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File: f3b0e04857e2111⋯.swf (6.97 MB, d5.swf)


TiTS builds are essentially dead since I don't have access to the source code anymore.

We will keep the topic for this and other discussion though, for now. Have some other links, though.

Also the attached swf is hilarious and I highly recommend the show for absolutely everyone.



CoC-Mod: 1.0.2 mod 1.4 dev version 3:

Desktop SWF:


Android APK:




Note that there are "official" CoC-Mod mobile builds. too. Apparently these don't work for some people, though, and I always build my own for myself anyway.

Some files I use in the building of these apps:

"FlashDevelop-plus-fl-libs-flex-AIR.7z" - contains a copy of FlashDevelop and the required AIR and Flex SDKs, plus files from Flash CS6 that were formerly required for building the defunct TiTS save editor. You'll need to set the path to the SDKs (they're in the "Apps" directory) within FlashDevelop when you first start it.


"tits-air-buildfiles.7z" - contains a different certificate (not the one I sign with, just a dummy one), some build scripts, metadata files, icons, and the like. it's the file system that I use for building mobile app versions of the games.


I've since switched to a new build system so I can do it from linux/OSX/cygwin and automate the process:

tits-build-env-v2.7z (118.3 MB) - contains the linux/unix buildscripts that I currently use for my NEW build system, and the AIR runtime parts you need.


Nimin 0.9.75o:

Desktop SWF:


Android APK:




Space Project - Seraphita (an old 90s visual novel for windoze. Works in wine on OSX and linux distros too. Art by Makita Aoi. Contains dickgirls):



File: 6d31689de3aec61⋯.jpg (54.76 KB, 459x604, 459:604, 1465937294184-0.jpg)




TiTS 0.7.100 Backer Build (Tracking Removed)

Normal Game



.apk (ARM):

Sent to lance for building. Thanks again; no hurry.

White Syri Edition (Restores Cheshire's original Syri bust)




I don't keep old versions hosted.

Open the .swf files with the standalone flash player, not your browser.


Appologies for thunder stealing.

0.7.100 Changelog:

A new roaming shop has been added to the game. It has a semi-random inventory of exotic weapons for sale that vary in power based on the planet you encounter Kattom on.
19 new weapons have been added to the game, largely cribbed from the weapon overhaul group that had been fed my way, with some tweaks and adjustments by yours truly.
Kattom’s Uveto inventory is not in yet. I burned out after getting that far. It has Myrellion’s a placeholder, or Savicite if I bungled the planet name check.
Jacques00 fixed a few things and fiddled with some save code. Hopefully nothing breaks!

I’d write more but my wife is asleep. Nite!

>Hopefully nothing breaks!

>$Patrteon == 1

Oh dear me saves are broken what a totaly unfortunate event, I'l get this fixed right away. "Three months later" still fixing it trust me goy valued customer."Six months later" I am very sory to say that fixing the save code is too hard.

>1+ months to implement about ~5% of ~169 weapon overhaul posted during the wait between the public 0.94 and 0.94.

>A new roaming shop has been added to the game.

Just what I wanted more useless shit.

>Kattom’s Uveto inventory is not in yet. I burned out after getting that far.

I quess that is something at last, if I wanted to be nice for a change.




Dam it. Guess


This board is nice and comfy (besides my dislike of tripfagging however shit getting done/extremely coherency is pulling me back to the dark side once more).




And this is why I'm helping create a new game, instead of wasting my efforts on the old one.

I want to write characters that:

>Are not in an open relationship

>Don't fuck on first da- sight..

>Aren't infertile

>Don't neccesarily have dicks

>Were born their race and sex, and then they stayed that way

>Are decently interactive


>Characters can still be written reverse of the above to keep things interesting, it's not like we hate all of this shit because it exists, but because it's saturated as all hell.


I thought Bess/Ben was fantastic, what ruined it for me was that what turned out to be one of the most customise-able and romance-able characters in the game is a fucking robot. That, and after her arc ends it's not like he/she ever talks to you again in any meaningful way. (never played the male version)



>>Were born their race and sex, and then they stayed that way




>And this is why I'm helping create a new game, instead of wasting my efforts on the old one.



Shit-tier character


There's the catgirl on Tavros, The one that you can hang out at the arcade with. Unless there's an unpleasant surprise down the road that seems like a genuine romance. Also she doesn't have a giant dick, or any dick as far as I know of.


>Bee hooker gets pregnant with your kid

>Can't stop her from whoring

I'm suddenly really doubtful of a lot of things…If I can get robot bodies for a bunch of displaced personalities why can't I get a new job for the bee slut that doesn't involve ramming some random dude's dick against my kid's head?


File: 56fd6faf3387ca9⋯.png (22.45 KB, 412x221, 412:221, The average redditor.png)


Because Fen's going to cuck you until you're just as proud of being a cuck as he is.



I swear to god cuckshit is like some zombie plague of fetishes, where it just spreads to anyone that isn't actively avoiding the people that might be "infected".



You sound like you'd be well suited to the Anvilsteed and Empire stuff.

Those ideals begin to break down the further you stray from civilization and the deeper you delve into the wilds.


>when you forget to read the part where it says he's willing to write the inverse




Minus the infertile and decently interactive part of course**. That's an ideal for all characters



I'm only stressing these in particular, because the lack of them is the cause of a lot of frustration on my own part(and obviously yours).

I'm am by no means against hauling ass when it comes to the other ideals, especially if somebody from here requests it. (I'm cool with sexy wolf anthros and stuff like that too).

But, my main concern is to get content out that soothes the sore need for a straight female human being who wants to be in a loving relationship and that doesn't sport a penis and fur for example.

THEN we can talk fur, female-dickery and goo. Oh, and juicy womb/fertility/egg-related talk will not be present in anything I write up where the character isn't actually able to bear children because I mean, what asshole would do that??

>It makes the possibility of bearing this backwater bartender’s babies a very real thing, which only adds to the pleasure of your final orgasm.


>Your animal cunt happily coaxes out every drop of ausar cum he has to give. No doubt his doggie seed is swimming around your human eggs, eager to fertilize them.




Latest TiTsEd can be found here:



There's an arcade on Tavros? A search for it on the wiki returned jack shit. Care to elaborate on this character?


File: 22651f17797e04c⋯.png (719.04 KB, 712x877, 712:877, Fisi_Lilirulu.png)


Well it's not an arcade the player can interact with(it's mentioned in the square to the left of the area you enter tavros' residential deck from), but you can hang out there with the character I was trying to remember earlier. I found her wiki entry.


She's more-or-less pure as far as I know. No horsedick, femdom, or secret other dick as far as I know. Not sure who wrote her but I worry because Fenoxo has to have a hit squad out for his/her head by now. Haven't read the wiki because this is my first time encountering her.


File: 0422baec4f0f966⋯.jpg (19.34 KB, 386x120, 193:60, tits1.jpg)


Holy shit you're right, it even says in her description that's she's the exception. I thought the Arcade might be that kind of situation. Thanks for looking her up for me!

>Fen hit squad

More like an inquisitorial death squad, I'm sure they'd consider this stuff fucking heretic black magic..

>Pic was for post >>19000 but I'm a retard.


File: 2b7e88738bd7f23⋯.jpg (146.42 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Fenoxo Circa 2015.jpg)


>inquisitorial death squad

Man imagine that

>Myers, what is this

<It's a girl, m'lord

>A girl? Where is her penis?

<I'm afraid she doesn't have one, sir. She has some strange hole called a "vuhchainuh"

>Oh. So two anuses! This will please Savin greatly. Conctact him at once! He'll be happy t'see th-

<No, sire! It appears that this is the female reproductive organ, free of the usual penis that rests above it

>A…female. A d-dickless hermaphrodite? A crossdresser? A trans-woman? Perhaps a slut like Anno, or one with the chance of a horsecock to be added on later. Where is the twist here? I demand the truth!

<I'm afraid she's purely female sir. An ideal companion for the player…



>This…this is blasphemy! Summon the Patrons: we have a heretic to burn…



Fisianna gives me diabetes



Dude, what you're talking about? You can stop her from whoring, did you bothered to talk to her again and do the option of get her to work at the nursery?



I've been trying but it's been greyed out. I'm starting to think I fucked up somewhere


So where do you find that roaming trader?



Anon I got the option here on will tell what I did.

Took the options: Mine - Father - Stop Whoring and fucked her.

Later I talked with the Robot at the Nursery, don't know if it helped but I think not since it was still greyed.

Then I waited 24-48 Hours and talked again and the option was on, try waiting a few days anon.


File: e73ca9c01e262d8⋯.jpg (8.34 KB, 250x144, 125:72, Protagonist_becomes_the_Gr….jpg)

what do if Fen pulls a twist and Steele ends up dying at the end.

Since Downer Endings are the cool hip happenin' thing.



wouldnt he have to actually finish the game tho?



It has some foreshadowing that Steele's kid sin't the main character…which is gone now. Colesno says something that suggests that Celese is the true heir.

>Human spacer message boards are all going mental right now because the son of an old frontier hero of theirs is supposedly voyaging out here to find his dad’s long lost fortune.” Colenso rolls his eyes at you, inviting you to join in with his incredulity. “I’ve done a bit of due diligence on this Steele feller. There’s no way he could have had a kid at the age he’s said to have had, the guy’s DNA was practically soup by then. The way I hear it though, he did manage to knock some poor girl up – only thanks to the genes pumped into her the kid came out as green goo. Living, thinking, ‘orrible goo. So in shame he locked her away somewhere, then found some other young chump who looked roughly like him and brainwashed him into thinking he was his son instead. Grafted his fingerprints on and everything. Whoever’s out there now is as much this Victor Steele guy’s son as I am yours! Messed up, eh?”

And I'm hoping it's true because if it's written well (it won't be, but still) it'd be some great storytelling.


File: 0438bce0e45bfc2⋯.jpg (38.18 KB, 493x335, 493:335, 0438bce0e45bfc23421041cce5….jpg)



That would be QUITE the twist. But that'd imply that goo girls just giant living pools if every thing's dna




thread is savage today.


Would Celise not be a Galotian then? How do you explain PC's obvious past with jack/jill? Is the create a character dialogue at the start a complete farce? Did Victor abduct a baby?

> There’s no way he could have had a kid at the age he’s said to have had, the guy’s DNA was practically soup by then

This is probably true but we already know from the start that PC wasn't born through conventional means. The brainwashing thing is probably just a rumor. There are too many plot holes.

Celise could be victors kid but that wouldn't make her the "true heir". We already know Victor probably has thousands of kids at this point. He get to choose who he wants to be the "true heir" and he chose PC


File: 09b9621706ee74d⋯.jpg (24.15 KB, 281x326, 281:326, What the fuck.jpg)

Okay so I met this.. Thing in the Tavros elevator. Sure enough ,it's a very interesting character. But I found myself curious at the bust.

I wondered where her tits were at first glance, thinking maybe the small shaded spots at the bottom of her chest were them, thinking "Hey, somebody actually hold themselves back o- wait a minute what the fuck" That's not a gigantic briefcase-thing she's carrying with both hands is it.. Holy fucking shit.



File: d495a72dd7f64e1⋯.png (47.58 KB, 893x423, 19:9, fda.png)


its crazy that fen somehow got 2 wives


also im pretty sure he used celise as a sex toy, anno knew her aswell so she wasnt locked away


this is literally what fens been working on instead of content for like 3 years and has been the topic of complaining lately



>its crazy that fen somehow got 2 wives

The power of money/minor internet fame.



>its crazy that fen somehow got 2 wives

I wonder how his wife's boyfriend feels about him.




both of his wives are probably as weird as him

or they are not wives and are infact husbands in disguise



aren't they trans? or at least one of them was? maybe that was someone else


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Im just gonna give up trying to understand



ah, a true Republican


the only things from "house of eros kink list" that was weird/interesting enough to put here

(posted before looking at the hardcore section)

((note: bloody stuff wasnt in hardcore))

"Extremely Hot Cum: A character ejaculating semen of an extremely high temperature; sometimes pure lava."


"Hard Vore: Engaging in vore in which the prey character is chewed and/or eaten piece by piece, or otherwise physically mutilated by the act of being consumed."

isnt this just eating people?

"Soul vore: The act of physically consuming another character's soul by any means, or being the recipient of such actions."

lance doesnt devour souls on the first date


hardcore section:

Cock Tongue: A situation in which at least one character's tongue takes the physical form and/or anatomical abilities and features of a phallus.

this is unheard of

otherwise, this kink/fetish list was garbage



>Soul vore: The act of physically consuming another character's soul by any means, or being the recipient of such actions.

that's hot

but also

> physically consuming a soul



File: 029f0627da58c97⋯.jpeg (257.84 KB, 1000x743, 1000:743, 91520026977ca273f4958f3b0….jpeg)



spoiler that shit please

I'm OK with that shit, but pls. spoiler it.


File: 2b5b177900d4ace⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 533.02 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, sorry.jpg)


>its crazy that fen somehow got 2 wives

Well, if you have low standards, and you meet someone else with low standards, then I bet it's not too hard.

also this is conjecture and I don't know for sure, but having money could be a contributing factor


oh also building mobile game now



I'm uploading the new one now. At the speed these are coming (and the lack of content), I don't know if we should even be building mobiles.




>another one


And then we go three weeks without one probably



Oh and I feel the same about the 100% content-free updates, btw.

I wouldn't have made a build since maybe 0.7.94 (just off the top of my head picking that version number) if I didn't feel like people would ask "where's mah 0.7.999999?"


File: cf36f450893f158⋯.jpg (637.62 KB, 1440x1681, 1440:1681, Screenshot_20171012-224227.jpg)




honestly all the recent updates are good if you like actual gameplay



I don't even like the game.



>my keyboard is loud enough to wake the damned

Get another goddamn keyboard, then. You make enough money to buy a quieter mechanical one or (especially) a shit rubber-dome board.

I have five mechanical keyboards and I don't earn shit. My Fujitsu "peerless" isn't a true mech board, but it's very quiet and has a decent feel. The Apple Extended board is the quietest mech board I own.



Android APK


Android APK for Intel CPU's




Commie will probably have posted the desktop SWF link soon. He only sends me the AIR file, so sit tight, folks.


TiTS 0.7.102 Backer Build (Tracking Removed)

Normal Game



.apk (ARM):


White Syri Edition (Restores Cheshire's original Syri bust)




I don't keep old versions hosted.

Open the .swf files with the standalone flash player, not your browser.


if you like shadbase you suck


I play for an hour in 10 patch intervals


File: 0777a7357f2dfd0⋯.jpg (22.29 KB, 500x333, 500:333, what these consecutive upd….jpg)


>if you like shadbase you suck

rip me ecksdee


Or he could just, ya know, not shit-post from his bedroom. That would work too.


>roll up smuggler

>Get treated into a cum-cow

>Get dumb4cum


>Turn Dr Badger into a bimbo

>Be the only remaining copy of Dr Badger left

>Suck a dick

>Gain extreme, cum-powered intelligence boost

>Enjoy dickstab damage boost powered by sucking my own dick, while effectively replacing the person that turned me into a bimbo in the first place the second time.

I'm not sure why I did this run but I like the implication that badger's bimbo ray is killing her copies from across dimensions somehow. I just wish there was a way to get more info out of her.



>if you like shadbase you suck

*you're a pedo and therefore you suck

fixed that for you


Lance don't be dumb.



I liked some of shad's drawings. Then I saw the pedo shit and stopped frequenting.



so then you can like shad's stuff and not be a pedo. You still suck though, because you're a trap-loving faggot. But you aren't essentially a pedophile. Lance I love you but you tend to do acrobatic pirouettes off the handle.



I'm not a fan of lolis, so I don't care for much of that work from him, but I do occasionally like his art. The SpongeBob art he did a few months ago, though non-lewd, was pretty nice.

What an amazing time the CurrentYear is. We have 63 million genders but have somehow managed to narrow artists down to "not a pedo" and "he and everyone that likes his work is a pedo." It's almost as if the artist, each of his works, and each of his fans are items to be judged individually and separately.




But what if you like the gore/Dickgirls?

Or are just into Goth chicks?



well I have no problem with most of his non-pedo stuff (or at least, my reservations are purely personal).

I just don't want to support that shit though.



I don't like traps.

But OK, I am OP so you're free to call me a faggot I guess.

>you tend to do acrobatic pirouettes off the handle.

At least I'm agile, then. And possibly flexible.



No I didn't mean you personally for that part, I meant more in the general "You" in regards to whomever the situation applies to.



It is hyperbole to suggest that anyone who's ever liked a shadman piece is a pedo but it's important nonetheless to acknowledge what a POS he is and not line his pockets or anyting. When I first came across his stuff on /d/ I thought it was alright and didn't get all the shit people got for posting shadbase stuff, but after a while (before I even know about the pedoshit) it started to really sicken me. I mean it, even his non-pedoshit makes me physically ill.

But I'm not going to reignite the shad wars, I had to take a breather from this board after that.


it aint gonna write itself

And by that I mean the team isn't responsible for making their own game so you have to do it, so you'd better get to it.


File: 71ddf15e180cacc⋯.jpg (144.39 KB, 320x480, 2:3, hmmmmmmm.jpg)


I'm getting tentacle jojo vibes


They'll find a way to sneak a dick or two onto her.. Just you wait and see…


If you had a scale from stick man to Mona Lisa, at what point does it become pedo?


File: d7af3db78bdf717⋯.jpg (23.99 KB, 326x326, 1:1, Its good porn _98429e3e700….jpg)


only reason to go to shadbase is for Jlullaby's stuff tbh. specifically, his Ruby's Workout comic is fantastic imo



>Giant dicks

>excessively detailed dicks


>Muh BBC

Man typing "I have shit taste" is shorter than your post and gets the point across much more effectively.



not my fault you can't get off to anything that's not a husband and wife performing missionary sex for the purpose of reproduction



>They'll find a way to sneak a dick or two onto her.. Just you wait and see…

I'm actually completely fine with that, as long as it's a CHOICE.

I don't mind giving players what they need to modify their waifus to their hearts content, long as I'm not forced into it.



If waifus are allowed to have dicks now then Gannondorf is my favourite waifu



It's fagoxo you are talking about, giving player choice has never been his forte




I'll give you one guess as to why I wrote "choice" in all caps.



>And this is why I'm helping create a new game, instead of wasting my efforts on the old one.



Aw shit didn't mean to quote >>19060 while on the topic, I lel'd.



Sorry Are you typing this or is the bull typing for you?



I think you're the bull.


File: c337a55411af8b9⋯.png (50.34 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 250px-128Tauros.png)


pizza hut gives you hella bread tho


loli is just what he calls it to cover up the fact its child porn

also shadman is autistic and so are 99% of the people on his twitter/in his comments


im pretty sure when you zap penny they say it takes a little bit of all of their attributes to the point where they wouldnt notice but theres so many different ones that its still effective



pic related



flat chest, under 5 feet tall, non-midget person is generally loli. Not that that's a steadfast rule.

I actually liked some of shad's drawings.

But I still can't deal with some of the shit he does.



loli==child porn. I thought this was a given

And FWIW, a lot of us are probably autistic too.

>im pretty sure when you zap penny they say it takes a little bit of all of their attributes to the point where they wouldnt notice but theres so many different ones that its still effective


Infinite universes, biiitch.


File: 3577c883635267c⋯.png (578.06 KB, 488x491, 488:491, chrome_2017-10-13_16-33-53.png)


I've said it before.

"You don't have to like it but you should respect his right to make whatever sick stuff he wants"

I think we've done this dance before; but as long as he aint diddlin' kids for real I don't mind.

Some people just need an outlet.

speaking of which. How do you feel about stuff like this and loli-porn when its used as an outlet for people with actual pedophic thoughts? *pic related*

They say japan has a very low rape rate since most people can just find a consensual version of whatever depraved bullshit they're into.

Don't fly around here (murica) cuz "muh morals"



obviously it's better that people's depraved and potentially damaging fantasies remain fantasies. These people can't just fix themselves and not like kids anymore, they probably don't want to be monsters. It's this shit about him drawing an actual, real underage kid that gets me riled up. he's confessed to being obsessed with this poor little girl he drew getting raped, that just screams "predator waiting to happen" to me.



I'm referring to the drawing quality. At what point does it qualify.

I could draw a stick man and say its flat chested, under 5 feet tall, and a non-midget person. Would you get pissed or would you let it fly just because it was drawn badly?

At what point is a completely fictional piece of art considered abhorrent?


File: ebfefac349aa5a8⋯.jpg (147.58 KB, 560x420, 4:3, 10.jpg)



It's just a drawing. There's no point spoilering something with no basis in reality.

You're on 8chan. What did you expect? The Puritan fucking inquisition?



>he's confessed to being obsessed with this poor little girl he drew getting raped

Shadman is notorious shitposter; I can't claim to know what he's thinking but are you sure he didn't say that to spark controversy?



Isn't that the girl from that one doujin where she can morph her body into w/e she wants?

Like parasyte but for sex?

I've fapped to one of that series before.



File: 7de7c2954bbe844⋯.png (168.57 KB, 479x360, 479:360, finest culture.png)



he draws pedo porn and is obviously obsessed with this particular child and everybody is just willing to buy "i did it for the lols"

if you wanna buy that, okay, I just hope you never have kids because I think they deserve better. decide for yourself: http://archive.is/KKWIa



It would have been great if these absolute fucking morons would stop writing shit like this in the form of hit pieces, holy shit.

I get that he's the villain here, but presenting your misgivings like you're 10 years old really won't help present your case in any way shape or form.



>decide for yourself

>links to an obvious hit piece that is unironically saying to think of the children

I don't like his art or him at all but quit being an idiot.




I didn't read a word of the article tbh I'm just looking straight at the screenshots. The article I read before and got this info from was taken down so I just grabbed the first thing with the pics.



boo who i cri er tim these people need to fuck off with their so high and mighty morals. its legal deal with it.



the free city preg mod is slowly adding more loli content should we go take that down too?




You've been able to fuck lolis in that mod since it's creation

And impregnate them

And hyper-impregnate them

It's also just about the fastest thread on /hgg/, so it's obvious nobody gives a shit about taking it down. I'm honestly surprised to find anyone on this site that has a problem with loli/shota, especially in a place like this that undoubtedly has shit just as bad.



No offence to you, I understand. I'm just really tired of shit like whats written in this article. It still has a point though, I knew he was insane, just not this batshit. Luckily it's backed with enough fact to prove it's point for once.


That shit is like religion and politics. I don't like it, don't go near it, don't discuss it at length and don't want it forced on me. Other than that, go for it.


File: 8f3d247248798fd⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 515.15 KB, 1400x988, 350:247, 2134071 - Charging_Bull Fe….jpg)


He also drew that statue with the lil girl standing up to a bull; with the girl getting fucked by it.

I call that a shitpost; or what does he have some kinda lust for little girls in statue form now?

Look at the image name FFS


File: aef65dc2d3c1390⋯.jpg (651.82 KB, 2048x1436, 512:359, hc-op-thorson-fearless-gir….jpg)

File: 745c26d156e4281⋯.jpg (116.11 KB, 620x764, 155:191, 63b8a03bbf3dd2c1afea7cc3ce….jpg)

That was based off the feminist bullshit statue thing about a girl thinking she can actually stand up to a hugeass bull. 100% shitpost material.


File: d80ec9a61d727a2⋯.jpg (46.04 KB, 768x512, 3:2, 4lkz57l3hmry.jpg)


meme of the year



How does he even get the idea to do something like this. It's almost fascinating.



>How does he even get the idea

He's a shitposter who can draw porn, the real question is why you're so amazed.



Source that he got in trouble with the law for drawn loli? A Deviantart comment doesn't prove anything.



Yeah that explains all of the other shit he's made, it's just.. Getting that out of this statue.. Wut.



Pretty sure he wasn't the first to do that. Shad does porn shitposts on all the topical shit. He also covered fidget spinners and minions. It's just a thing he does. He's obviously not some mustache twirling villain. imo he can cross the line sometimes but at the end of the day, a drawing is a drawing. It's not really like anyone's getting hurt.

Any chance we can move onto a less autistic topic thread?


File: ac24b2acb2f54e1⋯.jpg (543.52 KB, 950x1343, 950:1343, 2016-09-15-hilloli-clitton.jpg)


He didn't "get that out of this statue", he saw that people were talking about it and drew some porn because of that, just like he does for literally any of his other pics that involve something he didn't make up himself.



i hate how every face he draws looks exactly the same even if its a child or an adult

somehow hillary clinton looks like all of his mercy drawings..?



Deviantart templates are a thing, you know.





His style has somehow been forced into a crawling pace of development (probably due to forcing stuff he's not entirely comfortable with until he ended up stranded here). In any case, you're correct. Often times it's almost as if he's tracing his own drawings.

Technique/anatomy wise here's a truckload of things he seems blissfully unaware of or chooses to ignore. Other things he seems to be completely comfortable with. It's a mess.

Despite it all though, he's still better than me at art in a general sense, and that annoys me..



A lot of artists draw the face type they like. Just like all of Necrosmos's stuff looks the same face wise.

All my skyrim characters have the same general face structure.

We gravitate to what we like. Unless we are actively trying something different.

Hence why Saber-Faces are a thing in Fate

And why Nu, Noel, Lambda, Izanami all have the same face. (also plot reasons)



Yo Wot'n. Any chance you'd be up for some writing? Figure i'm about ready to start adding actual content to the game. ewe



Sure thing, I'm alive for the moment and it's a weekend. uwu


any of you lovely's remember the latex goo girl form coc? well i still remember this after naming it savin, "Savin, huh? Why would you want to name me after the second worst person since Stalin?"


File: b1c98c3d712434b⋯.png (17.18 KB, 564x178, 282:89, ClipboardImage.png)


Rad. Hope you don't mind If I dump some things on your suggestions list. OwO




hey thats me

i matter :O



Nice straw man argument


except that I might have this page in the current tab on a browser on my phone or something and have it show up when I switch to the browser


Well thank you for spoilering it at least. I wouldn't have even posted it though



This is a thread for a porn game, close the tab before leaving if you're so worried about somebody looking at your screen.



that or people spoiler shit

I know I can't force them, it's just something I humbly request that people do.


File: 936c06d2c63dff4⋯.jpg (37.34 KB, 320x480, 2:3, gehhh.jpg)


>If you had a scale from stick man to Mona Lisa, at what point does it become pedo?

Not a straw man. You have failed to answer my question. I'm not asking what you think lolis look like. I'm asking if you'd consider a poorly drawn loli to be just as bad as a well drawn loli. This is not an attack. This is a question. I'm interested to know at what point you'd draw the line.

It's fine if you feel that the quality of the atwork work isn't an important factor. You may feel, like myself, that the artists intent to depict a child in a provocative manner outweighs the quality of the final piece, and that such deplorable filth who do such aught to be shipped off to north Korean concentration camps.



it's a pretty inconsequential matter because it's much more to do with the individual… I mean, a bigger stick person sodomizing a smaller one could be some kinky giantess amazon futa shit or pedoshit equally based on the pervert fapping to it. The more details you add, the more condemning it becomes one way or another. If it looks like a kid and pedos fap to it…



you can like, marry and fuck a 13 year old there, so please send.


File: 3fad8dd7c3926c7⋯.png (11.1 KB, 810x88, 405:44, flashplayer_26_sa_2017-10-….png)

Cmon Savin you can write better than that man.

What the fuck; no living being talks like that.


at the risk of being trapped in a time loop by lance, I don't think loli shit is all that bad. I mean, it's fictional. what's the harm?



>Cmon Savin you can write better than that man.

hahaha, no he can't



WOW are you saying my midget sister can't get fucked by her husband without it him being a pedo?

O M G ; am oFEnDed




>actual, real underage kid

Pick one.


>Nice straw man argument

It's a fair argument.


is there any difference between giving Liliana a cool-ass robo-arm and growing her a fleshy arm?




one costs more.



so, nothing meaningful?



At some level, people know if a kid is clearly underage. I can't give you some metric that a computer would use to determine it. It's a largely instinctual thing and you should be aware if someone is blatantly underage.



but at the end of the day it's still a drawing.

Honestly there's an argument for the age of consent being 18 when "18" is just some arbitrary number.

being 18 doesn't just magically make emotionally ready for sex.



Sounds like a pedo to me.


File: 89334378060dbef⋯.jpg (468 KB, 1117x1600, 1117:1600, cd2f96_6022780.jpg)






YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


thats what a pedophile would say



Nyokay. it's just a good talent to be able to step away from the morals for a few seconds and look at it logically.


File: f05e771f3aa2988⋯.jpg (28.49 KB, 516x339, 172:113, I was wondering why you we….jpg)


Nigga you don't have real taste




Logically, we have to make a cut-off somewhere unless we want traumatized kids. I submit that pre-puberty at least something we should all agree is underage.



Oh, I replied to you b/c I agree with you and >>19121



>unless we want traumatized kids

If kids can grow up reasonably normal after Dresden, Hiroshima/Nagasaki, Leningrad, Nanjing, Sarajevo, Beslan, etc I think they'll survive some drawings.


They're just pictures. Not even photographs, just drawings. Why is this even a thing that needs discussing. We're in a thread about a porn game where the majority of encounters are post-fight rape.



Our "Cut off point" was made by the church because "JESUS"

Not because of any concern for the wellbeing of people un-emotionally ready for sex.



thoughtcrimes are a thing nowadays


it doesnt matter if its a drawing or not bruh your still a pedophile



not in japan lul



But that's the thing though. Does it being a drawing excuse the context of the content itself? They make not be real but the context of a child being fucked by an adult or animal is still fucked. Especially when you think about the fact that someone took the time out of their day to sit down and draw it when they could have picked ANYTHING else. lol



thats what a weeb pedophile would say



When I was bored in elementary school, I used to doodle half destroyed cities in the middle of a war on pieces of scratch paper. I guess that makes me a terrorist because of the context, and that I could have been drawing rainbows and shit instead.


File: 4ab36d4fb972a10⋯.jpg (114.03 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 130 degree shaft head tilt.jpg)




Other than the GroPlus are there other basic CoC like items you think we should get to? >6



Not really because your drawings had the context of war, and not just some assholes blowing up shit for no reason other than to be assholes. War is universal, fucking children isn't.



In grade school i got bitten by the autistic kid. I guess that makes me a fidget spinner.



Oh you mean the generation of kids that fucked the world up even worse than the goddamn World Wars did?



>war is okay but fucking kids isn't

shouldn't they both be bad, though??



dont steal names from coc tho

probably the humanizing tf and the tf that removes other tfs


thats not how it works at all



Don't worry fam. I wouldn't want that either. Original game needs original content.

Rodger dodger on the suggestions. We'll probably handle those when we get to doing the dehumanizing TFs



I never said that war was okay, only that it is something that every country does, but yes, both are bad.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I'm an atheist, don't try to play the "JESUS" card off me.

go to 1:40 in.

8 year olds, dude.



so you're saying we shouldn't have an age of consent because it was the church's idea? I'm not exactly a practicing catholic, but here's a place where I can agree with the church, smol.


File: 8ea27e779ef2b7c⋯.jpg (93.45 KB, 620x670, 62:67, 1451846747382.jpg)


>fucking children isn't

Well now I know you're stupid.


File: b09c4854e3c40a5⋯.jpg (14.51 KB, 260x193, 260:193, download.jpg)


I'm saying "18" is just a random number thrown out because "JeSuS"

Why the fuck can a 16 year old be responsible for driving a 2000 pound metal death machine that can go upto 200 mph but can't choose if they want some puss/cock or not for themselves.

It's fucking retarded.



You can in the UK or Japan.

Every country has its own views on the age of consent. Everyone here is arguing about something so stupidly fucking subjective and demonizing the side they disagree with.



I never said I judge anyone's views on it.

It's touchy I know. I am just stating what I feel is correct.

Because people catching jail time because their 17 and 11 month old GF didn't magically roll over the digit of 18 before they boned is bullshit.



His point in the first place was that it was subjective fuckery, you aren't disagreeing with him.

The real question here is why the fuck is anyone talking about AoC when this was about nerds getting triggered over lolis in a game with constant degenerate rape.



oh yeah. I forgot it was about haha…

People can draw what they like.

Nuff said. Do not pass go. Do not be angry about it.


File: 1a74354774694c7⋯.jpg (43.2 KB, 496x470, 248:235, christ.jpg)



>you aren't disagreeing with him.

I don't recall saying I did.

>why the fuck is anyone talking about AoC

Because humans are irrational, inconsistent thinkers that bend their views of reality to their whim.


File: 962dbaa23820598⋯.jpg (816.69 KB, 1682x1021, 1682:1021, steamworkshop_webupload_pr….jpg)

This thread right now..




I mean what else are we going to do?

Complaining about Fen gets old sometimes.

But I do agree this dragged on a little too long.


File: b3f0b0b74aef5b2⋯.png (120.36 KB, 255x255, 1:1, best loli.png)


At least you can complain about fen on a rational objective basis.

Arguments grounded on whimsical subjectivism disgust me.



You must LOVE the mainstream media, tumblr and college campuses.


File: 15094207b2ad478⋯.jpg (128.39 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, -o-.jpg)


This world is long overdue its next mass extinction.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


ever see a game that is locked behind a patreon that you kinda wanna play (for the CGs) but have 0 interest in the actual game.

I ain't paying 5 bucks for it either cuz jew life.



Pretty sure we're already going through a mass extinction actually. Its just been going on for like 20000 years.


File: a887a966e9d0e25⋯.png (521.28 KB, 800x450, 16:9, yqHP3j8.png)


>You must LOVE the mainstream media, tumblr and college campuses.

Hooooo boy.

I usually like and promote the idea that people just need to be nice to ohers for a change. if that means some people on Tumblr agree with me, then so be it. There are worse fates.

>being lynched

>being shot

>suffocating in a gas chamber


>This world is long overdue its next mass extinction.



You're not thinking of the same kind of extinction, I think.



cmon you don't mean that.

If there was a mass extinction we'd lose internet if anyone survived.

We'd regress.

Is THAT what you want; you wanna be madmax?


File: 78af72d3f1d4904⋯.jpg (1.28 MB, 1520x1456, 95:91, peace-dollar-levels.jpg)

In unrelated irrelevant news, I just got a peace dollar.

Probably my favorite design on a US coin ever.




I'm not joking, unless you have a definition of mass extinction that's different from the scientifically accepted term humans have been causing one since basically their arrival.



I think he means "humanity needs to just die off now."



"Killing and eating children" now falls under "being nice to others" because it helps stave off our extinction.

Either eat children, or stop trying to be nice. No-one believes you anyway, asshole.


File: c56549bfc4c6eca⋯.png (1.83 KB, 87x38, 87:38, Untitled.png)

I hear ya'll bickering, and that's cool. But at least none of you are finding yourselves contemplating how to write about the edges of an asshole swelling permanently to the size of a doughnut.




I just would choose not to have kids to curb our excessive unsustainable population growth in a non-harmful way



What's the point? Your contribution as an individual won't offset the hundreds of millions, if not billions, of people that will be having kids in your lifetime. It's a meaningless self-sacrifice, unless you just don't want kids anyway.



if fen/savin can do it, so can you

infact, i'll go find it in game right now

(as soon as i remember what its called)


File: b01a0f8de542511⋯.png (427.39 KB, 798x1262, 399:631, Untitled.png)


i made a new save for this



>people just need to be nice to ohers for a change.

>we need a new mass extinction

I love you lance but sometimes I just don't get you


File: 607dbb4c83d3491⋯.jpg (125.48 KB, 726x1099, 726:1099, yes_we_can_by_mattcantdraw….jpg)




i like how you also went through the effort of making a video



I love that item but I wish we could use it on more characters other than Reaha who actually enjoy anal.



I like trying to be funny.



>50% of content is anal

>still cant use anal themed item on npcs


File: c82a916a4e93a9a⋯.png (146.65 KB, 800x250, 16:5, giant meteor 2020.png)


Yeah I get that that's contradictory.

On one hand, I think that getting rid of the portion of our population that's ruining everything (IMO) would be convenient.

On the other hand I understand that for a person to do that is pretty much unspeakably evil and/or Hitler 2: Electric Boogaloo.

Thus a meteor wiping us out would be a pretty handy way to avoid the problem by erasing humanity altogether with no human influence.



Eh I dunno about you but I kinda like focusing on the good people can do rather than dwelling on the negative things.

That's the the news does and the news is trash.



I try to do good, but would not be too disappointed if a giant meteor destroyed everything either.


this thread turned into pessimists and pedophiles and X game dev and stuff



pls don't bring pedos back up again.

We don't need to do this tango again…


File: 7d088455ce4b9e0⋯.jpg (17.79 KB, 326x260, 163:130, 7d088455ce4b9e0b4d30236aa7….jpg)



The /f/ stands for fuckery.



I thought it stood for freedom



It stands for /f/ake news


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Ever consider buying a game just for the OST?



Every Legend of Zelda game. I hate the story, the setting, the characters, and the gameplay. But I fucking love the music.



All the good music in Oracle of Seasons is copied from Link's Awakening, though





weird sentence structure there, but I happen to have the OST to my favorite games Legend of Mana, Brave Fencer Musashi, and FF12. All of which I bought alongside their respective games at least twice. fucking LOVE those games. I'm pretty sure I have at least three seperate copies of LoM and it's what sparked my love for strange and fanciful settings. I can basically thank the majority of my current interests, this game included, to that game blowing my young mind



>I just would choose not to have kids to curb our excessive unsustainable population growth in a non-harmful way

That is not "trying to be nice" that is just virtue signalling. You actually have to do things that require effort to be nice, you lazy asshole.

Fuck off until you get off your fat lazy bitch ass and actually DO something to help people, you wretched fascist Nazi racist.



> a definition of mass extinction that's different from the scientifically accepted term humans have been causing one since basically their arrival.

>the scientifically accepted term humans have been causing one since basically their arrival.

>humans have been causing one since basically their arrival.

>since basically their arrival

>scientifically accepted term



/f/ is for I want to /f/ucking die



tarnation save your soul


File: 69cc210840d40da⋯.jpg (145.21 KB, 748x474, 374:237, throatstab.jpg)



daedal has spoken. our savior has been chosen.



etherwind would approve of your x game writing

R.I.P etherwind




if you guys kill la kill yourselves and I have la have your stuff?


File: 5d870b9ae9246e4⋯.gif (634.83 KB, 1915x1075, 383:215, kek.gif)

I should either come up with more synonyms for boobs or straight up make it artificially random so It doesn't combo the same descriptors twice in a row. Kinda like how song shuffle code works.

Grabbed the menu art from Open game art. Was getting tired of looking at my potato mock up.



u touch my shit u die



Wait is this the game you've been looking on? Shit that looks good, even for stock images. You should go for that look.

How about

>Kink (Knight In New Kingdom)

>Lust (Living underneath starlit terrains)

>Boobs (Bravely Onward, Outside BearingS) (<- that's shit though)

>FAP (Failed Adventure Plan)

I don't know the premise of the game though.



why did you actually call it "no fap no life"


File: de75c4558c3615f⋯.jpg (100.18 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, iBHbicJ.jpg)



Even if the last remaining vestiges of light in my life turn out to be forfeit, long as X keeps coding. I'll still be writing. Even if I have to do it with bloodied stumps for hands, you faithless degenerate.




My bad, found it on ichio. Don't know if you could call it stock, but at any rate, I'll probably replace it with my own shit in the future .

Thanks for the suggestions but I'd rather not go with TiTs naming conventions. Tryin to be a little original here. Not follow in the footsteps of fenoxo the furry futa lovin fuckface.

The stetting is a mage/steampunk, questing and adventuring fantasy. You got your good guy nation and there on this island which is close to being at siege by this corrupt kingdom of evil demons and other degenerate shit. The islands fairly inhospitable cause there's like a fuck tonne of random monsters n shit, and as if they didn't already have enough shit to deal with, some corrupt folk make it through the cracks and try fucking other peoples shit.

Then you got the PC who's all like, "hurr durr, what the fuck imma be an adventure and slay tentacle beasts, cause fuck it! I got laid off an shit, niggas gotta eat!" And then the adventure happens, followed by the sex happens and then it basically boils down to don't loose your way the game of the song…

Don't become some fucker so deplorable that even the tainted demon folk quiver in fear. Or fuck it, do. Why the fuck not? I aint you mom. Go fuckin wild! Kill the emperor! Take over the world?? Get a harem of so many bitches that the universe would die of heat death before you could impregnate em all???

Yeah. That's a pretty accurate description.



That looks great by the way! Though I would rather cap myself in the knee than write "jiggly tits" twice in one paragraph..





No Game No Life, but you Fap to live instead of playing nonsensical games.

Its just a working title till I come up with something good and proper.



Well shit that sounds pretty legit. How about Re:Corrupt. It has a double meaning of "Reply: Corrupt" like you're the reply to the corrupt, or Recorrupt, as in you're corrupting shit again.

Though No Fap No Life is pretty rad on its own.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Makes me think of No Game No Life and that's fucking gay.



And not Re:Zero or Re:Creators?

>That's fucking gay

Why, you don't like that show?


File: 40666eb30058176⋯.jpg (57.16 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


All the character designs are so generic and uninspired; following tropes to the T.

I can't handle that kinda stuff anymore *This point forward is a joke* I'm on more refined stuff like Jojo and Kaiji and Berserk.

Truth be told I skipped out on Hestia/Re:Zero/SAO because they all look the fucking same to me.





Too similar to CoC.


>Makes me think of No Game No Life

That's where the name came from kek

I put as much thought in to that name as I did the name X

I'm sure i'll settle on something proper later down the line.


File: 44b39707308f4c8⋯.jpg (20.19 KB, 508x493, 508:493, cup o liquid moist please.….jpg)


oshit my chronology is all fucked up

Anyhow. I'm open to suggestions for anything to do with the game whether it be names, UI, items, quests or features whatever the fuck else. Anything.


File: 3d8b147f8c2976d⋯.jpg (35 KB, 509x192, 509:192, hellyeah.jpg)

File: d408003b428da2e⋯.jpg (18.6 KB, 566x84, 283:42, meds.jpg)


Eh, I liked it. Have a friend who really loves it too. I know your feeling there, but I never got that from No Game No Life.


Etherwind immediately struck a chord, but let me remind you that all I did was lurk until half a year ago, when X first showed up with the promise of a game that'd actually be good.

Then after that there was a half year break of lurking again as TiTS development ground to a slow trickle of tiny updates, and I only resurfaced once X needed writing for his game.

Did he actually die?


>Named myself after a second-rate meme

I think your name is perdy gewd. Besides it inspired mine when I was looking for one.



That was not meant as a quote. I meant myself, but then I remembered that X gon X might also be a meme, no offence? Owo


File: efc493148e057ec⋯.png (280.67 KB, 366x513, 122:171, The Black Wizard.png)



Ah. I see you must have missed out on some of my lore. Allow me to fill you in.

I pop'd up here in the summer of 2016 under the name X. The name X being based off a crummy superhero story I came up with in my childhood. iirc Ella was interested in my game dev progress shitposts, and mentioned that it was hard to Ctrl+F my name. I think I said something along the lines of "you're right, I should probably come up with a better name", and then changed it to "X Gon Give It To Ya" as a joke based on DMX's hit single, "X Gon' Give I To Ya".

I thought I started doing the whole X Gon x after I saw you doing Wot'n x… Paradox?

I'm posting most of my progress updates on the trello now so searching for that stuff here isn't really necessary anymore, hence I've returned to just X.



please dont make it a direct reference to something else


i was there for that




I believe I was there for that whole thing too, not 100% on that tho. Pretty sure you started the interchangeable name thing, seeing as I started using my name after you changed yours the first (few?) times.

https://archive.is/9ypdD My first ever named post is No.12411 in this archived part here. This is very shortly after you started using the extended name I think though.


File: 6b694d337db5d6f⋯.png (245.64 KB, 430x528, 215:264, covfefe.png)


I've only briefly mentioned this a few times but this game was originally intended to be a prototype for a 2D rpg I was working on back in early 2015. No Fap No Life is just a stupid name I put on the trello in april. It has nothing to do with the game or story. its just placeholder.

Fuck it. I'll just swap out the placeholder name with a name from one of my side projects.

The game will now known as Flatline Bloodlust till further notice.


File: 83be8ab67bcc1f5⋯.jpg (270.54 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 19b5cc9a056b082ca4c6c31f6f….jpg)


Aww, I liked No Fap No Life.





no comment


File: 159d2feddff1c3e⋯.png (137.38 KB, 253x254, 253:254, fite me.PNG)



You know what, scratch that. Its now called "Fuck Game 3: The Sexining"

real talk tho. working titles are only temporary. I'll give it a real name when I find something suitable or someone suggest's something that myself and others take a liking to.


File: fce8817bd4a888a⋯.png (1.36 KB, 129x22, 129:22, Capture.PNG)


Kudos for being the only person ever to comment on my name changing with every few posts by the way :)


File: 041ac192b1636dc⋯.jpg (42.97 KB, 598x468, 23:18, ef07a00701d3070b706a80e6dc….jpg)


How about The Conquests of Dick Flex?





The newest Fen wife IS a tranny, there was some stream where he got his cuck fanbase to pay for their implants, kek.



That newgrounds tho



>working titles are only temporary.

But it's tradition to spend several threads deciding on a project name and logo and then abandon the project forever.



Shit, fuck, okay, that does it then.

X, scrap all my suggestions ASAP O.o



pics or it didnt happen



super dingaling brothers



>pics or it didnt happen

I can probably dig something up tomorrow if I have time. Otherwise if anyone else wants to, I think Fen was Bradley Smith of Ozark Missouri. Somewhere in his 30's. Should be easy enough to narrow down from there and find connections.




I somehow doubt he'd use his real name on a board, especially circa 0.8 - the game was already a few years old at that point.





If it ever was, it isn't now.

$ whois fenoxo.com
Domain Name: FENOXO.COM
Registry Domain ID: 1675945043_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
Registrar WHOIS Server: whois.launchpad.com
Registrar URL: LaunchPad.com
Updated Date: 2017-08-24T19:21:14Z
Creation Date: 2011-09-08T01:55:11Z
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2018-09-08T01:55:11Z
Registrar: Launchpad, Inc. (HostGator)
Registrar IANA ID: 955
Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited https://icann.org/epp#clientTransferProhibited
Registry Registrant ID: Not Available From Registry
Registrant Name: Domain Admin
Registrant Organization: Privacy Protect, LLC (PrivacyProtect.org)
Registrant Street: 10 Corporate Drive
Registrant City: Burlington
Registrant State/Province: MA


Only thing I remember about IRL locations was reading on his old site where he said he went to some furfag convention in Indianapolis, so Missouri wouldn't be THAT far, I guess.


File: 5883d4eadf204e2⋯.jpg (82.5 KB, 680x680, 1:1, 1.jpg)


>Registrar: Launchpad, Inc. (HostGator)

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