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File: 475493e61497ace⋯.jpg (72.46 KB, 600x400, 3:2, IMG_0083.JPG)

e966c3  No.6669[Reply]


America what the hell is going on over there ? They are knocking down your statues of confederate leaders and are replacing them with this i know my country is doing bad as well but I am worried for you

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ef5d31  No.6747


Co-opt the DNC like what Tom Metzger did.

17118e  No.7057


I should.

0de4e8  No.7062


If anybody tried to take down this statue they would be ripped off and thrown in jail immediately but >>6709 like this happens. In fact they wouldnt just go to jail, itd be on every news network and they would spiral it into some story linked to some far right christian conspirators so they can win some influence or another on what needs to be done to keep everyone free and safe. Its almost like theyre setting it up to be knocked down- what kind of intention is behind this being put up? How can anyone with common sense, decency, morals, etc. look at 2 kids staring up at a fucking satanic half goat and not think that kind of influence isnt psychologically damaging an irreversible process in our society? Drives me nuts I swear its just the world fucking with me with top down and bottom up tactics, gaslighting me into a manic state

f140c8  No.7065


The matrix is real.

17118e  No.7072


that's why the white house needs carpet bombed

[SPOILER]in minecraft[/SPOILER]

File: e28a3255fe10209⋯.jpg (73.78 KB, 540x960, 9:16, 9748117bd5791d4e2752c04021….jpg)

3781d2  No.6667[Reply]

I noticed that across the political spectrum, they are put down in favor of the woman-heavy militaries of the K*rds. why is this?

9 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

3781d2  No.6790


The Kurds are on the same level as Romas and Jews. Plus the Kurds only won because of external funding from Israel and whatnot. Had they had to fight their own damn battles they would've lost. I think the pederasty is disgusting but I'm team Tengrii

e0f989  No.7042


>Kurds are the same as rootless parasitic wanderers

Really? They're not the best ethnic group around, but they're certainly not compatible with the kikes and gypsies.

>Plus the Kurds only won because of external funding from Israel and whatnot. Had they had to fight their own damn battles they would've lost.

The Israelis funding the Kurds is, of course, inexcusable, but it's also inexcusable for a T*rkish platoon to get wiped out without fighting. There's video evidence showing just that. It was on /k/, if I remember correctly.

>I think the pederasty is disgusting but I'm team Tengrii

The racial dilution, the numerous invasions and tyrannies over Aryans,, and aiding Jews aren't disgusting as well?

3781d2  No.7049


Pretty sure killing soldiers not currently engaging in combat is just bad military ettiquette.

Anyways, the PKK to me just the modern CNT.

Turkic Mongol tribes have an Aryan history, spiritually the Turds do not, going back to Genghis Khan and Attila.

499d69  No.7051


>The defamation of glorious Constantinople

That's the gayest reason i've ever seen

3c688b  No.7066


>Pretty sure killing soldiers not currently engaging in combat is just bad military ettiquette.

Are you fucking retarded? You murder the shit out of everyone and every thing when you're at war with it. There's no etiquette there is only graves and winners.

File: 92b46871ef4d5d5⋯.mp4 (3 MB, 720x720, 1:1, trump god.mp4)

215a6c  No.1502[Reply]

What does /fascist/ believe? Are you a Christian? A pagan (cultural or literal sense)? An atheist? Something else? What do you the relation of the state towards religion should be?

59 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

3d504b  No.7058


>implying humans are smarter today than in previous generations

>even has a fake graph to prove it


3d504b  No.7059


>we should worship ourselves

Pride cometh before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.

4cabc2  No.7061


What makes you think a mindset like this is healthy?

3d504b  No.7063


Because it's the objective truth.

58980d  No.7064

File: 2a2d5e4a158a55b⋯.jpg (1.95 MB, 2608x3416, 326:427, 2a2d5e4a158a55bf4c2fb576d0….jpg)

File: e11617f8b67a178⋯.jpg (4.66 MB, 1960x8280, 49:207, e11617f8b67a178840619e71b0….jpg)

File: 824812def1b7e10⋯.jpg (200.59 KB, 980x1473, 980:1473, 824812def1b7e10900edd49383….jpg)


I hope you saw these arguments.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

214bc7  No.223[Reply]

Post videos, images, webms, gifs, music and anything else along those lines related to fascism in this thread

13 posts and 22 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

214bc7  No.348

File: b9433980a9082a6⋯.png (360.57 KB, 577x367, 577:367, ClipboardImage.png)


*blocks your path*

Also, it's laughable if you think killing every non-white on the planet is desirable or even feasible. I can understand the desire to live apart from other races, but if I was leading a nation I'd have much bigger concerns

56fe66  No.365

File: eb5b4f783098606⋯.jpg (146.54 KB, 987x933, 329:311, LdyFB.jpg)

File: 48682202261ea82⋯.jpg (159.14 KB, 1023x929, 1023:929, fy7N5.jpg)

File: 827486152416f51⋯.jpg (191.88 KB, 676x960, 169:240, 11021119_616106475187727_8….jpg)

File: fc28bb9f6f79b97⋯.jpg (48.95 KB, 670x600, 67:60, vonmarees.jpg)

Found some rare stuff of Chilean MNS.

8d16b0  No.6980

File: 9df713e54091dbd⋯.mp4 (5.84 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Wappenbund - Son Of Sun.mp4)


glad i made it before this thread slid off board

8d16b0  No.6981

File: fe18fd74b611879⋯.mp4 (4.77 MB, 640x354, 320:177, SS March.mp4)

199ae2  No.6992

File: 4290d512b5f0c84⋯.jpg (29.77 KB, 370x504, 185:252, 1520743724730.jpg)

File: 2a8c07b18ea6e80⋯.jpg (28.35 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1521256677823.jpg)

File: bf89850838d8e60⋯.jpg (24.15 KB, 480x306, 80:51, Italia.jpg)

File: f3578489ac6ec13⋯.png (1.05 MB, 996x614, 498:307, boomer vs boomer.png)

dcc5f7  No.6548[Reply]


>Democrats are the REAL racists!

>No Republicans are the REAL racists!

>Liberals are the REAL fascists

This is the state of politics in America, a fucking clown show. Is the really the """"opposition"""" to liberalism? This country is a fucking joke. I thought the "right wing" side were the liberals when I first started watching the video. Meanwhile the retards at 4pol are talking about "based Indians".

4 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

1915ce  No.6609

Hot Take: Liberals are the real racists, from patronizing blacks and poor whites in different ways.

68cb1d  No.6640

File: e76be6494f786e5⋯.jpg (86.36 KB, 800x599, 800:599, ap_18228778192238-7874c923….jpg)

1df312  No.6915

There is nothing wrong with violence and racism.

Once you realized this, some 'punch da nazis' tweets and people calling you racist will stop bothering you. Embrace it, because you will punch yourself.

Don't bark, bite.

1915ce  No.6937


This. And besides I can get off on a disability defense.

dcc5f7  No.6938


As a student of Sorel I agree with you about violence. As a racist myself I agree with you about racism. I was mostly making fun of the fact that our conservatives (I'm not even going to put the word conservative into quotes because in my opinion they're scum) unironically call others racist like it's a bad thing and instead of responding to violence with their own violence they simply bitch and whine about it like little girls.

File: 2cd894fdc9b5949⋯.jpg (80.49 KB, 460x442, 230:221, 1529961998474.jpg)

b90395  No.4327[Reply]

Do we deport them to Israel or somewhere else ? and should it be all of them that get deported or just the elite Jews ? i don't really see the civilian Jewish population as a threat but i could be wrong

46 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

f6a0d4  No.6849


I think we should deport the elite capitalist jews to Israel, ban Jews from holding political positions, jews must renounce their Israeli citizenship if they want to stay in America, and stop sending foreign aid to Israel.

f6a0d4  No.6850


If they don’t renounce their Israeli citizenship then they get deported.

213804  No.6881


kys kike

213804  No.6882



How is wholesale deportation or extermination not the only options. Do you want to take even a 1% risk that the problem coagulates again?

b29c27  No.6916


Israel's core state, so including the Golan heights, East Jerusalem, etc., but not Palestina or the Gaza strip, is already 21% Arab. At the same time, the Jewish population is a melting pot made out of 21% 'Israeli born', 15% African born, 13% Asian born, while the rest is European born.

Now comes the problem for the Jews. Their own population growth is only at 1.7% while the Arab growth rate is at 2.2%. You may say that it didn't make an impact, but the Jewish population is drastically older than the Arab population. Lastly the fertility did change in 2013. The Arab rate dropped from 3% to the now current rate, while the Jewish birth rate rose for 0.3%, so the Arab babies are already there, outnumbering the now aging Jews. Obviously only in the core state.

Now, the Palestinian territorries combined hold a population of around 4.5 million people, and have a fetility rate of 2% for the West bank and a rate of 4.3% for the Gaza strip. Most importantly, the population of the West Bank is 78% Arab, meanwhile the Gaza strip is over 95% Arab.

Something important to mention; The Jewish birth rate in the West Bank is 5%, but their population there is still dwarved compared to the Arabs and also much older (not being able to have children).

All in all, Israel is getting culturally enriched.

File: 2835701c6936a87⋯.jpg (96.59 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, 1529811924048.jpg)

574b2d  No.701[Reply]

Fascism doesn't have to be racist or bigoted against a certain group

Under the right conditions, multiculturalism can be peaceful as long as authorities enforce the laws as strictly as possible, and as long as the authorities can provide equal living conditions and conformity (see Broken windows policy).

Any form of ethnic extermination makes the fascist movement look bad and if implemented would be a waste of resources trying to round up people, redistribute fairly without any corruption, and would lead to an armed resistance by the targeted group and their sympathizers

44 posts and 24 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

bff68b  No.6889


We're on a board called fascism and you're trying to get us to argue over the capitalist/communist dialectic. Its so fucking obvious that you're a kike shill.

97ec79  No.6901


Tbh historically fascism advocates for the self determination of all people's within their own country

Internationally fascist organizations were the most antiwar throughout WW2 unless it was war against communism

Similar to communism fascism advocates that fascist movements overthrow their democratic governments and become fascist

Afterwards the two nations either become allied or neutral towards the other

81d43e  No.6905

While I can agree that Fascism does not and should not be racist. I cannot agree with it being multicultural. We can all agree that some cultures are lesser.

26f05e  No.6911

well i'm no saying that you should be a skinhead raycist but race realism/awareness is one of the few selling points of the New counterculture so you would be shootingn yourself in the foot if you ignore racial reality juat like althype did not so long ago.

26f05e  No.6912

File: 1015efd3c3357f5⋯.jpeg (303.29 KB, 640x759, 640:759, 1015efd3c3357f570b791631e….jpeg)


forgot pic

File: 5e61f9e5f26a8d9⋯.png (441.85 KB, 1459x547, 1459:547, the_third_position_country….png)

6049b9  No.1972[Reply]

i am not just talking about fascism here but the third position as a whole i am surprised i never asked myself this question much earlier i know it is somewhere around the very early 20th century but i do not know exactly when

21 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

6ea8eb  No.6835


Only to a very minor extent to avoid economic crisis

9bddbe  No.6843


Popularis and Tyrants are pretty much proto-fascists. All of rome was fashy, but the two fit it more politically.


Sort of a like a pagan ideal, eh?

cfdef4  No.6899


I've always wondered if Rome was a form of proto-fascism. Especially considering how much most fascists idolize Caesar and the fact that Mussolini's Italy was an attempt to rebuild the roman empire.

Even if that attempt was a massive failure.

72ed59  No.6902


>Fascist say that their ideas are that of the cosmic order

That sounds more like siegefags and irongays to me….

07fa0b  No.6909


tbf fascists were claiming that before siege was a thing.

File: 14b4618a6e0442f⋯.png (266.68 KB, 500x436, 125:109, IMG_0085.PNG)

aeb1f4  No.6704[Reply]

I want Egor Egor please show yourself I want to know you are still with us I want Egor to hold me in his arms he makes me feel safe he was the only damn Persion keeping us together

5 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

da2847  No.6793


*hugs u*

e2994d  No.6831

I think I went too far with this retarded thread I am sorry everyone

de9733  No.6866


Well you know what they always say about OP

330f28  No.6898


I know what it is but I'm not going to call him a faggot just because I'm a nice guy.

but this thread is pretty gay tbh.

1e8582  No.8652

File: d7dd6f83635aea4⋯.jpg (84.28 KB, 480x600, 4:5, transexual carrying OP.jpg)


>stupid frog image

>egor thread when it's the fault of tards like you that migrated back to fascist that forced the rest of us to leave 3rdpol due to inactivity

>having egor himself and everyone else in this thread think you're a massive bundle of sticks

File: 634ffa83e9e128e⋯.png (47.8 KB, 1017x725, 1017:725, fascist on front page.png)

3e110a  No.6811[Reply]

We went through a period of struggle but we stayed strong, united and weathered the storm. We are back and stronger than ever.

4 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

a5fd6f  No.6829

Momentum bump

69bf08  No.6847

Ah yes we are just bellow…./vore/

5f65cb  No.6868


>Well in the off chance that shit does go bad again, remember our bunker is at /3rdpol/ although I don't think that's going to happen.

Just wait for the siegekikes to invade….

3e110a  No.6870


I don't really have an opinion either way on siegeposters tbh. I can't say I like them but I can't say I hate them either. I'd call it true neutrality.

5f75fd  No.6891

I wish the post count were higher. Sadly these days even the top three boards aren't even all that fast. It would be really something if we can reach top 10 boards by year's end, and is definitely a goal we should work towards.

File: fb582d5fabbbc1b⋯.jpg (2.37 MB, 2160x3840, 9:16, 1494170305373.jpg)

af3ec8  No.692[Reply]

How did National Socialism and Fascism get pumped together in this whole page? They are two different worldviews. Fascism is an economic worldview that only later (when Mussolini enacted the racial laws in 1938) had some racial components whereas National Socialism has always, from its very conception been a complete worldview that embraces its racial ideology with its economic, political and family views.

1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

2e80f0  No.696


Well said.

e6b2dd  No.713

Fascism/Nat soc=


f8d93e  No.5800


>They are two different worldviews. Fascism is an economic worldviews

Except they aren't, especially not economically, and obviously, not racially either since Italian fascism was perfectly compatible with Aryan race laws. All fascist movements have had to confront the JQ, because Jews are so deeply embedded in international finance. It's unavoidable that when you confront globalism, you confront jews, and thus, you confront race.

16851e  No.6877


I'd put more emphasis on the reactionary and anti-liberal connotion of fascist movements.

See my OC here >>6768 I think Goebbels quote sums up the basic idea of fascism and it's roots.

Correct me here if I am wrong.


>That said, this board is a bit broad topic-wise, covering fascist movements, third-position ideologies such as Strasserism/Solidarism and even more nationalist strains of communism (non-Marxist).

That's why I like this board. Even someone who isn't a facist but just wants to educate himself about how fascism sees itself would be welcome and helped out here.

20962a  No.6884


fascism was a totalitarian ideology and revolved around much more than economics. Natsoc was a branch of this general anti-materialist ideology.

File: 4268290e344a64e⋯.jpeg (135.81 KB, 612x791, 612:791, 5BC7F3F6-F457-4ADC-B69E-8….jpeg)

5a4800  No.6769[Reply]

A thread for ABP members to discuss issues pertaining to the party, ways to spread the message and educate people on American Fascism, and other stuff.

30 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

e957f4  No.6859


That’s nice, at least they’re doing things. I thought they were just larpers.


I meant they’re more structured and organized. Sorry, I should’ve been more clear.

3ed541  No.6861

I wish we had a party like Casapound or Der Dritte Weg

336a6b  No.6862


The actual JQ was brought up in an interview with Joshua Noyer. Official party stance is that the Jews just happen to be smart enough to manipulate capitalism the most. Also in the same interview the idea that there is a difference between ethnic groups biologicaly did come up. So while we don’t believe in “race” we do know that ethnic background is important, we just put culture first.

336a6b  No.6863


ABP has Casapound ties

3ed541  No.6864


That’s actually pretty cool

File: f18c98a4329e5f6⋯.png (48.02 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot (10).png)

a3790f  No.6673[Reply]

Seeing as the first one is now quite stuffed, i decided to make a 2nd one for this place.

3 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

5523b1  No.6679


big metal fan here too. also player of metal and industrial music and punk. I have an entry on m-a as well as an artist profile.

10d800  No.6710


Martial Industrial, Metal, Classical, Military Marches, 50's music and classic rock.

5523b1  No.6737


excellent taste.

10d800  No.6742



5523b1  No.6743


Wilkommen. I moved past a lot of martial stuff though to discover the roots of industrial. Too many bands to name

File: 09ab6abbbee54a4⋯.jpg (7.01 KB, 181x278, 181:278, images (30).jpg)

e06dc1  No.6611[Reply]

why do so many people either say "I'm a Strasserist" or "I'm a Hitlerist"

no Federists?

89c849  No.6615


I lean towards Strasserism but at this point I'd just broadly call myself a national socialist or national syndicalist. There's some positives I can see in Germany under Hitler even if I would have preferred the economics of Strasserism. I like Feder too and largely agree with his writings on mammonism, interest slavery and debt economies.

fb099d  No.6616

Niche ideologies, is like complaining why no one likes post-neo-progressive-tribal-industrial, is because no one knows about it

a548d8  No.6665


The fact that nobody knows about it is exactly why these ideologies are important. People can't just compare it to muh hitler 6 gorillion.

File: 45b789ef0811203⋯.png (116 KB, 821x664, 821:664, serveimage.png)

a82059  No.6542[Reply]

Is fascism a capitalist/free market ideology? I am aware Hitler's definition of Socialism was different from Marxist socialism but exactly how capitalist is fascism as a whole?

14 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

f456b0  No.6599


This. "Corporations" were essentially state syndicates formed into national councils, these syndicates consisted of management and labor negotiating on things like wages, working conditions, etc… etc… If a decision couldn't be made the state would step in. People just hear the word "corporation" and don't understand what a fascist corporation is. It has little to do with the word "corporation" in it's modern context. That's why fascism took influence from anarcho-syndicalist thinkers like Georges Sorel, it basically took syndicalism without class conflict and without anarchy.

c372e8  No.6602


I've been called a state capitalist before even though it's more state Socialist or market Socialist

f4c7b6  No.6622


While you're correct it isn't wrong per say, the phrase but mentioning that without proper context as he did is a common anti-fascist trope.


Guildismo was the alternative title for corporatism in Italy alongside national syndicalism. The fascists in Italy at least used all these words interchangeably to describe their system.


Exactly, Sorel was the forerunner of this system any genuine Fascist acknowledges this.

f4c7b6  No.6623


Hey Negan here lol. I posted these >>6590

c1fa9b  No.6626


>mentioning that without proper context as he did is a common anti-fascist trope.

The word "fascist" suffers the same

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