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File: 6173e5f3f9d031f⋯.jpg (54.74 KB, 640x713, 640:713, hitler brown house.jpg)

d3de7e  No.1


/fascist/ is a board for discussion of fascism in its various manifestations and, in a more general sense, third-position ideology (e.g. Strasserism). Though this board is centered around the discussion of fascist movements, leaders and ideology, everybody is permitted to post here regardless of political beliefs. Non-fascists and opposing beliefs of all kinds are welcome as long as they respect the rules of this board! To be clear, I will not ban anyone on basis of differing opinions. This thread will also serve as a thread for requests to moderation (there is currently me and two volunteers), banners and general bitching.

Basic Rules:


Here on /fascist/ we want high quality on-topic discussion and threads. Current events generally should go in the stickied current events thread. If a major news event occurs (e.g. war breaks out, major terrorist attack, migrant crisis 2.0, another 9/11-tier event), go ahead and make a full thread. WE ARE NOT A NEWS BOARD, generally speak. We don’t care about what Trump did today or muh Republicans and Democrats. That should go to >>>/pol/.


This means we don’t want here on /fascist/ shit-tier threads which do not foster any interesting discussion or contribute anything of worth. This style of thread will in most cases be anchored or outright deleted. Examples of this type of thread

>what do fascists think of X Y Z

>can gays / blacks / trannies / Jews be fascist?


Self-explanatory. THINK BEFORE YOU POST, make your post count. Don’t just another poster a kike and shill. If they are making an actual argument, attempt to respond. That doesn’t mean no bantz allowed, it just means add some effort in along with it.


Of course, but the main objective of this board is to foster actual discussion about fascism, third positionism and related ideologies, movements and literature.


Do not attempt to shill your YouTube channel or any other similar platforms where you may have a presence – no one cares. These shilling attempts will result in a several week-long ban. Spamming, depending on its severity, will also result in a ban. Things that I consider spamming are bumping multiple threads within the span of a few minutes (especially old threads) with shitty posts or attempting to flood the board with threads. Discord shilling will result in a permaban.


No degeneracy will be allowed on this board. Broadly speaking this means no unspoiled gore or pornography (though both will be discouraged unless somehow relevant to discussion), no MLP images, CP, BLACKED threads, incel-posting and other /r9k/ and Wizardchan-tier cancer. Degeneracy will result in a short ban or a permanent ban if particularly severe. Excessive avatarfagging is also a temporarily bannable offense (~2-3 days)


>How is this board different from /pol/?

/fascist/ aims to be a board primarily dedicated to the discussion of fascist and third-position ideologies, movements and literature in contrast to a board like /pol/, which is more centered around current events. /fascist/ strives for a higher quality of discussion and a higher degree of ideological diversity than /pol/ as well!

Board log: https://sys.8ch.net/log.php?board=fascist

Post last edited at

c296d6  No.1374

File: a5da924834fd0ae⋯.png (85.35 KB, 624x508, 156:127, 8values.png)


my nigga

54cb93  No.1428

File: e1c0177cdd8c0d5⋯.png (107.84 KB, 800x650, 16:13, download.png)

I'm not a fascist, but I agree with most of the social policy of the Fascists in addition to the strong Catholic influence on Fascism.

44c391  No.1436

File: d13160ef5856e15⋯.png (113.54 KB, 788x641, 788:641, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0d10ae7cabe33dc⋯.png (27.68 KB, 560x490, 8:7, ClipboardImage.png)


Would you say you're a clerical fascist? I should make a flag for that, actually

>tfw I think whites are the most superior race on this planet and I want a one party state and strong nation but the political compass test says you're far left

Shit test tbh

374d64  No.1441

File: 18febd166574426⋯.png (8.91 KB, 250x151, 250:151, 8286AF05-7081-48B3-BA7D-31….png)

May I request adding a flag for the Nordic Resistance Movement? See picture.

Thanks and thank you for making this board.

44c391  No.1442


Adding it now

54cb93  No.1454


That's basically what Fascism is. Far left, collectivist, tribalistic, and protectionist. While law and order are good, ignoring the white Captains of Industry while redistributing their money to white working class giblet heads will ensure the destruction of one's nation and a descent into total deindustrialized rural chaos.

46f66c  No.1565

File: 4d74cfa03eafffc⋯.png (100.36 KB, 718x606, 359:303, polvfash.png)

Heres some board OC

4fab66  No.1762


NOOO, I don't want to get raided yet we are to few to survive that.

46f66c  No.1773


oh fuck please no

36d50e  No.1806

File: 17b7c2084ca5630⋯.png (159.97 KB, 1504x1044, 376:261, average thread on r9k - ro….png)

File: c5de26073d91ebf⋯.png (2.68 MB, 1469x1323, 1469:1323, r9k explains patriarchy ci….png)

File: 303a74b06aa57d6⋯.png (50.95 KB, 1523x625, 1523:625, sjw social justice woman t….png)


> /r9k/ trash

kys friendo, women get the rope right after white knights

7979ab  No.1828

can I we get an Irish Blue Shirts flag here?

7979ab  No.1842

more flag requests:

Ukranian Fascist

Polish Falanga






some sort of Scottish Fascist party flag (not sure if one ever existed)

Russian National Unity

7979ab  No.1846

File: 1cec51814ac9fff⋯.png (56.73 KB, 800x650, 16:13, download (8).png)

File: 07a4d946e21028e⋯.png (17.29 KB, 480x400, 6:5, chart.png)


lol, try harder

44c391  No.1875



Sure I’ll add some flags later today

46f66c  No.2091


You should add the salo republic flag tbh, that flag was amazing

44c391  No.2135

File: 67eeecfac3fc498⋯.png (132.6 KB, 645x844, 645:844, fascist emblem.png)

Please see: >>>/fascist/2134

44c391  No.2249

File: 425c3bd18c78d0d⋯.png (18.8 KB, 143x200, 143:200, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4fe10d5bda1eefe⋯.png (6.84 KB, 934x63, 934:63, ClipboardImage.png)

Where the fuck is the button to anchor threads? Can someone help me out here? I feel retarded asking this but I can't find the button. I see my vol do it

24e420  No.2258


It's listed as [Sage] on your mod options.

44c391  No.2262


Ah, thank you!

a6872c  No.2277



I didn't know we had another vol. Welcome to the team brother. I'm also going to use the report function to give you both my personal email since I feel like the 3 of us are going to need to communicate internally from time to time with regards to the board.

a6872c  No.2278




Also if you all would like, feel free to do the same or send me an email.

44c391  No.2285


I don’t have another vol actually unless I am forgetting I did something. I think he’s just using a tripcode. I’ll definitely shoot you an email, I was thinking the same thing

Post last edited at

24e420  No.2287


im not a mod. just tripfagging lol

a6872c  No.2288


I thought you were the BO for a moment. I should have paid attention to IDs.

44c391  No.2289


Don’t worry man, someone gave me an email the other day and I responded thinking it was you because they had a Strasser flag

44c391  No.2293


Responded to your email btw

a6872c  No.2294


I saw someone had sent their email using the report function. I didn't respond to it since it seemed to be intended for the BO. Although I thought it was a good idea so that we could all get into contact. Like I said, send me an email or use the report function to post your email (so that it's not being publicly posted). If the 3 of us are going to moderate this board we're going to need some internal communication.

b51ae4  No.2470


Has an excellent FAQ sticky but it's a /deadboard/, can anyone clean up that sticky and bring it here?

4fab66  No.2504

BO would you mind if I make a thread about race and multiculturalism, is not exactly a /fascist/ themed thread but some of those thread got ignored back in /pol/, and i feel that some anons would find usefull if we had some kind of database for that. I have tons of studies (pdfs) that argue agaisnt multiculturalism and others that are very pro race realist.

44c391  No.2513


Yeah no problem, man. Threads don’t have to be 100% fascisf themed at all times but race definitely relates to many fascist ideologies in one way or another and would likely be a good thread – especially since race seems to be a divisive topic here at times

a70c38  No.2529

Ban all Integralists. They are kosher, non-white, anti-white and shitposters. Hue monkeys must be genocided.

44c391  No.2530


That guy in the meta thread is especially bad. I think it’s one autistic crypto-leftist with an Integralist flag posting around. I’ll keep an eye out

4fab66  No.2535


>I think it’s one autistic crypto-leftist with an Integralist flag posting around.

It probably is, I have talked to integralists before (my dad used to work in the brazil embassy)

and they are not that retarded.

a6872c  No.2579


I've noticed him too and disagree with the things he's been saying although I'm not going to ban him unless he blatantly shitposts. The BO might have a different opinion though so you might want to see how he feels.

44c391  No.2580


I agree with you for now

a6872c  No.2581


Well You probably know more about certain posters than I do too since you can check post histories. When you can't see a post history it sometimes makes it hard to determine if a poster is worthy of a ban or not.

44c391  No.2583


Check your email when you get a chance

a6872c  No.2588


That post history you sent me is pretty bad. Reads like a shill straight out of /leftypol/.

44c391  No.2589


That’s the main reason I was suspicious. We have people who downplay the importance of race for fascism but most of them are still race realists and don’t sound like full-blown race denialist leftists

a6872c  No.2590


Banned him.

44c391  No.2591


Based. Thanks

a6872c  No.2592


I accidently banned the wrong guy thinking it was him. It was this post I banned. You might want to unban that one if you check his post history.


The "integralist" is gone though.

44c391  No.2594


I unbanned both and rebanned a post by the Integralist poster here:


a6872c  No.2595



84251d  No.2712

Changing IPs to bring up the board ranking.

a54eaf  No.2713

One more time.

7a8375  No.2868

File: cf0975f7eea4472⋯.png (5.39 KB, 800x400, 2:1, Blue.png)

File: 44533fa6ee5a37b⋯.png (11.54 KB, 1200x720, 5:3, Blue1.png)

What do you think about this for our Irish fellas? I don't know which design is right though so if anyone can help me.

And for name, maybe Na Léinte Gorma? Or should we just put it as The Blueshirts?

e33826  No.2877


the bright blue is the correct design and Na Léinte Gorma sounds good

7a8375  No.2883


Oh a BUF guy. Tell me since I have this question, did the party form any stance regarding the issue over Northen Ireland?

e33826  No.2897


well Mosley and to an extent the party called for European unity this was further shown in post war times as Mosley wanted a united fascist European federation i could imagine Ireland would have become part of this European federation since it is European of course think of it as the EU but it is a country and not shit

e33826  No.2898

e33826  No.2902


ah wait forget the federation part my bad

>He rejected any notion of a federal Europe, instead calling for full integration. Indeed, Mosley insisted that a supranational European state was essential to the plan

44c391  No.2991


44c391  No.3083



44c391  No.3243

Someone’s Discord thread is momentarily pinned with the information redacted and an edited in message by me. Some people are obviously not reading the rules and this will serve as a reminder – granted this poster was a complete newfag based on poster history with no prior posts, but the rules I set forth stipulate dataminer shilling will result in a permaban

b59ed8  No.3338

File: ce166a750557630⋯.png (848.53 KB, 820x471, 820:471, fascist meme.png)


I made a meme for this most glorious board. What do you think?

44c391  No.3354


Seems pretty accurate kek. Saved

44c391  No.3382

File: 82c8b70b6948b9e⋯.png (14.99 KB, 20x16, 5:4, Golden Dawn.png)

New flag

44c391  No.3383


4fab66  No.3401



44c391  No.3460

File: 9d96c60715ca685⋯.png (17.99 KB, 20x15, 4:3, austrofascism.png)

File: 285dfb8a9b678b8⋯.png (18.12 KB, 20x15, 4:3, arrow cross flag .png)

File: afd16d7389560a3⋯.png (18.18 KB, 20x16, 5:4, ustashe.png)

More new flags. Let me know if I fucked anything up. I don't know really anything about these movements except for the Arrow Cross and that's only because I went to Hungary and visited some museum that had a ton of their stuff there (flags, uniforms, etc)

e8ba60  No.3464



thank you for adding these we should keep expanding on the fascist flags until we have every single one that will take time but it will be worth it in the end

44c391  No.3510

File: 82d967e20fa0b22⋯.jpeg (85.61 KB, 1217x456, 1217:456, EA311C08-3400-4541-BF94-5….jpeg)

We’re coming for you, /leftpol/

44c391  No.3664

Board rules have been updated

a52813  No.3707


I'm actually surprised this board is thriving like it is and on course to stay that way with lost of substance. I'm also surprised >>>/leftpol is still around, since every >>>/pol/ offshoot I've seen went nowhere.

44c391  No.3716


Despite the uptick in users the quality has been relatively good on average (the /LeftyFash/ thread is a good example right now imo). I was a bit worried last weekend but it didn't go to total shit like I feared it would. Many people have asked me why this board took off and somewhat similar boards such as >>>/nationalism/ did not. The truth is I have no idea. From April to late/mid June this place was pretty slow and all the sudden it started climbing up the board list.

babd04  No.3718

would it be possible to get a Silver Legion of America Flag added to the flag list?

44c391  No.3721

File: 2845335a1dc6f7a⋯.png (2.96 KB, 328x211, 328:211, ClipboardImage.png)


This is their flag right? I'm not sure how well the "L" will show up in such a small space but I'll tinker with it in a little while

44c391  No.3723


babd04  No.3725


Fucking stellar, my dude

bd3640  No.3732

It wasn't requested but I added a mention of this board here >>>/sg/609

I hope you manage to reach the top20 boards and keep it there. The Baath Party and the SNNP are very much related to this board so I see no reason why we shouldn't be on friendly terms. I'll be sure to lurk here more often and post if I got anything to contribute. One last quick comment: Don't believe everything you read about /sg/ anons.

44c391  No.3741

File: 4962460ae3313e8⋯.png (179.7 KB, 455x273, 5:3, ClipboardImage.png)


>It wasn't requested but I added a mention of this board here

Wow, thank you anon! /sg/ is a good board, though I tend to lurk there more than post.

Assad will win

>I hope you manage to reach the top 20 boards and keep it there.

I hope so too, I'm glad this place has grown so much over the past few weeks. I hope your board continues to grow as well, we need more good political content on this site imo

a6872c  No.3758


It's the recognizable name along with high quality posts.

44c391  No.3764


I've honestly typed out more effort posts here than on any other imageboard / board on this site. I'm glad it's turned out this way so far

a52813  No.3881

File: 63733815a275f12⋯.png (13.14 KB, 885x179, 885:179, NOW.png)


Hehe. As soon as we pass the faggot board I'll be the happiest little clam you ever saw.


>Many people have asked me why this board took off and somewhat similar boards such as >>>/nationalism/ did not. The truth is I have no idea.

I can tell you why I like this board so much. It's filling an important niche that has been vacant since Slavros over at Ironmarch got v& by the FSB so I've heard. >>>/pol/ just can't fill that gap, because it's too enchanted with Trump as a new Hitler, a delusion Ironmarch never fostered (as a vast whole) because Ironmarch was primarily Eastern European and every one of those lads risked their limbs just posting on a Fascist Forum from their respective nations, so they were dead serious about it.

46f66c  No.3952


I'm the BO of nationalism, honestly everything in due time,I also created >>>/fascism/ and it stayed dead while other silly boards I created did okay. Fascist was also kind of dead for a while,I am just glad it became a major board,I also like the BO of fascist since we have similar attitudes and I like talking to him, he's really great even besides the enjoyable kuruminha shit posting we do.

44c391  No.3972

File: 3221b79d5c09171⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 156.92 KB, 1400x875, 8:5, 6590DA55-1A31-410C-A455-0….jpeg)


Huh, I didn’t even know /fascism/ existed until reading this. I would’ve preferred that name honestly, but /fascist/ was the first variant I tried.

>the enjoyable kuruminha shit posting we do.

At least I know some of the userbase is as high test as I am

46f66c  No.3973

File: 518e4497c94a0c9⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 978.3 KB, 1088x1983, 1088:1983, 1479417518939.png)

File: ee16be115ee3b0d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 46.67 KB, 474x927, 158:309, th.jpg)

File: f770b4224ac5371⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 197.69 KB, 597x1000, 597:1000, kuruminha_dakimakura_by_ma….jpg)

File: 75f50f55df01a3e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 70.69 KB, 800x970, 80:97, dd21b6d9e045aa22560cca4040….jpg)

File: 83e969f9b2d370e⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 125.41 KB, 479x443, 479:443, 83e969f9b2d370ec93f9929dc3….png)


Yeah i created it a bunch of time ago but didnt really bother even moderating it. Now its a completely dead Board. I barely even go to >>>/nationalism/ anymore(some people post there here and there tho),and a lot of my boards other i dont check(like the x files)

>At least I know some of the userbase is as high test as I am

B….But muh german waifus and race mixing is bad because of the joos

44c391  No.3974

File: 2826f749cb1be4d⋯.png (92.68 KB, 600x499, 600:499, A13D2448-6FAE-4F35-93ED-53….png)


>there are white men who claim they wouldn’t colonize the qts in your pics

The Jews must have turned them gay

46f66c  No.3975

File: d4f7e5b8c66a2ea⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 611.3 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 2161664 - Desenhista_que_P….jpg)

File: 9b24bf04b1d0f69⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 76.6 KB, 836x955, 836:955, br_chan_by_fucktheusername….png)

File: 067fa1f6bb237c5⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 59.69 KB, 397x376, 397:376, 14752539592960.png)


They wouldnt colonize the qts in my pics but would breed with roastie sluths that used to take the BBC because of muh aryan waifu.

What can one even say,not everybody gets to be high test.

18792b  No.3976

File: 45365d12e61955f⋯.jpg (44.47 KB, 560x373, 560:373, 1419891171_365797_14198922….jpg)


>Implying the "qts" aren't disease infested sluts, already colonized by half their village.

ac4d56  No.3977


I honestly can't tell if you are being sarcastic or not

46f66c  No.3978

File: 0113f62d7b7030c⋯.png (59.86 KB, 387x380, 387:380, 1489959317607.png)



Check out this two homos.

18792b  No.3981


>Defending bestiality

46f66c  No.3982

File: beb641f37d81d28⋯.jpg (112.25 KB, 788x1013, 788:1013, kuruminha_by_wilcker-d5x5t….jpg)


Dude i already said i am not gay,go hit on men somewhere else.

ac4d56  No.3984


shiiieeeet i will commit sepuku for my lack of brainpower

46f66c  No.3985

File: 067fa1f6bb237c5⋯.png (59.69 KB, 397x376, 397:376, 14752539592960.png)


Glad to know

18792b  No.3986

File: a32b64b479ed733⋯.gif (1.32 MB, 480x270, 16:9, 1520548688910.gif)

46f66c  No.3993

File: 3ff67fbbedfd047⋯.png (379.99 KB, 2478x1280, 1239:640, BOARD oc.png)

Heres some OC for our amazing BO!

44c391  No.3999

File: 04e7cb1c4880ab7⋯.png (498.1 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, intchan smooth without red.png)



>I s-swear there are good white women out there…f-fuck qt brown girls, they're practically animals…heh

Look at pic related, this could be you with your qt Integralist gf



I love this and can testify to its reality

a6872c  No.4027


I might use this to troll /leftypol/.

46f66c  No.4057

File: 650392c4fc8203f⋯.gif (927.07 KB, 245x245, 1:1, giphy (32).gif)

File: 67e54dc8a225e7f⋯.gif (2.64 MB, 200x175, 8:7, giphy (33).gif)


do whatever you want with it tbh


>Marry a used up roastie goy

>She only had sex with 100 men,thats nothing goy

>Pass on prime brown vagina because of your aryan genes goy

The jews HATE superior aryans breeding with brown women,because they know if we spread our seed enough there will only be half black-half white mixed mutts killing the negroe race once it for all!

So white men,why arent you in Latin america swimming in vaginal fluids from big assed latinas?

pretty selfish and anti white tbh

44c391  No.4063

File: c3ca356e58ba089⋯.gif (3.11 MB, 446x250, 223:125, latina ass weather gif.gif)

File: 8234d9d284401d4⋯.png (10.28 KB, 290x360, 29:36, Race fertility.png)


>big assed latinas

Second best preference after a qt Kuruminha. They're fertile too.

46f66c  No.4067

File: fd1799d5336e9de⋯.gif (1.97 MB, 245x331, 245:331, salma.gif)


>Mi pene,ay caramba!

18792b  No.4070

File: e1fe299afca6539⋯.jpg (334.26 KB, 636x610, 318:305, QT 2.jpg)

44c391  No.4071

File: 91171d0ea0e8082⋯.png (69.36 KB, 266x285, 14:15, kuru 5.png)


Every post of yours ITT is pure asshurt, I love it. Daily reminder that white women are for producing white Aryan children and non-white women for bleaching inferior genes.

18792b  No.4072

File: cfff9ba1ad5efb9⋯.png (25.66 KB, 632x756, 158:189, 1514836983514.png)

46f66c  No.4073

44c391  No.4074

File: 7f347bf9be4aff0⋯.png (104.78 KB, 479x443, 479:443, kuru 8.png)


>anon…I know you're attracted to me, but why can't y-you love me?

>b-because I'm not white?

Get of a load of this faglord

18792b  No.4075


Is that your favorite board? i know you loving the creation of mutts so it dosen't surprise me.

18792b  No.4076



18792b  No.4077


>I have zero self awareness the post

You probably rant about "muh roasites" and "BBC" on cuckchan

44c391  No.4078

File: 640194a3e4ba5f4⋯.png (497.33 KB, 507x500, 507:500, i sleep fascist.png)


>implying I browse that site

46f66c  No.4079

File: c4c4dd05b0bbf06⋯.png (29.43 KB, 338x338, 1:1, 1530767501230.png)

44c391  No.4086

File: d6f98a7cb052ce1⋯.png (342.24 KB, 866x692, 433:346, fascist shitpost.png)

18792b  No.4089

File: cae5ec025f17705⋯.png (183.29 KB, 500x667, 500:667, 642ba54176933e9ad8df9ba677….png)


>lol btfo

Alright you win, guess i was being a sperg.

44c391  No.4090


Kek, no hard feelings, anon. It was fun

a52813  No.4101

I do hope all this talk of miscegenation is fun posting though. Every single mulatto I see is an acne ridden super nerd. Thank goodness only two come to mind, since most people where I'm from don't marry outside their race, but both of them were like that.

44c391  No.4102

File: efc74d363428dac⋯.png (128.69 KB, 1318x560, 659:280, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0c388e06f7729da⋯.png (85.08 KB, 770x262, 385:131, ClipboardImage.png)

>avatarfag gets so butthurt I banned him for two days that he makes his own cucked version of this board.

See filenames circled. KEK

a52813  No.4105


tep jej. What's the name of the board?

a6872c  No.4106


I want to know too. I could use some cringe.

44c391  No.4108

44c391  No.4117

File: 0534ab053e42ea8⋯.png (9.37 KB, 917x49, 131:7, ClipboardImage.png)

/leftpol/ BTFO

a6872c  No.4120


>the day has finally come

How long before we surpass the heart of degeneracy itself? (/leftypol/).


4fab66  No.4121


we'll get raided first before that happens JEJ.

44c391  No.4123


raiding is all good in my book if it ever comes to it

a6872c  No.4126


I'm a vol, if they so much as think of spamming our comfy board, me, the BO and the other vol will be issuing permabans.

a6872c  No.4127


If they raid us we should certainly counter raid them but I say this personally and don't speak for the BO.

44c391  No.4128


If we're ever raided by anywhere we'll hit them back twice as hard

a6872c  No.4129


my nigga.

3ffab1  No.4140

File: 28af692cadbca90⋯.png (10.56 KB, 800x400, 2:1, 1522640720486.png)

File: d5f095c0f82eb87⋯.png (8.09 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 1200px-Flag_of_the_Ba'ath_….png)

File: 483a32d08342213⋯.png (13.89 KB, 500x333, 500:333, 500px-Flag_of_the_Syrian_S….png)

File: 26e606ab406c781⋯.png (3.25 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, libyan arab jamahiriya-119….png)

I suggest including the following flags for Third Position types or those wanting to LARP as Third World revolutionaries.

Juche, Ba'athism, SSNP, and Gaddafism/Jamahiriya respectively.

44c391  No.4141


I'll have them up by tomorrow sometime

44c391  No.4146

File: d8e65ea9a15a653⋯.png (17.78 KB, 20x15, 4:3, SSNP.png)

File: f1cd1148dde5edd⋯.png (607 B, 19x16, 19:16, juche.png)

File: f6a1cd430d4888b⋯.png (17.67 KB, 20x15, 4:3, BA'ATH.png)

File: 7a3b5bcb2686103⋯.png (17.34 KB, 20x15, 4:3, gadaffi.png)



Now added but they take a while to appear so here's what they'll look like. Enjoy.

9cc3e3  No.4149


thanks BO

a6872c  No.4187



a52813  No.4192



22e0a2  No.4197

File: 26ded91e4a4d17b⋯.jpeg (537.49 KB, 800x624, 50:39, 3DC83760-41EA-4FAE-91DA-9….jpeg)



a6872c  No.4239

a6872c  No.4282

Requesting a NazBol flag because memes.

44c391  No.4283


Request granted. Will add it to tomorrow between smug-image crafting time

a6872c  No.4284


Danke mein Fuhrer.

46f66c  No.4323

File: 0f159a9db7f7513⋯.png (71.83 KB, 1324x540, 331:135, pol.png)

>The absolute STATE of cuck chan and /pol/


>Gets instant reply army white knighting her

that site and board cannot get any worse,8chans pol is also almost this bad

cb6e39  No.4325

we have become more popular than lefty/pol/ guys i am glad because we might get new decent members but that also worries me because the normies might take notice of this place and flood this board

3ffab1  No.4357

File: d1d57683c3009e9⋯.png (5.26 KB, 743x498, 743:498, 743px-Green_flag_with_symb….png)

File: b0b0b0db71db92f⋯.png (59.66 KB, 441x599, 441:599, Eagle_of_Saladin_(green_sc….png)

File: 172e98121ea6e30⋯.png (43.09 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 800px-Cumhuriyet_Halk_Part….png)

File: 33d385e6523dded⋯.png (82.38 KB, 1000x600, 5:3, 1000px-Flag_of_the_German_….png)

Some cheeky flags for this post:


Glad someone else see's the DDR as Third Position

Also Azov a SHIT. Novorossiya for lyfe.

46f66c  No.4372

File: 18374f1dee9b91d⋯.jpg (43.6 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, 9113111906_fdf96bfc26_b.jpg)

Islamic fascism

good flag tbh

46f66c  No.4373


also know has "islamic nationalism"/'pan islamism

3ffab1  No.4376

File: e171076c529a2e9⋯.jpg (20.84 KB, 402x402, 1:1, huey.jpg)

File: 8d1a544a9408c03⋯.gif (10.91 KB, 161x208, 161:208, Zbor.gif)

File: ee69f779d4e9604⋯.png (6.39 KB, 900x600, 3:2, 900px-Flag_of_Burkina_Faso….png)

File: 4c73eff4aef6062⋯.jpg (199.99 KB, 350x467, 350:467, thomas-sankara8.jpg)

Here are a few flags we can debate on.

The Yugoslav National Movement was a Serbian fascist movement that collaborated with the Nazis and had a rivalry with the more famous (but less fascist) Chetniks.

Huey Long was a 20th Century American populist noted for his authoritarian hold over the state of Louisiana and his vague flirting with the far-right upon allying with the infamous Father Coughlin.

Thomas Sankara was a Marxist revolutionary and pan-Africanist that has some fans on this board and the Fascist/Third Position movement at large, so why not? (both the flag of Burkina Faso and a pic of Sankara himself are options)

3ffab1  No.4378

File: 0ca5c4a6ed7085a⋯.jpg (93.26 KB, 424x500, 106:125, Nasser_portrait2.jpg)


Another option for Nasserism is just Nasser's face lol

44c391  No.4385

Going to be temp-banning again for MLP shit

7979ab  No.4427

File: 705e20cc7245160⋯.png (110.09 KB, 2000x1286, 1000:643, Chetniks_Flag.svg.png)

File: 1d2fcb22251e4ec⋯.png (74.03 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, 2000px-Flag_of_Russian_Nat….png)

File: 90588d76e84ef1d⋯.jpg (13.42 KB, 300x200, 3:2, s-l300.jpg)

File: 43620c17d3b21ca⋯.png (7.29 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, Flag_of_the_Irish_Blueshir….png)

some more flag suggestions

7979ab  No.4430


Azov sucks but I felt like giving them a flag anyways although I'm afraid they might fuck up the board.

7979ab  No.4434

the reason I use Sorel is because most Anglo and/or Celtic Fascist movements were too hard on Communism unlike eastern ones.

t. Kelto-Nordid admixture, Alpinid race.

I don't even think Pelley here in the US was fond of the USSR honestly, like Germanic and certain Slavic fascist movements. we're too liberal here for us to embrace that.

7979ab  No.4437

hey, BO, since I'm one of the elders here, would you consider a mod position for me since mlpol keeps coming here and spamming MLP shit everywhere. its degenerate and doesn't belong here. sure, anime is fine but clothes on plz, no nudity, or at least some people should spoiler that shit because we love women, but a modest woman is better than some 2D waifu naked. like I said all is good but if someone has a fetish, keep it off the board.

4fab66  No.4442


>Pelley here in the US was fond of the USSR honestly

Tha's because when he was russia during civil war, he noticed that most of the soviet commisars and officials were jews.

7979ab  No.4444


that makes sense, I just don't understand why most American Fascist movements have to capitulate banks so much

4fab66  No.4445

File: 93f3f984ea0cf29⋯.jpeg (18.68 KB, 446x339, 446:339, th.jpeg)


>American Fascist movements have to capitulate banks so much

Of course, should have learned from andre jackson

7979ab  No.4446


he wasn't a Fascist, he was pre-Fascism. but yeah he hated the Federal Reserve and I think today if they took him off the 20 dollar bill he'd be relieved. although what I was trying to get across is that Liberalism (classical early on, neo later on) permeates through the Presidential candidacy (except for Debs and maybe Long) and Socialism is still a scary word for most of us. not me but still.

7979ab  No.4447

the only reason I hated Sanders is because he was a kike.

7979ab  No.4448

Metzger and Yockey were the only NS folks in the US that flirted heavily with Socialism in America since Pelley and Rockwell, and are/were much superior to the latters. unfortunately I find most Strasserites too soft on Ethnonationalism and too soft on the kikes.

btw did Park Hung-Chee have his own flag?

44c391  No.4457

File: 32fab63f3da0a32⋯.png (350.63 KB, 587x829, 587:829, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2f2eacb23ae93c3⋯.png (329.05 KB, 591x829, 591:829, ClipboardImage.png)

Filter / without filter

I wish I could make it a little smugger. Though I'm pretty pleased overall. It's technically not done since it was full body but I'm having issues with that

44c391  No.4458


I will probably tinker with the expression a bit

3ffab1  No.4464

Would a fitness/self-improvement general be accepted?

44c391  No.4467


There was an earlier thread if you want to use that that didn’t get too far. I have no problems with them

8c4cdf  No.4647




Who is this slut?

8c4cdf  No.4648



Oh, I see. ew

44c391  No.4649


Kuruminha, the mascot of BRchan. She’s became somewhat of a meme somehow on here partially on my own doing

46f66c  No.4662


Just came here to say that >>>/fascism/ is back on business.I got my board back after talking to the 8chan moderation.

Everybody is welcome to come there,i dont mind if people also shill /fascist/ there.

With that being said,i hope /fascist/ continues to have sucess.

Cheers everybody

44c391  No.4818

>wake up

>fresh National Socialist butthurt over my shitty photoshop art

I love Integralist-chan more every day

43194c  No.4825

File: fff25be52bc2654⋯.png (20.56 KB, 1160x772, 290:193, Germany (1).png)

which ideolagy would fuhrerreich's valkism be based off the most ?

>Valkism (an FR equivalent of fascism) is a far-right ideology that promotes neopaganism, antimonarchism and cultural (not genetical like national socialism) pan-germanism and nationalism in general. It is also rather progressive, for once it advocates full equality of women.

it cannot be based off of regular fascism because fascism does not hold progressive views does it ? or this might sound a little silly but has fuhrerreich accidentally made a new third position ideology ?

eb387a  No.4826


Civic National Socialism

e8db25  No.4835

Is the 8ch shitting the bed today for anybody else too today?

I swear i cant make a single post today, it all hangs at "posting"

44c391  No.4839


It's being pretty slow for me too starting from last night

44c391  No.4897

File: 5de0f955ce0f005⋯.png (178.08 KB, 917x466, 917:466, ClipboardImage.png)

Kek even /leftpol/ hates her

e06bf6  No.4928

File: 55152b8afe8be91⋯.png (588.46 KB, 640x960, 2:3, the future integralists wa….png)


Wew, the huegirl somehow manage to be even worse than the american one.

e06bf6  No.4929


>101 posts itt

>most talking to self or about self

>the kid who make the mudgirl

wew, just wew

44c391  No.4930


100 or so posts from March isn’t that that bad. I mainly use this thread for things slightly related to the board / offtopic shit. Sorry if it bothers you anon

7979ab  No.4974


I dunno, I'd bang Brittany but I'm wearing a rubber. don't want VD

7979ab  No.4975

had to hide the username because I went on /b/ once a little bit ago to stir up trouble. polite sage because double post.

7979ab  No.4991


Comparing /leftypol/ to /leftpol/ is comparing shit to diarrhea. Also wanted to remark that shilling anti-Americanism is stooping to the level of those shit holes. Just a personal opinion imo. And yes I'm from the US, before anyone asks.

44c391  No.4992


>shilling anti-Americanism

Anti-Americanism in what sense of the term? In regards to our country’s foreign policy decisions and way it behaves itself on the world stage and many of the actions of our government, fuck America. I’ve seen posts on /leftypol/ basically saying all Americans are reactionary and devoid of revolutionary and should basically be killed – something which I find pretty disgusting honestly, even as a “meme” or a “joke”.

7979ab  No.5027


Oh our foreign policy is definitely fucked up, no doubt. I will agree with you on that one. The latter part is mainly what I speak of.

46f66c  No.5055

File: 390017033737da1⋯.png (623.8 KB, 1024x957, 1024:957, 390017033737da1939fdeb64bb….png)

File: 66009149c8b1539⋯.gif (1.47 MB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1531392256794.gif)

File: 2cab3eb66ec2fe0⋯.jpg (157.61 KB, 501x504, 167:168, 1531394923035.jpg)

File: f3df2dad40fa3a8⋯.png (22.78 KB, 675x507, 225:169, f3df2dad40fa3a8decb91b46da….png)




>fuck America

this tbh.

3886ff  No.5064

File: 55250f443d28fdf⋯.png (5.66 KB, 117x128, 117:128, intermarium emoji.png)

File: 78ed76bfe5c5401⋯.jpg (55.09 KB, 600x406, 300:203, intermarium eee.jpg)

Requesting an Intermarium flag.

e8db25  No.5066

File: b5c86ac6cce0010⋯.jpg (162.31 KB, 859x560, 859:560, tumblr_ohtma6fSHO1t3v9ozo1….jpg)

File: 2b035b556013037⋯.png (2.73 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, black_polish_onr_f_wallpap….png)


>intermarium flag

>while there is still no "National Radicalism" flag (Polish Falange)

Come on laddie

44c391  No.5112


Probably either the age of the post or you having forgot the password for the post. If you want me to delete it just link it here and I can take care of it for you

e07510  No.5127


It would be these three posts. Sorry about the format.




44c391  No.5130


Deleted. No problems

7979ab  No.5418


Lewds….oh boy. she's cute but honey, keep clothes on unless in my bedroom, k?

7979ab  No.5420


that's fucked up.


if I were you I'd ban for just d&c bs.

7979ab  No.5421

oh wait, I'm confused…

7979ab  No.5422

also when are we getting a Chetnik or Yugoslav National flag?

7979ab  No.5423

sorry for quad posting I'll be on my way

4cc462  No.5424

a6872c  No.5493

How do we raise our userbase and PPH back to where it was?

44c391  No.5497


I was just offering my thoughts on that in another thread >>>/fascist/5496 . If we have to allow a little bit more discussion of news, I'll allow it. I didn't touch on this in the other post but I wonder how doing discussion threads for particular short works would go, provided we could get enough interested users (3-5 maybe)

44c391  No.5524


Make sure to check it out, vols especially. Going to be trying to enforce this from here on out

a6872c  No.5532


Vol here. Don't feel like turning on my tag. Anyway, read it. Sounds good.

a6872c  No.5534


Also what would you think about maybe implementing a minimum of like 15 characters for new posts to encourage better quality threads?

44c391  No.5537


If you happen to look at the board log, don’t worry I’m not going crazy I’m just finally purging a bunch of shitty threads


There’s currently a 25 character minimum. Wonder what I should set it at, 100? I’ll have to think, feel free to add your own input

a6872c  No.5545


Yeah I saw you talk about it in the other thread. I'm also glad you added a rule about YouTube shilling.

982586  No.5548

File: 24a298fa5ab37e0⋯.jpeg (683.88 KB, 1242x2059, 1242:2059, 5F8F9691-0449-4513-ABD5-6….jpeg)

Okay, I’m done now kek

982586  No.5551


ID changed, weird

7979ab  No.5592

File: 2dd62057ed5f439⋯.jpg (18.79 KB, 254x285, 254:285, 2dd62057ed5f439e4889f809c2….jpg)



7979ab  No.5599

Board Owner, you can delete those posts above this, the other BO gave me the green light since the old thread was a casualty of last night's mass deletion and wasn't a bait thread. thanks in advance.

7979ab  No.5785

anyone have specifically any English translations of Ernst Von Salomon's books

797fca  No.6018

File: 3ea1876e5de668a⋯.png (2.65 KB, 275x183, 275:183, nazbol.png)

File: af6d211cd1579f4⋯.png (2.28 KB, 200x133, 200:133, Flag_of_the_Eurasian_Youth….png)

I am requesting that the national Bolshevist and Eurasian flag is added to the flags list please

44c391  No.6019


I’ll add the flags tomorrow

797fca  No.6020


thank you

797fca  No.6022


seriously though you are a really good BO i am glad you are running this place you would make a strong leader

000000  No.6091


This.If he was our leader of the new fascist international every Blackshirt would have his very own Cutie3.16 Brown Kuruminha Waifu.

I cant wait,heil the BO,heil our people,heil the superior mestizo women.

44c391  No.6096

File: 12d9a9320af3734⋯.png (193.53 KB, 519x1000, 519:1000, 86201BB9-CD29-491C-977B-93….png)


>every Blackshirt would have his very own Cutie3.16 Brown Kuruminha Waifu.

>heil the superior mestizo women.

I can vouch for these statements.

000000  No.6103


It is know my dear friend that RIGHT before Gandhi died,in his "deathbed",he leaned in to one of his followers and whispered this final words:

>Dude like honestly Latina pussy is the best pussy,i want to hit that shit to be honest

Wise words from a great men of history.

They TRY to keep the real history off the books,they try to shame us but they never will.

It is well know that:

>Napoleon Bonaparte had an affair with his maid straight up from Brazil(bought her from one of us),he was quoted saying -"dude that ass is fine has fuck,i am going to invade Russia just for her dude,nothing is too much for that godness"

>Adolf hitler in 1944 was quoted saying:"The aryan Frau is one of a fine species,but the superior untermensch Latina Mestiza is still a much better women and superior female,that's why i plan on flying over to latin america if things go bad"

>Benito Mussolini in 1934-: "the BEST sex i ever had was with a brown skinned Half Ethiopian-Half Italian chick"

>Julius Cesar was in love with cleopatra an egyptian delicious arab women with a tight body and a great persona

>Jesus christ IN HIS VERY OWN WORDS,said to one of his disciples right before he was crucified-"i know i am not supposed to have sex father for i am of pure soul but if i had to do it,it would certainly mostly be with a superior brown women instead of those roman thots"


44c391  No.6105

File: ad30857eece6d8f⋯.jpeg (39.34 KB, 330x327, 110:109, C7DC30D7-D235-462F-A36C-7….jpeg)


(((They)))’re trying to hide the secret to the Übermensch…all this evidence, yet such obscure knowledge. Find a qt brown girl and fight ((them))) today

000000  No.6109


Anon but the struggle,one?Just one?

How will i ever be able to not give away my aryan pale white body to has many UberFraus Brownwomen as possible so they all take turns using me has their personal human sex toy?

I cant do it anon,i wish i could just find that one perfect kuruminha and settle down but i just cant anon i just cant,i will never be fully loyal to just one for how can a men even resist such multiple beauties?

Keep the fight brother

Heil the white race

Heil Brown women

>We must secure the existence of our people and a future for brown kuruminhas


44c391  No.6112

File: 453ed3294ddf254⋯.png (314.9 KB, 559x774, 13:18, 4D5999E5-0D0B-45CC-867B-49….png)


>how can men even resist such multiple beauties?

“”””men”””” would look at pic related and claim to find no attraction, but a true fascist high test man knows his natural desires and pursues them with vigour.

>Keep up the fight brother

The same for you, fellow high test male.


000000  No.6114


>“”””men”””” would look at pic related and claim to find no attraction

They don't find any attraction because the pic related isn't a giant veiny Cock

> but a true fascist high test man knows his natural desires and pursues them with vigour.

>The same for you, fellow high test male.

Alright high test comrade in arms,well talking to you


44c391  No.6117


>well talking to you

Based as always, my friend

4fab66  No.6314

Did we just got hacked?

81efa9  No.6315


I thought it was just a mistake in a system oh well i guess this website is Japanese now

4fab66  No.6316


so, you know whats happening?

Why it does say comrade instead of blackshirt?

what a fug?

81efa9  No.6317


Oh shit i never noticed that i only noticed most of a texts being turned to Japanese we very well may have been hacked BO are you are ? we need answers

4fab66  No.6319


Yeah and one of a pinned threads dissapered

and did you notice a red letters?



a8e704  No.6320




(Former?) Mod here. I've been locked out of my 8ch account. I think we've been hacked for sure. Notice how a topic of a board is now listed as Marxism.

4fab66  No.6321


So, what do we do now?

a8e704  No.6323


I have no way of contacting BO oar than his 8ch email - which I assume was also hacked. I emailed a oar mod that I know to see if he has any ideas.

a8e704  No.6324


Someone put in a word filter on a word Oth-er for some reason. . .

81efa9  No.6325


Do you think it was ((am)) ? oh god please do not delete a board

81efa9  No.6327


what a fuck i put ((am)) not ((am))

4fab66  No.6328


it must be a filter

a8e704  No.6330


It was probably eiar leftypol, stormfags, or liberty.


Yeah who ever is doing this is filtering commonly used words to make our board unusable.

81efa9  No.6331


yeah i think so am ((am)) am ((am))

81efa9  No.6332



81efa9  No.6333


But why would ay ? we have done nothing to t h e m are ay just genuinely assholes ?

da4211  No.6334

Well, I guess I will study instead of wasting time shitarchiveing

Silly people, Machiavelli said that if you are going to attack do it to kill, else you are making your enemy stronger


Guess we were important enough, I appreciate a effort

4fab66  No.6335


It doesn't matter who was behind this shit

But i hope a BO to do nothing

81efa9  No.6336



for fuck sake a captia is changing every few seconds

4fab66  No.6337


*a BO to do s o m e t h i n g

a8e704  No.6338


Just stop archiveing for a bit and hope eiar me or Murica is contacted by BO. BO should still have both of our gmail accounts.

Hope are is a way to fix this.

da4211  No.6339



















a8e704  No.6341


Well fuck. Is it doing that to all archives now?

da4211  No.6342


No, but are is no word detection if you write that way. I am currently testing ways of getting around a limitations

Example, caesar cypher in order to get around word detection:

Jr pna nyfb hfr n pnrfne plcure gb cbfg sbe abj, gurer ner znaal bayvar gbbyf Jrer gurer'f n jvyy gurer'f n jnl

26e8e7  No.6345

So… What now?

81efa9  No.6346

Guys we are at a full mercy of this hacker what if t h e y delete this board ? will we have to make anoar one ?

26e8e7  No.6347


I guess that's a plan.

Has s o meone checked a claims to see if we were "inactive"?

a8e704  No.6348




Mod here. Trying to contact oar board BOs. Making new board atm just in case. Give me some time to figure this out. btw call me Egor.

81efa9  No.6349


Thanks Egor

a8e704  No.6350






Egor here. New temporary board is >>>/3rdpol/

Hope it works. I don't really know what I'm doing.

81efa9  No.6353

As we can all see our beloved board has been hacked we do not know who has done it but t h e y have left a hint (pic related) also our BO is nowhere to be found

here is a alternative board until this mess is fixed


I have also made threads on a leftest boards asking am to explain amselves as expected ay are replying with childish insults



God speed broars hopefully this gets fixed soon

81efa9  No.6354


nevermind about a pic it seems ay have disabled pics

c45710  No.6359


T r y

P o s t i n g

T h e

P i c

O n

S o m e t h i n g

L i k e


a6872c  No.6397

File: e10864cf0ae73f3⋯.jpg (18.35 KB, 439x290, 439:290, Jewish tricks.jpg)


How do we know the new owner of this board isn't the old BO?

How do we know this isn't another splitting attempt?

How do we know this isn't an advanced PSYOP?

If the "new" BO is infact genuine and isn't just the old BO don't take it personally that you're being questioned but we've been tricked so many times now that I think you'd understand if we were skeptical.

2572cf  No.6399


In all honesty i think it would have been best if we had just left this board behind and focused on /3rdpol/ this will most certainly split the community again which is something that goes very against fascism since fascism is all about absolute unity to the new BO if you are reading this i think it would be better if you just save any leftover assets on here transfer it to /3rdpol/ and then delete this board and come over to /3rdpol/ but ultimately it is up to you and Egor to determine

what will happen i am just stating my opinion on the situation

a6872c  No.6401


I think he should hand the board over to Egor.

a52813  No.6403



I, too, would say give the board to the single BO. I would also say keep this name, as it's far more recognizable than 3rdpos, 3rdpos being a much more obscure title.

ad41e6  No.6404

File: 0d26bc6d3711913⋯.jpg (33.91 KB, 608x477, 608:477, 7b8024212678fd9f01b59f904c….jpg)


ad41e6  No.6405

File: c86760ddcdf204a⋯.gif (756.16 KB, 300x189, 100:63, 1479861223299.gif)


Wrong file.

ad41e6  No.6406

The old BO should apologise for being Marxist trash!

a52813  No.6407

When will thread posting be allowed? You still sorting out the issues from whoever rekt the board the first round?

3b877b  No.6408

Please direct all /meta/ questions to the following thread on /3rdpol/ for the time being:


a6872c  No.6416


I don't even care if he changed his ideology since that's his choice but he should definitely apologize for nuking the board like a nigger and then coming back like a week later to start /3rdpos/ and try to split the community like a big faggot.

7979ab  No.6433

BO, would kindly add those flags already, Mein Fuhrer?

e7e5d5  No.6464

Now that we have our home back how should we present ourselves again?

a6872c  No.6468


What do you mean?

e7e5d5  No.6485


How are we going to get users again? Many of us left after the hack and didn't follow to /3rdpol/. We need our comrads back.

e5da20  No.6492

File: a183f99396a60b4⋯.png (588.15 KB, 750x826, 375:413, ClipboardImage.png)

This whole board needs to be deleted.

9e0f83  No.6494

File: 2fb7c29b16ad8d2⋯.mp4 (1.9 MB, 480x360, 4:3, The_state_of_leftypol_2.mp4)

e5da20  No.6500


Baseless implications dont make you any whiter. Look around your board, you are all larping anti-white mutts who don't know what fascism is.

a6872c  No.6553


We need to get new users. Speaking of which if anyone has the /fsg/ copy pasta from half chan I've been thinking about making some of those threads so I can low key recruit some new people from those threads.

>inb4 don't recruit from halfchan

/fsg/ is where the few non-shit posters tend to go when those threads are up.

b37340  No.6567



Correct me If I am wrong but didin't italy add racial laws in 1938 ?

a48b66  No.6568

File: 8b5620be4d7c81d⋯.png (171.56 KB, 680x566, 340:283, autismo.png)

File: feae26e04401ec9⋯.png (451.53 KB, 632x758, 316:379, jej.png)



It would be very nice of you to not post again around here, your kind isn't appreciated.

da4211  No.6569

File: 22029777509f13e⋯.png (19.34 KB, 379x205, 379:205, 1436142547962.png)


I demand a quick rundown

Who's the BO?

4fab66  No.6570

File: d5c27398e962cea⋯.jpg (118.28 KB, 1365x1024, 1365:1024, italy race.jpg)



I would suggest /nsg/ but sadly they are always radied just like the /sg/ threads.


>implying that you know what fascism is


yes italy did had racial laws

That's why I dont like newer fascist who cuck when it comes to race.

4fab66  No.6571



a6872c  No.6600

Is the new BO here? I haven't heard much from him since /fascist/ came back.

4fab66  No.6617


Egor should run the place tbh

a6872c  No.6618


I'm wondering if the new BO is MIA at this point. Haven't heard anything from him. If this board goes back into the public domain Egor better get it quick. Either that or one of the users here so it can be handed off to him. We don't want /liberty/ or /leftypol/ snatching it up and fucking it for good.

4ce2e4  No.6619


I'm here everyday I simply take a hands off, Jupiterian approach. Do you have anything specific you'd like me to address? I assure you, I am not MIA nor is this board in any danger of being claimed.

a6872c  No.6625


Fair enough. Glad you're here.

da4211  No.6629


There were some things I said to Egor that worried me about the future of the board –then /3rdpol/–, but the same things apply here.

My main concern are Leftist and Liberal subversion and using this place as a space for escapism and not action (fascism is about action, not intellectualism).

Basically the place turning into a bootleg /pol/ and not what we hopped for

46a859  No.6631


Action? In what sense? I'm afraid an image board open to the public with no vetting where anyone can post anonymously isn't the best the place to discuss plans regarding the taking of action.

da4211  No.6633


Not revolutionary social action, but to act according to what you believe, on the individual level. To not just talk about the übermensch or the virtues of the fascist man, but to become the übermensch and the fascist man, a fat weeb talking about how modern life has taken away the meaning of his life is a hypocrite.

I don't say that we should conduct interviews with every IP that enters here, but that threads that are obviously power-fantasies or made up by complete spergs should not be allowed.

Go to either /pol/ and you will find threads like « Why don't we just nuke X? », « When will X do Y? », « Should we torture and exterminate X group of people? ». These threads are meant to be power-fantasies, a way for users to escape their reality, are unrealistic as usually include an ability that the users do not have and amount to nothing. Threads should be a place for discussion and always result in a change from the user. Maybe a thread about fascist art will make some more artistically sensitive and maybe even create art of their own in order to make their vision a reality, a thread about State-enforced fitness could make manny Anons start working out following the ideals they and other users created in such threads, etc.

If we don't set up rules and enforce them then the rule of majority will

46a859  No.6635


I have no issue with self improvement threads, diy and hobby threads. Feel free to make them.

da4211  No.6719


What I mean is this:


>>6535 >>6497 >>6548 >>548 >>6701 >>6669 >>6630 >>1062 >>65


>>6102 >>5598 >>3709 >>6451 >>6466 >>6611 >>6667





While not all threads are shit – manny are just badly set up but evolved into something good –, there must be active QC from the beginning, else we will turn into another shitty /pol/. We must make it clear what the board is about and have users either follow it or face consequences, there must be a clear order when doing things and users should be expect to create posts of a certain quality

c29999  No.7036

File: db1308fa3189d7b⋯.png (376.29 KB, 656x614, 328:307, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b663ee6ae666f96⋯.png (30.75 KB, 125x151, 125:151, ClipboardImage.png)


In school they always said I look like pic related.

Made me proud….

7979ab  No.7218

File: 27e7b1c198a277b⋯.jpg (4.35 KB, 150x220, 15:22, download (17).jpg)


I have a Red Pope look about me

7979ab  No.7268

posting this in general because either someone from /pol/ or /leftypol/ keeps derailing threads by attacking me

I already reported his ass to the BO.

9898c6  No.7282


Put your feet on the ground and your head out your ass and realize that people “””attack””” you not because “le /pol/ boogeyman is afraid DDD:<” but because you act and post like an autist.

Your incapability of realizing this yourself only serves as proof. No one cares about the video-games you inject your fantasies into, your posts are always insultingly simplistic and shallow so your contributions are next to non-existent, your posting-practices (double posting) are annoying and lack self-awareness, you get overly defensive when anyone calls you out, you constantly ignore other Anon’s demands to improve by using basic-whore excuses and justifications, you are a tripfag which only gives a face to your character and put yourself into a very high standard even when (I suppose) knowing all the problems you have.

This is hard for me to say all of this, drama will get us nowhere, but Someone has to tell you all of this. If I did not cared about the board and the Anons in it then I could just ignore you, but the opposite is true

7979ab  No.7299


that's cool and all but I actually AM autistic. do you think attacking someone for having a disorder (especially in the fascist movement, as small as it is) is going to you any favors. I have an ISP from over 20 years ago documenting it. if you don't like my threads, don't respond. you have free will not to respond. if it bothers you so much, go somewhere else. nobody is forcing you to stay here. and since you like throwing around insults, tu madre, spicboy.

we even now?

da4211  No.7304


I don't call you out for the disorder, but your actions.

>if it bothers you so much, go somewhere else.

And if you don't like migrants in Europe and the United states then go somewhere else.

> tu madre, spicboy.

Ad-hominem, attacking the character instead of his actions

You turn into a liberal in order to justify your actions, that is called hypocrisy. I suppose that you do not de that consciously, but ignoring the problem even when done with good intentions can be also called escapism

4fab66  No.7338

File: 699a1ac7d882160⋯.jpg (12.35 KB, 192x200, 24:25, 1467682602013.jpg)


this shitposter is on a rampage

129857  No.7359

This board was created by a Brazilian mutt who became a communist? You can't make this shit up.

4fab66  No.7361


>Brazilian mutt


355419  No.7364


Our traitor BO was a mixed race Brazilian ?

a6872c  No.7368


I know he wanted to fuck Brazilians but I didn't know HE was a Brazilian. Kind of want to see the source on this little gem.

a6872c  No.7369







Do something about this faggot please.

a6872c  No.7370


Where else is he doing it?

129857  No.7376

File: c232259c5ec924f⋯.jpg (111 KB, 600x450, 4:3, brazilians.jpg)




The guy who loved to spam the image of a brown integralist girl called kuruminha? (Integralism only had minor relevance in Brazil and curumim is a Brazilian word for indian)

If you don't think it's pic related, I don't know what to tell you.

4abe05  No.7377


No this is just a storm

4fab66  No.7382


hum, I was waiting for a screenshot or something.

a6872c  No.7383


Well I'm not saying he is or isn't a Brazilian but I'd like to have actual evidence before I make an assumption one way or another. I'm more inclined to believe he was just a degenerate who liked to fap to brown women.

da4211  No.7399

File: a2c39de4f3e7e78⋯.jpg (753.86 KB, 1632x1922, 816:961, 66190864_p3.jpg)


Nothing wrong with liking nice milk-chocolate women…



Did they already got deleted?

a6872c  No.7422


Because you were spamming the threads talking about fucking animals? Seems pretty obvious to me.

a6872c  No.7779

Can we make it so that we can have the same image posted twice here? It's a bit inconvenient when you can't post an image because someone posted in a thread from 5 months ago. I could understand if it was a faster board but this place isn't /pol/. Also I don't understand why we can't write over 20 lines. It seems like limiting how much someone can write would discourage good quality posts.

17fd27  No.7788


Good catch. I've enabled the reposting of images and have allowed a maximum number of 250 lines per post.

17fd27  No.7793


Forgot to verify this post with trip and capcode.

7979ab  No.7798

File: e8d49af45f9b07e⋯.jpg (113.22 KB, 640x640, 1:1, VY1nwIK.jpg)


>I don't call you out for the disorder, but your actions.

apparently being myself is a bad thing

>And if you don't like migrants in Europe and the United states then go somewhere else.

lol, I'm poor you idiot

>Ad-hominem, attacking the character instead of his actions

You turn into a liberal in order to justify your actions, that is called hypocrisy. I suppose that you do not de that consciously, but ignoring the problem even when done with good intentions can be also called escapism

I'm just imitating you, calling me an ad hom gets you one in return. TWO WRONGS ALWAYS MAKE A RIGHT. AND MIGHT MAKES RIGHT.

7979ab  No.7799

btw, in case you haven't noticed "Autist" is also an ad-hominem. you get what you deserve.

a6872c  No.7824



Nice. Thank you!

9791ef  No.8214


7a8e32  No.8248

BO i would like to know when are you going to put up a link for /3rdpol/ ?

a3ad76  No.8287

BO I would appreciate it if you awnser my question >>8248

86c5f6  No.8325

Where the hell is the BO ?

8ae34c  No.8332

File: b6f043f3fa42981⋯.png (8.65 KB, 1200x804, 100:67, NOP Falanga.png)


Requesting National Revival of Poland flag

7979ab  No.8451


ok that's enough anti-American shill posting for now. thx for understanding.

anyways can we get a Yockey avatar up in this bitch?

000000  No.8777


Good stuff anon, but I resent the welfare strawman

as I am a welfare leech if I contribute towards domestic none lolberg movements like the the nbu would I still be shamed ? I personally love social welfare and john keynes.


I agree 100 percent, I'm glad the hero george rockwell isn't around to see all this pathetic divide and conquer schadenfreude.

ad2bd5  No.8894


>I personally love social welfare and john keynes.

Are you Jewish by any chance?

ad2bd5  No.8895

File: af7b2546a16ccbf⋯.jpg (12.92 KB, 480x350, 48:35, degenerates like you belon….jpg)





Doing alot for the white race here you nigger-loving race-traitor faggots

b88997  No.9241


Come home White Man to >>>/pol/ these kinds of boards are operated by the 56% menace.

691fcc  No.9259



that was a a joke during the early days of this board before the hacking i have never seen posts of that stuff anymore it was ironic no one really wanted to race mix why the fuck are you /pol/acks always so fucking sensitive ?

ad2bd5  No.9275


Next tell me all about your ironic love of feminine penis

d017cc  No.9355

Is this board even actively manned by a BO anymore?

a6872c  No.9365


BO can you please crack down on some of the low effort shitposting here. We don't need a million "is X white" threads and /pol/acks have ruined the board.

44c391  No.9375

How is moderation going? Is the original moderation structure in place outside of me? If you ever want any help, just let me know. I haven’t been around in a few months and was just seeing how things were. Looks like the split (partially my fault) was mostly fixed with the recovery of this board. Either way, I’ll be hanging around

a6872c  No.9409


Is this the original BO?

3f9ebc  No.9413


Not an argument


I'm not sure but check


691fcc  No.9419


If that is the case then we can finally find out if he really betrayed us or not also where the hell is Egor ?

a6872c  No.9440


I don't know but I liked the way he ran the board when he was in charge. It was well organized and there was mostly high quality threads here.

282b7c  No.9441


Well, I guess we have to wait for an answer.

2bd9d4  No.9474


It's pretty obvious what you did. If you think you'll wrangle your back to the mod panel you are insane. We all saw the posts on /leftpol/ where you admitted to going full blown Marxist.

aa9790  No.9688


Holy shit,he's back!

a6b2b4  No.9690


>We all saw the posts on /leftpol/ where you admitted to going full blown Marxist.

do we have any confirmation that it was him?

075b0b  No.9793


I don't remember. All I remember is that the writing and thoughts were similar. I don't think he wore his trip. Unless he was v&, becoming a Marxist is the most probable scenario.

ad2bd5  No.9923

File: 03c69b136d7eadd⋯.png (105.24 KB, 1082x259, 1082:259, Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at ….png)

8d0ee8  No.9924

File: 3ebf9f3d09e0798⋯.png (364.24 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, IMG_0380.PNG)


BO can you please permaban these faggots already do not ban them for a week do not ban them for a month do not ban them for a year ban them permanently so that they will never come back and if they use a different IP address then just ban them permanently again they will eventually fuck off if we keep spoiling their fun

650710  No.9927


I did. For some reason it takes a while for the threads to be deleted from the catalog.

8d0ee8  No.9929


Thank you

8d0ee8  No.9931

I never knew how cucked most of Reddit really was until I came across this


a6872c  No.10063

This board has gone to shit. All of the oldfags want you to get rid of the cancer. We want threads based on theory. I don't mind talking about race, hell, I hate niggers with every fiber of my being and I especially hate Jews but this has turned into nothing but /pol/ 2.0. If I wanted to talk about how much I hate niggers and kikes I'd go to /pol/ but this board was originally about fascist theory, literature and debate. Now it has turned into nothing more than "is X white" threads. If you don't believe me just look at /3rdpol/, the top thread is about how this board has turned into shit, all of the oldfags are migrating there and we're the ones who built this board, created the original content and brought it to the top. Threads like this: https://8ch.net/fascist/res/9798.html should be anchored.

>inb4 you don't know how to link a thread newfag

I've been here since gamergate, sorry if I don't know all of the commands.

The old BO may have betrayed us but when he was here he at least talked with the community, created threads and kept the board united. He wasn't someone we didn't know, he was an active member of the community. We want you to be more active here. He also banned the cancer.

We're grateful that you brought the board back but you're not as active as the old BO was. This is a fascist image board, free speech is good but you should put quality over quantity.

a6872c  No.10064


Also I say this as a former mod of this board. Please be more active within the community and clean this place up. At the very least you could set up a larger minimum on the amount of characters needed to start a thread.

cdd428  No.10068


That thread is fine. Race debate is important.

As for this board "being taken over by /pol/ 2.0", that is simply not true. It has been taken over by no one. No one posts. And that is hardly my fault.

Minimum characters required for thread creation has been increased to 200. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I was under the impression that was the current setting all along, but it is not. Hopefully that will help increase thread quality.

As for posting quality in general. All I can say is make use of the report system.

a6872c  No.10076


I just wish you'd post more as the BO. No one here knows anything about you. I'm a Strasserist myself and I know nothing of your political views. The last BO posted a lot, made threads and generally stated his views. You rarely post here. We want you to be part of this community. You're more or less a mystery to most of the posters here. No one knows where you came from except for the fact that you took the board after the old BO abandoned it, for all we know you could actually be the original BO except you're just laying low at this point.

>inb4 I need to stay neutral as the BO

You need to provide leadership and a direction to us as a whole. We're willing to follow you but you need you to give us some direction. You need to turn this board into a true fasces in that we're united under a common political goal. The old BO betrayed us but he at least promoted high quality threads. You need to bring some leadership, make some posts, and generally be part of the community. This isn't just any other board on 8chan. This board has always been about unity though strength and that unity has always been directed by the BO. I'd personally like to email you, just to get your thoughts on the direction of this board. I was one of the original mods here and I'd like to become a mod here again just so I can talk to you about the board. I won't overstep my bounds but I'd at least like to better understand your thoughts on how this board should be ran through an 8chan email.

cf1b29  No.10080



I am interested in becoming a mod as well but I cannot at the moment my laptop is broken I have been phone posting for nearly a month now but I believe I will be getting another on Christmas

ad41e6  No.10203

Why are there so many namefags now? Did they come here from r/debatefascism expecting that their name brings clout? I understand Adolf Stalin doing it; at least he has a name and a face tied to him.

ad41e6  No.10204


Reminder that Keynes' work was endorsed by Mussolini. He was a eugenicist, a friend of Mosley, against free trade, slightly anti-Semitic, and opposed mass immigration.

7979ab  No.10322


Keynes was good but didn't go far enough economically and his pro-eugenics stance went too far.

7979ab  No.10323


"muh Amerimutt"

yea you can leave

898b23  No.10326


He will stay, you will learn how to write and leave back to reddit you anglo spawn. 2 months old and hes still right, most in here are just anti-white mutts advocating for some variant of civic nationalism.

7e9bbf  No.10340

>anti natsoc mutt may may

>leftypol tier anglo resentment

No, dumb shit. You're anti-white. Get your counter-signalling bullshit out of here.

a6872c  No.10352


I'm pro white, I just don't like low effort posts, i.e. "is X white" threads. At least put some fucking effort into it.

1279d7  No.10487


>that flag

>that entire post


273b6f  No.10801

File: 5eb202aefa8013a⋯.png (164.96 KB, 640x1042, 320:521, IMG_0774.PNG)


fb647c  No.10847


I haven't been this disappointed since Jobbik cucked out, or the BNP cucked out, or Jean-marie gave leadership of his party to his daughter, or…this happens way too often.

When will they learn that it doesn't fucking help at all?

All it does is make you appear weak. The center only holds together as long as sufficient material comfort is given to pacify people. The instant that they're no longer pacified with material excess, the center falls apart and the extremes come to the fore. Just like in the Weimar Republic 1928-1933.

If they had stayed extreme, they'd eventually come to power, but if they cuck out then they forfeit their chance at victory.

16cb52  No.10853

It's literally always the same thing with you politispergs

Ancuck: (cap)

>me? i'd be an bussiness owner, not a slave like 99% of the population

<goverment is evil!

Ancuck: (com)

>me? i'd be a bussiness owner, not a slave like 99% of the population

<goverment is evil!

Cumskin tranny mod:

>me? i'd be an card-carrying member of the party, not a starving slave like 99% of the population

<goverment is a nescessary evil!


>me? i'd be an white, unlike 99% of the population

<goverment is a nescessary evil!


>me? i'd be an aristocrat, not a serf like 99% of the population

<goverment is a nescessary evil!


>me? i'd be an citizen, like 100% of the population

<goverment exist to serve the people, not the other way around.

literally always the same

d6557f  No.10855

File: 46f4c2da67ed3ec⋯.png (131.77 KB, 280x287, 40:41, 1538902610963.png)


>the subject defined by affairs of the state is about the state

Wow. How long did it take to come up with that revelation?

e7e5d5  No.10860

File: bcb5329949f23d9⋯.jpg (54.61 KB, 542x800, 271:400, 00kysymysmerkki.jpg)



>business owner

fc224c  No.11012


Government for the people, and the people for the government. What is an emperor without his empire and an empire with no emperor.

cef250  No.11586


This is a really cool board, got sick of /pol/ its nice to see actual fascists and not siegefags

fc8ad5  No.11736

File: cbe601f94554655⋯.jpeg (256.81 KB, 455x700, 13:20, A0F546FB-6402-4189-AF6E-6….jpeg)


Welcome fren

a9393b  No.11836

File: 481670c8d627660⋯.png (6.1 KB, 16x11, 16:11, 1548443530352.png)

Autocracy Of Novutera

A fascist mongrel state

734216  No.12024

BO, where are you? manny feel that you are not doing your job.

I do not want to attack you, it is on everyone's interest to create trust among us, regardless of memeflag.


He is not wrong, tho. Go to the catalog and count how manny threads follow the « Are X White? », « What do we do with X? » or « What are your thoughts on X? »

a90081  No.12025


Seconding this. We either need current BO to step up or step aside, and I’m saying this as respectfully as possible. If he’s not moderating the board and there are users who still come here to talk he’s flat out not doing his job. If this board becomes available to claim, someone should email the claims email and try to get it reassigned. A year ago a great board was made but ever since the hack it’s been rough. We can get back to how we were with the right captain at the wheel.

869975  No.12030

BO here. I'm really busy with life but I still try to login at least once every couple of days to get rid of garbage posts (which in my defense seem to be somewhat rare). I'm considering relinquishing control of the board to a regular poster who is interested in taking in the reigns as a new BO. Please reply to this post if you're interested (if you don't have a post history here don't even bother). I was considering giving control of the board over to Egor but I haven't heard from him since September of last year.

44c391  No.12032


Email me at ryn88@protonmail.com if you want to discuss it. I'll probably answer in the next day or so.

bfccbd  No.12036


It would appear you are the old BO. Care to explain to me and everyone else why you destroyed this board in the first place back in July?

44c391  No.12038


>It would appear you are the old BO.


>Care to explain to me and everyone else why you destroyed this board in the first place back in July?

I didn’t destroy the board, it was hacked, just like I said back in the day. The password was extremely easily guessed and I rued the day. To think I would flush this board down the toilet, something that I built from nothing – many of the flags, banners, board design, the rules this board operates under to this very, the hundreds of posts I’ve made here and hours I’ve poured into, etc is ridiculous.

For posters accusing me of having posted on /leftpol/ and /leftypol/, accusing me of being a “communist subversive” I say, yes I did and do post on both boards when I’m not banned to learn what the left thinks and do post about Strasserism and fascism and post against it from a devil’s advocate perspective at times. Self-criticism is the best path to ideological growth.

This post isn’t meant to sound confrontational or suggestive that I am entitled to this board in any way. I like this board, am proud of what it is and how it continues to this day. If you think I should not have a place in the future of this board’s moderation – so be it and I will continue to post here as I have been doing with no hard feelings. I want you to feel that this board will be put in good hands, regardless of who is chosen.

07775e  No.12039


>larping anti-white mutts who don't know what fascism is.

just because not everyone on this board is natsoc and doesnt push for eternal genocide doesn't mean they hate the white race lol

bfccbd  No.12040


Why were you not able to get control back via the shared secret? From what I can tell hackers would not be able to change it. I'm guessing you forgot to write it down? Why did you wipe out /3rdpos/ by the way?

Anyway, for the record I'm somewhat inclined to believe you on the basis of your post history but ultimately I'll let the other members of the community decide whether or not i should give control of the board back to you. *Just make sure to actually set up a safe password if I do.*

44c391  No.12042


>Why were you not able to get control back via the shared secret?

I never wrote it down

>Why did you wipe out /3rdpos/ by the way?

People were calling me a board-splitter and were being hostile towards me (rightfully because I technically was board-splitting looking back), so I chose to bow out and lay low.

>Anyway, for the record I'm somewhat inclined to believe you on the basis of your post history but ultimately I'll let the other members of the community decide whether or not i should give control of the board back to you.

Fair enough. I’m always lurking around throughout the day when I’m not busy so we’ll see what happens


That’s for fucking sure

713906  No.12052

734216  No.12055


I have Egor's email if you are interested, he stopped replying after I proposed some seemingly drastic measures for /3rdpol/, but quite frankly it was a misunderstanding, although, he did not reply to my message explaining things better, I do not know what happened to him,

I will send you an e-mail, not exactly to become the BO –I am really not that interested aside from « I guess it would be cool »– but to simply come out with something that is not as drastic as a new administration, but due to your reasoning it may be our only option.


I remember some really hating you because you made a new board, quite frankly I never got it, it served as a refuge and we were able to meet there. Maybe the problem was you trying to keep both /fascist/ and /3rdpos/. I can see why it would appear you were splitting the community in half, but anyone who gave it some thought should have known that it was not true.

Some also said things about your personality, it being too passive, maybe they were expecting more authoritarianism from a board called /fascist/, I personally never had any problem with that. Maybe next time you could be more proactive and make things clear, ignorance gives room to speculation, so if you fail at explaining yourself manny will think the worst from you.

And about the /leftypol/ post, I am not going to comment on that since this is the meta thread, and mo matter or economical disagreements, in this case we have the same goal; help this board out And delicious brown women

44c391  No.12057


>Some also said things about your personality, it being too passive, maybe they were expecting more authoritarianism from a board called /fascist/

Kek this is because I separate real life from this board. In real life authoritarianism is how you get things done, but with this board and the Internet in general I realize that it’s just passive talk. Internet moderation can be see overbearing and stifling to discussion and mods seem like power-trippers much of the time. This is why in my view a laid-back moderation style is conducive to good discussion and a community where people can disagree without fearing they’ll be banned, provided they follow at least the basic rules.

>Maybe next time you could be more proactive and make things clear, ignorance gives room to speculation, so if you fail at explaining yourself manny will think the worst from you.

I understand this and it is something that I could do better.


It hurts because I’ve been getting back into the importance of race for the nation but my love cannot be so easily quelled

f21418  No.12060


>my love cannot be so easily quelled

It's just lust

bb2259  No.12061


Old BO’s love for brown women is as pure as snow

734216  No.12065

File: 0b70d15cde08036⋯.png (487.71 KB, 495x704, 45:64, QT.png)


I thought you were Brazilian

Well, I will hold this board's monopoly on qt brown women

44c391  No.12066

File: 37889ec95161c60⋯.jpeg (119.83 KB, 768x512, 3:2, D95D782C-E319-4B3F-9941-A….jpeg)


Lmao, I’ve seen that theory posted somewhere here before. I’m from Middle America, mostly just cornfields and montonous suburban hell like pic related. I see how the theory came to be with the Board-tan I whipped up though. Speaking of which even though it’s cringy I want to try to rework her sometime soon maybe since I purchased a cheap drawing tablet for myself back around Christmas

713906  No.12079

File: 5f29c8b41c19c97⋯.jpg (215.54 KB, 667x628, 667:628, waldo.jpg)

File: e91faa99d2b976c⋯.jpg (10.29 KB, 480x360, 4:3, comfy af.jpg)

File: 241d8e22fe61bb1⋯.png (916.61 KB, 750x791, 750:791, figure 35.png)


>Middle American cornfields and suburbs

44c391  No.12088


It can be fairly comfy at times, I admit, but when I go out into the woods or a rural area it's pure bliss. It brings out my inner anti-civ. I think we can all agree that cities are the true hellscapes of this Earth.

713906  No.12111



nice digits

And yeah cities really are pretty gay with smog and whatnot. But I remember being a little kid in central Indiana hanging out with my friends in a small town doing stupid kid shit, it's like all the troubles of the world just stopped at the edges of town. Frost on the front yard in the mornings, climbing trees in the park and getting yelled at, playing tag in the cornfields, I wish I could just go back to being a kid. But every time I think of it I remember that the yids wanna see it all burn, (((they)))'ve got to be stopped.

3b2a25  No.12181

Tell me what to do friends. I don't have the time or the interest to autistically curate every post on this board. I feel that 8ch as a whole suffers from over moderation and power tripping from the mods, which stifles discussion and leads to stagnation. Every little board on this site is a little fiefdom with a censorship happy mod, banning people and deleting posts that deviate from the board's accepted party line. I'm of the old school and favor a more hands off approach when it comes to moderation. Everything goes except for low effort and intentional garbage posting. Over moderation kills creativity and drains people of their mana.

I'm considering relinquishing control to the original BO only because he seemed to have taken a similar approach to moderation. Even if I was inclined to watch this board constantly for the sole purposes of quality control I simply don't have the time in me. Just not that kind of mod I'm afraid.

de9904  No.12182

File: e4ef7d77e004bab⋯.png (604.04 KB, 1457x1826, 1457:1826, 1553357556565.png)


You could at least add some flags. Shilling for green/white algiz on black background for ecofascism.

004522  No.12184


At the very least we know that the original BO has a long posting history and isn’t a giant rulecuck megalomaniac. Plus, considering the fact that probably every post with a Strasser flag I see is probably him, he posts here enough imo.

But, it’s your choice. Put it in good hands, BO

4f9686  No.12211

File: c9286391802e1f6⋯.jpg (889.86 KB, 1307x2612, 1307:2612, 20190418_133347.jpg)

18fff9  No.12214

File: 76abbf6a08dab2e⋯.jpg (36.78 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hh appy birthday.jpg)

Hitler's birthday is coming up soon, what are you guys going to do to celebrate? I'm probably going to make a pure vanilla cake with an NSDAP flag on top made out of icing, then I'll get numbered candles and put 1488 on top of it.

44c391  No.12215

File: 494198ea5c3ac1d⋯.jpeg (45.36 KB, 399x530, 399:530, 094B4C8C-68CE-48C7-A3AB-3….jpeg)


If you actually make the cake you should post a picture, it’d be cool to see. I’m gonna participate in the Hitler ritual /vril/ is planning to do if I can scrounge up the stuff for a mock shrine. Kalki soon. Besides that I’ll probably reread some sections of Mein Kampf

37706c  No.12235

Long live fascism!

death to not Christians!

Long live racism!

f22360  No.12238

This board is slowly climbing up the ranks again. It’s still slow but I’ve noticed we’ve jumped up nearly ten spots over the last week or two

b24837  No.12264

File: ab64a293b38ffb8⋯.jpeg (28.39 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 196CA232-0D4A-4FBA-8097-6….jpeg)

File: 0b882fc6b79fecb⋯.jpeg (87.18 KB, 400x500, 4:5, 40CA8E26-88C2-4ACB-9FBE-7….jpeg)

File: ef1e69a5e1c8c1d⋯.gif (3.77 KB, 324x216, 3:2, 0787DA7A-F4FD-4049-873A-F2….gif)


This add more flags




Action Française

Cercle Proudhon

4th political theory


Why do you keep posting this?


I can shill this board on a Facebook group I’m apart of. Idk if that’s a good idea though, the group has around 400 people in it. People actually post decent stuff on there.

b24837  No.12265

File: c82668267d9fbc5⋯.png (21.44 KB, 610x480, 61:48, 4CBEB7DB-9150-45A2-83DC-EB….png)

File: 5f14b6824c89cc2⋯.jpeg (78.93 KB, 690x600, 23:20, 24B6C5F2-BC57-4F83-8BA2-5….jpeg)


Don’t call it ecofascism though, it’s a pejorative. Label it R/Dec (right wing decelerationism) and either use what you said, or a green pine tree with a black background.

44c391  No.12266


>Don’t call it ecofascism though, it’s a pejorative

Is it really a pejorative? It just seems to indicate to me a variety of fascism with an emphasis on the environment, unless I’m unaware of some other connotations. I even wonder whether it is a distinct ideology, honestly

b24837  No.12278


Ecofascism has always been used to describe people who offer illiberal solutions to the environmental crisis.

>It just seems to indicate to me a variety of fascism with an emphasis on the environment

That’s what I used to think too, but I looked into it more. So called “ecofascism” is just conservationism, which there’s nothing wrong that. The whole ecofascist craze started because of pine tree twitter, which caused a lot of people to hop on the 🌲 band wagon. Right wing decelerationism is what pine tree considers themselves, R/Dec was coined by Storm King. At the core of R/Dec is techno skepticism, it’s the opposite of Landian Accelerationism. Here’s a podcast on right wing environmentalism that can explain it better than I can https://youtu.be/4mxX-jD9Qr0

b24837  No.12282


These two podcasts also explain it pretty well.



Skip to 47:00 for the discussion on r/dec and ecofascism The first link is what got me into all of this kind of stuff.

44c391  No.12286


>At the core of R/Dec is techno skepticism, it’s the opposite of Landian Accelerationism.

Well, that sounds right up my alley! I've always been extremely skeptical of accelerationist tactics. It seems silly and dangerous to make things worse in order to potentially trigger a reaction to make things better. I'll definitely look into all of the links you've given me.

b24837  No.12289


Yeah, it started out with mostly /ourguys/ making Kaczynski memes, then they actually started reading his stuff. Part of the point of right wing decelerationism is to bring true environmentalism to the dissident right. It’s pretty interesting stuff imo.

57f26e  No.12301

File: d47d605ec27bf2f⋯.gif (1.67 KB, 297x216, 11:8, lb}kat-b.gif)

To our BO, i wanna ask if we can have a flag for Kataeb, since we do have a Lebanese anon who holds admiration for Gemayel. I know they have a mixed reputation since they did take aid from Israel, but i feel it's justified since they simply want a Lebanon free from Arab influences.

b2f1f6  No.12306

When can we purge thr Trumpniggers?

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