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File: d06483dfcb45d77⋯.jpg (48.74 KB, 673x671, 673:671, clock.jpg)

fbbe39  No.12236[Reply]

There is absolutely nothing we can do to save our civilization or race we are too far gone we lost in 1945 our last chance lied with Hitler and we blew it so just embrace the insanity. I have given up we are screwed so why not just snap and go wild? Look around you is this shithole of a planet truly worth saving? Just go out there and cause as much chaos and destruction as you can, call me black-pilled all you want i am telling the truth and if you still think there is an inch of hope that we can win then you are delusional this is the end anons THE FUCKING END embrace the chaos and make the world your playground take as many of them out whilst you can before they get you make Christchurch look like child's play. It's all one big joke anons life is a fucking sick comedy.

37c3a1  No.12237

You cry about everything being lost and sinking into nihilism while doing what to stop it? Have you ever once engaged in non-votecuck political work? No? Then you have no right to cry if you're doing nothing but posting clown memes on an imageboard

<b-b-but we're doomed so it's not even worth it!

I swear to God the Internet is the single greatest social control tool ever created. If people truly were discontent and didn't have an outlet to bitch in all day, they'd drown this society in blood.

2096c7  No.12251

Taking the "honk" pill is the most anti-facist thing one could do. It's just another alias for the blackpill.

I find the meme funny, but you should know that we fascists do not intend on changing the world. If we could gather a few good men, a small elite of people. Good. If it eventually blows into a national fenomenon, it would be most excelent.

But don't go blaming the world for your lack of convicction, your lack of discipline and general cowardice. YES GENIUS, the world is fucked up. It was always fucked up. The world being fucked and hard is why putting up the fight feels good. There is no fufilling reward without pain, sacrifice and hard work.

The path of the facist man is a spiritual one, we do not concern ourselves with the rest of the world if we cannot change ourselves. We work the individual (us) and then our community, and then the nation. As it is now, we have small communities and some individuals, if it stays that way, we are still content, because we have overcome the so called kali yuga.

Giving up is for cowards and under-men.

File: 55f32a09a77dd4e⋯.png (87.83 KB, 768x631, 768:631, 835d7899bb540fbcb2578f8b54….png)

File: 435b13ee8a78bbf⋯.jpg (150.54 KB, 900x900, 1:1, PicsArt_03-16-02.50.15.jpg)

aa96f4  No.11822[Reply]

Any ideas on a good set of unused symbols to be applied in a fascistic mongrel government? Making all this from scratch and hoping it catches on. Note, this regime would be wholly Malthusian, Darwinian and Transhumanist so expect cybernetic implants and culling of the weak and lower IQ. We'd also put RFIDs in people and scannable barcodes on some subjects. There will be work camps also.

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43c4a4  No.12228


>Natives are genetically eurasians, same as slavs

Like another anon said, Native Americans originally come from Siberia, so they are almost completely mongoloid racially. With Slavs on the other hand it is much more varied. When people say Slavs aren't white, they're often right. Slavs are basically a mix of Finnic, Turkic and Aryan blood. Whether they can be classified under what we understand as white will vary depending on what portion of their racial mix predominates. This is why when Poland was invaded in 1939 many orphaned children were deemed suitable for Germanization due to their racial characteristics and given new names, new identity papers and language lessons in German before being assigned to German foster-families.

87d2dc  No.12229


That castizo looks kind of weird. Castizos are chinkeyed whites basically.

t. Castizo of the MANOEL caste.

0a060d  No.12230


> Slavs are basically a mix of Finnic, Turkic and Aryan blood. Whether they can be classified under what we understand as white will vary depending on what portion of their racial mix predominates.

Slavs proper are a subgroup of europeans. Don't confuse slav with "russian citizen". Inside Russia there exist various groups of peoples with different racial compositions, all of them are thought of as russians in the sense of being vassals to the russian state. Russia is a clusterfuck, ethnically speaking.

I don't know about non-whites inhabiting eastern european countries other than Russia. I thought of them as being purely proper slav. Perhaps there are groups of asiatic peoples who were relocated in the soviet times (excluding gypsies but we aren't talking about that).

43c4a4  No.12233

File: 7df338d63e3d323⋯.jpg (35.83 KB, 506x257, 506:257, MDS Plot Revealing Differe….jpg)


>Slavs proper are a subgroup of europeans.

I know that Russia is extremely diverse, but what I'm talking about is that many ethnic Russians, particularly North Russians, are much closer to non-Aryan Finnic and Turkic people.

>I don't know about non-whites inhabiting eastern european countries other than Russia.

The only thing I can think of is Turks in Bulgaria. They're something like eight to ten percent of the population iirc.

0a060d  No.12234


What I've heard is that there were various population movements, natural or government done, during the soviet union, which kind of mixed various european, turkic and mongoloid populations which where separated before. Still, iirc there where some populations which were essentially eurasian mutts, but those where more to the east.

> non-Aryan Finnic

I'm interested in the racial composition of Finland. From what I gather, excluding some populations which are mongoloid, most of them are genetically similar to swedes, and are mongoloid only culturally.

File: 795ae5288db8a35⋯.jpg (173.24 KB, 971x872, 971:872, inf.jpg)

File: 60b077b83f62f2b⋯.jpg (148.6 KB, 692x946, 346:473, inf3.jpg)

File: d8470affd105fe3⋯.jpg (143.72 KB, 692x909, 692:909, inf4.jpg)

File: 0493048438f7858⋯.jpg (41.05 KB, 720x443, 720:443, SIEGE.jpg)

911963  No.3966[Reply]

Recently it’s been proven there are Satanists trying to subvert Fascism/National Socialism (Atomwaffen, but not limited to) toward an egoistic, sadistic end. You can read through the whole thing here:


It has everything in it, but I’ll be selecting some choice items.

Summary - The Order of the Nine Angles (O9A) are a Satanist group who infiltrates and takes over ‘extremist’ organizations. Whether they be Islamist, Fascist, Communist, it doesn’t matter. What attracts them is that these groups have violent potential. Satanists are edgy goth kids, but O9A takes it a step further than just slitting your wrists. While most ‘Satanists’ are homosexuals, weirdos and leftists, the O9A rightly identifies the POZ is the world hegemon. It isn’t edgy or contrarian to shove dildos up your butt and advocate for gay marriage. What IS edgy is terrorism, opposing the neoliberal establishment, and most of all - Hitler, Nazism, the Swastika, and white ‘racism’.

They adopt ‘perspective roles’ to infiltrate these groups and take on the persona of an ideologue. Essentially wannabe sociopathy. They’ll speak the lingo of the group they’re infiltrating, adopt the general philosophy, but of course they try to subvert it. Why? Because they want the energy of the group to become ‘sinister’. They want the idealism of Fascism/National Socialism to degrade into utter hopelessness, nihilism and pointless hatred. There is nothing wrong with Hate, but Hate comes from Love. Without love of one’s people, nation, race, etc, then hate simply becomes misanthropic and useless. E.g, O9A Satanists posing as NatSocs will wield the Lemming theory - but twist it to eventually suggest all lemmings must be killed (or most of them), because they are ‘complicit with the system’ for not rising up.

Obviously the Lemming theory doesn’t advocate for this. Lemmings are eternal, they can’t help what they are. So why do Satanist infiltrators want to push NatSocs into hatred for normal people? Because of the book ‘IroPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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436f8a  No.12135

Odin leader of Atomwaffen division dox.

name: Brandon Wilson

age: 23

Address: 11918 SW 271st St Homestead, FL 33032

743211  No.12136

File: 73dec36c35703b0⋯.jpeg (132.21 KB, 960x1302, 160:217, 0F78FCDC-E2CA-4697-9A1A-F….jpeg)





>tranny Black Front Flag

>being a “radical” from the safety of your bedroom

Everyday I thank God he died before seeing this clown world of Internet “politics”

736edb  No.12172


Last one is kinda 'tarded.

4b722e  No.12198


>Ted was under MKUltra

Discredit him then. He was a victim not an asset.

e66fcd  No.12222

File: f0f35de03657f5c⋯.png (557.76 KB, 1820x1558, 910:779, ClipboardImage.png)

Meanwhile, on a far better board…

File: 1ad73de3f198ce7⋯.png (296.22 KB, 557x367, 557:367, ClipboardImage.png)

0c5ae3  No.11957[Reply]

The issue of fascism and government surveillance has always been a tough issue for me. What is your personal view on government surveillance? Is it ever justified? Is it necessary? Why or why not? In the American context (the only one that I have much personal knowledge about) I completely oppose any and all government surveillance for a variety of reasons: 1) the indiscriminate surveillance and data-gathering of all citizens, regardless of whether they are suspected of crimes and 2) the noted formation of a state-of-affairs that could be referred to as the surveillance-industrial complex. This represents a merger of state-corporate power. Both parties have an interest in surveillance. The American government wishes to expand its data-gathering technology for reasons of "national security" and of course control of the populace. Not possessing all of the expertise themselves, the government turns to the capitalists for assistance. They outsource surveillance to the private-sector, avoiding any and all accountability. This is profitable for the capitalists, who also are known to make billions of dollars from user data, harvested from products which are offered (((for free))). And of course, at the pinnacle of governmental collusion with big data capitalists is projects such as PRISM, where all of the big companies from Microsoft, Facebook, Apple to Google participated. Does this operation – one which is part of the tumor of ZOG and part of a massive profit-making scheme – truly benefit the American people (or anywhere in a similar state of affairs) especially since it has proven to be utterly ineffective? Dismantling the present surveillance apparatus should be an aspiration for all fascists.

While opposing the constant and indiscriminate surveillance of the entire population, I believe that in this current day and age the government should be equipped with the tools for surveilling those who it needs to, provided that it is kept in the proper bounds and doesn't target the innocent. For a different type of surveillance, fascists should definitely look into the panoptic device. The same configuration which Bentham proposed for use in his famous Panopticon prison. Of course in this prison the prisoners were able to be seen by the watchman if he looked into their cell from his central position. The prisonersPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

0a3b7b  No.11974

File: 9821a54c76fe8d6⋯.jpg (216.72 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, pick pockets.jpg)


Here in the US it's pretty bad. "Accidental" leaks of user data is part and parcel of the digital age and there are social watchdogs and whistle blowers to those who dissent from liberalism. Authoritarianism and surveillance can be a force of good when in the hands of responsible people with good intentions, unfortunately it's not. This place is an Orwellian hell hole.

pic unrelated

6ee04a  No.12076

File: d0f8cad2104a98a⋯.jpg (214.25 KB, 700x525, 4:3, PRISM-dates-began (1).jpg)


Well, every state has to have an internal and external security service - the problem is when a country starts building giant data silos like the NSA is doing and collecting millions and millions of records of any tom, dick and harry. It dosn't help that they've been hacking into tech companies and forcing them to give them backdoors.

0c5ae3  No.12213

I was listening to someone talk about China's social credit system today and instead of being repulsed by the concept, I was truly taken in by it and its potential if it would be implemented in the name of anti-degeneracy, nationalism and pro-natalism. Each person is originally assigned an identical score According to individuals' behavior, they can either have points added or deducted. According to one's score people can either be punished or rewarded. Some examples of punishments are barring people people from travel, barring people from enrolling in higher education who refused military service, keeping you from getting good jobs, not being able to stay in hotels. The best part is is that score is public, people will likely not want to associate with those who have low scores. Technology is allowing for powerful tools for positive social engineering.


>It dosn't help that they've been hacking into tech companies and forcing them to give them backdoors.

Was PRISM really forced upon these companies though? I know Google at least came out and claimed that it had never heard of PRISM when it was leaked back in 2013 but given the track record of many telecommunications companies in the United States and their collaboration with the government, I wouldn't even be surprised if it was completely willing.

Outside of the big telecommunications companies involved in PRISM I do know that most of the NSA's technology isn't of their own making but was largely built by willing private-sector contractors from Silicon Valley (Northop Grumman, Booze Allen Hamilton, etc). Take a look at this article:


File: b1f13ca64baf84f⋯.png (485.62 KB, 791x441, 113:63, ClipboardImage.png)

c1966c  No.12160[Reply]

One's opinions of Christianity aside, I think all of us here on /fascist/ can agree that this is tragic, and – if it is proven to be the work of Muslims or their (((handler)))'s – an attack on all of Europe. It's almost poetic in a way:

>France has become over 10% Muslim

>Shabbos goy Macron works diligently for the EU and rich French capitalists while harming the vast majority of the people

>Gilets Jaunes protesting against the government and getting maimed and killed

<Notre Dame burns

And finally, speaking from over 100 years ago, Hitler has been proven right again:

>from the racial point of view, she [France] is rapidly becoming Negroid to such an extent that we can actually speak of the formation of an African state on European soil.

>If France develops along the lines it has taken in our day, and should that development continue for the next three hundred years, all traces of French blood will finally be lost in the formation of a Euro-African mulatto state.

4 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

62d7ad  No.12185


Apparently they are currently theorizing it is just an accident, likely due to the renovations that were going on. Even if that’s true (although I think it is very premature; the ashes are still hot), the amount of Jews of Muslims celebrating this should be telling in itself


c1966c  No.12187

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Saw this on /pol/, thoughts? I thought I remember seeing another photo in the original thread that showed a Semitic-looking figure at a distance standing near the spire but I don't know if it was real or not. I'll try to look for it.

c1966c  No.12188

File: e1ec3c348d3cfca⋯.jpg (29.77 KB, 565x519, 565:519, 1555350319.jpg)


Here it is. Sorry about the Jewtube, embed. It's fucked up since it's in (((limited state))). I found this pic here: >>>/pol/13135513 . Seems awfully weird, especially paired with the video in my first post.

a1bd3f  No.12195

There are already plans by (((some))) that say that Notre-Dame should be turned into something else, not rebuilt.

Is like spitting on the face of France, when are guillotines making a comeback?

4affff  No.12197


Although I like the GJs, I think they’re hurting their own potential to some degree by refusing any centralization whatsoever and not being forceful enough. Decentralized mobs of angry people can smash shit up but they can’t put forward concrete demands and formulate what their actual goal is. Minorities make history, not the mob. I think they’ll remain all bark and no bite as long as they keep doing their little thing when they protest and smash shit on Saturday and then go on with their lives. It’s half-assing it in my opinion. If you’re really that upset the people have the power to grind France to a halt until the government collapse. Now when I advocate for a higher degree of centralization, I’m not implying they should “run for president” or something gay like that but form a mass movement in pursuit of their goals populist style in demand for radical change.

File: 136d4832d515382⋯.png (478.62 KB, 567x378, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

2000c4  No.11893[Reply]

Dharma: the Secret to Aryan Prosperity

Following Dharma as revealed by the Vedas is the key to Aryan prosperity. Dharma lacks an exact semantic translation, though it is probably best translated as "law", "natural law", "truth", "duty" or "ethics", an eternal power upholding and supporting society and the cosmos. In Hinduism orthopraxy trumps orthodoxy, practice over belief. Adherence to Dharma is not the acceptance of beliefs but the performance of certain duties as defined in accordance with dharmic social stratification, i.e. what a Hindu can / cannot do is determined by one's particular caste and gender. Throughout the cast hierarchy runs a distinction between purity and pollution. In fact, the hierarchy in society is cosmically sanctioned, showing the hereditary social groups as part of the very structure of the cosmos. One merely has to look at the hymn of the cosmic man in the Rg Veda (Purusha Sukta).

The most interesting aspect of this religion is, when holding the fact that the Aryans began to settle in northern India ~1500 BC, of course the social stratification. Vedic society was divided into four classes: Brahmans, warriors, commoners and serfs. The top of the hierarchy, the Brahmans, was associated with the color white, considered the apex of Vedic society. Brahmans were excluded from certain interactions with lower class individuals, such as marriage or commensality. The term for the traditional Vedic system of classes is Varna, translating as color. The lowest Varna was known as the Sudras / Serfs, associated with the color black. Along with classes there is caste, jati. There are many castes, but again the Brahman sits at the top of society. The Untouchables, considered outside the Varna-system entirely used to be completely excluded from society, labeled as "dog-cookers", forced to live outside the cities in slums, work with pigs, cleaning up excrement, having to announce their presence before entering a city. Most importantly, caste is inalienable. It is considered a property of the body. To adhere to the caste system and follow its obligations was to adhere to Dharma. The punishments for transgressing Dharma, marrying outside of one's social group and homosexuality were severely punished, even with death.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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50ebc3  No.12173


> Do you think that they are real entities that exist and their myths are true or do you view the gods as a sort of archetype or expression of forces within humans / nature itself?

Those figures are mostly personifications of something different occurring in nature or human life and they are celebrated during natural events such as birth of child, summer solstice etc. The idea of literal deity as some "being/figure above us or behind universe", as something you can meet in afterlife or in real human life is partly foreign concept. I say partly because I think pagan Greeks possibly believed real gods live on mountain. You are correct though, some European pagan mythology figures serve purpose of archetypes. I think why we needed this personification (it's just my personal opinion) is because of storytelling. You can better keep the idea alive through story, children also better understand stories than metaphysical explanations; second part might be lack of scientific understanding of natural events in that time. Slavs were really interesting because they took nature as sacred to insane levels. You couldn't cut an old tree because it was believed old spirit lived in that tree, etc. All this vanished with Christianity which was in Europe spread by sword as well (many people don't know crusades were thing in Europe as well) but also voluntarily by kings/leaders.

I don't really think European understanding of Christianity is very huge problem because it was made in a way to fit our moral values, our heritage and customs + it has become that way over time (many christian events during the year are mimicking pagan ones). It's not other way around - Christianity wasn't enlightening dumb pagans and giving them sets of morals and culture. There are some dangers in Christianity though, it was for example used as argument to accept refugees, in USA it is used to spread support for Israel and whatnot. Paganism is very interesting because it tells us who we really were and are but we are often lacking good explanation. After all, honor is what matters to me, if you are honorable Christian and you don't put your faith before your people and your land/nature, then I can respect you as I would respect any other honorable manPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

50ebc3  No.12174


I might also add that in case of paganism, there is not this distinction because paganism is not religion (this is common mistake people make), it is rather way of life. Thus it's impossible to put paganism before your people and your land because it is all connected together as one big knot. I'm aware of "pagans" who are cucking for multiculturalism and degeneracy of their people, I see them as atheists who failed being atheists so they use paganism as shield against Christianity, I spit on them.

2000c4  No.12189


>There are some dangers in Christianity though, it was for example used as argument to accept refugees, in USA it is used to spread support for Israel and whatnot.

This is why I can't get behind it. I stopped believing in Christianity at a young age and had a fedora-tipper phase, but as time goes on, especially lately, I am beginning to realize the need for religion in creating a functioning society. It's like Voltaire said: 'If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.' Despite this though, you're right that Christianity has some major issues, (I've put down my own thoughts here: >>>/fascist/11895) especially where I live here in America.

>Paganism is very interesting because it tells us who we really were and are but we are often lacking good explanation

100% agree. Paganism often seems hollow to me to some degree, even though I love to read about different pre-Christian faiths in Europe, Iran and India. Honestly, I don't see a pagan revival coming around, especially in my own rootless cosmopolitan country. Christianity, despite its multitude of problems, is the only plausible solution to win over the people through non-political means and to provide good rationale for anti-degeneracy arguments. The belief in a deity and final judgement is the strongest tool a fascist can use in upholding a harmonious society. It's like a non-physical version of Bentham's Panopticon: those who are being watched know they are either being observed or are able to be observed at any time, while the watcher may observe without being seen. This creates automatic conformity to the desired norm, the presence of the watcher is felt even when it is not there – but the beauty of Panopticon is that the ones being watched do not know either way and behave accordingly. This is the semblance of God.

I really need to go pick up a Bible.

50ebc3  No.12190


>you're right that Christianity has some major issues, (I've put down my own thoughts here: >>>/fascist/11895) especially where I live here in America.

I think good priorities might help with this issue. As I said, if Christianity is not your highest virtue, in other words - if you won't backstab your nation, your people, your heritage, your land in the name of Christianity, then by all means go for it. I really don't have time into going full Varg-ite mode and sperg about Christianity all the time. Or better said, it's just not on my priorities list right now, but that's just me with my stance. You have to pick your allies carefully and I know some Christians have mind and heart on the right place, so to speak. In those cases all talks about religion and related issues are just pointless because we can be bound by mutual respect and honor, for example.

>I don't see a pagan revival coming around, especially in my own rootless cosmopolitan country.

In some countries of Europe it is coming back but here it's important to be careful. I usually don't have trust in "pagan movements" or "neo-pagan religions". Re-branded paganism, to fit modern era, has no use to me, controlled paganism same. I've seen re-birth of paganism in USA as well, however it's not really something I would support. You don't need movement behind you to tell you how to be good pagan, you all have your minds and being able to search for the truth on your own is very useful trait.

>Christianity, despite its multitude of problems, is the only plausible solution to win over the people through non-political means and to provide good rationale for anti-degeneracy arguments.

Christianity can be source of some positive things, I can agree with that. I would maybe in this case use as example orthodox christians in eastern europe and balkans maybe. Through Christianity, they are not losing touch with their roots, it can be also source of nationalism and identity. The question I have is that Is Christianity just useful idiot fPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

50ebc3  No.12191


I forgot to add that if you want to see people in Europe who are truly embracing their pagan roots, then Latvia is good example and Russia as well, where it gets more and more "popular" afaik, without all this post-modern nonsense.

File: 8a4ddc61ce27f73⋯.png (3.17 KB, 940x198, 470:99, refugees_welcome_banner.png)

94badf  No.10484[Reply]

Just found this website today. Seems like some kind of joke.

The website is Aryanism.net. They claim to be National Socialists but hate white nationalists more than they hate the jews. They also hate the west, believe it should be flooded with immigrants from third world shitholes, that homogenous white societies are of the jews, and that Hitler believed homosexuality, transgenderism and veganism was a-ok. Oh, and they called Heather Heyer a hero. This website literally supports antifa.

13 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

40a157  No.12154

File: 5f07e4992b43596⋯.jpeg (248 KB, 1242x706, 621:353, A771904A-F1C0-4497-816A-C….jpeg)

File: 7bd79e2b07ea26f⋯.jpeg (534.78 KB, 1242x829, 1242:829, 5FE4CB05-4013-4F3A-98E5-4….jpeg)



>GLR wasn't racialist but was actually faking it in order to get support.

Sounds pretty counterintuitive considering that taking the racialist path has become more and more difficult over the years unfortuntately. Though right now it’s been looking up a bit more than it has been in the past


>They say the aryan was agrarian, when the most proper use of aryan refers to indo-european pastoralist chariot riding conquerors of the indian peninsula.

If this is from some Indian nationalist website they’re probably pulling a WE WUZ ARYANZ on us. Of course the ruling class of Indian society was, in the distant past, composed of full-blooded Aryans who were originally pastoralist conquers before being agriculturalists and city-dwellers around the Ganges. Especially with theories that say Aryan culture developed in the Indus Valley and there was never any invasion at all (pic 1), it makes sense that some dumb Indian nationalists don’t want to admit that the spark that ignited Indian civilization as we know it and appreciate today is, as with many great historical achievements in human history, the product of the Aryan. It was a society where an Aryan head sat atop a Dravidian body. Sadly they succomed to miscegenation and stagnation.

Dey wuzn’t kangz, we wuz literally kangz

7d8dad  No.12155


> as with many great historical achievements in human history, the product of the Aryan.

They think that "aryan" is a kind of transracial thing, so regardless of race one can be aryan.

They also say that aryans have agticulturalist blood memories.

They probably actually believe what they write, they probably are genuine and not a troll.

ca6f32  No.12162

File: 9fb69ce519b1000⋯.png (39.74 KB, 591x293, 591:293, ClipboardImage.png)


>They probably actually believe what they write, they probably are genuine and not a troll

It's probably some mid-level caste Indian dude with a single drop of Aryan blood from 2,500 still running through his veins, desperately wanting to believe that his people could have gotten to the place they are today without outside white Aryan stimulus. It's almost sad, all of their great national figures such as the Buddha were all relatively pure-blooded Aryans (this is almost certain due to his societal position. The Buddha was a white man)

567b13  No.12176

They're a trap. This has been debunked.

7d8dad  No.12186


> transgenderism

> they called Heather Heyer a hero. This website literally supports antifa.

Sauce on this? Where do they say such things?

File: 87295bad5a2cca3⋯.png (2.7 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, .wall.png)

f01adb  No.12112[Reply]

A true fascist must dedicate himself to self improvement and the traditions of the ways of the old, but in these days degeneracy is in every place imaginable.

Say for instance you read a comic, and the author of said comic is a raging degenerate. It's only rational to separate the subhuman he is from his works (if it is any good), yet its becoming more and more difficult to do so as people constantly insert either overt or thinly subtle degeneracy into their works.

Here we share sources of common degeneracy in media (digital or not), literature, customs and people that we can easily avoid in order to build some foundation to our own traditions and worldview.

5 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

f01adb  No.12119



/pol/acks are fascists in complete moral and spiritual darkness, they know of the realities of this world but cannot act upon it in a rational and honest manner.

They are the very reason people can't see the hard truth behind many things, same goes for some nazis, kkk members a racially oriented groups. They are right about many things, but they act on emotion, hatred, and many engage in morally dubious behavior, and since they are loud, they become some kind of "default" for what fascists and traditionalist are.

They are begging the jew to portray us as hateful degenerates, the jewery is well aware of this and uses them.

f6da2f  No.12125


> They are begging the jew to portray us as hateful degenerates, the jewery is well aware of this and uses them.

The hollywood nazi skinhead stereotype was at first only seen in movies.

The kikes will portray us as hateful degenerates regardless of what we do.

f01adb  No.12131


>The kikes will portray us as hateful degenerates regardless of what we do.

If someone throws rocks at your house regardless of what you do, do you give them more stones to throw?

Just because the intent to demoralize is there regardless of reason does not mean we have to facilitate their job.

Also: Don't be a nigger, learn what the sage is for.

b1e060  No.12159


I dumped all TV shit. No series anymore. I have never been a drunkard/junkie or anything so this was not an issue for me. I am no longer a virgin which I regret, but what can you do. I stopped watching porn and masturbating. I returned to the church and regained my faith. I dumped most of the degenerate music (I still retain jazz music because I like playing it though) and instead listen to music of my ancestors - folk music, christian chants and so on. I never actually listen to jazz as I used to. I just play it sometimes because I like to improvise. This is like the most degenerate thing I engage in. I read red pill literature as well as christian literature. I am yet to meet a wife but I think I am on a good way. I do not know what is expected from me from Above but I hope I can fulfill it whatever it is. I still need get back into training regularly and I want to take up some martial art, learn to shoot. I want to have as many kids as I can, raise them up.



This. Men seeking "redpilled" women are just hoping that they will find a woman that will agree with them 99%. Well if you go to /fascist/ or even /pol/ the chances are you won't find such a woman because women do not care about politics and do not go there. A conservative woman is enough if you shape her. And women can be shaped.

My last girlfriend showed signs of mild feminism when we started off. I distinctly remember her talking about "her considering a tattoo" and her bitching about men while larping about "how strong she is". I just let that bitching slide, when she larped as strong I did not give her any ground and showed who's in charge. As far as tattoo…I just said it was degenerate and disgusting. She made some excuse about "special meaning for someone, but perhaps not for her and that some tattoos are just ugly etc etc".

After one month you could say she had no problem with me condemning faggotry pretty harshly, me pointing out that feminism is just a form of marxism, that it degrades women aPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

87a9a6  No.12163


No need to apologize for your “blogpost”, anon. I found it very interesting and not at all off-topic for this thread. I don’t have too much dating experience but I’m surprised with how quickly your ex changed her opinions for you. The only thing I’m unsure of how to bring up is the JQ and Hitler. I’m not scared to talk about it but if you bring it up the wrong way you could destroy the relationship in an instant. I came to Hitler and the JQ very slowly. At first I was laughing at memes, next I was watching Hitler speeches and reading and re-reading Mein Kampf and finally turning into a somewhat well-read “anti-semite”. I feel that few can truly understand where the hate and opposition comes from outside of lots of reading and an open mind.

File: 22e7a76c105479b⋯.jpg (15.48 KB, 230x307, 230:307, IMG_0132.JPG)

4450c4  No.8052[Reply]

Can we just take a moment and talk about how disgusting Jewish culture is ?


6 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

52fa02  No.12014

File: 5ed3ee0b6e91e65⋯.jpg (152.55 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, 5ed3ee0b6e91e65b0645aea267….jpg)

File: b63d3df80924ca1⋯.png (3.89 MB, 2012x1984, 503:496, e135a2764ca8ae44024fdb3dce….png)


c5ce49  No.12017

File: d5f819f0fc6b52f⋯.jpg (17.04 KB, 305x368, 305:368, 077.jpg)


8737a0  No.12037

low effort bs. yes, everyone on this board probably knows this already and thats why many are on here bubbling up ideas to do something about it

fbee2e  No.12157

>>8052 (OP)

Go back to /Pol/ if you wanna spout that crap. Sage.

8fd82b  No.12161


There seems to be one poster who makes a lot of shitty, low-effort threads to fill up the catalog when there is plenty of discussion in higher-quality threads that could be better added to instead.

File: 8fc9fe06069a69e⋯.png (5.88 KB, 225x225, 1:1, download.png)

4a9bd4  No.11929[Reply]

What does the black sun symbol really mean? I've been searching for some info on it but I'd only found that its on an SS castle's floor and its linked to german mythology.

If someone could recommend some reads on it I'd appreciate it

41b60b  No.11948


Iron March made a PDF on it's origins, check the catalog, hopefully it hasn't expired.

0e5a7c  No.11950


It appears as though it has

09ea23  No.11959

File: 4104901c44a728f⋯.pdf (104.07 KB, Zeiger - The Black Sun.pdf)



No wait, here it is.

15e35a  No.12133

Solar Anus

File: 9b8a7fe45ef9737⋯.jpeg (44.94 KB, 608x477, 608:477, 519527B7-75C7-4574-B2CD-1….jpeg)

9e675a  No.12021[Reply]

Does this board even have a BO anymore? I’ve been alterting the mods to shitty low effort posts for a few days now and there is no indication of anything being done and the board log shows no action for over a week. Is /fascist/ officially dead? How do we get someone who cares about this board in control here to make /fascist/ great again and bring it up to when it was bigger than /leftpol/?

20 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

0fa3b1  No.12110


You mean that weird smell paper money makes when it gets a little damp?

c44eff  No.12114


There are often times when I’m watching something and think “OY VEY” when I see something super Semitic. It’s like my Khazar senses are tingling

c0bae8  No.12120


I've had experience with this outside of 8Chan too, even though my economics lean sharp left. They are court jesters and clowns

c0bae8  No.12121


I thought it worked the other way around with recruitment

d6659d  No.12126

File: 41101c75303ab10⋯.png (115.33 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, 1200px-Flag_of_Rhodesia_(1….png)

a355ae  No.11922[Reply]

I have been slowly moving away from fascism for a few reasons. The main reason is the fact that communists seem to have articulated points against certain aspects of fascism whereas fascists don't seem to have as good an answer back. Can anyone relate to this?

8 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

39e2c3  No.12097


> and the United States

tbh I see no future to the USA as a single country. It will probably balkanize. I also don't see any realistical solution to the racial problem which doesn't involve it either.

I would prefer it. It seems more natural for it to be so. The only relations are on a racial level and even so they are unconcious, there is no (white) american nation, just atomized individuals.

Perhaps you could go the route of emphasizing the different groups of states which have developed an identity maybe you could consider it an ethnogenesis even), things like Dixieland, though I can't think of any other such group.

Have you heard of American Futurism?

3b735b  No.12100

File: a80834672e3cfe7⋯.png (236.84 KB, 1250x827, 1250:827, B7A7EC29-EDDF-416F-A6C6-0C….png)


>tbh I see no future to the USA as a single country. It will probably balkanize. I also don't see any realistical solution to the racial problem which doesn't involve it either.

I think balkanization in one way or another will happen some time in the future, I’m just not sure how far out it will be. And you’re right that there’s no other realistic solution to the racial problem other than balkanization that I can think of. A week or so back in another thread I was talking about the logistics of removing non-whites entirely from the US and for blacks alone it would be competely insane and even other methods like racially-targeted antinatalist policies would be inadvisable in my opinion. I’ve long said that America today is no nation at all, but instead it is a multinational state. In the past here I proposed something I called “controlled balkanization” Apartheid South Africa-style where the government would cede or grant autonkmy parts of the country to various racial minorities to get rid of them but many anons (especially Southern anons since I proposed giving large swathes of the South to blacks following a population exchange) had issues with that, many of them understandable from their perspective. I adopted the standpoint that race is more important than land, but one’s attachment to where their ancestors lived should not be underestimated. Not to mention I’m a dirty Yank

>It seems more natural for it to be so. The only relations are on a racial level and even so they are unconcious, there is no (white) american nation, just atomized individuals.

The racial problems will never go away here until separation is achieved somehow. It’s race-struggle. Back in the 1880s there was a Jew who spoke of this Ludwig Gumplowicz, even writing an entire book on it. I’d love to find it in English if it exists but essentially he said that race struggle for dominion in all its forms, whether open and violent or latent and peaceful is the moving force of history. As long as these biologically-differing groups are forced to live together (with the whites being forced to associate with non-whites under penalty of law), this bickering over racism will never end.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

39e2c3  No.12101


> where the government would cede or grant autonkmy parts of the country to various racial minorities

Kind of a pipe dream. You can't win control over the government so it does that kind of thing.

I envision the balkanization of USA as much more similar to the balkanization of the balkans than you. The USA (thankfully) will go through a crisis / collapse in about 7 to 15 years. If you do it right you can stoke this situation into a full collapse and civil war. There will be other elements trying to do this too (e.g. communists, blacks). Various (rather small) factions will form (with the masses acting as apathetic as always, maybe running to the various factions for stability, but I don't think many will act), and the power struggle for territories will end with various states on the former USA. Maybe along current state lines, maybe not, idk enough about USA to make such predictions.

> No, but I’d be interested in hearing about it.


3b735b  No.12102


Oh believe me, I’m sure what you’re describing is what WILL happen. What I described is basically me waving a magic wand to achieve the perfect America that is still within the realm of plausibility.

>The USA (thankfully) will go through a crisis / collapse in about 7 to 15 years

I think we’re on the verge of a crisis right now, but not one that will end the USA right now. We’re long overdue for a recession and depending on how bad the next one is things could be accelerated greatly. I think we’re at peak boom right now and it’s only a matter of time before the big bust and trough period follows.

>idk enough about USA to make such predictions.

Depends on the state honestly. I don’t think most people are too attached to their state over the United States itself unless they live in Texas. I mean I like my state but I don’t feel any super deep connection to it beyond the people I know who live here. Part and parcel of rootless cosmopolitan America.

3b735b  No.12103


Also thanks for the link, it’s a bit late now and I’m on mobile so I won’t read it now but I’ll definitely check it out tomorrow.

File: ab42e4833dafaa2⋯.jpg (99.39 KB, 540x717, 180:239, Metaphor.jpg)

783db5  No.7412[Reply]

ITT: We « World-build ». We discuss different aspects of culture, art, architecture, traditions, etc. to rescue, create and implement into our nations.

Take this very lightly, think of an image or scenario you would want to see become real and share it, similar with how Hitler brought back manny of the symbols and traditions of the old Norse world in order to bring a sort of rebirth. Also, think of pic related, I would say that it makes the idea pretty clear.

We can go as small as patterns in clothing, or as big as language reformation. No limits to our imagination

46 posts and 20 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

393f74  No.12083

First, how does food relate to fascism. Manny consider it just substance, even some of the lost technophiles browsing this board would want to get rid of eating altogether, eating just seems frivolous.

First, to all technophiles, stick your dick on your robot waifu, get electrocuted and die. Second, cuisine is the first expression of culture, before language and before religion our surroundings determine what is available to us and creates the basis of a cuisine. Eating is more a social event than a physiological need, as there is no culture that disregards food, does not enjoy feasts or makes food the center of every celebration. Manny times you can tell the health of a culture on how they eat, as it is food the first thing that is affected by trade, migration, globalization, etc.

Then, with fascism as a point of view, how should food be treated:

>It must be local, so it expresses and celebrates culture, it also rejects some aspects of modernity and globalization

>It must be an event. Food is an important part of culture, trying to get rid of eating as a social phenomena for the sake of efficiency should be seen as the biggest of blasphemies

>Accept responsibility, the modern world is all about not accepting and avoiding consequences, gain with no sacrifice. Food thus must be seasonal, as to respect nature, enjoying seasonal delicacies must be done knowing that they will not be available all year-round.

>It must also be honest, so no substitutes. This also relates to the last point so Sugary and fatty foods must be eaten as they are, no fake sugar nor artificial flavor enrichers, if you want to enjoy them then lower your intake

>Classless, so no Haute cuisine

>Healthy, as to not turn food into a gateway for self-harm

>Sustainable, we must take a holistic approach to food, the consequences of our consumption should not be ignored –For example think of all the forests that are being destroyed in Mexico all those white liberals in California can be feed toast–.

>Respectful, to both the producer and produce. Animals must be given a good life before sacrificing, plants should not be Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

8aaa89  No.12094


Just remember that census has to do with how people declare themselves, and that pardos/mullatoes will also identify as white since we Brazilians have very broad standards to what is considered white.

A white person is a person with common caucasoid features. In Brazil a quarter blooded negro mix with fair skin is considered white by most standards (unless you are from the south or from the countryside of the southeast region).

You also forget that watered down pardos also declare as black, since they have no identity the fair skinned but high negroid featured will identify as black for ideological reasons. We really don't have that many blacks.

And finally, some blacks will identify as mixed because of inferiority issues just as some whites will identify as mixed/pardo just to garner some of those delicious race points on college/government tests and social situations.

If people only knew how racially confused people are here.

8aaa89  No.12096


Ah yes, an addendum: The main conclusion is gross majority of Brazillians are pardos, with a medium parcel being white, and perhaps a small part being truly black. Don't forget we are not counting indios/south amerindians and caboclos (white/indian mix).

ded9c8  No.12098

File: d2ab411930cc3a0⋯.jpeg (157.08 KB, 900x600, 3:2, 9F6ED707-57D7-4D55-8145-6….jpeg)

File: 742ddb244ea6ffa⋯.jpeg (145.51 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, BBB31660-A06A-41D6-8C83-5….jpeg)

It’s kind of disheartening that I can think of more things to destroy and remove than to support and implement for the United States. Much of life here today is rampant consumerism and wage-slaving until retirement.

If there is anything that currently exists that I would emphasize it would probably be the gun and military culture. In my perfect America all males would be subject to compulsory military service and firearms training following a year of labor service (which would encompass both genders) in land beautification and community work. The fostering of a community spirit is one of the most important goals, along with the creation of a true “American Dream” again. The days of the old American Dream are dead. Both sexes need to work now to support a family, former students are heavily in debt due to Jewniversity, most people don’t even have $400 dollars in savings for an emergency and healthcare is as expensive as fuck. We need to return to a state where women don’t have to work and feel comfortable being stay-at-home mothers with children. If a woman wants to work, let her I say, but I think most women by nature would rather stay at home than be forced to work. This type of culture we have currently leads to nothing but atomization and broken families.

On the topic of architecture I’m personally a fan of huge neoclassical type buildings like the Capitol Building, the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. We need more of those for the 21st century but even greater as megastructures. They have a grand and powerful feeling to them.

With clothing I think we need to shift towards more domestic production as part of a broader move towards self-sufficiency where it matters. Women should be encouraged to be more modest and dress less revealing. I’m sick of seeing whores where nothing is left to the imagination. They’re degrading and devaluing themselves as far as I’m concerned. Long skirts, long hair and less skin-tight clothing is the way to go. I don’t advocate going this extreme but I remember when I was driving with my father in a rural area this summer on a Sunday and saw an Amish family walking along the road coming home from Church. Aryan as can be, several children, the man young and bearded walking with his young, modestly dressed wifPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

6d2735  No.12099


Can you make an estimation of the demohraphics?

File: ff3ed8fe93bb21a⋯.png (53.03 KB, 220x293, 220:293, Mishima.png)

ed0886  No.8014[Reply]

what if we make a fascist encyclopedia or a short book to new recruits?

the anarchists in mexico make fair of books shorts some sell other are free but all have some interesting history facts to hook people.

i think if we made something like this we can have more people and quality posters.

16 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

edf01a  No.12054

File: bd96b3ff5fde76f⋯.png (93.97 KB, 500x266, 250:133, A Life in Four Chapters (1….png)

File: 6d1c7638ca83930⋯.png (99.82 KB, 500x266, 250:133, A Life in Four Chapters (1….png)

File: 31fc4eaa2431e21⋯.png (98.17 KB, 500x265, 100:53, A Life in Four Chapters (1….png)

As said in >>11862 Action via charity seems to be the best option for recruiting. A publication should serve more as a complementary work, our actions will speak more for themselves but having an explanation of why we do it easily accessible would prove useful

Let's do like Casa Povnd and make our own publication, were we can post thoughts, art, important events, investigations, interviews and the matter.

If you are planning on helping out with reforestation then post the dates for people to join –be aware of saboteurs– and add an essay on the importance of nature and ecology from a fascist standpoint. Or maybe publish that essay after the activity and complement that essay with all the pictures you took from the right-wing reforestation squads



Concentrate in the philosophical aspects of fascism, not economical ones. All brands of fascism are the same spirit manifesting trough different cultures, just like how we build a house by starting with a foundation we should teach this spirit first, then let it bloom to whatever is needed. Past movements can bring us pride, teach us, help with our identity, but they were created for a very different world, manny times they hold no practical use and adapting them would change them too much.



Let's do it

>Degenerate: A human in biology but who's spirit is partially or completely animalistic, thus he gives in to impulse and basic needs completely disregarding the traits that separate humans from animals

>Intellectual: Someone who thinks but does not act, who leaves thoughts on the air for someone else to take and make Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

4e3201  No.12059

I’ve wanted to write a book on fascism in America for a while but I’ve never done it because without having an underlying narrative or personal struggle in politics / life to go along with it I felt it would be hollow, isolated from reality and lacking the power of the works I’d wish to emulate such as Mein Kampf or For my Legionaries. So while I’ve made a bullet point list of topics I’d cover if I ever went ahead with it, I probably won’t put pen to paper within this decade. Maybe after I’m done with the military and school and go into the real world. Then I would have something to write about besides pure ideology

edf01a  No.12075

File: 1ab1305a2132aab⋯.jpg (40.47 KB, 564x564, 1:1, Yukio Mishima and Tadanori….jpg)


Maybe a book like that is too big of a project for what I suppose is your first serious work. In México there is a book called –once translated translated– « An illustrated history of Synarchism », it is mostly a simple compilation of news articles, cartoons and such about the movement in question. It would be wise to first make a purely bibliographical work made up of primary sources, perfect it and then make a version with your thoughts, interpretations and commentary of primary and secondary sources.

It is strange for me to admit this, but life is not as dramatic as we would want it to be, do not expect to write the next Mein Kampf just like that.

9f704b  No.12077


>do not expect to write the next Mein Kampf just like that

Honestly, I don’t even think I could without having experienced what Hitler has. That man faced real struggle like I can barely comprehend – crippling poverty in Vienna doing odd jobs and painting, fighting in the trenches of WWI and getting gassed, and in the failed putsch attempt walking arm-and-arm with your comrades before the soldiers open fire on you and haul you off to prison. I don’t know how different it is in Mexico but here in America you can just go with the flow and never really have to fight and earn anything. I think it’s even too comfortable here, it’s making people into weaklings and consumerist drones. It reminds of what Ted Kaczynski said in that people no longer have to exert significant effort to fulfill basic needs so they create meaningless surrogate activities to fulfill the “power process” – i.e. the need for goals, effort and attainment of these goals. Even if I have to go slave away for Israel in the military for 4-6 years I think the benefits from fitness, discipline and weapons training would be a net benefit for me.

I do have a few ideas for smaller works (or could just write on individual topic ideas I had). I was recently corresponding with Cultured Thug about my Strasser facsimiles and he told me to make videos but honestly I think YouTube brings no tangible results. Amassing fans who do nothing is useless to me, especially when they’d never want to meet up IRL and hammer something out.

edf01a  No.12085

File: e93cd452f51b55b⋯.jpg (94.99 KB, 540x582, 90:97, Yukio Mishima by Eikoh Hos….jpg)


« Men are denied adventure by modernity » seems like a nice tough to start on. Think of how disputes were solved then to now, then if we wanted something done we would need to get it done, now all you have to do is unrelated work to get money so you can pay someone else to do it, the world is a lot smaller in that way, we have access to so much yet we have other people venture into these places, the word used to be as big as our feet let it be, the world now is sitting down and staring all of creation without being able to touch it.

A difference I can see between Mexico and the US is that here –due to corruption– very few of us expect institutions such as the police to be able to fix our problems easily, we cannot just ask someone to fix our problems and sit back, things bump into a lot of problems unless you actively do something. Very few people make lawsuits and in some cases having someone killed is seen as a more realistic alternative, not because it is easy, but because the right path is too difficult. Us having little sense of adventure comes from our apathy and cynicism, not institutions.

Meanwhile int the US the Government tries to get into every-day activities, expecting things to just work is seen as normal, and doing things yourself is punished; fixing your own machinery voids insurance and guaranties, serving your own food to others makes you a target for lawsuits, doing anything without paperwork is seen as a risk, and it is useless because you can just buy all those things free of risk.

File: 38544c7b3443ef9⋯.jpg (46.6 KB, 750x500, 3:2, Anarchist-Potholes-PARC-Fa….jpg)

534ed8  No.11862[Reply]

Pic related: Portland City anarchists fix potholes in their local community.

Why don't you get a couple like minded friends, start by cleaning up trash in your neighbourhood, then start helping out the community in other ways (feed the homeless, raise money for local projects ect), and once you have gained enough support and attention, start doing radical actions like fixing potholes ect. I can garuntee this will turn the community towards your group, you could use that as a platform to start introducing fascist ideals/politics to your town / Council.

5 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

a80dc4  No.11955


>will only be good for press.

The (((press))) won’t cover you for doing stuff like this. They’ll only cover you if they can use it to make you look bad, that’s how the press runs. Even the lowest level papers and media outlets are part of a larger Jewish-run corporation. Not to say that this type of activity isn’t great from both a political and general community perspective, information would just likely have to be spread locally and through the Internet.

6b550b  No.12048

Quite frankly this is the best way to start up, specially if you have little resources, only manpower.

It should also be said that intellectuals –those who preach all day from their armchairs about fixing society– have actually never helped their community before, something that Schopenhauer pointed out about those who seek politics, that they want to help their nation but have never offered help to even their neighbors. So it already helps you filter out the intellectuals.

Aside from that, by using your actions as a backdrop you can make manny reasonable declarations, do not go full « give the poor some shoes then hang a jew » but preach about self-sacrifice, modesty, service, anti-modernity and anti-establishment, make your enemy not some single institution but the spirit of modernity; Show the fascist way of life instead of fighting your enemies directly. After you gain some traction you can then go against single institutions and bodies. This way any third party who attacks you will look –to a second party– as if they are too attacking all the positive things you worked with.

>Getting rid of this group would mean getting rid of clean streets and green parks, they say that they racists and a lot of bad words, but I have never seen it

To the average joe, who does not hold any strong political opinions and make the bulk of he population you will become something good and desirable, because you are not a bunch of disagreeable ideas, but a collection of undeniably good actions, you will hold a lot more weight than a bunch of rainbow-hired liberals screeching about how things should be done.

Plus, it will be a great exercise on teamwork, you can lay the foundations of organization by setting up brigades, working together, administrating resources, logistics, etc. Those brigades can later turn into divisions which then would become different administrative departments, those who picked up trash from the streets can later administrate public services and public roads, Cleaning parks and natural areas can become your ecological wing doing things like monitoring emissions and stronger attempts at natural conservation, stay-dog sterilization can later cut the balls off from undesirables, the possibilities are endless.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

6e1be1  No.12049

File: 13da2eb895adaee⋯.jpg (1020.65 KB, 3024x4032, 3:4, goblin.jpg)



The modern (((contemporary press))) is all but dead. With the muh Russia conspiracy theory shit that just blew up in their faces, their legitimacy as nothing more than high budget tabloid journalism is solidifying. Alternative media is growing and I suggest we take the spotlight of one dimensional heroes that (((they))) took in contemporary media.

/pol/, as cringy as the place is, seems to get the idea though the posters there are somewhat misguided and easy to manipulate, r/the_donald is even more so (and has this weird loyalty to niggers and kikes); so it looks like we have some work to do if we're going to survive this culture war. YouTube seems to be cracking down on dissenting thought as well so we should resort to Bitchute for now.

6b550b  No.12051

What work would be good?

For starters

>Cleaning up the beaches —I know people from « Salvemos la playa », an organization that does the same in Tijuana—

>Cleaning up the streets

>Cleaning parks and public places

>Taking care of green areas

>Raising money for charity like orphanages and retirement homes

>Helping out retirement homes

>Teaching kids at orphanages

My best friend's mother is a child's psychologists, he gave extra-curricular math classes to the kids and also history, I went with him to one class, they took a liking on teasing us by making the roman salute after WWII & Cold War, we were known at school as "those fashy kids" at school, so if it came out everyone would think we did it on purpose. I think it was because we made it very clear that making the roman salute can get you into a lot of trouble and the little rebels thought it was fun. Now that I think about it I should teach english and math, I generally love teaching and children, I really enjoyed taking about the Cold war with those children and seeing them making lots of notes.

More advance

>Stray-dog sterilization campaigns –Very useful for the future, and my second-best friend used to work at that–

>Fixing potholes –may depend on your city, mine may be out of the question because they are used to steal tax money–. You also need people who work/worded at construction and heavy machinery

>Wild-life conservation –this is more of a job for manny, not something you can get out from because they need experienced people, so have some dedicate themselves to that while the rest of your organization raises money–

>Serving as a representative for some issues, rallying people behind you

>Dog-adoption campaigns


>Construction and landscaping

>Exploitation of democracy for youPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

f50e59  No.12053


There’s a new Christian group here in the States that focuses on doing exactly what you mentioned.


Here’s their platform


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