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File: 10fb33e5ac3f7fc⋯.png (3.65 KB, 150x137, 150:137, IMG_0283.PNG)

File: c8efcf5ee6ead71⋯.png (9.15 KB, 300x286, 150:143, IMG_0284.PNG)

4f3980  No.8561[Reply]

What are our thoughts on Natonal anarchism? Now I am in no way an anarchist but do you think it could be a last ditch effort if all else fails ? As in deleberetly collapse our globalist controlled societies and then live in a temporary natonal anarchy until we are able to rebuild society in our own image ?

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a31d1a  No.8570

I'm a Sorelian so somewhat sympathetic

17ebc8  No.8571


You're right, but as he says


> idea of local autonomous rule

Is a very interesting option if all else fails, but I have a question

Isn't national anarchism just basically separatism?

0964db  No.8581


All that is just discipline under contingency. Anarchy almost happens happens as the de-facto situation after an important damaging event, the ability to act and organize under those conditions is important, but the conditions that make anarchy the only good option are to be avoided on the first place. Anarchy is not something to look forwards to.

>Local rule

You can have local rule with a line of command. De-centralization –what may bring the need of self-ruling communities– is nice for persecuted groups that want to avoid having a heat to cut, but any large-scale organization is turn difficult under those conditions, without a line of command you risk manny individuals and splinter groups doing more damage than good for your cause. These groups are to act as a resistance to be later absorbed into an organization, anything else is a waste of human-resources and time.

Anarchy might be a solution for communities that only want to live after some contingency and not much else, but when it comes to taking action a hierarchy would be much preferable since democracy has shown time and time again to be insufficient.

564723  No.8593


>regular anarchism

Anarchism ain't that bad, but like lolbertarianism it is a meme ideology by now.

It could work in a totally homogenous society though…

a31d1a  No.8934


hence National Anarchism, Sorelianism is close too.

File: ab005c42a10f139⋯.jpg (91.03 KB, 836x933, 836:933, ab005c42a10f139b18ada054b9….jpg)

69488e  No.8862[Reply]

Copy pasting from /k/

“We’re knocking out bump stocks," Trump said during a press conference on Monday. "I’ve told the NRA bump stocks are gone (in) two or three weeks."

>President Donald Trump on Monday predicted his administration would ban so-called bump stocks in a matter of weeks.

>Speaking on the one-year anniversary of the deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas, Trump told reporters in the Rose Garden that he had already informed the gun lobby. He said the move, which he has previously promised to make, had been hampered by red tape.

>Newly disclosed emails from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, show that the federal agency has been under pressure to ban the device quickly while being hemmed in by legal requirements that officials said slowed the process.

>Trump noted the anniversary of the shooting, saying during the press conference that he sent his "thoughts and prayers" to victims and their families. He described the shooting as "a horrible, horrible time in the life of our country."

I thought that burgerland was immune to gun control.


>but its only bumpstocks

any type of gun control is bad tbh



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69488e  No.8868

>I thought that burgerland was immune to gun control

Kek I wish

As long as that guy of the 3d printed guns is able to share his files, we're gonna be fine

2d02b8  No.8869

File: 9097d13a7ec7243⋯.jpg (62.07 KB, 689x411, 689:411, 1-HK-SL-6.jpg)

File: f62fab9eddf8b95⋯.png (33.18 KB, 597x104, 597:104, Capture d’écran 2018-10-03….png)

>If gun control worked Mexico would have no gun violence

>If eliminating guns completely worked then there would not be mass-stabbings in China and England

>implying that a bump makes the weapon deadlier and not just more comfortable

>Implying the people who make these laws know anything about guns

>Implying pic related does not look sexy af

This is more of a /pol/ issue than a /fascist/ one, speacially with the Orange Neocon. In order to keep the board's identity and function let's change the subject a little bit

>Gun control under fascism

>Guns as a symbol of action

>Why does the modern man think that gun control will work

5955bf  No.8870


the "spirit" of the law would be fully legalized autos, de facto cc license, no magazine caps, etc. see 2nd amendment. your post doesn't even make sense, you don't follow some dreamed up "spirit" of the law, you follow the letter.

this entire shtick is just an example of why constitutions do little to fix democracy. in people's heads the deal is always

>if the constitution is violated we'll, like, vote them out or something

not the case in reality.

b032e0  No.8871

A "conservative" tries to "slow the bleeding" and is fighting to keep gun control from being enacted too quickly.

Third positionists say this shows how this is proof that constitutions aren't safeguards of shit, a crooked system will whittle down the laws as foreigners with no interest in how the nation was founded are shipped in to be used a political curmudgeon to move (((their))) plans along. We need to throw the baby out with the bathwater, because the baby has shown a failure to thrive.

46e063  No.8931

I see it as an avatar of revolution.

File: c0f8e41d8ba6f27⋯.png (2.11 MB, 978x1152, 163:192, fascists.png)

b5ce4c  No.3727[Reply]

Does anyone have all the old infographics and content they had there? Pls dump. There were plenty of great threads back there. It also had a good evolution.

Ironmarch started as a Third Positionist website, civic, cucked, still hiding behind non-fascist labels (or obfuscated enough) like 'Integralism'. Then it developed, purged the retarded civics who got butthurt at Swastikas, and really developed into its own.

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cceae5  No.6070

I think there are some guys attempting to revive a ironmarch style website: https://fascistgrounds.org/index.php

I thought it would be relevant to this thread.

10ebd4  No.8873

4aa6be  No.8882

Has anybody heard from Slavros or the admins of IronMarch since it got shoahed?

36a1c5  No.8885


The last thing I heard, is that supposedly got beaten up by the FSB and was told to cut it out.

5c6f1e  No.8928


Civnat bros win once again

File: 5c761cf11658dbd⋯.png (724.04 KB, 950x510, 95:51, IMG_0311.PNG)

d2971b  No.8663[Reply]

At what point Would you consider all hope to be lost ? When whites become a minority in your country ? When your culture is completely eradicated? Or would you still keep on fighting anyway even if it was a lost cause?

826194  No.8667

When whites are extinct.

Whites would rebuild civilization.

Whites would preserve culture.

Unless there are no whites.

35cf0b  No.8888


Even if fascism is forgotten, it will still arise in the future when humanity evolves to the point.

Even if every white person dies, we can be genetically resurrected from extinction when machine intelligence realizes our worth.

6060c9  No.8891

File: aade1819bdd4cf8⋯.png (758.54 KB, 800x1108, 200:277, 1502802799545.png)

e5d51d  No.8901

File: bfc8274383e7dbf⋯.jpg (20.53 KB, 360x282, 60:47, In_'88.jpg)


Hailing that fascist GET of hope.

File: 8a8f401a33472d8⋯.jpg (712.13 KB, 2515x1569, 2515:1569, UzPEXKi.jpg)

583731  No.8240[Reply]

I think government should have Four branches.

The Legislature should be this:

All of people when they're near death should be beheaded, and their heads hooked up to a massive supercomputer that's really an artificial intelligence and a living constitution. These people create new laws with a 75% majority. They are permitted to form parties and groups, but none of this matters.

The Executive should be this:

There should also be a genetically enhanced superclass of Nobles, out of which the Royal Family is selected by armed combat. The highest, the Prince, will one day sit on the throne of Tsar to act as the leader of the armed forces and the only one with veto power over the legislature. The Tsar selects, from the Nobles, those who will hold every bureaucratic position.

The Judicial should be this:

An armed force of genetically and cybernetically enhanced guardians, who have downloaded into their minds the entire set of laws as passed by the legislature and confirmed by the Tsar; and are conditioned to be unable to disobey laws or see them disobeyed. The sentence for assault, rape and murder is immediate execution. The sentence for property destruction and theft is forced labor until the debt is repaid. The sentence for other laws might be cutting off a limb, or reprogramming.

The Logos should be this:

All citizens of society have an implant in their brain that permits them to vote their will and discuss it in text form in low band ultrasonic transmissions with surrounding people for miles around. This forms the Logos network, which presents its will to the Tsar and can command the Throne to destroy the Tsar if it reaches over 75% vote for that. The Tsar can choose to ignore the Logos, but he risks death if he does that.

This is just how I've developed, bit of a blogpost and not important.

1. I started listening to people like SH, which turned me into a coPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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7bf60c  No.8265

File: 4d19b150dcbe661⋯.png (205.08 KB, 468x345, 156:115, 1435898257617.png)


1300ab  No.8743


is this some obscure techno barbarian state from 30k?

34c4c9  No.8889




Monarchies have been stable and prosperous for thousands of years. Long enough for people to evolve to exist in a monarchy.

No other method of government even comes close.

Capitalism, socialism, republics…. they are all here today, gone tomorrow. Fleeting regimes that will not even be a footnote in history books ten thousand years from now.

b03d4b  No.8890

File: 5e0b9fde8318d19⋯.jpg (99.87 KB, 523x720, 523:720, autismus maximus.jpg)


>radical cybernetic monarchist with supremacist neobarbarian

bb3cb8  No.8892


I don't think he was attacking Monarchism, but the cheap sci-fi fan-fiction fever-dream

File: ccd01c0c3140ca9⋯.png (190.76 KB, 477x768, 159:256, ccd.png)

8152b2  No.8759[Reply]

Not really read any anecdotal accounts, depicting what the average life like was under fascist romania.What was their gpd per capita like? or other macroeconomic indicators. Was unemployment successfully dissipated?

Am curious,from the little I read on codreanu he seemed cool and it was a shame he prematurely died, like the exalted Jose primo de rivera. Obviously spain under franco was far better than the shit show they have today

a7dc60  No.8781

File: 81e7bc3db031375⋯.jpg (3.98 MB, 2307x3026, 2307:3026, download (1).jpg)


>Am curious,from the little I read on codreanu he seemed cool and it was a shame he prematurely died

What pains me even more anon is that it was a commie Jew who killed him. This man (revered as a Saint by some Romanian monks, see pic related) fought the commie Jews who were destroying his country, and he died by their hand in the end. Oh cruel world.

b8977b  No.8787

File: 09c96fa30b22583⋯.png (110.46 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1538297943530.png)


Romania wasn't really ever fascist. Antonescu was just a military dictator and he was always in control thanks to Hitler.

Even so, life in Romania was alright back during that time if you ignore the autistic war.


f51f3e  No.8814


Romania was probably the /comfiest/ back then.

fca8a8  No.8831

It honestly would have probably sucked considering it was too late for the Legion to rebuild the country just as war broke out. They didn't have years in advance to strengthen the national industries to the point in which they were suitable for what Romania needed them for. That was the result of a corrupt liberal parliament (and king) floating the economy for decades while ignoring the USSR on their doorstep & the infiltrators they sent over to destabilise the country. Max Goldstein went around planting bombs in parliament, and the parliament would respond ‘yea them commies are pretty bad so we'll ban them (lol jk), but these legionaries are much worse (because they actually threaten my job) so we'll shut them down too oy vey'. In fact every liberal government that I’ve ever read about has a serious impediment to accurately assessing the danger posed by foreign elements and instead concentrates its energy into suppressing the nationalist elements inside its borders which become more vocal in proportion to the liberal incompetence in addressing external threats (which is hard to do when you're corrupt as shit). So to finally take power only to be cucked by Antonescu because your movement is too edgy and it’s making Hitler nervous must have been a serious downer. But for the average person they probably had an alright time, at least a lot better than what was before & what came after.

000000  No.8887


>an actual communist yid killed him

Right in the feels But that is some beautiful tapestry .


I didn't like learning that,but reality is often harsh. I'm glad Hitler gave the iron guard amnesty.


Thank you for that information to imbibe, anon..

File: 68f862025e9b5fe⋯.jpg (37.53 KB, 468x594, 26:33, 498437523-594x594.jpg)

File: 12b6c91cc768290⋯.jpg (135.1 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Mussolini-1940.02.07.jpg)

9e6787  No.8782[Reply]

Let this thread be a place where we can discuss the process(es) of establishing a fascist party, growing it, getting it into government, and ultimately it taking rule. How should a fascist party be organised? Should it have a paramilitary wing? How does it get into power? What should daily activity be like? What should the "look" of a fascist party be? Should it have uniforms like those in the interwar period? Should it just be suit and tie? Physical activity? Bible/religious study? How does it appeal to the masses? Methods of war and engagement? Should the mods sticky this? All these questions, among others that will pop up over time should be answered. Let this be the place to do so.

d5160d  No.8796

File: 3d4c48abfd21409⋯.jpg (54.05 KB, 960x960, 1:1, Fashy13.jpg)

File: df43fac6a7f59f5⋯.jpg (33.86 KB, 371x480, 371:480, 18839101_10154573968857555….jpg)

Well, here's my take on it.

(1) Each Fascist movement must be built and designed for the country it is to be in. For example, American Fascism will be fundamentally different from Fascism in Great Britain, Russia, Syria, or Japan.

(2) Calling it Fascism is a non-starter in most cases. "Populist Nationalism" is a better way to go about it.

(3) And Nationalism and Populism are the keys. Our governments have forsaken us and they have betrayed their countries and if we call them to account we WILL begin to make gains.

(4) Stop being victims. Does someone whining that he has a permit for his rally and mean ol' AntiFa shouldn't be there won't be seen as the strong leader his people needs. Someone who breaks some Antifa scumbags jaw in three places and tells the police "they're next" will be. Remember, voters didn't put Hitler and Mussolini into power alone. They had help from the SA and the Blackshirts. We need a genuine militant arm that skirts the law to avoid being labeled "Terrorists" by our government.

(5) Religious communities are more "fashy" than they think. "Hierarchy is Celestial; only in Hell are all men equals." This is the attitude we need to display, and once the Christian Right starts to turn into the Christian Reich, and gay Ministers start getting thrashed, things will speed up.

(6) A two prong attack of both directly naming the Jew, and simultaneously rallying against Jewish interests without naming them specifically. Earlier someone stated that Jews subvert and Aryans always fight directly. Let me ask: Who's winning, right now?

If we do both at the same time, and force them to come up with well reasoned arguments for the policies that they've always pushed, they'll start to lose ground.

(7) This is the hard part: Little Victories. We need little victories, not big ones. Loads and loads of little victories will add up. To facilitate this, we need lawyers, and our own media.

582519  No.8802



We need our party to pressure the Republican Party, like how the DSA pressures the Democrats.

If we do have uniforms it should be similar to the Silver Legion or the Nordic Resistance Movement, white or gray dress shirt, black tie, black slacks, and black dress shoes.

Another thing we should do is not allow people who aren’t in leadership positions to talk to the media. In case someone says something stupid, or something that makes us look bad. There was a Hungarian nationalist party by the name of Force and Determination that does this.

d5160d  No.8847

File: 18f420de2e8aec5⋯.png (64.38 KB, 300x179, 300:179, nordfront.png)


The Republican Party is a waste. It is nothing but a party of the Establishment masquerading as "Conservatives" when all they seek to conserve are the checkbooks of financiers.

Their sad, rearguard action is just an act.

They don't sincerely want to stop abortion. They've barely tried.

They don't truly oppose homosexuality.

They ignore it.

They don't honestly want a moral society.

They just want one with a slightly different take on consumerism than the other guy.

Reactionarism will get us nowhere, due to its innate defensive nature. We must be revolutionaries!

That the enemy on the left now calls himself "The Resistance" can make our job easier. Paint them as the establishment resisting the will of the public and don't let up on it.

Let them be The Resistance. We will be

The Revolution.

e09960  No.8856


I know the flaws of the Republican Party. I just think we need to gain popularity through the Republican Party, then break off and start our own party. And I completely agree with everything you said, I just think this way is the best strategy.

I’m the same person as >>8802 my ID always changes.

c92b6a  No.8859


Parties are mere labels in America, we need to have our own party within a party, and take over BOTH Republican and Democratic party. If you think 3rd parties have even a snowball's chance in hell to ever win, see what they did in 1997 after Ross Perot's second run. Third parties are fantasy in America and we need to stop fucking LARPing about it.

File: 488494f1440c1a4⋯.png (555.96 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, IMG_0334.PNG)

0e6686  No.8817[Reply]

the German people are awakening first it will be alternative for Germany and then soon the NPD it is good to finally see our great nations rise again but the question still remains will they win the 2021 election or the next ?

1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

a98523  No.8820


So basically, another alt-right?

3fef1a  No.8823


>and then soon the NPD

Guten Abend, Du BfV-Neger…

Dont you know the NPD is 80% FEDs and 20% retards?

27f91f  No.8825


Worse than Trump; they're economic Libertarians.

cb100a  No.8829

Even if they're shit tier they're better than the alternatives in place right now. That really isn't saying much however.

70d7f2  No.8830

File: 4da6be5b3b1afb5⋯.jpg (137.08 KB, 1280x1444, 320:361, 1469763128741.jpg)


They are just another face to the same Alt-Right


>Worse than Trump; they're economic Libertarians.

File: 3e130ffc25438fa⋯.jpg (31.38 KB, 422x412, 211:206, 5467456.jpg)

0ded2c  No.8196[Reply]

We all know about the holohoax but what about some of the other retarded claims against fascist movements like that the Iron Guard drank goblets of blood and put 5 year old jewish girls on meathooks?

>American minister to Romania, Franklin Mott Gunther, toured the meat-packing plant where the Jews were slaughtered with the placards reading "Kosher meat" on them. He reported back to Washington: "Sixty Jewish corpses were discovered on the hooks used for carcasses. They were all skinned . . . and the quantity of blood about was evidence that they had been skinned alive".[8]

>Gunther wrote he was especially shocked that one of the Jewish victims hanging on the meat hooks was a five-year-old girl, saying that he could not imagine such cruelty was possible until he saw the evidence of it firsthand.[8]

>The initiation rituals of the Iron Guard's legionaries were horrifying: prospective members of the squad would cut their wrists, and bleed into a common goblet. All initiates then drank from this goblet, and by absorbing each other's blood they were now united in life, and death.

5 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

4406d1  No.8230


Go be a mentally ill genetic failure elsewhere, tripfag

feb5d2  No.8252

A massive one, that fascism is somehow just very nationalistic socialdemocracy.

feb5d2  No.8253


Nvm shitposting flag

c5e4b7  No.8813


The holocaust happened though.

f1cf8d  No.8816

File: 31fc09bd4043316⋯.jpg (1.87 MB, 2400x3000, 4:5, 31fc09bd4043316cf402992598….jpg)

File: 9e2e56110736671⋯.jpg (137.27 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1511483156343.jpg)


>he saw the evidence of it firsthand

So no pictures, sketches, or anything of the sort? We're just supposed to believe this guy because…reasons? What a joke.

File: 3b13b022370bb20⋯.png (39.07 KB, 2000x1200, 5:3, 3rd reich flag.png)

5ba2dc  No.3161[Reply]

They get bullied too much here. Say something nice about them.

40 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

d20bc7  No.8414


smarter than ancaps

07779b  No.8417

File: bcfbcccbfacbf4e⋯.jpg (40.92 KB, 600x498, 100:83, two_sword_logo_by_jaeniart….jpg)


I think it would be wiser to just call the third positionist ideology in America, national capitalism. The word "capitalism" in Europe, with exception of the most ardent neoliberals usually carries a bit of a negative tone (similar to the term, consumerism…) whereas in the US the term socialism carries such term. Drexler and the Strassers started to redefine their socialism as a "pure and German, non-Marxistic socialism" (Hitler kind of picked and choosed slowly swaying to the right much to the chagrin of Strasserites). However in the US, capitalism carries a positive tone, so it might be smarter to just argue that natcap is a "pure and American, non-jewish capitalism"… and then just redefy it as needed.

Americans idolize the American revolution against the British, call it the Second Revolution. One race, one revolution, one leader. That's the wonderful thing about third positionism, what matters is what works for the nation, the "how" is secondary.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel, Hitler fucking nailed it, what you need is to sell the wheel. You'll be called a nazi regardless, but no need to turn off the nationalist normie that may not have the time or will to read stacks of books on why national socialism was actually great. Especially since some leaders like GLR, only cared about the racial aspect of natsoc Germany and was otherwise a paleoconservative.

662b9a  No.8442


>Americans idolize the American revolution against the British, call it the Second Revolution.

Exactly. The Left in America has been babbling about "The Resistance" ever since they got the shit kicked out of them in 2016; we should start terming Fascism as "The Revolution". Join the Revolution!

fcd717  No.8444


>National Capitalism


Don't. Don't call it that. If anything, do not include any economic terminology, because there's nothing worse than an American when it comes to economics. Whether it be a misunderstanding of a system, a layman's education, an emphasis on econo-"logic", apologetic-ism, a denial of reality, or downright dishonesty; the average American and the politician class above him have a contentious, fickle mind towards capitalism. I believe it is because of the political class that a certain kind of arrogance. No other people push it harder than they do. And, economic knowledge is one of the biggest barriers of entry into politics. Despite the fact dogmas are settled across party lines. The moment you call yourself a national capitalist is the moment some conservative pundit denounces you as a crony capitalist, and the momeny a liberal pundit calls you a 'corporatist'. The ideology of America is mammonism. I suggest not to take that lightly.

2e4660  No.8749

nah fuck them, most of them are jus no-fun /pol/acks that want everything to become as miserable and boring as /pol/,

always larping about rahowa, calling everyone jewish shills withouth adressing the arguments, for fucks sake they cant even agree on what is white. They are no better than atomwaffen fags.

File: dd32210596984c4⋯.jpg (23.05 KB, 220x220, 1:1, IMG_0121.JPG)

d11a21  No.7914[Reply]

Bashar al-Assad is obviously with us but who else ? Is putin with us ? He supports Assad but I am not sure. What about Iran ? They support Assad china and North Korea also support Assad but they are communist so I already take a disliking to them alghough I favour juche over Maoism if I were to choose one besides these people who else could be our potential ally ?

31 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

02fd04  No.8168


Well in that case, I cannot support them.

45604a  No.8174


I understand and your reasons for it are probably obvious but may I asks why anyway ?

02fd04  No.8178


I don't want Syria to take over its neighbors. Any party that has a "greater size" idea immediately puts me off

dcb6f1  No.8180


understandable i see you are a man that wants to keep the boarders the same i can respect that even if i might not share the same views

63b55c  No.8715

Since we were talking about Arabs, i will come and say it, i have nothing against the Traditionalist Arab monarchies, and i don't believe they must become ba'athist and create a single Arab state ( and the strasserist anon already explained that it isn't a third position ideology.) Yeah Saudi Arabia are a bunch of dicks, but i don't want to tear down their monarchy.

File: 1d68483564921ad⋯.jpg (170.53 KB, 1170x585, 2:1, women.jpg)

920eaf  No.5638[Reply]

Women aren't logical creatures, at least the vast majority of them aren't. They are generally more liberal than men. They can't necessarily help it, it's their "nurturing" instinct. That's why muh children arguments work so well on them, especially with regards to issues like immigration where the media manipulates into voting for more immigration because they show images of children crossing borders when in reality it's usually grown men. Women don't really have any loyalty to higher ideals like men do. They generally just pick the "winning" side. During WWII French women abandoned French men to be with German men because they were the victors. Women gravitate towards what they consider "strong". Right now, immigrants are winning the demographic war so more and more women will inevitably vote in the interests of immigrants and end up sleeping with immigrants.

They also ruin the work place. They're generally unprofessional. They often feel the need to "mother" their employees. This is obviously unprofessional. You also have the types who can't handle any kind of power whatsoever and generally abuse their power if they are in a supervisory or managerial position. Most HR departments are full of women and HR departments are usually the departments that enforce politically correct culture throughout the work place.

Personally, I think women should be housewives. This is their natural state.

5 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

be2348  No.8648

File: b9fd9faa4b5ab15⋯.jpg (43.97 KB, 768x768, 1:1, b9fd9faa4b5ab15df98c6e36d2….jpg)


I belive women can be intelligent and not over reliant/of wavering conviction if they are raised properly, I think modern women are a product of judaism influencing both society and the concept of what it is to be a parent. In their formative years what defines them is not how many books they read or what logical conclusions they reach but emotions, if their friends are all liberal it is more likeley that they will lean left, if their friends are more rightwing they will lean right and so on. "peer pressure" would be a definitive factor unless there was enough resistance from home or a boyfriend to stop her from leaning wherever said peers want her to.

Now if she were to have family issues and her family was left wing/liberal she would turn right wing and if they were fascist/conservative she would turn into an utter degenerate, this is an emotional response of classic old turning 180 from where your parents want you to go, only that instead of it just being a phase it stays all throughout her life unless she is corrected later on which is extremeley hard.

The best course of action would be like how you would train a pet, you don't want to beat it and leave it scarred but if you give it treats for lying around in a sofa you can't expect it to be obedient, it's best to balance reason (20-30%) emotion (50-60%) and plain old authority (10-20%) and sheltering her from society would turn out disastrously, what would be the correct course of action is to expose her to it and all it's horrors as soon as she is old enough to grasp the concept and basically make her react to it with the same disgust she would react to someone vomiting near her. the rest is up to luck and god


ah shalom there my dearest ally how is your day

4db297  No.8649

somewhat related to the topic cuestión.

Do you guys think that the masculinization of women is what caused the trap explosión?

as times goes on It seems to me the numbers of trannies and crossdressers has increased

Do you guys think that theres such a lack of feminine women that there are some men trying to fill the vacuum?

e42f06  No.8662

File: 3842b21d356eb6d⋯.png (688.88 KB, 887x1592, 887:1592, males obtain higher mean i….png)


No, and to be frank that's kinda stupid. The rate of which traps and crossdressing has become more prevalent is at the same rate that all other degenerate fetishes have become more prevalent. It's just society in general going down the drain. You can't point at one aspect and say, 'yes, this is why people are into traps' it's a mishmash of bullshit. Societal acceptance of degeneracy, fetish-hopping, friends that encourage it, who knows.



I agree for the most part. You're probably right regarding the practicality of entirely taking away voting rights, but I'd strongly suggest some restrictions. You said it yourself, women for the most part are emotionally driven and suicidally altruistic. I don't care about changing their working rights, although I'd advocate a man-only governmental institution. Given a lack of push to put women in jobs they're unqualified for simply to have women there, they would be filtered out for jobs they do not have the merit for, so I'm not too concerned about that aspect. At the end of the day my stance is that they should have the freedoms of men, but not necessarily the privileges. They should be unable to affect governmental structure.

419241  No.8677


>I think the toothpaste is simply out of the tube on this issue and we're never going to be able to take away voting rights for them, regardless of the system.

Voting for women is an insane idea. No form of fascism will ever exist when women can vote. Most of the male population shouldn't have a say in politics either, but Women is actually anathema to any fascist state. You're being defeatist here. We won't achieve any sort of fascism without global/civil war. This will more than create the necessary conditions needed to take away their voting rights.

23988c  No.8699


Truth Athens made even Democracy happen. You know how? Women weren't allowed to participate.

File: 0472a9caf259a2e⋯.gif (100.1 KB, 500x469, 500:469, IMG_0100.GIF)

6d0456  No.7807[Reply]

After world war 2 when Germany lost and the British and French empires fell piece by piece? After world war 1 when ((communism)) began to rise and monarchism started to die ? During the Age of ((Enlightenment)) when the US declared their independence and the French Revolution happened leading to the rise of ((democracy)) ? No offence to the US or France by the way or did it start as far as back as the collapse of the Roman Empire perhaps one of the biggest if not the biggest peak western civilisation?

18 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

860589  No.8654



You know, before you blame the French Revolution or the United States, it ought to go back to the English Civil War before to blame for the decline of monarchical authoritarianism. Many fundamental issues and political treatises come afterwards.

4ecc79  No.8688



4ecc79  No.8689


>racially inferior romans into celtic and germannic lands.

Lmao. Celts are basically white negroes. No impulse control and low intelligence. Germans are probably on par with Italics, but with different strengths and weaknesses. The romans were the very pinnacle of evolution. All surrounding tribes only developed civilization because of them (and in spite of themselves) and the only other people to do it right were the Germans.

4ecc79  No.8691



Also they didn't fall to germans. They BTFOed them in almost every single battle they fought, even when drastically outnumbered, WHILE fighting the Persians. The Germans moved into occupy an dying empire.

1cda56  No.8697

File: 8d6289c8f4203cb⋯.jpg (725.94 KB, 1989x1326, 3:2, America The Whore.jpg)

Once The JewESSE finally collapses.

I can't wait to put .45-70 Government rounds into Mexcriment animals and sacrifice their disgusting fucking children to The Spirits and Samael. Any Mexican Fascists should be wary that you are not Aztecs and that you will pay with your lives for harming my people. You are the enemy and an repulsive affront to anyone with any aesthetic values. I consider Mexicans to be lower than Niggers to be quite honest. Let the race wars begin, false-solidarity be broken, and all Non-Europeans be brought to their knees for sacrifice to The Spirits I know to be against YHWH Moloech.

File: cf001d637996a12⋯.png (267.29 KB, 420x410, 42:41, cf001d637996a122a6b457d5bb….png)

903eaf  No.7038[Reply]

For the old users of the board, does any of you remember before the hacking there used to be a reading thread, a race realist thread, and one dedicated to austrofascism? It seems they are gone now. They were probably deleted by the old BO

Archive thread I guess.

I'm gonna post the same thread in our bunker: https://8ch.net/3rdpol/index.html

I saved these during the hacking:



Pelley and Rockwell


Ironmarch works as well I guess since the site died

The Anatomy of Treason


f80423  No.8669


As far as I know the reading thread was moved to /3rdpos/ which if you don't remember was the old BO's new board which was later deleted

you're right on the race realist and austrofascism though

0d0aed  No.8671


I really miss those threads. As a matter of fact I miss the spirit of the original board before any of the hacks. That really was the golden age of /fascist/. There were tons of high quality threads and everyone was very eager to discuss theory. It seems like now threads are like 1 or two lines with very little effort.

e7715d  No.8674


Yup. What of them?


Yep. Only me and old BO were in them, though.

File: d2c98bda1030ce0⋯.jpg (75.58 KB, 1268x639, 1268:639, 1520629921182.jpg)

40d96c  No.2650[Reply]

i personally think prisons should be converted into worker camps where the prisoners can be of use to the nation by working i also think the death penalty should be enforced on murderers (except if the murder was in self defence) paedophiles rapists and traitors but what do you think ? is this the fascist way of doing it or am i way off ?

21 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c013b1  No.8254

File: e2ee950515ea5c6⋯.jpg (33.27 KB, 412x232, 103:58, Mighty_Faggot.jpg)

8bcf7b  No.8267

File: 018d81ac0db75db⋯.jpg (38.78 KB, 600x609, 200:203, well.jpg)


I think that criminals should be punished as hard as serious their crime was

>"little" crimes

>4-5 hours of work daily + free weekend

>"normal" crimes

>5-9 hours of work daily + free sunday

>hard crimes

>12+ hours of work daily




85e54f  No.8271


sup Marcy?

471d12  No.8447



Drug users are not innocent victims who just happened to stumble into drug usage. There is a personality flaw there that maybe destructive or malicious. There are people who are victims to drugs but there are equally people who are willingly destructive to themselves and others.

The destructive ones cannot be reformed, they will beg, borrow and steal to get hold of more drugs. Those ones need putting down with the drug dealers.


This guy gets it. Some times good people end up in bad situations, but bad people always do.


"harmless drugs" don't exist. Either it's medical use or it's degenerate. There is no grey area here unless you want to be a libertarian retard who wants pot smokers to ruin their lives through being passive.

Rape laws shouldn't exist, rape shouldn't be a crime. Rape laws should be replaced with theft and damaging properly laws. If you damage a man's daughter you are responsible for the costs. Same goes for the wife. Don't give women power to ruin people's lives, give power to their care takers to punish abuse of them. Women are children, don't give children the power of rape laws. Give their protectors the power they need.

eb0037  No.8651

File: 2526ea648b9f179⋯.jpg (43.47 KB, 613x613, 1:1, 1523039602910.jpg)


>Drug users are not innocent victims who just happened to stumble into drug usage. There is a personality flaw there that maybe destructive or malicious. There are people who are victims to drugs but there are equally people who are willingly destructive to themselves and others.

so if a kid is offered drugs at school, takes them by mistake and ends up an addict it's his fault?

>claiming this while also defending what >>8094 said

>not a clinically defined mongoloid

>"harmless drugs" don't exist. Either it's medical use or it's degenerate. There is no grey area here unless you want to be a libertarian retard who wants pot smokers to ruin their lives through being passive.

only logical thing in all the post

>Rape laws shouldn't exist, rape shouldn't be a crime. Rape laws should be replaced with theft and damaging properly laws. If you damage a man's daughter you are responsible for the costs. Same goes for the wife. Don't give women power to ruin people's lives, give power to their care takers to punish abuse of them. Women are children, don't give children the power of rape laws. Give their protectors the power they need.

>calling other people libertarian retards

>having ancient israeli tier laws that give rapists free reign like ancap memeballs

>not realizing that these laws would make a nigger think he's in heaven

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