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Glory be to the greatest format in the universe, ShockWave Flash!

File: f3b0e04857e2111⋯.swf (6.97 MB, d5.swf)


TiTS builds are essentially dead since I don't have access to the source code anymore.

We will keep the topic for this and other discussion though, for now. Have some other links, though.

Also the attached swf is hilarious and I highly recommend the show for absolutely everyone.



CoC-Mod: 1.0.2 mod 1.4 dev version 3:

Desktop SWF:


Android APK:




Note that there are "official" CoC-Mod mobile builds. too. Apparently these don't work for some people, though, and I always build my own for myself anyway.

Some files I use in the building of these apps:

"FlashDevelop-plus-fl-libs-flex-AIR.7z" - contains a copy of FlashDevelop and the required AIR and Flex SDKs, plus files from Flash CS6 that were formerly required for building the defunct TiTS save editor. You'll need to set the path to the SDKs (they're in the "Apps" directory) within FlashDevelop when you first start it.


"tits-air-buildfiles.7z" - contains a different certificate (not the one I sign with, just a dummy one), some build scripts, metadata files, icons, and the like. it's the file system that I use for building mobile app versions of the games.


I've since switched to a new build system so I can do it from linux/OSX/cygwin and automate the process:

tits-build-env-v2.7z (118.3 MB) - contains the linux/unix buildscripts that I currently use for my NEW build system, and the AIR runtime parts you need.


Nimin 0.9.75o:

Desktop SWF:


Android APK:




Space Project - Seraphita (an old 90s visual novel for windoze. Works in wine on OSX and linux distros too. Art by Makita Aoi. Contains dickgirls):




What all did you replace?

And how did you get it to install? Did you have to re-sign the package?

I had that bug happen to me once. To fix it I just went back to my home screen and switched back to the game.

My guess is that fen's build was done with an older version of the AIR runtime; the old versions didn't fullscreen.



when I say "what all did you replace" I am asking if you replaced the SWF or something else.





I just replaced the CoC-AIR.swf with OtherCoCAnon's mobile swf of their latest build, replaced the icons in their respective drawables, adjusted the AndroidManifest.xml, adjusted the assets/META-INF/AIR/application.xml, renamed the smali folder path to com/<yours>/cocMod instead of com/fenoxo/co, and adjusted the smali files to account for the pathing change. Fen's old build uses v7 appcompat, instead of Multidex.

I used APK Multi Tool to decompile and recompile it as an unsigned apk, and signed it using test keys.



Ah, OK.

BTW, you don't need to decompile the APK at all if you just want to replace the SWF. Only for smali'd files.

I actually extract my APK's after building them initially so I can re-sign them with a time-stamp server.

When I initially made my cert, I made the mistake of having it expire in 2020, so to keep my builds working beyond that point I use an external server for verification.

Unfortunately, that means that some time in the next 3 years I'm gonna have to change my signing key, which will force people to save all their data using 'save to file' and then uninstall the app and re-install it with the new signing key.

I haven't changed my key yet because I'd rather face that roadblock when I have to and not cause trouble before then.


File: dac6920c398da1e⋯.png (1 MB, 1000x800, 5:4, enb 2017_06_04 21_36_17_70.png)



Well, then. I shall remember that for later, now that I have fixed my issue, and made it look like just another Lance apk.


Damn Daedal, where did you get her? Honey Select?


daedal's never living that down lol



Glad someone likes my icons, then!

It's been a long while since I shared my build env, which has evolved again. Trying to clean up and package the thing; hope I didn't forget something.





i can't even be mad


File: 0f2ca7c5f8a5ad2⋯.jpg (148.35 KB, 736x584, 92:73, buf_argo.jpg)


When I was about 13, before I knew about furries, I spent a couple days pirating my first video game because I saw it had cat and lizard people in it. I didn't know about furries then or how to find porn like that, so it was the best I got.

All that work was for this.



Good on ya for reading into the article. Still, I understand their decision not to touch it with a 40 foot pole.



Will this game ever be playable? All they do every month is revamp the body system with trivial changes.



probably but not for a long time


it looked promising man


File: 702a7000a675ca1⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 564.36 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Screenshot at 2017-06-15 0….png)

File: ac4cb8d9cc727f8⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 554.87 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Screenshot at 2017-06-15 0….png)

(warning: photos are Monster Girl Quest spoilers)

(SFW though, if that's what you're worried about)

[spoiler]I love how they handled the religious aspect of these games - they kept it in the shadows and hinted at its more sinister nature and then brought it to the forefront when it looked like everything was seemingly resolved.

This is the end of part 2, BTW[/spoiler]



Oh, penisboat, thanks for not enabling spoilers. Much appreciated.


File: 1afa89dbd626d8f⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 535.79 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Screenshot at 2017-06-15 0….png)

File: 351bb882beba669⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 546.98 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Screenshot at 2017-06-15 0….png)


File: 702884a3dabfe26⋯.png (29.83 KB, 178x178, 1:1, 57676ef71b299b261225ef7844….png)


>thanks for not enabling spoilers

You fucking serious right now? You've used this site for God only knows how long, and you're stuck on the 4chan way?

You do spoilers like this, with two asterisks at each end of what you want to spoilerI really shouldn't have to tell this to someone who's as much of a relic on this board as you are


File: 160f1e4eb156069⋯.png (15.7 KB, 743x219, 743:219, faq.png)


>You fucking serious right now? You've used this site for God only knows how long, and you're stuck on the 4chan way?

Well excuuuuuse me princess. It only says that the 4chan way works in the 8ch FAQ:



File: aeb51a866b16acb⋯.jpg (60.13 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 1443499480809.jpg)


The old way hasn't worked in years. No matter where you are on the site, the 4chan way of formatting won't work. Every board I go to, I see someone new who tries the old convention, and it never works because this site doesn't support it.

If it's on the faq, I can't help that, but don't blame me for how this site has worked for years and years.


File: 7e73c56c3115919⋯.png (37.02 KB, 320x480, 2:3, Screenshot_2017-06-15-01-1….png)


i think you can change the way you spoiler in your options


File: 603ee7c008db5e1⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 155.2 KB, 1456x1046, 728:523, pp.jpg)

mfw the board falls apart over spoilers



I don't. Popular Law is no substitute for real law, and that is lacking with regard to text.






so either i'm blind or the photos i attached didnt send



it's the second one




and now the threads fucking up


File: 4277d380310fa0a⋯.swf (3.49 MB, Circle Eden Bleach ver4.2.swf)


How long have you had the thread open? I know if I leave a cyclical open for too long, things start to get fucky after a while.

Also, keep in mind that even though you can see older posts, if you left the thread open the server already deleted them, so they only exist in your browser cache.



i didnt close the browser but it did fix itself earlier.


virtual girls can't hurt you



until they develop sentience and destroy their creators


Is there a MEGA link for the 0.7.60 update yet?




another dick girl is on the horizon.



half kui-tan dick girl so its safe to assume its another extension to the dick girl orgy that is kiro


since fen is probably reading this

whats the point of having an idea forum if you just tell everyone to write it themselves? they're called *ideas* not *im gonna write this so why not tell everyone i think its cool?* the point of ideas is to show other people that might write it that it would be cool not to get immediately shut down by a platoon of "IF YOU WANT IT WRITE IT" circle jerkers



(though i shouldn't expect much from a cesspool of degenerates)



Sometimes I fell like it's my responsibility to jump to his supporters' defense but buyers set the market. People pay his team 30k/mo for a game he don't write and that's worth it to them. The only thing that'll change that is if someone else comes along and raises the bar. There's really nothing you can do to convince a bunch of fur-addicted autists they're being ripped off.


As if Skymom would ever hurt us. They just want to use us to breed the ultimate biomechanical lifeform. Once we become obsolete we'll be slaves to the new master race of cyborg waifus. Does that sound so bad?




Why are his supporters so overwhelmingly enamored with dick girls, though? That's what gets me. There HAS to be more dickgirls than actual girls in TiTS by now.


File: 01fb80a32c8df4a⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 282.29 KB, 557x395, 557:395, gi4_06.png)


furries are an enigma, a very gross enigma


i dont understand why people who like lolis are so eager to defend that this does not look like a little kid

looking at kid porn and then saying its 18 or older doesn't make you any less of a pedophile (shadbase…)

also picture is feet so its even worse


much like honey select skyrim has disappointed me

43 gbs of skyrim mods has just been sent back to the shadow realm :(



took you 6 fucking years to figure out Skyrim sucks?



But the sales say it's Bethesda's best-selling game of all time, so the Elder Scrolls franchise will forever be a bland, hollow, generic shell of what it was. RIP


It's probably better that pedos have something to fap to besides the real thing, but to be in denial about it is pretty pathetic



People always rag on Skyrim, but it's not exactly like it added NOTHING. I much enjoy the enhanced combat and addition of shit like crafting. Way more immersive.


File: cdad56cd589fda0⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 23.24 KB, 400x266, 200:133, 1497358698_IzSzB8akzrg.jpg)


mods man



I will not buy another Bethesda game after what they did to Prey 2 (and tried to do to the studio making it)



I blame Zenimax for that.



of course it had good things. but that doesn't make it a good game.



It's not a bad game, though. It certainly lacks things that the other TES games had, but to call it a bad game is an overstatement.



obviously we can have different opinions. But having played Morrowind, Oblivion, and about 20 seconds of Daggerfall (not for me thanks) Skyrim is my least favorite Elder Scrolls game. The improved combat doesn't mean jack when it's and RPG with a terrible storyline, barely any interesting characters (and about 10 voice actors total) and roughly 5 good quests.


just found that theres a section of the game where you can actually use your wings to fly but sike there are archers <3




there are like 5 variations of zil but you can only be one type


theres a bug where you get immobilized by your balls but even if you masturbate the status effects persist

= you get stuck



which has officially ruined my save game



Morrowind had a great storyline and questing but played like total ass. Oblivion had a bad storyline, awesome quests and still played like ass. Skyrim has meh storyline and meh questing but actually plays half decent.

I get what you're saying, but Skyrim gets way too much hate. Fuck, you bitch about Skyrim having 10 voice actors while praising Oblivion? That's a double standard.


File: 82cabf11318b6b6⋯.png (1.19 MB, 910x832, 35:32, May the holy ones rid me o….PNG)

3 weeks until I can begin properly working on muh gam.


Do they even make machines like that anymore?


>I'll see your X201 and raise you one electric powered potato.

Oh boy. I can't wait to be rid of this hunk of junk.



True, that is a bit of a double standard. But while they both lack diversity in the actual actors, I'd be hard pressed to say Oblivion's voice acting isn't better than Skyrim's. (of course, it's not exactly fantastic in ANY Elder Scrolls games, but that's beside the point)



oh wow, where'd you get a picture of a real dinosaur?



I was just playing Oblivion, man. You can hate Skyrim's nordic accents and stuff, but the voice acting is at least semi-professional. The voice acting in Oblivion is an even split between average and fucking awful.

Excepting stuff like Sheogorath in SI, of course. Even Pelinal sounded boring, and he's a fucking insane robo cyborg terminator knight.


File: 1e8219a02aa935c⋯.jpg (49.2 KB, 750x366, 125:61, end my suffering.jpg)


I'm stuck with this fucker for 2 more months.

720p monitor and It runs Minecraft at sub 20 fps.

… just a little longer… and my penance will be complete…


I see that this shit has gotten even worse, at least I have slablands even if desperately needs more writers.



I'd like slablands more if I could knock up more female NPCs.



That's a common request, only ellie and baker milf can be knocked up currently. Go write one.



>skyrim is an rpg

is it, though?


Really, though, Morrowind plays pretty well. It uses dice roll combat rather than just relying on your aim (as if you could miss a mudcrab right in front of you anyway). Your character's stats are representative of his or her abilities, not your ability to move your mouse. People complain they can't land a hit, well, yeah, that's because you have a dagger skill of 6. You barely know what a dagger fucking looks like. If you try to fight a wild pack animal with one and end up with a guar dick up your ass you have only yourself to blame. This is the difference between RPGs and modern A-RPGs.

Oblivion had a lot of flaws but at least it had a little depth and believability; Skyrim is as shallow and homogeneous as a game can get. At least Oblivion had any character building, like, at all.



At the end of the day, I can name characters from Oblivion. I can remember MY character from Oblivion. And I can't say the same about Skyrim



I played Oblivion just two days ago, and ALL the NPC voice are the freaking same, ALL of them

You can easily recognize them and it's immersion breaking at the thousand degree where everyone you meet have the same identical voice, not even attempting to disguise it

Not only that, but all npc share the same identical dialogue pool, as a result you can hear the count of a city talk with his servant about what the count did 5 minutes ago, or having unique npc coming out as possessed because it talk to you in a voice for it's unique dialogue, and then switch to a generic npc voice for generic topics, it's maddening

At least in Skyrim they tried to disguise their voice and it's not as obvious, plus Skyrim quest npc are as generic and bland as possible, i don't even remember who is in charge of Whiterun, but i do remember the vampire count janus of Skingrad


Anything worth while get added to TiTs recently?





>go write one



Dicks. You like dicks right?


File: 0f7e1a423f618ea⋯.jpg (79.08 KB, 720x226, 360:113, nope.jpg)




muh trello?



run me those updates nigga



3 weeks till i'm back in business my dude.


Just watched LIFE and…

why the fuck would anyone watch this movie when Alien already exists?


File: 1a34de0937ff7ad⋯.jpg (166.44 KB, 672x1000, 84:125, 0000life.jpg)


I don't think Alien has enough Cornbread jokes and prison humor.

Just some of the subtle differences between Life and Alien.



The black guy gets it first in both movies, I bet


File: 00b671685b33838⋯.jpg (2.78 MB, 4912x3264, 307:204, MSI GT80.jpg)

File: d7d38c72b9a39bb⋯.jpg (1.26 MB, 1878x1187, 1878:1187, DSC_0579_2-anon_crop.jpg)


>having a touchpad


I still want that laptop if you're ditching it BTW. they're still nice for what I do (nothing GPU intensive, mostly CPU intensive stuff like video encoding and compiling massive codebases).

And the keyboard is unmatched by modern day systems. X220 is the last thinkpad to have a decent one in this form factor.

You in the UK? That's a euro keyboard, it looks like. I miss having the quote mark on my '2' key like my Commodore 64 did.

Also it's not a 720p LCD. It's 1280x800; the superior 16:10 aspect ratio.

>do they even make machines like that anymore?

Yup, the MSI GT80 has a mechanical keyboard and massive form factor.


>oh wow, where'd you get a picture of a real dinosaur?

This laptop was made in 2010. It's the last True Thinkpad(tm).

(available without a touchpad, has latching LCD and a real keyboard with a good layout)






>CPUs have substantially improved in anything other than power efficiency in the last 8 years



The new vPro CPUs are backdoored with a 'secret' 3G chip that runs independently of the main processor, if that excites you.



i never thought there would be a day where i could say

"jaden smith is trash"

(the costume was nice tho)



i remember one of you being an English major and half of you enjoy having language battles

so would it be

"It always feels like somebodies watching me."

or "It always feels like somebody's watching me."?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.






Well I wouldn't call it 800p. That just sounds weird. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


O shit that's nice. Too bad its fucking huge. I told myself I wouldn't go any higher than 14".

>You in the UK?

Nope. Just got this puppy on ebay is all. Also, wood tables ftw.


>"It always feels like somebody's watching me."

"Somebody's" can be broken down to "somebody is" therefore it is grammatically sound in this context and is probably the safest of the two.

Some may also view "somebodies" as valid but I wouldn't risk it.

I'm no English major. I just have a way with words.



i forgot embedding existed




File: 6483b59452b95e8⋯.jpg (43.69 KB, 337x450, 337:450, 1464247031755.jpg)

>Harpy Shark


Why again?


whens Carnel Souls man



>The new vPro CPUs are backdoored with a 'secret' 3G chip that runs independently of the main processor, if that excites you.

Better apply some patches to my ivy bridge based desktop next time I start it up, then.

I was vaguely aware of the threat, though.



And it's a sucker's bet if it'll have a dick again.

Honestly at this point I'm surprised the jew isn't just recycling CoC content with a sci-fi sticker on it.



That's because he already did that



>tfw you realize that almost all aliens in the game are actually female furries with dicks or animal morphs



>tfw you realize that most of these characters wouldn't be out of place in CoC.



Somebodies is plural.

It would be "somebodies are always watching me"



>female with dicks

Really gets my noggin' joggin'




"It always feels like some bodies watching me"




Both of these would be grammatically correct if they weren't so retarded.



Lots of correct language sounds retarded, just as some that sound correct are wrong (most of the time the correct sounding one will become common use and then the accepted version)


>it's a harpy/shark monstrosity

Well that ruined my boner even if she was an actual female


File: 37aebf436d7e7b1⋯.jpg (14.24 KB, 495x495, 1:1, SP05675-BK-ZZZ-Sharpie-Per….jpg)


>tfw the new alien race is based off of a marker

shark + harpy = sharpy





>Lots of correct language sounds retarded, just as some that sound correct are wrong (most of the time the correct sounding one will become common use and then the accepted version)

That's the joke. I am saying that they're technically correct, but that I refuse to acknowledge them as proper because they both sound retarded.


File: be696ae9669ef4a⋯.png (32.59 KB, 684x243, 76:27, Capture.PNG)

Translation: being an adult is too difficult for me but you should all be grateful that some of you got to watch me play video games

I feel bad for his ex


I know I'm late on the bandwagon, but…


>harpy shark

Oh yeah, Minerva, right? Yeah.


File: daed68973096755⋯.png (526.85 KB, 825x660, 5:4, sharpy1.png)


Yup. Minerva.



Minerva was actually pretty cool and she had some pregnancy content.Plus she had more options than just sticking her dick in the pc's butt.



>Minerva was actually pretty cool

>pregnancy content

>more options than just sticking her dick in the pc's butt

Look at all these neat things the TiTS version won't have.



Let's not forget that she had some degree of character development to her as well.


File: 43a9e2b53bef159⋯.png (16.14 KB, 741x256, 741:256, Excerpt From The Jerusalem….png)

I'll start using that new account with this upcoming build, even if it is shit and unrelated to the sharpie. My RSS server is set to email me when new Fenoxo posts go up, so I was previously downloading the builds within maybe a minute of them going up. That might have been identifiably predictable behavior that exposed the account; I plan to vary that up a bit this time.

Lance, I'll email you the build when I get it (it may not even be tomorrow). I suspect that Something was done regarding the tracking, otherwise I can't imagine why tainted builds would have been sent out to every backer with the *.59 release. I'll do some investigating as well. Might be worth decompiling and diffing against the last public build, since they wouldn't have any tracking at all. Maybe the guy is crazy enough to toss in tracking and recompile the game for every backer download after all.



pregnancy content is dumb IMHO, but otherwise agreed.


I think/hope that it's nothing to worry about and it was some mistake like you thought you might have made earlier on.

I kinda doubt that he's recompiling, but I dunno how long it'd take to download on a fast internet connection. Depending on how long it is, it could be being compiled. I just sort of doubt that.


File: 5768aade642501a⋯.png (526.26 KB, 706x534, 353:267, ClipboardImage.png)




File: 962b9118b013d11⋯.png (38.2 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 250px-319Sharpedo.png)



File: 46163abfc375a80⋯.png (126.97 KB, 400x480, 5:6, mega_sharpedo_art.png)


Mega Sharpedo




pretend that the bottom fin represents the big futa horse cock that the sharpie probably has



is this what we've come to


futa sharpie confirmed



god fucking damn it





yes please




Patience, anon





File: a5f256dcbedeafb⋯.png (55.13 KB, 702x584, 351:292, ben.png)


it was confirmed awhile ago



and hes right, 5/7 things he added this patch were other people and the other 2 things are debatable



Just asking, how much time did CoC take to be labelled as 'finished' by fen?





File: 5559c1cfd602ece⋯.png (14.45 KB, 553x105, 79:15, tits.PNG)

File: a342657bd121640⋯.png (72.05 KB, 394x817, 394:817, Capture.PNG)


I don't think it was ever officially "finished," considering there's decidedly un-finished content strewn about the game. When he jumped the gun and started TiTs before even attempting to put a cap on CoC it took a few months of working on CoC just on the weekends for the final dungeon to get finished. I don't remember if he added much besides that, just an official "ending" to the game to put it to rest.



It was never finished, even some of the content people paid for was left undone, he just added a shitty buggy dungeon and declared the game done

I am expecting him doing the same for tits, when he find some other thing to jump to



these goals for tits suck

>character viewer




>follower at launch


>capital ships


>full time jobs

too busy playing overwatch anyway


the future of tits



Do you know how many funded projects like this just get shutdown and goals never get met?



Is it fair to say that Fen may be the next Peter Molyneux as he too "promises" shit that'll never happen?



no, because Peter Molyneux actually made some good games.


Anyone have the new game?



>New Game

Carnal Souls has an official release?



I meant TiTs



did you not just see someone before you ask the same question?


Im just asking pal



If there were any new releases regarding TiTs then you will see them posted by either Commie, or Lance.



The key to this thread is knowing how to read.



HE ONLY SAID he would CONTINUE COC building and development, So no one with actual TALENT would come and DO it as their own side project and make him look like a pathetic pos.

COC ( 9 out of 10) Choices, Paths, ETC,

TITS ( 4 out of 10 ) Too Much Dick Furries, No Paths,



You mean he actually TOOOK Content from his 1-2 year backlogg and DID something with it?

Has Hell just FROZEN over? It sure as hell seems like it now.

30 or so character in game, 100 backlogged. LOL



This, wish the people on HGG would stop doing working mods for a game that just inadvertently provides Fenoxos cancer more advertisement/shekels to sit on his ass and make blog posts about how little work he's actually doing for that month while the cucks in the hugbox do his job for him for free.

Would love if the HGG modders joined forces with Slab and started making their free content with that, seems like CoC will soon hit a dead end in what they can do with it which isn't surprising since it's all but held together with virtual tape at this point.


>Doing free work that gets put into game they won't see a cent of

Some people haven't an iota of pride or dignity, then again I imagine their shriveled dongs get aroused on their donut steels making someone else shekels.

At least other games are starting to come out of the woodwork, the sooner something replaces the money void he's been exploiting the better.



Might want to take a look at the space pig girl in TiTs. Same WG theme and everything.


What do if the day before Carnal Souls is released it gets bought by Fen?

and the first thing he says is "Not enough dicks."



>Carnal Souls is released

Well, I'll be dead by then anyway



fen is the disney of these games

at first your feeling it and hes the first thing you see and then years later you realize as an adult that disney (Fen) is filled with conspiracies and general shitty-ness


File: 91fe4f578e60688⋯.jpg (60.22 KB, 550x366, 275:183, 91f.jpg)

I just finished final fantasy tactics for PlayStation 1 in a little over 99 hours and i can say this game is a load of bull crap. i wasted 4 days of my life raising oc donut steel characters for a shitty ending and no post game. I wish the story was about delita's rise to power instead of that faggot razma


What the fuck does FFT have to do with TITS I think you posted your comment in the wrong place



>tfw that crowdfunding was 4 years ago

Suddenly I have faith in Carnal Souls, I bet they will release Star Citizens first before Fen got his holodeck





who even are you



guy wanders into this thread thinkin he runs the place. WE WILL TALK ABOUT WHATEVER THE FUCK WE WANT TO TALK ABOUT



Quote of the year, right there. Sums up this thread pretty well. 10/10 -IGN



>get these plants to fuck the girl you want to fuck

>maybe she'll join you after she's stuffed full of plant goo :^)

Can anyone explain to me why used goods are so damn popular with furries? Like, there are literally two or so virgins in the entire TiTs universe. What the fuck's the deal.



And you have to home-grow one of them.

It's bullshit.



it's the writer's fetish.



T'ain't right. They should pander to my fetish for collecting nubile virgins to deflower with my mighty dragon dick.



100% agree with this. To make it worse you get "treated" to such uninteresting stories of almost every characters sexual history. Mostly the friends-with-benefits characters that came prepackaged fucking someone else, this is worse than the collect-a-waifuthon in CoC. (Granted I'm not one of the people who was bothered by that and find the direction of TiTs significantly worse.)

I don't give a rats ass about their special donut steels significant other, this sort of shit doesn't belong in a damn sex game it belongs in the fanfics noone reads or gives a shit about.

Fuck it's awful, I don't even want to go into the details of the worst of it I came across on Uveto. Pagelongs of filler, and no, you don't get to put it in after sitting through that.


anyone have .61?



give it time laddie


anyone have .62?



I have .62, but we're still checking .61 for tracking changes. If there aren't any, I'll release .62 tomorrow (figure 14 hours from now).


File: 57917194ae1a53d⋯.png (113.23 KB, 674x438, 337:219, Untitled.png)

anyone has .63? anyone have .64?







>You will never get to finish the Ember quest



I can't FIND anything after stripping, but I'd probably need to get the same version number from two different paid accounts in unstripped format to really be sure.

(run a diff on the decompiled SWFs and a binary diff on the compiled code)

Did you get the email I sent yesterday, BTW? wondering if you got it fixed to receive mail yet.


So is fen just on to us? has he flagged lance's account or something?



he added a way to identify "leakers" by adding some ID thingy to the builds you download through the site, so that he can ban patreons who are leaking backer builds.


So how does one get around it? do you just have to scrub it somehow?



yeah, pretty much


Can we know what kind of speed you normally download to and how much it take to actually download a backer build?

Based on the time, we can exclude the recompiling factor at least, since doing so would add several seconds of wait before begin the download

I don't want specifics, wouldn't be wise to post them here with some chucks reporting back to fagoxo like the assfucked dogs they are, but some indicative time can help, especially if we managed to track down fagoxo server use for upload based on ip


The updates for fen have gotten so bad I think Free cities has begun a better game.



If pregmodder wasn't such a circlejerk idiotic chuck, and original fc dev wasn't such a prude, yes, it would be thousand times better


Hes like lobotomy is on the table but beast and shit isnt…. It doesnt really make sense.



Well yeah he made the mod he can do what he wants.



If he wasn't such a a chuck about it, and wouldn't use the board moderation as his own personal hellhound, i would agree



I did see your email last night, just before I went to sleep. If there's nothing obvious that has changed since our last uploads, I suppose we can just go with the usual stripping routine and release the builds. I made a few mistakes with my last account, since I published that one build just as the tracking was discovered. This account won't be making those mistakes. If it gets banned, we'll know there's something we're overlooking. But hell, I got a full month out that last account, and it's $5 a month anyway. Really makes no difference to me if I have to roll a new account every 30 days; it's the same price.


FCDev is planning out a new futa game, and it won't be another twine game. I'm not too enthusiastic about that after dealing with all of Fen's dicks, but it might be something. I worked on FC when it came time to move it out of Twine and into a git repo with a proper compiler. He's looking to mainly be the writer/project manager, and have someone else do most of the coding. I volunteered, so we'll see where that goes.


File: 3540c031b6cd583⋯.png (234.91 KB, 1479x1134, 493:378, World 1 dev.PNG)


get out


You'll be happy to know that I'm beginning proper development on ze game now. Ill try keepin ya posted on progress.

Attached a bit of my progress on designing up the world map for world 1.


File: 801bd86fb512af2⋯.png (46.22 KB, 813x469, 813:469, 3540c031b6cd583a01ab9802ab….png)


what did he do?


feedback on the trello would be nice


the second island looks like a blob monster


TiTS 0.7.62 Backer Build (Tracking Removed)

Normal Game



.apk (ARM):

Sent to lance for building. Thanks again; no hurry.

White Syri Edition (Restores Cheshire's original Syri bust)




I don't keep old versions hosted.



original fc dev? is there a new one?


>ew futa game

Oh boy he's fenoxo 2.0, what utter cancer



>new futa game

Oh boy he's fenoxo 2.0, what utter cancer



I wouldn't go that far m8. Free cities is actually a pretty good game and we don't know if the new game is ass or not.



he tracks his backer builds now? wow…



>what did he do?

He don't like reality so he attempt to substitute it with it's own, by calling the mod and tell him people are saying mean things about him, or someone began a flamewar

There was ni such thing, the discussion degenerated because he's a faggot and began beat it's feet to the ground when someone disagree with him, call the mod and get the person that dared to defy his retarded concept of fetish getting banned, that's all


>is there a new one?

Pregmod is coded by different peoples then the original fc, the original dev fetish limit to anal and little else, too young slaves or any other "degeneracy" is a non no for him, basically he make a game about amputating and mind breaking slaves but he is an ultra-prude

So no, no new dev



another soul exposed to the evil of Lord Fenoxo



its futa shit of course it's ass




> a new futa game

Every day we stray further form god.


>feedback on the trello would be nice

Everything checks out. I'll be able to use your suggestions the primary development and creation of the surrounding systems.

All the pieces are falling into place.




maps looking extra peachy aswell



this is a bad game.



i havent played it myself but it looked cute so i linked it



Gonna have dlc where the map comes to life and eats the player




Why is this game giving me VH vibes



>the original dev fetish limit to anal and little else, too young slaves or any other "degeneracy" is a non no for him

so does pregmod have loli fetish shit or what?










are they lolis or just underage?


i recall there being options to turn stuff on and off with that mod



when degenerates turn on degenerates



>are they lolis or just underage?

It's player controlled. One of the options during the initial setup is choosing the minimum age of slaves. You can keep it at 18 (or desired) levels, or lower it to lolis.



i would consider myself a nice bowl of oatmeal with a cup of sugar and a sprinkle just a sprinkle of degenerate loser


so both



where do you think you are, daedal? we're all degenerates here



do you think that on the deep web there are porn games but worse


File: 4d49c76799d58e8⋯.jpg (152.73 KB, 600x1200, 1:2, Loli_81f93f_6303605.jpg)




"buh buh buh buh muh 8 year old fetish"



Have you seen SimLoli on /agdg/?



do you think that X stays in heaven because he too lives in fear of what he's created?



Down to 3 years old, and yes, you can preggo them, just pump them full of hormones and after a few week they are fertile

Not only that, but with hyperpregnancy enabled, you can make a 4 years old girl birth 10 children. of course her womb can burst open and even die for this, this is basically all the pregmodder work in the last 5/6 months or so, ho and integrating an incubator to allow birthed children grow1 year per week, so incest



oh god now I'm kinda regretting downloading this. I was thinking like 15, 16 years old. I don't want to breed a 4 year old to death



nope but i hope your gonna explain this to the class?


im pretty sure we can all agree thats gross

>"4 years old girl gives birth to 10 children"

come on guys



SimLoli is extremely autistic. The simulation part is so overly detailed that it alone is interesting. I'd recommend seeing the gifs/images from the thread (if it's still there). There's no lewds posted yet.



With hyper disabled you won't, but a girl that young may still have serious health issue if preggoed, of course you can reduce such problem by

-Fucking her cunt till it's lose, it make for easier birth

-Give her so much hormones her cunt is always drooling

-Operate on her to increase her hip size

Or just set to not have girl under 15, it's possible to limit it



you can't fuck a girl's cunt loose you have to get someone else to do it or you use a large dildo



atleast they're putting their talent to some kind of use with "details"


File: 89b4d07528273c6⋯.jpg (165.19 KB, 600x1200, 1:2, Loli_f1b80e_6303605.jpg)


I'm scared to think of what shit future degenerates will mod into my game.

At least it won't be on my head.



i plan in modding in a holodeck that lets you play TiTS, because fuck you


File: 5c3fd94f819cda6⋯.png (4.24 KB, 489x82, 489:82, tf.PNG)


Aaaaand you lost me (pic related)


That's fucking disgusting. I think it's better that pedos have porn instead of having to resort to the real thing, but that doesn't make that any less disgusting.



misha is sane confirmed



Go nuts ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I'm not touching that shit with a ten foot pole.







>No TF

Come the fuck on, I get when people are shitting on the site (rightfully) when most of the transformations are gender bending tranny shit, but this isn't even ANYTHING relevant now.


File: 3d2a972e150886d⋯.png (5.98 KB, 167x155, 167:155, lance fanart 2.png)

lance fan art but his swords really big this time


this is probably one of the highest quality games on the site



I keep hearing about this game, but so far all I've heard amounts to "REEEE NTR."




>I think it's better that pedos have porn instead of having to resort to the real thing, but that doesn't make that any less disgusting.

I think that reasoning's a little absurd. One can have a fetish for rape without proceeding to go out and rape people or treat people as objects. Finding something hot shouldn't mean that one needs to act on it IRL.



Just your typical shitposter. I'm worries about the game performance because the last time I played it was laggy and buggy as hell. Also i couldn't access the ntr content so im not sure what those complaints are.





because I feel like it isn't said enough - we appreciate you, lance. (and you, commie) [and you, i guess, deadal] < X as well I suppose? > / and all the other anons. you're all cool \



"I guess"

I'll take it

also I am against super boy prime as well, every superman amalgamation sucks

he's the most basic vanilla op bitch of a character there is.



remember that time Superboy Prime took on Anti-Monitor singlehandedly? Or when he literally punched reality into smithereens? …fuck that entire run from start to finish


I guess I'll try that Towergirls patreon build. I've done worse things with a dollar. Anyone need that build, or is it already out there?




Yep it is, the $5 build too. Thanks.



Fuck Superboy Prime. He's a bitch and has the strongest plot armour of all time.



remember that time he got sent back to his (our) universe and lost his powers but then he magically got them back and destroyed the DC comics headquarters? good times.


Did you name your TiTS character "Donut"?


I hope Azra doesn't start to bang your ship mates behind your back. I've had enough of that from CoC.


Fisiana is a mistake


File: f783e32eb82b8b1⋯.png (189.16 KB, 2863x941, 2863:941, ClipboardImage.png)

How would you guys feel for a potentially more detailed mini-map?



Wow, your thing is coming along well.

I don't mind either way.



first version fits the ui better than the second one does


steam sale but i still cant afford any games <3



I'm under the impression that because of common traits in their disorder pedos are at a higher risk of committing rape (mainly lack of social contact which leads to loneliness, depression, and eventually child abuse). What they need is mental help and acceptance, things to fill the void that so many try to fill by forcing themselves on a child. So that's my reasoning. I was trying to find data on this but what I could find was terribly skewed.


Find me a game on sale worth buying, I didn't see a single one



First I've heard of/seen your game, got an about page or something?



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>I'm under the impression that because of common traits in their disorder pedos are at a higher risk of committing rape

Well, I am operating under the assumption that there are people who are attracted to the body shape of young children who would never actually act on it and therefore are not identified as pedos.

If you look at people who are identified as pedos, you are looking at a portion of the population that has actually acted on it in some way.

This is all entirely hypothetical, though. I've not seen any studies or anything.

>What they need is mental help and acceptance, things to fill the void that so many try to fill by forcing themselves on a child.

There's a south park episode free online right now that's tangentially related to this.


>Find me a game on sale worth buying, I didn't see a single one

The days of steam sales being good are long gone.

Unless you find the original 2004 Star Wars Battlefront. That game rocks. I still play it in multiplayer (I had to edit my hosts file since Gamespy is dead). I bought it on CD-ROMs back in the day though.




Buy Portal 2, if you're into platforming and puzzles



gen wunner



You don't have to unlock the jet troopers and it's not made by EA. Those are my reasons.

Gen II is my favourite for the pokemon games.



Loved SW Battlefront 2. Still have it on a reserve USB stick just in case, it's that good to me. Never got to play much of the first one though. Whenever I wanna chill and not stress over anything I turn on godmode and just shoot shit, try out oddball things with weapons. Good times, if not entirely fair ones.

Pokeymanz, Gen II will always have a special place in my heart as my childhood practically revolved around it. Up til midnight on school days playing that shit, swapping stories with friends, not knowing crap about strategy half the time… That said, Gen III was amazeballs for how much they crammed into it.



this is the 3rd towergirls game on patreon i see, christ.

i can't keep up with these anymore



same but unlike some "i only like classics" person heart gold and soul silver were my favorite and most memorable pokemon games


giving out free feebas's for anyone on sun and moon



I got a shiny feebas and im proud of myself

its my first shiny and its name is papa glock please respect my life choices.




I have a shiny heracross in gen III and a shiny beedrill in gen II. Shinies are cool.



>because I feel like it isn't said enough - we appreciate you, lance.

Thanks. :)>>14646

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