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File: 12524f6d11301b3⋯.png (39.98 KB, 519x510, 173:170, avatar.png)

eba064  No.1[Reply]

Welcome one and all to /evogames/ - the slow moving MS paint game where we evolve creatures using nothing, but our own autistic imagination.

As this game is a little free flow, there do need to be some rules set. These are board-wide rules and individual games may eschew or add rules to these. But they will remain consistent through all games.

A) - Keep the amount of active games to a minimum. Too many games means the few players we have are spread too thin and people lose interest quickly.

B) - Always save as .png, this makes images easier to edit.

C) - Don't worry about being a shitty artist. The idea is more important than the image.

D) - Stay active. Even 2 images a week is better than none. We accomplished a lot over at /evol/ a few years back. Same can be done here.

So how do these games work? There are really only 2 rules:

1) Take an image, alter it somehow, save as .PNG

2) Post the image with a short description on what has changed

You should also name your creature, you can keep the old name or give it a new one. New names tend to signify a splinter-species. This thread does not count as a game.

There are a few other guidelines for playing.

> If a previous player made a change (added eyes for example) the next evolution should not remove the same change. It can breed out over time, but allow the species to splinter and grow first.

> There is no winning, you do not "own" these creatures. The point of this game is to have a good time and help build a universe. If you're a control freak we don't want you playing.

> Please get my approval for a new game. We need to build on what little we have, Rome fell because it spPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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cbaffd  No.822


Awesome. Then I support this board lmao

File: 1e3ab20a7c2a4dc⋯.png (14 KB, 778x370, 389:185, Flesh creatures.png)

c2c00f  No.640[Reply]

Welcome to Mystery Island! The island is in the tropical region - so there is a lot of rain and heat. A meteor caused a large impact on the island, and it brought with it 3 very strange creatures:

Shro - An animal with plant leaves. It's hard to say exactly what a Shro is. It's anchored in the ground by a strong "root" made of flesh. It is a vertebrate with dark flesh as it is exposed to a lot of sunlight. It has leaves that reach out for energy from the sun. It can wiggle small muscles in its body, but only possesses true movement in its infant stage. A mature Shro will drop off small infants that creep across the landscape, if they are not eaten their limbs eventually root in place and the cycle begins again.

Hu-Mut - This creature feeds on the leaves of Shro using its finger-like mouth parts. It walks around in small packs, moving around on its large broad limbs. It is a clumsy creature.

Nep - The Nep seems like a lame creature, until its tongue is exposed. It cannot move very fast, but it often hides near Shro, waiting to shoot its large tongue at approaching Hu-muts. Once it grabs one, it swallows them whole after crushing their bones with its strong tongue. After a long period of digestion, it will be ready for a new meal.

In case you haven't already guessed it, these were once human. What happened to them? That's the mystery of mystery Island!First one to draw a dick gets banned.

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a45fa9  No.811

File: 4983d601df01a89⋯.png (13.91 KB, 276x442, 138:221, shree.png)


With increasing fertility and humidity, Garden Shru started to grow taller, up to 10 meters (around 33 feet), with even more ligneous stem. Their larvae is now covered in hairlike bristles, allowing them to be carried by wind, just like dandelion seeds.

File: 0952519d040d38a⋯.png (13.23 KB, 653x492, 653:492, new starters.png)

d4e74d  No.507[Reply]

Way to the south of the continent, on the bowl of the "spoon" there is a great chasm. It gets dry here, so very very dry. But, life has found a way to survive nonetheless. Introducing our new creatures:

Oiie - A very important plant. We only see heavy rains for a few weeks of the year, and when the ground floods, Oiie soak it all up and store that beautiful liquid in their tubers. The vegetative stalk grows slowly over the rest of the year, but it can form tall sturdy plants over time. It spreads underground through its tubers.

Wern - It's hard to say exactly what a Wern is. It has no bones and it can barely be said to have skin. They move very slowly, if at all, across the landscape and are often found partially buried under ground. Their fluid-filled bodies grow algae (both red and green) and it seems they partially feed off this, though their blood seems to get mixed up with the red algae. In times of deep hunger and thirst, their needle will probe Oiie and drain them. Algae production always ramps up heavily after a feeding like this.

Simplapod - A strange arthropod that seems to be made from the soil and dirt itself. They burrow during dry seasons, coming out to feed on young Oiie stalks mostly at night.

Eiyr - A bird-like creature. It lacks eyes and has massive ears to listen for its prey, though this doesn't benefit them in flight. They hunt at night for simplapods, hence their lack of sight. The Ears also work as cooling fans during especially dry spells. They will feed on Wern, but are generally wary of them.

Welcome, friends, to the Dry Spoon!

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db3844  No.763


while the niggapod doesn't develop reistance to the poison of oppai, it now implants eggs in oppai. While the niggapod may die in this feeding-breeding strategy, the young are immune in their larval stage and eventually the oppai is consumed from within.

(Since appearance didn't change I didn't add a picture)

File: 5442da1298cd582⋯.png (9.54 KB, 640x400, 8:5, maruk_crater_forest.png)

2fe619  No.848[Reply]

Welcome to Earth 2019: Maruk

This is an evo game where you, the anons, control the evolution of a little life form called the Maruk.

It is the year 2019 A.D. on the planet Earth, and a small asteroid plummets towards a forest in northern Ontario, going mostly unnoticed by the world.

The asteroid impacts the surface and what was left of it creates a crater a few metres across, which fills with nutrient rich water.

Inside the meteor fragments, the long dormant Maruk awaken.

The Maruk is a multicellular entity that feeds on sunlight through a process similar to photosynthesis and takes in the necessary nutrients by filtering them

through it's membrane, waste is removed by expelling it through the membrane.

An individual Maruk is aproximately 7 mm across at full maturity, and it reproduces by packing a bunch of nutrients and such into a small growth, which

then shoots out spores that develop into new Maruk.

Even if your Paint skills aren't that great, don't be afraid to contribute.

Also, please reply to the post that you are evolving.

2fe619  No.849

File: 1b8dece92df51b5⋯.png (3.15 KB, 640x400, 8:5, maruk.png)


Here is the base Maruk, have fun!

2fe619  No.850

File: b5f08291f1bb7d9⋯.png (4.07 KB, 640x400, 8:5, maruk_flattus.png)


A flatter and wider variant emerges, the greater surface area is excellent for catching sunlight and filter feeding.

2fe619  No.851

File: bcbbc70035d3a58⋯.png (4.37 KB, 640x400, 8:5, maruk_linkus.png)


An error in reproduction leads to two Maruk becoming intertwined, this strange arrangement leads to their offspring forming long chains.

2fe619  No.852


I should clarify, the Maruk is a very unstable organism and these changes are occurring quite rapidly, as opposed to most games.

6c61e2  No.853

File: 3a03579d572ed0f⋯.png (3.78 KB, 640x400, 8:5, 1b8dece92df51b5272f1b6e994….png)


the Maruk's surface grows thinner, making it appear a lighter green

File: 9c7f01a2d4bb9d9⋯.png (10.22 KB, 404x605, 404:605, heirlooms.png)

d08e92  No.826[Reply]

Welcome one and all to Heirloom island.

In a hitherto undrawn island away from the mainland, there is a strange place full of colorful critters. All of these creatures are omnivores, competing for dominance.

Daiko - a small slug-like creature that hides underground. It only exposes the top of its head, camouflaged as vegetation. When he daiko senses prey - it leaps out and grabs it, dragging it back underground. It does prefer scavenging over hunting.

Solam - A strange biped with a huge display organ on its head. The organ changes color over the years to display sexual maturity - males having much larger "tomatoes". They hunt in packs, but move slowly and are more akin to a herd animal.

Mussa - the more aggressive of the 3. It has long tendrils and green gliding wings. It roams the skies looking for potential prey, and diving down - preferring the young Solams as they are so easy to spot.

The island does have vegetation that has made it over from the other games, and the climate is tropical.

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9fcf98  No.843


I think what happens is when a new game is started and properly advertised, there's a rush of people with some good ideas, but it's very easy to get burnt out quickly. And when you get burnt out and take a break from something for a bit, it can be very easy to forget about it. Also people just lose interest. I think evogames are fantastic, but it is also a limited creative format.

8bfb62  No.844

File: 7edf010022fdc73⋯.png (4.92 KB, 425x254, 425:254, Mussane.png)

Fuck it, I'll give it a shot.


An evolved form of the Mussan, the Mussane I'm very inventive possesses stronger tendrils in order to snatch prey into its mouth. It has developed a larger body to balance the added weight, as well as sharper eyesight.

Female Mussane produce fewer young compared to their predecessors.

f18043  No.845

File: 8f36a377f356d4f⋯.png (5.58 KB, 404x434, 202:217, dossa.png)


Thank you.


Continuing on Mussa's diversity explosion

Living in more remote areas far away from shore, having virtually no predators, population of Mussa started to exhibit insular gigantism - their bodies became stockier, they lost ability to fly, now growing to size of a cassowary.

bb3d97  No.846

File: edcdb8406d7d06e⋯.png (4.48 KB, 362x244, 181:122, An even uglier fucker.png)


A subspecies of the large Solam has emerged! It uses its big tusks to ward off predators and display dominance, with males generally donning a larger pair.

f18043  No.847

File: 75306d3a879bc07⋯.png (3.33 KB, 311x186, 311:186, blame the caecilians for t….png)

Burrowing variant of Daiko underwent rapid speciation to subterranean lifestyle. It lost its pigment and eyesight in exchange for acute smell and sharp teeth allowing it to crush invertebrate exoskeletons.

File: 98feeb334b94f0c⋯.png (4.51 KB, 509x222, 509:222, No disc.png)

abd50d  No.617[Reply]

This place seems like it's suffering from evo-block. So let's have a nice free for all evo game.

Pic something and evolve it. Add whatever you want, and don't worry about descriptions.

7 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

9b9b8c  No.814


True art.

5cf46b  No.829

File: baf850db2f0776c⋯.png (11.15 KB, 157x267, 157:267, gnod3.png)

5cf46b  No.830


Forgot to remove my colour reference but yeah.

b717c6  No.835

File: 4ab7b68cc987282⋯.png (5.35 KB, 337x264, 337:264, blob bird.png)


I have played God.

9b9b8c  No.836


>Essari flashbacks

File: f34fb906582f3fc⋯.png (20.54 KB, 795x528, 265:176, h8face.png)

b792ca  No.55[Reply]

Here we can discuss anything related to the game or just shoot the shit.

I love feedback from players on how I can make this game better.

I'll start - how scientific do you like your critters? I prefer the right-brained approach to not put as many limits on the game as to open up more creativity.

103 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

284aa4  No.807


Marry Crysis!

1e5696  No.809


/loomis/ fag here. Interesting board. Just going to brain vomit some autism for the moment, but will participate in games when I've got time.

Question/idea. When something evolves there should be a decision (maybe dice throw?) on if it completely replaces it's more archaic form or not. This could be too autistic but might add more creativity and be interesting. Think about it. Will there be more chances for branching apart i.e. speciation, even recombination, or the archaic form adding something back into newer forms, or can the newer form(s) no longer mate with the old? This would be cool imo because if there were scheduled event times, but an element of random change re climate change (global, local, minor gradual or catastrophic mass extinction causing events) , continental shifts, islands created forcing isolation of species and maybe being a prerequisite for gigantism, etc. it could create a real element of natural selection and, sometimes frustrating, but interesting randomness to the world's evolution rather than simple linear evolution of 4 archetypes and extinctions based on board polling or whatever. Sorry in advance if this has been suggested or implemented in part before.

Another thing that'd be top banter: maladaptive traits caused by over exaggeration of sexuality attractive ones, that cause no trouble unless/until a new predator or competitor for resources invades the territory and starts btfo'ing all the alien peacocks.


647f93  No.810


>This could be too autistic

There's never enough autism in evogames, anon.

Usually the decision if new species replace older or not is based on that whether new creature fills the same (being better adapted) or different ecological niche.

Crossbreeding is another question. I think it can depend on genetical distance (counted in "generations"). After few, for example two, generations of divergence the animals wouldn't be able to have fertile offspring with their relatives.

Events like continectal drift, climate change and obviously mass extinctions always were part of evogames.

Also sorry for possible broken english, it's quite late here.

21d06f  No.812


If that's what autism means to you then embrace it. I think that specific mechanic would work best as part of a larger, more structured system.

647f93  No.825


File: d9fbf8befc5a3be⋯.png (28.38 KB, 1406x1074, 703:537, dino flag.png)

5bc233  No.815[Reply]

Just something simple, for a month or so.

I know I've been lame lately, kinda abandoned this place. Good news - I have a full month of NEETdom ahead of me. So, if you guys wanted to get a game roaring just for a short period of time, I can put something together.

3 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

4047e7  No.821


Tbh i wouldn't mind you making a new evogame, but i'm kind of worried it would spread the anons/players too thin, like you said in the rules thread.

cedffa  No.823

I added a new post to the no description game recently.

5bc233  No.824


I think that's fair. I could keep it in universe then.

2c9518  No.831

where do i find tribute threads?

4047e7  No.832


Sorry if I'm being retarded, but what do you mean by tribute thread?

File: cd7ce732dd97668⋯.png (9.37 KB, 322x233, 322:233, ClipboardImage.png)

File: fd11bd328238dbd⋯.png (83.63 KB, 1302x935, 1302:935, ClipboardImage.png)

f1308c  No.86[Reply]

How it all starts, 4 different species of cells in a hot ocean.

No matter what happens the basic algae will not go extinct.

18 posts and 17 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c551de  No.802


Sorry, I just saw that it didn't download as png, but why use pencil? It would take much more time to do it (and I'm at work)! When editing he herb I tried painting but it didn't go fully so I had to use brush there as well. Btw the little blue part is to indicate that it is a herbivore but of the "pretending" part. Maybe later he will evolve to become his/its own type of omnivore different from the omni's predator ancestors?

c551de  No.803


Please update the scenario if possible :3.

f8ea59  No.804

File: bb0e15c44b58838⋯.png (2.15 KB, 227x145, 227:145, cleaned it up.png)

File: 51543a4937e45fa⋯.png (11.89 KB, 610x482, 305:241, jpg never again.png)

File: 2cfddac831742cd⋯.png (2.63 KB, 130x172, 65:86, learn the difference it ca….png)


>why use pencil?

Because brush makes image messy and hard to edit, anon. Also cleaned up the first picture and redrawn the second for you.

c551de  No.805


Oh, I forgot you could increase the size of the pencil drawing lmao.

Sorry :(

f8ea59  No.806

File: c599c210665705f⋯.png (1.38 KB, 212x140, 53:35, premoeba.png)

File: 35562547316ccee⋯.png (7.76 KB, 540x270, 2:1, mat dweller.png)


In abundance of prey, some Predators increased number of their nuclei and lysosomes, becoming amorphous in shape. They drift with the micro- and nanoplankton, consuming nearby cells in amoeba like fashion.


To avoid myriads of new predators that appeared in upper layers of water, some Scavengers started attaching themselves to the microbial mats covering the bottom* with cellular protusions similar to hyphae.

*I suppose that seafloor is covered by microbial mats, since there are no multicellular burrowers to dig trough them.

File: 7cb82b9ab788c6f⋯.jpg (77.99 KB, 744x1053, 248:351, 1532786056342.jpg)

c79b69  No.759[Reply]

Hey guys, how's it going?

I noticed things are dying off here and I know how that goes.

Anything I can do, it's so hard finding people into this. I'm always looking for game suggestions. What about a "draw anything" game?

8a781f  No.760

I think the problem is with 8chan as a whole, and not just this board. Even a year ago it was livelier than it is right now, but a lot of people left somewhere.

It would cool to have a Gondola evolution game, maybe we can create some cool OC.

eb3f58  No.761

>gondola evolution

Actually sounds fun as fuck.

File: 2610bcac0aa0aa8⋯.jpg (433.28 KB, 2448x3264, 3:4, 1528117378564.jpg)

47a498  No.627[Reply]

So, does anyone have any ideas for a new game (either part of spoon-world or not)? Let's get some crazy ideas started so we can keep a nice creative momentum.

6 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

47a498  No.636

So I'm going to make a new game soon. Maybe Wednesday or Thursday. So if you got some more ideas, feel free to throw them my way!

dd8f51  No.642

File: c6816da05990830⋯.png (74.53 KB, 1197x573, 399:191, Screenshot_2018-07-05 CLAY….png)

File: a9627e8b21b6b7d⋯.png (217.02 KB, 4974x2519, 4974:2519, ClipboardImage.png)


This is basically Clay Wars. They put a territory on the map and simulate wars and various other events. In our case, it won't be nations on the map but various biomes and stuff.

fc278f  No.708

I suggest another simple game with an incredibly mountainous climate. We focus on high altitude life.

54d3fd  No.746

I stopped by to revisit after an absence and don't quite know what's going on right now, trying to form a picture by reading a lot of different post dates.

It looks like the current game went in ah… an unusual direction. Then there's talk about new games afterwards. Is everyone looking to start afresh or is there anyone still interested in continuing current games?

92b4a5  No.749


I'm really enjoying the Mystery Island game right now. For some reason everyone left after the first game, I wonder where so many people came from that time anyway, but I'd be glad if there were more people to play with like back then.

File: ee2f85ec30d59b0⋯.png (30.94 KB, 880x451, 80:41, 1336075180094.png)

4eacd4  No.545[Reply]

So Looking back is hard on this, especially because it has been so long and I feel I never really did justice to these games. I had a lot of free time back then and didn't use it very well.

Anyway, here's the games I could find with a search:

The original cave game:

Part1- https://warosu.org/tg/thread/17123729

Part2 - https://warosu.org/tg/thread/S17212715#p17212772

Part3 - https://warosu.org/tg/thread/S17247024#p17252475

Part4 - https://warosu.org/tg/thread/S18287578#p18289195

The Island Game:

Part1 - http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/18309908/

Part2 - https://warosu.org/tg/thread/S18356518#p18367253

The Infamous Moon Evolution:

Part1 - https://warosu.org/tg/thread/S18418103#p18433074

Part2 - https://warosu.org/tg/thread/S18434333#p18444625

Aetherial Skys:


This one was fun as fuck ^

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 78e7575d3d692c2⋯.png (53.59 KB, 699x383, 699:383, ClipboardImage.png)

dc0614  No.84[Reply]

On a recently formed planet, some rocks have became organic matter and where them hit by lighthing and radiation just right. Life was born.

This will be different from our usual evo games, all we have are the basic parts of a cell to start with floating around. Unite some of them into a proper cell (or evolve them first) and start the cycle of life.

This game will require a quick read on jewkipedia, I also recommend playing Cellcraft.

Now, in this hot ocean with a increasing level of organic matter, this lone cell will eat, breed, and evolve.

<Those organism can tolerate temperature of 26-46 and all absorve food

>World: unnamed

>current temperature is 36-50 degrees

>Age: 0

>Population: 0

f720d7  No.372

is this active? If so, can I join?

86fe2a  No.483

File: 8bd041b1a91a7e3⋯.png (169.45 KB, 600x450, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)



f720d7  No.499


sorry i was confused, there is the renmants of an evogame with cells that was called cellcraft, scroll down a bit and you can find it

File: f08b758dc4e14cf⋯.jpg (95.83 KB, 810x456, 135:76, Species-Artificial-Life-Re….jpg)

e6addb  No.7[Reply]

Tangentially related to the board topic but there's a free game called Species. You control the evolution of creatures in an ecosystem. It crashes a lot and it's a bit broken but it's fun.


fe58c2  No.9

Unfortunately I don't have time for a game like that, but I have watched a few videos of people playing it. Seems fun as hell, bugs included.

4ab823  No.432

I have the game. The latest version is 0.10.0, but there is a 0.11.0 in progress. Unfortunatly for me, since its on Steam, the newer version will most likely cost money, but 0.10.0 is free

File: 8f0c138dc9600cb⋯.png (12.3 KB, 612x540, 17:15, Starters.png)

92b580  No.2[Reply]

The first game has begun!

Here are your creatures:

Spoon Deer - A very strange mammal. While it does seem quite harmless on the surface, it packs quite a punch. The "spoon" of the animal is its sensory organ and it also has a way of discharging strong electrical pulses. It uses this to take down Sli, then feeds on them with its retractable mouth.

Sli - Bipedal Mammal. A docile creature. It feeds on Dao and roams in small packs. They require a lot of vegetation to maintain their size. They stick to the rivers and coast lines where food is plentiful.

Dao - A simple plant. It has a strong root that reaches down into the ground, punching apart the hard rock. As the sun is plentiful, it grows prolifically near the rivers edge. It releases a small flower, wind pollinates, then a cluster of small seed-tufts drift to find new homes

Crunt - River-dwelling mollusk. It has a soft body and is very opportunist. If can climb on land when the sun is gone and feed on carrion. It will eat plants as a survival tool, but prefers to scavenge. In lean times, they turn to cannibalism.

373 posts and 227 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

67dd71  No.506

File: eebc119f6d18c44⋯.png (5.25 KB, 224x242, 112:121, a0a1b2a3. Carapace Crunt.png)


Some Crunts develop a carapace, that gives them advantage during the fights between Crunts.

They are called Carapace Crunts

dc97d7  No.509

New Game, faggots.


a60c57  No.593


This thing looks fucking badass, love it

e90a52  No.619

This is such a cool concept for a board

I bookmark it right away

46c7de  No.745

File: abffa6adfcf8bd7⋯.png (3.57 KB, 254x228, 127:114, Cunt.png)



Some crunt evolve a large orafice and become cunt. The cunt uses this razor-tooth filled cavern and the smell of dao to attract Sli trunks, which it promptly bites off and consumes. It can also replicate the smell of rotting fish which it uses to bait and trap the appendages of crunt. Very rarely, a spoon deer will be foolish enough to stick it's dick retractable mouth inside, resulting in that being eaten.

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