo the writing of their profile, spending days on it, and making it completely unrepresentative of the sort of writing they accomplish when they have a few minutes to post.


If you're actually good, people you see as decent will shower you with adoration and practically treat you like a dog, not just say

>Your writing is so nice; cheer up!







There are questions as to why yoko is cancer. Let me give you the gist of it, paraphrased of course

>Yoko enters a room "Good morning friends c:"

>Yoko sees something she disagrees with "I am right, you are wrong, provide proof while I provide no proof. Here's another sarcastic remark that's passive aggressive with a smiley face on the end to try and disguise the fact that I'm a bitch c:"

>Yoko starts talking to her three or four friends and soon 60% of the messages are just her random bullshit and treating a 400 person room like her own personal blog.

>Yoko sees an innocent conversation in which one person says they don't like a kink "Kinkshaming is morally wrong and should be ban worthy tbh c:"

>Yoko two minutes later "Kill all flatties, they are subhuman and terrible because they don't enjoy having tits that could break your back. c:"

>Yoko proceeds like this for a few hours until she logs off and everyone else can breathe and start enjoying the room she infected with her presence again.

tl;dr: she's a hypocrite and pretty much everyone thinks she's unbearable.



She honestly didn't seem that bad when she approached me. I'm appalled. Guess I dodged a bullet.



>Yoko sees an innocent conversation in which one person says they don't like a kink

To be honest I could do without that all together as well. If someone's interacting with you and you don't like the kink it's all well and good to tell them 'no thank you', but talking about kinks you don't like out of the blue… I don't see why.



In this case it would be two people discussing things where a kink one doesn't really like comes up, rather than just out of the blue



Ah, seems harmless enough then.







Tucking is, well, -tucking- your dick between your legs to help lessen or eliminate bulge appearance from the front.



Anons like this are why no one posts their profiles. You're not being helpful, you're just being a shithead.



There's no saving that shit profile and the player who made it. The only recourse is to use it to vent.



>Goes to profile

>Opens up collapses

Yeah no, he deserves this. Shut the fuck up you garbage roleplayer.



Why do you keep using bbcode? Are you retarded?


File: 6d4cf2e8d62d8af⋯.png (1019.27 KB, 610x860, 61:86, oda_nobunaga_and_oda_nobun….png)


Fuck off with that bullshit, I don't want to see another waste of space populate the whore threads talking about how cute Mommy's titties are when they suckle on them with their self-insert. Especially not when it's someone who believes in blue's having a hard time getting play and it's entirely because of that meme and not that they themselves are beyond fucking redemption.


Yes, yes I am.



There's genuine criticism here and even friendlier criticism from the anon using the Hat Kid art. I'd say that was the best response ever.



Even if he complete garbage, you can make your points in a way that are constructive. Everyone just piled on him. Do I disagree with the core of your assessment? No. It was the type of blue I'd check out and then immediately ignore, but you can politely give advice and hope he takes it to heart. "ur shit my dude neck yourself" is as edgy as his OC character.



Wah wah wah dont be mean wah wah wah



>Even if he complete garbage, you can make your points in a way that are constructive.

Oh boo fucking hoo.


File: e4b414f6e11fe00⋯.jpg (45.42 KB, 679x960, 679:960, 10832255.jpg)


If he wants to be coddled, he can ignore my post and read the two offered up by Hat Kid. But I'm not going to extend the courtesy of respect and understanding to someone who thinks it's easier to get decent play on a shemale than it is on a blue. These sort of people deserve to be laughed at, humiliated, and scorned for they are everything that's wrong with both blues and purples on F-List. In the meantime, have tits





I don't know what I expected. You all have a nice day.


File: 604e90336a94c4b⋯.jpg (658.84 KB, 904x565, 8:5, 06d904676dc596276b8400e61c….jpg)


Don't let the door hit you off your high horse on the way out.


File: 7ab62709a199676⋯.jpg (46.83 KB, 621x926, 621:926, monakid.jpg)


So either you somehow thought I insulted the profile and don't want to point out how or you're just ignoring me and are cherrypicking just so you can take the moral high ground.

Either option is bad.



how is that not helpful? sure, they could've down toned the excessively dramatic theatrics, but they offered plenty of advice on how to fix and improve their profile. I wish my faggot partners would be blunt with telling me what's wrong my my writing/profile instead of fellating my ego and telling me that I'm the best writer on the planet.



>it's easier to get decent play on a shemale than it is on a blue.

Technically, it is. But the problem is the 'decent play' you get is from people who can type well but are autistic as fuck retards like Yoko and Ainmire.



>thinks it's easier to get decent play on a shemale than it is on a blue

I don't think anyone would argue that it ISN'T easier because it clearly is, but that said, you can get plenty of play on a blue as well. You just have to convince people they're sexy.





>Decent play

The only way you could classify her as decent would be if you were some weird ass fucker who actually finds 19-30 inches in length and some 5 inches in girth hot and not downright hilarious to the point it breaks up all involvement one can have in a scene with her. Ainmire, I don't know for jackshit so I can't comment. And it's not easier to get decent play with a shemale compared to a male. It's easier to get a lot of sub-par, forgettable, and shit play with a Shemale because there are a lot more thirsty faggots who want Mommy to jab their sissyclit or random 3dpd pinks, but even Shemales need to crawl through the trash to find the gems in the rough as much as a blue does. If you can't find them it doesn't matter what gender you are.



I'm that weird ass fucker and I don't think she's decent. :^)



>make a muscular bitch of a pink that's all about shit talking and dominating anyone who comes her way until someone she can't handle puts her in her place

>so many shemale characters that start off ridiculously arrogant end up humping my leg and begging to cum like obedient dogs because apparently talking down to and sitting on the face of a "bitchbreaker" is all it takes to make them lose their spine



I've never actually played with Yoko myself, but I've seen multiple anons say she writes well but is too fucking stupid OOC. I have no idea.



>And it's not easier to get decent play with a shemale compared to a male.

I disagree, but I don't see why people play it like a zero sum game anyway. Males will appeal to some, shemales will appeal to others. Play both and you're hitting both targets, easy peasy.


I've gotta be honest, I don't really care that much about domming/subbing. If someone wants to take the reins and put me in my place it'd be a breath of fresh air to be honest. Hell I get dommed more on my dominant characters than my subs.


File: 09b22f5efd29391⋯.jpg (34.54 KB, 554x439, 554:439, shrug.jpg)


Picture related


Post the profile, you got me curious now and pink-on-pink power struggles/domination is enjoyable



That's exactly how she is.



Don't forget the moments she has a complete meltdown because of criticism. She obsessively checks this place to see if anyone is talking about her as well. Would be a shame if more anons told her how shit she was! c;


File: 24553f3c11e2817⋯.jpg (90.12 KB, 526x701, 526:701, introspective doggo.jpg)


So I'm one of the bads, right anon? What do I do? Do I aim lower? Do I go away until I get good? I just want to enjoy this hobby.



I have firsthand experience giving it a go with her. She doesn't write well. It's less erotica she writes, instead she seems to write a piece that includes as many kinks and different buzzwords she can fit in a paragraph. She'll hammer in the words 'alpha' and 'daddy' until they don't look like words anymore, and she has no ability to describe something in a vivid way. Yoko tries to cobble together something that is appealing based purely on what she sees other people say, without any idea how to actually be appealing herself. Thus she compensates by trying to draw in new partners with titty gifs while everyone talks about her behind her back and warns others away. There's quite a few of my friends who keep tabs on her characters just so we can warn each other away from her, because she's one of those two-faced weirdos who'll speak to you like you're dirt on one character then pretend she's someone else entirely on another character. Her autism isn't worth dealing with once, let alone multiple times.


File: 789f4d840ed2bcc⋯.jpg (56.17 KB, 335x474, 335:474, so noisy.jpg)

>Take a break from playing blues and purples and make an honest pink

>Get nothing and feel nothing from receiving dicc, even if I theoretically want to get off from my pink's ass bouncing on someone's lap

This seems to be a hell of a roadblock. I don't want to just turn her into a futa/shemale, but at the same time, I'm getting nothing. Is it one of those 'right partner hasn't come' deals?



I don't understand what you mean by "honest pink". And if you don't like getting dick, then you don't like it. Stick to fucking things? Nothing wrong with that.



It's just a phrase. It's meant to emphasize something new in how I used it. Is English your second language?



It's not. No need to be hostile, anon. I was just confused by what you meant.


File: 39756bf35c0114d⋯.gif (131.65 KB, 310x266, 155:133, kirby confused.gif)



Anon nowhere in my previous statement did I use any sort of hostile language toward you. I was simply trying to explain to you, m8 (´・ω・`)



And what part of insinuating I'm a non-native English speaker is explaining it to me?



Anon an insinuation is an indirect question or statement brought on by a 'hint' of mine. For instance, if we were at a party and I said to you:

>Wow, you're pretty bold wearing that here…

I'm insinuating you're dressed like garbage and yes, that is derogatory. I asked you a direct question because I honestly didn't know if it was your second or first language (´・ω・`)


File: 6c6b094c962a427⋯.gif (1.4 MB, 500x281, 500:281, ooZoI69.gif)


Uh-huh. You have a nice rest of your night anon.


Just call each other niggers already and get it over with.


File: 62265f757900c91⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 33.76 KB, 300x290, 30:29, 1530569685436.jpg)


>smug anime girl

>Dismissive tumblr phrasing


What are you insinuating?



I think the retard meant that it's a pink that doesn't magically grow a cock.


File: 644f1a1e26993d7⋯.gif (1.04 MB, 500x564, 125:141, 42aad426-f4ae-4839-8044-55….gif)


>The only way you could classify her as decent would be if you were some weird ass fucker who actually finds 19-30 inches in length and some 5 inches in girth hot and not downright hilarious

Honestly I'm feeling so attacked right now–

Seriously though Yoko a shit. Hell, just automatically assume everyone in STGC is extremely shit on the basis of garbage kinks (that aren't hyper). Fullstop.



>*make garbage*

"W-Why is no one approaching me"

Typical blue name trash.



To specify further; all kinks are garbage, but some are more garbage than others.

>Queen Alpha Niggercunt: HHHMMMBUUOOGHHUOOGHH HORSECOCKHORSECOCK [eicon]cummies[/eicon]





I know it's a little late, but my mans, you need to really work on your social skills, period. You've got that really forced, hamfisted "I'm totally not underaged guys! For real!" shit going on with how you type.



There's literally nothing wrong with hyper. And even if you find the idea of skirting realism and extreme stomach bulging to be silly, you can always take the approach of it being too big to ever fit and going full-body outercourse on the thing. Nursing on the head while it spills precum into your mouth to gulp down endlessly. Wrapping yourself around with arms and thighs to slowly writhe in their lap, while you grind with your torso and let your slimy, twitching cunt (or lame, inferior dick) drool all over the base. Don't you think it hot to come across a cock you could never possibly make cum but still shamelessly worship like a piece of trash?


File: 6e970df1c370ddd⋯.png (44.59 KB, 1128x943, 1128:943, Gooby car suspicious hd n….png)


>There's literally nothing wrong with hyper



>Fantasy Roleplay website

>Get upset when people give themselves huge dongs



File: 60407b8a46a890c⋯.png (296.12 KB, 1244x1155, 1244:1155, dolan.png)


Shut up gooby what do you know about hyper anyway



I, too, get upset at the mere thought of people liking something I dislike and call any fetish I personally dislike bad on an objective level.


File: fba49001c0b12b1⋯.gif (383.29 KB, 1280x1171, 1280:1171, c0a60c76-497a-4a3b-a448-ac….gif)


>Playing it more like a disability with the weight and size of said endowments being exhausting, and (aside from more or less infinite jizz) having to jerk off hourly just to relieve pressure, dehydration and nutrient deficiency from constant cum/milk output, public decency struggles



I have one character that deals with some of that. And also with the frustration of never really never being able to fuck good because, lets face it. No sane woman is going to want, let alone survive, being plowed by a cock that big. Things like hyper can be really fun to play with when characters aren't just giant infinite-mass balloons that can support anything and take any kind of insertion without any issue.

Plus, I won't lie. I really, really enjoy getting to write about enormous, sloppy cocks slowly getting hard because I'm a degenerate pervert.



While I do like massive insertions, there's a whole lot more that can be done with a ginormous dong. Primarily putting toys/arms/other dicks into it. Personally I'm impartial to describing grotesquely thick cum, like steamy, dense pudding. Umf.



>putting things in the dick aside from a tongue

No, stop. You're ruining it.


File: aff201d9d55f151⋯.jpg (17.71 KB, 240x240, 1:1, IMG_20180707_153958.jpg)


>it's okay to stick your (probably excessively long) tongue into a gigantic dick but no fingers/dildos/dicks/anything

golly aren't we picky



I guess another dick would be fine too. Gosh..



I mean, you can do that with anything.

>Consensual Sex Cuddlebug: MMMMMMM I WUV U ^____^ <3<3<3



I've gotten way more play on character with 30+ inch cocks than I've gotten with ones that have 6 inch cocks. And if you're below 5? Fucking forget about it. May as well be a cuntboy.



But I love playing mommy for characters with small dicks.



Good for you and the 10 other people out there.


>like hard non-con female on male rape

>keep getting people who ask "WHY WOULDNT HE /ENJOY/ BEING RAPED TO MINDBREAK?!"

well gee its almost as if raping someone isnt gonna be pleasant for the person being raped



Whomst is this directed towards


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


At the risk of also including myself in this, I recognize and understand that line of thinking - and after having people call me out for not believing what they have to say, I had to realize they really mean it when they say they like my work. I use this example because, especially knowing how F-list is like, they'd be telling you you're a good writer if they didn't explicitly mean it. If they actually stuck around to finish the play, if they bothered not to flake, decline or even outright block you on the spot… that's a good sign. If it helps, it's okay to ask what they like about your writing, just to hopefully make things clearer. But that might be projecting. I unfortunately can't say anything about your writing since we haven't played, so I do suggest asking anybody who's played with you in the off-chance it might help, if only just.

I brought up the shrink on the off-chance you might live somewhere you don't have to pay off your house to go to one - and it's unfortunate you found someone who didn't help you. I do want to reaffirm you might really have a very real case of Imposter Syndrome, which if nothing else might at least put a name to your thoughts. You're not your problem, but usually it helps to have a clearer picture.

I'm terribly sorry that I'm not very good at this, but I want to try. Giving you someone to talk to is the least I can do, y'know? If nothing else I feel comfortable in saying you deserve that.


File: 584035f94ce42ed⋯.gif (1.2 MB, 408x498, 68:83, tenor.gif)

>When status feed once again reminds you that there are no good Horo profiles to fuck on F-list.


Deleting someone from your friends list doesn't remove them from your bookmarks apparently. Seems like a weird design choice.


File: 8c0bafd625cea7a⋯.jpg (182.89 KB, 1280x1808, 80:113, stupiddog.jpg)





Is it Horoble?


Add another Yoko profile to the list to avoid, I like this idea, it's like a PSA



File: 39cde22287052ec⋯.jpg (99.61 KB, 458x750, 229:375, 39cde22287052ec7a6f66200b5….jpg)



I would fill the gap, but I already have a fox ear'd character



>Nobody plays an autistic wolf that looks like a fox well

>It's an animal

>It's a shapeshifter

>It's a decade old anime character

No shit.

All of these things are litmus tests for shitters and they're all mandatory to even play the character in the first place.


>>179333 (checked)

I don't think I have anything to gain by that. One time I asked a partner if they liked our play and they answered with something like "I like stories overall!" and that really fucked me up to a disproportionate degree for some reason. I think I'd just get a limp wristed response like that if I asked.

I didn't know impostor syndrome was a thing until just now – this is interesting. I'll keep the name in mind or something.

You're good. I'm glad to be talking to you, no joke.


File: b8d86b3fba09e31⋯.jpg (347.06 KB, 1241x1244, 1241:1244, 1531070926869.jpg)



>See status

>{{Feel free to approach~}} and Looking


>No reply



>tfw you accidentally confuse someone on a Hex Maniac profile for a different Hex Maniac you've spoken to before

Are all Hexs basically interchangeable?



>All these profiles where the kink list is used not to put what kinks they like or not but to put strict guidelines of how to approach them

>All these fucking guidelines make them unapproachable

Fuck this, I'm done with F-List



File: 93be7af9ae28be5⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 20.82 KB, 600x446, 300:223, cdb.jpg)


Yeah, fuck those bitches. Good on ya for moving on.


File: 22874c78156f0fb⋯.jpg (419.77 KB, 1200x1718, 600:859, 02a1ec3d43546cadde3738b612….jpg)


For better or worse, I can't blame you for being wracked by a comment like that - it's very obvious it's a weasel answer, and hearing that's something that's going to hurt anybody who asks for feedback, even moreso someone in your… condition? That might not be the best or nicest word for it, but yeah.

I'm hardly qualified to put a diagnosis on anybody, but going by everything you've told I do strongly believe that that's what you might be dealing with - and I'm well-aware that's very difficult to deal with, much less live with. Unlike an imbalance in you r serotonin levels it isn't something you can just go on medication to 'fix', which is why I suggested seeing a therapist: but considering your poor experiences with them, not to mention the cost (unfortunately) I do understand it's a bit more difficult. It just helps to have someone to talk to.

And I'm glad you enjoy my company! I worried I might've come off as too pushy or like I'm talking at you rather than to/with you, and so it's nice to hear that isn't the case.



sauce, my man?




Horo's personality is my bread and butter when it comes to roleplaying characters but I rather grind my clit up against a grindstone than play with your fucked up kinks.



Thanks. I keep forgettibg doing that is a thing. I really need a character wwho toils in a workshop so I can slam some poor fuckmeat's pussy into a sander and eviscerate her cunt and clit before ravaging her ass with her abdomen pressed into the belt! Rather. The space between her legs so worn and ravaged by the constant friction that the belt is eventually embedded in her midriff while I masturbate using her insides!


File: 88f386bf789b5ae⋯.gif (208.36 KB, 312x322, 156:161, 1457114060397.gif)


>belt sanders



Further reinforcing why I won't please you, Fai. I know you're just memeing me.


File: 45de26321107ebd⋯.png (1.6 MB, 1627x2000, 1627:2000, 9307138.png)


This anon gets it. Slam her cunt first and pound it.


I unironically like murdering things and then fucking the corpse, or fucking thrm mid death.


File: 38461ddc190a1a7⋯.jpg (37.79 KB, 520x348, 130:87, kokopelli.jpg)

>tfw people expect a BBC room to not be shit

Cucks will never learn, will they?



There are no rooms that aren't shit.



Actually Fai, just for you I'm going to make a profile for her.



Slowly work you way up. Don't try to force yourself up there.

Just work to outdo the partners you've got, then outdo the next ones.

Or just settle for being mediocre and play with mediocre people. There's nothing wrong with that.

I don't understand all the people in these threads thinking they can give someone a check list that'll magically improve someone, when taste and skill is something you develop over time.




Again, your writing

>some poor fuckmeat's pussy into a sander and eviscerate her cunt and clit

There's so much fucking redundancy in this phrase alone.

>some poor fuckmeat into a sander and eviscerate her cunt and clit


>some poor fuckmeat into a sander and give her a new, larger gash between her legs

There, now it's at least bearable to read.

I didn't know gore fetishists standards were so low.


I had like the reverse of this for a while.

The whole

>If you think [almost] everyone is an asshole, you're the asshole

Except it was only on F-List that I thought everyone was mentally ill, a troll, asshole, etc. I never experienced that elsewhere and make friends easily elsewhere and have so many friends who I've been friends with for years and talk at least weekly with.

I think F-List is basically the containment board of RP sites.




Post results.


>Her: hey

>Me: Hi.

>Her: how are you

>Me: I'm good.

>Her: want to rp

I thought it was a fucking meme but it happened to me for the first time today. Transcript is verbatim.



I don't imagine most other RP sites are fetish driven.



lmao no




I will stalk recently created and status feed until you are found.


File: 9410eb170ae8b07⋯.jpg (64.93 KB, 564x797, 564:797, S8Yj27r.jpg)


I've had pretty good luck finding ageplay, snuff, gore, and all that out there stuff on Discord and MMORPGs. Much better luck than sifting through F-List trash and mental illness.

Pretty much some of the most taboo or extreme fetishes except for scat and boring noncon which I don't seek out.



Why do people believe the meme that this stuff is even remotely difficult to ascertain?



I've had much better luck on f-list and never ran into mental illness. Sounds like a personal problem, to be honest.



>Fai "English", if you can call it that

Yep, no idea what you're trying to say. You had a Fruedian slip, or you don't know what "ascertain" means.


>Sounds like a personal problem, to be honest.

Again, like I said >>179386

I've only had this widespread problem on F-List, and I have dozens of friends who used it a lot more than me who say the same thing.

I can't help but think that anyone who says otherwise are simply in good company.


File: 0c8c055fd380378⋯.png (78.92 KB, 480x854, 240:427, Screenshot_2018-07-12-13-5….png)


>Its difficult to find snuff porn

>It is not difficult to ascertain snuff porn.

Are you legitimately retarded?



Good luck, faggot. I'll just make another profile unrelated then change it to a Horo profile later on.



We can ascertain that Fai still lacks a grasp on English and just tries to throw in big words to sound smart.

You used the word in the wrong context, dick for brains.



Time to boommark every single profile made for the next month.



Okay anon. I'm going back to work. Have fun believing that.



So you intended to say that it's not difficult to find out? Because 'ascertain' doesn't mean 'find', it means to understand, deduce, comprehend… as is stated on the definition you posted.

I mean, given the context I imagine what you actually meant was 'attain'.


File: 603b8e59b0f252b⋯.png (26.91 KB, 395x405, 79:81, 1303481970428.png)


>Shitposting and mangling the English language during free time on an /erp/ board

>Get called out on mangling the language during a retarded attempt to prove yourself right

>I-I I'll show th-th-them! S-s-stupid anon! I have a job and a life LUL

aight nigga enjoy whatever job you're doing now, just hide them tears


File: 5a36faf31ec8705⋯.png (267.03 KB, 650x854, 325:427, 1527421682086.png)


So… you linked to the same definition I have which shows that I'm correct in that you used it incorrectly.

But you're terrible at English, so you think it somehow shows that you're the correct one.

But your writing and English are terrible as many have pointed out. Not just now, but in the past as well.


This explanation is worded well. I love my insults when I feel they're just, however~


>when you realize your mistake

Brb killing myself tech support is ruining me


File: cb483aff4bcf94e⋯.png (191.63 KB, 673x728, 673:728, 1456903880466.png)

>have a cop character

>everyone just talks about how much they hate cops IRL whenever she shows up

>one guy even complains about weed not being legal everywhere

Is this the same for everyone? Where's my other brothers in blue?



I played a male cop and he was treated well enough unless an actual RP scene happened. He was crooked as fuck, though.



That…is actually a really good idea. I've been struggling to make a modern/sci-fi character that was interesting but I never considered cop. Do you have any advice? All I know of cops is about I seasons of Law and order SVU.



>someone says they hate cops

>get suddenly "defensive" and argumentative, ask them what's wrong with police

>troll them until they confess to shit they did IRL like getting caught with drugs

i kinda wanna make a cop character now



I had a detective. But he was well liked though.



Don't be a hardass. Give tickets to people when it's funny not when they deserve it. It's not rocket science, you don't have to know laws but it's definitely giggle worthy when you're reading someone their rights as they're being raped by someone else.



I have two detectives and both of them seem well disliked when in character. Not too much OOC though so not sure what's going on with your situation.


File: f95628758a9de82⋯.png (17.14 KB, 635x427, 635:427, bitch lord.png)


I had a cop character and there wasn't one day where people didn't bitch at me about police or ask me to tone it down or whatever. Granted I probably dug my hole by playing a cyberpunk cop but ehhh.


always keep coke around in case you need to plant it on someone


File: f605e8bd5f7a9f3⋯.jpg (66.75 KB, 640x630, 64:63, no.jpg)

>Some Autist: Also checking your profile.

>Some Autist: How the fuck can people write that much.,

>Some Autist: Why

>Marceline: GEEZ. SORRY–

>Marceline: It didn't seem like that much.

>Some Autist: My eye's ache

>Marceline: Rude as heck, fam.





>Marceline: smfh

>Some Autist: Brb, committing sudoku


>Marceline: But yeah, my bad then.


>Marceline: Okay, okay. I get it. o7

>Some Autist: I'm mad because I was never hugged as a kid. Or because I'm shit tier at higher level english. Maybe both. Maybe Maybeline.

>Some Autist: I, uh. Just gonna go.

>Marceline: Yeah, you do that. Take care, fam.

>Some Autist: Well, mostly just out of this conversation and not off the site.

>Marceline: I got it.

>Some Autist: Well, bye.

The ending of an approach I made. I'm not trimming my profile. I still don't even know what the complaint was. I think. Maybe.



i would have blocked him early on, you are to nice.


File: 3803b99921e8e30⋯.jpg (246.45 KB, 754x1095, 754:1095, 1527563731648.jpg)


I'd normally want to forgive said mistake, but you fuck up so much.

Like I prefer to leave people alone. Let bads be bads. But you flaunt your incompetence at other people and wave it in front of their face. You give us no choice but to shit on you like you deserve.


Show me. Female cops turn me on. Though I'm sitting here hoping for a really sexed up one and not some normie slice of life shit.


>cop gave me a cavity search and made me addicted to anal. Now I hate them!


File: 5a42996d018cd61⋯.jpg (787.41 KB, 1721x2160, 1721:2160, Inspector Kitty.jpg)


What have I done now?



Nothing, I just wanted to say hi. How's everything going and stuff? Have you been making progress with that new character? Now that you're here, I'm getting a tremendous urge to bully the fuck out of you for some reason, but I'm restraining myself.


File: 12fd4e2ea7379ec⋯.png (661.19 KB, 500x667, 500:667, Scottish kitty.png)


Things have been going alright, went down to Paris for a convention recently - the new character's been on hiatus for a while now because I haven't been able to accomplish anything with rewriting her, so that's still up in the air. BLOGPOSTING I mean, if I'm here you might as well bully me. Is it still fun when they ask to be bullied? I dunno, I never learned.



I dunno, let's find out. You're a punk bitch and I hope you never get to finish a scene with anyone for the rest of your typefucking career.


File: d97f199c98521f7⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1092x1478, 546:739, YsTiz-eW7K8OIZyXREVJzr2jN8….png)


Well, that'd require people to want to play with me. Or for me to be able to be a good writer.



Can you please stop shitting up threads with your spoiler posting? Like, I don't give a fuck about memes or whatever anymore. It's just incredibly obnoxious and any time you do it, it shits all over any thread you do it in. You are worse than fucking fai. So genuinely, please just fuck off.


File: 2e0e2cdd05624a0⋯.jpg (87.03 KB, 512x768, 2:3, drunk kitty.jpg)


Alright. One last kitty, though.



emma is definitely the lesser of the evils everyone usually brews up in here. when are we gonna talk about bbc again?



Come on, emma helped some poor sap with his faggoty-ass problems just now, that's not so bad is it?


>When are we gonna talk about bbc again?

Now. These BBC´s are/were shitters, right?




>Alley Niggas

>Nigga Shota

Does anyone else know the names of the others?



Blacken is one. I keep telling him to stop shitting up a room we share with shitposting and he says "oh sorry I'll stop" Then again a few hours later he starts. This is the only contribution he ever makes the room. It's like he's fucking incapable of talking without just shitposting with eicons. I hope he sees this so I can let him know what a fucking pest he is.



There are only one or two, maybe three if you count Kuro Iriya, decent Kuros in the site right now. The Kuros who suck are always invariably the BBC-focused ones.

Blacked isn't a shitter, imo.

Smirth was a shitter. Nowadays he's just the living equivalent to a phone book reading.

Alley Niggas is a shitter.

Nigger Shota is the king of shitters.

Blacken is a medium shitter.

Kadrick… I don't know. He just stays in his lane.



Kuro is alright. After doing a couple plays with them I called them out for actually not doing the whole BBC shtick their profile was giving and they admitted to completely forgetting that during the scenes. So either they are airheaded or the BBC thing isn't even high on their priority list. Will have to study them more. At least they actually play "Kuro" and not some BBC loli.



Most bbc players are just doing it because they can't make a profile that appeals to people on their own. So they just bandwagon and hope that it gets them some desperately wanted attention. It's probably not their fetish at all.



Blacked is Sabrina who is a shitter that artificially bloats their guestbook and pfp with their alt accounts.

Smirth is a shitter who is just intent on blacking every eastern canon to slap that retard orange filter card on them.

Alley Niggas is a shitter who is minimally self aware.

Nigger Shota is a shitter and even does random idle posting like "Heck." in the middle of a big conversation.

Blacken is shit.

Kadrick never talks. Maybe he's an AI that watches the BBC room?



Yeah I can see that. Though it's hard to tell what their motive is. Compare the actual BBC Kuro, https://www.f-list.net/c/khloe%20einzbern , to these:



The 2nd one looks like an afterthought BBC while the first doesn't even reference any kind of raceplay.


File: 478b8db5f95a586⋯.png (380.88 KB, 695x1372, 695:1372, 1803218 - Porkyman Sina Th….png)


Which of the Kuros?



Moon Cell



How did you figure out Blacked = Sabrina?



They fucked up and had them listed as alts on the profile.




Huh,good to know.


File: 84d288f5c423dc5⋯.png (65.72 KB, 216x677, 216:677, 9 alts 9 fetishes 9 brain ….png)


Gotta be honest, I'm jealous of these popular profiles with guestbooks full of gigantic posts of worship. I can't imagine how hard I'd have to typefuck someone for them to do that for me.



I swear this guy has to be a little autistic. And not in the 'ha ha people on f-list are autistic idiots' kind of way but *actually* a little autistic. Basically all he does is say "Hff" or some fucking variation of it and then makes a big deal of writing up some random ass paragraph of some kink he likes. And they're not even written well! And every time he fucking does it the room falls into awkward silence for a while or people go 'ha ha yeah that sure was…a thing' and mostly ignore it.



>BBC shitter is another BBC shitter on a different profile






I know what you are saying, I´d love to have one of these Fuckwalls myself.



Take solace in the fact a lot of those profiles with gigantic guestbooks are artificially bloated by their alt accounts. And their view count can also be bloated. Take for example this guy:




Really, all you have to do is ask. After spending several hours ERPing with someone it really doesn't seem like a big deal to take 10 minutes to leave a memento.



Yeah, I had a long-term partner I was fond of and I wanted a testimonial so I asked. It makes me happy when I look back at it and remember the fun we had.



I find it weird how there are so many other worse players/profiles but these are the ones that get bitched about the most. I mean Master Vivarium, PotentBBC, Jay Stern, Darius the BBC King, Doomfist, that Blade RPer I've forgotten the name of. These niggas can't even fucking write.



They're irrelevant for the most part, that's why. Save Master Vivarium, you don't see those names popping out too often.



That isn't even very many posts and they're all shit/lazy.



>tfw Master V pulled out the nigger horse meat on my latest low-effort character the other day and I couldn't handle it

Just so intimidating.



Really? Because every time I bring a pink to lurk inside the BBC rooms it's those fuckers time and again.



I was pointing him out for the view count, not his guestbook.



How does one bloat their view count? That's a pretty ridiculous number for 3 months, I agree.


Anyone with a character name that includes any of the following is an irredeemable shitter: Nigger, Mommy, Futa, Cuck, Shota, Loli, BBC, Diaper, Daddy, numbers (unless you're a robot/android), fuck<meat, bitch, tits, toy>, slave, _ (underscore) and anything that means penis/vagina.



>But you flaunt your incompetence at other people and wave it in front of their face. You give us no choice but to shit on you like you deserve.

Honestly, that's probably what he wants to begin with, hence why he namefags in the first place.


File: 8817145fee3a7c1⋯.png (727.74 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 42d.png)


I'll admit.

I went full retard with ascertain earlier. I have to repeat it a lot at my new job to sound intelligent about 'type in I-P-C-O-N-F-I-G and hit enter ok?"



Just made you're not a diaper daddy nigger futa kiddo?


File: e55ada7ea53620f⋯.jpg (84.66 KB, 553x600, 553:600, Cp5ixqQVUAEDn5i.jpg)

I'm countering the BBC bitchbreaker Kuro phenomenon witih a BWC bitchbreaker Illya soon.

Wish me good luck, lads.



That's just as bad.



It's a joke. I'm not that stupid.

But dominant Illya isn't a bad idea.



Now call yourself a shitter.



Make her and ill fuck her tbh


It blows my mind how there's so many people here who hate BBC, and YET:

1) They know all the 'relevant' BBC players

2) Which are bad, AND

3) Why they are bad.

Which leads me to believe these are all cucks who sit in BBC chats and angrily watch while these assholes do what they do.

That being said all these people being bitched about are assholes, but I know from first hand experience cuz I'm a slut who loves raceplay and is constantly disappointed. Especially Kadrick – Fucking creep ass stalker, I told him no on one alt and he decided to switch to a dozen different alts to try again within minutes of the rejection.



Please share more info about them.



The real fun part is that you can easily just blacklist phrases like BBC or whatever upsets you most with the newer clients, too. It's almost like these clowns are actively looking for things to get upset about just so they can bitch and whine for attention.


File: 390c3838f22b1b7⋯.png (334.54 KB, 620x1099, 620:1099, Ren.png)


>Like three profiles

>A phenomenon

I mean if it makes you feel special.





Get off my back. It's not like this is a roleplaying site.


I am so sick of Mercy. I'd even fuck a Tracer over them these days.



Tracer is strictly superior to HealSlut_6969




I love all the Overwatch girls. I cycle through them like a whore.

… The world needs more ridiculously hung D.Va's, though. That's just my fetish.



As someone who had a low-hanging gremlin, she was scrapped pretty promptly. I never got that many weirdos so quickly.



It's for the best. I actively thirst for them, and if they're respectable with raunchy kinks I'm all over them. No doubt there are many other overwhores like myself who feel the same.


>Nigger is banned in most rooms

>But shit like dyke, faggot, chink and gook are a-ok



the amount of weird/bad cats i get on mine is insane. if i hadn't only created the profile for a pal i think it wouldn't have lasted past the second person who came at me with videogame memes.


I swear if one more pink gives me an "Are you really straight though?" tonight I must live in the Matrix.



I swear as blues grow more desperate, pinks grow more overconfident.



Coming from the opposite end; I got p e r m a b a n n e d for calling Konami jews

They do it for free



What did you think was going to happen?



>Have canons

>Get approached by the SAME BBC shitters over and over despite being no where near those fucking rooms

>"Hurr y u hate BBC"

Fuck off



This couldn't have been in the video game room. They ban black people who ask other people not to call them niggers.

Or did that creeper mod who banned pinks that didn't RP with him get ousted?


File: 7cd21ddd7f79ba6⋯.jpeg (335.88 KB, 948x1500, 79:125, 78be0fa8dabd64070623f4c49….jpeg)

File: b489ee92686a975⋯.png (134.28 KB, 799x809, 799:809, 8989839.png)


I detest Overbotch but goddamn if Mei and D.va don't make me pingy tingy, specifically the stupid thick art

Too bad they're exclusively played by ultra mega shitters


Are people with stories in their guestbook red flags?



What is with BBC characters and the weird focus on "blacking canons"?



What do you mean 'stories'?

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