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File: f3b0e04857e2111⋯.swf (6.97 MB, d5.swf)


TiTS builds are essentially dead since I don't have access to the source code anymore.

We will keep the topic for this and other discussion though, for now. Have some other links, though.

Also the attached swf is hilarious and I highly recommend the show for absolutely everyone.



CoC-Mod: 1.0.2 mod 1.4 dev version 3:

Desktop SWF:


Android APK:




Note that there are "official" CoC-Mod mobile builds. too. Apparently these don't work for some people, though, and I always build my own for myself anyway.

Some files I use in the building of these apps:

"FlashDevelop-plus-fl-libs-flex-AIR.7z" - contains a copy of FlashDevelop and the required AIR and Flex SDKs, plus files from Flash CS6 that were formerly required for building the defunct TiTS save editor. You'll need to set the path to the SDKs (they're in the "Apps" directory) within FlashDevelop when you first start it.


"tits-air-buildfiles.7z" - contains a different certificate (not the one I sign with, just a dummy one), some build scripts, metadata files, icons, and the like. it's the file system that I use for building mobile app versions of the games.


I've since switched to a new build system so I can do it from linux/OSX/cygwin and automate the process:

tits-build-env-v2.7z (118.3 MB) - contains the linux/unix buildscripts that I currently use for my NEW build system, and the AIR runtime parts you need.


Nimin 0.9.75o:

Desktop SWF:


Android APK:




Space Project - Seraphita (an old 90s visual novel for windoze. Works in wine on OSX and linux distros too. Art by Makita Aoi. Contains dickgirls):




>Helia - as a slut - still loves you, still has a family she cares about, and you can have a child with her that she explicitly states she doesn't want to grow up to be like her.

It's okay, you can still hate Savin. He didn't want to write any of that and hates it.






I can't really provide specifics, but I've heard that he hated writing the pale flame shit.



Sera is fucking amazing to be fair. Definately my favourite character in TiTS and the fact that even in her sub content she is still very much herself and following her ideals make me so happy



This, honestly. Helia was a bro, and honestly I think the strain of writing her to be knocked up (vaginal sex AND impregnation?) made him have a stroke that he hasn't recovered from.

Sera and Red Dude are great. That they look like Demons (a.k.a. "Early CoC") surely is coincidence because I don't think they could be aware of what made a great character and then link it up thematically to their superior game, then write something like Kiro or Anno.

I'd say Shekka is pretty good too. She's well aware of who she is and where she is, and has opinions on both her race and her home. On top of that while she indulges in a lot of fuckery she's fairly grounded in that she doesn't ever really stop feeling like Shekka. She's a good rabbit/lizard/goblin and I hope fenoxo's grubby little fingers don't get near her.



>liking Helia

Maybe I'm a puritan, but I found her gross as hell. Especially that cuck shit with the minotaur.



Personally I think there's something to be had for everyone.

I'm a big Vanilla fag. I like cute lovey dovey moments and that's why I like Vala a whole lot. But I love Demons and the corruption shit a good bit, too.

Really if it's written well, I'll endure it.


>"the fact that even in her sub content she is still very much herself and following her ideals make me so happy"

My friend. I wasn't big into being a slave owner of her, but I was really happy with how it turned out.

Instead of mindbreaking her to be a completely new character, she's still just herself but with a bit of an attitude change.

It's personally how I wish more relationship stuff would go. If you do the sub route, she makes you fucking WORK for it because she fucking messes with your shit.

She puts that rainbow shit in your shower and will crash your ship while you're away from it.

And while it's annoying and can make you mad, you realize that the point and that's her character.

She's a cheeky cunt and I love her and I want to take her everywhere just to see if she has something to say. She reminds me of the first time I played Mass Effect 1. I fucking loved Garrus, Tali, and wrex and I just wanted to learn more and more about them.

I really hope NoneSuch makes more of her and more characters in general because they know how to write good.



Yeah same. She starts off as a major skank but that you can befriend her, and actually get her to cut that shit out, kind of sold me on her.

What cuck shit?



It's said in game that Minotaur semen is addictive. I'm fairly certain you can make her stop.

I feel like 'cuck' is far too used as a term to describe people who have had multiple relationships or aren't 200% invested in you.

Given the world CoC is in it never really bothered me much.

Then again I've always been of the thought of 'If I'm gonna fuck a bunch of people, then why should I limit others from doing the same'.



Vala's another one that would've been fucked in her expansion. She talks about fucking the other patrons "but it's not serious and you're still my hero!".

I really liked Sera's sub stuff, but part of it was admittedly me finding Sera to be really annoyingly edgy and being satisfied in giving her ego a smack.


But Helia never stops. You just don't see it.

It's the scene where you find her fucking a minotaur, try to fuck her ass and are told "Sorry lover it's taken". Then you can lick the mino dick or some other shit.


It's pretty cucky, man. Go read it again.



Oh that scene. That's not quite how it happens. Before befriending her, but after fighting/fucking her enough times you'll see her raping a minotaur. You can fuck her in the ass or have the minotaur eat you out, depending on genitals, and afterwards the two of you talk. Hell that's the moment you can tell her that minotaurs are addictive and she should stop. Also ask her to stop attacking you. (but why? She's easy xp)

She'll then randomly appear in any area you explore because she literally comes to you to get off after that point.

Unless there's another scene I'm not aware of.



Think we might just be on very opposite sides of things then, which is fine. Interesting to see.

Personally I think you take the 'Pure' thing a tad too far.

That's just my opinion. You say a lot of 'it's cuckshit' which I guess if you apply it to the internets or mainly 4chan's understanding of it, then yeah, maybe.

I've always attributed that as people being way too stuck on the idea that purity is king.

Every time I go to /a/ there's always a thread of a character asking if they're a slut. And every time the post "If she ever looked at a dick, knows what it looks like, ever had feelings for someone else, or fucked someone else, she's a slut and you're a cuck." is one of the first posts.

Though perhaps we simply think differently. I like to think it's as simple as that.

I've never seen the game 'Corruption of Champions' as pure to begin with. So I suppose I've tempered my expectations.

For Vala, she was used as a sexslave for a long time and it's stated the poison isn't entirely out of her system.

I've read Helia's stuff just recently actually. And my thoughts on that reflect >>25398 The only things she tends to fuck later when she's at your camp is Isabella and the fox girls in Tel'adre. Each time she pretty much asks if you want in.

Also Sera's appeal to me is her personality and ego. I like her because she has one and isn't just some character I can steamroll like I have everything else.

I'll admit it was great seeing her upset as fuck when she learned I bought her contract out, but I was more afraid that she'd fuck me over somehow.



/a/ takes the purity thing too far, but I'll admit I'm fairly staunch on it. It makes it hard being an unabashed pervert when you're like me, but hey, that's how dice roll.

That said, you seem fairly loosey goosey on the matter of fidelity, so I'm not sure if we're on polar ends of the scale or one of us is making the other look more extreme by comparison.



Not him but I'm kind of the same way, honestly. I kind of wish you could take companions with you while traveling, because Me and Amily would have been a hell of a power couple while fighting demons. Or Helia and I. Or that one time I rolled a Knight that ~s~laid a dragoness.



I roleplay it, mostly.

My character lives in this place so I figure their moral would be fairly lose. Everyone there is probably probably degenerates, so it's not like I can stop them from being that.

I just go with the flow.

And you're right, /a/ takes it far too fucking far. Either by irony, shitposting, or genuinely believing but who can really tell anymore?



Can you even do anything with the Light Rail Avenger or is it just a joke item?


I'm doing the Manor area and I just got the Dagger from the room the Jester was in and can't seem to figure out where to go next. what do?



Nevermind. I answered it myself.



I like terrible jokes


>Lethicite has 10000 HP

wew laddy. this will be fun.

Besides Spring water what else reduces lust in the middle of battle?



>get it down to about half it's HP by chugging spring water

>realize I can just tease it to death

w-well.. I was going to win anyways, I guess.


File: 87464e71d574c64⋯.jpg (70.82 KB, 640x480, 4:3, tardis.jpg)


> >15

>What? Are we using the same ship that's at the beginning of the game? you can only have two people on it at once.

It's bigger on the inside than on the outside.


>Nothing wrong with a slut. As long as it's a well written slut.

Sure. I can sign on to that.


>How do you feel about polyamourous characters?

Polyamory is a lot like communism. It's not likely to work out happily IRL, but on paper I have no problems with the concept.


>I want more non-furries with content

Me too, buddy. Me too.


>Sera is fucking amazing to be fair. Definately my favourite character in TiTS

I'd just like to interject for moment. What you're refering to as 'the best character in TiTS,' is in fact, 'The best character in TiTS after Bess,' or, as I've recently taken to calling it, 'the second best character in TiTS.'

I like Sera's personality (for the most part... not perfect,but I like the fact that she has opinions, likes/dislikes, etc.).


Still not done the final CoC dungeon because the moment I do I no longer have any new content left to discover in vanilla CoC for the rest of eternity.



The Lethicite is in the Manor, not the last dungeon with Lethice in it.

Speaking of the Manor, I got some Abyssal Shard from it, and it says it's a Material. Any idea what I use it with? Rath doesn't have anything for me.



Ah, I only skimmed through the posts since so many had been made since my last visit here. So I misread lethicite as lethice and thought you were talking about the final dungeon. My bad.



It's fine.

Speaking of final content, I had always hoped that with Lethice 'taken care of', that you could go back through the portal to your home.

Was really bummed when you couldn't. Though I guess that's what we get for having it rushed.



yeah, so much shit in CoC never got finished.

the most aggravating one for me was Ember.



Yeaaaaah. I just got her on my other character and looked up what I could do with her again.

>Purrified not implimented

>Corrupted not Implemented

>dead end with nothing more as a fuck sleeve.

All we can do is hope that one day one brave anon will do something.



All the docs and un-written content I could find years ago is linked here





I dunno >>25416

>all those editing notes

I mean this is all there, so why hasn't someone coded it in?



1) it's a lot of content and work

2) the dungeon itself isn't totally fleshed out in the docs and people don't want to have to imagine it themselves

3) CoC modders are all too lazy to do it when there are easier projects they can do. They aren't passing their initiative rolls. Prove me wrong, OtherCoCAnon. Please.



>it's a lot of coding work

I feel like at this point, remaking CoC into a more accessible to mod game with better coding ethic would be easier than it would be modding into the current game.



>remaking other peoples' content

That's not very fun so I'd never be able to make myself do it.



Its not really a material. Click it for a hint. Click it in the room where you fought the necromancer, at nighttime, to trigger something.



>There can be no hope from this hell, no hope at all

Kay. Guess we Darkest Dungeon now.

What's the gimmick? I had the dagger and figured that's what it took, but having 100K HP gives me little room for error.



Please respond this is important.



See, I went the opposite way on RPing it. My champion is from a different, un-corrupted culture. He has different standards as to what is and is not acceptable.

Not that there's a cohesive standard on what corrupted/non-corrupted behaviour is anyway. Tel'Andre is supposedly minimally corrupt and almost everyone in there is a fucking degenerate?

Remember that cringey thing one of the writers did where a "bigoted" NPC was gonna be put in the stocks and raped as "justice"? Fucking hell.



Yeah there come a point when you let too much of your colors show through your character and that would be one of them.

that and Kiro mentioning where she raped a ship full of nuns just leaves an awful taste in my mouth that I could surely do without and something they REALLY don't need in the games.

Lets take a look back at >>25387 and what Sera says in that. That's a personal stance done right because it fits the character and because she's kind of an asshole.

If you do some mental gymnastics you could say it's a statement of furries being delusional.

TiTS being the game it is and played by a lot of those people, I was genuinely surprised to see it and why i think she stands out as an important character and an example to how you can fix this fucking game by adding more than your bargain bin Donut into the game.

The difference is tastefulness and how you bring your writing across to the reader.

Lets take that Tel'Adre 'bigot' scene you're talking about. right away to pretty much anyone - even furrys - I'd wager they'd see something fucked up about that.

Now! Lets try to make that work better.

Lets say the guy they are punishing isn't really a nice guy, but you you call them out on their corrupted act, saying they're no better than the demons they're protecting against if they follow through.

Have Urta appear, as much as I fucking hate her, have her set them straight by being on your side of this argument, therefore affirming that she is in-fact the head of the Watch

and that she even has standards. Therefore making her more likable, and setting that even with degenerate activities, they aren't barbarians and are nothing like the demons.

they let the man go. And while he has no love for them and 'their kind' he thanks the captain and things continue on as normal.

Done. Easy. Still a bit decisive, but gets the point across.

AND it helps bring Urta and Tel'Adre into a better light.



still a bit divisive*



I don't think there is any bringing Tel'Adre, letting alone Urta, into a better night. This is a supposedly uncorrupted safe haven where the bar turns into an orgy every night.

It'd make Huxley weep with all the orgy porgy.



Here's a guide. https://pastebin.com/r7MbEYC5


Corruption is pretty much a magical STD. If you aren't actively harnessing it or fucking something that's heavily "infected", you won't get much if any buildup. Furrytown screens out heavy corruption at the gate, so they can fuck each other all day without much fear of sparking a demonpocalypse.



Then the argument that everyone is a skank because "lol the world is all corrupt" falls flat and there's even less of a justification for it.



I mean it's fantasy. You need to suspend disbelief somewhere.

If this were trying to make me really believe it's accurate, I'd criticize it more directly, but since this and TiTS are very loose on writing quality consistency I just let it pass.


It's actually kind of a shame that the corruption isn't as invasive as it's hyped up to be. I want corruption to weigh on me, and change me if I don't keep it under wraps. That's kind of why I like Exgargantuan because he's a constant and intrusive source of corruption. Also over-time TFs are cool.



>it's a DPS race

>tfw go back to him and spam attack until I win because have Obsidian Armor, and Flame shield and 100 toughness and 1050HP

Well then.



Look, what I'm saying is you can't really excuse everybody being a massive slut as "it's just corruption bro".

If your fantasy is everyone fucking everyone then good on ya. I recommend going clubbing.



I'm just being realistic with the thing I'm playing.

I expect nothing in hopes of receiving even less. And if it's good, I'm pleasantly surprised. This game is a fuck simulator. The story and reasons for why things are the way they are are secondary, unfortunately.

these days CoC gets a pass because it's older, and the fans are taking care of it now.

TiTS deserves its ridiculing because it's literally just CoC with less direction and its characters in a lot of ways aren't as good as some of CoC. I think it's 250% fair to compare it to CoC because it's supposed to be a better product and people are PAYING for said product in the thousands.



I always figured it was more plain old societal decay than pure corruption in Tel'Adre's case. They're a scattered collection of refugees (or kids of refugees) from a bunch of dead civilizations, hiding in a city with no real plans or hopes of retaliating, just praying the wards never fail. Half the food can hypersize their dicks/boobs, and they've got just enough corruption to have that little voice in the back of their head whispering "fuck it". So they go to a bar, get wasted, and watch the guard captain hose someone with their disgusting horsecock before boning the nearest prostitute/fellow degenerate because that's really the only thing they have left.

Of course the actual reason is that most of the writers wanted degenerate smut and probably never even thought of corruption beyond using it like a nice/asshole meter. But its fun to try and rationalize the mess.



But how long has it been since society 'fell'? Amily experienced the beforetime and she's fairly young.

I guess it's just me being a prude, but it's really fucking weird when the "non corrupt" town of Tel'Adre does the exact same degenerate shit as the Bizarre.



I mean Jojo is around the same age, but he still refers to you as 'child'.



Demons had already been around for "a few years" as far back as Amily can remember, she guesses she was born shortly after they first appeared. So probably about 10-25 years ago depending on the area. Some places got hit right away while others like Amily's village only had to deal with the occasional imp for a few years before they had a proper demon invasion, probably because the demons never had the numbers to just blitzkrieg the entire land at once.



Lizardmage is like 20 and he remembers them coming as well.


are there any crew member interactions yet?





Yeah, Adrian is also young and he remembers them coming, so it can only be like 15 years at most.

Certainly not enough to have everyone go Mad Max.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Accompany battle with music



This is the kind of stuff I want to have in my game.

Still a good ways off though



Of course, on the other hand the opposite end of the spectrum is monster girl quest, where (for me at least) the story itself was so entertaining that I never actually fapped to it.

Nothing wrong with that, but it might leave some disappointed.



I love MGQ that much that I live streamed playing it once, which was a fun exercise in finding ways to hide what your doing.

Porn with plot is good stuff. When it comes to porn games I enjoy getting distracted and/or invested in the story rather than it just being a fap marathon.


File: c4ed606aa5103dd⋯.png (34.56 KB, 575x373, 575:373, ClipboardImage.png)

Finally a game that caters to my very specific fetish of being a human soda dispenser.



Haha. If someone could do that, I'd never stop blowing em lol



Different anon, but I look at it in setting.

Helia, at the time, isn't devoted to you, you aren't a couple, you view each other as fuck bait at best.

Why is she going to be loyal to you?

Anno is in the same position. You are fwb and coworkers, not a couple, not true love, and screaming about "cuck shit" means you are the one who is seeing something that isn't there.

It makes you look like the one who has a headcase that needs to be sorted.




So i used the MODIFIED MINERVA in firefox but it still seems to break the game (unless im doing something wrong). Whenever I try to change something in minerva the game screws up and I can no longer explore because nothing else shows up, also some characters dont work after that like Jojo and events aswell



>It makes you look like the one who has a headcase that needs to be sorted.

That's a bit far, bro.

You're correct about Anno, but with Helia even when you are lovers she still fucks around.


Personally, I find it hard to be upset about any of my lovers getting strange sometimes when I fuck random encounters on the regular, even having babies with them. Long as it's not a love affair.



>with Helia even when you are lovers she still fucks around

She doesn't when she moves into camp.

Before that, you are still fuckbuddies.



She does tho. She even says so in several conversations. You just don't see it.



You can tell her to stop. I remember it clearly.

Even before paleflame you can just tell her that MINOS R BAD and she'll stalk you for her sex needs. Unless you mean with isabelle? Izabell? Cow bitch.



Yeah Helia definitely has a scene where you can convince her to only have sex with you




I don't remember that at all. I know you can tell her about minotaurs, but where's this scene?



I believe it is as soon as she has enough affection for you; you catch her getting railed by some minotaurs and you have the option to tell her "MINOS R BAD"

She'll show up at any place crazy and wanting sex.


Just went through Fisianna's song and dance to get her into bed.

I've a couple things to say about her.

+ I like her. She's basic, but this game has been really lacking in basic and I'll take what I can get.

She's a cat girl. she likes cats. She made herself a cat and that's her shtick.

+/- That being said she's a little generic, but again - not really a bad thing but her character is pretty predictable and the writing, while still fairly good reads a bit amateurish.

Only thing I can compare it to is Fan Fiction. She's kinda just the pure/shyish waifu bait virgin and it doesn't really try hard to hide it.

+ She's a cat girl without a snout and no dick and isn't a sexual degenerate.

+ Literally the only virgin in the game thus far.

- Don't really like that each of her scenes are REALLY REALLY long in terms of writing. you could paraphrase a lot of that shit to be shorter.

- This writing for her character does one of the things I dislike the most which is make Steele talk and talk quite a bit while portraying some emotions that we the player might not actually be feeling.

I prefer Steele stay stoic and their 'dialog' be portrayed through descriptions and through writing rather than speech. And if they have to say something, make it a dialog option.

Hers isn't the only one to do this obviously, but it's still pretty bad in that respect.

+/- There's pacing if you want to fuck her. It takes a bit, but it's not autism levels of doing so. If you don't like her kind of character.

+ Good sex scenes. Not full on hard fucking as far as I've seen, but nicely paced and not a ton of repeating words.

Solid 7/10. TiTS desperately needs more 7/10s.

What did you guys think of her?



Yeah, but that's just Minos. She still fucks other people.



like who?



Nigga, stop.

You have a bunch of people who are countering you, so either look up her dialogue, play the game again, or concede this pointless discussion.



Well she does go on about fucking those Kitsunes in the bar in Tel'adre, and Isabella. Probably one or two others, but they aren't really corrupted entities and pretty much every single one of them you have the option to join in.


File: c501192a24e28dd⋯.png (6.97 KB, 686x38, 343:19, 2018-03-19 17_33_48-Adobe ….png)

for what reason does this character exist?



>one of the things I dislike the most which is make Steele talk and talk quite a bit while portraying some emotions that we the player might not actually be feeling

I fucking hate the authors that do that. Like, how the fuck are you gonna ignore one of these basic principles in these types of games? And how is Fen gonna read this submission and let that shit slide? It's so absolutely jarring.



she ends up hate-fucking you, right? I guess she's there for masochists.



>Literally the only virgin in the game thus far.

There's actually quite a few of them, more than CoC I think. Fisanna, Aina, Inessa, Liliana, that red myr in the bathhouse, both the myr combat encounters IIRC, Kiro and potentially Lerris if you're counting non-virgins with virgin vaginas, Embry if you count a total virgin tranny, and the vanae maidens if you count random encounters.



If "she" weren't a futa I'd say it's to secure the place of best girl for the humans.



>red myr in the bathhouse

tell me more



I dunno. I just think it comes across as trying REALLY REALLY hard.

Fucking Fen wrote this character, and I'd have expected better than this.

As far as I can tell she's literally just a racist to be a racist. No motive or reason. Just hates anything not human .


I mostly be romancable characters but you're actually super right. Fuck.

Says how much I remember the game after 5 years of playing it.



Haven't actually found them or don't accurately remember them.. Probably should.


Yeah but you can't deflower her.

>Red Myr bath

She's a cockvirgin, not a full virgin, but you're right regardless.


I'm shocked. I'm utterly shocked that I forgot she's a 'virgin'.

I try to forget about her though, so that might be why.



Top left corner of Kressia, in the public section.


Aina is the centaur girl on Tavros, Liliana is the gold myr in the bar. And you've been able to get that godforsaken belt off Inessa for a while now. What the game really seems to be lacking is male virgins. CoC had Arian and Jojo, but I can't think of a single one in TiTS besides Embry, and you can't do anything with his dick.



>You've been able to get that belt off Inessa for a while now

Here we go, penis.

Also both CoC and TiTS lack general male characters to begin with, much less virgins.

You wanna be a chick character and fuck huge guy dick? Well you only got a few options, and none of them are really romantic relationships or companions.

Only guy that's 'romantic' and fairly good is red guy in Tavros. Even reacts to you being a virgin if you are one.


In TITS especially there's fuckall for masculine items or transformations. Plenty of stuff to turn you into a sissy, futa, trap or tranny. But nothing to reverse that unless you want to be treated or a bull. Not even much stuff for male clothing options. I usually just cheat in a weavemail shirt and jockstrap because otherwise I'd still be in the dress clothes.



>red guy in Tavros

the tiny demon chess player?



The Performer.



Fairly certain there's human tnnasformatives now.

Terran Treats I think they're called?



I won't concede a discussion in which I'm right.



There is ManUp at Sera's store I think, but I get what you mean



With that attitude this discussion will never end regardless of who's right or wrong.

Lets take a lesson from 4chan in which we drop it before that's all this thread devolves into for the next day and a half.



I'm not arguing because I think I'm right, I'm arguing because I think you're a prick.

And you fuck horses. Mostly that.



Only centaurs, my man. I have standards.


Not like there's sweet fuck all else to talk about at this stage.


I miss JimT.



IIRC Brandy, the mute cowgirl on New Texas, is a virgin too.



Nah, ironically given my above post Brandy lets centaur PCs fuck her puss.

Which sucks, because a virgin on New Texas was cool.



Hm, well, try AIR minerva then, I guess.

I haven't had problems with the web version of it in the three years I've used it, but again, YMMV I guess.

AIR version is under the 'Legacy' heading on this page. Requires Adobe AIR to be installed.


Alternatively, I made an updated version of that a little while ago that you could try.




Also TiTSEd will work if you use windows or spend a lot of time configuring Wine.


or just use TiTSed like a normal person that exists in our time period and not Lance's Convoluted Time Tangle



look at that, lance used his time powers to make me look stupid



Did he leave the project?




Also note that TiTSEd only works on my laptop in Wine if I disconnect my external monitor when starting it up. Otherwise it just is a big blank empty window.

Also also I am now playing Twilight Princess using a version of Dolphin from 5 years ago (the last one to support OpenGL 2.1, the max my laptop can handle).

It's working surprisingly well, actually. I have the Wii U gamecube controller adaptor hooked up to a wavebird.


I always use TiTSED and CoCED

However in the recent version of the community version of CoC seems to not like if you load a save into CoC and saving over a current save as it literally just will not save over.

Saving into an Empty slot will work though.


File: cd9824079f0ddf8⋯.jpg (95.54 KB, 345x345, 1:1, MOTH PUSSY.jpg)

X's Game V0.0.2

- Game editor added. Contains an event editor and dialogue tester. Only events currently in the game can be edited. This will be updated in later releases.

- WotN's MOTH PUSSY event added to the game. (located bottom left of spawn).

- WotN's Maidens Mace item added.

- MissBlackthorne's clovis item added. Most changes will not register in scenes until the character viewer and dialogue parser are updated.

- Various fixes and changes to the background system.

Download: https://mega.nz/#!vTghwRAC!S3vB4NqUr5I8FB4joR0RvaEV8ySa9YwwT12I1B0AmHk

Trello: https://trello.com/b/AeIeC6Pv/

Suggest a Name: http://freesuggestionbox.com/pub/uanezgc





The main point of my pushing Minerva is that it is more versatile/future-proof, and (barring weird bugs that I never seem to find) that it works everywhere except chrome. Asking someone to install another web browser is to me a lot more reasonable than expecting them to switch operating systems.



Oh, and it works in chrome too, but only if you run it on a webserver.



mite take a peek at this later



Left years ago.



Something caused the character viewer to break in the build. Imma go ahead and rebuild real quick and provide a new download link.


File: 4359da74d32a49c⋯.png (523.2 KB, 1192x894, 4:3, GZ2E01-197.png)

File: b14f7c05d5f4ae8⋯.png (661.35 KB, 1192x894, 4:3, GZ2E01-217.png)

The gods have decided. Looks like I'm not gonna get anything accomplished this week.



Pretty amazed my laptop can handle this game at all btw. I was honestly expecting it wouldn't and that would be the end of it


File: 26387cd9444ffcf⋯.jpg (185.72 KB, 710x481, 710:481, MOTHHHHH.jpg)



X's Game V0.0.2 (FIXED)

Fixed it. Constructive criticism is appreciated. Lemmi know what you guys think.

Download: https://mega.nz/#!bKAUCaaD!Cb_bmTB7kxkMHwNHTosRRgviU1p3rYa0zYxvLrhwskk


File: 7c25b5181a01e36⋯.png (643.55 KB, 1192x894, 4:3, GZ2E01-570.png)

Sounds right to me


I don't usually like Chix with Dix™ but Prai is pretty alright.


File: 6d940f5efdfd0af⋯.jpg (246.85 KB, 2048x1520, 128:95, pic unrelated.jpg)

I just found the most unrelated pic.

Had to share it.


File: 4f82a0e363a7978⋯.jpg (174.16 KB, 726x800, 363:400, 1510684974906.jpg)


I like this alot actually. Writing aside which I'll go through and re read when I have more time. Its nice to see actual fucking enviroments and aesthetics placed around your world like the wooden flooring of the air ship. Its a nice touch and alot more refreshing than BLUE AND PURPLE FLAT BACKDROP. If you have the artistic talent I might want to refer you to taking some inspiration from old blobbers like Grimoire and old final fantasy where the creatures you fight and interact with are laid beforeyou



Yay! Glad my stuff is helpful.

Today I dunno how active I'll be as I have a hospital appointment where I'm trying to persuade them to do some surgery. I might get some writing done while in the waiting rooms, but can't garuntee anything


File: 11d1510b6b02581⋯.png (9.2 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 1521397475880.png)


Tfw got banned from Fenoxo's Discord

Why are furry mods so trigger-happy?



What Emulator?



Because to a lot of them, the main reason they like furry shit in the beginning is because of escapism. As such they proceed to live in their own little bubbles and when someone threatens to disturb them, they swing the banhammer as if it was to save their damn lives



welcome to the Cesspit. please avoid stepping on Daedal's corpse, and do not stare directly at the Etherwind Shrine



>Why are furry mods so trigger-happy?

If Fen's mods were sane, they wouldn't be trannies.



The updated version seems to work now just fine! Thanks Lance, if anything goes wrong again i msg but thanks again but im a bit confused. Was lottie removed from this mod? She does not show up in the gym



Fen wanted to be edgy and figured that 'people who don't like furries' need representation.


Anno creampie when?

No really why does this fucking slut who anything that moves care about protection?



I could've sworn that you already can do that.



You can fuck the pussy, but she makes you wear a condom, unless I've missed something.

Both her and Syri use condoms.



Daedal didn't die, he left before he could be killed.



Only in a dream sequence.


File: e7abd100420e034⋯.png (17.97 KB, 941x140, 941:140, 2018-03-20 23_11_01-Adobe ….png)

>Have Sera fuck my donut and get her prego

>she ends up having 9 kids of hers at the same time

>find her at the nursery, she wants to name the kids

>start going down names

>name one 'cunt' because that sound like something she'd name them

>get pic related

That's fucking great.



Sera continues to be a great character.



hm, I don't think so, but I'm not too involved in the game anymore.

Could just be you haven't met some prerequisite or you're there at the wrong time of day or something.


File: e96c6d26f120da1⋯.jpg (44.25 KB, 516x960, 43:80, physics.jpg)

File: 3aa075a9e845fbc⋯.png (15.55 KB, 262x288, 131:144, density.png)


A+. I hate kids and don't want to form babby, but that's some A+ humour.



Dolphin, version 3.5 (the last release of it that will run on my Lenovo Thinkpad X201 with hardware acceleration).


File: e81ecb4cc0ae878⋯.png (252.92 KB, 674x899, 674:899, Nathan Nazim.png)


Glad you like it. I can art and I do like that style for battles but I'm gonna have to keep it simple for now due to time constraints. There will still be the regular old character or enemy bust things off to the side of the screen. Wish I had more time to spend on this thing.


File: 194035e79bd1ea5⋯.png (38.98 KB, 766x98, 383:49, ClipboardImage.png)



I knew it. Maybe her scene got rewritten with the huskar thing and they slipped this part in, I dunno.


File: f0ee61508afc99f⋯.png (51.59 KB, 964x413, 964:413, moty.png)




Well shit. Yep, that's a rewrite, the original scene used condoms.


File: cb75feac88a324e⋯.png (22.65 KB, 703x133, 37:7, 01.png)

>I'd like to take a moment to remind everyone that I don't do shit.



does this nigga have less hours in the day than everyone else or what?




also wouldn't a shortage of sleep mean he got MORE work done???

I mean, isn't this fucking game literally his job? It isn't a hobby. This is how he makes a living.


File: 635bca21350fb41⋯.png (10.66 KB, 249x202, 249:202, download.png)


He killed himself 'membering' the good ol' days that didn't exist.



>99.99% of patreon game "developers" (i.e. using Unity/GameMaker*).

>Working even a quarter of the time that their income would suggest when patreon encourages 100,000,000 small "issues" and unreasonable "goals" mainly due to the per monthly income likely being much higher than if they ever release.

Pick only one



But can somebody eggsplein what happened to Etherwind and/or who that was?? I saw the name like.. 2 years ago but like.. I didn't know anyone here back then.



Yeah I dunno who that is either. I THINK I recall seeing a namefag by that name.

But I really don't recall anything



So for some reason after like +70 days she did show up in the game somehow. Just have one more question since i have no idea if im doing something wrong. Despite raping JoJo like +100 times i still cant corrupt him despite having +100 corruption and +100 lust, not sure if its a bug or the mod changed how to corrupt him?



Could be your libido is too low. Need corruption of 90 or more and libido of 60 or more


File: 644db3ee4a9702b⋯.png (876.86 KB, 1249x935, 1249:935, flashplayer_26_sa_2018-03-….png)


I miswrote actually. I did mean that i have +100 corruption and +100 libido and +80 lust most of the time but yeah nothing really changes despite doing it over and over again. Also this is the text I get after the forest rape



Odd. So you defeat him by lust or by hp in the fight? That might have an effect. I'll have a look I'm the morning to see if I can get it to proc


File: 6911993ee255c60⋯.jpg (661.4 KB, 800x1170, 80:117, In Etherwind We Trust.jpg)



Gather around children and let me tell you the tail of Etherwind.

Back in my day Lance had an automated system which would build the game as the public source code was updated. Fenfag and Co didn't like this because it meant non backer heathens could play the game for free without having to wait for the public builds. So what did they do you ask? They stopped releasing the special sauce and lance was no longer able to release builds…

These were dark times. The thread almost died from inactivity.


> A Wild Etherwind Has Appeared

Etherwind pledged their hard earned shekels to fenfag and Co in exchange for the tasty builds and shared them with us. iirc Etherwind was also the original propagator of moth girls on this thread. This continued on for a few months until the eventual death of Etherwind.

Now it has been a while so I don't quite recall what caused Etherwind to die. It was either lack of shekels , fenfags implementation of tracking, or both.



Really!? Wow. Big Moth-related shoes to fill.

I promise to continue plugging the idea of moth-girls and the like in every lewd game I come across in his honor.


File: 2acba304c8102eb⋯.png (175.2 KB, 700x543, 700:543, 01.png)

TiTS 0.7.148 Backer Build (Still No Tracking)

Normal Game



.apk (ARM):

Sent to lance for building. Thanks again; no hurry.

/f/ Edition (Edited Busts)




I don't keep old versions hosted.

Open the .swf files with the standalone flash player (https://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer/debug_downloads.html), not your browser.



it wasn't even that long ago. like, a few months. and yeah, the tracking is why Etherwind is no longer with us. but he didn't die, he ascended.


'preciate ya bud



It's been way more then a few months. Pretty sure this was last summer, not Christmas.



less than a year is a few months in my eyes


File: a83fb207e964c9f⋯.png (1.73 MB, 1000x1414, 500:707, ClipboardImage.png)

Just to make sure daedal isn't pulling some kinda "in" joke that I am just to ignorant to understand?







deadal's disappointment and disappearance is part of the Great Cycle



I see.



File: a6dfb6aba1c5aef⋯.jpg (103.9 KB, 503x759, 503:759, Og5cNs4.jpg)



I think he just disappeared one day.



i claim that this thread used to be better. But I can't be bothered to try to prove that.


File: fb546eb23223382⋯.jpg (177.97 KB, 893x950, 47:50, 0v6xVMV.jpg)

one last shitty picture before i leave for work


File: 28b70f0daa5b47b⋯.png (854.95 KB, 1243x932, 1243:932, flashplayer_26_sa_2018-03-….png)


>Odd. So you defeat him by lust or by hp in the fight?

There is no fight, in the woods I meet him and I get 3 options - if I choose rape I get instantly >>25535 but nothing else. Im not sure if this is a bug or because I used the save editor but everything else seems to work just JoJo is not working the correct way?



Maybe due to the save editor. One you rape pure Jojo the first time it should turn him into a combat encounter that you then can rape further to corrupt him.



Possibly, not sure how to fix it even CoCed does show no data on JoJo and the options to have it in camp in the raw data does not work



There is a tick box if you search Jojo in the raw data tab that says 'ever raped jojo', make sure thats ticked for me. i'm gonna make a save and corrupt jojo to see if any particular flags are needed



Thanks for all the help, if you could share your save file it would be enough really (if you have all unlocked) Or if you could tell me me what editor you use that makes the current coc mod version to work would just be as fine. Im pretty sure that the save files are messed up every time i try to change something and it would take forever to unlock it all in a legit way without save editing.



Here this should help. Its the CoCEd files i use.




Thanks for the help anon But I gonna give up, this one does not work aswell. Every time I try to edit the curret version of coc-mod with anything It just breaks the game. I just tried the editor you sent me and once I edit files the explore button stops working and I only get imps/shops and no new locations etc



weird. What are you wanting from a save file?



Only stats but pretty much any change breaks the game. Here is a video of making a fresh new save file and giving myself 100 stats. https://streamable.com/yx2of

As you can see the explore button no longer works and such, even the most tiny change seems to break the game



weir as i can't replicate it at all. anyways heres a max stats save, just drop into the same folder as your other saves


if that one doesnt work i have a version that you load with the load from fie button to try too



So I just tried your save and it does the same thing, sooooo im pretty sure something is wrong on my end but no idea what though.



Did compiling gone wrong?

I read Chasing Squirrels..

New entry in your phone's encyclopedia

Chasing Squirrels

New entry in your phone's encyclopedia

Squirrel-morph (Advanced)

Book added to Lilaya's library

Chasing Squirrels

Opening the book, you read its contents…

Dialogue for 'SQUIRREL_MORPH_BASIC' not found! (Make sure that the 'res' folder is in the same directory as the .jar or .exe.)

Dialogue for 'SQUIRREL_MORPH_ADVANCED' not found! (Make sure that the 'res' folder is in the same directory as the .jar or .exe.)



nvm I see these errors in too, it must because of an old save.. I haven't tired a new game yet since it's been a while since I've played this.



This is my contribution to the, "Look at the weird shit I found" thing that Daedal would do for "fetish research"


File: 113f8b5672624a0⋯.jpg (84.09 KB, 800x582, 400:291, flat,800x800,070,f.jpg)



nvm, I didn't know there was a res folder I needed to extract too.



Hey so here's a list of me bitching, enjoy:

- the window becomes [not responding] every time it loads, though i'm on an i3 cpu with win 7

- text is smol af

- the symbols on the left look like they're cut off, resizing would be good

- previous text button works, but you can't go forward again

- the words for your stats (strength etc.) clash horribly with the background. maybe mask the background with a black overlay at 60% opacity?

- i would suggest having the first 3 moves of the battle as one text group rather than 3 transitions

- when the slime bob is defeated it says "more enemies still remain" with no indication that you were fighting more than one enemy

- the golden health bar (which i assume is the enemy's) doesn't respond to your damage

- need a message saying you bought the item for good responsive design

- coins don't decrease after buying an item

- in the shop the next and back buttons are not greyed out even though they do there's only one page of items

- need a scroll bar for text display

- persona 3 was better


I was away when etherwind dipped out. What happend to him


File: bb8bcb51f45adf2⋯.jpg (76.4 KB, 760x567, 760:567, bb8bcb51f45adf2fef0322cae6….jpg)

>Just realized I have missed two graphographer (artist I like) streams in a row on account of panicking about grades



>roll up a "wolf in sheep's clothing"

>bascially a trap sheep with wolf parts and dumb4cum for extra duplicity

>realize it's a trap and drop the character

>flash forward to now

>load the character, not remembering what it was

>that rammis scene

Rammis is pretty nice. Like Isabelle in CoC with a scottish(?) flavor instead of german(?).

I think I just like femdon stuff where the guy isn't humiliated/degraded and the woman is actually pretty nice. Like "nice femdom" or something along those lines.



JAP102 midterm tomorrow, and Stats exam. My past day or so has been a mix of studying and pacing my room going "AAAAAAAHHHHHH" mentally…..


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>the window becomes [not responding] every time it loads, though i'm on an i3 cpu with win 7

an i3 with win7 will do that to you

>text is smol af

You can change text size (BUTTON SCALE) and window size (RESOLUTION) in settings. Right now the text scaling is pretty jenky but I'll clean that up in future.

>the symbols on the left look like they're cut off, resizing would be good

What symbols? Please provide a screen-shot.

>i would suggest having the first 3 moves of the battle as one text group rather than 3 transitions

I'll do that. Enemy and party actions may as well get blurted out in one go.

>when the slime bob is defeated it says "more enemies still remain" with no indication that you were fighting more than one enemy

The event is suppose to state you were approached by two enemies. I'll correct that.

>the golden health bar (which i assume is the enemy's) doesn't respond to your damage

There is no enemy hp bar. That is your xp bar. Leveling and xp gain is currently disabled.

>coins don't decrease after buying an item

Money loss is currently disabled. Ill re-enable it later down the line. I have yet to add in the 4 coin currency system.

>need a scroll bar for text display

You can mouse wheel, but I'll add in a scroll bar option in settings for those that want (or need) it. Scroll bars look pretty gross in the GUI package i'm using so I opted to leave them out. There's no way of making them fit with the rest of the UI.

>persona 3 was better


>previous text button works, but you can't go forward again

>the words for your stats (strength etc.) clash horribly with the background. maybe mask the background with a black overlay at 60% opacity?

>in the shop the next and back buttons are not grayed out even though they do there's only one page of items

>need a message saying you bought the item for good responsive design


Thanks for the feedback! I'll make the appropriate fixes and use this info to improve the game.



as far as any of us can remember, the tracking killed Etherwind and he didn't resub to Patreon.


File: b0164918170208d⋯.jpg (48.22 KB, 227x151, 227:151, 356783678376.jpg)


These two buttons look like they were chopped off at the bottom. Also is it possible to put in an option that sets the main content text size as large but the UI text size as normal?



They aren't chopped off. That's just the texture. I can get why you think the left one appears chopped off since it's a partial settings cog, but the right one is a full floppy disk.

>Is it possible to put in an option that sets the main content text size as large but the UI text size as normal?

Yee. I'm planning on adding separate scaling for the text window, buttons, and the rest of the UI. Right now it just scales up everything uniformly.


"Today is a major victory. I started this week with the hopes of creating a staggering 10k words of content. As of right now, I've written about 28k words of new content which brings the game's total size up to about 380k words of content. Its been an incredible week."

-Gatekeeper on Wanton Cove

"im sick but im streaming overwatch and buying loot crates with your donations"



File: 1b684ed028d7792⋯.png (147.23 KB, 1919x1078, 1919:1078, ClipboardImage.png)

Map editor side of the game editor done.


Quickly added some separate scaling for ya.


Saying you wrote 28k words is nice and all but what's the quality:quantity ratio like in that game?



I should hopefully have gone through all the content by the end of today and will link my feedback doc. Depending on how well I feel I hope to write for you in the future


File: a074ade53711906⋯.png (87.64 KB, 720x472, 90:59, 01.png)

TiTS 0.7.149 Backer Build (Still No Tracking)

Normal Game



.apk (ARM):

Sent to lance for building. Thanks again; no hurry.

/f/ Edition (Edited Busts)




I don't keep old versions hosted.

Open the .swf files with the standalone flash player (https://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer/debug_downloads.html), not your browser.


File: f5874b91773f00c⋯.png (100.95 KB, 1278x717, 426:239, Moth Bug.png)


Sweet. Word of warning, If you go through the Moth event as a female PC you may encounter this since resolved tagging error which broke one of the scenes.



Yup already seen that. It it trying to do a female variant under the male one?



Yeah. Everything after </penis1> is the female variant. Everything above it is a partial broken mess of the male/herm variant.



OK. That's what I thought. Just taking my female through all the cursed items before I switch and check as a male



>But I can't be bothered to try to prove that.

You never can be.



>not knowing what a floppy disk looks like

am I really that old?


File: 78f504117433fb1⋯.jpg (798.21 KB, 4200x3112, 525:389, amiga 500.jpg)


Looks like a more conceptual idea of a floppy disk to me.

BTW I have several 5.25" Commodore 64 ones and a huge box of 3.5" amiga ones. I'm 21.



Is there any new expansive and 'developed' sex games out there ?

My bar is at least half of CoC's content and not a fucking MUD.

Anonman has given up on CURSED again (RIP), is there anything out there I'm missing ?

No abandonware from 1999 please



Kek, that's a good one.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



yes but you live in the past so that doesn't count



It's the best writing I've seen in an erotic game hands down, and I say this from a point of great experience with them. I'm able to jerk off to it and take it seriously at the same time, which I cannot say of any other game besides mass effect.


File: 8fd5616ac21c41b⋯.jpg (8.86 KB, 160x276, 40:69, 0opaAtU.jpg)





Pixel art requires a level of abstraction. As long as it looks floppy disk enough, is easily identifiable, and remains in keeping with the rest of the aesthetic, we're good.



As much as I appreciate 5" floppies, why do you travel around with the 1980s in the back of your car?


File: 322f9f106fb7302⋯.jpg (478.8 KB, 800x983, 800:983, 322f9f106fb7302f184e348b52….jpg)


>only several

I got boxes fam, step it up.

I also got a couple 8" disks, and a drive for a minicomputer. Now if only I had the minicomputer


Why don't you?



he likes to keep a bit of home with him, whichever time period he should travel to.


File: 423978856796496⋯.png (1.46 MB, 1398x2484, 233:414, mac pc spotted.png)

Spotted a familiar artist on Imgur.

Animated PNG



I have exactly one 8" floppy disk.

And no minicomputer.

Wish I could afford to get a PDP-11/34 or something.


Took that photo when I picked up the Amiga from its previous owner.

That's not my car anymore.

(That's a Volvo 850 sedan - my current car is an older Volvo 240 sedan)



>Pixel art requires a level of abstraction. As long as it looks floppy disk enough, is easily identifiable, and remains in keeping with the rest of the aesthetic, we're good.





However I should note that I almost always have an original Game Boy and my old HP calculator nearby (in a backpack, coat pocket, glove box, etc).

Useful things to have.



BTW if we're talking minicomputers, a PDP-10 to run ITS on would also be cool.



>just called a PDP-10 a mini

my bad. That's a mainframe.


Welcome to the lance thread. There is only lance now.



It has always been lance. It is always lance. It will always be lance.


File: b0d6847a69ff20a⋯.png (83.53 KB, 500x320, 25:16, b0d6847a69ff20a1561b099ed1….png)


I wish I could find one full stop. Personally, I'd like one of the VAX minicomputers, but realistically I'll take any mainframe or minicomputer hardware I can get my hands on.

At least I have my Alphaservers, which are technically in the VAX family.


>only having one Game Boy

>only having one HP calculator

fam pls

Actually, I just remembered that I aquired a modem for the Game Boy some time ago.

Of course, it's impossible to do anything other than use it as an email client and I think I need a subscription to something that doesn't exist anymore, but it'd be cool if I could do shit with that.



There is a world of difference between running say, a VAX 8350 virtual memory system via DCL vs. Alpha. Same technical family but way different stroke to go down the river. ^.^


File: f9b8f874963cfc5⋯.jpg (90.8 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 69d2b6cc752bd3d2fad43426a6….jpg)


I know, which is why I emphasized technically.

But I have two Alphaservers and no older mainframe/minicomputer hardware, so I'll just keep stroking it to them for the time being.



>implying I said I only have one game boy

>I said I always have _an original game boy_ with me

I have four original game boys, three GBC's, three GBA's, four GBA SP's, three GB Micros, 2 GB Pockets.



Only one HP calc atm, though, because I don't have unlimited money and my 28S is still fun for me. I like that it has dedicated alpha keys and a 'drop' key that doesn't need any modifiers.


File: 58035993d9da982⋯.jpg (17.8 KB, 386x376, 193:188, when the dark face of my o….jpg)


Sorry, I just assumed that because everything else you said points to you being a pleb :^)

I stand at three Game Boys, two (I think) GBCs, one pocket, three GBA SPs, and no GBAs because they're literal garbage sculpted into the form of a handheld console.

I'm now looking back at my life to figure out how I ended up with multiples of almost every non-rare handheld console I own.

I have two fucking 3DSs, and only four games for them.



My SP's are all limited edition ones and two of them have headphone jacks soldered in.

They aren't my favorite systems, but there are some nice looking ones.

Also I have three Famicoms, a Super Famicom, four NESes, one top loading NES, two SNESes, one N64 (not got a huge game library and a bit less interesting to me than the earlier consoles since the 64 is pretty much just an embedded general purpose computer as opposed to the unique custom hardware of the NES/SNES).

I also have Atari service center manuals and a bunch of new old stock parts for the 2600, 5200, and the 400/600/800 series.

and an EBCDIC twinaxial IBM terminal that I can't use with anything, just in case I ever get an AS/400 or something.



oh, and regular advances I have because they were really really really cheap and I needed GB cartridge connectors. Also I put a frontlight element in one of them.



Hell yeah, rock on! *thumbs up*


File: a6d3339df95d295⋯.jpg (675.01 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, a6d3339df95d29535a054cfc7a….jpg)


My SPs are just normal ones, though one of them is the backlit version that came later.

I used to have a GBA, once upon a time, but the screen is fucking impossible to see and the controls eventually burned out and stopped working for me, unlike my old SP which still works perfectly after all these years.

Since we're doing lists again, I get to try to remember all my shit now.

A Magnavox Odyssey 2

Atari 400

Atari 2600

Atari 5200

Atari Lynx

Arari Jaguar

NES (front load)

4 Game Boys

Game Boy Pocket

2 GBCs

3 SPs

DS lite







2 PSPs

PS Vita


Genesis Nomad

2 Game Gears



Neo Geo Pocket Color



and not enough A/V switches

I feel like I'm forgetting one or two, but that's what I can remember off the top of my head.

Which one out of the ones you own would you say is your favorite?

I love all of mine, but if I had to pick one I think it'd be the Saturn.



god fucking dammit

Can't top that.

Except that I do have some japanese consoles.

Oh I also have a PC Engine.

I'd like to import an X68000, but those are hard to ship and also impossible to find with keyboards because of stupid keyboarders.


File: 6d246aa549e47c4⋯.jpg (1.1 MB, 3038x2014, 1519:1007, fami desk 1.jpg)


Of what I own? I love my Famicom dearly.

I like the Genesis a lot, too, but there's something magical about the Famicom in terms of hardware design and it's immense capabilities for expansion.

No FDS drive shown because I have a little microcontroller-based device that emulates the drive.


oh, as per pic, add a MT-32 to that list


File: cb0037feef48498⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1370x1050, 137:105, 6589da73de0a015d69bf2a9d5e….png)


The only Japanese console I have is the Vita, which is an import. It's in a pretty sky blue color, as opposed to the normal black you see everywhere else.

I've never even seen a Famicom. I guess nobody over here has ever bothered with them.

It should also be noted that I have a severe lack of games for the rarer systems. I don't have any for the 3DO, Lynx, or Jaguar. Also, the 5200 is missing a controller because they're all horrible broken pieces of shit so nobody has them anymore.

Personally, I love the Saturn because of its raw power and capabilities, even if almost nobody could use it properly, leading to a library of mostly shit games.

In fact, if I were to rank all my consoles, you'd notice that almost all the ones near the top had similar problems.

But hey, it just makes playing the good games all the more satisfying.


File: c367b4d9e75391b⋯.jpg (349.17 KB, 1280x910, 128:91, 1280px-Gustaf_Cederström_-….jpg)




Ooh this is something I can get in on! While getting hold of older stuff is a chore and a half where I live I'm happy with my collection of consoles. Will include my modern ones too though.

Gameboy color

Gameboy sp

(Had a gameboy advance but I was worried the internals might be going too weird so had to let it go)

N64 ( with box and foam inserts etc. Hoping to buy conkers bad fur day for it soon)

Zx spectrum ( lacking peripherals though)




Xbox 360

2 psps

A Nintendo ds I

A 2ds ( my 3ds exploded in my hands. Probs should gave contacted Nintendo but oh well)

Ps vita


And possibly more stuff I can't recall. My recentest buy was a gameboy printer. I wish I had an easier time getting older stuff but with no vehicle etc I have to rely on ebay or pawnshops



Oh also have a modded wii ( cause my region didn't get a game I was majorly hyped for)


File: 13e4aba912a6cfb⋯.jpg (338.85 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 13e4aba912a6cfbb7a709abc49….jpg)


>two PSPs and a Vita

A fellow patrician of good taste, I see.


I find it extremely funny that maja images imply she's not a futa and the one that he posted on his site wasn't futa. But the character is actually a futa.



How else would I get my persona and nep nep goodness?



I don't have 5200 joystick parts, but I do have the diagrams and lists of parts that they contain if they'd be of any use (in my service manuals).

And the saturn's definitely a neat system. And your rationale about games for the rarer systems is the exact rationale for my buying a Sega CD.


Oh, I do have a boxed NES. Not new in box, but boxed with styrofoam.

So that's neat I guess.


I had a PSP-1000, but I honestly have no idea what happened to it. I think my parents may have confiscated it and lost it or else sold it or thrown it out years and years ago.


>furry character gets more updates

why bother






Well yeah, some of it. But I like having the actual console where possible.



as do I, but I was just being argumentative


File: 65b5489ac4bd8ce⋯.jpg (1.7 MB, 2000x1125, 16:9, 65b5489ac4bd8ce2f559896a1d….jpg)


Actually, do those manuals mention the details of the pinout for the controller? Because I have the controller for the Jaguar, which uses the same number of pins in a more compact format, and I think they have the same buttons for the most part. I might try to make an adapter since I can't find a proper controller for the 5200.


If you like emulating, it might be worth getting another one. The PSP 1000 and 2000 are both very powerful machines, and are quite widely used to emulate various consoles. Don't get the 3000 though, it's a pain in the ass to jailbreak, and you have to do it every time you turn it on.


File: c6e220f6b9c61b6⋯.png (2.63 MB, 2550x3300, 17:22, 5200-joy09.png)

File: 66c83da0d981c0a⋯.png (2.19 MB, 2550x3300, 17:22, 5200-joy10.png)


yeah if I get another it'll be a 1000 and it'll be for the same reasons you mentioned.

Here's the pinout. I'll upload all the docs I found in my cursory search in a zip file, too.


Here's all the joystick stuff I found. There could be more service bulletins I missed though.


I have scans of the entire service manual if you need more.


Are there any consequences for being banned from a ton of discord servers?



Haven't encountered any, but I use VPNs.

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