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File: f3b0e04857e2111⋯.swf (6.97 MB, d5.swf)


This is a thread for discussing TiTS and other games, I guess. And developing games. And stuff.

The attached swf is hilarious and I highly recommend the show for absolutely everyone.

Despite this being a TiTS thread barely anyone here plays TiTS.

For further information on the game, I recommend you go here to ask.





>Mobile Builds



USE THIS MODIFIED MINERVA SAVE EDITOR if you want to use the online version.

It's now got a java-based tiny local web server included, in order to make it work in Chrome locally. Instructions are in the README.


If you would like my custom mobile CoC, CoC-Mod, other CoC mods, or other builds, just ask.






Post last edited at


New season of anime, and a new series to piss off newcomers. From Goblin Rape to False Rape Accusations and I can't collect salt fast enough



Maybe, but I've been sitting in quite a few discords over the past few years, and the worst I've ever had to deal with was gays. Aside from the japs. If Fen's content didn't cater to subs and cucks, I doubt they'd have any reason to be there.



Is that one any good? I have it downloaded, but haven't set aside the time for it yet.


File: 19e7b39bd8209b9⋯.jpg (28.29 KB, 720x405, 16:9, m225.jpg)


leave the cucks to fester by themselves, they can't breed more degenerates



I like it. I'm a manga-only fag so I can't speak for anything beyond the first major arc but it's been a pretty serviceable ride. I'd keep reading the LNs but reading on a computer is uncomfortable. I'd need a tablet or something. All you need to know is

>Lancer is a Eric Sparrow

>Chocobo is best girl

>it doesn't get as bad as Re:Zero in terms of MC suffering, but he carries that weight


File: d8934febb2ad4da⋯.jpg (76.3 KB, 901x930, 901:930, service.jpg)


Nope, not yet I don't.


Thank you.


>Socket P

I wouldn't have even considered that. My Acer came with a T5550 (according to lscpu), so I've been looking at Socket M processors. The thought is that if I stay at 35W TDP, the laptop should cool it off just the same. If I were to go through with getting another processor, will I need to worry about the voltage ratings?


>At best, you might be able to put a slightly faster Core2Duo in it.

Which begs the question: Is the extra hundred or two MHz's worth the trouble?

>If you're planning on getting into Linux, or just computers in general, you'd better learn to figure out this shit yourself.

I already have some background with Linux. I just wanted more experienced perspectives before going through with anything further.



>Is the extra hundred or two MHz's worth the trouble?

Not in my opinion.

Using a 2.13ghz quad core nehalem i7 (low voltage) now, and the difference between it and the 2.4ghz quad nehalem i5 in my other similarly aged thinkpad ("normal voltage") is basically nonexistant in practice.

Only real difference is a bit more L2 cache in this one.


i7-640LM vs i5-520M



>How'd it die?



this honestly wouldn't be that surprising.



File: cf484fa9eb6779e⋯.jpg (78.79 KB, 550x343, 550:343, cf484fa9eb6779eb67089c97af….jpg)


I wouldn't say it's worth the trouble of upgrading. Your laptop is just a standard basic bitch model from the Vista era. It's not new, old, powerful, or otherwise interesting enough to upgrade it. This is especially true considering that it's a laptop, and if there's one thing laptop manufacturers love to do, it's make it a pain in the ass to upgrade shit.

For all the trouble, it's more worth it to just go dumpster diving for another rig.



Did you ever end up finding anything?



Nope. I'll have to use a machine translator.



Cool exploits; thanks for showing me.


File: 1d63946d3078308⋯.jpg (123.01 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1543647772377.jpg)

Imagine the game TITS could have been with good worldbuilding.



Imagine the game TITS could have been without cucks and futa fetishists.



>without futa

If you don't like futa, why would you play it in the first place?


File: 51334b3fd2520bc⋯.gif (1.63 MB, 540x304, 135:76, 51334b3fd2520bc9cd39b19137….gif)


no one else was lured in by the promise of futas, faggot



It was a successor to CoC, of course it was going to be a futa game. However, CoC wasn't going to be such at the start, so I get those disappointed in it.

What you're doing is like playing Gachimuchi the Gayme the Sequel and expecting something not gay.



No it's like downloading a new browser and the homepage is manhub, being a queer isn't the only thing available in CoC though you're only left with 10% game


File: 74f5019e12c892f⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 73.26 KB, 453x500, 453:500, average Australia Shitpost….png)


>being a queer isn't the only thing available in CoC

>not playing as a female and therefor making everything straight or lesbian

Honestly i feel like a lot of the posts here about COC/TITS being futa enthusiastic are made by people who don't know how to play COC

When playing COCs, the most optimum strategy is to play female, thats where most of the scenes are geared towards, playing as a male is most likely going to make you into a faggot


File: 821bbfb4b617bd7⋯.jpg (53.38 KB, 600x606, 100:101, 821bbfb4b617bd719c78af7561….jpg)


you do know you don't have to take part in the faggot events right? gotta test run them first though


File: 5e4741787877c57⋯.png (987.82 KB, 1397x1761, 1397:1761, Monster-Girl.png)


>not playing as a female and therefor making everything straight or lesbian

If I could somehow get scenes to read in third person I would do this. But reading it as "you take that dude's dick in your vagina" kind of kills it. I also feel like self inserting as the girl will fuck you up in the long run


File: 8d36e72a1ddbab6⋯.jpg (26.08 KB, 400x303, 400:303, 01.jpg)


I can't imagine walking away from TiTS thinking "all this game needs is some worldbuilding and everything would be fine." That is the least of its problems.


The biggest characters in CoC weren't futas, so it being a successor to CoC shouldn't automatically imply a game filled with dicks. There was Urta, of course, and numerous characters with a couple of scenes, that were futas. But the characters with the most content, like Helia, the dragon girl I can't remember, the gargoyle, and presumably others I'm forgetting were all regular females. Some characters with futa content also made that content optional.

In TiTS, every character is identical; dominant furry futa, arm's length dick, morbidly obese, massive breasts. The handful that aren't are either trannies or some bizarre shit like Syri. The people who played a game that had some futa content intermixed with normal content should not automatically expect its sequel to be limited to futa, gay, and cuck content exclusively.


>every character is identical; dominant furry futa, arm's length dick, morbidly obese, massive breasts


Also if I do ever get any more work done on my game, I think there's likely a 90% chance I go overboard on world-building and don't spend enough time on the 'game' itself.



i forgot you were making a game

oh yeah, what's the progress on Bust Zone?




I don't think there are many, if any, obese characters. Adjatha's art just give that impression most of the time.




its weird to think of characters as obese when they can be up to eight feet tall with gallons of weight in milk and cum

i dont think there are any actual fat characters besides the pig girl


File: 9599c45cb3ed5b3⋯.png (416.75 KB, 531x748, 531:748, 01.png)


There's this, and it's not even Adjatha. But if we're going to say that the art is unreliable, then Syri might as well still be white. Why draw obese characters if they're not obese?


File: 556954c36dfc263⋯.webm (307.11 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 556954c36dfc2635aad3738cd….webm)


commie stop posting sp.ed anno, it's disgusting aura scares me



this, we all know she doesn't actually look like that in the game. the art has always been unreliable



adjatha's fucking atrocities are what legitimately made me stop playing the game



the fact you guys complain about adjatha instead of just switching to the far superior gats is sad


File: 51eb63179213ed1⋯.jpg (29.49 KB, 750x267, 250:89, v1eUNl4.jpg)


this calls for an expanding brain meme, but i'm too busy playing runescape to make one





yeah but I don't like gats either, it's so low effort

and not in the good way, like CoC's sprites



CoC's sprites were terrible.

They were like, colecovision quality at best.



The sprites were adorable, what's wrong with you.



Maybe five of them were

Anyway, gats' style is most reminiscent of those sprites of all the artists.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



the ambiguity is what I liked about them. They were simple, and it was a good baseline for you to come up with your own image of the character


anyone else having connections time out when trying to access exhentai?

e-hentai works fine.


That's a good point I'd not thought about.

I nearly always played with sprites disabled because there were no sprites when I started playing the game.


Only have trouble when using a VPN, btw


Fixed it; appears to be a DNS problem


File: db45d4c0be2a8ef⋯.png (163.11 KB, 1348x799, 1348:799, 01.png)



File: 031d481367f5f98⋯.jpg (259.92 KB, 940x675, 188:135, erma-36.jpg)

Comic because nothing else to do

My experience with football as well


File: 061e8901e66fa21⋯.jpg (429.55 KB, 940x1331, 940:1331, erma-43.jpg)

Another one

Same comic

Very cute



are you the dad or the daughter?

also, are they monsters? why are they so creepy? why are there normal people there hanging out with the grudge lady and her child? I have questions, lance.


i have more questions


File: bc0a1a5a3844bc9⋯.jpg (232.72 KB, 768x729, 256:243, 20181209_225044.jpg)



You know the Ring? It's that kind of ghost, but she's married to the guy and they have a kid.

It's… weird but not too much weirder than most waifufag self-insert comics I guess?



Did you make that?

Also, it's excellent.


Could always look up the comic. It's pretty entertaining. Especially once some storylines start.


File: c11ba0a07fb91bc⋯.png (414.43 KB, 800x720, 10:9, 1460095008692.png)


On the back burner till i get more free time. Iirc most of the main engine stuff is working. Should hopefully be getting some actual story content sometime this year.



>Did you make that?

it was on the forums



similar here, but I haven't put most of the engine code on github yet because It's still got a few things I need to add.



What kinda game are you making again? Tf text stuff?



Ideally yes

It's sort of up in the air if tf will be the focus. That's probable, and the engine code so far is geared so that it'll be easy to do that.

Old public demo thingy https://dragontamer8740.gitlab.io/unnamed-game/


A lot of stuff is still just ideas in text files and swirling around in my head, so trying to make sense of it all and unify it is what I'm focusing on atm.



>On the back burner till i get more free time.

aka ded as fuck



unfortunately true



for mine anyway



i believe in X


remember to floss


File: dd1da129431cb08⋯.png (177.45 KB, 1530x1006, 765:503, 2019-01-13_22-35-51.png)


Good advice there.



What's the current going price for blank runes? I remember playing that market for cash like fifteen years ago.



rune essence/pure essence?

No idea, sorry. Will look when I'm not going to bed.


Looks like pure essence is worth very little now compared to in the old days.

Like, 4gp per essence.

Probably too many suppliers, or some new feature Jagex introduced that wrecked the economy which I'm not aware of.


File: 36f376911bae80c⋯.jpg (40.96 KB, 750x372, 125:62, 8u6w4282rba21.jpg)


is this what you meant?


File: dcd95436a835e8d⋯.jpg (28.07 KB, 500x403, 500:403, 01.jpg)


File: 2c1c72b7285f6db⋯.png (302.22 KB, 1919x1109, 1919:1109, Guild Hall.PNG)

File: 44b39707308f4c8⋯.jpg (20.19 KB, 508x493, 508:493, cup o liquid moist please.….jpg)


Sucks having real life demands. If only I sold out to furries and made a game full of dick girls.





rememberto wash your hair


remember to shave and put on some type of cologne



Thanks for the advice daddal



I'm a 24-year-old manchild whose main form of socialization is with weebs on imageboards and I haven't seen the sun since 'nam. Can you recommend me a cologne?



a shower and fresh air



definitely this

old spice is good and probably affordable. good luck



I use Black Suede cologne. Though if you plan on smelling better, I would also make sure your clothes are clean. Neets don't seem to change their clothes daily, and it often smells.



remember to use shampoo and potentially conditioner

and wash behind your ears because at least one person will notice that in your life time.


week 3 of no TiTS updates

Also I got my desktop tower back together today for the first time in three years. The debian updates actually went through with only one hiccup (systemd re-asserted itself as init and I had to tell it no).

Pretty great having a dedicated GPU again. And OpenGL 3.x/4.x compatibility.


File: 14eb6e137052677⋯.jpg (15.8 KB, 216x326, 108:163, Gtthinking i have the conf….jpg)

Has Liliths Throne done anything lately?



don't know, don't particularly care



this is me if you didn't figure it out somehow

Forgot to enter my handle on the said desktop


File: 16710f8b3d5c71c⋯.jpg (17.42 KB, 292x235, 292:235, Landing must be a pain in ….jpg)


good to know. I was worried I almost missed another genuine lance post.



appreciate the sincerity





File: b542d4ae807c7cd⋯.jpg (868.82 KB, 1200x999, 400:333, 189db15900a52c13f5e24b3f49….jpg)


innox finally woke up apparently, thread over at /hgg/ still want him dead though



apparently she added a character that everyone wants to fuck but she doesn't let you fuck her

i don't know the specifics because i don't play the game


Are we ever going to see another TiTS patch in our lifetimes?



Innoxo added the next part in the main quest line, which includes a chuuni mage.

unfortunately, because Innoxo is either a proper son of david or utterly inept, quite a large portion of it is placeholder text.



I can mail you a stool sample if you're looking for something of like kind and quality.



>Are we ever going to see another TiTS patch in our lifetimes?

No, I hope you are enjoying the additional streaming that everyone clearly asked for.


File: a905dc685e60a9d⋯.png (159.32 KB, 289x289, 1:1, a905dc685e60a9d4d38c07407f….png)



I was just going to talk about that but you guys beat me to it. Inno's awakening and distancing from the shitcord.

Some handsome rogue recently got kicked from that discord for daring to talk about getting a thicker skin.


File: 70870c5e4f42bae⋯.png (49.4 KB, 1852x221, 1852:221, 70870c5e4f42bae8e28d4f0525….png)


The "Innoxia: Undercover /pol/" arc has been an exciting turn of events. From banning degenerate behavior on the discord to rallying against the fake news media, Innoxia's become a completely different person. She never used to talk about any of this.



Maybe getting some distance from the echo chamber gave her time to think


File: 0e0c8879ceaa2c1⋯.jpg (190 KB, 856x575, 856:575, 0e0c8879ceaa2c115e3ede5361….jpg)


What would you even call this, a discouraged progressive? What happened to adding more NTR and furshit?



I haven't been keeping up with this one. Give me the tl;dr on her.


File: 116b79371ffc434⋯.jpg (32.03 KB, 743x367, 743:367, 01.jpg)


The number of trannies in her discord makes Fen's look absolutely heterosexual by comparison. Inno's always had an odd personality; she posts memes and emoji, but never has casual conversations about herself, her views, or much of anything other than the game.

We went through a season-long drought of content with that game. Every update was delayed, buggy as hell, and had nearly no content. Back in December, she posted a New Year's plan that basically involved alienating the discord altogether and getting back to work. On the rare occasion she's actually been in the discord since then, she's banned all IRL porn because of degeneracy and its exploitative nature, argued with trannies that disagreed with her, and ranted about the fake news media. It's all been amazing to watch.


File: d8d0a6a74eef619⋯.png (320.4 KB, 1100x1100, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)



Innoxo was super buddy buddy with the discord trannies, made a hugbox server, gave (who I assume are) her super sensitive friends mod powers and popped in and responded to every "i luv u inno" "have my bbs ;3333333333" that those degens sent. She recently came out saying she isn't going to be talking to those tards anymore because it gets in the way of her work.

What it looks like to me is she isn't putting the effort in to be Friendly and ";3 girl on the internet" anymore.


FIND OUT (probably in a month or two) THIS TIME ON H GAME BALL Zeeeeeee!


File: 97b87ab3112f726⋯.png (2.19 MB, 1624x1876, 58:67, twilight princess.png)



> LT was a secret /pol/ op all along to see if anyone could make loads of cash off of fur trannies by putting in as minimal effort as possible in the H-Game patreon scam scene

> it was successful

I am only sad that I was not the man who pulled it off.



To this day I still believe that NoneSuch had a better understanding of the World TiTS was going for than Savin and Fen had ever cared to think of.


So where does development stand for TiTS? Are they even making more stuff for it anymore?



Give Fen a break. The man works his ass off ten days a year and deserves this month-long Christmas holiday.


File: afabc959aca296c⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 908.64 KB, 840x560, 3:2, Flu Season.png)

It's still Flu Season, so be careful out there guys.


File: 136af3bebc0dee7⋯.jpg (44.26 KB, 326x326, 1:1, Smallwagon.jpg)


I hope you catch ebola


and we all know that if any progress eventually happens, it's gonna delay public builds by a month "to be fair to backers."


File: cfc2491deae9685⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 74.35 KB, 854x960, 427:480, bully demon girl kurumizaw….jpg)

ToA New-Years anon here again

I've once again ruined a perfectly good night with my trap addiction.

>got invited out by my cousin and his friends to a bar/pub to get drunk and have fun

>decline, and instead spend the night downloading various pics of 2D trap upskirts

>thought it would be like the last pub visit and end up much the same (everyone vomiting from weird mixed drinks)

>at around 2 in the morning they all end up coming to my house anyway because it was closest

>turns out that they had gotten pissed on the grog and decided it would be a great idea to go a pub crawl

>What was different about this pub crawl was that they decided to visit a bunch of LGBT bars

>And so began a merry night with them painting their skins with swastikas, pulling nazi salute parody marches on the dance floor, calling everyone inside the bar degenerates and proclaiming themselves the sons of Hitler

>funnily enough no one threw them out

>rather it was the non-lgbt bars that threw them out for being too

The worst part is that I'm not even gay

The actual penis on the trap turns me off, rather its the possibility that the picture of the girl in front of me not being a girl that turns me on



>for being too

fug, drunk

didnt mean to spoiler as well


File: bdc9e8545fd5231⋯.png (37.78 KB, 703x253, 703:253, Screenshot_2019-01-19 Feno….png)




>all aboard the progress train

Thats certainly not what i would've called it…



To be fair, that sounds like a shitty night anyway. I don't think you missed out on anything.



what did NoneSuch write?


did we miss something? how did you ruin the night?


final boss? huh? are they pulling a CoC…just stop working on the game for a bit before coming back and cobbling together an ending as quickly as possible?



File: 6e73a621b0e77a0⋯.png (85.75 KB, 913x683, 913:683, lt.png)

Lilith's Throne update: there is no update



Sounds like business as usual.



>final boss? huh?

im quite sure hes talking about what hes been talking about the whole time. the siege event


>The actual penis on the trap turns me off, rather its the possibility that the picture of the girl in front of me not being a girl that turns me on

i dont understand




When TiTs first got started this is what I thought the majority of it would be. Imagine if all the shitty content you always skip over was consolidated into "the futa crew member" or "the bimbo crew member", you know, if the content was narrow and deep rather than wide and shallow … you know what, fuck it I'm going to go talk about making that game for three months on /htg/ (of course it won't be a trainer game) and release a permanent 0.01 alpha on patreon.




Absolutely disgusting.



>What did NoneSuch write

Sera and the majority of her scenarios, the scorpion dude that plays Chess, and I think a couple more characters thats names I can't think off the top of my head.




File: ff3799e9f09061d⋯.swf (1.76 KB, NonesuchFileList.swf)

File: 9c54bcafe63a1b0⋯.swf (40.49 KB, NonesuchHitList.swf)


grep -rn Nonesuch or grep -rl Nonesuch > filename.



Dead patreon milking "game".

>$4,363 of $4,500 per month

>Build a Dev Team [achieved!]

>We've met this reward, and now have Besty working on development full time!




Accidental Woman has no content and the majority of The Company's content is in the sub route. Never heard of the others, but them being on tfgames puts them off to a bad start.



I don't know what you want me to do with those files senpai.



You could download and open them in a text editor then check the relevant passage in the public source code if any of them interest you.



Every board that isn't /f/ sucks.

Post last edited at



I've listed my board preferences many times. I'm guessing you're new.



did lance edit this post?


File: c7d2b688464e506⋯.jpg (32.36 KB, 630x630, 1:1, 220b01d3e2a7d8776b163cd063….jpg)


ayy lmao



I thought they didn't have release dates anymore



Probably sarcastic, but nope, still can't

Also I'm not convinced I like /f/ anymore either, for unrelated reasons.


File: ad231536e6c484f⋯.png (417.74 KB, 437x503, 437:503, patriotism.png)


/f/ is the motherland. Your lack of patriotism is worrying.



she said she might reinstate release dates

apparently release dates were the only thing keeping her motivated to do anything


File: ba8b9de2c6255a5⋯.png (38.4 KB, 210x103, 210:103, authurino.png)


You'd think money would be enough to get dev's of their asses



For fuck's sake. Why is this such an issue?



With the way that game is coded, I'd have no motivation to work on it either.



I am noticing a pattern. Fucked up code and H games



you were the chosen one


File: ec7406e3eab825b⋯.png (147.33 KB, 800x450, 16:9, shidare__hotaru_2.png)


I'd assume is because most of them are self taught and skipped out on basic fundamentals. Thinking back to YanDev always cracks me up.



how bad is it? or rather, as someone with no coding experience, why is it so bad?


File: 8e68f5fabd0b59a⋯.png (149.38 KB, 828x801, 92:89, dopro.png)


I knew that keeping onto this was a good idea


File: e96e74349234b52⋯.jpg (286.21 KB, 537x823, 537:823, remilia scarlet_noya makot….jpg)


They're shit-talking him and other "Pathetic Devs" over on /v/ right now. Apparently some hipster dumpster fire called YIIK came out recently and it's being shat on.


File: e6323e4d2da5b6f⋯.png (182.1 KB, 955x524, 955:524, 01.png)

File: ffde1bb7f24a055⋯.jpg (168.8 KB, 1291x919, 1291:919, 02.jpg)


Good times.


An anon gave up on it awhile back because adding a single new race required the editing of 70+ files. Also, the commenting is horrible. 90% of the code is entirely ucommented. But when you do see comments, it's shit like "[This block of code] Handles responses." Well that's great, but it tells me nothing. It doesn't answer any of the important questions that code comments are supposed to help with, and instead seems to come from someone who was taught that comments are very important but not why. The codebase in general just reads like a pile of crap where new things were piled on top of old things with no thought given to how they might be organized or interact with other things.


File: c2dd2bcf2538e10⋯.png (58.24 KB, 420x396, 35:33, 030.png)


thanks for actually responding, I know we love to hate on people that don't know things

that being said, I'm now curious - is her coding bad because it's bad or is it bad because it's impossible for someone who didn't write it to do anything to it?

I guess what I'm asking is, more specifically, is coding it easy for HER but hard for everyone else, or did she do it so poorly that it's also difficult for her?



i agree with "yandere devs" message. you guys are usually assholes no matter what happens



That depends on her. She could very well understand her codebase well enough to breeze through it. It's not uncommon for bad code to only be maintainable by the developer, no way of knowing.

I'd guess that if it were easy for her, every build wouldn't be an unplayably buggy mess though.


is the liliths throne developer a man or a woman? you guys refer to it as a different thing every time



afaik Innoxia is a girl but I guess (unless I missed something) people either think she is a guy lying to get attention, or a tranny (maybe because transformation smut games attract so many degenerates) so they say 'he' because they're edgy channers



Tits or GTFO wasn't just said for the sake of saying it. It simply means everyone is a dude until proven otherwise. Especially if someone says "btw I'm a girl :3"



I don't think Innoxia ever really did that, though. in fact, doesn't she usually pointedly NOT talk about herself?

well, I don't really go on the LT discord so I can't really claim to know that conclusively


File: 85d6c57c7a5141d⋯.png (76.19 KB, 245x207, 245:207, ClipboardImage.png)


I dunno either. Inno always seemed amicable at the very least. TERRIBLE at getting shit done and she cultivated a ravenous NPC hugbox.

The only habit I see are the ":3"s and shit like that


File: 88ebd843e79e660⋯.png (24.39 KB, 739x182, 739:182, 01.png)

File: 55ae30829296790⋯.png (142.55 KB, 1899x824, 1899:824, 02.png)


>The only habit I see are the ":3"s and shit like that

Except for last Monday.



sometimes i want to join these smut game discord servers to see what transpires



Sitting in them is boring as shit. It's just a bunch of faggots talking about how horny they are because they evidently have nothing going on all day. "I wish [character] would sit on my face." "Imagine [character] but with a dick." There's also folks who take porn game lore way too fucking seriously. They'll spend hours discussing the nuances of a backstory that was probably first written on the back of a napkin at a Taco Bell.

The only good part about discord is that it saves search queries. If you want to follow a few keywords, you can skim a week's worth of discord keywords in a minute or two.


That red moon thing is just starting on the west coast, if anyone wants to see it.



I like the Dark Innoxia arc



damn I wish I was still in there to see that.

Spicy. I like this change; maybe I was closer than I thought with the "doesn't need to be nice anymore" thing.



You should post that in the LT thread. Might get something funny going.



>There's also folks who take porn game lore way too fucking serious

>They'll spend hours discussing the nuances of a backstory that was probably first written on the back of a napkin at a Taco Bell.

Theres nothing wrong with taking lore serious, I bet you don't even play FATAL you plebeian



>I'll be quiet

>I won't be quiet, but i'll be quiet

Seems justified response to me



still sticking around, you may have noticed.


>[imageboards are comprised of] a bunch of assholes who want to use buzzwords and jump on hate-bandwagons

Not entirely convinced that that isn't a valid point.

The last paragraph of that post strikes me as egotistical, though.



I'd say that usually when a codebase is bad, the developer knows somewhat how it works but the 'badness' stems from a lack of transparency/modularity so that other people can quickly get used to working with basic functionality.

At a certain point, though, it will inevitably start to feel like each addition of code feels like a patch or hack rather than an expansion.


IMO it doesn't fucking matter if anyone's male or female on imageboards. Though it is more likely to be a guy, it really shouldn't be the subject of such stupid bickering/harassment.

This thread at least so far has done a pretty good job of accepting Ella, for instance, whenever she materialises.



A lot of programmers are on the autism spectrum

Speaking for myself, long term projects never feel real until they're due the next day.

I'm a master at "submitting-a-first-draft-and-getting-an-A" on things because of this tendency combined with a decent control of English.


File: e485428ed9278aa⋯.jpg (51.27 KB, 400x524, 100:131, 12 - swallow ze sword.jpg)


I'm afraid procrastination is a fairly common trait held by most if not all students.



This is true, but for people on the spectrum/with ADD/ADHD it can be even harder to manage. Meds might make you focus but they can't tell you what the right thing to focus on is.



Pretty sure Ella is just Daedal's alt



being a procrastinator is the default, and if you don't do it, you're the weird one



I'm actually watching that trashfire right now.

It's so bad.




What is it with Discord being a breeding ground for retards?



Pretty sure I'm not :)


File: b1a3a1f8f9f8c62⋯.jpg (888.77 KB, 1237x3864, 1237:3864, 01.jpg)


>Not entirely convinced that that isn't a valid point

I would love to enjoy some of these things. With H Games in particular, it would be fantastic if something came around that wasn't fucking horrible. I get nothing out of everything being awful. While there are people who shitpost solely to shitpost, I assume the majority of them are in the same boat, and would be more than happy to accept a good dev making a good game.

The 'hate-bandwagon' exists because shit is terrible, but it doesn't have to be. When people make garbage and get shit for it, they dismiss it entirely like "you guys shit on everyone, it couldn't possibly be my fault" but it is. For all his faults, FCDev received mostly positive feedback about his game (when it wasn't about his loli ban).


>IMO it doesn't fucking matter if anyone's male or female on imageboards

>This thread at least so far has done a pretty good job of accepting Ella

I think you're missing the point. People don't shit on internet girls just because they claim to be female, it's because its one of those characteristics that becomes the defining aspect of someone's personality, and it gets irritating. Between ridiculous emoji, you get shit like:

"As a woman…", "As a tranny….", "As a faggot….". All day long.

Ella fits in great because she acts like an actual person with a personality instead of a series of labels that must be signaled in every communication. I'm under the impression that MissBlackThorne is also a girl, and she too appears to be completely normal.

See pic related for the usual and unwanted experience (also that's a fucking man).


File: c44668ba1fb2710⋯.png (167.53 KB, 698x705, 698:705, Screenshot_2019-01-21 Feno….png)



>Finally I have something buggy and unbalanced you guys can test for me

>Three of these bullet points are just commentary notes padding out the changelog to mask the fact that I haven't done anything in the past three weeks.

>Monday is going to be a Big Day: yet another stream

I've been more excited for an endoscopy.



just because we have a soul link doesn't mean i'm her


>still sticking around, you may have noticed





>See pic related for the usual and unwanted experience (also that's a fucking man).

i feel like i'm the only person who actually encounters these people in real life.



>Oh boy more streaming on monday

>That's what we all want, right? Not game content or anything, that's not what you're here for


>It's because its one of those characteristics that becomes the defining aspect of someone's personality

I can accept that point as valid and noteworthy.



Oh hi there

On another note, finally got waifu2x built and running on my desktop (which actually has a dedicated graphics chipset) and an image that took a minute and 25 seconds to scale on my laptop (which no one has written GPU OpenCL support for, so it's CPU-based) takes about 2.8 seconds on my desktop.

Feels good, man




you know lance even if you and this thread have ups and downs, i will still be your digital friend :) even if i like dominos more than pizza hut.




Hi, and happy new year!


I liked Dominoes until they stopped doing double decadence bases - now I just grab a Chicago Town stuffed crust from the super market.



ups and downs is a mild way to put it


Is the Psionic tree in the fucking game yet? Did that Beatrice xpac happen? Can I actually fight my cousin again yet?



Of course not.

Probably not, but considering it'd probably be cuckshit I wouldn't want it. Of course not, that'd imply progress.


File: 006b34baf5d65f2⋯.jpg (29.72 KB, 306x306, 1:1, 006b34baf5d65f2af363b396dd….jpg)


Why does nothing change no matter how long I wait!?



>Oh boy more streaming on monday

>That's what we all want, right? Not game content or anything, that's not what you're here for

Are you still underestimating how stupid the losers giving him $s are?

They'll be funding this trash till their deathbed most likely.


>stuffed crust

I can agree with that.


No to all of those things. Hell, could you even fight your cousin once yet? I remember just fighting the bodyguard.



Happen to know that's a direct quote from the 4kids dub of the first Pokémon movie.


I was worried I'd lost you. Glad I was wrong.

Also I'm not a huge fan of Pizza Hut either tbh.

If you can get a little caesars' place to actually make you a pizza when you order it, rather than a "hot and ready" one, they are actually pretty good too btw.



>Did that Beatrice xpac happen


its not dead

>Can I actually fight my cousin again yet?

she got a new mercenary to fight on zheng shi


>I can agree with that.

me too


>a little caesars' place

I think they have the best cheese bread


File: 8e336e84f04930a⋯.jpg (85.65 KB, 575x1024, 575:1024, cc6d1b61e25c9e5013ea51d399….jpg)



What's that, and more importantly will fun things happen if I leave it running on my servers 24/7?



It's a thing that you use to enlarge images without tanking the quality.



>milodons are tribal cat people who use psychic dickrocks to do space magic

>lol here's one that wears clothes and has a power fist that PCs will never get to use

It's probably some spacer playing warlord but that would be giving the lazy ass too much credit


File: c16c27ba29080e6⋯.jpg (242.42 KB, 1440x2000, 18:25, cfec931e0acbdc9bcadaba4cd0….jpg)


Ah, well.

Might check it out anyway, I got too many potato-tier thumbnails saved.



Don't think it does animated files, though, so keep that in mind.




But it's been like a YEAR



Unless you need to do really large images or batches, you can use it online without needing to set it up on your own server.

It's far from perfect though. If you can use SauceNAO or something to find the original image of the thumbnail, the quality would be much better than waifuing the thumbnail.

Though if you want something fun to screw around with, try this:



File: 2b53b69098b40fb⋯.jpg (143.58 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 37425_10258815_p0.jpg)

File: 9ed4ee84c2a6198⋯.png (1.42 MB, 1200x1600, 3:4, 2x_37425_10258815_p0.png)


I use it as a standalone program that I've written scripts to automate upscaling large queues of images with.

It uses a deep nerual network to 'enlarge' images and does a pretty good job of it.

It can also be used to denoise jpegs, which it does a good job of as well. It can do this instead of or in addition to scaling.

There are a few versions - the original requires CUDA afaict, so nvidia cards only. There are forks that use OpenCL or OpenCV to achieve the same effect.

Example - small one is the original low res jpeg from around 2005 I think. The second is denoised and scaled with waifu2x.

I think it's safe to run 24/7. But I don't use it as a web service, just a local program.



Most of the online ones, in addition to being unsuitable for large batches and requiring a good internet connection, seemed to scrap the PNG versions of images they'd already processed but keep a jpeg version in a cache that would be returned the next time someone tried processing that image.



You can use ffmpeg to dump all the frames from a gif or video or whatever, run waifu2x on the list of frames, and then use ffmpeg or gifsicle or apngasm or whatever to reassemble an animation from the frames.


Oh btw here's the source.

It took me a bit to set up everything on my linux box because it's not one of nvidia's officially supported distros and I had to coax it into using GCC 7 instead of 8. The build process is a bit annoying and you'll probably have to google a couple error messages if you take that route, but I probably got it up and running in 30-45 minutes including compilation time on my relatively lower end desktop (GTX 750 ti, i5-3350p cpu, 16gb RAM, a 15 year old spinning HDD that somehow still has no SMART errors).




>lower end

>16gb RAM

How times have changed.



RAM is one of the best things about it.

I'd say that that's not low end.

But the rest of the hardware is about 5-7 years old, so compared to the idiots who upgrade every cycle for no good reason it isn't high end. Also even when they were released the i5-3350p (now 7 years old) was midrange, and the GTX 750 ti (now almost 5 years old) was as well.


(yeah i know people have 32gb or whatever now, but the fact is 16gb is still plenty for basically anything I have ever tried to do on here. Unless you're running multiple VM's running photoshop you're good with 16.)


In fact, 8 is plenty too



That's still damn fine for anything other than the latest games or like CAD modelling. The servers in my closet are all running Core 2 Duo wolfies with 4gb ram and a GT 240.



Huh, that's neat.



this one image may have inspired many neckbeards


Does anyone have the update for CoC2 - retard edition?


File: 5807c71e514b4cc⋯.png (50.7 KB, 932x526, 466:263, 01.png)


Sure, give me a few days.



core2duo is the oldest I'd put up with for day to day use nowadays.



File: 21ba7566d789cb5⋯.png (505.44 KB, 723x2086, 723:2086, Firefox_Screenshot_2019-01….png)

Look at that, two (((updates))) in one day. What (((progress))), obviously anything is possible for the (((backers))) . Fuck public fags though apparently about 99.9999% of the time, "Here is your five minutes of extra (((content))) you ungrateful swine. Pray that I do not reduce it further. ".


It needed more files.



boy i'm glad the fat furry fortress is getting so much content

ship content when



When fen and folks finally learn basic programming.



shouldn't you guys be happy coc 2 has so much preg content? or is it really that bad?


i feel like someone here might have use of this: http://www.mediafire.com/file/gdcxvs4d8vpj24z/Adobe+Premiere+Pro+CC+2018.zip

found it on youtube and its completely fine.



>Thinking cucking of champions 2 is good

>Creator is obsessed with any harem members having sex with other men

Most of those those pregnancies probably aren't yours with savings cucking fetish.



What the hell are you doing?



The game will upload in 1kb parts or it won't upload at all.


File: 06b2b3cf486002a⋯.png (79.9 KB, 307x352, 307:352, 06b2b3cf486002a8fcbb1614da….png)


why would you trust downloads of adobe products from youtube?



it was a gamble but it worked



Looks like it, checked through 2 (((antivirus))) and came up negative. Guess it's time to learn how this shit works now


Can someone please upload the new CoC2 update?




That's some shit connection



It's a joke; I have no plans to upload CoC2 at all. F95 can Google 'cuckold pregnant porn' if they feel they're missing out.


File: 6aaf11e887d2bc0⋯.png (526.69 KB, 960x864, 10:9, 6aaf11e887d2bc03ffd1479de7….png)


how many times does it have to be said, goyim?




CoC 1 is a vastly superior game (even though it's still terrible) and is actually complete. just go play that


>new ramis content

Fuck yes

>it's about her having sex with other men

Didn't know nonesuch was a cuckold. My disappointment is extreme.



if you need help feel free to ask, i have premiere certification

…but limited knowledge


the fact that the used to be best coc mod now has baby fucking completely turned me off from the whole game. it makes me sick.

at this point tits may suck but i think its the lesser of two evils.




I think it's better to reference it as 'that' CoC mod, or pedomod




Anything wrong with throwing a game on there in general? Seems like an easy way to get a game out there.



It's a total shitshow but if your game fits the bill it's definitely the best place to attract positive attention from TF fetishists. The users there are so hungry for anything that they vote barren alphas to the top of their ratings on a regular basis.




I don't remember that being in there. There's definitely guro and snuff now but I can just avoid that stuff.


File: 4f211e6c1544d26⋯.jpg (32.09 KB, 375x344, 375:344, 1458507190336.jpg)


Because the Wolfboy trap just got an update so I really wanna play it and fuck him in the ass in my bed.



In general, no, it's fine. A lot of the more popular games that aren't /weg/-tier end up on there anyway. As a developer, any exposure is good exposure, so toss it up on tfgames and the dozens of other forums. But as a player, I'd never use tfgames for finding games. It's all the same handful of garbage: games where you start out as male but become a complete female in the first thirty seconds, sub/sissy crap, text based games by people who can't write, art-oriented games by people who probably view adjatha as a role model, v0.0.0.1s and 'prologues', and an endless sea of '[Plural Noun] of [Singular Noun]' titles.

Honestly though, if a good game were actually uploaded there, the folks used to dealing with all that shit would probably bend over backwards to support it. Might be worth it.



>The users there are so hungry for anything that they vote barren alphas to the top of their ratings on a regular basis.

Very accurate



[singular noun] of [plural noun] I think you meant?


Apart from that this is all disturbingly accurate.

There are a handful of decent games, but they're typically short and like finding a diamond in the rough.



>CoC 1 is actually complete.

No it isn't.

Ember has a shitload of content that was written but never added to the game. Also, remember how Lumi's lab was originally supposed to be in a fetish cultist dungeon?

That obviously never happened, so the game still says something like "You have the feeling that this room should be somewhere else you can't get to at the moment" when you first find it.



it was ditched because fen wanted a better revenue generator but was afraid of backlash, so he rather brisquely phased out those 'one day of CoC a week' things, and then stopped spending the rest of the days of the week working on TiTS.



>[singular noun] of [plural noun] I think you meant?

Dreams of This, Tales of That, Slaves of SomeBullshit. I'd have to load up one of the sites to get a list, but that's all I ever see.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Oh, I thought you meant like Corruption of Champions or Your Show of Shows or something.

(that's just a very old TV show btw, not a game to look for)

(Sid Caesar's still funny, though, and occasionally avant-garde)


Since a build finally got published today I'm gonna make it soon. Just migrating my build environment to my desktop since it looks like my laptop's HDD might be on its way out.


File: b1d093469b18f9a⋯.png (1.36 MB, 1487x1801, 1487:1801, 01.png)

File: 832f658a2ff40dc⋯.jpg (298.93 KB, 1549x1795, 1549:1795, 02.jpg)

2019: An antivirus software developer escapes the US in disguise to continue tweeting his presidential campaign from a small boat in international waters while he is being charged with bitcoin related crimes.

What a time to be alive, goodnight.


0.7.253, mobile and desktop links, on my site

Sourced through f95, so thanks I guess.

Mobile builds are still my own though.



sorry I forgot I was in a thread full of pedants

CoC 1 has an ending



Three solid years of Backlogg, Sent content, & requests. That he just chose maybe 1 out of hundreds and hundres each month, and you tell me that bs? I like to take people's retartedness into account but, Well fuck, I can't come up with anything. That is how disappointing that is.



10 bucks says its half preg for one female npc and the rest is all male, just like Trannies in Titless Space.



"Once there were a bunch of people, and then they all died, the end" is also a way to end something. An ending is just one necessary component of a completed story/game.



All I'm saying is, it has a beginning, a middle, and an ending. It has areas with full storylines, as well as fully fleshed characters.

CoC2 doesn't. It has cuck and preg content. That's about it.


In fact, I'd say having an ending is the least important part of a game. A good game is about the experience/journey rather than the conclusion, although a good ending can certainly increase its memorability.



*some somewhat fleshed out characters.

CoC2 is worse, but don't try to enshrine CoC.



enshrine CoC? I literally said

>it's still terrible




I definitely believe you mean that when you say 'vastly superior' in the same sentence. Not just better. Vastly. Superior.



You know the "best" part about the siege content?

It's going to be Fen's excuse to stick dicks that aren't yours in any character you might have actually liked in that area. Especially the designated waifu dog.


File: e17a768dc0aa468⋯.webm (311.81 KB, 480x360, 4:3, e17a768dc0aa4684fd2514ab7….webm)



>as well as fully fleshed characters

please tell me this it bait



just because you don't like 'em (reasonably) doesn't mean they aren't there

Kiha, Rubi, Kelt, Katherine, probably some others idk



I thought Savin was the cucklord, though, and he's too 'busy' working on CoCII to care

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