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File: b185521887a0a3d⋯.jpg (108.78 KB, 800x420, 40:21, hugo-800x420.jpg)

2563cf  No.2825[Reply]

i am getting a haircut soon anons what style should i get ? what sort of haircut would a fascist have ? also fascist fashion thread

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3ec7e7  No.5283


Did you ask for the Hilterjungen haircut? They give you a discount if you recite Mein Kampf from memory while they cut your hair

53cc5e  No.5289


My mother cut my hair she offered and is somewhat good at it i asked her to make it short and tidy the end result was not bad it is decent to say the least

c1fc13  No.5290


Always lovely to have someone on your family with some sort of skill like that. Where did she learn it?

53cc5e  No.5291


No clue i never asked but she cuts my fathers hair once in a while it must have just been a skill she acquired over the years

3ec7e7  No.5295


I remember a story of my mother trying to cut my hair when I was in Kindergarden; I had to wear a hat for a few weeks

File: 283838f6d7a0ff1⋯.png (283.18 KB, 4269x1345, 4269:1345, 30 yo boomer vs virgin gen….png)

625ce4  No.1594[Reply]

Lets get an original content thread going. Post what you have.

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05f189  No.4865

File: 623df3a44a44f61⋯.webm (3.96 MB, 1280x626, 640:313, antifa rekt portland 10.webm)

File: e996a7b6071de95⋯.webm (3.96 MB, 1280x626, 640:313, antifa rekt portland 11.webm)

File: fbbfd51aa84ed26⋯.webm (3.96 MB, 1280x626, 640:313, antifa rekt portland 12.webm)

05f189  No.4866

File: a9bc788e5c64203⋯.webm (3.87 MB, 1280x626, 640:313, antifa rekt portland 13.webm)

File: 8838b901eb2ae22⋯.webm (2.72 MB, 1280x642, 640:321, antifa rekt portland 15.webm)

File: e924149b680bf0f⋯.webm (3.47 MB, 1280x642, 640:321, antifa rekt portland 16.webm)

05f189  No.4871

File: dd7aa5f18b58732⋯.webm (3.03 MB, 1280x642, 640:321, antifa rekt portland 17.webm)

File: 5858290a5fb0023⋯.webm (2.18 MB, 1280x642, 640:321, antifa rekt portland 18.webm)

05f189  No.4872

File: b7178af2579be4a⋯.webm (4.45 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, deadcommie1.webm)

File: 5bdfe5e2421d6cb⋯.webm (1.49 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, deadcommie2.webm)

File: f51f82f15639eff⋯.webm (830.66 KB, 988x548, 247:137, Popeye yes! 2.webm)


and finally the braindead commie that fought Popeye

05f189  No.4875

File: 3bbeaafc5360f0d⋯.webm (2.84 MB, 424x616, 53:77, little jewish shit 22.webm)

File: 323c3ae10173935⋯.webm (7.7 MB, 1186x680, 593:340, Peterstein 1.webm)

File: 0e6c9a341fc6893⋯.webm (991.19 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, tiredofwinning.webm)


some other random stuff

File: cbc3cdc4749f242⋯.png (246.43 KB, 500x667, 500:667, cbc3cdc4749f242e6122188979….png)

e466c3  No.2847[Reply]

Who are your favorite posters so far?

I think the Evola poster is really well informed, the other Strasserite posters are good too.

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eb74c3  No.3112


Honestly before this board came up /mlpol was one of the only havens for natsoc, and that place is not really the place for enlightening thought.

fa6df3  No.3801

File: 4df92618bb55038⋯.png (915.77 KB, 1193x869, 1193:869, apu mexicastaja.png)


Yes that is true, but I can't blame them, since they live in one of the most degenerate societies in Latin America, which is already pretty degenerate as it is. A quick rundown would be:

>Everyone blasts songs about sex, drugs or violence in the streets (like in all of LatAm)

>HIgh rates of petty crime and murder specially on favelas


>People have been fucked by socialists such as (((Lula DaSilva))) and (((Vilma Roussef))) but they still support Lula and see him as a hero of the people

>Biggest exporter of trannies and pornstarts in Latin America and perhaps even the world

>Constant worship of "bunda" by thirsty normies>>3107

I'm surprised that the few honorable Brazilians haven't started a purge of degenerates at this point, and when they do I will give them all of my support, because all of our countries need to regain their spirit and decency.


Well, in the meantime we can gather to share ideas and formulate plans, just be patient for people to realize that Socialism is a complete failure, and then we strike. In your case I think is more plausible in a short term due to the waves of haitians entering Chile.


Well, to be fair you can take a somewhat accurate guess of the nationality or ethnicity of the poster given the flag of their ideology and their grammar, and many. I would venture to say that there are three regular mexican posters here (including myself).


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

8a3c80  No.4113


What about those with Sorel or Evola flags such as me? those are harder to tell.

e466c3  No.4114


I occasionally post with the Sorel flag but usually post with the black front flag. I'm an American btw.

4a924a  No.4844


All the good quality nat soc posters are either wasting their time on pol secluded in their own part of the internet. I’ve seeen some okish posters on gab and discord but you know the thing with discord.

File: ce75043aab604f7⋯.jpg (87.26 KB, 500x357, 500:357, Azathoth in Space.jpg)

c0de13  No.4740[Reply]

Now the title of this thread may seem like a contradiction, but I thought of an interesting Fascist Government structure designed to reconcile factionalism, fragmentation, and sectarianism of different fascist sects without the need to violently purge rivals.

This is how it works, imagine a Parliamentary Republic (or Constitutional Monarchy) that structurally functions just like the Westminster System. Except only Fascist and Fascist Sub-Types are the only ideologies allowed to be legal political parties. The state can still be very Totalitarian, Authoritarian, Nationalist, All the Fascist traits appear, except instead of one all encompassing party. You have one all-encompassing coalition of fascist parties. Any opposition is tolerated if they are fascist opposition over non-critical differences, but of course all non-fascist ideologies can be banned.

f64410  No.4749

File: 90d1db6d588b29c⋯.png (53.29 KB, 277x273, 277:273, ClipboardImage.png)

Political parties break the organic unity of the people and devolve into needless obstructionism in government. Just look at the situation in the United States. If I had to settle with parties after the coming to power of a fascist government, I wouldn't mind a situation like exists in the DPRK where the state conducts all activities under the leadership of the Workers’ Party of

Korea (Article 11), while other democratic political parties and social organizations are allowed as well. I could see a situation where the main fascist party has legal hegemony over other parties while smaller, ideologically-aligned in one way or another still exist.

c0de13  No.4754


The DPRK's situation works for itself because the WPK was able to monopolize significant power towards itself. The problem with our situation is, if no one fascist party takes over its particular country then this situation cannot be created. This Fascist Multi-Party State idea was created as a compromise to encourage all fascist to work together, knowing that they won't be purged and destroyed by their former allies, and a Fascist Coalition would take place of a One Fascist Party. Perhaps it is just my pessimism, but I don't foresee the fascist, or any radical movement, to unite all together into one giant party anymore. Once an ideology starts developing subtypes and ambitious activist start forming their own sects that they treat as their own property. Then unity can only be brought forth by a massive conquest or by Coalition. I believe the latter is more likely to occur than the former.

7c3329  No.4761



4cb2e7  No.4810


Parties as we know them evolved from informal voting blocs. MPs elected to parliament could join the Tory faction to lend weight behind Conservative bills, or the Whig bloc for Progressive (as the term applied back then) bills.

Over time, the voting public began to think of the candidates as the Tory candidate or the Whig candidate, and they gradually formalised into legal entities- pushing out the more indipendent-minded candidates in the process.

I'm not against democracy for local governments, or under a corporate state like the one Mosley proposed. But I'd be against blocs forming on anything bigger than single, specific issues, because otherwise it'll eventually restrict the kind of opinions a party candidate can hold & force the voters into a false dichotomy.

e097e8  No.4814


Iran has a system like that where the ulama (or muftis, qadis or religious scholars) vet who can run for parliament and reject election results if i'm not mistaken.

File: 41aa858166a532e⋯.jpg (67.15 KB, 334x250, 167:125, huey.jpg)

a0903c  No.2063[Reply]

What's your opinion on Huey Long? While not openly supportive of Fascism, he's often referred to as "The Dictator of Louisiana" - and he served as a major inspiration for the main antagonist in "It Can't Happen Here", one of the most prominent pieces of anti-fascist propaganda.

>Long was revered by the masses as a champion of the common man and demonized by the powerful as a dangerous demagogue

19 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

5252bb  No.4571


He's buried in a Christian cemetery in Baton Rouge and his mom has a christian sounding name (Viola Maine). He might well have Jewish ancestry from his father but at most that makes him half Jewish.

56b6c1  No.4660



anon must have poor jewdar


7812d0  No.4726



>german ring

ah, brother

3537db  No.4727


That is the most Jewish looking man I've ever seen. I don't usually sperg over Jews but that is a full-blooded kike

5252bb  No.4813


thought it was carl weiss?


i already outlined why he can't be fully jewish. his mom has a non-jewish name so he's probably half jewish at most. i'm not denying he could pass for a jew.

File: c0581f6b25593e8⋯.png (24.6 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, uk.png)

0ebc28  No.4739[Reply]


should we aid the new British union with their plan ?

780143  No.4794

File: 06a1650fe3cf75c⋯.png (124.09 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, 5123299C-7265-4B87-9892-F5….png)


A good plan from a mediocre organisation.

Just take a good look around their website to get a feel of what I mean.


Raikes is ambitious, but I don't think he has the charisma or the policies; they're either nice-sounding but vague, ill-thought-out ('the frequent and systematic use of national referenda'), or they pay lip service to civic nationalism.

There was a Sun article on them when they were first starting out, & that led me to check out their wbsite, which was a better hitpeice on themselves then the sun could ever write. Raikes himself was in the comments sctions of the couple of propaganda videos they had (basically his face over music), telling anyone with criticism "at least i'm trying, OK maybe it's not very good but you try & do better!"

Honestly, i'm supised they've coasted off of Mosley's good will this far.

But the plan is solid. If i'd add anything to it, it's that we shouldn't dismiss party politics entirely; a small front party would give us some clear, attainable goals in winning local seats, which would help keep the 'mensheivik' element active, help with recruitment, & send the media into a frenzy when it starts getting big (which would only end up xposing even more people to us & our ideas, something I call the UKIP effect). Also, he's very heavy on the idea that the 'bolsheivik' element should focus on recruiting; as far as i'm concerned, actions speak louder than words, & volunteering, or even just spontaneous days of community work, should take up at least a quarter of their time. And rally prescence is out of the question for now, sure, but out-of-uniform (so to speak) members should still try & be active in community meetings, public debates, free political events, etc. to keep the ideas in th public space & on people's minds.

Other then that, it's a very good plan. My criticisms only come from the fact i've been planning something very similar myself.

f5bf77  No.4797

File: 1e47c49c08b0851⋯.jpg (44.14 KB, 510x660, 17:22, garyraikes.jpg)


Whatever they think spreads Fascism fastest in Britain, I hope they succeed. As for the NBU they're a bit LARPy, it's a handful of old bald men in black shirts who don't do much at all. Maybe if it had younger more energetic faces it'd be a more interesting party. Gary is hardly an inspiring leader.

File: 9afdaa3da465a3f⋯.jpg (14.66 KB, 220x258, 110:129, 220px-SaudacaoIntegralista….jpg)

6cbb43  No.3316[Reply]

sorry for all the Integralist threads but I wanted to ask whether it was an imperialist version of fascism and why or why not? and in what way?

8 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

f5e348  No.4699


>strong, centralized state


>anti-liberal democracy

>strong ties to Catholicism, anti-materialism

>nationalism, belief in organic unity of the nation, corporativism


>style of uniforms, sigma symbolism, stiff-armed salutes (not necessarily a marker of fascism but obviously was common to the movements of thirties)

This may be the best improvement that would work for current America without a lot of blood shedding. I would vastly prefer Hitler's National Socialism, but, just like Brazil, America is another 56% nation. If there ever is a case of Balkanization my fondest dream tbh then Racial Fascism could be implemented fully, properly, and to great success, but until then it looks like Integralism or something similar.

f5e348  No.4702


Minus the ties to catholicism, that is. Way too many protties/catholics here to call one church or the other reigning religion over the country without inviting open conflict between the two.

17f51c  No.4706



>This may be the best improvement that would work for current America without a lot of blood shedding

I've had similar thoughts as well. I think an American Integralism could do great things for this country and would frankly be (imo) more likely to succeed than any white nationalist movement in the last half century or more. Don't get me wrong, 99% of normalfags on the street would call me a super racist for some of my beliefs concerning miscegenation and the superiority of our race, but the best way to go about building an Integralist-inspired ideology would be to say something along the lines that this country has since the beginning had blacks, whites, Indians, Hispanics and "we all share a common destiny within it". If / when I go IRL that's probably what I'll try, though with a dose of my own Strasserist-influences

6cbb43  No.4778


I would rather it remain secular but with a policy similar to that of NatSoc Germany regarding privileged jews

6cbb43  No.4779


Strasser-Integralism. EL PERFECTO

File: 790e15f8c25a4db⋯.jpg (159.13 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, stalin 3.jpg)

File: b935a535d0f6a55⋯.jpg (604.96 KB, 1446x1880, 723:940, proudhon.jpg)

File: 598f83a328bf4b6⋯.jpg (77.81 KB, 428x570, 214:285, Georges_Sorel.jpg)

File: 493787fd35c828d⋯.jpg (97.77 KB, 900x750, 6:5, tito 2.jpg)

8b6c68  No.2235[Reply]

I might get some hate for this thread but I unironically admire these guys.

102 posts and 28 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

8b6c68  No.4478


Peron would have never supported those things.

5607cc  No.4480


Another >white anon here.

Mostly yes. But Perón has its share of the blame. He could have eradicated democracy in the late 40's when he had the chance, but he didn't. A lost opportunity to stablish a corporatist State. And while he timidly tried to do it later on (changing provincial constitutions as a testing ground), once he was ousted from power it was all for nothing. While in exile, his movement fragmented into several right and left wing factions, which he used almost indiscriminately to regain power. And once the old general died, this various factions did whatever they felt best, constantly changing colours and ideology. Only a few remained "true" to the "original" peronist doctrine.


Don't know about the gay thing, but he was against abortion.

f08941  No.4490

>>4466 (checked)


3c0b17  No.4626

File: 92a514981b02f9b⋯.png (422.43 KB, 561x714, 11:14, Page.PNG)

File: dab3377b2b78037⋯.pdf (2.02 MB, Minsky-Can-It-happen-again.pdf)

File: 2f398ba68576fb9⋯.pdf (113.54 KB, Financial Instability Hypo….pdf)

File: ac33b3cb75002bb⋯.pdf (3.03 MB, Debunking Economics.pdf)


I can try giving you a rundown of his main economic contribution the Financial Instability Hypothesis.

Ex. When a nation rapidly accumulates too much private debt due to speculation (say a rise to a 200% private debt to gdp percentage from a 150% percentage in less than 10 years for example), and the risk of financially traded assets increases, debt deflation become imminent.

Here's sort of another example along with the source as well as a paper further detailing it. Also, I included the book Debunking Economics to contrast the theory with mainstream econ by the economist Steve Keen who largely takes inspiration from Minsky.

8db9c0  No.4732



File: dad514559f45cef⋯.jpg (352.42 KB, 770x1215, 154:243, Iceberg Ideologies and Rel….jpg)

55576c  No.4510[Reply]

Okay /fascist/ I think it is time to have the "talk" regarding Ideological Sectarianism. This board is young so its future is truly up for grabs. The BO split from /pol/ because /pol/ was an unbearable circlejerk with zero real ideological discussions on anything related to the Third Position and Fascism. Consequently, this would likely make this board more akin to /leftypol/ in their culture, not a place of circlejerks but likely one of ideological sectarianism and infighting precisely because the discussion of opposing Fascist Sects is encouraged.

Let's have a short history lesson, Fascism had a considerably shorter time of existence in comparison to its rivals the Far-Left. The Far-Left has a long history of organizing and consequently experience a large amount of Sectarianism and Infighting over tiny issues. The Fascist world dominated, some parts, in the 1930s-1945. After WWII the glory days ended with some holdouts such as in Spain and Portugal until the mid Cold War.

From then until today, few Fascist groups exist today. The ones that do exist are usually ineffective and suffers from infighting. I predict that ideological sectarianism would be the norm here the more fascist start popping up. Do you think the Fascist movement will be saved from Sectarian tendencies? When Hitler was put in jail the NSDAP split without him, only he reunited it after release. Without a figure like him, sectarianism is a very likely reality.

34 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

a8cade  No.4697

Modern real life Fascist groups that are solid:

-Golden Dawn

-Nordic Resistance Movement

They're all that's left tbh

801830  No.4705


I'd never heard of them before. It's cool to see some of the people in that video marching with Black Front flags. Their program is decent too. I was going to translate some points but it's too long for me to feel like doing now. Here's the link though. It's a shame Wikipedia says they only have ~500 members


b7bb51  No.4710



801830  No.4716


CasaPound is pretty good, I think. Though I’ve seen some negative remarks about them here in other threads, mostly due to their positions on homosexuality and abortion.

e75f82  No.4720


Casa Povnd is a little bit punkish, but they are what every movement should aspire to be. They actually do shit and have created a pretty strong presence

File: ae1cba87920f4d6⋯.jpg (140.43 KB, 1024x675, 1024:675, 1489168096569.jpg)

203d68  No.2864[Reply]

This was a small point of discussion back in fascist Italy.

I presume both D'Annunzio fans and other Fascists can argue around this point but what do you think about futurism and it's role in a fascist movement?

Althought the movement I support had an overwhelming support for the "traditional" style of art and the concept of artistic development I am interested in knowing your guy's opinions.

I do believe however that we all agree with this quote from Mussolini:

"I declare that it is far from my idea to encourage anything like a state art. Art belongs to the domain of the individual. The state has only one duty: not to undermine art, to provide humane conditions for artists, to encourage them from the artistic and national point of view."

8 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

9fa1fc  No.3336

File: 197f8de4fd7884b⋯.jpg (41.53 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 87361e047c8508c281e5fedc3e….jpg)

I don't know man, I just like really fast anti-gravity racing machines. Would be slick for them to become a thing, although F1-cucks would get extremely jelly. Also I like futuristic aesthetic, specially the bright and white good kind of futurism.

ef3d6b  No.3369

There has to be a cut-off point. Transhumanism will lead to the annihilation of humanity, for example. The consumption of rare metals for high electronics will never be sustainable. Futurist branches are a modern thing, where man has been able to live traditionally since 4000BC and before, for example. There's a lot to consider and if you take it all in, futurism isn't worth it.

7c018e  No.3370


There was an interesting thread in /pol/ about the this same thing give me some time, I must have the archive somewhere

0cef2c  No.4646


Whilst I err on the side of tradition I honestly don't know and I do have views that fall on the complete opposite end of the spectrum to many traditionalists.

I wouldn't describe myself as transhumanist but I personally support the usage of means including performance enhancing drugs, nootropics and genetic engineering to create superhumans or at least some sort of super soldiers. I know Hitler's Germany was big on some of this and Hitler himself supposedly injected testosterone and used stimulants but in discussion with modern fascists (and especially those also identifying as traditionalist or conservative) seems to be that this sort of "human enhancement" is not something fascists support. I've personally experimented with some steroids and nootropics and think it's something that could benefit our movement (both support by the fascist movement and usage by fascists). There's a world of difference between performance enhancing drugs and degenerate recreational drugs.

f6a54a  No.4652

This is a perplexing dichotomy, even more so when you take in account capitalism, which makes the situation a trichotomy; or an aspect futurism minded. The old family owned cottage industries and the large feudal estates eventually gave way to urban stratification. Able bodied men moved where the money went, so the family (which used to be extended) became atomised; thus creating the nuclear family. Further along we have gone with rapid marketing being pioneered by Bernays, and now people think very individually. I noticed that people have also felt a lot more lonelier too. Technology plays a role in and goes hand in hand with capitalism (though not always, ex. immigrants staving off automation), so one has to think where our subversion lies. Well, beyond the nose behind the curtain anyways. Businesses always push diversity. And, even if we lived in radically unrestrained free market, I don't think that would change. There would probably be a lot more brown people though.

I remembered talking to a NatSoc friend about artificial wombs and transhumanism. We concluded that we couldn't rationally justify despising homosexuals if they could reproduce without women using that technology. It's a disturbing thought. However, I still largely lean on the futurist despite that. I always liked the idea of a new man in a new era. I would say that archeo-futurism is an ideal, but I don't know how applicable that would be. Evola's traditionalism or Aristotle's ideal society I question much the same for applicability. Perhaps even futurism if any sort of cataclysmic environmental disaster like resource shortages or global warming happens.

File: 839324bf492b829⋯.jpg (58.22 KB, 500x496, 125:124, 1529996088641.jpg)

8426e8  No.1000[Reply]


long live /fascist/

15 posts and 14 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

b56b28  No.1055


Kek saved

cd880e  No.3862


can proudly say I've been here since 300

a4cac3  No.3864


I don't know the exact post number but I know I've been here since damn near the beginning.

cd880e  No.3868


I remember being v& on cuckchan for b8ing a humor thread and going to /dir/ to check out any new politics board, this is how I came across /fascist&

e59c7f  No.4616

File: 67eeecfac3fc498⋯.png (132.6 KB, 645x844, 645:844, 67eeecfac3fc4988ab34c5f399….png)


Forgot where I found this.

File: f82383645bb0a94⋯.jpg (214.04 KB, 960x940, 48:47, i53060ob.jpg)

fb8342  No.4130[Reply]

This may be a simplistic question as the extent of my knowledge of the Spanish economy is Wikipedia, but I'm curious. Given the experience in the US I've become sharply anti free trade. So what happened in Spain before the economic miracle? Was it really that bad? How was the cost of living before and after? My experience with free trade is that we get lots of cheap plastic trash, but important things like housing and food get relatively more expensive because wages don't keep up. So what was the case in Franco's Spain?

3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

8312b7  No.4401


Before opening up trade?

5611c3  No.4407

File: 6c2ccbceedc3017⋯.jpeg (6.72 KB, 196x258, 98:129, rivera.jpeg)

He would have done a better job

dca287  No.4409

8312b7  No.4417


Can you elaborate?

be4f78  No.4551


Learn the difference, mexican are one thing and spaniards are other thing. They are completely different. I dont know why Americans talk about things they dont know.

File: 42a408b2d231ef1⋯.png (1.38 MB, 1499x623, 1499:623, news.png)

8852e7  No.3813[Reply]

Anti-humanists and populists on the extremes of the American political spectrum find common cause attacking the norms of the liberal establishment of progressive plutocrats

>Behind the convulsions and confusion of the Western political landscape there is an unspoken alliance between two seemingly hostile camps. Populists and anti-humanists have entered into an ad hoc coalition in their fight against the liberal establishment. For now, at least, the people lovers and the people loathers have found common cause.

>In the framework of overlaid populist and anti-humanist movements, many of the most baffling events of the past few years start to make sense. “There are a lot of killers. You think our country’s so innocent?” asked Donald Trump, channeling Noam Chomsky, of the disgraced Fox host Bill O’Reilly in 2016. While the alt-right adopted the style and attitudes of the left-wing counterculture, mainstream Democrats adopted slogans of 1950s Republicans and launched their own Cold War-style campaign against sweeping, sinister Russian subversion of domestic political institutions and the national fiber. Crosscurrents of populism and anti-humanism are running through evangelical support for Trump, progressive puritanism, liberals defending an FBI-led “resistance,” Sean Hannity’s crush on Julian Assange, Steve Bannon calling himself a “conservative Leninist,” as well as the resurgence of marginal strains of Stalinism, Maoism, Third Position fascism, National Bolshevism, and assorted political cults flickering throughout a social-media driven attention economy operating on the rubble of the liberal establishment’s journalism wing.

>What the newly emboldened defenders of Western liberal democracy are unwilling to admit is that the populist threat to liberalism is not the invention of malevolent outsiders or a white identity movement—though both are real enough. It responds to the social insecurity and economic inequality resulting, in no small part, from policies set by the centrist establishment, and to the growing venality and self-insulation of that class. “Rather than attributing to the old order the failures that occurred on its watch, nostalgists blame mismanagement, or popular fatigue, or ‘populism’Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

31 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

620464  No.4135



Its way too late, the globalists have already destroyed america. Unless you are willing to commit a genocide the only solution i can see is closing all the borders for about 30-50 years, breaking the racial and ethnic pride of every identity group, and then reshaping them all into hardcore american nationalists

This wouldnt be a globalist nation. No one would be allowed in anymore after the dictatorship was established.

The whole thing would be more like north korea on steroids.

In any case i really do think that if there is a dictatorship in america it will be through the military. A highly respected institution that could take over in the interest of the people and destroy the grip of capital and liberalism. But you really would need a Patton or MacArthur type figure to be the head

e481cf  No.4157


I would be up for the task.

00f316  No.4230

Even if the left technically has a common enemy with us they'll never ally with fascists. They think fascism is just an extreme version of capitalism and fascists are middle class bourgies, there is no compromise with delusional faggots like that. They're far more concerned with blacking white nations than they ever will be actually liberating the working class.

e481cf  No.4450


I propose the Ungern idea of racial and religious communalism by a god sent Autocrat. but as a Sorelian, I see more of a Confederation of trade union run city-states (not actual borders) overseen by same autocrat.

e481cf  No.4451

most NatSocs are purity spiralers. what the OP was describing is a lot like CulturedThug's Integralist views. South Americans can talk all the shit they want but they're just as mixed as we are, no offense. especially Brazil. I tend to think of myself as less Unitary and more Federalist than CulturedThug and more Socialist.

File: c1ee709d544da1c⋯.jpg (147.21 KB, 845x911, 845:911, Eco.jpg)

1bd882  No.4340[Reply]

Sup /fasc/, subversive commie here with a question.

What do you lads think of Umberto Eco's 'Ur-Fascism'? It's written for the purposes of identifying and eradicating fascism wherever it emerges and in whatever way it emerges, but do you supporters of fascism agree with its definition and identification of fascism?

I've heard opinions on it from antifascist liberals, leftists and political scientists, but not from actual supporters of fascism.


For those of you who are allergic to reading or don't appreciate Eco's impeccable prose, just scroll down to the 14-point list defining aspects of fascism.

21 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

ed8cdd  No.4416


>Well, fascism puts alot of priority in masculinity and traditional gender roles so don't see nothing wrong with.

>>disdain for women and intolerance and condemnation of nonstandard sexual habits, from chastity to homosexuality

sounds like a typical liberal would today. there's a reason why women should stay chaste until marriage. too much slutting around causes more babies for the welfare state and then countries go into debt. don't get me wrong, I definitely love socialism, but I tend to have the belief that an opposite of a bachelor tax should be imposed, like bachelor welfare. its much easier for a woman to get laid because of many factors (including the 20/80 rule), general malleability of women's minds (we may have fragile egos but at least we stick to our ideals) and innate inability to stay loyal to a tribe (women are born with a liberal mindset so they believe they have to babysit everyone, no lady, look after your own kids, some 25 year old nigger is not your child)

8a9859  No.4421

File: 8c6b7a2fa8c4139⋯.png (203.36 KB, 531x490, 531:490, Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at ….png)


>I'm not really asking anyone to refute anything - I'm looking for perspectives here - but anyway

was writing that post while distracted.

Should've written

>you're asking people what they think of

It doesn't have a tendency towards linguistic fart huffing that only serves as a tool to pretend you're smarter than you really in front of your fellow (((academics))).

Would you rather reach out to the common people by using language they're accustomed to, or obfuscate and elongate just to make yourself seem smarter?

We have to distinguish between actual intellectuals, and dunning-krugerites with diplomas for "intersectional crossing nigger dances"

Would you call Evola anti-intellectual?


he argues against nature

>fascists are bad because normal people are wary of outsiders, and take time to think before trying something unknown.

in more primitive times at least retards ended themselves by eating mushrooms or fruits with no concern to their potential danger.


>Are you an unironic ancap?

I took inspiration from a different thread and use ancap flag for shitposts.

But I'd like low taxes, strong army and border control, power in the hands of a single leader that's moral, prohibition on production, distribution and sale of pornography, punishment for faggotry and focus on maintaining and upholding culture & morality.

I'm a monarchist but i believe fascism is a required transition before fascist leader's son can become real king, as nowadays nothing good would come out of candidate stating, I wuz kang vote for me

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

d5d734  No.4432

It's called "Ur-Fascism" in english? Why? Un Fascismo literally means "A fascism", an instance of fascism upon a society. This makes no sense.

Before analising this text, it is important to define the psychological profile of Umberto Eco at the dawn of his intelectual progression, something which influenced profoundly this text.

Umberto Eco was born in 1932, in the midst of Mussolini's regime, and thus originally being an adept of it's ideology. Since a very young age, Eco's talent for writing manifested, when he won an essay contest in his school system with a text openly praising fascism and it's effects on italian society, Later in life he analised this moment of his life as how fascism has the ability to prosper withing microcosmic instances creating the work which eventually inspired this text to take place.

Then begins the events described in the text in question, whereas Eco had a surprisingly positive impression of the american invaders, or as he calls them, "liberators". While it might not be relevant to this topic, it is important to contextualize that many did not meet the same conditions during the ocupation, often falling victims to war crimes and such other atrocities.

Now, given these facts, we can claim that Eco on the age where his intellectual fruition was still under development was a follower of Mussolini's ideology, even if out of convenience, and then was exposed to an efficient occupation process and to the western bourgeois consumerist world, and given the fact that Italy's economy was torn by war ever since he was born, he initially loved it. By combinig these factors with the ever-present social push towards the western aligned democratic ideals, in many ways similar to the german de-nazification, we can safely assume that Eco was victim to the phenonemon of post-war guilt and the feeling that he needed to prove the world that he was different from his parents generation, another very pertinent phenomenon which was present in that era. The chronologically closest social movement to Eco was probably the french beatniks in the early 50s, and the most relevant being the american CRM in the 60s. There might just as well have existed something similar to that in Italy, but i'm not aware of it.

Thus, it is claPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

1bd882  No.4440


>It's called "Ur-Fascism" in english? Why? Un Fascismo literally means "A fascism", an instance of fascism upon a society. This makes no sense.

Eco wrote the article in English for the newspaper - the ur-prefix is borrowed from German with the meaning (proto-, primitive, original).

Much of the biography you wrote is what Eco himself details in the first part of the article under discussion.

d5d734  No.4449


This biased perception of fascist Italy can clearly be observed in the first half of the text, which i will sumarize his perception as:

>The contradictory picture I describe was not the result of tolerance but of political and ideological discombobulation. But it was a rigid discombobulation, a structured confusion. Fascism was philosophically out of joint, but emotionally it was firmly fastened to some archetypal foundations.

While in many cases several of us agree that Italy at the time was a severely disfunctional society which i personally claim that it was the result of petty regionalisms, christian false-moralism and poor education, several wounds in which fascist italy took part in the process of healing , but Eco's view is somewhat muddled by attribuing all of the italian "tolerance" to incompetency. In the artistic side of things, we have Ezra Pound, which was a proponent of modernist arts and even Julius Evola himself who deemed the artistic vision characteristic to Mussolini's as ""irredeemable pretentious bourgeois garbage". While this might fall upon the "ideological discombobulation" claim, aren't healthy societies supposed to have a fair amount of debate towards the topics pertaining to themselves?

On the topic of commmunist persecution, it is very important to note that both back then and in contemporaneity there are people with vastly different views towards communism and communists. There are those such as myself who have some crucial intellectual disagreements with some pertinent communist ideas, but ultimately recognize the goals we have in common, and decide not to persecute them in hopes of them perceiving our viewpoint, something which can be historically demonstrated with the Bombacchi affair; and those, usually of a more capitalistic upbringing, who have a strong rejection towards said ideology and want to "throw commies out of helicopters". Independently of the origins of these respective positions, where someone can argue that an spectrum can be traced by the adepts's relation to the class struggle, it is important to remeber that people with both of these opinions held positions of power and infPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 4e9aa42ec75864b⋯.gif (20.09 KB, 220x257, 220:257, 220px-Bordiga.gif)

2e2999  No.4160[Reply]

I've heard among Situationists and LeftComms there's a lot of Holocaust denial. why is that? or is that just hearsay?

16 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

2e2999  No.4328


>"lol OP is a kike shill"

>posts degenerate MLP porn

4cf1a0  No.4330

File: 2051c8a43fe48ab⋯.png (33.92 KB, 633x758, 633:758, 1405655941443.png)

God fucking damn it this place is starting to become like/pol/ i left /pol/ for a reason why does that cancer have to follow me wherever i go ?

2e2999  No.4331

File: 08251d62a3be2db⋯.jpg (91.51 KB, 808x499, 808:499, 3b2.jpg)

well this thread turned out to be a crapshoot. I was speak of people like Amadeo Bordiga and whether or not they were holocaust deniers but ok whatever.

2e2999  No.4333


I mean I was just asking a question about Council Communists and Holocaust Denial but a bunch of NatSocs had to come shit up the thread and start bitching and whining without answering the actual question. I know Council Communism and Left Communism in general is a no go zone for this board but I felt I needed to ask as a friend from /leftypol/ told me about them and the holohoax but I guess a bunch of avatarfagging happened instead of somebody answering my questions.

c7ef3a  No.4425

File: 66acf7f05bb6242⋯.webm (1.36 MB, 1280x518, 640:259, FRESH VIRGIN LANDS.webm)

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