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File: f9ab449f6a76a25⋯.jpg (61.32 KB, 900x900, 1:1, unnamed.jpg)

7bd574  No.6630[Reply]

An Economicist created an economic model based off of national Socialist economics. It's called SFECON The San Francisco Model of Economic Adjustment). I can't really understand it but many some people who understands economics really well might. He apparently solved the Vienna problem.




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9e46d3  No.7913

Is that a bad thing?

28a26c  No.8006

File: cdc2253845b9606⋯.jpg (7.57 KB, 315x160, 63:32, download (3).jpg)

File: f86d12feb11e4f6⋯.jpg (15.42 KB, 362x203, 362:203, profit_max_graph_425x238.jpg)


Basic summary

He starts with a critique of Austrian economics, essentially arguing the the neoclassical 'economic man' doesn't exist.

He then goes on to talk about profit maximisation or the optimal level of profit. What is means in mathematic terms is:


Where MR is marginal revenue (how much revenue can be earned by producing one extra product) and MC is marginal costs (how much costs are incurred by producing one extra product). In other words, when the two are the same, the maximum level of profit has bean reached. Basically: this is the amount of product that should be created. He then states that this maximised profit can be calculated by a computer (which is correct but it can also be calculated by a human quite easily). He argues that 'interests' produce beyond this point for financial gain.

He then argues:

Cancel debt, produce to this optimum level and use the profits as a national dividend.

I have a few problems with his system.

1. It's not as revolutionary as he seems to think, most businesses and governments know about profit maximisation, it is fundamental in micro-economics.

2. There is no financial gain for interests to produce more or less than pareto optimality, when it is done, it should likely be attributed to incompetence rather than malice.

3. His argument for cancelling debt is that it is inflationary, requiring more and more money to keep pace, yet his idea of a national dividend would also be inflationary. That is not to say a national dividend is not a good idea or than inflation is a bad thing, it is just an inconsistency in his work.

I will say, this is only my understanding based on a quick read of the pdf, looking through the website and listening to the podcast. I may have misrepresented some of his ideas.

18f3d3  No.8249

Interesting take. Permit me to engage.

First, to separate issues:

1. SFEcon Model 0 is a mechanistic expression of elementary Anarcho-Capitalist causality – i.e.: how to efficiently arrive at the point where marginal costs equal marginal revenues for every economic actor, with respect to every commodity, SIMULTANEOUSLY at one and the same spectrum of prices. This solves the classic ‘Vienna Problem’.

2. Vienna is something quite apart from the discussions of debt cancelation and a national dividend in the Longshanks interview. Professor Steve Keen is a popular critic of conventional economics, and he advocates the same policies. But Keen is of the heterodox school who do not believe that macroeconomic causality has anything to do with marginal costs and revenues being driven together.

The heterodox rejection of neo-classical economics is based on behavioral economics’ failure to discover ‘economic men’ operating to resolve their marginal revenues with their marginal costs. Danny Kahneman at Princeton demonstrated this disconnect with sufficient finality to have been awarded the ‘Nobel’ Prize in economics.

So yes: MR = MC “is indeed fundamental in micro-economics”- which, I submit, should have us agreeing with the heterodox guys that micro-economics is nonsense.

If we wish to make use of SFEcon, then we must accept their (empirically argued) contention that the validity of MR = MC only emerges when we step back from familiar economic activity to take a macro view of all the interacting sectors in the world economy. This is comparable to saying that Newtonian mechanics only works when we step back from sub-atomic physics.

As to whether or not all this is ‘revolutionary’, I note that the revolutionary is someone who has successfully redefined what constitutes a revolution. Take it from someone who is trying to write a thesis on SFEcon: no one becomes an economist unless and until he professes that the Vienna Problem is categorically indissoluble. Just sample the An-Cap response to having their baby rendered in a maPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

bdee36  No.8258


maybe he's talking about suvberting the system?

is not like jews didn't do the same with socialism.

18f3d3  No.8359

I would not be surprised if that is what it’s all about – a replacement financial system for the one that is about to fail: peer-to-peer block-chain transactions based on an imperishable unit of value. The silicon synagogues all around San Fran are always trolling for new specimens of machine intelligence to exploit. They already have the platforms in place to bypass banks and process all transactions themselves with money they create.

The questions are 1) will those with police power appropriate these mechanisms, and 2) who will have that power when the time comes.

File: a72c29ee36b3486⋯.jpg (112.54 KB, 665x768, 665:768, 1520701780296.jpg)

File: eb060d634678720⋯.jpg (92.57 KB, 507x700, 507:700, 1493686384449.jpg)

050e89  No.2054[Reply]

Every time I try to find something specifically related to the JQ on the internet it's been (((mysteriously))) scrubbed. A few minutes ago I was trying to find information on the communist Jew Ana Pauker and her connection to the Pitesti experiments in which Jewish commissars would force Christian prisoners to be "baptized" in buckets of Urine and feces and they would force Christians to eat feces in place of a communion wafer to socially condition them to hate Christianity. I heard about these experiments in a podcast with Eric Striker, the experiments were confirmed to be true and while (((Ana Pauker))) was the one behind many of these experiments it seems the info has been scrubbed. These filthy fucking kikes are purposely scrubbing information from the internet so that we can't back up our claims even though they are based in fact. Does this infuriate anyone else as much as it infuriates me? I remember 10 years ago I could easily find plenty information on the internet about the JQ and now old links have all been scrubbed.

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32f55a  No.2112

I think the older core of anti-semitic ideology on the far-right is being more and more usurped by civnat Trumpism and so on.

There has always been censorship but the movement on the right is also changing its focus.

You can still find useful info here:


c44291  No.7966

It's up to you. Save the stuff.

2dc6b8  No.7980

Booby Fischer was a jew himself who named the jew. as a kid I loved playing chess and now I see why. didn't he get killed for outing his tribe?

c44291  No.8329

Some how this has managed to stay up. How long it does I can't be sure but here it is. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_8yTYlKPdS4

75e7ec  No.8333


If it's google/facebook/twitter they either delete the page entirely or they move it to such an obscure position that no one with a normal attention span is gonna bother looking for it. Youtube likes to put videos on restriction and delete them. It's incredibly annoying because these are the only possible places where normalfags are gonna feel the information is legitimate. Link then to an obscure site like metapedia and they'll just dismiss it as white supremacist no matter how valid the info is.

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

a4307b  No.7524[Reply]

You know I was starting to open to the idea of a fascist multirracial America that CT was talking about, but now this faggots want us to go back to the old days, the old status quo. Don't they realize that by doing this they would just bring back America into its old decaying form?.Rockwell was right conservatives are pussies.

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37cea3  No.8209


40k is indefinitely superior

24395b  No.8211

The mainstream American third position movement has been failing forward for years now, the very first inklings of this was with Ross Perot and the Reform Party in general, they were able to at least push the idea of paleo-conservatism unto the public eye. Then we got Ron Paul which while he was a lolberg, attracted a lot of the European-American and nationalist thinking people since well, it was much better than anything else… while not actually racist, it was at least a "freedom". That lead to the Tea Party movement which became mainstream, and at least challenged the notion of immigration.

Then Trump came and ushered in his civic nationalism, which he always was, people that thought he was secretly a natsoc were listening to the propaganda against him too hard. He may still build that wall, but he's been so far a huge disappointment, I'll give him credit that he's at least stopping the jewish machine but I highly doubt he'll even be reelected at this point.

37cea3  No.8241

there's probably a reason why the alt-right is crypto-orientalist: we have to deal with niggers everyday here in the U.S. and the jew pushes the black man on white woman meme too much and we snap.

I would start my own party but it would gain little traction, maybe with the ex-dixiecrats in the south maybe but they have to accept Socialism and not be pro-jewish.

f0e8ab  No.8303


a51a1c  No.8312


>at least stopping the jewish machine

He isn't. He's a kike puppet just like every single other US politician.

File: a4a2ca0cdb9bc7f⋯.png (16.5 KB, 924x693, 4:3, buf_banner_1600x1200-Engli….png)

e076cf  No.8245[Reply]

Oswald mosey wanted a united Europe but he wanted it to be completely united and under one identity i can see some problems with this it will lead to cultural tensions this is why i call for a united federal Europe where each country is represented in the union and their cultures are remained intact but they still all pledge allegiance to he union. What do you think ? could it work ?

e076cf  No.8246


e076cf  No.8247


i need a new keyboard

4d17b8  No.8282

Anyone ?

6121ed  No.8286

We need some form of alliance between Europeans without a doubt,at the end of the day we inhabit the same continent and are all a big diverse racial family so we need to look out for each other.

However each nation must be completely independent and sovereign.

fa9707  No.8289

Not a Euro, but I don't think it could work. I don't think most Euros would want immigration of other Europeans as much as the "migrants", I see how the Brits feel about Poles. Also some countries are no doubt going to have more prominence in this union than others, some countries may feel shafted when the union hardly ever acts with their interests in mind as much as the big players. Then again I don't know a whole lot about the Euro mindset so who knows? I just don't see an end to rivalries.

File: 31ed2a8d44cca12⋯.png (518.22 KB, 456x810, 76:135, 1514621231566.png)

a71469  No.8279[Reply]

File: 4041b4534903da1⋯.jpg (254.85 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 1517713704345.jpg)

8f9962  No.7236[Reply]

How do you keep yourself sane while living in a dystopian state of liberalism? When you see trannies teaching kids their degeneracy and negroids invading white communities, what keeps you going? Why do you not go postal and take a few of them out even though it would be meaningless?

25 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

39a7ee  No.8067

>If I were to manifest a dream, it would be a male only cloister for those pursuing celibacy, a more divine way, wherein both martial training and studies of the greatest authors are contained to be perused, along with, of course, the esoteric faiths

That reminds me of the kung fu movies i used to watch when i was little. I know the shaolin temple isn't what the movies make it seem to be, and if it ever was, it isn't anymore since it became a tourist attraction (besides, i probably wouldn't be allowed in anyway, since i'm not chinese nor part chinese) , but that was the first that came up in my mind when you described that.

39a7ee  No.8068


Forgot to quote >>7486, sorry.

0f1d14  No.8193

File: 81ffcf13aa0c53c⋯.gif (472.04 KB, 350x296, 175:148, giphy.gif)


duly noted

but trannies aren't huh, mr. liberal? I wonder who could be behind this post?

51da00  No.8263

File: 6aac9c922b80e75⋯.jpeg (33.6 KB, 206x255, 206:255, image.jpeg)

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PuwfTjIiDaE Believe in this, don't dispair it's what the Jews want

6822a7  No.8264


You have to push back, we literally need more people like us. Find yourself a good traditional girl (yes, they exist, go into the rural areas) and have as many kids as you can afford. Remember, the first 2 are the most expensive but every kid gets easier… I have 5 myself, I would've had more but I started later and having kids past 35 is a gamble.

File: efbb4247ab6077c⋯.jpg (144.53 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, 1529145662001.jpg)

f75118  No.1881[Reply]

when is our plan to come into reality ? will we begin in the 2020s ? i apologise but i am getting impatient

22 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

8e5bb2  No.3031


didn't Kemalism predate Italian Fascism too?

8e5bb2  No.3092


if you live near me I'm willing to form alliances

05f672  No.8215

Its tonight bu t if you didn't get your name on the list they might not have a canoe for you? But yeah see you there. Bring lots of beer.

cdd1a4  No.8256

Begin now. Conquer yourself first.

Get strong

Get rich

Get disciplined

Get reputation

05f672  No.8257

File: d68aeceda8ca487⋯.jpeg (24.67 KB, 185x255, 37:51, image.jpeg)

The canoe trip was sweet! You guys that missed out ? Well you got to go to the meetings and sign up for the email newsletter. I'll tell you a secret at 8:00 every night one of the guys is at your local dairy queen. If they like the cut of your jib , you will be tested. No one is going to say "hey you wanna be a naZi?" It's a lot more subtle than that. Just go to dairy queen at 8pm wait and see.

File: 3d4b99d2a8312bd⋯.png (662.22 KB, 1696x1060, 8:5, White-Power-riddle.png)

94e25d  No.6555[Reply]

Maybe you guys can help me figure this out.

I've become so confused.

13 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

c5c24a  No.7074


Yehovah is dead, he is Satan, and Jesus killed him after the latter arrived on earth. if Yehovah is the ideal, then the ideal is debauchery. and nobody wants to be that depraved unless they find no meaning in life.

274487  No.7076


is this gnosticism?

c6207b  No.7091


>le copy paste jidf argument that gets spammed on /pol/ daily

Jews are less intelligent than whites. They are, whoever, more tribal, rapacious and opportunist. Whites completely dominated jews for 2000 years and are responsible for virtually all of mankind's significant advancements.

71be4f  No.7137

File: 01c800638c27375⋯.jpg (253.37 KB, 724x844, 181:211, 01c800638c27375984cbaeb9c7….jpg)

>be as smart as elite whites

>be nepotistic and collectivist against people who don't even know there's a competition

>supplant the native elite

<we're just superior goy, there's no conspiracy

c5c24a  No.8191


yeah, although I'm avid follower of Christ Jesus.

File: 983994f7dc1e135⋯.jpg (16.1 KB, 317x472, 317:472, Codreanu.jpg)

ca8d3a  No.152[Reply]

Who do you most look up to out of all of the notable fascist leaders and why?

I just started reading "For My Legionaries" and so far I'm really blown away by what a person Codreanu was:

>walked with three others, hands on their revolvers, through a crowd of armed Communists after snatching their red flag and raising the Romanian tricolor

>stood firmly against the Jewish infiltration of his nation

>locked students out of the university when for the first time there was no opening prayer service

>wrote a manifesto calling a protest against the granting of civil rights to the Jews, fucked up the Jewish part of town with his group to show the "capital was still Romanian and that there, it our arm which rules, which can permit or forbid, which holds peace or war, which punishes or forgives". Seeing another man questioned for the writing of the manifesto he walked forward and proclaimed himself the author, getting arrested

>helped lead a nationwide student strike for over a year

>realizing most students couldn't keep the strike up into the next year, instead of merely capitulating they plotted to kill the major Jews of the press, major rabbis, bankers and members of government before being unfortunately arrested. While the rest of his men denied, he came out and proudly declared he regretted nothing, before being thrown in prison.

This is all a little less than half way through, too. It's almost better than Mein Kampf so far. I still greatly admire Hitler but I've really been amazed at some of the things Codreanu did during his life. I wish I could be 1/10 of what these people were

112 posts and 49 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

24c4dc  No.8154

File: 8b15638cefa042a⋯.jpg (414 KB, 1185x1200, 79:80, Henry_George_1886_New_York.jpg)

File: 44e6b0499c47e50⋯.jpg (18.33 KB, 250x325, 10:13, 640_128412779098.jpg)

File: c835df411f91844⋯.jpg (11.81 KB, 200x245, 40:49, 142563.jpg)

these are the three Americans I look up to

24c4dc  No.8155


well, shit. Hail Codreanu?

6c0e21  No.8160


The meathook meme? I havent heard of it

24c4dc  No.8177


But it doesn't make sense to most of the population. Yet atheists are the most obnoxious people when it comes to forcing their "non-belief" on people. Its almost as if they're….. religious about being irreligious.

63d58d  No.8184



Aye,back to africa, with you

File: b56aaffc7eba6bc⋯.jpg (25.38 KB, 220x243, 220:243, IMG_0153.JPG)

ace38f  No.8166[Reply]

Do you think the Great Depression would have been solved much earlier if he became president ?

a429d3  No.8176

Oh definitely, too bad I'm led to believe FDR's goons iced his ass. I think Frankieboy was genuinely threatened by him.

File: e4ae7e8b64cc1da⋯.jpg (58.32 KB, 348x441, 116:147, 1512021258523.jpg)

27fda7  No.7485[Reply]

You are nothing more than a slave to the global capitalist elites. They want to turn man into a uniform mass devoid of culture outside of what they say is "trendy". They want to turn the world into one giant globalist market place. America is already nothing more than one giant shopping mall.

In order to turn the world into a giant market place they must first facilitate the free flow of labor and capital. This is why nothing has been done about the immigration problems facing the western world for decades now and this is also why we have these shit free trade agreements. The globalist bourgeoisie uses a combination of insourcing and outsourcing to make the fattest profits possible. If something is profitable they have no reason to stop it. You are nothing more than a resource to be managed.

Why is it "trendy" to be Gay?

Because LGBT has become an industry in and of itself. Psychiatry isn't about making people better, it's about pushing pills and making money. The American Psychological Association has ties with surgeons who make big money mutilating people's dicks. They also have ties with the drug companies that push HRT.

This brings me to my next point, why is it that people are universally attacked when they question these practices? Because it would hurt their profit margins, it's bad for business.

Political correctness is how big businesses polices thought so that no one can get in the way of their profits through wrong think. It's the kind of shit pushed through HR departments religiously. That's why you get fired if you don't tow the line, it's "bad for business goy".

Capitalism demands infinite growth which is completely unsustainable. If products could be easily fixed than those products would stop selling on a continuous basis. That's why things are designed to break and it's why people don't bother getting things fixed anymore, because it's simply cheaper to buy something new and that's what they want you to do. This leads to our landfills filling up and it leads to trash in our oceans.

The new world order that people fear is entirely capitalistic in nature. It is a decadence, a rot of the human spirit with materialism takingPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

38 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

1f34f5  No.7714


He's right though. The profit incentive stifles technological advancement, and the fact that peoples' working hours aren't decreasing and quality of life isn't getting better only means that people who might otherwise have the time to come up with creative solutions to society's problems won't have the time do so because of the fact they have to work instead of think.

c6f7b7  No.7780


I'm not sure if you know what people's work hours were in the 1870's-1910's but yeah, they've decreased.

Also the profit incentive shouldn't stifle advancement, in fact, it should encourage it. Why do you think products have gotten better? Because in order to make sales a business must provide a better product. Whether that is a car that is safer, faster, more reliable or a television with a clearer picture, the comparison will remain the same.

My objections to Capitalism center around materialism and around the shady things businesses will do to turn a profit, even at the expense of entire countries.

774551  No.7781


Easy fix. Put a roof over capitalism. Stop greed by determine how much money a single individual can own at a time (based on the wealth of the country he lives in) and give every penny above (from private citizens and industries) to the country. This would force greedy bastards to elevate the planet with them if they want more money.

f9df26  No.7831


i think going off on a gay tangent is a waste of time. how does having a bunch of faggots and soys affect the federal reserve criminality one way or another? its just a resource/manpower drain keeping americans infighting instead of stopping the criminal bankers.

e2a965  No.8157


yeah and what favors has it done for the States? nothing, turned the entire nation into a consumerist dystopia.

File: 3875901e734f43b⋯.png (42.51 KB, 670x471, 670:471, astro_w2gw_justin_barger.3….png)

d20f54  No.6276[Reply]

was it legitimate? did he really believe the stars guided humanity or this just a ruse?

(pic related, its my chart)

17 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

4825ed  No.6502


I believe that astrology has influence, but not control

2de976  No.6904

File: dffde5257fb1a84⋯.png (54.97 KB, 225x225, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)



d20f54  No.6918


Yeah I know. Why does that matter?

d06a67  No.8072

File: 828c7e4548e9169⋯.jpg (19.45 KB, 200x236, 50:59, This is why6.jpg)

Well, Justin, since you asked.

Why the hell not?

It seems no more unlikely to me than the idea that the universe formed from literally nothing and that life developed out of random happenstance, or that it was all guided by an unseen hand.

And fear not; being 30 does not qualify you as a Boomer. You Millennial dirtbag.

d20f54  No.8129


Ok whatever you say Pinoshit. Besides if you even entertain the though of him being a good leader, let alone a good person, you can GTFO this board like a good little Wall Street kike

File: 3364b348600184d⋯.png (656.7 KB, 974x1128, 487:564, longlive.png)

16b7dc  No.8107[Reply]

Is Germany finally rising?

77ebd4  No.8113


Well, if it happens I expect them this time to win.

File: fc5ed9b05e02efc⋯.png (282.48 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, IMG_0230.PNG)

23ee9f  No.22[Reply]

I saw this asked in the QTDDTOT, but thought this having its own thread here would be a good idea. How do American fascists move forward? Do we found our own local movements and attempt to build them up from there? I have been considering trying to start a movement in my area within the next three or four years. I don't know if I'll have any success, but trying to better than nothing.

46 posts and 13 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

bb60b2  No.7536


Can you disprove that that happened?

The burden of proof typically falls upon the prosecution. You have to prove that it DID happen.

The SPLC and the ADL are both peopled entirely by wastes of Humanity that know they'll be the first to be destroyed, should the system ever change to one that doesn't protect degenerates and traitors. I ignore them, without any regard to what they might be saying.

bb60b2  No.7538

File: 3d672ffe7aedde1⋯.jpg (257.3 KB, 1371x844, 1371:844, ross Silver Legion flag.jpg)

The military, at least the actual combat arms guys, are a cunt hair away from fascism. They cling to libertarianism but when you black-pill libertarians like these you get fascists.

I am literal proof of exactly that. Former Army (Field Artillery) and yeah, I was a Libertarian, border-line AnCap… and then I realized that the social corrosion I hated so badly came from exactly that source.

Excessive Liberty is the fountain that waters Degeneracy.

We just have to get the average Joe to see that, too.

40f8c8  No.7547


I do agree using national scocalist or fascist as a name in our movement is a death sentence so I have thought why not use the lesser known names of fascism ? We could call our group the corporatist movement or the national syndicalists or the distributist party or even maybe strasserists if that is not well known we would probably have the best chance if we choose national bolshivisim but that is just basically ethnic nationalist communism and I would pick that as only a last resort

772e41  No.7551

The thing with fascism is that it is neither left wing or right wing and has the ability to appeal to both the liberals and conservatives. It takes economic policies of the left while leaving behind the moral rot and takes the social values of older conservatism while leaving the disastsrous self absorbed monetary policies. You can preach anti racism in the same breath as anti miscegenation just like Mosley did, as anti miscegenation is the preservation of races. You get the anti racist crowd and get to have anti race mixing as well. You can preach certain aspects of socialism and anti capitalist dialect while advocating for private property and gun ownership. With fascism everyone gets to benefit.

b09978  No.8101


That would be the approach Codreanu did but for that you would need an alredy solid following

File: 9d31ccb26929ca6⋯.jpeg (11.17 KB, 183x275, 183:275, images (2).jpeg)

78e576  No.8090[Reply]

I know that many of us want to think of ourselves as warriors for our race and nation, but the war starts slowly. Sometimes I feel like we are losing momentum in this movement when we have made so many gains in the past two years.

I am not saying blow shit up or do anything illegal, but the war just won't start for no damn reason. We all have to power to enact change in our communities.

If you are a manager or hold a position of power at your job, slowly start weeding out coloreds and lefties. If you do it slow enough and keep a few "decent" ones around you won't get caught.

If there are restaurants or bars that cater to gays, start calling the city and making complaints about the food or the drinks. Eventually the establishment will get investigated.

If you live in an apartment complex, complain about your black neighbors until the management company has no choice but to evict.

These are just a few examples, but there are many things we can do to start being the change we want to see.

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