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File: 61ab7e293a719fb⋯.jpg (12.04 KB, 300x142, 150:71, fascism__fpod__by_nsuberal….jpg)

92994b  No.830[Reply]

What are you goys doing to improve yourselves?

Lately I've been lifting weights and reading more. Also planning on going to a group that teaches electronics and hacking in my area. I already have a background in this but I want to learn more.

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b5a1b4  No.2452

File: 90a3b98eb667297⋯.jpg (38.98 KB, 380x555, 76:111, Leib und Seele.jpg)


>but I'm not sure I can do it

Not with that attitude, anon

f22da3  No.2454

>start reading books

>workout and diet more

>trying to pass an important exam

f22da3  No.2456


Congrats on the new job

d8160c  No.2458


What have you been reading? Anything interesting?

f22da3  No.2460


I will just be honest and say i am not one of those people that reads for self improvement,i basically just read things i personally like and might help me on my everyday.

So far:

>Book written by a portuguese marxist leninist,it is called "the radicalization of the small bourgeoise of socialist facade".

>Book on First Aids

>Book on Basic Grammar(on my birth language)

>Book on the misconceptions about different groups of animals

>Pratical Book about Thai Boxing

>Pratical Book about sambo groundfighting

I will problably end up reading a book on Plato and pick up one more martial arts book to read soon.

File: 8694d0d268780d0⋯.jpg (108.61 KB, 775x1068, 775:1068, Harald-Damsleth-Norges-Nyr….jpg)

1b0e36  No.361[Reply]


By Kurt Striker

If it wants to gain followers, a Fascist movement cannot only appeal to 4chan autists and people who are far-right already. We need all sorts of people to succeed. Hitler knew this. we need to get the following on our side (some of these groups may seem odd, but bear with me): The Working Class and The Farmers, The Unemployed, The more reasonable members of the Black Nationalist community, the Baptists and Evangelists, the Normie moderate conservatives, Militant Communists, and the Middle Class

(Note: do not refer to our movement as Fascist or Nazi or White Nationalist from the get go. We need a more vague name, like "American Worker's Party", or "National Syndicalist Party" or "American Populist Party". We need to rope these average people in by just being generally populist, and then bring about our rise to power. Also, we don't need uniforms yet. Either dress in simple work clothes, or wear a nice suit and tie when trying to gain supporters. I suggest going to areas where people of whichever group we are trying to appeal to meet, or going door to door, especially in struggling communities. We need a force of men who are willing to be "missionaries" for our movement)

1b0e36  No.362

The Working Class: Simple. National Socialism is already the perfect system for them. The Working class doesn't like queers, feminine people, trannies, etc, but they sometimes side with the left because of their socialist programs, which would benefit the working class, or they side with the Capitalist Right, because they agree with social conservatism. We need to show that neither established side will help them, because the right sends their sons off on unnecessary wars, gets rid of social programs that help them, and cannot conserve any values effectively. We need to demonstrate that we share their social values, but that we will employ economic programs that help the working class. We also need to emphasize protectionism , and how we'll stop their jobs from being outsourced overseas. We change our promises and the details of our plans depending on whether we are talking to rural farm laborers or urban factory workers.

For the Unemployed, just promise them guaranteed jobs with decent pay.

Black Nationalists: Obviously, the "Kill Whitey" crowd is a lost cause, but more respectable groups, like the Nation of Islam, can be useful allies, as they are against race mixing, and many of them are woke on the Jewish Question. Just appeal to them by showing you agree with many of their goals and ideas. (I take an ethnopluralist approach to racial policy in the U.S., which means that multiple races can live in the same country, but race mixing is not allowed. Ethnonationalism is good for Europe, but the unique conditions of the United States make it more suited for Ethnopluralism.)

Baptists, Evangelists, Christian Fundamentalists, etc: These people are sympathetic to far-right views, but they seem to be stuck voting for normie Republicans, who can't effectively defend their values. We just need to show them that we are FOR Christianity, and AGAINST decadence and degeneracy.

Normie Moderate Conservatives: These folks already lean right. We just need to promise to get rid of abortion, get rid of leftism, etc. Our party must be pro-gun, because that's the only right most conservatives really care about. They wouldn't give a shit about us silencing every leftist ideologue's freedom of speech, as long as Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

d4a73b  No.385

>I take an ethnopluralist approach to racial policy in the U.S., which means that multiple races can live in the same country

While I can't offer any advice on how to appeal to a particular demographic, let me say this; don't ever think that idea will work the way you intended. The races will eventually compete for domination political power of the entire country and treat competing races as mere pawn for the winning race's advancement. Even if you'd argue that anti-racism policies will prevent that from happening, those policies are also the major cause of why political discourse in US and other multicultural countries (e.g. India and SEA countries) are trapped in political correctness. I'd take Balkanization over that all day.

9c6a42  No.686

>you need black nationalists, communists and zionist evangelicals for a NS party

Maybe we also need LGBT and genderqueer "people" in the big tent?

e7333a  No.2331


I've thought this from the beginning. The reflexive hate of non-straight people belies a very narrow view of what can be good for a community or state. As we can all see, being straight is NO guarantee of health.

My working theory is that the Working Class doesn't hate the LGBT community – they hate how LGBT issues are prioritized OVER economic issues. They also hate how *particular and by no means necessary* aspects of LGBT culture are being made 'mainstream' by the mass media.

What Democrats don't want the LGBT community to realize is that they have FAR more in common with the working class (because they ARE working class at higher rates that the general population). An LGBT person isn't inherently less equipped to lend their strength to building their community.

Zionists can stay out though. It's *literally* allegiance to a foreign state over your home country.

File: 5838bef455a68d8⋯.png (131.3 KB, 1400x1050, 4:3, untt.png)

a1126c  No.2130[Reply]

capitalism is definitely not since their whole concept is making as much money as possible therefore rejecting any innovations that would make them lose money and normal/mainstream Communism/socialism will not let any scientific discovery that would disprove their politically correct views such as race and IQ but the third position does not reject them it welcomes them more innovation will benefit the nation the same is with scientific discovery's we all saw how national socialism turned a broken Germany into one of the most technologically advanced nations at the time in only a few years and fascist Italy was years ahead with their alternatives to coal and oil such as steam powered generators from the volcanic activity in the ground as shown in this video



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a1126c  No.2149


damn that is depressing i wish most scientists were very idealistic and wanted to better the world without wanting money

7e1a34  No.2152

only if we can make cyborg Steel Legions

a1126c  No.2154


with the help of genetic and cybernetic advancements we will be able to make superhumans it will be beautiful

a1126c  No.2155



i meant to say enhancements

79f8ce  No.2158


Contrary to popular belief scientist are not objective, they also have their own bias just search how many race realist scientists have been treated by their colleagues when truth was find out, or just read about lysenko.

File: 5cbca3d837e77da⋯.png (230.43 KB, 505x582, 505:582, abp.png)

7af8c0  No.1882[Reply]

My feelings are mixed on this party. I like the fact that they're promoting American fascism but why are they always punching to the right? If they want to create a non-racialist fascist party that's completely fine, however, something that gets on my nerves is instead of attacking the enemy, they often go after natsoc and other racialist groups. It's like they're trying so hard to say "hey look we're fascist but we're totally not racist!". Not to mention, they claim natsoc isn't fascistic when in fact it is. It seems a bit dishonest to me and politically motivated by the fact that they don't want to be associated with natsocs. Anyone else know what I'm talking about?

With that said, their other proposals are pretty spot on so I'm not going to completely fault them, I'm actually an inactive member of this party but I've lost a lot of faith in them, especially after after they [at one point] made a rambling video bitching about cultured thug calling them LARPers which pretty much proved his point. Any serious fascist organization should have more pressing priorities than getting mad over YouTubers saying things that hurt their fee fees. And yes I am a racialist but the ABP didn't know that when I joined. If they knew they'd probably kick me out.

6 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

83c178  No.1950



Most American Fascists are not interested in the Christian Socialistic Theocracy they purposed i think.

7af8c0  No.1961


If nothing else someone could rebuild the party with the same name and uniforms but different policies. It's all about name recognition. There's a brand already built around the legion, most people don't know their policies anyway. If American fascists really wanted to get something off the ground quickly rebuilding the legion would be the way to do it.

83c178  No.1966


Names and uniforms don't really matter in the long run, its action that truly matters. I don't see why copying the aesthetics of some long dead theocratic political party "while opposing many of their purposed policies" would work out. And barely any people know of the silver legion anyway., so naming ourselves after them won't do much good for getting our names out there. it was also attract Christian theocrats for obvious reasons, ten years down the line it could be a Christian Identify movement.

7af8c0  No.1968


Like I said, they have an established brand and legacy that could be useful to growth in terms of realpolitik. Also more people know about the silver legion than than many people did long ago simply due to games like HOI4.

794293  No.2041


yeah I am, my bad phone posting on my break at work.

File: 5cab39b5230066b⋯.jpg (22.25 KB, 255x209, 255:209, 1446836107088.jpg)

a0034c  No.214[Reply]

I took courses in topics which could have taught at least basics of fascist ideology, its greatest thinkers, origins and legacy. Instead they merely presented the two prevailing thinking patterns, socialism and libertarianism. Nothing else. I found this strange, and searched for primary sources in university library. Nothing. Everything is memory holed.

This raises the normie misnotion that fascism had no thinkers, it was just some violent street thug movement. We have to fix that. We have to consolidate equal (and in time, preferential) teaching for fascism. Strive for research careers and positions of education with all your might! This will take time and patience. Us if capable, our children, younger people. And it has to be done.

Report your experiences about university education.

13 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

4a649d  No.627


I've always thought why read all of this stuff if you're never going to apply it in your life in some way. For example, if I was a Marxist I wouldn't be reading theory just to jack myself off over how big-brained I am, I'd be reading it to prepare myself for potentially getting into real world politics. Ideally, I will be able to apply the things I've learned in my life one day if I get into politics like I'd like too. All talk, no action


That's why it's so funny. I think it was funded by Israelis too. You watch it and go

>wtf I love fascism now

Sad how normalfags find it "scary" though

24325a  No.629


>Sad how normalfags find it "scary" though

It's because they're idiots who can only conceive of liberalism. The idea of a world free of decadence scares them to death. What would they do without their mindless consumerism and "freedom" to act like a complete degenerate in every way possible?

That question is of course rhetorical.

001122  No.1091


The problem for fascism in America is that the distrust of any central far reaching authority is pretty prevalent. People may not trust it. There’s a sort of outlaw rebel mentality here that would need to be accepted somewhat. It is the country founded by salty motherfuckers who risked everything to live away from the system at home after all.

322cc5  No.1516


>There’s a sort of outlaw rebel mentality here

Americans are rebels in the same way the crusaders imitated Christ. They nominally aspire to the ideal, might say some sweet words about it, but in reality their conduct is as far as you can get from their much vaunted ideal.

9007e2  No.2036


I really don't see how they were imitating, besides Pope Urban II gave them the blessing. you're supposed to kill those who threaten Christ, not take it up the ass from them

File: 6eaf31537853bd3⋯.png (31.78 KB, 200x321, 200:321, Cover_of_The_Fourth_Politi….png)

e7f145  No.1981[Reply]

is the 4th political theory allowed to be discussed here ? i know it is not exactly third position it is fourth but it is still heavily related to the third position nevertheless

1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

27ee4f  No.2017


I have no idea what it is either, but Thug did a video on this.


9c9366  No.2018

>5th political theory,beyond communism,fascism,capitalism and 4th position

>6th political theory,we have many problems with the 5th political theory.Beyong communism,fascism,capitalism,4th and 5th position.whats the difference?hummm,lower taxes

9fd64e  No.2022

Isn't not even a political theory, but a hypothetical?

>what if we created a new race?

What kind, how or even why?!

>hell if I know.

>how about we create a new economic system different than those before?

What kind, how or even why?!

>hell if I know.

450ae4  No.2023


I'm a big brain nibba on the 1488th political theory.

9c9366  No.2028


Its a meme,the third way or "third position" is already pretty much about ideologies that go beyond the left/right political spectrum and mix all sorts of components from many different political ideas in order to form a system.So this 4th way is a bullshit concept since its technically still third position(aka third position-mixing different systems together/taking elements from them e.t.c)

Why wouldnt Naz Bol and strasserism be considered "4 theory"?

>Go beyond communism,capitalism,fascism,democracy,liberalism,republicanism and more.In replacament of what? hum something we dont even know yet

File: e0ade5e74c85a4e⋯.jpg (609.93 KB, 977x732, 977:732, Screenshot_20180630-081527….jpg)

File: 398a380ee14d513⋯.mp4 (691.44 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, thislie.mp4)

54a590  No.1876[Reply]

Explain. I'm pretty sure muttspic land is way beyond saving at this point, unless you guys are talking about killing them and taking the land or something.

2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

7245bd  No.1907

File: eb3e2320f4c2039⋯.jpg (51.8 KB, 434x500, 217:250, 1.JPG)

If you are asking about the UNS then: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOlW8_UhOco

They are dead now, but they had some good points.

I am not a fan of democracy myself, I would much prefer a monarchy for my country.

Also, I would advice you to learn a bit more before proposing genocides in such a casual way

000000  No.1928



12eab1  No.1991


Monarchy is gay, also the UNS were religious fanatics, I'd prefer starting a the ground up.

Also there are actually quite a few more truly fascist movements like the Acción Revolucionaria Mexicanista, which was even supported by the nazis and another one which I don't quite remember but it was supported by (((Plutarco E. Calles)))

12eab1  No.1992

File: 0f8a304194dc4f2⋯.jpeg (25.76 KB, 314x468, 157:234, images.jpeg)


The one in the lef was the leader of the ARM, an ex villista, they were also known as the mexican Goldshirts

7245bd  No.2004

File: 7c245a977897a2d⋯.jpg (86.25 KB, 730x541, 730:541, Camisas Doradas.jpg)


The ARM were based, I agree, but also completely dead, I think it was Carranza who hunted them down, they also wasted time punching commies instead of taking power, shame, I really like what little I know from them.

The UNS are the only ones who are still sort of active. Much prefer to work with something that's already here than to start fro Zero, remember the three R's

>Monarchy is gay


File: 9f8416ccdb8d87f⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1368x962, 684:481, julius_evola_on_materialis….png)

abfaae  No.572[Reply]

As the title says, what would you guys say are some good /fascist/ groups across the world? Groups with real goals, and a decent leadership. As a burger, American groups would be especially helpful.

61a4c4  No.577

I'm not an Italian, but I've been pretty impressed with everything I've seen from CasaPound. I've posted a few links below. Even the Western media reports from them seem to show them in a positive light. If America had a fascist or third-position party, this is the type of party that I'd have in mind.






e92038  No.606


American here.

I was a big fan of the TWP but it's gone now. There's also the American Blackshirts but they're weak on the JQ (don't even really acknowledge it) and they punch to the right too often because they don't want to be associated with natsocs.

edae17  No.1835


yeah that's the problem. I got rejected from both, one for being too socialist, the other for being too woke on the jq.

edae17  No.1836

File: dd3c67964958225⋯.png (124.42 KB, 1011x364, 1011:364, screenshot-filteries.com-2….png)

I only use this flag even though I am of Kelto-Nordid background, my views on Fascism do not resemble the mixed economy of BNP. pic related.

File: f26de3fc177ca24⋯.jpg (39.4 KB, 397x280, 397:280, camorra.jpg)

a1973e  No.1368[Reply]

Nowadays we preety much forget the role that such organizations have when shaping the relations between the lower-class citizens / workers of various countries.

A perfect example can be found in Japan with the Yakuza, we see that day after day the police find themselves trying to colaborate with them to prevent new groups from forming up.

Yet they also present a big danger nowadays for example in Mexico with the Cartels (althought the CIA does a lot to keep them alive and that should be dealt with in a separate thread).

My question is: Would you enact campaigns against such organizations be them something akin to the Mafia or even the lowest kind of gangs?

1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

a1973e  No.1370


It is also a problem that only a fascist regime could adress in places like Mexico.

04735f  No.1406


>they are all cancer that needs to be purged

This. That said, if there is some sort of legitimate benefit these groups are giving to the lower-class citizens / workers, I feel that the fascist state would fill the void

92338a  No.1448


This.People are all "muh yakuza bushido mafia was helping japanese in natural disasters". Yes they were sure,on the meantime they have a couple of 6 year olds to be sent to a child prostitution ring. Thanks but no Thanks

4f34a5  No.1665

a1973e  No.1698


Interesting! Do we have any mexican/ SA fascists around?

I believe we would only benefit in hearing their words and how the cartel situation is over there.

File: 9d81ca96ec7b48a⋯.jpg (56.48 KB, 640x428, 160:107, unbelievable.jpg)

6c27f1  No.1378[Reply]

I am a young person, a worker, a student, a communist.

How would fascism benefit me? What is good about fascism? What is bad about communism? Why do you disagree with it?

23 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

02430e  No.1515


>Post-scarcity is not a pipe dream

That depends on which human needs and wants you think should be met. Obviously it is ridiculous that anyone still manages to starve, but increases in demands for material goods is why the horizon of post-scarcity keeps receding into the distance in a liberal capitalist society. If, all of a sudden, everyone decided that they were entitled to a vehicle with a fission generator and a jet engine then all of the linear programming algorithms and automated assembly lines in the world would come to naught.

9639a3  No.1520


My problem isn't the idea of super computers. It's who's programming those computers and their vulnerabilities to hacking. If the people who are programming this centralized system are corrupt they could arbitrarily allocate resources wherever they wanted them for personal or political reasons. You could also have hackers do the same. There's also the issue of population growth. When everyone's needs are completely met in the way that you're talking about people have a tendency to have more children. Even with that type of distribution system, the worlds resources are finite and the worlds population is growing at an exponential rate.

9639a3  No.1521


Forgot my flag.

5da15d  No.1576


Struggle to make yourself a model for others to follow, struggle to keep yourself fit "Both mentally and physically" struggle to ensure our people's survival, and struggle for total victory.

ebabb0  No.1578


I love fascism but most of their original followers were ex-communists and ex-socialists. I'm a grown man, and still live on the skids. that last part was pure fucking cancer.

File: a78a73bdcb80bfd⋯.png (99.64 KB, 1476x1281, 492:427, fascist flag2.png)

File: a78a73bdcb80bfd⋯.png (99.64 KB, 1476x1281, 492:427, fascist flag2.png)

File: d8d6bfc646dc92c⋯.png (82.37 KB, 1478x1124, 739:562, fascist flag 1.png)

364750  No.1032[Reply]

Since we have 1000 posts, I was thinking we need an official flag. I've been making some templates, the BO asked me to post them in the moderation thread but I didn't want to shit it up with multiple templates/prototypes of the same thing in progress so I figured a dedicated thread wouldn't hurt. So post your flags here.

11 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

364750  No.1049


I really like that. How do you add that nice outline to the lettering? I've always wondered how people do that.

f3ff82  No.1169

File: 67eeecfac3fc498⋯.png (132.6 KB, 645x844, 645:844, fash.png)

saw this thread so i made an attempt

8fba3f  No.1170


Not gonna lie, that looks badass

364750  No.1171


That one is super good.

f3ff82  No.1172



thanks bros

File: 614d320d25e7927⋯.png (661.05 KB, 3236x2456, 809:614, 614d320d25e79270f3d46e6de0….png)

a29a3a  No.1062[Reply]

>Great Military History

>World conquerors

>Btfo the spaniards,french,muslims and kept national Independence

>Oldest borders of europe

>International empire

>No indian women could resist the chadortugueses

>Great culture

>Great music

>Great food

>Still over 96% white

>Nationalist/fascist inspired regime all the way up to the 70s

when such ideologies were already taboo

>Deus, pátria e família

f5c38d  No.1080

How do Portuguese today view the Estado Novo and the Carnation Revolution?

a29a3a  No.1084


If you go talk to old people that actually lived during it they will usually be split on it in terms of opinions.

The new generations are against the Estado Novo(and pretty much against nationalism in general tbh) due to successful brainwashing and see the revolution has "the moment that gave us freedom and democracy"

f5c38d  No.1085


>The new generations are against the Estado Novo

Not surprising, I'm sure the education-system was reformed to drill it into your guys' heads that it was all bad. Are there any fascist / third position parties there with any significant presence at all?

a29a3a  No.1087

File: 0cfc0fe7b44c9e6⋯.png (875.14 KB, 4000x1952, 125:61, 1482004963401.png)


>Are there any fascist / third position parties there with any significant presence at all?

Honestly no.We have a nationalist party the PNR but its a meme party at best and its completely irrelevant in the political spectrum.Its basically mostly left and far left parties.

Our pm is a left wing indian,so this is the current stage of this country

>I'm sure the education-system was reformed to drill it into your guys' heads that it was all bad

it kept getting worse through the years,in the past i remember teachers being more balanced and i even did a presentation on salazar talking positively about him but today i doubt the teachers would accept that tbh

File: b1db03300df1fef⋯.jpg (107.63 KB, 1332x743, 1332:743, Dankery.jpg)

324a36  No.65[Reply]

Donald Trump, the American President, is contently demonized in the mainstream media for being a fascist leading a Capitalist uprising.

Putin, the Russian prime minister, is blamed for "hacking the US election". But why would a Russian support elections when natural selection of a leader is superior?

6 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

9f5981  No.490


I hate that little street shitter so goddamn much.

7f334d  No.586

>not Ramzan Kadyrov or Alexander Lukashenko

7f334d  No.587


same. Prager-U-ism

fcb857  No.591


I got into an argument with two faggots in another imageboard once.They were saying if you wanted to really understand fascism to go read based dinesh souza(actually said based).

I was saying you shouldnt read from sources full of agendas/bias and if you wanted to understand fascism you should go read actual books written by fascists,they started chimping out really hard because this triggered them.

9f5981  No.593


Prager-U is trash and what pisses me off even more is that people (especially boomers) take it seriously. I hate the fact that neocons and libertarian scum still have so much influence on the right to the point that even conservatives use the term "fascist" as an insult despite not knowing the meaning of the term. Of course it shouldn't be surprising since most of the right since the end of WWII is composed of crypto-Trotskyists (some of which don't even know they're espousing trotskyist ideas and terms. The term "racist" was invented by trots and even so called conservatives use it unironically).


That's a big problem I have with many on the so called right and on /pol/ in general. This board is like /pol/ if /pol/ actually read books. Someone on here asked once "why do we need this board when we have /pol/". Well what you just said is why we need this board. I come across very few actual well read fascists on /pol/, many of which just use the term to be edgy. When I do come across an actual fascist on /pol/ it's like finding a diamond in the rough.

File: d1b485f7337caa6⋯.png (332.49 KB, 412x624, 103:156, 1437703076253.png)

File: 183f42b6783b7a0⋯.jpg (40.23 KB, 400x484, 100:121, ErnstKaltenbrunner-12.jpg)

File: 27db92205c801ad⋯.png (544.35 KB, 1000x417, 1000:417, Major_Dieter_Hellstrom.png)

File: d0a3f745c07f940⋯.png (23.15 KB, 250x404, 125:202, othmar trenker.png)

0753b8  No.276[Reply]

I love the Nazi era sense of style, post some

3d3dfd  No.300

File: df6590db8686944⋯.jpg (104.53 KB, 613x827, 613:827, volksturm.jpg)

File: 982a39348917525⋯.jpg (10.39 KB, 300x168, 25:14, waffen ss.jpg)

File: 779da141c68fed3⋯.jpg (42.8 KB, 640x440, 16:11, Sa.jpg)

File: 4802b31b5b093d4⋯.jpg (43.18 KB, 550x366, 275:183, Marching.jpg)

File: ef36b2007890088⋯.jpg (29.8 KB, 334x450, 167:225, Danzig police.jpg)

a610af  No.9999

File: 4e5d12d06e242b5⋯.jpg (189.73 KB, 672x789, 224:263, national socialism is not ….jpg)


ef2009  No.11132


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