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File: 80b9c142fb46a3d⋯.png (892.26 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)


Will there ever be a good tiny dom?

previous thread: >>183907





It is kinda weird because if there's anything that doesn't need images, it's a canon character where you can easily search their name and find a boatload of images. Not that I'd ultimately care; more is better than none and I'd still play with someone who used 50 images or whatever. I do find it interesting how they have so many images yet not one of them has a dick, though. I don't know what the purpose is for having a dropdown for icons, though. I assume they forget the names and need them for shitposting.


Let's sack the other Suffering thread



I've noticed people who use canon characters and make a bunch of eicons for them tend to just hang around f-list to shitpost rather and rarely engage in RP.



Sounds like me

t. sip and box eicon maker and poster



You can message me if you like to say hi (and to confirm my validity), but I'm in and out a lot and I don't normally do any roleplay until later in the day.

My timezone doesn't match up perfectly with a lot of people.

Fluff is nice and is admittedly, for better or worse, a lot of what I do. I'm not above doing para-play and more extended stuff with the right partner though. Feedback is appreciated as I know I have some weaknesses there.

And they're just images I thought looked nice. I didn't think there was any more meaning to them than that, but you can read into it however you like.

Send me more tiny doms for my subs as well.

Back to lurking, anyway. I enjoy reading what you all think about Kuro, since it helps me improve my own, which was made on a whim as a request from someone.



Why does every kuro make it a point to try to redeem themselves on an anonymous image board? Desperate attention fishing doesn't make you attractive. Stop it.



Pretty much. Thankfully it's relatively rare for them to wear it on their shirt like that, so to speak.



Can anyone not read this font used for the kinks?



Just you



I can read but it looks kind of fucked on certain letters (c)



I can read it but it's not like I'm enjoying it.



Is there a way to fix the fact all of the kinks are squares?



Whatever you're using to view the page doesn't support that font, I think?



Bitches when I have the otter.

Bitches when I don't have the otter.

Fai make up your god damned mind already.


File: 5aabbeab9cbaf99⋯.png (14.42 KB, 128x128, 1:1, catstop.png)



You know, as much as I hate the sip posting, these things are too cute for me not to smile at whenever I see them.



>its another fil shitter profile



They're fine in a discord setting. It's so weird seeing them spammed all across f-list.


File: 409f78d52effd8d⋯.png (6.59 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1474430623866.png)

>spot a cute dude


>get slapped with some hints of gore or death that he wants to do


>spot a couple males in a room

>check them

>furry, anthro, furry, edgy anime guy

>check femboys room

>furries, twinks and the like

>cute femboys are just straight or heavily into shemales


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: 7a0fb6d60e8ecbb⋯.png (92.44 KB, 565x456, 565:456, 1476745436622.png)

>Get approached by one of those "anything you want" pinks

>alright let me try my luck, her no list is empty even

>"I want to do X"

>3 minutes pass message her again


I don't know how I should feel about this



Feel happy that you didn't end up in a roleplay with such autismo.



What was the thing anon




This. They said anything you want but what they were really hoping is that you'd magically know what they wanted without them giving any feedback.


>Illiterate purple messaged me yesterday, unable to read my "NO" list

>Replied "No. Read my NO List again and figure it out."

>Check their profile again


One down, a million more to go



A threesome (I control the two doms) with sexual snuff




that's ok

>Sexual snuff

No desu



>they turned down that godly idea



File: e6987b3750f8d82⋯.jpg (124.21 KB, 1200x872, 150:109, Dh8b-8bVAAAmeaZ.jpg)


I don't even have those things listed on my profile but god damn it, I was in the last thread and talked about it, I might play as a futanari that looks like she just likes vanilla stuff but the amount of weird shit that I actually did in just 2 years is enough to probably scare about 90% of the friends I have in that character.



You're doing god's work.



My profile got linked, so I chipped in. But, point taken.



>just hang around f-list and rarely engage in RP

That's 80% of f-list now and I hate it.



People who want snuff will say so. People who say they have no limits or 'will do anything' are typically fairly vanilla and/or flakes. In over a decade of playing I've played with a single person who had 'no limits' on a profile and actually meant it.



How was it?



Very good from what I recall. They came off more as a person who got a thrill out of playing out someone else's fantasy rather than simply not knowing what they want.



Damn, had quite the luck there I would imagine Anon.


File: 738c7791e0e94dd⋯.png (856.84 KB, 2271x2380, 2271:2380, sweaty IDF.png)


I'll do that scene with you, post profile



Just message my throwaway, quite iffy about revealing my main here https://www.f-list.net/c/eldalote



That's not Fil, it's https://www.f-list.net/c/suzuka.

But you can always assume anyone associated with Fil is trash.



Well they all look the same to me tbh



I should have said to send a note instead


What is it about this hobby that makes everybody so angry?



Shattered egos and every mans individual way to deal with it resulting in either apathy or anger.


>OP's image

die pedo scum


>tfw there are 6 people you might want to approach

>tfw you cant tell if any of em is the fil shitter cause of the profile style

not like this bros.



Basically 8 chan is the generic flist males that are salty they get bitchen stolen by shemales and bbc



Get cucked wi*e boi



The only people who engage in ERP are dysfunctional individuals who can't form real relationships but still feel entitled to love and adoration. Are you surprised about someone like that being emotionally unstable and lashing out?


File: 3dceda7c86bc947⋯.jpg (37.15 KB, 555x657, 185:219, 1532975889942.jpg)

Fresh out of ideas for a new character. Give me suggestions. Literally anything. Even meme ones. I'm burnt out.


File: 5b3e98d8fcbf75b⋯.png (63.17 KB, 260x194, 130:97, damn.png)



BBC shemale



anything with sharp teeth. do it. pander to my underplayed, underdone fetish.



Post the profile



Mutant Girl in a post apocalyptic world, tall and has a pearly white skin tone.

Mentality might vary between agressive or shy depending on it's hunger, her food source is mostly metal. In turn she can dissolve said metal due to the acids in her stomach, she can spit it out or create a stringy and sticky liquid to immobilize any human sized target.

She is quite afraid of ice/snow and can not tolerate the winter.


>see how much shit bitch breakers get

>watch how easy it must be to attract shit

>tempted to make a bitch breaker and try to make it good and not a piece of shit

Any ideas? Got any good examples that I should try to follow at least? I'll probably delete her after I see how easy/difficult it is.



What is your mentality when dominating someone?





>implying they could ever have them



To be fair, /erp/ is pretty much the only place I know of where you can bitch about shit like this. Do it too much on f-list and you risk getting a ban. I think that's a good thing, by the way. If there's any place that deserves to be a safespace, it's where people go to get their rocks off.



A character that has a dick that works like a magnet to lips/pussy/ass.



First is Fil's buddy.

Second is AT's Vira.

I don't know who the third/fourth are, but they aren't Fil.


File: 185328ab461d668⋯.jpg (176.81 KB, 877x1000, 877:1000, 1486067424155.jpg)

File: ff76f24d60b9002⋯.png (861.16 KB, 871x960, 871:960, 1485996742104.png)

File: bfde88a9b05ddfb⋯.jpg (269.98 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 1486239723368.jpg)

File: bf6ef8be90ba0c3⋯.jpg (116.13 KB, 800x893, 800:893, 1486356972792.jpg)


romana reigns



1.No idea, possible fil friend like other anon said.

2.AT Vira / Fil Friend.

3.At Vira friend.

4.Got her profile made by fil.

Eitherway you are in for a bad time, you should stay away from aesthetic shitters, especially fil related ones.


>tfw fit so much shit into one paragraph I regularly underpost all of my partners while they reply with three paragraphs of *moans fuckingly*

How do I fluff my writing more?



To control them and do things we both enjoy. Like, lets say they are reluctant to do something but hints that they will enjoy, I'll go ahead and do it.



Aphrodisiac, musk, pheromones, etc.

Those are typical but there are certain kinds of way to deliver them that can make people shiver.



>using morrigan to make a cuntboy




It's just for the chat color.



Dumb, but atleast it's not a cuntboy



>HAHA am cuntboy for da color only xDDDDD

why do people do this shit?



A e s t h e t i c s


File: 20f47ff07816e16⋯.png (330.38 KB, 634x634, 1:1, tumblr_p31csacsrf1vla0d3o1….png)

What the fuck is with all these profiles with transparent dotted line borders for their icons and inlines???

More importantly, how do I recreate that easily? What software/websites do you guys use to get those aesthetically pleasing inlines and icons? I just wanna make my gay-ass profiles look good, yo.






is this going to be the new trend



It's dumb and misleading also in other clients the colors are different anyway



God I hope not



Its for aesthetics. It's seriously retarded and I wish the mods cracked down on that shit.



i wish the mods cracked down on you



I'd like to crack down on your asshole.




This got spicy real quick








no, they're all different people.



Are you sure about that, anon?



i don't have one.






I´m the owner of one of those profiles, so they don´t all belong to the same person.



yes, I'm sure. I've literally felt all of those little bastards' nuts smacking against my chin except for the second one. their writing styles are all distinctively different and, just as another anon stated, Khloe is easily the most poverty of them all. I'll have to give the second one a little taste test in the near future.



Many people I've met on f-list who share their personal life is going through some kind of hardship. This tends to be an escape for many and when their escape isn't doing much in terms of helping them forget their hardships, frustration builds up.



I like gore. Link him.



>turning down something so good

>can never find snuff players who aren’t edgy ponies

I want to die.


>Gender: Herm

>Orientation: Gay

What does that even mean?




they enjoy the company of pinks and likely other purples unless stated otherwise in their kinks list



I'm really curious if profiles like these get play from people outside of their clique. Judging by the guestbooks of people who have these desaturated profiles, it's a close knit circle rather than new people coming in to get their asses pounded.



I remember this one, they approached me once, a long time ago. Couldnt make anything out of them, seemed like a tumblrina.



From what chances I had to interact with them in rooms, they are a full autismo, ready to pounce at whatever chance they can to argue with people.


You wouldn't be wrong.



…Is this another fil friend?



That's pretty hot anon. Did each of them give you a spade in different places to show their territory?



This person is unrelated to any of the RB/AT desaturated crowd.



I flirted with them quite a bit in the past but when it came to actually playing they always had an excuse.



> 8 chan

Are you here from one of the discords or something?




>isn´t black



>ywn get fucked by the four Kuro´s at the same time

>ywn be spaded by all of them

>ywn birth them cute mocha babies




>/erp/, a board with 132 users, is all of 8chan

>implying there aren't futa and BBC threads up right now

>spelling it 8 chan

newfag pls lurk moar before saying stupid shit



It's a gay girl that likes other girls. I dont get these questions.


File: be80318b848bd52⋯.gif (1.21 MB, 2779x2852, 2779:2852, 1533219228679.gif)

File: be72e24f0ecab9c⋯.gif (768.37 KB, 2000x1700, 20:17, 1533218860206.gif)

File: a1bda39a1069eaa⋯.gif (467.11 KB, 1931x1412, 1931:1412, 1533218823003.gif)

File: 36b6e38f431e2d5⋯.gif (159.1 KB, 1025x800, 41:32, 1533133683187.gif)

File: 1c9bb299bc0056b⋯.gif (358.86 KB, 1429x1271, 1429:1271, 1533128949624.gif)


You are right, whitey is just jealous!



let's not



Fucking great. Saved.



Programming language as a cute anime girl.



BBC aside, I've been aching hard for an Asuna or Mashu to bully.




I've got an Asuna sitting around, if you want to take a look.



File: 97039b98f763eb8⋯.jpg (22.15 KB, 400x400, 1:1, spooked.jpg)




File: d163fe3b0171f67⋯.jpg (62.55 KB, 680x453, 680:453, teeduss.jpg)


>all of them come from 4chan

Not even remotely surprised





>anal prolapse


Why does everybody on this board have such awful taste?



Tell me about your superior kinks anon.



Not him but smegma and prolapses are fucking disgusting, this isn't a matter of taste prolapsing is literally a medical condition that requires going to a hospital



I can't hear you over my black daddy breaking my shithole. What do you do, white cuck? Get cages?



Sorry your weak asshole can't handle a proper fucking.



It's not real my guy. You can just pop your asshole back in and give it a kiss better.


File: bf6df96bb026029⋯.jpg (79.13 KB, 340x527, 20:31, smug cat.jpg)


All of them are better than yours.



You loved getting dicked by domi didn't you



I was hoping you'd list a few kinks off but of course you'd go for the smug, generic reply.



Domi pozzed my boi pusseh and I'm a good girl now. #Blacked.



You hate that, but that Mashu has just what I wanted out of one. Going to bully her into the dirt and ruin her for her boyfriend.



I mean yeah but you could say that about anything like farting or shit-eating



Just say you find it disgusting and let that be the end. I'll lick up enough smegma for the both of us.



Smegma from any dick?



Any dick is a good dick.




Black dick only. Sorry.


File: 3aa29c576e706cb⋯.jpg (761.64 KB, 2894x4093, 2894:4093, 1516287028219.jpg)



I swear to fuck if you have a profile dedicated to that Im going to be livid because she was my next character.



Fucking yum.





You know it sometimes works like a layered lolipop, if you have a good tongue you can feel the layers from the multiple poundings and from all that fem cum that sticked to it.



>Unironically using fem cum.




>getting autistic over words now

Wew lad



I was going to, but I could list anything and you'd probably give the response I always get which is "haha wow ur bland ;)", because apparently everybody who doesn't have fetishes from DeviantArt is boring.

Assuming you won't, I might as well list a few.



>size play

>oral sex, giving or receiving

The most autistic thing I like is probably macro, but I don't list that because most people into macro usually like crushing and vore while I just like the size difference. That, or they like to such an extreme where it becomes comical (e.g. a char with balls the size of skyscrapers).



Words are what we do, so yes.

Or have you missed me ranting about dominants using the word domme?




It's like I'm actually on 4/d/



Hey man, it is not for everyone, hope you do get someone to fullfill your kinks.



i use domme sometimes. fight me i'll fuck you up



Shut the fuck up, limp-dick cumskin.


File: 58849e5e8e44889⋯.jpg (62.89 KB, 827x307, 827:307, DSDqW-MUQAA9O-H.jpg)


Kiddo you're fucking dead meat m8 I swear on me mum you won't be walking outta here alive mf.



>forgot to put the Fai name on





I wasn't going to be retarded about it. Those are all kinks I like as well, aside from any "extreme" macro. More than double the height difference and I start finding it silly.



>Not wanting your 25ft black daddy bigger than most buildings to fuck your tiny body broken.

Look at this fag.



No problem with that, I have a friend who's a gay brony, just don't expect me not to call out 'tism when I see it.

>be the freak you wanna see, just don't follow me


Just did a weird fucking scene. Hyper-Preg and accelerated pregnancy.Fucked a girl, she gave birth infrount of me, the girls were already 20 when they came out, they still had the cords and I fucked them too, in the end it was like an entire village all connected to one girl

It was nice



All good my guy



Now this is pod racing



Stop arousing me anon.



No, I am just going to sit there with my legs spread and lay that thing on your face for you to dig in with your tongue, don't be afraid to bite it, big chunks are always better aren't they?



>getting horny from that

Stop being such a shameless whore.



Please Daddy, let me slurp your nasty, disgusting cum! I want to feel your warm nutglob in my slut mouth, I want your rapist sperm to molest my taste buds. Please use my cunny and brown stared pucker next! They want to feel your alpha ballslop too!~



>>>>>>brown starred pucker

Do you not know how to wipe your shithole



I know you're memeing but "rapist sperm" is unironically hot.



Stop making me laugh, Fai. I don't want to like you.



>I want your rapist sperm to molest my taste buds

>brown stared pucker




>Not liking big fai daddy

Wowwie daddy is gonna have to put on their mommy wommy dress to have a cry ;//;



No. I want to be the mop for a disgusting dick that just finished a marathon fuck session.


File: 3d6ba8193da37ec⋯.webm (2.52 MB, 640x480, 4:3, 1513906494147.webm)


reminds me of this tbh


If you guys are going to start erping could you take it to the fapbait thread

It could use some traffic



What the fuck did I just watch



>There isnt even the gored.out remains of the cunts the cock weilder murdered on her shaft, glued into the smegma and filth as the flesh smolders.

Why even bother smh



>that fucking animation


How many levels of /d/ is this?




It is a great idea for a scene trust me, I did like it a lot.



Not everyone murders the things they fuck, you weirdo.



They should.



Don't worry Anon, there will always be a cloud-producing, vomit-inducing, lust-brewing cock for you to lick for weeks.



>It is a great idea for a scene trust me

You've gotta be pretty disconnected for shit like that to be hot.



Like you said, /d/ level.


My favorite thing about these threads are the constant clashes between the normal anons and the /d/egenerates. I don't remember the weird fetishists always being so prominent here, but now that they are they cause quality drama.



I'd hardly call it drama. If anything, the idea of corrupting these vanillafags is arousing beyond belief.



Having made people into snuffsluts its an amazing feeling.



Nah, let them enjoy their vanilla.

We can all enjoy our stuff but we should not bother them.



That doesn't work outside of porn, anon.

The only times it seems to are people who were already into weird shit but either repressed it or kept it on the downlow.



This is porn, anon.




I like all sorts of weird shit but bad taste is bad taste no matter what way you slice it



This is porn anon.




This is violence now.



I've convinced someone to try loli when they were verbally against it at first. It still happens.


File: 5c943632df1d5ac⋯.jpg (738.59 KB, 1250x800, 25:16, 1524106041691.jpg)


Fai are you not forgetting about something?



Anytime I try a fetish I don't like it end up hating it more, like I said those kinds of examples are usually people who already liked it on some level.



>still posting shitty images from cuckchan, probably /d/

nigga stop



Half of this board is from cuckchan /d/ or /aco/ tbh


File: 8b673d05d07f889⋯.jpg (553.82 KB, 1200x1114, 600:557, 1295980616462.jpg)


Let us go back in time then



I sure as shit am not, so all these cuckchan captions are fucking cringey. Please go.



This is gooos though.



Just because it's that way with you, doesn't mean it's the same with everyone else.



No one is saying you're magically making a person like something they hate. Pushing a person who's hesitant about a fetish into trying it and giving them an amazing experience is a great feeling, and it also starts a snowball effect.

"If this is so good, what could x be like" and then it just goes on and on. You might only introduce that person to one new kink, but it opens them up to more degeneracy down the line.


File: ce87465cb63ba8e⋯.jpg (411.17 KB, 643x2000, 643:2000, 7f4b6bc897525edad9c0978408….jpg)


File: 5a460c90a26f33d⋯.png (119.24 KB, 302x271, 302:271, billy.png)


I've noticed. It wasn't always like this, I don't know where they all came from.



>I don't know where they all came from.

I just told you they came from cuckchan are you not fucking listening



They should go back to the thread on /trash/ where they belong. Some of the worst "roleplaying" I've ever seen.



>he isn´t letting his waifu get fucked by a horse in the /Netorare/ General

LMAOing at your life



>not liking my futa ntr smega interracial ball crushing furry femboy you get the idea




I'm all for the degenerate fetishes but the actual roleplaying is dog-shit tier.



They won't because the mods here are unusually lax while most of cuckchan's mods ban you for the stupidest shit

Things are only going to get worse so you either prepare for newfag cancer like >>185040 to get more common or you leave



My issue are the degenerate fetishes. I liked /erp/ because it was one of the few places not overrun by these spergs, but that's changing.



Trying to take a moral high ground through typefucking is retarded. Stop it.



Worst part is how proud they are of being degenerates




Ain't moral, it's a taste issue.



You don't have to be a moralfag to hate seeing garbage like >>185057 and >>185025


File: 88a4f66fc195b11⋯.gif (743.46 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 1361194514675.gif)

/erp/ will always find a thing to bitch about



But that's what you're making yourself out to be. Isn't there a fapbait thread for people like you? Let mommy (not biological, as we wouldn't want to get too degenerate) masturbate you gently before bed and kiss you goodnight.



It's the bitching thread after all.



Stop being a snarky faggot, like >>185096 said /erp/ was great because it was mostly free of the severe autism that plagued other erp forums


File: 14899b7d2896524⋯.jpg (123.97 KB, 728x1021, 728:1021, fb7d8ae55cc1ea08bb71955763….jpg)

File: 29576dd0fb01017⋯.jpg (648.46 KB, 1200x1728, 25:36, d83f5038682bf72f280973becf….jpg)

File: 9ab5cd0a6b2f5a0⋯.jpg (343.76 KB, 1000x1500, 2:3, d17b2102605a57c2839a60ccea….jpg)

File: d6699ecc0baaba9⋯.jpg (525.59 KB, 1200x855, 80:57, b9c66744f97fcf821892ee914c….jpg)

File: b5b960af737840e⋯.jpg (452.37 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, 1d0dbae5c4ebf72fda11153bc8….jpg)


>/erp/ will always find a thing to bitch about

Except about your nigger gods! They are the only ones that can breed our white cunts!



That discord server where they make these is something else. Never seen a more pathetic bunch.



What's it like?



The most pathetic cucks you could imagine. I think the censored images are even worse than the BBC shit.


File: 2b6d1db2c2cc7c7⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 2000x1226, 1000:613, 7ca26023eeaae04ff63fd85d02….jpg)

File: 57a586e565785cf⋯.jpg (658 KB, 1059x1500, 353:500, 1508292586961 (1).jpg)

File: 1ecfdd181c95e89⋯.jpg (58.57 KB, 780x596, 195:149, 1514399585402.jpg)


Alright, here we go then, weirdfags vs you cucks.




Don't do this.


What kind of lulzy shit to they say?


File: 5349890c8968e4e⋯.png (51.75 KB, 1345x170, 269:34, downloada081095d_f0_2fPict….png)

this is how not to attract your local Italian cuisine boy



Fucking cringe, wow.



Only up for males I would guess?



Isn't this how gay bottoms like it?


File: 8f6d94b0dfb951a⋯.png (711.26 KB, 700x677, 700:677, 1530585579432.png)


>Princess Calamity in the third image

Post your profile right now.



I think he's just shitposting.



File: d133dc49b0846aa⋯.jpg (44.25 KB, 780x596, 195:149, 1529343563766.jpg)


Am I Anon?



is this a femboy or an actual dude you're playing


File: 8e704845610b4ef⋯.png (165.85 KB, 562x370, 281:185, 239.png)



Nuh, not a bottom. Not a top either, but regardless "BIX NOOD MUH DIK" is extremely unappealing.



What if it was a purple


File: 347651900febdce⋯.png (212.52 KB, 383x412, 383:412, 1531651746620.png)


Don't fuck with me damn you



Let Daddy break your estrogen filled white sissy ass! He will lock up your tiny white boi clit so you only cum from BBC!



for real now though, I have no profile dedicated to her but I did read her doujin, if you are up for it just gimme your profile



That's hot but unironically. I wish I knew which BBC shemales to approach for this kind of abuse.



Post profile



**https://www.f-list.net/c/tca/ here's a throwaway profile, note this one and I'll link my actual profile in response

also if this is someone I played with before I won't mind doing shit again with you**



well shit

note me anyway



Mhmm could it be the person I am thinking about





I swear, I could make a BRRAAPP shitpost any somebody would say "post profile".

Perverts, the lot of you.



>people like things I don't like



>somebody dislikes things I like

See how this works?



You could accomplish the same thing if you just posted "I want a nigger"



post profile



*BRAPPPP* Ahh, daddies shitstink! I love how your pungent farts smell even more than your putrid cum! It just burns into my nostrils! *BRAAAPPP* Master, I want to smell your farts forever! I want to birth your fart baby! *BRAAPPP*



Nah, fag. brap


File: 6c55440d9dbab38⋯.jpg (421.37 KB, 1869x960, 623:320, 76ftvhbn.jpg)


I would literally be less disturbed if I'd watched two people indulge in their shitting dicknipples kink.



I really don´t know what ageplay is? DDLG? Age difference?



Damn, nice profile.



It's so hard to figure out if these people are Fil or associates. I wish this trend died because while it looks fine, it has a stigma that shies people away from the profiles.


[21:14] Tanaka Mihama-Rose: Ho-Ho-Hoooly fuck my chest hurts.

[21:15] Tanaka Mihama-Rose: Also, hi everyone, I'm back from surgery!

[21:15] Tanaka Mihama-Rose: It was breast augmentaton surgery for my transition. I have boobies now.

And of course, trannies have to publicly announce that they mutilate their bodies.



Just ignore people with shitty de-saturated avatars.


File: 2b20a6dbeb27212⋯.jpg (206.67 KB, 850x1337, 850:1337, 1530161789366.jpg)

I don't know why I'm just now remembering this, but does anyone remember the name of that sassy and extremely pissed off shoebill profile who killed themselves (the character, not the player) and deleted their profile?


shut the fuck up.


File: 8a978b9e686f41b⋯.png (81.73 KB, 600x444, 50:37, JUST FUCK MY SHIT UP 13.png)



i miss grouch.


File: 807e53c31881d11⋯.png (23.53 KB, 286x216, 143:108, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0a2c1d2b53bea00⋯.png (12.6 KB, 291x126, 97:42, ClipboardImage.png)


>that one shoebill player with pic related

I wish more people had saliva like this. Makes me diamonds.


File: 847d0cf40c97c5c⋯.jpg (91.86 KB, 757x800, 757:800, 7bca055fe4172634727e4ca968….jpg)

>People who use that one pig girl for all their art

Every single fucking one I've met is a flakey shitter who barely come online



Its called stomach acid.

Use it.



I'm sorry her words hurt you.

Wanna suck on Mommy's fat tranny dick to make you feel better?


File: a467bccb452fd5f⋯.jpg (947.45 KB, 1356x988, 339:247, ed9c5c206d400a3605385a3ce0….jpg)


thanks. I could've sworn someone resurrected the profile and played as Grouch's ghost, but I guess she somehow managed to find a way to commit suicide as a spirit…



Oh she's no longer Solomon's mate. Hilarious.



Trannies are mentally ill and disgusting.


File: 7d51cad7bf86153⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1200x623, 1200:623, JUST FUCK MY SHIT UP 34.png)


I remember that too. Figured they probably ended up confusing a lot of people and deleted that, too. I wonder what the hell happened to Grouch's player? The first one?



Can I get a quick rundown on her?


File: 36a4b2c404a2efd⋯.jpg (225.78 KB, 1013x522, 1013:522, mama's dickmilk.jpg)


Me want milkies, mommy! May I pwease drink white peepee from your meaty wiener again?!



Oh come on. You know you want to be Mommy's little faggot it's okay.



>I'm sorry her words hurt you.

Oh no nigger you are NOT pulling this shit and getting away with it

Fuck your snark, fuck your smug bullshit, trannies are fucking vile creatures who should be in asylums

Mutilating your body and messing with your hormones is extremely self-destructive and if you disagree you can fuck off back to 4/trash/ or /cuteboys/ where you belong



0 idea on her because even when they were together, she hardly showed up on f-list. Yet regularly updated her profile with new swings. Who knows? Maybe she's just Solomon's alt until he found a "real" girl?






You will never be a real woman.



>falling for bait this hard

I guess it's no surprise that you're an idiot.




With the way this board's become it's honestly hard to tell anymore. The people who make shitposts about BBC are often actually into BBC.



So riled up. I will never understand how someone doing something that has zero effect on your existence can upset someone so much.

Unless you're trying to repress something. Is there something you want to tell us, sweetie? Maybe that you aren't disgusted by trannies, but by yourself, because every time you see one your little cocklette gets so, so hard?

Or maybe you just want to be a pretty girl. Is that it?


File: 56497977a3a7f62⋯.png (531.8 KB, 975x847, 975:847, (you).png)



File: f9f4b5f1df65e34⋯.jpg (123.02 KB, 1135x1520, 227:304, Chris-chan.jpg)



>pretty girl


>have a tomoko with a dick for abuse

>Everyone wants me to dom them

Fuckin hell


File: 6111495ede5cbb4⋯.jpg (54.96 KB, 446x583, 446:583, mongrel.jpg)


I can't imagine why someone would want Tatsumaki to bully them. She's made to be put in her place.


even after being told it's bait you're still going.


File: a58ba5ccbcaa649⋯.jpg (28.86 KB, 408x459, 8:9, 1531478771577.jpg)


I think she mentioned losing motivation to RP before she Emma'd herself, so she may have fucked off forever.

…are you Emma?



Read my email field dummy



File: c4e5be63344b536⋯.png (1.68 MB, 1493x1080, 1493:1080, JUST FUCK MY SHIT UP 8.png)


No, I'm just another sadcat collector. That's sad, though.


File: f8630856c3c0295⋯.png (35.05 KB, 362x344, 181:172, 2300463.png)




These are two different girls anon..



If you're into being abused by older females give me your profile.



Oh! How very brave of you to share such a personal picture, sweetie.

Could use a lot of work though. But that's okay! We'll get you on a good diet, head to the salon, and turn you into the pretty little princess faggot you've always dreamed of being in no time.


File: 370173393622326⋯.png (61.41 KB, 298x260, 149:130, VP7WM5O.png)


>Get worried if current partner wants to continue rp

>Send an autistic worried note

>Immediately regret it

>Have to wait for their response because I know more messages will make it worse

God, I hope that I haven't driven them away.



Fuck me I just read "Tornado"


File: 18aae796d4b97d2⋯.jpg (13.47 KB, 419x136, 419:136, nomales.jpg)

How can one shemale possibly be so based?



I bet they're a horrible player as well.



How can blues even compete?



>ywn suckle on her balls while your GF sucks her cock, prompting the shemale to insult you



They can't. Submit.



Post their profile PLEASE. I am desperately hoping this is a shitpost profile



>I am desperately hoping this is a shitpost profile

Never met an ultra-shitter futa char? They're really this bad.


File: 3c65dc6a19a8b40⋯.jpg (478.69 KB, 1831x585, 1831:585, 87yfvhb.jpg)



Judge for yourself



>spearing through into the back of her womb like a knock-out punch deep into her womanhood.

Still better than Megalo box.



Fuck you, what's wrong with Megalo box?



Gears are pointless. Animation isnshit.



>cybernetic murderpunching isn't great

Fai with the confirmed shit taste once more



That's good actually.



I'd probably enjoy this if I was gutter diving tbh



Not terrible but I imagine >her personality would probably get grating quickly.



Not bad. But I thought she was a shemale?



Definitely not.


File: 78f7ffce7f160d1⋯.gif (974.63 KB, 540x304, 135:76, 039_1000.gif)


>Those profiles that only sends you pic related and nothing else


File: 5ef8ef92ca71ddd⋯.png (1.62 MB, 1200x1685, 240:337, e183de1f54d05386ed521d9c28….png)


>tfw you just want a sappy awkward gay romance with boy!Tomoko

I mean the raunchy, rabidly passionate sex is kinda obligatory, but I love Tomoko enough that it'd just be bonus.


If a loud, obnoxious shitter (the likes who basically twists attention to themselves whenever they can and is the type to be a turboautist behind closed doors) entered a room you modded, would you ban them on sight? Is that punishable by f-list staff?



why would it be punishable unless it's one of the official rooms?




Banning on sight in any room for any reason is a nono, mostly because mods don't want to deal with the whining "I got banned 4noraisin!!!". So you couldn't have a furry-free room, for example.



but they instantly ban males in the girls, futas, and herms room and they're still alive and kicking.



That's absolutely untrue.



This is a lie. Khloe was instabanned from AT the moment she joined and said something "cute".



>Will there ever be a good tiny dom?

I do lolidom sometimes. I never really do sex when domming, only kinks with a very slow build.



Bullshit, I tried it and that's exactly what happened.



I loves the concept.

Shame the writing and animation is awful. Reminder that only one fight with the AI gear mattered.





What room was it?



Really? I have a difficult time acting really dominant on my loli. I mean she can be sexually aggressive but I wouldn't say I feel comfortable doing proper domination stuff. It could be due to lack of experience or that her personality/backstory doesn't really work with lolidom.



It hasn't existed for ages bruh. It was a no furries room, that was the whole concept.



I can't tell if this is actually Fai or a shitter pretending to be Fai.



This is bs, i used to mod a room for over a year where the owner wanted us to check the list daily for 3dpd and empty profiles to ban them right away, the room was big and popular. Globals said they cant act in private rooms unless its global rule breaking



>I loves

>writing and animation is awful.


are you drinking again, daddy?



Its Fai. I really wanted to like Megalobox. Then every fight was just Joe getting the shit kicked out of him with poor animation and then he wins in one punch, then it treating him beating a literal cripple in a gearless fight as an achievement right at the end.

I have a joke now. Anything with fluid animation?

Has more frames than the of Megalobox.



Modded a room for literally years that banned all males, and all furries. Still open, still has people, hasn't been an issue at all.



Phone + Was in the middle of a call troubleshooting. Whoops.jpg



For me I play her as pretending to be innocent. Then showing slowly she isn't. Doing actions that make it look like she doesn't know exactly what shes doing, but her actions are deliberate. I have one ongoing lolidom RP with someone she plays "puppy" with. The actions almost always seem innocent, but they definitely aren't from her POV.


File: ed410e2a27aae1c⋯.gif (1.96 MB, 400x225, 16:9, Christopher-Lloyd-Sudden-R….gif)


… I've been discriminated against!



Sounds fun. I like the concept of fake innocence used to take advantage of someone.



That's pretty much how it happened. At this point in the RP we've done so much kink stuff that the line's been blurred whether she's innocent or not the the sub is IC confused yet enjoying it. Of course OOC it's obvious but the story is going well.



>all males, and all furries

I imagine it's a female and futa room, but by banning furries you've also banned 85% of futa profiles.



I'd rather not post my actual profile, but send Amelia Sommer (it's an abandoned/unfinished one I don't use) a note. I'm curious to know more but I don't want to clutter the thread with it.



I've dreamed of doing this for over a year. But it remains just a dream, for me.

… One day, soon.



Sent! See you over notes.



Honestly I never really agreed with banning males. I don't use the room anymore, myself, and it's been slowly dying over time.


Was fairly popular, but also a lot of 3dpd.


File: 92369613278d02f⋯.jpg (37.16 KB, 704x476, 176:119, image-40-1.jpg)

I wonder, never been a fan of rooms, at best I only frequented one and that was the Kancolle one. What happens when you get banned? And are rooms that bad, everyone here describes them as dens for autism and drama.



The chat window closes and you get kicked back to the console. I've been banned from a few rooms for lurking in an empty profile, namely Alley Niggas' personal room and another I don't remember.



If you get banned you just can't rejoin it. I don't know if room bans are account wide.

Some are okay, many are shit. Some are only good at certain times of day, particularly when the worst offenders (the Yokos of the world) are asleep.



You can rejoin with a different character under the same account if you've been banned from a channel, but globals will get onto you if you're caught doing it.


>find a profile that matches almost all of my kinks and has a compatible sexual orientation

>…but the character has an extremely long backstory explaining their current status as a resurrected vampire complete with dropdowns on their skills and belongings plus an extremely specific, nitpicky no list that makes me think they're a sperg

Okay, what the fuck do I do? This profile makes my pingy tingy but I'm pretty sure this guy is a psychopath in drapes. Do I just go for it?



You should always go for it. Easy enough to block them if you don't like where it's headed.




They didn't delete it, fam. (2B Unit Maria's too much of an attention whore to delete it, come on.)



How do you know that's them? Unless they decided to drastically change things up, then I'm not seeing the resemblance to the constantly seething Grouch.



Compare times you fucking retard.



You mean the time between their death and the creation of this one?

>May-ish 17

>December 17

I guess I'll just have to ask them.



>2b unit Maria

a good fuck


>find a hot furry girl

>humans only no furry characters

wtf but they are a furry


File: 92b6cef0fdac792⋯.png (139.68 KB, 1553x594, 1553:594, ClipboardImage.png)

what in the


File: 78d691e6082e93b⋯.jpg (41.58 KB, 560x456, 70:57, le trollface.jpg)



The interspecies kink. I've got a male furry character I play with from time to time, and I really don't like playing him against other furries. I prefer humans, the fur on skin and 'taboo' nature that gets played up with the right partners is fucking excellent.

Also, yes, absolutely autism in that logic– but I assume it's the same for them.


File: 176d348d040ef82⋯.jpg (119.56 KB, 1280x1379, 1280:1379, 8ehkgxf0w5nz.jpg)


Wouldn't know, fam. Don't wanna find out, either.



>implying interspecies is an autistic kink

But it's the best kink.



Oh I absolutely agree. There are just too many walking dumpster fires that play as furries that give it a bad name. Makes interspecies even harder to find good players for.


During which hours is f-list most active?




There's a thread specifically for random questions by the way




>During which hours is f-list most active?

for Americans, 3PM-12AM EST, with the most activity being around 3-8PM EST (most F-Listers seem to be on the east coast)



Considering every single braindead sissy faggot who approaches my characters is looking for exactly that sort of treatment, I don't blame them.


File: 3307bc08fc350d6⋯.jpg (18.14 KB, 800x450, 16:9, nick-young-confused-face-.jpg)

>PM somebody who's into most of my main kinks

>They enjoy build up and long term play only, no problem

>Talk a little, we match even if we come to terms for one thing

>Throw two story ideas but didn't get any feedback

>Log out for the night

>Next day, message them back

>Got ignored


>want to post one of my logs here for criticism since my partners are too nice/pussy to say anything bad about me

>can barely even look at my first post without wanting to adjust the shit out of it

Fuck…would it still count even if I go back and correct the obvious shit that needs to be fixed before posting it?



Just post it, and ignore anyone who criticises those specific points



Best if you don't adjust it. I recently posted a log of mine and I also had that urge after looking back at what I wrote. Show it as-is, because that was you in your element. Editing things isn't going to help. Point out that you're aware of faults when you post, and that's all you need to do.

If it makes you feel better, my roleplay had a fucking hedgehog character with a Resident Evil theme and I still posted it. The replies were helpful, and if your writing has problems you're sure to get some good pointers.



Do it fuckboi



I will whenever I get home



Just remember not to take the shitposting seriously. A lot of people will nitpick you for the smallest things.


File: 9c7e15fc37f5bd5⋯.png (37.61 KB, 1536x161, 1536:161, ClipboardImage.png)



Anon, are you saying that you aren´t sucking on her sweaty she-stud balls?! That´s blasphemous! A slutty girl cock like hers deserves lots of attention!



That room is even WORSE now. Den of Depravity pulled away anyone with half a brain and now it's just literal retards posting.



Looks like Europeans who stay up late have it best.



DoD is even worse than STGC at this point Anon. In fact, both Rooms are hell, just at different levels.



Unironically this.


Foglia is super active in the room, but hits on everybody that says hello to them. Whose profile even is that?


We all know nobody here likes big channels. Always because its too hard to talk or ignore dumbasses like Yoko.



Yoko is that "true alpha dom male" and "huge boobs" poster, right?




And where is that room again now?



2b slut maria


I wonder if ban list actually can determine if the room is good or not

Like if you see shitters on the list , does it mean that the room is generally good?



Explains it.


File: 232ef279bc93edc⋯.png (16.3 KB, 335x196, 335:196, ClipboardImage.png)



my curiosity is hard and throbbing right now. I wonder what the lore behind that is.



Not really. Jamiko and Nigger Shota are banned from all sorts of places.



Post profile so I can shit on them.



Is it bad I immediately understood what STGC stands for?



DoD is nice later in the evening (EST) after Yoko goes to bed and the room generally slows down. Real shit throughout the 'prime time' of F-list though.



Is it bad that you understood the initialism of one of the 10 most populated rooms on f-list? Yes.



Yoko goes to bed?


File: af282ce80b96bfa⋯.png (183.69 KB, 347x601, 347:601, 264bd6ffbe9641d955c5fb9f68….png)

File: 4916266c5bdbbbb⋯.jpg (51.24 KB, 540x756, 5:7, tumblr_pcypx7oL551xp8w04o1….jpg)

Can we talk about BBC again? It would at least revive the thread



Surprisingly. You're usually safe around 10-12 EST.



Real talk, guys. Male or shemale BBC?



both are shit.


The log thread has been up for over three years but these threads reach the limit in a week. This board is shit and no one actually roleplays.



The reason for this is a 2 parter.

1) A small, sparsely regulated (if at all) community is a breeding ground for autists. You can say 'ignore them and make the board better' all you want but that assumes people want to bother with the effort.

2) If you actually want to RP, f-list is just so much better it's not even a contest.

So, tell me, what the fuck do you think the purpose of this board is?



No one on f-list roleplays either.


File: 044ab5bf35d1b7f⋯.jpg (224.43 KB, 800x1191, 800:1191, 54d40ec2de99a7c6c5838fd854….jpg)



Adding onto that: With how much /erp/ laughs at people's writing and profiles, do you really think people are going to post logs here?



For shitposting about BBC, clearly.


File: 3e66d8ce681dc84⋯.png (209.13 KB, 500x670, 50:67, tumblr_oty5c2jVcx1w0xiezo1….png)


From personal experience, both are bad for varying reasons. The shemale ones - I would argue - are some of the best and some of the worst out there. On one end you got the overly insecure fuckers that can't tone it down in the least and on the other end, you got the massive sweethearts that are a joy to hang around with. Males, on the other hand, are more middling of the road but tend to veer towards the autistic and the insecure.


This, primarily. No one bothers much because people are more keen on posting reaction images and reeing like autists instead of offering sensible advice or pointing out things they enjoyed. Just as well, few people actually bother to read logs.



RP'd three times in three nights, all good, quality scenes. Speak for yourself.


Very true.


File: 95a4ff1da0c9102⋯.jpg (89.38 KB, 1399x1000, 1399:1000, 11657218.jpg)


If I ever get fisted I might just have to show it off.



>shemale bbc

>massive sweethearts




Shemale BBC. Combine two great things. Males are useless.



Blues BTFO



Really depends on what you are playing, BBC males LOVE canons and act more desperate around them, Shemales are a bit more chill



Like I said, its either really good or really fucking horrible. But from like, the past four years of playing on this shithole? I found a few absolute darlings.


Make the profile already so people stop reeing about the only character using that art being a femboy escort.



I was on an alt when I saw you on earlier. I did get the note though and yes. Yes Yes yes.


There's a couple that have it or some semblance of the pictures there.



Despite popular belief on /erp/, most shemale profiles aren't ego-maniacal bitchbreakers. That's not to say those don't exist, but yeah.


File: ee6bfc6dca34b1a⋯.jpg (360.59 KB, 1506x914, 753:457, Robert.Small.full.2175768.jpg)


Make me proud anon



Neat. Looking forward to it.


File: 920f725c748da2b⋯.jpg (190.45 KB, 460x544, 115:136, 5431316.jpg)



Now I have to do my best to perform and show how much of a shitter I absolutely am. Thanks, anons. I will do you proud and sperg autistic spaghetti everywhere. I'll make Fai-chan proud.



Hence why ego-maniacal bitchbreakers are so popular. Generic dickgirls are a dime a dozen.


File: 0971dad2b447d91⋯.jpg (604.13 KB, 1000x1399, 1000:1399, 11657204.jpg)


Don't worry. There's enough spaghetti for the both of us.




Fuck off Red. Grind in my face how much yoh roleplay some more when all I've waited you to do for months is tell me why you dislike my writing. But thats just a bridge too far.

"I'm sleeping" my fucking left nut. Bullshit me some more



Mad that Red is fucking BBC niggas behind your back and then making you clean her out? Oh, you poor elf.


File: 7d7686d0e0ed003⋯.jpg (2.36 MB, 2432x2844, 608:711, 1533837873866.jpg)

File: 22091873aa377a5⋯.jpg (210.17 KB, 707x1000, 707:1000, 1533835979751.jpg)

File: 08db53011fdb082⋯.png (428.01 KB, 777x955, 777:955, 1533832905247.png)

File: 7dbd39540a29836⋯.jpg (931.21 KB, 1966x3420, 983:1710, 1533831910081.jpg)

File: c115ca49ec432d0⋯.png (827.78 KB, 1018x719, 1018:719, 1533827634082.png)


BBC wins again! Offer your GF´s womb to BBC!



Thanks anon, I'm gonna use these in my BBC profile. I'll appreciate if you post more blacked images too.



Do you need anything specific? Or just general BBC?



Some general BBC will do just fine.


File: 4a2e5160b0b4d0b⋯.jpg (160.35 KB, 1000x751, 1000:751, 2177debe6e9fe8ea47df92f935….jpg)

File: 2093fcf0a5366e9⋯.jpg (154.61 KB, 850x1202, 425:601, 446ded8b607e793ecac86bfc27….jpg)

File: 6def5beda7dc444⋯.png (755.46 KB, 850x1210, 85:121, 73e5db393505e792b91b50f94a….png)

File: add104ad987865a⋯.png (658.96 KB, 900x1214, 450:607, 10e8b0caadf9594c97e91aad95….png)

File: eb7a3744d13694f⋯.png (1.06 MB, 857x1200, 857:1200, 5be8af91c54ee6d27b20826ad9….png)



Thanks anon, I love them




That's a cute Wendy.



It gets worse, look at this one. Check the kinks and the guestbook.




>Faggot Peach




Circumcised dicks look so fucking disgusting.



Don´t start that debate, please.


I'm incredibly tired of BBCposters.

I don't hate the fetish. But I hate you people.



Is it wrong that I like the Muslim angle?



It's not bad to like things, no matter what these retards say.




Eminem lyrics huh? Heh


File: 1524001d7bb4b04⋯.jpg (58.22 KB, 517x468, 517:468, 1524001d7bb4b04d0ee5c3f056….jpg)


Quoting Eminem's most famous in an attempt to garner some kind of street cred is so trite that I'm honestly kind of offended. You could at least try and quote Tupac or something. Fuck.



I unironically like these underwear but most BBC players don't really do anything enticing. At least the underwear is cute, right?



People like this are why I hate the fetish. A year or two ago I would've given it the 'eh, not for me'.


>profile isn't centered around gore or death in the slightest

>put the default kinks in my yes list

>only get approached my people who are hardcore into gore/death and no one else

>have to convince a few of the people I approach whom have the kinks in their no's that I'm not going to kill their character or anything

for fuck's sake, I'll just throw them in the maybe's and see what happens.



I ended up putting mine into a custom that was vague enough to draw questions from the people that were curious, but not explicit enough to ward people off.

Has worked pretty well, but I also only use custom kinks.



>put the default kinks in my yes list

The fact you think "default kinks" exist is already a huge red flag. These last few threads really exposed how hypocritical /erp/ is, faulting BBCs or whatever for a lack of self-awareness but not possessing any themselves.



Uh, what? They do exist.



>guestbook filled by Faggot Peach

This guy…


File: d1074fa8eaacdc0⋯.jpg (68.45 KB, 390x430, 39:43, what.jpg)


I'm mindfucked.



>I also only use custom kinks.

I hate you people.



>hate the fetish because some shitposters (almost entirely Fai) spend all day posting this shit

Wow you so smart



Care to explain why? I don't care if I'm unsearchable because at this point, I have so much RP I 'owe' to people that I will likely never get around to it.

I find the default kinklist incredibly boring, and also really annoying to sift through when it comes time to add kinks.



Wowie. Those are some strong words.



Why even bother with them at all, then?



I don't mean just on /erp/. I mean the over the top 'fanbase' of BBC in general, wherever porn is discussed.

I've never found the kink appealing to begin with, and I've yet to see a compelling argument why I should.



>Needing a compelling argument to find something enjoyable



I'm assuming you meant why bother with the people I owe RP to.

I don't really think that was the right word, it was more just that there are a lot of people I've talked to and discussed playing with but it hasn't panned out for one reason or another, usually schedules and moods lining up. I still have an interest in playing with them, and try to whittle away at the list when I can.



Not finding it appealing is different from 'this is why I hate it' using Fai shitposting as an example, you fucking retard.




>a compelling argument

It turns them on. That's the end. No one owes you a fucking explanation. Why are some of you even into this hobby?



Someone else chiming in, someone who's not into BBC but is into a lot of other stuff. A lot of times, people are just into things without some kind of reasonable explanation of the appeal.

I'm not drawn to weird, exotic dicks because of some sensible reason. I just have an attractive to monster dongs that's kind of inexplicable. And while I can communicate that the sensations I fantasize about with these inhuman cocks, such as different sensation, those are largely things built around a kind of unreasonable attraction to wanting to get railed by monsters with weird dicks.



Not seeing a problem here.



>wherever porn is discussed.

Just how many places that aren't BBC themed have this discussion happening often? I've hung out in at least a hundred spots on f-list and save for the rooms specifically themed for BBC shit, not only is it never brought up but it's outright banned. Granted I don't go anywhere else other than here and f-list, but here it's just ironic shitposting.



>Nigger Shota on the guestbook

Run! Run away!



Oh good, back to posting profiles with nothing to say. Lovely.



I should be more clear: I don't need a 'compelling argument' to find something appealing, that isn't really what I meant to begin with.

But despite having BBC in my no list, I still get messages from people like fucking Kadrick King who try their damnedest to convince me that I "just need to try it" and I'll see the light.

So when I say 'compelling argument' it was more for the people who have tried to convince me to play with them on the virtue of "I'm the best because I'm black".



>nigger shota in the guestbook

Well, there goes my interest.




I imagine you're both the same person because there have to be only a few people this fucking obsessed.




As if either of you would have had a chance.



I mean, I don't really blame the guy. I've generally avoided the BBC community out of disinterest and reading these threads (and poking my head into another) have confirmed to me that I was right to stay away - the only people who into it are all living mounds of trash.



The best I can offer is that they do that to fish for people who are interested but reluctant to participate and need a push. A lot of profiles put things in their no/maybe list as a meta way of trying to be coerced. "This is bad, but it feels so good etc." Sadly, most of them are awful at riling you up to the idea so it comes off as desperate.



I've already slipped her the dick and posted on her guestbook before she degenerated to nigger pedo shit.



Not only that but there have been loads of people who have 'generic bbc thug' on their profile and yet approach my generic bbc thug looking for play. There's loads of retards on both sides who fuck everyone up.




So considering Starboy was on there 2 months after they made their profile, which is a character for pedo shit, you must've done something before then? Do I have that right?



Did they approach you or do you just look for random profiles to post here for whatever reason?



Some anon always posts random profiles like an autist. At least they stopped spamming BBC profiles and mix it up now.



That's fair, sort of falls into the same category is paper tigers I suppose.

The most annoying part for me is I genuinely have nothing against playing with black/dark skinned characters, but it feels like hardly anyone can/wants to pull off interracial scenes without turning into racial supremacy shit.

Also that it gets shoehorned into everything where a character has a skin tone that is just slightly darker than white. Like the Kuro profiles, or this person I saw playing an Oni with a weeb name that had a ton of focus on their 'nigger dick'.


File: 062956cf5f68892⋯.png (43.11 KB, 1658x183, 1658:183, BBC.PNG)


No, I just saw their ad



>but it feels like hardly anyone can/wants to pull off interracial scenes without turning into racial supremacy shit.

Considering how 'muh contrast' is spoken of so often here, why haven't you people gotten together and done this shit?



>hardly anyone can/wants to pull off interracial scenes without turning into racial supremacy shit

What else is there? The main appeal of interracial is it's legalized bestiality. If you mention the color contrast you're disqualified automatically.



Ah, and the visual of it destroyed you so much that you felt the need to bitch about it? Got it, fam.



Does anyone know anything about this person?



The 'contrast' isn't a kink for me. I'm just saying, if there's a character I find appealing independent of being black, I can't just play with them like I would if they were white because they have to make it about their big black nigger dick.


See above.


File: 81a16b78d8485c7⋯.jpg (19.91 KB, 720x548, 180:137, Very bad.jpg)



It's not like you will have trouble finding non-black characters so I don't see the issue.



I am trying to figure out what the point you're trying to make is. Should I not be bitching in a bitching thread about something I thought was worth bitching about?



Tumblerina turboautist. Doesn't RP much and mostly just hangs out to chat with pretty big opinions.



Huh. I guess you've seen things to make you say tumblerina turboautist?



If seeing an ad running by your screen for a few seconds is gonna piss you off then maybe you need a break, anon.



Because raceplay as a kink more or less necessitates bringing in all the social baggage of racism and stereotypes, or else it loses its sting. Literally no one is into contrast, not enough to make it their main focus. Anyone who claims "no really it's a profile about contrast" is fucking lying.


Alright, what is the best way to fuck Canons? I already have 3 BBC profiles, 2 male and 1 shemale.



Follow their kinks you fucking troglodyte



It's gonna depend on who's playing them.

Generally speaking, though, not being autistic about how they play the character is the biggest thing.



>someone has "unattractive characters" as a fave

>"I-I like the contrast I swear!"

>try to prop themselves up as super literate

>they spend hours sucking my fatbald salaryman's greasy cock while I throw two lines vs. their paragraphs

>barely coherent streams of words full of typos

Contrast is the biggest lie in this fucking hobby.



I've had the pleasure of playing with a few that mostly webt with the skin color for aesthethic purposes thankfully, but the majority are into it just for the racial stuff so technically true. Not my exact cup of tea but to each their own.



I don't think what I said is that hard to comprehend. The 'contrast' isn't why I am lamenting.

My point is that I want to be able to play with characters with different skin colors without it having to be a 'kink'. It's only an issue for 'black' characters. If someone's skin is bright red, that just ends up becoming an adjective, not the focus of a scene.



Assuming the latter. "Ageplay" on F-List is usually a neutral synonym for lolicon/shotacon, DDLG/CGL leans more towards infantilism.



Are all BBC shotas the same recycled shit?



No, mine is different!



Yes, mine is just like this!



Can't even be bothered to write half a paragraph on the profile? One fucking sentence.



What does he really need to say? It's a dumb smut profile with hyperfocus on a single kink. None of the scenes he does are going to have elaborate backstories or anything resembling meaningful plot.



It should be deleted and the creator's head bounced off a brick wall.



How much does one need to write on ones profile? I thought kinks and an inline ist enough.



An inline like this is an insult, though. It's not even edited in any way. Just straight up copy and pasted image from booru.



Unnecessary for BBC gods.



>he cannot into c kinks, arranged in a nice pattern

>his profile will forever be inferrior.

laughing anime girls. jpg


File: a64fc6a15cd051c⋯.jpg (87.97 KB, 600x450, 4:3, minku.jpg)


>Implying refusing to post my logs to a board you just deemed "shit" means I never, ever roleplay

>Implying I'm confident enough to share them with anyone besides myself and the involved partners

>Implying I'm comfortable baring said partners' writing without their permission

>Implying said permission would be worth the effort to ask for

>Implying I don't have other circumstances, in my control or otherwise, that prevent me from posting them here (the big one of which being "-I don't want to-")

>Implying a large portion of the board isn't in the same boat in some form or another

Show me where you post every single one of your logs to the threads you seem to worship or go away.



i hate nothing more than hung shota, its such bullshit. Why even play a kid if he is hung like an adult and acts literally like one



That's fair. Doesn't really answer the question, though.



Now wait a minute. There's a special bliss involved with a hung shota who is as innocent as a shota SHOULD be. The juxtaposition of such a masculine, womb punching log attached to a nervous, easy to push around boy bonus points if he is cute, too is THE bee's knees.



You can easily go through and delete any identifying names used. If you're not confident enough to post them that's fine, but stop burying the real reason under a bunch of other excuses. I'm also not demanding you do, I'm simply pointing out that for all the talk this board does about "shitters" no one is really stepping up to show what they've got. I will be posting more things in the coming weeks however, because I don't just want to run my mouth and offer nothing in return.



You can play the bitchbreaker you wanted to in puberty.



There's no point. No matter what you post there will just be people shitposting and complaining over trivial shit. There's nothing to gain by posting logs and the only outcome will just be mockery.



You're probably right, but I'm gonna' do it anyway.




Pretty normal, where is the problem?



that's actually me.

i am not associated to fil, or any of the people using a spat out copy of my style.



And what I'm getting at is that you need to not play with people who are looking for raceplay.



Not OP but that person just messaged me a bit ago and is completely inept at flirting, at the very least.


Why is Fil mentioned a lot lately? What shitting did they do?


why not post your favorite BBC profiles?



It has been posted this thread already. Yeah, fite me.



I really want to play out an Emergence type scenario but with a nigger and his gang




I unironically played with all the Kuros and liked them. They aren't that bad.



Played with Iriya, too. Not Khloe though. That one is as autistic as zebra mlp fuckers. They're not as bad as I thought they'd be.


File: 108382fd8e8b5d1⋯.png (114.13 KB, 371x578, 371:578, 1506616315960.png)

>Have several character concepts for both OCs and canons

>Can't work up the nerve to write any of them right now, let alone play them, because I'm still feeling residual burnout

Mostly just self-bitching that can't go anywhere else. I better not fall into the trap of only making inlines and never actually using them. Or worse, throwing them on profiles that are doomed to never be finished but hoarded because the names are too good to pass up or I'm deluding myself into thinking my writer's block will ever fuck off for more than 20 minutes.



>hoarding names

Against the rules.



I'm aware, which is why I haven't even created any profiles yet. It's a hypothetical and a jab at the people who do have eternal works in progress that comprise only of pretty edits and some lazily converted Unicode text. Sorry about the lack of clarity, I guess.



File: 6f7f83f47a1f8ce⋯.png (54.81 KB, 170x184, 85:92, -^-.png)



Not really. As long as you "update" the profile frequently (maybe change the inline every third of a year) and make an alt account to make a guestbook post every now and then to give the illusion the profile DOES get play then you can hoard as many prime names as you can. Mods can't do shit if your profile is never left untouched for more than 6 months.



Sorta, kinda, not really. The first few times, they won't notice. But if it's a reoccurring thing with your account they just might give you the hammer. But you can always let a friend or two hold a name for you. The naming system on f-list is broken as fuck and no one seems on planning to fix it.



I want to honestly know the appeal of profiles like these. Does anyone here like this who can explain to me what makes it hot?



Big dick.


Thoughts on the male perfection channel?


File: 465e42387d11078⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 409.35 KB, 700x933, 700:933, 10730020.png)

So for any tail vore fags do you know if a Re-Class themed profile would be a nice thing?



Just fucking make it.



A bit quiet. But it seems new so I won't complain.



>smirth is mod

The room is shit.



>smirth is the main attraction for the room

Might as well be honest with it and call it BBC Perfection


File: 3a3d5d991d17a05⋯.png (18.33 KB, 322x165, 322:165, ClipboardImage.png)



Sorry, but that's reasonable. 5 minutes since your partner's last post and you haven't even typed a single word is just rude.



Reasonable how? People have lives other than f-list.


File: b666a3c4daa7d7a⋯.jpg (178.61 KB, 850x984, 425:492, b666a3c4daa7d7a3f310e080d2….jpg)


This anon gets it. Bullying a cute brat with a fat dick until he loses his mind and turns into a drooling retard working only on adrenaline and primal instinct is great.



What if it takes them more than 5 minutes to read your long ass post?

>what are you, ESL?



>Reasonable how?

Are you baiting right now? When you're engaged in an RP it's not cool to go full radio silence.



>5 minute timeframes is somehow acceptable for RP

Try typing 5-8 paragraphs in 5 minutes.



He doesn't even talk in it.



I like this anon. Maybe I should make a shota after all since there are people who enjoy bullying cute brats.



The kink doesn't say reply in 5 minutes you retard. It says "if you aren't typing within 5 minutes" or I assume saying "give me a sec" counts.



Just don't go full compensation mode and give him a dick that's bigger than his body.



This just comes of as awfully insecure.



Learn to read.



Of course not. Eigaka sized shotas are only good for cuddling in my eyes, anyways.




They might very well be insecure.


File: b9e378ad0e82993⋯.jpg (616.82 KB, 1660x1660, 1:1, db29b33fdeb498936a4eeca36d….jpg)


You should, playing a shota with a fat dick is honestly a lot of fun. Like the other anon mentioned, just don't give him a dick bigger than his body or his entire leg. I generally stick to around knee length and focus a bit more on girth for penetration issues and broken condom play. My main advice for you is that if you want to play off genuine innocence instead of faux, have several ideas in mind for how you can push the scene along to reach the smut. Once you're there its really easy to just let instincts take over but if you're an autist like me, the initial hurdle is the most difficult to pass due to it dictating whether innocence is part of the character or just a mask to tear off. I've experimented with magical brands, oil play, parasites, alchemy in general, and aphrodisiac root beer to varying degrees of success when I needed to push the scene ahead instead of relying on my partner to take the initial plunge



Couldn't you also take the comedic route and have mishaps happen around the innocent shota that keeps giving him dick tingling flashes of panties and such?


File: b65427980faf19f⋯.png (88 KB, 639x350, 639:350, ClipboardImage.png)


>make a actually good female profile

>spend hours in photoshop to make inline and good avatar

>lots of bb code and well sorted c kinks only

>hardly bookmarks, almost no approach

>make low effort female slut profile

>spemd 5 min photoshop and put nothing but an inline and a "ask me" kink

> already more bookmarks in a day then the other profile in a month

>approach all the time

why does flist hate quality so much?



You can but you have to keep in mind you are going to be reliant on your partner initiating the action in that manner which is easier said than done for a lot of people surprisingly enough. Faux innocence ones have an easier time initiating the action while maintaining their cuteness compared to purely innocent ones.



High quality usually scares people away because they often feel like they wouldn't be able to "meet standards" set by higher quality profiles. Most often than not I've noticed people with lots of effort in their inlines tend to not be as intensive in writing.


File: bbc76c554a609b7⋯.png (8.32 KB, 275x103, 275:103, ClipboardImage.png)



Oh, I see.



>tfw to smart for flist



>Most often than not I've noticed people with lots of effort in their inlines tend to not be as intensive in writing.

"I'm just here to shitpost."

"I only shitpost lol."

Generally a fancy inline is a sign of a shithead.


>that one player that keeps deleting and remaking their big red riding hood



Is four paragraphs too much for a profile description? How much can I actually write before people just start skipping to look at the kinks?




I remember getting annoyed when they paused our play to take a break, only to just keep on chatting in a public room. Enough to lose interest and poof on them. I didn't really pay attention to them otherwise.



Yikes. I don't even type into the client. I just copy/paste from wordpad or whatever the fuck I happen to be using.



This. In fact, there's an entire room that proves this to be true. Just go sit in Anime Tiddies and check the profiles of the people who chat there.



I have experienced this tragedy in trying to get into the fate Canon rooms in hopes to rail servants. A vast majority of people associated with that Canon just don't rp at all and shitpost/idle or play grand order. Really disillusioned me from bothering trying to fit in to a crowd that doesn't even do much. Even the ones that do rp tend to only do so with a closed group of players.



Korina? She's pretty damn weird.



So at this point is it safe to say having a good inline is more like having a cover letter to your resume? All it does is make you stand out more in hopes you get "in" and if you don't have a good looking one then good fucking luck.



tfw you play an arjuna and there's no asterios or heracles to wreck your boy pussy



Which Fate canons do you want to fuck?



It's a real bother. This realization is what made me put the brakes on my JAlter.



You can get by without one if you use bbcode to format your profile into looking appealing. But as far as inlines, all you really need is a decent looking image. Overdoing your inline is really just attention whoring at this point. That, or covering up for a lack of actual writing ability/effort.



If you don't mind me asking, which character did you use to approach them?



So people can't have "overdone" inlines if they like them because "hurr durr, it means they are a bad writer." Seems like you've only run into the bad ones anon.




This isn´t only the Fate fanbase on F-List, it happens also with




>Senran Kagura

and some smaller ones.



You can have them all you like. Point me to a good writer who does their inlines like that.



Is this highlander meme a real thing? Or is this just a meme people see on other people's profiles and think, "Wow wouldn't it be a really great story if that happened to me?" so they put it on their no list?



>not liking any of those things

Why DO you have such awful taste?



Cuckolding, Smegma and Interracial go hand in hand.



It seriously actually happens



>not liking highlander


File: 1cc264d239c34d0⋯.jpg (24.94 KB, 324x34, 162:17, 84761010692.jpg)

>tfw most inlines are just unedited pictures taking up space on my screen.

>tfw you just want a little info and kinks without having to load someone's 5+ massive images every single time you open their profile, taking up all your bandwidth.

Sorry, fam. If I'm interested in pictures, I would look at your Images tab or go on Tumblr.



I didn't realize that was an option.


>be pink

>approach a lesbian

>no dick, no deal

This always happen isn't it.



Really? What the fuck.




Shemales win again



>Not having noCSS installed so you just get basic unformatted basic black on white text data



Three different attempts. Gudao, Kintoki and Artoria Alter.


Honestly at this point my standards have lowered so much I just want to fuck Gorgon.



Did you not get some when FATE was at the height of its popularity? I've sworn them off entirely now because I've played with so many FATEs that it stopped being fresh.



Wasn't in the typefucking scene when the animes were airing.



They're common in a majority of canon circles. Comics, animes. Etc.



>dykes being this obsessed with penises

I really wish f-list reflected real life sometimes, mostly when it comes to lesbians. I'm tired of the lesbian/girl love centered rooms being focused on cocks. I want an actual dyke. Hairy pussy and all.



What do you expect? 90% of f-list is men.



All hard lesbian profiles are angry little women and transgenders that are unbearable to play with, let alone be around for any length of time.

Only the pseudo-lesbians that are into girlcocks and pure lesbianism are chill enough to put on a good RP while not spam their profiles with "I'm Picky!" and deny everyone that gets close except the same group of three people they first started RPing with on the site.

Want good lesbian stuff? Don't look for actual lesbians. Look for girls who are bi, pan, etc, that have females in their favorite category specifically. If doing this bothers you because you want a hard lesbian profile to play with, you're likely the very one of these legendary pink shitter types that would sooner say some meme like shemales are just men in a public chat and get the room mods called on you.

If this is the case, you'll have to find fresh lesbian profiles under about a week old to prey on before they get settled with their network, and chances are you'll have a hard as fuck time doing that.

You can try to start your own room with pussies only, however you'll probably fail after banning some two hundred random girldicks that try to fag up your room.

Also stop spamming pubic hair shit in these threads.



>that would sooner say some meme like shemales are just men in a public chat and get the room mods called on you.

Why would they do that? Shemales are guys with tits.



But anon, shemales are men with tits.



>getting this mad over pube hair



They pretty clearly were a female profile wanting to do lesbian stuff but the other person only wanted "girldick". The fuck are you spazzing about?



He's saying that the vast majority of pure lesbian profiles only want dick you spaz, and it's true. I heavily enjoy lesbian stuff, especially when it's someone stronger / taller than me that I can just pin against the nearest wall, hoist one of their legs over my shoulders, and constantly slam a duet of fingers knuckles deep into their cunt over-n'-over again while fucking their throat with my tongue but I don't advertise for that at all and for all intents and purposes, my profile is purely straight.


File: 0d9e93b9803f1c5⋯.png (264.3 KB, 406x276, 203:138, the.png)




t. Blind To Zeitgeist


All these people talking about how inlines are a waste of time and people should write shit for their bodies makes me think they're full of shit. I had several ordered tabs of information that virtually no one ever bothered to fucking read. I remember purposefully taking shit out or leaving broken links and I'd still get compliments about my shitty profile: I guess it had nothing to do with the giant tits I had sitting on the top, right?

Look, don't get me wrong; I can see why some people would want actual writing. But from personal experience, it's a waste of time because most people don't fucking read it.



This, a hundred times this



Then you do your thing, and I'll continue to avoid profiles with overdone inlines like the plague.



Shitposter who hardly rp's but has a top tier profile and kink list reporting in.



It's mostly people like >>185622 who are jealous of the attention that nice profiles get and in an act of pure egotism think that because they 'avoid' these people they are denying the person with the profile a play with them, and that's super important because not being able to play with their picky ass is surely devastating.



I have a small amount of text spread out among a short and simple list of kinks and people *still* can't even manage to read that properly. So I'm inclined to agree that there's something more to this 'fancy inline = no play' nonsense.



People don't fucking read anything but kinks, gender, sexual info, and names.

Most of your attractiveness is in picture, however not having an inline or a description on your profile will make you look lazy, and people will dump you without thinking about it.

It's not like they do this maliciously or anything, most people just have a laziness filter that judges things that have nothing to actually do with RP.



>Just text

lazy asshole

>Just inline

lazy asshole who is pretentious

>Text + Inline

good profile

Is it so hard?


File: f8a5960d5fa5182⋯.jpg (66.87 KB, 800x470, 80:47, vpy8gmatlwd11.jpg)


In my case the only reason why I stick to the fancy inline + kinks option is how I'm not really actively looking for partners.

People have the right to be mad, anyway. They just shouldn't force their standards as the norm.



Then they aren't lesbian profiles (to me). It's hard to consider being fucked by a shemale a "lesbian" experience when the blunt way they describe sex just makes it feel like I'm being fucked by a guy. No attention or effort is given to any feminine part of their body. I try paying attention to the breasts and nipples? Ignored. I try locking one into a passionate kiss, with a focus on how gorgeous her lips are? I just get some eyerolling display of "dominance" via tongue rape that's over in one post. Oh boy, I'm totally your bitch now because you made me choke on your tongue once. That sure isn't low effort at all. And one actually using something besides their fat she-daddy dick to get me wet? Good fucking luck. Hell, with 98% of the focus being on what their dick is doing, I might as well be getting screwed by a disembodied penis.



>Then they aren't lesbians

They aren't. That's the point we're trying to make. 99% of lesbian profiles are lipstick lesbians and nothing more. If you want a pure lesbian experience you go looking for bisexual pinks instead of pure lesbos.



I do this. Often, my inlines have text in them anyway. But I know most people won't read any effort in a tabbed paragrah or two so I don't bother.


Yes. Because there's reasons why people do any one of those things, or both. The only inexcusable thing is when someone doesn't put any effort in their profile at all.



You can just tell you're one of these shitters who wastes 2 hours in photoshop but can't spend ten minutes writing a simple paragraph, desperately trying to defend yourself.



Shemales are guys with tits so I don't know what you expected.



>Fighting Strawmen with Strawmen

Welcome to The Cornfield.



>t.Salty faggot that can't make his own inlines



>2 hours in photoshop for an inline

t. person who has never used photoshop.

>desperately trying to defend yourself.

Awww they won't play with me whatever will I do. Guess I will just have to deal with the dozens of other people responding to every advert I put out.



I can make a simple inline and that's all I've ever needed. The thing about profiles like yours is they attract a lot of initial attention but no one sticks around for very long. Once the initial pull of that gaudy inline wears off and they realize you actually are just mediocre at best when it comes to typefucking, they move on down the line. Let me guess - you have a bunch of unicode custom kinks but they're all blank or filled out with one sentence?



>Tfw it actually takes me hours to make the simplest of inlines in fucking gimp because it feels that arhaic to me

>Can do half decent but bog standard shit in paint.net but it doesnt offer me as many opportunities as GIMP

Life is sufferinf when you cant make attractive inlines anon



Then show us your skills, big boy



Yeah, we all know the people who use and respond to ads are the pinnacle of quality.



> People who use inlines suck.

> The people who approach them also suck.

Well, when everyone seems like an asshole…



I didn't say anything about inlines. I just think that your "oh I get so much attention~" shit looks really insecure and pathetic.



>The thing about profiles like yours is they attract a lot of initial attention but no one sticks around for very long

Why would I want a bunch of clingy shits anyway? Just pump and dump and move on with your life.



Yeah? If you make halfway decent ads you'll attract good partners. Just leave out stupid bullshit like "Let's brainstorm" and "fuck me daddy" and actually have an idea in your head about what you want/what you're offering and you'll be drowning in good partners. The best thing about advertisements is people are way more confident that you actually want to play, too. It's not some shot-in-the-dark list scrawling trying to find that one player who puts themselves down as 'looking' who matches your kinks.


File: 69c8e65c6c22006⋯.png (210.8 KB, 390x337, 390:337, FB_IMG_1502070060659.png)

Any of you cunts know how to make one of those collapsible kink lists for the kink section?



Unfortunately for you, the world isn't 'fair'. Just because you find something harder to find doesn't mean you're getting higher quality stuff.




Use the subfetish editor button when you open the kink section. I don't think they can be searched but it looks slick. You need the custom kinks made before you use it, though.


File: da0985ce9e8afad⋯.png (40.95 KB, 633x336, 211:112, asdasda.png)


File: ca90547c00f238e⋯.jpg (353.73 KB, 779x1200, 779:1200, 1497409921099.jpg)



>there is no middle ground between attracting disposable condoms and attracting clingy stalkers




All kinks that are assigned to a subfetish are searchable if you also assign those kinks through the normal kink editor.



If you're talking about 'friends' I don't need to find any on f-list. Especially not on f-list.



>he doesn't use f-list as a substitute for social media

>he doesn't pretend to be his characters in order to have a vague shot at having friends or being popular

Look at this guy who has his priorities in order; look at him and laugh!



I was simply referring to partners that you have multiple sessions with. you seem really defensive about the topic of making acquaintances though. did some furry bad touch you or something?


Why does someone get banned from Ageplay like every few hours? What the fuck goes on in that room? I never actually pay attention to it and I'm not even sure if I even wanna know the answer to this question.



Pure autism



They kick anyone who posts any photographic reference pics, even in ads. Good riddance to be honest.



Everyone who talks in that room is a freak.



If their adverts aren't related to ageplay, then they get banned. If they're accused of creeping on people in PMs, they get banned.


File: c33d9024351ad8d⋯.jpg (9.35 KB, 165x148, 165:148, 1449164930599.jpg)


>photographic reference pics




Well, what am I supposed to say? "Photographic references" is what they're called in the default kinks. "IRL pics" and "real pics" just sound slightly worse and "3D pics" can be interpreted as computer generated pics.



>ageplay mods are better at kicking out pedos than site staff




Stop being a sperg anon.

The anon who replied to you probably reacted to the fact that there are people who uses photographic reference picture in the ageplay room, not to your use of word.



I've done multiple sessions before, but the point is that not keeping one's interest for very long is precisely what I'm looking for. A few nice sessions with someone's more than enough. There's thousands of other people I can play with on the site who may spark other interesting scenes/characters/kinks.



I guess that's true, but I got the impression, myself, that it was phrased awkwardly. >>185669

To be fair every time I've been approached by someone I suspect to be a real pedophile I just bait him into saying something incriminating and then report him. The mods have always banned someone after that.



>I just bait him into saying something incriminating and then report him. The mods have always banned someone after that.

I must have gotten a shit one, because when I reported Pigbreaker Giorgo(Now renamed more generically last I saw) for both assuming I was underage and asking for pictures/contact details, I got handwaved for wasting a ticket.


>Tfw get contacted by someone

>Go check his no's list while he is talking with me

>Scat is not mentioned anywhere

>Write something in German and send it to him

>He panics and asks how I know where he is from, he doesn't even have the GMT thing in his profile

How much should I bet that he wants me to shit on his face I won't do it trust me



Nah it's happened a few times to me. Most recently he started saying some creepy shit and I said "I keep that kink to fantasy and 2D" to which he said "why? kids are made to fuck". Literally too easy. Generally, if someone comes asking for a "dirty chat" that's the main red flag to know they want to talk about IRL shit.



It doesn't matter because avatar, inline and customs is what everyone looks at first. Realistically you have three seconds to convince someone to keep reading your profile.



That's some creepy shit, Anon. I suppose I was just unlucky with my own report - or they had so many in regards to him - that the bored mod decided not to look into it.


I am not going to add profile play to my predator profile, I am not going to add profile play to my predator profile, I am not going to add profile play to my predator profile.



Doesn't that defeat the purpose of being a vore pred?


File: b7f461db3882fdf⋯.jpg (349.1 KB, 1300x1021, 1300:1021, 51495-Pred-Wall-1.jpg)


But how will you show off your trophies?



You can have a pred vore profile without profile play right?



Of course you can. Some people do that. I just figured a lot of vore preds get off to "seeing their trophy wall" like a hunter puts deer heads on his wall.


>had an African tribal lolicon

>had some pretty fun scenarios with white men raping her and breeding her

>deleted her a while ago but wanted to bring her back

>see shit like actual pedos in ageplay, bad rpers, etc common among those who like the kink

>never bring back tribal loli ntombi

I hate life.



Make it anyways and block the shitters like everyone else does.



>It is weird for me, I mean I bet it is enjoyable for some people but isn't it just ctrl+c and ctrl+v .



>see shit like actual pedos in ageplay

I like how pedos like you think there are other pedos who are somehow worse. Like jerking it to cartoon kids is less mentally ill than jerking it to real ones. They're both awful. Not only that but you're getting off on a little black girl getting raped. Fucking Hell man.



Not necessarily. Real good profile play is when both people actually get involved in it to make it either as affectionate or depraved as possible. This could lead to it be boasting and fellating the pred's ego or putting down how miserable and worthless the prey was before the pred came in and ended their lives.

Profile play that is just copy paste of their icon is pretty stale and every pred I've seen who do so have no substance. They're just in it to count numbers and I guess that's enough for them. Just like any other dom/sub dynamic, pred/prey also requires a level of communication to hold up an "intimacy" between partners. After all, you DO put effort into spicing your meal to make it as delicious as possible before eating it right?



Remember, anon. Anyone playing a pink has a slim chance of being a girl. And girls can't be pedos at all!


File: 5c19522d2fad6b2⋯.jpg (141.61 KB, 1237x869, 1237:869, __re_class_battleship_kant….jpg)


This is an actuall good post Anon, thank you.



> African Tribal Loli with huge smelly dick.

Yes please.


People go on and on about BBC this and that, but does anyone do other kinds of raceplay? BWC?




>tfw someone on an anonymous chinese imageboard is getting mad at you for making black characters while all being black irl

Do you need a hug?



No. She has the purest and tightest pussy.


File: 40879f0205371fc⋯.png (200.5 KB, 675x935, 135:187, IMG_3721.PNG)

I started working on this Huntress Wizard after getting more into Adventure Time since the finale is around the corner and I noticed that out of all the prime names that tend to just shitpost, Marceline actually plays. Does anyone here know if she's any good? I checked out her profile and it looks pretty intimidating in design and she has quite a few players on her guestbook.

There's a few other Marcelines I've seen but they're not exactly ones I'd sink in hours of play with from what I've noticed. Why does this character only have people who are shit or people are scarily good?! Should I even bother since I'm so lacking in confidence to even approach? /erp/ what do you do when you want to approach someone you think is out of your league?

And to the topic: I really hate that I'm constantly stuck playing with shitters because the moment someone is competent, I start doubting every post I make.



I figured. Just expressing how:

I didn't know I want this.

And I now I do.


File: 604e90336a94c4b⋯.jpg (658.84 KB, 904x565, 8:5, 06d904676dc596276b8400e61c….jpg)


Nigga she's chill. Stop worrying about it and hit her up, she's going to fucking adore you for playing the Huntress.



I can guarantee you that Marceline will gape your asshole and keep it gaped regularly. Fucking bite your pinky and say hi to her.



If they appear to be surrounded by a bunch of other "popular" people and are purported to be good by avatarfag over here >>185703 then you don't need to ask yourself if they're shit. They're shit.


File: 36be64d636128a7⋯.jpg (166.98 KB, 1024x661, 1024:661, 49ccf6bb3b0dc66960b14fd2a8….jpg)


I'm mostly doing it at the moment to tip the anon off that I'm the Nobu in her guestbook. Still, stay salty fam.


As for your confidence issues, take it from my personal experience and stop worrying about it. There's nothing I hate more than people who get self-conscious in the middle of a play and try to cut it off because they feel they aren't doing good enough. Always keep in mind that if someone is still playing with you, it's because they enjoy what you're putting out and they enjoy spending time with you. I've burned way too many bridges with your mindset in the past and I'd rather not have someone else do the same mistakes I did.



I don't know if it's bad that I 've been influenced by /erp/, but I get incredibly wary when I see someone with this style of avatar/inline



The biggest red flags are 'no preference' for post/rp length and no dick size.



Really? Why those of all things?


File: 5e3135dc41398b6⋯.png (241.44 KB, 408x491, 408:491, me.png)


hey, that's me.



Explain yourself then. What made you join in on the desaturated images aesthetic?



>No length preference

It means they're fickle bitches who will demand you start, then go silent if you under or overpost their desired ideal they can't be arsed to nail down and specify.

>No dick size

this is a symptom of "I can be your angle or yuor devil ;)" cybering autism

alternatively they have a 1" dicklet and are exclusively into SPH, something they'll only reveal after you start the scene



Oh hey, I got mentioned again.

Am I really that scary? I thought I was pretty approachable most the time.


Harsh, anon. I'm just a nobody surrounded by nobodies tho.



>No post length preference

It means they're fickle bitches who will demand you start, then go silent if you under or overpost their desired ideal they can't be arsed to nail down and specify.

>No dick size

this is a symptom of "I can be your angle or yuor devil ;)" cybering autism

alternatively they have a 1" dicklet and are exclusively into SPH, something they'll only reveal after you start the scene



>"Fickle bitches who will demand you start."

Unspoken rule is, if you approach them first, you should kick it off first. Unless they approach you and ask you to start first, then they are fickle bitches.

>"Cybering autism"

Some people just wanna be flexible with the partner's wants, no need to be bitchy about it.



>if you approach them first, you should kick it off first

My favorite thing is to say that when I'm the one being approached, then say the opposite when I'm the one approaching. I haven't had to write an intro in like, 2 years.



If someone said "I approached so you start" they'd be dropped.



That sounds like a weird expectation since not only are they the ones who took the initiative first - which means you should try to show some yourself - but ideally the one starting should be the one who thinks they have the best starter.


File: 63e0532f47c783f⋯.png (184.36 KB, 500x361, 500:361, dogshake.png)


not to sound arrogant, but i didn't 'join in', i was the one who 'started' it. i carried it over from the place i used to visit for roleplay before i came to f-list. it worked well on dark theme (the only good theme, btw).

of course, i wasn't the only one, but everyone and their dogs started doing the exact same shit after that korwa player got their hands on it for some reason that's well beyond my realm of understanding. that'd be fine and all, but their 'inspiration' eventually morphed into straight up plagiarism, as absurd as it sounds.

anyway, i am trying to steer away from it, but it's going to take a while. i'm a perfectionist.


you're wrong. i just don't care about specifying post length; that keeps things fluid and works for myself just fine. some scenes require longer posts, some don't. but i understand your point.

as for the no dick size part, i'm just bad with numbers.

additionally, i'm not actively trying to attract new partners, so there is no need to go beyond the basics.



When I'm playing a dominant, I start even when approached. When I'm playing a sub, I always ask if they mind starting us off. Is that bad?

>Some people just wanna be flexible with the partner's wants

You can pick a bengis size and be flexible about it. When I think of someone without dick size listed it just makes me think they're the sort of tard who insists on being "biggest cock you've seen" or similar. I don't see a problem in entertaining that even if it isn't, but it's a little cringy.




I can forgive almost anything as long as there's some big tits to look at.



It doesn't seem that weird. I always play dominant sorts so I typically start off as well, but there have been a few times people have told me they have an idea for a starter and I have no issues with that, of course. Whatever gets the scene moving, really. I'm more than willing to spend 10 minutes getting things going at the risk - as low as it may be - that we will not mesh.


File: 83bec5fb4dcebba⋯.png (1.66 MB, 1200x991, 1200:991, a522ad2fdccaab87155a1cf3e2….png)


You're a generous lad.



I'm sure she was, breaker #86480



If you are you, all of your profiles are amazingly pretty. I just wanted to say that.


File: 847d351f87c6187⋯.jpg (58.14 KB, 675x1200, 9:16, you will always be mine.jpg)


thanks, pal! i aim to please.


File: 1371b6b88b2e11e⋯.png (45.61 KB, 1189x216, 1189:216, ClipboardImage.png)


Wow nice profile play. Especially when NO ONE CAN READ IT



Hey, I'm the bubs on her guestbook and I play often, admittedly playing with Marceline satiates my PB needs but I'm always done for other AT canons, if you want some bubblegum, I can help. I'm also prime Canyon (coming soon™), by the way.

And no, she's a fucking sweetheart.



I wish people called me a sweetheart.




Is this good? Is this bad? I never know?



Someone called me a sweetheart, once. I hated it.



Have you tried being a sweetheart?



Stroke that sissyclit and give your boipussy up to your new shemale-daddy goddick.

It's not good, no.



>huge smelly dick

My only weakness. Does anyone know good shemales who focus on this, bitchbreaker or otherwise? I know all of them have a musky cock etc, but I want ones who really make their poor hygiene the centerpiece.



I dunno. I guess? Am I a sweetheart if I vore my sweeties?



You can be!



Nope. Believe me, I've looked. But maybe we all have different ideas of what good is.


File: 9dfa977eb083ae9⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1250x1875, 2:3, 11111882.png)

File: 45a720f1a4a1ce6⋯.jpg (132.44 KB, 1000x1400, 5:7, 11111884.jpg)

File: 63f4e59710034cb⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1000x1400, 5:7, 11111886.png)

File: 7f9cc266c7c67c2⋯.png (429.55 KB, 638x850, 319:425, 11111889.png)

File: bb60530a406cc64⋯.jpg (276.83 KB, 1125x1500, 3:4, 11163076.jpg)


Y-yes! Please break my white boi ass with your nigger cock!



I wish these disgusting niggers didn't arouse me so much. I hate myself sometimes.



Yes. Dear god yes.

But fuck I'm a pussy and rarely associate myself with the kink unless prompted since I know putting that on my purple will tank interest.


File: 24faf3769334d43⋯.jpg (19.1 KB, 480x337, 480:337, 1529249866289.jpg)


>Don't fucking do it I swear to god.



ignore greentext



Is art from Albatross the mark of an anti-shitter? For some reason it's incredibly rare to find on F-list and I've never had a bad experience with anyone who used it.




Does this person look like a shitter to you?


File: e5b17a47e40304b⋯.jpg (100.31 KB, 500x414, 250:207, IMG_3697.JPG)


Wow this is awful



They're lackluster. You'd have better luck with clique hoarding big names than that one.

But see for yourself rather than believing someone anonymous on an image board.



>clique hoarding big names




People that gather up a big ol' group of people and just hoard everyone in it for themselves, getting antsy and jealous and what-not if people start playing with others outside of the group.

Perfect example for this particular context would be Blacked.



>antsy and jealous

That sounds awful and I have no idea why you would recommend people like that.



Because they're usually good at RP. Not much else.

If you don't treat F-List as some kinda emotional crutch because you're lonely, people like that are basically free and decent quality writing partners. Are they idiots? Probably, but who gives a shit so long as they can play properly.


File: e0ae185df4763e2⋯.jpg (79.71 KB, 500x370, 50:37, IMG_3533.JPG)

>tfw all these nigger profiles

>tfw I was making a character that hated all races, including fantasy types, just to fully fetishize the idea.

>she's not black though

Well what's the point


File: 2fc4d8cd77e166d⋯.jpg (129.65 KB, 883x817, 883:817, 1465683813527.jpg)

>try to play a pink for once

Man, coochies sure are a lot more boring to describe than wieners.



learn to play pink you cunt






I only suck dick on my pinks and wish more doms were stronger into that.


File: f9e0e1566b1472a⋯.jpg (243.67 KB, 1500x1580, 75:79, 1493594081451.jpg)


I'm trying, daddy, I'm trying. Keep talkin' dirty to me like that and I'll have to choice but to practice with you~


File: 31c45b80ecd5dc4⋯.jpg (110.22 KB, 1079x740, 1079:740, IMG_3726.JPG)





How fucking hard can it be? Seriously, if something this simple can give you pause I hate to even consider giving you the time of day. There's a hell of a lot you can do with a good and functional cunt as far as describing things go. If you don't think any of the potential is interesting then the problem is you alone.

But go ahead, keep calling me that and I might take pity on you to give some pointers. Being good with your words means you'd at least be worth keeping around as an obedient daddy's girl that sings my praises around the clock – since you obviously won't be too entertaining on the cock.





Yeah, that sums it up fairly well. Fine. I'll see what I can do after work when I'm not dead, woman.



You should pester me even when you're not hunting for dick. I genuinely think you're cool, yknow.


You guys can be so cute sometimes. I wish you'd be like this more often. While watching you all be spergs can be amusing, it can also be pretty depressing.



The board has nice moments.


File: 5bb8859c8ecee09⋯.png (29.82 KB, 1200x251, 1200:251, 367835683794695367.png)

Thank god you guys got rid of Daud, right? Thank god Fantasy can finally be a quality board, right? Lmao.



Yeah it's nice to see people enjoying the hobby you share for once. All the bitching was getting me a little pessimistic.


File: 09b22f5efd29391⋯.jpg (34.54 KB, 554x439, 554:439, shrug.jpg)


Ya' gotta learn to ignore it anon. There's like one or two autists around that screech at anything that has to do to F-List because the orgy threads died, there are another few autists that screech over the BBC room and certain kinks, there's the vanilla fags who can't deal with someone writing about anything more than handholding, so on and so forth.

Be the change ya' wannabe. Hilariously enough I've come to notice there are a lot of interesting people around the board as of late but they just don't post at all due to the prevailing bitching about anything culture.


File: b9ce6d3bbca08ee⋯.png (205.25 KB, 1024x1414, 512:707, IMG_3727.PNG)

Yeah, I genuinely love this hobby. I have my horrible traits just like anybody else that can affect it, but the hobby itself is ultimately still fun. Not only because it's full of people that enjoy my writing enough to offer me hours they'll never get back, but also all the people I get to meet. I'm basically an alwaysdom worstgender, but I don't think there's a single sub I interact with that I haven't befriended. Most people will try to be good people and if you enjoy what you do and they do too, they often will be good to you. This hobby, once you stop staring at the bad stuff, is actually full of great stuff.

To everyone who tolerates many shenanigans, I gotta say: You're fantastic and I'm happy we met.

I just got all warm and fuzzy. No bulli.


*makes profile that's just a big tiddy inline*

*sends ads saying I'm horny but give no scene ideas*

*writes your own post back at you from my perspective*

Subs are bullshit.



What a cute dork.



Fantasy is shit only because the only fantasy you get in that room is dungeons and dragons type shit. No modern fantasy, no science fantasy. Just medieval fantasy and nothing more.




man, modern fantasy is so underdone.



Wait, wait, wait…

*sucks your balls and then licks your asshole*

Are you sayin…

*calls you daddy or sir*

You be saying…

*gets creampied*

That we sum finna…

*writes guestbook entry for you*

We wuz Subs?!



*makes low effort shemale with inline talking about "just submit"*

*doesnt send ads but people flock anyway because shedaddy dick makes the peepees hard*

*ignores any attempts at powerbottom-type aggression or anything perceived as a challenge in favor of more '"fucks you harder submit to my fuckmusk bitchpet'*

Dom are bullshit.



>writes your own post back at you




Wait, wait, wait..

*links writeforme.org*

Are you sayin..

*fuckstink dicksludge ballbatter*

You be sayin..

*doesn't show any emotion*

That we sum finna boutta..

*cums and logs out*

We wuz doms?!



Very belatedly, I am not really associated with Fil.


It means your browser or operating system doesn't support it. I was trying to use ones that seemed to be supported by most things, but it's somewhat of a fruitless effort. I'll try experimenting a bit more but it's probably easier just to switch back to normal text, so I might just do that. Sorry about that anon.



then you probably are not trash and i apologize for insulting you.



I will never understand the writeforme thing. What the fuck is up with that?



Wait a minute, you didn´t make a 10000 word appointment with me though my guestbook?! How can I even be sure you REALLY want do gargle these dom balls? This is only for seasoned sluts, a lesser whore that tried to suckle them would get their brain blown out by the sheer stench like a shotgun mouthwash. I think you should try my writeforme first, so I can see if you can even respond in 5 minutes. Otherwise this domdick is not for you!



You can thank Fai for that one.



It's a specific kinda circumstance where it can have any appeal whatsoever.

But most people just throw it out there without a second thought and it feels meaningless.



What is that circumstance though? Making someone type for you over and over again? It just feels weird.




Wait, hol' up bruh..

*has a playerbase that consists of the least amount of psychos*

So ya'll sayin'..

*shows a personality aside from retarded fuckcumpiggy and oogabooga omegagigadaddy*

Ya'll sholl is fixin' ta be sayin'..

*evenly distribute control over the scenes*

That we finna be dun gon'..

*gets a wide variety of partners*

We wuz switches?!


Ultradoms that do one-sided RP is what really confuses me. How is it hot if you don't even get to really feel like you're doing anything at all?



You basically get a story written for you, that´s what´s hot about it.



Lazy people who want text porn to beat off to. That's all they are. I find most of them are ESL.



I guess I don't understand because I personally find that a lot of my enjoyment from ERP comes from actually being able to influence the scene and story. A one-sided RP would either seem weird because they have to interact with a non-moving character that I guess has their dick out, or basically control my character. Both kinda seem awkward to me.



I've tried it out but it's really not that fun to give or to receive if that's literally all that happens.

However, if it's been like "cute, but I want more so write another post for me" it's a brief kind of one-sided thing where you're demanded to make one, two, three posts in a row before it's deemed sufficient enough for a reply post.

And then it just continues as a normal RP. That kind of brief denial-type thing where the RP post they give back is the reward for working for it is what I find entertaining, both as a giver and receiver. Both sides of it are fun.

But not everyone's into that, so it will still confuse some people.



That I understand more, as long as the partner's okay with it at least.



Well, yeah, partner consent is always key. I'm not going to fucking spring that kind of uneven RP stuff on someone.

But I guess it doesn't count as one-sided at that point, just lop-sided?


>straight females

Is there a bigger meme in all of F-List?



Sure, we have:

>Shemale BBC

>female Bi with No: Males Kink

>BBC´s themselves


>Yoko and the others

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