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The beautiful world of evolution, MS paint, and autism.


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File: 8f0c138dc9600cb⋯.png (12.3 KB, 612x540, 17:15, Starters.png)

92b580 No.2[Reply]

The first game has begun!

Here are your creatures:

Spoon Deer - A very strange mammal. While it does seem quite harmless on the surface, it packs quite a punch. The "spoon" of the animal is its sensory organ and it also has a way of discharging strong electrical pulses. It uses this to take down Sli, then feeds on them with its retractable mouth.

Sli - Bipedal Mammal. A docile creature. It feeds on Dao and roams in small packs. They require a lot of vegetation to maintain their size. They stick to the rivers and coast lines where food is plentiful.

Dao - A simple plant. It has a strong root that reaches down into the ground, punching apart the hard rock. As the sun is plentiful, it grows prolifically near the rivers edge. It releases a small flower, wind pollinates, then a cluster of small seed-tufts drift to find new homes

Crunt - River-dwelling mollusk. It has a soft body and is very opportunist. If can climb on land when the sun is gone and feed on carrion. It will eat plants as a survival tool, but prefers to scavenge. In lean times, they turn to cannibalism.

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0c41e3 No.486

File: 47c47e95eb2fedd⋯.png (5.26 KB, 275x243, 275:243, Tetrashell.png)


The Tetrashell Evolves from the Tetracrunt. The addition of a fourth limb gives this creature the strength and mobility to carry around a shell which protect it from predators.

File: 12524f6d11301b3⋯.png (39.98 KB, 519x510, 173:170, avatar.png)

eba064 No.1[Reply]

Welcome one and all to /evogames/ - the slow moving MS paint game where we evolve creatures using nothing, but our own autistic imagination.

As this game is a little free flow, there do need to be some rules set. These are board-wide rules and individual games may eschew or add rules to these. But they will remain consistent through all games.

A) - Keep the amount of active games to a minimum. Too many games means the few players we have are spread too thin and people lose interest quickly.

B) - Always save as .png, this makes images easier to edit.

C) - Don't worry about being a shitty artist. The idea is more important than the image.

D) - Stay active. Even 2 images a week is better than none. We accomplished a lot over at /evol/ a few years back. Same can be done here.

So how do these games work? There are really only 2 rules:

1) Take an image, alter it somehow, save as .PNG

2) Post the image with a short description on what has changed

You should also name your creature, you can keep the old name or give it a new one. New names tend to signify a splinter-species. This thread does not count as a game.

There are a few other guidelines for playing.

> If a previous player made a change (added eyes for example) the next evolution should not remove the same change. It can breed out over time, but allow the species to splinter and grow first.

> There is no winning, you do not "own" these creatures. The point of this game is to have a good time and help build a universe. If you're a control freak we don't want you playing.

> Please get my approval for a new game. We need to build on what little we have, Rome fell because it spPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

68f6d3 No.173


File: f34fb906582f3fc⋯.png (20.54 KB, 795x528, 265:176, h8face.png)

b792ca No.55[Reply]

Here we can discuss anything related to the game or just shoot the shit.

I love feedback from players on how I can make this game better.

I'll start - how scientific do you like your critters? I prefer the right-brained approach to not put as many limits on the game as to open up more creativity.

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91a12b No.451


Thank. It's supposed to be a mix between a spoon and DNA strain.

2ec16f No.470

There is a second game already that diied. Perhaps we can rejoin it? it involves 4 basic types of cells. Unless you want to start a new game, but there is a second game here that stopped. Perhaps we can just start playing it again. I will post the link soon i just have to get it.

2ec16f No.471

2ec16f No.474

d623b2 No.485


For ideas for next game's starting creatures I think we should have something insect-like and maybe something bird-like. Another blob creature like the Crunt would also be good.


It seems that game died for the reasons mentioned here >>442

Does everyone use a mouse to draw or a stylus and tablet?

File: 78e7575d3d692c2⋯.png (53.59 KB, 699x383, 699:383, ClipboardImage.png)

dc0614 No.84[Reply]

On a recently formed planet, some rocks have became organic matter and where them hit by lighthing and radiation just right. Life was born.

This will be different from our usual evo games, all we have are the basic parts of a cell to start with floating around. Unite some of them into a proper cell (or evolve them first) and start the cycle of life.

This game will require a quick read on jewkipedia, I also recommend playing Cellcraft.

Now, in this hot ocean with a increasing level of organic matter, this lone cell will eat, breed, and evolve.

<Those organism can tolerate temperature of 26-46 and all absorve food

>World: unnamed

>current temperature is 36-50 degrees

>Age: 0

>Population: 0

f720d7 No.372

is this active? If so, can I join?

86fe2a No.483

File: 8bd041b1a91a7e3⋯.png (169.45 KB, 600x450, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)



File: f08b758dc4e14cf⋯.jpg (95.83 KB, 810x456, 135:76, Species-Artificial-Life-Re….jpg)

e6addb No.7[Reply]

Tangentially related to the board topic but there's a free game called Species. You control the evolution of creatures in an ecosystem. It crashes a lot and it's a bit broken but it's fun.


fe58c2 No.9

Unfortunately I don't have time for a game like that, but I have watched a few videos of people playing it. Seems fun as hell, bugs included.

4ab823 No.432

I have the game. The latest version is 0.10.0, but there is a 0.11.0 in progress. Unfortunatly for me, since its on Steam, the newer version will most likely cost money, but 0.10.0 is free

File: 8e3aa5dc445732e⋯.png (5.95 KB, 423x328, 423:328, evo algae.png)

File: c7d98507130ec1e⋯.png (21.79 KB, 601x366, 601:366, evo alga.png)

File: 4fb16fca6402739⋯.png (46.35 KB, 750x436, 375:218, evo land funny tg.png)

File: d884c1bd37d49fd⋯.png (17.86 KB, 620x366, 310:183, evo not cute anymore.png)

File: d70aa58c9eeb3fe⋯.png (6.93 KB, 312x211, 312:211, evo cute.png)

443d94 No.82[Reply]

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bbfbbc No.242

Here is another book. This one has less pictures and more words.

https://mega.nz/#!6fA2EYLR!wRFrIyeVnHo4xe6eu0HpecP5OMINPQs1zVMzlMQNwMI Peter Ward-Future Evolution -W. H. Freeman (2001)

bbfbbc No.250

More books. These are by Nemo Ramjet (Real name:C. M. Kosemen). I don't like them personally but here they are anyway.

https://mega.nz/#!nD5hXQIS!YzEpF4rR5QFl8AYCWE4fLZfkdDFM5kc35U81cJjHD1Q John Conway, C. M. Kosemen, Darren Naish-Cryptozoologicon_ Volume I-Lulu.com (2013)

https://mega.nz/#!jGoxSI5L!B3YL4FLCDZcC7nnMzQnGTXrUv0SzqAiFl5kcckaCaMQ John Conway, C.M. Kosemen, Darren Naish-All Yesterdays-Irregular Books (2012)

https://mega.nz/#!qbwyyZ4A!WsqqpgNAI8t1_eEQSjmHNdXPYq9NS0Nrl3zgRFsQQUs All Tomorrows (Fan made ebook? It has white text on a black background which is good)

ad4418 No.256

Today I learned two things: there is DRM for books. It is really easy to crack. Here's The future is Wild by Dougal Dixon.


0d1d85 No.301


2e2b63 No.305


>Thank you good sir(or madam)



File: cd7ce732dd97668⋯.png (9.37 KB, 322x233, 322:233, ClipboardImage.png)

File: fd11bd328238dbd⋯.png (83.63 KB, 1302x935, 1302:935, ClipboardImage.png)

f1308c No.86[Reply]

How it all starts, 4 different species of cells in a hot ocean.

No matter what happens the basic algae will not go extinct.

330054 No.90

File: bc41a07c2c7b866⋯.png (3.69 KB, 226x162, 113:81, herb2.png)


The herbivores evolve pronounced cilia to speed their escape from the predators.

22e043 No.99

File: 66463763e63ecc0⋯.png (1.57 KB, 168x134, 84:67, Predator 2.png)

The predator evolves a layer fat around it which it uses to maintain its body temperature in the deeper, colder sections of the ocean. with access to the this depth the predator can now hunt the scavenger.

625e06 No.109

File: 5dd61b5fcc0f2a8⋯.png (2.56 KB, 322x233, 322:233, Scavenger 2.png)

The scavenger adopts a donut shape. It uses a thin membrane to catch sinking plant and animal matter in order to collect more food.

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