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File: 634ffa83e9e128e⋯.png (47.8 KB, 1017x725, 1017:725, fascist on front page.png)

3e110a  No.6811[Reply]

We went through a period of struggle but we stayed strong, united and weathered the storm. We are back and stronger than ever.

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a5fd6f  No.6829

Momentum bump

69bf08  No.6847

Ah yes we are just bellow…./vore/

5f65cb  No.6868


>Well in the off chance that shit does go bad again, remember our bunker is at /3rdpol/ although I don't think that's going to happen.

Just wait for the siegekikes to invade….

3e110a  No.6870


I don't really have an opinion either way on siegeposters tbh. I can't say I like them but I can't say I hate them either. I'd call it true neutrality.

5f75fd  No.6891

I wish the post count were higher. Sadly these days even the top three boards aren't even all that fast. It would be really something if we can reach top 10 boards by year's end, and is definitely a goal we should work towards.

File: fb582d5fabbbc1b⋯.jpg (2.37 MB, 2160x3840, 9:16, 1494170305373.jpg)

af3ec8  No.692[Reply]

How did National Socialism and Fascism get pumped together in this whole page? They are two different worldviews. Fascism is an economic worldview that only later (when Mussolini enacted the racial laws in 1938) had some racial components whereas National Socialism has always, from its very conception been a complete worldview that embraces its racial ideology with its economic, political and family views.

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2e80f0  No.696


Well said.

e6b2dd  No.713

Fascism/Nat soc=


f8d93e  No.5800


>They are two different worldviews. Fascism is an economic worldviews

Except they aren't, especially not economically, and obviously, not racially either since Italian fascism was perfectly compatible with Aryan race laws. All fascist movements have had to confront the JQ, because Jews are so deeply embedded in international finance. It's unavoidable that when you confront globalism, you confront jews, and thus, you confront race.

16851e  No.6877


I'd put more emphasis on the reactionary and anti-liberal connotion of fascist movements.

See my OC here >>6768 I think Goebbels quote sums up the basic idea of fascism and it's roots.

Correct me here if I am wrong.


>That said, this board is a bit broad topic-wise, covering fascist movements, third-position ideologies such as Strasserism/Solidarism and even more nationalist strains of communism (non-Marxist).

That's why I like this board. Even someone who isn't a facist but just wants to educate himself about how fascism sees itself would be welcome and helped out here.

20962a  No.6884


fascism was a totalitarian ideology and revolved around much more than economics. Natsoc was a branch of this general anti-materialist ideology.

File: 4268290e344a64e⋯.jpeg (135.81 KB, 612x791, 612:791, 5BC7F3F6-F457-4ADC-B69E-8….jpeg)

5a4800  No.6769[Reply]

A thread for ABP members to discuss issues pertaining to the party, ways to spread the message and educate people on American Fascism, and other stuff.

30 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

e957f4  No.6859


That’s nice, at least they’re doing things. I thought they were just larpers.


I meant they’re more structured and organized. Sorry, I should’ve been more clear.

3ed541  No.6861

I wish we had a party like Casapound or Der Dritte Weg

336a6b  No.6862


The actual JQ was brought up in an interview with Joshua Noyer. Official party stance is that the Jews just happen to be smart enough to manipulate capitalism the most. Also in the same interview the idea that there is a difference between ethnic groups biologicaly did come up. So while we don’t believe in “race” we do know that ethnic background is important, we just put culture first.

336a6b  No.6863


ABP has Casapound ties

3ed541  No.6864


That’s actually pretty cool

File: f18c98a4329e5f6⋯.png (48.02 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot (10).png)

a3790f  No.6673[Reply]

Seeing as the first one is now quite stuffed, i decided to make a 2nd one for this place.

3 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

5523b1  No.6679


big metal fan here too. also player of metal and industrial music and punk. I have an entry on m-a as well as an artist profile.

10d800  No.6710


Martial Industrial, Metal, Classical, Military Marches, 50's music and classic rock.

5523b1  No.6737


excellent taste.

10d800  No.6742



5523b1  No.6743


Wilkommen. I moved past a lot of martial stuff though to discover the roots of industrial. Too many bands to name

File: 09ab6abbbee54a4⋯.jpg (7.01 KB, 181x278, 181:278, images (30).jpg)

e06dc1  No.6611[Reply]

why do so many people either say "I'm a Strasserist" or "I'm a Hitlerist"

no Federists?

89c849  No.6615


I lean towards Strasserism but at this point I'd just broadly call myself a national socialist or national syndicalist. There's some positives I can see in Germany under Hitler even if I would have preferred the economics of Strasserism. I like Feder too and largely agree with his writings on mammonism, interest slavery and debt economies.

fb099d  No.6616

Niche ideologies, is like complaining why no one likes post-neo-progressive-tribal-industrial, is because no one knows about it

a548d8  No.6665


The fact that nobody knows about it is exactly why these ideologies are important. People can't just compare it to muh hitler 6 gorillion.

File: 45b789ef0811203⋯.png (116 KB, 821x664, 821:664, serveimage.png)

a82059  No.6542[Reply]

Is fascism a capitalist/free market ideology? I am aware Hitler's definition of Socialism was different from Marxist socialism but exactly how capitalist is fascism as a whole?

14 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

f456b0  No.6599


This. "Corporations" were essentially state syndicates formed into national councils, these syndicates consisted of management and labor negotiating on things like wages, working conditions, etc… etc… If a decision couldn't be made the state would step in. People just hear the word "corporation" and don't understand what a fascist corporation is. It has little to do with the word "corporation" in it's modern context. That's why fascism took influence from anarcho-syndicalist thinkers like Georges Sorel, it basically took syndicalism without class conflict and without anarchy.

c372e8  No.6602


I've been called a state capitalist before even though it's more state Socialist or market Socialist

f4c7b6  No.6622


While you're correct it isn't wrong per say, the phrase but mentioning that without proper context as he did is a common anti-fascist trope.


Guildismo was the alternative title for corporatism in Italy alongside national syndicalism. The fascists in Italy at least used all these words interchangeably to describe their system.


Exactly, Sorel was the forerunner of this system any genuine Fascist acknowledges this.

f4c7b6  No.6623


Hey Negan here lol. I posted these >>6590

c1fa9b  No.6626


>mentioning that without proper context as he did is a common anti-fascist trope.

The word "fascist" suffers the same

File: 11dd3f20b23f7aa⋯.jpg (46.15 KB, 260x293, 260:293, 1482967913496.jpg)

814f81  No.1609[Reply]

>You see, goyim, the only way to power is to do nothing at all. The system is going to collapse and will collapse exactly according to your ideology! You will be swept into power by the chaos! Just sit and wait!

>Whoa, slow down there, goy! Trying to do something in real life? LARP

>All is lost! Only destruction can purify this degenerated nation! Go take this gun and unleash your fury on these innocent people, just don't focus on us CEOs and politicians!

>Whatever you do, make sure you never centralize! Everyone but you offline is a fed! Repeat after me: TOGETHER YOU ARE WEAKER, DIVIDED YOU ARE STRONGER. Embrace the leaderless resistance!

>Make sure to act as repulsive as possible…that shows you're serious, never mind the fact that your grandparents fought and died against that Swastika flag you're waving around! Yes…that's right…surround yourself with fat degenerates…remember, optics are for losers!

>Wow, your small movement has really gotten after the ground in the local area….it's time to strike. It's time for a coup! It doesn't matter if the broad masses don't support you!

1 post and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

cf90f7  No.1615

File: 7d80111a16d06f3⋯.jpg (66.56 KB, 850x400, 17:8, Codreanu on Jews.jpg)

File: c8ff28a60685b91⋯.png (1.42 MB, 3150x1488, 525:248, Hitler on Democracy.png)

File: 9f8416ccdb8d87f⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1368x962, 684:481, julius_evola_on_materialis….png)

File: 231c2150336da04⋯.png (649.1 KB, 871x1540, 871:1540, Rockwell on the Right Wing.png)


>Only WHEN the average lemming is poor and homeless

This is why you proof read your posts. Here have some random quotes.

95f2ca  No.1685

yeah killing off poor whites actually is bad optics.

f8e72e  No.2086


We are being separated from those with the most revolutionary potential.

Its like when /pol/ twisted itself in knots over the incel hysteria, isolating /r9k/ over muh PR which won't amount to anything tangible. We have been assailed and drowned out with brainless morons.

0aa51a  No.3310

File: 905758968304a84⋯.png (135.81 KB, 500x513, 500:513, what-in-the-goddamn-308885….png)


>4th image

>guys move to the Northwest and have a fuck ton of kids, and don't worry about money

>also don't worry about if your wife is willing to have up to 12 kids or more

7823cb  No.6594


Yep and don't forget the classic

>Everything is controlled opposition

File: 608ea581e9da693⋯.png (1.45 KB, 220x45, 44:9, Untitled.png)

File: fd771eecedd0259⋯.jpg (351.06 KB, 2500x2500, 1:1, 939b79107657ed62d40a0d4940….jpg)

75a4aa  No.6504[Reply]

Crossposting from /leftycuckpol/, I'm looking for the fucker responsible for this.

b9feec  No.6507

its just an attempt to demoralize us. no real human being cares about the opinions of peons.

6f9647  No.6510


Did someone hack a board named /soyboys/ and name it fascism? Or did someone hack /fascism/ and somehow name it /soyboys/? If it's the former, I don't really give a shit. If it's the latter, this place is compromised and was a psyop the entire time.

6f9647  No.6511



nvm I went there. Looks like their board was fucked with. Just ignore the faggots and the BO should make sure security here is tight with regards to passwords and whatnot.

316cc2  No.6549


It was probably claimed, not hacked.

6f9647  No.6550


Probably, I don't even know why we have this thread. I'm just tired of board drama and what's happening on another board doesn't have anything to do with us anyway. I'm just thankful that /fascist/ is back.

File: 3c0ed4895eb3d79⋯.png (583.99 KB, 1172x859, 1172:859, 1528482073690.png)

6915fc  No.5093[Reply]

Why do so many folks on /pol/ have this image that Russia is some kind of based, white, moral defender? The country has been in the craphole since the 90s and nothing has changed then.

66 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

000000  No.6448


>Assad should be kept in power and Iran has done nothing wrong

Any leader who is so weak they literally need another country's military to keep themselves in power doesn't deserve power.

Iran is run by religious fanatics.

5a3385  No.6531


those fucking economic kikes.

9177a1  No.6533

File: 92948a90e1ce6b4⋯.jpg (89.09 KB, 563x727, 563:727, DfMlafjVQAA2-4U.jpg)


It's just that westerners couldn't care to do any research and redpill themselves on what's going on with ordinary Russians who live in modern Russia, which is fine, until they start using our country as some kind of stereotype to use against each-other. For example, it's very convenient for the left to use it as a boogieman to scare their citizens into giving kikes in government more power, and it's convenient for the right to use it as an example of some kind of utopia for them to strive for, which might be imperfect, but still much much better than what they have in the west (according to them).

Both are untrue and very disrespectful to Russians, and only serve to complicate the already difficult political situation that we have here even further.

01ab9c  No.6541

Well, the sad story about Russia is that the collapse of the USSR was a complete catastrophe by every measure, and the neoliberal mafia state that replaced still cannot make parity with the old USSR in terms of economics, neither in terms of raw GDP or as a percentage of overall global GDP (USSR represented 25% of the world's gdp in 1990, the Russian federation barely breaks 1.5%). And that is to say nothing about scientific output, military power, and overall standard of living and general welfare of the Russian people.

40e074  No.6566


>Iran is run by religious fanatics.


File: 1060467e603efb4⋯.png (77.35 KB, 659x388, 659:388, white genocide.png)

729b07  No.6535[Reply]

I think he deserves credit for this. What are all of your thoughts on this?

e32bf6  No.6536

he's getting there. in related news, Tucker Carlson spoke about the "rich elites not caring about the average American"

d84bde  No.6539

Much respect to him for doing this.

fe5890  No.6540

Real tired of Trump tweeting a big game and then nothing happening. Until I see an executive order giving South African White refugee status and a crack down on Silicon Valley technocrats Trump will remain a kike puppet.

File: 2eded8dc94a0c60⋯.jpg (169.56 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, fascist world.jpg)

582341  No.1196[Reply]

One advantage that the communists have over us is that they are really good at working together across international lines. The communists for years had massive meetings they called the "communist international". Their goals were obviously very different than ours, however, the fact that they were able to network in this way across national lines worked in their favor in achieving their goals. Perhaps it wouldn't be a bad idea for fascists to establish our own international organization for various fascist groups to meet and discuss strategy. Obviously, the purpose of this organization would not to be to break down national borders like that of the communist international, however, I feel that this sort of organization could potentially be useful in spreading the fascist ideology around the world and supporting fascist groups in other countries. Not to mention, if we could get fascism established in other countries they could potentially fund other fascist groups in our own countries which could be advantageous.

So how would we set this up?

First of all we'd need funding. There's a few ideas on how this could be achieved, none of them set in stone but here's a few I can think of off the top of my head.

<Small entrance fees for parties attending the conference.

This could also be useful in weeding out LARPy groups. We'd want the most serious and well funded groups attending these conferences. The fees wouldn't have to be exorbitant, perhaps 50-100 dollar entrance fees per person or larger fees for large parties with lots of members, maybe a 2000 dollar entrance fee for parties containing over 100-500 active members in attendance, that wouldn't be hard for a party that large to gather assuming assuming they pooled their money.


This is important on both individual party levels as well as for the conference itself but for our purposes I'll be discussing it on the conference level.

In order for any organization to be successful it has to know how to brand itself properly. Branding also brings money. This means selling merchandise with the organizations logo and using the money you make from selling merchandise for things like online advertising campaigns and activism. Smaller things can be given out freely atPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

78 posts and 14 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

b39606  No.6469

053be1  No.6523




582341  No.6524


>A Jew was elected in the south therefore a southern nation as a concept is bad.


053be1  No.6525


>Benjamin was the first Jew to be elected to the United States Senate who had not renounced that faith, and was the first Jew to hold a Cabinet position in North America.

You forgot the important bit

not to mention the demographics of the area

ce3b59  No.6562

File: eac580ac6dd32c8⋯.png (112.89 KB, 550x413, 550:413, 13426.png)


>dividing the union

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

de07de  No.6388[Reply]

Bowden gives talk on aryan mystic Savitri Devi.

de07de  No.6392


3591fb  No.6393


8e54cc  No.6396



90c6e6  No.6398

board alive again? neato.

e424df  No.6520

File: 0ddc41943efee41⋯.png (337.93 KB, 1546x832, 773:416, Deji's a bitch hoe .png)

File: f75093180f5e605⋯.jpg (40.47 KB, 634x581, 634:581, poole-3.jpg)

efabd2  No.6497[Reply]

Jake Paul is our beginning in our invasion of Hollywood.

For too long, pedos and freaks have been running corporations like Disney, CNN, MSNBC, and now Fox Entertainment.

By beating up a stank old homeless man named Deji, he is proving to the world that we are still alive and kicking. The boxing match will start a era of more boxers taking up more time on TV channels generating more revenue for white entertainment.

Back when music wasn't made with electronics, talent was a key aspect of audible art. Now it is nothing but a tangent of talentless (((black musicians))) paid by large corporations to advertise their products while singing like a fat schizoid from Chicago.

Jake Paul will inspire many more fighters and entertainers to taint the American perspective.

Bitch, I'm a fucking CHAMPION!

2bffec  No.6498

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Jake Paul is literally Hitler

2bffec  No.6499

File: f0f870c667fe7a6⋯.jpg (121.75 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, poole.jpg)

File: c3f48e0185e0eef⋯.jpg (124.56 KB, 1600x1241, 1600:1241, Hitler-1.jpg)

a39822  No.6508

well I can see the demoralization part. and the fact that nobody wants to do business with him, I can relate. although I'm leaning towards the fact this may just be an elaborate shitpost.

3140f1  No.6546

File: 70fa2fcd418bc64⋯.jpg (114.13 KB, 900x675, 4:3, sage.jpg)


>Jake ==JOSEPH== Paul, the self proclaimed German-Hungarian Kike


low quality b8

File: c7bcb334773393d⋯.png (2.33 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 4D949617-C03C-4ED0-B8FD-97….png)

27fde3  No.6493[Reply]

I’m a random guy about to graduate college who lacks an identity besides knowing a lot about books.

Will fascists adopt me and basically re-educate me? But only if they agree to take care of me if I get fired from work etc, I need a safety net.

47d1f5  No.6495


Under fascism if you lost your job the state would find you a new job. If there weren't any jobs available you'd be given unemployment benefits until the state finds you another job but that would be extremely unlikely as unemployment would be near 0%.

File: 1ff0bd2cb401b60⋯.jpg (28.93 KB, 1600x800, 2:1, National-Flag-Of-Soviet-Un….jpg)

338660  No.6451[Reply]

What's your opinion on the Soviet Union? I'd imagine you'd be staunchly against it but I'm curious. Also your opinion on Communism in general.

6 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

338660  No.6460


Sounds pretty similar to guild Socialism tbh

00f7ef  No.6461


It's a form of guild socialism.

7bdbe0  No.6463


It sows needless division on a national level. I don't like bourgis myself but they are my national brethren at the end of the day and the both of us should come together to improve our country; not fight eachother for international interest.

79b7f3  No.6465


To hell with it.

8ad761  No.6479


This, unfortunately the bourgeoisie is a necessary part of the state apparatus and is needed in times of economic stagnancy to drive industry. The problem is when they are purely the ruling class and are not subjugated by a higher authority such as a monarch, dictator or syndicate. It's foolish to sacrifice your nation to class struggle, killing millions in the process and ruining your nation.

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