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File: 71af394934c3a01⋯.png (161.57 KB, 533x400, 533:400, shitposting.png)


This is the cyclical thread for all bitching, suffering, autism, etc. Go wild.


File: f44bead5264914c⋯.jpg (190.63 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1433212564330.jpg)

>tfw MIA will never fuck you stupid and then watch anime with you afterwards

Why even live?


why the fuck are we talking to psychopath miafaggot. HE IS INSANE. HE WILL FUCKING DESTROY YOU. FUCKING CRUCIFY HIM



It's fluid. The more I think about it, the more detailed it gets. Of course, there is a limit and after a certain point, I start to repeat myself. And I guess so.


File: 5bcc5c9ad4ac581⋯.png (126.09 KB, 442x216, 221:108, nanachi angery.png)


I'll do it right now on my WIP profile instead of working on it, if you like the character, anon. I swear to God. This is a challenge.







File: e80b71ccaa18e95⋯.jpg (45.54 KB, 626x348, 313:174, 1459746137842.jpg)


What anime would we watch afterwards, Daddy?



well I'm listening, anon. finish your thought




Everybody knows that Giga Nigger is the actual superior fuckstud goddaddy of this board and F-List


File: c79c4d63c8c2010⋯.jpg (41.25 KB, 462x541, 462:541, come on baby bed.jpg)

File: b5ad88dd86b2684⋯.jpg (108 KB, 1712x2048, 107:128, bondrewd bedtime.jpg)


Flip Flappers? Space Dandy? Last Tour? Yuru Camp? Erased? Magus Bride? Made in Abyss?



Look at this fucking shit-tier sociopath taste


File: 848024c39c3a5f2⋯.jpg (74.07 KB, 352x510, 176:255, 1417988130956.jpg)


>Flip Flappers

Perfect, now bend me over and fuck me already. My body can't take it anymore.



kill yourself. literally EVERY show you've listed is absolute garbage.


File: 4cf8efc5e6a6078⋯.png (69.73 KB, 241x241, 1:1, riko peek.png)


Really? Drop what I'm doing and write with you right now? If I throw you the WIP I'm working on right now and log in, am I going to be called out for being a psych patient or whatever?



yes. make love to a razor blade.


File: 4ed7745c50cc566⋯.jpg (76.23 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1445976635712.jpg)


The only psych case here is probably me, with just how badly I'm already addicted to the thought of settling down between your legs and never leaving, as I beg you for fix after fix of that psychotically fat cock.

I just found out I actually can't play right now though. May my hopes and dreams rest in peace…


Since Miaguy owns this thread now, I think I'm gonna go ahead and join the winning team

Mia anon…you are BASED, my dude! B A S E D


File: 3c9f55c28a0f29e⋯.jpg (102.9 KB, 598x817, 598:817, maruruk 06.jpg)


It's okay, "psychotically fat cock" made me smile like an idiot. Reference this post anytime and I'll drop just about whatever I'm doing and log in to play anything you'd like, then and there, on the spot.


There is no winning, only having fun. Most of the time I've been unpopular has been just as good a time as before! This was actually a huge problem back in SS13, I'd decline to take advantages I needed to win rounds and would roleplay losing instead while people were trying to powergame!



I'm gonna make a dominant femboy kitsune and knot every single girl that I can find. Have any thoughts for me? Have any thots for me? Got any tips for me? Got any tips for me? Got any tips for me?



>playing to lose in ss13



File: 4432013c87d82fc⋯.png (1.1 MB, 930x1315, 186:263, 10474721.png)


According to that test I should be a 4-7, I however don't know if what I am seeing is my phantasy or an amalgamation of memories of apples. Could be dysexexcutive syndrome but I don't know.



I know that I have a penchant for humiliation since childhood, at least I think it is. My parents told me multiple times that they think that I always got into trouble as a child because I like getting screamed at and getting cussed out.

I'll also add that I am probably schizoid, though I never was properly diagnosed. A psychlogist friend told me that I strongly reminded him of a patient that had SPD and that I maybe should get that checked out.


File: 4ea35b2d1bcb3f2⋯.png (394.88 KB, 828x492, 69:41, overflowing with aspiratio….png)


The best thing you can ever be told is that you should see someone who knows what they're talking about, anon. Especially if you've already been recommended, I'd highly highly highly suggest you look into seeing someone sooner rather than later. It could seriously change your life.


you people don't honestly fucking believe he isn't actively manipulating you right now, right?



Bro, where is the analysis of the second part?!


File: cf997b4d5fc7cc6⋯.png (129.29 KB, 349x563, 349:563, wonderful.png)


I'm completely scatterbrained, sorry. … Please don't make me do it.


File: 97e7d31a3e7a40f⋯.jpg (73.33 KB, 599x835, 599:835, 42846189-3c31-4dfb-b536-e6….jpg)


You'd better. I can only stay wet for so long before going postal.



I got a little triggered by my partner's autism; they're great at writing and I tell them they're super fun to play with but they keep worrying over the fact that other people RP the same characters as they do which somehow makes their profiles "meaningless" and "have no reason to exist."

Like, nigger I want to slap you across the fucking place and get this stupid highlander shit out of your head.



You can do it later if you want, I have the post capped just in case.


What are mianon's profiles again? I want to fuck their brains out



File: 22e0d6ca7c53eb8⋯.jpg (31.3 KB, 500x550, 10:11, ozen DESTROY.jpg)


I don't want to do it because I don't want Yvette to be angry at me. Ripping into their five minutes' worth of off-the-wall stream-of-consciousness "smut" isn't fair or nice, even if I don't think that content should be coming out of a writer's fingers at all, editing or no editing.


Let's not? This sounds sarcastic as Heck and makes me look like a dishonest shill.



I'm not being sarcastic, though. If the above profiles are yours then I'll be hitting you up soon



>I don't want to do it because I don't want Yvette to be angry at me.

Yvette didn't write that, I wrote that. I am not Yvette.


File: 6d486a2891be29f⋯.png (238.42 KB, 828x628, 207:157, on an adventure together.png)


Ugh. Okay. I guess we're doing this. https://www.f-list.net/c/yuu/https://www.f-list.net/c/lyza/https://www.f-list.net/c/cute%20things/ — The latter being what I'm just finishing up right now.


It still makes me feel self-conscious!


I'm really happy I didn't just dig into someone I even scarcely know like Yvette, and I'm sorry I was so harsh on you, anon. Again, if you ever want to do some one-off practice stuff or anything, I'm here.



What do I do if the suggested listening runs out before I finish reading the profile?


File: c8ca1f9dd87d2ac⋯.jpg (29.5 KB, 466x399, 466:399, riko gun.jpg)


You hop into rabb.it with me and I orchestrate some mood music so you don't have to worry about it! I just like using multimedia for profiles, don't think too hard about it — I sure didn't. I was inspired by that player that does Phireftis/Thirty-Seven/the other cool one. They're really cool.




god MiA make some slick fucking profiles. more proof aesthetic sharks are all fucking nuts. blacklist these accounts



I really like the lyza one myself, but the rest are okay



Can you just make a mood playlist for each profile? That'd really help me out.


Well, that's it I guess. MiAnon is embracing the iaF role.


File: 49a124b0ecbcc9e⋯.jpg (425.37 KB, 632x1024, 79:128, 10274908.jpg)


No problem, maybe I'll take you up on your offer someday. Who knows what'll come out of it?


File: b3a8d44d7bb60db⋯.jpg (325.92 KB, 1049x1160, 1049:1160, Nanachi rolls.jpg)

Why are you people being nice to me about my profiles. They're not good. Especially the MiA ones desperately deserve revamps.


I might unironically do this, like have icons for all the different buttons on a little player, ◀◀ ◀ ❚❚ ▶ ▶▶ ↺, with each one being different pieces of music, none of them from the same soundtrack. It seems a little too… I dunno, up my own ass, though? I wanted it to be subtle.


I'll give you the best I've got whether you can return it or not when the time comes. My treat, or something!


File: 0b529ffbab7168a⋯.jpg (495.24 KB, 827x1167, 827:1167, 11441494.jpg)


I have my issues with therapists and I don't want a diagnosis because I don't want my job opportunites to suffer from it.

Also very sorry for the huge delays inbetween posts, I am playing Quake Live in the background.



So what are your requirements and standards for the people that you play with?


File: bae4d4cde30bd02⋯.jpg (247.21 KB, 850x1202, 425:601, sample_28a6dea24237c55127e….jpg)

tfw you want a good serah farron name just to get speared on a lightning's cock for degenerate incest rp


>All the issues can be solved by adding thread IDs

>baron won't do it.

Feels fuckin' bad



Baron who? Never heard of that guy



I just want a cute Hope name so I can suckle on some hairy balls…


Kill yourself MiA, good job giving up on the positive persona who does no wrong


File: c8e4992edd49181⋯.png (170.07 KB, 872x632, 109:79, 1534605771623.png)

Anon, why is there cum all over my sisters panties?! Did you slip out of your cage again?



i'm sorry we still like garbage like 13 anon

i used to know a snow who'd probably be into that though


File: d85c8956796fa09⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1075x1031, 1075:1031, this_is_good.png)



>unironically defending yvette's writing from earlier



>if you point out that MiA is obviously samefagging the thread to shit and trying to make it seem like people actually like him, after weeks of no one wanting anything to do with him, you're defending Yvette

That's not how logic works retard



Nonny, I don't think this is Yvette's…



was it yvette or not? cause this faggot says its not >>245247



Leave Mianon alone, you fucking cunt. This is his thread; fuck off or get in your lane


File: dc2d96d5dd7aeee⋯.jpg (80.65 KB, 736x926, 368:463, winter maruruk.jpg)

It isn't Yvette, I don't believe. I can post screens of what's (you) and what's not (you)'d if it'd make any of you feel better, probably post a lot of them in a very short amount of time so it's not like I could edit them, but it'd just be all the obviously MiA ones and the little comic I just posted!



mia has literally murdered people. i know you're being sarcastic but it's not funny. end yourself alongside him. zero tolerance



Kill yourself MiA. Unironically impale yourself on a plugged-in lavalamp and jump in a bathtub



I was half shitposting, but I was serious in saying that he hasn't done anything wrong


File: ca02ae85ab8a19f⋯.jpg (86.89 KB, 445x594, 445:594, Jinx_236.jpg)


>get in your lane

Fuck off, I called ADC!



>mia has literally murdered people



File: 32b30c058fbdec1⋯.png (93.42 KB, 767x645, 767:645, ebc3704d2ab3353ecea2b1b2be….png)


How many seconds is this from last reply here.


File: 924adb6776cdaae⋯.jpg (130.92 KB, 593x379, 593:379, Bondrewd dance.jpg)


I literally have no idea anymore. I'm trans, but also a biological female fujoshi, but but also a fat hairy old man, and also dieing of brain cancer, a sociopath, a psychopath, (both at the same time,) it's whatever. People just say things about me now. Let's find fun in it. Who did I kill, do you think, anony?



Don't make me get out my four different devices or start up a virtual machine and spam the thread like you do, and then use "because there's no (you) and/or because there's a time gap on a board with no posting time limits, there's no way it can be me" as my perfect defense.




you can make a shop like this in those seconds you gibbering retard. kill yourself. make red kill themselves. make marceline kill themselves. take them with you.


File: bcdbc7dc153d849⋯.mp4 (1.52 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2018-12-06 17-51-43.mp4)



You can be literally all of them at the same time. Sociopath and psychopath are not mutually exclusive, they're different disorders that do different but similar things and you can have multiple disorders. You can be a biologically female retard who then transitioned to a man, became fat, and identifies as trans. Also dying of brain cancer.

Protip: just because people have given you a lot of obviously true labels and it sounds ridiculous, that doesn't mean it can't be true. If you're trying to pretend your autism is so immense and unbelievable and therefore no one should believe it, you're really stretching here


File: 0e4d6b5aa985cb8⋯.mp4 (413.79 KB, 800x398, 400:199, 9fe74866441a0ced4ae0eb33f2….mp4)


Don't even bother. It's not worth getting caught up in, whoever-you-are. They'll just say you're me on a different device. Look, there's the post explaining how I can be a sociopath, a psychopath, a NEET, a brain tumor, a murderer, and an incomprehensible retard all at once, and they're telling us it's obviously true. People are just gonna say what they're gonna say and we can't stop their longing for it. We can only stay out of it and support them when they're feeling better. ♥


>there are retards who unironically think that posting 'n-no (you) h-heh' works

It's a board with no posting limits, (you) is completely inconsequential. Bannedfag is already proven this to be the case. MiA, you're genuinely using bannedfag's defense and thinking it makes you unable to samefag.



>it's all obviously true

Context clues really are lost on sociopaths, who knew. I wasn't saying it was all true, I was saying the defense that "I've been called all of these so therefore none of them are true" is worthless.


File: 301510958795f33⋯.png (591.52 KB, 668x582, 334:291, moogie cracks open a cold ….png)


I just don't know what else to say, friendo. I'm not willing to argue anymore. We need a topic change. There is no way for me to "prove" my innocence or whatever and it is the way it is. It's okay to believe whatever you want and I want to talk about your day either way.



Good, then shut the fuck up for once. If you already know there's no way people are going to change their mind about your autism, then continuing to speak like the retard you are is only going to solidify it, and that further grounded idea people have of you will be the scapegoat you use the next time you hypocritically defend yourself while saying you don't want the board to be all arguing.


How many devices should I use before my samefagging spree? I'm going to have all of them permanently recording. This way you know for certain there's at least five people who all support X agenda and everyone has to accept it.



Use for, even.


File: d3891afb7186832⋯.gif (1.8 MB, 1000x1000, 1:1, faputa jump.gif)


Yeah. It's just a little disheartening when I repeatedly tell people I'm not interested in defending myself and keep getting told to stop defending myself. So tell me all the heck about what your latest character is, dork! I've been trying to have actually on-topic conversation the whole time I've been here today and this morning it was amazing!




I don't think he realises that no one sane would be willing to argue with anonymous people for literal months about whether or not he has a disorder, all while using an avatar, begging for attention and showing his complete lack of self-awareness in each post. The more he posts, the more he shows people that they're correct and he's just begging people to stop thinking he's a nutcase.






Answer so I can know whether it'd be a bother to approach you or not



File: 374e462a9c3469c⋯.jpg (116.41 KB, 1000x822, 500:411, veko happy.jpg)


Sorry! I admitted earlier, I'm totally scatterbrained! This is really, really the wrong time to be talking about myself, but the best answer I'll be able to give you is going to be some vapid cliche unhelpful thing like N/A or "enthusiasm" or something, because roleplay is a very personal and organic thing to me. If you're really excited and don't go out of your way to hit me up more often than I'm comfortable with, we're probably good! The truth is I'm a lot more all-accepting than you might believe so long as someone can consistently write a good, say, 5k, and I just have had a lot of problems historically with people hounding me every single day the second I come on. I do know you can never, ever, ever do wrong by approaching someone nicely though and you should always try if it's someone you want to get your hands on! If you like them, thinking about anything more is overthinking it!


File: 2c5861ea030b002⋯.gif (573.53 KB, 750x704, 375:352, 419.gif)

I can't believe you people get so fucking worked up literally by someone staying positive and trying to start actual board discussion about roleplay

Jesus fuck


File: be87ce6bf75a476⋯.mp4 (1.1 MB, 600x338, 300:169, lyza smile.mp4)


I spat out coffee, you monster.



Hi MiA.


File: e22b90fe00ffbba⋯.png (394.58 KB, 844x855, 844:855, 9ef3f5759e0d7d3a1092c167de….png)


File: 3fb049f6461a96f⋯.jpg (431.77 KB, 850x1242, 425:621, dgsvs.jpg)

File: 7c00b2a98e4352e⋯.jpg (346.81 KB, 850x1242, 425:621, svsd.jpg)

File: 19069b2780f78f6⋯.jpg (279.94 KB, 850x1100, 17:22, sdfvf.jpg)

File: 0b8a8dd72629bd1⋯.jpg (310.39 KB, 850x1144, 425:572, sample_037b8655d67457b0b11….jpg)

File: 0a03e2580bbdb28⋯.jpg (369.92 KB, 850x1144, 425:572, dvsdvf.jpg)


Unless we are talking about idol pussy, it's not real discussion.


File: ccbafd54f3e7721⋯.png (7.81 KB, 217x50, 217:50, a.png)


>"n-no (you) means it's not m-me"


File: 604d0f73e407e8c⋯.png (16.97 KB, 221x111, 221:111, 94fab6512d5c6f35026927c0c2….png)



>tfw no decent tomboy idol faceclaims to play one


File: 859b4375f3e88a4⋯.jpg (87.7 KB, 850x551, 850:551, maruruk cooking.jpg)

Let's jump on that idol meme discussion. Do any of you people know profiles that play the K/DA versions of those League characters?


File: 1b868e924253f90⋯.jpg (538.18 KB, 2809x4000, 2809:4000, 4430804eeafdf153a8b3f79c58….jpg)


Just for you.



They're only good when lugging around hefty dicks


File: 8d01038dba2bc78⋯.jpg (209.42 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1465755891432.jpg)

MIA teach me how to get out of my clit cage and become a real fem-man


File: e630fb3ce22b2e1⋯.png (127.49 KB, 372x321, 124:107, Christmas Bondie.png)


Note me!


reading the posts on this board from 2015 really makes a man wonder what the fuck happened



Yeah IAF still had a name and people didnt call him a faggot immediadly.



Post screencaps? What was it like?



the sticky goes all the way back to 2014


File: 3c234198d2f8e98⋯.jpg (337.36 KB, 752x704, 47:44, KYS.jpg)



I don't really like using canons unfortunately



File: d2c68f7e14049f7⋯.gif (32.94 KB, 330x261, 110:87, ozen the movable.gif)



I'm not gonna lie, I'd like some screenshots too! It's just easier that way!


File: d36c9fb6e1a1f44⋯.png (381.25 KB, 733x343, 733:343, img92.png)


File: f97471e75bb4b03⋯.png (91.61 KB, 201x365, 201:365, You're complimenting me, r….png)


Okay, who the Hell is this? This is amazing, but you should really stop fanning the flames on my behalf, dork. Like, uh. Are there any profiles you'd be looking for if you cared to? Maybe I can recommend some!



this is unironically how psychopaths operate and you'd be sick for not realizing it's how he's been since the very beginning.


File: be8c83091d23cf7⋯.png (413.99 KB, 745x360, 149:72, Untitled.png)


File: fe3fc2ddcf325bb⋯.png (381.65 KB, 733x343, 733:343, img93.png)


File: 885be7086eff4ff⋯.png (81.32 KB, 349x641, 349:641, Untitled2.png)


bottom text


File: a7821534408c276⋯.png (58.05 KB, 512x379, 512:379, here's your U.png)

Here is my meme. I hope you like it, and don't forget to subscribe! ♥! We sure do live in a society, don't we?


File: c07bc887b17fccf⋯.jpg (22.5 KB, 349x231, 349:231, MiA.jpg)


File: 9f9cac1f6915687⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1414x1000, 707:500, 4f1e2f6ab081e808a09284cf6d….png)

Okay, I like this meme. Whoever that drawfriend was, bless you.


File: 93c67619b071e33⋯.png (23.58 KB, 196x122, 98:61, img94.png)


Still here fucker

>pic related

holy fucking lmao


File: 38a587cd5039e7a⋯.png (1.94 MB, 1414x1000, 707:500, 4f1e2f6ab081e808a09284cf6d….png)



>the drawfag supports miashitter

All respect loss, go off yourself retard.



I wasn't that drawfag


shitposting is and always has been composed of either namefags or namefags pretending to be anons in order to shit on namefags


File: fe011d84c03b343⋯.png (1.71 MB, 1414x1000, 707:500, 4f1e2f6ab081e808a09284cf6d….png)

*kt-tcchhhssshh!* Yeeep! They don't make boards like /erp/ anymore! *siiiiiip.* Ah! Emma? Now that was a real name! *sluuuuuurp.* Kaaahh.~ Remember white fetus? Those were some good times! *glrk glrk glrk* Aaahh. Remember MSPARP? I'd take that over F-list any day of the week! *Mph! Ahn!~ MmmnH!* Namefriends just don't have soul like they used to!


File: 4ab041c5503970f⋯.jpg (68.9 KB, 850x575, 34:23, sample_47c827eec590232fc14….jpg)


File: 10781c51be82e6b⋯.png (76.17 KB, 707x638, 707:638, ab.png)


Are they even online? I only know like three characters of theirs


>MFW people think you should: approach, come up with the idea, and post first

Wow it must be super easy to just never do anything huh? When someone approaches me and we use their idea I figure I should start off at the very least.


File: b7c23073f0859ed⋯.jpg (45.16 KB, 800x450, 16:9, C-658VsXoAo3ovC.jpg)



"Not so fast, lad! I am here to fuck your brains out for a reason I won't remember. The giant metal hand in the sky probably made me do it!"

Jumping on that disgustingly fat dick of negroid descent (i.e a nigger dick/BBC), mine limply lays there on his marvelous abs, our junglelike pubic hair already growing into each other, causing a musk cloud so big and potent that one sided doms in parallel

universes are shitting their pants that someone is coming to steal their most precious possessions from them: Their sucksluts and Faggot Peach guestbook entries. Reaching the most sublime connection through our pubic hair bridge, he achieves a heavenly hard 100% fuckgod Big Black BBC Erection and gapes my shitter in one clean swift strike. He seizes my black boiwomb with his utterly holy cock and suddenly everything fades to black…

"Where are we?! Am I finally dead, free from this hell, free from the hellish people around me? Is the hunt over, the horrible sickness beaten?"

The other me, stands before… well me. "You are in heaven, son. Just look everyone is here, over there is the flatlet and even ESL-chan and Detective-anon is here! You can rejoice! The pain is over, reap your rewards!"

I angrily point my fingers at me (the other me, the one I am talking to. Not the one in the mirror.) "This can't be heaven, this is just a big Eva reference! Stop stealing entire plots you talentless hack!"

And suddenly all turns to tang.

I awake surrounded by anons that throw (You)'s at me, calling me a faggot like they do usually. In my black boi womb his child will grow…

God's in his Heaven/All's right with the world!



I do exactly that and I get plenty of play. It's because I get so much that I never feel the need to approach people anymore, and I can afford to pick from the offers I get whenever I set myself to looking - if one person is more enthusiastic, I'll likely pick them. I offer to start if I know it's someone who isn't going to flake and I'm feeling up for it, but that's the only exception. I always contribute to a discussion about the scene, but I'm not going to do the bulk of anything until we actually get into it

Why should I put in the effort when you're the one who came to me? I put in the effort into the actual scene once I see you're going to pull your weight; you came to me precisely because you saw my profile and figured I'd be able to pull my weight, I've already done my share of the selling. Likewise, if I had liked you to that extent, I would have gone to you first and done the same. If you can't handle the burden of being the one to approach, stop approaching people. If you sell yourself well enough by your profile, you've already put in your share of the effort



>I do exactly that and I get plenty of play

Of course, this excuses everything. I forgot what kind of fragile minds I'm talking to.



>Likewise, if I had liked you to that extent, I would have gone to you first and done the same.

Do you?






I approach people and expect them to start, and I also get approached by people and expect them to start. It works out fine and I don't have to risk playing with some shitter so I'm gonna keep doing it. Fuck your rules.



>I forgot what kind of fragile minds I'm talking to.

Says the person fragile enough to complain about such a basic issue. You're likely approaching one person at a time, I'm talking to five. I'm not going to put in an equal amount of effort into each individual discussion, I'll put in as much effort as you do and expect you to start things off. You're the one who approached with an idea in mind, you're the one with a scene in your head, I'm trying to pick out what you mean by the way you describe it to me. Even if I was willing to start us off, it would still objectively be smoother for you to be the one to do so since you're the one who has a clear idea of what they want, whereas I'm just bouncing ideas off you

This is how the site's culture has been since creation, it's not a hard concept to pick up


Yes. I approach people all the time, but only when I'm willing to handle the burden of being the one to approach. When I approach someone, I do so with the expectation that I'm selling myself, and part of selling yourself is being the one to make the starting post. Half the retards who expect me to start when approaching me write sub-three lines and conveniently skipped over that part of the profile, or any other part of the profile that could be a deal-breaker that you didn't bring up in the initial discussion



Surely you have enough brainpower to determine whether someone's going to be worth a fuck when you talk to them. It shouldn't be this much of an issue for people to get 'tricked' into playing with sub-par players. At least it's never been an issue for me.



It's never been an issue for me to not start when I'm approached, either, yet here you are complaining about people who do that

The person approaching should have thoroughly read the profile and know what they're getting in for, the one being approached has to read reactively and pick out what the person's saying versus what they're thinking. Your argument applies more to them than it applies to the one being approached

Don't approach people if you wouldn't be willing to start the scene, it's incredibly simply



I mean, I'm sure Korra Rahn doesn't have any issues getting play despite being an emotional trainwreck. That's not a positive trait. You being lazy and easy to fool, apparently, doesn't mean you're doing fine because you get play.



Your argument is that because I'm not likely to start us off when you approach me, that I'm lazy and easy to fool, is retarded

Since you want to go straight to the insult game and ignore basic site culture that's been around since the beginning, I'll just say that it sounds like you're a desperate shitter who needs to approach people since no one wants to approach you. Get better at writing and people will be willing to start for you; stay shit at writing and argumentative over basic things and people will never want to take the gamble with you

You don't go to someone on the street, ask for a date with them, and then tell them to take the bill unless you're a retard or a cunt. At absolute best you split the bill, at worst you take the entire burden. If they offer to foot the bill, it's a blessing on you, not an expectation on them


>Every single namefag has done shitty, petty things that makes me want to avoid them

Why do you fuckers always have to be so shitty?




Isn't this technically avatarfagging now? Isn't that bannable?



>expecting Baron to do anything after wiping his hands clean after making this containment thread



File: aa051f2125664cc⋯.jpg (27.6 KB, 640x480, 4:3, emma in real life(1).jpg)





File: 9224ee250c07dd1⋯.jpg (258.28 KB, 1280x905, 256:181, 1536831603280.jpg)


You want to fuck some of them, don't you? Otherwise you wouldn't be posting stuff like this.



>implying that pussy baron would ever actually do anything of any importance whatsoever







I'd be fine with it and even made some plans prior to their shittiness, but it's not a huge loss. I'm just annoyed how every fucking one of them have to make me run for the hills.


File: 4de35776280c797⋯.jpg (211.25 KB, 1430x1475, 286:295, image0-2.jpg)


Just fuck one of the smaller ones then. Ebonbolt, Three, Giga Nigger and Mac are all nice people.



Awwh, anony is so cute when they're being tsun!


>when you go through guestbook chain after guestbook chain, sometimes following friend chains to find new guestbook chains that feature the same alt characters from the first chain

>when you can eventually link a ton of people together and figure out which is the same person

This rabbit hole is fucking retarded. It's especially ridiculous when I realize a bunch of these people have hit me up before.


File: 1fdb6fcc70b1de5⋯.jpg (99.55 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 1fdb6fcc70b1de5c5b67fc7e1f….jpg)



I like to remain in blissful ignorance about these things, because I know I'd go insane if I tried to figure out which person has contacted me twenty times, and how many of those I've turned down


File: 1cadd9e4dbe31af⋯.jpg (164.44 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, EMMA.jpg)




Ebon's got nothing I want to fuck, Three is petty, Giga is a retarded self promoter and Mac is just offputting.



Ebon's fine RP-wise if you keep it at that level, Three's fuckable when she's out of her mania, Giga's the same as Ebon and Mac's perfectly okay if you can stand him having no filter. Just ignore chan drama and focus on the actual hobby of roleplaying instead of giving a fuck about high school drama you drooling retard.



Hi Ebon, Giga and Mac.










Nigga you got like 3 recent logs of mine in the log thread to check if its my writing or not,fuck outta here.



I'm not that desperate, anony. I'll 'focus on the actual hobby' without them and be perfectly fine. Hell, judging by how they conduct themselves, likely far better off in fact.



Yet you come here to bitch about them regardless. Which is fine in and of itself given what thread this is, but you clearly can't just focus on the writing aspect of it if you're here.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

what's y'all's AOTY, /erp/?

embed related



The only anime I've watched in the past however many months has been Jojo part 6, so I guess that



Holy fuck the layers of shitposting in this comment..


File: fca035a8f8af9dc⋯.jpg (510.4 KB, 1200x1104, 25:23, 65387303_p21_master1200.jpg)

File: a940d2b38ea3292⋯.png (76.3 KB, 680x639, 680:639, default.png)


Soo…what do I do now?


File: 0fb8fd847fcc5de⋯.png (43.42 KB, 537x341, 537:341, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8817145fee3a7c1⋯.png (727.74 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 42d.png)

But I've already done this with a small thing I wanted to do with Cagliostro.


File: bec9fef090040a1⋯.jpg (3.36 MB, 5000x2825, 200:113, bec9fef090040a15f22c6c58fc….jpg)


>My option is a smooch

This is good civ.


File: 0fc7677c41e76ee⋯.png (31.89 KB, 487x256, 487:256, ClipboardImage.png)

File: bbddd4ee962d615⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, breaking-news_1.png)


Add me back on Steam so I can kiss you, pussy.



Fuck off and choke on your cats feces you shiteater.



>Mac is just offputting

How so? I was thinking of doing a snuff scene again since it's been ages and was going to message him but is he like an autist or something?


File: c0c7cf266b1d8bb⋯.png (1.71 MB, 1300x945, 260:189, c0c7cf266b1d8bbeaba4eb0539….png)


There's honestly nothing wrong with Mac. Of all the people I interacted with on thid board he has consistently been the most pleasant and the most genuinely helpful. Hell he's one of the few if not thr only people around to offer genuine writing advice and for that he has my respect. The board is filled to the brim with bitter motherfuckers or people eho like to use anonimity to stir shit for a cheap laugh because - for some reason - everybody believes ehat is said here without giving it a second thought or without any evidence. Its an echochamber of the worst sorts, one where the people onside dont realize that it is one.

Give Mac a try, hes good fun.


>see an always dominant with anal sex (receiving) in their faves, (giving) nowhere to be found

Things like this make me laugh. I could tell them, but I like to imagine they're not just a paper tiger and instead they'll get waves of dommebreakers annoying them



how much does he pay you anon


OH MY FUCKING GOD BOTH KHLOE AND BULLSPARKLE ARE ONLINE AT THE SAME TIME THAT MEANS THEY ARE THE SAME PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Good falseflag Khloe, but it's only making you seem even more autistic than you are normally.


This is now a flatlet thread. Titcows aren't allowed


File: 613e163c4e3587c⋯.jpg (745.22 KB, 1086x1600, 543:800, gaiidraws-649829-Sword_Mai….jpg)

File: 43c0e77041c5991⋯.png (1.2 MB, 850x1201, 850:1201, 1536245175444.png)

File: a9d25bfc43a5f88⋯.jpg (382.43 KB, 588x850, 294:425, __original_drawn_by_pepe_j….jpg)

File: 4e281c2ee4b05df⋯.jpeg (83.37 KB, 827x1066, 827:1066, f4b2a228ec30140215a8809b4….jpeg)

File: 655416bfdf7f506⋯.jpg (781.75 KB, 1920x2716, 480:679, -passionlip2-small.jpg)


Dumb flatlet! Go lick crusted cum off of my bedsheets or whatever your kind does!



I used your bedsheet to jerk off, you can sleep in my cum tonight you dickdrunk plastic bimbo


File: 9a6a698161f07f6⋯.png (83.04 KB, 388x223, 388:223, 1733723782.png)

>the flatlet vs titcow war starts again after a brief ceasefire


File: 3b723d85861eb39⋯.jpg (84.6 KB, 609x960, 203:320, Naoto is besto trigger men….jpg)


Are you that frustrated that you have to resort to jacking off into my bedsheets? I know that everybody thinks your childlike body is disgusting but that you would go that far…



I'm not the one sleeping in flatlet nutgunk tonight, be quiet you over-chested wench. Consider it a service I'm giving you in the downtime between the rounds with my oodles of titcow dickslaves


File: a98ff0979039169⋯.jpg (222.25 KB, 992x1192, 124:149, 12543785.jpg)


I'll just ask my flatlet to change the sheets before my man is home. Wouldn't want her to focus on the stains instead of my man's fat balls.





You poor soul, I'll let you win this round out of pity







Who's the titcow poster anyway?




Who's the flatlet poster anyway?



How do you guy's deal with the frustration of being addicted to someone's writing and wanting to play with them a but but never having the chance to since they're always with someone else??



Recognise that you're were just really horny when you read their writing; they're likely not as good as you think, at least not to the point that you should be that 'addicted' to them. That said, I indulge in as many people as possible until I forget about the person. I've found out the hard way, multiple times, that letting yourself both get addicted to someone and keep thinking about them only ruins you. Now I drown people out until they're willing to come to me. The cycle repeats if they ever do, but at least it brings me some semblance of relief

Alternatively, find someone just as good that's not as occupied, or someone you can get addicted to you in the same way


File: a5651364d5b122a⋯.jpg (741.64 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, a5651364d5b122ad85320678a4….jpg)


Anon is speaking the truth but the last bit in of itself is flawed. Think of how you feel when you're addicted/clingy and ask yourself if you really want anybody else to feel the same way about you. It's a shit feeling and situation that nobody deserves to be in due to the heartbreak and frustration it can cause and something that I don't wish on anybody after going through it again and again myself. First of all however, jack off. Whenever you see them online and feel that thirst, go bust a nut. Bust two if you have to. Just try and get the lust out of your system before you proceed. If you don't have as much interest in them anymore, then its purely a thing of lust that you need to control and realizing that its your libido making you like this is the first step. If you still thirst for them hard, then its not lust. You're clinging to then at this point for one reason or another. Validation. Attention. Emotional support. Whatever it is this person means more to you than just a simple fap. Talk to them about it. Let them know hoe you feel instead of bottling it up until its too late. I'm serious. The more you bottle up and try to keep it under wraps the worse things will become once you reaxh the breaking point. Talk to them. Let the die fall wherever it may.



Drive them away by being a clingy faggot and then fall into a depression.



That last part was being facetious, obviously I wouldn't want someone going through that; mutual addiction, at best, and even that's just behind hyperbolic. It was more a metaphor for finding someone equally as interested so that you're the one they spend most of their time with, rather than the person watching from the sidelines



being hyperbolic*



Neither can be Oda, they aren't ESL.



Fair. Mutual addiction also has its issues honestly and its many pitfalls but it can be turned into an actual friendship and relationship after months if not years if it can be maintained. Definitely better than being stuck as the bitch on the sidelines tho.


Fite me m8


File: a25f9b93d4d1e40⋯.jpg (30.15 KB, 600x600, 1:1, cutie.jpg)


>tfw titcow poster

>tfw ESL


File: 079b53f9643d79b⋯.jpg (221.85 KB, 850x1201, 850:1201, svscv.jpg)


I just noticed that the Scene you did with Blacked is basically pic related. With Ann as Panty and Makoto as Stocking.



That would explain the slight awkwardness of 'I know that everybody thinks your childlike body is disgusting but that you would go that far…" but I put that down to it being a shitpost.


I thought Panty and Stocking were willing in that scene?



The entire flatlet vs titcow dynamic is intentionally childish shitposting, so I wouldn't take anything said as indicative of their normal writing. That said, I've got no idea no idea how the stupid titcow normally writes



I don't see it myself. Plus missing the part where the panties magically drop out from the busted in vent and land in Panty's hand for the BLAM. I have way too much fun with the finisher on her honestly.




I'm quite a fan of that shitposting tbh. I think it's the term 'flatlet' that makes it. It's such a stupid phrase.


File: 0575418edc2a8cb⋯.png (15.38 KB, 1480x395, 296:79, Propaganda.png)


Flatlets win again


File: 401dcfab20c7726⋯.jpeg (84.64 KB, 725x1024, 725:1024, 4cb8c2bae49950472e19d3388….jpeg)

File: 63d0d66b4fce2ea⋯.png (790.21 KB, 693x968, 63:88, 616f61a48cb9932d51406e829f….png)


They were, it's just that Panty immediadly was into it. Plus Ann is pole dancing in that pic, that really fits someone like Yvette who is obsessed with twerking. There are multiple versions of the pic, I choose that one because I though it fit the best. There is even a version with Ann as the dick. Try not to think to much about how she can fuck Makoto and poledance in the background at the same time, I think it's just her shadow. Suspension of disbelief is one hell of a drug.


I sadly don't have many pictures where angels and their underwear fall out of ventilation shafts, very sorry. The BBC version probably fits the best.



>Ann is poledancing in it

Never noticed that in that picture before. Also, pole dancing and lapdancing are way sexier than twerking. Twerking is lewd but ehhh, it's only one bodypart and one position .


File: 8ad31bf074b1387⋯.png (2.54 KB, 511x18, 511:18, khlo.png)

Where's Enishi when Khloe needs her?!





File: d907b17d12cd533⋯.jpg (28.1 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 73.jpg)


I see that you've mastered the Way of the Sperg as well.



It's all amazing yeah,and I tend to implement both lap dancing and twerking in the same scene when possible.



Good taste. Haven't had one of those in a while.



Is this the next drooling retard you're going to try and string along, MiAfaggot?



spin it again, bitch


File: cd70142ec23121a⋯.jpeg (199.11 KB, 850x1340, 85:134, a01540886355f2d9b4a4d4280….jpeg)

File: 3b0c4bb0bd7bdc0⋯.jpg (141.76 KB, 850x478, 425:239, sample_63a774993aef8f5cd92….jpg)

File: f9ee1f74a5a6f87⋯.png (534.79 KB, 848x1060, 4:5, d6fb2a49584bac5a0595794d7b….png)

File: f421ae9ebeec2e6⋯.jpg (547.25 KB, 827x1171, 827:1171, ae114c68da397a1fe57a10f697….jpg)

This is now a strip club, post twerking sluts and drunk studs.


File: e48d1ce688c649d⋯.jpg (620.39 KB, 860x1214, 430:607, 430e6ef2521897eafeafbcaade….jpg)

File: cbf984e71e27570⋯.jpg (145.95 KB, 1200x1070, 120:107, enishi's sweet new tat.jpg)



MiAs definition of erotic is copy-pasting a biology textbook, can't be him sincr this anon has good taste



Yeah speaking of that, I kinda expected more outta 'em since they enjoy talking down to everyone here, but I really didn't see anything special in a post that someone shared with me



Like I said months ago, it's 2.0 except instead of over the top hentai talk its watching paint dry eroticism


File: 880d2b7654d23c9⋯.jpg (142.02 KB, 640x900, 32:45, CT (5).jpg)


Don't take credit for my meme. I made the alakazam meme.


>Approach Conversion with a gay pink/purple and just casually talk about how shit blues are

You'd be surprised how many people do that. Hour long conversations about past experiences are normal.


File: 970bea41523a8e2⋯.gif (996.05 KB, 500x268, 125:67, HnEEeNA.gif)


>ywn ryona Therapist



Some days I want to grind my heel on a girls fingers until they're mush to keep them on their knees, other days I want to be choked. You never know, so maybe one day. ♥



Great, another Yvette-style switch. Can't wait until you turn out to be like her.



I'm not active enough to start any drama or stir up shit, silly anon.


File: 35311d6f7dcbf68⋯.jpeg (90.51 KB, 700x1170, 70:117, 37f3bcc9f6f5c9d5622fa12ab….jpeg)

File: 70358cbd5055c14⋯.png (651.16 KB, 707x1000, 707:1000, 869a02920b6ca60e99effa1883….png)

File: cd428d819aae705⋯.jpg (1.04 MB, 848x1200, 53:75, d0330e1d201b4a12d5852477a7….jpg)

File: 02f6222887b035a⋯.jpg (44.03 KB, 850x1100, 17:22, sample_40d537b44baa7c352b4….jpg)

File: e9597c28368a8d1⋯.jpg (132.96 KB, 850x1209, 850:1209, bbd94a6945aa86e6370f5abf87….jpg)

I need some creepy and/or yandere canon girls to play as, bros. hooking me up with some good original references would be greatly appreciated as well.



Just play as yourself anony! You're plenty creepy!



>Another Yvette-style switch


Nigga speak English,I don't even understand what the issue is.


File: 2cac70a26569861⋯.jpg (34.48 KB, 468x527, 468:527, 1740690510.jpg)



Fucking kill yourself, MiApsycho.


File: d9078600c126a46⋯.jpg (35.54 KB, 768x432, 16:9, yandere.jpg)


Nadeko Sengoku

Anna Nishikinomiya

Kotonoha Katsura

Gasai Yuno

Ayase Aragaki

Rena Ryugu

Kurumi Tokisaki

Shion Sonozaki

Homura Akemi

Rika Furude

Kaede Fuyou

Ryoko Asakura

Nina Einstein

Mikasa Ackerman

These are all Yandere, though at warying degrees.


wonder what'd happened if I corralled all you cuties up for a sunny family picnic



I would personally slit all of your throats. I'd be doing all of humanity such a fucking solid.



sure, you may say that now, but I bet your tone will change once you've had a taste of my potato salad!




Fucking murder your whole family and commit suicide, MiApsycho.


File: 30233a157f9fe34⋯.jpg (161.04 KB, 850x525, 34:21, 10274920.jpg)


Wouldn't you rather breed me instead? I mean, I certainly can't shit up the thread when I am pregnant with your child… Just breed the stupidity out of me and make me be a good wife for you! Or are you one of those sadists that only get off to women suffering? Then I have the ideal solution for you, just stuff my asshole full of your fat cock until it gapes! Which one sounds better nonny?



Send me a detailed note telling me why I should end everything and I'll do it! Though I don't expect a scaredey-cat like you to actually do it, I hope you have a wonderful day regardless!



Three calm down.


File: 42d5b0850699eea⋯.png (7.53 KB, 843x90, 281:30, dcb55afc94b9eecdf216db6b12….png)

File: 51dc9555d5f36d0⋯.jpg (34.32 KB, 550x638, 25:29, ozen hunch.jpg)


I keep telling people there's crazies that pretend to be me to say mean, passive-aggressive shit under my guise, but I have to take responsibility for the things they say anyways. Here's proof of such a thing. This is probably the single most bothersome and genuinely hurtful thing people on this board has managed to do in certain people's efforts to get rid of me. I won't say anything more, but the sheer trouble this causes me is probably the one thing that can really, actually dampen my mood.



>someone clearly shitposting is the same as people false flagging your insanity

Seriously the saddest part when you try and control narratives is that you're fucking terrible at it.


File: cb7e201a31528d5⋯.png (804.17 KB, 1470x653, 1470:653, nanachi sure.png)


Call it what you want, but some people will and have taken it seriously and it has been a real, real problem for me. I just needed to get that off my chest, though. We should focus on something positive, and an actually interesting discussion. For instance, I'm writing something really cool right now. You should tell me about the last scene you got to do, anon.



It involved ball busting and anal annihilation using a giant buttplug sledgehammer. That poor dumb trap. Also

>p-people believe me, trust me

Because you've always been so honest.


File: dd883029d69fc88⋯.jpg (116.8 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, riko determination.jpg)


Tell me more about the premise and characters and how it happened, anon. I am admittedly not crazy intrigued about anal annihilation with buttplug sledgehammers.

I'm not going to argue my case or whatever, it just really gets to me because whether you believe it or not, it's led to partners of mine being harassed extensively just for being associated with me to the tune of hundreds of burner accounts and shit. It's not an argument. I'm just venting and it's okay to believe I'm making things up, just letting it out helps me either way. I really hope it doesn't bother you and it's okay if you think I'm lying so long as it doesn't obstruct you talking more about what you're up to and subjects of writing.



thanks for hijackin' the thread just when it was getting halfway bearable again, fuckface.


File: 00942ccc8e93b89⋯.webm (7.55 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 8b9abb1308d09d3e4166a8c3f….webm)




>i'm not interested

Because you're a boring sissy fag.


He really just can't help it can he





File: 0f9ea0aa9a81ac8⋯.png (335.92 KB, 500x467, 500:467, cropped porn.png)


It's just not my thing, man. It doesn't mean I'm not interested in your scene though, so I was asking you to tell me about the other parts of it. Generally for kinks I'm more into disgustingly biological revolting depictions of sex and super consequential, unwise attractions. People tend to describe my sexual content as either rancid, disgusting and "Lovecraftian" (???) or "like from a textbook" and that's exactly how I like it, so I'm less about, uh. Things, like buttplugs and—

Twerking? What?


Because it's genuinely fun if you know how to have it, and sometimes I other people have fun with me, too, silly. Why? Why do you post here?




Just stop writing about niggers, problem solved.


File: 08512f51e5209ed⋯.jpg (43.92 KB, 601x508, 601:508, q7k0p0s.jpg)

>tfw you'll never be able to go back to the good old days when /erp/ universally shunned purpleniggers

>tfw ~70% of posts in /erp/ are purplenigger forced memes/self validation


Not a last scene, but I have an ongoing corruption play involving mental fuckery. In the dreamscape she's got a wholesome family life with my character while in the real world she's getting her dick milked constantly and brainwashed to be the perfect knight for me. Shit's very, very good.


File: 9dfa977eb083ae9⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1250x1875, 2:3, 11111882.png)


Shut up and Suckwit.



They're memes anon, don't get so butthurt. No one really gives a fuck I guarantee it.


File: cc3ce59d3283f0c⋯.jpg (116.34 KB, 750x547, 750:547, 3mctayp9vsh11.jpg)


Mhm…those were some good ass times, anon. Klck! Glrk Glrk Glrk…ahhhh~ Remember back in the day when we didn't have cyclical threads? Now that was old school, let me tell you.


File: 973ff73d01dff88⋯.png (821.38 KB, 707x1000, 707:1000, 7425212.png)

Playing with purples always breaks my immersion.


I feel like the majority of people who dislike purples are irl women.


File: ab06173016c2c8a⋯.webm (5.87 MB, 640x480, 4:3, skeletorhigh.webm)


>*Klck! Glrk glrk glrk…*






Every IRL woman I've known who ERPs enjoys purples, typically because they're more 'aggressive' than blues in general. Still, not like that's conclusive. Just my personal experience. They're good with blues as well but not generic sissy anime boys.




I'm a woman who plays purples and pinks. I know two others who do similar

I've been turned off blues by how obnoxious they can be on here, regardless of whether I'm actually straight IRL












Obviously this calls for a statistical analysis and we need to go around asking people if they're girls irl- Wait, no, that's a terrible idea.


File: b96cf9f2662ad56⋯.jpg (151.03 KB, 850x732, 425:366, 11528312.jpg)

Man, it's nights like these where I just want to delete all my profiles and just leave F-List forever, never looking back.



What's your password and account name, anon? I'll do it for you! You don't need to lift a finger.



File: 4f190f1cb140974⋯.png (24.58 KB, 1366x799, 1366:799, odogaron.png)


Account: pic related

Password: CLAPPIN'


Flatlets rule, titcows drool



Fuck Dolls?


File: f162ff0fe07ca41⋯.jpg (154.28 KB, 810x917, 810:917, 11583193.jpg)


No that's not me, why are you asking?



Because they're a whiny bitch too.


File: cab299997dd32e6⋯.jpg (32.97 KB, 600x604, 150:151, cab299997dd32e6239c9e0269a….jpg)



Brutal, anon.



Shemale cumdumpters like you don't deserve to talk.



I asked because they have that tohsaka horse pic on their profile.


isn't me, but I have to admit it's funny, sorry.



I'm a blue, silly anon. Nice try though detective anony.


File: 6d2bbc44ade01c9⋯.jpg (277.19 KB, 1050x1050, 1:1, 10204894.jpg)



Is this some new name/dramafag I don't know about?



Yeah but you're also a pedo who posted loli all the time until people told you to fuck off.



I don't know what the fuck you're talking about. The only lolis I have anywhere on my computer are shemale variants, and I've never post them here



I've never played a purple in my life.


File: 1ce659ecb419190⋯.jpg (396.45 KB, 830x1570, 83:157, 68472804_p1.jpg)


I hope you're not talking about me, but I post loli all the time and the only real responses I get are people ironically saying it's illegal, but implicitly asking for more.


Until I came here, I didn't even known of the colour purple.






Shitty. Day by day I'm reminded of my inability to live for myself and solely view myself through the lens of other people.

Blogpost ended.



Congrats guy, that's awesome




Oh right, forgot to say that my day has been boring so far, nothing but boring approaches from genders in my 'no' list, and the people I actually want to do things with are nowhere to be found



owned retard


File: 9a454c9eb0efbda⋯.jpg (328.43 KB, 2000x1500, 4:3, 1544095880431.jpg)


Same as the last few days, got approached by some canons. Despite my love for them, the last week wasn't good.


>being ignored 'no' custom

Get ready to be ignored boyo



The greatest troll! The ultimate troll!!!


File: 00b16206ef63e1b⋯.jpg (254.91 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 124413213.jpg)


File: 542934d7a991441⋯.png (287.15 KB, 2518x1024, 1259:512, 9ce50047f8e8a36e50e3cbc838….png)


File: 56326377064d51d⋯.png (128.65 KB, 314x278, 157:139, 56326377064d51dc5ef46e5925….png)

Ever since Red said she'd leave the thread has been noticeably slower. Did she really post that much?


File: 5506dcca57112c0⋯.jpg (74.44 KB, 850x1088, 25:32, 5506dcca57112c00067810408b….jpg)



It's just shitty timezone hours



Pretty sure it's just us two on this board right now at this point.



Okay, but I'm in charge



I dunno, are you a purple?



I don't think there's any other colour



Obviously there are other colors. Like…pink? Uh….



>Believing Red has left.

A. She hasn't.

B. No one has wanted to deal with MIA's bullshit to be honest.



I'm just sayin' the past few days in there's been a big ol' drop in posts it seems. Maybe the mianon bullshit caused an exodus, maybe not. Maybe Red still posts here, maybe not.



to be fair it was really active that one day MiApsycho was around where people didn't just immediately stir shit with them. one thing they do seem to do is try and start/sustain actual board discussion, it just immediately gets ignored because it's MiApsycho.



Nice falseflag MiA. Trying to 'generate discussion' is just a scapegoat for when you start acting retarded and get called out on it.



Well, I (banned fag) haven't been posting because of aforementioned drama with Red, and again.

No one wants to deal with MIA, because no one finds him particularly cute or endearing anymore.



I mean no, not really, it seems the majority of his posts are unrelated to any drama or anything and its people bringing up his psycho tendencies that cause him to sperg out about it.




>Mianon cute and endearing ever

Nice try MiA


File: 604d0f73e407e8c⋯.png (16.97 KB, 221x111, 221:111, 94fab6512d5c6f35026927c0c2….png)



I just find the MiA shit boring.



I'm the drawfag, not Mia. I ain't saying he's not a psycho, I ain't saying he's not crazy, I ain't saying fuck all. Chances are he is, but still, the majority of his posts are innocent and saccharine until someone reminds everyone that he's a psycho.



wonder what would happen if we let him just. go. like, let 'er rip







So what happened with Yvette? She blocked me on discord and after the fiasco, with Marceline she's deleting her account (again). So I haven't been keeping up.



for one, they've been telling us shit like >>245011 >>245076 while they wrote >>245106 to MiApsycho's little fag challenge







File: 8b094a1a215ab2f⋯.jpg (32.88 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 982185_p0.jpg)


>Red leaving the thread.

>Having said that four times.

>Appears within a couple of days.

Nice job. You're gonna summon her.








I mean, Yvette is pretty good. I always thought that with several plays she got worse though, as her writing can get extremely repetitive despite of her great vocabulary. Whenever I told her to stop saying the fattened fucking cheeks bit and many more, she'd just shrug it off as style and be done with it. Haven't played with her in ages, though. I hope she's doing good. Sad to see that so many weeks of being somewhat hated in /erp/ and hating MiAnon have amounted to /erp/ somewhat hating her and hating MiAnon. Oh well.

If you're reading this, Cato, take care.



Gargle my nuts, whore. Enjoy your back pain



I haven't seen that many people hating Yvette. Oda memes and FATTENED FUCKING CHEEKS being abused? Sure. But most people seem fine with her

Don't take MiA's one recent samefagging spree as evidence



but anon, you're MiA samefagging right now you fucking mental patient.



Be quiet MiA



>MiA trying to call everyone outing their behavior MiA

you are a tranny freak, an actual murderer, you harass learning disabled shitters, you threaten to kill yourself over people you've known for months at most, and you've always been open about targeting vulnerable players emotionally for money. you do not know what reality is. you need to fucking go in to a mental institution. talk to mact about it



Mate what? The original post being used to accuse me of being MiA was actively condemning MiA and saying he was samefagging to create a false agenda

I agree with everything you say, but I think you're retarded



>trying to compromise

could you be any more fucking obvious, sociopath?


File: 0609f9bca821a16⋯.gif (528.47 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 4Tism.gif)


Literally the only thing in my original post I think you could have used to justify me being MiA was the instance of 'one', which wasn't meant to say he's only samefagged once, but that there was one recent example where he tried to pretend like ten people disliked Yvette

You're baiting, genuinely retarded, or MiA falseflagging as someone who hates MiA by trying to make people who hate him seem like idiots



you're baiting, genuinely retarded, or MiA falseflagging to fucking defend themselves braindead fucking obviously. EVERYONE can fucking see you, you homocidal fuckup. >haha everyone that hates me is just me pretending to make people look stupid



I'm genuinely curious. If you're not baiting, what did I say that could even remotely link me to him? Every single part of what I said was condemning him. Literally every part. This is some pretty retarded sophistry



you will not fucking deflect you absolute psychopath. you manipulate people and everyone knows it now. i'm not falling for what was very fucking plainly a slip-up reveal of your identity in the middle of your wild non-stop anonposting. i hope nobody is retarded enough to believe your utmost bullshit about only posting with your ugly fucking avatar faggotry.



Are you just taking buzzwords you've heard recently and spouting them? You're claiming there was a slip-up of some kind, which means there's something you could use to prove your argument, but you're not doing it. Are you just going to keep saying 'hurr durr everyone knows X' without ever actually pointing out what makes it so everyone knows X?



>ever engaging with obvious MiA samefagging


I love how this guy is actively undermining the fact that MIA is a psycho by all this shitposting.



i love the fact that you think you can save yourself by pretending anyone will ever believe you're human again because i'm "shitposting" your literal, actual crimes. it's no wonder you are so fucking scared and desperate.


File: 9e7632b7dc463b2⋯.png (15.29 KB, 695x325, 139:65, a.png)


File: a2473d1a8941fbc⋯.jpg (66.95 KB, 683x335, 683:335, b.jpg)


So am I allowed to post without the sperg jumping onto me next? Or should I just chill until tomorrow?



no, chew on razorblades MiApsycho.


File: 7d67118810dde6d⋯.png (335.38 KB, 600x782, 300:391, 7d67118810dde6db94c449ce90….png)


>Thinking those writing samples were mine

Bitch nigga get out of my face, stop believing literally everything that is said in these threads as if its the truth. I swear to fuck if it was anybody else bur MiA or if Red actually could be bothered to, a narrative could be spun so easily on this board. My shits in the log thread.


File: 57e2354b3ed04ec⋯.jpg (72.22 KB, 600x848, 75:106, 12308185.jpg)


But at least I know you told me to kill myself for wanting to give you a smooch.



>MiAfaggot pretending to be Yvette in order to imply that what people say about him isn't true.



Kill yourself


File: d1a59e5502dce0d⋯.png (346.11 KB, 591x532, 591:532, 1441826358517.png)

>tfw just wanna suck some fat cock and oink for studs like a dumb sex pig

>every single one of my characters has beta orbiters who cling for play the moment I log on though

Every fucking time.



Why the fuck's it matter? Just tell them to stop messaging you. If someone's presence is dictating your ability to get on your own characters, you've fucked up

Do you have absolutely no one who contacts you via any of those characters that you like? If you do, not getting on those characters denies them the chance to hit you up, all because you're scared of a few orbiters



>Mact in a mental institution

Okay so I want the deepest lore on this. Where did this come from? Like did he mention it one time or does anyone have any logs where he said he went to a mental institution? Who actually talks to Mac because I would love to dig up if he actually went to an asylum or not.



It's literally rumor mill shit. I've talked to him and he's really nice and acts more or less normal. He just does the edgelord shtick for fun.




It was probably the militant vanillafags honestly. The "hurr you like Shota and Loli so you must be a pedophile" or "hurr you like gore you must be a psycho". The sort that view anything more than Yuri and handholding as boring and fucked up.




Okay but does anyone actually speak to him regularly so I can find out if it's true or not? Because if he actually went to an asylum and with those kinks, holy shit he makes Banned and MiAnon look normal.


File: b9dfbe284d104f8⋯.png (282.65 KB, 584x749, 584:749, 11265833.png)


He literally said he never went to an asylum and there is literally zero reason to not believe him. You're literally acting like the militant vanillafags I mentioned you cockmongler.


File: f57a5bd8ebbff03⋯.jpg (41.08 KB, 500x495, 100:99, DWrRHK7WkAE1oOm.jpg)


>still hasn't fixed the typos



Ironically you would have to ask MiAfaggot, who would no doubt paint you the rosiest possible picture like these other blatant MIDF retards, because they are buttbuddies, because of fucking course they are, they're both officially diagnosed and institutionalized insane.



I do talk to him regularly. He didn't go to an asylum.



Don't do this because I wouldn't put it past MiA to lie to make someone else look worse than he is.






these are both me, idiot. >>245584 >>245585



Furthermore, I know for a fact that Mac really dislikes MiA.






we all know you lie blatantly to prop up the fucking people you like, sociopath.




He fucking shills Mact every single time he's asked about the guy. You should know, you're fucking MiA.





Wait if he didn't go to an asylum why does no one like him



MiAnon and Mac both did go to an asylum.



Do you have a profile or discord tag where I can ask you more about it?


So is Mac actually a freak or not?





Why would MiAfag defend someone who really dislikes him? I know he's stupid but that just doesn't make sense. If anything he'd just whisper about it behind people's backs, not on the board.




I'm starting to think maybe he's not insane.


File: 038bc6645edae38⋯.jpg (40.95 KB, 562x1024, 281:512, IMG_20181208_031732.jpg)

>want to suck the smegma off a disgusting, musky bitchbreaker before begging to have my womb crushed by ir

>only "Henlo M'aam!" and low level purples approach me


Sometimes I like to ask myself "how many straight people have hundreds of IRL dicks saved on their computer just to make their numerous profiles?"



MiApsychotic breakdown violently and vehemently defends Marceline, Yvette, Mact, once was sympathetic to banned faggot, and hexual/Korwa, who just not long ago said straight to the mental patient's retarded face that what we know about him is frightening and to stay the fuck away. and he does it with that fucking disgusting mask of """positivity"""


hi MiAsshole, kill yourself.




>in comes Marceline



I meant I'm starting to think Mac isn't insane because there's a few anons saying he isn't and nobody who can say he is



Right, but I'm saying miafag would probably say something like "blah blah he did go to an asylum but we should still be nice to him." Still spreading the rumor while also pretending to have the moral high ground about it.



Well, the one saying he was was the shitposter who just posted shitter profiles, so you can more or less side with the people who actually have talked to the dude.




MiApsycho has several times denied mac is a sociopath that's been institutionalized like him. that's where all the "MiA: be nice to sociopaths" memes come form, dumbass


Sierra Bighorn is online guys! Stop typing here and start one-siding suckwits!




I don't think its MiA saying Mac hasn't gone to an asylum because he would have posted a love heart by now or used this as a chance to defend himself/make himself a victim



You are an actual full-on racist and a real-world murderer, MiA.


File: 565f7a153142115⋯.jpg (104.49 KB, 800x800, 1:1, IMG_20181117_130502.jpg)

File: 3945ef23aa1b029⋯.jpg (93.47 KB, 800x800, 1:1, IMG_20181117_130504.jpg)

>can't decide if I want 9s to breed me or if I want to cuck him



Inject his semen into the dick of the guy cucking him so when he cums he shoots out 9s cum instead.



>no guestbook posts in 3 weeks

Is Sierra dead, bros?



>can't decide if I want to samefag the thread to hell 24/7 or deflect from my crimes


File: 01a91866d9cbe4b⋯.jpg (47.41 KB, 1024x614, 512:307, IMG_20181119_022453.jpg)



Can't decide if I want to play the girl or the boy


I've rejected advances from every single person on the site at least once. AMA



Why didn't you play with me anony?



Don't flatter yourself, I've never been rejected you stupid saggy titcow.



Why do you copy/paste all your roleplay like Kuro does if you care enough to astroturf this hard, MiA?



I really don't know. I liked you and turned you down anyway


You're wrong fucker. In multiple aspects


File: 5326580129037d9⋯.png (181.34 KB, 475x1316, 475:1316, 9144cbf548b11ea8713564f387….png)


I like him but me being who I mean jackshit in that. A lot of other people like him as well. The people that don't like him and spread the fucking mental asylum bullshit are the same people that constantly screeched about Jacavo or posted random profiles with no reasoning as to why months ago and started shitfests. People don't have integrity and just shitpost to shitpost while spreading rumors and misinformation while retards like you believe them as if they were fact just because it came from an anon on a chan board. There's no need for any sort of evidence or whatever, just an anon saying it is good enough to mean its true, right?



t. falseflagger



>I like him but me being who I mean jackshit in that. A lot of other people like him as well.

>People don't have integrity and just shitpost to shitpost while spreading rumors and misinformation while retards like you believe them as if they were fact just because it came from an anon on a chan board. There's no need for any sort of evidence or whatever, just an anon saying it is good enough to mean its true, right?

Hi, MiAsociopath!




This is how you know this person/these people are full of shit, by the way. Perfectly logical and reasonable post. And they just call it a lie when they can't argue.


You, in particular, don't even seem to know what that word means.



Start using your retarded fucking manga pictures and tell us you only post while avatarfagging again! I loved that part!



t. astroturfer



>defending nigger shota



I know who you are. I'm going to suck your dick eventually, no matter how much you turn me down.


File: 1982a8ff89c5854⋯.jpg (134.78 KB, 850x1253, 850:1253, sample_350556dffbfb1ddfec8….jpg)


>Calling me MiAfaggot

Eat my fattened fucking ass faggot.


That wasn't the intent you ape. Alongside Jacavo, other random profiles got plucked straight out of the BBC rooms user list and posted in the thread for legitimately no discernible reason at all; just to have other anons dogpile on them, start memeing on them, and create a consensus by force.



>MiAfag now hardcore pretending to be Yvette

Nothing will save you.


File: dfb966bf3320280⋯.jpg (51.92 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, d833ceb218becbaed7e70fbb2e….jpg)


Sorry anon, but coaldiggers will be the first to go on the day of the rope!~


File: 3f0f46c489bda10⋯.jpg (231.27 KB, 1173x1920, 391:640, IMG_20180927_003412.jpg)


Someday I'll have you on your knees, begging to be bred, you stupid sub slut.



t. coalburner apologist



it's MiA, suckwit, they literally think niggers and retards shouldn't be allowed to breed.


File: f469398e4dd5666⋯.jpg (276.37 KB, 1024x1331, 1024:1331, __original_drawn_by_nikita….jpg)

If only a real stud would breed me retarded…



Go get raped at a rave party you generic blue-haired titcow


File: 472d21ef29e38b3⋯.jpg (662.07 KB, 744x1052, 186:263, f88e96a4f990280ef29a13d274….jpg)


>tfw all of the cute nazi gorls got banned years ago

Why even live?



t. MiA throwing us off the trail


File: 66c5000446fab32⋯.jpg (13.86 KB, 196x188, 49:47, 97983b81c99dfba04b53b66833….jpg)


t. MiApsycho trying to obfuscate the fact that he has been posting with habits like mine to argue points that will indirectly make people think they're just being lied about

Kill yourself really and truly you lying, manipulative fucker. I told you months and months ago you were too retarded to do it and look where you are now. You've fucked up and need to end your life. This is my first post in the thread this morning.



Get on Nanto so I can smooch you, I still haven't fulfilled that roulette wheel thing from earlier in the thread



t. literal psychopath who cares about online personalities to the point of accusing random anons of being MiA


File: 3597b96259d30db⋯.jpg (80.03 KB, 850x1102, 425:551, sample_274e5d4ac81b43471ee….jpg)


>Posting of the character I havn't even used in like a month and a half

At least use a more recent one anon.


Give me the smooch on this. https://www.f-list.net/c/mdr-c/



Nanto or no smooch, this is an ultimatum



This better be a good smooch you bitch ass nigger.


File: 1c1840417943ef9⋯.jpg (91.84 KB, 1098x676, 549:338, 48d23ce.jpg)



I want to fuck Yvette until she is full of my niglets!


File: 8f022365b284b16⋯.jpg (620 KB, 1040x1320, 26:33, 063a87d1fda584e91c0ad61efb….jpg)


Nice try, (((anon))).


File: 267cd649570feb7⋯.png (2 MB, 1029x1696, 1029:1696, tumblr_pd5s6qzyNB1sqz9lxo1….png)


That was no joke! I want to breed all of her pinks retarded and fuck all her purples until their cocks only get hard when their shitter is crammed full of my cock! My mission is only finished when she spams me with messages whenever I get online and when her profiles all name me as the one that reduced her to that state! I wanna make Yvette my little maso breeding sow!


File: d3400f61275c1c7⋯.jpg (338.01 KB, 850x1171, 850:1171, 12426515.jpg)


Lads how do I approach her?


File: 781c473ea9b6af1⋯.jpg (195.68 KB, 1400x964, 350:241, 12034206.jpg)

The cowtit virgin vs the flatlet marriage.



It's not mine so I don't care.



Cum over her feet.




File: dee103653e33d3c⋯.jpg (112.18 KB, 745x1000, 149:200, sample-204c64b4688673f788b….jpg)

God I wish that were me.



Seconding that….



Me in the back


What's up with /erp/ shit destroying any sort of sensibility inside of a person. All I see is this gay ass hyper shit all the time, and it's frankly a turn off. Everything has to be BIG and BOMBASTIC, yet the people who do such things still just have vanilla sex with some OH FUCK ME BIG DIYUCK STUD thrown into it.



What the fuck is 'sensibility' in smut? I want to jerk off, you absolute oxymoron, not write something genuinely wholesome and fulfilling.



Because pussies like you complain rather than do anything to steer a conversation to what you'd enjoy.


File: 58e7555d2d2afa6⋯.png (1.48 MB, 833x1200, 833:1200, 12674280.png)

Why is being a sub slut so much fucking fun?! A month ago I was just a normal switch but now I can barely go three days before I want to throat a smegmafilled, veinriddled cock.



That cock looks like it'll destroy her…


File: f922d1830532798⋯.png (1.57 MB, 1082x1200, 541:600, Unti2334tled-3.png)


Stop asking stupid questions and put that whore mouth to better use, suckwit.





File: 8e4eff13379dcb6⋯.jpeg (292.24 KB, 712x1259, 712:1259, 813cb35c0dade241119591f99….jpeg)


You can suckwit better than that.


File: 6fb8b0db12474d8⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1000x1119, 1000:1119, 9951131.png)


You now know that making others cum is far more pressing than anything you deserve. Post profile!


File: db5260bd832c3d1⋯.jpg (45.59 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1544016044474.jpg)

File: c73dd446da61ddc⋯.webm (2.09 MB, 712x400, 89:50, dangle.webm)

File: ad2d01c391dfffb⋯.webm (2.09 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, poor jill.webm)

Whatever happened to all the monster fans?



They're still around. Why, what's the problem? There's, like, 10 rooms dedicated to monster sex.



I mean on here. Nobody talks about monsters on here.



Monster girls overpowered them.


File: a1e52b3580ad707⋯.jpg (260.61 KB, 633x886, 633:886, 10800922.jpg)




Very sorry, but I still didn't make that Scheherazade…. But I'll make it as soon as possible!


I don't know what you mean. Monsters are still very popular.


File: 560c65fa490a8db⋯.gif (1.2 MB, 487x352, 487:352, ddiii.gif)


I dunno, I've got several monsters. The only one that really has much success is the tentacle one, though.


File: 8136bae43d1d291⋯.png (2.37 MB, 1280x1812, 320:453, 433782ca7cc226b7c06daec231….png)


Post any profile you cock addict.


File: 54a3d9813f00fc2⋯.jpg (238.03 KB, 850x1143, 850:1143, sample_9724cb9bbb3da72eb70….jpg)


Hey what the fuck are you doing talking, suckwit?



I've been posting a lot less as well since you faggots keep ruining my attempts to make shitposting great again and are hellbent on turning this into the bannedfag 2.0 show


File: 6b54d5ca36ef83b⋯.jpg (642.47 KB, 850x832, 425:416, 10800924.jpg)



Here is a throwaway for now…





File: 7ca332dd988083f⋯.jpg (103.65 KB, 850x682, 425:341, sample_96fc80587523a3c4d2a….jpg)




File: 2ca42afb5a30dce⋯.jpg (62.12 KB, 597x600, 199:200, 1450443532285.jpg)


Jesus christ just fucking talk to them. You right click on the name, open the conversation, you say "Hello, I saw you in chat, and I think you and I could click kinks wise. I have __" (This is where you put your ideas you fucking mong) and you just. talk. to. them.

Or you're them and you're shilling since you've done this four fucking times already within the past two weeks. If so, do the opposite mentioned but to other people.



>Jesus christ just fucking talk to them. You right click on the name, open the conversation, you say "Hello, I saw you in chat, and I think you and I could click kinks wise. I have __" (This is where you put your ideas you fucking mong) and you just. talk. to. them.

If you want to bore people, maybe. Just slap your musky cock down on their face.


File: a39979304bbd3fb⋯.jpg (78.3 KB, 571x961, 571:961, 9267251.jpg)


Purplebros, how do I approach her?!


File: 3e49a41e52343a2⋯.jpg (579.76 KB, 850x1190, 5:7, 12704266.jpg)


>You right click on the name, open the conversation, you say "Hello, I saw you in chat, and I think you and I could click kinks wise. I have __"

Found the blue. A prime suckslut like her doesn't want betas, only high test fuckgod purples.


File: 08a32eba513e00f⋯.jpg (124.65 KB, 1504x1478, 752:739, 3c59edfe31a8194b9c78951c2d….jpg)


*Pulls their shedaddy cock out of a passed out slut she just fucked and makes you suck it off*


File: 96417e89a5e6d7c⋯.jpg (524.1 KB, 1091x1200, 1091:1200, 67784625_p0_master1200.jpg)


The only blue I play is a male-herm. I'm mostly purples. For real though it's not that difficult to work it. The major hurdle is just approaching. Hit it off with jokes or stupid shit which usually works for me. I was going barest form of approach because the fucker doesn't apparently know how to tell someone they're interested. Just be confident. That's all it is. Confidence sells everything.


File: 1f32f97f301cdb4⋯.png (769.64 KB, 1112x777, 1112:777, 10474761.png)





>Hit it off with jokes or stupid shit which usually works for me

I'd honestly just be bored and probably annoyed by such an approach but you do you I guess.



My mentality is if they laugh I'm in. If they're annoyed, I back off/don't pursue unless they inquire further. Icebreakers are always going to be hit or miss.




It's almost as if people are different and different approaches work for different people. There are so many conflicting accounts on what constitutes a good approach that there's no way to know. All of them however have a central theme: Be confident. Don't apologize, don't think you're bothering them, don't think you're being boring.Whether you actually are bothering them or whether you're boring or not doesn't matter, because if you think you are you'll seem like a sniveling brat. Some people like being thrown an idea out from the first post, others I've talked to say they ignore anything like that because it's usually just people copy pasting their prompt. Some people like jokes and flirting before delving into conversations about play, some will ignore you for that.

Etc, etc.

Just fucking approach them, the worst thing that happens is they say no.




If you can get to the point after an icebreaker it can be tolerable but I wish more people stopped it with this stupid 'buddy buddy' shit. You aren't as clever as you think you are and it's just grating.


The main way to approach people is to be sexually erotic. Point blank. If you aren't able to wet their whistle with what you want, that's that. There is no fucking point to try to be friendly if what you're offering isn't something they want to buy.



Dis nigga gets it.


I usually talk in rooms and gauge some interest there as well. inb4 ">talking in rooms, lel" It helps test the waters and then you can eventually approach.


The 'buddy buddy' thing is something that's dropped after the icebreaker. If it works, you keep going, if not, you take the L and move on.



Alright, fair enough.


The main way to approach is to get to the fucking point, state what kind of scene you had in mind, what ideas you might be interested in, mention that you're flexible and would but up for changing it dramatically, but this is the first thing you thought of

People are going to look at your profile and decide if they want you before they even decide if they like the idea you're presenting. By default, your profile does 99.9% of the selling. Jokes can be a double-edged sword, acting like a complete sex addict can be off-putting if someone is approached by a ridiculous amount of sex addicts per day

I'd rather you get to the point, I'll make a decision on, you then I'll look at your idea and say yes or no. Adding any extra flavour to your intro can make or break it, but it's more likely to do absolutely nothing (unless you're a complete dumbass, in which case that's probably a deal-breaker)



Again, some people are the complete opposite of this. They prefer joking and fucking around, flirting a little bit here and there, etc to poke and prod to see what type of player you are before getting into anything. People are different. That might work well for you, but not for others.



If you're saying that your approach is more likely to have an impact than your profile, I don't know what to say. If that's the case, your profile's either weak and you're forced to play the gambit and sell yourself through your intro, or you're talking to someone desperate who will play with literally anyone and profiles are largely irrelevant to them



>"Hello, I saw you in chat, and I think you and I could click kinks wise. I have __"

I'd probably ghost you with that boring ass blue approach. IC flirting is always to best way to start whether you mix in some ooc talk or not



I'm not, I'm saying that going straight to the point doesn't work for everyone as shown by >>245699. The profile's whole point is to sell you, I agree.



>>>>>>>>>talking in rooms





File: 432fc389ea4d49f⋯.jpg (720.93 KB, 800x1131, 800:1131, 11441495.jpg)

>Bookmarked for later!

>Oh. Thanks for the heads up.

So we gon fuck or nah?



And I'm saying your approach is largely irrelevant. Anyone turned off by someone saying what kind of idea they add in mind is a complete sperg, or someone who wants hardcore void sex and thus you could have approached in any way you wanted and gotten the same result. But people can be justifiably put off by excessive flirting

Your profile does the vast majority of the selling, let your profile do the selling. Your intro is irrelevant if your profile is a shitshow, you might as well hedge your bets and go with the option more likely to not turn people off, as opposed to potentially sabotaging yourself



had in mind*, isn't a*


>Blues rushing to put themselves into the friend zone because they know nobody wants to fuck them



But that's blatantly false, you must only ever approach complete shitters if you think that intros don't matter. If intros didn't matter you wouldn't see countless custom kinks saying "Get to the point." or countless custom kinks saying "Don't approach me unless we've talked before". There's no doubt in anyone's mind that your profile does the vast majority of the work, but you must be on a different planet or like I said rp with shitters who'll take anyone and anything if you think approaches don't matter.

It's honestly baffling that you'd think this way, it just blows my mind considering in every other profile there's a custom kink saying not to approach one way or another proving outright that how you approach does matter to most people.


File: a26a5ac3cf4d724⋯.jpg (592.94 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, heat.jpg)


>blue comments on my music/profile/etc

>say thanks

>they have no clue how to proceed form there, so they just open up with a half-assed ic starter out of nowhere

Speaking of which, am I the only one who compliments and points out typos of profiles with no ulterior motive? Even if I'm not interested in a profile at all, I still let them know if I see something that's fucked up…though that sometimes results in them thinking that I'm interested even if I say that I'm not beforehand



>get to the point

Yes, this literally says what I was saying. Get. To. The. Point.

"Hurr durr I want to huff your balls and throat your dick" does literally nothing for getting to the point. It's an extraneous way to say "hi, I want to fuck". It doesn't say what you had in mind, it doesn't say what kinds of settings you envision your character with theirs. All it says is that you want to fuck on a textfuck site - what a surprise

>don't approach me unless we've talked before

How is this meant to back up your point either? It's the complete opposite of your approach mattering, it means they'll come to you, which means your profile did 100% of the selling

Just because I said intros doesn't matter, that doesn't mean your approach is altcode 255 and then expect them to look at your profile and make a decision. Don't try to make this into a false dichotomy. There's a reason the second half of what I said, which you conveniently ignored, is to hedge your bets and get to the point

Find me a custom that says people don't want you getting to the point and they want to bullshit around with flirting before even trying to discuss something, that's the only way anything you said would be justified



I definitely point them out and I've had them pointed out before. I always appreciate it and hope they do, too.



I conveniently ignored it because it's irrelevant. Your entire argument relies on something blatantly false to someone who has spent even the slightest time on flist or the slightest time on any roleplaying website for that matter. "Hedging your bets" isn't relevant. I'm not trying to push this into a false dichotomy at all, you're simply trying to find errors where there are none and using language you don't understand to try and intimidate me and convince people that you're right. You knew what I meant, you know exactly what I meant and are simply being pedantic in an attempt to win points and make yourself feel good.

>don't approach me unless we've talked before

>How is this meant to back up your point either?

Because you can't approach somebody if you already know and rp with them? If they don't want you to come to them randomly and pitch an idea then you can't approach them. How exactly do you define "approach"? Because in almost every circle I go to the colloquial usage of the term within rp means when you go out and talk to someone you've never roleplayed with before and try to rp with them. Don't go pulling out dictionary definitions of approach, either, you know as well as I do that that's utterly irrelevant to colloquial and casual usage of words. If someone doesn't want you to approach them unless you've talked before, then you have no choice but to talk before you approach with a rp idea. Again, don't act coy and pretend you're some hyperdebater trying to strike me down with technical phrasing errors or try and use semantics. You're purposefully twisting my words even if the meaning was clear. You are saying that approaches hardly matter because the profile does most of the work, that is clearly demonstrated to be false as shown by countless people saying to me outright "I ignore anyone who approaches like that" and countless customs you've no doubt seen but won't admit you've seen saying for no random approaches. I said, and will say again, you're mostly right in that the profile has a far larger affect than the approach, but you're wrong to assume that the approach matters that little.

>Find me a custom

Nah, I'm not going to search for shit, because this isn't about winning academic points and having perfect form with perfect sources and citations. You know I'm right, you know that you've seen countless kinks like that, you know all that. You're not going to admit it because that means you would have to admit you're wrong in front of an anonymous imageboard and you won't do that. It'd hurt your pride too much. You're going to say >no evidence lmao and feel good about yourself and pretend you've 'won'.

Some people prefer IC flirting and sly jabs at one another to probe you for your writing skill and character personality. Some people see "going straight to the point" as some cheap bullshit that's been copypasted. I don't see it that way, I almost always go straight to the point because it works more often.


I do, it usually ends up with people going "OH SHIT IT'S BEEN THERE FOR MONTHS" which is pretty funny.


File: 129515571dc60b2⋯.jpg (289.54 KB, 1280x855, 256:171, 1544048272827.jpg)

The average /erp/-user.



When I saw this I literally said "daaaamn!" out loud. Where did you find this picture of me?!


File: 6d97f067714c19a⋯.jpg (716.96 KB, 1200x1275, 16:17, g3vb54vg54gjny.jpg)


More like this.



When I saw this I literally said "Holy fricking crap!" out loud! Look at those perfect boi nipples, the flawless level of stiffness of them is sublime and absolutely supreme! Damn! Oh my God, and that belly button! UNF! Did somebody order a platter of perfection? Because goodness, I believe I've found an entire feast that I'd like to dig right into! Good Lord…good freaking Lord, I actually reeled back in my chair after I clicked this image. Wow… Where did you find this picture of me?!



When'st this fine body had graced mine eyes, I, in totality and openness, exclaimed "By God!" for all to hear me use the Lord's name in vain. It was worth it for sake of that young man's houreglass figure, his lithe proportions and catamite appeal that makes me groweth forth from betwixt mine thighs and spill mine nutte porridge in generous portions. Where did you find this illustration of mine?



Oh yes, my dead… Quite cute indeed. Is that, dare I say… Nipples I see? Mmmnn… Yes… Quite so, my darling. Quite stiffened nipples yes very much so… Ah yes… And also… A hint of boyishness. Mmmnnrrrh. But oh yes, this will do nicely. Please my dead, another if you please. BBBBBRRRRAAAAPPPPFFFLLLPPPHHH



For someone talking about intimidation tactics and complaining about apparent irrelevancy, you sure said a whole lot of nothing here. That's fucking hilarious.

>language you don't understand

It was an objective false dichotomy. You're claiming that I have no choose between approaches mattering or not when in literally the same post you responded to, I spoke about what type of approach you should use precisely because you have to approach in the first place. Your entire argument hinges on this you fucking twit.

>simply being pedantic in an attempt to win points

I don't think you know what being pedantic means, or at least you don't mind being a hypocrite, given that you've latched onto me saying approaches are irrelevant as if it's the only thing I said, and proceeded to classify things you don't like as 'irrelevant' when they blatantly contradict your argument.

>Nah, I'm not going to search for shit, because this isn't about winning academic points and having perfect form with perfect sources and citations.

No, it's about the citations you did give are completely working against you. It was your chance to actually make an argument that isn't just whining over a point you've blown out of proportion. What's retarded is when you make a claims like "you know that you've seen countless kinks like that, you know all that" as if saying "you know I'm right" makes you right. The fact is you're completely full of shit and you own evidence worked against you, so now you're getting defensive.

Now for the most retarded instance of empty rhetoric I've seen in this shithole for the longest time -

>"Because you can't approach somebody if you already know and rp with them? If they don't want you to come to them randomly and pitch an idea then you can't approach them. How exactly do you define "approach"?"

What the fuck is this even meant to say? That because you can't approach this person with an approach you've somehow proven that approaches matter? The ENTIRE FUCKING POINT of this custom kink is to say they'll approach you, your approach, for this specific custom, is objectively irrelevant, even more so than what I was saying before.

>Because in almost every circle I go to

So 100% of your argument relies on "j-just believe me, this is totally how it is" and then trying to discredit me pre-emptively pointing it out as though asking for evidence is something villainous.

All you've done is obfuscate shit by writing as much as possible and saying as little as possible whilst failing to psychoanalyze me, what I'm saying, or what I'm going to say, all while lacing it with person attacks rather than actual arguments. The funniest part of it all is probably you projecting your ego onto me, because you know you're doing everything you claim.

Some people prefer one thing, some prefer another, but it doesn't change that everyone wants to know what their partner wants out of them. Your approach is nigh-irrelevant (I threw the nigh- in there because you seem to have issues with taking words literally even though the literal meaning contradicts the rest of what I was say, so it's likely wrong; hilarious given that you're talking about being pedantic and twisting words). If you're going to pick one approach or the other, pick the one closest to what people want the most. You are more likely to sabotage by picking the option more likely to get turned, which is the redundant one that amounts to the "hi, I want to fuck" on a site about fucking.



>It was an objective false dichotomy. You're claiming that I have no choose between approaches mattering or not when in literally the same post you responded to, I spoke about what type of approach you should use precisely because you have to approach in the first place. Your entire argument hinges on this you fucking twit.

And lookie here, you're doing exactly what I said you would. Playing hyperdebater and twisting what I clearly meant to try and win points. Play semantics and quote me all you want but that won't change the fact that you know what I meant. I assume you're not totally intellectually bankrupt so if you have any semblance of a moral fibre in your body you'd feel bad about twisting what I'm saying so that's enough for me.

>I don't think you know what being pedantic means, or at least you don't mind being a hypocrite, given that you've latched onto me saying approaches are irrelevant as if it's the only thing I said, and proceeded to classify things you don't like as 'irrelevant' when they blatantly contradict your argument.

Oho, you do it again, saying things contradict a fabricated and purposefully twisted version of my argument to make yourself feel good and make you feel as if you won. You know what I meant, you know you're wrong, you know you're twisting my words.

>No, it's about the citations you did give are completely working against you. It was your chance to actually make an argument that isn't just whining over a point you've blown out of proportion. What's retarded is when you make a claims like "you know that you've seen countless kinks like that, you know all that" as if saying "you know I'm right" makes you right. The fact is you're completely full of shit and you own evidence worked against you, so now you're getting defensive.

Such a surprise, exactly as I predicted once again. It's genuinely pathetic that you're willing to purposefully twist things when what I said was clear. To call it a false dichotomy when its clear intended meaning was not. I'm not going to explain it, I'm not going to give evidence. I'm not going to do fuck all but point out that you know you're wrong and are simply trying to save your pride in front of everyone.

>So 100% of your argument relies on "j-just believe me, this is totally how it is" a

Good lord it's like reading a script. You know you're wrong, but you won't admit it.

>All you've done is obfuscate shit by writing as much as possible

Haaah, and now you try to "n-no u" after being called out. So psychologically fragile are you that when someone doesn't fall for your sophistry and doesn't wrestle in the mud of semantics and phrasing you lash out. Try again, it only digs your hole deeper. You know what I meant, you know I'm right, you know everything you're saying is an attempt to save your ego.

You can repeat the same old things again and again as much as you want, but you know you're wrong, I know you're wrong. You can try and say "You're saying this!" or "I'm saying that!" all you want, you can play logician all you want, but it doesn't change what you actually know yourself. I don't have to say anything, or do anything, or prove anything because you already know it all. Your pride is hurt and you're lashing out like a child.


File: fa6b0ec14238f40⋯.jpg (30.38 KB, 400x400, 1:1, TCC4L0IH_400x400.jpg)

>these niggas above me debating their philosophies of approaching people on a furry typefucking website that they've meticulously researched and honed over the span of 10 years

>I just walk up to sluts and tell them to suckwit

>they suckwit



I beseecheth thee, /erp/ board. https://www.f-list.net/c/cute%20things/ is this one such individual of Flaker breeding? Remember to use thine ignoré function as MiAsodomite is entering an active season.


>filthy dogs breeding European stock

you have no such pure bred Anglo nor Saxon broodmother, but a Jewish imitation.



>the unwonted coloure, Bleu




Backing up a points is being a hyperdebater? So you think all discussions or arguments should be shitflinging at each other like what you're doing? You sound fucking insane.

"You know what I meant"

>fabricated and purposefully twisted version of my argument

Then provide an actual argument I can properly respond to, rather than obfuscated jargon that resembles one. Your entire argument hinges on you taking a word literally, when the literal interpretation wouldn't make any sense when paired with every single other thing I've said.

"You know what I meant, you know you're wrong"

>clear intended meaning

Clearly it's not clear or intended, especially when you don't want to reiterate anything. 'I-if I keep saying he's twisting things I don't actually have to say something'. You don't say, keep moving the goalposts without even giving a goal.

"I'm not going to explain it, I'm not going to give evidence"

>it's like you're reading a script

You sound like an NPC trying to argue for the first time, the kind who latches onto the phrase 'pretentious, pseudo-intellectual jargon', or thereabouts, and uses that as a scapegoat to handwave everything whenever someone says something you can't deal with.

"You know you're wrong, but you won't admit it"

>more ad hominem rather than trying to make an argument

"You know what I meant"

For someone who just accused me of repeating the same old things, you sure love to say literally the exact same thing. Are you so opposed to the idea of becoming a "hyperdebater", whatever that arbitrary phrase means, that you'll simply never back up anything you say, never reiterate, never try to present your idea in a different way, and say that everyone knows you're correct until they believe it? I'd say this is manipulative, but at this point I'm convinced you're either ESL or genuinely autistic.

Just once, at any point, make an attempt at proving something in those quotes. You sound like a complete retard otherwise and you're doing yourself no favors. You're spouting literally nothing otherwise. This is just anti-discussion laced with insults.





>court sorcerer posting from thine castle basemente

Your lineage ends with you, lonesome magician and doctor. Intelligences are the humors of foolishness in this place!


File: 15058c0e0e24229⋯.jpg (193.27 KB, 850x1251, 850:1251, sample_7fb258434ab4d30eff9….jpg)

What are the first five words that come to your mind after seeing this image?



Blood can ruin an entire image


File: 73a69f2701d80ce⋯.jpg (213.15 KB, 714x1000, 357:500, 12809865.jpg)


/erp/ only gets frequented by the most literate of fuckgods and bodacous babes, such as:

>ebonic spewing ghetto niggers with donkeydicks

>jailbait sluts that show off their underdeveloped bodies

>fags with fat, estrogen-filled assets

>overly fertile sluts with cow-like udders

>girls with cocks as big as their egos




1. Lick

2. Pucker

3. Breed

4. Brown

5. Back


File: 014ce7e5e9a9fff⋯.jpg (152.16 KB, 1000x1400, 5:7, 388ffe8f73a06f188ed57416df….jpg)


I WISH. It seems like it's just me and one other loli/underage character poster.





Entry-level gorefag picture lol lmao. That was five right?


File: 3ecaf41f2d5dee3⋯.jpg (61.75 KB, 650x1000, 13:20, sample-5344ea16d5de4c274e9….jpg)


Oh and this guy, I guess.



Don't go losing your head.



The second option is the best, but they're not undeveloped, they've just efficiently used their flatlet growth


File: 231bf24751480a8⋯.jpg (544.74 KB, 700x990, 70:99, e3a13c001a0a9079a67d2e02c6….jpg)


File: ab6fe00591ba4ba⋯.png (237.82 KB, 465x657, 155:219, 20246d0e725363d137d08dec09….png)


I post loli now and then. Also, what's 'jailbait'? Shouldn't it be a technically underaged character that has sexually appealing features like hips/breasts? I don't think loli would count.



She's good.




There's at least three people related to that category then, but I don't post any pictures. Also, jailbait applies to girls just young enough that you can go to jail for doing something with them, but look old enough/alluring enough that you can't tell their age/don't care


File: 8198391eca68360⋯.jpg (370.33 KB, 1000x1430, 100:143, c88a8c978f9b88d44caf6aa181….jpg)


I asked that question not long ago, and people said that as long as they were underage and sexually attractive they were jailbait. So I guess some people are jailbait to some, but not others.



>Backing up a points is being a hyperdebater

All arguments should be about addressing what people clearly mean and taking the most generous interpretation, you fail to do that. You know what I meant, yet you chose to ignore that and see the worst possible interpretation of what I said because you cannot argue against what I clearly meant. You know you're wrong

>Then provide an actual argument I can properly respond to,

>Clearly it's not clear or intended,

Your entire argument relies on you denying something you know to be true. Do it if you want to, I don't have to say or prove anything because you already know what you're saying is false. You're simply continuing out of pride.

>You sound like an NPC trying to argue for the first time,

And again, you do exactly as I said you would. Your flaws are laid out in front of you and you refuse to change, you simply repeat them again and again hoping no one will notice what you've done. You say words that don't apply to anything but your delusional version of the discussion we're having.

>For someone who just accused me of repeating the same old things

And again, you do the same things. You know what I meant, you're playing coy and are attempting to insult me to brush things off. Call me autistic all you want, insult me all you want, it doesn't change the fact that you know you're wrong, you know what I meant. I'm not going to repeat myself, I'm not going to rephrase myself, because you are purposefully twisting what I said to justify your position and denying what you know to be true to save your pride.



"You know what I meant", "you already know", you know what I meant"

Unironically kill yourself, MiA.




Generally, Jailbaits are older than lolis. That's the main difference, they are still under 18 though.



That's MIAanon's profile.



So your idea of arguing is to repeatedly say that everyone's twisting your words and that everyone is refusing to take the most generous interpretation, but you utterly refuse to reiterate anything you say in case they've misinterpreted it (you know, something that happens on the internet), nor do you want to reiterate it so that you might actually be able to make a point. You can't just handwave everything and say people know what you want and act defensive post after post. You are saying. LITERALLY. NOTHING.

Fuck off with your projecting you egotistical retard. Tu quoque isn't an argument.


File: 130909482fee558⋯.jpg (444.09 KB, 768x960, 4:5, 11698262.jpg)


The best kind are the sexually aggressive ones that rub their small bodies against older men and tease them for getting hard, before draining them for cash.



B-but she doesn't play with purples



Is it actually MiA? I had my suspicions but god damn.


File: 131a122b8955bb1⋯.jpg (292.63 KB, 552x779, 552:779, 69108310_p2_master1200.jpg)


Slutty lolis are the best, yes.




You already know I'm right, you already know what I meant. I don't need to rephrase or reiterate because what I said was clear. You can deny it all you want, you can insult me all you want, but that simply shows how much pride you have. You know I'm right.


I'm not MiA, but denying that will only get people to meme on me and claim that I am.



>I'm not MiA

Yvette, suck my BBC already!







Sure, MiA. Is this your new tactic you're gonna bust out in all your future endeavors? I notice that you haven't posted with your weeb shit since the last spergfest, but I know that you haven't stopped coming here. Have you dropped back to being anon and arguing with all the techniques people have used on you, but failing to implement them properly?



See, when called out on your pride you finally result to calling me MiA. It's okay to be wrong. You know you're wrong, and that's okay. That's how people learn. You know what I meant, and you know I'm right.



You're legitimately insane. Kill yourself you sociopathic lunatic. Spouting the same shit for ten posts until people accept it doesn't make you right, but I guess this is how you fuel yourself with autism for your 'me so nice' shit.


File: b53e44432760f13⋯.jpg (133.72 KB, 849x1200, 283:400, lolibooru 168826 ass_visib….jpg)


I'd happily play with more lolis but a lot of the ones I check out have 8 inch dicks as their limit.


he gave away who he was with the danganronpa picture. learn your cues better guys.



You know I'm right, anon. You know I'm not MiA, you know what I meant. You know all of these things but refuse to admit it because of your pride.



are you talking about me?


or another post?



You know you're MiA, MiA. You know this but refuse to admit it because of your autism.



Utterly disappointing.



Says the retard who has said literally the same shit for the past ten posts and hasn't the briefest understanding of how to argue his point, instead opting to say anything he doesn't like hyperdebating and deflect everything else.



Go raid another handicapped retard, fucking sociopath.


Someone give me mia's contact info so I can gorespam him before he even has time to react.




I didn't think your issues with pride were this bad.


File: 9ec907b0f9a6220⋯.png (2 MB, 1754x1240, 877:620, ame3.png)


I can't blame them for that, to be honest. I have a particular workaround I use to maintain "realism", which ironically, is a magic potion that makes her body able to take bigger insertions.


File: 756ef5bb33ff34c⋯.jpg (367.72 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, miu.jpg)


Actually don't answer, it doesn't matter anyway. I'm done with this place since everything eventually devolves into circlejerking around bannedfag 2.0 anyway. hopefully this boring ass arc will be dead in a month or so.



Pot meet kettle. Kill yourself, straitjacket tard.



And you've betrayed my hopes. Sigh.


File: 604d0f73e407e8c⋯.png (16.97 KB, 221x111, 221:111, 11111111111.png)


Kill yourself, straitjacket tard.



Just sort of sad. You didn't have to be like this.


Stop arguing with MiApsycho you faggots.


I want friends who'll play characters from obscure canons with me, but I'm socially inept and stuck here whining about it. What should I do, /erp/? Is there any hope for me, or should I start looking for some rope?



>obscure canons

How about you tell us what you are looking for?


File: 4ea8120da022fb9⋯.png (144.54 KB, 704x658, 352:329, 1542935903306.png)





I can't blame them either but any time I find a reference with a 'normal' sized dick they kinda look boring.



You could try hanging yourself with razor wire, MiA.


He's talking about his literal waifu, ozen.



Find someone who will play Astolfo for you, like Mianon



If you're not MiAnon, let's be friends.



>literal waifu





disgustingly good imitation, tbh


File: 91c6ca875864f6c⋯.png (2.21 KB, 95x81, 95:81, ergwef.PNG)


>I hope you have a wonderful morning! ♥

It's night time!


Stop arguing about things unless it's about how fat tits are useless sacks of meat that belong leashed to flatlet cock



geh nach hause, Deutscher


File: af6f45dd4723fc6⋯.png (420.43 KB, 720x1080, 2:3, 8a0f9fb85a7e761480133b80f7….png)


Flatlets need to learn their place. You're getting too uppity.



Warum kommst du nicht mit mir nachhause?~



Does MiAnon count as a flatlet?



Ich hasse dich


File: 78d70b10c8a0716⋯.png (229.23 KB, 540x712, 135:178, tumblr_oz6wn8NLQm1ti6cxjo1….png)


I'm confused as to why the Bubblegum profile is tossed in with the rest honestly.



MiAnon counts as literal shit. I wouldn't wish the fate of him being associated with flatlets on even the most disgusting of flatlets.



Blues aren't flatlets



They're friends with marceline, yvette, miatard, and another person who I won't name or I'll probably turn them into a namefag and give them a source of free attention. There's no way in hell that they're sane.


File: dc268625124b33a⋯.jpg (148.13 KB, 850x1236, 425:618, sample_52594f61cf4c2067d13….jpg)

God I wish that were me…



Spill the beans, anon. Who are they?



Yeah but everything else is MiA's profile except that one




lol dicklet



Wow! I'm one of the few blue namefags then! I'm so proud! When do I get to have a mental breakdown like all the cool kids?



What does this image have to do with mianon?







for one, it's obviously red.


File: 8d4ae8c1e24034d⋯.jpg (476.8 KB, 1216x883, 1216:883, 11915316.jpg)





Who cares? They're all practically the same indistinguishable nutcase in the long run



I know right anon, I'm cool and a blue at the same time! Amazing!



message him and tell him that you like made in abyss



Dann halt ein Hassfick!


I like to copy the posting styles of other people randomly to see if I can passively ruin their rep when I make retarded comments.


File: eceb0165743320e⋯.png (295.45 KB, 600x989, 600:989, 12156770.png)





Fuck off MiA.


Fuck off Sierra.


>Sit in rooms on my pink

>Make fun of blues under the guise of "just saying my opinion".

>Especially enjoy making fragile doms angry

This is the best. Who even bothers using this site to RP anymore?



Mein Deutsch ist nicht gut genug, um das zu verstehen.










I'm none of these though.


File: 7e6bea26b2fcb07⋯.jpg (186.8 KB, 620x800, 31:40, CT (6).jpg)



Post logs. And be careful, I've been warned by mods because of that.



Mia guy RP's on the site a lot, just message them on here https://www.f-list.net/c/cute%20things


File: c07bc887b17fccf⋯.jpg (22.5 KB, 349x231, 349:231, c07bc887b17fccf94e43a65365….jpg)

I want my MiA-guy action figure!



Something relatively fresh.

[15:34] Lil Gusher wonders how stretchy she is

[15:36] <lol>: Having your icon be your dick is a really bad sign here.

[15:42] Lil Gusher: People who get on a furry site and judge others is a bad sign…

[15:43] Gadget Love: People who go on a furry site and expect not to be judged is a bad sign.

[15:43] Lil Gusher: yeah that doesn't make sense. take your bs elsewhere

[15:44] <lol>: People who go on a ERP site and think it's a furry site is a bad sign.

[15:45] Lil Gusher: That doesn't help your point in the slightest…

[15:46] Lil Gusher: Let's change the subject cause nobody likes drama.



Conversion what are your thoughts on MiAanon?



Yeah, Conversion! Tell us all about MiAguy! Why does he wear the mask?!



Stirring shit around is always fun, don't go overboard though else the no fun police will pay your ass a visit.


I've never talked to him and don't care enough about it all to read his posts. Basically I'm a filthy fencesitter. I'll never play with him or talk to him, I guess, so it's all background noise.


you ever notice how literally all of MiApsycho's profiles are all things that're cute on the outside but fucked up on the inside

really makes you think.


File: 3147500d9eae9a9⋯.png (587.53 KB, 1000x800, 5:4, dedc593f4bdb0a63ec9e063bf5….png)

Thoughts on this inline?


File: 73198e1f020df65⋯.png (358.24 KB, 500x300, 5:3, 5a817cd607bce03e38c38dba43….png)

Thoughts on THIS inline?


File: ee99ba948376a79⋯.png (29.37 KB, 678x217, 678:217, btfo.png)


File: 900792072530670⋯.png (197.87 KB, 500x300, 5:3, c7e11eee599d24f8ff00835a76….png)

What about this one? Is this one good?


File: fc4634c7706bb33⋯.png (152.49 KB, 400x433, 400:433, 1462285884479.png)

>Who the fuck is this MIA faggot

>Control + F


This is the new isn't it.



Literally half of F-list has characters like that.



Well I meant to say fei with an a instead of e but that got censored. Maybe mia is just the new name for them now that fei with a instead of e is wordfiltered.



Kill yourself, MiAnon



And people were calling it for months.



Can we not make this meme? God damn it, we JUST got rid of Banned and now this fucker is becoming an attention black hole



Nope, it's too late.



Turbosperg sociopath. Someone else will eventually list off what he's known for

Also, you can't use bannedfag/iaF's name. It gets blanked out. They aren't the same person though



Alrighty, thanks for the clarification. I'm glad I haven't interacted with MIA yet, or I have but I didn't notice it.



Fuck. We just ruined this board AGAIN.



Crazy guy that plays traps, closest thing we have to an actual avatarfag at the moment since he (sometimes) uses Made In Abyss pictures with his post




Bullied a retard to suicide. Raided another retard. Actual criminal IRL. Unabashed sociopath. Brags about manipulating the board to their friends. Starts scenes with people they never follow up with. Doesn't actually write ever. Actually came out of a fucking mental institution. Militant tumblrina tranny. The reason Banned went insane about Red. Drove him to that point.


You'd notice it if you did, they're a sadsack retard.



This board has nothing to ruin. The attempts to start RPing again were short lived because everyone flaked.



MiA sabotaged those threads and you fucking know it.


File: b3c7a6d904d1c88⋯.png (749.86 KB, 725x1000, 29:40, 10549194.png)

What do you want to talk about?



>doesn't write ever

Oh no, I'm 1/10th MiA



mia guy




Deets, now.



>mental institution

I thought that was that other guy


File: ff56306538e2b05⋯.png (66.15 KB, 689x527, 689:527, 42a0f7834020c6c32469d34aeb….png)




Both of them. They shill for each other commonly.



Mac wasn't in a loonybin, and god that's sad. MiA must be a monster if they made a retard commit suicide, jeez.



You forgot that he

>rules F-List with an iron fist

>gets one sided worship posts from Sierra Bighorn

>findoms the mods

>plays genders for their colors

>cut his cats tail off



Not saying I doubt that he's a dipshit who made someone kill themselves, but this profile says they're still active



>MiA, astroturfing






>MiA, lying blatantly to cover up their literal, actuall bullicide



I thought they didn't like each other? Also that profile was online today anon



>Like the design of Cat Noir

>Of course he's got tons of homo art



MiA openly loves Mac. Ask him right now, he's defending himself right now because he's taking his new profile for a spin.

>that profile was online today anon

Hi, MiA. Everyone should know what you did. Stop anonposting.


File: a88afd2c190fe93⋯.jpg (1000.62 KB, 1159x2000, 1159:2000, 3313292.jpg)


What are the other namefags IRL like? Is Three a serial killer? is Giga Nigger a gangbanger? Is Karasawa a virgin?



>new profile

Which is that?

MiA why do you like Mac?


File: c98d3b2f947f57c⋯.png (915 B, 187x16, 187:16, ds.png)


File: 359038069117aa8⋯.png (147.51 KB, 400x500, 4:5, Bondrewd-Profile-Anime.png)


♥ Because we've both done some terrible things, but that's okay! You should be understanding of everyone no matter what! Stay positive and go write with Mac, they're great and very cool OOC! I connect to them on a deep level for a variety of personal reasons! ♥



>Because we've both done some terrible things, but that's okay!

What did Mac do?!


So Mactator is friends with that psycho guy? I feel like I dodged a missile



Kill yourself, MiA



>Kill yourself, MiA

Kill yourself, MiA


File: 076ec4c6a94afd1⋯.jpg (82.56 KB, 563x563, 1:1, sigh.jpg)


He's not. They're not friends. Mac has outright stated he's going to avoid Mia.



which namefag are you?



Fucking obviously MiA, don't respond.



Memeing aside, it's mia talking about himself. Half of their images are hilarious smug anime girls.




I'm not a namefag, I'm just someone who knows Mac. Hell, I can link my profile if you want.



Yes, implicate another poor fucking innocent person who will have no idea what's going on when asked personally, MiA. Please do it.





MiA is too selfish and obsessed with being a victim to make it sound like any namefag dislikes him. He doesn't even talk up Red like this.


do it faggot


File: 4cbef70d42d4c1d⋯.jpg (40.46 KB, 712x712, 1:1, question (38).jpg)



>used the refs MiA pushed

Gee, I wonder what's going on here.



I don't remember MiA posting those before anon.



Of course you don't, MiA, you're off your anti psychotics.



This anon is correct and I'll put my name on it as a seal of approval. I'm Sable North.



And I'm fucking Hexxy. Kill yourself, MiA.



Please go away if you really are them. You seem like a good egg and I really don't wanna see you get sucked into miatard's and the rest of the thread's whirlwind of autism



Mia pushed those? Huh.


I asked the board a while ago for references and someone suggested those to me. Might've been Mia, might not have been. No clue.



>hahaha i'm just really stupid, too stupid to understand what's going on or be responsible for anything :)

Kill, yourself, MiA



I presume she uses the board anyway considering her posts in the log thread, just she and Brave both think Mac's not a weirdo socio.



That's it, MiAnon is the Napoleon of crime.


>implying he's not such a master manipulator he hands out images for people to use to foolishly implicate themselves as MiAnon


File: 1ac6e30352e36b8⋯.png (1.57 MB, 1309x1826, 119:166, 12051525.png)



I'm friends with Mac I don't want people giving him shit unfairly. Is he edgy sometimes? Yes, but other than that he's a normal and very nice person. He was never hospitalized for mental health issues and as far as I know he doesn't have any mental health problems. I talk to him fairly frequently so I would notice.



No, no, he just suggested the image references on my flist profile. I guess, I don't know. I really don't give a fuck either because I don't care about Mia, I care about you lot throwing Mac in with it. Mac is a good boy, he didn't do nuffin. Essentially what >>245885 said.



If Three is a serial killer, I'd probably end up giving 'em a hand.



I hope mommy fwee kills me!



She only kills alphas with mocha cocks, sorry anony!





I hope mianon kills her



I hope mianon kills you.


File: 9eca0b7b3365781⋯.jpg (438.51 KB, 740x1035, 148:207, 12f774cec657bd3a6653f25a8a….jpg)

>ywn make lesbians addicted to your cock



I don't even feel bad, the excessive inking is hot to me.


>don't put Guestbook custom on character

>only close friends post in it, which means I only get a few comments

>put Guestbook custom on incredibly lazy character

>it fills within a week of not even playing the character, just idling with the character logged in

Are people just too scared to post if you don't spell it out for them? Or is there some kind of subculture of retards who pounce at an open guestbook when given a prompt?



Post in their guestbook first and ask for it in return. Most people don't mind at all and just forget.



I'm less concerned with actually getting posts and more with trying to figure out how people function. Like the one without the custom is properly built and constantly getting attention, but no posts. The lazy profile only gets the occasional message and is never set to looking, yet the guestbook just filled for no discernible reason




How 'filled' are we talking? Actual, good posts or is it just shit? Also, yes, the custom guestbook kink is pretty much the only way anyone will even think of it.



Half shit, people using small comments as just another way to get into her pants, half 'good', in that it gets some decent paragraph posts that could be copy/pasted. Though it's not going to get any worship posts since the profile isn't involved in any of those rabbit hole groups, nor is she a one-sided character or anything



Sometimes good profiles just don't get any guestbook posts for some reason. Just look at mia guy's profiles


What happened to the CCOOC circlejerk kek


File: b876a729ebed12d⋯.jpg (35.83 KB, 423x474, 141:158, absolute disgust.jpg)


Ha ha! Thaaaat MiA guy!



Nothing, the faces just changed.


File: e1105c19ebd0b62⋯.png (96.7 KB, 506x599, 506:599, Totally not an admin.png)



Tell me about the CCOOC circlejerk.


File: 3697c79e7a1162e⋯.png (1012.42 KB, 888x1120, 111:140, neightcromancy.png)



Why don't you like the mia anon, bullsparkle?


File: 71ede23edc7ecce⋯.jpg (523.54 KB, 615x1023, 205:341, 33d9804dcef548eadb38465c91….jpg)


With the right incentive, anybody can kill.





l m a o

>blue furries







It's a good visual that's indicative of the character, assuming they're serious, stoic, brutal, or dominant.


Comes across as a little generic, doesn't evoke too much of anything other than a fantasy setting, which it does well.


Looks like shit. No problem with the meme-text, but it's lacking style.



they're being a fucking retard, those are the inlines of MiA's new fagboy avatar.


File: 9e8380faf847b96⋯.jpg (109.78 KB, 704x700, 176:175, 1531841333623.jpg)


>see the thread's been nothing but more "drama" and autism

>figure I'd reply to the most reasonable seeming post

I deserve this for thinking anything good could come out of the shitposting thread.

Shame it feels like this is the board's whole identity now, but so it goes.


File: 61b48c68a28cd36⋯.jpg (600.66 KB, 1040x2000, 13:25, __scathach_and_scathach_sk….jpg)

>ywn be a busty onee-san that teases little boys until they start stroking their cute cocks in front of you






File: bf4f18139cdf9ac⋯.jpg (42.43 KB, 460x425, 92:85, ErPlBPP.jpg)

>when he calls you baby-chan~


File: 2071fa6c903beb9⋯.png (577.23 KB, 1033x1080, 1033:1080, 11642933.png)


Made for mocha dick!



What is their endgame?

Seriously, this account fucking confuses me.


File: cd9678a463828d0⋯.png (93.33 KB, 1155x482, 1155:482, wut.png)

File: 9128cfd6acfa4ff⋯.gif (1.29 MB, 195x229, 195:229, drew_scanlon.gif)



That is pretty common. People like BBC, but hate the average BBC player.


File: 130a2a83c421b67⋯.png (564.13 KB, 600x943, 600:943, 2aebda0cf57bb272594ded1a2b….png)

Who here Paper Tiger life?


File: 6cecac530a55d43⋯.jpg (128.36 KB, 707x1000, 707:1000, 12477878.jpg)


All day, every day paper tiger bro.


File: c2a8e02a9bbd958⋯.jpg (485.36 KB, 684x1000, 171:250, 11441503.jpg)

Namefags/Memes/whatever I fucked:



Master Vivarium




Probably next:




Moon Cell

Fucking Ruined

Intoner Three


On the fence about:




I am slowly making progress. Slow and steady.



You'll never fuck Karasawa


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




You should really give mianon a shot



Bird shot or a full slug?


File: 8d1b400de3dbe9d⋯.png (4.56 KB, 1017x66, 339:22, dasdadw.PNG)

Who is going on a magical adventure with Yvette?



It's probably an alt of MiAtard, I knew him and yvette were in cahoots with each other



>Note me ya' lil' shit

All of you fuckers talk like this and it helps me avoid you 'lil' shits'


File: 0eb9561e8c7bf77⋯.jpg (529.78 KB, 2135x1748, 2135:1748, image0-6.jpg)

>ywn have to bring your servants to a better master so he can give them his mana


File: b84114cb38fe429⋯.jpg (187.7 KB, 1191x1312, 1191:1312, HIGHTEST.jpg)


Yvette, when are you finally going to take my fattened fucking cock up your fattened fucking cheeks so we can make fucking cute babies?




You can't fuck the autistic gorefag if I fuck him first!



>not making fattened fucking babies

That's not true love.


File: 07720ddd3ee8aee⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1600x1134, 800:567, quick_girls_do_it_best.png)

File: 6eedff3c5f34266⋯.jpg (903.7 KB, 2722x3080, 1361:1540, image0-4.jpg)

File: d61bdde8692f2a7⋯.jpg (32.96 KB, 538x538, 1:1, DhXjNJpXkAAcLi2.jpg)

Which canons are the best for NTR and cuckqueaning? Just asking haha



made in abyss canons



MIAanon is a cuck confirmed?!



Is he really THAT good? Because I doubt it.



Yeah he is, his post lengths are even bigger than bannedfag's



Are they more ESL than his too?



Long doesn't equal good. If I want long posts I just ignore the phone when my mom calls me.


I thought IAF is american?


File: c775c9a34a0a421⋯.jpg (160.05 KB, 850x899, 850:899, 11611225.jpg)

God I wish that were me…



Is it presenting her an option between sucking a dog dick and a human dick?



>I thought IAF is american?

There's plenty of 'Americans' who are ESL.



Shit, nice. This is pretty great. Thanks random music anon


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: 0d9158e4bd8779a⋯.jpg (207.49 KB, 850x531, 850:531, afaefwe.jpg)


I'd say it's a alien dick, but dogs are good too.


The domination/submission room has the ugliest fucking characters, I swear.



Shut the fuck up, slut.



Banned is too stupid to write properly and thinks repetition is a good thing in a post.



Banned is literally retarded irl. By the literal medical definition.




Wait, which bannedfag are we talking about again? The first one or the second one?


>Pink makes fun of shitter who uses a shapeshifter

>"Shapeshifter = I'll be whatever you want because I'm so desperate for sex!"

>Pink meanwhile is 'willing to grow a cock' because they're in the same desperate-for-sex boat

>Superior purples get to laugh at both cuck blues and idiot pinks





File: 73f4b2796e51fcf⋯.png (11.72 KB, 640x400, 8:5, btfo.png)


Anyone got that gif/webm of the bitch with green hair titfucking the viewer?


File: e7f27c0e039683e⋯.png (36.1 KB, 134x154, 67:77, disgusting.png)

>shapeshifter can be literally anything

>except something interesting


File: 5306b1d4d8663a2⋯.jpg (187.04 KB, 850x953, 850:953, vsvdsdcv.jpg)


Very sorry, sir!



I can think of a few ways to make them interesting, though all of the ones on flist are boring as fuck


>MiApsycho goes undercover, pretends they can make us believe they disappeared, and keeps tainting the board preventing board roleplay and keeping /erp/ shitposting itself to death




We're talking about MiAfag.


>TFW no real bites today

>One of the biters deletes their profile

>This is for one of two characters I actually like and have ideas for

It's not fucking fair /erp/. Why do my low efforts get more attention that my good ones?


File: bc3f1b09397dc2f⋯.png (1.63 MB, 2049x1280, 2049:1280, storybbcv.png)

>post this on my RP Tag

>get messages from people that I should stop following them

>openly say I should get banned for that

Maybe F-List isn't that bad after all…






>post this on my RP twitter

Jesus Christ…


File: 5f691afadd4b5af⋯.png (1.52 MB, 1029x1987, 1029:1987, 1542320050203.png)

Thread is dead again, some namefag, come out so something can happen!



what are you doing posting when you could be roleplaying with chill bro MiApsycho? they're best friends with Yvette and thats how you know they're chill af. i approached them on my "just your average" blue and were just so cool to me.


File: a1e7a53f4d6fc1d⋯.jpg (234.33 KB, 1180x1400, 59:70, 12052746.jpg)

File: aa051f2125664cc⋯.jpg (27.6 KB, 640x480, 4:3, emma in real life(1).jpg)

File: f045e451af997c4⋯.png (1007.21 KB, 850x1192, 425:596, 1531471632804.png)

File: 9a690b00cab0cf7⋯.jpg (143.15 KB, 850x1202, 425:601, 1523851723383.jpg)

File: 5810dae7b9d440f⋯.png (1.28 MB, 724x744, 181:186, 57.png)


Because he doesn't play the type of girls I like.


God I love namefag cock.



Fuck off, MiAsshole.


>Leave this board because it goes to hell.

>Enjoy RPing a lot more with some great partners.

>Idly remember there was board RP here.

>Decide to check on it.

>See that this board is dead.

>This thread became exactly what I'd predicted.

Good to see you guys again. I'm out, again. Take care everyone.



Hi MiA, you never left.

The board and whether you find "great partners" are completely separate. Don't blame the board for you being a sperg, nor your confirmation bias. Good job posting during the hours where everyone's asleep, dumbass.



>I predicted that a general thread on an anonymous board on 4chan-lite would go to shit

Great work Sherlock


mia guy


Miaman bad!


All of the ugly characters hang out in the Dom/Sub rooms.



Does MiAnon hang out in there?


Remember to bully sociopaths for being naturally-occurring AIs.



>Leave this board because it goes to hell.

>Enjoy RPing a lot more with some great partners.

I've been doing this regardless. What was stopping you before?


File: cf2ab3263770317⋯.jpg (942.23 KB, 1653x1500, 551:500, 9364068.jpg)



File: ecc3d43a06cb726⋯.jpg (1.07 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Scaled-Down-Zyra-Splash.jpg)

Which LOL girl is the best for instant defeat and impreg? Which one is the best for BBC? Which one is for cuckqueaning?



Riven is best for instant defeat since she's the most uppity, Miss Fortune for BBC because ???, Sona for cuckqueaning, Neeko's a confirmed lesbian (I don't even play the game but this shit hit my ears real fast) so she's best for cuckqueaning, Xayah for being used to cuck someone since she's got a partner, and Akali with a fat, spray-painted dick (for the BBC part anyway, since even KDA is varying shades of purple, not black) is best for dishing it all out



Woops, Sona was my first choice for cuckqueaning since she's already in a shit position with being mute and not being able to talk to people, but then I remembered Neeko and forgot to take her out


File: b78bad97c29413e⋯.jpeg (59.67 KB, 811x1004, 811:1004, 0be14905a63376599b5468e27….jpeg)



Syndra is for instant defeat, powerful sorceresses are perfect for that. Lux, Ahri and MF are a good choice for BBC, though I can't say which one would be a perfect BBC slut. Vi and Cait are the best for cuckqueaning, for obvious reasons.



All of those characters are overplayed and boring, except Syndra



But Riven, MF, Xayah and Sona aren't?!



MF yeah (but that was for a BBC question and she's the biggest turboslut even including Ahri, so she was auto-include), Sona I didn't mean to include, and Riven and Xayah I've seen basically none of. Compared to the others listed, anyway. Every girl has some popularity, but them less so


File: da3d517d860c70a⋯.webm (561.06 KB, 960x540, 16:9, c6a45322cc33a5ecdeb35f0cb….webm)

Stop talking about LOL sluts and begin talking about which Touhou's are for BBC, instant defeat and cuckqueaning.


File: 00b16206ef63e1b⋯.jpg (254.91 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 124413213.jpg)


This bitch for all of them because she's the only 2hu image I have

Also she's a flatlet so she automatically wins all discussions, regardless of content


ERP systems run on a variety of computer hardware and network configurations, typically using a database as an information repository.



That is how most things on the internet work, yes.



It stands for enterprise resource planning I think.



It stands for electronic retard policy, it's basically a special barrier that boomers have to learn to cross to know how to use the internet properly.



ERP systems experienced rapid growth in the 1990s. Because of the year 2000 problem and the introduction of the euro that disrupted legacy systems, many companies took the opportunity to replace their old systems with ERP.


File: c7ce8c92fc13168⋯.jpg (215.3 KB, 720x719, 720:719, 1543147655782.jpg)

I really need to learn to let go. This one person I just can't let go. I know things will go nowhere. They don't even do anything good for me, just cause me heartache. They don't like me, or at least, don't like me nearly as much as anyone else they know. I got hobbies outside of /erp/. I got irl friends. I thought I would be invincible to getting attached to someone else in this hobby, but obviously that's not the case. It's tiring, telling myself I won't try anymore and stop pming them without any clue why, just to talk, just to chat but soon falling back into the habit after they throw me a bit of attention. They never did anything for me, we haven't rp'd that much. I don't know why I like them, they have no redeeming features. They're not a good friend, are self centered, uncaring to me compared to every other one of their friends while still claiming that I'm a "good friend" of theirs. Maybe I'm addicted to the pain. A lotta people are.

With this post on a random imageboard I suppose I'm no better than those people who put sad and angry stuff in their statuses, but it's a bitching and autism filled thread so I might as well post my bitching and autism.



lol kill yourself already

stop delaying

do it



Tell them to treat you better or fuck off. Only allow yourself to be manipulated so long as it's both beneficial to you and they're putting in an effort to at least, convincingly, seem like they care. If they're leading you on, drop them.

Alternatively, go jerk off and see if you still give a shit



The sooner you accept that it's over and let it go the sooner you'll start to feel better.



As someone who has sorta-kinda been in your position, it's time for you to go fuck like twenty people and get yourself addicted to someone else.

This person (>>246018) was likely being facetious with the 'only let yourself be willingly manipulated as long as it works for you' thing, but it's about the best way to describe it. If you know you're probably being led on, dump them, tell them how you feel, whatever. Nothing's worse than what's currently going on, but letting it gnaw at you will only make it even shittier, while they'll still probably think you're content with the situation so long as you don't make them realize you're not; if they had the self-awareness or empathy, either works, to make an effort to change it, they would have already



Fucking quoting




Ami Dixie?


File: 70e9c21c8931c46⋯.jpg (27.67 KB, 720x720, 1:1, birb.jpg)



I've told them how I felt, I've asked them to change how they treat me and how I see them treating their other friends completely differently, far better. They went "Huh, guess you're right…I wasn't always like this.", but never changed. They called me a good friend though, so that was enough to tide me over for a while, even enough to make me start thinking "I'm the clingy one here." despite knowing, definitely, that they don't treat me like any "good" friend would. I'm addicted to them and the pain. I'll take your advice and get addicted to someone else, at least until I can learn to stop being a faggot and mature emotionally to the point where I can cut things off myself without having another unhealthy relationship to fall back on.


No, hope if she's having similar problems then they're of a more sound mind than I am and can quit the self inflicted emotional torment addiction cold turkey.

I'm done posting about it, thank you anons. Lets hope I don't relapse like I've done before.


File: 2d278195aa5e826⋯.jpg (169.65 KB, 900x1239, 300:413, ZeqKY5o.jpg)

God I wish that were me…

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