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File: 6173e5f3f9d031f⋯.jpg (54.74 KB, 640x713, 640:713, hitler brown house.jpg)



/fascist/ is a board for discussion of fascism in its various manifestations and, in a more general sense, third-position ideology (e.g. Strasserism). Though this board is centered around the discussion of fascist movements, leaders and ideology, everybody is permitted to post here regardless of political beliefs. Non-fascists and opposing beliefs of all kinds are welcome as long as they respect the rules of this board! To be clear, I will not ban anyone on basis of differing opinions. This thread will also serve as a thread for requests to moderation (there is currently me and two volunteers), banners and general bitching.

Basic Rules:


Here on /fascist/ we want high quality on-topic discussion and threads. Current events generally should go in the stickied current events thread. If a major news event occurs (e.g. war breaks out, major terrorist attack, migrant crisis 2.0, another 9/11-tier event), go ahead and make a full thread. WE ARE NOT A NEWS BOARD, generally speak. We don’t care about what Trump did today or muh Republicans and Democrats. That should go to >>>/pol/.


This means we don’t want here on /fascist/ shit-tier threads which do not foster any interesting discussion or contribute anything of worth. This style of thread will in most cases be anchored or outright deleted. Examples of this type of thread

>what do fascists think of X Y Z

>can gays / blacks / trannies / Jews be fascist?


Self-explanatory. THINK BEFORE YOU POST, make your post count. Don’t just another poster a kike and shill. If they are making an actual argument, attempt to respond. That doesn’t mean no bantz allowed, it just means add some effort in along with it.

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T r y

P o s t i n g

T h e

P i c

O n

S o m e t h i n g

L i k e


File: d78282ce3978107⋯.png (48.9 KB, 714x496, 357:248, qtddot fascist.png)


Post your small questions here and have other fascists answer them

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File: 49a4c0bc5907206⋯.png (201.99 KB, 371x556, 371:556, ClipboardImage.png)


Post pdfs of fascist and Third-Position literature ITT:

The list below only consists of works that I myself have personally read. If anybody can vouch for any other good works, let me know!


National Socialism (NSDAP):

>Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler (Stalag edition is very good, but the commonly available (((Manheim))) is decent.)

>Zweites Buch by Adolf Hitler

>The Program of the NSDAP by Gottfried Feder

>The Manifesto for the Breaking of Interest Slavery by Gottfried Feder

Black Front / Strasserism:

>German Tomorrow by Dr. Otto Strasser

>Deutschlands Erneuerung by Dr. Otto Strasser (in German only, parts translated here >>>/fascist/185)

Iron Guard / Romanian Fascism:

>For my Legionaries by Corneliu Zelea Codreanu

British Union of Fascists (BUF):

>Fascism: 100 Questions Asked and Answered by Oswald Mosley

>Tomorrow We Live by Oswald Mosley

>My Life by Oswald Mosley

>Fascism v. Jewry by William Joyce

>National Socialism Now by William Joyce

>The Coming Corporate State by A. Raven Thompson

Italian Fascism:

>Origins and Doctrine of Fascism by Giovanni Gentile

>CasaPound Italia platform: http://www.casapounditalia.org/p/who-we-are.html

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Requesting Oswald Mosley Marxism 100 questions asked and answered

File: 3875901e734f43b⋯.png (42.51 KB, 670x471, 670:471, astro_w2gw_justin_barger.3….png)


was it legitimate? did he really believe the stars guided humanity or this just a ruse?

(pic related, its my chart)

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I pretty sure we just got taken over my anoar board owner. Goddamnit.




We're being hacked. Go to rules thread on front page to coordinate and discuss it.




>>>/3rdpol/ is a new temporary board


So Adolf Stalin is BO now? Is that why i'm unable to archive new threads? Anyone else having this problem?



Not I'm not a new BO

File: e6a65c3d42328eb⋯.jpg (210.87 KB, 752x1140, 188:285, 05029899e1609143b4af0296da….jpg)


This, although not directly political, is a rather important topic I think. It can also be expanded to discussion about the wider spectrum of eugenics.

Foremost, you have to understand the differences between chronic diseases. Mental illness, bowel disorders, heart disease, ALS, narcissism, autism, or even eating disorders, just to name a few, are all clearly on different levels of 'bad'. Schizophrenia has a track record of being very hard to suppress, while things like Crohn's disease can be stopped with a single pill of immunosuppressants taken each morning, but autism is effectively untreatable.

So, the first question is; how do you distinguish and classify different hereditary disorders?

Naturally, the second question is; what degree of this necessitates what measure of quarantine? From just being forbidden by law to reproduce, to sterilization, mandatory confinement, or even death.

Historically, the main example of something like this is the NSDAP. The problem is, most chronic disorders that are treatable today killed the person as a child and were virtually or completely undiscovered. While it may be worth drawing some inspiration from previous treatments of this kind of thing, with the rapid advancement of medical technology they are mostly obsolete.

Or maybe you do not see any reason for eugenics at all? This would be bit of an off standpoint but I can see some argument for it. Explain your viewpoint.

Picture unrelated.

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Euthanasia is the only humane option.



When did we get so politically correct with simple mental retardation? What's the use of splitting hairs with autistic or palsy or downy? Retarded is retarded. Kill them.



Agreed, as long as it is humanely done. I have a similar view on people who get in severe accidents and will have a horrible quality of life. If someone in my family was turned into a retarded vegetable I’d have the doctors pull the plug or if they wouldn’t I’d mercy-kill them myself. There’s no use in keep these people alive if they’re living a life unworthy of living. Anything else is just emotional floundering



Agreed, we should not kill or euthanize those with mild autism, they could be a benefit to society. I do agree with sterilizing the meat bags though.


Are you unable to read or just stupid? You can't compare someone with mild aspergers to a meat plant with autism. One is an extreme introvert with a high average iq, the other can't even shit properly themselves. What makes you say they can't be of use to society?



<retards can still be of use to society

<chain am up outside and have am push shopping carts. Pay am minimum wage and watch am wipe air ass with air paycheck an eat it because ay're still retarded.

Is a bradford pear tree still good for society because it makes fruit? Fuck no!

At some point in time you will need to put your humanity aside for just a moment to do a right thing for a survival of a species. One more retard is one more mouth to feed that is less productive than a normal person. Do you keep a tire on your car that has a hole in it because you can just keep filling it back up with air and it's still "productive"? No. You eiar fix it or replace it with a non-defective tire. This isn't a difficult concept to comprehend. I know and understand this might be driven by religion or having a family member with retardation or nothing, but you need to get over it. Yes yes, "mild" retardation I can understand allowing am to still live, but what's a point if ay can't reproduce decent children of air own? Also, HOPEFULLY one day we can simply genetically engineer most of ase diseases out of our future children, so much of this might just be null.

File: 6fd45cd117774e4⋯.png (41.41 KB, 1336x733, 1336:733, No_colonies_Antarctica_bla….png)


once our plans are set in motion what will the world look like ? what will we be planning to change ? what boarders will change ? we should come up with a map that shows our planned nations pic related as an example but not the actual plan/s

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It's not independent. It's part of France.


File: 6ff5e0777b4fbed⋯.png (50 KB, 1365x729, 455:243, scenario.png)

This is how i sort of want the world to be perhaps you disagree and that is fine we all have opinions


File: 3f5246db9eb067d⋯.png (68.03 KB, 420x420, 1:1, cdc449a0dab8a02c687a4e03bb….png)


>My country remains independent





>Norarn Texas does not have a significant Mexican population but a significant American population. It would be de-stabalizing to annex a good amount of un-loyal people into a country. We are already taking a great risk with taking ChicANOs and oar minorities used to a American way of life

>And we could not use a same measures that we could use in California to cause a massive exodus since we want a new confederate states to be an ally against a American union

>Also, why is a board on Weeb-speak?



we just got hacked

File: 5231e85021231a7⋯.png (252.75 KB, 681x653, 681:653, fashu.png)


Some memes to keep this board going?

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File: 9218167a8ef6822⋯.jpg (69.46 KB, 551x832, 551:832, 1506015328072.jpg)

File: f4be30ec20fbdb5⋯.jpg (323.32 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, tumblr_n95snu0SPN1ss4dkfo1….jpg)

File: ac48d25916f8dd4⋯.jpg (34.27 KB, 540x440, 27:22, tumblr_pb9u9gVZ6o1ude2dlo1….jpg)

File: 7b465821c42fa1f⋯.jpg (71.53 KB, 435x960, 29:64, tumblr_oruvlw60VC1r2qr2so1….jpg)

Why not

>3 tumblr ones

wew, when was tumblr a better source for fashy memes than half/pol/ and 8/pol/


File: 9a5a35aaea83cf0⋯.jpg (323.92 KB, 768x960, 4:5, 1507986016529.jpg)

File: 04376a4d3bb31df⋯.png (56.62 KB, 1287x744, 429:248, 1519680516531.png)

File: 8cdb41a2963c1f5⋯.png (474.87 KB, 760x797, 760:797, mosley ainsley.png)

File: 90c351f6659b926⋯.png (837.84 KB, 916x630, 458:315, 1520736595509.png)


File: 5bbcec2a0b05476⋯.png (64.64 KB, 580x100, 29:5, 5bbcec2a0b0547616fe7729b16….png)

File: 593303469f0cb15⋯.jpg (71.36 KB, 425x612, 25:36, yuvvv9x5mkmz7uk.jpg)

File: c4e62af10f08f60⋯.gif (6.37 MB, 8944x6126, 4472:3063, c4e62af10f08f60c9afe955a69….gif)

File: 40ecbdd297fb7c0⋯.jpg (153.34 KB, 687x440, 687:440, British_Union_of_Fascists_….jpg)



Theres some Dank memes ITT


File: d41d25af4d7f8de⋯.jpg (46.67 KB, 720x818, 360:409, aku.jpg)


I believe its a shitty parody of this parody here

File: 50de48fa2e5ea22⋯.png (685.39 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, PatriotFront.png)

File: 9d663504daeddc8⋯.png (29.9 KB, 445x498, 445:498, AmericanBlackshirtParty.png)


What's the general consensus on groups like Patriot Front / American Blackshirt Party? Are they the real deal or have they watered down the Fascist stance as a means of appealing to the normalized populace?

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>winning the elections

You’ll never get to power aiming solely at winning elections. Elections are playing by their rules, their game. Of course all courses of action should be pursued in order to achieve power, and that includes elections and organizing outside of government (legally or illegally). Working within the establishment actively stifles radicalism and radical demands.


The best political offices we can hold would be small town mayoral or council seats. There, there is much more direct influence with your community and neighbors.



>Working within the establishment actively stifles radicalism and radical demands.

People say that, but I don't buy it. If anything these ideas have always existed but guys working within the establishment system like Salvini, Orban, governments in Poland and Austria and even Trump to a degree (we need someone far more radical) have actually emboldened our cause. Hitler gained power through the "proper" channels but worked to kill democracy when he was able to take full power. That needs to be our goal.



Obviously I'm not against working with certain establishment parties for tactical reasons, but they will hamper us, especially with how tied up the major parties are with big money capitalists. In the context of America's two party Jew party, I just can't ever see the Republicans ever adopting certain policy positions, especially more left-leaning economics. I don't know about Europe, but the party-system in America is synonymous with the rot. Fascists should be concerned with more than just electoral politics too, the people need educated, a parallel society must begin to rise from the old, the New Man must be built. Idk, though. I've never organized IRL or done much of anything IRL, though I hope to within the next half decade or so. Maybe I'll be proven wrong


The most important thing to remember is, NEVER COMPROMISE.

File: dcc746cb2fa54b0⋯.png (21.09 KB, 1056x773, 1056:773, 1529975533485.png)


what are our thoughts on it ? could it be done ? would it be worth it ?

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I think he's talking more of the idea of a united white race.



Oh. Pardon me

My point about multiculturalism still stands tho to an extant. French culture wouldn't be French if their country was filled with Portuguese, Serbs and Danish people who bring their own culture with them.


Pan-Europeanism is not much better than Pan-Humanism.



This is true,tugas tend to form their own communities and back each other up when possible


File: 442851dc2b74941⋯.jpg (3.3 MB, 2321x3000, 2321:3000, 1481837964569.jpg)

Although I am unsure if Mosley ever detailed his plan outside of his speeches, I am sure that left a lot to be ambiguous for good reason. There's a lot to interpret with several hard points. I believe it was left this way to appeal to both common people and any parliamentarians that had similar plans like a Franco-Anglo empire. The reasoning in why this came about was partially because Mosley knew the British empire was ending and colonies would soon would be politically infeasible. Britain's self-reliance would take a hit, so he envisioned a new idea. Primarily in the interest of resource sharing and trade. In my own interpretation, the rest he seems to have proposed was very similar to his own parliamentary fascism, but done across borders. Essentially a structure similar to EU's most basic form of trade union and oversight, but more relaxed like a league of nations.

File: d4424bd48fead6c⋯.png (98.74 KB, 647x672, 647:672, d4424bd48fead6c496224d30fe….png)


Did fascism fail in Italy? Why did they do so bad during WW2 when one of the core values of fascism is militarism? Fascist countries often have the best armies.The italian economy wasn't doing amazing either. Why was Hitler's Germany much better than fascist Italy? What are the differences between italian fascism and german fascism?

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Hilarious if true, they should have stayed home and sent the germans delicious meals to eat on the front.



Its true,the relationship between italian generals was a shitshow,almost a parody of war.



The battle for grain was resounding success in Italy, as was the battle for land they both symotanuesly aided in employment of citizens and getting Italy out of a trade deficit.It also retarded the immigration endemic in the south, creating stable employment and income gave scicillians direction and income.

Furthermore it was Duce and gentile who espoused Keynesian economics going so far as to call the economic consequences of peace a fascist doctrine, under the Duce public institution and facility got funded on a level considerably more pre fascist leadership(example,public schools during the period of post unification to ww1 and until 1922 Italian schools where funded at an average of 60 million lira, whilst the Duce made it sure a surplus of 400 million would be funded towards educational institutions)


The Duce showed the world a hermetic self sustaining nationalist country can work

>no sound economic policy

What is corporatism and Keynesian regulation?

industrial production improved to unprecedented levels and the pricing of domestic commodities lowered considerably. His tariff barriers where a success too,life expectancy increased and the average calorie consumption per capita also increased.

personally I found the churlish and invective manner you spoke about Duce and his policies to be quite offensive, yes the man wasn't infallible I understand but let's maintain a level of respect when talking about such an exalted individual



Forgot to mention Il Duce was the first to universally implement the 8 hour working and national paid holidays in Italy.

Polite sage



>l35 could literally be taken out with a simple anti tank rifle

So could be all of german tanks till '40

File: b1d78ab01bd8877⋯.jpg (28.2 KB, 480x383, 480:383, ilovedemocracy.jpg)


What are your views of past efforts at constructing a new fascist society? Where did they go wrong, and what should they have done differently (if anything)?

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Depends whether they were institutionalized or not. Aktion T-4. It's likely they would have been sterilized though, see the laws of 1934



It doesn't need to be a good reason, the people just have to believe it's a good reason. It would be easy for french and english people to hate germans because of their history but not America and other nations. At one point, Poland and Nazi Germany almost became allies but the president of Poland who liked Germany died.



>you read all the kinda of shit that the german aristocracy did in Natsoc Germany i ask myself why didn't hitler got rid of them?

Care to give some examples?



>At one point, Poland and Nazi Germany almost became allies but the president of Poland who liked Germany died.

He wasnt a president but a marshal and prime minister tho

He also was a semi-authoritarian and not really a "Fascist", in fact he was a member and a activist of a socialist party.

Moreover Poland was corrupt and elites were packed to the brim with incompetent fools thanks to him couping the gov in 1928 and installing his clique as a "national salvation" government

File: 84ea8ffd5f70ed0⋯.jpg (30.78 KB, 479x552, 479:552, images.duckduckgo.jpg)


So, how would people with mild autism be treated in Nazi Germany?

Since I've become redpilled and done my research of Facism I've learned a lot about it. I however can not come to a conclusion on what the nazi's thought of people with mild autism otherwise known as Aspergers.

To give a little context why I'm particularly interested in this, it has a lot to do with my brother. As a small child he was due to antisocial behavior, (not wanting to play with other children ect.) diagnosed with a mild form of autism. This caused him to have a lot of trouble in his younger years socializing. He however has a very high iq due to his autism and has grown up as a rather succesful adult that will very likely get a job as an engineer soon.

I have read stories of children with autism being killed due to being unable to speak ect. in Nazi Germany, so what about people like my brother? Would he have bin sterilized or killed? Or would the state see worth in him due to his high iq?

I'm not trying to oppose eugenics, I realize that not everyone has genes that should be passed on, but are there exceptions when it comes to hereditary diseases?

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If you have anything to do but defend retards all day I'd love to hear about it.



that's nice, faggot. go Siege-post somewhere else.



>pointy out shitty posts


nigga what? The OP asked a very specific question in relation to Nazi Germany and like two people answered in earnest



Your comment doesn't have anything to do with the discussion so, rather than respond to it, I'm gonna pontificate upon why I suspect you're so obsessed with the mentally disabled. I assume you're discontented with life and you only get through your day by telling yourself something along the lines of "At least I'm not retarded(the word that you inaccurately use to describe all disabled people)" and the fact that the average sperg is objectively more intelligent than you shatters your coping mechanism and fills you with existential horror.

I bet you're really fucking pathetic irl.



>u aren't being praised, aspie? Autists do not understand and cannot comprehend implicit or abstract

And how am I an aspie all of the sudden for pointing out your bulshit? Is a low iq nobody like yourself not able to come up with a better argument?

File: 85af5a067645b28⋯.jpg (100.19 KB, 829x481, 829:481, José-Antonio-Primo-de-Rive….jpg)


Can a falangist tell me what was the relation between the two?

From what i read Rivera seem to despise Franco.Also the fact that Franco just let him die and obstructed any rescue attempt.

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While it's true that Spain just had a massive war but even a few divisions of battle-hardened veterans would've helped.



>Rivera was pretty left if you compare him to Franco, National Syndicalism I think is the name of the ideology he followed.

Thats how you know somebody is serious and a real follower of third position politics,when they call themselves followers of revolutionary national syndicalism.

I also agree Fransisco Franco is an highly overrated leader and his regime was very capitalistic.



So Franco was better in every way?




>Monarchist but in the same way that England is today; just a public figure with no real purpose

>Generic capitalist with some authoritarian aspects than only sank the economy

The only think he did tight was keeping Spain out of the war. The Falange was anti-Monarchist because the Royal family was not strong enough and had very little vision for the future of Spain, look at what happen when Franco handed power over to the king


>Thats how you know somebody is serious and a real follower of third position politics,when they call themselves followers of revolutionary national syndicalism.

You being ironic you cheeky cunt, aye?


I remember seeing videos of the meetings between Franco and Hitler, Franco acted like a puppy the entire time


Got damn techno kiddies

File: 3ea1876e5de668a⋯.png (2.65 KB, 275x183, 275:183, nazbol.png)


can we discuss national Bolshevism ? is it really just a meme ideology or can it work ?

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Lastly you are just mixing arguments: I never said anything about how Niekisch viewed Stalin’s economics, when I was talking about Niekisch I was talking about the specific situation with german communists, I was referencing Stalin only in relevance to Ustryalov, so frankly you made up an argument and attributed it to me, furthermore I never said anything about economics being a tactic. Frankly the topic of economics is an entirely separate deal and it doesn’t take much to realize that any force that stands for the Nation has to oppose capitalism and the rule of the merchant caste. The actual arguments I made were that in Germany Niekisch believed communism could be used for national salvation, while in Russia Ustryalov assessed that bolshevism was inevitably transforming into a national force, something that, by the way, Niekisch also had noted:

No politically active force knows what historic function it performs; the goal it pursues, while armed with its knowledge and will, as a rule of thumb is completely disconnected from its actual deeds. The results it achieves often exist in an entirely different plane and lead down a different path than the idea to which it rallies.


No sooner had Russian bolshevism destroyed the bourgeoisie forms of life than the resurrection of Russia had begun, springing from the depths of its primordial slavic-asiatic instincts.

Hitler Ein deutsches Verhängnis (1932)

Which is a nice segway into the next point:

>Niekisch had essentially sought to use Bolshevism’s power to destroy forces he saw to be anti-national, which are already the primary enemies of the communist dogma to begin with, what we Fascists would call the Merchant Caste, i.e. the bourgeoisie.

Agreed, this is PART of what he wanted, but he formed an ideology around that.

The goal was always National salvation:

In the end “german bolshevism” would’ve simmered down to machiavelianism, utilizing whi帖子太长。点击这里 查看全部文字。


File: 5f9fd7cafc6eccc⋯.jpg (132.95 KB, 500x321, 500:321, wutigot.jpg)

The formatting is only going to get more fucked up, but I'll leave you all with this link where Slavros carefully rebukes


Translation on pic related

>“Other Russia”, “Revolutionary Traditionalism”, “4th Position”

>What I expected

>What I got



It's a work that became a shoot and is now back to being a work, brother.


File: c6f72beccc534ac⋯.jpg (30.3 KB, 640x530, 64:53, anyway-brother-heres-wonde….jpg)



I understand his position but considering he sold out to Azov, I just can't take him seriously.

File: 7e03022edf6f772⋯.jpg (52.89 KB, 500x417, 500:417, indigenous Australians6746….jpg)

File: fc17807180eb97a⋯.png (488.29 KB, 602x708, 301:354, race is real.png)


I do it is the reason i am a race realist i do also believe there is some sort of higher being as well although i do not think it is an all loving god we are probably just it's experiment or toys or just something it has made out of sheer boredom in my opinion

11帖子 和 14 条图片回复 省略. 点击回复查看


File: f0874ee06f54c3f⋯.png (6.09 KB, 462x297, 14:9, f0874ee06f54c3f4a7dedf3c59….png)

File: 9ce52a71ffd0f9f⋯.png (1.83 MB, 1080x6760, 27:169, 364ae0da268c99b6bbb709c0e1….png)

File: 44eb0486c00a869⋯.png (525.64 KB, 1878x9130, 939:4565, 44eb0486c00a8697315eb35786….png)

File: f326711b87a1c3f⋯.png (727.88 KB, 1876x5839, 1876:5839, f326711b87a1c3fbe8bd740ef0….png)


File: 1baffd30b4e7172⋯.png (793.17 KB, 1080x3566, 540:1783, 1baffd30b4e7172d86b6930466….png)

File: d993c3278bfa1ac⋯.jpg (72.64 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, DdK3Wl4XUAALeLx.jpg)

File: 082359459a28860⋯.jpg (212.76 KB, 1309x515, 1309:515, 082359459a2886023fa6e6dd37….jpg)

File: 7cbd15002b00475⋯.jpg (403.85 KB, 1000x1910, 100:191, 485006cc981ec858fdddb83d8e….jpg)

File: 382fb025e9890dc⋯.jpg (250.65 KB, 1368x1026, 4:3, 1463882602872.jpg)


File: b6075e9738e8be5⋯.gif (763.45 KB, 600x400, 3:2, animation1.gif)

File: 92fb72c9b248a48⋯.gif (772.51 KB, 600x400, 3:2, animation2.gif)

Now this study I already posted many other times in this board but I'll post it again because is still very relevant.

The Evolutionary Dominance of Ethnocentric Cooperation



File: fc28bb9f6f79b97⋯.jpg (48.95 KB, 670x600, 67:60, rare von mareez sleeping.jpg)

I'll try to post some more tomorrow

have a good one.


If you don't understand evolution, you're not a fascist.

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