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Glory be to the greatest format in the universe, ShockWave Flash!

File: f3b0e04857e2111⋯.swf (6.97 MB, d5.swf)


TiTS builds are essentially dead since I don't have access to the source code anymore.

We will keep the topic for this and other discussion though, for now. Have some other links, though.

Also the attached swf is hilarious and I highly recommend the show for absolutely everyone.



CoC-Mod: 1.0.2 mod 1.4 dev version 3:

Desktop SWF:


Android APK:




Note that there are "official" CoC-Mod mobile builds. too. Apparently these don't work for some people, though, and I always build my own for myself anyway.

Some files I use in the building of these apps:

"FlashDevelop-plus-fl-libs-flex-AIR.7z" - contains a copy of FlashDevelop and the required AIR and Flex SDKs, plus files from Flash CS6 that were formerly required for building the defunct TiTS save editor. You'll need to set the path to the SDKs (they're in the "Apps" directory) within FlashDevelop when you first start it.


"tits-air-buildfiles.7z" - contains a different certificate (not the one I sign with, just a dummy one), some build scripts, metadata files, icons, and the like. it's the file system that I use for building mobile app versions of the games.


I've since switched to a new build system so I can do it from linux/OSX/cygwin and automate the process:

tits-build-env-v2.7z (118.3 MB) - contains the linux/unix buildscripts that I currently use for my NEW build system, and the AIR runtime parts you need.


Nimin 0.9.75o:

Desktop SWF:


Android APK:




Space Project - Seraphita (an old 90s visual novel for windoze. Works in wine on OSX and linux distros too. Art by Makita Aoi. Contains dickgirls):




i waited so long

for sstds

and the only one he makes is the one that makes you a furry

and hes to lazy to make any other one



Oh come now, you know he'd put in special effort to code in the futa flu, with a side order of horse hiccups and Savin would chip in with the Butt Blues, which compel you to engage in public anal sluttery regardless of how much of a fag your character is.



Dr.badger can create stds that can actually bypass the system's nanomachines? I wish she could be recruited.

Who's butt you got to guck to vatch a bad case of fur herpies.


File: 2b6cf4643bfee77⋯.jpg (19.41 KB, 400x400, 1:1, a52.jpg)


Don't you mean, furpies?



Hey, someone removed your 0.7.48 APK; I can't analyze it.



(the one you linked in your email.)




Nevermind, found a copy locally.

It looks like it MIGHT have some tracking; I just can't tell for sure because I can't get it to recompress identically. To be safe I would recommend either emailing them to me and just letting me create my APK's/IPA's from them, or else manually uncompressing, recompressing, and running 'zipalign 4 recompressed.zip output.apk.' Of the two options it's safer to just send me the files, I think, since the method you can do is kinda hacky and wouldn't work if he were to embed some malicious file in the zip archive (it's easy to append a file to a zip archive that already exists quickly).

If you run linux I can just send you my build environment, but it's got a LARGE dependency set (requires wine, windows java, bash, zip, some android development tools [zipalign], and more.)

I'd recommend just sending me the APK's at the moment.


Email address is back.^

Also moved back to a better laptop, so debugging and stuff might be less painful for me in the future.



I had a feeling it would be a generic thing that turned you into a furry.

I hope it's easy to avoid.



Sounds good, I'll email you the .apks, starting with *.51.




BTW, I could always share my signing key if we decided we wanted to make mobile builds more de-centralised.

That opens a can of worms around security, though. Take note that iOS builds all have invalid signatures, because Apple is evil and won't support anyone who isn't using a mac produced before last month.


I just noticed that Kitteh's CoC mod just updated.

Gonna be a fun evening.



Holy cow, I thought that guy had packed it in for good. Here's to hoping it goes somewhere. Fingers crossed for prison mod getting some work before 2020.



They actually just removed it from the mod until it's finished



I saw that, it's probably for the best. Feels like a bit of a cockblock when it's like, "Whelp, no more content and here's some placeholders, have fun being stuck here or leaving."

I really like some of the stuff this mod has done but the new content feels so scattered. Which makes sense, considering how sparse the "team" is and how many people are writing for it. Kind of like original CoC, after Fen just started working on whatever he got shekels to work on and before it died.


Wasn't Kitteh considering hosting the mod here to escape North Kore- Fenoxo's rules?

Or was that someone else?



I don't remember that but I wish it were true. Move it somewhere Savin can't have a mental fucking breakdown everytime someone coughs in Ember's direction.



they said they will give warnings beforehand and time to cure it before the effects start



what does zipalign do there?



>someone coughs in Ember's direction

You mean Ember, Helia and child plus half the rest of the game, right?




>I don't remember that but I wish it were true. Move it somewhere Savin can't have a mental fucking breakdown everytime someone coughs in CoC's direction



Savin did Ember?

I wasn't aware of that.

Well now I feel slightly more motivation to make a dungeon or something so we can get more of that content that was written and never put in-game back.



File: 323605405afbd70⋯.jpg (81.25 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 8e0YIa7.jpg)

Found a thread of ours from january of last year while searching for the ember google docs again.


I think this thread has Ella's first post as a namefag. Also my first post as a namefag.

I wish I had more random pics to post. that pic unrelated thing was fun.

Pic unrelated– oh, wait. Actually it is kind of related.



"Decided to name myself because I felt like it.

I'm mobile buildfag."

-Lance 1772 Colorized


Kinda interesting just seeing how culture evolved on the board. because these threads are developing a little culture.


File: bb0d454a82487ae⋯.gif (4.92 MB, 400x267, 400:267, 1.gif)


>Being something backers paid for back then, they'll be included in the game. When will they go live? No one knows.



what is our culture



Holy shit, I've sen this GIF like a billion times and I just realized that it's Idi Amin.


Dunno, but the thread definitely was closer to a typical thread on a *chan back then. More anonymous for sure. Now it's more like a typical message board.


File: 49852ce16c678f8⋯.jpg (397.22 KB, 884x1150, 442:575, 4d7c871b8a2868709889f75d88….jpg)

I have always been conflicted about Katt from Breath of Fire. Like aren't you fucking a cat vagina?



it was the power of the friendship and love i brang/brung/brought when i decided to namefag as soon as i got here


File: 1b46a8d9c44097d⋯.jpg (1.63 MB, 2264x1648, 283:206, breath of fire.jpg)


You mean Breath of Fire II.

Wish our translation of that game was better. I have the first one.

I think your eyes can tell that better than a penis can, though, to be fair.


You aren't even in that thread, though!



it was a later appearance in season 3



>typical message board


whatever this is



Ahh, memories. Great to see I can still recognise my own anon posts.


File: 411c579befe805c⋯.png (1.58 KB, 241x209, 241:209, lizard man.png)



I didn't know what a cat Vagina actually looked like. I do not think I am greater for the knowledge I have gained.



2/3 of TiTs supports confirmed not even TF fetishists


We make our own culture and call it lance


File: 88d546727dbd50f⋯.png (92.53 KB, 1033x669, 1033:669, lance.png)

File: 88303764238f4ff⋯.png (25.26 KB, 1045x208, 1045:208, lance2.png)


Which ones were yours?

All pictured were mine.

There are a lot more, though, most of the ones which mention unofficial android builds.

Also, apparently at that point fen & crew were reeling in $20,621.99 per month.



Yea something like that's been bothering me too. What's up with centaurs? Human half on a horse's body. I like the character's human body like Aina, Riley, or Dryad but when it comes to the sex scenes isn't this just a horse vagina?


File: 98eb3a18adbd448⋯.gif (992.55 KB, 480x270, 16:9, WuqG0FI.gif)


For old times' sake, a pic from that thread I've still got.

Also, this bit is relevant again, now; back at the time I was dissuaded from it:

>I'm debating releasing the key I used to sign my builds so other people can update it on their own if they'd like.

The problem with this is, it'd also let people create malicious apps that would be accepted as valid updates to the game. I don't really think anyone would do this, but I wanted to ask if this tradeoff is acceptable to anons here.

Additionally, I can provide my build scripts pretty easily. Just let me know. The scripts for the android builds are simple.

(the last bit is no longer really true, but they aren't horribly complex either. They just have a load of dependencies and are aimed at linux - though they could be adapted to work on windows pretty easily.



>forgot to insert an angle bracket for "the problem with this"


Also, while I'm reflecting on it, does anyone still use my builds regularly? Is there a preference for them over the official ones?

I dunno if anyone is using them, particularly the iOS builds.



I use android build occasionally but I haven't really played in a while because the updates have so little content.



>the updates have so little content.

This, a thousand times this.

I play it still but at this point I'm getting real bored,



Do what I did. Go back to CoC



I guess we can just toss them in that big box of uncertainty called "Monster Girls"


File: dad4e61fb0a7e7c⋯.png (297.71 KB, 798x804, 133:134, 8687b078c2842bfaeb30c764e6….png)

Only question/Problem I have with Centaurs are if they bring a stool for their partners to stand on.

Because unless they are a very tiny horse that shit don't line up.



The official ones auto-rotate with my screen while yours don't and for some reason I actually prefer that



They probably sit



>they sit down to lower their butt

>use your 2nd dick as a stool to fuck the centaur

>use your 3rd dick to pole vault yourself to her orifice




yeah, it's a horse vagina. but half the people in the galaxy have horse dicks anyway so


File: 43ab28e137cdbb2⋯.jpg (51.89 KB, 263x354, 263:354, 1349772577187.jpg)

why do western erodevs have such shitty business practices and terrible time management?



Because they don't have the work ethic of the easterners. Once the money starts coming in, they immediately slack off because "well hey I've made a good couple grand and I didn't even need to finish the game".

If Fen had half as much focus as the guy who did the Liru game, TiTS would be on its eighth planet by now, at least.



>Everyone is mimicking the ultimate life form known as a horse

Horses are the master race.



>the Liru game

hmm…tell me more


File: 0f6adec89cc604a⋯.png (350.33 KB, 542x594, 271:297, Liru gives you that look.png)


Didn't you know that Never Ever became Forever Ever?



Fen is making so much more money to just piss time around and pander to furry shite.

GG never getting more content for Beatrice, Hana or Shade because they don't have penises.

>tfw taking the Sister route for Shade is literally "Hey feel like never interacting with Shade again?"



'bestiality is fine, but I draw the line at half-incest!'

even though there is literally no danger involved in the TiTS universe since you can genetically modify your kids…lol



Unless my memory is bad (haven't played it in a long time) you don't actually fuck shade, just the parasitic snake thing that attached itself to her.. so not incest?



Doesn't she strap-on fuck you?

And I think one of the options has you do the do normally.


TiTS 0.7.51 Backer Build (Tracking Removed)

Normal Game



.apk (ARM):

Emailed to lance for building.


I don't keep old versions hosted.



I wonder who's diseased… Maybe one day there would be space AIDS and we can die from it



What's the use of playing an updated version with about 5 minutes of new content. Playing a public build seems like a better option now, slowly.



I don't even play TiTS anymore. I just upload the builds for 4/d/. A week or so ago, I asked if I should dump the builds here as well, and someone said sure.

But you're right; if I were to play TiTS, I'd just wait for the monthly public version.


Looks like the game development started in september of 2013 or so?

Anyway, it looks like very little of import has really been added for a while now.


I did. And got tired of that too. There are other fish in the sea.



Hey, I didn't get your email. You sure you sent it to me?



Crap, I did get it. Spam filter caught it. Sorry.


File: c5f8703b8c29d3f⋯.jpg (36.48 KB, 590x350, 59:35, Thunderbirds.jpg)



I'd tend to agree; I'm kinda just acting out of spite at this point because he took down the source code.



Awesome, thanks.


File: 2cfd5a07250dd60⋯.png (108.49 KB, 350x342, 175:171, noice.PNG)

File: c7aa6cdcf996131⋯.png (118.63 KB, 772x321, 772:321, sky boy.PNG)


Fairly sure these two are mine, (probably my first posts on this thread as well). I lurked a whole bunch more back then.

Sidenote, I still anon post to this day only name-fagging when conversational continuity is necessary. (mostly)

e.g I'm the one who originally linked this weird shit a while back: https://e-hentai.org/g/1035517/d86f7c751e/





>I'm the one who originally linked this weird shit a while back

I hope you're fucking happy about what you've done


File: 17bc17c2c006f59⋯.png (389.12 KB, 579x705, 193:235, stone faced.png)


Fen is just a scam artist schmuck. I don't think his practice should speak for all western erodevs.

>shitty business practices and terrible time management?

I think this just goes for most early access indie games in general.

Eastern made H games tend to be made by professional teams with an actual defined endgame and budget, whereas professional western H games are non-existent in this day and age. member leisure suit larry? Pepperidge farm member

Oh yeah, and fen is also a literal jew so there's always that.



I don't like eastern H games tho. Most of them are made in RPG maker and are insanely long with convoluted plot. I mean, if I wanted to play a long RPG, I would rather play a decent one like Witcher or something else and then see its character porn online. And that's not mentioning their difficulty. I would rather read a hentai comic instead of grinding and levelling up my character for an hour only to get a static couple of h-images.



>I don't like eastern H games tho.


>Most of them are made in RPG maker and are insanely long with convoluted plot

Not made professionally like anon stated.

>rather play a decent one like Witcher

Example is not a h-game


git gud



Loading a save is a messed up.



>Not made professionally

Doesn't change the fact that they are crappy RPG maker games with overcomplicated plot and censored images

>Example is not an H-Game

Take any random flash H-Game. It at least has some interaction enough to have a quick fap

>Git Gud

Get good just to get a couple of H-images, that too censored? NO




MiM, Trapquest, Free Cities, CoC



>Doesn't change the fact that they are crappy RPG maker games with overcomplicated plot and censored images

The main point is that its pointless to try and compare professionally made games to half assed projects and flash games.

>It at least has some interaction enough to have a quick fap

If your just playing to get off, why not just watch porn then?

>Get good just to get a couple of H-images, that too censored? NO

This statement does not hold true for all games.



Man, that reminds me of the bitchfit over Marble killing herself back in CoC. Those were simpler times.


Sadly both rivers run dry pretty quickly


File: d7c84b899b4bbbf⋯.png (48.45 KB, 270x301, 270:301, errm....png)



>The problem with this is, it'd also let people create malicious apps that would be accepted as valid updates to the game

Would you be so kind as to not release the key.

We live in the wild wild web remember. You can never be too safe.


File: 03291bc647cf521⋯.jpg (1.78 MB, 3008x1392, 188:87, mt-32.jpg)


I love Sierra games.

I still have a Roland MT-32 on account of them. Not just the porn games, even.



OK. Code signing is a mixed blessing and curse; that's why I'm hesitant.



>loading a save is messed up.

Messed up how? Do saves just not appear? or do they glitch when loading?

If you were using the official app previously your best bet is to use the 'save to file' function in the official app and then use 'load from file' in my unofficial one.

They save their data to different locations and there's no way to move it directly from one to the other without root or using the 'save to file/load from file' trick.



RPG maker games usually are shit, yeah. But Village of Nightmare was actually pretty cool (if you like/can stand dickgirls), and it was done in RPG maker.

There are worse environments for making games in. Look no further than Twine.



they are complaining in their forum that loading and saving breaks the save in this version.

Haven't tested it myself yet


File: 8d5750d2319cf3b⋯.png (201.21 KB, 700x934, 350:467, What the fuck am I doing w….PNG)

What the fuck am I doing with my life.



saves created by this version cant be loaded since they are broken. Just tested it


I hate this update. What's the point of getting space aids in a game about sex. Also the very first thing in this game is getting nanobots that protect you from space aids.

Bunch of hack frauds



Hm, yeah, I'm getting that error too. Good catch. I'll look for a solution.



Might be a little bit though, so:



Looks like it's probably their fault but not on purpose.

Error #1074: Illegal write to read-only property sstdList on classes.Characters.Saendra.
Error #1074: Illegal write to read-only property sstdList on classes.Characters.gooArmor.
Error #1074: Illegal write to read-only property sstdList on classes.Characters.Anno.
Error #1074: Illegal write to read-only property sstdList on classes.Characters.AraKei.
Error #1074: Illegal write to read-only property sstdList on classes.Characters.Shade.
Error #1074: Illegal write to read-only property sstdList on classes.Characters.Kiro.
Error #1074: Illegal write to read-only property sstdList on classes.Characters.Lane.
Error #1074: Illegal write to read-only property sstdList on classes.Characters.Gianna.
Error #1074: Illegal write to read-only property sstdList on classes.Characters.Kara.
Error #1074: Illegal write to read-only property sstdList on classes.Characters.Syri.
Error #1074: Illegal write to read-only property sstdList on classes.Characters.Rival.
Error #1074: Illegal write to read-only property sstdList on classes.Characters.Bess.
Error #1074: Illegal write to read-only property sstdList on classes.Characters.PlayerOffspring.
Error #1074: Illegal write to read-only property sstdList on classes.Characters.Aliss.
Error #1074: Illegal write to read-only property sstdList on classes.Characters.Flahne.
Error #1074: Illegal write to read-only property sstdList on classes.Characters.Brynn.
Error #1074: Illegal write to read-only property sstdList on classes.Characters.CaptainKhorgan.
Error #1074: Illegal write to read-only property sstdList on classes.Characters.PlayerCharacter.
Error #1074: Illegal write to read-only property sstdList on classes.Characters.Reaha.
Error #1074: Illegal write to read-only property sstdList on classes.Characters.Kaska.
Error #1074: Illegal write to read-only property sstdList on classes.Characters.Kelly.
Error #1074: Illegal write to read-only property sstdList on classes.Characters.Jade.
Error #1074: Illegal write to read-only property sstdList on classes.Characters.Renvra.
Error #1074: Illegal write to read-only property sstdList on classes.Characters.Geoff.
Error #1074: Illegal write to read-only property sstdList on classes.Characters.Penny.
Error #1074: Illegal write to read-only property sstdList on classes.Characters.Pexiga.
Error #1074: Illegal write to read-only property sstdList on classes.Characters.Delilah.
Error #1074: Illegal write to read-only property sstdList on classes.Characters.Lerris.
Error #1074: Illegal write to read-only property sstdList on classes.Characters.DrBadger.
Error #1074: Illegal write to read-only property sstdList on classes.Characters.Pippa.
Error #1074: Illegal write to read-only property sstdList on classes.Characters.Amma.
Error #1074: Illegal write to read-only property sstdList on classes.Characters.Burt.
Error #1074: Illegal write to read-only property sstdList on classes.Characters.Embry.
Error #1074: Illegal write to read-only property sstdList on classes.Characters.Sera.
Error #1074: Illegal write to read-only property sstdList on classes.Characters.Siegwulfe.
Error #1074: Illegal write to read-only property sstdList on classes.Characters.Emmy.
Error #1074: Illegal write to read-only property sstdList on classes.Characters.Ilaria.

Error: Could not load game data.

Later I'll try it on the official APK. I bet it's there.



Lol, just realized what 'sstd' means.

this is that STD thing that we knew would be cancer. Turns out it's cancer.



wait what


File: 552f66ebde6dffb⋯.png (41.96 KB, 695x845, 139:169, vivaldi_2017-05-19_11-41-3….png)


The issue is being reported on their blog as well, so I'm guessing it's not related to either of our repacks.


File: a15c87e784f20d0⋯.png (138.93 KB, 697x511, 697:511, yea.png)

File: 527267d1f6efdb0⋯.png (126.96 KB, 697x471, 697:471, yea2.png)


oh shit i remember you

your the reason i update people on that series


creating art


"whats the point of getting aids in a game about sex"


and also because people paid for it and wanted it so if you dont like it maybe be less of a whore or get it cured by one of the robots and theres a hint 2 days before that occurs multiple times so in theory its genuinely only your fault ESPECIALLY since you can gain immunity via dr lash


im pretty sure you dont start with nanomachines you start with pre-birth modifications



Actually there is even a pistol and a rifle where the description say the aiming system is synchronizing with your nano machine, and the weapon get an aim bonus for it

So i think you start with them, somewhere else i also read it should give you immunity to nearly all diseases, why change it now?



your daddy forces you to inject nano bots at the beginning of the game.




idk lol but i doubt they cover everything in the universe, either way blame fen



Great now I need to worry about catching some bullshit that will make me an anthro.

So was the SSTDs thing something that was voted on?



>m pretty sure you dont start with nanomachines you start with pre-birth modifications

The lawyer in the tutorial injects you with nanomachines that make your body susceptible to transformations but also immune to disease…except furpies I guess


TiTS 0.7.52 Backer Build (Tracking Removed)



.apk (ARM):

Emailed to lance for building. Thanks again for doing this; no hurry.


I don't keep old versions hosted.



sstds was voted on

paid for

and fought for on the forums

dont worry they're rare and the game warns you so you can get it cured before anything happens (like 2 weeks beforehand)

personally i would like it if it wasnt just a furry thing



i am just getting the immunity from dr lash.

at least they gave us an option



You sure it's immunity? The notes say resistance, but i may be wrong with this


File: ba374a2055ff098⋯.jpg (26.8 KB, 480x360, 4:3, BAyJ0mJCcAAc_Wf.jpg)

Another thing I don't understand is Fen's game plan when it comes to filling in content.

Like wouldn't make more sense to have whoever is drawing the Bust make the naked variant right then and there? Instead of having this mish-mash of busts where it goes from "Well drawn bust with clothes on" to "Naked MS paint drawing" ?

While I am on this tangent; shouldn't he be filling in the planets NPC so they are at least interactable before going off and making space-herpes? There are so many NPC on Uveto that straight up can't be talked to at all!




The ingame perk says it's full immunity. I don't know why they didnt make it clear in the log



well i feel like the first thing is more of the artists not fen

but if you didnt notice uveto is super unfinished in every aspect, theres a butt slut machine in the police office.



it says "better to protect you against these and future infections"

and the chances are already around 1/100 so its most likely you would never get another one again even if it isnt complete immunity


fen never gives detail in patch notes



>How not to write a change log 101.


>So much for super billionaire nanobots.



i like how there is more consequences to sex and i would like it it if there was a higher chance to catch sstds at certain questionable events like at furry orgies or when you lose.



got lost trying to find what the new weapons were and realized that a dick signing event was in the game




You know, i would really like to hate you for this, but not only you are not responsible for this, this being a thing, but you also made me laugh, hard, at 2 in the morning with my windows open

Pretty sure someone think i am madman now, but thank you anyway, probably


>we could create anything we want!

>people you can fuck or even new planets to go!


Is japan really the fucked up country when disease spreading is a god damn fetish in clapistan?



can you guys chill

atleast hes actually doing something that people actually paid for for once and it would be nice if this thread ahd positive vibes from time to time


I can see the appeal in fucking something and suddenly you become like it.

For example a female knight goes to fight a dragon and beaten, the dragon rapes her and let her go but she never gives up. Over the time the female knight becomes more and more like the dragon until she beats him and realizes he's too handsome to be killed and ends up become his wife.

But for sure whatever it is in TiTs this shit won't happen.



We could, have, and will continue to shit on Fen and Co everyday for reasons we all know and love, but yeah, like Daedal said. At least they're doing something that they promised the people who gave they them money, even if it is just more variations of the same furry shit…


0.7.52 unofficial mobile builds

Android APK:




BTW, if anyone has a save that was fucked over by 0.7.51, I can try to make a guide to fixing that save manually by using minerva so 0.7.52 can load it again.


File: d515b991dc0b04a⋯.png (64.96 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, 0751-fix1.png)

File: 54d1fb0852ada81⋯.png (66.06 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, 0751-fix4.png)


Nevermind, I'll make it without waiting to find out.

Basically, open the game in the modified html version of minerva in the OP.

Search for 'sstd'.

ctrl+click all results named "sstdList."

Right click on one and hit "delete."




nah, fuck savin




My main beef is that (apart from being more furshit) it took *four years* to reach this point. And only after he was reminded that he had promised this was it added.

Still I agree, if you want to complain about shit, there are better things to complain about than this.



for that you need another game like Flexible survival. I like to think of the furry transformations as stds because once you become a furry it's hard to turn back to a human.



>has a god damn flagging system so you don't encounter shit you don't like unless you hunt them manually

I wonder if that game is older than tits since it started as a mmo text game first


New content is nice


File: fce835764747434⋯.png (778.63 KB, 1004x721, 1004:721, von.png)

File: df126f5f6a2b0f2⋯.png (485.73 KB, 1004x725, 1004:725, von2.png)

I've been playing Village of Nightmare 2, and the game has an extensive reference to an old japan-only Famicom (NES) RPG called Lagrange Point. For a nerd with a Famicom this was quite a pleasant surprise.


>Sub tuner huh? What does this do?

I have made a mistake.





whats the sub tuner? never really looked into it since the wiki stopped being updated and the patch notes never gave detail



It makes you a sub to a dickgirl.

And you get a barcode on your ass



You mean it JUST puts a barcode on your ass



Flexible Survival older than TiTS? I'm almost certain.


i got a q tip stuck in my ear as a child



did it hit brain?



nah it got stuck before it could

i probably looked retarded walking into the doctors office with a q tip in my ear



Nothing else happens?



why are you still against me

>inb4 "If you dont know what you did that just makes it worse"

BUT i did go find the event for you

you find a collar under a chair

get hypnotized essentially

double dick futa girl comes and finds you

takes you for "walkies"

you go back to her lab

she fucks you with both dicks

puts a barcode on your ass after you wake up

and then gives you the collar



And you get to "breed" a slutty ausar.



If you are a male so you won't get your butt pounded in.




its more like she "breeds" you by force

and i feel like thts included in "she fucks you with both dicks"

surprised that they respected not wanting to be fucked in the ass for once



*regular ausar



you would think if the entire race is sluts they would neuter them like they do irl



well it's not like the almighty jew of the TiTs universe (fen) lets them get breggo anyways



thnx bby


Whoever is doing the apk files, atleast use the original tits apk image, not some ms paint doodle xD



isnt this what names are for



Fuck off, the doodle icon is my favorite part.

Also does anyone know if it's possible to progress with that new armored lizard guy on Tarkus without sexing him? I hear he has unique weapons.





That may be, but if he's gonna post an unofficial apk it might as well have the original image xD



File: ad94f7a8ffb4755⋯.png (8.92 KB, 320x480, 2:3, Default.png)

File: 8840418d7a3acb6⋯.png (91.89 KB, 512x512, 1:1, Icon_512.png)


In the four or five years I have been doing mobile builds of games, I have received complaints about the icons exactly twice: once in 2013 or 2014 and once now.

I used those icons because I wanted it to be a little more innocuous and silly than the official ones. Also to make it quite clear it was not official.

The iOS version's splash screen is also memorable.


>That may be, but if he's gonna post an unofficial apk it might as well have the original image xD

You sound like you must be new here.

I was doing mobile builds for CoC and Nimin way before TiTS even had an official mobile build, IIRC.

If it REALLY bugs you, you can always extract the APK, replace the icons, re-zip, and re-sign. I don't like the official icon much.




Yeah, I posted the guide. See >>13698



why would you want it to be obvious that your playing a porn game on the go anyway?



So you can announce your degeneracy to any decent people around you. Wouldn't want to accidentally have a human connection or something.


Even though you have anal with Brandy it shows as Vaginal in the codex



I assume you know, when you go out of the apk it doesn't stay open in the background.. Verry bad for me since I multitask and chat in other apps throughout the time I play- and saving every time I want to switch to another app, even for a second.. Is gonna get really old really fast.

Anything you can do in the future apk files to prevent that from happening?



It's more obvious when it's an icon for a game that the other person himself might play.


>assume you know, when you go out of the apk it doesn't stay open in the background.. Verry bad for me since I multitask and chat in other apps throughout the time I play.

Ah. It actually does stay open in the background, but is not visible in the app switcher because privacy. I am not opposed to making it visible in the app switcher though.

It's just a tweak to an XML file.


File: 7afb46c4a92acc0⋯.png (24.04 KB, 739x675, 739:675, 1458419775683.png)

so what's this tracking thingy the "new builds" anon mentions on his posts? i've been out of the loop on this game for almost a month

did fenoxo add drm to his shit now? should i worry about something?


File: 4fa4d70b8ba207f⋯.png (25.99 KB, 1280x715, 256:143, stripped.png)


>did fen add DRM to his shit now? Should I worry about something?

Yes, it's not really 'proper' DRM so much as it is a way of tracking who is sharing builds so he can ban them. But he is appending a little binary data to the end of SWF's downloaded from his site based on your login info.




This one will appear in the recents menu.

It's still 0.7.52.




Thanks, Dad.


File: 64cbb18765d3110⋯.png (356.81 KB, 640x480, 4:3, toast.png)


No problem, son.


File: 638d3e59370012c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 724.62 KB, 785x1128, 785:1128, Claudia-Charriez.jpg)

trans or normal girl?

(no nudity but spoilered)


File: dffd9a3fa7c64aa⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1123x598, 1123:598, What is this strange creat….PNG)


What is this strange creature?



there are so many things that scream "wrong" from this tumblr demon spawn


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Here's the video if you're curious…



fuck im retarded i thought he was a girl



What if its a girl trying to be a man tho?






your right, but it is impressive surgery


anythings possible they could pass as either


Interestingly, the official TiTS apk allows you to save and load from file, but Lance's unofficial builds break that for some reason, which sucks because save editing is a thing that is fun



Dunno, don't really care since I want a real person.


File: 79accd2853eb7c0⋯.png (107.47 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20170521-194653.png)

File: bfa89099ab65d58⋯.png (56.78 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20170521-194657.png)


It works, but you have to manually go into settings to add the "storage access" permission because I forgot to set it by default. Sorry. When I used lollipop it wasn't needed.

It'll be fixed in some future version.

And you can still save edit, if you have root.


BTW it identifies as 0.6.32 because if I up that version number it stops you from downgrading.




You are thinking too literally.

I mean a complex individual who I can talk to and isn't so massively concerned with superficiality as to be a model.


Looks like to make it work with no configuration on Android Marshmallow (6.0) and higher would require me to write some java code that I don't really want to write.

I might do it, but don't count on it happening soon. For now you will have to set it to use external storage in settings. You will only have to do this once.




Nevermind, found a hacky kind of workaround by setting the "target SDK" property. Won't be good enough to work forever, but for now it'll do.

If I had access to the source code I'd submit a patch to make the game properly request permissions if it didn't have them, without relying on shitty ANEs (Air Native Extensions) that the game is using now, since Adobe actually provided a permissions API to do this: https://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/release-note/fp_24_air_24_release_notes.html

[ctrl+f, requestPermission()]



Note that for the hacky method to work it'll require a remove-and-install procedure, because Android. So I don't think I'll do that after all.

I'll just have people change the permissions themselves.




>being a model means you are a soulless husk of a human with no personality

models are people too. They just get paid to be pretty.



Yeah, models are people too.

But I don't want to live with someone who values superficiality so much. I am mutually incompatible with people who play lots of "dress-up."


How do I meet Lila in Nimin? I keep seeing her around with 90 list but I can't seem to access her content and there isn't much info on the wiki.



but being a model doesn't have to mean you value superficiality. I was friends with a model in high school and when she wasn't working, she was a total slob. No makeup, sweatpants everyday, the like. I just think its kind of weird for someone…especially YOU…to just lump hundreds of thousands of humans together based on their job and judge them all on that single non-representative aspect of their lives, you know? I might expect that from the rest of our little degenerate ensemble gathered in this corner of the internet, but not you.



nah m8. All models are right cunts innit.



I figured out how and turns out she's some random kid fug


File: fbb4fa3bf7b9c9c⋯.png (74.9 KB, 198x380, 99:190, why dont you take a seat o….png)


TiTS 0.7.54 Backer Build (Tracking Removed)



.apk (ARM):

Emailed to lance for building. Thanks again for doing this; no hurry.


I don't keep old versions hosted.



do you ever sleep



I'm lucky if I get more than an hour and a half of sleep a day.



how u not ded m8?



Muscle relaxants, benzos, eyedrops for the burning, and the occasional day I get to pass out for 12+ hours.


Post what are the most interesting or weirdest docs on fen forums that have or haven't been added yet in your opinion?



Do you suffer from a naturally high adrenaline level?

This sometimes leads to shakes or cold sweats or a total crash out (the 12+ hours you mention although I've never heard of it being that severe).





File: a596024c2c371ad⋯.jpg (128.53 KB, 704x504, 88:63, Attention.jpg)


Forgot image


File: a301aef67b25c6b⋯.png (13.56 KB, 481x214, 481:214, dffd9a3fa7c64aadd91c45bc9f….png)


i didnt do anything i just said she was a real person






i dont think many other people here besides me actually go on the fen forums since i update them on stuff

but the idea where someone wanted to be able to hold eggs in the panties they were wearing was weird :)



>but the idea where someone wanted to be able to hold eggs in the panties they were wearing was weird

Compared to all the other shit in this game that where you decide to draw the fucking line?



Honestly I don't care if you update me or not; I barely play the game anymore. Mostly just maintain shit out of habit.

TiTS 0.7.54 unofficial mobile builds

Android APK:






first thing to come to mind


relate but there are like 20 other people here besides you



>Do you suffer from a naturally high adrenaline level?

As a side effect, yes. I have Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia, and my resting heart rate without beta blockers is usually around 180bpm (normal is ~65). A byproduct of that is that it triggers the fight-or-flight response, which dumps a ton of adrenaline into your system, and allows me stay awake. Sometimes I hold off on the beta blockers if I want to stay awake, but it can get pretty uncomfortable after awhile.The condition is evidently harmless, at least until I'm in my 60's and my heart can't sustain that, but that's what the beta blockers are for.



the upside is that Beta Blocker is a kickass name for an attack




that sounds retarded



Should have prefaced that it's an attack by a mentally retarded supervillain



>but the idea where someone wanted to be able to hold eggs in the panties they were wearing was weird :)

Oh, but what about that doc that was here and was named butt bugs or something like that?



completely forgot about that, your right



What do you mean by Tracking Removed?

Is there something in the backer builds?



you've been here since


how do you not know



Please have mercy.



according to our highly advanced code hamsters fen put in a tracking system so that he could ban people who gave out builds, pretty much.


File: e269e1c723d3489⋯.jpg (77.77 KB, 747x234, 83:26, whenisee.jpg)

Anyone had a look at Lilith's Throne? It's like CoC before it went to shit. Breddy Gud. Highly recommend checking it out if you want something new.



It has some promise. I particularly like that it has a furshit filter that let's you change the furriness of the NPCs to anything from Ordinary Kemomimi to Absolutely Disgusting. The clothing system is pretty detailed too. It's just so early in development that there's not a ton of content yet. Might be pretty decent in a year or so.



I hope that one day they would add an app so that i can play the game on my phone.






Sorry, kemonomimi. I'll remember how to spell that one of these days.



>What do you mean by Tracking Removed?

>Is there something in the backer builds?

Yes; see >>13736


Before I even look: is it windows-only?



Java, for whatever that means to you.

You really don't even have a partition for windows? That must be rough.



eugh, I couldn't even get past the prologue. Not that that speaks extensively to the quality of the game or anything, I just really don't have the patience for that in my porn.


How do you become a "Brute"?


File: 1e4ef64617d099c⋯.png (896.43 KB, 2480x1920, 31:24, linux2.png)


I have windows XP & 7 in VM's I haven't booted in years - but I refuse to use them or any windows version out of principle if at all possible.

It's not too bad anymore; I've learned a lot about the internals of unix-like OSes and found a lot of nice programs. Believe it or not, the only thing that I have trouble finding is PC games (though emulation means I can play most of the console games I like.)



you can skip it tho



Oh that's how that all panned out.

Makes sense.



I do believe it - linux users are always the most technically proficient, and will work around most compatibility issues. Games are a different story. If you're not a big gamer, I can see not having an up-to-date Windows partition. Still, for the handful of good games that come out nowadays, I'd be hurting on linux.


ik, I'd just feel bad that I have no idea what's going on. Maybe I'll try it again when I'm feeling more patient and less like I wanna get off right now.



the search function is your friend, friend



Newest games I've played are Minecraft, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (gamecube version)., and Bravely Default.

I don't play many new games, but I have a vast collection of older ones to choose from, and I don't play them too frequently. Too much stuff to learn for games :\

BTW I compile those mobile builds (and the SWFs when the source is available) from Linux.


File: 0c27cadacf1238e⋯.png (355 B, 24x24, 1:1, thinklight6.png)

File: be7ae9127a1f64e⋯.png (755 B, 192x192, 1:1, thinklight6-8x.png)


BTW I did another pixel art for my thinkpad's thinklight toggle.



AAA games since the PS2/GC era just suck for the most part, with a few notable exceptions esp. from Nintendo, which you can just wait a few years to emulate. However, I don't know what compatibility is like for these, but indie games the last couple of years have really redeemed the industry. It's my personal and professional opinion that independent developers are the only ones capable now of creating true art in video games, as the commercial market has become too strictly commercial. Especially if you're not into learning new systems - the genius of indie games is that they use old tools which were once cutting-edge but which now work on a smartphone, so you can still have full-sized passion projects on the budget of a small team (or even one person). End soapbox.


seriously, guys?



Yes, srlsy. Now stfu and sit down, dingus. Yer blocking mah view of the soapboxin'.


File: 911d1d40dc5db29⋯.jpg (175.83 KB, 800x571, 800:571, f.jpg)


Are you proud? If you are, you can just skip around to the free porn.



The main annoying thing about some indie games for me is the ads and paid content purchased in-game.

The other is that games with a 'retro' styling don't obey the limits of the hardware they're based on. But that's a small detail.

I do want to play some more of those games some time soon.



That's already a god damn plus for me, might as well wait for a year to see any substantial updates like I did in tohok and free cities.



I actually tried the latest version earlier today, just to see how it was progressing. They have some pretty neat new filters now. In addition to the furriness filters, you can actually disable the furshit entirely and make all the random NPCs humans. You can also customize the likelihood of encountering either gender.

Content is still lacking (waiting on that slavery system), but that's to be expected.


If you liked tohok, you might want to check out the other eragames on the git repo if you haven't already. I translate a few of them (mainly SQN), and they're pretty damn fun.



Not enough new events that are translated to entice me to playing it again.


Don't know that one,enlighten me



You 'summon' slaves, train them, and (optionally) sell them. The training system is extremely detailed and fetishy. You can piss in their vaginas, penetrate their wombs, and cum in their bladders. There's a lot of dialog, which is untranslated and would require Translation Aggregator, but most of the menus are in English now.

There's about 30 different eragames on the git repo. Personally, tohok isn't a favorite of mine.



>cum in their bladder

that sounds absolutely delightful



I already read enough botched translations done by TA, I'll wait when it's around 75% done.




<.< >.>



Link pls



and now we wait for fenoxos 24 hour stream 1000 overwatch lootbox opening



>and now we wait for fenoxos 24 hour stream 1000 overwatch lootbox opening

Translation: and now we wait for fenoxos 24 hour stream, where he tries to waste as much of his patron supporters money as possible and not use it to fund forwarding the games progress.

Yeah, I aint watching that shit.


File: 10b2678d7707eb0⋯.png (147.62 KB, 1366x1340, 683:670, 1.png)


>Link pls

eraSQN https://mega.nz/#!jVxgWRQD!JYp7HA0eoHgl04WP3QPdpu_VUj4eJPx7wK3BdPiI4EQ

eragames repo list in pic (sorry about the size),



is this the promised land?



how do I bruteforce/inject/hook whatever translate this, been a while since I've played weeb games and I just got a new computer


File: 3c992a48acbc543⋯.png (35.95 KB, 758x738, 379:369, nipshit.png)


You'll need Translation Aggregator:


Extract and run, configure it to look like the screenshot, and dock it on the side of your screen. Make sure the clipboard buttons next to 'Original' and 'Google' are pushed so it can grab and translate automatically.

Although full Japanese locale is recommended, some of the games work in a locale emulator. I haven'ted tested which ones. Either way, run the Anchor.exe and go to help > settings > clipboard. Configure it like the screenshot and click Save and Restart.

The game will now copy all text to the clipboard, and when it encounters Japanese text, it will auto translate it in the Translation Aggregator.


File: 5846cc787ab325e⋯.png (4.76 KB, 509x27, 509:27, immaculate.PNG)

these are my favorite part of this game, 10/10 foreplay


File: 039f457ba0b3d12⋯.swf (804.45 KB, underworld-r18.02-private.swf)

anybody remembers this game?

irc i got this exact swf from here a loooong ago and it seems the game has gotten some updates and what not.

i tried looking for private builds in the half chan d thread but apparently they dont seem to have any knowledge of it

here's the game's site for those who are interested http://skycorp.global


Anyone know how to force a sstd?



>adds new content to the game

>makes it so rare its piratically inaccessible



He said it's gonna be mostly from hostile NPCs, so what I did was got beat the fuck up so I got auto-raped by everything I met. About ten minutes of getting raped by everything on Uveto and no dice. I'm beginning to think he just said he put it in and didn't.



he also said it was 1/50 chance to a 1/100 so 10 battles isn't gonna get you anywhere



>mostly for pedos

>got rid of the u-15 models boards

I contest this assumption, sir.


Thank you for updating the TiTs rip, normally I just lurk but thought I should say something.


Is the CoC android apk the most recent update?

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