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File: 795b40e72b84060⋯.jpg (119.7 KB, 1448x869, 1448:869, BGD_prop.jpg)

7a1bee  No.9022[Reply]

Hello my fellow anti-semites. What do you guys think about this group/ideology? I stumbled on this page as I was browsing through Gab. Seems kinda interesting. Also, look at that pic. Never really seen aesthetics like that in any image board or anything. If someone could elaborate further, i'd appreciate it.

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8173bb  No.9171


>it but it definitely isn't the solution.

You're partially right, the REAL solution is to start a race war now, like RIGHT THE FUCK NOW, but because that won't happen falling back to a more favorably position isn't a terrible fall back.

098b97  No.9381

File: 435300eea5b7549⋯.png (321.34 KB, 661x347, 661:347, emperortrump.png)


Fuck balkanisation. Take over the whole of America and then all of America can be a white ethnostate.

776933  No.10626


These guys are actually active where NF is dying, they already have networks in the area and a decent amount of people

f08642  No.10637

Indian here. Can I marry a white girl from Northwest?

06e839  No.10641


Surviving a collapse means working together to create a stable state to live in. It's not a bad idea over all.


Howard Cuvington is dead? His biggest issue was he didn't try to help people move. He just pointed them to his location and then told them to move there. He didn't try to help them find homes, jobs or anything. He seemed like he was more interested in making a podcast than anything else.

White flight is moving people around.


You don't list Jews as a protected class unless you mean to protect them. Christian or Conservatives would have been enough if you didn't have any skin in the Jew game. You can be neutral on Jews fine, you just can't be anti-Jew. But the key here is that only white people lean conservative, survivalist and libertarian. You attract those people just by making a survivalist community and you don't need to signal anything.

At worst you get a based black guy who has a hunting accident.


Yea, lets send people to TRS. That's how we build a Jewish free state.

File: 064b56dabf42228⋯.jpg (92.59 KB, 483x679, 69:97, DYxpjLyVQAEhXvX.jpg)

File: 1308280c37d8f4d⋯.jpg (822.26 KB, 2000x3000, 2:3, 2175172497127797.jpg)

61a916  No.10505[Reply]

I like reading about fascist history, sometimes prior to WW2. The Trans-Atlantic Flight and Italo Balbo's appearance in Chicago. Mussolini gave a column there as a gift. This was before Mussolini was vilified and was popular as a world leader.


This column

twenty centuries old

erected on the beach of Ostia

port of Imperial Rome

to safeguard the fortunes and victories

of the Roman triremes.

Fascist Italy, by command of Benito Mussolini

presents to Chicago

exaltation symbol memorial

of the Atlantic Squadron led by Balbo

that with Roman daring, flew across the ocean

in the 11th year

of the Fascist era.

I have to lament. The world back then was an interesting place. Those were the days. This is a nostalgiafag thread.

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8fa5d8  No.10567


They tried changing the name of the street too, but the Chicago Italian community wouldn’t allow.

c38cc7  No.10572


Yes, he did a lot to empower the lower and middle classes. He wasn't the best military commander but his vision was noble, i.e. the idea of creating a new Roman empire. He wanted to do what was best for his people. Honestly, Italy wasn't ready for WWII but during peace time he created jobs, empowered small business and generally helped the Italian people. I really like Mussolini. He was a great leader who is often under appreciated within fascist circles which is ironic considering he is one of the fathers [if not the father] of fascism.

d05d2e  No.10574

For anyone reading, the main goal is saving the monument, but if possible you should add more long-term goals, take advantage of every opportunity


So you could say that the Italians are against tearing down the monument or could be persuaded against it?


In such case then the only intrinsic value hold by this monument to non-fascists is in the roman pillar, it would be a shame if it became damaged during the removal do you could use that to at least slow down the process


This is good, on the video you can see them blaming the elites for this, with the support of the Italian community you could paint him as a hero in times of oppression –Something that appeals to the average joe–, which could sippery-slope into something else

e55cc4  No.10576


Yes, they said something along the lines of “Balbo is one of our own.” Another argument for keeping the monument is that it’s an important part of aviation history, and it honors the historic flight made by Balbo from Italy to Chicago.

d05d2e  No.10622


>Best case

Humanize his figure as much as possible, have his actions transcend politics and make a fool to those who have politics as the center of their lives –Protestors–. Make the idea of « Social change though protest and democracy » seem like a solution for those who lack the spine to not hide behind society's structures, make action seem brave and the path to real change while you discredit democracy, Introduce fascist ideas in everything but name.

And make the Italians feel safe with you

>Worst case

Someone buy up the base of the monument, I am sure that the Roman pillar will be safe

>Shit, nigga

Blow up Yellowstone and worship the collapse of western civilization

File: 93d1914b358acaf⋯.jpg (405.27 KB, 1280x914, 640:457, Azathoth_the_blind_idiot_g….jpg)

ce1903  No.10605[Reply]

we might experience an increase in a userbase because of the SFW ad revenue 4 is gonna be bogged down with in the coming weeks. of course be prepared to be bombarded with stupid questions and whatnot.

7745fd  No.10608


4chan died a long time ago OP

File: 63cebc29b089e55⋯.png (69.58 KB, 2000x1400, 10:7, 2000px-Flag_of_Ação_Integr….png)

File: 65f0bee77f839da⋯.jpg (198.89 KB, 1213x1600, 1213:1600, semelhanca.jpg)

8641e3  No.2913[Reply]

Fora do Integralismo, não há Nacionalismo.

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7990cd  No.10589

File: 62ac3029dc046da⋯.png (32.85 KB, 1815x240, 121:16, integralists.png)

4585c9  No.10597


I think that the best BR faction are the southern separatists. Being that that is the whitest part of Brazil. That movement could use some fascist influence.

Tell me your opinions on this please.

t. Argie separatist

f7318a  No.10601


The chicken as it used to be is an older Middle Ages symbol to the Europeans that meant bravery and tenacity. It's featured on crests. The reason being because chickens were introduced eith cockfighting.

594776  No.10602


Those uniforms are gorgeous. I hate how American "natsoc" groups either dress like untermensch skinheads or LARP with ancient German uniforms.

e81174  No.10604


Where can I buy a large wall version of that flag?

File: 1d885aa9de3cccb⋯.jpg (23.46 KB, 390x380, 39:38, 9ca.jpg)

a88f3e  No.9716[Reply]

I'm sure this topics going to cause a shit storm but I'm tired of seeing people using anime as a mascot or even a whole identity. If you say "Anime is Japanese, you shouldn't be promoting it if you value White values" you just get called a goon or a troll. It's so embedded within white consciousness that they consider it their own rather than an alien infection on their brains.

How has anime become so interconnected with the the nationalist movements? It's every where, fascists will post anime girls or give then fascist make overs and claim them as their own. They see no conflict of interest between anime and white identity. I would consider anime to be as, if not more subversive than the Jewish influence in mainstream culture. It's disturbing to be white, trying to find similar people and then having them spam Asian culture all over so called white communities.

What can we do to save these young men from the yellow menace and bring them back to their ancestor's art and culture?

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a88f3e  No.10578

File: d87eea0b9bd200b⋯.png (344.35 KB, 716x575, 716:575, waterfox_2018-08-22_20-24-….png)

File: c1f9beafb77d437⋯.png (927.1 KB, 647x727, 647:727, waterfox_2018-08-22_20-28-….png)

File: b4ff605714dec3c⋯.png (692.33 KB, 647x660, 647:660, waterfox_2018-08-22_20-33-….png)


I enjoyed reading it. Don't ever underestimate the autism.


This is what your brain looks like on anime

<If Western culture is replaced with Japanese culture we won

I have no interest in living in a weeaboo shit hole, same way I have no interest in living in mini Africa. Wake the fuck up.

6eb3e5  No.10584


How is this a thread about politics/fascism?

The absolute state of /fascist/

9038b4  No.10590


Hi /pol/! What animes are you currently watching?

a88f3e  No.10595


How is discussing subversion of Fascist movements through Japanese media about fascism? Same way discussion Jewish subversion of fascist movements is fascism.

3eb937  No.10638

sage. We love anime because we want to marry Japanese girls.

File: 17bf623369dce28⋯.png (17.31 KB, 340x170, 2:1, IMG_0199.PNG)

File: daa6601e8c080a0⋯.png (41.35 KB, 160x169, 160:169, IMG_0200.PNG)

909e3c  No.8438[Reply]


Since South Africa seems to be nearing it's end as the boers are unfortunately being exterminated and with the constant influx of migrants to Europe I thought that we should look back to the past to see what horrors wait for us in the future this is a tribute thread to Rhodesia I am so sorry that my country abandoned you may you rest in peace and hopefully one day you will be avenged

5 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

80f30a  No.8468

File: 5779cf0673aaee8⋯.webm (938.53 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Idi Amin.webm)


In addition to >>8448 Israel became a strategic adversary to the soviets in the 70s and MOSSAD vs KGB vs USIC vs SA vs China was a very real chessgame at the time. As well, African Nationalists in Uganda had soured Africa for Israel, if you recall Bibi's brother.

5cf1c8  No.10429

File: a91f66852b45a18⋯.jpg (118.59 KB, 760x435, 152:87, Christmas in rhodesia.jpg)

While Rhodesia wasn't fascist by any means, it was amazing how livable it was made

The eternal anglo knows how to run shit

Those crazy ratios of 2000 of Mugabe's men dying vs 4 Rhodesians getting injured wasn't even blacks vs whites, it was blacks vs blacks with some whites

Rhodesians never die!

6b6c6c  No.10432


It's beautiful

f1dc59  No.10496


Don't Asians claim that Anglos make the best rulers?

27fdbe  No.10569

File: 1c48dafd6d42003⋯.png (80.54 KB, 220x259, 220:259, NOSEBERG.png)


Israel was a new nation. If anti-colonialism spread worldwide after Rhodesia fell, people could attempt to give Palestine back. The Jews pick whatever is best for them. Really just an ally of convenience

File: 8a4ddc61ce27f73⋯.png (3.17 KB, 940x198, 470:99, refugees_welcome_banner.png)

94badf  No.10484[Reply]

Just found this website today. Seems like some kind of joke.

The website is Aryanism.net. They claim to be National Socialists but hate white nationalists more than they hate the jews. They also hate the west, believe it should be flooded with immigrants from third world shitholes, that homogenous white societies are of the jews, and that Hitler believed homosexuality, transgenderism and veganism was a-ok. Oh, and they called Heather Heyer a hero. This website literally supports antifa.

5 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

0b02b6  No.10500


Same as the chans, them. They got (((new))) leadership. Them culled the good users while inviting the bad ones.

5113d2  No.10523


I remember an article where they claimed that NatSoc was better than Fascism because to them Fascism was about the state and NatSoc about race. A bit ignorant, but you can see their views there, nothing like their current state


What's that thing on his forehead?

What happened to his eyes?

Is he OK?


You can't do anything serious under anonymity, manny should realize that

b671a0  No.10563


Are'nt you the mutt from the bait thread?

5113d2  No.10575


Which bait thread? There are tons of those

b5dca3  No.10587

Isnt this the indian nationalist website? They might have actual schizophrenia, thread carefully.

File: 7d89c5a9bc49a22⋯.png (79.46 KB, 307x430, 307:430, gr1.png)

File: a3ad14de170850a⋯.png (81.95 KB, 307x430, 307:430, Grace-chan-integralist.png)

47d947  No.8685[Reply]

counter-revolution and restoration will come to you, but only if you honor Her Grace and yell


t. Grace-chan, waifu of monarchists

88 posts and 43 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

0582a7  No.10091


>why they say*

c2ca7e  No.10248

File: 4e97cdad9bfc444⋯.png (8.16 KB, 500x500, 1:1, UnclePol.png)


It is.


Remember when politics were manly? Pic related.

bb6178  No.10552




<pic related is my husbando

It's the most spergy thing you can do.

bb6178  No.10554

Next time there's a crossover pic, I promise there will be less a tease and more solidarity.

That goes to all the Blackshirts who feel this way

The lewdness/bully will also be toned down

5fa21b  No.10562


Nobody cares animenigger, go back to your dead meme board.

File: d0ff6be8508df68⋯.png (311.83 KB, 590x701, 590:701, 187263.png)

499f34  No.10544[Reply]

Hi /fascist/,

I'm looking for a fascist book or writer which talks about why Communism and Capitalism are both the wrong way. Any recommendations? I prefer English books or maybe German. Especially books that say something about trade, private companies and internal market are welcome

7c875a  No.10545


The doctrine of fascism

Basic economics 101

Basic morals 101


File: 4c980688cc0dc50⋯.png (12.12 KB, 230x153, 230:153, F1ABAD30-3544-4926-9903-1A….png)

bcb9f0  No.10385[Reply]

Which books should I read? I’m interested in becoming a Strasserist but don’t know exactly where to start. Here are some basic questions I have:

1. Are Strasserists woke on the JQ? I’ve heard some people say that Strasserists are only opposed to jews in terms of economics, like Capitalism.

2. What are Strasserists views on race?

11 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

04ebc3  No.10524


>From marxism to fascism

Then they were never real fascists, a fascist knows that there is an absolute truth and the lies of marxist thought. People who do that are just Socialists who fetishize violence and dislike degeneracy.

I have seen a lot of these /leftypol/ rejects here, There should be a big sign saying what fascism is and is not so they can go back to where they came from

0b9c05  No.10528


>degeneracy strawman

>not real fascists!!!

Who is Goebbels? Who is Mussolini? Who is Sorel?

04ebc3  No.10529


Disliking degeneracy alone does not make you a fascist, emphasis in the « just » of my last post

eeb787  No.10535


Sure, but my point was that you close off the definition of fascists from converts when there's a clear lineage of former Marxists who were fascists.

04ebc3  No.10536


Former marxists maybe as marxism is older than fascism. but for them to go back to marxism. I may have forgotten to add that to my first post, I see my mistake, sorry for not realizing it earlier

File: c3f9915caa2b752⋯.jpg (45.65 KB, 720x396, 20:11, 44036133_299794100748562_2….jpg)

1ee086  No.9268[Reply]

i don't see *enough* ecology/deep ecology/ecofash GANG posts on this board

discuss ideas here

>reading material

Spring Comes Again - Jorian Jenks

The Impeachment of Man - Savitri Devi

Industrial Society and Its Future - Ted Kaczynski

Can Life Prevail? - Pentti Linkola

The Vanishing Face of Gaia - James E. Lovelock

The Lightning and the Sun - Savitri Devi





21 posts and 19 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

6139d1  No.10430

File: ebf820375f70561⋯.jpg (406.12 KB, 1183x761, 1183:761, Weston Price study.jpg)


>Humans started out as oportunistic ovnivores, only eating meat once a while

Inuits have subsisted on a purely carnivorous diet for millennia and they were known to be very robust with no cancer or dental problems. The only thing remotely vegetarian that they consumed were semi-digested lichen dug out of reindeer stomachs. Mongols and other steppe nomads likewise subsisted almost entirely on animal products, albeit with the addition of fermented milk. Chinese records described them as stronger and considerably taller than the rice-eating Chinese.

53cfe7  No.10441


>The mongol diet is mostly dairy and not meat

>Inuits make use of different marine species and have learn to get their nutrition from it + they have adapted to their environment and diets over the millennia

>Diet contributes only in part of a person's diet and you can't expect to adopt someone's diet will make you as strong as a nomad

>Ancient Mongols were a different race from the ancient Chinese

Meat is still expensive to produce and that is due not to a technological limitation but a thermodynamic one, and the fact remains that industrialized meat production is very damaging to the environment and alternative methods won't be able to feed off even a small town. This is why omnivore diets are the best, because they do not rely on industrialization

>That pic

Starchy foods + Bad hygiene makes that on the long run, the solution is picking up a toothbrush

6139d1  No.10443


Mongols and Inuits still ate considerable amounts of animal protein, not just once in a while. My point still stands.

53cfe7  No.10477


Your point being? That we were carnivores? Your point won't stand against a single anthropology book

Either rewordt to make yourself clear or

If what you mean is that it is possible for us to survive on a complete carnivore diet

>Asians have longer guts that let them digest starch

>Europeans can digest lactose

It is not far-fetched to believe that we adapt to our environments to make the most of it, in an environment that lets us partake in an omnivore diet why should be choose another diet that will only force our environment even further?

41c66e  No.10492

File: f3773d610da322f⋯.png (177.03 KB, 871x1000, 871:1000, fox of wisdom.png)


>no cancer or dental problems

I keep hearing that but the data on it is thin at best.

File: 61a91fd2b8e3875⋯.png (22.58 KB, 141x500, 141:500, - 0 Fasces.png)

6ac70e  No.10286[Reply]

Hello there. Wanted to come on here and wasn't sure if this should go to the QTDDTOT thread or not. If it's to go there, I have no problem deleting and asking there.

So onto the question: Why fascism? Genuinely curious. Why do you adhere to the ideology, what drives you to keep it? What drove you to it in the first place? What about it appeals to you?

No trolling with the question, just genuine curiosity. Fascism is an ideology I'm not particularly well versed in I'm afraid, but figure those of you on here are.

10 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

5a8e94  No.10384


Help me, anon.

d8e6c2  No.10389


The lord helps those who help themselves anon.

8dc9fc  No.10435


>Fascism is a romantic movement

This is it, this thing is what holding us back.

No movement can't achieve anything without solid base.

Being romantic is good,but people are more than this.

There always will be someone realistic whose concerns about tommorow are more important to him.

People will eventually start asking questions.

4e4e59  No.10448


That person will be an important part in realizing the romantic ideals put forth by the fascist vanguard and leader, and there are many more people concerned with a higher ideal than you let on. It's just a matter of them being able to realize it instead of being bogged down in materialistic life. Cynics have their place in fascism just like everyone else, but it's important to understand that if every fascist was a cynic the march on Rome wouldn't have even happened.

e49213  No.10482

File: 964c8957a5fff75⋯.jpg (148.89 KB, 1280x719, 1280:719, tumblr_p4a88qGwec1r2qr2so1….jpg)



Rebirth, the end of apotheosis, struggle, beauty, a youthful spirit, transcendence, speed, unity, action all those are some goals of fascism, all are metaphysical concepts which can sometimes be expressed in the physical world but are never tethered by it. Economic policies, racial policies, exterior policies are all practical ways of acting upon the physical world in order to facilitate the upbringing of these values, these policies are thus a necessary part of fascism but not the point, they are instead an inevitable result of our interaction with the material world as a small part in the process of achieving our goals.

What separates Fascism from the armchair activism romanticism is associated with is Action; A classical romanticist faced with the atrocious modern world would complain, maybe write a few poems which would be destined to be forever trapped within the pages of a book, at most he would inspire independence and escape to a bubble, a Fascist instead would go to the streets and work to rebuild the world, with ultra-violence if necessary, by inspiring if possible, always with his goal in mind he would commit whatever action needed in order to realize his vision. –This last point explains why Fascism can take so manny shapes–

Both Mussolini and Mosley preached time and time again the importance of action and the practicality when seeking solutions to problems. Logic, compromises and any other tool we humans use as a solution to our logistical problems are not the enemy, but the simplification of our goals to mean only the naïve implementation of these policies represents a mindset native of the spiritually decadent atmosphere of modernity, this being the true enemy, as our enemy is not a country or an economic system, but the spirt that causes its apparition and growth to begin with.

I am convinced that Fascism –While rooted to ancient times– began from the arts, not politics nor economics, these last too came about as a response on how to achieve the vision these artistic movements hadPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 67eeecfac3fc498⋯.png (132.6 KB, 645x844, 645:844, fascist logo.png)

759dcc  No.2732[Reply]

The fact is, if we're going to have any power as a movement we need to organize by physically meeting up. The BO at one point suggested setting up reading groups. I think this is a good idea. With that said, this can't be organized until some of us actually commit to meeting up. So this thread will be dedicated to seriously organizing fascist meetups.

>inb4 fbi shill

Believe whatever you want but this isn't a movement for cowards. I've personally been involved in extremist movements irl (a right wing militia). I'm familiar with this problem and I've become pretty good at recognizing actual FBI shills and decent at rooting them out.

I'm in Kentucky if anyone wants to organize anything. With that said, this thread will be for the purpose of setting up the infrastructure to set up legitimate political groups from around the country. Once this thread has lost it's purpose (i.e. once we get our infrastructure better set up) I will be pinning a new thread that is better organized.

99 posts and 18 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.
Post last edited at

81b14d  No.10416


that's fine, bud, i'm a bit occupied with trying to find gainful employment. city's been cruel since I moved back

1e8397  No.10418


That sucks, where were you before you came back?

81b14d  No.10419


I was out in Texas for 7years.

5b424c  No.10420

Any Southwest anons here?

e5ea6b  No.10424

Yourfriendlyneighborhoodspiderman@tutanota.com midwest area

File: c8907ef8a500c95⋯.jpg (815.14 KB, 2765x1308, 2765:1308, c8907ef8a500c9586b13f7aa41….jpg)

File: df7e661575d4288⋯.jpg (412.87 KB, 1464x920, 183:115, 1486090884902.jpg)

File: 2ddebfb5782b215⋯.jpg (367.95 KB, 1561x882, 223:126, Ld6_tXgrIVIGZI5AsO920f4piF….jpg)

07182c  No.9942[Reply]

A shame that this board got subverted by naziboos and braindead /pol/yps.

This is a question directed to the old fags of the board and people well-read on the third position.

Third-position or fascism can be easily be identified as the ideologues of these ideologies have always tried to search for an alternative between capitalism and marxism or how some scholars have said: non-marxian socialism.

Wich brings me to ask the next question:

Was Hitler a real fascist? or at least a good one?

Apparenttly not, as shown by the evidence.

>Against the mainstream: Nazi privatization in 1930s Germany


Also this:


>It is a fact that the government of the Nazi Party sold off public ownership in several Stateowned

firms in the mid-1930s. These firms belonged to a wide range of sectors: steel, mining,

banking, local public utilities, shipyards, ship-lines, railways, etc. In addition, the delivery of

some public services that were produced by government prior to the 1930s, especially social and

labor-related services, was transferred to the private sector, mainly to organizations within the

party. In the 1930s and 1940s, many academic analyses of Nazi economic policy discussed

privatization in Germany (e.g. Poole, 1939; Guillebaud, 1939; Stolper, 1940; Sweezy, 1941;

Merlin, 1943; Neumann, 1942, 1944; Nathan, 1944a; Schweitzer, 1946; Lurie,1947).1

Before you call me a shill this source was actually used by NEET'scocs back in /pol/ to Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

50 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

1ef033  No.10400


>Clearly, you don't.

Keep acting like a retard

>What a fucking brainlet you are. Firstly communism is democratic, albeit in a different way to liberal democracies (the people play a part in drafting the constitution and selecting local candidates, etc.) Secondly capitalism can absolutely work in an authoritarian system. Capitalism is an economic system - as long as the means of production are owned privately and run for the purpose of profit, that's capitalism. Doesn't matter if Hitler or Churchill or Roosevelt is in charge - all are capitalist. Get this through your thick skull, because this isn't even just me talking, this is literally the definition of capitalism. Your definition of capitalism on the other is just 'liberal democracy'.

>Communism is democratic

It's supposed to be,never arrives to that point now does it?I wonder why…what a fucking retard you are.

>Capitalist can be authoritarian

The moment it becomes an oligarchy it ceases to fuction like a capitalist society that is why capitalism also fails given enough time,and why you ask…because the elements inherent to it become locked only to a few,and not to all.

>lmao starting a doomed war because muh lebensraum cannot be defended mate

>Being this fucking dense and ignoring Hitler's actual demands to Poland,and these being sabotaged by Britain.

Goes to show how much of a one-dimensional idiot you are.

>Have you no self awareness

>Defending an individual,means defending an ideology

Welp,I guess i am also a Stalinist

>Privatisations, cucking to the industrialists, IG Farben, Krupp, Junkers, etc…

Seriously,do you know how to read?Because you have yet to provide evidence for me supporting big business,considering that your only argument is Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

1ef033  No.10401


>You're very butthurt. I was simply saying that particular sentence was unnecessary and added nothing

Putting words in my mouth so you can try to have an argument,and me pointing this out is unnecessary,sure

>I assumed you got your info from this source https://archive.org/stream/WallStreetTheBolshevikRevolution/WallStreetTheBolshevikRevolution_djvu.txt which names the bankers you mentioned. It supports my point

Ironic,considering you are using the book of a libertarian,and expect him not to look at things from an economic view

>But they were? And if you apply the same standard to Hitler you'll to agree with me and accept that he was capitalist

Keep going,keep pretending you are not a marxist,the bolsheviks even allowed capitalists to act when they took over,until Stalin came along that is.

>That's what the source says

The libertarian source,that tries to claim the bolshevisk are the evil version of capitalists.

>According to the commonly accepted definition, actually

You know that people aren't one-dimensional


Ffs,you make the claim i have no self-awareness,and then you claim shit like this.

>I do find it funny that you clearly got those names from some second hand infograph instead of the actual source. It would explain your blinkered view of history

>I am an intellectual,i think only one source exist on the topic,because i never bothered to search.

>What? I'm not? I'm referring to something else, not your argument

You said, that i claiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

1ef033  No.10402


>lol the PRC has good relations with the KMT and one island isn't enough to be a threat. They have enemies in the US, Mao even discussed nuclear war at one point

But the US is,why do you also think the Americans flipped about Cuba?It sure as hell wasn't because of Cuba on it's own.

>Of course it would be independent that's what Asanuma was about. You're just injecting your silly fantasy of the Soviets and Chinese occupying Japan. By the time he could've been the elected the Sino-Soviet Split was brewing too

Fair enough,i will concede you are right

>No you just said something very silly

Can you at least try to actually read what i wrote?Rrather than making up in your mind at things i never said.

I said that Mao had propaganda agaisnt japan,and this was not just because of the Americans,somehow this translated in your brain as "Mao supports Americans,probably because of what Japan did to China"

>1945. That is before 1949 when the DDR was founded. War =/ a state

Revenge still ocurred,just because it happened before the DDR was founded,doesn't mean there wasn't revenge,and some of the things i stated still happened in the DDR

>This doesn't make a lot of sense, many Germans were expelled and how is that really a bad thing as such?

Expelling people from their homes,is you idea of not being a revenge?

>Actually holocaust denial was a thing under Stalin in the late 40s and early 50s

I know,key words being "under Stalin"

>I am talking about the DDR. You are talking about the end of the war which predates the DDR by four years.

So we are both talking about East Germany,good to know for a moment,i thought i had missed where DDR actually was

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

1ef033  No.10403


Ffs,you make the claim that i have no self-awareness,and then you claim shit like this.

1ef033  No.10404


>Yes. How is this hard for you to accept. Sources back me up. Capitalism always tries to make money, even at its own expense.

The sources backing you up,are mostly opinions of the writer of why they acted this way,combined with many action that were genuinely for profit,so a good portion of that "it was just for profit" comes from the author's opinion on the matter

File: b8e386277685c27⋯.jpg (430.71 KB, 1772x1853, 1772:1853, ruins.jpg)

ea3e0d  No.10344[Reply]

Anyone who considers themselves fascist or natsoc is at the moment just tending the small fire for the ideas while we wait for massive economic or societal turmoil.

We are basically socialist waiting for capitalist economic collapse so people will listen to our 'loony' ideas. Feels good to have no legitimacy.

8 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

162647  No.10358


"The future is coming no matter what, but you can decide where"


None of the things you mentioned are guaranteed to happen, not if you stand up and do something about it. Acting by only building solutions around problems instead of eliminating the source completely is a very non-ambitious solution, we fascists should have more guts than that.

If you are interested then get into the tech community, there is already some animosity towards those companies and the over-saturation of tech, very fertile ground.

I personally would love to get into tech too, but my future agricultural ventures will spread me too thin and it would be unwise to get myself into more problems. Shame, I would have love to popularize simple open-source systems with durable hardware, I would love to have a tablet with electronic paper as a screen and a small trackball (Like Blackberry) so I can transcribe information and process it on the field and not risking damage from dust or the thing just draining its battery in a few hours. Or simply tech that it to-the-point and durable, I hate being theater by technology. I would gladly create the demand for that product so whoever wants to do it can experience a nice and easy introduction to the market.

e96022  No.10375


We are not even doing anything

c5daf2  No.10380


I'd go the Ted K route and destroy it completely.

57a71f  No.10381


Ted was probably right. Technology is a cancer.

162647  No.10382

File: f9aa3083b106381⋯.jpg (12.42 KB, 640x597, 640:597, ted.jpg)


>mfw more are taking the TedPill

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