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File: eba16da739c287b⋯.jpg (240.21 KB, 1024x505, 1024:505, 00ecfeacf296e0a5b2fddea105….jpg)

538afd  No.11709[Reply]

Roll for your roles

Scientists decide what makes the perfect man.

Second in command decides where he take the brother-in-law for lunch

Faggots get the rope

Brother-in-laws decide what they want from Toys-R-Us

Leaders make a decision

4e21b3  No.11986

File: 631863167fa754a⋯.png (81.09 KB, 237x260, 237:260, 631863167fa754a2dbe5c1b3ac….png)


>What makes the perfect man.

A man who's put his people's issue first more than anyone and trains his body and mind to his absolute limit. Someone who will progress mankind's future not regress it a devoled degenerate state i.e modern capitalist amercia and other (((democraties))), wemair republic etc. He also reserves his seed for only a woman whois is a shining example of feminine and beauty and wish to only take care of her family and protect her children at all cost

Thats is what the perfect man is.


737472  No.11997



987c6b  No.12010


faggot detected

96b7b2  No.12050

File: 28cdfc4bc3b393f⋯.jpg (568.87 KB, 1400x1050, 4:3, 1508544229664.jpg)

1a7328  No.11638[Reply]

The enemy of my enemy is my friend the third position and the left must unite against the capitalist right. Capitalists care about nothing but profit they will do anything to make money. They do not care about anyone but themselves but we do we want a better future we want a future and if capitalism prevails then there will be no future. So i am calling all communists Stalinist or Trotskyist etc, socialists, corpratists syndicalists national-syndicalists distrubutists national-socialists hitlerist or strasserist etc juche and national-Bolshevists to unite under one banner, do not let our differences divide us. Collectivism is the way forward, the way of individualism and selfish greed will only lead us to our doom. So unite i beg of you, for the betterment of the human species and the world as a whole, we can only prevail together.

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63a3b2  No.11990


Just realized I already replied almost a month ago. Oh well, I like this response better.

2b6ba0  No.11995

File: 220624f7ed833ab⋯.jpg (24.21 KB, 336x274, 168:137, minions.jpg)


>Capitalists care about nothing but profit they will do anything to make money.

Surely you mean jews?

bd9438  No.11996


>implying white capitalists aren’t race traitors more often than not

be880e  No.12013

All Nat versions of Bol are to be tolerated… until we take power. Then you will have to convert to Nat Soc or shut up and fuck off to a hippy commune or something.

13d095  No.12028

File: 06a4401ca4eaad6⋯.jpg (39.65 KB, 508x513, 508:513, 078a.jpg)

File: bc620ffd83aea09⋯.png (59.26 KB, 477x281, 477:281, 069aa.png)

d57a3c  No.12006[Reply]

Do you need a final solution for your ongoing holiday woes? Come join our Family Fun Once-In-a-Lifetime experience! Enjoy the scenery and fresh air on our relaxing train-rides. Unwind together in our eco-friendly underground showers. Join in the communally-international campfire sing-a-longs. With our special treatment at our Camps, you'll feel so comfortable - you'll think you've died and gone to heaven!

d57a3c  No.12008

File: 13cf0f00c32fa67⋯.jpg (17.25 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 067.jpg)

Do you need a final solution for your ongoing holiday woes? Come join our Family Fun Once-In-a-Lifetime experience! Enjoy the scenery and fresh air on our relaxing train-rides. Feel at home in our cozy accommodation. Unwind together in our eco-friendly underground showers. Join in the communally-international campfire sing-a-longs. With our special treatment at our Camps, you'll feel so comfortable - you'll think you've died and gone to heaven!

Thanks to special Govt. Subsidies, it’s all completely FREE! Just roll-up together for Registration, leave all your luggage, heavy furniture and household goods here for safe keeping, and you’ll be right to go. In fact, you can pin-on these instantly-recognizable "I Have Been Selected To Go!" special badges right now, that will make it so much easier for us to find you, if you're running late or something. Can't wait to see you all there. You'll have an absolute gas of a time together, I assure you!

a9a7f3  No.12009



Fuck off back to /pol/

020c56  No.12020

File: 4cb417956a07d5a⋯.jpg (25.4 KB, 404x272, 101:68, 026d.jpg)


Go on…

File: 51b37da303b3046⋯.jpg (317.56 KB, 800x992, 25:31, 51b37da303b30464503c43683e….jpg)

b43a8e  No.9561[Reply]

I noticed in these circles we have a lot of men claim they used to be degenerates but now they're recovered so it's okay. One example which always sticks out to me is a Neo reactionary who was quite well known in the podcasting sphere telling people how he did drugs and slept around as a teenager because he wanted to be like James Bond. This never sat right with me because I always thought it was the sign of a weak man who behaved poorly because of his environment. I knew better than to sleep around because I didn't want a bastard child with some whore. If I slept with someone it had to be someone I could raise a child with. Similarly I did not do drugs because I would rather deal with reality and improving my situation than escaping it.

To me these are qualities any good man should have. I did not do today that which would harm me tomorrow. I wanted to be sharp and living in reality as much as I could be. If I wanted escapism I could watch a movie or play a video game. At any point I could put these things down and walk away, I had control of them they didn't have control of me. These days books fill a similar role and I consider that personal growth as well as a better decision since it avoids Jewish propaganda much easier.

I don't wish to make this a blog post but I must explain my youth so I can use it as a contrast to the youth of these people. They spent their late teens boozing, whoring and often doing drugs. They say they have now reformed and it was Jewish propaganda that lead them to it, but many still do pot or drink alcohol excessively on weekends. To me they are no better than the liberal soy people who spend all day watching Marvel movies and Doctor Who. If you have shown poor behaviour in the past I consider it a good example of poor behaviour in the future. People know the dangers of smoking, alcohol and drugs outside of a medical setting. They willingly did these things through poor judgement. They remind me a lot of born again Christians who think everyone else behaved as they did so it's fine to damn everyone equally to avoid any sort of ego damage or responsibility.

I often compare them to women who slept with multiple guys in college and then wish to settle down so they don't become spinsters. These men have used up their good yPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

29 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

d45cee  No.11980


I had an incel phase until I realized that I was as off-putting to women as could be: no job, no hobbies beyond video games and reading, never went out to do anything, was skinny-fat, etc.

No wonder it was “involuntary”. How did you snap out of it?

d5d1bc  No.11981


Did you not read about the part where he talked about hedonists?

d5d1bc  No.11982


I did for awhile and numerous relationships but since these women got "bored" and started cheating out of nowhere I got fed up and left them to pursue intellectual pursuits. I had one ex who was also loyal af and then accused me of rape for no actual reason, so I was yeah, I'm cool

0fceaa  No.12001

I'll play devil's advocate and make a case for these people:

I can understand boozing and sleeping around as a teenager, booze and pussy is readily available to teens who aren't spergs and can somewhat muster a conversation. I get fooling around a bit and then realizing what must be done when we grow up.

A normal teen will want to do these things not because they need booze and sex to escape but because they want to belong somewhere, they want to build their own tribe, they want emancipation from their parents. Since the norm is hedonism, many even unwillingly subscribe to this in order to reach their goals.

It's understandable that functional people go through this, i can't really think of teens that were exempt of this behavior besides spergs (that did not engage in for lack of opportunity and skill not of free will) and some very rare moralists that had their vices in check.

Degenerates are different, they all have likely backgrounds: either rich and spoiled or piss poor and fucked up by shitty family. They engage in excessive hedonism as a form to escape or compensate the love they think is owed to them, some of these are product of environment, others are literal untermensch.

There are animals who are inferior, these do not make it into adulthood or get to pass on their genes. Same goes for humans, there are people who are objectively inferior, incapable of inner monologue, incapable of reason when needed, incapable of any kind of higher function and culture. This will manifest despite background and life context, we all know someone who is utterly failing at everything because he seems to simply not care. He works, he eats, he spends all his free time in mindless entertainment and garbage media, but he does not want anything higher.

d5d1bc  No.12005


Spergs like myself should just have arranged marriages

File: f6efebcf1080c1e⋯.jpg (434.29 KB, 2018x2500, 1009:1250, t0j9vEn.jpg)

fe005c  No.5354[Reply]

Why do people hate the dear leader so much in the fascist community?

15 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

564429  No.11935


Kim family are a bunch of hypocrites.

723601  No.11938

Despite it being a communist state, I can’t help but like North Korea. The respect for Korean culture, banning of pornography, their advancement of their people’s literacy and educational opportunities, their militarization of society (Songun is especially interesting, even if it is the product of its circumstances), their refusal to bow to the power of ZOGmerica, my praise could go on. My only criticisms would be of the pseudo-monarchy, a handful of economic issues and perhaps the personality cult. I think a lot that we hear from North Korea is absolute bullshit propaganda, but even from reading their own newspapers they lay on the Kim-worship a little too heavy for my liking, especially for men who do not particularly deserve it. The state should open up the avenues for the best and most qualified individuals to reach the leadership positions of the state, hereditary rulership does not automatically mean natural leadership ability, charisma, intelligence and all of those factors so important for successfully leading a nation.

96cc3c  No.11961


Worked for Pol Pot

830b50  No.11962


NK is almost a stereotypical dystopia. Corruption is unchecked and rampant, the leader himself is incompetent, and civilian quality of life is abysmal, at or below Soviet tier. Their military is defunct and impotent despite massive spending, they can't make nukes with yields even half as large as the Fat Man, and their rocket tech is literally entirely based on modified SCUD missiles. Their laws are schizophrenic and rabid against any mild political suggestions or inventions that aren't officially approved via a bureaucratic mess. Their market is nonexistent, as is their logistical systems, both military and civilian. It's a typical 'barely functioning, absolutely sucks, but still barely hanging on' leftist country and is only liked by the most stupid of leftists.

a9787f  No.11984

File: a15e68f4fa90e8b⋯.jpg (45.16 KB, 640x713, 640:713, 6173e5f3f9d031fa2b8edab9a5….jpg)


Yes fianlly, actual constructive criticism about North Korea without the usual ZOGbot opinion of it needed a (((democratic invention))) aka one step closer to total jewish domination of world

File: 6fd45cd117774e4⋯.png (41.41 KB, 1336x733, 1336:733, No_colonies_Antarctica_bla….png)

1dd398  No.1455[Reply]

once our plans are set in motion what will the world look like ? what will we be planning to change ? what boarders will change ? we should come up with a map that shows our planned nations pic related as an example but not the actual plan/s

144 posts and 70 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

f50c36  No.11918




>Sending them to Mexico

I have a much better idea


c90fdc  No.11919

File: 9b8a7fe45ef9737⋯.jpeg (44.94 KB, 608x477, 608:477, 752216A1-A2A9-436E-96B4-D….jpeg)


Mexico is ideal from a logistical standpoint. I can’t imagine the nightmare of trying to transport 14% of America’s population – some 46,000,000 people across the Atlantic Ocean. Looking at examples from history I can’t even find anything nearing this scale. The Nakba displaced some 700,000 Palestinians so we’d be attempting some approximately ~66 times larger, the USSR moved around roughly 20,000,000 people in its population transfers in a thirty year period—not even half of what we’re talking about, and Pol Pot emptied out Phnom Penh of 2.5 million people and resettled them, but the last two are internal migration. This would have to be the forced emigration of 46 million blacks plus all other non-whites. It’s logistically insane to the point where even Mexico is seeming implausible. Obviously the proposed “Black Homeland” solution has proved to be very unpopular with Southern anons for understandable reasons so beyond instigating the largest population transfer in human history and dumping them over the border where they’ll likely die in droves, the only other plausible solution would have to be targeted population-planning by raising taxes on non-white families with too many children, forced abortions, sterilizations, or China-like policies restricting the amount of children these individuals could have. Or to get even more stringent, enact some sort of “birth ban” – something I think would be almost without precedent. Either way we go we’re looking at what will be labeled genocide and on a bigger scale than the Jews allege the holohoax was. It’s sad that America is in such a mess in the first place.

Writing this post was a bit blackpilling to be honest, as I was mainly thinking as I typed. This isn’t even getting into public opinion


967838  No.11940

File: 2f618671c12110d⋯.jpg (93.86 KB, 625x720, 125:144, 1550044552128.jpg)


Honestly fuck chicanos they are the worst type of wetback beaner that even somehow more obnoxious and retarded than the actual mexicans, they claim they are "mexican" but in reality they are just mestizos born in America that think they are automatically Mexican because they had a spanish mother or fathers

5565c0  No.11967

Are we once again filled with mutts? I wish those deformed subhuman muttants would just fuck off to >>>/hybrid/

71b968  No.11971

File: 43751cfd4b231fb⋯.png (1.52 MB, 6460x3480, 323:174, q.png)

gonna piss off a lot of people

File: 9cea3cd5679578e⋯.jpg (10.93 KB, 362x204, 181:102, traditionalist workers par….jpg)

ebaebe  No.2012[Reply]

Do any of you think this party is ever coming back? I heard Heimbach is out of politics for good. I actually liked this party a lot and it almost perfectly aligned with my views.

36 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c13167  No.11913


Oh give me a break, this is just pathetic.

c13167  No.11914


That whole photo is basically the home of an /sg/ user.

dbae8a  No.11944


it is pathetic but he's more authentic nazbol than straight fascist. the NSM is only relevant because its 90% feds.

67ce29  No.11946



I believe he’s a Strasserite and he got kicked out of the NSM, but anyways. This is pretty pathetic, I can’t take it seriously because of the name and because of Heimbach. I don’t think he’s going to be at the head of the party, but associating him at all is pretty bad. I’m not an optics cuck at all, but there’s people that just need to be cut out from the movement. There were some things the TWP did good, but it just had shitty leadership.

dbae8a  No.11952


/intl/ tier shitpost.

File: 6652fc0dd83ef84⋯.png (420.44 KB, 1000x512, 125:64, 1606691929-quote-Vladimir-….png)

03ca10  No.11924[Reply]

Communists often bring up this point to discredit fascism. I have read up in corporatist economics, and I have read the doctrine of fascism, and a other fascist books. But I can't seem to find an argument against this point, care to discuss it? If there is a book I should read to learn more about this please post it here.

29b34d  No.11925

File: b96a08e270028aa⋯.jpg (40.88 KB, 388x580, 97:145, Die Arbeiter sind erwacht.jpg)

Author Robert Paxton in his well-known book The Anatomy of Fascism even talks about his this view of the NSDAP – that it was essentially created for and by business to serve their interests as a sort of anticommunist private army, is simplistic and inaccurate. While it is indeed possible to find many businessman who supported Hitler (especially among small businesses), it is important to note that when talking to business people Hitler mainly focused on nationalism and anti-socialism, avoiding the more radical antisemitic and expansionist parts of his program. Marxists love to bring up Thyssen, but as Paxton notes, his case was the exception rather than the rule. Another big businessman who was pro-Hitler – Emil Kirdorf joined the NSDAP in 1927 before leaving it in 1928 over Nazi attacks on the coal syndicate, moving on to support the conservative DNVP in 1933. Also, in 1932, in contrast to the simplistic and dichotomous Marxist view of reality, the NSDAP sponsored legislation to abolish all trusts and even cooperated with communists in a transport workers' strike in Berlin. Many of the important firms known for supporting the NSDAP and Hitler barely, if at all, contributed to the party before the Machtergreifung in 1933. Paxton again notes how an important share of Nazi funds in fact came from the entry fees at rallies and the sale of pamphlets, memorabilia and small contributions.

To draw from another source, Adam Tooze in his book The Wages of Destruction mentions how businessman had a similar interest in policies domestically such as anticommunism, but sharply departed with Hitler on international issues, in which they tended to favor multilateralism and free-trade, in stark contrast to Hitler. Reality is more complex than the Marxist often presents it, and they often operate from completely different assumptions and definitions than normal people do.

02d488  No.11926


That quote itself isn't even right. Lenin said imperialism is capitalism in decay. Marxists just like to attribute fascism to imperialism so they can safely say they're quoting Lenin while taking him out of context.

967a35  No.11928

File: 36e891f2764d585⋯.jpeg (508.34 KB, 1920x1024, 15:8, CE67466F-4E34-464B-BC5C-D….jpeg)


The Marxist definition of capitalism is “the private ownership of the means of production” they like to complain that retarded Republicans think communism is “when the goberment does stuff” like when they call FDR a commie for the new deal. Yet communists have a similar flaw in their thinking when they simply think “capitalism is when private individuals do stuff” To the communist, a mega corporation with a full on monopoly doing whatever it wants, a corporation made subservient to the state with very little real power, and a small business hiring a few workers to help out are all the same, they are all “capitalism”

The Fascist definition of capitalism is when a countries economy, and industry is controlled by private individuals in the persuit of profit. Private ownership of some property, and businesses is not “capitalism” Capitalism is when the economy is not directed, and solely market based. Corporatism is different from capitalism in that the state directs private industry, like say for example the Nazi price controls. And depending on the conditions, nationalizing key industries as-well. To serve the national interest, rather than solely private interests. When the economy is at the end of the day directed by the state, and by extension the people it is not capitalism.

1335e1  No.11930



6cbde9  No.11931


The quote just doesn’t exist. That anon’s right, Lenin talked about imperialism being a decayed form of capitalism and that the world was ripe for revolution at this time. Even when I look it up on duckduckgo one of the first links is from /r/communism101 calling it fake and misattributed. If some of them can admit it, it’s probably bullshit

File: e15dcbb27b9a28d⋯.jpg (53.43 KB, 500x690, 50:69, Julius_Evola.jpg)

58366d  No.11886[Reply]

Is there anything like non-denominational fascism? Analyzing the core values of fascism in general, i can safely put myself in the third position.

Still, the movements in my own country (Brazilian Integralism and Varguism) are very much rooted in christian ideals, i admire their stance and values but i do not identify with christian faith (been reconstrucionist heathen for couple of years).

Is it possible to be a facist and not align with any particular movement?

3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

03ffc8  No.11904


tldr: No hocus pocus. No new age nonesense. Just reasearch backed forms of old customs and seeking roots.

tldr2: I know that at even though my roots do not point to christian devouts, i respect my christian ancestors and honor them. But the old ways suit me better.

Being the good Brazilian that i am, i'm of mixed race. The native south american part of the family barely spoke portuguese, Christianity was very foreign to them.

As for the European parts (Iberics and Germanics) they were "kind of" Christian, since as far as i know they pretty much adopted old country customs (i.e folk craft or what people see as "witchcraft").

I understand your concern when it comes to modern pagans, since as you said, most are either mutts larping as aryans or new age cuck witches. That is why i precisely said i was a reconstructionist, which means i base my worldview in the worldview of ancient iberics and west germanics. My praxis is based on academic and linguistic reasearch.

Germanic and Iberic heathenry/paganism are centered around ancestor woreship, divinities are engaged in the gifting cycle with the people but they are not insiders (part of the Innangardr), so while they are important they are not central to praxis as many modern pagans like to believe (look i'm special, this x god(ess) chose me :DDD). Things like correct action (acting in acordance to tribal law or culture), fridr (familial harmony, but not quite peace) and internalizing the old worldview are the basis of what recon praxis is about.

Modern pagans do not like this approach since they can't shove their hocus pocus magic, universalism, and other foreign political influenced culture they may have into the equation, they also seem to dislike the fact that traditions and folkways were central to ancient pagans, since they can't compreehend that we have to understand the old worldview in order to truly understandwhat each ritualistic action and concept means.

As far as where "magic" goes, it was paPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

ff1c4d  No.11911


> i respect my christian ancestors and honor them

Something that actually worried me a lot once was a response I got from an –American– Pagan, that he had no respect for all his christian ancestors and hated them, apparently for the single crime of being Christian. I was impressed, I had never seen words with such a childish and hateful nature emanating from them, then I started taking notice how manny pagans are simply inflammatory, unpleasant, they do not try to tech you things, they simply tell you that you are wrong and that they hate you, worst part is that manny see paganism as a base for fascism, meaning that this immature, atheistic and modernist nonsense will affect all of us unless it is dealt with immediately. Maybe we are too early into the Kali Yuga and it is only natural to see this wickedness, maybe it is unavoidable.

Something that I have noticed is that though processes differ a lot from culture to culture, religion has an important role in this since it dwelled in the metaphysical, thus it was in charge of the sub-conscious and a lot of our understanding. Now that the world is becoming increasingly atheist something else, that I do not fully understand is taking it's role; there is democracy, liberalism, capitalism, a lot of human materialistic world-views that are manifesting themselves in every aspect of life. I no longer care about turning people into christians, I just want atheism out of the world.

>again, indo-european thought was world accepting in general

Heh, now that I remember, the reason Christians were persecuted was because they were against being absorbed by the Roman religion, and for the Roman government that meant that the dos could punish Rome for that. Until then they had this loophole with the Gods where they would justify different faiths by drawing similarities between their gods and that of the conquered, since now technically those too worshiped Roman gods they could now say that all of Rome worshiped the same gods. But with christians that could not have happened, for them there was only one God and that meant the rejection of everything else, thus the safety of RoPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

deccc5  No.11912


I could make the case that christianity was started and spread by jews, ergo a semitic spirituality rooted in internationalism and therefore not native to our traditions. The christian response is to always either downplay the jew's role in it's creation or to reject the notion that jews even had a stake in it because of their hatred for christians, and then proceed to call you a kike for even questioning christianity as the factor that led the west into prosperity.

It's frustrating to debate with christians when they won't have honest discussion. The only alternative is to call them faggots and provide anyone that takes an interest reading material and philosophy. I don't hate christians or christianity, they're a big part of my community and I love them for what they are but facts are facts. Also just like the pagan you were talking to, there are hundreds of "fascists" that are fascist simply out of hatred for the other instead of love for their own. It's ridiculous to paint pagan reconstructionists through the lens of the worst most unenlightened examples. You can't be a fascist and hate your community and you can't be a pagan and hate even your recent ancestors for something so inconsequential, it's LARP otherwise.

ff1c4d  No.11917


To my eyes jews had the opportunity to redeem themselves with Christ, but they rejected him and tried to kill him. That is why I do not see Christianity as an offshoot of the jewish religion –Jewish in our sense of the word, of course it is semitic in origin–, but a reboot. You could say that Christianity was what judaism could have being if only they had listen, and that by rejecting it they doomed themselves. Judaism then and now has a great problem where mortals hold a lot of power over their scriptures, interpretation is a very important aspect of their culture and this lets the worst of the worst find justification for anything they want, they basically make the rules. A Christian priest once said that if you pick and choose the parts of the scriptures you want to believe in then you do not believe in God but yourself, and this egoism is what satanism is.

But since Christianity has become so wicked today then it hardly makes a difference anymore

>You can't be a fascist and hate your community and you can't be a pagan and hate even your recent ancestors for something so inconsequential

What people need to learn is that just because you love your family above all else it does not mean that you must hate our neighbor.

I do not believe that we can all live together, but I believe that different communities can have cordial relationships with each other, this is something both what we call « Liberals » and our most hateful elements do not understand, they believe that hate is a shadow casted by love, but in reality they are completely separate, love if selfless, defensive, is not something you can satiate as it can be infinite, but have is egoistic, proactive and finite. You can love without hating something else and you can hate without loving anything. Some may say that it is a fuel for you to seek justice, but I believe that justice should be administered without passion. My time as a christian showed me that hate and vengeance are a bigger disservice to yourself than to others. Being Machiavellian and using retaliation in order to guarantee safety, feeling disgust to sin are different as they have a bigger goal in mind, is not only about yourselPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

5f1061  No.11921


>tried to kill him

They did kill him. But he conquered death.

File: 0b6465c5836e1e1⋯.png (128.54 KB, 364x367, 364:367, ClipboardImage.png)

d23fec  No.491[Reply]


As anyone who has tried to study fascism and other third-position movements may know, there is a very noticeable dearth of information in English on many fascist movements historical or modern. As per the suggestion of another anon in the Strasser thread, this thread will serve as a general for all translations of fascist and third-position works. Of course no one expects you to translate or ask to have translated entire books or chapters, just post small sections that you think would be of interest to fellow fascists! For a good example of the length of passages envisioned here, go check out some of the work I've done over in the Strasserism thread:


You don't have to be fluent in these languages to help participate, but at least try to have some prior knowledge and experience with these languages before trying to contribute! We want to be as accurate as possible! Personally speaking, I'm only fluent in English, but have enough experience with German (several years of classes in high school and college plus having used it in Germany and Austria) that I feel confident enough to contribute. Only you know your personal limits

30 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.
Post last edited at

3d5f6e  No.9302


Gee wiz Anon, now I feel like an idiot. Thanks, I can move directly to translation now

f1df63  No.9311

File: c0cecf484d3ae8f⋯.png (373.73 KB, 1268x10000, 317:2500, JEJ.png)


You're welcome, if you want, we can exchange emails to help each other.


>stop mutilating the language we gave you R3EEEEEEEEE

You can no longer tell me what to do, dad! :^)

3fca0f  No.9353


Never heard of Ciudad de los Césares before. :/

f1df63  No.9361

File: f702b246ab83ead⋯.jpeg (387.37 KB, 1202x1600, 601:800, 115.jpeg)

File: 86413c9ea3cc06b⋯.jpeg (25.31 KB, 226x300, 113:150, ciudad-de-los-cesares-106.jpeg)


Is not a very easy magazine to find, you can get it in Providencia, Los leones and in Biblioteca Nacional.

Speaking of wich


Mex anon they did an interview to Jose Luis Ontiveros

I have that magazine if you are interested.

7d715f  No.11884


Chile meet-up when?

File: df383407d31a87a⋯.jpeg (53.02 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, black.jpeg)

d7a807  No.11849[Reply]

Hey to all the Anarcho-fascists out there, I'm just hoping you guys could recommend some reading material, videos, or just any sort of information that you guys would show to the uninitiated.

thank you

3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

049ca0  No.11853

For what I understand it anarchism (in the sense of destroying the current state) only a path to achieve fascism not an ideological point. Something like Siege.

87903f  No.11855

"Anarcho-fascism" sounds like a complete oxymoron to me. It's probably another one of those stupid meme ideologies that people make up. One just has to look at what various fascists have said about the state and its purpose to see how it is wholly incompatible with anything nearing anarchism (e.g. Gentile and the "totalitarian state" or Hitler with the state as an instrument for protecting, cultivating and achieving the aims of the Volk)

2d8d32  No.11858

File: 2bc4f65610b605c⋯.jpeg (30.74 KB, 339x499, 339:499, 75B1A107-25EE-4E9F-AA4F-9….jpeg)


This is the only book I know of, but I don’t think it’s actually about anarcho fascism, if that’s even a thing.

7bd636  No.11878

File: d799150db6a563b⋯.png (1.74 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, Rad Pape (6).png)

Anarcho-fascism means no rules for anyone, especially the secret police. It's equal parts awesome and retarded.

d10d55  No.11879


It may realistically talk about about an emphasis on the individual and spiritual aspects of fascism, but the conclusion of fascism is always hierarchy.

Specially on degenerate societies, one can be a fascist while not being associated to anyone, much less respect any current hierarchies, but once you gain some power and start building up your own society you will have to realize that Anarchism is useless at best, a problem at worst, thus it will never become the norm

Something like >>11858 a sort of « Ride the Tiger », Leave the modern world and do not play the game

Anyways, while I think anarchism at a nation-wide scale is stupid, we should know that we must not rely on law and the state for everything, our practical foundation –individuals– must be a reflection of the nation, not something for the State to control, fascists in a fascist nation, not non-fascists living in a fascist State, which is why I always put a great emphasis on spirituality, because with fascist men, even if society and the State fails fascism will still be preset, as fascism is closer to a religion than anything else.

This is specially important in our current situation, none of us can apply the economical, societal and political aspects of fascism, only the spiritual ones, and calling oneself a fascist while not either acting on a societal scale or letting oneself become the avatar of the fascist spirit will make you an intelectual, a spineless thinker and dreamer who waits for things to come to him while committing hypocrisy after hypocrisy, I should remind everyone that fascism is against intellectualism.

File: 811a410760389c0⋯.png (311.81 KB, 768x1294, 384:647, united bases of america.png)

8294bf  No.10422[Reply]

If fascism/Caesarism does come to power in America, should it pull out from its overseas bases and adopt an isolationist stance? Or should it maintain its global dominance or even plan for greater expansion?

37 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

0b692b  No.11045


he's right, you know >>11020

0b692b  No.11046

earlier poster is correct I mean, fucking formatting

8294bf  No.11856


Not really. Mussolini certainly would have wanted Italy to become a Great Power and gain ample living space for the population to grow, but he would have seen the prospect of Italy turning into a decadent world police enforcing the will of a global capitalist elite (what the British Empire and the modern United States have become) with disgust.

a66c06  No.11857


>If fascism/Caesarism does come to power in America, should it pull out from its overseas bases and adopt an isolationist stance?

As long as it takes to ensure that things are right at home. Zero point in expanding your nation outwards if your core is rotting.

>Or should it maintain its global dominance or even plan for greater expansion?

Maintain, yes, expand, take that on a case by case basis depending on how other world powers are operating, but the criteria you use for deciding such important matters is always whether this benefits your volk or if you're a faggot named FDR who wants a war legacy.

ee0164  No.11872

File: 099a5e11bce70b7⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 49.46 KB, 480x854, 240:427, sidney2.jpg)


Expansion and then turn on our handlers,Israel, to put the final bullet in their skulls.

File: 30316c124f8f9d2⋯.jpg (168.68 KB, 900x900, 1:1, PicsArt_03-16-02.53.46.jpg)

File: 99ece07ddb2d21b⋯.png (382.81 KB, 648x556, 162:139, novutera-x-america.png)

File: 40401c5171a97ff⋯.png (73.59 KB, 722x1024, 361:512, 27aaabba47fdb9b51555fa05d3….png)

d9f7e8  No.11810[Reply]

America is a nation of ZOGmongrels and Kikes. They are a waste of time and they obstruct true freedom by being world police. No new nation can be created while it exists. We need people that hate Amerimutts and Kikes and those who do not care about America to move here and accelerate or something. Fuck 2021-2050.

How do you non-violently accelerate American collapse? Amerimutts and Kikes are an obstruction to our ambitions

I'm going to vote communist/socialist and litter probably. America will likely devolve into a South Africa, rather than turn into a secession and war. There needs to be a secession of Alaska or Hawaii or Texas or something.

Why is no one doing anything?

33e7e4  No.11814

File: 7ec39c8493e8ad0⋯.jpg (47.98 KB, 540x642, 90:107, pinochetfascism.jpg)

Wait for the economic bubble to burst. Once shit collapses around everyone, people will realize that their time has come to wake up from the american dream. Until then, though, normalfags will violently cling to any notions of stability at the cost of destroying many organic movements born too early. Bide your time, vote for bad economic policies and most importantly, vote for unpopular candidates. You could alternatively vote for Yang and the inflation would really hurt the economy too.

44c430  No.11815


I’m getting sick of this D&C bullshit. For every genuine mongrel here there are over a hundred pure-blooded Aryans

b35f5d  No.11820


>I'm white but other white people won't let me have sex with animals.

I think that whatever other points you were attempting to make with your post are very overshadowed by your opening statement, but for the sake of answering possibly legitimate claims I'll answer them.

>I feel as if fascism is a false flag to harm white people.

If this were true (it's not) then you would class it as an ally with the current ruling powers as they stand, same as how marxist socialists have a platform in every allied country post WW2. They and the liberal capitalists that stand may disagree ideologically over certain points but never enough to go to open blows or start any real power struggle, and have no problems cohabiting.

>Fascists just exploit white people because white people have more for fascists to steal.

Why bother struggling to replace a power that's already doing exactly that? You could just join them, take your cut, and save the trouble. As we live in a global economy, the last static source of tax income becomes labor and wages, since other sources become difficult to keep track of and more difficult to tax. Consequently and as is only logical, the laborer is who will get shafted, and white people have a lot of value to shaft because (the proof here lies in the state of their cities and their general quality of life) they work much harder than most of the rest of the planet. In short, you're already exploited. Now we return to a point already addressed, liberal capitalists and Marxist socialists are both in on this gig. Why do both furiously denounce Fascists and Fascism? Whatever they may claim it's certainly not because they think Fascists are thieves, as they're thieves themselves. No, Fascism as practiced allows the laborer to keep the fruits of his labor. If you need proof, you may observe the "miraculous" recovery of Germany post 1933. There was really nothing miraculous about it, the Germans were very industrious both before and after, the simple difference was the Nazis wouldn't allow foreign powers to rob the German people of their labors any longer, and as a consequence, Germany exploded in prosperity.

>inb4 lolbertarian taxation is theft

The staPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

d9f7e8  No.11821



That's what you think, eh?

Maybe your nation is preventing us from creating ours. Yours has to go. Your country is full of Jew lovers, weimar degeneracy and globalist world police. Every leader you've had is a Kike rock kisser. Maybe we are sick of being hostages here and we want out. We should not even have to be here anyway.

6254f9  No.11863

File: e9a67ca834831e4⋯.jpg (30.99 KB, 712x442, 356:221, 53851664_263666584564262_3….jpg)


Maybe it's time America points it's nukes towards Europeans instead to show it's true dominance. It would be funny af. That's why what everyone gets for not memeing responsibly.

Like said in this thread, >>10422

expansion. Idgaf anymore

File: 52de49d445a5eb1⋯.webm (4.26 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Kostbarste Besitz auf die….webm)

4a59da  No.11842[Reply]

This thread is not another thread on the divide between civic nationalism and ethnonationalism, instead it is based on yet another divide in nationalist thought: universalising nationalism thought and particularistic nationalism. The former term is what I refer to as "cucked nationalism". It is on the level of civic nationalism in terms of its abhorrence to any National Socialist who truly understands the philosophy. Universalizing nationalism is the belief that all peoples should have a state and a claim to existence on this Earth. Particularistic nationalism is the nationalism of National Socialism. It operates from a truly Völkisch standpoint: one's own people are their first and only interest in this world of eternal struggle. Operating from this standpoint, as Hitler did, one's own race – in this case the Aryan race – is the centerpoint of one's worldview and concerns. It makes no claims at what should be, but instead operates from the National Socialist view that history is the progression of a people's struggle for existence.

What sort of nationalist are you if you advocate for blacks or, God forbid, even Jews having their own little chunk of the Earth? Why should anything beyond the standpoint of your own Volk even enter into your mind? Hitler states in Mein Kampf that National Socialism is "A philosophy of life which endeavors to reject the democratic mass idea and give this earth to the best people – that is, the highest humanity…"

While the aims of our immediate struggle are the ending of the ongoing white genocide and the reclamation of our countries, this will never be the end. Struggle will continue; our people will grow and continue to prosper and, with an expansion of numbers, again spread across this Earth as our ancestors did into the New World, Australia and New Zealand. This Earth will, no matter how many centuries must first pass, be given to the highest humanity, the Aryan race.

But, that's just my view on it. I guess I advocate for a more "Hitlerian" foreign policy, what do you anons think? The thought first came to me the other day when I came across a Ramzpaul video in my recommendations, in which he said he desired nationalism for all nations, even calling himself a "JapanesPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

82427c  No.11848

I see your point, and I would agree that nationalists should look out for their own nation before all else. However, we also have to look at the possible resurgence of nationalism, and how it could be brought about. I think it's pretty clear to see that democracy has failed, as it leaves it up to common denominator policies, and brainlet-tier arguments winning elections. What's even worse is the fact that most parties you see in every nation, regardless of name and official political leanings; they all lead to the same demographic decline, the same decadence of society, and only offer minor and often meaningless changes in policy. In short, they're all controlled opposition parties, and because they appeal to the average voter with their moderate stances and incremental changes, they are a barrier for any real, radical movements from taking form.

So, consider this. Say Poland, or Germany, or Spain has a revolt. I'm not talking yellow-vest tier weekend protests without any leadership or aim, but a real guerrilla warfare rebellion seeking to destroy this degenerate state of society and bring about a new order. It would stand no chance; the world nowadays is so interconnected that any revolution would be squashed in the name of freedom. Therefore, In my opinion, the new wave of nationalism must be, ironically, an international struggle in order to thin out resources and make it harder to locate the central leadership of each movement.

Besides that, I feel the new wave of nationalism should be a closely knit alliance of Europeans for another reason; peace and stability. It is obvious that such drastic regime changes would leave a lot of people scared, unsatisfied and unsure of the future, and could be an opportunity for some movements to start fighting each other, instead of the common enemy, which would lead to the unnecessary slaughter of Europeans.

I think nationalists must realise that as the saying goes, 'united we stand, divided we fall'. I'm not saying to go into a new globalist world order with a nationalist veneer, but I definitely believe that it would be far more desirable that Europeans band together in brotherhood, instead of infighting, slaughtering Europeans, possibly bringing about a complete demographic collapse while our enemies sit backPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

674ad5  No.11859


>What sort of nationalist are you if you advocate for blacks or, God forbid, even Jews having their own little chunk of the Earth?

Question is responsibility. If it isn't better way to work gradually towards having nations living next to each other instead of quickly exhausting your own nation quickly of resources and manpower. You have to decide what is for your nation better at this particular point in time. I'm ethnic German living in what was known as Sudetenland (it's losing its meaning since Germans are dying out as Himmler predicted) and of course I would love to see again Germans united and working together with other nations of Europe, of course I wish first and foremost to improve my people but I also have deep love for this continent and other nations of Europe. I do not wish to wipe them out. What we want is first our healthy and strong nation, then healthy and strong nations of Europe and after that other nations of the world - if ever. Call me a stupid but it's also a matter of honor to me. Wiping weak opponent is less honorable than fighting equally or more stronger one. You have to go step by step, you can't have it all at once, first focus on what is yours, then put your focus outside. Your point is not wrong and it's pretty hard one to argue against but I'm more careful maybe.

With that being said - I strongly reject ideas (obviously) of civic nationalism, that is not even a question and ideas of some kind of pan-european mixed nationality. European nations should have their own country where they can prosper and live accordinly to their culture and preserve it for future generations. I can agree with poster above that if other nation in Europe will come to a time where it will fight for its future and existence, I want to be prepared to help them as much as I would do it for my people. At this point I don't care about America or Asia, not even speaking about Africa. I'm caring about what is happening right here in Europe, this is my homeland.

674ad5  No.11860


>"A philosophy of life which endeavors to reject the democratic mass idea and give this earth to the best people – that is, the highest humanity…"

Hitler knew well you can't do that by wiping entire earth but rather gradually support nations to do their best to reach the ideal - aryan man and woman, reaching their maximums spiritually, physically, culturally, etc. As everything in nature, everything damaged takes time to heal unless you can fast forward it with technology. Then there is question if technology is the right way and if natural improvement over generations isn't more healthier with better results, that's up for debate, I don't know.

File: d7008b3719e021c⋯.jpg (7.99 KB, 250x250, 1:1, wojak.jpg)

735fdf  No.11843[Reply]

I wish to form a political group that would serve as a highly-organized political movement/party, which would hopefully lead to the eventual creation of a new state. How do you believe this could be accomplished, /fascist/?

ab2f45  No.11844

>How do you believe this could be accomplished, /fascist/?

You’d need money, people and would likely have to be a figure with charisma and at least somewhat good looks. Never understimate the power of personality. How a fascist party could be formed and could win state power would vary in tons of ways from country to country so I can’t offer much advice there. You’d need to take your local environment into close consideration, however and see what would and would not work in terms of policies

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