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File: b7d946bc2a0ecfd⋯.png (5.61 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, Flag_of_the_UNIA.svg.png)

7c2a53  No.3110[Reply]


what are our thoughts on black fascists ? should we work with them in order to achieve the ethnostates we both want or should we mind our own business ?

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65701f  No.4632

Why would you think creatures who have lower IQ than german shepherd dogs could aid us? If we ever get back into a possition like what we had in colonial Africa I should certainly hope we exterminate the plague that the african negro is. Europa for europeans, africa for our future.

4a732a  No.4635

File: 0369e2ea02071d9⋯.jpg (28.46 KB, 500x210, 50:21, As a joke.jpg)


>I've NEVER been a 'melanin magic' person but maybe there's something there that European fascism would prefer remained in the shadow.

This is some high tier autism.

I thought this place was different.

This is 4chan level retardation.

cbacb3  No.4750


Up your bantz


Europe has already ceded Africa to China. Good luck with that.

cbacb3  No.5581

I figured that I would ask this there instead of cluttering up the board with another thread.

Which parts of Traditionalist or Fascist ideologies do you think will be most appealing to descendants of African slaves across the Americas. From talking to people it's pretty clear that:

- They are already thinking along these lines. They understand that individualism has corrupted the community and that we need to band together in order to save ourselves

- A critical portion of them will accept the burden of vanguardism in order to help the cause of a palingenetic traditionalism/futurism.

- They understand how welfare (&c) are culturally dysgenic, and that we need to take control of the direction of culture from the hands of 'amassed capital'

- Most people I've spoken with are already on board with the ideas espoused by Guenon and Evola, if explained to them in plain English.

- Most can readily identity the dead weight in the community, reject egalitarianism, and understand that not every person will have a role in creating an ethnic renewal.

With all of these factors, I think the substrate for deep Traditionalist change is already in place. Now comes the work. I'll take any feedback, strategies, or probing questions – I'm still refining this idea.

560fa2  No.11199


File: 0bebafe8cbb8010⋯.jpg (17.16 KB, 455x418, 455:418, untermensch 1.jpg)

File: c41ade0b9ddc139⋯.jpg (50.49 KB, 599x478, 599:478, untermensch 2.jpg)

File: 99d7dae8e9e93b7⋯.jpg (26.3 KB, 480x360, 4:3, untermensch 3.jpg)

366a35  No.11195[Reply]

Look at this stuff. Why do some who want racial unity look degenerate? Is it pure lack of self-awareness? Do they really look into a mirror and say "look at those lines, that's what true aryan looks like"?

I just don't get it. It makes all natsocs look bad. It damages the movement for any ethnostate.

fbe211  No.11197


As much as I don’t like cart he explains it well on his video on supremacy. Basically like much of /pol/, people think they are great simply because of their race not that their race is part of what makes them unique

a0a0d1  No.11211

Tbh eugenics may have worked in the past but we need to take baby steps first

File: 5d9364f86142b7a⋯.png (499.79 KB, 472x750, 236:375, Hitler10.png)

c548dd  No.171[Reply]

I miss him so much, anons. How are you planning on commemorating Hitler's birthday? I'm planning on starting his Zweites Buch finally. Also, post rare Hitler's, I guess

5af772  No.172

File: 469ad80f41e7fd5⋯.png (941.07 KB, 742x741, 742:741, 469ad80f41e7fd5cd3c30123cd….png)

5af772  No.173

File: e4447d3ac3f273a⋯.png (941.52 KB, 1400x1000, 7:5, e4447d3ac3f273a08db29b5c26….png)

ef4bcd  No.10869

Here is a secretive recording of Hitler having a conversation I do not think many have heard it


83bee9  No.10875

File: e7dd3d8dca1a946⋯.webm (7.65 MB, 486x360, 27:20, secret recording of hitle….webm)


Here's the WebM alternative, so none of us gives views to Jewtube.

9ddac9  No.11193

File: ee252cbc729d62a⋯.jpg (82.78 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault (1).jpg)


Hitler: I was wondering when you would show up.

Sawatski: It's you. You're him.

Hitler: I never claimed to be anything else. History repeats itself. I guess it's my fate to have to part with my dearest companions.

Sawatski: That way. Yes, history repeats itself. You're fooling people with your propaganda.

Hitler: Oh, Sawatski. You don't understand. In 1933, people were not fooled by propaganda. They elected a leader, one who openly disclosed his plans with great clarity. The Germans elected me.

[At gunpoint, Hitler takes the elevator to the top of the building and walks out on the rooftop, standing close to the edge.]

Sawatski: You're a monster.

Hitler: Am I? Then you have to condemn those who elected this monster. Were they all monsters? No. They were ordinary people, who chose to elect an extraordinary man, and entrust the fate of the country to him. What do you want to do, Sawatski? Ban elections?

Sawatski: No. But I'm going to stop you.

Hitler: Have you never asked yourself… why people follow me? Because at their core, they are just like me. They have the same values. And that's why you won't shoot.

[Sawatski shoots, and Hitler falls backward off the rooftop. Sawatski looks over the edge and sees no body.]

Hitler: You can't get rid of me. I'm a part of you. A part of all of you. And look; it wasn't all bad.

File: d6e93de6a3e66ca⋯.png (828.66 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, us space force.png)

934f6e  No.8217[Reply]

Personally, I think it's of the upmost importance that humans colonize other worlds. I don't personally think that Earth will be united under a singular government when this happens. I think the individual nations of Earth will still be competing with one another but space will be a new front. With that said, it seems to me for our species to survive it is imperative that we get off of this rock and secure our rightful place within the galaxy. When this happens I predict new nations could form, perhaps large unions on earth and perhaps planetary states on other worlds such as mars. I'm not saying this is necessarily good or bad, I'm simply predicting what I think could happen. I also think we need to think beyond Earth. Imagine it, entire empires forming on an interplanetary scale. This is also why I completely support the idea of a space force and intend on joining once it is formed.

12 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

33873b  No.11172

I've already written this world off as a lost cause. While I would like for it to happen, I have my doubts about fascism and a true white homeland being about to rise out of the existing political systems. I honestly believe white people should work towards leaving this world and starting over somewhere else. Maybe find a far away planet to terraform from scratch and have a new home for our people. I'd liken it to when people originally left Europe for the Americas to start anew. People might call this a fantasy, but just keep in mind that we already have primitive artificial gravity tech and are making some progress with cryostasis technologies. Scientists have already manipulated gravity here on Earth in the lab by negating it causing frogs to levitate and increasing gravity to 10 g's on paramecium samples. This was done by creating a strong enough magnetic field to attract/repel the atoms in organic subjects. I also believe this technology could be adapted to create true inertial dampeners. We also have theoretical designs for warp drives, but if you're looking for something existing today we could just use nukes to propel craft up to 15-20% the speed of light. That in combination with artificial gravity and cryostasis means that we are almost there. We just need to focus on building up our own institutions from scratch and begin preparations for the day we can leave this godsforsaken rock.

a26330  No.11173

File: 0a6b7f21b4b6a9e⋯.jpg (589.23 KB, 800x1210, 80:121, 0a6b7f21b4b6a9e15afe6c74d4….jpg)


A backburner issue that needs to be done but is pushed aside by more wordly and present issues. Reminder that the F-35 program has cost at least 400 billion and still has major design flaws, while a full Delta IV heavy launch costs 350 million and the ENTIRE ISS including all the flights up to it as well as the modules as well as the crew was aprox. 150 billion. It's within our grasp, but the current political situation with this democratic bureaucracy, completely pervasive corruption and jew infestation it's pointless to hope for, and those issues need to be addressed first.

469664  No.11186

Humanity is and should be the lords of this world, above all else. What would we be, if we ended our conquest on this planet?

It is not only about necessity (which of course would be sufficient reason itself) but about pride and power. We deserve to have power over everything we can reach. It is among our purposes, to leave a mark not only for the coming man, but in the whole universe.

I'm going over the top here, but I'm sure somebody could say this better, without all the unnecessary hype and faggotry.

8ef5c8  No.11190

The real question is what happens when we encounter other forms of life ?, especially intelligent life ?. do we cooperate with them ?, Do we wage war and try to puppet them ?, or do we peacefully/forcefully integrate them into our galactic empire ?.

a26330  No.11192


Why exactly is the Earth required? If Mars, for example, was rendered permanently habitable, why should we not set up there?

> We deserve to have power over everything we can reach. It is among our purposes

You're trying really hard to sound like a video game villain.


Irrelevant questions, and unanswerable without knowing about any of the boundaries or types of intelligent life possibly out there. Ask again in 20,000+ years

File: 8ca86385e8bca78⋯.jpg (36.48 KB, 720x340, 36:17, gun-control.jpg)

File: e4ede1ea8173040⋯.jpg (52.39 KB, 1000x300, 10:3, handgun_banner3.jpg)

File: a7068feedbd69b6⋯.jpg (281.34 KB, 600x467, 600:467, 1478189625927-Cartoon-Gun-….jpg)

File: b25ff7fe4eafe95⋯.jpg (83.32 KB, 600x423, 200:141, 208489_600.jpg)

0d209b  No.3410[Reply]

I don't believe in gun control, it makes the situation even worse, just look at england. HECK If it was for me, i would give guns to fucking everybody.

But i'm interested to know what is you guys opinion on the matter.

27 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

07927c  No.11022


God you’re the lobergtarian anon aren’t you? Yes I believe in gun ownership. Automatics shouldn’t be sold in cities and require military training. However, the “gun culture” In America is fucking retarded, they swear the only way to keep society safe is via Wild West rules. If you need a gun just so you can feel safe then you’re society needs changing not the gun laws. I don’t think many Americans understand that in places such as Denmark, crime isn’t at the level where you would consider buying a gun.

70b693  No.11052

I've got a couple of ideas.

1. Mandatory military training for everyone who wants to own a gun: Thus you're not only giving out guns to people, but organizing a home defense, militia and an army at the same time.On the other hand people who cannot pass in military are quite possibly not fit for owning a gun. Still, register and track all guns.

2. Control by exact registration, punish any unregistered guns heavily. Guns may not pass between individuals without informing the state. Any good reason to own a gun is a basis for a thorough background check and training, after which one will be granted a license for appropriate weapon type or types. Do not limit guns by their accessories or looks, nor any other trivial reason.

I'd prefer solution 1.

Of course you could just make them "light background check if any, no real tracking" and any thug and idiot can get a legal gun from the corner store, better yet distribute them all around so you have enough guns to pose a risk if any acts of gun-control is implemented. Let police fear anyone and everyone and due to that act shitty and brutal.

70b693  No.11057


>The fascist state should be as small as possible to allow the greatest freedoms to its citizen to control each other and their representatives.

Not even fascist. State should be in control of most parts of life, not just kicking gays and people of wrong color as alt-right seems to think.

"Everything in the State, nothing outside the State, nothing against the State"

77008c  No.11067


This idea works similar to mine where to be able to purchase a weapon you must qualify for an annual license following some safety and drill training. Those who do not pass are on a list with one last chance to retrain a few years later. Once you own a license, you may have as many guns as you want so long as you are able to properly maintain them and retrain with good scores the next year.

84a3f8  No.11187


This. If gun control worked places like Brazil would have no homicides by firearms.

You can't blame the acts of a man on a object, by doing so you are ignoring the problem and making it more likely to happen again.

File: ce52be1bffbe068⋯.jpg (96.37 KB, 1329x1122, 443:374, 1416789841249-1.jpg)

98aae2  No.546[Reply]

Retards who think they're smart.

123 posts and 57 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

f0bfc3  No.10965


You’re conflating authoritarianism with totalitarianism (such as juche). If you want to cleanse yourself of libertarianism you need to ditch the whole American “muh freedom” mentality, it’s just a downward spiral into nowhere. Yes you have freedom in a nationalist society but you have to realize the majority of people aren’t geniuses and can’t even regulate their own lives. It’s the reason why systems like capitalism exploit them and put them in a perpetual state of blue pilled slavery, because they walk around thinking they know what’s best for themselves.

22c2af  No.11174


>Abuses by big corporations and businesses

>yOu CaN jUsT tAkE yOuR mOnEy ElsEwHeRe oR nOt BuY a tHiNg

(even if that thing is necessary for you to function as an efficient member of society and every single corporation has the same bad practice)

c43c2d  No.11175


>Funny because most economists are centre left.

Imagine actually believing this

After the "Fall of Keynes" in the 70s practically every mainstream economist has either been a shill for Chicago (See: NeoLiberal) or Austrian (See: Libertarian) economical practice as seen in the actions of Pinochet thatcher Reagan Hawke etc

c43c2d  No.11176


>Same guy that made this infographic also makes the ones calling soviets le Joos

>Omits fact that Rand's family was literally banished from Russia by Soviet's for being CounterRevolutionary Right-Wingers


f0bfc3  No.11177


>le anything right wing is based

God this board is so infected

File: 4314c68cb809838⋯.png (5.17 MB, 6101x2480, 6101:2480, ClipboardImage.png)

da7d19  No.6921[Reply]

Haver you ever done a RL "acxtion" ?

Former collegue copied newspaper articles from "right-wing" media and related stuff and placed them in the subway or the bus.

Is this a way to go? Just print shit out and leave it where people find and read it?

9 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

5102bb  No.11043


The best thing is to create a small trust worthy group and wait til shit kicks off. Then all the small groups will inevitably join up and create something big. Best thing you can do is sit tight. I just lift weights and educate myself, try to get as alpha as possible. Then I basically live as something that tears down the fantasies of thots and beta males. Why? Because the quicker you make them face reality and stop being bluepilled the quicker shit happens. So they go home every night with the thought of me violating their simulations.

477274  No.11059


No offence, but I doubt there is future in military coups, especially in the western world. Simply, they destabilize and break nations apart, bringing them down to a civil war.

I don't think people could consider a man taking power by force a legitimate leader, and you could hardly get enough support to even consider such action.

I believe our civilization, although weak in certain ways, has surpassed time where might is or should be right. Thus I would rather suggest we move up in legitimate and legal ways, until we're able to work the political system to accommodate for the recreation of the nation. I don't know how most people here think, but I would always support reform over revolution.

5102bb  No.11063


And what? Have our movement plasticized or eliminated? In case you haven’t noticed people won’t support anything that is “fascist” or “evil. You’re still playing by democracies rules and expect everyone to actually be knowledgeable in these things. We need to completely burn the current state of things.

fa3b7f  No.11064

Hope you're learning how to live off the land when the utilities go out. History repeats itself, and Rome's vanquishers were those awful uncivilized barbarians who devoured them after they got so high on their own hedonism/decadence they couldn't see straight anymore.

a2261c  No.11166


Maybe just call yourself something else than fascist. Most people wouldn't recognize a fascist even if one live with them. They'll learn to appreciate it if you don't push them away at first.

File: 84516090f1d9a6f⋯.jpg (98.17 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Butler.jpg)

977f43  No.11159[Reply]


What does /fascist/ think about the supposed plot of WWI veterans and wealthy American industrialists and bankers leading an army to overthrow the rule of FDR due to his "progressive" economic policies and suspicions of wealthy businessmen losing their wealth?

>In 1933, Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler was approached by a wealthy group of industrialists and bankers called the "American Liberty League", including Prescott Bush (George W. Bush's grandfather) who asked him to command a rogue army of 500,000 veterans that would help stage a coup to topple then President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. In 1934 Butler testified to the McCormack–Dickstein Congressional committee on these claims. In the opinion of the committee, these allegations were credible. One of the purported plotters, Gerald MacGuire, vehemently denied any such plot. In their report, the Congressional committee stated that it was able to confirm Butler's statements other than the proposal from MacGuire which it considered more or less confirmed by MacGuire's European reports. No one was prosecuted.

>In 1936, William Dodd, the U.S. Ambassador to Germany, wrote a letter to President Roosevelt in which he stated, "A clique of U.S. industrialists is hell-bent to bring a fascist state to supplant our democratic government and is working closely with the fascist regime in Germany and Italy. I have had plenty of opportunity in my post in Berlin to witness how close some of our American ruling families are to the Nazi regime…. A prominent executive of one of the largest corporations, told me point blank that he would be ready to take definite action to bring fascism into America if President Roosevelt continued his progressive policies. Certain American industrialists had a great deal to do with bringing fascist regimes into being in both Germany and Italy. They extended aid to help Fascism occupy the seat of power, and they are helping to keep it there. Propagandists for fascist groups try to dismiss the fascist scare. We should be aware of the symptoms. When industrialists ignore laws designed for social and economic progress they will seek recourse to a fascist state when the institutions oPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

54c5e4  No.11160

>a group of Roosevelt's friends and colleagues (that includes jews) approach known anti-Fascist agitator Smedley Butler with a bid to overthrow Roosevelt and impose a quasi-Fascist goverment that would ally with counter-semetic NS Germany.

Either Butler is an idiot or a bad liar.

977f43  No.11161


Yeah which is why I'm skeptical of the whole thing.

File: a879d1fdc19ebda⋯.png (367.82 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Anfasc_Flag.png)

e85ade  No.11148[Reply]

So /fascist/, what are your thoughts on this ideology?

For the most basic rundown it is a homogeneous society built on voluntarist principles.

Do you believe that it is sustainable or just a wistful fantasy?

If you do believe it to be possible is it something you would want to live in or would you prefer another form of fascism?

3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

000000  No.11153


But anarchy has rules, hence it has a name.

44e17a  No.11154



Anfasc is pretty much the same thing as that. It could be considered a subset. It has more focus on what life would be like in the (European) ethostates.


What he said. I could see how you got to that conclusion given that is what most people believe and by extension what most "anarchists" believe, as most of them are edgy LARPers.

db6081  No.11157


>degenerates and (((them))) removed from society

How? How would this be achieved without infringing on the rights of certain citizens? How would you do this without state programs and strong order? Let me guess. The people are somehow all going to pitch in?

94e58d  No.11162

At this point anarchists have as many forms of anarchism as tumblr has genders, and it makes about as much sense


187e0a  No.11164


No matter how well it works, organization will do it better, and organization requires hierarchy

Not that it is even posible, fascism takes inspiration from nature, and nature is hierarchical

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

4c2d0b  No.4816[Reply]

In today's world, "Nazi Punk" may seem like a contradiction, but historically, Punk Rock and the far-right were strange bedfellows. The history of racist Punk can arguably be traced back to as early as 1977, with the birth of Punk subculture in England. The term "Rock Against Communism" was first coined in the late '70s by Young National Front (YNF) organizers in Leeds, UK, hoping to counter the successful efforts of left-wing organizers who launched Rock Against Racism (RAR). Headed by Eddy Morrison, Punk Front's aim was to co-opt Punk subculture and weaponize the rebellious sound for a new generation. The front-runners for Punk Front were The Dentists, White Boss, Homicide, The Ventz (later Tragic Minds) and The Raw Boys, playing the first Rock Against Communism shows the National Front organized in 1979 around Leeds. With the exception of Tragic Minds who later became Music for Pleasure, almost all of those bands broke up towards the beginning of the '80s. Punk Front's failure to mobilize young minds didn't deter Morrison, for a cataclysmic event was only a year away.

Street violence between Skinheads, both black and white, and Indians/Pakistanis was frequent to a point where "Paki bashing" grew increasingly common. With the increasing racial tensions, the National Front found a perfect opportunity to recruit from the nascent Skinhead scene. The watershed moment was an incident at a concert for The 4-Skins, The Business and The Last Resort (all unaffiliated with right-wing politics) in Southall during July of 1981. Two years earlier, police had killed Anti-Nazi League activist Blair Peach in a riot instigated by the demonstrators. Racial tensions were running at a fever pitch. Accounts conflict as to what happened (ie: who instigated it). The bands conceded the skinheads and South Asians weren't getting along, but maintain the the response was greatly out of proportion with the trouble the skinheads were causing them. On the other side, the South Asian locals claimed some of the skinhead concert goers assaulted women and elderly people, engaged in property destruction / vandalism / graffiti and daubed National Front logos and slogans on shop windows. In either case, the locals protested the gig on wrongful suspicion the bands were far-right and subsequently rioted, burning down the venue in the process. Following that incident, The 4-Skins recorded a song "One Law forPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

37 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

7d6ad9  No.7552


I dunno I'm a fan of it. Even power electronics.


There's a reason gay means "stupid"

Look up the bell curve for homosexual vs. heterosexual

edd923  No.7559

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c2703e  No.8089

File: 5c8daab2c85ab6e⋯.jpeg (2.98 KB, 192x192, 1:1, images (3).jpeg)


Eh, RAC music is okay. I used to listen to it alot more ten years ago. Now I'm more into NSBM. The problem with RAC is that it appeals to the lowest common denominator in the "fascist" world, meaning that most of it's fans are aggro ass dumb fuck skinheads (I was one for over 10 years) and glue huffing retard punks. I think the radical right needs to lose the "skinhead" image as well as the metalhead look. We need to focus on values over an image, and if we are going to be elitist we probably should only entertain top tier RAC (Believe it or not, it does exist) if we are going to listen to it at all.

c78400  No.9264

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

83b86b  No.11147


>that list

Turisas and Ensiferum are far from natsoc. I used to like them both, but they're cucking to the kike agenda. Tyr also has pretty much broken up at this point, despite "the band" still existing. The kikes are going hard against all metal, especially folk metal. Have you even looked at tyr's (((wikipedia))) page recently?

>Accordingly, scholarship has found that the band's lyrics and imagery promote pan-Nordic ideologies, and draw on well established, transnational genre conventions from metal music; but has also suggested that the band's insistence on their Faroese identity, which has been fetishised by international audiences, could 'be regarded as a form of self-exoticisation'.[7] The band's handling of traditional songs is characterised by fidelity to traditional melodies, but more complex and innovative handling of associated chord progressions and harmonies.[8] The band has been accused of promoting Nazi ideologies through their use of runes and other imagery appropriated by Nazis. The band responded to these accusations with the song 'Shadow of the Swastika' on the album Lay of Thrym (2011), which in the assessment of Karl Spracklen, 'attacks the far-right for appropriating supposedly authentic heathen symbols and images associated with pre-Christian northern Europe'. Even so, scholars have, in the words of Catherine Hoad and Samuel Whiting, suggested that 'through imagining the Viking as an ancestral, genetic category, the “common past” of the Nordic people is constructed as a self-identity apart from other people' in the work of Týr.[9][10] Likewise, Spracklen finds that 'the themes in Týr’s songs celebrate pagan identity, Viking identity and the hegemonic masculinity of the Viking warrior combined with the modern-day heavy metal anthem of being an individual'.[11]

File: 2e35929ffc20dc9⋯.png (5.42 KB, 284x177, 284:177, download (3).png)

ccaeec  No.8344[Reply]

as a former poster on the subreddit (I got banned over a year ago, permanently, by the r/DebateFascism admins, not by reddit itself), and disabled my account a week ago, since Ellen "Chairman" Pao decided to remove tons of subs regarding "wrongthink", I can't help but notice one of the members posted a link to this side of 8chan.

any former users there? I was grindmonkey.

20 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

3d888b  No.11086


Go back

81d715  No.11087


Why so much salt?

Of course I know I'm on an obscure board that doesn't have enough users, it's just a comparison.

Mostly I'm taking cover from shitty reddit admins, who will eventually ban the sub.

Would you like to smell my farts, too? Maybe it would help you type better.

5490c7  No.11088

File: 6030105d4f53e25⋯.jpg (13.93 KB, 236x299, 236:299, 2f3a065b1357f1f630ed9dab46….jpg)


It's odd that on a fash subreddit that ethnocentrism is an out of bounds topic ,almost as if he's trying in some desperate way to not be "racist" ,but folks such as this that draw boundaries on what they deem as too extreme ,as if to score points with those less radical, fail to realize that no matter what they do they'll always be ostracized by those farther to the left than them. As soon as they show some signs of weakness like this it's all down hill since even in some small manner, they've bought into the mainstream cultural marxist narrative and they'll get beaten over the head repeatedly with it failing to realize that they'll never be accepted by normies even in the smallest manner. If there is anything to learn from this, it's that there's no point in compromising your core ideals to appeal to the mainstream political demographic no matter how small ,because it won't work ,and you'll show yourself to be someone who blows in whichever direction the wind flows like a weathervane rather than being a signpost that stands true, stoically ignoring whichever the direction the mainstream appeal might drift in.

ccaeec  No.11120


there was a changing of the guard and one of the admins is a roastie. I like how Fascists/NatSocs/WNs will hold up the jq as gospel but deny the wq over and over and over again. live it, learn it, love it.

62a8ce  No.11146

there is a new emerging movement calling themselves Civicists, they claim to be in the third position so they may be worth our time. And since this is a thread about Reddit i thought it would only be appropriate to link their sub here.


File: 6731b5acc8a7e47⋯.png (33.66 KB, 1200x720, 5:3, IMG_0900.PNG)

File: aa13bd748b9d403⋯.png (152.79 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, IMG_0901.PNG)

File: 3d22bcec7fa59b0⋯.jpg (60.81 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, IMG_0902.JPG)

34f116  No.11093[Reply]

Should we keep Christianity if not slightly morph it to fit our own views?. Or should we go back to our pre Christian pagan religions ? .Or for the third and most interesting option should we completely replace religion with scientific views?. White sharia /Islam for the white race is absurd and whoever thinks that it would be a good option needs to have a serious second thought about what they are doing with their lives.

7 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

0a40b5  No.11121

File: 5a6eb87719d0756⋯.jpg (683.7 KB, 1742x2000, 871:1000, AEsirCode.jpg)


>Varg please,

<if I espouse paganism, I must be Varg

>Ásatrú has literally 0 coherent ideology or morals to follow


>not even mentioning the fact that it has equally 0 amount of justification.

And what's the justification for worshipping a Jewish rabbi? Please explain how a National Socialist could seriously worship a Jew.

fdf026  No.11123

I generally find myself gravitating towards Buddhism and specifically Vajrayana.

ed0ac8  No.11124



You realize slavic paganism is the most solid of them all right? They’ve never abandoned traditions to this day.

df77a4  No.11126



"Pagan" means anything from >>11124 to BC icelandic to danish to whatever, which all have differing grand ideology and within that differed from town to town. Next to nothing survives of Scandinavian paganism to the point where we have no clue what the afterlife was (who goes to Hel, where is Hel, why do people eat in Hel etc.), how it would function, and there's multiple references to, for example, other afterlifes i.e Odin's afterlife which we have no clue who would go there, why, or how. We have no clue what Gods there are or what their importance to people of the time were - multiple Gods are mentioned in passing or referenced once i.e that one guy associated with brewing, and we even in fact have references to Thor having a 'boy slave'. Modern paganism is essentially entirely different person to person.

>Please explain how a National Socialist could seriously worship a Jew

The Reich played down and avoided mentioning of Jesus being a jew, clearly they acted against it, yet it was the primary religion because the tenants held the same.

2dfba9  No.11134


>You realize slavic paganism is the most solid of them all right?

It's the exact opposite. Slavic neopaganism was spun off of a known hoax.


File: dbaeaf9e3cb0803⋯.jpg (12.07 KB, 300x300, 1:1, IMG_0897.JPG)

a72290  No.11092[Reply]

More and more I think that fascism can never come back just like communism it seems like something that could have only really gained traction in the 20th century. Now am i saying to give up ? no but I feel like we need to come up with an entirely new ideology that fits in with the modern era and i am not talking about the 4th political theory as interesting as that is. It has to be something never thought up or seen before something new something fresh something revolutionary and world changing. But what exactly it could be is a mystery for the time being anyway. But i really do feel like we need something new.

d2c11f  No.11122

Inventing some new special snowflake ideology is unnecessary, we just need to rebrand fascism.

dff63d  No.11136


Fuck off underage.

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

3345df  No.8291[Reply]

Most of us probably already know about him but I noticed that some anons haven't been introduced yet. It's worth it to see the viewpoint of other fascists and have discussion on those views while simultaneously working towards the same goal for society. Post your favorite thug videos and see where we stand on these issues.

Personally I don't quite agree with his stance on a purely non-racial fascism for America but I can see where he would believe it would be too fringe to possibly gain any momentum in the public sphere.

73 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

3345df  No.11068

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Jesus this lasted for 7 hours ffs

73b26c  No.11082


He's also a zionist ZOGbot. I recall running into his shit a year or two ago, and thinking he'd be alright for entry level stuff, only for him to stop mid rant and suck jewish dick and virtue signal for a bit.

73b26c  No.11083


There isn't really any point in that, as you're still stuck feeding a bunch of niggers. The whole goal of an ethnostate would be racial self determination, and having a dark underclass leeching the life out of you in counterproductive to that goal. Every dollar spent feeding them is food taken out of the mouth of a white child, every inch of clay under a nigger was stolen from a white man who might have made it his home. And even at a fundamental level, if they're in the same country as you, they're voting and eating your tax dollars, and of course still out breeding you (as that's a race to the bottom). With the borders closed and the niggers gone the numbers game becomes a non issue, 20 million population across the whole continent? Big deal, if it's all white.

CT's push for empire because empire seems fucking retarded to me at every possible level. Not only does it fail to address nearly all of the problems with the racial situation, it also ignores most of the problems that fall into the white only sphere as well. Regional autonomy and cultural self determination across north America would be productivity and increase quality of life across the board, while preventing a distant and for all intents and purposes foreign elite from shitting all over everyone trying to keep a vast and diverse population of whites happy. Worried about the economy and or military? Set up extranational frameworks for it. There simply isn't a need to shackle such a large population to a central rule unable to look after their best interests. And as long as all parties agreed on a monroe doctrine of sorts, foreign aggression becomes a non issue even without a NATO style common military.

6b2626  No.11085

Are cultured thug and common filth the same guy or not? Don't get mad at me for some reason I confuse them all the time.

4e89ac  No.11090


ComFilth is a baptist while Cultured Thug is a semi Nietzschean fascist.

File: e62786c82f44ff1⋯.jpg (534.92 KB, 1469x1933, 1469:1933, Jack London.jpg)

7c765b  No.8951[Reply]

We all know that Mussolini was a former member Italian Socialist Party, but what are some early socialists who would have supported Fascism?

Pic related. Jack London became a socialist to help the average working stiff, but he idealized manliness and the wilderness while hating bourgeois liberalism and race-mixing. The Call of the Wild in particular is pure fash material.

57 posts and 20 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

da4d06  No.11025


To be fair to Mao, traditional Chinese culture is cuck-tier trash. Just look at what happened to China after he died. And, the elites in China were pretty much poised to turn China into what it is today.

China before the Civil-War was cuck-central, the Civil-War was a disaster, and Mao Zedong pretty much stood over the only period in Chinese history were the Chinese were not complete cucks AND the country wasn't completely on fire.

Mao was right to worry about the bureaucrats in his party and the influence of Confucianism in China. We're seeing the consequences of this today with China not being a complete shithole but them also spreading their crap even into Africa.

Meanwhile, Ho Chi Minh is honestly pretty decent. Vietnam's identity has a lot of basis in rebelling against China and other foreign powers. He also was surprisingly friendly towards America before they backstabbed him and supported the French. Really, he could have been the Asian Tito, and we could have avoided the Vietnam War.

c01b21  No.11028


Can you please expand more on what you mean by China going to shit after Mao's death? Was it pretty much just held together on his back?

da4d06  No.11030


It pretty much was. Or rather, his regime and his pro-peasant policies.

Mao basically unified China and ended the Civil-War period. For reference for how bad it was, the death rates for the Great Leap Forward was the consistent norm of the Civil-War period, which lasted for around 40 years.

Mao's autocracy basically held China together at the time without it becoming the industrial shithole that we know today.

He was constantly paranoid that the party would do to China what the Bolsheviks did to Russia, which was liquidating the peasantry. This is why Mao did the Cultural Revolution. He wanted to 'cleanse' the Revolution of the new elites who he thought would implement crash industrialization and capitalist methods into China. Oddly enough, he was correct in his assessment.

f5130e  No.11051


Thanks. Mao doesn't seem as bad as made out when put like that. A strong leader to pull his nation out of the mire it had found itself in.

What is modern China then? It surely isn't Communist and it doesn't seem Maoist either. Crypto-capitalist oligarchy?

da4d06  No.11054


Pretty much that. Though, I'd just describe it as a complete capitalist oligarchy decorated with red-flags.

Not going to say Mao is the best thing since sliced bread either. The Cultural Revolution, despite the reasons, clearly was the wrong way to deal with party-elites and Confucianism, and the Great Leap Forward was a massive fuck-up that, for a year, reverted China back to its state during the Civil War Period. But then again, it all goes back to what you really value.

Not to mention that, towards the end of his regime, he was ill and so the party oligarchs had complete power. The fact that he never really complained shows that he accepted China aiding the US in destroying the USSR. His ideology also led to the Third-Worldist crap that helped the Left abandon the white working-class, though I guess Jason Unruhe is probably the most decent 'large' communist Youtuber I can think of. (That's not saying much though.)

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