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File: dbaeaf9e3cb0803⋯.jpg (12.07 KB, 300x300, 1:1, IMG_0897.JPG)

a72290  No.11092[Reply]

More and more I think that fascism can never come back just like communism it seems like something that could have only really gained traction in the 20th century. Now am i saying to give up ? no but I feel like we need to come up with an entirely new ideology that fits in with the modern era and i am not talking about the 4th political theory as interesting as that is. It has to be something never thought up or seen before something new something fresh something revolutionary and world changing. But what exactly it could be is a mystery for the time being anyway. But i really do feel like we need something new.

d2c11f  No.11122

Inventing some new special snowflake ideology is unnecessary, we just need to rebrand fascism.

dff63d  No.11136


Fuck off underage.

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

3345df  No.8291[Reply]

Most of us probably already know about him but I noticed that some anons haven't been introduced yet. It's worth it to see the viewpoint of other fascists and have discussion on those views while simultaneously working towards the same goal for society. Post your favorite thug videos and see where we stand on these issues.

Personally I don't quite agree with his stance on a purely non-racial fascism for America but I can see where he would believe it would be too fringe to possibly gain any momentum in the public sphere.

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3345df  No.11068

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Jesus this lasted for 7 hours ffs

73b26c  No.11082


He's also a zionist ZOGbot. I recall running into his shit a year or two ago, and thinking he'd be alright for entry level stuff, only for him to stop mid rant and suck jewish dick and virtue signal for a bit.

73b26c  No.11083


There isn't really any point in that, as you're still stuck feeding a bunch of niggers. The whole goal of an ethnostate would be racial self determination, and having a dark underclass leeching the life out of you in counterproductive to that goal. Every dollar spent feeding them is food taken out of the mouth of a white child, every inch of clay under a nigger was stolen from a white man who might have made it his home. And even at a fundamental level, if they're in the same country as you, they're voting and eating your tax dollars, and of course still out breeding you (as that's a race to the bottom). With the borders closed and the niggers gone the numbers game becomes a non issue, 20 million population across the whole continent? Big deal, if it's all white.

CT's push for empire because empire seems fucking retarded to me at every possible level. Not only does it fail to address nearly all of the problems with the racial situation, it also ignores most of the problems that fall into the white only sphere as well. Regional autonomy and cultural self determination across north America would be productivity and increase quality of life across the board, while preventing a distant and for all intents and purposes foreign elite from shitting all over everyone trying to keep a vast and diverse population of whites happy. Worried about the economy and or military? Set up extranational frameworks for it. There simply isn't a need to shackle such a large population to a central rule unable to look after their best interests. And as long as all parties agreed on a monroe doctrine of sorts, foreign aggression becomes a non issue even without a NATO style common military.

6b2626  No.11085

Are cultured thug and common filth the same guy or not? Don't get mad at me for some reason I confuse them all the time.

4e89ac  No.11090


ComFilth is a baptist while Cultured Thug is a semi Nietzschean fascist.

File: e62786c82f44ff1⋯.jpg (534.92 KB, 1469x1933, 1469:1933, Jack London.jpg)

7c765b  No.8951[Reply]

We all know that Mussolini was a former member Italian Socialist Party, but what are some early socialists who would have supported Fascism?

Pic related. Jack London became a socialist to help the average working stiff, but he idealized manliness and the wilderness while hating bourgeois liberalism and race-mixing. The Call of the Wild in particular is pure fash material.

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da4d06  No.11025


To be fair to Mao, traditional Chinese culture is cuck-tier trash. Just look at what happened to China after he died. And, the elites in China were pretty much poised to turn China into what it is today.

China before the Civil-War was cuck-central, the Civil-War was a disaster, and Mao Zedong pretty much stood over the only period in Chinese history were the Chinese were not complete cucks AND the country wasn't completely on fire.

Mao was right to worry about the bureaucrats in his party and the influence of Confucianism in China. We're seeing the consequences of this today with China not being a complete shithole but them also spreading their crap even into Africa.

Meanwhile, Ho Chi Minh is honestly pretty decent. Vietnam's identity has a lot of basis in rebelling against China and other foreign powers. He also was surprisingly friendly towards America before they backstabbed him and supported the French. Really, he could have been the Asian Tito, and we could have avoided the Vietnam War.

c01b21  No.11028


Can you please expand more on what you mean by China going to shit after Mao's death? Was it pretty much just held together on his back?

da4d06  No.11030


It pretty much was. Or rather, his regime and his pro-peasant policies.

Mao basically unified China and ended the Civil-War period. For reference for how bad it was, the death rates for the Great Leap Forward was the consistent norm of the Civil-War period, which lasted for around 40 years.

Mao's autocracy basically held China together at the time without it becoming the industrial shithole that we know today.

He was constantly paranoid that the party would do to China what the Bolsheviks did to Russia, which was liquidating the peasantry. This is why Mao did the Cultural Revolution. He wanted to 'cleanse' the Revolution of the new elites who he thought would implement crash industrialization and capitalist methods into China. Oddly enough, he was correct in his assessment.

f5130e  No.11051


Thanks. Mao doesn't seem as bad as made out when put like that. A strong leader to pull his nation out of the mire it had found itself in.

What is modern China then? It surely isn't Communist and it doesn't seem Maoist either. Crypto-capitalist oligarchy?

da4d06  No.11054


Pretty much that. Though, I'd just describe it as a complete capitalist oligarchy decorated with red-flags.

Not going to say Mao is the best thing since sliced bread either. The Cultural Revolution, despite the reasons, clearly was the wrong way to deal with party-elites and Confucianism, and the Great Leap Forward was a massive fuck-up that, for a year, reverted China back to its state during the Civil War Period. But then again, it all goes back to what you really value.

Not to mention that, towards the end of his regime, he was ill and so the party oligarchs had complete power. The fact that he never really complained shows that he accepted China aiding the US in destroying the USSR. His ideology also led to the Third-Worldist crap that helped the Left abandon the white working-class, though I guess Jason Unruhe is probably the most decent 'large' communist Youtuber I can think of. (That's not saying much though.)

File: f9112b18b1cf106⋯.jpg (110.73 KB, 720x998, 360:499, IMG_0875.JPG)

File: c046cf1f5b203be⋯.jpg (74.35 KB, 800x450, 16:9, IMG_0876.JPG)

6a7ac9  No.11026[Reply]


In Poland the government is literally setting up breeding camps and encouraging young white girls to breed with the Arab/black migrants. I thought the Slavs would have been more resistant but I was wrong. This is fucking insane they are going into full overdrive they are literally forcing our women to breed with migrants. How long until these breeding camps spread throughout all of Europe? How the fuck can the common population be okay with this ? Are they really that brainwashed? We are running out of time they are no longer just ignoring rape gangs they are no longer just arresting you if you speak out THEY ARE NOW FORCING OUR WOMEN TO BREED WITH MIGRANTS WE NEED TO ACT NOW NOT LATER FUCKING NOW IT IS NOW OR NEVER

ed90ee  No.11053

File: ec8d21112469e7f⋯.jpg (546.18 KB, 1069x1230, 1069:1230, Screenshot_20181118-234330….jpg)

File: ae3319839d4c380⋯.jpg (553.61 KB, 1080x1529, 1080:1529, 20181010_224017.jpg)


I pulled these off my goybook within the last few months, disgusting that they're so brazen, reminds me of the scene in TTD where the jew news caster is foaming at the mouth describing the death of whiteness

File: b1e6fa6aced322a⋯.jpg (28.39 KB, 1200x840, 10:7, DntaVwjWsAAuVba.jpg)

51cf55  No.10944[Reply]

Get out in your local community and start picking up trash. Don't expect credit, just do it. Get out in your community and talk to people, educate them on what fascism is, not what fascism isn't. Get out there and realise that this fight might last a hundred years. Realise that you might only know darkness, but continue fighting anyways, because you are fighting for something bigger. We will save the world and they won't know our names, we need men who simply don't care for recognition and credit. We need men who are willing to live in darkness for the greater good. We need men who will humble themselves and serve. Be a man. Serve fascism.

5 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

5ad126  No.11004




<joking with friends

>not openly stating facts about the ZOG, racemixing, the holohoax, crime statistics, and other assorted talking points in their company

>not really hammering it in that you aren't joking when they think you are and then showing them the proof to put the final nail in the coffin

I mean, this got me a visit from an FBI Task Force Officer, but whatever floats your boat.

106c7c  No.11007


>FBI came to chat

You should tell us the story.

5ad126  No.11009

File: 5bf3ce17249417a⋯.png (525.58 KB, 1026x587, 1026:587, ClipboardImage.png)


>Be me, a while ago

>Wageslaving at local fast food establishment, because I needed money and had no adequate transportation for anything else

>two men, one dressed like he had a desk job - the other a police officer walk in

>I try to do my job - I welcome them and offer them some Big Macs

>They in return say, "No we don't need any food, you wouldn't happen to be Nate Higgers (placeholder name) would you?"

>I say yes, I am

>They ask to see me outside


>We walk outside and the man with the desk job attire introduces himself as an FBI Task Force Officer

>He breaks the ice by asking my opinions on "African Americans and other Minorities"

>At this point I made a mistake, and instead of saying "I have nothing to say" I responded truthfully and spent about half an hour talking to them

>I told them of how I believed racial segregation helped lower racial violence

>I told them of my tastes in authoritarian literature

>I told them of my ideas to nonviolently bring about real change in this broken system in which we live

>I should've known something was up when they asked me about five times in quick succession if I owned any weapons

>They asked about my disdain for surveillance - and my distrust of the NSA, CIA, FBI, and other assorted alphabet soup agencies

>They asked me about my Holohoax denial

>And at the end of all this they took down my identifying information, told me that they went to my house but no one was there, and basically made the point very clear that they knew where I was, what I was doing, and would keep tabs

>They left, I went back in, and I wore it on my shoulder that at the ripe young age of 17 I had been visited by a federal Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

2414e6  No.11018


U.K. anon here. I need to stay low here in the U.K.. If i reveal my political opinions then my ass would be going to jail and i would most likely get killed in those Arab/black filled prisons. It is hell over here do not let the United States become like us anon. It is literally fucking 1984 level shit that our government is doing.

18c36c  No.11032

File: 36c3f4111457fdf⋯.jpg (64.58 KB, 282x388, 141:194, 1542084091486.jpg)


CIA glowing nigger found. Don't ever reveal your powerlevel. Talk without using ideology. The femtosecond you mention fascism the normie's brain will immediately shut off blood flow to the cerebral cortex, re-routing oxygen and blood to the reptillian brain, and the medulla-ablomgata.

Then the brainwashing kicks in and they will recoil and screech "muh racism, muh joos, muh Shoah."

If you want to make a difference just fucking pick up trash, dress up nicely, date and marry inside your race, and vocally oppose degeneracy.

File: f0117d4e59231e0⋯.png (948.79 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, Anchovy_and_grace.png)

File: a4e47bf065ae5dc⋯.png (3.21 MB, 2500x2500, 1:1, Anchovy_and_grace06.png)

3fe9fc  No.10928[Reply]

Have a wonderful Christmas.

As promised, the gift. More balanced and less teasing.

I know we have an intense love-hate relationship. Regardless, enjoy

Grace-chan and Anchovy from Girls und Panzer.

16 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

4ea194  No.11008


This. Finally, someone read the book I kept spamming.

dc7ed4  No.11011

File: bdfa40c405ce75d⋯.jpg (67.04 KB, 461x567, 461:567, Maximilian_I_of_Mexico_186….jpg)

I miss him

A better Mexican than manny Mexicans actually born in Mexico

cac013  No.11013


Which book would that be?

dcb012  No.11016


The board has always been like that.

Sometimes even to my disliking

4ea194  No.11023



You can read the preview for free. The complete book is too expensive though, but I think the preview alone suffices.

File: 60cd5fff111182f⋯.jpeg (36.98 KB, 282x400, 141:200, AFE1B8E8-5647-4A80-91B6-9….jpeg)

c4780c  No.10917[Reply]

Am I the only one here who believes that third position revolution is the only way to achieve change in this day and age? I understand that reactionary politics were necessary back then because the world wasn’t engulfed in liberalism and political systems were salvageable. But I think today a complete annihilation of this dying order is completely necessary in order to break the chains of capitalism and put to rest the illusion of communism forever. Also I consider myself a mix of strasserism,national socialism, and British fascism but what ideology would this line of thinking put me in?

96910d  No.10925

File: c9828b1ac5eef3a⋯.png (447.79 KB, 955x555, 191:111, 322297-dbl99b2.png)

To have change, you must first change yourself.

People are too content to 'vote for change' rather than die for change.

"Traditionalism is the most revolutionary ideology of our times." - Julius Evola

What is left or what is right… What is reactionary… None of that is the same anymore. Looking at the world today, how can you not react in utter dissatisfaction? There needs to be action. There needs to be violence. Or, some kind of despotism to whip the world into shape.

c4780c  No.11021


Just waiting for the day tbh

File: 1388a86f3ac76b4⋯.jpeg (35.85 KB, 340x433, 340:433, images (5).jpeg)

716539  No.1912[Reply]

What's in it for say, some jewish guy who is a lawyer or a mechanic that whites are killed and the world is muttified?

40 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

f4aa50  No.10912


No one is asking you to pull the trigger or push the button friend. Banishing them to is fine. Madagascar is kind of nice though, Israel is a plenty decent shithole. The problem is eventually people will forget why we sent them there and be like. Oh Moshe isn't so bad, Chaim isn't such a bad guy, Avi isn't such a bad dude. Tivka couldn't hurt a fly. Then they let a few over, and the cycle begins again. Maybe that time they wouldn't be so lucky to see it coming before it were to late. We may even be too late now.

So banish them first. Let them do their thing for a while as you consolidate. Using mitochondrial testing to root out the rest of the bloodline from the population and sending them away. Then glass it from orbit.

757e28  No.10940

File: f24906c656d3f81⋯.jpg (732.5 KB, 1488x932, 372:233, Jewish_Parasites.jpg)


Jews are parasites and have been consistently found out by the homogeneous populations of their host countries to be so. Fracturing the host prevents this awareness, or ability to do anything about it.

>“The reason you fight for an open society is because that’s the only society that you can live in, as a Jew — unless you become a nationalist and only fight for your own rights in your own state.”

6bc668  No.10989


Why? They have 0 problem wanting our kind wiped out and others enslaved, so why should you take pity on them? Now is the time for revolution not reaction, reaction had its place in the early 20th century and it was killed.

d3b96a  No.10994

make the holocaust happen "again" and this time hit every target.

d3b96a  No.10995


its simply not enough. also do this for the Kurds and Gypsies too

File: 93f6b9040854f42⋯.png (2.48 KB, 225x225, 1:1, Communist.PNG)

c6dbc2  No.8939[Reply]

What are your thoughts on Stalinism and Holodomor Revisionism?

20 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

5a2ce0  No.10972

>On Stalinism

His unforgivable crime of being a member of the Jewish Bolsheviks, the rapists of Russia, aside, Stalin was an excellent bureaucrat. But that's the only thing I can say about him. He was overly ruthless, purged the officer leadership, and was overall a completely egotistical fool. The only reason Cisural Russia is not German territory, administered by the Reichskommissariats, is because of the capitalist Americans aiding them in their direst hours. And that's a goddamn shame, as far as I'm concerned.

>On Holodomor Revisionism

Retarded Bolsheviks claiming they dindu nuffin when they really did. I don't like the Ukrainians much, but I certainly hate the kikes.

964d15  No.10973

File: a0971e893fd9515⋯.png (2.04 MB, 1423x2332, 1423:2332, IMG_0062.PNG)


>His unforgivable crime of being a member of the Jewish Bolsheviks, the rapists of Russia, aside

This is largely false

There were more Balts who were members of the CPSU / Bolshevik-sect then Jews and even those pale to most members who were great Russians (Russian) Little Russian (Ukrainian) and White Russia (BeloRussyian) and even Georgian

>The only reason Cisural Russia is not German territory, administered by the Reichskommissariats, is because of the capitalist Americans aiding them in their direst hours

Not really.

The American aid in terms of tanks planes weapons etc only began to arrive in earnest around 1943-44

By this point the battles of Stalingrad and Kursk on the eastern front along with the capitulation of Italy and the stalling out of Japan's advance in Asia had already decided the wars end

Zhukov (iirc) wrote in his memoirs that without Allied aid the war in the east would have likely lasted a few more months / a year tops

>Retarded Bolsheviks claiming they dindu nuffin when they really did.

There is no evidence that the CPSU (Which is what the Bolsheviks were by that point) intentionally attempted to starve out Ukrainians

5a2ce0  No.10976


>There were more Balts who were members of the CPSU / Bolshevik-sect then Jews

The Jews were in higher positions, though, and thus ran the show. Bronstein, Lenin (who was a quarter-Jewish mischling), Kaganovich, Yagoda, Litvinov, Kamenev, Sverdlov, Ehrenburg, Zinoviev, and Sokolnikov, as examples, were all Jews who had high ranks or else played important roles in the Soviet Union.

>Not really.

The Soviets still received Lend-Lease in '41 and '42, which still would have been beneficial to their war effort. Given a nail, the horse-bound messenger saves the kingdom.

> There is no evidence that the CPSU (Which is what the Bolsheviks were by that point) intentionally attempted to starve out Ukrainians

The Bolsheviks would've gained from the destruction of the independent kulak class, who resisted collectivization efforts. Even if it were unintentional, which I highly doubt, the Bolshies still covered the incidents up, and let the Ukrainians die.

964d15  No.10977


>Lenin (who was a quarter-Jewish mischling),

Lenin had literally no care for Judaism and by most evidence was never aware of or never simply cared about his Jewish heritage

Bronstein / Trotsky was a full Jew but abandoned Judaism quite quickly in the process of becoming Marxists / socialists

Same with most of the other men mentioned

The idea that they were attempting to institute some sort of Jewish control over the Russian empires territory is foolishness as they clearly cared little for the faith (Closing synagogues / Several wealthy Jews evicted from country)

If we look at pure volume the parties that supported the February revolution not the October revolution (Mensheviks / Labor Party / Kadets) had many more PRACTICING Jews within their ranks (Which makes much more sense logically because of the Mensheviks claims to protect small business owners and small landholders / Kulaks which Jews made a significant portion of)

a767d1  No.10982


The scale of atrocities in Holdomor or Kazakhstan by the USSR is no less familiar than starvation caused by US sanctions. Mass deaths are the tools of propaganda for all opposers. Hearing the pleas of guilt over and over cheapens the effect. Human life be damned.

File: f704afb8a0ce4af⋯.jpg (11.15 KB, 174x289, 174:289, Camp_of_the_saints.jpg)

c75383  No.10307[Reply]

What happen if we lose? More specifically, what happens when the demographic shift goes too far and the West Europeans and the anglosphere lose their countries respectively.

Will there be a mass migration to eastern europe? Will we learn to cope as minorities in our lands? Is an ethnic conflict inevitable?

I know that New Zealand is gone, this is a dead country with no hope for return.

4 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

d45925  No.10353


>5th political theory

I've been expressing this for a number of years now, in a rather inchoate form however, even my father had a talk to me one day and somberly said "Your generation will just have to learn to be a minority, this isn't your country anymore'. Pat Buchanan's book on the death of the west seems to imply the same end.

It's frustrating trying to express this to others on the right, however, as they get butthurt and accuse you of being a 'black pilled faggot'.

25a3fc  No.10354


I remember when the trs guys did an episode on this and somebody starting shilling against them on 4/pol/. The guy namefagged under the name Moarpheus. He's still on 4/pol/ if you regularly visit.

Matter of fact he made a thread about it on the /trs/ board about it.


I think the theory itself is interesting, what else is interesting is how aggressively it was shilled against.

bb0e55  No.10367


The right has an extremely bad case of nativity. A lot of them believe whites are some magical Duke Nukem race who can go 50 to 1 against shitskins and win. When I've asked how they expect to win against a Muslim military take over they have no answer. They have no solution except to be whiter than everyone else.


The issue with this is that the Jews already do that and they already have whitey set up as the enemy. You can't subvert someone who thinks you're the devil incarnate.

039f7d  No.10916



I do agree we should prepare for the worst, but to just give up is kinda blackpilled tbh. If anything the Anglo sphere is the only place where whites truly are in danger of becoming a minority, where the rest of Europe only needs to flip the birthdate ratio.

6457e7  No.10966


There ARE steps that can be taken, but most would find them unpalatable.

(1) Stop letting Muzzies into our countries. We need the Spirit of 1924 brought into our immigration policies.

(2) Stop feeding third world shitholes. They only use that food to grow their own population at our expense so that they can move here and then live off us at our expense. They are worthless parasites and need to be plucked off and flushed out.

(3) Stop listening to Kikes. They have nothing of value to say. A case needs to be made against Kikes without actually naming them.

(4) Make the only legitimate case which can be made, with regards to our limited resources: We owe those resources to our children. We owe those resources to our own people. We need to develop our infrastructure to better support ourselves and our dependents. We are NOT "One world, One People" and lofty ideas from naive people have yet to put food on my table, and the only ones spreading those lies are Marxist and Capitalist (((Globalists))) who seek to profit for themselves.

(5) We (by whom I mean Western Nationalists of all stripes) need fine and able leaders. This guerrilla-like method the "Alt-Right" (before it was subverted) has adopted worked to extend the war of ideas, but every general knows that guerrilla warfare is meant to continue or expand a war, not win a war; wars are ultimately won conventionally, and we are indeed at war.

File: d61cff2919c52e0⋯.jpeg (83.82 KB, 900x506, 450:253, 7BF83019-4EB8-49BB-881A-6….jpeg)

835fff  No.6581[Reply]

Hey. I’m an ancap and while I know most of you don’t take kindly to anarchy or libertarianism I would like to state that I am sympathetic to fascism for a few reasons:

1. Opposition to democracy, which is tyranny by uninformed masses

2. Supportive of capitalism

3. Opposed to any form of communism or socialism

That being said, can any of you please give me some reasons why fascism is preferable to Anarcho-Capitalism? I believe fascism is more attainable but I can’t see any reason why I would choose it over Ancapism. I value individual liberties very highly.

5 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

fb9920  No.6624

File: 92988327c2dff2a⋯.jpg (176.23 KB, 940x788, 235:197, capitalism.jpg)


1. Fascism supports democracy but a different method of democracy. i.e mosley's plans and italian elections of 1929 and 1934

2. Opposes capitalism because there is no free market in Fascism all is regulated by the state apparatus. Some Italian Fascists supported liberal economics in the 20s before the ideology developed and matured.

3. Not true either, Italy socialized their entire economy starting in 1943 so much so some Communists including the head of the post war italian communist party joined Mussolini's government.

You are a total brainlet read more please before posting.

4795c0  No.10948


>opposition to democracy

As a liberal you aren’t?

>supportive of capitalism

This ain’t /pol/ kid

>hates communism

Yeah but there’s lots of left wing shit we do like and if you heard a bit of it you would be screaming “REEE COMMIE”.

d8c905  No.10952

File: 30c4ead3987bc77⋯.jpg (61.51 KB, 640x632, 80:79, 36 Soy Boy Pictures That R….jpg)

File: b734bb97ad4fdf9⋯.jpg (21.14 KB, 520x438, 260:219, Amber Rachdi from My 600 P….jpg)


Capitalism is as destructive for the spirit as socialism is for the body

9bd22c  No.10954



>lending credence to Gramsci, the intellectual godfather of Cultural Marxist subversion

3c4e99  No.10963


Gramsci isn't that bad and actually doesn't have that much impact from what I know, but his analysis falls short at times.

File: 5034bbed6ab4a6a⋯.jpg (12.01 KB, 251x201, 251:201, shit lord.jpg)

641d77  No.10394[Reply]

Before you fags get on your asses because its a kike give him a chance. Rabbi Meir Kahane was a rabbi who ran for the Israeli Knesset on the basis of Kachism. Kachism is essentially an ultra nationalistic form of Zionism and he published a book entitled "They Must Go" which essentially details why the Arabs must be expelled from Israel. He also founded many militant groups dedicated to the defense of Jews and Israelis. While not entirely fascist i'd figure that some of you might get a kick out of seeing a jew with similar values as you.

5 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

dd2935  No.10843


that's nice and not really an argument at all. surely they don't belong in Europe or anywhere else.

hot take: Ashkenazim should convert back to ancient Khan Paganism or Christianity and let Judaism die. if every jew did that, the Talmud would be a piece of antiquated history thrown into the bonfires.

dd2935  No.10844


I also think this should apply to atheist jews and atheists as a whole.

0387a4  No.10850


>surely they don't belong in Europe or anywhere else

Exactly, they don't belong on this planet. They deserve death.

>Ashkenazim should convert back to ancient Khan Paganism or Christianity and let Judaism die. if every jew did that, the Talmud would be a piece of antiquated history thrown into the bonfires.

>I also think this should apply to atheist jews

It's racially ingrained behavior. You can't just convert them to one religion or the other, and expect them to suddenly be like us. Culture reflects race, not vice versa.

c382f8  No.10882


All Jews are pests and enemies of truth, all Jews must be exterminated, I don't really care if it's "Based Jewish Nationalism" or if it's "Fashy" the last time you trusted those parasites with a livelihood they bombarded you with the myth of the Holocaust and the Kalergi Plan, make no mistake that the Jews are all swindlers and parasites who are by nature, the enemy of truth which we Fascists are for, every single last one of them must be exterminated.

664469  No.10919


Weinenger is and will always be the only good Jew to ever exist. Why? Because he was the only one to truly loathe himself for what he was (a Jew) and killed himself once he found out he could not change his nature.

File: c0ca46d501e36c1⋯.jpg (990.82 KB, 1811x900, 1811:900, James_Mason_books.jpg)

33e5c1  No.8914[Reply]

Everyone here is probably well aware of the Atomwaffen Division and their involvement in the occult, but I'm too damn curious about those new books by James Mason. Has anyone here actually read any of the new books by James Mason? What were they about? Are they worth reading?

Also, pdfs when?

Let this thread be about the new books by James Mason. Siege can be discussed in the other threads.

6 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

8b820b  No.9027


One of our members in The Brigade made that, glad that it's being spread around.

I figured this would be a good time to shill so check out our group: TinyURL(dot)com/TheBrigadeGab

43096a  No.9034

File: 8ab2731c2a216e2⋯.png (438.34 KB, 736x404, 184:101, mason feed.png)

File: 79f0d6491d96bd2⋯.png (646.34 KB, 1010x883, 1010:883, fbi top 10 most wanted.png)


>James Mason

Can you please stop pushing this wigger?

This Masonfaggotry/SIEGEKIKERY is just so glowy and it feels like (((neo-nazis))) exponated by three…

33e5c1  No.10388

Alright, gang. I got lucky and found the books on Archive.org:



Now you can read them without worrying about supporting Atomwaffen.

5ff2c3  No.10406


Is this like Siege where he spends half the book telling you all the nazi celebrities he met?

80d206  No.10886

I hate that gritty aesthetic those fascist groups have taken.

File: 67e9cd7b4ddaab4⋯.jpg (17.85 KB, 220x371, 220:371, strasser.jpg)

61a656  No.10867[Reply]

My question is about the private property between Strasserism and Hitler's fascism.

I don't have very clear the strasserist position on private property, it's difficult to find some strasser books, and I think that in national socialism they hardly regulated private property, but I'm not very sure.

Could someone on this board clarify these positions to me?

Because the information I have obtained is too much and quite contradictory.

It's supossed that keynes and his defense on private property was very popular on the national socialist germany, but then I read that they regulated private property.

And it's supossed that the strasserist position promulgates private property to, so where's the difference? in the regulation maybe?

I'm not sure about anything, please help me

d3cf40  No.10868

I was going to post a long, drawn-out comparison of the two systems, but then I figured it would be better for the both of us to tell you to

>Lurk moar, faggot

File: 457f97d2c376bfc⋯.jpg (68.72 KB, 768x490, 384:245, VIVE LA FRANCE.jpg)

16c1e1  No.10789[Reply]

Your always talking about acting, about getting boots on the ground.




>inb4 it's just an excuse instate marshal law

Yes. It is. Doesn't change the fact this is going to be your last chance to fight for what you believe in. Even if we lose we can still bring ((them)) down with us.

2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

e7a7aa  No.10803

>3D print guns

As a mexican I can asure you that gun laws are useless and that it is easer, more practical and yields better results to smuggle guns

>P.D. France, we need another emperor, pls send another one, we promise not to kill him this time

3e80d3  No.10814


Note, never call for violence on an image forum. People will ignore you, and you are liable to become questioned by authorities. Also, the only 3D printed gun is a one shot piece of shit that explodes. The only reliable 3D printed sort of weapon is a receiver I've seen. Either way, doing it on a mass scale is a logistical blunder for insurgency.

e7a7aa  No.10815


3D printing sucks for manufacturing, a mold will do it better and faster

I still much preffer to smuggle guns, too bad it is illegal… FBI

f4feb1  No.10816


Yeah. 3D printing is mostly used for accessories in gun manufacturing so far I believe. In a theoretical situation unrelated to reality at all (yes, mr police man, I harmless), it might be better just to mass assemble dirt cheap AK parts into guns and make IEDs for insurgency. Which no one would actually do because it ends up getting fuckt in the process. Taking anything seriously, I suggest Kai Murros book with the appeal of Casapound.

523a1d  No.10866


>Yes. It is.

I disagree, they might try to salvage it this way, but it is a grassroots movement by the white working class. This scares them.

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